August 8, 2005

At Lucas place, Kate admits to Roman she did set Sami up. Roman says she promised to look after Sami. Kate says she tried, but Sami hates her, she always has and always will. Kate says she couldnt let Sami destroy Lucas life just like she destroyed Austins. Kate says he knows Sami, he knows how she can be, so she had to protect Lucas and Will. Kate asks if he can blame her for that. Roman says Sami is Wills mother, you have to know what this would do to him. Kate says if Sami and Lucas got back together then she would have hurt Will worse than she did. Roman doesnt think so, and he says she cant play God. Kate says shed do it all again if she had to. She says she was only trying to protect her child, as he is protecting his. She asks Roman where they go from here? Roman says love is about trust. She tells him not to talk about truth to her, and she reminds him about his lies about Marlena and the baby. She says he lied to her as they were renewing their vows. Roman says that was wrong, he admitted it and said he would change things if he could. Roman says the difference is that she has no remorse, and he cant be with someone capable of destroying both their childrens lives. He says they are finished, it is over. Roman then walks out.

Lucas returns to Samis place and asks to come in. She says yeah. She asks why he walked out? He says he needed time to think about things before he acted, that is what they teach in AA. He says when he found out the truth his whole life changed again, and he had to think about what he wanted to do. She asks if he has decided. He asks if she still has his ring? She says yeah, and he asks for it back. Sami says she doesnt understand, cant they talk this through? Lucas says he grew up without a dad, and his mom was everything to him. He says his brothers and sisters were elsewhere, and so it was just the two of them. He says he never thought his mom would do something underhanded to him, others yes, but not him. He says she and his mom are the two most important women in his life, and he was wrong to believe she was the evil one. He says he doesnt deserve to be with her. Sami asks if that is why he wants the ring back, because he believes they dont deserve to be together? The next we see is Sami finding the ring and giving it back to him. She says him not asking for the ring back after he called off the wedding gave her hope they could be together. Lucas says hes sorry, and he should have trusted her and in their love. Lucas says he promised her if his mother came between them that hed cut her out of his life. Lucas says he has no choice now, he is through with his mother. Sami says but he still wants the ring back. Lucas says he does. She gives it back, and Lucas says he has two questions for her. He asks if she can forgive him for not trusting in their love, and if she can . . . Lucas gets down on one knee and asks Sami to marry him. She says yes, and they kiss. Lucas then puts the ring back on Samis finger. She then tells him that he owes her the longest and most incredible make up sex ever. Lucas says perhaps they should try and break the bed again. They have their make-up sex, and afterwards talk about how Will will be so happy they are together again. Sami begins to cry because she is so happy. She says she cant get over how perfect everything is. Lucas says not that perfect, they havent broken the bed. Sami says they should try harder, and the bed breaks. Lucas laughs and says well done, mission accomplished.

Out in the hall, Kate tries to stop Roman by grabbing his arm, but he says let go of him and walks off. Kate then hears Sami begging Lucas to make love to her, and he says he will make love to her like he never has before. Roman gets a call from Dr. North and asks him to come to the hospital to help him with an experiment to help Marlena remember. Roman says theyll be right over as hed do anything for Marlena. Kate hears Roman on the phone and heads to the hospital as well.

At the loft, Belle is running a bath upstairs for herself. She looks at herself in the mirror and at her stomach. Belle begins to think about her arguments with Shawn about Phillip and telling him the truth. Downstairs, Shawn is stunned by Phillips request to help him up to bed with Belle. Phillip says he knows Shawn is the last person he should ask to help him, but hes their friend and he does support their marriage now. Phillip says if Shawn helps him then he can be in bed with Belle by time she gets out of the bath and make love to her. Shawn says no, you cant do that. Phillip says she is his wife and he thought Shawn accepted that. Shawn says he just means she is pregnant and hasnt been feeling well. Phillip says her morning sickness is only in the morning, and pregnant women can have sex. Phillip says it might be strange, but they can get through it. Shawn asks what about him, he wasnt feeling well earlier. Phillip says he is fine now and he is still a normal guy with normal desires. Phillip talks about how he has to be with Belle, kiss Belle, make love to Belle. Shawn eventually agrees to help Phillip get up the steps. Shawn helps Phillip up the steps and he leaves him at the top to go down and get his wheelchair. Phillip decides he doesnt need the wheel chair and can get to the bed himself as it isnt that far. Unfortunately he ends up falling backwards down the steps. Shawn catches him, and asks Phillip why he didnt wait for him? Phillip says he thought he could get to the bed himself. Belle comes running and asks what happened? They explain what went on, and Belle insists they go to the ER so Phillip can be examined. Phillip says no, nothing is broken or bruised but his ego, and the pain pill he took will take care of everything. Belle asks Shawn how he could let him do this? Shawn said it was a bad idea. Phillip says it was his idea, and he wanted to be waiting for her to be together with her. Phillip says its been so long, and now it will take longer for that dream to happen as hes basically killed the mood for tonight. Phillip says he is fine though, and all he needs is a kiss. Belle gives him a peck, and Phillip says all better. He says hes just going to go to sleep now and hope the pain pill works. Belle tells Shawn he should have stopped him. Shawn says he tried everything but telling him the truth. Belle says they cant, and he needs to leave now. Shawn says fine, goodnight, and he leaves. Phillip falls asleep, and he dreams about making love to Belle. In his dreams Belle says she doesnt care about his injury, hes still strong, handsome and sexy. Phillip says out loud as he dreams I want to make love to you Belle. Belle of course hears this. Phillip continues his dream about making love to Belle, but then she disappears from their bed. Phillip wakes up, find Belle is gone, and he calls out to her. 

Shawn goes up to the roof and looks at his and Belles initials on the door. He says this isnt how it is supposed to be. Belle soon comes up to the roof. Shawn wonders if this is a dream, but she says no shes here. Shawn thinks he knows she couldnt stay with Phillip or sleep with Phillip because shed be thinking of him the entire time. Belle says she doesnt know, and not to talk about this. Shawn then pulls Belle into a kiss.

At the hospital, Lexie is in with Marlena and Dr. North. Dr. North is looking over her files. John shows up with a box of mementos from his and MArlenas life together. He and his pilot having been flying all around the world to gather them. Dr. North tells him not to get his hopes up, but it is worth a try. John wakes Marlena up and has some things to try and jog her memory. He places a lei around her neck and tells Marlena about their wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. She doesnt remember, and thinks she is allergic to the flowers. She takes them off. He then produces her mothers macadamian chocolate chip cookies, which she baked fresh just for her. He says they are her favorite. She eats one, but doesnt like it. John then produces a jade ring of hers and a blouse she had made out of fabric from Singapore to match the ring. She grabs the fabric and begins to cry. John is hopeful, but she doesnt remember and she wants John to go and she doesnt want to look at anything else anymore. Dr. North insists they stop this and that John leave. John says hell be back, and Marlena cries and wants him to go. Dr. North asks him to leave again, and he does. Alex North takes Marlenas hand and says he wont let anyone hurt her, he promises.

Elsewhere, Tek shows up asking for Lexie. Abe hears this and wants to know why hes asking about his wife? Lexie shows up and stops Abe and Tek from fighting. Abe says Tek doesnt belong here. Lexie excuses Tek so she can talk to Abe alone. Abe doesnt like Tek always hanging around her, but she says he isnt always hanging around her and she doesnt want to fight with him about this again. Abe says fine, take him to see Marlena and John. She says now isnt a good time. He says he only asked for one simple thing and she wont do that for him. John shows up, and Lexie leaves them to talk. Back in Marlenas room, a nurse cleans up the mess Marlena made earlier when she knocked over the box of mementoes when she got upset. Dr. North asks the nurse to remove all the items from the room as they upset Marlena. Dr. North goes out to meet with John again. John is now with Abe. John introduces Dr. North to Abe, and Abe thinks his name sounds familiar. Abe also says his voice sounds familiar too, and he could swear he knows him. Dr. North says hes positive they have never met. John thought his mementos would trigger Marlenas memory, but Dr. North says one point of Marlenas past has been overlooked from what hes read. John asks what that would be? Dr. North says not to worry, he can rectify it. He leaves to make a call. Abe then asks John if hes sure he can trust that guy?

Meanwhile, Dr. North calls Roman to come to the hospital and help him with an experiment to help Marlena get her memory back. Roman says hell be right over. Dr. North looks at something and says Here we go! A newspaper clipping falls out of his little black book, and he picks it up. It is an article about when Marlena first joined the staff at the hospital. 

Later, John talks to Dr. North and thinks hes doing nothing to help Marlena. He wants to know how Dr. North is going to help Marlena remember. Roman shows up and says through him, hell help Marlena remember. John says the hell he will! John says hes wanted him before to stay away from his wife. Roman says he is here to help. Dr. North says they all want what is best for Marlena. He asks them to put this aside and come with him. Alex North, John and Roman go in to see Marlena. They all call out to her, and the voices are jumbled in her head. Marlena wakes up and says I remember you! 

Elsewhere, Lexie is in tears over Abe and her argument, and Tek is there telling her that she shouldnt have to put up with this. Lexie admits that this isnt the man she married and he is destroying her. She says its been so long since Abe lovingly touched her. Tek holds Lexie as she cries and says hell always be here for her and that he loves her. They end up kissing one another, and soon the clothes come off and they are making love again. Later Lexie realizes they didnt lock the door, and she is a married woman on staff here. She says if they are caught then her reputation and marriage could be ruined. Tek asks why she cares about Abe? She says they are married, but Tek says all they do is hurt one another. He tells her to leave Abe, but she says she cant because they have a son. Tek says this is no message to send to Theo. Tek says he loves her, he wants her to make a commitment to him but that cant with Abe in the picture. He tells her that she deserves so much more, that cant happen with Abe but it can with him. Meanwhile, a nurse brings Abe to Lexies office. She says she can take him in, but he says he can do it. Back inside, Tek asks for one more kiss, but she says no and this is wrong. Lexie leaves and finds Abe outside. He says he was looking for her, and he asks if she can drive him home. Lexie says she cant right now as she just got beeped to an emergency patient, but if he waits she can take him home. He says dont bother, he will fins his own way. Lexie leaves, and Tek slips away and follows.


August 9, 2005

Phillip wakes up from his dream and cant find Belle. He calls out to her but she doesnt answer. Phillip pulls himself into his wheel chair and decides to go looking for her. He runs into Mimi in the hall and asks if she has seen Belle? Mimi says no, and she hopes she never does again after the way she ruined her life. Cue the storyline recap argument between Mimi and Phillip. Mimi wraps it up by saying yes she should have told Rex the truth about the baby just like Belle should have told him the truth about Shawn. Phillip asks if she is saying something is going on between them that he doesnt know about? Mimi says no its just . . . Phillip doesnt let her speak and just talks about how Shawn has accepted their relationship, even though he thinks Shawn will never get over Belle. Phillip says right now hes concerned about finding Belle. He thinks she maybe on the roof and asks for help getting up there. Mimi realizes if Belle and Shawn are up there then things will be ruined. She thinks Belle doesnt deserve to be happy with Shawn and Phillip doesnt deserve to be hurt. She ends up telling Phillip she doesnt think shes strong enough to help him up the steps, and perhaps Belle went to the hospital. Phillip says he didnt think about that. He suggests she come in and sit and talk with him. Mimi says okay, but the last person she wants to see if his wife. They head back into Belle and Phillips loft, and Mimi rants and raves about what Belle has done to her. Mimi says shell never forgive Belle just like Shawn will probably never forgive him for taking the love of his life. Phillip asks why she keeps bringing that up? She says he himself said he didnt think Shawn would ever get over losing Belle. He says it seems to him that she and Shawn are in the same position. She says she guesses as they are both alone without the ones they love. He says they dont have to be. He reminds her of the time she had a crush on Shawn and begged him to go to a dance with her. We see a flashback of a really young Mimi asking Shawn out. Mimi asks why he brought that up? He says he was just reminding her she used to want to be with Shawn. He says back in high school he never imagined he would end up with Belle, he though she would end up with Shawn (actually Phillip did like Belle and schemed back then to get her). Mimi says now he sounds like her mom. Phillip says she had a thing for Shawn and he must have liked her too as he knows the story of Shawn giving her her first real kiss while they were in Paris. Phillip says he sees the look in her eyes and knows hes right. Mimi says hes crazy and it could never happen in a million years. He asks why not?

Up on the roof, Belle and Shawn are making out. Belle once again pushes him away and says this is not right. Shawn asks if shed rather be downstairs with Phillip or up here with him? Shawn says she could have stopped him, but she didnt and she kissed him back. He says it is because she loves him. Belle admits she still loves him and wants to be with him more than anything. Shawn asks if shell finally tell Phillip the truth? Belle says no, she wont ask for a divorce, she is staying with Phillip. She says what they did was wrong, but Shawn says it was right. He says they were supposed to be together, they were supposed to tell Phillip the truth. Belle says that was before, and things are different now and will never be the way they planned. Shawn says not to say that and that they will be together. Belle says no they wont, and in fact after tonight she thinks it is best that they never see one another again. Shawn tells her no, but she says every time they are together she feels like she is betraying Phillip. Shawn reminds her about the initials he carved on the door so that they could be together forever. She says they were young and naive, and a lot has changed. Shawn says he always thought he could get through anything as long as they were together. She says that is how Phillip feels. Shawn reminds her that she was going to tell Phillip the truth when he was stronger. She says things have changed now, they cant ignore that she is carrying Phillips baby. She says nothing in their lives will ever be the same again. Shawn says many kids have divorced parents. Belle tells Shawn that she doesnt want to be a part time parent, she wants her child to grow up with both of his or her parents. She says Phillip wants that too. She says Phillips parents divorce tore him up, and look at Sami. Shawn says if Samis parents stayed together then she wouldnt be here. Belle says that doesnt matter. She says this is about responsibility. Shawn says but she doesnt love Phillip. She says she does, but Shawn says not like she loves him. Belle says maybe not, but this is not about them anymore, it is about this baby. Belle says shes made up her mind, it is over and she is sorry. He says she will be sorry, they both will be sorry if she doesnt fight for them. She says she is sorry now, but she also knows that with time theyll both be able to move on with their lives and hell find someone else. Shawn says she is wrong as he will never forget her. She says he has to. She says goodbye Shawn. He grabs her hand and says wait. He tells her that he will always love her and that will never change.

At Samis place, Lucas and Sami break the bed again and think they should get a new bed as a wedding gift. Sami says there is a difference between this and last time, this time the wicked witch wont interrupt them. Lucas tells Sami she just killed the mood. She says shes sorry for mentioning his mom, so he asks why she did? He says he doesnt need to be reminded about how his mother almost ruined his and Wills life. He thanks Sami for ruining their good time, again. He walks out, and Sami thinks he left her. He hasnt, he returns with a platter full of ice cream and fixins. She says shes sorry she hurt him, but he doesnt want to talk about that. He wants to talk about their future together as a family. Lucas has brought them ice cream because he knows that she craves it after sex. She thinks this shouldnt become a ritual as they will be having lots of sex. Lucas says she looks great and they can work the calories off afterwards. Sami realizes hes in the mood again, and they get down to business. After another love making session, Lucas makes Sami a sundae. They gobble them up, and Sami says while it was so good she will hate herself in the morning. He says theyll just burn it off in the morning. He then gets a craving for whipped cream, and they have a whipped cream fight. 

At the hospital, Kate looks in and sees the three Romans with Marlena. Kate hopes Marlena is enjoying the attention, and that Roman can only think about Marlena. Kate says shes lost Lucas, but she wont lose Roman. She thinks about her fight with Roman yesterday when they argued about lies and secrets, and Roman telling her it was over. She thinks perhaps coming here was a mistake, maybe she should have given Roman time. She says or perhaps with time hell realize that he wants to be with Marlena.

In Marlenas room, John asks Marlena who she remembers. She says she remembers Alex North. She has a flashback to original Roman days, and she says she remembers all the wonderful times she had with Dr. North. John doesnt understand this and asks Alex to explain how he knows his wife? Dr. North says there must be a logical explanation and if he has a few minutes alone with his wife he can get to the bottom of it. John and Roman dont like that idea, but Marlena asks them to both leave as she wants to be with Alex. John doesnt like that shes calling Dr. North by his first name. Alex North says he encouraged her to call him Alex to break down the doctor patient barrier. John wonders why Marlena wants to be alone with Dr. North? She says she feels comfortable with him, and John and Roman only pressure her to remember things she cant. Dr. North says if John doesnt want him to treat his wife then he can recommend another doctor. Marlena says she trusts Alex and wants him as her doctor. John says very well, but he will be back soon. Roman says him too. They leave and Alex comforts Marlena. Dr. North explains that he believes Marlena isnt remembering him, shes projecting her memories of John or Roman onto him. She asks why she would do that? He says because hes the only man not pushing her to remember, and because her love for these two men is at the root of her troubles. 

Outside Marlenas room, Roman and John argue. John wants Roman to stay out of this, but Roman refuses. Roman sees Kate lurking about and asks what in the hell she is doing here? Kate says she wanted to check on Marlena and see if there is any news? John tells her that she only seems to know Dr. North, and they dont know why. Kate says there must be an explanation. Roman suggests Kate not stick around to find it out. John wonders what is going on. Kate says John doesnt need to be bothered with this, but Roman decides John should know what Kate did to Sami. He tells Kate to tell John what she did. When Kate says nothing, Roman tells John that Kate did drug Sami and Brandon and put them in the same bed to ruin her wedding. Roman says Kate did everything Sami said and more. Kate says she can explain, but Roman says there is no excuse for what she did. John says hes not so sure. He says what Kate did was extreme, but Roman wasnt around to see the hell Sami put him and Kate through. John says Kate did try and make peace with Sami, but Sami fought her at every turn. Roman thinks Kate didnt try that hard. John says Roman knows how Sami is, she is always scheming and she still is by trying to get Roman and Marlena back together. He tells Roman not to let Sami to get between him and Kate. Roman asks if he is making excuses for Kate and blaming Sami? John says Kate was just trying to protect her son. Roman says Lucas was a grown man. John says Sami ruined plenty of weddings on her own before Kate interfered this time, and the bottom line is Kate was trying to protect her son just like Roman is trying to protect his daughter. He says Kate tried to make amends with Sami but Sami wouldnt go for it. Roman cant believe this. He says Sami tried to change, and not only was Kate not supportive, but he wasnt supportive of Sami either. Roman says that hurt Marlena, and perhaps the reason Marlena didnt tell John the truth about the baby at first because deep down there was a small part of her the didnt want to be with him anymore. John asks what hes getting at? Roman says perhaps John and Kate should be together. Roman says he and Doc love Sami and they would have never sabotaged, they would have found a way to help her and Lucas be together. John says this isnt about him, Kate or Sami, this is about Roman wanting to be with Marlena. Kate tells them to stop this now. She says she needs to talk to Roman alone, but Roman says they have nothing else to talk about. Kate says he might not have anything to say, but she does. Roman says he doesnt want to hear it. He says he can understand her not liking his daughter, but he doesnt understand how she could destroy her life after she promised to protect her. Roman says he looks at her now and almost feels sick, sick that he ever loved her or trusted her. John tells Roman to relax, he is saying things he doesnt mean. Roman says this is none of his business. John says it isnt, and he and Kate need to talk alone. John leaves them, and Kate suggests that perhaps Roman doesnt want to be married to her anymore, but he had no right to offer her up to John like a piece of property. Roman says he thought shed appreciate his clearing the way for her. Kate says John is right, he is using this to get out of this marriage and he should wait, as he should stop saying foolish things and wait until Marlena gets her memory back and decides who she wants to be with.

Back in Marlenas room, Alex tells MArlena that her two husbands are fighting over her, and he can understand why as she is someone worth fighting for. Later, John returns to see Alex and wants an answer as to why Marlena only remembered him.


August 10, 2005

At the loft, Phillip and Mimi are still talking about the possibility of Mimi getting together with Shawn. Phillip reminds her that when they were in Paris she said she was in love with Shawn and if Belle didnt marry him then she would. Mimi says that was a lifetime ago, but Phillip knows she remembers it like it was yesterday. She has a flashback from Paris, and Phil asks her why she is blushing? She tells him to stop it. Phil asks who shes trying to convince, him or herself? She says shes not trying to convince anyone of anything. She says she has feelings for Shawn, but they are not romantic. She says she loves Rex and still does, even though she knows he wont come back. Phillip says he just wants her to think outside the box, there are other guys out there. Mimi hopes the other guys just dont want kids. Phillip tells her not to say that. She says she just wants to focus on finishing school and starting her future. Phillip begins worrying about Belle and starts making calls. Meanwhile, Mimi begins to have more flashbacks about asking Shawn to the dance back in high school, but he wasnt into dances. She remembers she had to get on her knees and beg him until he agreed to go with her. She then remembers her mother pushing her to try a relationship with Shawn as maybe he was the right man for her and Rex wasnt. 

On the roof, Shawn tells Belle that she cant mean this. She says they arent meant to be together, especially now that shes carrying Phillips baby. Shawn cant believe shes giving up on their love. He says they are meant to be together. Belle says she is sorry but this is the way it has to be, they are through. Shawn wont accept this and says hes going to go tell Phillip the truth and she cant stop him. Belle tells him dont do this. She says if he thinks by telling Phillip the truth they will be together then it wont happen. She asks him to respect her wishes. She says if he tells Phillip the truth then shell never speak to him again, is that what he wants? Belle tells Shawn that she is married to Phillip and she has to take responsibility for her choices. She says that is all there is left to say. She tells him goodnight, heads inside and breaks down in tears. 

Belle returns to her apartment, and Mimi storms out. Belle thinks Mimi hates her. Phillip says she doesnt, it will just take her time to get over this. Belle asks what if she doesnt get over it? Meanwhile Mimi goes up to the roof and holds Shawn.

Billie and Patrick return home and Billie is scolding Patrick for picking a fight with Max. She says Max may be cocky and immature, but underneath it he is a decent guy. Patrick asks how she knows that? She says because Shawn and Caroline raised him. Patrick says hes adopted, so the genetic Brady code doesnt apply here. Patrick says hes sorry but shes wrong, something is wrong with that kid. Patrick walks off, and Billie checks her PDA for a message from Bo. There is nothing. She is worried and hopes everything is okay. Billie makes some ISA calls, but there is no word from Bo, Hope or on the boat. The now shirtless Patrick tells her not to worry, maybe there is nothing to report. Later, Billie gets a call from Bo. She asks what is going on? He says Hope has been kidnapped by DiMera and he needs her help to find her. They discuss how Tony took Hope and hes traced the message sent to his PDA. Billie says shell come there and help him, but Bo says no. He doesnt want her involved in this. He says shes too emotionally connected. Billie points out so is he. Bo says he doesnt want Georgia to lose both parents. Billie asks then why he called her? Bo says he needs her help, and he gives her instructions that she writes down. She says shell arrange for transportation and supplies for him to be delivered to the boat. After she gets off the phone with him she pulls out a lock box which has a gun inside. Billie is going no matter what Bo says, and Patrick insists he go with her. She says Bo doesnt trust him and thinks he still works for Dimera. Patrick says that is his problem, he knows how to handle Dimera better than anyone.

On the boat, Bo vows to find Hope and kill DiMera. Bo is trying to track DiMera and his message. He finds out she is on land nearby, and once he gets ashore it is thirty miles in. Bo decides to call in a favor, he calls Billie (per the above). Later, Bo realizes DiMera is tracking him so he turns the GPS and travels by the stars. Bo soon arrives on the island and heads ashore. He tells Hope to hold on as hes on his way.

On Tonys island, Bart is upset because Hope has thrown her dinner all over him. He says she is a feisty one. Tony says he understands Hopes anger, she and Bo were supposed to catch him but instead it is the other way around. He says once he has Bo in his custody hell begin the destruction of the Brady and the Horton clans. Caroline is brought in and she says over her dead body! Tony says that can be easily achieved. She spits on him and calls him a bastard. Victor is brought in as well, and Tony taunts them and tells them that neither of them will stop him, and neither will their bastard son. He says he already has Hope, and hes using her to lead Bo into his trap. He says eventually he may kill their beloved son. Victor offers to make a deal with Tony in exchange for Bo and Hope, but Tony says he cant give him anything he doesnt already have. He once again talks about John taking Kristen from him. Caroline says that was ages ago and if Kristen wanted to be with Tony then she would have. She says besides what do they have to do with that? Tony says they all must pay because they were all involved. He says he wants to destroy love, the foundation of the Bradys and the Hortons. Tony talks about how he tried to come between Bo and Hope by luring Bo and Billie into a trap where they made love. He says watching Bo and Billie make love on closed circuit TV wasnt as good as seeing Hopes face when she found them. Unfortunately he says they worked things out. Caroline says it is because they love one another and he cant do anything about that. Tony says there is one thing he can do. He pulls out a gun and says he will kill them both. He says he will kill one now, and the other one will die of grief. Tony says since Hope is already here that hell kill her first. Later, Tony decides that he doesnt have to decide right away, as either way one will be lost without the other. Bart gets a call and learns Bo is on schedule. Tony says soon hell have Bo right where he wants him. They spy on Bo via a camera. Tony orders Bart to go greet Bo when he lands, with a bullet. He tells Bart to have the men to shoot to kill!

At the hospital, Kate continues yelling at Roman. She thinks he is using what she did to Sami to end their relationship and get back with Marlena. Roman doesnt want to talk about this now, but Kate doesnt give a damn and says they are having this out right now. Roman says there is nothing to talk about, she lied about what she did to Sami and she never would have admitted it if Sami hadnt exposed her. He says then two people who loved one another would have been miserable. Kate says in spite of falling in love with John, she made a choice to be with him. She says but he wont admit that he fell in love with Marlena at the castle and wants to be with her. He says its not true, but she says it is. She tells him to just admit it because it is obvious he wants to be with her. He says hell always love her to some extent because they have a past and children, but he came home to her and he chose to be with her. He also says she is just trying to distract them from the real issue which is Kate trying to destroy Samis life. Kate says so if she told him the truth about what she did would he have stuck by her? He says who the hell knows, but at least she would have been honest. He once again says he admitted what he did was wrong, but she wont. Kate tells Roman that he makes himself out to be so righteous but he is a hypocrite. She tells him just know that if Marlena doesnt choose him then she wont be taking him back.

Later, Billie and Patrick arrive at the hospital to pick up a first aid kit. She finds Kate crying and asks what happened? Kate says shes lost Lucas and her husband. Kate explains how Sami exposed what she did to Sami and Brandon. Billie cant believe her mother did this. She says she told her not to mess with Lucas and Sami, and no wonder Roman is upset with her. Kate says she knows, and Roman hates her and is furious. She says but Roman wasnt honest with her about Marlena and the baby. Billie says she doesnt agree with what she did, but she hates to see her going through this. Billie says give Roman some time, hell come around. Kate asks why shes here with Patrick? Billie says she needs a first aid kit, she has a new ISA assignment. Kate asks if this has to do with Bo going after Tony? Billie says it does have to do with Bo, and she asks for one of the Basic Black jets. Kate asks what is going on? Billie says shell tell her as long as she doesnt tell Roman and John as they have enough to deal with. Billie says Hope has been kidnapped by Tony and shes going in as Bos backup. Kate is unsure Billie should be going with Patrick, how will Bo react? Billie says she doesnt care. She says she is moving on with her life without Bo. Billie gets a PDA message from Bo and says she has to go. She asks her mom about the jet, which Kate gives her. Kate begs her to be careful. Billie once again asks her mom not to tell John about this. Billie and Patrick then leave on their mission.

Meanwhile, Dr. North explains to John that Marlena remembers him because he is the only person she feels safe with. North says the stress between John and Roman is hurting her, and everyone is pressuring her to remember. He says he is the only one who doesnt pressure her, and that is why she feels safe with him. John says that makes sense, they have no history. Dr. North thinks about kissing Marlena in the past. Dr. North tells John to be patient. John asks what if she never regains her memory? North says that is a possibility, and that would mean she would have to rebuild her life. Dr. North says that could be a life that does not include him or their children. John asks what they should do? Dr. North says the only thing that will benefit Marlena right now is for her to leave Salem. John asks for how long, and he says he cant say. Roman shows up and asks what is going on? He learns Dr. North wants to take Marlena to his place in the mountains for therapy. John isnt comfortable with the idea, but Dr. North says hes used this place before and has had much success. Roman asks what is so important about this place? North says it is secluded, there is fresh mountain air and most important of all peace and quiet. He says right now Marlena is being bombarded with images from her past and she needs a change of scenery. John says hell agree to this, and hell pack a bag for him and Marlena and his jet will fly them. Dr. North says he hasnt made himself clear, it will only be him and Marlena, that is of the utmost importance. He says Marlena needs to be treated someplace known as a blank canvas, someplace with no memories for the patient. He says that is why John cant be there. John doesnt know, but ultimately agrees to let Dr. North do what he needs to do. John signs the consent forms releasing Marlena into Norths care. John asks if he can at least say goodbye to Marlena? Roman wants to so as well. Dr. North advises against this and suggests they leave her be if they want her to get better. John doesnt go in to see Marlena, and neither does Roman. Dr. North tells himself now that he has Johns permission it is time he help MArlena realize who she is. 


August 11, 2005

At Jack and Jen's, Jack pulls out a lock box and begins going through some papers. Jen shows up, she just put Jack Jr. down and she is about to do some laundry. She sees Jack with the papers and asks what he's doing? He claims he wants to make sure the insurance papers are in order. He says that with him being dead, back, and dead again that he wants to make sure no payments were missed. Jen says that is a good idea, but she thinks everything is paid up. SHe says it is a good thing she didn't cash in any of these insurance policies as she'd have to pay them back. She says she'd hate to be an insurance agent in this town. She decides the laundry and this can wait, they need to spend time together. Jack says no this can't wait, he doesn't have all the time in the world to put this off. She asks what he means? He quickly just claims that DiMera is still out there and who knows what could happen in the future. Jen tells him not to say that. SHe refuses to talk about this anymore and demands they spend some quantity time together. Jack relents, puts on Stand By Me, and he and Jen dance.

Outside Jack and Jen's, Max finds Frankie sulking. He wants Frankie to come watch a baseball game, but Frankie says no thanks. Max can't believe Frankie is passing on the Cubs to sit out here and think about Jen. Frankie says he was thinking about Jen and Jack and how good they've been to the both of them since they came back. Max asks Frankie why he came back anyways, he never told him. Frankie says work brought him back, and he wanted to see family. Max thinks he wanted to see Jen, it is obvious. He tells Frankie if he wants Jen then go for it and who cares about her geek of a husband. Frankie says no, he likes Jack, and Jen and Jack have two children together. Frankie changes to subject to Chelsea. He wants Max to cool it with her. He says Chelsea plays a fast game, but she's all talk and deep down she is a fragile little girl. Max says Jen used to be like that, she had a wild girl reputation but really she wasn't. He tells Max if he really likes chelsea then take her out on a date, do dinner and a movie. He also tells Max to stay out of Patrick's way, he is dangerous. Max asks if Frankie is here to protect Jen from Patrick or something. Frankie says no, like he said work and to see Family. Max leaves to watch the game, and Frankie spies on Jen and Jack. He daydreams that he's dancing and kissing Jen. 

At Sami's place, Lucas leaves to get them more sundaes. Sami puts on some country music and rocks out. She pulls out her wedding dress and parades around with it. Unfortunately Nicole shows up to ruin her good time. Nicole wants Sami to live up to their bargain and help her get Brady back. Sami tells Nicole that there is nothing she can do to get BRady back with Chloe in the picture, she's lost. Nicole refuses to accept that. Sami refuses to help her. She also tells her that she has a big problem, her dad is convinced Victor is still alive. She says if Victor returns then she'll be in real trouble. She says if Victor and Brady learn what Nicole did to Chloe then they will destroy her. Sami advises Nicole to grab as much Kiriakis cash as she can and put it in a Cayman's Island account and then flee Salem. Nicole says no, she doesn't care about the cash, she would give it all up for Brady. Nicole tells Sami that if Victor comes back she isn't the only one in trouble. Nicole says if Victor learned Sami was Stan then who knows what he'd do to her. Nicole decides it is time to tell Lucas the truth. She writes on Sami's mirror in lipstick that Sami = Stan. Sami quickly cleans it and tells Nicole she has to leave, Lucas will be back at any second. When the doorknob begins turning, Sami pushes Nicole out the window. Nicole ends up on the fire escape in the pouring rain. She looks in on Sami and Lucas and vows to ruin Sami's life is she doesn't help her. She says she'll sell her story to the evening news.

Abby and Chelsea go to a cafe which looks like the old Dot.Com. It's now a coffee and ice cream place. They are there for coffee, and Chelsea has a surprise. She has found a guy for Abby. She points to the counter and says his name is Josh. Abby thinks he's darling. She goes to order them drinks and talk to Josh. Josh is only interested in Chelsea though. It turns out there has been a mix-up, the guy behind the counter is not Josh. Josh is working there and is a bit of an awkward boy. He ends up bumping into Abby and spilling the coffees. He apologizes and goes to get her new ones. Abby likes Josh nonetheless. Meanwhile, Chelsea spots Kate sulking and goes to sit with her. She says Kate looks like she needs a friend. She also thinks Kate's company needs help, help she can offer. Chelsea wants a job, she says she knows fashion and her company is sadly falling behind the times and with what young people want. Kate tells Chelsea she is a rude little girl. She will get no where in life with her current attitude, and she doesn't remember inviting her to sit down. Chelsea returns to her table to sulk. Abby returns and Chelsea asks what happened to their drinks? She explains how Josh bumped her and spilled them, he's bringing them some. She sees Josh and calls him a geek. Josh hears this and is hurt. Abby scolds Chelsea for possibly ruining her chances with him. Chelsea is upset because Kate won't give her a job, and she says Kate is as bad as Billie. Abby says cut Kate some slack, she's having family issues. Lucas walks in and Chelsea decides to enjoy the fireworks between him and Kate. Meanwhile, Abby goes to Josh and says she doesn't care what Chelsea says, she likes him and wants to hang out. She gives him her cell number and says to call her. Josh smiles.

Lucas arrives to get some sundaes, and Kate tries to talk to him. He says he has nothing to say to her. She says she is still his mother. He says no, she's the woman who gave birth to him. He says a mother is supposed to be nurturing and caring, she tried to destroy his and Will's lives. She asks to explain, but he doesn't want to hear more of her lies. He says if she wants to talk then he'll go first. He says goodbye and walks off. Kate vows to get back at Sami for this. She says Sami won the battle, but not the war.

At the cottage, Brady finds Chloe reading a bridal magazine. She is happy to be getting married and has a fantasy about her wedding day. It is spoiled when her fantasy turns to a nightmare because she sees herself and she's still scarred. She tells BRady that they can't do this, she can't marry him when she looks like a monster. Brady once again doesn't care about the scars, but she says she's thinking of him. She says he is CEO of Titan, he is going to be in the media. She says she doesn't want people, stockholders to feel sorry for him. She says the company could suffer. He says then he'll do something about this. He begins writing his resignation letter. She says he can't do this, but he says it is his choice.


August 12, 2005

At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen are still slow dancing to "Stand by Me" as Frankie watches from outside. Frankie makes a call to someone and says he needs another assignment now. He says it is best he leave Salem tonight. Frankie says he knows it was his choice to take this assignment but he has to leave and it's personal. Meanwhile, Jack begins to get short of breath and tells Jen he needs a breather. She asks if something is wrong, and he says no. He says why don't they get Frankie in here to dance with her. She says she doesn't want to dance with Frankie. Jack says but he knows she likes to dance. She says yes, with her husband. She says she is just as happy sitting and listening to music with him too. They sit down, and Jack talks about how he really likes having Frankie around. Jen says something is up, the old Jack wouldn't want a man within ten feet of her, especially not an ex of hers. Jack says nothing is up, but she says he is pushing her and Frankie together like he wants them to fall back in love. She wonders if maybe Jack doesn't want her anymore, that he doesn't love her anymore. Jack says that is not the case, how can she think that? SHe says something is going on. He says nothing is going on and he loves her. He says he loves her more each day, and the whole time he was held captive he could think about nothing but getting back to her. She is glad. Later Frankie comes in and tells them that he has news, he's leaving town tonight. Jack says he can't! Jen looks at him, and Jack says it just means so much to him and Jen to have him around. Frankie says he'll be back, but this is work related. They convince him to stay one more night and plan to go out for dinner and drinks. Jack goes upstairs to change, and Jen asks Frankie why he is really leaving town. He claims work as he told her. Meanwhile, Jack pops pills and says he has to convince Frankie not to leave town. He says Jen will need someone when he's gone and it won't be Patrick Lockhart.

At Sami's, Lucas and Sami are having a love fest on the couch while drunk Nicole watches from the fire escape. It's pouring and she's drinking it up outside as she watches. She says Sami better help her or else. Sami keeps shoeing at Nicole to leave, but she won't. There is a knock at the door, and Lucas answers. It is Kate who wants to talk to him alone. Lucas says he has nothing more to say to her and slams the door in her face. Sami is pleased, and Lucas tells her that she and Will are his family now. He promises Kate will never come between them again. Sami sees Nicole still on the balcony and says she thinks the window blew open. She tries to quickly close the curtains, but ends up pulling them down. She thinks Lucas has seen Nicole, but he hasn't. She's hiding around the corner, and Lucas comes to look at the curtains. He says he'll fix them tomorrow. He says it's really raining outside though. Lucas begins talking to Sami about their wedding and what kind she wants. Sami says she thinks they missed the boat on the big wedding, Kate and Basic Black won't pay for it now. Lucas says he knows. Sami says maybe her parents can pay for it, but Lucas says her mom is in pretty bad shape right now. Sami thinks a big wedding would do her good. He says don't get her hopes up. She says she can't help it, she is happy and wants everyone to be. She starts dreaming that perhaps her parents will get back together now. Again, Lucas reminds her that her mom is still married to John and her dad is still married to his mom. He says just don't get your hopes up. However, he thinks Sami should have a big wedding. He says his first marriage to Nicole was at the justice of the peace. He says it was a nightmare from the beginning. Sami says Nicole is bridezilla and can't hold onto a man to save her life. Nicole hears this, goes to yell at Sami, but falls over the fire escape! Sami sees this and yells "Oh my God!" She runs to the window and tells Lucas she has to tell him something. Turns out she just tells him that they don't have to have a big wedding, they should just get married. She wants to call Will and tell him the news, but Lucas would rather wait and tell him when he gets home to see the look on his face. Sami asks what she can get him for a wedding gift? He says the one thing he wants she can't give him, and that is Stan! Lucas starts talking about how he wants to nail Stan. Sami says let it go, they'll never find Stan. Lucas says they will find him and that he's a traitor to the county. He apologizes to Sami for upsetting her. He says he knows he accused her of knowing more about Stan than she did, but that was only because he didn't trust her thanks to his mom. He says he knows she doesn't know anything, and Sami says she doesn't. As he holds her and vows to get Stan, she cries.

On the street, Nicole survived her fall by grabbing a ladder and dropping down. She ends up face down in the gutter, grabs her flask and sips it. Kate shows up and says look who is in the gutter, not that she is surprised. Kate says let her guess, Chloe came back and BRady kicked her to the curb. Nicole says from what she heard Roman and Lucas have both dumped her, and Sami nailed her good with those tapes. Kate wonders how Nicole knows this? Nicole says she's clairvoyant. Kate thinks she knows because she is below Sami's apartment. She thinks Nicole paid a visit for Sami for some reason. She says Nicole and Sami hate one another, so the only reason Nicole would be here is if she has dirt on Sami. Kate tells Nicole to spill it. Nicole blurts out that Sami has secrets. Kate asks what kind of secrets? Kate says she could make it worth Nicole's while. Nicole says if Lucas found out what Sami was hiding then he'd dump her. Kate wants more info, but Nicole says no more talk of Sami. Nicole says she has her own problems right now, like dealing with Victor who could be coming home soon. Nicole stumbles off, and Kate vows to find out what Sami is hiding and ruin her. Kate says she will get her son back.

On the island, Tony is angry as Bo has shot out the security cameras so he can't be watched. Bart shows up, in a baseball catcher's outfit, and escorts Hope in. Tony asks if the gear is necessary, but BArt says it is as Hope is a hellion. Hope damns Tony, and he just laughs at her. Hope says Bo will come for her, and Tony says he's counting on it. He fills Hope in on his plan, that she is the bait to lure Bo into his trap and that he plans to kill one of them and let the other die of a broken heart. He says he has plans for Caroline and Victor as well. She asks if they are here, and he says yes. She asks to see them. Bart can't believe Hope is giving Tony orders. Tony says it is okay and arranges for a reunion. Later, Tony discusses Bo with Bart and how he has a secret weapon to ensure Bo is captured.

Hope is brought into a room to see Victor and Caroline. She is handcuffed, so they hug her. They fill her in on how they were captured after the fire in the castle, and while Tony has taken excellent care of them, he has played mind games all the time. Hope explains how she and Bo came here, but they already know. Caroline says Tony told them about capturing her and his sick plan for her and Bo. Hope says Bo is smart, he has a satellite phone and will call for help. She hopes he calls Roman, but there is a possibility he might call Billie Reed. She says if that happens then they are doomed.

Out on the beach, Billie and Patrick land and have swum ashore. Patrick gets ahead of Billie for a moment and makes a call to someone. He says he's here, and he'll be ready for Bo. Billie soon shows up, and Patrick goes to get their gear which he stashed down near the shore. Suddenly, Billie is grabbed by Bo. He asks what in the hell she is doing here? She says saving his butt. As they argue about Billie coming here, Patrick returns. Bo is furious that Billie brought him, but Billie says he can help as he knows how the DiMeras work. Bo refuses to allow Patrick to help. As Bo and Patrick argue, Billie suggests she leave them to argue while she scouts around. Bo says absolutely not. Patrick offers to keep Bo busy while she looks around. She asks how, he says by force if necessary. Patrick starts asking Bo, who is looking through the gear, if he can have some stuff. Bo says no. As they argue, Billie heads off. When Bo realizes Billie is gone, he pulls a gun on Patrick the boy scout. He says he knows what he's up to, divide and conquer is the name of his game. A DiMera guard shows up, and Patrick knocks Bo out. Patrick tells the guard right on time. Later, Billie returns and finds Bo and Patrick are gone.

Back at Tony's base, Patrick walks into the office where TOny, Bart and Hope are. He's escorted by a guard. Bart is tense, but Patrick says relax, he's on Tony's side. Bart says yeah right, he fled the island after helping all the prisoners escape. Patrick says Tony blew up the island, he was looking out for himself, it's called self preservation. Patrick says he knows Tony doesn't trust him so he'll prove his loyalty. Patrick says he has something Tony wants. Two more guards bring in an unconscious Bo. Hope says damn you, what have you done to him? Patrick asks Tony if he believes he is on his side now. 

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