April 11, 2005 
Lexie is examining Jan at the hospital. Lexie says she has a severe skull fracture and could have brain damage, if she lives that is. We see flashbacks of Mimi and Jans fight. Lexie says theyll have to reduce the swelling in her brain. A nurse asks if shell need surgery? Lexie says maybe, but first she wants to see what effects the drugs have. She asks a nurse to fax a copy of her report to Tek. The nurse says no need, hes here. Tek comes in and asks Lexie how she is doing. She says shes been keeping busy. Tek says hes been keeping tabs on Abes condition, and he offers to do anything he can for her. She thanks him and says hes a good friend. LExie says back to work, and they discuss Jan. Lexie says the trauma is severe and even if she survives she could be too impaired to help with the investigation. Lexie asks if there is any leads on the attacker. Tek says he was hoping a fingernail found at the scene of the crime would help them. Lexie explains Jans trauma to Tek and says it suggests that Jan knew her attacker, and it wouldnt be a first. Tek asks who her friends are, but Lexie says she doesnt have any friends. Lexie does suggest he talk to Mimi Lockhart though. She explains the history between Mimi and Jan, as well as Jans history with Shawn. Lexie says one would think these kids would have nothing to do with one another, but they are all living together as roommates. He thanks her for a place to starts. Lexie is paged and has to get back to work. She tells Tek that it was really good seeing him again. He says same to her, and if she needs anything that hes a phone call away. 

At the loft, Mimi is packing a bag to leave town. She sees scratches on her arm which she didnt notice before. Mimi thinks about the attack and says this was an accident and she never meant to hurt Jan, but she wont stick around to get in trouble. As she is about to leave Belle returns and asks Mimi where shes going? Mimi says no where, she was just putting some things away. Mimi says Shawn and Rex are still on the PC trying to find where Phillip may be. Belle then sees something on the TV and is shocked. She calls Shawn to come in here.

In Shawns room, Shawn and Rex review records from the Department of Defense on Phillip, and Shawn thinks they can do this. Rex says they dont have the training and they need to let the professionals handle this. Shawn says the professionals failed, and he has to do this for Belle. Rex says hes sorry but he cant do this. As they argue, Belle yells to Shawn to come here. Shawn and Rex go into the other room and they all watch a TC news report on Jan, who is near death. The TV reporter talks about how Jan Spears, heiress to the Spears Electronics Corporation, was attacked. They even interview Stan as a witness, and he says he saw two women fighting. Rex what kind of person could do this to Jan? Mimi says it will be a long night so shell get them some coffee. She ends up spilling the coffee on Shawn, and it brings back Shawns memory of his entire summer with Jan. We see a bunch of flashbacks, including her dressing up as Mrs. B, her keeping him in a cage, and Shawn trying to trick Jan into thinking he loved her. He also remembers Jan showing him video footage of Phillip and Belle together, and Shawn finally escaping from Jans cell which led to his motorcycle accident. Belle asks Shawn if he is okay? Shawn says he remembers, he remembers everything. He says Jan kidnapped her and held him prisoner. Mimi says she knew that, she found the cage at Jans house. She reminds them how she wanted to get them out there before Christmas to see it, but Jan replaced the cage with a snow village. She says she wanted to say something but without the evidence she had no way to prove it. Shawn then explains how Jan disguised herself as a friend of Alices and attended Alices funeral. He says she later called him with some phony story about burglers. Shawn says when he arrived at her house she gave him tea, and Mimi bets it was drugged. Belle says if Jan hadnt kidnapped him then theyd still be together and she would never have married Shawn. Shawn says he tried to escape a few times, and when he finally did he has his motorcycle accident. Shawn says this really was all Jans fault. Shawn says he never proposed to her. Belle says Jan is sick, she has no friends and no parents, and now she has no future. Mimi asks Belle why she is feeling sorry for her? Belle says Jan is sick, she never got the help she needed and now she is all alone. Belle thinks they need to go see her. Belle says she feels sorry for her, and shes going to see her. Shawn refuses to go, and Belle says she understands. Belle asks Mimi to come, but Mimi says Belle knows how she feels about Jan. Rex thinks she should go, so Mimi says fine shell go. The girls leave, and Rex says Belle is just so wonderful. Shawn says that is why he loves her, and that is why he has to find Phillip and bring him home. Shawn suddenly gets an idea as Rex is trying to convince Shawn they cant rescue Phillip. Rex says he is just an associate professor at Salem University, hes not prepared for this. Shawn says that is it! Shawn says they can rescue Phillip and Rex just gave him an idea how. Shawn tells Rex to pack his bags as they are going to get Phillip.

Back at the hospital, Belle and Mimi arrive. Belle catches up with an old friend who works there. Meanwhile, Mimi looks in on Jan when Tek shows up and asks what he can tell her about what happened to Miss Spears accident?

At the clinic, Chloe has a dream that Brady found her outside the church and she was alive and her face healed. However Nicole soon arrived and asked how he could still love her, look at her face. Chloes face is now scarred, and she runs off. Chloe wakes up, and Nancy walks in and says today is her memorial service. Chloe cant believe she is doing this, but Nancy says she had to do something. Nancy says if someone ever told her that Chloe wouldnt be able to face the man she loves then she wouldnt believe them. She wonders what happened to her strong, fearless daughter. Chloe says she was in an accident. Nancy pulls out an urn she bought and tells Chloe this is her last chance to tell Brady the truth as soon shell be a distant memory. Chloe asks Nancy why she is doing this to her? Nancy tells Chloe that shes put her in an impossible situation, and if she doesnt like the way shes handling things then do something about it. Nancy tells Chloe that shes sorry she is scared, but she has to live in the present, that is what Brady is doing. Chloe says she knows, and to let her handle this her own way. Nancy says dont say I didnt warn you, you will lose Brady forever. Nancy then puts some dirt from an old dried up dead plant in the urn as well as some chicken bones from Chloes dinner. Chloe asks what that was for. Nancy says she was preparing her eternal remains. Chloe says this is bizarre and to call of this memorial service. Nancy says its her service so shes the only one who can call it off. Nancy leaves, and Chloe says she has to stop Nancy before she makes things worse.

Brady arrives at Saint Lukes and says he knew the day would come when hed finally have to say goodbye to Chloe. He lights a candle and wonders how he is supposed to say goodbye to the only woman he ever really loved. Nicole walks in and overhears Brady says this. Nicole damns Nancy for poisoning her against Brady with her dead daughters memory. Brady finds Nicole at the church and cant believe she is here. She wants to help him get through this, but he says Nancy wont want her here as this is for friends and family. She says she is his family. Nicole also says she isnt here for Nancy she is here for him. Nicole says shell leave for him, but he says he wants her to stay. Brady goes to speak to Father Jansen about the service, and Nicole ends up blowing out the candle Brady lit for Chloe. She says Lights out for you Chloe! A nun shows up and Nicole asks her about Chloes memorial service, but she says there is none scheduled for today. Nicole says that is strange as Nancy told them about it last night, so the nun offers to go check. Nicole thinks this is a trick of Nancys, something she came up on the spot after finding her naked with Brady.

Nancy arrives outside the church, as does Chloe. Nancy asks why Chloe is here, and Chloe says to stop her. She begs her mother not to do this, but Nancy says she has no choice. Nancy tells Chloe if she was this stubborn about living life rather than hiding from it then all her dreams would be coming true. Chloe says she gets her stubbornness from her mother. Nancy says she knows. Nancy says she has things to do. Nancy goes inside, and Chloe cant believe she has to watch this.

Inside, Nicole tells Brady that a nun said there was no service today. Brady says Father Jansen said there was a mix-up with the calendar. Nicole says maybe there is no service. Nancy walks in, says there is a service, and she is furious to see Nicole. Nancy cant believe Brady brought her and she wants her gone. Nicole says she is here for Brady. Nancy says this is for family, and Nicole says she is Bradys family. Nancy says yes she is his step-grandmother. Nancy says fine she can stay. Nancy then says father Jansen had a mix-up and has to officiate at a baptism, and Father Antonio is out of town. Brady says they need a priest, but Nancy says they have permission to use the chapel, and this is really just about putting Chloe to rest. Nicole agrees, so Nancy begins with the service. She asks Brady to hold her urn while she goes and puts on one of Chloes CDs. Brady holds the urn and tells Nicole that somehow he feels as if Chloe is here. Meanwhile Nancy runs into Chloe in the backroom. Chloe refuses to leave. She says she wants to make sure Nancy doesnt do something stupid. Nancy says fine, put this music on for the service. Nancy says once they put her to rest, then Brady will put his memory of her to rest and will move on with Nicole. Nancy says she doesnt like Nicole, but at least shes willing to fight for her man. She tells Chloe to say goodbye to Brady as he starts his new life that she has no place in. Nancy walks out, and Chloe puts on the CD. Meanwhile Brady tells Chloes ashes that he misses her, and he cant believe this is as close as hell ever be to her again. Brady talks about how he feels so close to her right now. He says until he sees her again in heaven, goodbye. Nicole tells Brady that what hes feeling is Chloes spirit, and she is saying goodbye to him so hes free to live his life again. Nicole says she is here for him, and she takes his hand. She tells Brady that shell always be here for him. Nancy and Chloe watch them together, and Nancy just hopes Chloe will see this and take a chance. Meanwhile the CD is playing but there is no vocals. Brady and Nicole find this odd as it was supposed to be a CD of Chloe singing. Chloe realizes the voice audio isnt working, and fearing someone might come and fix it, she begins singing. Brady hears this and says this is a not a track, that is someone singing and it sounds a lot like Chloe.


April 12, 2005

At the loft, Rex asks Shawn even if they came up with a plan to rescue Phillip, how would he finance it? Shawn says that is easy, theyll get the money from Brady Black. Rex asks why he thinks Brady would help? Shawn says he is loaded and would do anything to help his sister, as would he. Rex says this is a lot of money, so Shawn says they can consider it a loan against his inheritance hell get when Victors will is settled. Rex says this is illegal, but Shawn doesnt care and he says they have to do this. Rex gets to work hacking and finds where the last location of Phillips transmitter was. He says its not a hot-zone, but it is still dangerous. Shawn says if Rex doesnt want to do this then fine, but give him the data as nothing will stop him from saving Phillip. Rex says not even Belle? Shawn says Belle cant know about this, but Rex says Brady will probably tell her. Rex says if Brady doesnt tell Belle then hell probably mention it to John. Rex says if John catches wind then hell shut down his little operation in a heartbeat. Shawn asks Rex if this means hes not going to help him, and Rex says he cant. Later, Shawn begins packing a bag to go rescue Phillip. Rex asks what hes doing, and Shawn says going to rescue Phillip. Rex asks if he even has a plan? Shawn says hes working on it. Rex tells Shawn that they need to think this through, they need to formulate a plan and they should run this by his dad. Shawn says his dad would try and stop him, and he knows if his mom was in the position Belle is in then his dad would do this. Shawn says Belle is in agony and he cant let her live like this. Shawn tells Rex hed do the same thing for Mimi. Rex says he would and hes glad Mimi would never get herself into a crazy situation like this.

At the church, Chloe is in the sacristy and fears someone might come and try to fix the CD, which is not playing the vocal track. She begins singing live. Meanwhile, in the chapel Brady doesnt think this is a recording, and Nancy realizes that is Chloe singing. Nancy thinks this is Chloes way of letting Brady know the truth. Brady tells Nancy that it sounds like Chloe is here performing. Nancy says Chloe is here, she is in the church with them. Brady asks what she means? She says Nancy is alive and with them in the church. Brady says this is an emotional day, and Chloe is here in spirit. Nancy says he doesnt understand, she is alive and in here and is singing with the recording. Chloe goes over to the candle table and takes one of the candles. She quickly runs off and hides when Nicole shows up looking to see what is going on. Nicole looks at the CD player and says the balance is messed up, that is why it didnt sound like they voice and music werent coming from the same place. In the chapel Brady tells Nancy that there must be a glitch in the sound system, and that Chloe is dead. He says they are here to say goodbye to Chloe. He says he is here to say goodbye to the one true love of his life. Nancy asks if Chloe is his one true love then where does Nicole fit in? Brady says he loves them differently, and Chloe was his first true love and hell never have another one of those. Nicole returns and explains how the CD player was messed up, mystery solved. Nancy suggests they start the memorial service, and she speaks about how Chloes inner beauty was a pale reflection of her outer beauty. She says they shouldnt be here, and she could give many reasons why they shouldnt be here, but she has to honor her daughters wishes. She asks Brady if hed like to say a few words? Brady gets up and says Chloe taught him what love was, and that he may never find that kind of love again. He says she is his soul mate, and she will always be with him and no one will ever replace her in his heart. He says today he wants to do something special for her in this holy place before God. A crushed Nicole watches as Brady proposes to Chloes urn. Brady pulls out a ring and says he was going to give this ring to Chloe, it belonged to his mother. Brady says his mother gave it to his dad on her death bed to give to him. He says he will have to wait until he gets to heaven to give it to her, but because the ring belongs to Chloe he wants to put it in the urn with her ashes. He goes to open the urn and Nancy yells No you cant! She grabs the urn and claims its an antique and is fragile. She says she needs to help him with it so he doesnt break it. She opens the urn but holds it so Brady cant see the contents. Brady says with this ring I the wed until we are reunited again. He then puts the ring inside. Nancy says that was beautiful. Nicole cant take it anymore, runs out of the chapel and right into Chloe! Chloe was also emotional and was running out of the chapel.

We see flashbacks of Hope throwing Bo out of her room for the night. Bo wakes up on the sofa to hear pans clashing in the kitchen. He walks in and finds Hope in there banging pans. She says he is usually up before now, the sofa must be comfortable. Bo asks Hope if they can have a new beginning seeing that its a new day? Billie listens from the living room as Hope accuses Bo of still having feelings for Billie. Bo says he does care for Billie, they were married and share a child. He says she is the past and he has moved on. Bo tells Hope that she and the boys are his future. Hope asks then why does he have a problem with her moving on? Bo says he has a problem with her moving on with Lockhart. Bo says Patrick works for the DiMeras, once a DiMera always a Dimera. Bo says Patrick could be the one who is standing between him and Billie finding their daughter. Hope says Billie is a grown woman and needs to live her own life without him in it. She tells him that Billie needs to start by finding her own place to live. Bo says she was released into his custody. Hope says call Uncle Mickey and have him work something out. Bo thinks Hope is going to make breakfast for him so she cant be that angry, but she says she had her breakfast and hes on his own. Hope leaves for a run, and Billie comes into the kitchen. Bo ends up dropping some eggs, and both he and Billie lean down to pick them up. Billie tells Bo that this was all her fault, she should have known not to bring Patrick back here. Bo says no this is Patricks fault, he is a manipulative bastard and for all they know he could be the one keeping them from their daughter. Billie says Patrick isnt a DiMera operative anymore, and she believes Patrick. She also says the ISA believes him as well. Billie says she thinks Hope is right, that he is not comfortable seeing her with another man, any man. They switch the topic to Shawn and what hes up to. Bo says Shawn wants to go find Phillip, which is why he has to stay here and make sure Shawn doesnt do anything crazy. Billie says what about the new clue on Georgia? He says she has to do this on her own. She asks what if she cant? Bo tells her that he has to be here for her boys and family. Billie ends up slipping on a toy car and falls into Bos arms. Hope walks in, says let her guess another accident? Bo says yes. She says shes sorry she interrupted and walks back out.

At Jens, shirtless Patrick walks into the kitchen and Jen asks what happened to his back? She says it is all scratched up. Patrick remembers his night with Billie but claims he must have scratched his back working out doing squats. Patrick then tells Jen about Abby sneaking out again and going to Alices with Chelsea. Jen says she is going to kill her, and she tells Patrick that he should have called her. Jen says that Abby is not his or his mothers responsibility. Jen goes on to say that Jack was always able to get through to Abby. Jen says her Gran always used to tell her that she couldnt wait for Jen to grow up and have a rebellious child like herself. Jen says her grandmother got her wish. Jen cant do this alone and she says she needs Jack. Patrick says she is doing a great job and she isnt alone, hes here. Hope shows up, and Patrick leaves for his run. Hope sees his back and cant believe the scratches. Jen says he hurt it working out, it must have been some workout. Hope says oh yeah, he and Billie broke the bed in their guest room. Jen is stunned, and Hope thinks Jen is jealous. Jen says no, she just got so used to having him around and helping around the house. Hope says and she realizes she might have to share him with another woman. Jen says yeah. Jen says she has always gotten used to having him around. She says its nice to have adult conversation while shes having her coffee in the morning and to talk to someone before going to bed. Jen admits she does like Patrick, but hell never be Jack. Hope says she wishes she could tell Jen that Jack is coming back, but hes not and hes gone. Jen says she knows and she hates that. Hope says she was routing for Patrick and Billie to get together to keep Billie from Bo, but if she wants Patrick then go for it. Jen says she doesnt know if she is ready for this. Hope says she is young and beautiful and she cant stay in mourning forever. Hope says its not healthy and Jack wouldnt want her to mourn forever. Hope realizes how late it is and she says she has to go, but shell call her. Jen looks at a photo of Jack and says she loves him and always will, but maybe it is time she move on. She asks Jack for a sign that he understands. Jen looks at a photo of her with Patrick, and she wonders if there could be anything between them. Jen says no, hes with Billie now.

During his run, Patrick makes a call and says things are moving faster than he expected, when can he expect delivery? Patrick is hung up on. Patrick gets another phone call and he says he cant keep stalling; he needs this to happen now.

At the hospital, Mimi asks Tek why he would ask her about what happened to Jan? Belle says they just came to visit Jan. Tek says it was Lexies idea, she thought Mimi might be the one who would have the best idea about what happened to Jan. Belle asks why Mimi would know what happened? Tek says because they were roommates. Belle asks if there are any leads, and Tek says one. He shows them a photo of a fake fingernail, and Belle says it looks like Mimis nail. Mimi says she cut those off a long time ago, and a lot of women must where Countess Wilamenia Swirly Pink nails. Tek says they took DNA from under Jans nails and from the acrylic nail, so hopefully theyll have enough for a match and find out who tried to kill Jan. Bonnie the candy striper shows up and says Someone tried to kill Jan? Finally that little bitch gets what she deserves. This must make your day Mimi. Mimi says that is a horrible thing to say, but Bonnie says its true. She says Jan has tormented Mimi since kindergarten and it would be justifiable homicide if Mimi got so fed up that she just killed Jan. Tek is called to a lab by a nurse, and Mimi is not happy with her mother. She asks about outfit her mom is wearing. Bonnie says she just volunteered as a candy striper to score points with Mickey. Bonnie tells Mimi that Jan could be dying so be happy. Mimi asks how can she be happy when Jan is lying in a coma, and if she wakes up who knows what shell remember. Bonnie realizes Mimi is the one who tried to kill her. Mimi explains it was an accident. Tek returns and says the lab wasnt able to make a match. He asks Bonnie, Belle and Mimi if they were at Alices last night, and they all say yes. Belle says she was home by time it happened, and Bonnie gives Mimi an alibi and says she was with her in the backroom of Alices. Tek thanks them for their help, and a nurse tells Belle she can go see Miss Spears. Belle goes in, and Bonnie and Mimi argue about the accident. Bonnie refuses to let Mimi go to jail for this and she wishes Mimi would have come to her when t his happened. Mimi asks why? Bonnie says the guy she used to date who works at the dog food plant would still do anything for her. Bonnie says she could have made a phone call and had Jan thrown into a grinder. Mimi says she cant be serious! Bonnie says shell wish Jan was dog food if she wakes up and uses this against her. Bonnie says she has to get to work, but dont say anything to anyone and not to feel guilty. Later, Belle confronts Mimi and says she had those nails on tonight and she wants to know if the nail they found was hers? Mimi says yes, and if she tells Tek the truth then hell ask more questions. She says if Jan wakes up then it will be a bigger mess. Belle says she has to tell Tek what happened and that Jan was blackmailing her. Mimi says then Tek will think she had a motive for hurting Jan, and shell lose her fianc forever.


April 13, 2005

At the castle, Roman is sleeping in bed and Marlena is watching him from afar. She has flashbacks about asking Roman to make love to her. Roman wakes up and smiles at Marlena. Roman asks how long shes been up. Marlena says awhile. He asks why she didnt wake him. She says he had a long night, he was exhausted. Marlena says last night was very special, they reconnected in a way that he didnt think was possible. Marlena says it came out of their mutual need for comfort and support. Roman says that was part of it, but it meant a lot to him. Marlena says it meant a lot to her too, but it cant happen again. They discuss making love, and Roman says both John and Kate made love too. Marlena says that is different, John and Kate think they are dead. Marlena says John and Kate didnt knowingly break their marriage vows, they did and Tony wanted them to do that. Roman says being locked up has been hell on them, and that is the reason he wont apologize for what they did. Roman says they needed one another. Marlena says she did need him in the moment, and now they are trying to rationalize what they did. Marlena asks how they will explain to John and Kate that they made love? Roman says they wont, when they get back to Salem they wont tell them. MArlena thinks Roman is asking her to lie to John, and she asks if hes going to lie to Kate? Roman says hes not saying they should lie outright, but what hes saying is when they get back do you think they will be asked what they did in this castle? He says he also doubts that John and Kate will be eager to tell them how intimate they were. Marlena says so they lie by omission? Roman says no, they do what makes sense. Roman says they put this nightmare behind them and move on with their lives. Marlena says and you think they can do that? Suddenly Roman and Marlena hear a scraping sound coming from behind the wall. Roman and Marlena think someone is coming for them and they may finally get out of here. 

At the penthouse, Kate is thinking about making love to John. John is hard at work on the computer working on yet another plan to find Phillip. Kate brings John some coffee and breakfast, and he thanks her. Kate says about last night . . . John says they will find Phillip. She thanks him, but he says no thank you. He wonders how he got so lucky, and he kisses her hand. Kate pulls away and says shes been taking care of Basic Black business while hes been busy on the computer. He tells her that shes so amazing to keep the company running and growing the way she is. Kate says she will do whatever she can to help him while he concentrates on ending his addiction and finding Phillip. John then says he found something and shows her something the computer. He says this isnt it, punches some keys, and then says Roman and MArlena are alive! Look at this! It turns out that its just an old video on the PC that he shot a long time ago. It was a celebration when Marlena was named physician of the year. Kate says she remembers it, she was there. John says he had the video on his PC so he could edit it. They watch their celebration party for Marlena, in which Marlena blew trick candles out on a green cake (it was green!). Marlena made a wish that she hoped the four of them (Marlena, John, Roman and Kate) would be friends forever. They toasted to good friends and good times. Kate asks John to tell him the truth, his heart still belongs to Marlena. He says yours still belongs to Roman doesnt it. Kate says it doesnt mean they cant have a future, but Roman and Marlena were a big part of their lives. John says they still are. Kate says that isnt going to change is it. John says he deals in facts, and the fact is Roman and Marlena are gone. He says he has to deal with finding Phillip now, and he tells Kate about his new plan to rescue him. John wants to send four specially trained ops in to get Phillip. Kate asks if he thinks Shawn will do something to interfere? John doesnt know. Kate damns Shawn and says he isnt interested in saving Phillip, he just wants him home and safe so Belle can break his heart. As they talk, John says something is happening to his PC (Rex and Shawn are hacking into it).

At the loft, Shawn continues to press Rex as to his decision as to whether hell help him rescue Phillip. Rex says hes in, and Shawn says they just have to hope Brady will play ball. The girls come home and give Shawn and Rex the news about Jan. Shawn says its good he has an alibi. Belle asks why he says that? Shawn says if the cops knew what Jan did to him then hed be a suspect. Belle says she guesses she would be too. Shawn says they all had issues with Jan, and they could all be suspects. Mimi becomes upset and says they shouldnt be talking about Jan when there is news on Phillip. Shawn says you have information on Phillip? Why didnt you say so? Belle says her dad has a new plan to rescue Phillip and is waiting to get it approved by the ISA. Shawn grills her for information, but Belle says her dad didnt tell her much more about his plan. Shawn suggests they hack into the site and read his plans, but Belle doesnt think its a good idea. She says her dad was pretty upset to learn they already hacked into the site. Shawn and Rex disregard Belles warning and get to work hacking, and Shawn says he thinks this information will come in handy. Rex reminds Shawn that there are only two of them. Meanwhile, Belle and Mimi discuss Jans attack and how Mimi is a major suspect. Belle tells Mimi that because Jan was blackmailing her, she will be a major suspect. Mimi says if Jan wakes up and names her as the attacker she will be in trouble. Mimi says she had nothing to do with her accident, but that hasnt stopped Jan from lying before. Mimi says remember when Jan blamed you (Belle) for her miscarriage? Belle says Jan will want her attacker found and she may tell the police about Mimis abortion to make her a suspect. Belle tells Mimi she shouldnt worry though, she has her moms alibi so she has nothing to worry about. 

At the church, we see a replay of Bradys proposal to Chloes urn. Both Nicole and Chloe rush out of the church as they are upset. They end up running smack dab into one another near the entrance to the church. Nicole says this cant be happening, shes dead! Nicole ends up fainting, and Chloe wonders if it was the shock of seeing her alive or her face. Nicole comes too and she sees Chloe, which causes her to faint again. 

Meanwhile, Nancy asks Brady if Chloe were alive and came back to him, what would he do. Brady cant believe shed ask him that. He says Chloe is gone and isnt coming back. Nancy asks him to humor her. Brady says if she was alive then he would want to be with her, but Chloe is dead and he has to move on. She says with Nicole? Brady says Nicole has been wonderful for him. Nancy says Nicole is a manipulator, a liar and a whore. Brady says Nicole has changed, but Nancy says she is only pretending to change to get what she wants. Nancy tells Brady that beautiful women can have ugly souls, whereas plain and ugly women are beautiful beneath the surface. Brady says Chloe had both kind of beauties. Nancy says she did, and which one meant more to him? Nancy asks if it was her physical appearance or her inner beauty. Brady says he loved everything about Chloe. Brady says he knows Nancy thinks he is only interested in Nicole for her looks, but Nicole is also a good person. Nancy tells Brady that Nicole is playing on his grief. Brady says Nicole has always been there for him and has been patient. He says he is ready to make the same commitment to their relationship and future as she has. Nancy says he cant do that, hed be betraying Chloe. Brady says Chloe is gone, and she needs to accept that. He says they have said their goodbyes and he hopes today brings them the closer they need. They head out of the church and find Nicole at the entrance of the church with Sister Mary Margaret. She is giving her some water, and the sister says Nicole fainted. Nicole says she saw Chloe here. Brady asks where, and she points to the door. Brady runs outside and finds a person in black walking away. He says Chloe wait. They turn around, but its not Chloe. He apologizes, and the woman says its all right. She leaves and we see Chloe hiding in the bushes. Back in the church Nicole insists she is much better now. The sister returns to her work, and Brady returns and says it wasnt Chloe. Nicole says it was Chloe, but she was scared very badly like when she saw her in the closet. Brady thinks she just imagined it, but Nicole knows what she saw. Nancy says she has to be going, and she thanks them for coming. Nancy leaves and meets up with Chloe outside. Nancy asks Chloe why she didnt reveal herself to Brady? Chloe says she wont let him see her like this. 

Back inside the church, Nicole asks Brady if it is possible for the dead to come back to life. Brady says of course not. Nicole then asks how she saw Chloe? Brady says she just saw someone who looked like her. Nicole says no she saw Chloe. She remembers running into Chloe (same show flashbacks!). Brady says it is Nicoles mind playing tricks on her, and it is probably his fault. He thinks this has to do with his proposal to Chloe and how it hurt her. Nicole says it did hurt her. Brady says he didnt mean to hurt her, but he and Chloe have a very deep connection. He says that doesnt mean there cant be a future for them. She says yeah until he meets up with her in heaven and marries her. Nicole says shell take her chances on what happens in heaven, and shell take a commitment in the here and now. Brady says after today he thinks hell be able to do that very soon.

Back at the clinic, Nancy retrieves Bradys ring from the urn and polishes it up. Nancy says the ring is after all Chloes. Chloe says she wants to marry Brady and she found a way to make it happen. Chloes doctor comes in and Chloe says she wants the radical surgery they talked about. The doctor says there are no guarantees, and he has to tell her what is involved first. He says there are serious risks involved. He says another infection could develop, and once they start there is no turning back. Chloe says she understands. The doctor says she will also be in a lot of discomfort. He asks her if she still wants to proceed? Nancy asks more about the risks, and he says the disfigurement could become permanent and given her history the risks are considerable. Chloe wants to go ahead, but Nancy thinks they need to take time, talk to Craig and get a second opinion. Dr. Weiss understands, but Chloe says she wants to go ahead. 


April 14, 2005

At the castle, Roman and Marlena hear someone digging behind the wall in their room. Marlena thinks someone is coming for them. Roman has a plan to reach the person digging. Hes been working on something and opens up a box and shows what is inside to Marlena. She says this could help them get out of here, and he is a genius. Roman has been stealing silverware and creating digging tools out of them. They begin to dig towards the sound behind the wall. After awhile they have dug a huge hole in the plaster and removed the stones behind it. Marlena looks in and says Oh my gosh its Jack! They help Jack dig his way into their room, but suddenly there is a cave in and all the rocks fall on top of Jack in the tunnel. Jack survives and they pull him out of the tunnel. Jack says hes okay, but even if his legs were broken then hed crawl home to Jen. Jack thinks Patrick, Mr. Im Not Working For Tony, is making a move on Jen as they speak. Jack has something to help them all get out, a set of keys. Jack unlocks Roman and Marlenas ankle chains. Roman says they need to rescue Cassie, and Marlena agrees. Marlena says Cassie isnt her daughter, but she did give birth to her. Jack says they dont have time to search for Cassie, they have to get out and get to the authorities that there may be other captives here. Marlena says Jack may be right. Jack says either he gets out and gets back to Jen or he dies trying. They come up with a plan to escape, and Roman says he just has to hope he remembers where all the secret passageways are from the map Tony took from him. They cover up the hole in the wall with a dresser, and then they make noise and get the guards to come in. Jack knocks one guard out with one of the stones from the wall, but there are two of them. The second guard pulls a gun on Jack and tells him not to move. Marlena says shes going to faint. When the guard is distracted, Roman clobbers him and grabs his gun. Marlena says were going home! 

At Bos place, Billie apologizes to Bo for the latest misunderstanding, and she says if he and Hope broke up because of her then shed feel guilty forever. Bo says they wont break up, he wont let that happen. He says Hope is just really stressed nowadays. Bo calls Hope, but she has her cell turned off. He leaves a message and then thinks she may be at Jens. Bo calls over to Jens, and asks if Hope is there. Jen lies and says no .He asks her to tell Hope, when she sees her, that hell do anything to fix this. Bo realizes he has to make-up for hurting Hope, he cant lose her. Bo tells Billie that he doesnt want to hurt her, but Hope is the greatest love of his life. Billie says everyone knows that. Bo says sometimes you have to prove that, and he hasnt been doing enough of that. Bo says Hope and the boys are everything to him, and he thinks it is best that Billie move out. 

At Jens place, Jen is going through a box of things. There is a Native American costume in it, and Jen remembers Jack dressed up for Abbys Thanksgiving pageant. Jen said this was Abbys pageant, he couldnt be in it. Jen hugs the costume and says shell never stop missing him. Hope shows back up and is furious. She says if she spends one more minute in her house shell either lose her mind or kill Bo and Billie. Hope talks about what is going on with Bo and Billie, and Hope says if Bo doesnt get a clue soon then their marriage will be over. Hope says what scares her is that she and Bo have almost always been in synch with one another, but for the first time in her life she fears that special bond has been broken. Later when Bo calls and asks if Hope is there, Jen lies and says shes not here. Bo says to tell Jen that when he sees Hope to tell her that hell do anything to fix things. Jen passes the message onto Hope. Hope says the solution is simple, he must choose her or Billy, he cant have both. Hope says Bo is always saying Poor Billie this, poor Billie that, why cant you be more sensitive towards Billie? Hope says she does feel bad for Billie losing her daughter, but Billie has an addictive personality and now shes living in her house with her husband. Hope worries what will happen next. She fears Billie will make a play for Bo. Jen suggests she install a nanny cam to watch over Billie. Hope says Bo is also the problem, hes afraid to hurt Billie so instead he hurts her. Jen says Bo probably doesnt realize hes hurting her, that he just wants to be everyones hero and doesnt realize hes hurting Hope. Hope just wishes hed be her hero, and she wishes she could say Billie goes or she goes, but that would make her the bad guy. Hope wishes Bo would figure out on his own that Billie needs to go. Hope says Billie still loves Bo and wants him back, and she doesnt believe Billie when she says shes not trying to get Bo back. Hope says Bo is being so dense, hes practically inviting her to go for it. Hope asks Jen what shes doing here (looking at the boxes)? Jen says shes moving things up to the attic to make room for Jack Jr. Hope feels horrible for talking about her problems to Jen, but Jen says its okay. She tells Hope to do what she needs to save her relationship with Bo. Hope says she will, shes going to go draw a line in the sand. Hope leaves, and Jen continues looking through her box of things. She finds that Jack saved all of his fathers day cards from Abby. She then finds a folder of all his newspaper clippings. She says he changed so many peoples lives with his writings, and she wouldnt have become a reporter if it wasnt for him. She says Jack inspires her still. She looks up and says Youre not gone, you alive as ever. Jen hugs a photo of Jack and says hell always be with her.

Back at Bos place, Bo tells Billie that shell have to find a new place to stay. Billie says she already packed her things and figured it was best that she leave after the way Hope stormed out of here. Billie says shes going to move back into Samis old place, and Mickey has petitioned the judge to let Lucas vouch for her. Billie says shell be down the hall from family, shell be near people who actually want her around. Billie says shes kidding, but its all taken care of and his worries are over. Billie thanks Bo for letting her stay as long as he did. They share a hug, and of course Hope walks in. Hope is furious and says either Billie has two left feet and keeps falling into Bos arms, or she is after her husband. Bo says it is nothing, but Hope doesnt think so. Hope wants Billie gone, and Bo says she is going. Billie says she has made other arrangements and shes sorry it took her so long. Billie says goodbye and leaves. Bo asks Hope if hes forgiven? Hope says of course she forgives him. He says good and he thinks hes the luckiest man in the world to be married to her. Hope says she was so scared that Billie would take him away from her forever. Bo says that will never happen. Billie is outside and says that door has finally shut for good, Bo is out of her life forever now.

At the loft, Rex and Shawn are trying to break into Johns PC, and Rex says they have a major problem. Rex says there files are protected by a couple of firewalls. Rex says John is distracted by something and whatever it is, hes not onto them yet. Rex says they just have to hope they can get the plans and download them before John finds out what they are doing. Rex manages to download everything and then logs out of Johns PC. Shawn says excellent and they will get Phillip out of that hellhole. They read Johns plan and thinks it is perfect. Shawn says they just need to talk to Brady and get the money to execute the plan. Rex says Brady hates him, why would he give him money? Shawn says Rex may know computers, but he knows people;

At the penthouse, John says something is going on with his PC, hes being hacked. Belle shows up, and Kate lets her in. John continues to work on preventing a hacker from getting into his PC. Belle comes in and tells her dad that she has some bad news. Belle tells her dad that Jan was attacked and is in the hospital. Belle says shes in a coma and may never wake up again. John says the only suspect on his list is Shawn Brady. Belle says Shawn had nothing to do with Jan getting attacked. John says he knows Belle has forgiven Shawn, but he hasnt. Belle says if and when Jan wakes up then she will identify her real attacker. Belle also tells her father that if he knew what Jan did to Shawn, well she wont get into that now. She says if Shawn had motive to attack Jan then so did she as Jan was the reason she and Shawn were apart all summer. Belle tells her dad Shawn didnt do it though, he was with her last night. She says she, Shawn and Rex went back to the loft together. She says besides, they think the attacker was a woman. John says the police thought the Salem Stalker was a woman. Belle asks if she is comparing Shawn to Tony DiMera? As Belle and John argue, Kate sees something going on with Johns PC. She realizes Shawn is hacking into Johns PC. John and Belle continue to argue about Shawn and also Johns latest rescue plan. John says hes not worried about Shawn screwing things up, even if Shawn had a plan to rescue Phillip then hed need a whole lot of money and a hell of a lot of backup to carry it out. Kate continues to watch the PC and thinks it is too late to stop Shawn, he has everything he needs. John looks at Kate and asks if something is wrong? Kate says no. John sits back down at his PC, and he says everything looks okay. John talks more about his plan which is awaiting approval, and he says if Shawn tried an operation hed end up getting himself and Phillip killed. John tells Belle that he will bring her husband home, just make sure Shawn doesnt try anything. Belle thanks John for saving the two men she loves the most. Belle leaves, and Kate thinks Shawn may be on his way to help Phillip now. Kate says all she wants is to get her son back home.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Bonnie that she looks sharp in her candy striper outfit. Bonnie thanks her and says shes digging this job, and stripes are slimming. Bonnie then sees Mimi is in Jans room. She goes inside and tells Mimi to get out of here before that piece of trash wakes up and fingers her for attempted murder. Bonnie tells Mimi if she keeps hanging around here then something is bound to click with the cops. Mimi says she has made a decision to make this right. Bonnie says youre going to pull the plug on her? Mimi says no, shes going to confess. Bonnie says she couldnt live if her baby girl was in jail. Mimi tells her mom that she loves her, but she is going to tell the cops. Bonnie asks if she learned nothing growing up a Lockhart? Bonnie says you take what you can and never confess to the cops. Bonnie tells Mimi if she confesses to attempted murder then she can kiss Rex goodbye. Mimi says maybe she doesnt deserve Rex. Bonnie says she needs to get Mimi into a self-esteem course. Mimi still says she is the reason Jan is lying in a coma. Bonnie asks if she deliberately tried to kill Jan. Mimi says no, so Bonnie says she is innocent. We see flashbacks, and Mimi says even though Jan was the attacker in this case, nobody will believe her. Mimi says the truth is she wanted Jan dead. Bonnie says Jan got what she deserved and Mimi shouldnt feel guilty. Mimi says she just wanted to be married to a guy who loved her, had his kids, and never have to worry about being homeless again. Mimi says Jan was going to take that from her. Mimi says she hated Jans guts and wanted her dead, now she might be. Mimi says she has to confess or shell feel guilty for the rest of her life. Bonnie tells Mimi she will not confess, does she want two dead bodies on her conscience? Suddenly Jan opens her eyes and looks at Bonnie. Mimi says Jan is waking up and shes going to finger her. A nurse comes in to check on Jan, and the nurse says shes still in a coma and her eyes opening were just a reflex. Bonnie asks when Jan will wake up, and the nurse says maybe never. The nurse leaves, and Bonnie thinks Mimi is home free. Mimi says shes not, there was a witness. She says it was some guy watching from the bushes, he knows it was her. Mimi says she should have known things wouldnt work out for her. Mimi says she never should have had the abortion and now she is paying for it. Mimi says she cheated Rex and now she deserves to suffer. Bonnie tells Mimi that shes not confessing nothing to nobody. Mimi says if she confesses then they may go easier on her. Bonnie says they wont see it that way, they will put her away for a long long time. Mimi says she has to face the truth and consequences.


April 15, 2005
At his apartment, Stan is talking to himself in Samis voice, saying there is nothing as satisfying as revenge. Tony calls Stan up and says Samis patience is appreciated. Stan says he hasnt had this much fun in years. Tony says the fun is just beginning. Stan asks who is next on the hit list, and Tony says Brady and Nicole. We dont hear Tonys plans for them, but Stan says it is pure evil. 

Rex and Shawn arrive at the mansion to ask Brady for money. Rex says if Brady learns what they are up to then hell tell John. Shawn says Brady cant know what the money is for. Meanwhile, Nicole looks at a photo of Chloe and wonders if Brady will ever forget about her. Nicole remembers seeing Chloe at the church and says she has to find out for sure. Brady walks in and says find out what? She says she was remembering seeing Chloe, but Brady says that never happened. HE tells her that she hit her head and imagined it all. They are interrupted by the doorbell, its Shawn and Rex. Brady lets Shawn and Rex in, and Shawn says he has to talk to Brady, and its personal. Nicole says goody for you. She says she has things to do anyways and heads off. Shawn says he needs an advance on his inheritance as hes working on something with Rex. Brady says Granspas will is still in probate, but Shawn says this cant wait. Brady asks what the big rush is? He says he wont help Shawn unless he tells him whats going on. Shawn tells Brady that they are going to rescue Phillip. Brady asks if they have lost their minds? Brady says if they want Phillip rescued then leave it up to his dad and the ISA. Shawn says they already failed, and John is in no condition to do this on his own. Brady says his dad is handling this and there is another rescue mission in the works. Brady tells them to wait here until he returns, and Brady takes off. Rex thinks this was a mistake. Rex thinks Brady will tell John, but Shawn thinks hell do the right thing.

Outside the mansion, Nicole meets up with Stan. She asks who he is. Stan says hes here to help her keep Chloe out of Bradys life permanently. Nicole says Chloe is out of Bradys life, shes dead, but Stan says the dead can walk. Nicole realizes he is the creep who called her earlier. He tells her they have to go for a ride. She refuses to go with him, but he says she will if she wants to keep Chloe out of Bradys life.

Stan drives Nicole somewhere, and she thinks shes insane to be going off with a stranger. Stan says relax, hes on her side. He says he doesnt want to see Brady with Ghoul Girl. Nicole says Chloe is dead, but Stan says she isnt. He gives Nicole a paper to look at, and Nicole says this cant be true. Stan says she can meet her living nightmare if she wants. 

At the clinic, Nancy brings the release papers in and asks Chloe if shes having second thoughts. Chloe says no, and shes going ahead with the surgery as planned. Nancy says if this surgery doesnt work then her scars could be permanent. Chloe says that is a chance she has to take. Chloe says she cant take a chance telling Brady that shes alive looking like this. Chloe says if she doesnt do this now then she could lose him forever. Nancy says both she and her father think this is a risky procedure, but Chloe says Nicole is going to hurt Brady and shes the only one who can stop her. Nancy asks Chloe if she is sure signing these is what she wants to do? Nancy says before she does she needs to hear something. Nancy reads Chloe the warnings on the release, which say she could suffer permanent disfigurement, sever chronic pain or death. Chloe says she wont die, at worst shell be is ghoul girl forever. Chloe says if she cant be with Brady then what difference does it make. Chloe decides to take the signed papers to the nurse herself as she doesnt trust Nancy to give them to her. Later, Nancy talks to Chloe and says she just hopes this surgery is successful as they both want the same thing, to get Nicole out of Chloes life. Nancy thinks the first thing Brady will do when he learns she is alive is put that ring on her finger. Chloe says they shouldnt get ahead of themselves. They both go to say goodnight to Clara, and Nicole comes out of the closet she was hiding in. Nicole cries that Chloe is alive and shes going to take Brady from her, she has to do something to stop this. 

Meanwhile, Stan returns home and says Nicole will soon get the shock of her life. He also thinks about when he as Sami was begging John for help but he refused. Sami thought if she was Belle then hed help her. She remembers Brady telling Sami that Belle would never get into a ridiculous situation like this. Brady eventually threw Sami out, and she said they could both rot in hell and she hated them. 

At the penthouse, John is lifting weights and hurts himself. Kate comes running and asks if he is okay. John says the pain is getting worse. Kate says they have to focus his mind on something else. John says he was trying to do that. Kate suggests she give it a try and they begin to make out. Later John tries to get back to work and waits for word about his latest operation. Kate tells John that she has something to tell him. He says whats wrong? She says she just wants to thank him for what hes doing for her. She says it means so much to her, he means so much to her. John says she is helping him through a rough time and couldnt do this without her. Brady soon shows up and interrupts a kiss between the two. He says hes sorry. Brady says he thought Kate would be at the office, but John says shes helping with his therapy. Johns PC beeps, and he checks his email. He says this is it. It turns out the ISA wont approve Johns new plan. Kate asks what about her son? John says he has his own operatives, so hell do this himself if he has to. Brady and Kate tell him that hes in no condition. John goes to call Shane, but his back locks up. Kate says he needs a hot shower, and John says hell shower down here. Kate and Brady were going to help him up the steps, but he wouldnt accept their help. He says hell beat this and hell bring Phillip home. John leaves, and Kate tells Brady that John is in too much pain to find Phillip and now the ISA has given up. Brady tells Kate not to give up. He says he has to go, and if there is anything she needs to tell him. Kate says didnt he have something to tell John? Brady says he wont bother his dad with it now. Brady leaves, and Kate realizes Shawn may be Phillips only hope. Meanwhile Brady refuses to let Shawn mess this up and he says he knows what he has to do. Later a cleaned up John tells Kate that he feels better, and he meant what he said that hell go rescue Phillip. Kate says she wants him to take care of himself and get better. She says after losing Roman that she couldnt take it if something happened to him. John says okay. John says nothing will happen to him, and he knows neither one of them can go through losing something precious again. John tells Kate he has a proposition for her. John says when he lost Doc he thought he lost everything, and he would have if it werent for Kate. John says she saved his life and gave him hope. John tells Kate that he wants her in his life, and if she feels the same way that hed like her to consider moving in with him permanently. He knows this is a big step and she can take time to think it over. Kat6e says she doesnt have to think it over, she says yes. 

Brady returns home and tells Rex and Shawn that the ISA turned down Johns plan, and he didnt tell John about their plan. Brady says hell give them the money, but there is a catch, he goes with them. They agree, and they all shake on it. 

At Jens house, Abby is angry with her mom for getting rid of all her dads stuff like hes not coming back. Abby and Jen argue over whether Jack is dead. Abby says she knows Jack is alive, she can feel it in her heart. Abby says if Jen loved him then shed feel it to. Jen continues to say Jack is gone, but Abby says hes alive and shell prove it. She has a rabbits foot that her dad gave her and said good things would happen as long as she held onto it. She says she believes in good things happening and in miracles. Abby says she believes that as long as she believes daddy will come back then he will. Jen says she believes that deep down too because it is true. Jen says Jack will always be here through Abby and Jack Jr. Jen says Jack loved her so much and so does she. Jen says she doesnt know what shed do without them. Abby says she loves her too, but its so hard to let go. Jen knows, and she says her dad would want them not to fight and to be there for each other. Abby says shell try harder. Chelsea then shows up to take Abby out for dinner. Abby had forgotten, and Chelsea asks Jen if Abby can go out with them for dinner. Jen says she really doesnt know, Abby is grounded for sneaking out twice now. Chelsea says her parents are driving and they will be responsible for watching them all night. Jen talks to Chelseas parents and isnt sure about this. Chelsea says her parents will be with them the whole time, so Jen says it will be okay she guesses. Chelsea and Abby leave, and Jen says that was perfect. It turns out that the whole thing was a plot to get Abby out of the house so Jen can set up a surprise birthday party for Abby. Later Jen talks to a photo of Jack and says things are okay, theyll be okay finally.

On the road, Chelsea and Abby are discussing ditching her parents as soon as they can and hooking up with Patrick. Suddenly Chelseas mother screams, and the father hits the breaks.

At the castle, Jack is now wearing a DiMera guard uniform and roaming the halls. He says the coast is clear, but Roman and Marlena arent behind him. He wonders how he lost them. Roman and Marlena are elsewhere, Roman too is disguised as a guard. Roman and Marlena hear someone crying, and as they go to open the door, but someone yells out Stop! It turns out it is only Jack. Roman insists on finding out if Cassie is in the room, and she is. Cassie is glad to see her daddy. Jack says they have to get out of here, but Roman says not before they find out if there are any more prisoners. John says they have to get out of here before Tony captures them again, this is their chance and they have to take it. Cassie tells Roman that they have to go and get help before they are caught. Something happens and a vase is knocked over. Jack hears footsteps and says someone is coming. Marlena tells Roman that they have to get out of here. Everyone hides and the guards show up to check on Cassie. Cassie says she just dropped a vase that is all. One of the guards wants a goodnight kiss from Cassie, so the men rush out and protect her. As Jack struggles with a guard, a gun goes off and Jack is shot. The guards are knocked out, but Jack is bleeding. Marlena checks it out and says its just a flesh wound. Roman says they dont have time to find other prisoners now, they do have to get out of here now. MArlena stops the bleeding, and suddenly a fire breaks out (I think Roman set it as a diversion). They go to leave, but Cassie runs back into her room to get a bracelet. She ends up trapped in the room, and Marlena runs in after her. The door ends up slamming shut and its jammed. Roman and Jack are trapped outside the room, and MArlena and Cassie are in the room that is burning down. 

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