April 18, 2005 
Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole arrives and has a flashback to the clinic where Chloe and Nancy were talking about her surgery and Brady. Nicole cant believe that Chloe is alive and wants Brady back. She heads inside and Brady has just gotten off the phone. Nicole asks what is going on? Brady says Chloe is alive. Brady hugs Nicole and says she was right, she did see her at Saint Lukes. Brady says her face is horribly scared by the accident. Nicole says it must be hard for him to look at her. Brady says he doesnt care what she looks like, its whats on the inside that counts. Brady tells Nicole that she knows what this means for them. Nicole says hes going back to her. He says his heart belongs to Chloe. Of course Nicole daydreamed all of this. She is still outside, and she gets a call from Stan that knocks her out of her nightmare. Nicole asks where Stan is, and he says turn around. Stan is hiding in the bushes, and Nicole asks what hes doing here. He asks if she believes him about Chloe, and Nicole says yes. Stan says now how does she plan on stopping Chloe? Nicole says she doesnt know what to do, Chloe has a spell cast over Brady. She wonders why Stan is even helping her, what is in this for him? Stan remembers when Sami lashed out at Brady and accused him of saving Nicole instead of Marlena or Roman during the whole tidal wave episode. Stan tells Nicole that she just wants to see everyone get what they disserve. Nicole says once Chloe has her surgery there will be nothing to stop her from taking Brady away. Stan says leave that to him, hell be in touch. 

Inside the mansion, Brady tells Rex and Shawn that they have to rescue Phillip and get their asses back before anyone knows they are gone. Rex gives Brady the map and all the information hes gotten from the websites he hacked into. Rex says there is no access to this place by plane, so either the go in on foot or parachute in the cover of darkness. Shawn says they dont have time to learn how to parachute. Rex and Brady discuss how illegal this is, and how even with Victors money and connections there is no guarantee. Brady looks at the map and is troubled as this region was once very peaceful, so whoever is holding Phillip must be the new leader of the region. Brady wonders who that person is. Shawn says he doesnt care who the person is, he just wants to find Phillip and bring him home. Brady asks Rex if he knows where Phillip is being held? Rex says hes just being held in this region, pointing to it on the map. Suddenly Nicole bursts in and says she wont let him do it! She says they have turned the living room into a war strategy room. She says she wont let Brady go over there and get himself killed. Brady takes Nicole to another room to talk to her. He explains to her what is going on, and he promises her that hell keep her informed of everything. He says he will come back. She says what if he gets back and the only person he wants to be with is Chloe. He asks why she would say that, and then he thinks this is about his proposing to Chloes ashes. Nicole says Chloe is dead, and at that memorial service he was talking to the urn as if Chloe was still there and she (Nicole) didnt exist. Nicole knows Chloe is the love of his life. Nicole says if he goes away then hell forget about her as he is still dreaming of a future with Chloe. Brady says he knows he has to stop living in the past and the memorial service was about him moving forward. Brady says when he gets back then he plans on asking her an important question. Nicole says she doesnt want to wait, and she proposes to him. He says that is sweet but he wants to do it the right way. Nicole says if he can propose to an urn then she can propose to him. Brady tells Nicole that he loves her, and he proposed to Chloe so he could move on. He says hell always love Chloe, but he wants a future with her. Nicole says she is so afraid of losing him. He says that wont happen. Nicole tells herself that shell do everything in her power to make sure that Chloe stays dead. 

Meanwhile Shawn rants to Rex that she will ruin this for them. Brady returns, with Nicole, and says their secret is safe with Nicole. Nicole tells them that their mission is dangerous and stupid, but she wont say anything. Nicole tells them to all think about the people who love them and how theyll be affected if they dont come back. Later Brady discusses the plan with Rex and Shawn, and he says they are going to need a forth person to help. Brady says he has someone in mind.

Later, Nicole realizes if Brady goes away then it will give Chloe time to recover, and when Brady comes back shell be waiting. Nicole pulls out Stans number and calls him. Nicole tells Stan that she hates the idea of getting into bed with him, but she needs his help. Stan says theyll meet later and talk. Nicole tells herself that she wont let Chloe take Brady from her.

At the castle, Bart tells Tony that incase the fire escalates hes ordered a chopper. Tony says not yet. He says they cant leave without the prisoners. Tony says hes worked far to hard and long to watch all his plans go up in smoke. Bart says yeah, literally. Tony says this is not a joke. Tony grabs a sword and says if the fire doesnt stop them then he will.

Roman and Jack are trying to get Marlena and Cassie out of the room. Guards are coming, so Jack grabs an axe and begins chopping the door down. Inside Cassie thinks they can escape through the window, but Marlena screams no! Suddenly the door blows opening, knocking down Roman and Jack. Jack is alert, but plays possum when a guard shows up. The guard alerts Tony as to the location of the prisoners. Jack ends up knocking out the guard when he beds down to check on Roman. Roman and Jack come too, and in the room Marlena has an unconscious Cassie. Marlena thinks she has smoke inhalation. Unfortunately the door is blocked by a fire. Roman screams that theyll get them out of there. Tony and Bart show up, and Tony says dont be so sure. Tony says it will be difficult for them to save MArlena and Cassie when they will both be dead. Roman says he will save Marlena and Cassie, remember the girl Tony said he loved like his own. Roman runs into the room on fire, and Jack pulls the downed guards gun on Tony. Jack tells Tony not to try it. Tony says that gun wont stop him. Jack says what he will do swat away the bullet, this I gotta see. Jack fires, Tony is hit and goes down, and Jack says he didnt think so. Jack tells Bart that is something hes wanted to do for a very long time. Bart asks Tony if he can move? Bart tells Jack that he is in trouble now! Jack says no he believes Tony is. Jack says for the first time he has the upper hand. Tony tells Jack that hell never stop him. Tony says Jack wont be much of a hero if he lets the others die.

Roman meanwhile runs in to rescue Marlena and Cassie. They escape and return to the hall. Marlena sees Tony dying in Barts arms. Marlena tells Tony that he deserves to suffer and she wants him out of their lives. Roman says they have to get out of here, but Tony says they arent going anywhere. Suddenly the beams above them begin to collapse. The beam falls on Tony, who ends up falling into a pit created by the falling beams.

Bo and Hope are in bed together. They have just had make-up sex. Bo says he hates fighting with her, but she says making up is so nice. Bo says sense Zack is spending the night with pop, they should order Chinese and stay in bed. Hope says that is a wonderful idea. Hope wants him to order chocolate covered fortune cookies, but then realizes he shouldnt. Hope says Jen is throwing Abby a birthday party and she said theyd come by. She says theyll get their dessert there. Bo says it must be hard for Jen without Jack around. Hope says she doesnt know how she does it. Bo kisses Hope and says hell never take her for granted again.

Patrick and Billie are out driving somewhere. Billie is a million miles away, and Patrick asks if she is okay. Billie says she is. Hes not so sure given she just moved out of Bos. She was going to move out of Bos anyways, it was unfair to Hope. Patrick says yeah right. Billie says if he still thinks that she is after Bo . . . Patrick says this is him shes talking to. He says after they made love he knew exactly where her heart was, across the hall with Bo. Billie says just like his was with Jennifer. Billie thinks he hit a nerve. Patrick says he cares for Jennifer, but she is in no place to move on with another guy. Patrick says she is still grieving. Billie says Jen will be grieving for the rest of her life. Billie says even though she thought Georgia was stillborn, she could still hear her crying for weeks and months afterwards. Billie says even now she thinks she can still hear her crying. Billie wonders if she really did hear her little girl crying or if it was her imagination. Billie says she doesnt want to get too excited about finding Georgia. Billie tells Patrick that she has a horrible feeling something bad will happen to Georgia before she gets to see her. Billie then screams stop the car!

Along the side of the road we see a car wreck. Abby is lying outside of the car, shes been thrown. Chelsea is also outside the car, but leaning against it. Patrick and Billie come upon the accident, and Billie calls 911. Patrick says Abby is alive, and he tells her not to die. Patrick yells to Billie what the hold up is? Billie is still on the phone with the paramedics, and it turns out there is a riot at some basketball game and they are on a waiting list for 911! Billie decides to call Bo for help. Meanwhile Patrick checks on the Bensons. 

At Hopes house, Hope answers Bos phone when it rings. He went out for Chinese and left it behind. Billie blurts out Bo there has been an emergency and she needs him! Hope says this is Hope. Billie asks for Bo. Hope says hes not available but shell take a message. Billie tells Hope that she needs Bo. Hope says surprise surprise, its only been five hours and youre already calling for help? Hope tells Billie to call 911 if she has an emergency. Billie says she did and calls Hope and idiot! Hope then hangs up on Billie.

Back at the crash site, Billie realizes Hope hung up on her. Patrick takes the phone and says hell try. The paramedics arrive, but only because Patrick told them that the mayors wife was in an accident. The paramedics tend to the victims. They say Abby probably has some broken bones and may have internal bleeding. Billie is with Chelsea, who comes to and asks for her mom, is she okay? Billie sees Mrs. Benson on a stretcher and Billie says shes going to be fine. Chelsea then passes out. Billie goes to Mrs. Benson and holds her hand. Mrs. Benson asks Billie to promise to take care of her baby, look after her. Billie says of course she will, but she has to get better soon so she can look after her. Mrs. Benson passes out, and shes loaded into the ambulance. Billie wishes there was something else they could have done. Patrick says they needed more people here, so he calls Lexie for help. Later Patrick realizes he has to call Jen. Billie says no, this is something that should be told in person. Billie says shell meet him at the hospital. Billie stays with Chelsea, who tells Billie that she doesnt want to die. Billie says she wont let anything happen to her. 

Back at Bo and Hopes, Hope rants that Billie is so unbelievable. She says Billie needs to be kept from crying wolf all the time. The phone rings again, and it is Jen. Hope thinks it is Billie again and starts to yell. Jen says its her, what is wrong. Hope explains about Billies call, and she says they will be over to Abbys party but they are running a little late. Jen asks if she can remember to bring Grans cake plate? Hope says sure. She asks Jen how shes doing. Jen says she didnt think shed be doing this without Jack. Jen says she almost forgot about the bracelet Jack made for Abby, she almost forgot about it. Jen says she has a lot more to do so she has to go. Jen tells Hope to drive safely, shell see her soon. Bo returns with the food and says sorry it took so long. Bo asks if anyone called while he was gone? Hope says just Jen. They eat their dinner and share a kiss.

At Jens house, Jen has made Grans three-layer cake. She has yet to wrap the presents or decorate the room. Jen looks at Jacks photo and cant believe their little girl is 17 years old. Jen begins having flashbacks to when Abby was born. Jen says she may not have Jack, but theyll always have Abby. Later she frosts the cake and puts Happy Birthday Abigail, Love Mom and Dad on it. Jen cant believe she wrote dad, but Jen says Abby would want it that way. Jen looks for something in a drawer and finds a bracelet with some stones that Jack made her for Abby while he was in the jungle. He asked Jen to save it for Abbys birthday. Jen cant wait to give this to Abby, but wishes she could give her the one thing she wants the most. Jen finishes decorating the place, and she thinks everything is just about ready.


April 19, 2005

On the pier, Brady, Shawn and Rex are meeting the fourth person for the rescue party. Shawn thinks they are wasting time, but Brady says Johns plan requires four men. Shawn asks how they know they can trust this guy. Lucas shows up, and Brady thanks him for coming. Brady says they are going to try and rescue Phillip and they want his help. Lucas tells them back up here. He says he wants his brother back, but isnt this a job for the military or the ISA. They explain how they have gotten their hands on the ISA's plans. Lucas asks where he comes in? Brady explains his dads plan calls for four men, each with detailed assignments. Lucas asks if John gave them this? Rex says no, he hacked into his computer and downloaded it. Brady says the ISA passed on the plan. Lucas says if this plan is so great then why did the ISA shoot it down? They talk about how dangerous and risky the plan is. Brady says they need his help, but if he doesnt want to then theyll find someone else. Lucas says he needs a chance to think. He asks what will happen if they are killed and dont make it back. What will happen to the women they love? Do they even know? Brady says Nicole knows, shes not happy, but she understands. Lucas says what about Belle? Lucas doesnt know what is going on with Shawn and Belle, whether they are together or not, but he thinks the only reason Shawns gung-ho to find Phillip is because he loves Belle. Shawn says that isnt the only reason, Phillip is family. Lucas says yeah right. Lucas says what will happen to Belle if both he and Phillip get killed. Lucas then asks Rex if hes thought about Mimi and what this will do to her? Rex knows what it will do to her. He says he has tried to convince Shawn that this was insane, but getting Johns plan and having Brady on their side changed his mind. Lucas isnt sure about this, and Brady says they will respect his decision, but they could use his help. Lucas asks Rex if he thinks they can do this? Rex shows him the plans and explains everything to him. Lucas says he knows he could help, but its just Will . . . Lucas says Will does have a lot of family that could look after him. Brady asks if he is in, and Lucas says he is. 

At the castle, Victor and Caroline are playing gin. Caroline thinks she smells smoke, and Victor says he smells it too. They look out the window and see that the castle is on fire. Caroline says maybe they should break the glass as the smoke coming into the room is chocking them. Victor says it could cause a backdraft, but they dont have much of a choice. They break the window, and the smoke gets worse. Victor begins banging out the door and screaming for help. Victor gives Caroline a wet towel to put over her face, and hes convinced someone will come. Caroline thinks Tony may have set the fire, but Victor says Tony wouldnt keep them prisoner all this time to let them die. Victor says and if they do die then at least they will be together. Caroline says that is true.

Elsewhere, Roman and Jack prepare to lead the women out of the burning inferno. Marlena just hopes wherever Tony went he fell straight to hell. Jack suggests they wrap themselves in rugs and tapestries and run through the flames. Jack goes first and makes it, only to have a chandelier come crashing down on him! Roman rushes through to check on Jack, and the ceiling falls down on him! Marlena and Cassie get through, and Jack is now fine and alert. He says Roman is around here somewhere and hell search for Roman. He directs Marlena and Cassie to a tunnel out of the castle. He then begins searching for Roman, who is still out cold. Jack eventually finds Roman and tries to carry him out when everything begins to collapse around them.

Bart keeps going down floors to find out where Tony is. Bart thinks he must have fallen all the way to the dungeon, and there is no way the phoenix can rise from this. He then remembers Caroline and Victor and says he better get them out before they are both 86d. Bart ends up freeing Caroline and Victor, and he says he doesnt know what has happened to Tony but they need to get out of here. As they rush to get out, the castle begins collapsing around them.

At Jens place, Jen has everything set up for the party. Patrick shows up and Jen keeps going on about her decorations. Patrick tells Jen that he has bad news, really bad news. Jen asks if it is Gran? He says no, Abby. Patrick tells her about the car accident, and the driver of the other car was drunk and died at the scene. Jen wants to go to the hospital right away. Patrick asks about the baby, and she says the neighbor is with him. Patrick drives Jen to the hospital, and Patrick tells the horror story about his cousin who was hit by a drunk driver and is now in a wheelchair. Jen cant believe this is happening, and she says her little girl may become a statistic.

At the accident scene, Billie stays with Chelsea, who has now fallen unconscious and isnt breathing. Billie yells for help, and they begin CPR on her. The man stops and says hes sorry. Billie asks what is he doing, why is he stopping. He says its no good, but Billie tells him if she is able to fight then she is positive Chelsea will come fight to back. Billie performs CPR and brings Chelsea back. The man says it is a miracle, she should have been gone. Billie says she told him that Chelsea wanted to live. Lexie shows up and begins examining the victims. Billie goes to Mrs. Benson and holds her hand. Billie says Chelsea will be okay so hang in there. Mrs. Benson thanks Billie for being good to her little girl. Mrs. Benson asks Billie if she has kids? Billie says a daughter Chelseas age. Mrs. Benson says she is lucky and Billie is probably a wonderful mother. Billie thanks her. Lexie continues checking on things, and she says they need to get the others to the hospital. Billie says they only sent one ambulance. LExie calls Commissioner Gordon for some extra ambulances. Billie stays with Chelsea, and she asks if Billie is her mom. Billie says shes not her mom, but her mom is here and shell be fine. Chelsea asks about Abby, and Billie says hes at the hospital. She asks about her dad, and Billie says hes still in the car and they are working to get him out. Lexie tells Chelsea no more talking, she needs to relax. The other ambulances arrive, and Billie damns Hope for hanging up on her. She says if anyone dies it will be on Hopes head.

At the hospital, Mimi shows up with balloons and gifts for Jan. Mimi has various flashbacks of all her fights with Jan. She also remembers Belle and Tek questioning her about Jan. Mimi says if Jan wakes up then she is dead. Bonnie says that is why she needs to 86 the gifts and get the hell out of Salem! Bonnie cant believe Mimi has brought all these gifts for Jan. Bonnie takes the chocolates and says she wont let Mimi waste these yummy drugstore chocolates on Jan. She begins eating the chocolates and says this is pleasure as she hasnt had any pleasure since Maggie moved back in. Bonnie then lectures Mimi about being here. She says she watches Law and Order, and the perp always returns to the scene of the crime. Mimi says this isnt the scene of the crime, shes not a perp, and what happened was an accident. Tek shows up and tells Mimi that it is time she tell him what happened. Mimi claims she doesnt know what happened. Tek begins questioning her about the nail, but she says it wasnt hers. Mimi says she didnt attack Jan, so Tek asks Mimi why she is always here and bearing gifts? Bonnie offers him one of the chocolates, and he asks if she bribing him? She says shes not, and if he doesnt like sweets then shell give him a free hot meal at Alices. Tek decides they get back to why Mimi is here. Mimi says she and Jan werent friends, but she does feel bad for her. Mimi says Jan and no friends and family. Bonnie tells Mimi that she doesnt have to explain anything. Tek says he doesnt, but she could save the taxpayers a lot of money if she told her what really happened. Bonnie tells Mimi not to say a word, and she threatens to sue Tek for harassment. Tek says he doesnt take kindly to threats or bribes. Bonnie says unless he has something on Mimi scram. Tek says not only do they have evidence she is involved, they are this close to charging her with attempted murder. Tek says if Jan dies then the attempted part gets dropped. Mimi wants to hear the evidence. Tek says the acrylic nail they found at the scene of the crime matches the nine they found in Mimis trash. Bonnie says they can't prove they are the same, and she says that doesnt mean Mimi was anywhere near Jan when she tripped and hit her head. Tek asks what makes Bonnie assume that Jan tripped? Bonnie says she just assumed. Tek tells them not to leave town, and hes going to be searching Jans house soon. Tek leaves and Mimi panics. Mimi thinks she may as well just turn herself in. Mimi says Jan has a diary and she is probably in every page. Mimi begins having more flashbacks of her fights with Jan. Mimi says if Tek finds the diary then she is toast. Bonnie says Tek cant find it if they find the diary first. She then drags Mimi off.

At Jans place, Bonnie and Mimi break into Jans place and are caught by Tek. Tek tells Mimi that shes under arrest for the attempted murder of Jan spears. 

Jen and Patrick arrive at the hospital and learns Abby is in surgery. Jen says doesnt a parent have to give consent? She demands to know what is going on. A nurse says shell see what she can find. Jen says shell throw the Horton weight around to find out what is going on if she has to. Lexie and the others soon show up. Billie sits in the waiting room and waits for news. Lexie comes to Billie and tells her that shes sorry but they lost her. Jen shows up and cries Not my baby!


April 20, 2005

At Jan's house, Tek catches Bonnie and Mimi breaking in, and he tells Mimi that she's under arrest for the attempted murder of Jan Spears. Bonnie says he can't do this. She says she watches Law and Order and this is entrapment. Tek says it is. Mimi has had it and decides to come clean and tell Tek everything. She tells Tek that she didn't try to kill Jan. She says they were arguing, Jan tripped and hit her head, and she was afraid the cops would get the wrong idea so she ran. Mimi goes on to tell Tek that she did hate Jan and wanted her dead as Jan was blackmailing her. She tells him the whole story about her abortion and how Jan was forcing her to help her try and keep Shawn and Belle apart. Tek says he believes her, he knows things aren't always as they seem. It turns out his sister got into trouble years back and she to was blackmailed. He says when Jan wakes up he'll ask her for her side to see if the stories match. However, he says if Jan dies then he'll have to arrest her for murder. He tells Mimi not to leave town. Mimi and Bonnie leave the house, and Bonnie thinks Mimi is home free. Mimi says she is not free at all, she's still doomed. She says if Jan dies then she'll be arrested, and if Jan comes to then she'll just lie to Tek. Mimi says it doesn't matter anyways because as soon as Rex learns the truth then her life is still over.

At Basic Black, Brady, Rex and Shawn arrive. Brady says they need to get more information from the ISA, information even his dad doesn't have access to from his home computer. Rex asks how they will do that here? Brady pushes the secret button in John's desk which unveils his hidden ISA mainframe. Shawn says this is like out of a movie. Brady says his dad is like out of a movie. Rex is apprehensive about doing this, but eventually gets to work. He says everything they need and more is here. Lucas soon shows up and he says he got what they need. He opens up a briefcase and shows them all sorts of weapons. Brady asks how he got these? He says he used an old contact from his days as a DiMera associate. Kate soon walks in and she is shocked by what is going on. She realizes they are going after Phillip. She lashes out at Shawn for being completely selfish and only thinking of himself. Shawn says he wants Phillip home just as much as anyone else. She says he only wants Phillip home so that Belle can break his heart. She also says he's convinced her other sons to go risk their lives. Lucas says that is not true, they made up their own minds to do this. Kate says she won't let them do this, but BRady says she can't stop them. She says maybe not, but she'll call John and the ISA and they will stop them.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole sips martinis on the terrace as she waits for Stan. Stan spies on her and vows to see Brady separated from his true love and spending hell on earth with Nicole. Nicole wonders where the little creep is, and he comes out from the bushes to see her. She isn't sure about working with him, but he says he's not doing this for her. He says he wants to see Brady suffer, and what better way to make him suffer then spend his life with her and not the woman he loves. Nicole says Brady does love her. Stan laughs and says if Brady knew Chloe was alive then she'd mean about as much to him as a 2 dollar whore. Nicole slaps him, causing his fake mustache to fall off. She doesn't see this though, and Stan is furious. He says if she doesn't apologize then he will call BRady and tell him that Chloe is alive. Nicole apologizes, and then asks how she is supposed to keep Brady and Nicole apart? Stan says he has the perfect plan. He says hey have to keep Chloe from having her surgery. Nicole asks how they do that? He says leave that to him.

At the castle, Caroline and Victor are working to escape when an explosion hits. The roof caves in, and Caroline finds herself pinned under a beam and unable to feel her legs. Bart comes along and Victor begs him to help Caroline. Bart doesn't know and says the count won't like this. He says first Roman, Jack, Cassie and Marlena escape, and now them. Caroline is glad to hear they are alive and okay. Bart says he and his big mouth. Victor begs Bart to help them, and Bart eventually agrees. Caroline and Victor manage to escape the castle and make it outside. MEanwhile Bart comes across Tony's hand under a pile of rubble and we see his ring on his finger.

Meanwhile, Cassie and Marlena have made it outside, and they fear Roman and Jack have been lost in the explosion. Inside Jack has found Roman, who is unconscious. After pleading with Roman about how much they all need him, Roman comes too. Jack and Roman make their way out, and on their way come across a cell phone. Once outside they meet up with Marlena and Cassie, and Roman pulls out the phone and begins to dial. He says an old ISA buddy of his has a plane, and they can be back in Salem by morning.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope and Bo are in bed when the phone rings. Bo convinces Hope to let the machine get it. It is Patrick calling, and Hope insists on picking up. Patrick fills her in on Abby's accident, and Hope says they'll be right there.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Billie that they lost her, and Jen assumes it is Abby. Lexie says no. She says Abby is out of surgery and fine. She says they lost Chelsea's mother. Billie asks about her father, and Lexie says he is still in surgery and it is touch and go. A nurse says that Chelsea is asking for Billie, so she goes to see her. Meanwhile Lexie takes Jen to see Abby. Chelsea is in bed and asks Billie about her parents. Billie says the doctors are with them and Chelsea needs to work on getting better herself. Chelsea asks Billie not to leave her, and Billie says she won't. Bo and Hope later show up, and Hope asks to see Jen. Lexie takes Hope to Jen and Abby. Bo stays with Billie and asks how she is doing? Billie says not good. She says she and Patrick were the first ones at the accident. He holds her and comforts her. Meanwhile Lexie checks on Chelsea and waits for news on her father. They need consent for Chelsea to have surgery. Lexie gets word that Chelsea's father too has died. She gives the bad news to Billie. Lexie tells Billie that without parental consent then can't do the surgery on Chelsea, and she has no other next of kin. Billie says isn't Chelsea 18? (Aged again! They were 15 a few months ago, as was Georgia). Lexie says yes, but Chelsea is unconscious and can't give consent. Billie says Chelsea's mother asked her to look after her, can she give consent. Lexie asks if anyone can collaborate Mrs. Benson's statement? Billie says there was an EMT there named Watson. Lexie checks and Bo tells Billie this is a wonderful thing she's doing for someone she hardly knows. Billie says if Georgia was in this situation then she'd want someone to step up. She also says she feels like she knows Chelsea. Lexie returns and says it is all set. As Billie signs the forms, Hope returns. Lexie says the horrible thing is this tragedy didn't have to happen. She says if the EMTs had gotten there earlier both Chelsea's parents may have lived. Bo tells Billie that she should have called him. Billie says she did, but Hope wouldn't let her talk to him. Billie tells Hope this is all her fault.

Meanwhile, Patrick is with Jen. Jen refuses to leave Abby's side in case she wakes up. Patrick puts a blanket around Jen, and she thanks him for being here. He says he'll always be here.


April 21, 2005

April 21, 2005
At Basic Black, Kate lashes out at the boys for what they are doing. She talks about how they are in violation of the Patriot Act with all this hacking and could go to prison. Kate decides to call John about this lunacy, but Shawn grabs the phone and says he cant let her do that. Lucas says they can do this, and Rex says they are using Johns plan and they cant do better than that. She says no they stole Johns plan. Brady asks if she told John, and Kate says no. Shawn tells Kate that when it was just him doing this she didnt care, but now that her sons are involved it is a different story. Shawn says they have wasted enough time. Brady and Shawn head out, but not before Brady tells Rex and Lucas to talk to their mom and convince her not to say anything. Once they leave Kate plans to still call John. Lucas tells her not to. Lucas asks Rex to go meet the others and let him talk to their mother, but Rex says she is his mom too. Lucas says he knows her better, so Rex leaves. Lucas argues with Kate about this plan, and Kate says let Brady and Shawn go themselves. Lucas says it doesnt matter to her if they get killed? Kate says no it doesnt. He is stunned, but she says she meant it does matter to her, but not as much as her sons do. She says Shawn doesnt care about Phillip, he only cares about being with Belle. Lucas says he thinks Shawn is a little punk kid too, but Phillip is his brother. He says if he or Rex were in this situation then Phillip would do this for them. He says all he wants is his brother home. Kate wonders what John will do when he finds out, what will she do when John finds out that she knew. Lucas says they dont have time for this as they will be moving Phillip again. He tells her not to tell John, and to look after Will. He says in case he doesnt come back he wrote a letter he wants her to give Sami asking her to let her mom be a part of Wills life. He gives her the letter, and she takes it. Lucas says she has to go, and Kate asks him to at least call Will first. Lucas says he cant as hell ask too many questions. They hug and say their I love yous, and then Lucas leaves. Kate cries and hopes they will be careful.

At Saint Lukes, Chloe shows up in her black hooded robe to pray for a successful surgery. She asks God to let her face heal quickly before he ends up married to Nicole. She asks God to save Brady from that witch Nicole. She knows Brady would be with her even like this, but she wont allow it. She says it would be like when she had leukemia, hed drop everything to take care of her. She says she wont be a burden to him a second time, so she cant let him know the truth until she is healed. Brady soon shows up and asks if he can pray here with her? She turns her face from him, and he asks if she is okay? Chloe says she is fine, in a fake voice, and walks off. Brady prays to God to look after Phillip and help bring him home. He says he knows he hasnt prayed much since Chloe died, he was angry with God after that. He talks about Chloe and the life they would have had if she was alive. He says he came here to pray for Phillip and is talking about Chloe. He says its always about Chloe, and he wishes she could come back to him. He knows God can work miracles, but he knows that is one miracle that wont happen. Later Brady leaves and Chloe returns to praying. She believes the operation will be a success and then she and Brady will be together like they should be. 

At the mansion, Nicole wonders if things could get worse. She thinks Brady is subconsciously trying to get killed to reunite with Chloe in heaven, but she isnt even in heaven. Nicole says Chloes going to get that surgery and she will reunite with Brady here on earth. Stan shows up to see Nicole. Nicole says he could be seen here, but he says Brady is out and Henderson has the night off. Nicole wonders how he knows all this. He says its not important, and he tells Nicole that she has to sneak into hospital and stop Chloes surgery. She asks how she does that? He says with this, and produces a bag. She asks what is in it. He shows her some scrubs, a surgical mask, and a phony nurses badge. Nicole cant believe he wants her to pretend to be a nurse. She says this is impossible; even with all this she cant stop that operation. Stan says this isnt like her, and he begins talking about how she manipulated Eric away from Greta, how she married and turned Lucas into a drunk, and how she married Victor and was bopping Collin behind his back. She asks who he is? He just says a man who wants to see Brady get what he deserves. Stan says dont get him wrong, hed love to ruin her life too, but Brady is higher up on his list. Nicole wont do anything for him until she learns who he is and who is helping him get all these things. He wont tell her anything. Nicole says she cant do this because if shes caught then she goes to jail and Brady learns Chloe is alive. Stan says this is her only chance, either she stops this operation or Brady reunites with the beautiful woman he truly loves. Nicole says her being with Brady is good for him, and Stan says if that is what she has to tell herself. Nicole asks why he is doing this, what did Brady do to him? We see more flashbacks of fights between Brady and Sami. Stan says it is personal, but Brady needs to be punished. He says seeing Brady hooked up with a selfish, gold-digging bitch like her for the rest of his life is the best revenge he can ask for. She calls him a son of a . . . but then wonders why she cares what a freak like him thinks. She says so he gets his revenge on Brady, Chloe is out of the picture, and Brady is hers forever. Stan says or as long as she can hold onto him. Nicole says she can hold onto him. Stan says he cant wait forever for her to make up her mind, if shes not in then hell find another way to destroy Bradys life as well as hers. Brady returns home, and Nicole hides Stan. Nicole asks Brady if he and the others have changed their minds about rescuing Phillip, but he says no. Stan is stunned to learn what they are planning. Brady says he is here to get his things and head off. Nicole says he cant do this, but Brady says they have to do this now. He says they know where Phillip is and he could be moved if they wait. She says she guesses be careful sounds lame. He says not to him. Nicole tells him to come home to her. She says she loves him so much, more than anyone in her entire life. He says he loves her too, and they share a kiss. Brady leaves, and Stan says that was very touching. He says while Brady may have said he loved her, he didnt say he loved her more than anyone else. He says when Brady comes home who will he be with, her or the newly beautiful love of his life. Stan says if she loves Brady then she knows what she has to do. 

At Belles loft, Mimi shows up and says her life is over and shes about to lose Rex. She says if Jan dies then shell physically lose her life. Mimi explains everything to Belle about her confession to Tek and Tek setting her up. Mimi blames herself, but Belle says it isnt her fault. Belle says she has to stop feeling so guilty, and she should have told the truth sooner. Mimi says once she starts telling lies she cant stop. Mimi asks what she will do? Belle tells her that she has to be honest with Rex. Rex knocks on the door and asks if Belle is home and if Mimi is there. Mimi takes a moment to compose herself, and Belle lets Rex in. Belle decides to go see Shawn and give them privacy. She leaves, and Mimi tells Rex there is something she has to tell him. Rex says me first. He says she wont like this. He says hes going away for a few weeks for work. She says well hell have his cell phone in case she needs to get in touch right. Rex says hes going somewhere remote so his cell might not work. She says maybe it is for the best, and he asks why shed say that? He say she sounds relieved hell be gone. She says of course not, she just meant with everything going on with Jan and Phillip that it will be nice for him to get away for a few days. He says when he returns hopefully some of those things will be resolved. He says he also knows shell be waiting for him. Mimi tells herself unless shes in jail.

At his loft, Shawn makes a videotape goodbye for Belle. He says hes sorry he couldnt tell her about his plan before he left. He says he is doing this for her, and hes putting this tape in a special place for her to find later. He says if he is killed or captured then this is his chance to say goodbye. Shawn tells her that he loves her, he always has and he always will. Later Belle shows up and finds Shawn packing. Shawn claims hes going to go out of town for a few days. She asks how he can go away with Jan in a coma? She says hes going to rescue Phillip isnt he. He says no, he swears he sees now that he cant rescue Phillip . . . on his own. She asks then why is he going away? He says its because of her actually. He claims he is leaving to clear his head and give them a break. Shawn says he also knows shes been under a lot of pressure lately, and it will be easier for him with him gone. She says he is running away again just like last summer. She says she is so stupid, she thought he had changed, she thought he had grown up. She says she is still running away from their problems. He says he is doing this because he loves her, but she says no. She says he is putting his own needs ahead of hers, and he is nothing but selfish and immature just like Kate said. Belle storms out, and Shawn says one day shell realize he did this for her and their future.

At the hospital, Jen stays by Abbys side at the hospital talking to her about the party she arranged. Meanwhile, Bo is furious with Hope for hanging up on Billie. Hope says she thought . . Billie says that I was lying? Hope says she thought she was exaggerating. Billie tells Hope that there were no EMTs because of the riot at the game and they needed someone with clout to get ambulances out to the accident. Bo says he could have helped, and Billie says they are dead because of Hope. Billie says that poor girl is in surgery now and her parents are dead, what will happen to her? Bo asks why Hope hung up on her? Hope says because Billie only thinks of herself. Billie talks about the horrors of the accident scene, and how Bo was their only help. Hope says Billie is like the girl who cried wolf, she thought this was another one of her stories. She says she is sorry, but Billie says its too late for that. Billie says Hope is so jealous that she and Georgia have a small place in Bos life that she couldnt even tell him that she called. Bo says Hope had no right to hang up on Billie, and she should have told him about her call. He says he only told her about Jen calling. As they argue, Jen comes out and Hope asks how Abby is. She tells them that she is unconscious but stable, and Jen thinks something else is wrong. They tell her about Mr. Benson, and Jen says she knows. Billie tells Jen about Hope hanging up on her from the accident site, and that Chelseas parents may have survived if the EMTs got there sooner. Jen asks Hope how could she? Billie tells Hope that she was so paranoid that she was going to steal her husband that Hope didnt give a damn about anyone. Jen asks Hope why? Hope says she didnt know and she wouldnt have hung up if she knew. Hope says Billie didnt tell her what happened. Bo takes Hope aside, and Hope says she is so sorry. Bo says he knows she is, and he talks about Billie focusing on helping Chelsea now. He says they shouldnt focus on what they cant change, they should focus on helping the people who are still here. Bo goes over to Jen, and both he and Billie comfort her. Hope is left alone crying. Hope tries to talk to Jen, but Jen doesnt understand Hopes actions. Jan says Hope knows that her husband loves her, and if she had just taken the message then the Bensons would still be alive. She says what if Chelsea dies, what if Abby has a permanent injury. Jen leaves, and a nurse comes out and says Chelsea is out of surgery and Dr. Carver will soon speak to them. Billie fears if it was good news then she would have told them herself.


April 22, 2005
At the hospital, Patrick shows up and asks Hope how Abby is doing? Hope says Abby is out of danger, and Jen is angry and blames her for the delay in getting Abby to the hospital. Hope says it is her fault, Chelsea may not make it and is an orphan because of her. Patrick says he was there and he doesnt blame her. She thanks him for trying to make her feel better but it is her fault. Patrick says she thought Billie was just crying wolf again, and Patrick says the minute she hung up on Billie he got the paramedics there in fifteen minutes. Hope says Bo could have had a copter there in five minutes. She wonders why Patrick is taking her side. He says he isnt, he is just looking at it from both sides. Hope wishes Bo and Jen could do that. Patrick says he just went back to Jens to get Abbys lamb doll to make her feel better. He also says hell talk to Jen for her.

Meanwhile Billie stays with Bo and waits for news on Chelsea. Billie cant imagine what Chelsea will do when she get the news about her parents. Billie says she promised Chelseas mother that shed look after Chelsea and that everything would be okay, but Chelsea may not be okay. Billie continues to blame Hope for this, if only they had gotten help so much sooner. Bo says there are no guarantees help would have arrived sooner. He thinks Billie is upset because this has brought up thoughts of Georgia. Bo says once they know that Chelsea is okay that they will look for Georgia. LExie shows up, and Billie asks how Chelsea is. Lexie says Chelsea survived the surgery, but her condition is still very serious. Lexie says she is not out of the woods, and if Chelsea pulls through then it will be a painful recovery as well as a psychologically trying one. Billie asks if she can see Chelsea, but Lexie says she needs to rest right now. Later Hope shows up and says she heard what Lexie said and shell pray for her. Billie wonders how a girl can recover from losing both of her parents. Billie tells Hope that this is all her fault and she has ruined that poor girls life! Billie says Hopes jealousy caused two deaths tonight and so much pain for Abby and Chelsea. Bo tells Billie not to talk to Hope like that. Bo tells Hope that Billie is upset and it is not helping having her here. Lexie takes Hope off to talk, and Patrick tells Billie that this is not Hopes fault. Bo tells him that this is not any of his business. Patrick says Bos knee jerk reaction is to always run to Billie so it is no wonder Hope reacted the way she did. Patrick tells Bo to step up and take responsibility. Bo asks Patrick if he wants to take this outside? Hope runs between them and says dont fight, this isnt helping anyone. Meanwhile Lexie is paged by Abe and has to leave. She calls Abe, and hes upset with her about something. Everything Lexie says is apparently the wrong thing. Lexie tries to cheer him up with plans of a romantic evening together, but he claims hes tired and going to bed. 

Later, Bo talks with Billie about a phone call he just had with Shawn (see below). He says Shawn seems to be doing better, and Billie says Hope will be glad to know. Bo sees Hope is with Patrick and says hell tell her later. Billie says you cant always count on later. Billie begins thinking about Georgia and paying a visit to her grave. Billie soon begins to cry. Later, Hope watches as Bo comforts Billie. Patrick says she cant change what happened. He says the best thing she can do is leave and let them both calm down. He offers to take her to dinner, and Hope tells Patrick that they should go. As they walk off, a nurse walks up to Billie with a bag and says someone left this for her at the desk. Billie opens the bag, inside is a bloody shirt with Georgia written on it. 

At the loft, Belle is furious with Shawn for taking off. Mimi says this is not like last summer, Shawn leaving last summer was Jans fault. Belle thinks they should tell the police the truth about Jan's involvement with Shawn over the summer, but Mimi says no way. She says then they will know she had a motive to kill Jan. Belle asks if she told Rex the truth, and Mimi says no. She says he didnt give her a chance and now it is too late as he went out of town. Belle says so both of their guys are going out of town at the same time, is there something they arent telling them? Mimi thinks it is a coincidence. She says Rex is going on some fieldtrip for the university. Belle doesnt think it is a coincidence, and she thinks they are going to find and rescue Phillip. Mimi says what! Belle says Shawn has gone behind her back and got Rex to help him. Mimi says Rex is way to smart to get involved in something like this and he wouldnt have lied to her about it. Belle says but he wouldnt have told her the truth if it would have made her worry. Belle is convinced this is what they are up to and she says they have to stop them. 

At Shawn and Rexs place, the four musketeers meet up. Lucas hopes he kept his mom from telling John the truth. Rex is on the PC and says they have a problem. He says he thinks John knows someone has tapped into his files and has called for an investigation. Rex tries to throw John off their trail to buy them some time. Shawn says make it fast, they have to get out of here before they are caught. Later, Belle and Mimi arrive and find the boys are gone. They begin looking for a message or a note, and Belle realizes if Shawn was going to leave her a message then hed put it in his Grandpa Toms trunk. Belle says Shawn gave her a key awhile ago and told her that he wanted her to have the trunk if anything ever happened to him. She looks through his trunk and finds Shawns video message. Both Belle and Mimi watch the message. We see more of his message than yesterday, and Shawn says if he dies then he has no regrets and hell be waiting for her in heaven. Mimi says they have to stop this, and Belle says she has an idea how to.

Kate returns to the penthouse and finds John on the PC. He says once again someone broke into his files. John is sick of this and is ordering a full scale investigation. Kate says he cant do that. John asks if she knows something about this? She acts all scared, asks him to hold her, and says she has done something terrible. She says she has let their sons put themselves in terrible danger. John asks Kate if Rex, Lucas and Brady on their way with Shawn to save Phillip? Kate says nothing, and he says they are going to get themselves killed. John says they still have time and he may be able to stop them. John begins making some calls. Later John asks Kate how she could do this? Belle and Mimi show up as John is chastising Kate. Belle begs her dad not to let them die. She says she is desperate to have Phillip rescued, but she doesnt want them all to die. John uses his PC to track them to the airport, so he suggests they get there.

The boys arrive at the airport, and Lucas feels guilty about leaving Will. He decides to call Will and tell him he love him incase this may be the last time he hears Wills voice. Shawn decides to call his parents to say goodbye as well. He gets their voicemail, so he pages them. At the hospital, Bo gets Shawns page and returns his call. Shawn says he was just calling to say hi and find out how they are. Bo says not so good, they are at the hospital. Bo explains about the car accident to Shawn, and what happened. As Shawn tries to explain what is going on to his dad, Bo hears a plane in the background. Bo asks Shawn where is he, what is going on? Shawn says hes on the roof that is all. He says he just called to thank his dad for the talk they had, and he says he wants to set new goals, do good things and make a difference. Bo says that is good, but hes not going to take risks is he. Shawn says no, he knows his limits. He says his cell phone is dying so tell mom that he loves her, he loves them both. Meanwhile, Rex tells Brady that he hopes his mom doesnt tell his dad what is going on. Brady says knowing his dad their asses will be grass if he learns what they are up to. Later John, Kate and the girls arrive and are told the plane the boys are on has clearance and is about to take off. Belle tells her dad to stop that plane!

Stan is applying his mustache to his face and thinking about his revenge on Brady. He wonders who is next on his agenda. He opens up a new envelope with new orders. He is stunned to learn Phillip is his next target. Stan thinks this has to do with Bradys stupid rescue mission. He wonders what hes supposed to do as the letter says wait for instructions as all will be revealed. Stan wonders what is going to happen. He says Phillip deserves so much better then Belle, even if he is Kates son. Stan then realizes this could get dangerous and what if his cover is blown. Later Stan gets a call with his next assignment. Stan says hes not going after Phillip if that is what the guy is thinking. Stan is told to look outside the door. He does and there is a big box. Hes told to open it. Stan says it wont blow up will it. Stan opens the box and inside are army fatigues. Hes told hell also have all the fire power hell need. Hes told to find Phillip and follow his instructions to the letter. Stan says this is too dangerous, but he is told this is the price he pays to get his revenge.

Phillip is still being held in a bunker somewhere. The men are talking, and Phillip realizes something is going on. Phillip ends up taunting one of his captors saying he hasnt gotten any new orders and has no idea what to do next does he? The guy smacks Phillip around. Another guy comes in and tells the first guy bad news. The two men talk outside of the room Phillip is in about the castles explosion and how Bart and Tony are feared dead. They wonder what to do with their prisoner? Meanwhile, Phillip attempts to break the chains hes shackled with. The men catch him trying to escape and secure him. They decide the only thing left to do with Phillip is kill him.  

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