November 28, 2005

Shawn and Mimi are in bed and are holding hands. Mimi says that was wonderful. He says especially considering how the night started off. She says that was so embarrassing. He says he's sorry about the scarf. She says shes not worried about the scarf, her mom gave it to her so it probably cost all of a dollar. She just wonders why shes always burning things. Mimi wants to know if they can have another go, but Shawn says the next show wont be for ten minutes. He decides to go get her something from the snack bar, so she asks for a glass of water. When Shawn returns, Mimi tells him that they have to talk before this goes any further. She talks to him about Belle and how she has given them her blessing. He says great, but they dont need it. Mimi is worried that Belle could come between them, but he says she's with Phillip now. Mimi means down the road, what if Belle and Phllip dont stay together. She knows the two of them (Mimi and Shawn) are committed to trying to make this work, she wouldnt have done this if she didnt think so. However she has to know if hes still in love with Belle. He says part of him will always love her just like shell always love Rex. Mimi says she just didnt know if what they did tonight was just date sex or something more. Mimi thinks shes just running his mouth and tells him to ignore her. She continues to run her mouth and says when she was in high school she used to dream about marrying him and she would practice writing her name as Mrs. Shawn Brady. She cant believe she just told him that, she never told anyone that. She says its just that shes scared and being here with him is like a dream come true. Shawn tells her to take a deep breath. She does, and he says there is something he needs to say to her. She says if hes going to tell him that he loves him then dont. He asks then why was she going on and on about whether tonight was date sex or something more? Why was she asking him about his feelings if she doesn't want to hear them. Mimi says she hopes he does tell her that he loves her some day, but not on a night when she isnt pushing him to say it. He says that makes no sense. She says let her explain, but he says no! He says he just thinks shes wonderful, and they kiss.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Belle and Phillip that Claire is on oxygen and her temperature is dropping, but they had to do a spinal tap. Belle thinks this is horrible, she wasn't even there to hold her hand. Belle worries that Claire is really sick. Lexie says she is, but they dont know what is wrong with her yet, so don't go making disaster scenarios in their heads. Lexie says they need to stay positive, what Claire needs now is their love and strength.

Kate is in shock by what she has found. She says she has to find out if it is true, and if it is, well she cant go there. Phillip approaches her and asks what she has in her hands? Belle joins Phillip, and Kate claims the paper is just work and phone numbers. Kate asks if there is news on Claire, but they say no. Kate says Claire will pull through this and hopefully shell never go through anything like this again. Belle just can't believe this is happening. Kate tells Belle though that this is motherhood, and every time her child hurts shell want to trade places with her. Kate says she cant do that, but she can be there for her and love her. Belle thanks Kate for the talk. She walks off to be with Claire, and Phillip talks to Kate about how much Claire means to them, how she bonds the two of them like nothing ever has. He says hes so worried about Belle too, shes in a bad place to be having to handle this. Kate says Belle will be fine because hes there for her and for Claire. Phillip says they are his life. He decides to go join Belle and Claire. 

John talks to Lexie about Claire. Lexie says they dont really know what is wrong with her yet. John says it is ironic that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, what do any of them have to be thankful for. Lexie apologizes for recommending Alex, but he says Alex fooled them all. John brings Lexie up on who Alex really is, or so he says. Lexie is stunned by this revelation. John says Alex doesnt know who hes up against though, if Alex thinks he's going to just give up then he's in for a surprise.

Marlena tells Alex she knows who she wants to be with, and shes sorry that one of them has to get hurt. He says he understands, and Marlena says she knew he would. Alex suggests she go tell John the news. She says he is probably right.

John talks with Kate, and they discuss how both Belle and Phillip have one another. John is glad she has Phillip as she hasnt been able to count on her parents, they havent set a good example for her. Kate says Belle understands this is a complicated time for them. John says Belle has recently gone through her own complicated time recently as well with having to decice between Shawn and Phillip. Kate excuses herself to make some phone calls. He asks if shes okay. She says shes just worried about the baby. 

Marlena approaches John and says she has news for him. He asks if it is good news or bad news? She says shes decided who she wants to be with. Before she says who, Belle and Phillip arrive. Belle is in tears and feels shes not doing enough for Claire. Marlena says she is there for her and loves her, and that is all she can do. Marlena says Belle knows a lot more than she thinks she does. Belle thanks her mom, and then she and Phillip return to Claire. John touches Marlena and says so she made a choice. Marlena gasps and pulls away. He wonders why she did that. She tells John that shes chosen to be with Alex. John wont accept that, he says she is married to him, they share children, they belong together and she knows this. He knows she felt that in her heart when they took the carriage ride and when they danced. He says he loves her, and if she is going to walk away from him then she might as well rip his heart and soul out. He begs her to reconsider. She says she is sorry, but she cant be with him. She says she has to chose the person with whom she first pledged to spend her life with, and that is Alex.

Meanwhile, Kate is worried. She hopes she is wrong about this otherwise it will destroy them. Kate goes snooping into the hospital computer room. She says the last person didnt log off, so she begins using it to pull up records and files. Later, Kate pulls a guy aside, a med student. She asks him questions about blood types with kids and parents. He explains the whole thing to Kate. She asks him if the father is 0+ and the mother is A- then can there child be AB-? He asks why she wants to know? She says she made a bet with her friend. He says well the scenario she mentioned is impossible, an A and an O can not produce a B or an AB child. She is not pleased, but claims she never should have bet on something like this. Kate says so Belles baby isnt Phillips.

Belle and Phillip stay with Claire in the ICU. They tell Claire they are here for her and arent going anywhere. They say they love her more than she knows. 

Elsewhere, Alex apologizes to Lexie for blackmailing her about her affair with Tek. He says he didnt want Marlena to find out about their past before she was ready. He says unfortunately her past is still a blank, and now hes lost her. Lexie says he hasnt lost her as he never had her. He says he had her once, they were in love and married. He says he came here to help her to try and remember her entire life, including her life with him. He says MArlenas case is unique and difficult, he needed to use many different techniques, and he started to help Marlena get her memory back. However he cant believe she chose John. Lexie asks if she said that. Alex says not in so many words, but he figured it out. He says that is why hes leaving Salem soon. He says before he leaves he thinks she should deal with her feelings for Tek. She says she is dealing with Tek, she's not seeing him anymore. He asks if hes avoiding Tek because she doesnt want to see him, or because she wants to avoid which man she wants to be with? She says she made a terrible mistake, she loves her husband and wants to be with him. Alex says and he loves Marlena and sometimes things doesnt work out how theyd like. He says again, hes sorry about the blackmail. Lexie says she knows when it comes to love that people do thinks out of character. He says true, he acted unprofessionally out of his love for MArlena. 

At Jens place, Frankie tries to comfort a worried Jen. Jen is blaming herself for Jack going out because she was so set on having that dumb cornucopia. Frankie says Jack is okay. Abby shows up. Jen thought she was staying at Chelseas tonight. Abby says she wanted to come here and help her decorate. Jen asks how she got home, and Abby says Chelsea drove her. Jen cant believe Chelsea drove her home in this weather, but Abby says the roads are fine now and they didnt take the bridge, they took the long way. She asks where dad is. Jen says he went out in the storm. Abby asks her mom how she could let dad go out in this storm. She says he wanted to go out and get flowers for tomorrow, and he snuck out. Abby says he shouldnt be out there. Jen and Frankie try and convince her that hell be okay, but Abby can see how worried her mom is and shes not fooling her. Later, Jen and Abby both worry, so Frankie decides to go out looking for Jack. He thinks he knows which roads Jack took back from Augdon. Jen doesnt like the idea of him going out, but he says hell be fine as hes had a lifetime of driving tips from his brother. Frankie leaves, and Jen thinks hell bring Jack home soon. Later Jen calls Frankie, but she cant get him on his phone. Jen begins to worry about Frankie now. Abby says shes not worried about Frankie, but dad is sick and something could have happened to him behind the wheel.

At the bridge, we see Jacks car sinking into the river with him in it. Jack comes to and thinks God is punishing him for trying to kill himself. He says God didn't let Billie didnt revive him for this to happen. He says he needs to be there for his family tomorrow. As the car continues to sink, Jack tries to keep calm and not panic. He tells himself to just open the door and swim to the surface, but the door is jammed. As the water rushes in, Jack begins to struggle and choke. Meanwhile, Frankie shows up on the bridge and sees an accident happened and it might be Jack down there in that car. Back in the car, Jack has very little air room left. He pleads with God for his life. He says he just wants to see his family one more time. Jack begins to have a dream of being with his girls on Thanksgiving day. Jack then sinks under the water. 


November 29, 2005

At Samis place, Austin is sulking in front of the PC. They lost the new loft/business space, and Sami blames Nicole for talking Austin into this. Austin says this is his fault, he made the decision, he got cocky and put out too much capital before signing a contract. He suggests they go find new jobs, but they refuse to go anywhere. He appreciates their loyalty, but he cant take them down with him. He says this is his fault. Sami says no it is Nicoles fault, she convinced Austin to take that loan out when they couldnt afford it. Sami says fire Nicole, they make a better team. Austin asks Nicole to give her a moment alone with Sami. Nicole leaves, and Austin tells Sami that she is so out of line here. He says this was all his decision and he gambled and lost. Sami says he gambled and lost when he hired Nicole. She says she warned him not to take out those loans, and getting involved with Nicole spells disaster for him both personally and professionally. 

Victor stops by Lucas place to congratulate him on a job well done, he knew he picked the right man for the job. Lucas says even though he was just second choice? Victor says Lucas will never let him live that down will he. Lucas says nope. Victor says hes proved his worth and beat Austin. Lucas says yes, and he has big plans for Titan. Victor says he likes Lucas can do spirit, so whatever he needs he will have. Nicole barges in, and Nicole decides to inform Victor how Lucas used blackmail to get the account from Austin. Victor doesn't like the sound of this. Lucas says it wasnt blackmail, it was refining their sales pitch. Lucas says he had the account first until Sami badmouthed Titan to get the account away, so he got it back. Victor doesn't like that Sami badmouthed Titan, and he thinks Nicole is just a sore loser. Victor says this is business and they played hardball and lost. He says hats off to Lucas and suggests Nicole join him in a toast to Lucas success. She throws her drink on Lucas and says she only drinks the real thing and with people she likes. She says she will help Austin find a way to kick both of their asses! Nicole storms out, and Lucas changes his shirt. He says hell show Nicole, but Victor says not to underestimate Nicole. Lucas discusses his plans for a new company called High Style to Victor. He wants to try and and buy the company. Victor thinks it looks promising. As they discuss it, Nicole spies in on them and realizes Lucas is after the company she was looking at. She decides she has to step up her plan and prove herself to Austin. Meanwhile, Victor tells Lucas that he likes how he is handling things, but watch out for Austin, Sami and Nicole. He says Austin used to be a fighter, he is resilient. He says they both know what Nicole is capable of, and he fears Sami could be Lucas Achilles heel. Victor says they will always be tied together because of Will, so can he separate his feelings for her from business, can he still go in for the kill when necessary. Lucas says Victor has no problems going head to head with Kate at Basic Black. Victor says true, but Lucas still isnt answering the question. Lucas says he loved Sami, but that is over. He says he respects her as the mother of his son, but not in business. He says if they get in his way then hell bury him.

Nicole returns to Samis place as Sami is still badmouthing her to Austin. Nicole tells them that she has just what they need to get back in the game. She asks why Austin should give Nicole another chance. Nicole says Austin gave her one after blabbing to Schnitzel about Clear Visage. She says there is a new company called High Style that she was looking at, and now Lucas is after it too. She thinks if they used the money they borrowed to buy this company then they can get back in the game. Sami says this is a bad idea. Nicole asks Austin what it will be, will he go for broke or just give up. He tells her to work up a proposal and hell look over it. He says for now hes going to try and renegotiate their loan. Nicole tells Sami that she wins and Sami loses.

At the hospital, Belle and Phillip remain with Claire. Belle begins to blame herself for Claires sickness. She thinks she hid in her room too long, she didn't take care of her daughter and now she could lose her because of it. Phillip says that is not true, and Claire knows how much she loves her. He asks if she wants to go to the chapel and pray, but she doesnt want to leave Claire's side. He says well they can pray here, God hears them wherever they are said. Phillip tells Belle how much he loves her and their daughter, and he will do whatever it takes to keep them both safe. Later, Belle decides to go see her mom and let her know that Claire is improving. Phillip waits with Claire.

Kate realizes Claire is not Phillips child. Alex walks up and tells Kate he has some bad news, it looks like they have both lost John and Marlena. Alex thinks Kate must already know this by the look on her face. Kate says John and Marlena are the last thing on her mind right now. Kate looks in on Phillip and his family. She says Belle is so good for him, and Phillip deserves some happiness. Alex says her granddaughter will respond to treatment soon. She says she hopes so because if Phillip loses Claire or Belle it will be devastating. Alex asks why she will lose Belle? She says she just meant that losing a child can wreak havoc on a marriage, she knows. Kate also she says Alex may be giving up on something he loves, but she never will. Alex says her granddaughter will be fine, but the two of them will take longer to get over losing John and Marlena. Alex leaves to book a flight. HE books a one way ticket out of Salem. Meanwhile, Kate says she has to stop Phillip or anyone from finding out the truth about Claire. She hopes maybe the baby is his, maybe this is a huge mistake. She says no, she is just wishes Phillip was the father and that Shawn is the father. Suddenly Phillip shows up and says mom? 

Elsewhere, Marlena and John argue about Marlenas choice. She says she remembers more about her life with Alex, and what she remembers are feelings that are deeper and more emotional than those she feels for John. She says that is why she has to be with the first man she ever loved. John says he cant and wont accept that. John says he doesnt trust Alex, he abused his position to get close to her. She doesnt think that is true. John says fine, lets not talk about Alex, lets talks about them. He says they have a history of happy times, they have a family together and children. He says if she turns her back on him, then she turns her back on them. He knows the Marlena he loves wouldnt do that. He tells her to look into her heart and realize she would never abandon her family. She says how dare he say that to her, she came as soon as Belle called her about Claire. She says he wants her to pretend she has feelings for him that she doesnt have. He says he doesn't want her to pretend anything. She says she has feelings for Alex and is staying with him, so he has to accept that whether he likes it or not. He wont give up on her. She remembers seeing him with Kate sand says she doubts it will take it long for him to get over her. He asks why she says that? She says it is just a feeling. He says well she is wrong, he won't accept it. He says he would like her to just wait until she regains more of her memory before making a choice between him or Alex. He says he feels she shouldnt be with anyone while she still has amnesia. He asks her to just wait, not to close any doors right now. She says that wouldnt be fair to Alex. He asks what about what is fair to him? Marlena says Alex has waited a lifetime to be with her, and he has been faithful all these years. John says so Alex says. She says she believes Alex and suggests John move on with his life. John says one day shell snap out of this and will regret this. Marlena says well shes doing what is right for her now, and right now they are done. Belle walks up and says no, tell her this isnt happening!

At Jens, Jen and Abby continue to wait and worry. Abby asks if there isnt something her mom can do. Jen says Patrick, Billie and Frankie are looking for him, what else can she do. Abby says call the hospital. Jennifer calls the hospital to see if Jack was brought in. The nurse looks up the name but cant find any Jack being admitted. Jen tells Abby that his dad isnt there and there is nothing to worry about. Abby thinks maybe her mom is right. Later Abby shows her mom the Christmas gift she got for her dad, a pocket watch with Dad on it. She decides to give it to him tomorrow at the party. She says just in case . . . . Jen says dont say that, her father didnt think hed be here now and he is. She says they wont lose him. 

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope continue to work on the website, and they discuss Jack and Jen. They are going to their house for dinner and a party tomorrow. Hope feels so bad for Jack and Jen, but Bo says not to feel guilty as Jack wouldnt want that. Bo then gets a work related call, and Hope gets a call from Frankie about the accident and that it might be Jack. Bo got the same call from work, and they take off.

At the bridge, cops have arrived on the scene of the accident. Frankie, Patrick and Billie are there. They are all out looking for Jack, and Frankie says he hates to say this but it could have been Jacks car that went off the bridge. Frankie says if it was then Jack could be dead. Billie tells him not to say that. Bo and Hope soon show up, and Frankie fills them in on Jacks venture into the storm and how the paint on the guard rail matches Jacks car. Patrick wants to help, but Bo refuses to let him to help. Bo gets to work, and Frankie worries that it was Jacks car that went off the bridge. He tells Billie he doesnt know if this was an accident though, and he thinks Billie is thinking the same thing. Billie says she thought she got through to Jack after his suicide attempt with the pills. She says he loves Jen too much to do this to her, he realized that. Meanwhile, Patrick asks Hope how shes doing. Hope says not too well. She says Jens car went off this bridge not too long ago, and Jack saved her. She begins rehashing the whole JT saga. Hope says being here brings back such horrible memories, and she thinks Jen and Jack have been through enough as is. Meanwhile, the cops learn that a camera near the bridge showed Jacks car skidding on the bridge, but it didnt show the car going over. Hope says she cant take this, and Bo decides to have divers sent into the water. Billie and Bo think Frankie should go home and be with Jen, so he leaves. Bo asks the cops about the divers, but they are all tied up at the lake where some kids fell through the ice. Bo says they need to get in there now. The cops say they have wetsuits here, but nobody knows how to dive. Bo says he does so hes going in. He suits up, and Hope begs Bo to trust Patrick and let him help. She says Patrick has saved them countless number of times. Bo eventually agrees to let Patrick watch and monitor his hoses. Bo heads down, and later everyone worries as hes been down there too long. Bo is in the water and has gotten his foot caught in some old beams on the bottom of the river. 

Frankie returns to Jack and Jens, and Jen asks if he found Jack. Frankie says no. She asks if there is any news on him at all? Frankie says he wishes he had something to tell her. Jen says she has a terrible feeling. Abby tells her mom not to panic, he wasnt at the hospital. Frankie asks what? She says they called the hospital to see if Jack had been admitted.


November 30, 2005

Shawn and Mimi are in the shower kissing one another and soaping each other up. She wonders if the night can get any better. He says no. They end up back in bed together, and Mimi once again takes a trip down memory lane. She says in high school she used to be late to geometry class so she could take the long way and pass him in the hall as he was on his way to English. They giggle over that, and Mimi can't believe she told him that. Shawn says she was smart, beautiful and funny, and he just didnt pay much attention to her. She says because he was dating Belle. He thinks one shouldn't date just one person in high school, its a time to find out what kind of person is right for you. She says she didnt date in high school aside from Kevin. They tell one another how much they want to be with the other, and they are the only person they want to be with tonight. They discuss both moving into one room and turning the empty room into a game room. They laugh. Shawn says it took them a long time to get here, but he thinks he wants to spend every night like this. He asks what she says. Mimis phone rings before she answers, and she thinks it must be important if someone is calling her this late. It is Belle calling from the hospital about the baby.

At the hospital, Kate says Shawn must be Claires father, and how could she have done it. Phillip walks up and says he doesnt need this now. She panics, but he misunderstood. He thinks she was upset and blaming what happened to Claire because of Belle's depression and them letting Shawn take care of Claire for the night. He defends both Belle and Shawn. He says Shawn loves this baby like she is his own. Kate says well the baby isnt Shawns, she is his and Belles. Phillip knows, and he knows she doesnt like Shawn, but Shawn is like family now. Kate says right now she just needs her parents. Kate says she has to make a phone call and tells Phillip to go be with her daughter. 

Belle walks in on her mother telling her father that she's leaving him for Alex. Belle is furious, she says they cant break up. She says she cant deal with one more bad thing right now, she needs them together. Marlena says she wants to explain, but Belle says she is destroying their family and there is nothing she can say to change that. John says he doesn't think her mom is trying to destroy their family. Marlena says she doesnt want to break this family up. Belle says good, and whatever is going on they can work this out. John agrees. He tells Belle not to worry about this, she has enough on her mind. He says he wont give up on her mom, and Belle says good. Marlena asks to speak to Belle in private, so John leaves them. Marlena tells Belle that things are complicated. She says she doesn't remember the feelings she had for her father, but she does have feelings for Alex. Marlena says she has learned she was married before Roman or her father,  she was married to Alex. Belle is stunned. Marlena says the marriage was never dissolved, and legally and in the eyes of God she is still married to Alex. Belle asks how she knows it is true. Marlena says she saw the marriage certificate, and she has had memories. Belle doesnt believe this, how could she have been married and none of them knew. Marlena explains the story to Belle, how Alex was lost in the war and she developed hysterical amnesia. Belle says but he is ancient history. Marlena says no, she has deep feelings for him, deeper than she has for her father. She has to explore those feelings. Belle says but hes a stranger. Marlena says she has amnesia, everyone is a stranger to her. She says the one person who got through it all was Alex. Marlena tells Belle they are in very similar situations, they both have to choose between two men. Belle says their situations are not the same. Marlena says she was there when she was in labor and called out for Shawn. Belle asks if she is saying she should leave Phillip and go back to Shawn? Marlena says no, but like her she has to honor her vows to Alex. Belle thinks these aren't the same situation at all, while Shawn is her first love, she made vows before God to Phillip and she has to honor them. Marlena tells Belle if she doesnt resolve her feelings for Shawn, a time will come where she too may have to choose between Shawn and Phillip. Belle says she has made her choice, and she (Marlena) is the one who told her to honor her vows. She says she loves Phillip more and more every day, no matter what she feels for Shawn. Marlena asks what she does with those feelings. Belle says who cares, why are they talking about this now anyways. Belle says she is abandoning their family. Marlena says shed never leave her, she is her daughter. Belle says she doesnt even remember her. Marlena says but she loves her. Belle says then dont do this. Belle says if she leaves Dads then shell be making the biggest mistake of her life. Phillip comes in to see if shes okay. Belle says yes and she wants to stay the night here. Shes going to go call Mimi and have her bring them some clothes. Belle leaves, and Phillip tells Marlena that Belle and the baby will be okay, hell see them both through the rough times they are both having. Phillip promises Marlena that everything will be fine.

Alex continues to book a flight out of town, no matter where it is going. He finally makes his reservation, and then sees John listening in on him. John thinks Alex made the right decision, the sooner he leaves the better for everyone. Alex says hes not leaving until he says goodbye to Marlena.

Alex goes to see Marlena, with John in tow. Alex tells Marlena that Claire is strong and she will pull through this, she is like her mother and grandmother. He says he knows her decision wasnt easy, and he accepts her choice and will respect it. He says since there is no place for him now that shes chosen John, hell be leaving Salem and will give her case to someone else. Alex says he just wants her to know that hes never stopped loving her. He says maybe if he came back sooner, but he was just so worried about destroying her life. He says all hes ever wanted for her is for her to be happy. He says he'll have divorce papers drawn up and sent to her. Marlena tells Alex not to go. He says he can't stay here, it is just too painful. She says she doesnt want a divorce, she doesnt want him to go. She informs Alex that she hasnt chose John, she chose him. She says that is why he doesnt want him to go, she doesnt want to lose him again. Marlena says shed like to be his wife if hell still have her. Alex hugs her and says theyll rebuild their life together and have the future they always dreamed of. John, to himself, says there is no way in hell that will ever happen. 

Phillip talks with Kate, she has learned Mimi and Shawn are coming over to the hospital. She wonders if Belle is up for a visit tonight. Phillip says Belle can use the support, and they are all closer now. Phillip says Mimi and Shawn are now together and they are happy for them. Phillip talks about how Shawn and Belle had a magical thing in high school, and they made promises that were never fulfilled. HE says Mimi and Shawn have gone there now, and Belle has moved on. Kate asks if he is saying Shawn and Belle never slept with one another. Phillip says they never slept together, and he was the first man Belle was with. Kate asks how he knows this. He says she told him. Kate is a bit relieved, and Phillip asks why she cares? Why is she interested in this. Kate says it is just refreshing that a girl would wait. Phillip says he needs to go check on Claire. Phillip leaves, and Kate says so Shawn couldnt be Claires father, unless Belle lied to Phillip. 

Belle returns to Claire, and she says everyone is here and Mimi and Shawn are going to bring bunny for her soon. Belle says she knows she hasnt been the best mom, but that will change. She says from now on shell be here for her all the time, and all she has to do is get better. She says they are a family and families stay together, at least they are supposed to.

Mimi and Shawn show up, and they ask how Claire is. Belle says no change, but Phillip says shell be fine as shes a fighter. Belle goes to get coffee, and Shawn goes with her. Belle spills the coffee and wonders why she cant do anything right. He tells her to relax, and they are all here for her. Shawn hugs Belle and says it will all be okay. Meanwhile, Mimi confesses in Phillip how she and Shawn got closer, a lot closer. He says that is awesome, he is glad for her and that they all straightened this out and can be friends. He hopes they all have a happy ending ahead of them. They see Shawn and Belle hugging, and Mimi says her too. Elsewhere, Kate goes back to the hospital computer room to do more research. She looks up Shawns records to see what his blood type is She says this cant be! When she walks back out, she sees Belle hugging Shawn.

Chelsea shows up at Jack and Jens to support Chelsea. She was told by Billie what was going on. Abby says Chelsea said she was lucky because she would get to say goodbye to her dad. Abby cries that her dad could be dead and she never got to say goodbye to him. Abby wishes she'd never gone out tonight. Chelsea says shes getting ahead of herself, she hasnt gotten any bad news yet. Abby says but the bad news will come, if not today then soon. Abby says that her dad is dying and its not fair. Chelsea says it isnt fair, and she wont let her go through this alone. Chelsea says shell be here for her because they are friends and because she understands like no one else can. 

Meanwhile, Jen is still with Frankie. Jen asks if he found anything? Frankie says no. She thinks that is a good thing, if there was an accident then hed have seen something. She says her worst fear almost came true, she thought she lost her husband. She says God couldnt take her husband from her now. Jen thinks maybe shes overreacting, Jack is probably fine and no news is good news. She talks about how Jack obsesses and overreacts when it comes to getting something he wants for his family. She says hes a man on a mission tonight, hes just on a crazy romantic errand. Abby hears this and agrees, hes always doing crazy things and losing track of time. Jen says everything will be okay. She decides they need to stay positive, and that they should start decorating for the party tomorrow. Frankie says it is late, but she says so what. She orders everyone to decorate.

At the bridge, a problem has happened. Bo hasnt come up and due to the water temperature this isnt good. Hope says something is wrong, she can feel it. Patrick says get him a wet suit so he can go down there. Down in the water, Bo is caught on a beam still. Hope tells Bo to stop playing hero and get up here. Billie says he cant hear her, but Hope says in his heart he can as they have a special connection. Billie says Bo shouldnt have gone down alone, it is against protocol. Patrick shows up in a wetsuit. Billie says he cant go down there alone either, but Patrick says they have no choice and he has to for all of them. Hope prays to keep them all safe. Down in the water, Bo passes out. Up above, Hope and Billie wait and worry. Back in the water, Patrick finds and saves Bos life. They eventually come up, and Bo almost got them killed as he went back down to get a license plate. Bo says he saw it, but couldn't get to the car. Billie says if JAck's car is down there they have to go back. Bo says no. He says even if Jack made it out of the car alive then the river would have swept him away. 

Back at Jack and Jens, Billie, Bo, Hope and Patrick arrive. She asks what is wrong, did they find Jack. They say nothing, which worries Jen. She says she knows they are worried about Jack, but hes just on some crazy errand. She says they have been decorating for the party, didnt they do a good job. She asks them to say something. Hope tells Jen that she has to be strong. Jen says no. Bo says they have bad news about Jack. Jen cries no, please dont tell her this as she doesnt want to know. 


December 1, 2005
Sami and Nicole continue to argue over Nicoles plan. Sami thinks Nicole just wants to get Austin into her bed. Nicole says she has no interest in getting Austin into bed, but Sami calls her a liar. She says she sees how she works Austin, she hopes he catches an eyeful when she leans over him. Nicole says Sami is just jealous because Austin checks her out. Sami says Nicole wants Austin and she knows it. Nicole remembers when Austin left town to try and make it all on his own to impress Nicole and others. He said he wanted to do this to prove something to others as well as himself. She remembered saying she had to let him go, and kissing him goodbye. She then remembers when he came back to town and she tried to make a bet over a pool table to get him to come home with her that night. Meanwhile, Sami remembers when Austin came back to town after her failed wedding and supported her. After all the fantasy memories end, Sami and Nicole continue to argue about the business. Sami says they are in debt as is, they cant stretch themselves anymore. Nicole says they need to use their loans to but this company and get out of the hole. Sami asks how she knows the company is worth going for? Nicole says shes done her research, and Lucas is after this company as well. Sami still thinks this is a mistake. Nicole says Austin doesnt think that way, which is why hes with Mickey now discussing it. Sami says what if this fails, they will be ruined. Nicole tells Sami to leave if she can't do anything but be negative. Sami says fine she has to go check on Will, and she leaves. Nicole continues to plot and scheme to win the company before Lucas, she says nobody plays hardball better than her.

Lucas is on the phone demanding information from Eugenia on a company called High Style. He doesnt care what time it is, if she works for him then she works 24/7. As Lucas continues to work, Sami shows up banging on the door. Lucas wonders what Sami wants, she says she needs to talk about Will. He tells her to hold on. He hides all his work and then opens the door. Lucas asks what is so important? Sami says she wants to go to Wills parent teacher conference tomorrow. She also wants to know how his A in math dropped so quickly. Is Lucas helping him with his homework, oh wait he doesnt remember his times tables. They argue about Will and his homework. Lucas says he did have four years of college prep, which is more than she had. Lucas says the problem is not the homework, it is the tests. Lucas also says perhaps Will is distracted because she keeps breaking his heart. Sami says he is the one who broke his heart by breaking up with her. Lucas goes to slam the door on her, but Sami says no. She asks if she can come in, she cant stand being with Nicole and she is driving the company into the ground. Lucas says fine she can come in for a minute. Sami thanks him and smiles. They soon begin arguing about Austin. Lucas tells Sami that Austin only feels sorry for her, that is how he has always felt and the only reason why he was with her. She asks if that is how he felt? He says he knows why he was with her, and he asks again why she is here. She says she misses him! He says well now shes stuck with Nicole and it's her own doing. Sami then begins begin running her mouth off about how Nicole is going to ruin Austins company, shes trying to take over some company called High Style. She says oh her and her big mouth, she wasnt supposed to say anything. She begs him not to say anything, and he says he wont. She thanks him. He sees her out and says hell see her tomorrow at the parent teacher conference. Sami leaves and says mission accomplished, Lucas will go after the company and Nicole will look like a fool. She says Austin will fire Nicole and she will have saved him. Meanwhile, Lucas calls Victor and says Nicole and Austin are after High Style, so they have to set up something tonight. He needs to fly out to LA and meet with the CEO now. Hes given the corporate jet to use.

Back at Samis place, Nicole gloats to Sami about her plan for High Style. She says shed show her the details, but she wouldnt understand them. Sami says she understands shes making a huge mistake. Nicole continues to gloat about how soon Austin will see which one of them is the valuable partner. Sami says her takeover scheme will go down, and Austin will realize she knows nothing and will be out in the cold on her ass. Nicole says face it, she wins and she loses. Sami tells Nicole that her takeover scheme will go down, she guarantees it. Nicole asks Sami what shes done this time? They continue to argue (I missed some of it due to sound issues). Nicole tells Sami she knows she is right about this takeover and what is good for the company. Sami says well she hopes she is right because she cares about this company, but if she fails then shell be out of the company and out of Austins life. Nicole says this plan is perfect, it cannot miss.

In LA, Lucas heads to meet with the CEO of High Style. He walks into the office and says Oh My God, Its You! 

At the hospital, Kate listens in as Phillip tells Claire how much he loves her. Kate knows either Belle lied to Phillip about being a virgin or that she slept with Shawn while Phillip was overseas, either way Shawn is the father. Phillip asks his mom if she is all right? She says yes, shes just worried about him and Belle. Phillip asks why? She says they just have to be exhausted. Phillip says hes okay, and Belle . . . Kate asks where Belle is, why isnt she here. Phillip says shes with Shawn, which is where shes supposed to be. He says Belle needed to eat and keep up her strength. Kate thinks he should be with her, but he says someone has to stay with the baby. Phillip says the baby is sick, and he doesnt understand what happened to her. Kate says shell be okay because she is a fighter just like her father. Phillip says that is what he was just telling her, and if anything happens to her. Kate says nothing will, shell pull through this. Phillips leg begins bothering him, so Kate insists he sit down and take care of himself. She says he has to keep himself well to take care of his family. Kate excuses herself and talks to Lexie. She tells Lexie that Phillip has been through so much, he cant lose his baby. Lexie says right now they have to stay positive. Kate knows that, but she worries what will happen if they lose Claire. Lexie knows firsthand what it is like to lose a child. She says while it wasnt the same, when she and Abe lost their child to Bo and Hope it tore her marriage apart. Kate knows too, she remembers losing Billie and Austin. Kate says this is why shes so overprotective of her children, and she doesnt want this to happen to Phillip. She says Claire has bonded Phillip and Belle, and if it wasnt for her then . ..  well she doesnt want to think about it. Eventually Lexie returns to check on some more tests, and Kate checks on Phillip and Claire. Claire is now awake. Phillip says he thinks she has his eyes, or is he just seeing what he wants to see. She says of course she does, and she says she is the spitting image of him as a baby. Phillip says really? Kate says yes, that is his daughter and there is no doubt about it. Phillip hopes not. He says being a father has changed him, he never thought hed feel this strongly about that little girl. He says he was happy when it was just him and Belle, but he has a family now. Kate says and nothing will change that now. He says from her lips to Gods ears. He decides to go find Belle and be with her, he says Shawn and Mimi can look after the baby as good as he could. Kate doesnt like hearing this, but Phillip says Shawn and Mimi are the Godparents and they care about Claire, and right now hes just so worried that he could lose everything. Kate says that wont happen, shell do anything to make sure. Phillip says she cant guarantee Claire will live. Kate tells herself she may not be able to guarantee Claire survives, but she can make sure Phillip never finds out the baby isnt his.

At Jack and Jens, Jen is given the news about Jack and says it cant be true. Abby says they dont have proof he died, they didnt find his car or see him. Bo says he didnt. Jen says then it is possible Jack is still alive. Bo says yes. Hope says Patrick and Billie are out searching now in case he got out of the car and made it down river. Jen asks if there arent any other people who could be looking. Bo says right now with the storm and the accidents they are stretched to the max. Bo gets a call, and Jen thinks it is about Jack. Abby says her dad cant be gone, and Jen says he isnt gone. Bo says hell be right there. Jen asks what is going on, did they find Jack. He says no, but they have equipment to pull the car up. Jen says hell be alive, but Frankie doesnt know how. Jen says they did a segment on their show about surviving a crash into the river. Abby says they learned about it in school too. Jen and Abby both insist they go, they both believe Jack is alive. Jen calls her neighbor to watch the baby.

At the bridge, they all wait for the car to be raised from the river. Jen remains positive, she believe Jack will fight to do whatever it takes to stay with them. Jen says Jack wont leave them, hes coming home. Jen loses it as she screams this to everyone, and Frankie grabs her to keep her from falling off the bridge as she loses her balance. Hope says Jen still so much wants to believe that she cant accept what is in front of her. Bo says that Jack is gone. Hope wonders, she was told before that Jack was gone when he wasnt. She wonders if there is a chance. She says this is just so horrible, and this could have happened to any of them. Hope says they are so lucky to have one another and the kids, and its something shell never take for granted. She says everything, all their arguments, seem so damn insignificant right now. The firemen get ready to pull the car up, and Bo wishes Jen wasnt here as it will be a hell of a shock when she sees Jacks body. The car is pulled up, and when the door is opened it is empty! Jen screams Where is my husband! Hope grabs her and holds her as she cries.


December 2, 2005
In LA, Lucas walks into the CEO of High Style's office and is stunned to find out that the CEO is Carrie. He asks what she's doing here, and she asks what he's doing here. She is the new CEO of the company. Lucas said he didn't know, with all the research he did he never heard she was the CEO. She asks why he researched the company, and he says he work for Titan and they were looking at buying this company. She says he means taking it over. She says sorry but this company is her baby and she's not selling it. He understands and says he'll let Victor know. They begin talking, he asks when she and Mike got back. She says it is a long story, she is back but Mike isn't. She explains they are over and have no chance at getting back together. She talks about what a fool she was, she hurt Austin so how did she expect to end up happily ever after? She says she ran half way across the world with a man who was so dedicated to his work, so it is no surprise she ended up alone and lonely a lot. She says one night they realized it was over, so she came back. She says however they are still friends, and they email all the time. She also says now Mike has more time for his son Jeremy. She asks about Lucas, and he says she knows what happened with him and Sami. Carrie says yes, and not to blame himself as Sami was the stupid one. She says she's just glad he wised up to Sami before saying "I do." Carrie asks what about Austin, she hears he is back in Salem. Lucas says yes, and he's got a new upstart company which he doesn't think will go far as he has a lousy staff. She asks if he is single. Lucas says yes, but not if Sami has anything to say. He says Sami is working for Austin and they spend a lot of time together. Carrie says she knows Sami is her sister, but she hates her so much. Lucas says he better go, but Carrie doesn't want him to, she wants to spend more time together. Lucas says he'd like that. Carrie's only request is he not tell anyone she is back, especially not Austin.

At Sami's place, Austin has to run, he has a meeting with a potential investor. He wants Nicole and Sami to play nice while he's gone, and he asks Sami to read up on the new company and he'll quiz her on it later. Austin then leaves. Nicole continues working on her proposals for Austin, and Sami still thinks this is a big mistake. Nicole says the company is ripe for the takeover, they've been losing money ever since they went public. She also says their product line is one of those animal-testing free ones that people love. Sami checks the product line out and has a fantasy about being a chemist and testing the product on Nicole. She pours it over Nicole, who melts away. Sami says her formula is perfect. Sami laughs out loud, and Nicole wonders what got into her. Sami says nothing, just reading up for her quiz. Nicole has to make a call, and while she's on the phone she tells Sami to go get her a report she needs. Sami says she's not her secretary, get it herself. Nicole storms off into her room. Austin then calls Sami, he forgot his appointment book and isn't sure where and when he's meeting the investor. Sami grabs his book and gives him the info. As she goes to put it back in his drawer she drops it. She then sees Austin has a photo of him and Carrie in the book. He also wrote a note "Found this photo of Carrie today, it brought back so many memories. I realize I will always love Carrie." Sami fumes. Nicole has to run and meet with the accountant, leaving Sami upset. Sami says she can't believe Austin still loves Carrie after everything she did to him. She says she hates Carrie and smashes a glass. She says Carrie better not think about coming back for Austin.

At the hospital, Phillip remains with Claire. Mimi shows up with some food for him. He talks to Mimi about how much Claire means to him, and how if anything happens to her that he doesn't think he can go on. Kate overhears this and says she can't let anyone find out the truth. Victor shows up and says he sees that look in Kate's eyes, she's plotting destruction and he is here to tell her to stop it. He says their son needs them, and if she can't be positive then get lost. Kate says she is only concerned about Phillip and Belle and the baby, that is all. She takes Victor to see Claire and Phillip, and she suggest to Mimi that they leave them alone to talk. Phillip talks with his dad. Victor tells him that Claire is from strong Greek blood, she will survive. He also says they almost lost Phillip several times before he was born, but it was his parents love for him that got him through. Phillip thanks his dad for the pep talk. He later tells Claire that she is from a long line of warriors and she will be just fine. Meanwhile, Kate realizes Mimi stands as much to lose as everyone else if the truth comes out. She decides to use Mimi. She tells Mimi she never got to tell her how sorry she is about what happened between her and Rex. Mimi says she got the feeling that Kate didn't approve. Kate says mothers are always protective of their sons. She says she doesn't think Rex and Mimi were meant to be, but she sees her with Shawn and thinks they are soulmates. Mimi says Kate hates Shawn, she made him out to be the devil and put him in jail. She wonders what that makes her if Kate thinks they are soulmates. Kate says Shawn was messed up for awhile. Mimi says it wasn't his fault though. Kate says whatever, that is water under the bridge. Mimi wonders what Kate is fishing for here. Kate says nothing, she just wants to know if they are happy now. Mimi says yes, and she says that is all she wants to know. Kate then eavesdrops on Phillip and says she'll do whatever it takes to keep that baby's paternity a secret. 

At Jack and Jen's, Jen yells as Bo, Hope and Frankie that Jack is coming home, and until they show her his dead body she will believe there is hope. Billie and Patrick arrive, and Jen asks if they found Jack. They say no, and their news isn't good. They searched for fifty miles and saw no sign of him, and they found flowers floating in the water near the wreck. Jen says they still don't have a body. Bo says statistically . . . Jen says no, she gave up on Jack before twice and he came back both times. She won't give up on Jack again. Bo and Hope have to leave because their sitter has to get home. Jen says she'll be okay and Frankie will stay with her until Jack returns. Frankie nods to Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Billie that it will be so hard when Jen accepts that Jack is gone. Billie says maybe he isn't gone. She confesses to Patrick that Jack was contemplating suicide, and he could have staged this all to disappear. Jen hears her say this and lashes out at Billie. She refuses to believe Jack would leave her. Billie confesses everything to Jen about Jack's plan, that he didn't want her to see him die in pain and wanted to spare her. She says Jack asked her not to tell, and she promised she wouldn't. She also says Jack wanted her to help, but she refused. Jen asks why Jack would do this. She says she had a friend at the ISA who died of this disease, and it was a terrible way to go. She says Jack wanted to spare her. Jen says like she told Bo and Hope, until she sees Jack's body she will believe he is still alive. 

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope tuck Zack in. Hope can't believe what is happening to Jack. Bo says perhaps God had a plan. Hope says yeah, or Jack did. Hope looks at Bo and says if he knows anything to tell her now.

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