August 15, 2005

At Belles loft, Phillip talks to Belle about Mimi. Belle is upset that Mimi is angry with her. Phillip says in time Mimi will realize what happened with Rex was her own fault. Belle says if Rex loves Mimi then why didnt he forgive her? Phillip says some things are unforgivable. Phillip thinks this will blow over and she and Mimi will be friends again, and before long theyll be dancing and Shawn and Mimis wedding. Belle drops the glass of water Phil just gave her. Belle is shocked and says she doesnt think Mimi will ever get over Rex. Phillip says Rex wasnt her first love. Belle says you mean Kevin? He says no, Shawn was her first love. Phillip thinks they would make a great couple. Belle says that Shawn and Mimi arent right for one another, and nothing he or anyone does will ever get them together. Phillip says wow he must have hit a nerve. Belle cleans up the glass and plans to take the trash out. Phillip wants to know if Belle is upset or jealous about Shawn and Mimi? She says shes not jealous, but he says it is natural. He says he felt the same way when Chloe moved on with Brady, even though he didnt want her back. Belle says she isnt jealous and they should stop talking about Shawn. Phillip says he would think shed want Shawn and Mimi to be happy. She says she does, but they will never be a couple.

Over at the other loft, Mimi is dreaming about Phillip pushing her to get together with Shawn. Shawn shows up in only a towel, wakes Mimi up and asks what she did with his pants? It turns out Mimi is laying on them, shes on the couch. Mimi says shes sorry. She asks how he is doing. Shawn says he just had the talk with Belle, the one where she tells him it is over. Shawn leaves the room to get dressed, and Bonnie calls Mimi. Bonnie wants to know how things with Shawn are going. Mimi says shes hanging up. Bonnie says shy girls finish last, and if she isnt careful some smart and brave girl will grab Shawn up. Mimi says Shawn loves Belle, but Bonnie says Belle is married and pregnant. Bonnie says Rex the dummy left her, and Belle is busy with her own husband, so now is the time she gets together with Shawn. Bonnie suggests she and Shawn come down here for drinks, dancing and who knows what else. Bonnie tells her to be here in ten minutes, no excuses. Later, as Mimi and Shawn are heading off, Belle is taking the trash out and asks where they are going? Mimi says to Alices for a drink, if that is okay.

Belle heads back inside, and Phillip says did he call it or what. As they have dinner, Phillip cant stop talking about Shawn and Mimi going to Alices. He says Yeehaw! She says it isnt a date, Mimi is upset about Rex and Shawn is upset . . . Shawn is worried about his parents. She says it is just a distraction. Phillip says perhaps Mimi and Shawn will get together, adopt, and then their kids will be friends like they used to be. Belle says shes not feeling well and runs off. Later, Belle returns and Phillip hangs up the phone. He says he just called Alices and Bonnie says Shawn and Mimi are dancing and having a good time. He says its just like he said, everything is working out.

At Alices, every girl in the bar is all over Max on the dance floor. Abby and Chelsea are watching from the bar, and Chelsea orders some beers. Bonnie shows up and tells the bartender shell take care of these two. Bonnie asks Abby how her parents would feel about her being here drinking. Abby says she isnt drinking, but Bonnie says she just heard her friend order beers. Bonnie says her parents just walked in so shell ask them how they feel about this.

Jack, Jen and Frankie walk in to have a night out. Frankie is still determined to leave so Jen and Jack have alone time together. Jen asks if he is leaving because he thinks hes keeping them apart? Jen says nothing can keep them apart. Jack says not yet, he means not now and not ever. Frankie says he told them he has to leave because of work. Frankie goes to talk to his brother and let him know hes leaving. Jen and Jack then see Abby at the bar and they confront her. They thought she was going to the movies. Abby says the movie was sold out. Chelsea says what the big deal is, they were only going to have one drink and go. Jen asks what drink they were hoping to have? Bonnie shows up with two root beers. Abby tells her parents that she and Chelsea were going to have a sleepover, but Chelsea says they arent in seventh grade anymore. Abby says that Chelsea was staying over because Billie and Patrick were out of town. Jen says okay and it sounds like fun. Abby asks her parents why they are here, and they say they are celebrating one last time with Frankie as hes leaving town. Chelsea asks if Max is leaving too? Jen realizes Chelsea really likes Max. Abby tells her mom to not seem so interested in Chelseas business. Jen and Jack tease one another about how they are all up in Chelseas life. Abby says Max is going to give Chelsea driving lessons while Patrick is out of town. Jack doesnt like either of her teachers and suggests Jen give her lessons. Jen says no, shes a terrible driver, remember she ran over Patrick. Jack doesnt want to talk about Patrick anymore. He says now that they are here they can be the girls chaperons, so they can stay here a little later and they are welcomed. 

Meanwhile, Max tries to get Frankie to make a move on Jen or anyone of the female species before he turns to stone. Frankie says he is making a move, hes moving out of Jack and Jens lives. Max says he loves Jen so admit it. Frankie admits it, which is why he is leaving town before he makes a fool and messes things up for Jack and Jen. Max says as long as he can recall Frankie has carried around Jens high school photo. Max thinks Frankie needs to go for it if he loves her, but Frankie says there are no second chances in love. He says Max doesnt know that because all he cares about is a pretty face and a hot bod. Frankie says when Max finds someone he loves then hold onto them. Max thinks if Frankie loves Jen that much then he should tell her. 

Later Max gets in a fight with a drunk man who is jealous of Maxs attention to his girlfriend. The guy ends up getting thrown out. As all the girls continue to flirt with Max, Chelsea tells Abby that he should be dancing with him and not those sluts. She thinks Max doesnt take her seriously, so shell have to go all the way with him. She says with Patrick and Billie gone, this is her chance. She says they say you can tell how a guy is in bed by how he moves on the dance floor, and Max has the moves. Abby thinks she should be with someone she loves. On the dance floor, the girls want to know which one he is taking home. He says none. Meanwhile, Chelsea has made up her mind, she says shes giving Max her virginity tonight. Jen walks up to them and is stunned. Of course she heard nothing, she just asks if they are having fun and to be good. Chelsea tells herself she will be good, shell rock Maxs world. Abby tells her not to do this, but Chelsea says shell still respect herself in the morning. She goes out and dances with Max. Max puts his hands all over Chelseas body as they dance.

Jack and Jen dance, and Jack becomes short winded. Jack encourages Jen and Frankie to dance, claiming he is dizzy and needs a breather. Jen tells Frankie that he doesnt have to dance with her, but Frankie says he cant say no to his buddy Jack. They dance, and Jen tells him that she hates to see him go. She says she and Jack love having him here. Frankie says hell miss her too, and that Jack is a lucky guy. Jen hopes Frankie finds someone to settle down with. Jen also says it is incredible that theyve been able to stay such good friends these years. Jen soon begins to worry about Jack and where he is. Frankie says hell go check on him. Frankie says he wants to make sure Jack continues to take care of his Jen, and he kisses her hand. Frankie leaves, and Bonnie talks with Jen about Frankie and what a hunk he is. She doesnt know why some girl hasnt got a ring from him. Jen doesnt know and hopes one day hell meet a wonderful woman. Bonnie says maybe he just hasnt gotten over Jen. Later, Jen and Bonnie talk about how everything is going right for the both of them and how they are so happy.

Jack heads outside where he becomes dizzy. He bumps into some guy, and the guy drops a knife. Jack and the guy begin wrestling over the switchblade. Later Jack is passed out in a puddle of blood, and Frankie finds him. Jack only has a slight cut on his hand, and he cant feel it anyways so it doesnt matter. Jack says hes fine. Frankie asks why he was passed out then. He says he faints by the site of blood? Frankie wants Jack to go to the hospital. Jack says they cant do anything, hes dying. Jack explains he has a condition and Jen doesnt know. He doesnt want Frankie to tell her. However he wants Frankie to marry Jen after he is gone. He tells Frankie not to tell Jen about this, and after he is gone to marry Jen and keep Patrick away from her. He wants Frankie to be a good husband to Jen and a good father to his children. Jack says he has no one else, hes counting on Frankie. He makes Frankie promise him, and Frankie says okay. 

Shawn and Mimi soon show up at Alices, and Mimi thinks Shawn would rather be here with Belle. Shawn suggests they not talk about Belle, and they decide to get some beers. Later, Bonnie asks Shawn to ask Mimi to dance to cheer her up. She says okay, and Shawn and Mimi hit the dance floor. As they dance they discuss trying to get over the ones they love.

On the island, Billie finds a flashlight on the ground, but no Bo or Patrick. Billie thinks DiMera must have gotten to them. Billie goes to call for backup when shes captured. At Tonys fortress, Hope is furious when Patrick brings an unconscious Bo in to prove his loyalty to Tony. Hope tries to go to Bo, but Bart says no way. She decks Bart and asks Patrick how he could do this to them? Hope goes to Bo, and he comes to. Bo asks what happened, and Hope says Patrick betrayed them. Bo is furious and tells Patrick that him and his arrogant boss will die for this. Tony tells Bo bravo! and to consider this his final act. Tony says that the Bradys and Hortons should prepare themselves for hell on earth. Tony tells Bo and Hope that he has torture in mind for those who escaped him such as Roman, as well as for Marlena and John. He says the torture is being carried out right now via remote control. He then asks the guards to bring in Caroline and Victor to say farewell to their bastard son. Tony then asks Bart to make sure their guests give them no more surprises. Bo is still upset with Patrick and calls him a traitor. Patrick hopes Tony believes him now and can give him a job, but Tony says he doesnt trust that easily. He asks Patrick if he came here alone, or was he with someone that hes protecting. Tony wants a name. Suddenly Billie is brought in by Bart. Billie damns Patrick and says she cant believe she trusted him. Tony says calm herself, they are about to experience a good old fashion family reunion. Victor and Caroline are brought in, and Bo hugs Caroline. Caroline begs Tony to let them go and take her and Victor instead. Tony says there is nothing she can do to save Bo and Hope, and they all need to accept their fate. He says there loved ones will all suffer and the moment has arrived. Bart brings Tony a gun, and Tony says there is a method to his madness. He knows that love is what has kept the Brady and Hortons surviving in spite everything that has happened to them. He says so to destroy the families he must destroy the love between the married couple that joins the Bradys and Hortons. He has a gold bullet, and he plans to kill either Bo and Hope. He tells them that they can choose which one dies by the bullet and which dies by broken heart. Bo says hell take the bullet, but Hope says no. Meanwhile, Billie tells Patrick she cant believe she let him touch her. He says its obvious that she is still in love with Bo, but it looks like shes finally going to lose him. Bo and Hope argue over who will die, and Tony says hes tired of this. He says hell decide for them, points his gun and says Ladies first. Patrick steps in front of Hope, and Tony says he knew hed do that. He decides the execution doesnt have to happen now, and if Patrick is disloyal they will kill him too. Billie demands to know where Georgia is and if she is alive. Tony says she is alive. Billie asks where she is, take her to her. Tony laughs and says Georgia is in Salem! They ask who she is, and do they know her. Tony says he guesses he can tell them since they are his prisoner. Billie says she has no pride left, she just wants to know where Georgia is and who she is. Tony says the girl she is looking for doesnt know shes her daughter, and she doesnt go by Georgia. However he says the name is familiar to them.


August 16, 2005

At Belle and Phillips place, Phillip tells Belle how Bonnie says Mimi and Shawn are having a great time together down at Alices. Phillip wants the best for them, he wants them to get married and live happily ever after just like the two of them. Phillip asks why she doesnt want them to get together? She says they are both on the rebound, and rebound relationships dont work. He says people could say she married him on the rebound. Belle says that is different. Belle says Mimi still loves Rex and Shawn . . . Phillip says he knows Shawn still loves her, and hes not threatened by that. He says he knows how much Belle loves him. He also says that he knows she doesnt want Shawn back, but it seems like she doesnt want anyone else to have him either. Belle says she does want them to be happy, but she doesnt think they are right for one another. She also says she doesnt want them to confuse sympathy for one another with romantic love. Phillip thinks they are smart enough to know the difference. Phillip suggests they go out somewhere as they have been cooped up in here too long. He tells her that it is her pick. She says okay, Alices. He says an interesting choice.

At Alices, Mimi and Shawn dance, and they both admit they are thinking about the ones they love. Mimi tells Shawn that Belle lead him on for months, and Belle doesnt care that she broke his heart and cost her Rex. Mimi says Belle isnt even happy with Phillip, and if she cant be happy then she doesnt want them to be happy. Shawn says they shouldnt talk about this. Mimi wonders how he can keep defending her? Shawn says she just needs more time to realize what she really wants. Mimi says theyve lost, theyve been dump and wont be getting back with their loved ones. Shawn says Belle still loves him and the only reason she is staying with Phillip is because of the baby. Mimi says if Belle was so in love with him, if she was really going to dump Phillip the moment he got back from the war, then why when they slept together did she risk getting pregnant with his baby if she didnt love him. He asks if she is implying that Belle go pregnant on purpose? She says she just finds it interesting that Belle didnt use birth control. Shawn says maybe she did, nothing is 100% effective. Shawn makes some comment which hits home to Mimi (I think he said she should know better than anyone condoms dont always work). Mimi thanks him for reminding her as to why she lost Rex. Shawn says hes sorry, and Mimi says this isnt working. Mimi says no matter what they always end up talking about Belle and Rex. 

Also at Alices, Max and Chelsea are dancing, and Chelsea tells Max that she is sure that she wants to give him her virginity tonight. Abby interrupts and says her mom says it is time to go. Max steps aside, and Bonnie says it looks like the girls are fighting over him. He says yeah, and he seems to like it. Bonnie suggests to Max that he break this up before Jen does as Jen is not as an open minded mom as she is. He thanks her and calls her Mrs. Lockhart. She says call her Bonnie, in fact call her anytime he wants as her number is in the book. Mimi and Shawn show up, and Mimi says her mother is old enough to be his mother! Bonnie asks what they want to drink? Shawn says a beer, and Mimi says a club soda. Bonnie continues to push Shawn to drink up, and she says not to worry as Mimi is only having club sodas. She says if something happens and Mimi cant get them home then shell get them both home and into bed. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea accuses Abby of being jealous of her. Chelsea says this is her life and shell do with it as she pleases. Abby says but shes staying at her house, which means she has to follow her mothers rules. Chelsea doesnt want to fight and asks her to ask her mom to let them stay a bit longer. Abby says fine and walks off. Max says it looks like their plans are over. Later, Abby tells Chelsea that her mom went home to deal with Jack Jr. who was being fussy, so they can stay longer. However, Abby says that Chelsea has to drive her home. Chelsea thinks Abby did this on purpose to ruin her night. Abby says she has to go find her dad. Chelsea says good, have him take her home. Chelsea and Max continue to dance, and Chelsea thinks they have time to go out and do it in his car. Max says no, her first time should be someplace private and romantic. He says shell remember this night for her whole life, and it shouldnt be a quickie in a car. She tells him that hes so romantic. Abby shows up (after seeing her dad below) and tells Chelsea that its time to go. Chelsea whispers to Max to meet her at her house later, and she and Abby head off.

Belle and Phillip show up, and Belle sees Shawn drinking. She thinks Mimi should know better then to let Shawn drink like that. They approach Mimi and Shawn and hope to join them, but Shawn says they were having a swell time on their own. Shawn asks Mimi to dance, so they leave. Bonnie tells Belle and Phillip that they make such a great couple. Bonnie says Rex dumping Mimi and Belle leaving Shawn may be the best thing to happen to them, she thinks they are good together and should end up together. As Shawn and Mimi dance, Shawn thinks about dancing with Belle. Meanwhile Mimi sees how Belle is looking at her and how this is making Belle nuts. Mimi says Belle deserves every bit of misery she can give her. Mimi starts holding Shawn as tight as she can. Meanwhile, Phillip excuses himself to use the mens room. Bonnie congratulates Belle on being pregnant and how she must be thrilled. Bonnie continues to talk about how Mimi has always had the hots for Shawn, but she couldnt make a play for him because he was with her. Bonnie says she brought Mimi up right, she knew not to make a play for her friends man. She also says Phillip liked Belle but wouldnt make a play for her because Shawn was with her. Bonnie says it is funny how things work out, Belle is with Phillip and Mimi will end up with Shawn. Belle says shes sorry but she doesnt think Shawn will end up with Mimi. Bonnie asks why not, because she doesnt want to see Shawn with someone else?

Outside, Jack thanks Frankie for agreeing to marry Jen. He says this has made him the happiest man alive. Jack starts telling him what Jen likes, and Frankie tells Jack that he cant do this and it is wrong. Frankie says hell be there for her as a friend, but this marriage idea is insane. Frankie asks if this is a test, is this story about him dying a fabrication to see if hell make a play for Jen? Frankie asks Jack if he thinks he came back to town for Jen? Jack says he is dying, and he wants Frankie to be there for Jen. Frankie says this is not his choice to make, and the Jack he knows wouldnt give up, hed fight this. Jack says there is no fighting this, all the tests confirm he is dying. He says if he could buy just a little more time then hed make a deal with the devil. He says he cant though. Frankie tells Jack that he has to tell Jen the truth. Jack says no, and Frankie cant either. Frankie says he wont, but shes not stupid and she knows something is going on. Frankie says Jen asked him to investigate what was up. Jack says there is no saving him this time. Jack says he has been straight with Frankie and wants an answer from him, will he do what he asks. Frankie says Jack is being selfish, but Jack says he wants to ensure every last moment with his family is happy and not about them waiting for him to die. He also says he just wants to make sure his family is taken care of after he is gone, and he doesnt want Patrick to be the one to do that. Jack is positive Patrick is a Dimera Operative, and he has all the women in Salem believing he is reformed. However he says none of the men in Salem trust him. Jack knows if Jen is available after he is gone then Patrick will move right in, and God only knows what he and DiMera will do then. Jack thought Frankie was a stand-up guy, but if he can stand by and watch Patrick hurt Jen and his children then Frankie isnt the man he thought he was. Frankie admits Lockhart is dangerous, and he doesnt know where he remembers him from. Frankie eventually figures out what is going on. He thinks Jack doesnt want him (Frankie) to be with Jen, he just doesnt want her to be with Patrick and is using him to keep Patrick away from her. Jack says he is doing this because he and Jen once loved one another, and he knows they can love one another again. Frankie says what hey had was a long time ago, but Jack thinks they can get it back. Abby shows up and asks what is wrong, her dad doesnt have more bad news does he. She asks why they are out here and why does her dad look so serious. Jack says he and Frankie were just discussing law and some of Frankies cases. Jack asks why she is out here? Abby says mom had to go home, and Jack says he and Frankie will hail a cab and she can come with them. Abby says mom said Chelsea could drive her home. Jack says okay, dont stay late and stick to the side streets. He also says no alcohol. Abby says she promises, and she heads back inside. Frankie begins thinking about dancing with Jen long ago. Stand By Me is playing in Alices, and Jack says he knows this is a special song for him and Jen. Jack is convinced Frankie is the only man for Jen to be with. He says Frankie is the only man hes ever been jealous of because Frankie was Jens first love. Frankie says that was a long time ago though. Frankie damns Jack for involving him in this scheme, but Jack says he has no choice. He says the real question is if Frankie cares enough about Jen to help him, to help her. He asks Frankie if part of him still loves her? Jack wants Frankies promise to be with Jen now otherwise he has to make other plans and he doesnt have much time left. Frankie tells Jack that Jen married the right man, and he is amazing for doing this for his wife. Jack talks about how it is hard enough knowing hell never walk Abby down the isle, hell never grow old with Jen, hell never get to see his grandbabies. He says to die now knowing his family is in danger is more than he can take. Frankie says hell always be there for Jen as a friend. Jack knows that, but he wants Frankie to marry her, to make her fall in love with him. Frankie says he doesnt think he can promise that. 

On the island, Billie asks Tony who her daughter is. Tony says where is the fun in just telling them? Bo calls him a bastard. Tony says that term is best applied to Bo of all the people in this room. Tony tells them all that they are being disrespectful to him and this is no way to get him to reveal the identity of their daughter. Victor tells DiMera to tell them who their granddaughter is now. Billie asks Tony to have some compassion and tell them. Hope wonders if Tony is even telling the truth or if this is another game. Tony says Georgia is alive, she is living in Salem, and they have had the information for months to find her. Billie asks if this information was another one of his clues? He says no it wasnt from him, but it was a clue, a very important clue. He cant believe Billie and Bo with all their training didnt put it together. Billie says what clue and who did it come from, answer her! Tony says he is not a believer of the sanctity of family, but he guesses they should know the name of their daughter before they go to their grave. Tony says Georgia has been living in Salem all this time believing her name to be . . . suddenly explosions go off. Tony wonders where that came from. More explosions happen, and the roof begins to cave in. Hope tries to get the upper hand on Tony, but Tony grabs her and tells everyone not one more step or Hope dies. He holds his gun on her. Bo, who grabbed a gun from a guard, has it pointed at Tony. Bo tells Tony that he has only one bullet in his gun so the odds are against him, hell end up dead no matter what he does. Tony says Bo is right, pushes Hope and runs off. Caroline had gotten the keys from one of the guards, and she begins unlocking the cuffs. Patrick has fled, and Bo tells Hope not to be conned by Patrick if he comes back, take him out. Hope says she will. Bo rushes off after Tony. Later, Billie returns with Tony. She says he was trying to get away in his boat but it was disabled in the first explosion. She says Bart is missing, as is Patrick. Bo brings Patrick in and says hes not going anywhere except to hell with his boss. Tony laughs.


August 17, 2005

Jack returns home and sees the tape of Jen and Frankie sitting on the table. He wishes he could be around for Jen, but he cant. He also hopes Frankie will agree to his plan as Jen is going to need him.

Frankie runs into Max outside, and Max says he has a date with Chelsea. Max says he has decided to take Frankies advice, hes going to take it slow and gentle. Max says he likes Chelsea and he does want to get to know her better. Frankie is glad. Max asks Frankie what about him, he looked like he was having fun with Jen tonight. Frankie says he, Jack and Jen were having fun. Max doesnt get it, that guy seems like such a loser. Frankie says Jack is eccentric, but he is the most decent man he knows. Max says Jack wont say the same about him when he learns Frankie wants to take his wife away. Max leaves, and Frankie says Jack wants him to take Jen, but he doesnt know if he can.

Chelsea and Abby arrive home and are outside. Abby tells Chelsea she knows things didnt go the way she wanted with Max, but some day shell be glad she waited. Chelsea says who says she is waiting, with Patrick gone shes going to get together with Max. Abby thinks she should wait for the one she loves not just some nobody. Chelsea says Max is hardly a nobody, he is famous. Chelsea says she is ready for this so if she wants to be with Max then she will be. She goes to leave, but Jack shows up and asks Chelsea where she is headed as it is past curfew. She says she is 18, but Jack says she is spending the night under his roof so she follows his rules. Jack suggests they all go inside and watch an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Abby says theyll watch an episode with him, but he has to make them kettle corn. Jack says deal and heads inside. Max shows up and thinks their night is off, but Chelsea says no. She tells Abby to have fun with Alfred, and Chelsea runs off with Max. 

Chelsea and Max head to the Lockhart place, and Max feels like a swim. She says she doesnt have her swimsuit. He says who needs one. He gets naked, but she doesnt. He asks if something is wrong? Chelsea remembers Abby telling her how huge having sex for the first time was, and how she should wait for the right time and guy. Max asks what is wrong, and she says shes just taking in the view. They begin to kiss, and they get hot and heavy. Chelsea drops her phone and it somehow calls Jack and Jens. Abby picks up, but no one is there. Chelsea and Max are now in the pool, and Chelsea asks Max to make love to her. Abby hears them moaning and groaning and cant believe this. The phone ends up dying, so Abby doesnt know what is going on. 

Frankie shows up to see Jack, and Frankie says hes been thinking about what Jack wants him to do. Frankie says what Jack is asking him to do is wrong. Jack knows but he says he has no choice. He says if Frankie doesnt step up then Patrick will take advantage of Jen when shes most vulnerable. Jack says Jen is a little naive when it comes to trusting people, which is why she let Patrick parade around the house with his shirt off for so long. Jack says Jen likes to believe that people are basically good. He also says he knows Frankie still has feelings for Jen, he can see it. Jack tells Frankie not to deny it, which he doesnt. He asks Frankie to look after Jen for him. Frankie says hell look after Jen and the kids, but he cant promise to marry Jen. Frankie says he cant turn back the clock, he and Jen cant pick up where they left off twenty years ago. Frankie says Jen will never get over Jack, he is the love of her life and no one can replace him. Jack says hes not asking him to replace him. Jack continues to push Frankie and says he and Jen had something special and they still have a connection. Frankie admits it. Jack says they have something amazing and Jen would never have that with Patrick. Jack says that is why he is begging Frankie to make Jen fall in love with him. Jack says after he is gone there is no reason they cant fall in love again. Jack says he just wants Frankie to give it a chance, and to give him an answer. Frankie says okay hell give it a chance. 

Marlena and Alex arrive at the cabin. Marlena says this is lovely. He asks what she was expecting, no electricity? She wasnt expecting this, she was expecting rustic. He asks if she is disappointed? She says shes not, she thought theyd be roughing it. She says this is inviting. She says she already feels at ease, and she has a sense that shes known him all her life. She gives him a hug and thanks him for bringing her here. He says she is welcome. John walks in with the luggage and doesnt like what he sees. He drops the luggage with a loud thud. Marlena thanks him for bringing the bags in, Alex says hell take them to the bedroom. John asks how many bedrooms he has? Alex says one, but hell sleep on the comfy couch. Alex leaves, and John doesnt like Marlena staying here alone. She says shes not alone. He says anyways, hes brought her something. Marlena acts like she doesnt want what hes brought her. Its more photographs. He says she used to love putting these albums together. Of course she doesnt remember them and they mean nothing to her. John says hopefully one day shell remember everything, and he thanks her for letting him fly her up here. She knows this is awkward for him, but its awkward for her too. She just doesnt understand something, she wonders how close were they if she made love to her ex-husband. He says it wasnt her fault, she was held hostage by Tony DiMera. The name Tony DiMera is familiar to Marlena. He says its not surprising, that family has tried to destroy them for years. She says this man couldnt have forced her to be intimate with her ex-husband could he? On the steps Alex is watching. Alex leaves, and Marlena tells John that she may not remember her past, but she believes she is a woman of strong principals. John says she is. Marlena says then she knows she wouldnt make love to someone unless she wanted to. She says she is sorry if this hurts him, but something must have happened between her and Roman. John says it was more complicated then that. Alex returns at this point, and Marlena says she wants to go unpack. Alex says actually hed like to do a session tonight, which means John will have to say goodbye. John says sure. He goes to kiss Marlena, but stops. He says take care of herself and hell be in touch. He gives her his cell phone number just in case. John then talks to Alex outside and asks him to do him a favor. John is afraid when Marlena remembers she may not recall who shes married to. He wants Alex to tip the scales in his favor. Alex tells him not to worry, he wants Marlena to end up with the right man. John leaves, and Alex smiles to himself. Meanwhile, Marlena turns on the stereo and puts on music. Alex returns and has memories of him and Marlena in bed together so long ago. Alex tells MArlena now that he has her all to himself, shall they begin putting her life back together?

At Samis place, Sami is tossing and turning in bed. Shes dreaming about being found out as Stan by Lucas, who is furious with her. Lucas says Tony called him and told him everything. Sami wakes up from her nightmare and Lucas is gone. She fins Lucas out on the laptop doing work. He says hes found a way to find Stan. Lucas says he forgot about this before, but when he worked for the DiMeras he could get into the DiMera mainframe. He says his clearance still works, and he breaks in to Tonys database. Sami says he could get into trouble with Tony for doing this, and to herself she says Lucas could find out that he is Stan. Sami quickly pulls the modem cord from the laptop, and Lucas asks what she is doing? He says he spent hours doing this and he cant retrace those steps. Sami says she wont let him destroy their happiness, if Tony finds out what hes done then hell kill them both. She asks him to let this go. Lucas says he wont let it go, Stan tried to kill them in the desert and who knows if he is still out there somewhere. Lucas says after he, Brady and Shawn deal with him, maybe they will turn him over to the authorities if they are nice. Sami begs him to give up this search, but he says he cant. She says she doesnt know how they can be together if he wont, this is becoming an obsession with him and taking over his life. She asks him to just concentrate on them and their future. Lucas says she is right, he has become obsessed with catching Stan. He says he wont let it ruin their happiest moment, which is them becoming a family. Lucas says he feels like there is something else on Samis mind. She suggests they practice their first dance. He says now? She says no time like the present. She puts on a slow song and they dance. Suddenly a news report breaks in and says Tony DiMera has been captured and will be brought back to Salem to face charges. Lucas wants to go get dressed so he can be there when they bring Tony in. He says he needs to see if Tony knows anything about Stan. Sami realizes if Tony blabs shell lose Lucas and her life.

On Tonys island, Bo gags Patrick and both Patrick and Tony are tied up. Hope cant believe Patrick helped Tony. Billie says he didnt help Tony, he saved them all. Billie says Patrick is innocent and she can prove it. Billie explains how Patrick messaged her PDA when they landed, he set Tony up, he wired Tonys boat with the explosives. Patrick is ungagged by Billie, and he says it is true, he only pretended to work for Tony. Bo asks Tony for the truth, is Patrick working for him? Tony says because of Patrick, he knew where they all were all the time, he provided him with a plethora of information. Billie asks Patrick if this is true? Patrick says yes, but he can explain. Billie slaps Patrick and says she trusted him! Patrick says he didnt betray them, he was only working to help her and Bo infiltrate the compound. Patrick explains how he got a call from someone in the DiMera organization, someone who thought he was still loyal. He says he pretended to be an operative still to get information on what was going on. He says all he found out was that Tony was planning something big, and either Bo or Hope was going to wind up dead. He says when Billie learned Hope was kidnapped he knew Tony had put his plan into motion. Hope asks why he didnt tell someone? Patrick says who, Roman, John? He says they wouldnt have trusted him, so he had to work on his own. Bo doesnt believe Patrick, and Tony says he shouldnt. Billie finds it odd that Tony is being so cooperative and agreeing with Bo. Bo says this lunkhead is lying through his teeth again, but Hope thinks maybe he is telling the truth. Bo cant believe she believes Patrick. Hope says she spent more time with him, and hes a good guy. Billie is on Hopes side, and says if Patrick didnt want to help them then he didnt have to come with her. She says if he hadnt come with her theyd all be dead. Hope thanks Patrick, as does Billie. Billie then demands Tony tell her who Georgia is. Tony wont talk, so Billie aims a gun at him and says talk or die. Tony says if she kills him then shell never find her daughter. Billie says Tony always likes to say how great he is with his evil schemes, so show them. Tony says everything they need to know is on his PC, but its password protected. She asks what the password is. Patrick says this could be a trap, and Bo agrees. Tony says yes a trap Patrick may have set for her because Patrick is working for him. Billie demands the password, so Tony gives it to her. She puts it in and the files begin to upload. Tony laughs and says they are being sent to a secure location, and the computer will self destruct once it is finished. The computer blows up just as Tony said it would. The ISA calls Billie, and Hope unlocks Patrick. Bo tells the boy scout that hes not off the hook yet. ISA show up to get Tony, and Billie goes with him as she wont let him out of her site. Caroline and Victor are happy to finally be going home. Hope asks Bo if he thinks the DiMera reign is finally over? Bo says this is what you might call a historic day. Hope thinks they are all safe now. Bo says the world isnt the safe place they thought it was growing up. He says when one bad guy goes away, another one takes their place. 


August 18, 2005

Phillip and Belle return home to their loft. Phillip is glad they went out. He says it was fun, and Shawn and Mimi seemed to have a good time too. He says something is going on with those two and it is more than just a friendship. Belle says she just doesnt see it happening. He asks why not? She says they are friends. Phillip says that is how they started out too, and look at them now. He asks why she insists this cant happen for Mimi and Shawn?

Meanwhile, Mimi and Shawn return home and share beers on the couch. He asks if she is still thinking about Rex. She says yes, and hes still thinking about Belle. Shawn says it didnt help that she and Phillip showed up at Alices tonight and that they live across the hall. She says at least he knows where Belle is, Rex just took off and is God knows where. Shawn says that would have made things easier for him. Mimi tells Shawn that he is a good guy and there are hundreds of women who would love to go out with him. He says like who, and she says like her. He cant believe this and says they talked about this before, but she says she meant shed like to go out with him as a friend. He says well they are friends. Mimi says they need to help one another get through this, they are going to have some fun and forget about Rex and Belle. Mimi puts on some music. Mimi cranks up the stereo and blasts Bowling For Soup. They talk about how this band is awesome and they love this band. Shawn says he has all their CDs. 

Back at Belle and Phillips, Phillip says it sounds like the party at Shawn and Mimis place continues. Belle says it is too loud and they are being rude. Phillip says there isnt anyone in this building under the age of thirty, he doubts anyone is asleep at this hour. Belle says it is still too loud. Belle goes over and pounds on their door. Shawn is now shirtless and answers the door. He spilled beer on his shirt when Mimi cranked up the music, so he took it off. Belle says she is here because of the music. He says theyll keep it down. He says hes glad she stopped by, there is something he wanted to talk to her about. She says if hes going to try and talk her out of . . . He says no, he just hopes after they get passed this they can be friends. Belle says yeah that would be nice. Mimi returns with Shawns de-stained shirt. She asks why Belle is here? Belle says the music was too loud. Mimi says so now she is the building police? Shawn leaves to put his shirt on, and Mimi thinks Belle really came over to check up on her and Shawn. Belle laughs at the idea, but Mimi says she saw the way Belle was watching them tonight. Mimi tells Belle she is afraid they might get together, but that is too bad because she dumped Shawn. Belle asks if Mimi is saying something is going on? Mimi says Shawn is a big boy, not to worry about him, and as hard as this for her to believe Shawn will get over her. Mimi sees Belle out, and Shawn returns. Mimi suggests they not let Belle spoil their fun, they should take the CD into his room and listen to it. He says great idea, and he grabs some more beers. He grabs a lot of beers actually.

Out in the hall, Belle says she did make her choice, and Shawn is free to be with whomever he wants. Back at Belles place, Phillip is smelling Belles clothes and thinking about being with Belle. He says hed give anything to make love to Belle tonight. When Belle returns she finds the wheelchair empty by the steps. Belle calls out to Phillip? She heads upstairs and find him in bed with a bunch of candles lit. He asks if she is surprised? Phillip says when hes determined he can do anything, and he was determined. She says he could have hurt himself. He says he has fine, and he just needed to be with her because it has been way too long. 

Back in Shawns room, Shawn and Mimi are drinking and listening to the CD. Mimi soon begins thinking about Rex again, and she says she cant seem to stop. He says it is okay. He says what really sucks about him being gone is that they have to make up for his part of the rent. Mimi laughs, and he says he knew he could make her laugh. He also knows another way, and he begins to tickle her. This leads to Shawn being on top of Mimi and the two of them kissing.

Roman shows up at the Brady Pub, he got a message from Bo and Hope to meet them here. Shawn says many people got that message. Kate shows up and got the same message from Billie. Shawn is glad to see her, and he gives her a hug. Roman says before he gets too excited he needs to know something, he and Kate are separated. Shawn is shocked.

John shows up at the pub and talks with Lexie. They too have been told to meet here. John doesnt like leaving Marlena with Alex, but Lexie says he is in good hands. John just hopes Alex will be able to jog her memory soon. Abe and Celeste show up, they got the same message. Lexie says she could have driven him, but Abe says it doesnt matter. Abe just hopes Bo and Hope arent in trouble. Celeste then gets the premonition that evil has returned to Salem. Lexie asks what she feels? Celeste says the evil, it is here, it is right outside the door.

Outside the pub, Lucas tells Sami to wait inside for him, hes going to call Billie for news about Tony. Lucas walks off, and Sami cant believe they have found Tony. Suddenly Bo and Hope show up with Tony in custody. Tony asks Sami if she isnt going to welcome him back to Salem. Tony wonders why she doesnt look happy about his being caught? She says she is thrilled, and she asks why he is here. Bo says he has come here to face charges in Salem first. Tony says hes being paraded through Salem to face the lions, but soon the good people of Salem will learn he had lots of help inflicting pain here in Salem. Billie and Patrick show up. Bo and Hope take Tony inside. Patrick thinks hell head home as hes not wanted here. Billie says she wants him here. She says she is sorry she doubted him, and he deserves to share in this. She asks him to come inside for her, so he says okay.

Back inside the pub, everyone is stunned when Tony is brought in. Abe asks what is going on? Tony says it is good to see Abe, sorry he cant say the same. Tony says it is him in the flesh, the phoenix has risen again. Lucas and Sami soon walk into the pub. John says hes waited a long time for this day. He says if Tony wasnt in custody hed tear him apart, actually he thinks he will. Bo stops John from attacking him. John says this monster tore their families apart. Tony says he had fun doing it too, he loved seeing John pay for stealing Kristen. He tells John now he knows what it feels like. He says he understands MArlena was unfaithful to him with his ex-husband no less. John tries to attack him again, but he is stopped. Kate tells John that Tony will get what he deserves. Tony is sat down, and Bo says he has a surprise for pop and Roman. Caroline and Victor are brought in, and Carline is reunited with her family. John welcomes home Victor and says Brady and Phillip will be glad to see him. Victor wonders if his slut of a wife will be glad to see him. Meanwhile, Abe demands Tony tell him what he did to him to make him blind. Tony says he is blind because he cant see in front of his face. He says the life he left behind is not the same one he has returned to. Tony says that his sister is too young to be burdened with him, and he is a burdon. Lexie slaps Tony and calls him a bastard. Lexie tells Abe and her mom that she wants a moment alone with her brother. They leave her, and she tells Tony that he is every bit the monster their father was. She says actually he is worse, Stefano never turned his back on his own family. She says she hopes he burns in hell. Lucas shows up, and Tony says Next! Sami tries to get Lucas to leave Tony alone, but Lucas wont. Lucas reminds Sami what he did to them in the desert. Tony says from what he hears all has ended well for Lucas, he is back with Sami. Lucas says he wants to know where Stan is. Tony says he doesnt know, why doesnt he ask Sami. 

Billie and Patrick plan to leave, but Billie says she is going to be at the station first thing in the morning to get answers from Tony. Meanwhile, Victor plans to head home and deal with Nicole. Victor tells Caroline that hell miss her very much, though hes glad to be home. Shawn thanks Victor for taking care of his wife all this time. He offers to buy Victor a drink, but Victor says he has to be going. Caroline says goodbye to Victor, and Victor heads off. Caroline hugs Shawn, but watches Victor go. 

Outside the pub, Kate gives Victor and hug and says she is glad he is alive. He says who would have thought hed hear her say those words. Kate says that they had differences in the past, but he was a good father to Phillip. Victor asks about Phillip, and Kate fills him in on Phillips amputation, Tony holding him hostage, and that he is married to Belle. Victor vows to get even with Tony, and he says theyll talk later. Kate knows Victor will have revenge on Tony, and she says shes going to get even with Sami as well. Kate walks back into the pub and hears Lucas asking Tony why Sami would know about Stan. Tony says they think alike, they are masters in the art of manipulation. He says its almost like they are the same person. Lucas says no more games, where is Stan? Tony asks Sami if he should tell Lucas? Roman interrupts at this point to take Tony to jail. Tony is taken off, and Lucas wonders what Tony meant by his comments? She says hes just playing mind games. Kate sees how shaken up Sami is and wonders what she is up to.

Shawn thanks Bo for bringing Carline home as he is so happy. Bo says no need to thank him, they are all happy. Bo and Hope head off. Meanwhile, Kate says goodnight to John, and she feels sorry as John may have already lost Marlena to Roman.

Everyone watches Tony being hauled off, and Lexie says there are no more DiMeras to hurt them. Abe says but the damage has been done.

Chelsea and Max are making out in the Lockhart pool. Chelsea tells Max to make love to her. When they get hot and heavy, Chelsea tells him to stop. He asks what the problem is? She says he doesnt have any protection. He says she is right, hell go get a condom and be right back. Max leaves and finds one. Chelsea tells herself that she is doing the right thing with the right guy given hes the only guy here. Meanwhile, Max thinks about talking to Frankie about not doing something hed regret with Chelsea. He tells himself that she wants this, so what is the problem. He returns to Chelsea, and she suggests they go inside because it is cold out here. He asks if she wants to do this? She is positive. Later, Billie and Patrick return home and find a condom rapper on the ground near the pool. Billie says Oh My God! Upstairs Chelsea and Max are in bed going at it. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is on her laptop and say she may have lost Brady but she can at least be paid for her trouble. She is transferring twenty million dollars into her own account. Suddenly Brady slams her laptop closed and says think again. Brady says he just got a call from the bank, a large sum of money is being transferred to a bank account in the Cayman Islands. She admits it was her doing, and she thinks she should be compensated for services rendered. She says she has put up with enough from that old man for six lifetimes. She says the reason she was taking the money was to go far away to mend her broken heart. She says he broke her heart. He says she kept the truth from him about Chloe. Nicole says Chloe told her not to tell him, and beside what woman in her right mind would tell their boyfriend that his ex-girlfriend was back from the dead to take him away. He says an honest person. She says well shes not a perfect person. He says that is an understatement. Nicole says she loved him, she didnt want to lose him. She says he was the best thing that happened to her. She says he defended her and believed in her when no one else did. She thinks he had to have felt something for her. Nicole begins rubbing his chest and says something here, deep inside. She asks Brady if he still has feelings for her? She goes to give him a kiss. Brady pushes her away, and admits part of him will always love her, but that kiss was goodbye. He says she is moving out, he told Henderson she was leaving the mansion tonight. She blows up and says she is not moving out, she has a right to live here and wont let Victors idiot grandson tell her what to do. He tells Nicole to tell him how she really feels. She apologizes for blowing up, but says he is through being understanding with her. He says she is out of here. She says fine, shes going to take the money before she leaves. Brady says if she steals from Victor then she will regret it. Nicole says Victor is dead. Brady says what if Victor isnt, is that a chance shes willing to take? She says shes worth to taking chances, and she is willing to bet Victor is as dead as the Macarena. Victor then walks in and surprises them. Brady gives him a big hug, and Nicole looks like shes about to drop dead.


August 19, 2005

Shawn and Mimi are going hot and heavy on the bed when they stop from going any further. Mimi suggests they not go there. Shawn agrees. Mimi says she is just confused now, and he says they both are. She says she misses Rex so much, and she knows he still loves Belle. She wonders if theyll ever be able to get over them and move on with their lives. Mimi talks about losing Rex, and how he was the best thing that happened to her. She says not only did she lose Rex, she lost her best friend Belle. Shawn thinks shell be able to forgive Belle someday, but Mimi says no. She says she lost the two people she could count on in one day. Shawn says now she can count on him. Mimi thanks him, and says she cant believe how the four of them (her, Shawn, Phillip and Belle) were best friends their whole life. She says things changed so fast. Mimi talks about Belle and how she knows she shouldnt keep bringing her up, but Belle is the reason they are friends. Shawn asks what she is talking about? Mimi tells Shawn she has a confession to make. Mimi says she had a crush on him in high school, and she knows it wasnt the worlds biggest secret. She says the thing is he never thought twice about her did he. Shawn tells her that shes a beautiful girl, and he sorta doesnt address her question. He just talks about how he always thought he would be with Belle, and that it would be easier to accept if their break up was mutual. He says it wasnt, and shes having a baby with his former best friend. Shawn says he doesnt think hell ever get over Belle, and he doesnt think he could ever love someone that way again. He says he doesnt want to lead Mimi on, he doesnt think he could ever love someone like that again and let himself be that vulnerable. Mimi says she completely understands. She says she loved Rex so much and doesnt think shell get over him for a very long time. She says there is a hole in her heart and she may never be able to fill it. Shawn says it sucks they are going through this, but at least they can go through it together. Mimi says exactly, at least they can be there for one another as friends. Mimi says she is grateful to have Shawn as she doesnt know what shed do if she lost him too. She hugs him and begins to cry. They soon begin arguing about Belle again, and Mimi says Belle should never have married Phillip, she should have waited for Shawn to get back regardless. She says Belle just couldnt be alone for two seconds though, she needed someone holding her hand. Shawn suggests they stop talking about Belle, and eventually it will become easier for him to get over her. Suddenly they hear Phillip and Belle making love through the vents. Mimi says could the walls be any thinner, and she says she is so sorry about this. Mimi tells Shawn that he isnt alone, he has her. (Belle and Phillip are REALLY going at it). 

Billie, with Patrick, walks into Chelseas room and yells Hey! Get your hands off of her! Billie asks what they think they are doing? Chelsea says they are having sex. Billie says please tell me you didnt. Max says they didnt, and Billie thanks God. Chelsea tells Billie that she hates her, get out of her room, she doesnt want anything to do with her. Billie refuses to leave. Chelsea says she isnt her mother, but Billie says she promised her mom to look after her. Chelsea says she is off the hook, she doesnt have to keep that promise as she doesnt need a surrogate mother. Patrick thinks this is all Maxs fault, but Max says they are consenting adults. Chelsea tells Billie this was a mistake, she never should have moved in here. Chelsea tells Billie that she knows what this is all about, its about Georgia isnt it, about trying to make up for losing her. Chelsea tells Billie that losing Georgia was probably the best thing that ever happened to Georgia. Chelsea hopes Billie never finds her and never has a chance to ruin Georgias life like she just ruined hers. Chelsea tells Billie that she humiliated her, and her mother would never have asked Billie to look after her if she knew Billie would make her this miserable. Chelsea tells Billie if she wants to help her daughter then stop looking for her otherwise shell make Georgia hate her as much as she does. Billie walks off, and Patrick yells at Max to get dressed and get out of here. Patrick leaves, and Chelsea says well at least one good thing came from this, she made Patrick jealous. Max tells her to get it through her head, Patrick only wants Billie. Max tells Chelsea to wake up, Patrick doesnt want her. Chelsea says shell change his mind, and thanks to him she made him jealous. Max thinks that is what this was all about. He says Billie was right to be upset with her, and they shouldnt do this. Max says Frankie is always lecturing him about true love. Chelsea says what does Frankie know about love? Max says the Bradys believe in true love. Chelsea says lets talk about the Bradys and true love. She says Roman and Kate are headed to splitsville, and Bo is always leaving Hope to run off with Billie. She says Billie is a slut and a drug user, she has no right to judge her at all. Max tells Chelsea to lighten up on Billie, they got off on the wrong foot because of her stupid crush on Patrick. He says he knows what it is like to be in her shoes, who knows what would have happened to him and Frankie if it werent for the Bradys. Max says she should be thankful Billie offered to help her when she didnt have to. Chelsea says Billie only took her in and found her a place to live to get to Patrick, but shell find a way to stop Billie. He asks how? She says shell think of something. She tries to seduce Max and says she wants to have sex with him right now. Max kisses her back, and they begin going at it on the bed. Fortunately Max stops and says they shouldnt do this. She says why not, because of what Billie and Patrick said? Max says not just them, he thinks maybe Frankie is right about falling in love before having sex. She says hes a hundred women too late. Max says he admits hes slept around, but he never got serious with one of them. Max says he never allowed himself to get serious with a girl. He says he likes her and he wants to get to know her better, he wants this to be special. Chelsea says forget it, she would have slept with him but when it comes to love shes saving herself for Patrick. Max says shes making a big mistake.

Patrick goes out to comfort a crying Billie. Patrick says Chelsea is just mad an embarrassed; dont take what she said seriously. Billie says hes right, she is just a teenager who is still angry about losing her parents and her house. Billie says she doesnt even know her, but still it feels like Chelsea just twisted a knife through her heart. Billie says Chelsea doesnt mean much to her, she is just a kid who shes helping out. Patrick tells Billie that one thing Chelsea said makes sense, perhaps she is trying to replace Georgia with Chelsea and that is why shes having maternal feelings for her. Billie says no, how could she when Georgia keeps pushing her away. Patrick says she just called Chelsea Georgia, she is starting to think of her as her daughter. Billie says she didnt call Chelsea Georgia, but he says she did and its only natural. Billie wonders what if Chelsea is right, what if she is a horrible mother. She wonders how she could have been so wrong about Georgia not dying. She says why didnt she feel something? She wonders what if she is responsible for ruining her daughters life. Billie cries some more, and Patrick comforts her. Patrick suggests there may be a way she is feeling this way, and she should sit down. Billie doesnt want to sit and tells Patrick to spit it out. Patrick says he knows Tony, he knows how he works. He says Tony was smug when he told them all they knew who Georgia was and they just didnt know it. Patrick finally suggests to Billie what if Chelsea is Georgia. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady is thrilled that Victor is alive, Nicole isnt. Victor says Tony wanted them dead, and he knows someone else who prayed for that to happen. He tells Nicole that hes waited a long time to be reunited with his beautiful wife. Victor tells Brady that Nicole is a cold blooded killer and he has evidence in his safe to prove it. Nicole says the evidence is bogus, Victor tried to frame her for killing Collin but she didnt kill Collin. Brady wishes he saw the evidence, and he asks where the evidence is? Nicole says Jan Spears stole it. Victor says Jan was her partner in crime. Brady recalls the night Victor died that Nicole handcuffed herself to him for an alibi. Victor says and on that night Nicole handcuffed herself to him, Jan tried to electrocute him in the tub. He says Jan confessed everything to him, that it was Nicoles idea and she put her up to it. Brady asks Nicole what in the hell is wrong with her? He says he defended her, and he thought what she did with Chloe was despicable but this takes the cake. Brady tells Nicole that this is the end. Victor says it sure is. Victor says hes waited a long time for this. He then begins choking Nicole! Brady stops him, and Victor says Nicole belongs in jail. Nicole says Victor is lying and he didnt put Jan up to this. Victor suggests they ask Jan, and Nicole good idea lets. Brady says Jan is in a coma and cant speak. Nicole says even if she could everyone knows she is crazy and nobody would believe her. Victor tells Nicole not to worry, she wont tell anyone what she did or press charges. Brady asks Nicole if she wanted to kill Victor because she wanted to be with him? Nicole says no, she wanted Victor dead because he is evil and she couldnt stand the thought of sleeping with him ever again. Brady apologizes to Victor and says he never would have slept with Nicole if he knew he was alive. Victor says he doesnt blame him, he knew Nicole would seduce him. Victor says Nicole is a witch with a body who could seduce a saint. Nicole says Victor is no saint. Victor says she got what she deserved, and she says so did he. She says they should just call it even, she may have hated him but she did love Brady. He says she loved what she could get out of Brady. He is glad Nicole didnt marry Brady as she would have ruined his life. Nicole tells Brady not to believe Victor, but he says he knows first hand how she works. Brady tells his grandfather about how Nicole was trying to steal 20 million dollars from them earlier. Brady says the bank called him and he caught her in the act. Victor thanks Brady for stopping Nicole, and he says now it is time for Nicole to pay. Nicole says she deserves compensation for what he did to her. He tells her to get out of his house before he gets a gun and shoots her. She says fine shell go pack her things, but he says no, she is to leave now and she should be glad hes letting her leave with the clothes on her back. She asks what about her clothes? He says pick them out of the dumpster tomorrow. She says she has no money, where will she go? He says frankly he doesnt give a damn. Nicole leaves, and Victor slams the door on her. Brady goes outside and tells Nicole she deserves what shes getting for lying to him, and he never wants to see her again. Nicole runs off in tears and Brady heads back inside. Victor thanks Brady and says he is proud of him. Brady once again says hes sorry, but Victor says there is nothing to be sorry about and it was all Nicole. Back outside, Nicole says this isnt over and shell get Victor and everyone else.

At the cabin, Marlena and Alex are sharing a romantic dinner. Marlena loves what he made for her and says these are all her favorite foods and she hasnt had them in years. She wonders how she remembers that, is his therapy working? She wonders if she is getting her memory back. He asks what she remembers. She says only the food, nothing more. She asks Dr. North . . . He says he told her to call her Alex. She says okay Alex, how did he know to make this soup for her? Alex has flashbacks of being with Marlena and having dinner. Marlena asks Alex if they have a history, do they share a past? He says he simply looked into her history and interviewed all her friends to find out as much about her past as he could. She talks about how happy she is, and if she felt this way before she must have been loved and secure. Alex says he is sure she was. Marlena says Alex makes her feel peaceful and at ease, unlike John, Roman and her family. She says when shes around them she feels a great sense of anxiety. Alex says that is why he brought her here, so she didnt have to feel that way. He takes Marlenas hand and it is cold, so he decides to light a fire. Alex says here you go Doc, now all we have to do is sit back and relax. She says he called her Doc, John and Roman call her that. He says he knows, he was using it to break down the barriers between them. He toasts to her and her recovery. Marlena begins having memories of being with Alex and drinking from the pink wine glasses. Marlena says she has remembered something. He thinks she looks chilly and suggests they stand by the fire. They do, and Alex asks what she remembers. MArlena asks why she remembers him? He says that is good, this is the way it should be. Alex asks Marlena what shes thinking about? She says she keeps remembering having moments like this, but they are moments spent with him. She says that isnt possible. Alex says he knows she doesnt remember being a psychiatrist, but from one shrink to another what she is doing is called transference. He says shes projecting real memories onto him, and that is normal. He tells her not to fight having these memories, let them come back. Marlena then has memories of her making love to Alex. She becomes upset and ends up running off in tears. 

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