August 1, 2005

On the boat, Bo shows up with a fish he caught for dinner. Hope is screaming as she wont cook it until he guts it and cuts it up. She doesnt even want Bo to touch her with his fish hands. He teaches her with the fish. Later, Bo checks his PDA for any new messages on the riddle Billie was sent. He says Tek is working to decrypt it. Eventually Bo cleans the fish, and Hope is upset. Hope has just called Maggie to get an update on Zack, and she learned all about what happened with Marlena. She relays the story toBo. Unfortunately she says the news gets worse, Belle and Phillip are having a baby. Bo thinks maybe this is for the best. Hope asks how he can say that, Shawn must be devastated. Bo says maybe this is the jolt to wake him up to the fact that Belle and Phillip are married. They eat dinner after Hope cooks the fish, and Hope is still worried about Shawn. She thinks they should go back, but Bo says no. Bo says Shawn needs to get on with his life and accept that Belle is married and having a baby with her husband. Hope says but Belle and Shawn are meant to be together. Bo doesnt want to fight about this, and neither does Hope. He says the point of this trip is for them to spend time together. He then picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. After making love, Bo gets a message on his PDA. He checks his GPS and sees they are moving west again. He heads up on deck to figure out what is going on, and Hope checks the message on the PDA. Hope says Bo wont believe this message. Bo returns below deck and says something is wrong with the navigation system and it seems broken. Hope says they have bigger problems, and she shows him the message. Tek has decrypted some longitude and latitude coordinates, and Bo thinks that is where DiMera is hiding. Bo thinks they need to go find Tony now. Outside the boat a man in a wetsuit spies on them.

Mimi is sitting on the couch looking at a pair of earrings Rex gave her. Shawn comes out of the shower, and Mimi once again lashes out at Belle for costing her rex. Shawn says this isnt Belles fault, but Mimi tells Shawn not to defend her. She says Belle is pregnant with Phillips baby now, she will never be with him again. He says not to say that. Shawn gets dressed and says he and Belle love one another and that will never change. Mimi says she and Rex loved one another, but Belle ruined that. Shawn says Belle didnt mean to hurt her, and perhaps she is blaming Belle because she doesnt want to blame herself. Mimi says if she wants a shrink shell see Dr. Evans. Shawn says Belle has been a good friend to her, and she needs a friend now. Mimi says she forgot the whole world revolves around Belle. Shawn tells Mimi that he knows she is hurting, but the truth is this is her own damn fault. Shawn apologizes to Mimi and says he shouldnt have said that. She says nothing to him and just keeps his back to him. Shawn heads out to get some air, and Mimi ends up finding a letter Rex wrote to her awhile back. The letter was for Mimi on their wedding night, and we hear Rexs voice read the letter. Rex thinks that they will be married forever because they have love and honesty, and he knows shell never lie to him about anything. Mimi ends up in tears. She says this is all Belles fault and she vows to make her pay for ruining her life.

At the other loft, as Phillip thinks about everything they have to do for the baby, Belle washes dishes and is in la-la land. He asks her if she isnt excited? She says no. He asks what she means no? Belle says she is just upset about everything that is going on right now, not only what is happening with her mom but with Mimi. Belle says she cant bear to lose Mimi as a friend.

Lucas is outside of the lofts and cant believe Rex is gone, and he says Mimi is as bad as Sami when it comes to lying. He wonders when these people will ever learn. Lucas drops by Belle and Phillips place, and Phillip wishes Lucas a happy birthday. Phillip gives Lucas his gift, and he tells him about the baby. Lucas congratulates them both. Lucas is excited for them, and he remembers that he missed out on the beginning of his sons life because of Samis lies. He says he knows Sami is Belles sister, but hell never have a relationship with her based on honesty. Phillip says that is why he is so thankful Belle is his wife. He says shell always be honest with him.

Back out in the hall, Shawn watches as Lucas and Phillip head off to spend some time with their mother. He waits for them to leave and then goes in to see Belle. He says he just wants to talk about their future. Belle says they do need to talk as shes made a decision. Belle says she owes it to her child that he or she has both parents in their life. Shawn says she owes it to the child not to live a lie, think about the example shell be setting if she stays with a husband she doesnt love. Belle says shell set the example that marriage and wedding vows are sacred, and maybe this happened to make sure she does the right thing. Belle admits she doesnt love Phillip the same way she loves him, but she does love him. She says maybe the baby will help her grow to love Phillip even more. Shawn says what if she doesnt? Belle says even if she doesnt the two of them can never be together. He says she cant mean that, she cant throw what they have away. She says it is over and to go. Shawn says hell never stop loving her. Shawn leaves and damns Phillip to hell. 

Sami and Nicole are on the fire escape outside if Euegnias apartment. Inside Eugenia is attending to a fish, which she says is a lot less fun than her dog Dino. Meanwhile, Nicole is afraid of heights, and her drinks arent helping. Sami reminds Nicole this was her idea, they have to prove Kate and Eugenia set her and Brandon up. Nicole says she misses Brandon, and shes glad hes not married to Sami. Nicole continues to be afraid of how high up they are says she cant believe she came up with this plan. We see Nicole detailing her plan to Sami, which she got from a movie. Nicole says if Eugenias house caught fire then shed grab the evidence before leaving. Sami says Eugenia lives in an apartment building, they cant set it on fire. Nicole says that is why the movie was so brilliant, and she says where there is smoke there isnt necessarily fire. It turns out they went and bought a smoke bomb from a novelty shop. Sami says they have to get to the rooftop now, but Nicole says she hates heights. Sami says after this is done shell make Nicole the biggest pitcher of cosmos shes ever had, so climb. Later we see them crawling through the vents in the apartment building, and Nicole hates it. She says she once saw Santa Clause get stuck in their chimney, and she thinks that is why they call it claustrophobia. She says this vent is just like the one she and Brady crawled through at the island, and she has to get him back. Sami says first they need to work on this plan. Sami asks for the smoke bomb, but Nicole thinks Sami has it. Sami says no she gave it to her up on the roof. They argue, and Nicole remembers the last time she had it she put it down to fix her hair. Sami calls her a bimbo, but Nicole says her hair is her best feature. Nicole calls Sami a bimbo for calling her one. They find the smoke bomb, plant it, and return to the balcony. They then watch as Eugenia sees the smoke, think there is a fire, and flees with her precious belongings. She grabs a dead plant and her goldfish, but then goes back for some tapes. Sami sees this and thinks they need to get those tapes.

At Roman and Kates, Kate is not eating her breakfast. Roman eats his and says it was very good. Its very tense at their breakfast table as Kate says nothing. Roman tries to make small talk, asking if shes wearing a new outfit. She says nothing. He asks if the silent treatment isnt a bit childish? She says nothing, and he asks if she is ever going to forgive him? Again she says nothing. He says there is no baby anymore. Kate says thats true, so the question now is when Marlena recovers who will she choose, him or John. Kate thinks Roman has thought about this, and if she chooses him, will he chose her? Roman says Marlena is married to John and that is who she will be with. Roman says he loves Kate, she is the only woman he wants to spend his life with. Kate says if that was true then shed want it too, she does love him. Roman asks if they are okay? Kate says she doesnt know. She says she, him, John and Marlena are connected in ways two couples should never be connected. Later, Roman leaves and Lucas and Phillip show up. Kate wishes Lucas happy birthday and they hug. She also give him his gift. Kate talks with them about Roman and how shes having her doubts about their future. Kate says Sami would love nothing more than for her parents to get back together. Lucas and Phillip urge her that if she loves Roman then fight for him. Kate says Sami is determined to destroy her marriage to Roman and to get her claws back into Lucas and Will. She says they are right though, she has to fight, she cant let that happened. She asks where Rex is, and they fill her in on Rex leaving town. Kate says she knew Mimi wasnt right for him and she feels sorry for Rex. Kate says her life is just one nightmare after another. Phillip says he has news that might make her happier. He says he and Belle are having a baby. Kate says this is wonderful and hugs Phillip. She says he and Belle will have the happiest future ever. To herself she says now Belle will never leave him for Shawn. She then says if Bo and Billie find Georgia then they can be together too. Lucas says that will never happen, and shes not still trying to use Georgia to come between Bo and Hope is she? Kate says no, but it could happen. Lucas tells his mom not to get involved in Billies love life or his. She says dont tell her hes thinking of getting back with Sami. Lucas says no, not unless Sami finds evidence that his mom did set her up. She says there is no evidence, so he will he believe his mother or that tramp.

At the hospital, Marlena is in bed asleep. John shows up with some flowers and a bunch of photos of their family. He puts them all by her table. He also sprays her favorite perfume. She wakes up and asks what the smell is. He says it is her favorite perfume. He also says he brought in lilacs as they are her favorite flowers, and he brought some things from home. He shows her the photos of them together. As he points out their family members, Marlena says she knows, she remembers everything. He says you do? It turns out Marlena doesnt actually remember, she just remembers the names and who they are. Marlena says it is frustrating, and John says he knows better than anyone. John says there is one other thing he could try. He feeds her strawberries and whipped cream, but she doesnt want John to touch her or give them to her. She takes them from him, eats them. She says its good, but that is all. John touches her cheek, and she freaks out. She says she doesnt know him and wants him to leave. John leaves, and he talks with Lexie. John tells Lexie it was a bust, and he asks how long this will last. Lexie says she wishes she knew. She says the test results show no physical evidence of the cause of her amnesia. John asks so who they call? Lexie says Alex North, he is the best as his work is light years beyond everyone else. She says shell give him a call. She also says it is important that Marlena see faces from her past to help her remember, a visit from Roman could help. John says no, but Lexie says it is what is best for Marlena. Later, John shows Marlena photos from the past, but she says she doesnt remember. Roman shows up and thinks he should give a try helping her remember. John says hes not done yet, but Roman says it sounds like he is. Marlena says she doesnt want either one of them here. She knows who they say she is and who they say they are, but she remembers nothing about their past and asks them to stop torturing her. John says they are just trying to help. She asks them to tell her while shes here, is it because she had amnesia? John says yes, she fell down some steps and lost the baby. Marlena looks at John and says I lost our baby? Roman says no, it was our baby. Marlena looks confused. Roman says he can explain, but John says not to make it worse. Lexie calls John out to have a word with him in private. Roman stays with Marlena, and she asks how this happened, are they recently divorced? He says no, so she says she must have cheated on her husband. She wonders if she is a tramp? Roman says no, and they have a complicated history. Marlena says but shes married to that other man, so which one does she love? Meanwhile, Lexie tells John the good news. She says Dr. North has agreed to see Marlena. She says even though he doesnt take private patients anymore, hes agreed to see her. Lexie thinks he must know her. John says she never mentioned him. Lexie is paged and says that is him now. John walks back in to Marlenas room after hearing Marlena question which man she loves. John says she loves him. Then Dr. North walks in and says hello Marlena, its been a long time. Wayne Northrop is back!


August 2, 2005

At the cottage, Brady sees Chloe has the bandage on again, and shes worried about the surgery. She says something could go wrong, there are no guarantees. Brady says there are no guarantees in life, everything is a risk. Chloe says she cant take anymore failures, the scars she has are bad enough, what if they get worse? Brady says Dr. Travis is the best, but he doesnt want to come across as if he is talking her into doing this. He says he just wants her to be comfortable by the way she looks. She says she wants to look like her old self, and she doesnt want to be an embarrassment to him. He says finding out she was alive was the best day of his life. Still, she thinks she is ugly and he shouldnt have to spend his life with her. He asks who put this garbage in her head? He thinks it was Nicole and tells her not to listen to a damn thing she said. Brady says Nicole was out to break them up. Chloe says what she said was true and maybe he should forget he ever found her. He tells her to stop it. He says whatever she decides he will support her. She says one day he might end up seeing her as other people do and his feelings might change. He says she has no faith in his love for her. She says one day he may wake up and then he will see hes married to a monster. He says if that is the case then she has grossly underestimated his love for her, and maybe they shouldnt be together. He asks if she wants him to leave her, and she says of course not. He says so start believing in him and their love. She says she is just not the same girl he fell in love with, and she hates the way people look at her. He says then have the surgery, but do it for herself. He says he loves her for her, and wishes he could prove that to her. He then says there is a way, and he calls someone up. He calls Belle to ask her to help plan a wedding, and Belle agrees to help. She also agrees to design Chloes dress. Chloe asks what he is doing? She says she cant get married like this. He says then they will only invite close friends. He tells her that he wants to start their life together as soon as possible.

On the Fancy Face III, Bo and Hope are sailing into a storm. Hope wants to turn back, but Bo refuses. He feels they are heading right for Tony, and Tony will tell them were Ma, Victor and his daughter are. Hope thinks this is a mistake. Meanwhile, the man in the wetsuit continues to watch from the side of the boat. Hope begs Bo to turn back, but he says no. She says then set the autopilot and come below so they can talk about this. He says fine, give him a minute. They go below, and the man in the wetsuit climbs up on deck. Below deck, Hope asks Bo if he really thinks this is a good idea. Bo says it is the only lead they have, but Hope thinks it could lead them into yet another trap. Bo says they have no choice, DiMera is holding all the cards. He says he knows Ma and Victor are alive, so he cant stop. He also says he needs the truth about his daughter. Hope says just promise her when they get to where they are going he proceeds with caution. He says he will. Hope also wants Bo to rest, she says shell go sail the boat. She says hell need all his strength and wits when they get to their destination. Bo eventually agrees to her demands. He even takes some sleeping pills that Hope asks him to. She sees him get to sleep, and she runs up to deck when the boat is jolted. She heads for the wheel and sees they are heading right into the storm, not the coordinates that Bo set the boat for. Suddenly the man in the wetsuit grabs Hope! He pulls her overboard, and she drops her bracelet on deck.

Sami and Nicole are hiding outside of Eugenias building as fire trucks arrive with sirens blaring. Eugenia and everyone else is standing outside the building. Sami admits to Nicole that her plan is brilliant and they could have made a great team all these years. Nicole is boozing it up, and Sami tells her maybe she should stop as shes turning into a lush. Nicole tells Sami to back off! They see Eugenia walking along on the street, and Sami wonders how to get the tapes. Nicole says she cant exactly run up and grab them. Sami says she cant, but Nicole can. Later the fire department gives Eugenia a kit of toiletries. They say that even though there was no fire there was a lot of smoke and she may have to stay in a shelter. Eugenia says no way, after all she did for Kate shell be staying in a five star hotel. Sami hears this and freaks. She also sees how hard Eugenia is holding onto the tapes. She tells Nicole to go get them. Nicole says what if she gets caught? Nicole tells Sami to grab them and haul ass. Sami tells her to go get those tapes or shell tell Brady the truth about Nurse Nicole. Nicole reminders her she has the goods on Sami too. Sami says she knows how Nicole can get Brady back, but wont tell her until she gets the tapes. Nicole says fine and downs a swig of booze for courage. Nicole puts on some glasses, walks out, and bumps into Eugenia. Eugenia drops her stuff, including the tapes, and it all goes down a sewer drain. Eugenia yells You idiot, what have you done! Nicole says shes sorry, and she asks what was in the bag. Eugenia says her insurance policy. Eugenia says she is drunk, and then asks if she knows Nicole as she looks familiar? Nicole says she lives on the third floor. Nicole says she has to run and sorry about the tapes. Nicole runs off, and Eugenia yells to her how she knew they were tapes? Nicole returns to Sami, who is not happy. They spy on Eugenia, who calls Kate and demands a job. She heads off to meet Kate, and Nicole thinks they should follow. Sami says she doesnt have a tape recorder on her. Nicole says then jump in the sewer and get the tapes. Sami wants Nicole to go down there, but Nicole says not in her Jimmy Chew shoes! Sami says she needs those tapes to get Lucas back. Nicole tells Sami to stop whining, but Sami says she cant help it. Nicole says maybe shell go down there, on the condition Sami tells her how to get Brady. Sami says she doesnt know yet, she lied. Nicole is furious and says she is out of here. Sami says she will help her break them up. Nicole says shes not going in the sewer. Sami says fine, shell do it. Sami asks Nicole to at least help her remove the manhole cover. Nicole says fine, but if she breaks as much as one nail then Sami is paying for her manicure. Sami heads down into the sewer and is searching through trash. Sami says this is so disgusting. Nicole says it is a sewer, what did she expect? 

Kate arrives at the hospital and asks if John has seen Roman. John says yes, but he left awhile ago when the specialist arrived. John asks how they are doing? Kate says Roman would rather spend his time with Marlena than her. Kate asks if Marlena has gotten any better? John says no, but the top specialist in the field is in there looking at her now. They continue talking about their difficult relationships. Kate thinks Marlena is the one Roman wants, and she knows John is going through the same issues right now with the added difficulty of Marlenas health. John says he cant believe they waited all this time to tell them. Kate says whats done is done. John asks how she really feels? She says she is hurt, she is angry, but she wants to be with the man she loves. John asks if that man is still Roman? She asks what hes asking? He wants to know if her feelings for Roman have changed. She says Roman is her husband and Marlena is his wife, but he says not an answer. She says that she cant answer his question. She says right now all they can do is focus on Marlena and her recovery, that is what is important. 

Dr. North examines Marlena, and she says there is something very familiar about him. She asks if she knows him. He says maybe he just has an ordinary joe type of face, but she says no. He says maybe it is his bedside manner. She wonders if hes fishing for a compliment. He says its been awhile since he treated a private patient. She says his bedside manner and ego are in tact. Marlena talks about having all those people staring at her and how she hated it. He says her family cares about her. She says she knows, but shes glad they are gone and would be just fine if they never come back. He asks why she says that? She says because shes tired of hearing about how her life was, tired of seeing photos. Dr. North (its hard not to type Roman!) says hell go out and talk to her husband . . . to Mr. Black. He says get some rest and hell check on her later.

Dr. North goes out to see John, and John asks if hell help her. Dr. North says its been a long time since he treated a patient, and treating a fellow psychiatrist is a challenge, especially one with a reputation like Marlenas. John says Lexie said he was apprehensive about taking on the case until he found out it was Marlena. John asks why did Marlenas name make him change his mind? Dr. North says he knows Marlena by reputation, she is an accomplished member of their profession. John then talks to Dr. North about how the fewer people who know about Marlenas amnesia the better, there are people who would try and play games with her mind if she was open to suggestion. Dr. North asks if hes talking about mind control? John says yes. Dr. North asks who he is talking about? John asks if he knows who Tony DiMera is. He says the name sounds familiar, but all he reads is medical journals, he doesnt watch TV or read newspapers. John says this man Tony could be a case study of a life time, and he is a threat to his wife. Dr. North says Marlena is safe, not to worry. John asks him to bring Marlena back to him, she means everything to him. Dr. North says he can see that, and John is a very lucky man. Dr. North says to himself I should know and we see a flashback of a younger Roman (maybe its supposed to be Dr. North) and Marlena kissing!

Kate gets a call from Eugenia. Kate says she is busy, but Eugenia says she is homeless. She says her apartment is full of smoke. Kate asks what she can do? Eugenia says she is going to tell her what to do as everything she owns is probably ruined. Eugenia says she needs a job and now. Kate says shes working on it. Eugenia tells Kate her time is up, if she doesnt come through with her then shes going straight to Sami. Kate says shes at the hospital right now, but shell make some calls. She says by the time Eugenia gets here then shell have something for her. Eugenia says shes going to hold her to that. Later Eugenia shows up and Kate gives her the name of a person who will employ her, shell have insurance, a benefit plan and a five figure salary. Eugenia says it sounds good, and if she isnt pleased then Kate will hear from her. Eugenia also needs money for clothes and a place to live. Kate was expecting that and pulls out a wad of cash. However, she wants Eugenia to answer a question first. Kate wants assurance that there is no evidence on what they did. Eugenia remembers the tapes going down the sewer, and she tells Kate that shes safe. Kate says good, Sami can scream all she wants but she has no proof.


August 3, 2005

At Jen's place, Billie arrives for a cookout that Jen and Jack are having. Jen is very worried about Jack, and Billie nonchalantly says "Oh you know Jack, he'll be fine." Jen thinks Billie knows something and she asks her what is wrong with Jack and to tell her the truth. Jen says she couldn't take it if something else happened to him, if he was taken from her again. Billie lies to Jen and says nothing is wrong with Jack and nothing will happen to him.

Out back, Jack is barbequing and Frankie is watching. Jack sets his hand on the grill and doesn't notice. Frankie yells at him that his hand is burning. Jack says the thought he smelled something burning. Frankie can't believe Jack didn't feel that. Jack thinks back to when Lexie diagnosed him with his blood disease, she told him as it progressed he might lose sensitivity in his nerve endings. Jack realizes his disease is progressing quicker than he thought. Jack insists to Frankie it is nothing, but Frankie says it was hot enough to blister so it had to hurt. He puts medication on Jack's hand and demands Jack tell him what is wrong with him, really wrong. Jack tells Frankie not to tell Jen about this. Jen and Billie come out, and Jen wants to know what they are keeping from him? Frankie says it is nothing, Jack burned himself on the grill and was afraid she'd be paranoid and wouldn't let him grill anymore. Later Billie comes over to talk to Jack. She tells him that he has to tell Jen the truth. Jack refuses and says he'll be gone very soon now, but Jen won't be alone because she will have Frankie.

On the highway, Abby and Chelsea are in her car. They just went to Buddy's Burger Barn, but Chelsea is telling Abby not to spill anything in her car. Chelsea is also ranting about Billie coming between her and Patrick. Abby asks if she can blame Patrick for liking Billie? Abby says Billie is beautiful, and she's smart, she is also older. Abby says Billie is also mysterious because she's in the ISA, she's like a female James Bond. Abby thinks Patrick likes the adventure. Chelsea becomes angry and says she'll show Abby adventure, and she begins speeding. Abby screams, and the cops begin tailing her with their sirens going. Abby tells her to pull over, but Chelsea refuses as she doesn't have insurance.

At Sami's place, Sami is trying to figure out how to get Lucas back. She has an idea and calls someone, Julie. Julie shows up and talks with Sami. Sami asks her to help her get Lucas back. Julie doesn't know about this, but Sami says she loves Lucas and has to show him how much. She reminds Julie that she is one of the few people who still believe in true love. Julie says she was on her way to see Lucas along with Maggie and Gran in order to surprise him. Sami says great, they should give him a huge surprise party, but she wants to invite a few more people. Julie calls Maggie and tells her that they'll need a bigger cake for Lucas, oh about 3 feet wide and 5 1/2 feet tall. Julie then calls the other guests, Kate, Roman, Eugenia, Belle and Phillip. Later Julie tells Sami that it is all set.

At Lucas' Place, Alice and Maggie show up to surprise Lucas for his birthday. They say they knew he was alone and wanted to make sure his birthday was special. Alice gives him some cufflinks that belonged to Tom, who then gave them to his father Bill, who wanted Lucas to have them. Lucas thanks them as he didn't want to spend today alone. Alice asks what about Sami? They soon begin talking about Sami and what she did. Lucas says he can't forgive or forget what she did, and worst of all she won't hone up to any of it. Maggie asks what if Sami really is innocent, and what if she can prove it, would he take her back? Lucas says at this point he doesn't think so. He doesn't think Sami can prove she was set up. They soon get into Lucas' mother's history with Bill and Laura Horton and how Kate basically seduced Bill from Laura, and Laura ended up in a mental institute. Maggie says Bill did love Kate though, and if they never happened then Lucas wouldn't be here. Maggie says she has never been Sami's biggest fan, but Sami does truly love Lucas. Maggie and Alice try to get him to consider giving Sami another chance. Later, Maggie gets a call from Julie about the change of plans, and she realizes she's going to have to get rid of the smaller cake. She pretends to drop it accidentally. She says she'll have her restaurant send another one over, but Lucas insists it isn't necessary. Maggie says it won't be any trouble. 

At the hospital, Dr. North talks with Lexie. Lexie discusses Marlena's condition with him. She thinks it must be due to the trauma Marlena has gone through this past year. He says he knows she studied psychiatry in medical school, but with all due respect it isn't her area of expertise. She asks how he wants to treat her, but he hasn't decided just yet. He asks to see all of Marlena's medical records from the past fifteen years. Lexie says no problem. Later a nurse brings a box of records in and says the rest are on microfiche and she can pull them as soon as Lexie gives consent, which Lexie does. 

Meanwhile, Roman and Kate talk. Roman asks about John and Kate says he's gone. She says he's taken the Basic Black Jet to go around the world collecting items special to Marlena that may trigger her memory. She says Dr. North asked him to. Roman thinks he should help, but she says no. Roman wonders if Kate will ever be able to trust him again. Kate says she just feels Roman will always put his precious Marlena first. Roman says they have a history. Kate says she knows that, and she knows they went through a horrible experience in that castle. She just feels like every time Marlena needs him that he will go running. She ends up finally telling him that he's going to have to make a choice. Roman says he doesn't like ultimatums, and Kate says neither does she, but this is not an ultimatum. She says he's going to have to choose which woman he wants to be with. Roman says "My God Kate, I choose you, I love you." They then kiss, and Roman sees Marlena is waking up so they go in to see her.

Roman, Kate, Lexie and Dr. North are in with Marlena when she wakes up. Lexie asks if she remembers anyone, and she says only Dr. North, whom she met yesterday. Other than that Marlena remembers nothing. 

Later, Dr. North talks with Lexie about the course of treatment he has planned for Marlena. He says she must be secluded from everyone, including her family and husband. He says it will just be him and MArlena, one on one. She is confused as she thought familiar things might help Marlena get her memory back? Dr. North feels this course of treatment will help him get to the root of Marlena's issues, and from their they can discuss the next part of her treatment. He says he wants her to tell no one about this until he does, including her husband. LExie agrees and hope he can help Marlena get back to her old self. Dr. North says that has been his plan all along. He has more memories of kissing Marlena.

Kate gets a call from Julie and is invited to a surprise party for Lucas. Kate says of course she'll come, and Julie tells her to bring Roman. Kate asks Roman to come to the party, and he says he will and thinks it will be a good distraction from all this.

Back at Lucas' place, Kate and Roman show up and run into Eugenia, who has also been invited. Eugenia and Kate are puzzled about this party and the odd crowd. A gigantic cake is wheeled in, and they all sing happy birthday to Lucas. Sami pops out of the cake and everyone is shocked, but Kate is angry! Lucas asks Sami what she's doing? She says she's about to give him the biggest birthday surprise of his life, and she kisses him.


August 4, 2005
Abby and Chelsea are still speeding away from the cops. Abby pleads with Chelsea to stop because the high speed chases in movies always end badly. Chelsea says after she lost her parents she decided shed never lose anything else. Chelsea wont lose her car due to a ticket and no insurance. Abby begs her to slow down, but Chelsea says calm down as she has a plan. They end up at Abbys place, and Chelsea tells Abby to get out and haul ass! The cops show up and they find the car abandoned. The cop runs the tags and learns it is Chelsea Bensons car. Meanwhile, the girls hide in the bushes from the cop who chased them.

At Jack and Jens, Jen talks with Frankie about Jacks burn, and she says normally he isnt that careless when grilling. Meanwhile, Billie talks to Jack about his burn and how it must have hurt. He says it didnt. Billie realizes he couldnt feel his hand burning on the hot grill. She says she worked with an ISA agent who had the same symptoms Jack had, and eventually he . . . She says it doesnt mean he will though. Jack asks how long the ISA agent had after showing these symptoms? Billie says nothing, and Jack says that quick huh. Jack says he has to speed up his plans then. Billie tells Jack that he cant do this. She begs him to tell Jen the truth, but he says he cant do that and he wont to that.

Jack spies on Frankie and Jen. Frankie is eating the cookies Jen baked, and he says they are great and wonders if she really made them. She says yes, and he asks when she learned to bake? She says this is Alices recipe, and to stop eating the desert. Jen leaves, and Jack thanks Frankie for helping him with his hand and for not telling Jen. He also comments on how he and Jen really like one another and how it is obvious they were in love. Frankie says if JAck thinks anything is going on . . . Jack says no, he knows neither of them would ever, but it is obvious they had something and hes glad hes here with Jen. He says hes glad Frankie is here to look after Jen and the kids and keep them out of trouble. Frankie asks Jack what is going on, does he think Jen is in trouble? Jack says yes from Patrick Lockhart. Frankie says he doesnt trust Lockhart either, but the way Jack keeps talking its like he wont be around. Jack claims hes a reporter, he might be on the road soon doing investigating reporting, and it would ease his mind to have Frankie here looking after the woman they both care about. Frankie says Jack can count on him, and Jack says that puts his mind to ease.

In Jack and Jens garage, Patrick is on the phone with someone. He demands to know if this will put her in danger. He says he doesnt care what he owes them, he wont put someone he cares about in danger. Turns out Max was in the garage working on his car, and he overheard Patricks call. Patrick gets rough and tells him that he is to forget everything he just heard! Max tells Patrick he gets it, and warns him to be more careful in the future and keep his secrets out of his garage. Patrick says this is Jack and Jens garage. Max thinks Patrick is just pissed off because he got the boot from here by Jens hubby. Max asks why he is here anyways? Patrick says hes here to see Billie. Max says he doesnt blame him, hed like a piece of her too. Patrick tells Max to stay away from Billie. Max says first Chelsea now Billie, he seems to be after all the women in Salem. Patrick ends up putting Max in a head lock and warns him to stay away from both Chelsea and Billie, if he crosses him then hell end up dead. Billie finds them together and asks what is the matter with Patrick? Max says he overheard Patrick talking about a job he has to do which might involve hurting someone he cares about. Billie asks Patrick what this is about? Patrick says hell talk to Billie later, and Max should remember what he said. Patrick goes outside, and Billie asks him what is going on, has he been contacted by Tony? He says no, and they should go get some burgers. Billie follows him as he takes off.

Jen finds Abby and Chelsea running through the bushes, and she asks where they are going? Jen says they were just about to eat so they are in time for dinner. Chelsea says they were just about to catch a movie, and they run off. Billie and Patrick show up, and Patrick hopes it is okay he came. Jen says of course and thanks Patrick for coming and gives him a hug. Jack and Frankie walk out and see Jen hugging Patrick. Jack tells Frankie hes like a bad rash that keeps coming back. Frankie tells Jack to calm down, the last thing Patrick needs is more sympathy from his wife. Jack goes back to the grill, and he asks Billie why Patrick is here? She says he is with her, but Jack says he wreaks of DiMera. Billie knows what this is really about, Jack doesnt want him near Jen when hes not . . . Jack says yes, when hes not around. He says everyone thinks he is a white knight clean as Tupperware superhero. Billie tells Jack to calm down, Patrick just might be a little bit of a hero. Billie once again asks Jack to tell Jen the truth and give her time to prepare, but he says no. He says these might be the last few days they have together, and when the time comes shell have Frankie, someone of his own choosing taking care of her. 

Patrick talks to Frankie and tells him to do something about Max, he doesnt like how hes treating Chelsea. Patrick says if Max hurts her then hell answer to him. Frankie asks if that is a threat? Patrick says hes been warned and hes watching Max. Frankie tells himself hes watching Patrick.

Jack tells Jen and Frankie and everyone else that he has a surprise, and he leads them inside. He has found Horton home movies for them all to watch. Jen forgot all about these, and Frankie remembers her grandfather taking these when they were younger. Jen asks where Jack found them? He says he found them in the garage. Jen says this seems like a million years ago. We see flashbacks to Jen and Frankie dancing together, for Prom I believe. Jen and Frankie laugh. Billie pulls Jack aside and says he is making a mistake. Jack says they are loving this and reliving their first love, a love that will protect Jen when hes gone. Outside, Patrick calls someone and says he cant do it, he wont hurt her now or ever.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Abby find Max and Chelsea cries to him about what happened with the cops. Max asks why she didnt stop? She says she has no insurance and she cant lose her car, she needs it. She says she is so scared and he has to help her. He says hell go talk to the cops. Chelsea hopes he can give them an autograph and theyve forget about the whole thing. He doubts it will be that easy. Max goes out to talk to them. Abby tells Chelsea that she could have gotten them both killed, did she not learn a thing from what happened to her parents? She says shes is so sorry. Meanwhile, Max talks to the cops and takes the blame, he says he was driving the car. Chelsea hears this and is stunned. He says she was having a problem with her car with the speedometer, he was looking at it and trying to figure it out, he didnt realize how fast he was going. The cop asks if he didnt see or hear them behind him? He says he didnt know they were behind him as the AC was going, the radio was blasting and the windows were rolled up. The cop says hardly an excuse and asks for a license. Max gives him one, and the cop sees that he Max Brady the race car driver. Abby tells Chelsea that Max is taking a huge risk for her, but she says Max will be fine and shell repay him by giving him her virginity. Abby says she is insane, just thank him for helping her and get to know him better. Abby tells her that having sex for the first time is huge, she should wait for the right time and right person. Chelsea says she doesnt have time for this. Meanwhile, Max gets a ticket for what he did. After the cop leaves, Chelsea comes out and thanks Max for what he did. Max says it is only a ticket, but the press could crucify him if they ever find out. He says she owes him. She says she knows, and they should go somewhere so she can make it up to him. He says that sounds like a good idea.

At Lucas place, everyone sings happy birthday to Lucas, and Sami pops out of the cake. Lucas asks what she is doing here? Kate is not pleased, and she and Eugenia look at one another. Sami tells Lucas that shes going to give him a birthday hell never forget. She kisses him, and Maggie and Julie high five one another. Kate wonders what she is doing? Roman says shes wishing a happy birthday to the man she loves. Julie says that is what shes doing, and Sami worked hard with her and Maggie to make this happen. Kate and Eugenia wonder what is going on. Belle and Phillip are now there, and Belle says her sister does love his brother. Lucas stops the kiss from Sami, and she says this is just the beginning. Lucas says if she thinks this changes anything then she is wrong. He says she cant expect everything between them to just go away. Sami says she doesnt, but she thinks it is a step in the right direction. She says she wants to show him that she wants to be with him. He says he wants to spend his life with her more than she realizes, but shes taking too many steps in the wrong direction. Lucas walks off, and Sami thanks her dad for coming. He says he just wished her surprise had more of the affect she wanted. She says the party isnt over yet. Lucas thanks Belle and Phillip for coming, and Belle tells Lucas that her sister still loves him and it isnt too late for them. Lucas says it is too late, it ended when she slept with Brandon and he cant forgive that. Meanwhile, Eugenia begins downing some wine and tells Kate she doesnt think Sami is done yet. Julie tells Kate that she doesnt seem to be having a good time. Kate says she is surprised at Julie, how could she help Sami worm her way back into Lucas affections? Julie says there was no worming at all, and she thinks this is sweet and romantic. Julie says everyone knows those two belong together. Kate says please, Sami is up to something. She thinks Sami wants to get back at her. Julie asks what for? Kate says just for suspecting her of being up to no good. Meanwhile, Roman tells Sami hed like to stay but he has to get back to the hospital to check on her mom. He tells her about the specialist, but Sami thinks the only therapy she needs is him. Roman tells her not to start that again. Sami asks him not to leave yet, it means a lot that he and Kate came. Sami says she still thinks he belongs with mom, but she knows hes trying to work things out with Kate. She says shes been awful to Kate, and she is sorry for upsetting him. Roman realizes Sami is up to something and asks what she is up to. Meanwhile, Kate tells Julie that Sami hates her, and she wont let Sami hurt Lucas again. Julie says people change, she is living proof. Kate says she never did anything like what Sami has done. Julie says Sami isnt perfect, but she has grown up a little bit. Kate says the hell she has, she is just as bad as ever and she wont let her get her hooks into Lucas. Julie talks with Maggie about Kate and how fortunately a Sami and Lucas reunion isnt up to her. Meanwhile, Sami swears to her dad she isnt up to anything and begs her dad to stay. He says he will, and he hopes shes telling the truth. She says she is. He goes to check on Kate, and Sami talks to Belle. Belle asks Sami what is going on. Sami asks why everyone thinks she is up to something? Belle says because they all know her, why else would she invite Kate and Eugenia? Sami says Kate is Lucas mother and Eugenia is his friend, so shes trying to do right by all. Elsewhere, Kate tries to convince Roman to leave, but he says he promised Sami theyd stick around for awhile. Kate says Oh God! Roman asks Kate for a favor, think about giving Sami her job back. He says all he wants her to do is think about it. She says shell think about it, but she wont promise anything. Kate says she needs a drink, so Roman goes to get her one. Eugenia asks Kate if they have figured out what Sami is up to yet? She says not yet, but Sami is up to something. Lucas then calls everyones attention and thanks them all for coming and suggests they wrap things up soon as it is late. Sami says no, none of them can leave yet! She says they have to have cake. Lucas says stop this, she cant throw a party and expect them that to get back together. She says she wants another chance, but Kate says why should he give her another chance. She says Lucas gave her another chance before and she threw it away. Sami says it isnt true, but Lucas says it is. Sami then admits she he is right and she did lie, she lied about everything. Kate looks at Eugenia, who is stunned as Kate is. Sami says shes sorry. Lucas says so its true, shes been lying from the beginning. Sami says yes. Lucas says so she did sleep with Brandon. Sami congratulates Kate for getting what she wanted, breaking her and Lucas up. Kate says Sami did this all to herself, she could have mended her ways but didnt. Roman asks Sami how could she do this? Sami tells Roman not to hate her. He takes her aside and says he could never hate her. However he says he is disappointed. She says he should be, she have done a lot of horrible things to Lucas and to Kate. She says she was awful to Kate for a long time while he was gone. Sami says Kate tried to keep her promise to him and keep the peace, but she made her life a living hell. Roman apologizes to Kate for doubting her, but Kate says he just wanted to believe his daughter. Roman thinks they should go. She grabs her purse and tells Eugenia that they won. Julie and Maggie tell Lucas how sorry they are, and hes just glad Gran wasnt here to see this. Everyone prepares to leave, but Sami stops them and says one second, she has a gift for Lucas they should all see. She gives Lucas the gift and says it is from bother her and Will. She says she can leave after he opens it, she promises. Lucas says fine. As hes opening it, Eugenia gets a call and excuses herself. Lucas opens them up and sees they are cassette tapes. She tells Lucas to play them as it is something everyone will want to hear.


August 5, 2005

Bo heads up on deck on the Fancy Face III and sees that Hope is no where to be found. He calls out to her, but she doesnt answer. He eventually finds her bracelet on deck and wonders what has happened. Bo radios for help and talks to the coast guard. They need to know his coordinates to search for Hope, but he says his equipment is malfunctioning. Without the coordinates they cant really help him. He gives them the best coordinates he can, and they say theyll search the area. Bo later hears his PDA beeping and runs below to check on it. There is a message that says Bo, I need you, Hope. He is puzzled.

Tony is on his own boat watching Bos boat on the radar. He thinks by now Hope realizes what has happened and says Abandon Hope all ye who enter. Bart shows up and has just been punched by Hope. Tony says Hope is more than just a pretty face. Tony says she must have realized by now that her fate is sealed. Tony says count his blessing, she could have scratched an eye out. Tony says the important thing is that Bo thinks Hope is lost at sea, but only half their mission is complete. Tony says soon Bo will be on Hopes trail, and he will be on it quickly. Bart tells Tony that he is a genius. Tony says he smells smoke, so Bart runs to check it out. Tony says nothing will keep him from having his revenge on Bo and Hope Brady. Bart returns, hes been burned on his arm and is shirt is burnt. Turns out Hope found a way to make a fire and send out smoke signals. He says when he stopped her she did this to him. Bart says he warned her that nobody would ever find him, and that the Dimera Frogman messed the equipment on the Fancy Face III so bad that even he doesnt know where Bos boat is at this point. Bart then begs Tony not to make him go up against Hope again, who knows where shell aim next and he has to protect his manhood. Tony says dont worry, he has other plans in mind. Tony has sent Bo a message and now waits for him to follow it.

At Lucas place, when Eugenia sees Lucas with the tapes and she freaks out. Lucas doesnt understand why she is giving him tapes. Sami tells Lucas that these are important tapes. Lucas doesnt have a cassette player to play them in. Sami says she brought one, consider it part of his present. Lucas puts the tapes in and plays them. The tape jams, and Lucas fiddles with it. Kate tells Eugenia not to tell her those are what she thinks they are. Eugenia says she just remembered she has anoter party to go to, but Sami says oh she doesnt want to leave just yet. Sami says she is sorry for all the horrible things she accused Eugenia of because they werent true. She says Eugenia must stay. Kate realizes something is up, Sami is never this sweet to them. Lucas fixes the player, and he begins playing the tapes. We hear Kate talking about how shed do anything to keep Sami from marrying her son. Everyone is stunned, and Sami says there is tons more what that came from. The tape jams again, and Roman and Lucas ask Kate what this is about? She says how should she know? Phillip tells his mom to please say she didnt do anything to stop the wedding, if those tapes are incriminating then he cant defend her. Roman says neither can he, and he doesnt know how he, Lucas or Will will be able to forgive her? 

Shawn arrives at Lucas party, knocks on the door, and Belle answers and asks why hes here? Shawn says he was invited, and he brought a gift. Phillip takes the gift to Lucas, and Belle and Shawn talk in the hall. Belle doesnt like that Shawn is here, but he says hell take any chance he can to get near her. Shawn asks her if she has learned nothing from the recent events, secrets and lies tear people apart. He doesnt know how she can stay married to someone she doesnt love. Belle says she does love Phillip, shes having his baby. Shawn says she doesnt love Phillip the way she loves him, and the truth will come out sooner or later. Phillip wheels out, and Belle and Sawn look at one another. He heard nothing, but is in pain. It turns out he over did it in physical therapy, so Belle says they need to get home and get his medicine. Belle thinks they should head home so she heads in to say goodbye.

Later, Belle tells everyone goodbye. Shawn heads out with her and Phillip. Elsewhere, Kate tells Eugenia she said there was no proof. Eugenia remembers losing the tapes and says she was telling the truth, she swears. Lucas gets the tapes playing, and they listen to Kate and Eugenia discussing the whole plan to use the psychic and drugging Sami and Brandons drinks. Eugenia cant believe this, shes making all sorts of faces. Kate just sits there cool and collective though. The next tape occurs after the deed has been done and the two of them are celebrating ruining Samis life. On the tape Kate said she had to do this, she had to protect Lucas and Will from Sami, and Lucas will never know she betrayed him. Lucas tells his mom he doesnt know why he is shocked, shes done horrible things to people in the past, but never to him. Kate says she wanted him to be happy and that is why she did this. Lucas says no, she betrayed him. Sami says and now he knows the truth, his mother is a two faced lying bitch! Sami tells Kate her time has come so start confessing. Sami then tells Lucas she knows the horrors of cheating first hand because of how it destroyed her parents marriage, so shed never cheat on him. She says unfortunately he didnt believe her because shes done so many horrible things to people that he believed his mothers lies. Sami admits it was a good set up. Sami talks about how Eugenia and Kate drugged them with God knows what, and that they could have killed her and Brandon both. Sami rages on and on about Kate and Eugenia and how horrible they are (I kept being interrupted by the phone). Sami asks Lucas so what of it, will he honor his promise to come back to her now that she proved Kate set her up? She also asks her dad what about him, will he stay with Kate? She says he deserves an honest wife, someone he can love and trust, and Kate is not that woman. Kate says not to judge her yet, Sami just confessed to them that she was guilty. Sami says she said that only to make her look even more guilty when she was caught. Lucas doesnt know how his mother could do this to him. Roman tells Kate that those tapes are strong evidence, and how despicable is she for doing this considering shes been pointing fingers at everyone else. Roman wonders if he ever knew the woman he married. He says tapes dont lie, but Kate says that Sami could have forged and spliced those tapes. Sami tells Kate that shes married to a cop, and that comes in handy but it can screw her up to. Sami says her dad can analyze the tape and find out if it is edited. Sami says he doesnt have to though, all he has to do is look at how Eugenia is freaking out. Sami says Eugenia was smart, she didnt trust Kate and had evidence on her. Sami says she had to smoke Eugenia out of her apartment to get them from her. Kate says this is a lie, but Eugenia yells she cant take it anymore. She tells Kate to stop lying, Sami has them. Sami asks Kate how she likes it, now everyone hates her. Kate tells Eugenia this is all her fault, and she can consider her new job gone. Kate tells Eugenia she is back to nothing again. Eugenia hates Sami for ruining her life yet again. Eugenia says she will get back at both Sami and Kate. Eugenia tells Kate she made her so many promises she never kept. Sami says Kate is good at breaking promises, it is what she does best. Eugenia cries that shell make Sami suffer, and she leaves. Sami tells Kate that she has officially lost. Kate says dont be so sure, Lucas is still her son and knows what she did was out of love. Lucas tells his mom that he told her what hed do if she came between him and Sami, he said hed cut her out of his and Wills life. Kate says no Will loves her, but Lucas says hell get over it. Lucas says he trusted and loved her, but no more. He says if she doesnt believe him then watch him. Lucas walks out. Sami tells her dad that Lucas wised up, now it is his turn. She says she advises him to dump the bitch. Sami then leaves. Roman rails at Kate about how she has ruined both their childrens lives, and that Lucas is a grown man and can make his own decisions without her interfering. He also says she promised to work things out with Sami, but she couldnt do that. He says she destroyed Samis life and got pleasure out of it. He says she then renewed his vows to him knowing if he found out what she did that he would hate her. She says he doesnt hate her, and to hear her out before deciding who he wants to side with.

In the hall, Sami tells Lucas that they can now work things out, and she asks him to come into her apartment and talk. He doesnt though, he leaves. Sami sees he is gone, and she thinks Lucas doesnt want to be with her anymore even though she got the proof.

Belle and Phillip return home with Shawn in toe, and Phillip takes his pill and goes to rest. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn argue. Shawn wants to be honest with Phillip. Belle tells Shawn that Phillip cant know the truth and if Shawn tells him then shell never speak to him again. She says she cant live between the two of them anymore. She tells him that she is married to Phillip now, he needs to move on. Shawn says does she really want him to move on, date someone else, marry someone else, have kids with that woman? She says shes having Philips child, why shouldnt he have some of his own. Shawn doesnt think she wants this, and he doesnt think shell be able to keep this up when Phillip wants to make love to her. He says the only thing stopping that is the steps that Phillip cant get up now. Belle tells him that he needs to face it, this is a real marriage with a real baby and that they will never be together. Shawn says nothing will change his mind about this. Phillip tells them that they have nothing to worry about because it is over. They are stunned, but he only says the pain is over, the meds kicked in. He asks what they thought he was talking about, what is going on with them? They say nothing, they were just talking about him. Belle gives him some shake she made him, and he thanks her. Phillip says being in this chair is tough, and he knows it is tough on her having to look after him while being pregnant. He says she should go upstairs and take a nice hot bath. He says Shawn will keep him company, she needs to take care of herself and the baby. She says okay, shell go take a bath. Phillip then thanks Shawn for staying as he wants to surprise Belle and needs Shawns help to do it. Phillip wants to make love to Belle, he wants to be in bed when Belle gets out of the shower and he wants Shawns help getting there. 

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