December 5, 2005

At the hospital, Belle stays by Claire's side. Phillip thinks she needs to rest, she's been here all night and must be tired. She says she's not going anywhere. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Mimi that the news isn't good, Belle has been moved to the Pediatric ICU. Shawn gets a message from his parents and has to go. Elsewhere, Kate continues to scheme. She realizes the best way to keep Shawn out of Belle and Phillip's life is for him to marry Mimi. She moves in on Mimi and begins questioning her about Shawn, how serious are they, have they thought about marriage. Mimi doesn't know what is up with Kate, and she wants to know why Kate is so interested in her relationship with Shawn. Kate admits that she has an ulterior motive and it has to do with Belle, Phillip and Claire. She says she wants them to be happy, and if Mimi ends up with Shawn then it is ideal for everyone. Mimi agrees with that. However Mimi says she and Shawn are a long way off from getting serious, and even further off from getting married. She says marriage requires money and security, and right she and Shawn are broke. She also says if she even wants to think about kids one day, well they require even more money. She says she wants to make sure she's able to give her kids everything she didn't have. Kate understands, and then she happens to remember that Belle is leaving work to spend time with the baby, so she has to replace her. She offers the job to Mimi, who she says is young and has a unique sense of style. She says it comes with a great salary and she and Shawn will be able to put  some aside and save up. Mimi is shocked and says she'll think about it. Later, Shawn returns and Mimi tells him about Kate's offer. Shawn wonders why she is so interested in them. Mimi says because if he is with her than there is less of a chance of him going back to Belle. Shawn says but that will never happen, he has accepted Belle is with Phillip and they have a daughter. He says he has moved on. Meanwhile, Belle and Phillip are still with the baby when suddenly the monitors begin to beep. Belle wonders what is wrong. A nurse comes in and says the baby can't breath and she asks them to leave while she examines her. Belle cries to Phillip, and the others learn the baby is in distress.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are having breakfast with Zack and discussing Jack. Bo fears that the search and rescue mission will soon become just a recovery operation. Hope can't believe this is happening. Shawn soon shows up, and he tells his parents about Belle and the baby. Hope wonders if things can get worse. They tell him about JAck. Shawn can't believe this and wonders how Jen is handling it. Hope says she's not, she's in denial and she's afraid Jen may soon snap. Shawn has to get back to the hospital, but says give Jen and Abby his best. After he goes, Hope says it was nice having their family together again. Bo says it wasn't their whole family though, Chelsea was missing. Hope knows, and she knows how hard this is for Bo. She remembers being separated from Zack for the first year of his life, and she hated that. She says parents should never be separated from their children. He says and children from their parents. Bo says Jack's death is going to be hardest on Jack Jr. and Abby. Hope says she is just so blessed to still have him. Bo says him too, but one day one of them will be gone too.

At Jen's, Abby meets up with Chelsea and Max outside. They searched all night for Jack. She thanks them both, but it is time she face the truth. Abby says there is still a chance for a miracle, but Abby says no, her father is gone and she has to accept that. She goes inside, and Chelsea feels for Abby. Max tells Chelsea she's doing all she can for her, and she is a good friend. Chelsea says Abby was there for her when she lost her patents.

Inside, Jen tells Frankie that Jack is alive. He says that is great, what happened. She says she had a dream that he came home. Frankie tells Jen it was just a dream, and she has to accept . . . Abby walks in, followed by Max and Chelsea. They all think Jack is gone, but Jen won't accept it. Jen says Jack will come home and she'll have his favorite breakfast foods waiting for him. She heads into the kitchen to make then. Abby follows and tries to stop her mom, but she's on a mission. Meanwhile, Frankie tells Max it was good of him to search for Jack. Max and Chelsea then have a talk. Max tells her how good the Brady's are. He says he isn't even blood, but he feels they are his only family. As he discusses moving their relationship forward, Chelsea is unsure. Abby overhears and tells Chelsea not to wait, you never know what the future holds. Suddenly the smoke alarm goes off in the kitchen. They run in, Jen burned the hash browns. She also accidentally drops the flour,  and that is when she breaks down in Frankie's arms. She wonders where Jack is. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. She runs to get it, but it's only the neighbor. The neighbor brought a casserole over. She then tells Frankie as awful as this is, she thinks it is for the best. She says Jack went quickly instead of a slow death with that awful disease, she doesn't blame him for ending it. Jen hears this and says her husband didn't end his life, he didn't give up. SHe says they still have no body, so he is alive. The woman apologizes for upsetting her and leaves. Jen knows Frankie thinks the same thing, that Jack ended his life and it is better this way. She says she knows Jack would never do that. The phone rings, and Jen knows it is about Jack. Frankie answers, it is the police. They say Roman is coming over with some news. Jen wonders why he is coming in person. Abby says because it is bad news, and that dad must be dead.


December 6, 2005

In LA, Lucas brings Carrie her favorite breakfast, coffee and a croissant. Lucas still cant believe she is the CEO of High Style. She says it still isnt for sale. Lucas knows and hes only here to see an old friend. He still cant believe she is still his friend after everything he and Sami did to try and break up her and Austin. She says she knows he never wanted to hurt her, unlike her sister. She says those memories are why she hasnt gone back to Salem and probably never will. Lucas says they all love and miss her, she has to come back even if it is just for a visit. He says lots has gone on there. She knows, she keeps up with the Spectator online and she speaks to her dad. She wants to go home, but she cant deal with the questions and judgments regarding Mike. Lucas knows how that feels. She also says there is all the old stuff with Sami. She wants to see her family, but everyones lives are so complicated and it would make things worse. She says Sami makes people choose sides, and she cant deal with that. Carrie suggests they change the topic. Lucas has to check up on Will, so he makes a call home. Carrie asks that he not tell anyone hes seen her. Lucas calls up Sami to see how Will is doing. He says hes going to be away longer than he thought, and he needs her to watch Will tonight. Sami asks where he is and who is he with? He says hes on a business trip and doesnt owe her an explanation. She says sure he doesnt. He asks if shell help him with Will or will he have to call his mother. She says shell help him, and thinks Lucas is calling him from some womans place. Lucas says hes not, and will she help him or not. Sami says she will. Lucas begins tells Sami what she needs to do for Will and everything he needs. Meanwhile, Carrie begins remembering the good times with Austin. Lucas gets off the phone and then asks Carrie if shes alright. She says sorry, what? He asks what she was thinking about. She says Salem. Lucas says so many people would love for her to come back. He decides they should go out for dinner, nothing special, just a purely special evening. She says she has a marketing meeting tonight. He says then tomorrow night. Carrie says she thought he was only in town for the day. Lucas says he can shift his plans. She says shed love to but shell be very busy with work. He says she has to eat sometime and to fit him in. She says okay, dinner tomorrow night.

Sami is at home stomping around. She looks at the photo of Austin and Carrie in Austins day planner and reads his little note about how he never stopped loving her. Sami says she cant believe this, but at least Carrie is still in Israel with Mike. She says if Carrie was here then shed kill her! She begins reading through his day planner, and has all these Carrie days marked. He remembers the day of their engagement and is thinking of checking in with her. Sami thinks maybe if he does then hell see how happy she and Mike are. She wonders what it is that makes men fall in love with her, even Lucas. Later, Sami gets a call from Lucas. After the call, Sami continues to fume over Austin having feelings for Carrie. She says if Austin has been in love with Carrie this whole time then hell never get over her. She then wonders if he loved Carrie when he was with her? Did he fantasize about Carrie when he was with her? Eww! She says no, he loved her. She says if she can make him forget about Carrie once then she can do it again. She thinks Austin only broke up with her because of the lies she told. Sami continues to remembers some of her times with Austin and when he thought Will has his son. She says Austin wanted to be with her when he thought Will was his son. She says there is an idea, she could get pregnant with Austins kid for real this time and then there wouldnt be any competition. She says no matter how much Austin loves Carrie, hed never come between her and Mike. She says besides shes happy with Mike.

Outside of Jen and Jacks, Roman, Bo and Billie run into one another. Billie realizes they have bad news for Jen. Inside, Abby tells her mom that if it was good news then the police would have told them over the phone and not send Roman. Jen says she knows what they are thinking, but it isnt true. She says if Jack was dead then shed feel it. Roman and the others ring the doorbell. Max lets them in, Jen is holding Jack Jr. Hope and Zack are with them, and they decide to let Jack Jr. and Zack to play with one another. Max takes the kids off to play. Hope tells Jen that Roman has to talk to her about Jack. Jen tells Roman if he doesnt know where Jack is then she doesnt want to hear it. She says every time someone tells her Jack is dead, he isnt, he winds up on a desert island or in some castle. She knows he is alive, and tells Roman to get out and find her husband. Abby tells her mom to stop. She says there is nowhere else to look and that is why he is here. She says they have to face the truth, daddy is dead. Jen says not to say that! Roman says hes sorry but Abbys right. Jen asks if they found Jacks body. Roman says no, so Jen says hes not dead. She says Jack is on his way home, she has pancakes waiting for him. Hope tells Jen shed never lie to her or hurt her intentionally, but Jack is gone. Hope knows how hard this is, but she needs to accept it for herself and for the kids. Jen says she cannot and will not accept it. Hope begs her to just hear Roman out. Jen asks Roman what he wants to tell her. Roman says the search has been called off, there has been no sign of Jack so there is really no hope for him. Jen asks how can he say that. Roman says forensics tells them that a human being submerged in the water wouldnt survive more than fifteen minutes. Jen says but he wasnt in the car. Roman says they searched 50 miles down river and found nothing. Jen says maybe a boat picked him up. Roman says they have a record of all the boats, and nobody picked him up. Roman says Jack never got out of the river, he is gone. Jen says its not a DiMera trick this time, hes really dead. Jen begins to cry, and Abby hugs her and says he is. Later, Jen asks Roman to keep searching. She knows hes dead, but she wants his body to give him a funeral. Roman says she has his word that hell do that. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope hold one another and tell one another how glad they are they have each other. Zack asks Max what is wrong with his mommy? Max says shell be okay and daddy will take care of her. Max tells Zack some race car stories. Elsewhere, Chelsea tells Abby how sorry she is she didnt get to say goodbye to her dad. Abby says she knew he was going to die, but she just wanted more time to prepare herself. Roman says nobody can be prepared for a loss like this. Hope suggests to Bo that he go to Chelsea, who is very upset. He holds her, and she cries. Billie thanks Hope for doing that. Hope says its been a horrible few days, for Belle and Phillip as well. Billie has no idea what is going on, so Hope tells Billie about the baby. Billie says she cant believe her mom didnt call her. She wants to rush off, but stops as Chelsea needs her too. Hope tells her its okay, and there is no other choice other than her own child. Billie says she cant leave Chelsea now, but poor Belle and Phillip. Hope says they both know the pain of losing a child. Hope talks about how losing a child is something a parent should never have to face. Max tells Abby hell be here for her, if she needs to get away to just let her know, even if its only for a little bit. Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Bo this is like losing her dad again. She says she doesn't mean to hurt him, but Bo says that he was her dad and raised her. Cheslea wonders why bad things keep happening. She asks what if she loses him too. He says hes not going anywhere. She says he can't promise that. He says he cant, but he can promise to be here for her as long as he can. Billie tells Hope that he is such a great father. Hope says yeah, and it is time like this that makes you realizes how much friends and family members mean. Billie says Jack was a good friends to her, and shell miss him, but not as much as Jen. Hope says thank God Jen and the kids have Frankie, it is like God arranged for him to return when she would need someone. Frankie sits with Jen, who says hes really gone. Frankie says hes afraid so. Jen says she has to accept it and say goodbye again. She says only she doesnt know if she has the strength to do this again. Frankie says she doesnt have to do it alone, hell be here for her and for the kids. He says hell be here as long as she needs him. 

At the hospital, Belle screams her baby is dying as Claire is rushed off. Phillip tells her not to say that. Lexie comes out to talk to them. She says Claire is stabilized, but she needs a transfusion. Phillip says lets do it. Lexie says they need to make sure their blood is a match, just because they are her parents doesn't guarantee a mtach. Phillip says okay. Kate panics and yells out No! Everyone offers to donate, but Kate says what she is saying is taking blood and testing is going to take too long. Lexie understands, but a direct donation is best in this case. Belle and Phillips records are brought to Lexie. Belle asks if a transfusion will help Claire. Lexie says no, it will stabilize her but not treat the underlining cause of this infection. However it will give her a fighting chance. Phillip says they should just take their blood and get on with it. Lexie looks at his chart and says they cant use his blood for this. However it is only because of the medicine he is on for his leg. She says Belle is still okay, shes over six weeks of her PP, and she is the mother so she is a guaranteed match. Mimi and Shawn want to be typed, but Kate doesnt think that is necessary. Lexie says they are all welcomed to be tested, so they head off. Kate is not happy, and Lexie asks if shes okay. Kate says shes just upset. Lexie thinks she looks like shes about to pass out, and she suggests she sit down. Kate says shes not going o pass out. Kate mumbles that she hopes no one finds out that Shawn is Claire's father. Phillip asks his mom what she just said? She says she was just saying it was a shame he couldnt give blood being her father and all. Lexie returns and says Belles blood is perfectly compatible, so theyll start a transfusion. Mimi says she wasnt a match, but Shawns was. She says that is weird, but Lexie says many people have compatible types. Shawn offers to donate if they need it, he loves her like she is his own. Phillip thanks him. Kate says Shawn may help Claire get through this but he will never find out that he is her father.


December 7, 2005

Lucas, who is apparently already back in Salem, is walking around his apartment half nekkid. Eugenia shows up with coffee for him. He thanks her for coming so early. She says it is early, she hasnt even had breakfast yet, She also has scones and donuts, and he takes the donut. He asks about the schedule today and the newspaper. He asks what is going on. She reads the paper and is shocked. Lucas asks what it is. She shows him the front page of the paper, Jack Deveraux killed in car crash. Lucas calls Julie about Jack and asks what he can do to help. Lucas is very upset over Jacks death, and he asks Julie to give Jen his condolences and hell stop by later. He asks how Abby is doing. Lucas cant believe this is happening. Eugenia says shes sorry, she didnt know Jack well but he seemed like a great guy. She thinks they should take the day off, but he says there are things they have to iron out first. She asks about his visit to High Style. He says it was disappointing, and the company isnt going to be a smart investment. Eugenia doesnt get it, she thought it was a slam dunk. She asks who or what changed his mind? Lucas finishes getting dressed and thinks about meeting with Carrie. Lucas says after meeting the CEO he realized it wasnt right for Titan. Eugenia asks why? He doesnt want to talk about it, he says their focus will be Countess Willamenia and Clear Visage. Eugenia is worried that Austin, Sami and Nicole will steal High Style for themselves. Lucas says if Austin wants to steal it then hes in for a surprise when he meets the new CEO.

Out in LA, Carries assistant Becky is helping Carrie with business. Becky gets something from Carries desk drawer for her, and she finds an old photo of Carrie and Austin. Becky asks who the hunk is. Carrie says that was supposed to be put in storage. Becky asks why, and she says if shes kept it this close to her then there must be a reason. Becky asks for the story on this guy. Carrie gives her the very short version of the story, and Becky thinks shes still in love with this hunk. Carrie says she just broke up with Mike, she cant think about a relationship. She says besides, she is new here and High Style is her future. Becky tells Carrie to pick up the phone and call him. She says if hes not home then leave a number so he can call back. Becky leaves Carrie, and Carrie picks up the phone and makes a call. However she only calls Lucas. Lucas is getting ready to go see Jen. He tells her about Jack being killed. Carrie is stunned to learn about his car crash. Carrie says shell email Mike and let him know, and she thinks this is so horrible. She hates that their families have been through so much recently. Lucas says on the bright side theyll get to have dinner tonight. Carrie ends up canceling the dinner, she says something has come up. He says he understands and theyll do it some other time. She says they will, she promises. She also asks him to tell Jen and Abby that her thoughts and prayers are with them.

Back at Lucas place, Lucas gets a call from Kate. He asks Kate what she wants. He says if shes calling for Will then hes not here. She says shes calling for him. He says he doesnt have time, Jack was killed. Kate says she knows, but she asks him to come to the hospital as Claire is very ill. Lucas says nobody told him about this. Kate says she knows as he didnt want to hear from her and she was hoping to have good news by time she told him. He says fine he will come over and then go to Jens, his date canceled anyways. Kate gets all inquisitive, and Lucas says its not Sami and it is someone she knows and thats all hell say. She says she wont meddle, and Lucas says good. Lucas looks at an old photo of him and Carrie and says she is nothing like Sami. 

At Samis place, Austin is walking around shirtless. Sami comes in crying, she has the paper and is reading about Jacks death. Austin says he heard. Sami says he was her friend. She says she knew he was sick, but she cant believe this. She says poor Abby, she's about Will's age. Sami says she never got to say goodbye to Jack. Austin tells Sami that hes sorry about that. He decides to give her some time alone. Austin leaves, and Samis grief is short lived as she remembers the photo of Carrie and Austin in Austins day planner. Austin returns and asks Sami what shes doing? She says shes just straightening up. Austin says he will clean his desk. Sami says its just the whole place has been a pig sty since Nicole moved in. Austin says theyll be out of here shortly once the loans come through. Sami says theyll still be living here, Sami says Nicole just has to find a new place pronto. Austin knows Sami and he knows something else is going on. He tells her to tell him what has her so upset. She says shes upset about Jack, Claire and her relationship with Will. She is also worried about High Style. Austin still thinks shes not telling him something, and he heads off to get dressed. Sami looks at the photo of Carrie and rants and raves about how disgusted she is about this. She cant believe Austin is still in love with Carrie. Eugenia just walks in at this point and laughs at Sami. Eugenia says her door was open, but Sami says it doesnt mean she can walk in. Eugenia says she was just walking by and heard herself talking to himself again. Eugenia says so she cant have Lucas and is now after Austin, only Austin has it bad for some other chick. She says so Sami thinks Austin deserves better than this other woman, well he definitely deserves better than Sami. Eugenia tells Sami that she should stop before she makes a fool out of herself. Eugenia thinks Sami needs someone to talk to, but Sami says shes not talking to her. Eugenia says too late, she already heard. She wonders now that Austin loves someone else if shell go back to Lucas. She says it sure didnt take Sami long to get over the supposed love of her life. Sami tells Eugenia to shut the hell up and slams the door on her. Austin comes out and asks who was at the door. Eugenia yells that Sami lost Lucas and is going to lose Austin. Austin asks who that is. Sami says Eugenia, and she doesnt know what shes babbling about. Austin looks at his day planner, which is open to Carries photo. Austin says well now she knows. Sami asks how he could still be in love with her? Austin cant believe she looked through his things and lied about it, wait yes he can. She says he asked her to look through his things for the address, that is when she found the photo. Austin asks if the entry said Sami please read? Sami says no, but it was a photo of her sister so of course shell ready it. She thinks Austin has made a fool of her this whole time. Austin says he has been up front with her since the beginning. Sami says no, he lead both her and Nicole on. Austin says they assumed that and he said it was just business. Sami says he could have been clear that she and Nicole wasnt the woman he was in love with. Austin says he just doesnt want to talk about this with anyone, Carrie is with Mike and may not have feelings for him. She says but he has feelings for her, was he in love with her while he was engaged to her? Sami says she deserves to know the truth. He says now of course not, when he was with her he thought only about her. However when they broke up he did think about Carrie, but she is with Mike now anyways. Austin leaves to finish getting ready. Sami swears as God as her witness that shell never let Carrie come between her and the man she wants again. 

At the hospital, Shawn slept on the couch. Mimi brings him some coffee. He wakes up, and she asks if he stayed here all night. He says yeah. He says he gave blood and was told to rest, he must have passed out. She says she tried to wake him up when she was leaving, but he was out of it. He asks how the baby is. She says she doesnt know. Mimi decides to go to the chapel to pray, so Shawn goes with her. They head to the chapel. Mimi thinks this is all she can do to help, Shawn was able to give blood. Shawn says it may have helped, but Claire really does need prayers now. They light candles and say prayers for Claire, Belle and Phillip. Shawn tells Mimi that her prayer really helped, God hears all their prayers. He says you just have to have faith that hell answer them. Mimi wants to head back to the ICU, but Shawn has something to say to her first. He says hes enjoyed being with her. He says she has been a friend all his life and he cant believe he ever noticed her. He says hes been really happy with her and he hopes she feels the same way. She giggles and smiles.

Belle remains with Claire, Phillip is by the crib sleeping. Belle yells at Phillip to wake up. Meanwhile, Kate is on the phone updating Victor on the situation. Suddenly a nurse and Lexie run into the room. Belle is frantic, Claire is turning blue. Lexie says her body isn't receiving enough oxygen. She says theyll do what they can, but if medicine doesnt work then they may have to put her on a ventilator to keep her organs from failing. Belle cant believe this. Phillip says they still dont know what is wrong with her, there must be something they can do. Belle says what if the ventilator doesnt work? Lexie suggests they take this one step at a time. Lexie sends some blood to the lab and says they wont get the results for an hour. She suggests they go eat, take care of themselves. Belle wont go anywhere, so Phillip goes to get them coffee. Phillip leaves and talks to Kate. He says Claire isnt getting enough oxygen to her organs, and if they cant find out what is wrong . . . He cries and Kate comforts him. He says he feels so helpless right now. Kate tells him to just trust the hospital staff. She says they overcame a lot to get where they are, they are family now and nothing will destroy that. Kate heads in to see Belle and the baby. Belle cries that shes not getting any better and shes so scared. Belle hugs Kate, who looks like she doesnt know what to do. Lexie returns with needles, they need to do another spinal tap. Belle refuses to allow Lexie to do anything else to her child. Phillip returns and asks what is going on. Belle says they want to do another spinal tap. Lexie says the disease specialist ordered it, and the cause of sepis can be very difficult to diagnose. She says they need to get as much info to know what they are dealing with. Phillip tells Belle that Lexie is their friend, she knows what shes doing. Phillip says they have no other choice. He suggests they go out for a walk and let them do their job. Phillip and Belle leave, and Kate asks Lexie for the truth about Claire. Lexie cant give her an answer because they dont know what they are dealing with. Lexie says all she can say is they are doing everything they can to help her. Kate thanks her and leaves. She then calls Lucas to let him know what is going on. As they talk she learns he is interested in another woman. 

Shawn and Mimi return and see the blinds in Claires room are closed. They are worried that something has happened to the baby.  Meanwhile, Lucas shows up at the hospital and meets with Kate. He says he let Jen know what was going on and she told him to stay here as she had plenty of people with her. Kate gives Lucas an update on the baby. Kate then grills him for info on his date. HE says hes not telling her who the woman is. Kate says fine, but he likes her. He says he wouldnt mind being reacquainted with her. Kate says if hes interested in her then go after her. Lucas says she is right, and he calls her mom. Kate says so it is mom again. Lucas says he has a call to make, and he leaves. Phillip and Belle return, and Lexie comes out of the room. She says they are done, and hopefully theyll have answers soon. Shawn head sin to see the baby and Belle. Belle cries to Shawn and he comforts her. Kate then pushes Phillip to go be with his wife, and then tells Mimi if she doesnt do something to make Shawn hers then hell keep going to Belle. 

Lucas calls Carrie back and he lets her know about Belle and Phillips baby. He says he is at the hospital now. Carrie thinks she should be there. Carrie wishes she could be there. Carrie says she hasnt even seen a photo of her new niece. Lucas says hell bring her one if shed have dinner with him. She says she has work. He says well she can work through lunch and theyll have dinner. He thinks she sounds down, and he pushes her to say yes. Becky listen in as they talk. Lucas says hell be out there as soon as he checks on the baby and Jen, and hell see her soon.  Back in LA, Becky is thrilled that Carrie is going out. She thinks she called Austin, but Carrie lets her know she was talking to Austins brother Lucas.


December 8, 2005
Sami and Nicole continue to argue over Nicoles plan. Sami thinks Nicole just wants to get Austin into her bed. Nicole says she has no interest in getting Austin into bed, but Sami calls her a liar. She says she sees how she works Austin, she hopes he catches an eyeful when she leans over him. Nicole says Sami is just jealous because Austin checks her out. Sami says Nicole wants Austin and she knows it. Nicole remembers when Austin left town to try and make it all on his own to impress Nicole and others. He said he wanted to do this to prove something to others as well as himself. She remembered saying she had to let him go, and kissing him goodbye. She then remembers when he came back to town and she tried to make a bet over a pool table to get him to come home with her that night. Meanwhile, Sami remembers when Austin came back to town after her failed wedding and supported her. After all the fantasy memories end, Sami and Nicole continue to argue about the business. Sami says they are in debt as is, they cant stretch themselves anymore. Nicole says they need to use their loans to but this company and get out of the hole. Sami asks how she knows the company is worth going for? Nicole says shes done her research, and Lucas is after this company as well. Sami still thinks this is a mistake. Nicole says Austin doesnt think that way, which is why hes with Mickey now discussing it. Sami says what if this fails, they will be ruined. Nicole tells Sami to leave if she can't do anything but be negative. Sami says fine she has to go check on Will, and she leaves. Nicole continues to plot and scheme to win the company before Lucas, she says nobody plays hardball better than her.

Lucas is on the phone demanding information from Eugenia on a company called High Style. He doesnt care what time it is, if she works for him then she works 24/7. As Lucas continues to work, Sami shows up banging on the door. Lucas wonders what Sami wants, she says she needs to talk about Will. He tells her to hold on. He hides all his work and then opens the door. Lucas asks what is so important? Sami says she wants to go to Wills parent teacher conference tomorrow. She also wants to know how his A in math dropped so quickly. Is Lucas helping him with his homework, oh wait he doesnt remember his times tables. They argue about Will and his homework. Lucas says he did have four years of college prep, which is more than she had. Lucas says the problem is not the homework, it is the tests. Lucas also says perhaps Will is distracted because she keeps breaking his heart. Sami says he is the one who broke his heart by breaking up with her. Lucas goes to slam the door on her, but Sami says no. She asks if she can come in, she cant stand being with Nicole and she is driving the company into the ground. Lucas says fine she can come in for a minute. Sami thanks him and smiles. They soon begin arguing about Austin. Lucas tells Sami that Austin only feels sorry for her, that is how he has always felt and the only reason why he was with her. She asks if that is how he felt? He says he knows why he was with her, and he asks again why she is here. She says she misses him! He says well now shes stuck with Nicole and it's her own doing. Sami then begins begin running her mouth off about how Nicole is going to ruin Austins company, shes trying to take over some company called High Style. She says oh her and her big mouth, she wasnt supposed to say anything. She begs him not to say anything, and he says he wont. She thanks him. He sees her out and says hell see her tomorrow at the parent teacher conference. Sami leaves and says mission accomplished, Lucas will go after the company and Nicole will look like a fool. She says Austin will fire Nicole and she will have saved him. Meanwhile, Lucas calls Victor and says Nicole and Austin are after High Style, so they have to set up something tonight. He needs to fly out to LA and meet with the CEO now. Hes given the corporate jet to use.

Back at Samis place, Nicole gloats to Sami about her plan for High Style. She says shed show her the details, but she wouldnt understand them. Sami says she understands shes making a huge mistake. Nicole continues to gloat about how soon Austin will see which one of them is the valuable partner. Sami says her takeover scheme will go down, and Austin will realize she knows nothing and will be out in the cold on her ass. Nicole says face it, she wins and she loses. Sami tells Nicole that her takeover scheme will go down, she guarantees it. Nicole asks Sami what shes done this time? They continue to argue (I missed some of it due to sound issues). Nicole tells Sami she knows she is right about this takeover and what is good for the company. Sami says well she hopes she is right because she cares about this company, but if she fails then shell be out of the company and out of Austins life. Nicole says this plan is perfect, it cannot miss.

In LA, Lucas heads to meet with the CEO of High Style. He walks into the office and says Oh My God, Its You! 

At the hospital, Kate listens in as Phillip tells Claire how much he loves her. Kate knows either Belle lied to Phillip about being a virgin or that she slept with Shawn while Phillip was overseas, either way Shawn is the father. Phillip asks his mom if she is all right? She says yes, shes just worried about him and Belle. Phillip asks why? She says they just have to be exhausted. Phillip says hes okay, and Belle . . . Kate asks where Belle is, why isnt she here. Phillip says shes with Shawn, which is where shes supposed to be. He says Belle needed to eat and keep up her strength. Kate thinks he should be with her, but he says someone has to stay with the baby. Phillip says the baby is sick, and he doesnt understand what happened to her. Kate says shell be okay because she is a fighter just like her father. Phillip says that is what he was just telling her, and if anything happens to her. Kate says nothing will, shell pull through this. Phillips leg begins bothering him, so Kate insists he sit down and take care of himself. She says he has to keep himself well to take care of his family. Kate excuses herself and talks to Lexie. She tells Lexie that Phillip has been through so much, he cant lose his baby. Lexie says right now they have to stay positive. Kate knows that, but she worries what will happen if they lose Claire. Lexie knows firsthand what it is like to lose a child. She says while it wasnt the same, when she and Abe lost their child to Bo and Hope it tore her marriage apart. Kate knows too, she remembers losing Billie and Austin. Kate says this is why shes so overprotective of her children, and she doesnt want this to happen to Phillip. She says Claire has bonded Phillip and Belle, and if it wasnt for her then . ..  well she doesnt want to think about it. Eventually Lexie returns to check on some more tests, and Kate checks on Phillip and Claire. Claire is now awake. Phillip says he thinks she has his eyes, or is he just seeing what he wants to see. She says of course she does, and she says she is the spitting image of him as a baby. Phillip says really? Kate says yes, that is his daughter and there is no doubt about it. Phillip hopes not. He says being a father has changed him, he never thought hed feel this strongly about that little girl. He says he was happy when it was just him and Belle, but he has a family now. Kate says and nothing will change that now. He says from her lips to Gods ears. He decides to go find Belle and be with her, he says Shawn and Mimi can look after the baby as good as he could. Kate doesnt like hearing this, but Phillip says Shawn and Mimi are the Godparents and they care about Claire, and right now hes just so worried that he could lose everything. Kate says that wont happen, shell do anything to make sure. Phillip says she cant guarantee Claire will live. Kate tells herself she may not be able to guarantee Claire survives, but she can make sure Phillip never finds out the baby isnt his.

At Jack and Jens, Jen is given the news about Jack and says it cant be true. Abby says they dont have proof he died, they didnt find his car or see him. Bo says he didnt. Jen says then it is possible Jack is still alive. Bo says yes. Hope says Patrick and Billie are out searching now in case he got out of the car and made it down river. Jen asks if there arent any other people who could be looking. Bo says right now with the storm and the accidents they are stretched to the max. Bo gets a call, and Jen thinks it is about Jack. Abby says her dad cant be gone, and Jen says he isnt gone. Bo says hell be right there. Jen asks what is going on, did they find Jack. He says no, but they have equipment to pull the car up. Jen says hell be alive, but Frankie doesnt know how. Jen says they did a segment on their show about surviving a crash into the river. Abby says they learned about it in school too. Jen and Abby both insist they go, they both believe Jack is alive. Jen calls her neighbor to watch the baby.

At the bridge, they all wait for the car to be raised from the river. Jen remains positive, she believe Jack will fight to do whatever it takes to stay with them. Jen says Jack wont leave them, hes coming home. Jen loses it as she screams this to everyone, and Frankie grabs her to keep her from falling off the bridge as she loses her balance. Hope says Jen still so much wants to believe that she cant accept what is in front of her. Bo says that Jack is gone. Hope wonders, she was told before that Jack was gone when he wasnt. She wonders if there is a chance. She says this is just so horrible, and this could have happened to any of them. Hope says they are so lucky to have one another and the kids, and its something shell never take for granted. She says everything, all their arguments, seem so damn insignificant right now. The firemen get ready to pull the car up, and Bo wishes Jen wasnt here as it will be a hell of a shock when she sees Jacks body. The car is pulled up, and when the door is opened it is empty! Jen screams Where is my husband! Hope grabs her and holds her as she cries.


December 9, 2005
At Sami's place, Sami and Nicole are working. Nicole asks Sami to get her a cab to the airport. Sami tells her to get her own cab, shes not her secretary. Nicole says she is the receptionist. Nicole says shes going to LA on a fact finding mission, so get her a cab as she has to pack. They argue over High Style again, Sami thinks they need to play it safe right now. Nicole says Austin doesnt agree with her, business is about taking risks. Nicole thought Sami would be good at that since shes taken so many with her love life. Sami tells her not to get personal. They argue, and Austin interrupts. Austin is going to LA as well to meet with an investor. Sami says they arent going to LA without her. Austin says this is strictly business and he is tired of her questioning his every move. Sami says this isnt about jealousy, she wants to be a part of this business. Nicole says she doesnt have experience. Sami points out shell never get experience if he doesnt give her a chance. He says he cant argue with that, so go pack. Sami runs to pack, and Nicole says she will explore High Style and its CEO. She says this CEO is new and apparently doesnt have a head for business. She says the CEO gives out so many charitable donations that its not funny, and this CEO is going to be toast soon. She begins talking about stripping the company once they get it. Austin wants to take the company over but keep as many of the employees they can. Nicole says they have to downsize, the company is a disaster. She likes their products, but the employees have to go. Austin refuses to mess peoples lives up like that until he knows more. He also tells Nicole not to do anything illegal or underhanded in LA. Nicole says she wont. Austin excuses himself to change, and Sami gives Nicole a look. Nicole asks what shes staring at. Sami knows Nicole was lying to Austin. Nicole says for this company to make it Austin has to learn to use a whip. She says she thought Sami wanted this company to make it, to have success and power. Sami says of course she does, so Nicole suggests she stay out of her way and let her do what she does best. 

In LA, Carrie and Lucas plan to go out to dinner, but Becky lets her know that all the gifts she ordered for the kids arrived. She also has to select employee gift packages, and the man from the company she contacted is coming tonight. Carrie forgot that this guy was scheduled to meet with her, and she tells Lucas theyll have to take a rain check on dinner. He cant believe she is going to wrap this presents herself and that she bought them all personally. Carrie says her workers are people to her, not worker bees. Becky says Carrie is a hands on CEO, how does he think she got to where she is so quickly, they all adore her. Carrie even has all the kids of the employees names and birthdays memorized. Lucas asks what about shareholders and stuff. She admits shes not good at business, her background is in PR and she feels the best way to keep the company going is to keep the employees happy. Lucas decides to help Carrie wrap the gifts, and he says they can order some take out. The personal gift specialist shows up, and Lucas thinks this is the most amazing gift packages for employees hes ever seen. The price is a bit high, so Lucas ends up offering the guy a deal with Titan next year for his company, and he gets the guy to give Carrie a 20% discount this year as a show of good faith. The man says of course, and they make a deal. The man leaves, and Carrie thanks Lucas and says he needs to show her how to wheel and deal like that. Lucas suggests they do it over dinner, and they head out.

Sami, Austin and Nicole fly to LA in no time flat. Austin and Sami head to a restaurant, which happens to be at the same place Lucas and Carrie are. Carrie and Lucas discuss things, shes glad hes doing well with his AA. Lucas says he has a disease and he has to control it, and he cant blame Sami for this one. He says he just hopes his life will get better. Carrie orders them sparkling water, but Lucas says hes okay if she drinks. She says she doesnt need wine, and beside cutting corners with expensive dinners is a good way to save money. They discuss Salem, and Carrie says she just has so many bad memories there. Lucas says he understands. 

Meanwhile, Austin and Sami are seated, and Sami begins taking a trip down memory lane. Austin stops her and says this isnt a date, they are here to meet an investor and Nicole is doing research. Sami says of course, and hopefully Nicole wont pull a lame stunt to land them in jail. Austin tells Sami he doesnt want to be mean or anything about saying this isnt a date, and shell get used to being single. Sami says if Carrie was here he wouldnt be telling her this wasnt a date. She says oh never mind, lets just eat.

Nicole, in a lame disguise, shows up at High Style and wants to apply for a job as executive assistant. Nicole says she got the posting off the internet. Becky says that job listing she got must be old, shes the executive assistant and shes not going anywhere. Becky tells her goodnight and goodbye. Nicole asks if she can at least fill out a job application? Becky realizes she isnt giving up, and eventually lets her fill out an application. 

At Jens, Jen is holding Jack Jr and thinking about Jack taking care of the baby. Jack cant get the baby to sleep, and only Jacks bad singing can put him to sleep. Abby comes down after hearing the baby crying. Jen says he must have had a bad dream. Abby talks about how he must miss dad, and she misses him too. Abby says Christmas is coming and daddy wont be here. She says she knew he was leaving them, and it was selfish for her to wish for this, but she wanted him to be with them. Jen says that is not selfish, they dont want the people they love to die. Jen says death is something that nobody understands, and of all the hard things in life they have to face, this is the toughest. Abby talks about how her dad was always able to cheer them up no matter what the situation. They remember how Jack even got them to laugh even when he was telling him that he was dying. Abby begins to feel a little better, and she says she feels she has to be strong for Jack Jr. and for her mom. Jen says she doesnt need her to be strong for her. Abby says when she was thinking about daddy and laughing, it made her feel stronger. Jen says her dads love will always be with them, and talking about him will keep him alive and with them always. Abby says theyll have to keep him alive for Jack Jr. as he doesnt have many memories. Abby decides to write some memories of dad down for Jack Jr. before going to sleep. Later, Jen talks to Frankie and says that perhaps it is time for him to get going, its time for them all to move on. Jen says he is grateful for all his help, but he says he doesnt feel right walking out on him and the kids. She says hes not, and he says he knows as she is asking him to leave. She says she wants him to stay for the memorial service, but she, Jack Jr and Abby are a family now and they need to learn to depend on each other. She says last time they lost Jack , Abby went to everyone but her. She says she doesnt want that to happen again. Frankie says he wont come between her and Abby, and Jack wouldnt want her to be alone. Jen says but he stayed longer than he planned. She begins crying, and he says it is okay for her to cry. She says but she cant rely on him or depend on him, that is why she needs him to leave after the memorial service. She says she feels guilty keeping him here. Suddenly Abby comes in and says it is snowing outside. Jen decides to go out and cover the rose bushes that Jack planted, she doesnt want them to die. Frankie says he can do it for her, but Jen insists she do it. Frankie remembers Jack making Frankie promise to marry Jen. Frankie wants to keep his promise, but if Jen doesnt want him to stay then its impossible for him to keep his promise. Outside, Jen covers the rose bushes and talks about how she misses Jack so much. She doesnt know how shes going to do this without him. She wishes he was here. Jack shows up and says he is here. Jen turns around and sees Jack standing there. 

At the hospital, Kate is still worried about the blood type of Claire and how Shawn must be the babys father. She sneaks into the computer lab again to tamper with the records. She begins contemplating whether to do this or not. She says if Shawn finds out it will cause so much heartache for all, but if they dont find out then everything will remain the same. She says shes doing them a favor. Suddenly a guard walks in and asks what she is doing here? He sees she has pulled up Shawns records and changed them. He says she is in big trouble, she broke the law and is coming with her. Kate  offers to bribe him, but he says she is making it worse bribing an officer. She says hes not an officer, hes a security guard. He tells her not to insult him, shes making it worse for herself. She asks if he knows who she is, and he says he does. He says hes also turning her in ,and it's no use running as he knows who she is. Kate says she isnt doing this for herself, shes doing it for her war hero son. She offers to change everything back and they can pretend it didnt happen. The guard says the world doesnt work like that, hes turning her in. He tells her not to go anywhere, hell be right back. Kate says Sami changes records and gets away with it for years, yet shes here for 2 minutes and gets caught. She says this isnt so right, and that baby is Phillips no matter who Belle slept with. She says changing Shawns records was dangerous, but he is healthy as a horse. She thinks now shes been caught and Phillip will hate her like Lucas does. The guard returns with someone, and Kate says its you!

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