August 29, 2005

Nicole arrives outside of Alices and goes to use a pay phone. She says gross, who knows who else has used this phone. She says she hasnt used a pay phone in who knows how long. She finds a quarter in the phone and considers it luck. She then makes a call to Sami. As she calls Sami, Kate spies on her. (see below for phone conversation). Sami ends up hanging up on Nicole, and Nicole damns Sami, Victor and everyone else. She looks for another quarter in her purse, and Kate hands her one. Nicole says Kate is scary lurking in the shadows and showing up everywhere she goes. Kate says she wants something from Nicole, and she should call Sami back. Kate says here is a quarter. Nicole says Said the snake to Eve, it is just a juicy apple. Kate says she wants to know everything Sami is up to, and Nicole is going to tell her. Nicole asks why she should tell her anymore than she already has? Kate says it is their duty to take down Sami. Nicole says no her duty is to focus on where shell get her next meal. She also wont do Kates bidding when it comes to Sami Brady. Kate says she gave her a pile of cash. Nicole says and she told her info already, and if she wants more then shell have to fork over more cash. Nicole says it costs a lot to live in Salem. Nicole asks if Kate followed up on what she told her before. Kate says she saw Tony and he told her about a disguise or something. Nicole says that is it, but Kate doesnt get it. Nicole tells Kate to think. Kate remembers seeing Sami dressed as the lawyer going to see Tony. Kate doesnt get it though. Nicole tells Kate to think bigger, Sami lived and breathed as someone else for months and Kate must have come in contact with the jerk at some point. Kate asks what she was disguised as, a hooker? Kate says no she always looks like a hooker. Nicole gives her another hint, after seeing Sami in this disguise a lot she had no idea she was Sami. Kate says it must have been some disguise. Nicole tells her to think Victor Victoria. Kate gets the hint, Sami disguised herself as a man. Kate asks so what did she/he look like? Nicole says if she saw a photo of Samis disguise shed know her. Kate asks for a photo, but Nicole wont help her anymore. Nicole says she needs Sami, she has too much to lose. Kate says she has already lost everything. Nicole says she cant help her, Samis going to help her get Brady back. Kate tells Nicole that she is delusional. Nicole says if Brady finds out what she did . . . . Kate says she lost Brady, he is with Chloe now. Kate says she needs to give up, to cut her losses. Kate tells Nicole she can help her start her life all over again, far away from Salem. She says knowing Nicole shell find a rich old man to bankroll her. She asks if they have a deal? Kate then gets a cell phone call from the office. She tells Nicole she has to take this, and she wont get a better offer than this one. Kate excuses herself, and Nicole says she cant give up Brady. She says Sami made her a promise and it is one shes going to keep! Nicole calls Sami back (see below) and later Kate returns. Kate once again makes her offer to Nicole, but Nicole says she cant take it. She tells Kate she has all the pieces of the puzzle. She tells Kate to put on her Nancy Drew hat and figure it out. Nicole says once she does get it shell wonder what took her so long.

At Samis place, Sami is working on her wedding list. She says she loves Lucas so much and she cant let Tony stop her from marrying him. She cant believe she has to help that monster break out of jail when she is supposed to be working on her wedding. Samis phone rings and she thinks it might be Will calling from the bus station, but it is Nicole. Nicole tells Sami not to hang up or shell make her sorry. Sami says shes busy getting ready for her wedding. Nicole says if she wants to have that wedding then she better help her get Brady back, otherwise shell tell Lucas the truth about Stan. Sami says no then it will be over for her, Lucas wont forgive her. Lucas walks in and asks if she has gotten herself in trouble. Sami hangs up on Nicole and Lucas asks what she did? She says she used the Horton name to expedite their blood tests at the hospital and a nurse got snippy with her. Lucas says that is great, whatever she has to do to make their wedding happen faster. He says see was it so hard telling the truth was it? She says yes, normally he doesnt believe her. He says that was the past. He says this is a whole new start, no more lies and no more secrets. As they kiss, Will shows up and says they need to get a room. They are happy to see him home from camp, and they share a happy little reunion. Sami says she is so happy to have them both with her and that they are going to be a real family forever. Later Lucas heads off somewhere and Will asks if he can bring a date to the wedding. She asks if he met someone? Who is she? He laughs and says he is joking and he just wanted to see what shed say. She tells him hes a brat. She also tells him that she wont let anything come between them as a family again. Will says he knows it wasnt her fault what happened, and hes really sorry. He also says hes really proud to be her son. Sami thanks him. They discuss the wedding and she says she booked Alices for the reception. Will just hopes he doesnt have to square dance, but it sounds good. Will asks if his dad really isnt talking to Grandma Kate? Sami says he is mad at her. Will says so is he, and he cant believe she almost ruined their family. Will says he thought Grandma Kate loved him and dad. Sami is just glad the truth came out. Will says he used to think she was selfish and didnt care about other people more than herself. He says when she left town he was angry. Sami says shed never willingly leave him. Will says he knew shed come back eventually, and he was afraid she was off trying to get revenge on everyone. He says that would have made things worse, and she saved Dads life which makes her a hero. Sami thinks about Nicole blackmailing her with the info that she was Stan. Lucas returns from wherever he was. The phone rings and Lucas answers. It is Nicole calling, and in a strange voice she says she is the florist calling for Sami. Lucas gives her the phone, and Nicole tells Sami either she helps her or her secrets are going to the highest bidder. Sami makes Lucas believe shes talking to the florist and says shed like lilies. Nicole says shell make sure lilies are delivered to her funeral if Sami doesnt help her. Nicole blackmails Sami and says shell end up in prison if she doesnt help her. Sami says Nicole was the one who went into the OR and unleashed that flesh eating bacteria on Chloe. Sami says shell go to jail with her if she tells anyone anything. Nicole says she kept her end of the bargain so Sami better keep hers. Nicole then hangs up on her. Lucas and Will, who were out of the room, return and turn on the game. Sami made them some popcorn, and then the phone rings again. Sami thinks it is Nicole again, but this time it is Bart. Bart is calling to make sure Sami goes through with helping Tony with his escape plan. Bart tells Sami that it is time for her to pay the piper, otherwise shell lose her husband, mother, father and even her son. Bart says everyone who loves her will never love her again.

At the Lockhart house, Bo and Billie return and have not found Chelsea. Bo wants to put an APB out on Patrick, but Hope tells him to stop. Hope says the can trust Patrick, if he finds Chelsea then hell bring her home. Hope says if this is how hes going to handle his daughter then hes looking for a fight. Billie agrees with Hope and says this will only cause her to push them away. Hope makes some calls to have some people look for Patrick, Max and Chelsea. Billie decides to make some calls to Abby. Bo heads outside and looks at Georgias death certificate, which he had in his wallet. Hope comes out, hugs Bo, and says it will be okay. Bo feels guilty that shes been here in Salem the whole time. He says they should have done something. Hope says there is nothing he could have done as he didnt know, and he shouldnt let himself feel guilty about this. She sees he has Georgias death certificate. She didnt know he had it. Bo says the coroner gave it to him, and he gave the original to Billie. Bo says he has been carrying a photo copy of the original around, it was all he had left of his daughter. He still thinks he should have investigated more, but Hope says he had no reason to doubt she wasnt dead. Bo says still she grew up here without her real parents. Hope says but she did have parents, and thank God she didnt grow up alone. Hope says Mickey says shes been with her adopted parents since she was a baby, and they probably didnt know the truth. Bo says but they should have raised her. Billie comes out and tells Bo not to beat himself up. She says Chelsea will still need them, she will go from being an orphan to having parents who love her. Billie says that will make all the difference in her life. Hope says they probably dont want to hear this, but they need to be careful and not get their hopes up. Hope says she could fight them, she could fight hard. Billie asks why they shouldnt expect things to work out? Hope says there is no indication that Chelsea wants new parents, and none of them have a good relationship with her. Billie says she knows they wont be a happy family, but that is no reason to give up. Bo says they wont force this on her, theyll help her with it. Billie says Chelsea is just like her, and in time shell realize that. Bo says the thing is they dont know how this will turn out, and all they know for sure is that they will be there for her daughter to support her. Billie says she got a hold of Abby, and she learned Chelsea is out with Max. Suddenly Max shows up and they ask where Chelsea is? He explains she is at the beach, they were on a date and he came here to get her sweatshirt. Bo says the date is over cowboy, and Billie says they need to talk to Chelsea. They say it is very important. Max says hell take them to her. Bo is furious at the thought of Patrick alone with Chelsea. Hope tells Bo to contain his anger.

On the beach, Patrick searches for Max and Chelsea. He says if Max has done something to her then hell be sorry. Elsewhere, Max and Chelsea are going at it hot and heavy. Meanwhile Patrick is trying to convince himself to just protect Chelsea and not to go ballistic. He wonders if Bo and Billie will use that name or not, and it will be tough for her to accept she is their daughter. Suddenly Chelsea lets out a scream, and Patrick goes running. Meanwhile, Chelsea is fine, she screamed because she thought she saw a spider. She ended up spilling cider on her shirt though. Max suggests she take it off and wrap a blanket around her. He thinks maybe they should go home, but she says no. She says she is looking forward to tonight. She says they can lie on the sand under the stars. Max says he wants to be with her, but maybe they should just wait. She says they can just hold each other all night. Max says it will be hard to control themselves. She says she can do it if he can. She says shell need a sweat shirt, and she asks him to go get one for her. He says he cant say no to her. He says hell be right back. Chelsea ends up ripping her shirt as she tries to take it off and she begins to cry over it. Patrick then shows up and asks what happened, did Max do something to her? She runs to his arms and cries to him. Patrick asks what happened. Chelsea leads Patrick on and says she and Max were having a good time at first. Patrick says she is safe with him, tell him what happened. Chelsea talks about how they sat by the fire, and then they made out. Patrick asks if Max forced himself on her? She says things just got out of control. He asks where Max went. Patrick wants to go after him, but Chelsea asks him not to leave and she is so scared. Patrick says Max will be sorry he laid a finger on her. Chelsea says what happened was a misunderstanding, but Patrick thinks she was assaulted. He wants to take her to the ER, but she says no. He says fine, hell take her home to see Billie. She says she doesnt want to see Billie, and besides Max is coming back. Patrick then realizes she is trying to make him jealous, but she says no. Patrick says fine, they are going home as Billie has something important to tell her. Chelsea says Billie isnt her guardian and isnt her mother. They soon begin arguing over whether Chelsea will go home or not. Patrick says hes not leaving her here alone, and he grabs her arm. She yells at him to let go of her. Suddenly, Billie, Max, Bo and Hope show up, and Bo decks Patrick!


August 30, 2005

Victor and John show up at the cabin to see Brady and Chloe, and to give Chloe a surprise. Brady goes to get Chloe, and she comes out of her room to see them. Victor welcomes Chloe home, and she welcomes him home as well. Brady says his dad and granddad have a surprise for them. John says they know they have had a rough year, so they want to throw them the biggest wedding Salem has seen in years fully paid for. Brady loves the idea, but Chloe says its an awful idea and she cant do it. She runs off. Victor says hes sorry and they didnt mean to upset Chloe. Brady says he is excited, but the idea of a big wedding is upsetting to Chloe as she doesnt know how she will look. Brady says hell go check on her. Brady finds Chloe putting her bandage back on, and he asks what shes doing. He says that is the third time shes taken the bandage off today, and it will become infected if she keeps doing that. Chloe says she knows, but she cant walk down the aisle looking like this. She says there is too much pressure with Victor and John offering to pay for the wedding. She suggests they just elope. He says hell elope if that is what she wants to do. He says they can go to Vegas get married at the Elvis chapel. Chloe says no, she doesnt want to. She decides to have the church wedding after all because that is what he wants. 

Meanwhile Victor talks with John about Marlena and her therapy. John explains how Marlena is being secluded at a remote mountain cabin by her doctor. Victor thinks the doctors therapy techniques sounds odd. John says he thought so too, but the Dr.s rational makes sense. Victor asks if he checked the doctor out? John says he had him checked out through the internet, and he comes recommended from experts at Harvard. He says however hes starting to wonder about the guy. Victor thinks the doctors name sounds familiar, but he doesnt know from where. Victor then gets a call from Kate, who says she needs his advice. She asks him to meet her at Alices, and he says okay. Victor tells John he has to go, but if John is having second thoughts about this guy treating Marlena then do something about it. John thinks Vic is right. He says Marlena may have amnesia but she is still his wife. John calls Marlena, but isnt allowed to speak with Marlena. He begins to have a very bad feeling about what is going on. He calls for a chopper to take him to the cabin, and then gets a call from Marlena (all call details below).

At the other cabin, Marlena has made some bread. She went on a baking frenzy after finding some cookbooks. Dr. North tries her bread, chokes it down and says it is delicious. Hes obviously lying to her. He says he is proud of her, and he hopes this is a sign that shes getting her memory back. He says she must love to bake. Marlena says she doesnt know, what if she doesnt and shes not getting her memory back. He says there is one way to find out. He checks the records he has on her and says according to her daughters she is a lousy cook. She says but she just made terrific bread. He says well maybe it is a dormant talent that has re-awakened. She wants to know more about what shes lousy at, but he says if she is given information about her life then it might prevent her from remembering on her own. Marlena says that is why he is keeping her away from her family. He says yes, and she says actually it is a relief. She says she doesnt know any of them and if she never sees them again then shell be just fine. She feels horrible for not wanting to see her family, but he says it is normal. He says once she gets her memory back then shell want to be see them or phone them. She says he wont make her talk to them will she. He says no, he will respect her wishes. She says well she has one request, there is someone she doesnt want to see. She says she doesnt want to see her husband John. He says she just cant ignore John, he is a part of their treatment. Marlena says she knows, but she is beginning to think her life in Salem wasnt that great. She talks about how happy she is to be here, how peaceful she feels here. She is afraid if she regains her memory and returns to her old life that she wont be able to find herself again. MArlenas phone rings and it is John. She wont talk to him, and she gives it to Alex. Alex talks to John, and John asks to talk to his wife. Alex lies and says she just went for a walk. John wants an update on Marlenas progress. Alex pretends like there is static and cant hear him well, and he hangs up on John. Alex then tells Marlena he lost the call. Alex tells Marlena her husband might be here soon, which would jeopardize everything. Alex tells Marlena shell have to call him back. Marlena calls John, and she assures him that she is fine and asks him not to come up and see her. She says shes making a nice recovery and he might hinder her progress. She says she is sorry and that must hurt him to hear. John says she has to do what is necessary to get herself better. John claims he understands, and Marlena thanks him. She says goodbye and hangs up on him before he can tell her that he loves her. Marlena tells Alex he was right, John was going to come up here. Alex asks if she wants him to come. She says no, and she holds Alexs hand and says the only person she needs is him.

On the beach, Bo is beating Patrick to a pulp. Hope and Billie break things up, and Billie asks Chelsea if she is okay. Patrick asks why Bo is attacking him. Max says because he was forcing himself on Chelsea. Billie and Hope ask Chelsea what happened, and they want the truth. Chelsea says nothing happened at all. Patrick remembers the half-story she told to Patrick, which upset him. Patrick says he jumped to conclusions and thought Max attacked her. Bo thinks Patrick decided to move and finish what Max started. Hope doesnt think that is what happened, and she thinks Bo should be questioning Chelsea. Hope tells Chelsea to look Patrick in the eye and tell them all that Patrick came onto her, that he attacked her. Hope knows she cant do it, and she says tell them all the truth. Chelsea explains the whole story, the truth, to them. Chelsea says Patrick wanted to take her home because Billie was looking for her, and she didnt want to go. She says Patrick was only trying to help. Hope thinks Chelsea owes him an apology. She says she doesnt care what she or her stupid husband thinks. She tells them all to leave her alone, and she runs off. Billie chases after her, and Bo pulls Bo aside to talk. Max and Patrick eye one another. They soon begin fighting about Chelsea, Max thinking Patrick wanting Chelsea. Patrick tells Max if he wants to get into this then bring it on. They begin to fight.

Hope tells Bo that Chelsea is a master manipulator; she was smiling when she thought Bo and Max thought Patrick attacked her. Hope says she loved it, and it is because Chelsea has a crush on Patrick. Hope says Chelsea led Patrick to believe Max attacked her. Hope says while her life has been hard, she lies. She begs Bo not to let her take advantage of him too. Bo says Patrick is the manipulator, he has ties to DiMera and she shouldnt trust him. Hope says she trusts him with her life, and Patrick isnt the enemy. Bo thinks she is saying Chelsea is. Hope says no, and that she doesnt even know Chelsea. Bo says but she has no problem judging her. Bo says Chelsea deserves compassion, but she can go side with her boy scout.

Chelsea ends up on the pier where she looks up into the sky and asks her parents how they could have left her here with these people, especially Billie. Chelsea says she hates Billie, she wishes shed go away and leave her alone. Billie hears this and is crushed. Billie says she is sorry and she never wanted to hurt her. Chelsea begins to attack Billie, claiming that Billie is using her to bunk with Patrick. Chelsea says maybe Billie is hoping she can help her and Bo get back together too. Chelsea says she is so desperate, did she think if she had an adopted daughter that Bo would run back to her in order to help her? Bo shows up, and Chelsea tells Bo they were just discussing how Billie is using her to get him back. Billie says it isnt true, but Chelsea says it is. Chelsea says she sees the way Billie looks at him. Hope shows up, and Chelsea says Hope is the only thing standing in Billies way. Chelsea says Billie just keeps hoping for a miracle that Hope will go away. Chelsea says she used to feel sorry for Billie, now she just thinks she is pathetic. Bo says she doesnt know what she is saying, but Chelsea does. Chelsea says Billie is desperate to get Bo back, and the way Hope defends Patrick all the time it might not be that hard for her to get him back. Billie tells Chelsea to stop it, she is alienating everyone who cares about her and loves her. Chelsea asks if she is kidding? Billie says no, and she says she and Bo have learned that they are her parents. Chelsea says no, this cant be true. She then slaps Billie and calls her a bitch.

At Alices, Mimi is starting her first day at work and is shocked to see Shawn is the new bartender. She asks if hes ever done this before. He says no, but he thinks he has it under control. They see Phillip and Belle walk in, yes walk. Phillip is trying his new prosthesis out. Shawn talks with Mimi about how Belle learned from Sami about the conversation she had with her mom, and Belle was acting all jealous. He says it wasnt her business, and he told her that he was moving on with his life. She asks if Belle was okay? Shawn says he doesnt care, and he means it. He says he and Belle are over and today is the first day of his life. Mimi decides they should drink to that later. 

Kate is at Alices and is trying to figure out what Sami is up to. Meanwhile, Belle talks with Phillip about how great he did today in physical therapy. Phillip decides to go see his mom and show her his new leg. Kate is so proud of Phillip and how far hes come. Phillip decides to break in his leg some more and goes to see Shawn. Belle goes with him. Kate thinks about who can help her, and makes a call to Victor. Victor shows up later, and Kate hopes she didnt take him away from anything important. He says Brady and Chloes wedding planning, but he heard the desperation in her voice so he came. Kate asks Victor to help her nail Sami, she knows Sami is involved with Tony. Victor cant believe she is still after that girl. Kate says Sami took Lucas and Roman from her. He says no she got burned, Sami beat her at her own game. She begs Victor to help her, she needs to see Sami destroyed. Victor says hell do what he can. Victor then decides to go talk to Shawn and Phillip. Kate thanks him, and thinks Sami is going down.

Belle asks Mimi if they can talk, but Mimi says no. She says shes on the clock. Belle says she sees shes working with Shawn. Mimi says yes, its nice to work with a friend. Mimi says but Belle wouldnt know what that is. Mimi then walks off. Meanwhile Phillip talks to Shawn and orders some orange juice. He says he doesnt need to be unsteady on his feet. He asks how working with Mimi is? Shawn says so far so good. Phillip says they make a good couple and both he and Belle think they may end up more than just friends. Later Belle shows up and orders some water. Belle is upset that Mimi wont talk to her, and she never meant to hurt her. Phillip asks Shawn if he will talk to Mimi for Belle. Shawn says sure, hell try. Meanwhile Bonnie tells Mimi she has competition for Shawn. Mimi tells her mom that Belle isnt competition and Shawn is moving on. Bonnie says once Mimi has push-push with Shawn then hell be moving on with her.

Outside Alices, Sami meets with Bart, who is dressed as a priest. She says Oh God. Bart says God and all the Hail Marys wont get her out of the mess shes in right now. Sami says she is not busting Tony out of jail, who does he think she is. Bart says Tony knows her talent, and if she doesnt play ball then hes sending these photos to everyone she holds near and dear. Sami looks at the photos, which are of her transformation into Stan. Sami says Tony cant do this too her. Bart gives Sami her orders, and Sami says she cant break into her dads computer. He says she can, and calls her Stan. He says whoops, he shouldnt make that mistake in the wrong company. He says they need those codes and they cant break Romans firewall. She says so she is supposed to betray the whole free world? Bart says that or lose everyone she loves. He asks what her final answer is. She rips up the photos, but Bart says they have copies. Bart tells her that they need those codes from her fathers PC. Bart thinks this wraps things up. He says keep the faith, bless her, and get them what they needs. Bart leaves, and Sami goes to the table and burns the photos of her as Stan. As she says no one will find out what she did, Kate walks out. 


August 30, 2005

Outside of Alices, Kate looks at the photos Sami was burning. She wonders what they are of, and she wonders what Sami is up to. She wonders why she was disguised as a man. She says she has to find out. Roman shows up, and Kate hides the photos. Roman tells Kate they need to talk. She says it sounds important. Roman says it is. He says hes hired Mickey to represent him, he wants a divorce. She asks if she doesnt get a say in this? He says they werent married all that long, so it shouldnt be that tough on them. He says they were really only married for a few weeks if you think about it. Kate says obviously he is subtracting the time he was dead and held captive by Tony. Roman is, and he says who knows if Tony hadnt held them hostage then maybe they would have had a better shot at this marriage. Kate says they were married for a over a year no matter what he thinks. Kate brings up Marlena and him making love, but Roman doesnt want to get into this again. Kate tells Roman that he has had his say, let her have hers. Roman says okay. Kate says she is sorry about what happened between her and Sami, and shes sorry about Marlena and the baby. Kate says she wants to forget that and put it behind them. Roman says he cant, she lied to him. He says the night of their wedding he had one request, that she try to make peace with Sami. Kate says she did try and Sami made it impossible for her. Roman says he knows Sami is no angel, but Kate completely over-reacted to Sami calling her bad names. Roman says she destroyed Samis life. He says what she did is despicable. Kate says she did it to protect her son. Roman says Lucas loved Sami, and how she could hurt Lucas and Will is unthinkable to him. He says she put his daughter through hell, and he is glad she didnt go off the deep-end and do something horrible to retaliate. Kate asks how he knows she didnt? Roman asks when she is going to lay off Sami, when will she stop kicking Sami when shes down. Kate says shes hardly down. Kate thinks it is ironic that Lucas and Sami are planning their wedding while the two of them are planning their divorce. Roman says that is because of her actions. Roman continues to blame Kate for ruining Samis life, for driving Sami out of town. Kate says Sami is good at playing the victim but she isnt innocent. Kate says she knows that Tony is holding something over Samis head. Roman asks what she is holding over her head? Kate says she doesnt know, but when she went to see Tony . . . Toman stops her right there and wants to know how she got in to see Tony? Roman cant believe she got in to see Tony as hes to have no visitors, and besides he wouldnt believe a word Tony said. He says the only person responsible for everything bad that has happened to Sami is her. Kate says so it doesnt matter that Sami is involved with Tony and may have done something truly vile, Sami will always come first? She says because of Sami the two of them can never reconcile? Roman says as far as he is concerned she hurt his daughter and then she lied to him. He says she broke her promise to him in the worst way possible, and that is why hes asked Mickey for a speedy divorce. Roman then walks off. Kate says she lost Roman, but she will still bring Sami to her knees. She says shell still get Lucas back. Victor shows up and has news for Kate about Sami and Tony. Victor says it seems Tony is blackmailing Sami, and his minions are out doing his dirty work for him even though Tony is in jail. Victor says hell keep digging and see what he finds out about Sami and Tony. Victor says Sami has always been a schemer, and it would be a shame if she was involved with Tony. However he says if Sami has turned over a new leaf then Kate will just ruin her relationship with Lucas even more with this nonsense. Kate says Sami hasnt turned over a new leaf, and she needs to give Lucas a wake-up call in regards to Sami. Victor says Lucas is a grown man, and he loves Sami. She says she just wants all her children to be happy, all of them. She talks about Phillip and Belle being happy, and that Billie might have found her daughter. Kate thinks it would be wonderful if their children found their long lost child. Victor asks what this girl is like? Kate says well she ran into her the day before and it wasnt a great interaction, but she didnt know she was her grand daughter. Victor says so shes making excuses for her based on blood? Kate says that is what family does. Kate then begins talking about how Billie is lonely and is still in love with Bo, she wants Billie to have a happy ending. Victor says and Bo loves Hope, and Billie will never come between them. He says he thought Kate would have learned her lesson when she broke up Sami and Lucas. He tells her not to lose Billie and Chelsea, and he wants her to promise she wont interfere in Bo and Hopes life. Kate, with her fingers crossed, promises not to make waves between Bo and Hope.

Sami, Lucas and Will are at Alices for dinner. Will recalls how last year when he got home from camp they went out for Chinese food and was told his parents were getting married. Will is worried something might ruin this wedding too. Lucas swears nothing will ruin this. He says they will be happy, they will have a great life together as long as they are honest with one another. Lucas thinks they should have a toast. Lucas goes to get them some drinks, and Will tells his mom he can tell she is hiding something. Sami says she is just emotional that things are working out. Will asks if that is all it is? Sami thinks about being blackmailed by Bart. Will makes his mom promise that shes not keeping something from him and dad. He says if she is neither of them will speak to her again. He says if she lied to them about anything then shed be out of their lives forever. Sami assures him that shes not lying to him. Lucas returns with the drinks, and he toasts to Sami. He pays her compliment after compliment, and says hes proud of her for turning her life around. Lucas says to their future, and they all say to their future. Sami, to herself, thinks she has to do one more bad thing so that they can live happily ever after. Sami heads off somewhere to do something, and Will asks Lucas if he thinks mom is being honest? Lucas says he does, and if he didnt he wouldnt marry her. Will says mom has a bad track record with weddings. Lucas says she does, but the last wedding fiasco was his grandmothers fault. Lucas tells Will that this has been a hard year for them, but they got through it and it will make them stronger. He says good things are coming for them, this will be their year. Lucas phone rings, and Lucas answers. Lucas says it is good to hear from him, and this time he and Sami really are getting married. Lucas says if he can make it theyd love for him to be there. 

Sami spies on Roman with Kate, and learns hes asked for a divorce. She says as soon as this job for Tony is done shell never do anything bad again. Sami returns to Alices and runs into her dad. Roman says he didnt know she was here. Sami says Will is home so they are out celebrating. Sami admits she overheard him with Kate, and she thinks he made the right decision. He doesnt want to talk about it. She asks about mom and what the latest news is. He says its not good and they have to be patient. Sami thinks if he spent time with her then shed remember, and shed remember they belong together. Roman says that wont happen, and for her to accept that MArlena is married to John. Roman says he has no right to interfere. Roman asks Sami if there is something she wants? She says she does have a favor to ask. Sami says she has a lot to do for the wedding, and everything is being done over the internet. Sami says now that Wills back he needs the PC for school. Roman thought he had his own computer? Sami says thats just it, it is Wills PC and shes been using it . Sami asks if she can use his, but he says that is against regulations. Sami says fine, if he knows another PC she can borrow then she wont have to postpone her wedding. Roman says fine, hell let her use his computer at some point. She thanks him, and thinks to herself that she can now get Tony off her back. Roman then asks Sami to help him by telling her about her involvement with Tony DiMera. Roman says Kate mentioned she might be involved with Tony. Sami says Kate would do anything to make her look bad. Roman says he knows, and Kate is trying to prove shes up to something with Tony. Roman says consider herself warned as to what Kate is up to. Sami says she is just as much Tonys victim as anyone else. She says Kate probably wishes Tony had executed her. Roman says well hes glad Tony didnt. Roman hugs Sami and says she means so much to him. Sami just wishes Kate would go away. Roman suggests they not talk about Kate anymore. Sami says good idea. She asks her dad how to get into his PC, and he writes down the password for her.

Victor and Kate walk into Alices, and Kate is still saying Sami will never hurt her family again. She then sees Lucas and Will walk over to Roman and Sami. Lucas tells Sami that Austin is coming home for their wedding. Kate hears this and is shocked.

At the pier, Chelsea slaps Billie and calls her a bitch and a liar. She says Billie is not her mother. Bo tells Chelsea she is sorry she found out this way, but it is true. Chelsea doesnt believe it, and she asks how she can be their daughter if hes been married to Hope all these years? She says wait, I get it, Billie is such a slut that she and Bo had an affair. She says so what, she is their bastard love child? Is that what they are telling her? She doesnt believe them, and she asks how they expected her to react to this? They explain how they thought she died at birth and they didnt know she was alive, but they want to be here for her now. She says they arent her parents and she doesnt want them to be. Chelsea runs off, and Billie tries to go after her. Hope stops her and says let her go, they have done enough damage for one day. Hope tells Bo and Billie that was not the way Chelsea should have found out the truth.

Down on the beach, Max and Patrick are fighting about Chelsea. Chelsea shows up and is loving that the boys are fighting over her. She asks Max to take her for a ride. Patrick says this is a mistake, but Chelsea says shell be fine.

Patrick finds the others on the pier and tells them that Chelsea just took off with Max. Bo says this doesnt involve Patrick, and they begin to fight. Billie tells them to stop as they need to think about Chelsea right now. Billie says Hope is right, they didnt handle that well at all. Hope tells Patrick Chelsea knows the truth and she didnt take it very well. Billie tells Bo that Chelsea hates them. Bo says she was lashing out and didnt mean it. Billie says she did, and they could lose her all over again. Bo hugs Billie as Hope watches. Billie decides to go find Chelsea, and she runs off. Patrick goes to follow, but Bo tells Patrick that this is not his problem and to stay out. Patrick says Bos doing a great job handling it so far. Bo tells Hope he has to go, and she understands .Bo leaves with Billie, and Patrick asks Hope if she trusts Bo with Billie? Hope says she loves Bo, and she trusts him with Billie. Patrick says good. Patrick asks what she thinks will happen with Chelsea? Hope thinks Bo and Billie are in for a rough time and Chelsea wont make it easy for them. She asks Patrick what his take on Chelsea is? He says shes a good kid, and shes desperate for love, but the shock of all this could push her over the edge.

Max and Chelsea go for a drive. He asks what is wrong, but she doesnt want to talk about it. She says just hold her. She says she cant go back to Patricks. Max doesnt blame her as he doesnt like the guy either. Chelsea says its not Patrick, its Billie. She says she hates her. Max says she doesnt have to go home if she doesnt want to. Chelsea tells Max what Bo and Billie told her. She doesnt think it is true and that they have just flipped out because they cant find their daughter. Max doesnt think Bo would make that up, hes a good guy. He says Bo is his brother. Chelsea says he isnt really. Max says true he and Franky are adopted, but Bo is a good guy and wouldnt make this up. Chelsea says Billie isnt her mother, her mother is dead. Chelsea asks why he is against her too? Max says he isnt against her, he could never be against her. Chelsea cries that she never wants to be near Bo or Billie again. Max knows just the place they can go. They wind up at some seedy motel. Max has blindfolded Chelsea so she doesnt know where she is. Chelsea loves it though and says it is perfect. Max says nobody will find them here. She thanks him for bringing her here and for staying with her tonight. She says there is no place else shed rather be. They then kiss.

Billie is drawing in the sand with a stick when Bo finds her. Bo says it will be all right. She doesnt know how he can believe that. He says Chelsea is in shock and doesnt mean what she is saying. Billie thinks everything shes done regarding Chelsea has been a disaster. Bo says hes messed up pretty good himself, and they are in this together. Billie asks if he thinks shell ever accept them. Bo says yes, in time shell come around. He hugs Billie and says they will be a family.



September 1, 2005
Lucas shows up at the police station to see Roman. Lucas wants to officially ask for Samis hand in marriage. Roman tells Lucas that he cant give him that. Lucas asks if he is joking? Roman says no, he wants Lucas word that he wont break Samis heart again. Roman says he knows what Kate did to stop the last wedding, but Lucas didnt believe Sami and humiliated her in front of the entire town. Lucas says he knows, and he was wrong. He says Sami has changed and he can trust her now. Roman says if Lucas is serious then he has his permission and blessing, and hed love to walk her down the isle. Lucas thanks Roman, and Roman thanks Lucas for asking. Roman welcomes him to the family. Will walks in and thinks this means the wedding is still a go. Roman asks what they fed him at that camp as hes gotten so big? Roman wants a hug, and Will gives him one. Will is excited about hearing mom and dad say I do. Hes guessing Grandma Kate isnt happy though, and shes not invited to the wedding.

Sami shows up at the station to use her dads computer. Detective Adams let her go in and use it. Kate is following her and decides to find out what the little bitch is up to. Sami heads into her dads office to get the codes he needs. Sami finds what she needs just as Kate walks in. She asks Sami what shes up to now. Sami says shes just working on her wedding plans, and hits something on the PC. Kate asks why shes here? Sami says her dad gave her permission to be here, and what is she doing here, spying on her? Sami says her dad and Lucas wont be happy to hear about this. Sami knows her dad wants a divorce, and Sami says once her mom gets cured they will get back together. Sami says everyone but her will be happy. Kate tells Sami not to get her hopes up, she had a talk with Tony DiMera and he told her all about her little disguise. Sami tells Kate she knows nothing, if she did then shed blow her out of the water. Kate says so there is something to know. Sami says no and that Tony is playing games with her, and nobody will believe her with Tony as her source anyways. Kate says she saw the panic in her eyes, she knows something is up. Sami says nobody will believe her, everyone is happy about the wedding including Austin. Sami says Austin is coming home for the wedding, and he knows what Kate did. Kate says Sami didnt deserve to be with Austin and she doesnt deserve to be with Lucas. Kate says she will stop this wedding. Sami yells at Kate that she knew she was up to something, and she cant wait to tell Lucas what shes trying to stop the wedding. Lucas and the others walk in and Lucas says she doesnt have to tell him anything, he can see for himself. Lucas tells Kate to leave Sami alone, he is tired of her lies and isnt going to believe them. Roman tells Kate that Sami had his permission to use the computer, but what is she doing here. Sami says stalking her, but Kate says no. Kate says she thought they could discuss their divorce. Will says Your getting divorced? Roman says their marriage is over and her fixation on destroying Sami confirms it. As they argue, Sami quickly looks at the computer and gets the codes she needs. Will shows up and asks her mom what all this stuff about Tony on the PC is? Kate says gotcha! Sami says she was leaving a message for her dad to make sure Tony and his goons dont get near her wedding. Roman assures Sami she has nothing to worry about. Kate thinks Sami has a lot to worry about, Tony is a time bomb waiting to incriminate her. Lucas tells Sami not to let this get to her, and Will asks Kate why hes doing this? Kate says she knows he loves his mother, but she has done terrible things to hurt people. Sami tells Kate not to talk to her son like that. Lucas says enough, and he suggests they go to lunch. They head off, and Kate continues to insists to Roman that Tony and Sami . . . Roman stops her and asks what is wrong with her, hasnt she done enough damage? Roman says she had no right to come here, and they have nothing more to say. He says further communication should be through their lawyers, and he wants this divorce finalized ASAP. She says fine, and she leaves. Roman gets onto his computer and sees something he doesnt like. Detective Adams returns and says the corrections facility needs the info on Tonys transfer. He says he can get them from the PC, but Roman says no. Roman says he trusts detective Adams, so hes letting him on this. He says the information on the PC is bogus in case someone decides to hack into his PC. He says it wont do Tony any good, but hopefully it will help them catch his helpers. Roman says the real information is safely hidden away, and he wont let anything cost them losing Tony now. Roman says if the DiMeras hack in it wont do them any good, and whoever stole the information then they will be arrested.

Sami, Will and Lucas head back to Alices for lunch. Sami sees Bart dressed as a clown outside giving balloons to some kids. Sami claims she forgot her cellphone, and she tells them to go in and get a table. They leave, and she goes to see Bart. Bart gives her a balloon thing and asks if she has something for him. She gives him what she got off her dads computer. Sami however is upset, Kate seems to know something and says Tony may have told her what is going on. Bart, calling himself Cowboy Barto, assures her that he hasnt and if this escape works then Tony will make sure Kate never finds anything on Sami. He asks if the information is good? Sami says the information is good and this is it, no more favors. Cowboy Bart says if the info is good then she can breath easy. Bart leaves, and Lucas returns. He asks what took her so long? She says she was just picking up a balloon thing for Will. 

Bo calls Hope from Jens place. He leaves a message on her phone saying he didnt call last night because it was late and he didnt want to wake up Zack. He says so far they havent found Chelsea. He also says his cell phone battery is dead, so dont bother calling him back. Bo and Billie talk to Jen and Jack about what is going on, and Billie thinks Chelsea and Max could be anywhere doing god knows what. Frankie shows up and knows how to track down Max and Chelsea. Frankie tells them for what its worth hes talked to Max about Chelsea and taking it slow with her, he just hopes he listened to him this time. Frankie heads off to do some searching. Jen asks Bo if Hope knows he was out all night with Billie? Bo says they werent on a date, they were looking for their daughter. Jen says she knows, but he should still keep Hope informed. Meanwhile Billie talks to Jack about how poorly Chelsea reacted to the news. Jack says he was in shock when he learned about his true parents, but in time he came to accept it and them. He says Chelsea will too. Billie says she shouldnt be dumping this on him given what hes going through. Frankie returns and has people working on it. Frankie is Maxs manager and has power of attorney, so if Max has used his credit cards it will show up. Billie says so things will be fine. Bo says as long as Max hasnt touched his daughter they will be. Frankie gets a call and tracks them to the Hideaway motel. Bo says that place rents rooms by the hour. Bo and Billie head off to look for Chelsea. Before leaving Bo tells Hope to tell Hope he wont be long. Jen says famous last words.

Patrick is swimming in the pool. He gets out and Hope shows up. She hopes shes not disturbing him. He says not at all, but it is early. Hope says Bo didnt come out last night, and she wanted to know if he knows anything. Patrick says no, and he thinks they must still be out searching for Chelsea. Patrick says if Max touches her then hell kill him. Hope says not unless Bo gets to him first. They talk about Chelsea, and Patrick basically says she is a good girl she is just messed up. Hope says hes really one of the good guys. Patrick says tell her husband that, he thinks hes after Billie, Chelsea and her. Hope is worried, and Patrick suggests she go for a swim and relax. She says she doesnt have a bathing suit. He says go borrow one of Billies. She says hes kidding right. Patrick says no and he insists. Hope heads inside and later returns. He asks why she doesnt have a suit? Hope says who needs a suit, and begins to take her cloths off. Of course this is just a fantasy in Patricks head. Hope really does return with a swimsuit. Later Jen and Jack show up to let them know Bo and Billie found Max and Chelsea at the Hideaway Hotel. She urges Hope to go to them, but Hope says no. She says it would just complicate things. Jen thinks she is making a huge mistake. Hope says no, Chelsea is their daughter and they need to deal with this on their own. She says she trusts and loves Bo enough to handle this. Jen asks if she isnt jealous? Hope says shed be inhuman if she wasnt, Chelsea is their daughter and she has to deal with this. Jen says she is being very mature, shes handling this well. Hope says she thinks she could say the same about Jack, hes doing well having Frankie back and living with them. Jen says Frankie and his brother are living in the garage. Still, Hope says Frankie was her first love. Jen says she has been reminded of a lot of nice memories, but that was a long time ago. She says shed never be unfaithful to Jack. Hope asks why Frankie didnt leave town? Jen says because Caroline returned home. Hope says she sees the way Frankie looks at her, she thinks Caroline was just an excuse to stand and be around her. Jen says what she and Frankie had was over years ago and they are just close friends. She says she loves Jack, what they have is forever. Hope says it is just when it comes to exes a spark in one can rekindle a flame in the other. Jen thinks they are talking about Bo and Billie now, and Hope is worried. Hope says she has no doubt Bo loves her, but she knows Bo and Billie will be spending time with Chelsea. Hope admits shes worried about where it will all lead. Hope says the wild card in all of this is Chelsea, and she fears what Chelsea will do to their family.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Frankie that his brother better not have hurt Chelsea. He says for Gods sake, she just found out shes his niece. Frankie says there is no blood between them. Jack says Max is just a dumb kid, he doesnt have ill intentions like Patrick does. Patrick tells them to defend Max and blame him, but he didnt take Chelsea to the hotel. Patrick walks off, and Jack tells Frankie he wanted to bring him here to see how Patrick works. Jack says Patrick is moving in on his family as they speak. Patrick returns and asks what they are talking about? They say nothing, and Jack leaves to check on his kid. Frankie then confronts Patrick as to who he is and what hes hiding. Patrick says he can ask the same thing of Frankie, hes involved with something else and hell find what it is. Frankie gets a call and answers Frank Brady. Frankie gets the goods on Patrick and calls him a lying bastard. Jack, who is back, says it sounds like Frankie has Patricks number.

At the hotel, Chelsea stirs in her sleep. Max wakes her up and brings Chelsea her favorite from the vending machine, sugarberries. He also found some wild strawberries in the field behind the hotel. Chelsea says he has flowers too, how romantic. She tells about the awful dream she had that Bo and Billie were her parents. Max says it wasnt a dream, they are her biological parents. He says she freaked out so he brought her here. Chelsea says she cant stay here, she asks Max to run away with her to someplace Billie and Bo will never find her. Max says he cant help her run away, she needs to stay and deal with this. Chelsea says they arent her parents, her parents were killed. She says you only get one set of parents, hers were the best and Bo and Billie are the worst. Max suggests she shower and theyll figure out what they do next. Chelsea says she already knows. She jumps Max and says this will make Bo and Billie crazy. Max stops her before she goes too far, and he says he thought she wanted to get out of here. He suggests she go take a shower. She says good idea, shell go get it hot and steamy and he can join her. There is a knock at the door, and Bo and Billie burst in. Max is putting on his pants, and Bo tells Max hes a little predator. Bo puts him in a headlock and thinks he took advantage of Cheslea. Max says he didnt take advantage of Chelsea, he wanted two rooms but Chelsea wanted him close by, and they didnt have a room with two beds. He says he slept on the floor. He says Chelsea isnt taking the news well, she doesnt want to accept that the Bensons werent her real parents. Max says to top it all off she finds out the woman she hates the most in the entire world is her real mother. Max says hes sorry to upset Billie, he likes her, but there is no easy way to say this. Max says Chelsea wants nothing to do with her. Billie wont accept it. Bo asks Max to leave and let them talk to Chelsea alone. Max says okay, and he wishes them luck as theyll need it. Chelsea comes out and is shocked to see Bo and Billie. She asks what they are doing here. They says they are here to take her home. She says no, she doesnt want to talk to them or see them ever again. She then shuts herself in the bathroom. Bo tells Billie that went well. 


September 2, 2005

At the Lockhart house, Frankie and Jack confront Patrick. Jack thinks Frankie has the goods on Patrick and wants to call the cops to take Patrick away. Patrick says Frankie doesnt have squat on him. Hope and Jen arrive and ask if they are harassing Patrick again? Jack says no, and Patrick says it is okay, they arent harassing him any more than usual. Jack says they were just wondering about Chelsea and how things are going. Jen suggests Hope go to the hotel and be with Bo and Billie, but she says no. She says her being there will only be interfering. Jack switches the subject to the bridal showers, and Jen says two brides at one times could be dicey. Hope says especially when one is Sami Brady as she doesnt like sharing. Jen says Lucas claims shes changed. They all just hope this time Sami actually gets married. Jack suggests they go get ready, and Jen thinks Jack is trying to get rid of them. Jack says never. Hope says they do have to go pick up Gran. Hope and Jen plan to head off, and Jack says theyll meet them there as the bachelor parties are going on at Alices too. The women leave, and Jack asks Frankie what he has found out. Frankie says not now. Jacks watch beeps and he realizes he has an appointment. Jack has to go, but he says hell call Frankie later. Jack tells Patrick his days are numbered. Jack leaves, and Patrick asks Frankie what he has on him. Frankie says enough. Patrick thinks Frankie is bluffing because if he really had the goods then he would have told Jack. Frankie says he knows there are files and dossiers on him two feet thick, but they are sealed, which means he is more dangerous than he thought. Patrick says and if Frankie knows that then he obviously works for the government, and Patrick bets he knows which agency. He says Frankie blew his cover, he is going to lose his job and he hopes it was worth it. Frankie says he wont lose his job. He says those files are classified, and his clearance is pretty high. Frankie says hes obviously dangerous. Patrick asks why he hasnt been arrested then? Everyone knows where he lives. Frankie says its obvious, they think he can lead them to something bigger than him. Frankie asks who he is and what hes up to. Frankie says whoever it is that Patrick is working for is huge, and it cant be Tony. He asks Patrick if he is a sleeper for someone bigger than Tony? Patrick says hes sick of this, hes up to nothing. He asks Frankie why hes risking his job to investigate him. Frankie says Patrick is way to close to people he cares about. Patrick says people like Jen? He says hes too close to the Deveraux and to the Bradys. Frankie says he sees the way he looks at Hope, Billie and Chelsea. Patrick tells Frankie to get this straight, he takes orders from no one and Frankie has nothing on him. He says as for Hope, Jen, Billie and Chelsea, they have eyes of their own as well, and none of them seem offended by what they see. Frankie says he may have all the women fooled, but soon they will see him for who he really is. Patrick says Frankie better have proof because the women in this town arent threatened by him like the men. Frankie gets a call from Jack who says they need to meet and talk about Lockhart. Frankie says hes on his way. Frankie tells Patrick this isnt over, its his mission to bring him down. Frankie leaves, and Patrick says Frankie made a mistake showing him his hand and now he has the upper hand.

Jen, Hope and Alice are going through baby clothes at Hopes place. Hope is giving Jen clothes for Jack Jr. Hope doesnt think either of them will be having anymore babies, but Jen doesnt know as Jack is exhausting her lately. Alice asks what they are talking about, but they say nothing. Alice says she always said a a healthy S-E-X life is the key to a good marriage. Hope says Gran is right, she is always right. Hope says things with her and Bo have never been better and they will only get better, unless . . . Hope worries about Chelsea and how much she is going to change their lives. Jen says change isnt always a bad thing. Hope says she knows, and if their daughter was anyone but Chelsea then she wouldnt be worried at all. Jen thought shed be worried about Billie. Hope isnt, shes worried about Chelsea. She says as far as Bo and Billie think, Chelsea can do no wrong. She says they feel so guilty about her growing up without them that they are blind to her faults and always will be. Later they get ready to head to the showers, and they hope things go well for Sami and Lucas this time. They all talk about their own marriages, and Jen says she and Jack have had enough excitement in their life and she hopes there are no more unplanned surprises in their future. Jen and Hope put Zack and Jack Jr. down, and Alice tells them a story. Alice is apparently baby sitting. Jen and Hope share some time together and tell one another what a great friend they have been to one another. Jen says she has something strange to ask Hope about Jack. Jen says Jack is so focused on her lately, and there is such intensity behind it. Jen says Jacks behavior worries her. She says Jack is trying to get her and Frankie to remember their past together. Hope says Jack has been through a life changing event and doesnt want to waste time with petty jealousies. Hope says Jack loves her and isnt threatened by Frankie. Later Jen tells Hope to stop worrying about Billie, she has nothing to be threatened about in regards to her. Hope knows, but says things are going to change.

Tek shows up at the hospital, and Lexie wants to know why hes here. He says he hasnt seen her awhile and wanted to drop by. She asks what she can do for him? He says they can stop pretending they dont have feelings for one another and figure out what they will do about it. LExie says she is married, but Tek says she doesnt love Abe and it is time she admits that her marriage is over. Lexie says she cant do that, she cant be with Tek and she will never leave Abe. She says he is the father of her child. Tek refuses to accept this, he wants her to say that she loves him. Jack shows up for an appointment and apologizes if he is interrupting. Lexie says no. She gets rid of Tek and then asks Jack to have a seat. He knows that means Lexie has bad news. Lexie says she doesnt have good news. Jack says he wasnt expecting to be cured. Jack says though he is feeling oddly better lately, he has lots of energy and no more dizzy spells. He asks if it is that bad? Lexie says it is worse than she expected. Jack says hes dying, how much worse can it get. Lexie says his disease is progressing faster than expected. Jack asks how much time he has, but she honestly doesnt know. Jack says so he has to live every day as it is his last, as it might be. Jack knew he didnt have hope, but part of him was praying for a miracle. Jack says there is no miracle in the cards for him, so hell have to make things happen faster. He asks if he can use her phone. She thinks hes going to finally tell Jen, but Jack says no. He says Jen will only know when it is the end. He says his plan wont work if Jen knows hes dying. Lexie asks what plan, what is he talking about? Jack says hes just making sure his family is taken care of after hes gone. Jack calls Frankie and asks him to meet him at the hospital. 

Later Lexie runs into Tek again. Lexie says she isnt getting into this with him again. Tek says hes not letting her throw her life away out of guilt. He says she is an amazing woman and deserves to be treated right. He wants to be that man, and she tells Lexie to tell him that she wants him as much as he wants her. Lexie says she does want him, and they kiss.

Jack runs into Frankie and asks what he knows, but Frankie doesnt have the details yet and he doesnt know when hell have them. Jack says fine then they have to stick to plan B, Frankie has to be there for Jen when hes gone. Jack says hes dying a lot sooner then he thought, so Frankie has to make Jen fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Patrick calls someone and says Frankie Brady is onto him. Patrick says hell have to move up the time table.

At the hotel, Chelsea cries on the floor of the hotel bathroom. Billie and Bo talk to her through the door. They say they know this is a shock, and they were just as shocked. Billie asks Chelsea to let them take her home. She says no and she calls them liars. She does not believe they are her parents. Billie asks why theyd lie about this? Chelsea says Billie is so desperate that shes using her to tear Bo and Hope apart. Bo tells her that Billie is her mother and she shouldnt speak to her that way. Chelsea says that tramp isnt her mother. She says she had parents and they died. Bo says they know she did and they know they loved her, but they werent her biological parents. She says they are lying, but Bo says they arent. Bo says he knows this is hard to believe. Bo says they were shocked too. Billie says it is the truth and they arent trying to hurt or upset her. Billie says they wanted her to know, and she hopes one day shell be happy about this. Chelsea says like that will happen. Chelsea tries to open the window in the bathroom, and she eventually does. She says shes out of here. Bo and Billie hear her, and Bo tells her not to go out the window. He says if she wants to leave then she can go out the front door. He says they wont make her talk to them. Bo says he would like a few seconds to show her the proof they have. Bo assures her that this is all her call, they arent going to push her. Bo says they just want to make sure she is okay. Chelsea walks out of the bathroom, tells them not to think about touching her, and asks to see the proof. Billie gives her the DNA results, and Chelsea thinks it is bogus. Chelsea says shes not stupid, Billie could have bought this. She doesnt know why Billies so desperate to sink her hooks into her since her parents died. Billie says her mother told her to take care of her. Chelsea says how convenient, and no one else heard it. Billie says someone else did. Chelsea says then she made her live with her, and now she has this DNA scam going on. Chelsea tells Billie she is sick big time and needs help. Bo says he told her not to speak to her moth . . to Billie like that. He says they have no other agenda here. Chelsea refuses to accept the evidence and says she never will. Bo says all he wants her to do is read the test results. Chelsea says it is fake. Bo says then call the hospital and speak to the doctor who ran them. Chelsea says why they probably paid someone off to lie. Billie says fine, how about they go to the hospital and have new tests done. Chelsea takes the DNA tests and reads it. The paper says there is a 99% probability of a match. Chelsea cries How could this be. She says this isnt a lie or a trick. Billie says no. Billie says she is her biological mother, and Bo says and he is her father. Chelsea asks what about the people she thought were her parents. She says everything they told her and everything she thought was a lie. Bo says they dont know the whole story, and Bo and Billie say they will get those questions answered in time. Chelsea says she needs time to be alone and figure this out. There is a knock at the door, it is Abby. Abby just heard the news from Max so she came over. Abby thinks the news is amazing and tells Chelsea how happy she is for her. Abby tells Chelsea that shell never be alone again. Abby realizes she probably shouldnt have come, and she knows this is between them. She says she should go, but Chelsea asks Abby to stay. Abby says no, she just wanted to say how happy she was. Chelsea says fine, shell leave with Abby. Chelsea says she needs to get out and think about this. Chelsea tells Bo and Billie that they understand right. Bo and Billie say they do. Billie says theyll be around to talk when shes ready. Chelsea leaves, and Abby says shell see them at the shower. Abby asks Chelsea if shes still coming, but Chelsea doesnt know. After they leave Billie breaks down into tears, and Bo says Chelsea is in shock. Bo says someday, hopefully, shell accept their love and support. Billie says what if she doesnt, what if she comes to hate them. Outside the hotel room, Abby apologizes for barging in on them. Chelsea is glad she came. Abby knows shes blown away, and she knows she loved her parents. Abby says but Bo and Billie are great people and have waited so long to find her. Abby says it is like they all are getting a second chance, and she hopes Chelsea gives them a chance. Chelsea says all she knows is her whole world has been turned upside down and someone has to pay.

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