December 12, 2005

Out in LA, at the offices of High Style, Becky question Nicole. She says if her name is Mary Smith, is her boyfriend John Doe? Nicole says her parents werent very imaginative. Becky says her brothers and sisters must be Jim and Susan. Nicole says how did she guess! Becky is finding Nicoles story hard to swallow, but she says her boss will see the application. Nicole then snoops into another office, and Becky says she cant be in here. Nicole grabs a confidential folder and then just asks about all these wonderful presents. Becky says the CEO wrapped them herself for the employees children, so now she has to get out of here. Nicole drops some things, acts like she is a klutz, and then is shocked by what she sees in a folder. Becky tells her to leave it and just leave now. She pushes Nicole out of the office, not realizing that Nicole grabbed an important file. Nicole eventually leaves, and she tells herself that the chick on Alias has nothing on her. Nicole soon heads to the restaurant and thinks Becky and the rest of the staff will be so upset to find pink slips in their stockings this year.

At the restaurant, jazzy Christmas carols are being played as people dine and drink. Lucas and Carrie discuss how LA has no snow. Carrie says La drivers are terror enough as is, can you imagine them in snow? Lucas says he likes being here with her, wrapping presents with her and seeing the Christmas decorations. Lucas continues to discuss the possibility of working with her, but he says he will respect her wishes in regards to the company. He says one good thing came out of this, they got to see each other again. Carrie says she does miss her friends and family back in Salem, especially at this time of year. He asks what is stopping her then? He says everyone would be thrilled to see her. She says not everyone. He says people who matter. Carrie says she just cant, she cant afford to be away right now as the spring products are about to ship. Lucas says he has a solution and he wants her to consider it. He wants her to sell High Style to him. Carrie thinks he has only been after her company, and shes furious. She storms off. 

Meanwhile, Austin is all business while Sami fantasizes about kissing Austin (it might have been Lucas). Austin says they need to focus, their investor is going to be here at any moment and they need his approval to take over High Style. Sami looks at some info on the company, and when she gets to the information on the CEO she says Austin wont believe this! Austin says what is wrong. She says she just found something about the new CEO, she worked in PR and fashion but has no cosmetics experience. There is no name, but the lack of experience could help them. Austin says true, but if she doesnt want to sell the company then it will be no matter. Austin looks around and says its been a long time since he was here, and he remembers when he and Carrie came here to find her after she ran away. Austin asks Sami if she has talked to Carrie, how is she doing. Sami can't believe he is talking about Carrie when he just yelled at her for doing the same. Sami says she needs a drink! As Sami is at the bar, she sees Carrie walk by! 

Austin meets with his investor Mr. Giles (Hey its the crooked Salem PD Officer as well as Salems Mayor!). Sami joins them, and Mr. Giles has to head off and take a call. Sami then tells Austin that she did speak with Carrie and she is happy with Mike. Mr. Giles returns and they get down to business. They show him the info on this company they are looking at, and he thinks its a winner. Nicole soon joins the meeting and gives them the information she has acquired. Austin says this is a confidential High Style budget report! Mr. Giles tells them to get this company ASAP, if they dont then he has backers that will. He then excuses them to make another call. Nicole and Sami begin to argue, Sami thinks Nicole needs to tone down her enthusiasm. Nicole ends up spilling her wine on Sami, on purpose. Austin of course thinks it is an accident and tells them both to settle down right now. He says they have to work together to obtain High Style. He tells Sami that hes sorry about her dress. Sami says thank you and she heads to the bathroom to clean it.

Lucas heads outside after Carrie. He says he doesnt want to take over her company, but hed like her to sell it and join Titan. He says she could continue to run it as she sees fit, and she could come home to Salem and work there. She says she is sorry for overreacting, she was just only recently promoted to CEO. She says she cant hand it over to anyone else right now. She says shes blown her commitment to Austin and Mike, she wont do it with this company and her employees. Lucas says he can respect that, but if he doesnt take the company over then someone else will try to. They return to their table, and Carrie says she would hate for someone to buy out her company. She says her employees count on her. Lucas says her product is a success, but they are a cash poor company right now. He says their company is ripe for a takeover, and if she cant pay bills or fill orders then the vultures will circle. Carrie then gets a call from Becky. She heads to the ladies room to talk to her as the restaurant is loud and she can't hear her. Becky says they have a problem. She tells her about a woman coming in pretending to apply for a job, but she made off with some important documents. She says she thinks this Mary Smith was a spy, and she thinks they are the subject of a possible hostile takeover. Carrie says she could be right, she just wish she knew who was behind it. Carrie thanks her for the heads up. Carrie says shell stop by the office on her way home. As Carrie is trying to leave the bathroom, Sami tries to get in. They both push on the door at the same time. Meanwhile, Eugenia messages Lucas, Austin is trying to take over High Style. Lucas says if Austin tries to take over the company then he's in for a big shock! 

Back in Salem at the hospital, Victor has been alerted by the guard (Its Princess Ginas old servant Kurt BTW). The guard worked for him and called him before Roman. Victor asks what in the hell is wrong with her, she could have killed Shawn by changing his records. She says she was thinking about Phillip, not Shawn. Kate says she can change the records back and nobody has to know, but Victor says no way. He says hes calling Roman and shes going to jail for attempted murder. Victor picks up the phone and begins dialing. She begs him not to do this, but he says if Shawn had been brought in here and they gave him the wrong blood then his death would have been on her hands. She says she was only thinking about Phillip. She asks the guard to leave them as this is private, and Kate tells Victor that she was protecting their son Phillip from their slut of a daughter-in-law. She says Claire is not Phillips daughter, she is Shawns! He asks why she thinks that, so she explains everything to him. He says shes not a doctor, she could be wrong and why hasnt anyone figured this out. She says why should they, Phillip cant give blood because hes on pain medication so it didn't raise and suspicions. She says Shawn is a match, and Belle wouldnt have been with anyone else. She says even worse, there was uncertainty of her due dates due to the size of the baby when she had her first check-up. She says it looks like the baby was conceived before Belle and Phillip were married, and the date coincides with when Belle and Shawn were trapped in the cabin outside of Salem that was on fire. She says they were dazed, confused and naked when found by paramedics. She says so that is why she did what she did. Victor says it is still unforgivable, Kate will go to jail and hes telling Shawn the truth. She begs him to understand why she did this. He reminds her who she is talking to, he missed out on Bos life because he didnt know he was his son till he was an adult. Kate says she was thinking about Phillip, it would kill him to lose another thing in his life. She says he loves that little girl. Victor says he knows she thought she was doing right, but he cant keep this secret any longer. Kate begs Victor not to do this to Phillip. Victor says as much as it will hurt him, he must know the truth. Victor decides that Kate should be the one to tell him.

Shawn shows up at the hospital and nobody is around. He worries as visiting hours aren't over. He heads into Claires room where Belle is nursing her. Its an awkward moment. He says hell go, but she says its not a problem. Shawn stays behind the door and talks to Belle. Shawn asks if she is eating, and Belle says yes. Shawn thinks then that is a good sign. Shawn heads into the room when Belle is finished feeding Claire. He tells Belle how beautiful she is. Belle asks Shawn to hold her for a second. He does so Belle can get herself together. Shawn says he brought her some food so she can eat. Belle talks about how much she loves Claire, and how horrible she feels for the way she acted towards her before. Shawn says she was sick and now she is getting better. Belle doesnt know what shed do without Shawn, Claire isnt even his and yet hes so good to them. Shawn says hed do anything for her and her baby. Belle excuses herself to get coffee, and when she returns she sees Shawn with the baby saying how she could have been his.

At Jens, Frankie tells Hope that Jen wants her to leave. Hope asks if it is what she wants? He doesnt know. He says he cant stop thinking about his promise to Jack. He says he knows Jen thinks she has accepted Jacks death, but it is too soon for her to be on her own. Hope says he doesnt want to leave does he. Frankie doesnt want to leave, but not just because of Jacks promise. Hope says Jack didnt tell her about his promise did he? Frankie doesnt think so, and he says Jen doesnt want him to stick around and become a crutch for her. Frankie says that she is right, he doesnt want Jen to lean on him for the wrong reasons. Frankie is still worried about Jen though, he doesnt think shes accepted Jacks death at all. He says there was no body, so why should Jen think this death is different than the others. Frankie says the day Jen realizes Jack isnt coming back, that is the day he needs to be there for her. Hope says perhaps he is right, perhaps Jen does need to stand on her own two feet for awhile. Frankie says if Jen wants him to leave then he will go, it will be hard though. 

Outside, Jen is reunited with Jack. She hugs him and says she knew she was alive. She asks what happened, he doesnt even look wet. Jack says hes not. Jen asks why they didnt find him? Jack tells Jennifer to listen to him, hes come to tell her goodbye. Jen doesnt understand, so he tells her that he is dead. He tells her to listen to him, listen carefully. He says before he died he took steps to make sure that she and the kids were taken care of. He says he asked Frankie to look after her and the kids, he wants Frankie to take his place. Jen says her place is with him. Jack says he is dead, but she says hes standing here. She says she will prove it and to stay right here. She runs into her house telling Hope and Frankie that Jack is alive. 


December13, 2005

At the hospital, Phillip sits with Claire. He tells her how she will be okay, and mommy will be here soon as she just needed a rest. He says Claire is so lucky to have Belle as her mommy, and shell grow up to be just like her. He says he was only a little older than her when he first met her mommy, and look at the two of them now. Meanwhile, Kate begs Victor not to make her do this, the last thing Phillip wants to hear right now is that Claire is the daughter of his best friend. He says shes already on thin ice with him, dont make matters worse. He says she could have killed Shawn, is she so cold hearted? Kate says no, and she changed the records back so no harm done. Victor says there is still harm done, this could turn Shawn and Phillip into life long enemies. She says she did this for Phillip, Belle and Phillip love one another. He says well Shawn loves Belle too, and how long will Belle and Phillips love last when they learn the truth. She says Shawn is falling for Mimi, and Phillip loves Belle and Claire, why cant they let this be. He says for someone who professes to love her children she does them such a disservice. He says Phillip has to know the truth. Phillip walks up and asks the truth about what? Victor says there is something he needs to know about the baby. Kate interrupts and says she bribed the nurses to give Claire extra special attention. Victor says there is more. Suddenly Claire begins to code, the monitors are beeping like crazy. The nurse says her blood pressure is spiking and shell page Lexie. The nurse tells Phillip that Claire is having trouble breathing, and some of the medicine she is on could damage her kidneys. The nurse leaves, and Phillip cries and says he cant sit here and watch her die. Kate tells Victor if they tell Phillip the truth then it will kill him. The nurse returns and says Lexie will be here soon. She says the latest labs show that Claire is hanging in there and doesnt need anymore additional treatment now. She says she knows this waiting is hard, but they are doing everything they can for her. Victor suggests Phillip go get something to eat to keep up his strength. Phillip leaves, and Victor and Kate continue to argue. Victor still feels Phillip needs to know the truth, Kate begs him to protect Phillip and let this go. Victor says God help him for agreeing with her. He says for now they wont tell Phillip. 

At Jens, Jen tells Hope and Frankie that she saw Jack in the rose garden, he is alive and he talked to her. She realizes they dont believe her. She yells that Jack is in her garden, so Frankie goes to look. Frankie heads outside looking for Jack. He hears footsteps and runs into the bushes. Meanwhile, Hope tells Jen that they need to talk. Jen knows what shes going to say, this is all her imagination and shes conjured this up to deal with her loss. Jen and Hope go outside, Jack is nowhere to be found. Frankie hasnt found him yet either. Jen wonders if she is going crazy? She says before when she lost Jack she felt he was alive, and he was. She says that is why she wont give up now. Hope asks Jen what Jack said to her, did he explain how he got out of the car? Where has he been? Jen says nothing. Hope says did she think maybe Jack came back this time to say goodbye? Jen says she doesnt remember exactly what he said. Hope says she doesnt? Jen says she remembers Jack told her that he was dead, and that he wanted her to move on with Frankie. Hope tells Jen maybe what she saw was Jacks ghost. Jen says no, hes not dead. Hope says she loved Jack too, but everything they have says he didnt make it this time. She says even the vision confirms it. Hope says maybe Jack wanted her to know that he was okay. Jen says he cant be gone. Hope says she knows and shes sorry. Hope comforts Jen. Hope says Jack came back to show her that he was at peace and wanted her to move on. She says Jack and Frankie became good friends, and she is sure Jack knew he could count on Frankie. Hope says he wanted to make sure she and the children would be looked after. Meanwhile, Frankie searches and finds something suspicious. He says he doesnt believe in ghosts, but how do you explain this? He found something of Jacks, his pocket watch I think. Frankie returns and hears Jen saying that Frankie is a wonderful man, but she doesnt want Frankie she wants Jack.

In LA, Austin continues to talk to Mr. Giles (Salems Mayor, TC the crooked Salem PD jail guard). Mr. Giles agrees to give Austin the money he needs to buy this company. He wants to know what Austins plans are for the company. Austin talks about sitting down and talking with the company about where they take the company and who does what. Mr. Giles takes his offer back. He says hes not bankrolling a love fest between him and this company, he says someone needs to clean house at High Style starting with the CEO. He asks Austin if he has the guts to do this? Austin asks him to hear him out. He says High Style  is small and the employees believe in their company and one another, they just need a little bit of tweaking. Mr. Giles tells Reed that hes a softy, and High Style needs to be cleaned up. Austin says he doesnt work that way, and Mr Giles knows his record with Permalash. He intends to do the same with High Style. Mr. Giles says that wont work with High Style, and Austin is being a candy ass. Austin warns Mr. Giles that another bank will be more than happy to get in on this deal if he wants to pass on it. 

Nicole runs into Lucas and both wonder what the other is doing here. Nicole sees he has two glasses of sparkling water, and one glass has lipstick on it. She wonders who the lucky lady is? He refuses to answer and asks why she is here. She says business, and shes not telling him what kind. He says it must be pretty important if she is here, and where are the two other musketeers. She tells him to wonder away. She then leaves him.

In the bathroom, Carrie hides in a stall as Sami walks in ranting about her red wine accident. The woman in the ladies room (the one that hands out soap and perfume and stuff) helps Sami try and get the stain out. Sami begins talk to the woman how she is here with a guy, but its not a date. The woman asks if the man threw wine on her? Sami says they have another woman with them, and she did this to her. Sami says she wishes she was on a date with the guy, he was the real deal and she loves him. The woman asks if the man Sami is with knows she is in love with him. Sami says no, and it is complicated. The woman suggest Sami speak up and tell the man how she feels. Sami says it doesnt matter, hes not interested in her, hes preoccupied with his business. The woman does the best she can with Samis dress. She then tells her to go out there and wow that man, who knows what will happen. Sami thanks her, but says she doesnt have a chance with him. She says they have a history and things dont work out for her. She says she was with his brother and that didnt work out either. Carrie realizes Sami is here with Austin. Sami talks about how she really loved his brother, but things didnt work out with him. The woman says Sami's life is juice, and she feels like Sami doesnt know which brother she is in love with. The woman asks how did she get herself into this bind. Sami says it is a long story, and the short story is she has messed up her entire life and she has no idea how it happened. Sami begins to cry. Carrie wonders how she will get out of here without Sami seeing her. Sami keeps talking to the woman. She says every relationship she is in ends in a disaster. We begin seeing recaps of Samis failed weddings. Sami thanks the woman for hearing her out and helping her. She gives her a tip, what she can afford. She says shes strapped for cash right now. She says she finds her very easy to talk to, she doesnt have many people to talk to. The woman says no friends, no mother? Sami says she has a best friend, but he's not speaking to her. She says as for her mother, she has amnesia and doesn't know her. The woman asks about brothers and sisters? Sami says she has a wonderful brother, but he is hard to reach because of work. She says she has two half sisters and isnt close to either one. She says her younger half sister is perfect, and she is going through a terrible time with her baby right now. She says her older half sister, well shes perfect just like the younger one. Sami says she hasnt thought about her sister for a long time, but she spoke to her today. She tells the woman the reason her and her sister dont get along is because of the man shes with tonight. Sami says she realizes that there is no way things between her and her sister can be fixed, though she wishes they could. She says she has been the worst sister in the world to her, but she ended up happy. Sami says shes living happily ever after in another country. The woman tells Sami then maybe she should concentrate on her life. She says if Sami loves this guy shes with then let him know, he could be happy with her. Carrie suddenly falls, and Sami and the woman realize someone else is here. The woman asks Carrie, who is still in the stall, if she is okay. Carrie, in a fake voice, says shes fine. Sami says she recognizes that . . . . It turns out Carries shoe flew out, and Sami says it is a Minolta or a Jimmy Chew or something. She gives the shoe back, and Sami leaves. The woman asks Carrie if she is sick? Should she call a doctor? Carrie comes out and says she is fine now that her sister is gone.

Nicole returns to Austin and gives him a talking to about business. She thinks hes going to ruin everything they worked so hard for. Austin says hes going to handle this his way, he wont let this guy call the shots and run the show. Austin says he can be hard nosed when the time is right, but he wont fire people for fun or before the holidays. He says there is a lot right about this company and he wants to preserve that. He tells Nicole he admires her attitude, but its not always necessary to kick ass. She tells him to hurry up and resolve the differences with Mr. Giles as the vultures are circling. She says Lucas is here and in this restaurant, and one guess why. Nicole says they are running out of time, and it is too late to find another banker to fund them. Nicole offers to talk to Giles, so Austin says good idea. Austin decides to go find out what his brother is doing here.

Nicole sits with Mr. Giles. He isnt happy with Austins business practices. Nicole defends Austins ways, she says he takes the high road while she . . . . well someone has to be the bitch. Later they toast to their association, Nicole got Mr. Giles to invest in their company after all. He says the two of them understand one another. Nicole says they do, and once they are done with High Style, the CEO and rest of the company wont know what hit them. 

Sami runs into Austin and asks how the deal went. He doesnt think there will be a deal, he and Mr. Giles are having philosophical differences.  Meanwhile, Carrie returns to Lucas and tells him that Sami and Austin are here, they have to get out of here now. Lucas says it may be too late, he thinks they just got spotted. Sami and Austin are looking right over at them! Fortunately for Carrie they only see her back. Lucas says they have to get out through the dance floor, and it is crowded so they can get out. They rush out, and Austin and Sami are following them. Austin saw Lucas with a woman, which upsets Carrie. They lost them, so Austin asks Sami to dance. Suddenly Sami sees someone and says Shes here!


December 14, 2005

At the restaurant in LA, Carrie is upset because Sami is here with Austin. She wonders if it can get any worse than this. She doesnt want to have to explain to them why shes here and not with Mike in Israel. Meanwhile, Austin and Sami decide to share a dance. Sami then sees the feet of the women in the restroom, she really liked her shoes. Austin decides to ask where she got them. He approaches the woman and says You! Of course its not Carrie, it is Rory Finch, Austins old friend. He didnt know she was in LA, and she says she just moved here. He asks if she is still involved in fundraising. She says yes, this party is a fundraising event for the victims of the hurricanes. Austin introduces Rory to Sami, he says Rory is an old friend from New York, they used to . . . uhhh . . . hang out a lot. Austin tells her about his new company and how Sami is a part of it. She asks if hes based in New York, but he says no. She says well hell be a success anywhere he is. Sami asks Rory if shes okay after her accident in the ladies room? Rory says she hasnt been in there tonight. Sami is confused. Sami suggests to Austin they get back to business, but he says business is done. Austin and Rory decide to catch up and head to the bar.  Meanwhile, as Austin is distracted, Lucas and Carrie decide to rush out, and Sami sees something. Once again a false alarm She tells Austin to look, a contest for Stones tickets. She says she knows Austin loves them. He decides to buy some raffle tickets and write a check for the kids who are victims of the hurricane for Rory. Rory thanks him for the donation and gives him a kiss as a thank you. Of course this doesnt go over well with Sami.

Lucas and Carrie escape the restaurant. She says shes just not ready to deal with Sami or Austin right now. He understands, but he says they dont have the right to point fingers at her for what happened. Carrie says she and Austin were the storybook couple and everything thought they would work out. She says as for Sami, well she cant blame Mike on Sami. She says it was her fault that she left Austin for Mike, and letting everyone in Salem know that she wrecked her relationship with Austin for a failed one with Mike, well it will be hard for her to face everyone. Carrie tells Lucas that she overheard Sami in the ladies room telling the attendant how she wanted Austin back, but that she was still in love with Lucas. Lucas says typical Sami, and he wont be fooled by her again. He says fool him once, shame on him, fool him twice shame on you. He says what he and Sami had is over and hes moving on. She says it sounds like hes found someone else. He says he has, or he hopes he has. He asks what about her, is there anyone in her life?  She decides to be honest with Lucas as they are friends. She tells him that she hasnt dated anyone since Mike because she still has feelings for Austin, and ever since she and Mike split up she thought about getting back with Austin. Carrie says when she thought he would end up with Sami, she thought maybe she could be end up with Austin. She thought it was still possible until tonight, until she heard Sami saying she wants to get back with Austin. Carrie says she cant deal with another triangle with Austin and Sami. Lucas says if Sami does end up with Austin, could she forget about him and start a life with someone else? Carrie honestly doesnt know, and she has to think about business now. Suddenly Carrie realizes she left her five year business plan in the restaurant, if it falls into the wrong hands then she is in big trouble! Lucas says hell go get it, but she says no she will. Carrie tells him to wait here.

Back in the restaurant, Austin kisses Sami under the mistletoe, but it turns out it was for a charity contest. They of course win. Sami convinces herself it was a real kiss though, and she will become the next Mrs. Austin Reed no matter what. Meanwhile, Carrie gets the file and gets out. She is in tears. She tells Lucas that she just saw Austin and Sami kissing, and it was serious full on kiss. She begins to cry. He tells her that hes sorry, and he suggests they get out of here and get her mind off of this. 

At the hospital in Salem, John finds Kate out on the terrace. He tells her it is cold out here and she doesn't have a jacket. He comforts her as she is very upset. She is going on and on about the baby destroying Belle and Phillip's relationship. John says right now hes concerned about her. He asks when she had some sleep and food. She says shes been eating at the cafeteria here, and she hasnt slept in two days. He decides she needs real food, hes going to dinner with her now.

Shawn is with Belle, who is upset. She says the baby isnt doing so well and Lexie is with her. He asks where Phillip is? She says getting rest in the on call room, one of them has to be with it in case they have to make a decision. Shawn asks what kind of decision? Lexie comes out and tells Belle that shes going to be straight with her, Claire has taken a turn for the worse. Lexie says that her kidneys are shutting down and shes suffering some internal hemorrhaging. She says they have to find out where it is coming from and stop this bleeding. Lexie gets back to work on Claire, and Shawn and Belle talk. She thanks him for being so good to Claire. He says he loves her and she could be the closest thing he has to a biological daughter with Mimi not able to have kids. She says so they are that serious already? Shawn says he guesses so. She knows how much he wants to be a dad, and he will be a wonderful one. Shawn tells her when this is over she and Phillip will have a wonderful baby daughter. Shawn says Claire will be okay. Lexie returns, the baby needs more blood and the blood banks are very low right now. She says if Claire doesnt get more blood then they will lose her. Belle offers to give more blood, but Lexie says she just gave blood and she cant donate again being a new mother and all. Shawn says what about him, but Lexie says he cant donate again either, these rules are here to protect them. Lexie says they are searching the blood banks for a match. Lexie leaves, and Shawn continues to help and support Belle. He swears Claire wont die and hell do whatever it takes to save her. Meanwhile, Lexie and a nurse look on the PC, no donor has been found and they are running out of options. Shawn can see how worried Lexie looks. Later he goes over to the nurses later and says Lexie sent him over to donate blood. She says but he donated yesterday . . . Shawn says no he didnt, and so she allows him to donate. She says hes doing a wonderful thing. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Belle there has been a change, and its not for the better. She asks where Shawn is, she needs him! Meanwhile, Shawn is giving blood and tells the nurse that Dr. Carver said to take two pints instead of one because it is an emergency. He tells himself that hell give every last drop of blood to save Belles baby.

Alex and Marlena head to Chez Rouge for dinner. Marlena feels guilty for being here, but Alex says she shouldnt get too wrapped up in Belles problems as it isnt good for her. She says her daughters child is fighting for her life, shouldnt she be concerned about her familys problems? He says she should be concerned about them, but she has to take care of herself or she will be no good to her family. She says Claire should come first right now, but Alex says she needs to come first. He says she is still sick and if she runs herself down then she will cause herself serious permanent damage. She thanks him for thinking about him. The band is playing Ill be home for Christmas and Alex says they danced to this for their first Christmas. He suggests they dance now. They do, but she doesnt remember anything. She says actually she has a memory of dancing with John to this song.

John and Kate show up at Chez Rouge, and Maggie says they are full tonight do they have a reservation? John says no, and then he sees Marlena and Alex dancing. John gets why Maggie was trying to get rid of him. She says shes sorry. Marlena and Alex see John and Kate, and Marlena runs over. She asks if they have news. They say the baby is serious but stable, and Belle is as expected. She asks John to call her if there is any news. They then get back to their table. Alex says if John and Kate being here upset her then they can go, but she says she is fine.

John talks to Kate about trying to get over Marlena. Kate doesn't think she's a good one to talk about getting over someone you love. He says she doesnt want him to call her Doc anymore. He says hes sorry for being insensitive, he shouldnt be dwelling on this with Claire being so ill. Kate says hell never stop loving her will he. He says he feels they belong together. Maggie comes over, she says she just heard the whole ridiculous story that Marlena and Alex are married, John didn't tell her that. Kate says Alex has proof of their marriage, but John says it doesnt make her his wife. Maggie says exactly, and she knows what he is going through. She says she thought she lost Mickey to Bonnie when she got back from that island, but she got Mickey back. She thinks John will get Marlena back. John says he hopes so, but Alex doesnt give him a minute alone with her. Maggie thinks she can fix that and tells John to go wait in the bar. She then goes and tells Marlena she has a phone call in the bar. Alex wants to go with her, but Maggie says MArlena can pick up a message by herself and she suggests he finish his appetizer. Alex ends up heading over to see Kate and sits down at the table. Kate says a gentlemen asks to be invited before sitting down. He says she is correct, so he gets up and asks if he can sit down. She says he may, so he sits back down. Alex assures her that he is not some horrible monster, he is merely in love with Marlena. He also knows she is still in love with John. Kate says as long as John has a chance with MArlena then there is no chance for her and John. She says John will never give up on Marlena.

MArlena heads to the bar. She says she has a phone call, she is Marlena Evans Black . . .wait North. He says there is no message for her. John shows up, he says this was Maggies way of getting them together. Marlena cries, she thought something had happened to the baby. John comforts her, and they soon end up sharing a passionate kiss.


December 15, 2005

Mimi the elf is helping Bonnie out at the tree lot. She wonders why she has to dress up like this. Bonnie says because it is Christmas and Christmas is about selling. Mimi says she thought it was about the birth of Jesus. Bonnie says that too. Mimi hopes the trees are legal this year. Bonnie swears these trees are not hot, she got them legally from a distributor. Mimi hopes so as to be in jail on Christmas would suck, shes been there and she knows. Bonnie says they are legit, and because they arent for charity this year the profits are all hers. Max barks, and she says yes and his too, he'll get his prime steak. Bonnie pulls out her old Horton ornament and says she guesses it wont be on the Horton tree this year. Mimi says that is for the best as it was so big it tipped the whole tree over. Bonnie says shes having her name taken off of it and Mimis put on. Bonnie thinks shell be a part of that family very soon. Mimi says there is no way in hell that will happen. Bonnie tells Mimi that she blew it with Mickey, so Mimi is their familys last chance to move up in the world and be a part of a very respectable family, two in fact. Mimi says she has told her that shes not going to marry for money. Bonnie says she also claimed she wasnt interested in Shawn, yet she is. Mimi says if she and Shawn get married, which she doubts, then she would want a regular ornament like everyone else's. She says it doesnt matter though, they arent getting married. Bonnie asks if he dumped her, and Mimi says no. She says hes been preoccupied lately, hes worried about Claire and acts like she is his own child almost. Bonnie says he just takes his godparent responsibilities serious, not that she doesnt. She knows this godmother thing was hard for her. Mimi says it was at first, but shes liking it now and she's been made to see she can adopt. She says the one good thing is she doesnt have to use birth control. Bonnie says she knew it, she and Shawn have been getting it on! She says one day soon they will be married, Shawns trust funds will come sailing in and Mimi and her whole family will be on easy street. Mimi says that wont happen, and she tells her mom that right now Shawn is focused on Claire and hes at the hospital with Belle. Bonnie says that is a sure fire way to lose him forever! Mimi says relax, Shawn is there to support Belle and Phillip, and Phillip is there as well. She says she just called and Phillip was resting up. Bonnie says that leaves Shawn and Belle alone, so she better get back there and separate them. Mimi says nobody else is worried about them. Bonnie tells Mimi that she just wants her to get there and get together with Shawn. Mimi says it wont happen. She says Shawn may talk about adopting, but family is important to Shawn and he wants to have his own kids. Bonnie says Shawn will be happy to adopt, and adoption means no gaining weight for her. Mimi would gladly gain 100 pounds to feel a baby growing in her. Mimi tells her mom that if Shawn had to choose between adoption or having his own child with Belle, she knows what Shawn would choose. Bonnie says no talking like that, Shawn loves her and she is the best of the Lockharts. She says Mimis goodness will pay off and shell end up with Shawn. She gives her a huge sprig of mistletoe and tells her to hang it all over her house, including in the shower. Mimi says her mom never gives up. Bonnie says nope, she wants the best for Mimi. She says for Christmas she wants Mimi to get everything she wants. 

At Bo and Hopes, Bo brings a tree home. Hope says it is beautiful. They talk about everything they have to be grateful for this year. Hope and Bo vow to make this a Christmas to remember, the best one yet. Later, Hope reads Zack a bedtime story and tucks him in. Hope then tells Bo about her plans for a big family Christmas dinner, she wants to invite everyone. She rattles off names and includes Mimi. Shes getting used to the idea of Shawn and Mimi, though she is sad about Shawn and Belle. Bo says well Shawn and Belle are over, she is with Phillip now and they have a child. Hope says Gran doesnt think they are over though, Gran was so convinced that Shawn and Belle would be married that she bought Belle an ornament for the tree. Hope asked her what shed do with it now, and Alice said something told her not to throw it out. Hope says Grand does have a six sense about these things, but perhaps the ornament will just become Mimis one day. Bo wonders, maybe Shawn and Belle are meant to be together. He says when was the last time Mrs. H was wrong about something like that? Hope cant believe what she is hearing, he always tells her not to interfere with Belle and Shawn's lives. Bo says Mrs. H isnt wrong about these things, for example Mrs. H is the only one who knew they belonged together when everyone else disagreed. Hope says she was right, and she wonders if Shawn and Belle have a future after all. Zack later comes downstairs looking to see if Santa came. Bo says they had a talk about this, he doesnt come till Christmas Eve. Hope suggests they hang his stocking to get it ready, so they do. Hope then hangs up the rest of the stockings. She says she got one for JT too in order to send to him after Santa fills it. Hope has another surprise for Bo after Zack goes back to bed. Zack doesnt want to, so Bo threatens him with Santa skipping their house because he's awake. Bo takes him to bed, and Hope searches for her surprise. Bo returns and wants his present. She hands him a bag, and inside is a stocking for Chelsea. Bo says she beat him to it. Hope thought it would be a nice gesture. Bo says it is great that she thinks of her as family. Hope says she is part of the family, she thinks of her as her own daughter. Bo wonders how she got so lucky to have a wonderful wife like her. They make love by the fire, and later Hope tells Bo about Jacks ghost coming back to see Jen. She says what Jack told Jen, that he wanted her to move on with Frankie. Bo is a bit shocked. Hope says Jen had no idea what Jack was planning though, and he was planning to have Frankie take his place. Bo thinks that was very selfless of Jack. Hope agrees, he just wanted to make sure Jen was taken care of and found happiness. Bo says he also wanted someone to protect her from Patrick. Hope says Patrick isnt even interested in Jen, he and Billie are getting closer and she thinks Billie is the only woman on Patricks mind. Bo suggests they not talk about Patrick, and they focus on their family. Hope just hopes they dont get anymore bad news and that Belle and Phillips baby will be okay.

At the restaurant, Kate tells Alex that she cant think about John and Marlena right now, she has to think about her son and granddaughter. He says she would be wrong to let this opportunity slip by as John will need someone to help him pick up the pieces. Kate says hes wrong, John and Marlena will get back together and will live happily ever after. Alex wonders what is taking Marlena so long, and where is John. Alex decides to go find his wife. Meanwhile, John kisses Marlena and tells her Merry Christmas. Marlena says he shouldnt have done that, she is a married woman. He points to the mistletoe and says it is a tradition. She laughs and says she is sorry. John says hes sure she doesnt remember their past Christmases together under the mistletoe. She has a flashback and says she does remember. John thinks she must remember they couldnt stop at just one, and he kisses her again. Suddenly, Alex and Kate show up, and Alex goes into a rage. He goes to attack John, but Marlena stops him and tells him not to. Alex says John has no rights to put his hands on his wife. John says she is his wife as far as he is concerned. Marlena explains that they shared a mistletoe kiss, and she had a memory of the past. John says he thinks that the memories brought back genuine feelings too. Alex hopes so, he wants her to remember but says hes not threatened by the memories. He thinks MArlena must have memories of their Christmases together. She says she does. Alex asks which of those memories means more to her? Marlena turns away from both men and thinks about the memories. Marlena says to John that shes married to Alex and belongs with him. John wont accept that, but Marlena says this is the way it is. Kate thinks maybe she does have a chance with John after all. Meanwhile, Alex tells John he has to accept that his marriage to MArlena is over and her future is with him. Marlena says Alex is right, she has to give her marriage to Alex a chance. Marlena and Alex leave, and Kate tells John to just let them go. Kate says going after them will just provoke them, she made her choice and he has to accept it. John then gets a call from Belle, she says its Claire and he has to come over. John tells Kate that they have to get to the hospital. Marlena and Alex overhear, and Marlena insists they go too. Alex insists he go with her to keep an eye on her. 

At the hospital, the nurse shows up with two units of blood for the baby. Lexie learns they are from Shawn and is furious, she didnt authorize this. Belle realizes she has to find Shawn and make sure hes okay. She finds Shawn in a room just as he collapses. Lexie shows up and Shawn says he is fine. Lexie says he isnt, and he shouldnt have lied to the nurses. Shawn asks if Claire is okay? Lexie says she got the transfusion and Claire is stable. However she is concerned about Shawn right now. Lexie examines him and says this isnt good at all. She says his blood pressure is very low, and he needs to lie down and rest. Belle stays with him and thanks Shawn. He says she doesnt have to, hed do anything for Claire just like hed do anything for her. Belle says she always thought if she had a baby that it would be with him. Shawn says if Claire hadnt come along then theyd still be together wouldnt they? Shawn takes her hand, and she gets up. She says walks away and says things turned out different then planned, and the reality is that Claire is Phillips and they are married. She says she has a strong family and a future. Shawn understands and is glad she feels that way. She says but she and Phillip will never forget what he did tonight. Belle says if Claire pulls through . . . Shawn says she will . . .and Belle says then shell know her godfather saved her life. Lexie returns and says she has some bad news about the baby. Lexie says Claires liver is now failing, and it doesnt look good for Claire. Belle begins to cry. Later , Belle paces outside of Claires room. Shawn shows up to be with her. Suddenly the monitors begin to beep. Lexie runs in, and Belle cries that they will lose her. John, Kate, Marlena and Alex show up. Kate asks where Phillip is? Meanwhile John says they have to pray hard. Belle says she is praying, her daughter is dying and she cant stop it. Belle cries on Shawns shoulder, and Kate looks at them and is pissed!


December 16, 2005
Out in LA, Carrie and Lucas are walking around. He says shes been quiet since they left the restaurant, does she want to talk about what she saw? About the kiss between Sami and Austin? He knows she still has feelings for Austin. Carrie asks if he really thinks Austin is falling for Sami again? Lucas says he doesnt think Austin ever loved Sami, and if hes stupid enough to let Sami back into his life then it is his funeral. Lucas then tells her that Austin hasnt contacted her because he thought she was happy with Mike. He says what happened wasnt her fault, Austin didnt treat her right. Carrie says she cheated on him though. Lucas says if she still loves Austin then go into the restaurant and tell him. Lucas says Austin will drop Sami so fast that her evil head will spin. She says shes not going in there with Sami in there. She doesnt know how she feels about Austin anymore, she just knows she cant see him right now. Lucas sees a poster for the Stones concert. He is excited, he loves them. Carrie says she tried to get tickets but it sold out in minutes. Lucas tries to call in some favors and get some tickets. As Lucas calls for tickets, Carrie has a fake flashback of ordering a copy of the new stones CD for Austin and herself. She ordered two copies since they both have their own complete Stones collection. Lucas ends up getting the tickets for them.

At the restaurant, Sami and Austin are still at the restaurant. Sami cant believe he kissed her, he is always talking about they have to stay platonic. He says his bad, and hell never kiss her again. She says shes not saying that. Austin reminds her that this isn't a date. He says they are friends and coworkers, that is it. He says if she cant accept that then maybe they should go back to the hotel. She tells him okay, dont get testy. Later the raffle for the Stones tickets are drawn, and Austin wins. Austin says he never wins anything, and Sami cant believe they get to go see the Stones. Rory gives Austin the tickets and suggests they go to the concert together. Sami says over her dead body! Sami says Austin isnt taking her. Rory says she didnt know they were dating. Austin says they arent, but it wouldnt be appropriate for Rory to take advantage of her own charity tickets. He also says Sami is a huge fan. Austin says if he is in town again then they will get together. Rory leaves, and Sami thinks Austin would rather go with Rory so dont do her favors. Austin tells Sami that she is her own worst enemy, instead of being jealous she should be happy hes taking her. Sami says she doesnt need to be rewarded for being a good employee, and she doesnt want him to take her out of pity. He says this isnt a bribe or a pity thing, but if she doesnt want to go . . . Sami says no she does and this will be great. As Sami talks about the concert, Austin flashes back to when Carrie bought them the new Stones CD. Sami asks what hes thinking about, and he says taking her to the concert of course.

Carrie and Lucas head to the concert, their seats are so close. Meanwhile, Austin and Sami show up at the concert. Sami remembers they were supposed to go once before but Will got the flew. She says shell never forget this. The concert starts, and they are all there enjoying it. They begin the show with Start Me Up. 

At the hospital, Kate worries that Shawn might know that hes Claires father, why else would he be here. Phillip soon shows up (he's sporting this ironed out hairdo), and Belle tells him that Claire is dying. Mimi returns, and Shawn says the babys organs are failing and he wishes there is something he could do. She says hes done everything he can to help her, and what he has done is amazing. Mimi overheard the nurses talking about what he did. She tells him that he needs to take care of himself, but he wont go anywhere until the baby is all right. Marlena wishes she could do something for Belle. John says she is just happy her mom is here. Lexie tells everyone that Claire is stabilized, but shes having multi-organ failure. She suggests the family call a priest. Father Jansen is called in to pray for Claire and administer the last rights. HE says perhaps Claire will get better, if that is Gods will. The family all head in, and Father Jansen performs an abbreviated baptism of the baby. He baptizes the baby. Afterwards he performs the last rites and says to call him if they need anything. He then leaves. Marlena holds Belle and says she hasnt been much of a mother to her lately, but she is here for her, they all are. Belle tells her mother not to take this the wrong way, but she needs her and everyone else to go and to leave them with Claire. Belle then goes to Phillips side. John asks them to call if there is a change, and everyone leaves.  Marlena is in tears, she hates having to leave Belle. John thinks Marlena shouldnt be alone now either. She says he is with Alex. John says this is their child, and he wants to take her to their home. He doesnt want her depending on a stranger. Marlena says Alex is not a stranger, he is her husband. She says shes going home and to call if there is a change. Marlena and Alex leave together. 

At Kates place, John once again goes spying on Marlena and Alex. He wants to make sure she is okay. Over at the penthouse, Marlena thinks she is a terrible mother, she doesnt remember her own daughter and she has failed her. Alex grabs her and says stop doing this to herself. Marlena yells that she needs her! A spying John wants to know what is going on, what is Alex doing to her. Marlena tells him that it hurts her, it is killing her. John thinks Alex is hurting her. Kate tells him to stop and listen to her. Meanwhile, Alex tells MArlena that he hates seeing her do this to herself. He says what is happening to Claire is not her fault, and she needs to take care of herself for her daughter. He also tells her to let him take care of her in every way, and they kiss. Back at the penthouse, John realizes he has lost Marlena. 

Bo, Hope and Zack are playing go fish. Bo is loosing badly, and he says this isnt his game. Zack says they can play gin rummy next. Hope says she taught him how to play a new game. The doorbell rings, it is Max and Chelsea. Hope gives Chelsea and Max a hug and is glad they made it. Max says it is so good to be home for Christmas. Hope says it is important to spend the holidays with people you love. Chelsea is a bit down, she wishes her parents were here. Hope suggests Chelsea incorporate some of her traditions with the Benson here with them. She wants Chelsea to be a part of their family. Max talks about growing up with the Bradys and all the wonderful Christmases they have had. Zack tells Chelsea how she is his big sister now and he loves her. Later Max and Chelsea share a big smooch under the mistletoe, and Bo walks in on them. Max says it was the mistletoe. Hope comes in and learns Bo walked in on a kiss. Bo gives a little lecture to Max. He tells him not to hurt Chelsea or hell answer to him. Max assures him that nothing is going on between them, they like each other and that is it. He says hes been keeping Chelsea out of trouble, and she has turned him into a responsible adult. Meanwhile, Chelsea thanks Hope for the Christmas stocking, it was cool. Hope says there is nothing more important than letting their children know they love them. Hope says she is glad Chelsea is here, and they will always be here for her. There is a knock at the door, its Shawn. He tells his parents that Claire is dying. Hope gives him a hug. Hope says poor Belle, nobody should have to lose a child. They say he looks pale, is he okay. Mimi comes in and says hes not, and she tells them what Shawn did for Claire. Shawn says Claire was dying, he would do anything for her. Hope asks when was the last time he ate? Shawn says hes fine. He asks if he can take the angel ornament from the tree to look over and protect Claire. Hope says that is fine. Bo tells Shawn that hes doing a good thing here. Bo tells him to take care of himself, and Hope tells him to tell Belle they will pray for her. Mimi and Belle head off back to the hospital. Chelsea tells Bo and Hope that she should probably get going, she has some studying to do. Hope thanks her for coming. Max has to go too, he has to go to the garage. Bo says they didnt come together, and they say no. Bo tells Chelsea to be careful, hes heard shes been stopped a few times for speeding. He knows shes been given warnings, and next time shell get a ticket. She says she wont embarrass him in front of his cop buddies. HE says he doesnt care about them, he cares about her. Hes worried about her, he thinks she should be careful given what happened to her parents. She promises she wont speed anymore. Max and Chelsea head off, but share one last kiss under the mistletoe first. Later, Hope tells Zack and Bo how much she loves them. They all share a family moment.

Chelsea is out driving and crying. She thinks the night has been so lame with all the stockings and Christmas cheer. She tries to call someone to check movie times when shes involved in an accident.

Back at the hospital, Shawn and Mimi return. Lexie says hes supposed to be home resting. Shawn says he wanted to bring something for her, it is an angel from their tree. He explains how the ornament is supposed to watch over and take care of them, and how he feels Claire should have it now. Belle tells Shawn thank you so much. Phillip says it means a lot to them. Meanwhile, Mimi overhears the nurse discussing how Shawns blood was a match, but Phillips wasnt. Cue the mystery music and zoom on Mimis shocked face!

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