August 22, 2005

In her bedroom, Chelsea is chewing Billie out for ruining her happiness and her life. Chelsea tells Billie to get out and stay out of her life. She slams the door in her face. Patrick tells Billie another run in with Chelsea? He says what if she is Georgia? She says dont say that, it would just be too much of a coincidence. Patrick says Tony told them theyd recognize Georgias name. Billie says it could be one of a hundred girls Abby goes to school with. Billie says girls a lot more . . . Patrick says a lot more like shed dreamed her daughter would be, which is nothing like Chelsea. Billie says it isnt like she wouldnt want Chelsea to be her daughter, but she had her own parents. Billie says Mickey handled the Benson estate and she wasnt adopted. Patrick says maybe she is right, but Tony did remind her about a big clue she got that wasnt from him. Patrick brings up the blood transfusion she gave Chelsea, which might not be a coincidence. Billie realizes Patrick isnt going to get off her back about this so she decides to go find the one person who knows the truth.

Later, Chelsea finds a shirtless Patrick cleaning the pool. Shes in her bathing suit and has a towel. She says mornings are her favorite time to swim too. He says hes almost done cleaning it. She says okay and shell just get some sun. She lies down on a pool chair and stares at Patrick. Chelsea says shes glad Billie is gone as she just makes things tense around here. Patrick says shes not being fair to Billie, she is a kind and loving person. Chelsea says Dont tell me youre hot for the wicked witch. Patrick asks Miss Know-It-All why being with Billie would ruin his life? Chelsea says she is so wrong for him. Chelsea says she is way too old for him. Patrick says they are about the same age. Patrick goes back to cleaning the pool. Chelsea walks over, and she says Billie is ISA, she took an oath to enforce the law. She thinks that should make him nervous as he doesnt play by the rules. She says they both take risks, they bend the rules and break the law. She thinks he should be having fun with someone made for her. Chelsea begins putting the moves on Patrick, who isnt responding. She tells Patrick that she is younger and hotter, and Patrick should be with her. She then pulls him into a kiss.

Billie heads to the police station to see Tony. Tony tells Billie that she took her time, hes been bored waiting for her to come see him. He asks what game they should play? Billie says no more games, she wants the truth. Tony asks why he would give her that? Billie touches his hands and says because he remembers the old Tony, and shes not leaving here until she gets the truth. Billie wants to know who Georgia is. Billie says shes waited 18 years to be with her daughter. She begs Tony to tell her who she is. Tony says hell tell her, but she wont want to hear it. He says her daughter is Chelsea Benson. 

Lucas is busy scribbling in his PDA when he bumps into Nicole on the street. She drops her purse and is angry at Lucas for being so careless. Lucas helps her pick up her things and wonders if she is in a bad mood because she got kicked out of her house. Lucas grabs her wallet and says shes loaded, two bucks. He says look at her, she was once paid five million dollars to marry him and now shes back to where she started, broke. She says oh and his life is so perfect. He says actually it is, he has everything hes ever wanted , a great kid, a great future and hes going to marry the woman he loves. She says hes an idiot, he has no idea hes sleeping with his arch enemy. He asks what she is talking about? Nicole wonders what it is worth to him to find out. He asks what she thinks she knows about Sami? Nicole says she knows something that would turn him, Samis parents and this whole town against her. Nicole says she has a theory, deep down people are born the way they are and they stay that way. She says Sami is going to deep fry his heart and put it in the chowder at the Brady Pub. Lucas says she sounds like his mom. Nicole says she hates to agree with Kate on anything, but this time she is right. Lucas says hell never let his mom or anyone come between him and Sami again. Lucas leaves, and Nicole says the joke is on him. She decides she needs a drink and heads into the pub.

At her place, Sami visits with her father. Shes nervous that her wedding might be ruined like all her others have been. Roman says nothing will ruin this wedding, hell walk her down the isle and Will will be so happy. Roman says best of all, hell have her off his hands for good. She thanks her dad. He says she is a handful, but he loves her. He also doesnt want to see her disappointed again, so she needs to tell him if anything standing in the way of her happiness. She says nothing is. He says she was a little jumpy when she saw Tony brought in. Sami says hes not exactly her favorite person in the world, and he did try and execute her. Roman says he understands, but there was something about the way Tony kept looking at her. He says it was like he knew something no one else did. Sami says Tony hates her and is probably going to make up lies about him. Sami asks if Tony has been questioned? Roman says yes but he hasnt said anything. He wants to know why Sami is so worried, please dont tell him that Tony has something on her. Sami says she already explained, Tony tried to convince her to work for him in order to release his parents and getting them together. Roman wants to know what Tony wanted her to do. She says she doesnt know, and now that hes been caught hell probably make up all sorts of lies about her. Roman says hell protect her, but she has to tell him the truth. Sami says she is, and that decision not to accept Tonys offer was very hard for her. She says she always wanted him and mom to be together. She says perhaps when mom gets her memory back then shell get back together with him. Roman tells her to stop daydreaming about that and just concentrate on being good to Lucas and being good in general. Sami says shell try. Roman says hell see her later, and he takes off. Sami looks at a photo of her and Lucas and says she cant lose him again, if someone tries to come between them then shell have to kill them. Later Lucas shows up, and he says Billie just gave him the latest info on what Tony has said. Lucas says Tony hasnt talked at all, but its only a matter of time before he gives up Stans identity. Sami suggests they just forget about Tony and focus on them and getting married. She thinks they deserve to be happy, and she kisses Lucas. Lucas picks her up and carries her off to bed. 

Kate comes into the Brady Pub. Caroline is already back at work, she says she couldnt wait to get back. She asks Kate if she wants the booth or the counter? Kate says she thinks shell join John. Caroline doesnt look too happy about this. She says she knows she and John were engaged when Roman and Marlena were held prisoner. Kate says they thought they were dead, and she wants to join John. Caroline yells at John that he has company, and Kate joins him. Caroline seems to give them evil looks and all but snubs Kate on coffee until Kate asks for some. Caroline walks off, and Kate thinks Caroline hates her. John says no, she just wants her son to be happy. Kate understands that and says she just wants her son to be happy too. John says it is only a matter of time before Sami screws up again and Lucas wises up. Kate says he is right, he is always right. She says not that that helps with Roman who is pining after Marlena. Kate asks how Marlena is, but John doesnt know. John is afraid that the only thing Marlena might remember is loving Roman. He wonders where that leaves them. John takes her hand, and she says he could give Roman lessons on being an understanding husband. She says Marlena is so very lucky. Caroline continues to watch them from the background, she looks angry! John says depending on what Marlena remembers, his marriage could be over. Kate says it wont happen, but John knows firsthand that the person who comes back from dealing with amnesia is never the same. He says she could be a different woman with different emotions. John just hopes Dr. Norths therapy does the trick. Kate says unfortunately she thinks Roman feels the same way. Kate says she doesnt think Roman ever got over Marlena. Kate thinks she may have lost Roman a long time ago, and if she ever even had his love. She thinks Roman just settled for her. John tells Kate not to sell herself short, she is a hell of a woman. John touches her face, and they exchange looks. Kate says she should concentrate on just getting her family back. She says she misses Lucas, Will and Rex. John offers to help, but she says there isnt much he can do. She sees Nicole downing a drink at the bar and tells John that she thinks everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Roman shows up as Kate is getting up. He says hello, and she thinks he is wondering what she is doing here. Kate says it is a public place and she likes the omelets, so shes sorry if he runs into her occasionally. He says it doesnt make a difference, these days he prefers to eat alone. Roman then walks off. Kate heads over to the bar to see Nicole. Nicole asks Caroline why she is here, or does she meet with Victor later for some afternoon delight? Caroline says she wont dignify that question with an answer. Nicole gives Caroline her credit card, but Caroline says it has been declined. It seems Victor has cut Nicole off. Caroline takes the food she ordered away, but Kate shows up and pays for Nicoles meal . Caroline takes Kates money and throws the food at Nicole. Nicole wonders what Kate wants. Kate says she could use her services. Nicole has a feeling shes going to regret this. Kate offers Nicole the chance to put Samis head on a platter. Nicole says no deal. Nicole, who is now stuffing her face with food, says she doesnt know anything about Sami. Kate asks if she was so drunk that she doesnt remember their last conversation? Nicole is now throwing fries in her mouth and catching them. Kate tells Nicole if she tells her the dirt she has on Sami then shell owe her. Kate offers Nicole a whole bunch of money. Nicole takes it and says she is sworn to secrecy, but someone else knows the truth, think dastardly, evil, bastard. She says the worst person Sami could have gotten mixed up with got her to do something that everyone will hate her for. Nicole heads off, and Kate realizes it is Tony DiMera. 

Meanwhile, John approaches Roman to talk about Kate, John thinks Roman is bailing on Kate because he wants his wife back. Roman says not true, but MArlena was his wife before John took her away. Roman tells John that he knows he loves Marlena, but this plan of Dr. Norths for isolation therapy seems foolish. Roman thinks John is just desperate to get Marlena away from him. John says it was his decision to make, and Roman says he is right. Roman says if Marlena gets hurt or comes back worse than before then that is his responsibility. John says Dr. North is the number one specialist in the country when it comes to memory retrieval. Roman says he hopes this works, but even specialists can have ulterior motives and none of them know this Dr. North. Roman says what if he isnt trustworthy. John and Roman begin arguing loudly, and Caroline steps in between them to stop the fight. She tells them that she thinks of both of them as her sons, but whatever happens with MArlena will happen and there is no use for the two of them to fight. Caroline takes Romans plate away, and Roman says Ma is right. Roman says he is just on edge and has been since things ended with Kate. John thinks that was a mistake. Roman says that is his problem. John says well as far as Dr. North goes they both have to trust him, they have no other choice.

At the cabin, Marlena wakes up and finds Dr. North staring at her. He has brought her breakfast in bed. He brought biscuits and jelly and some tea. She thinks that is nice after how she behaved last night. He says last night was last night, this is a brand new day. He hopes she is feeling better today, and he asks if shed like to talk about what she remembered. Marlena says shes afraid hell laugh. He says he wont. She says she remembers being in love with him. She says she remembers kissing him, it was very real and intense. She says she knows she was in love with him. She knows he claims this is transference, but does she know him? He doesnt answer, he just says this is very common and because he makes her feel safe, that is why she is choosing to remember him. He tells her to go with these feelings, dont fight the memories. Marlena says so he is saying these were feelings she had for Roman or John. She wonders if who she remembers being in love with first means anything. Alex says maybe, or she could be remembering being in love with another man. Later Marlena sees some flowers and says they are beautiful. She says they are familiar, she thinks they are her favorites. She doesnt remember anything, but she likes the way they make her feel. She then tells Alex that she doesnt want to lose him. She quickly apologizes and says she doesnt know why she said that. She says she is married to one man, was pregnant with another mans child, and she cant stop thinking about him. He tells her to trust him, and she does. He says take off her clothes, all of them. Marlena is puzzled and doesnt feel comfortable doing that. He says he only meant he thought she should take a nice hot bath. She says that sounds nice. Alex leaves her and she takes a nice bath. Alex tells himself that this is going better than he thought. Marlena sits in the tub and ends up having more memories of being in a tub with Alex. We see flashbacks of Marlena with Alex (Roman at the time). Marlena comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. She looks at Alex, and he asks if she remembered something. She says she remembered doing this. Marlena then pulls Alex into a kiss


August 23, 2005

At Patricks place, Bo and Hope show up and find Patrick kissing Chelsea by the pool. Bo goes into a rage and decks Patrick. Patrick tries to tell him that it isnt what he thinks, and Hope yells at Bo to stop. Hope breaks them up and says let Patrick talk. Bo says Patrick is a scum, hes taking advantage of a girl half his age. Chelsea points out that she is 18. Bo says barely and this is almost statutory rape. Patrick says they misunderstood. Hope knows what is going on, and she confronts Chelsea in private. She thinks Chelsea came onto Patrick. Chelsea says she doesnt want to talk about it, and she runs off. Meanwhile, Bo is still giving Patrick hell. Hope tells Bo that he needs to calm down, he is overreacting. Bo cant believe Hope is taking Patricks side, and he walks off. Patrick asks Hope if shes going to lecture him too? She says no, she has a pretty good idea what happened here. Hope knows Chelsea kissed him, but he wouldnt admit that to Bo as he didnt want to hurt Chelsea. Patrick says Chelsea has a lot of baggage, she is confused and hurt. Hope says she knows, but she also knows manipulators like Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea has problems, and if he isnt careful she could create bigger problems for him. Hope wonders how men can be so blind when it comes to women. Hope says when she was Chelseas age she knew women just like her, and she is trouble with a capital T. Patrick says Chelsea just has a crush on an older man, and shes not the first. Patrick says Chelsea isnt what Hope thinks she is. Hope says she knows exactly what Chelsea is, and she thinks her living here is a mistake. Hope says it has Bo even more suspicious of him. Patrick says Billie and Chelsea had no where to go, and he was just being friendly when he allowed them to move in. 

Meanwhile, Bo tries to talk to Chelsea, who doesnt want Bos advice. Bo says Patrick is dangerous and she should stay away from him. He doesnt understand why women are blind to who he is. He says if given the chance Patrick will hurt her. Bo says if she doesnt want to talk to him then she can talk to Hope or Billie. He says Patrick was trying to take advantage of her, but Chelsea says he wasnt. Bo says he was, and if her father was here hed ell her so. Bo then gets a call from Billie, who says she met with Tony and has news. She asks him to meet her at the pub. Bo says okay, and he asks Chelsea if shell be okay. She says yes, so he asks her to tell Hope he had to take off. Bo leaves, and Chelsea says Billie has him jumping through hoops too.

Hope finds Chelsea, who is now smearing lipstick on. Hope tells Chelsea she knows what happened so save the innocent routine. Hope thinks they need to have a chat. Hope says she is lucky that Patrick is a decent man as there are many men out there whod love to take advantage of her. Hope says if she flaunts her sexuality in front of the wrong man then shell get hurt. Chelsea says like shes worried about her. Hope says she is, as is Bo. Chelsea says she can take care of herself and she doesnt need their advice. She wonders why people cant just leave her alone. Chelsea says she is tough and can handle men just fine. Hope just wants her to be careful. Chelsea mumbles go to hell. Hope says what did you just say? Chelsea suggests Hope stop worrying about her and Patrick and focus on her own husband. Chelsea says Bo could be cheating on her right now, does she even know where he is? Chelsea tells Hope that Billie called Bo, and the moment he heard her voice he ran off to her. As Chelsea talks about Billie, Hope realizes Chelsea doesnt like Billie in spite of all shes done for her. Chelsea says Billie just used her to get to Patrick. Chelsea says she has to give her props though, she knows what she wants and goes after it. Chelsea says right now she thinks Billie wants Bo.

Meanwhile, Patrick is thinking about a lot of his past times with Hope and how she has always been there for him. He remembers her helping him when Bo attacked him before, and how she helped save his life on the island with body heat. It almost seems like Patrick has a little crush on Hope

Kate shows up at the station to see Tony, only to have Billie walk out looking speechless. She asks why Billie is here? Billie says she could ask the same thing about her. Kate says Billie looks like shes seen a ghost. Billie says she just heard something amazing, and if it is true then her life will never be the same. Billie informs Kate that Tony says Chelsea is Georgia. Kate asks if she is sure. Billie says no, but she may have found her daughter. Kate says she is happy for her, but is Billie happy? Billie says yes if it is true. Kate is suspicious of Tony for volunteering this info, and she asks if he gave her proof. Billie says no, but Patrick thought the same thing too. Billie says she called Mickey to find out if it is true. She says Mickey couldnt find adoption papers, but Tony could have destroyed them. Kate hopes this is Georgia, and she thinks this could bring her closer to Bo. Billie says she cant think about that now, right now she has to find out if Chelsea is Georgia. Kate says but she is Bos daughter too, so shell need the both of them. Later, Billie talks about the blood transfusion she gave to Chelsea, which could be proof she is Georgia. However she also says Tony has set them up so many times before, and she doesnt know if she can take another let down. Kate says she will find Georgia and it will bring her and Bo closer. Billie says Bo is married to Hope so give it a rest. Kate says she has always hoped theyd get back together. Billie decides to give Bo the news and leaves. Kate refuses to stop hoping Billie will have a life with Bo, but for now she has to get Lucas away from Sami. Unfortunately the guards wont let Kate in to see Tony. She sees an ISA agent and uses her husbands name to try and see Tony. The ISA agent still wont let her in, even when she tries to use Billies name as well. Kate wont give up on getting in to see him though. She knows just who can help her and makes a call to John for help, and he agrees to call Shane and get her clearance to see Tony. She claims she is doing this for Billie, so he believes her. Kate tells herself now to find information on Georgia and some dirt on Sami. Later the ISA agent tells Kate he doesnt know what strings she pulled, but she can go see Tony for ten minutes. Kate just hopes that is time enough to get what she needs from Tony.

Bo arrives at the pub to meet Billie. Caroline talks to him first and thinks he needs to keep his distance from Billie. Bo says they are looking for their daughter, that is all. Bo says he knows what hes doing. Caroline hopes so. Bo sits with Billie and learns Chelsea might be their daughter. Bo says if that is true then she is pretty messed up. Billie doesnt disagree, though she thought he didnt know her very well. Bo says he doesnt, and he informs her about finding Patrick kissing Chelsea. Billie also thinks she knows what is going on, it is all Chelsea. Billie says Chelsea likes Patrick and even tried to sneak into the shower with him, only it was her she snuck in the shower with. Bo says Billie makes her sound like Lolita. Billie says she has a wild side, and she thinks this kiss was all Chelseas doing. Bo is convinced this is Patricks fault, and he says if Chelsea is their daughter and Patrick touches her again then hes a dead man. Billie asks if Chelsea was hurt or upset, and Bo says no. Billie says she thinks Chelsea wasnt the victim here. Bo doesnt know why Billie is always defending her boyscout. Billie says she sees something in Patrick that he doesnt, perhaps it is Bos machismo blocking him from seeing it. She asks if he asked Patrick what happened? Bo says no, and he doesnt want to waste anymore time talking about him. Billie says hes right, the important thing is finding out whether Chelsea is their daughter. Caroline hears this and drops a glass. Caroline talks to Bo in private and urges him to think about what this will do to Hope, and not to trust Tony. Bo says he will be careful, and Hope knows this is important to him. Caroline warns Bo not to keep Hope in the dark about this, she deserves to know everything. Bo says he will tell her everything. Caroline says he is a grown man and knows he doesnt need her advice. Bo says hell always need her advice, and it will all work out. He returns to Billie. Billie thinks they shouldnt tell Chelsea about this until they are sure. Bo agrees, and he says Ma wont tell anyone either. He says they need to go find out if Chelsea is their daughter, and he knows how they can. They leave to go find out the truth.

At the cabin, Marlena remembers being in the shower with Alex (original Roman flashbacks), and she kisses Alex. They fall onto the bed and begin making out! Alex stops her and says they cant do this. MArlena is suddenly incredibly embarrassed. She says she doesnt know what came over her, and she is so sorry. She says he is here to help her and here she is seducing him. She doesnt know how he is going to fix her now, and she runs off. Alex follows her, and Marlena is in tears. She says she is a married woman, she shouldnt be kissing him. She says she already knows she cheated on her husband once. Alex asks if she is remembering this? MArlena cries no, she just has been told this over and over. She says now shes seducing her therapist. She thinks she is a terrible person. Alex says she isnt, but she says she feels like a cheap whore. Alex wont stand for her speaking about herself like this. He says she is confused and that is understandable. He thinks she needs to know more about her past so she wont be so hard on herself. He has files on her and says she has led a difficult life and has suffered a lot of traumatic experiences. He says the most recent of which is, as she has been told, was being chained together with her ex-husband in a room. He says this isnt the only time shes been abducted. He begins to recall all the times Stefano has kidnapped her, and how she even gave birth to another womans children who were taken from her. Marlena says this all sounds like science fiction. Alex says these horrible things were done to her by the DiMeras. Marlena has heard enough and says she cant bear anymore. He says this amnesia may be a way of her mind trying to take a rest from all these terrible things. Marlena says that makes sense to her, but she still doesnt know why shes so drawn to him. Marlena asks if they had a relationship, did she know him? She wonders or if he works for DiMera? She says shes sorry for saying that, but he says it is okay and normal to have such paranoid thoughts. He tells her not to let them bother her. Alex says she is here for some intensive therapy and so she could feel safe, so she could just feel. Alex says he wants her to feel safe with him. Marlena says she does. She says she doesnt know what shed do without him, and she hugs him. She then admits to him the memories shes having about him. He says that is just transference and it isnt unusual. He says the feelings she is having are obviously disturbing to her. He says they have a lot to sort out, and that is why he is here to help her. He also tells her that shes not being unfaithful. Marlena is now smiling. She says she doesnt want to go back to Salem. She says she knows those people are her friends and family, but she has no desire to see them again. She says she wants to stay here as its so beautiful and peaceful. She says she loves it here, she loves everything about it. She says she feels safe and happy here with him. She says she doesnt seem to care about those people back home. She wonders if that is wrong? Alex tells her no. Marlena thanks Alex for saying that and gives him a hug. Alex tells himself this is what hes counting on. (her not caring about the others back home I think)


August 24, 2005

At the cabin, Chloe is pacing around and looking at her face in the mirror. She says it wont be easy but she knows what she has to do. Brady returns from his run. He got the mail on the way and they have a lot of RSVPs for the wedding. Chloe tells Brady it was selfless of him to give up his job and move to the middle of no where for her. He says he loves her and there is nothing he wouldnt do for her. Chloe thinks Brady deserves better and says she has made up her mind, she cant marry him looking like this. Brady asks how many times they have to go through this? He says he loves her and wants to marry her. He says he cant live without her. He says she doesnt want to disappoint him does she? She says no, and so the wedding is back on. They look over the plans Chloe has made up, and Brady asks why Sami is on the list? She says she is his step-sister. He says but they hate one another. She was hoping things could change. Later Chloe talks about her treatment and she wishes she knew if the treatment was working. Brady says Dr. Travis told her to keep the bandage on at all times. She says she knows. Brady leaves to get changed, and we see Chloe take the bandage off and begin to cry. Brady runs out, she has her face covered again with the patch. He says it will be okay, but she says it wont be. She says the scars are worse than ever, they are red and puffy. She says she cant get married this way. Brady says he loves her, not just a part of her. He wishes she could see herself the way he does. She says so does she. He tells her to close her eyes, so she does. He then kisses her and takes her to bed. 

Frankie walks into a room at the church and asks if anyone is here? Jen shows up. It seems they both got a message from Jack about how their presence was required here at the St. Lukes Parish. Stand By Me begins playing, and they wonder what is going on. Frankie says he hasnt heard this song in twenty years and now it is everywhere. Jack is hiding in another room and is playing the music. Jack hopes by the end of the day theyll be back together. Jen continues to wonder who is playing the song. Jack shows up and says he is, hes playing the greatest hits of the yesteryears. They ask why they are here, and Jack says they are here to help set up for the annul Saint Lukes charity dance. He says he volunteered them to set up and chaperone the dance. Jack claims an important top secret business meeting turned up, so hell have to miss the dance. However he hopes Frankie will be here to help Jen tonight. Jen says volunteering her to help at the dance is fine but Jack knows Frankie is leaving town. Jack says he isnt, and Frankie says he actually is staying in town after all. Jen is happy to hear that, but she has a pretty good idea who changed his mind about leaving. Jen looks at Jack and says he should be ashamed of himself. Jen thinks Jack twisted Frankies arm to stay here because she likes having him back in town. Frankie says Jack didnt have anything to do with it, he stayed to send time with his family and to see Caroline now that shes back. He also is happy to help here because this is his familys favorite charity. Jack is glad and tells Frankie hes going to make sure lots of memories come back for him and Jen tonight. Frankie tells himself that this isnt going to work. Later Frankie and Jack argue over Jacks plan. Frankie doesnt think it will work, but Jack says they have to try. He says tonight he wants Frankie to rekindle that old flame with Jen. Jen is watching from a distance, and when Jack leaves Jen wants to know what is going on. She wants to know how Jack twisted his arm.

Abby shows up at the Lockhart house. Chelsea is upset and says she has to get rid of Billie, permanently. Abby asks what she means, she doesnt mean kill her does she? Chelsea says no, she just needs to get her out of this house. Abby says that wont happen, and Billie has been like a mother to her. Chelsea says that bitch will never be a mother to her. Chelsea says never mention Billie and her mother in the same breath again. Chelsea says her mother and her father loved her, they kept their money problems a secret to protect her. Chelsea says if Billie thinks she can come in and replace her mother then she has another thing coming. Chelsea goes off on a name calling list, referring to Billie as a sleaze and a slutbag. Abby says Billie has done a lot for her, she looked after her during the car crash and she gave her that blood transfusion. Chelsea says that was a biological fluke. Abby says she took her in and gave her a place to live. Chelsea says no Patrick did that, and she should be living alone with Patrick. Chelsea says she will be as soon as she can convince Patrick to kick Billie out on the street. Abby tells Chelsea that she is insane, Patrick will never be her lover and having sex with Max wont make Patrick jealous. Abby says she is glad she and Max didnt go through with it. Chelsea says Max and her didnt only because Max now wants them to get to know one another and date. Abby says that is a good idea. Abby says she has a date tonight, and she needs to go get ready and wants Chelseas help.

Abby and Cheslea show up at the church, and Chelsea wonders why they are coming to the church for a date? Abby explains how she invited Josh to the church dance tonight. Chelsea says you mean geekboy? Abby says hes not a geek. Chelsea says whatever, she hopes they have fun. Chelsea says meanwhile she needs to find a way to get Billie out of her life. As Abby and Chelsea help set up for the dance, Abby tries to talk to Chelsea about how she shouldnt be throwing her body at a guy she likes. Abby wants Chelsea to get to know someone first before making love. Chelsea isnt listening to what she has to say, she just wants to get it on with Patrick. Meanwhile, Frankie assures Jen that staying was his idea, and hed be happy to chaperone with her tonight. Jack puts on some music and convinces Frankie and Jen to show Abby that his mother can dance, with the right partner. Abby wants to see it, so Jen and Frankie begin slow dancing. 

Bo and Billie show up at the hospital and inform Lexie what Tony said about Chelsea being their daughter. Lexie asks if they have told her yet? Bo says no, they need to find out if it is true or not first. They want Lexie to run a DNA test without Chelsea knowing about it. Lexie says she can do it, and shell call them with the results. Billie says she isnt going anywhere, she is going to wait. Lexie says okay but it could be awhile. Billie knows it will be a match, she just doesnt know how Chelsea will take the news. As they wait, Billie thinks Bo is having second thoughts about adding Chelsea to his family. Bo says hes not. She asks then why hasnt he called Hope? Bo calls Hope and leaves a message for her telling her where they are. Billie thinks this is going to be a big change for Hope. Bo says shes been supportive about this, but Billie says that was when it was only a possibility and not a reality. Bo says if Chelsea is his daughter then hes moving her out of that house. He doesnt want Patrick taking advantage of her. Billie says they dont know what really happened when he found them kissing. Billie says she doesnt want Chelsea involved with Patrick either, because she is. Billie reveals that she and Patrick are dating. She says Patrick might be a big part of all their lives soon, including his.

Kate visits with Tony in jail. Kate tells Tony to listen to her and listen carefully, before he goes to death row for all the crimes he has committed she wants some information. Tony says about Sami? Kate says exactly. Tony says it doesnt take a psychic to know how desperate she is to keep Sami from marrying Lucas. He doesnt know why as she would make the perfect daughter in law for her. Kate says and hell would make the perfect home for him. He suggests she be nice otherwise he wont give her the information she needs to destroy Sami. Tony says hell help her destroy Sami for a price, his freedom. Kate says she cant free him. Tony says so hell give her a hint. Kate asks what that will cost her? Tony says just the use of her cell phone. He calls Sami, and Kate knows this. However Tony deleted the number he called, so Kate doesnt have proof. Kate wants her hint, so he says Sami is a master mistress of disguise. Kate doesnt think the hint is anything at all, is furious and then leaves. Tony says things are going so much better then he planned.

At her place Sami is thinking about Tony blackmailing her back in the desert in order to get her to do what he wanted her to do. Lucas shows up and Sami asks if she is excited about their wedding as she is? He says if what he heard is true then there may not be a wedding. She asks what he means. It turns out that the invitations she sent out didnt have a date on them. Lucas says Alice told him. Sami cant believe she did that, and she cant believe he said that to her. She thought he was chickening out of the wedding, he scared her to death. Lucas says no way, she is stuck with him. Sami works on sending the invitations out again. Lucas just wishes they could invite Stan so he could strangle him. Lucas has his hands on her shoulders and thinks she seems tense. She says she is just upset about screwing up the first set of invitations. They soon begin kissing, and Samis phone rings. Sami answers the phone and it is Tony. She asks what he wants. He says he needs to see her right away. Lucas asks Sami who is calling. She says it is her wedding planner. Lucas didnt know they had one. Tony says she wont have to plan for anything if she doesnt get her ass down here. She says that wont happen, but he tells her to get down here. Tony hangs up, and Sami says there is a problem with the florist and she has to go handle it. He offers to come with her, but she says no he can do what he needs to do. She leaves, and Lucas decides to go do some investigating.

Sami shows up later in a wig and glasses. She demands to see her client Tony DiMera. The officer says she looks familiar. Sami says he probably has seen her on court TV. She introduces herself as Barabra Cuda (a play on Barracuda?). She is taken to see Tony, and as shes going in Kate is on her way out and sees Sami. She is pretty sure it is Sami. She asks Detective Adams if she could leave her husband a note on his PC in his office? He says sure and lets her go into Romans office. Kate begins using his computer to do some work. Lucas then shows up and Detective Adams thinks he is looking for his mom. He says shes in Commander Bradys office. Lucas goes into the office and finds Kate looking up confidential police records. He thinks she is trying to get dirt on Sami, which she was. He asks if she is ever going to quit? Kate says no she wont, she wont quit until she proves to him and everyone else that Sami is no good. Lucas deletes everything she has done and tells her she is done, get out now. Kate says she is his mother. He says that is a biological accident. Kate says something is going on between Sami and Tony. Lucas says yeah, like something was going on between her and Brandon. They argue, and Lucas wonders what Roman will think about her breaking into his computer and accessing private police files. Kate begs him not to tell Roman, and he says he wont if she drops this. Lucas says Sami has changed, but obviously his mother hasnt. Lucas says hes glad Sami is at the florist and not here to see this. He says she might have second thoughts about marrying him if she saw the genes he comes from. Kate asks why he is here. Lucas says he says he came to talk to Tony and get info from him. Lucas was hoping Tony could get a confession about Stan. Kate says while hes at it ask Tony how Sami is involved in all of this. Lucas suggests Kate get out of here now, and he walks off.

Sami goes in to meet with Tony. He tells her that her disguise is brilliant, saying she was his lawyer was an excellent way for them to be alone together. Sami says people are going to recognize her, so she cant stay for long. She asks what he wants. Tony says the only person they want more than him is their friend Stan, so he could make a deal with them and tell the police where to find Stan. Sami asks what he wants. He says he wants her to help him escape. She refuses to help him escape, and says even if she wanted to there is no way. Tony says there is always a way. He tells her to listen to him carefully and do as he says.

Lucas arrives outside and wants to see Tony. The officer says he is with his attorney, and besides he needs clearance. Lucas says hell wait till hes done and then be back. Meanwhile Sami is sneaking off, dodges Lucas, and runs into Kate. Kate says she knew it was her, and she screams for Lucas to come here now. Sami panics. Sami runs off, and Lucas returns. Kate tries to convince Lucas Sami was here in a disguise and had a meeting with Tony. Lucas says he wont stand for this anymore, he doesnt want to hear anymore lies about the woman he loves. Meanwhile Sami is glad she escaped, but she cant believe she has to help Tony escape. She remembers him giving her a paper with instructions. Sami says she has no choice, she has to make a deal with the devil. 



August 25, 2005
Sami is sitting outside of Alices and looking at a photo of Lucas. She says all she wants is to be a good person and stop doing stupid things. She says if she doesnt help Tony escape then hell tell everyone she is Stan. She says Tony will escape anyways, and if she helps him then she can be with Lucas and no one will know what shes done.

Inside Alices, Bonnie is smoking and says she is back to smoking, big time. She says she was happy until her sweet, very rich husband dumped her for his dead ex-wife. She thinks about what theyd be doing if Mickey hadnt dumped her, theyd probably be watching the travel channel or re-runs of Barneby Jones. She says all she has now is Max. Max, to himself, says she needs to pull it together as Mickey wasnt her first and certainly wont be her last. Bonnie says Max is right, she will survive. She thinks she should go on reality TV and make money, then again she might have to eat a bug. Sami shows up and Bonnie says they arent open yet. Sami says she guesses she could take her business elsewhere. Bonnie says what business? Sami says if Bonnie plays her cards right then this could be her lucky day. Bonnie asks if she took a job with the prize patrol? Sami says no. She is looking for a place for her wedding reception. She says because it is short notice all the good places are taken. Bonnie says oh so shes settling for Alices? Sami says she thinks it has potential, and she knows Bonnie needs money now that Mickey has, well dumped her. Sami says her parents will pay for it so name her price. Bonnie decides to get a pen and paper to jot down some notes as she has tons of ideas. Suddenly Mimi shows up to talk to her mom. Mimi says shes made a terrible mistake, she came this close to sleeping with Shawn. Sami walks out of the shadows and tells Mimi she doesnt waste any time does she. Mimi didnt realize Sami was there. Bonnie explains they are going over wedding plans. Mimi says oh yeah, congratulations about that being back on. Sami thinks she should congratulate Mimi, she doesnt waste time and really likes those Brady boys. Mimi says she still loves Rex, and nothing happened with Shawn. Bonnie suggests Sami wait in the other room while she talks with Mimi. Sami leaves, but ends up eavesdropping. Mimi says last night was a mistake and Shawn is only her friend. Bonnie says it wasnt a mistake, and with Rex out of the picture Mimi can finally have the man shes always wanted all along. Sami is shocked at hearing this. Later Sami leaves after ironing out the details with Bonnie for the reception. Bonnie hopes Sami goes home and makes a big fat guest list of people who will come eat and drink up. Mimi worries that Sami is going to tell Rex what happened. Bonnie says so what if she does. She thinks Mimi needs to move on with Shawn, but Mimi says it wont happen. Mimi says she came here for a job, she needs help with the rent since Rex moved out. Bonnie says she needs a waitress so the job is hers. Bonnie says with Rex gone she also needs a new bartender, and fortunately she knows where to find one.

Belle is calling for someone to help her try and get Phillip to the doctors office for his appointment. It seems that the van that was supposed to come get Phillip broke down and cant pick him up. Phillip thinks it is a sign that they should stay in bed all day long. Belle says this is an important appointment, hes being fitted for his prosthesis. Belle says he cant miss this. She thinks she can call her dad, but he says no. He suggests she ask Shawn and Mimi for help as her dad has his own problems right now.

Shawn and Mimi are about to head out of their loft. Mimi is going to Alices, and she asks Shawn if he has his keys so he doesnt get locked out. He does, and she says it is a miracle. Belle shows up to talk to them. Mimi says she has to run and leaves. Belle asks Shawn to help her get Phillip to the doctors. He says of course hell help, he knows Phillip getting his prosthesis will make his and her lives easier. Shawn seems to be accepting Belles decision. He says hes not happy about it, but perhaps this is how it was meant to be all along. Belle doesnt seem to like him saying this. They head into the loft, and Belle runs to get her things. Phillip asks Shawn if he and Mimi were having fun last night as it sure sounded like it. He says yeah, and perhaps they should talk to the super about soundproofing these lofts. He says they heard everything that happened here last night. Phillip says hes not embarrassed, and Shawn shouldnt be embarrassed about Mimi either. Shawn says he and Mimi are just friends. Phillip says he and Belle started out as friends yet look where they are now. Belle listens in as Shawn says he and Mimi are just friends and hes not interested in falling in love right now. Shawn says all he cares about right now is moving on with his life. 

The three of them arrive at the hospital, and Phillip goes in to meet with the doctor alone. He tells Belle she should spend some time with Shawn. Belle ends up thanking Shawn for helping Phillip considering . . . She says it means a lot to her. He says hed do anything for her, doesnt she know that? She says shes not so sure. He asks what that means. She says if you care about me so much then why are you and Mimi . . . Shawn says they are only friends. Shawn gets a call from some unrecognizable number. He says hell go use the payphone to call them back since no cell phones are to be used in the hospital. Shawn leaves, and Sami arrives and tells Belle not to let Shawn get to her. Belle asks what she is talking about, and why is she here? Sami says she is here for her blood test, and she saw the way Belle was looking at Shawn. Belle says she cant help it, her heart is telling her . . . Sami tells her to ignore her heart and listen to her stomach. Sami puts her ear to Belles tummy and then tells Belle that her unborn child wants her to accept that what she had with Shawn is over and make things with his or her dad work. Belle cries that she cant accept it is over.

Meanwhile, Shawn returns the call and finds it is Bonnie calling from Alices. She needs a bartender since Rex left and offers him the job. Shawn says sure he could use the cash. She thanks him and says hes a lifesaver. Back at Alices, Bonnie thinks shes not only getting a new bartender, but Mimis getting a new boyfriend and soon to be fiance.

The dance at St. Lukes is in full swing. Chelsea asks Abby if shes really staying for this thing. Abby says she is. Chelsea also says she has her strategy to get Patrick planned out. Abby says Patrick just walked in so here is her chance to put her plan into action. Chelsea zooms off, and Patrick asks Abby where Chelsea is? She says she went to the ladies room. He says she looks pretty, is she on a date? Abby says shes just meeting a boy from the Java Caf. Chelsea returns, and Patrick says he got her call and thinks they should talk. She says great and suggests they go someplace more private. They head off elsewhere, and Chelsea kisses him. He tells her to stop. He says he only came here to talk to her about what happened at the pool. Chelsea hopes Bo and that bitch of a wife havent gotten to him. Patrick says Hope is a good person and a good friend. Chelsea says she is 18, Hope cant tell her that the two of them kissing was wrong. Patrick says they werent kissing, she threw herself at him. He says they are friends and that is all they can be. He says he thinks she needs to find someone her own age. Chelsea says guys her own age are boring, but there is someone she can go out whenever she wants and he is hot. Patrick says if she knows what is good for her then shell stay away from Max Brady. Patrick says he knows guys like Max, he will just use her. Chelsea says well at least Max didnt lead her on, which is more than she can say for some guys. Chelsea then walks out on Patrick.

Meanwhile, Jen and Frankie are dancing. Jen loves all the old songs but thinks they need to stop playing them or theyll drive all the old kids away. Jen thinks it seems like ages ago when these songs were hot. Frankie says it wasnt that long ago and she makes them sound old. Jen tells Frankie that they are old. She wishes Jack could be here, but says she is glad he could be here. Frankie says hes sorry Jack couldnt make it too, and hes glad he could be here to help out. Frankie says this meeting must have been important to Jack to miss this. Jen says Jack hasnt really been focused on work lately. She asks Frankie how his job is going. Frankie says it looks like hell be sticking around Salem for awhile, and he hasnt realized how much he missed it. He says he cant wait to see Caroline. Jen thinks shell be glad to see him and Max both. Frankie says he was hoping shed be here tonight. Jen says shes probably exhausted. Frankie says he called the pub and was told she was resting. Jen then comes up with a great idea. Jen wants to fix him up with one of her girlfriends. Frankie recalls his promise to Jack to make Jen fall in love with him. Frankie says thats nice of her, but hell pass. She says he doesnt know what hes missing. Suddenly Caroline shows up and asks Frankie what he thinks hes doing? Caroline says she comes back from the dead and she doesnt get a visit? Frankie hugs her and says he called but was told she was resting. Caroline says she knows and was just teasing. Caroline says she is back with her family, and her two youngest are back. Frankie says they are going to be sticking around for awhile. Jen hugs Caroline and welcomes her back. Caroline says she is sure Jen likes having Jack back too. Jen says she wont let that man out of her site. Caroline says shes sure Jack isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

Josh shows up and apologizes to Abby for being late. He says his skateboard lost a wheel on the way here. She is just glad he is here. He says hes glad she asked him out, and she says shes glad he came. Josh gives her something, a decoder pin from his favorite comic book. They share a kiss, and Jen walks in on it. She quickly hides, and they end up running off to share a dance. Jen wishes Jack was here to see this. Jen then runs into Patrick, and she says she heard what happened with Tony and hes a hero again.

Meanwhile, Caroline assures Frankie nothing is going on with her and Victor, they are just friends. Caroline asks Frankie if he is seeing anyone? Just then Jen and Patrick walk in, and Frankie says he doesnt trust Patrick and he doesnt like that hes always hanging out with Jen. Caroline says well he has rescued them several times. She then recalls that Sister Mary Margaret asked her to get some cups. He says hell get them and for her to just relax. Frankie runs into Patrick on the way to get the cups, and he and Patrick exchange some intense looks. Jen goes off with Frankie to get the cups, and the end up locked in the closet. Someone (looks like Jack but we dont see there face) closes the door and locks them in! 

Elsewhere, Chelsea and Abby meet up. Abbys date is going great, but Chelseas isnt. She wont give up though, but she says she has an idea to get Patrick back. She says she doesnt know all the details yet, but it will involve Max and driving Patrick insane. Chelsea calls Max and says she has a proposition for him, and to meet her at the beach in an hour. 

At the hospital, Bo and Billie are still waiting for the DNA test results. Bo tells her that the lab is backed up and they need to be patient. Billie cant be patient; they are so close to finding Georgia. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up. Billie says no matter what happens she wont let it bother her. However she says what if it is true, what if they finally found their little girl. Bo says it would be a miracle. As they hug, Hope shows up. Hope comes in, and Bo fills her in on what is going on. Hope wishes Bo had told her and not Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea has some attitude. Billie says Chelsea has gone through a lot lately, so cut her some slack. Hope says she was trying to reach out to Chelsea, and what has happened to Chelsea doesnt excuse bad behavior. Billie thinks Chelsea was reacting to Hopes lousy attitude. Bo tells Billie shes out of line, Hope is just trying to help. Billie says Hope was attacking her. Hope says she was trying to help, and Chelsea has problems and is troubled. Hope thinks the accident isnt Chelseas only problem, she thinks her issues go back before losing her parents. Billie says now youre a child psychologist? Hope says no, but in their line of work they deal with troubled kids. Hope says Chelsea has some deep seeded issues and if they dont deal with them then her problems will only get worse. Billie says Chelsea is a good kid and only needs patience and understanding. Bo says Hope is just trying to help, and he is the one who made a big deal about this thing with Patrick. Hope says Patrick isnt the problem, she thinks Chelsea forced herself on Patrick. Hope says that is how girls like that operate, they use sex to get what they want. Billie says now your calling my daughter a slut? Hope asks what she just said? Bo says that is why they are here, they are waiting on DNA tests to confirm that Chelsea is their daughter. Hope apologizes to Billie and says she didnt know. Billie says it doesnt matter, if Chelsea is her daughter then shell get all the love and care she needs. Billie says she wont let her make the same mistakes she did. A nurse brings them the test results. Billie opens them, and she says Oh my God!


August 26, 2005

At the hospital, Billie tells Bo its a match, Chelsea is their daughter. Bo looks at the test results. Bo cant believe theyve been running through hell and back when she was in Salem the whole time. Hope says she is happy for the both of them. Billie says she never thought she was right when she said looking at Chelsea was like looking at herself at that age. Hope decides to give them time alone to discuss what they are doing. Bo asks Hope not to tell anyone about this until they have a chance to talk to Chelsea. Billie thanks Hope, and Hope heads off. Bo tells Billie they should find Chelsea and tell her the news. Billie says she cant, she doesnt think Chelsea should ever know the truth. Billie says right now Chelsea hates her and this could destroy her. Bo says it will be hard, but she has a right to know the truth. Billie says she is just scared, and she wishes she had gotten off to a better start with Chelsea. Bo says girls and their moms argue with their parents all the time. Billie says this is not a normal situation and they shouldnt pretend it is. Billie says she fears Chelsea will hate them for trying to take the place of her parents. Bo says they arent, and they arent asking her to forget those who raised her. He says but she will be gaining a big family, and in time she may accept them. Bo says all they can do is tell her and hope she makes the right decision. Billie says and if she doesnt? He says they should be prepared for that. Bo and Billie talk about how they both felt when they found out the truth about their parents. Billie didnt like Kate at first, and Bo says he didnt like Victor at first either. Billie realizes the two of them are the best suited to help Chelsea through this. She just hopes it doesnt take years for Chelsea to accept this like it took them years to accept their parents. Bo says they have no guarantees. Bo says he thinks they should go see and talk to their daughter. Billie says he is right, and they should go see her and tell her.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Shawn gets off the phone and thinks a part time job at Alices wont be too bad, and he needs the cash. Meanwhile, Sami asks Belle why she cant accept her relationship with Shawn is over? Belle asks if she accepted her relationship with Lucas was over? Sami says that is completely different, Belle married Phillip and is pregnant with his child. Belle says she cant help what she feels for Shawn. Sami asks what about her husband, after all she married the guy. Belle says her feelings for him are developing gradually. Sami says oh boy, people think she is the messed up one. Sami says it is time they had a talk. She drags Belle out onto the terrace to talk to her about motherhood and the realities of it. Sami tells Belle her life as she knows it is now over. Sami says nobody prepared her for how different shed be after she had her baby. She tells Belle shell be a whole different person. Belle hopes shell be a better person. Sami says she probably will be, but she will be a busy and tired person. She says having a kid is the best thing ever, but neither of them planned their pregnancies. Sami says mom isnt around to help her, and Phillip is still recovering. Belle says she knows, and they will hire someone to help them out if need be. Sami tells Belle that she will be there to help her, and this is a full time job for the rest of her life. Sami tells Belle she is lucky not to be a single teenage mom like she was. She makes Belle promise not to mess things up with Phillip. Belle says she doesnt plan to. Sami says then she has to get over Shawn, she cant let herself consider going back to him. She tells Belle that she and Shawn are a fairytale, and if she leaves Phillip then shell be doing this on her own. Sami tells Belle about what she overheard Mimi say about Shawn and her almost making love, and how Bonnie is pushing Mimi to be with Shawn. Sami says Bonnie told Mimi now she could have the man she always wanted. Belle asks how Mimi could do this to her, how could she have been after Shawn all the time. She says what about Rex and how much in love they were. Sami says maybe this time Mimi is skipping love and going for the money, Shawn is going to inherit a lot of money. A nurse interrupts and tells Sami that she has a phone call. Sami says she is sorry for telling Belle this, but she needs to know. She says she was raised with divorced parents and it was miserable. Belle says she still feels guilty about that, but Belle says that was all Johns fault. Belle says they shouldnt get into this again. Sami says she just doesnt want what she grew up with for her niece or nephew. Belle says she wants her baby to have a happy life and a happy family. Sami says something about how that wont happen with Shawn in the picture. Eventually Shawn comes out, and Sami says speak of the devil. Sami says bye Shawn D as she heads off. Shawn says it is Shawn Douglas, and he asks Belle what that was about? Shawn asks what Sami has done now. Belle is angry that he almost slept with Mimi, Sami told her everything. Shawn says he didnt almost sleep with Mimi and Sami knows nothing. He says they kissed and that is it. Belle believes him, but she doesnt believe Mimi. She says Mimi is going after him now. Shawn says Belle married Phillip, she told him to move on with his life. He says he and Mimi did nothing wrong. He asks why she cares, unless she is jealous. Belle says she thinks Mimi could hurt him and is doing this to get back at her. Shawn says Mimi used to have a crush on him, but she loves Rex and will love him for a long time. Belle asks what if Mimi does love him, could he love her back? He says hes not ready to love Mimi or anyone after what happened between them. He says he knows it is partly his fault, but she has told him to move on with his life. She knows and she just wishes things could be different. He says they arent going to be and he has accepted that. A nurse comes out and says her husband is asking for her. Shawn tells her to go be with her husband. Belle runs off in tears.

Sami is told she has a call. She answers the phone and a voice tells her that she needs to do exactly what Tony tells her or she can kiss Lucas and her life goodbye. Sami asks what Tony wants her to do. The voice says help him escape.

At the dance, Josh excuses himself to go brush and floss. Hes come fully prepared for this evening. Caroline asks Abby who her date is? She says he is just a friend, and she asked him out. She says Josh is fun and different. She shows Caroline the comic book pin he gave her, and Caroline says he must really like her. Abby thanks Caroline for help chaperoning tonight. Caroline says shes been trying to keep busy and get back into normal life. Abby thinks her family must be happy to have her back. She says as happy as she is to have her dad back she imagines. Abby says she never accepted her dad was gone, he is bigger than life and isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

Elsewhere, Jack has locked Frankie and Jen in the closet in order to make sure their love is rekindled. Jen hopes someone will come rescue them. Jack begins pumping 80 tunes into the closet. The song hes playing is one they danced to at the Labor Day dance here years ago. Jen remembers they were wearing costumes, he was a gangster and she was a flapper. Jen then is shocked when she finds a flapper costume and a gagster costume in the closet. They cant believe it and get dressed up. They then share a dance and begin giggling and laughing. Outside the closet, Jack cant believe he is doing this. He says he should be with Jen, but he has to do this to protect Jen from Patrick. Jack runs and hides when Josh and Abby show up. They share a kiss, and Jack watches. Caroline interrupts them, and they run off. Jack then shows up, and Caroline is glad to see him back. She asks if he has seen Frankie and Jen as theyve been gone for awhile.

Back in the closet, Jen asks if dancing in these costumes makes Frankie feel uncomfortable. He says no, it brings back good memories. He says they are just memories though, but Jen thinks he is wrong. Jen thinks they were locked together for a specific reason. She doesnt know what, but it was like someone wanted them to revisit their pasts. She says it was nice, it was real nice. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly Caroline and Jack open the door as Jen kisses Frankie! Jen says it isnt what it looks like, and Jack says he knows. Caroline says she cant believe they found these clothes, she donated them to the church a long time ago. She thought the sister would have sold them, but apparently she didnt. Jen asks Jack how his meeting went. He says fine. They then begin talking about Abby and her little boy friend. Both Jack and Frankie dont like this and hope this boy doesnt get any ideas about Abby. Jen walks off, and Jack apologizes to Frankie for what he did to them. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Jen when she had that dress on she looked just like she did when she was seventeen. Jen says she almost felt seventeen again. Jen thinks about kissing Frankie.

Elsewhere, Chelsea calls Max and makes a date to meet him on the beach. Patrick shows up as Chelsea is leaving, and he says he wanted to apologize to her. She says for what? He says he cares for her as a friend, and hes sorry for getting angry over Max. However he thinks Max only wants one thing, to sleep with her. He thinks she should be grateful Billie and him walked in and stopped her when they did. She says she wanted to be there, she wasnt screaming or fighting, and it was her bed. He says actually it is his bed and his house. She says fine then kick her out. He says hes not going to do that. She says at least Max shows her affection. Chelsea walks off and fills Abby in on her plans to go be with Max tonight.

Hope shows up and talks with Abby about how beautiful she looks. She then talks to Patrick and asks what is wrong? He says he had an argument with Chelsea over Max Brady. He says she is about to make a huge mistake with that guy and he has to stop her. Hope says shell go with him.

Hope and Patrick return home and Chelsea isnt there. He thinks she went off with Max. Hope tells Patrick he knows he wants to find Chelsea, but there is a bigger issue. She says Bo and Billie have found Georgia, and they know where she is. Patrick asks who she is? Hope says shes Chelsea. Patrick says he told Billie that he thought Chelsea could be Georgia. He says Tony said it was someone Billie knew, Chelsea is the right age, and they share the same rare blood marker. He says he cant believe he was right. Hope says he was, and they had the DNA tested. Patrick is happy for them, but wonders how she is handling this. She says it is daunting, and because of this news things will definitely change. Hope says right now Chelsea hates all of their guts, and she cant help but think Tony has something else planned for them. She wonders why he made it so easy for them to find her. Hope says right now they need to protect Chelsea. Patrick says hell go find her and bring her home. Hope asks him not to say anything to her about the DNA. Patrick says okay, and he asks Hope to wait here in case Bo and Billie return, or in case Chelsea comes home. Hope says Chelsea hates her, but he says just let those step-mom instincts take over. Later Bo and Billie return home, and Hope fills them in on Patrick going off and finding Chelsea. Bo is furious that Hope told Patrick when he asked her not to tell anyone. Bo says Patrick could be working for DiMera still and might kidnap her. Hope says if Patrick wanted to kidnap her then he could have done so long before now. Billie says as much as she wants to believe Patrick, Bo has a point. She says Patrick was the first one to suggest Chelsea could be Georgia, what if this is another game of Tonys? Bo asks if she knows where Patrick went? Hope thinks he went to find Chelsea at Jack and Jens, she went to see Max. Bo and Billie take off, and Hope thinks they are over reacting about Patrick.

Max cant believe Chelsea wants to meet him on the beach at this hour. He thinks he should give her what she wants. Later, Chelsea meets up with Max outside Jack and Jens instead of the beach. Max asked her to meet him here. She says Patrick made a big mistake dissing her tonight. Max shows up in a nice short, and she says he looks nice. He says he can look nice when he wants to. She asked what made him get all dressed up? Max says she did, and he kisses her. Max decides he wants to take her someplace special. He blindfolds her to make it a surprise. He takes her someplace, and when she sees it she says Oh my god. Max has a very romantic tent set up on the beach with candles, music and a fire. Chelsea tells him that this is amazing, and they begin some serious making out.

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie show up at Jack and Jens, but nobody is there. They say they have to find her before Patrick does. Down at the beach, Patrick shows up and says Max will regret it if he has laid a hand on Chelsea.

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