April 25, 2005
At the clinic, Nancy is upset because she cant find Chloe anywhere. Nicole shows up and says she is fine, relax. She says she wasnt tired so she went to St. Lukes, and she saw Brady there. Chloe says she wanted to tell him the truth, but she wants to be whole again, she wants Brady to see the face of the woman he fell in love with. Brady says she is dreaming of the day he can walk down the aisle and Brady can put that ring on her finger. Nancy says it will happen and Brady will dump that trashy Nicole. They walk off, and we see the nurse behind the administration desk is Nicole. Nicole says Nancy better not bet on Brady dumping her with nurse Nicole on duty. Later one of the other nurses talks to Nicole, and she decides to introduce nurse Nicole to Chloe. Later Chloe returns to the desk and one of the other nurses at the desk says this is the patient shell be assisting Dr. Weiss with. Nicole has her back to Chloe. The nurse wants to introduce them. Nicole coughs and claims she has allergies. Chloe leaves without seeing Nicoles face, thanks to a surgical mask. Nicole leaves and says that was way too close. Nancy once again finds Chloe wandering and asks why shes out of bed? She says she cant sleep and she wanted a drink. The nurse says shell bring her something to drink. Nancy thinks Chloe is just worried about the operation tomorrow. Chloe says she is, but she also cant stop thinking about Brady. Chloe tells Nancy how Brady was talking about the life they were going to have together. Nancy says it will happen, Brady will dump Nicole. Nicole spies and says shell make sure the surgery doesnt happen. Nicole overhears a nurse discussing the surgery with Chloe and Nancy. The nurse has some of her medical files and says the doctor will first look at her CT scans, and if he sees a problem the surgery will be canceled. Nicole says shell make sure the doctor sees a problem. Nancy and the nurse convince Chloe to get back to bed as she needs a good night sleep. Chloe says her face better get back to normal so she can be with Brady again. Nancy says everything will work out. They head back to Chloes room, and Nicole goes to the desk and tries to switch the X-rays. Suddenly Nancy returns and asks what she is doing?

At the airport, everyone learns they are too late to stop the boys from leaving. Kate says she should have stopped them the minute that she learned what they were up to. Belle says Kate knew what they were planning and didnt stop them? She tells Kate to answer her! Belle accuses her of only caring about her own sons, and says now she has three sons in danger. Belle says if Kate loses them then she only has herself to blame. Meanwhile, John argues with a security officer as to how the Titan jet was given clearance to take off. The security officer says they are looking into it. John is furious and wants answers. John wants to get passed the officer, but the officer says John has no authorization. John goes back to Belle, and he comforts her. Belle cant believe this is happening and says she wishes mom were here. Mimi tells Kate that she is just as angry with Kate as Belle is, if Rex dies then shell never forgive her. John defends Kate and says it isnt her fault. Belle asks how he can defend and comfort her? Belle says this wouldnt be happening if it werent for Kate, and she hates her. John says that is enough! Belle asks them if they are together. Belle says mom is his wife. John says he will always love Marlena, but she is gone. John says he has to move on, and he doesnt know where he would be without Kate. John tells Belle that they have gotten serious and he has asked Kate to move in with him. Belle says this is wrong. John says Kate was Marlenas friend, and she (Belle) and Kate have always been friends. Belle says not anymore, they are making a mistake and will regret this. Belle rushes off, and Kate tells John that they can call this off if he wants. He says absolutely not. He says he wants her in his life. He says he wants her in his life because hes fallen in love with her. Kate doesnt know what to say. John says he still loves Marlena, and he knows she loves Roman. However he says they arent coming back. He says the only way he can move on is with her by his side. He says if this is too much pressure for her . . . She says it isnt. She says she is just worried about her sons. John says after they get the kids back then theyll talks about the two of them. Later John is told a private jet has radioed the tower for permission to land. John hopes the boys came to their senses and have turned around. It turns out that they have no idea who the Jet belongs to, so they are going to have to wait till it lands. Kate says they have to hope it is their loved ones coming home to them.

Belle and Mimi return to the boys loft. Belle cant believe this is happening and she says they could lose all of them. Belle says before her mom died she thought everything could work out now matter how bad the situation, but now she knows it doesnt. Mimi decides to look at Rexs laptop to see if she can find out what they are up to. Mimi opens it up and says this is incredible. Belle asks if she found something. Mimi finds a message from Rex in case she didnt make it back, similar to the tape Shawn left for Belle. Hes made a little power point presentation of all their moments together. His message tells her how much he loves her and wants to marry her. He says he wants to have children with her, he knows she cant have any, but they can adopt. Mimi worries about what Rex will say when he learns what shes done. She has a vision of Rex coming home and finding out an officer arresting Mimi for murdering Jan. The officer explains everything to Rex about what Mimi has done. Rex tells Mimi that he never wants to see her again. Mimi fears no matter what she does shell lose Rex, so she has to leave Salem for good. Belle tells her that she cant leave as it will make her look guiltier. Belle tells Mimi to stay here and follow her heart. Mimi continues watching Rexs message to her. He tells Mimi that if he doesnt make it back to always remember how much he loves her. Mimi thinks if Rex dies then it is her fault, it is Gods way of punishing her. Belle tells her to stop it. She says she is being ridiculous and they cant blame themselves for any of this. Belle says all they can do is pray for them to come home.

Marlena, Roman , Tony and Cassie are on a jet home. Cassie is asleep in the back of the jet, we dont see her. The three adults talk with one another. Marlena cant believe they are finally heading home. Roman says he told her theyd get home. Marlena thinks they should use the phone Roman found to call their families and prepare them. Roman thinks that he wants to surprise Kate, and Jack is with Roman. Jack says he just wants to rush in and fall into Jens arms. Jack then remembers Abby is 17 today, and perhaps hell be back in time for a party. Jack begins daydreaming about returning home to a party for Abby. Jen is icing a cake for Abby and wishing she could give Abby what she wants the most, her father. Jack then bursts in, yells surprise, and says he wouldnt miss his baby girls birthday. Jen cant believe Jack is here and she says this will be Abbys best birthday ever. Jen says she was just about to wrap the bracelet Jack made her. Jack asks when Abby will be home, and Jen says in an hour. Jack says that gives them time for their real reunion. On the plane, Jack says this time it will be for real. Jack continues to fantasize about making love to Jen in the living room when Abby comes home. Jen runs off and hides. Abby comes into her party and Jen surprises her with the cake. Jen tells Abby that she looks disappointed. Abby says she figured shed get a cake. Jen says there is a bigger surprise, and tells Abby to close her eyes. Jen asks Abby to think about the one thing shes wanted most, and then tells Abby to open her eyes. Jack is standing there wrapped in a bow. Abby screams, but then rushes into Jacks arms. Jack then thinks about reuniting with Jack Jr. 

Meanwhile Marlena and Roman discuss how happy Kate will be to know Cassie is alive, as will Rex. Later Roman asks Marlena what shes thinking about. Marlena is wondering what it will be like being with John again, and he must be wondering about being with Kate. Marlena says they have been gone for awhile. Roman says theyll be thrilled to see them. Marlena says it will be awkward though. Marlena tells Roman that she cant stop seeing John and Kate together, and if they hadnt seen them together then they would never have . . . Roman says she is right. Marlena wonders if they will get past this, how will they face John and Kate given what theyve done. Roman thinks John and Kate would be mortified if they knew that the two of them had seen them together. Marlena hates this position they are in. She says if they say nothing then they are deceiving them, if they bring it up then they will be hurt and embarrassed. Roman suggests they just say nothing for the time being and focus on getting home. Roman asks her to promise not to say anything. The plan approaches Salem, and they all celebrate their return.

At the hospital, Abby wakes up and asks Jen where she is. Jen says shes in the hospital, she was in a terrible accident. She says shell be fine, she came through surgery okay. Abby asks about Chelsea and her parents. Abby says Chelsea is in critical condition, but her parents didnt make it. Abby asks if Chelsea will be okay? Jen says they need to pray for her. Jen says theyll give Chelsea all the love and support she needs. Jen then gives Abby her lamb doll that Jack gave her. Abby says she remembers when dad brought this home for her. Abby wishes her dad was here. Jen says so does she.

Meanwhile, Billie and Bo examine the new clue delivered to them, and Billie thinks this is Georgias sweater and this is her blood. Bo says theyll get some answers and theyll get them now. Bo decides to have a DNA test done on the blood to see if it is Georgias. They then examine the bag for some clues, and there is a luggage tag with an address inside. Billie says perhaps she is there. Billie wants to go, but Bo tells her to hold it. He says they will wait for the lab results as this could be another trap. Billie says Georgia could be hurt, she is going. Bo says she isnt because hell have to run off after her and they could both end up in danger. Bo says they are waiting and making a plan. Billie says what if waiting costs Georgia her life. Later a tech tells them that the stain is human blood and matches the hair sample they found earlier. Billie tells Bo that they have to go now. She says shes going with or without him. Bo tells her that shes being irrational, but Billie says they have been separated from Georgia for too long. She says they have suffered enough. Billie says she wont bury her daughter again. Bo says shes not going by herself, theyll go together. He says first he needs to find Hope, and Billie says shell go check on Chelsea. 

Later, Jen finds Bo and Billie together. Bo has tried to call Hope, but he cant get her on her cell. Jen says Hope left it behind in Abbys cubicle, and she doesnt think Bo should be running off with Billie. Billie thanks Jen for the support. Jen says Hope deserves to know if her husband is going to run off and put his life in danger. Billie once again rails on Hope for her jealousy causing the death of the Bensons. Billie says she is going to go look for Georgia with out without Bo, and Bo says hes going with her. Jen says Hope wont like this one bit.


April 26, 2005

At the clinic, Nancy confronts Nurse Nicole about why she was trying to peel the label off her daughters file. Nicole keeps her back to Nancy. Nancy tells her to explain herself or shes calling Doctor Weiss. Nicole puts her mask on and continues coughing. Nancy says she shouldnt be here spreading germs, and she demands to know what she is doing with the X-rays. Nicole says she was just replacing the label because they were the wrong color. Nancy says oh her husband Craig Wesley does the same thing. Nicole says Nancys husband is her hero, he gave the most wonderful speech at her graduation. Nancy tells nurse Nicole to take good care of her daughter. Before Nicole can switch anything the other nurse comes and grabs the files from her. Later the other nurse talks to Nancy, and Nicole listens in and learns how risky and length this operation is. Nancy says what if the doctor gets tired and slips up and cuts a tendon. She says Chloe could be scarred for life. Nicole takes a scalpel and says this is no time to be squeamish, this is the only way Brady will ever be hers.

Bo and Billie are driving out of town to Augdon where Georgia may be. Bo still wants to tell Hope what they are up to, but Billie says they are wasting time. Bo says this could be a trap. Billie says if they dont follow this up then it she will never forgive herself. She says it is only going to Augdon, which is right outside of Salem. Billie asks Bo to check this lead with her and then he can go home to Hope. Bo says he cant do that to Hope. Billie says it is always about Hope. Bo says Hope says the same thing, it is always about Billie. Bo says bottom line, he cant break anymore promises to Hope, she is his wife and he almost lost her once. Billie says she needs to know hes with her on this. Bo continues to talk to Billie about why Hope has a reason to be jealous, they have a child together. Billie says if the roles were reversed then she would understand his need to search for his missing child, in fact shed be by his side helping him. She tells Bo to turn the car around, shell drop him off at home and go to Augdon herself. She says who needs you! Bo says Georgia does, their daughter needs him. They drive to the house, which is in the middle of no where. Bo thinks this is definitely a trap.

On the plane, Jack wakes Cassie up and says they are about to land and she slept the whole flight. She says she was exhausted. They talk about family, and Jack talks about his daughter turning 17 today. Meanwhile, Marlena looks out the window and says they are almost home. Roman says good old Salem USA. Marlena says its been almost a year since shes seen John and her family. She says she cant wait one more moment. Roman knows how she feels, when he sees Kate hell grab her and wont let go. Marlena says so many things have changed, she doesnt know what shes coming home to. She says its like shes disconnected from her old life. She tells Roman that she is scared. Marlena talks about John and Kate turning to one another for comfort. Roman says he thought hed never be glad to Tony for something, but he is glad to know what is going on with Kate and John. He says years ago when he came back to Salem and she was involved with John, they all made the worst mistake in pretending it never happened. Roman says then when he found out she still had feelings for John it threw him for a loop. Marlena says that wont happen this time, because whatever they find out, they still have each other. Suddenly, as the plane descends, they hit some turbulence. Marlena is thrown into Romans arms. Cassie ends up having awful deja vous of almost drowning. Jack says they will get home and they will get to their families. Roman asks Marlena if she is okay? She says just when you think everything will be okay something happens that makes you mistrust the future. Roman says they will get home and Tony is no more. Marlena thanks Roman for being here. He says he didnt have much choice, but hell never leave her again. Marlena tells Roman that she never thought they were going to get off that island, and if she knew they would then she never would have . . . Roman knows. Marlena says she loves John, but she loves him too. Roman says he feels the same way. Marlena asks Roman what they will do? The plane lands, and the pilot says there may be a delay getting off the plane and explaining their lack of IDs. Jack refuses to wait here any longer. Roman tells Jack and Cassie to leave and for Jack to drop Cassie off at the pub. Jack and Cassie split. Roman tells Marlena that hell deal with immigration, and this gives them time to prepare before heading back to their real lives. Marlena and Roman sit tight on the plane for awhile and continue talking. Roman thinks Marlena has a case of the jitters which he may be able to help with. Later the pilot tells them that they are cleared to leave the plane.

At the airport, John refuses to leave until the plane lands and they find out who is on it. Kate tells John he is such an amazing man. John says with her by his side he can get through anything. John says he loves her. Kate says after Roman died she didnt think she could love another man, but Phillip said she was so filled with love that she had to share it with someone. She says Phillip mentioned the possibility of the two of them having something, but at the time she was so filled with grief that she couldnt think about the future. John says and now? John says he just asks because she said nothing when he said he loved her. Kate says she knows, and shes sorry. He says dont be. Kate says that isnt it, she is just so worried about the boys. Kate tells John that he has given her hope, his feelings have given her hope. John says she doesnt have to say anything, its okay. She says it isnt okay. She says he was brave and she was a coward. She says shes loved him for a long long time. She says she just couldnt admit it, not even to herself. She says the truth is the past is in the past and they cant change that. She says their future is ahead of them, and she believes with all her heart that her future is with him. John and Kate share a kiss. Later John gets a call about the plane that has just landed, and its not the Titan jet. Kate says that means they are really gone. John says they have his plan and they are smart. He suggests they go home and hell work to track them down and have the ISA put an APB out on his jet. Suddenly John collapses in pain. Kate sits with John until he recovers. Kate says they should go home, but he says no. He says there is something he needs to do right now. She says they need to get home, and he tells her that shes making it very difficult to propose to her. She asks propose what? John says what does she think. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Kate Roberts Brady. She cries yes, oh yes. Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena get off the plane and into the airport. Roman says its time to find John and Kate and give them one hell of a surprise. They decide to take a cab ride home, but Marlena says they have no money. Later, Marlena and Roman seeing Kate and John kissing but dont realize who they are. Marlena thinks they are romantic and suggest they ask for a lift home. 

At the hospital, Abby wakes up and asks where she is. Jen says shes in intensive care. Abby thought she was doing better. Jen says she is, they just want to keep an eye on her. Abby tells her mom how much she loves her and how sorry she is for the way she has treated her. Jen says when she was sleeping earlier she was smiling. Abby says she was dreaming about being a family with dad. Abby recounts her dream, which is identical to Jacks dream yesterday. Jen calls Maggie, who is at Jens house and watching after Jack Jr. Maggie tells Jen that Jack Jr. is the most wonderful baby ever. Jen asks Maggie if she can pack her an overnight bag as she has to stay with Abby. Maggie says that is no problem. Later a nurse comes in to see Abby and Jen. She says Chelsea is awake and is asking to see Abby. Jen says that is wonderful news. Abby asks if she knows her parents are dead. Abby goes to see Chelsea. Chelsea is glad to see Abby is okay. Chelsea says they wont tell her about her parents, are they okay and when will she get to go see them. The next time we see Abby she is back in her room with Jen, we dont know what Chelsea was told. Abby talks about her dad and how theyll never see him again. Jen says she is afraid he is gone. 

At Jens house, Maggie and Mickey are watching over Jack Jr. together. Maggie asks Mickey if they should take the decorations down? Mickey has an idea, and Maggie has the same idea. They decide to take the party to Abby. Later, Jack walks in and sees Mickey sitting down on the couch. Mickey says Jen isnt here, and then he realizes Jack is alive. Jack gives Mickey the short version of where hes been, and he asks where Jen is? Mickey says there was an accident. He explains what happened to Abby and that she is okay. Jack says Maggie went over to be with Jen. He gives Jack his car and his cell phone. 

Jack arrives at the hospital and finds Maggie preparing Abbys cake to take in to her. Maggie is stunned to see Jack and she hugs him. Maggie asks how this can be? He says Tony Dimera. Maggie says explain no more. She hands the cake to Jack and tells him to go in there and see his daughter. In Abbys room, Jen is sitting with Abby. Abby talks about how she feels Jack is finally at peace in heaven, and she knows she can talk to him and he can hear her. Abby doesnt want to give up on him, she just wants to be able to tell him goodbye as she never got to. Jen suggests they pray, and she thanks God for watching over Abby and to heal her and Chelsea. She also thanks God for Jack, the best father and husband. Jack stands in the door and listens to Jens prayer. Jen says they know Jack can see them now and they want him to know that theyll always love him.


April 27, 2005

At the clinic outside of Salem, Nancy begs Chloe to call off this surgery, its not too late to go one with her life. Chloe says they have been over this before, she doesnt want to be with Brady while she looks like a monster. Nancy says she is exaggerating. Nancy asks if Brady stopped loving her when she had leukemia and her hair fell out? She asks Chloe to remember back to that time. Chloe has flashbacks to when Brady told her that if she thought she was protecting him by putting distance between them, she wasnt. He told her whether she was sick or not, the way he felt wouldnt change. Chloe refuses to change her mind about telling Brady. The surgeon comes in and gives her a sedative, which she takes. Nancy tells Chloe goodnight, and that she loves her. Later Chloe dreams that Brady is with her when they take off her bandages. She still has scars all over her face, they are worse than ever actually. Chloe looks at her face in the mirror and says Oh my God! and begins crying. Brady told her that he loved her and shed always be beautiful to him. Chloe looked at her face again and it was healed. She then kissed Brady. Chloe talks in her sleep and says everything is okay and theyll finally be together.

Meanwhile, at the nurses station, Dawn, the other nurse asks, Nicole if shes feeling any better? Nicole says not really, pretending to have allergies. Dawn says since Nicole is scheduled for the late shift tonight, shell take her off of surgery tomorrow. Nicole says she cant do that! Nicole says that she is well enough, and shell have a surgery mask on. Nicole says she needs this job and money as her mother is sick (or shes trying to pay for a new nursing home, missed this). Dawn says very well. Nancy shows up and says hello to them, and Nicole says hello back in an even croakier voice. Dawn says her voice sounds even worse now, is she sure she is well enough to go into surgery tomorrow? Nicole says shell be fine. Nancy says if she is sick then she doesnt want her near her daughter tomorrow. Nicole swears it is just allergies and not a cold, so she will be fine. Nancy says if anything happens to her daughter then Nicole will never work in nursing again. Nicole tells herself not a problem, and she says shell take good care of her daughter. Nancy leaves, and Dawn tells Nicole how she has been a nurse for years but could never assist in surgery, let alone reconstructive surgery. She says the blood, the skin being pulled back, she couldnt do it. Nicole thinks about it and wonders if she can do this. Nicole looks at a scalpel and says Chloe isnt leaving her much choice. She says even if she goes to hell, shell still have Brady while shes on earth.

At the hospital, Jack listens as Jen finishes her prayer. Jen and Abby hug, and Abby looks up and sees her father standing there. Jen says she wishes daddy was here with them. Abby says he is here. Jen says she needs to lay down and rest. Jack says not before shes had her cake. Jen turns around, says it cant be, and they hug. Abby asks if it is really him. He says it is and he didnt die. Abby says she knew hed come back to them. Jen says this is a miracle, its too good to be true. Jack thinks about the imposter Jen, and he touches Jens face to make sure its the real her. She asks what hes doing, and he says making sure its really her. She says really me? He says its a long story and hell tell her later. He then grabs and kisses her. Jen and Abby ask how he is here, how he got home. Jack says it is a long story and hell explain later. Jen asks if he saw the baby, and Jack says no he came right here after hearing about the accident. Jack talks about how Abby is his little girl. Jen says his little girl is 17 today. Jack suggests they light her cake, and he says hell never be separated from them again. They continue to ask what happened, and Jack explains Tony who wasnt dead, but is now dead, was holding them captive in a castle. He says Roman, Marlena and Cassie escaped with them, but they think Victor and Caroline were in the castle and may be dead. Maggie shows up and hears Jacks story. She says she cant believe that story. She tells Abby she must be happy to have her daddy back, some birthday present huh. Abby says it is the best present ever. Jack says there will be a lot of happy people in Salem tonight, John and Kate are in for the surprise of their life. Maggie says they are probably having the most wonderful reunions ever. Mickey walks in with the baby and says speaking of reunions, someone felt left out. Mickey says Jack Jr. woke up and would go back to sleep, so he brought him over. Jack cant believe how big he has gotten (he really has grown). Mickey hands him to Jack, who holds his son. 

At the airport, Kate can believe this. John says when he puts this ring on her finger he promises to take care of her the way she took care of him. He says everything will be okay if she just believes. Kate says she does believe. She says she knows he is the most amazing man and hed never let her down. John and Kate claim then never thought theyd fall again. John hopes he isnt pushing her into this. Kate says she wants this more than anything in the world, he is the only man for her now. She says she cant wait to marry him and be his wife. They kiss and hug. John says they should make this official, and he goes to put a huge honking rock on her finger. However, Romans ring is still on it. She takes his off the old ring saying Roman is gone and her future is with him. John puts his ring on her finger, and she says it is beautiful. John says she is beautiful, his beautiful wife to be. Kate is worried about Belle and her accepting this. John says Belle is very emotional right now, but once she sees how happy Kate has made him then shell lighten up. Kate also says she wishes Belle would see how happy she could be with Phillip. John says one step at a time, lets just bring Phillip home first. John says they arent getting far here so they should get home. 

Meanwhile, Marlena decides not to ask the happy couple after all. Roman says the last thing they want to do is give them a lift home. Roman says hell call a cab and then theyll pay for it when they get to her place. Roman then realizes he doesnt have the cell phone anymore, so Marlena decides to ask the couple if they can borrow one and call John. Roman stops her. Roman says it would be a mistake as calling them and giving them this news over the phone could be a shock. Marlena says especially if they have moved on without them. Roman says whether John and Kate have moved on, they will still love them and be thrilled to see them. As they prepare to head off a guard tells Roman that Shane asked them to wait in the lounge for a call from him. Roman and Marlena end up being delayed, so they head to the lounge for a drink. Meanwhile, John and Kate go to the airport lounge as well. Kate says shes never actually been here/ John says he and Marlena always came here, it was a ritual before he would fly off on his jet. John has some made up flashbacks to him and Marlena kissing in the lounge. The maitre de tells Kate and John hes a little crowded but they still have a few open tables. They head off to a table, and then Roman and MArlena show up. Marlena too remembers her times here with John. Marlena says she wishes Shane would just call. Roman says theyll give him thirty minutes, if they dont hear anything then theyll head home. Roman then says Oh my God, look who is here. It turns out it is just a former detective on the force. Roman asks the guy for a favor, and they get seated and some food. Meanwhile, John and Kate decide they arent hungry and tell their waiter that theyll pass on the food. They end up ordering some champagne to celebrate their engagement. John knows Kate isnt in the mood to celebrate, but Kate says he is wrong. She says all her sons would be happy for her, and John is the one good thing in her life and she doesnt know what shed do without him. Meanwhile, Marlena orders some wine and Roman wants what is on tap and some French fries smothered in ketchup. Marlena says that sounds good. Roman remembers a long time ago when they first met. He says he was guarding her and she wanted to get out of her apartment so they came here and they had French fries. Marlena says she had forgotten about that. We see a fake flashback of the two of them here. Marlena was appalled by the French fries smothered in ketchup because it was a heart attack waiting to happen, but once she tried them she loved them. Marlena thought she came here with John first. Roman says no, it was one of the many things she did with John that she did with him first, which includes marrying him. Meanwhile, Kate and John continue to profess their love to one another. One of the waiters announces to everyone how they have two special couples here. He says one couple have been together for fifty years, and the other just got engaged. He asks them to stand up, which the do. Unfortunately Roman and Marlena cant see them through the crowd. John and Kate toast to them and kiss. Roman ends up seeing a couple kissing and he thinks they look familiar. Marlena suggests they go over to see them and find out who they are.


April 28, 2005

At the hospital, Jack asks Jen if the baby will recognize him as his father? Jen says of course he will. She says the baby didnt even cry when Jack held him. Jack says she is right, and he says when he held the baby this Jack Jr. felt a moment of clarity, as if Jack Jr. recognized his own face when looking at his father. Jen and Abby laugh and Jen says it is good to have laughter in their lives again. Abby talks about how shes not going to get any sleep tonight. Jack says she says that tonight, but later shell be all embarrassed by him and want her to leave him alone. Jack says shell be like Its great to have you back from the dead dad, but your embarrassing me in front of my friends! Abby promises shell never take him for granted again. Jen suggests to Jack he go home and get some sleep, but he says he if Jen is staying here then he is. Abby says yes! Jack says they will never be separated again. Abby begins tells Jack what he missed while he was gone. Jack cant believe the Red Sox won and the hockey season was cancelled. He suggests they just stick to celebrating her birthday and other happier thoughts. Jack lights the candles, but Abby says she doesnt need to make a wish as her wish has come true. She talks about her dream of her father coming home for her birthday, which came true. Jack says he had the same dream on the way home. Jack lights all the candles on the cake, and as a family they blow them out. Jack takes the candles off the cake, and he admits he feels bad about eating cake without Jack Jr. He says Jack Jr. has no teeth though, so he shouldnt feel bad. Jack then realizes this is Alices cake, and he hasnt had her cake in forever. Jen heads off to get some plates and forks. After she leaves, Jack says they dont need plates and forks, and Jack and Abby begin eating the cake with their hands. Jack says they should slow down and save a peace for her mom. Abby thinks if he ate the whole thing mom would still forgive him. Jack then jokes about how hell never leave her side again, hell even go to college with her and join a sorority with her. Abby asks where he has been and how he got back. Abby says she has a million questions. Jack says hell explain it all in time. Abby talks about how much of a brat shes been lately, and shes been terrible to mom. Abby says mom missed him a lot, she cried at night, and she doesnt think mom was going to move on with Patrick. Jack says what? He questions Abby about Patrick. Abby says Patrick has been there for mom a lot and mom started to depend on him, but she got the feeling that she liked having Patrick around. Jack asks how else has Patrick been there for her mother?

Hope and Patrick return to the hospital, and Hope says she is feeling better. Patrick says she could have fooled him. Hope says what happened to Chelsea is her fault, Billie believes it and she has convinced Bo as well. Patrick tells her that she is not to blame, she is not the drunk driver who caused this accident. Hope says she will never forgive herself for hanging up that phone. She says what if the paramedics got there only minutes earlier. Patrick tells Hope all these what ifs will drive her crazy. Hope says she needs to find Bo and make things right. She thinks they may be in Chelseas room. They check the room, but they arent there. Hope worries, and Patrick tells her not to. He says Salem is famous for their great couples. Hope says its not like there is a sign at the county line that says Welcome to Salem, Home of Famous Couples. Patrick says Salem has a reputation for having great couples, and she and Bo are one of them. Hope begins naming all the great super couples in Days history, and then they begin discussing Roman and Marlena and their history. This begins to worry Hope even more, as her and Bos situation is similar to Roman and Marlenas. Patrick suggests she call home and see if he is there. She calls home and nobody answers. Patrick suggests they ask Jen. Hope says Jen is with Abby and she doesnt want to disturb her. Hope looks in and sees a man in there, which she thinks is a doctor. Hope says Bo has disappeared again, which can mean only one thing, something has happened with Billie again. Jen comes out of the room and runs into Hope. Hope says she wanted to talk to her but she didnt want to disturb them while they were with the doctor. Jen tells Hope that isnt a doctor it is Jack. Hope cant believe this and asks how? Jen says she doesnt know, but hes alive and here. Hope says shes so happy, and she hugs Jen. Patrick watches and doesnt look very happy about the news. Patrick asks where Jack was? Jen doesnt know the details yet. Patrick says hes happy for her and gives her a hug. Jen then apologizes to Hope for lashing out at her earlier, and she knows Bo doesnt blame her either. Hope says about Bo, does she know where he is. Jen says she almost forgot, he went off with Billie. Hope thinks they didnt go out for burgers, and Jen says nope. Suddenly Jack jumps on Patrick and begins attacking him and telling him to get his hands of his wife.

Bo and Billie arrive at the house in Augdon. Bo believes this is a trap and they shouldnt be here, but Billie says they have to check out this lead. She says who knows what they have done to Georgia. Bo says more important what will they do to them, they wont be any good to Georgia dead. Billie tells Bo he says that every time they get a new lead. Bo says hes just trying to get her to open her eyes. She says her eyes are open, she thinks Hope has gotten to him and now he believes theyd be better off if Georgia was dead. Bo says that is not it, hes just trying to make her think rational. He says she is an ISA agent. Bo says he cares about Georgia just as much as she does. Billie just tells him not to talk to her about caring for Georgia. Later, guns drawn, Bo and Billie burst into the house. The house is dark and the furniture is all covered up with sheets. Bo says its obvious nobody has been here in some time. Billie says they should look upstairs, but Bo says shes not here. Billie says she probably isnt, but they need to search. She says they were sent here for a reason, there may be a clue. Bo says they will look for clues, but they need to keep their cool. They search the house and find nothing. Billie doesnt know why they were led here, she thinks Georgia is obviously wounded or hurt given the fresh blood on that shirt. As they are about to leave, Billie hears something, a noise coming from the back. Billie and Bo go to check it out. A voice from a room calls out Mom, momma. Billie charges through the door and ends up falling right into a big pit. Bo looks down and sees her laying unconscious. He yells at her to answer him.

At the loft, Belle tells Mimi shes so sorry Shawn got Rex in on this crazy scheme. Mimi says she thought Rex was smarter than this. Belle also rants about Kate and calls her a selfish witch for letting the four musketeers run off the way they did. She cant understand why her father wants Kate in his life, let alone living with her. Mimi says that Belle used to like Kate, but Belle says her eyes have been opened. Belle says she used to not believe Sami when she said nasty things about Kate, but now she believes her. Belle says Kate doesnt care about Shawn or Brady, she only cares about her own flesh and blood: Lucas, Phillip and Rex. Mimi says Kate never wanted Rex with her, it has only lately that she has been nice to her. Mimi fears when Rex finally comes home Rex will dump her because of the lies she has told. Belle tells Mimi to stop this, Rex will come home and shell have another chance with him. Mimi says if Rex does come home then she really will tell him the truth this time. Mimi swears it. She says Rex may forgive her, but what will Kate do? Belle says Kate will do everything she can to turn Rex against her, so she should prepare herself. Belle says Kate is no one to judge anyone, she has been divorced who knows how many times, and she had an affair with Jens dad. Belle says Shawn thinks Kate wants Billie with Bo. Belle says Kate would love to break up Hope and Bos marriage, yet she goes off on her for betraying the sanctity of her marriage to Phillip. Belle wishes her father would see Kate for the hypocrite she is. Belle says Kate would trade Shawns life for Phillips in a heartbeat. Belle admits that she wouldnt be so up in arms about Kate right now if her dad wasnt trying to make her a part of their lives. She says she, Brady and Sami are such a mess right now, and if her mom was here she could make it all better. She says she just misses her mom so much, but shes gone and will never see her again. Later they discuss the boys rescue mission, and Mimi says they have to believe they will all come home safely. Mimi then wonders what if Shawn tells Phillip the truth about them before they get back to Salem, what will Phillip do then? Mimi then begins to worry what if they dont come home, what if they lose them all. Belle tells her not to say that, she cant bear having to lose anyone else she loves.

At the airport bar we see a replay of the waiter asking the two couples to stand up and take a bow. Kate thinks it is embarrassing, but John doesnt care. John toasts to a new beginning and begins kissing her. Roman looks at them from afar and thinks he knows them. Marlena suggests he go congratulate them and find out who they are. Roman says that is a great idea. Roman and Marlena head over to see John and Kate. However it turns out the couple Roman recognizes was the second couple, the one celebrating their 50th anniversary! The couple is Judge Adams and his wife. They are shocked to see Roman and Marlena alive. The judge says seeing them alive is the nicest surprise they never expected. Roman and Marlena head to the bar, and Roman orders a shot of tequila. The judges wife says she didnt know they were still married. Later, Roman tries to give Marlena a kiss, but she says they cant do that. Roman says hes sorry, he just got lost in the moment. Marlena says they cant let that happen again. She says their lives and futures are right here with John and Kate. The waiter that Roman knows tells Roman that airport security just called and Shane will be calling within ten minutes. Roman thanks the guy, and he also apologizes once more to Marlena for the kiss. Meanwhile, John and Kate prepare to head home, but not before sucking some serious face in the airport bar. Elsewhere, Roman takes off to make a call to Shawn. Marlena wishes she could just see John again. Several feet away from her John shows up and to get his 8-ball cane, which he left behind. John looks across the way and sees MArlena sitting there. Marlena looks over and sees John standing there. They stand up and stare at one another. Crying they rush into one anothers arms. John asks if this is true? She cries just hold her. Kate returns and wonders what is taking John so long. She sees John with Marlena and says this cant be, but it is. Roman then calls out to Kate. Kate turns around, and Roman says hello beautiful. Kate goes to faint, and Roman catches her. She says this isnt happening, they are both dead. She says this is impossible. Roman says it isnt impossible, he is right here. Roman tells her to hush up and kiss him. They share a big kiss. The two couples reunite, and John asks how this is possible. Roman and Marlena say they have a lot to explain, and Roman says hes sure John and Kate have a lot to tell them too. Marlena gives Roman a look.


April 30, 2005
At the airport, Roman and Marlena explain to John and Kate that Tony, who was not dead, captured them and held them hostage in a castle. John says they have to hunt him down and take care of him , but Roman says he is very dead this time, for real. John says they have had this conversation before, but Roman says he is dead this time. Kate asks who else was in the castle, and Roman says Jack was there and hes already headed home. Marlena says Cassie was there too. Kate asks if she is alive, and Roman says she is. Kate wants to see her, but Roman says shes probably asleep so they should go see her in the morning. Roman asks about Rex, and John says he is out of town on business. Marlena asks John for updates about Brady, Belle and Sami. She asks about Sami and if she and Lucas worked things out after the wedding was cancled? John asks how she knew the wedding was canceled? Roman and Marlena say Tony tortured them with every bit of bad news from Salem. Roman and Marlena have flashbacks to John and Kate getting it on. John still worries that Tony is alive, but Roman is positive he is dead. John asks if there is anything else? Marlena says they believe Caroline and Victor were in the castle and didnt escape. Kate tells Roman how sorry she is. John says he is so sorry, Caroline was like a mother to him. Roman says he knows John (sounded like he called him Jack?). Roman says his mom would take comfort in the fact that the DiMeras were now gone and could no longer hurt any of them. John says they should go back to the penthouse and catch-up. Roman takes Kates hand and says lets go Mrs. Brady. Kate says he never got a chance to call her that before. He says get used to it as hell be calling her that every day for the rest of their lives. Roman goes to kiss her hand, and he says this isnt the ring he gave her. Kate turns around and says John! John says he gave her that ring, they are engaged to be married. 

On the plane, Shawn, Brady, Lucas and Rex are all preparing to rescue Phillip. Rex, Lucas and Brady say are doing this for Phillip, but Rex tells Shawn that they all know he is doing this so for himself. Rex says Shawn just wants to bring Phillip home so that Belle can break his heart. Shawn says that isnt true. Shawn says that both Belle and Phillip are suffering and they both deserve to have a future. Rex says what if they bring Phillip home and Belle decides not to divorce him, will he regret rescuing Phillip? Shawn says of course not, but that wont happen. Brady tells them all to stop fighting and says they need to be a team. They discuss their women back home. Shawn says Belle thinks he has run of and abandoned her again, and Rex says Mimi thinks hes on assignment. Brady says at least he told Nicole the truth. Lucas thinks Nicole is praying they dont come back as shell get Bradys part of the Kiriakis fortune. Brady says Nicole has changed since shes been with him, and Lucas says sure and so has Sami. Brady says maybe the problem is Lucas and not them. They then end up arguing about Sami, and Rex tells Lucas that he thinks that Sami really does love him. Rex says maybe she didnt mean to do what she did. Lucas says of course she did, and Brady says Lucas is better off without him. Rex says he is just saying to give her a second chance. Lucas says no way, he will never go there again. Lucas says he has his son Will and that is all he needs. Lucas then tells Shawn that maybe Rex is right, maybe Belle will have second thoughts about dumping Phillip when they get back. Shawn tells Lucas that he has great instincts on love, why should he listen to him. The pilot then tells them all that he has bad news, he cant land near their target so they are going to have to jump. Brady asks how they will get out? The pilot says he can land on his own and claim engine trouble, and then they will show up later and sneak on board. Rex says they cant do this, theyve never jumped. Shawn and Lucas both have, but Rex still says this is crazy. Rex says they could get killed. The pilot says jumping never killed anyone, its the landing that is the problem. He warns them that if one little thing goes wrong though they are looking at group suicide. The pilot gives them some quick jump instructions. Brady leads them in a group prayer, and then the boys jump. 

At the bunker, Phillip says hes dehydrated and needs water or hell die. His captor says that is the whole point. The captor tells him that he can have some water as soon as he answers their questions. Phillip refuses to tell them anything and says hed rather die. The captor says then hell get his wish. Later Phillip dreams about being with Belle. Elsewhere, Stan/Sami arrives at the bunker, per her/his instructions. Stan says this must be where Phillip is, but what is he supposed to be doing? Stan walks into a room and he jokes he loves what they did with the place. A guard points a gun at Stan and asks what he is doing here and who is he? Stan says they must have gotten orders about him, hes one of them and was ordered to come here. Stan is put in the room with Phillip, and he tries to convince the guards that they work for the same guy. They tell Stan to sit down, and he says thank you as hes exhausted. Stan sits down, and the captors tie Stan up. He asks what they are doing, and they say this is how they deal with spies. Stan learns from Phillip that hell probably be killed if they think hes a spy. Stan says thanks for breaking it easy to him Phillip. Phillip asks who he is, how does he know him. Phillip asks if he came to rescue him. Stan says he doesnt think so. Phillip asks who he is? Stan tells himself the person who will die with Phillip. Stan struggles to break free, but Phillip tells him not to bother as hell just tear up his wrists. Stan says he cant die here. Stand thinks of his memories with Lucas, when he was Sami of course. Phillip asks if he is okay, and Stan says he was just remembering. Phillip says hes been doing that a lot lately too. He says hes been remembering the woman he loves. Stan tells himself that Belle would probably rather see him dead then come back. Stan says Phillip now what? Phillip says its only a matter of time before they are killed.

Meanwhile, the boys all safely land on the ground. Brady says first they need to make sure all their equipment is working. Brady says hes going to scout the area out, if hes not back in twenty minutes to continue without him. 

At the hospital, Jack attacks Patrick in the hospital, tells him to get his hands off his wife, and to deal with him. Hope and Jen break up the fight, and Jen asks Jack what is wrong with him? He says what is wrong with her letting that man into her life again? Jack says Abby has filled him in on what has been going on. Jen and Hope both defend Patrick. Jen says Patrick risked his life helping them escape. Jack says Tony never died, he was still alive and kept them hostage and Patrick is still working for him. Jack says in fact Patrick set him up! Jack explains his first escape, and when he came home he was greeted by a DiMera imposter of Jen. Jack says he knows Patrick was involved. Hope asks if he has proof. Jack says Tony and Bart never admitted it, but he hinted to it. Jack says Tony allowed Patrick to double cross him and come back here because he needed to have a plant here in Salem to continue helping him. Jack says Tony is dead now, as is Bart and anyone else who was in the castle. Jack says Roman and Marlena, as well as Cassie, are all alive. However, Jack says they think Victor and Caroline were in there and died as well. Patrick says he isnt working for Tony, and Hope says she believes in Patrick. Hope says until Jack finds proof then she believes Patrick is on their side. She says she needs to find Bo now more then ever and let him know about his parents. Hope asks Jen where Bo went to and why. Jen informs her that they were following another lead, and Hope is furious. Jack says it sounds to him that Billie is just trying to find her daughter, and Bo is her father, so hed do the same thing. Hope asks what is it about Billie, why does every man she meets insist on being her knight in shining armor? Hope says she needs to find Bo, and Jack suggests they ask Patrick. Patrick says he doesnt know where they are, he doesnt work for the DiMeras anymore. Hope says if something happens to Bo then shell make sure Billie pays.

At the house in Augdon, Billie bursts into the room she hears a voice coming from. It turns out it is just another talking doll. Bo says that doll didnt make the floor creek, someone else is in this house. When Billie charges forward she ends up falling into a huge pit. Bo looks down at her and yells at her to answer him. Billie comes to and asks what happened? He says she fell through a trap door. He says he told her so, every time he tells her to take things slow she winds up falling into a trap and they both almost wind up dead. Billie says almost doesnt count, if the DiMeras wanted them dead then they would be. She asks if the lecture is over? He says yeah, and hell come down and get her. She says no dont. She says there is no way to climb back up so theyll both be trapped. Billie asks if he has a rope in his car, but he says he wont leave her here alone. Bo says he has an idea. There are rats in the pit and she says take your time, Ill be fine. Bo says good cause this might take awhile. Bo ends up making a rope out of the sheets off of the furniture. She jokes he must have been one hell of a boyscout. He tells her to hang on and hell pull her up. She says hes a regular knight in shining armor. Bo begins pulling Billie up out of the pit, but his strength gives way and Bo tumbles into the pit and ends up gashing his head. Billie asks him to wake up. She hears a noise and realizes the trap door is closing. Billie says Bo was right and this was all a set-up. 

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