December 19, 2005

The Stones concert is about to start. Sami cant believe they are at the Stones concert. She talks about how they were supposed to come that one time, but Will got sick. Austin says it is too bad Nicole got stuck working, but Sami says they only had two tickets. She asks if hed rather take Nicole. He says no, and she says good. She cant believe they are going to finally see the Stones. Meanwhile, Carrie and Lucas arrive for the concert as well. Carrie begins to worry about business, she forgot an important fax has to be sent. She decides to go to the concessions stand to get reception on her phone and call Becky. She tells Lucas to go to the seats and shell meet him there. Meanwhile, Austin tells Sami to go ahead to their seats as hes going to wait in line for some sodas. At the stands, Carrie calls Becky to let her know where she is. She is very excited to be here, but she forgot to fax the catering contract. Becky takes care of it. Carrie tells Becky how she found out her ex-husband is here with her sister, and the last people she wants to see is Sami and Austin Reed. In line, Austin hears his name being called. Carrie continues talking on the phone, she says if she runs into Austin then shell talk to him, but she doesnt have to worry about that. Sami soon shows up calling Austin, and he assumes she was calling his name. Sami says its mobbed out there and shes not thirsty, so they should go. They take off and walk right by Carrie. Carrie hears the show starting and dashes off to see it. The stones concert then begins (even though it already began on Friday). The couples enjoy the concert. After they open with Start Me Up they then perform a new song Oh No, Not You Again! Carrie is picture up on the big screens, and Austin sees her and is stunned! Austin runs into the control room and asks what section they were showing on the jumbo screen during the last song. The guy says he thinks E3. The guy points it out to Austin, who goes in search of Carrie. As hes searching, Carrie and Lucas are both shown on the big screen. Austin says he doesnt believe this.

Shawn and Mimi return to the loft. Shawn wants to go back to the hospital to be there for the baby, but Mimi says Belle wanted them to go. He thinks then maybe they should go pray for the baby. Shawn looks around and asks what is going on? Mimi decorated for Christmas, she and her mom thought if they ever needed a little Christmas it was now. Shawn says he sure could use a Christmas Miracle right about now. Mimi tells Shawn to sit down and shell find something for them to eat. He says hes not hungry, but he says he gave three pints of blood in the last two days and he needs rest. She says if anything had happened to him . . . Shawn says hes as fine as he can be. He says right now all he can think about is Claire, he has this connection to her and he doesnt know why. Mimi has a flashback to hearing the nurses discuss the babys blood type. Mimi decides to make them some hot chocolate, and she insists Shawn rest. He agrees to try and take a nap for a bit, and he says its nice having her worry about him. Shawn lies down, and Mimi goes to work on the net researching blood types. Later, Bonnie shows up with more mistletoe and cider. Bonnie asks how the baby is, and Mimi says she was given her last rites, it's not good. Bonnie feels terrible. She asks where Shawn is, and Mimi says sleeping. Bonnie says good, keep him there. She tells Mimi not to let Shawn near Belle. Meanwhile, Shawn lays in bed and prays for Claire. He remembers asking God to save JT when he was sick, and in the car accident, and when Glen and Barb wanted to take him away. He says he didnt think God heard his prayers, but now he knows he had a plan. He says if something happens to Belle and Phillips baby girl . . . if he has to take someone then take him and let that baby live. Meanwhile, Mimi tells Bonnie to get her priorities straight, her love life can wait till they know about the baby. Mimi says the only other thing worrying her is . . . . Bonnie asks what and Mimi says nothing. Mimi tries to hide her PC from her mom, but she sees the blood type research. Mimi explains how Shawns blood is a match for Claire, but Phillips isnt. Bonnie says turn the PC off now or shell smash it! Back in Shawns room, he has a dream that Claire is okay, and he thinks his prayers have been answered. Of course he wakes up and realizes it was only a dream. Back in the living room, Bonnie tells Mimi she knows what is going through her head, she thinks Shawn could be the father of Belles baby. Mimi says they didnt sleep together, though there was this thing last winter when she thought . . . Bonnie says listen, she remembers when she volunteered in the hospital those few times that peoples blood type can match perfect strangers. Mimi says well duh, there only so few blood types out there. Mimi just wonders why Phillip isnt a match. Bonnie says too much biology for her, but people dont match all the time. She reminds her that Craig and Nancy didnt match Chloes bone marrow. Mimi says that isnt blood, but Bonnie says its the same thing. Bonnie tells Mimi not to worry about Shawns blood type matching Belles baby. Shawn walks out and asks why they are worried? Bonnie just claims Mimi is very worried about him donating all that blood, and he has a great friend in Mimi. Shawn tells Mimi that he really likes her and he hopes they stay together. Bonnie tells them to go have a mistletoe moment, so Shawn takes her and gives her a kiss. Meanwhile, Bonnie thinks to herself that Mimi needs to forget about the blood types, who slept with who and to keep her mouth shut about all of this. 

Out on the road, we see a replay of Chelsea having an accident while trying to call for movie times. The cops and the paramedics soon arrive, they dont know if she is alive or not and the doors are jammed. They have to cut the top of the car off with a chainsaw. Inside, Chelsea is unconscious. Later, one of the cops realizes that Chelsea is Bos daughter.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope are playing a board game with Zack. Hes once again creaming Bo. Bo asks Zack if he had fun with Chelsea, and he says he did. Hope says isnt it nice having a sister. Hope then tells Bo that she forgot something she wanted to tell him, until Chelsea is more responsible she doesnt want her alone with Zack or driving him anywhere. Bo can understand that, but he thinks Chelsea has gotten the message about driving more responsibly. Hope asks him to just talk to her again, and he says he will. Hope says it would be awful to lose her over a senseless accident. Hope says between Shawn and Chelsea, their children are making them prematurely grey. Bo says they do seem to take after him at their age, and all he wanted to do was speed around on his bike. He says he learned his lesson, hopefully she will too. Hope is worried, after losing her parents does she care what happens to herself? Hope says then again, Bo and Chelsea are growing close, and that makes a difference. Bo is trying to make up for not being there for her when she was growing up. He has a soft spot for her, and maybe her getting a ticket is what should happen as it would teach her a lesson. Hope says there are so many things that can go wrong when your driving, look at Jack, the Bensons, her mom. She says they just found Chelsea, if something were to happen to her then . . . . Hope says she cant even imagine it. She says the thought of losing a child is too much. Bo says when he and Billie thought she was still born they went through hell. Bo loves Chelsea a lot and refuses to let him out of his site. Hope remembers when they said the same thing about JT. We see some Hope and Bo flashbacks. We see when they faced losing JT. We also see when Shawn said goodbye to JT, as well as Bo and Hope. Hope says shes so grateful they get to see JT still, but it still aches to say goodbye to him every time they see him. She wonders if it hurts Lexie to see them with Zack? Later they talk about Jen losing Jack, and how horrible it must be to lose someone at the holidays. Bo says he remember when he thought he lost her, and how horrible the holidays were. We see a flashback of Bo and a very young Shawn D hanging Hopes ornament on the tree. Bo says every day without her was hell, but he had to be there for Shawn D just like Jen has the kids to be there for. Hope just hopes Jen can get some closure at the memorial service tomorrow. Hope hugs Zack and says as hard as this year has been, they have been very lucky. Bo wonders when theyll have a happy Christmas again, the holidays used to be so happy in Salem. Hope says they werent always perfect as she recalls. Later, Bo gets a call and learns there has been an accident and it is Chelsea. He learns shes been taken to the hospital, she was alive when they took her. Bo and Hope decide to go to the hospital and drop Zack off at Mickey and Maggies. Bo tries to reach Billie, but shes not answering her cell phone. 

At the hospital, Bo and Hope arrive and hear nurses discussing how tragic it is to lose ones daughter, and how she never regained conscious and went quick after the accident. They are stunned.


December 20, 2005

At the hospital, Max is in a room with Chelsea. He's crying. He says he can't believe this happened. He says when he drove by her accident, he saw the car and knew it was hers. He doesn't know how he's going to tell Bo about this. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope show up. They go to the nurses station and ask about Chelsea who was in an accident. The nurse says she's so sorry, but there was nothing they could do for her and she is gone. Bo asks to see his daughter's body. The nurse takes him to a room and shows her to him, it's not Chelsea! The nurse is stunned. She just came on duty and learns there was another accident victim and she's so sorry. Max then sees Bo, he explains Chelsea is here and she is okay. However, her car is totaled. The nurse says she is so sorry for the mix up and she takes Bo to see his daughter. Bo and Hope go in to see Chelsea with Max. Chelsea is now awake. Chelsea asks how the car is. Max says it is totaled. She can't believe this. She says that was the only thing in the whole world that was hers. It's all she has . . . . . well except for her friends and family. Bo says it's okay and he understands. A cop shows up and asks to talk with Bo, so Bo and Hope leave. While they are gone, Chelsea cries to Max over the loss of her car. Max says it is just a car, but she says she needs it to get to work and school and stuff, He says he'll be her chauffer, what could be better than a personal race car driver for a chauffer? Meanwhile, the cop informs Bo that Chelsea was doing 30 miles over the speed limit when she had her accident. He was going to pull her over when it happened. He also says this is her third offense in a month. Bo and Hope had no idea she had gotten tickets before. He says yes, and the law will come down on her. He says he's keeping her license and she has to appear in traffic court next week. Bo returns to Chelsea to give her the bad news. He says because of her previous offenses, she's losing her license. She cries and says this can't happen. She begs Bo to intervene on her behalf, they'll listen to him. He says he won't do that, and it is for her own good. She tells Bo that she hates him for doing this to her. She says he's as dead to her as her real parents are. 

At Jens, Father Lonigan leaves. He came to discuss Jack's memorial service with her. Frankie talks with Jen. Jen still insists he go back to DC and get on with his life. He says he is concerned about her. He confesses to her that Jack was concerned to, and so he asked him to stick around and look after her and the kids when he was gone. He says he told this to Billie and to Lexie as well, he had been planning for him to take his place when he was gone.  Jen can't believe this. She says when she saw Jack that he told her the exact same thing. Frankie knows, and that is why it shocked him so. There is then a knock at the door, a man delivers a tree on wheels that is already decorated. Jen says it is great, but she didn't order this. Frankie says he did, Bonnie was having a special. She thanks him for doing this. She begins to wonder if she's making a mistake asking him to go. However she says right now she needs to grieve her husband and she and her kids need to learn to stand on their own feet first. Frankie says he understands and he'll go after the service. Frankie leaves, and Jen remembers Jack proposing to her dressed as Santa. As she cries, Frankie spies on her through the window.  

In LA, Austin ditches Sami to look for Carrie. He asks the guy in the control room if he can roll back what was on the jumbo tron, but the guy says this is live and isn't being recorded. Meanwhile, Carrie has ditched Lucas to call Becky back. Austin and Carrie bump into one another, back to back of course, and don't see one another. The concert ends, and Sami runs into Lucas. She asks Lucas if he is following her? HE says now, and he's here on a date. She wonders who the tramp is, is it Sophie? Lucas says no it's someone else. They argue for a bit until they separate. Sami finds Austin, who tells her that he just saw Carrie. Sami says impossible, she is in Israel with Mike. Austin knows he saw Carrie on the jumbo tron. Sami says she watched it all night and didn't see Carrie up there. She thinks he just has Carrie on his mind. He says she maybe right. Meanwhile, Lucas finds Carrie and tells her that Austin and Sami are here. She sees them in the distance and freaks out. She says they can't know she is here, she can't deal with having to see them and explain why she's back. Lucas runs off with Sami, and Sami and Austin see Lucas running off with a blonde. Sami goes into a rage and wants to chase him and find out who the slut is. Austin asks her what she will do when she catches them? Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie escape into the parking lot. 


December 21, 2005

At the Java Cafe, Abby walks in and sees Josh, who is working. He says he had emailed and called her but never heard back. She apologizes and says she just wasn't up to it. Josh says he's so sorry about what happened. When he learns it is her dad's memorial service he wants to go. He says he can quit his job if they won't let him leave, he'll live off selling his classic comic book collection. Abby thanks him for offering. Meanwhile, Max and Chelsea are outside talking. Chelsea is upset, they took her license, she has to go to driving school to get it back, and she has community service. She says on the bright side with no transportation she can't do the community service. Max says she could take the bus, but Chelsea says SHE does NOT take the bus. He says fine, he can drive her or her family can. He says it could have been worse, she could have gone to jail for a year. Chelsea thinks all of this could have been avoided if Bo had helped her. Max says Bo is concerned about her. Chelsea doubts that, and she says if this happened to his precious Shawn D then Bo would have helped him. Max doesn't think so, but Chelsea knows so.

The family arrives at Jen's house to meet her and head to the church. They are all worried about her. They head to the church for the memorial service. Frankie meets up with Mickey and lets him know that after the service he's leaving. Mickey says he can't leave him now, he needs his help. He also thinks Jen needs him. Frankie agrees but it is what Jen wants. Meanwhile, Lexie and Abe arrive and they talk about Jack. Abe says when he and Jack were on the island that Jack was so worried about leaving Jen alone. He says it's terrible to come home only to be diagnosed with an incurable disease. LExie says she knows, and Jack took steps to see that Jen was looked after. Abe says what, financially? Lexie says yes, but also emotionally. Abe realizes that Jack asked Frankie to look after Jen. The service soon starts, and Abe gets up to give a speech about his good friend Jack. After the service ends, Jen decides to stay and pray a little. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Frankie that she didn't agree with Jack's plan for him at first, but now she sees that Jack made a wise choice.

Bo is outside trying to call Chelsea, who shows up with Max. Max thinks Chelsea and Bo have to work this out, and he goes into the church. Chelsea tells Bo what the courts gave her, and that Bo probably knew what she would get. He says he did. She can't believe he wouldn't help her. She lashes out at him and says she thought Billie was a horrible parent, but he's worse. She says she never wants to see Bo ever again, he is no father to her. She then storms into the church and past Hope. Hope tries to tell Bo that Chelsea didn't mean it, but Bo isn't so sure. Hope says Chelsea lost her car, which was her independence. She says Chelsea thinks she has no one to rely on, but she has them, Billie and the whole Roberts-Brady-Horton clan. Hope says they just have to show Chelsea that they are here for her. Meanwhile, Abby sees Chelsea and asked what happened to her? Chelsea says she'll explain it, and they go off to pick up Jack Jr. from the church nursery. 

Out in LA, Sami is shopping and sees some shoes she wants. A nearby Santa is ringing a bell and collecting money for charity. Sami asks him to pipe down and say Ho Ho Ho instead. He says he's not giving gifts, he's collecting for charity. She says if she gives him a donation will he cut it out, and he says he'll go on his break. As she fumbles through her wallet she has a 100 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill. Lucas shows up and can't believe this,  the most selfish girl in the world is donating to charity. Sami sees he has flowers and asks if those are for his date last night. He says yes, and he's not telling Sami who she is. As they argue, Lucas eventually says he has things to do and walks off. An upset Sami shoves a dollar in the bucket and then realizes she put the 100 dollar bill in there. She reaches in the get it back and gets her hand stuck. Lucas catches her and can't believe her, this is possibly the most evil thing she has ever done. She explains her mistake and says that money is all she has. HE says tough luck, maybe she should try and strike a deal with Santa. He walks off and Santa returns. Santa asks what she's doing? Sami tries to explain, but he says he's getting the cops. She gets her hand out and only got a dollar bill. She puts it in the bucket and says "Bah Humbug" as she runs off.

Austin talks with Nicole at the hotel. She is on the couch hung over. She says she had a fight with the minibar and it won. Austin thinks she'd be a lot happier if she didn't drink, and that is all he'll say about that. Nicole says while he was having fun she was working. She sees he's distracted and he explains he saw Carrie last night. Nicole doubts that as she's in Israel with Mike. Austin is positive he saw her though. They return to talking about business. He says he owes her for saving the day with Mr. Giles. Nicole has the contracts for taking over High Style all ready, all Austin has to do is sign them and the company is his. Austin says first he wants to make a call to High Style's CEO.

At High Style, Carrie returns to work, it is the day of the company Christmas party. Becky has some bad news, more bank notices. Carrie thinks they'll deal with them after Christmas, but then the new product will be out and they will hopefully be out of the red. Becky asks about the concert and Austin. Carrie says there is nothing to tell. BEcky thinks it is obvious that Carrie loves Austin still. Carrie says she doesn't have time for a relationship now, she just started this job and has to make this company her life. Becky thinks Carrie is being stubborn, lots of people have relationships, families and careers. Carrie says when she is ready to have a relationship and be a mom then she wants to make sure she does it the right way. BEcky says well if it isn't with Austin, how about his brother. On cue, Lucas shows up with flowers. He just wanted to thank Carrie for a wonderful night. He has more errands to run, but they hope to see one another later. Lucas leaves, and Becky reminds Carrie that her biological clock is ticking! 



December 22, 2005

At the hotel in LA, Nicole tries to convince Austin to forget calling the CEO of High Style, sign the papers and take it over. She says that CEO has shown she is incompetent, it is time to clean house and oust her. Austin says it is Christmas, he wont oust the CEO without speaking to her first. Austin calls High Style and gets Becky. He asks to speak to the CEO. Becky says she is at the Christmas Party. Carrie shows up and takes the phone. Austin says hello this is Austin Reed. Carrie freezes. It turns out that Carrie picked up the wrong line, and they got disconnected. Becky tells Carrie to forget it, it was probably a telemarketer. Carrie returns to the party and suggest Becky forget about the phones and get to the party as well. Back at the hotel, Austin still refuses to do anything until he meets with the new CEO. He wants to see if they can work with her, but Nicole thinks they need to fire her as shes terrible. Austin wonders why they dont know the name of this CEO. Austin calls back and Becky answers again. Becky says the CEO isnt in right now and she can have her call him back. Becky tries to take his name and number, but she messes something up, a pen leaks all over the place. Shes a bit tipsy. Carrie walks in and asks what is wrong and who is on the phone? Becky says she can handle it and she takes Austins name and number. She puts the message on Carries desk, but then the janitor comes along and cleans up and throws the message away by accident. Meanwhile, Carrie begins giving out the bonuses. Becky sees hers and tells Carrie she is nuts, this is too much. Carrie says shes earned i, she is a great assistant. Becky got Carrie something, nothing compared to this, but she hopes she likes it. She gives Carrie the new Rolling Stones album, and Carrie loves it. Becky says she knows she liked going to the concert with Lucas, it must have been a great date. Carrie says it wasnt a date. Carrie asks about the message, and Becky looks for it. She realizes the cleaning lady threw it out. Carrie says dont worry about it, if it is important then he'll call back. Carrie asks Becky if she has plans for the holidays. Becky is going to have dinner with the family, which will be okay until they begin asking when she is going to get married. Carrie asks herself the same thing every year. Becky thinks Carrie is single by choice because she cant decide which of the hunky brothers she wants. Carrie tells Becky that shes wrong, she made that decision. Carrie has decided to be honest with Lucas. She says Lucas is interested in something more, and she doesnt want to hurt him. Carrie says she likes Lucas, but she thinks Lucas wants something more to happen between them. Carrie says shes going back to Salem for the holidays, she wants to see Austin. Carrie has decided to see if she and Austin can have a future together. She says now that she knows her sister wants Austin back, well she wont let Sami put Austin through hell again, she wants to let Austin know that she has feelings for him still. Back at the hotel, Nicole continues to try and press Austin to sign the papers and take over High Style before another company does. She says Lucas is in town and would love to get his hands on this company. She says does he want Lucas to beat them again, because that is what could happen if they dont act. Nicole eventually convinces Austin to sign the papers and takeover the company. Later Nicole and Austin toast to their company and one another. Nicole says may their relationship flourish. Austin says their business relationship. Austin suggests they catch a plane to Salem to spend Christmas with their family. To herself Nicole says Christmas with his family is fine, but come New Years she wants Austin to herself.

At Kates place, John looks over and sees the blinds are closed at the penthouse. He is afraid North is going to take advantage of Marlena. We see flashbacks of John spying on them all night long and then fearing he had lost her. John thanks Kate for being here for him. He asks if there is news on the baby, but Kate says she's still critical. They hug and John hope for some miracles. John wants the baby to recover and he wants his wife back. John hopes soon theyll get some good news. John says hes asked his ISA friends to look into Alexs background, he thinks there is something Alex hasnt told them about himself. He gets a message on his PDA and says this is it, this will change things. John says his contact is about to call him with what hes found on North. Kate hopes this is what John needs as hes gotten his hopes up a few times only to be let down. John thinks this time it will be different. John gets a call from Agent Nash. He hopes he has something good for him, something to nail North to the wall. The agent is sending one Dr. Lois Banks over, she knew Alex and MArlena years ago. John thanks his agent for this. There is a knock at the door and it is Dr. Banks. John invites her in and says it is a pleasure to meet her. He introduces her to his close friend Kate Roberts. John says so she knew his wife? Dr. Banks says she knew her well, they went to medical school together and were in many of the same classes. She also knew Dr. North. Dr. Banks knows MArlena is suffering from amnesia again, and that John was married to Marlena for many years and they were happy and have children and grandchild. John says that is true. He tells her about bringing Alex North to town to help Marlena with her amnesia, and he gives her the whole story in a shortened form. Dr. Banks becomes upset that Marlena is trusting him again. She says Alex is brilliant but is better at research than working with patients. She says North was obsessed with Marlena and is incapable of real love. She says after they were married is when he showed his real colors. Dr. Banks says they need to get Marlena away from Dr. North, he is a Jeckle and Hyde type. Dr. Banks says he was an abusive husband, a control freak and a bully. She says Marlena lived in fear of him. John says he has to get Marlena away from him tonight. John asks Dr. Banks if she can testify to this, and she says she will be happy to. John thanks her and then she heads off. John tells Kate hes getting his wife back, how is that for a Christmas miracle. 

At the church, Hope and Bo continue talking about Chelsea. Hope tells Bo that he did the right thing. Bo isn't so sure. She says Chelsea will turn around, things will get better. Bo hopes so. Hes sorry he stepped out of Jacks service. Hope says Jen will understand. Bo says enough about Chelseas drama, lets see how Jen is doing. They go back into the church where Jen is praying and looking at a photo of Jack. Frankie walks up and says it looks like everyone in town sent flowers. Jen says shes going to send them to the hospital and brighten up some patients rooms. Frankie says he should go finish packing, that is what she wants. She says yeah. Frankie is on the way out and runs into Bo and Hope. Bo offers to help Frankie get his things together, and Hope stays and talks with Jen. Hope tells Jen that shes making a mistake, stop Frankie from leaving before it is too late. Jen begins rambling about flowers and winter coats. Hope knows shes trying to avoid the subject. Hope thinks Jen doesnt want Frankie to go. Jen wants him to go and says she doesnt need Frankie or any other man to take her husbands place. She says he was the love of her life and is irreplaceable. She says it is wrong to be talking about this today. Hope says why because Jack wanted her taken care of. Jen says Jack cant make her fall in love with someone else and she wants Jack not a replacement. Hope tells Jen not to think about loving Frankie, think of him as a friend. She thinks Jen doesnt want Frankie to go, but shes feeling guilty about having him stay. Jen says that isnt it. Hope says then what. Hope thinks maybe deep down Jen still has feelings for Frankie. Jen breaks down and apologizes for losing it. Hope says its okay. Hope just thinks Frankie can help. She says shes not telling Jen to date Frankie or make a lifetime commitment to him, just let him be there for her. Hope thinks Jen saw Jack the other night because she wanted a reason not to send Frankie away, not to feel guilty about needing him. Jen says that is ridiculous. Hope says she knows Jen, and she thinks Jen is pushing Frankie away because she feels guilty about needing him. Hope begs Jen to change her mind and ask Frankie to stay. Jen says Frankie is good for her and the kids, but she cant ask him to stay. She says she just lost her husband, she should be entitled to grieve. Hope says of course, but Jack wanted Frankie to be here for her. Jen says she knows and she thinks Frankie wants to stay because hes a good man. However she doesnt want comfort and cheer. Hope says but it is Christmas. Jen says yes and she wants to spend it alone and with her children and memories of Jack. Jen says shes made up her mind about this. 

Bo and Frankie head to Jens place to pack up. Bo asks Frankie why hes leaving? Frankie says Jen wants him to go. Bo says Jen doesnt know what she wants right now. Frankie knows that and wants to be here to help here. Bo says then stay. Frankie says he wants to stay, he loves her. Bo says that is obvious. Frankie says he never got over her and that is why it never worked out for him and any other woman. He says Jack knew it and on some level so does Jen. Bo says then talk to her, tell her that you want to stay. Frankie says he does love her and wants to be there for her, but it isnt up to him. Bo says if Frankie loves Jen as much as she says she does then she cant walk out on her. Bo begins rehashing when Hope thought she was Princess Gina, and how she pushed him away. Bo says he didnt give up on Hope then. Frankie says that is different, Hope wasnt in her right mind. Bo says neither is Jen right now. Frankie says if Jen doesnt want him here then he wont stay, and he told Jack he wouldnt do this if Jen didnt want him around. Bo says what about Abby and Jack Jr, they both need help and guidance. Frankie says they will get it from their mom. Bo says and he loves their mom, hes a Brady and he knows love and family are important and that is why he wont be able to walk away from them. 

Bo and Frankie meet back up with Hope at the church. Frankie is determined to go still, so he says goodbye to Hope. Bo and Hope leave, and Frankie goes to say goodbye to Jen. Frankie hates having to say goodbye to her. HE almost left without saying goodbye, but that would be the cowards way out. He knows she will be okay, and Jen says it was good seeing him again. Frankie thanks her for letting his brother stay, but if he becomes trouble then . . . Jen says Max staying is fine, he's no trouble at all. Frankie says let him know if she needs anything at all. Frankie tells Jen that he hopes she finds some peace with her friends and family, and he wishes her and the kids nothing but the best in the New Year. Jen thanks him and they hug. 

Bo and Hope take Zack to see Santa. Zack sits on his lap and tells Santa what he wants. Hope takes a photo of them together, and she takes photos of Bo watching. Hope says these are the moments you hold onto forever. Hope realizes this is hard for Bo as he lost all of this with Chelsea. She suggests they ask Chelsea to share photos of her when she was little. Bo thinks that is a good idea. Later, Zack tells Bo that he should go sit on Santas lap too. Hope thinks Santa has his hands full. Hope continues to say that they have to cherish these moments as they go by so fast. 


December 23, 2005

Out in LA, Sami and Austin are getting ready to go back home. Austin's head is in the clouds, and he admits to Sami that he's still thinking about Carrie and he's sure he saw her up on that jumbotron. Sami assures him that it wasn't Carrie. She tries to get his mind on other things like Christmas. She gives him a gift, a photo that was taken of them at the concert. He says he loves it. He suggests they head out so they make their flight back home. Elsewhere, Lucas comes to see Carrie before heading home. She asks if he minds if she tag along for the ride. He says he'd love it. She tells him not to misunderstand. She says she's going home to see Austin, she wants to see if she can make it work with him. Lucas is disappointed. thinks she's making a mistake, but says it is her choice. Carrie says she's always had feelings for Austin and she needs to see if she can make it work. 

At the Penthouse, John and Kate burst in, but Marlena is gone. John is convinced Alex took her, he doesn't think Marlena would leave her family, Belle and Claire at Christmas. Later, Kate heads to the hospital to check on Belle, Phillip and the baby. Meanwhile, John calls in back-up, and Roman soon shows up. Roman asks what is going on. John tells him that Alex has taken Marlena, and he fills Roman in on what he's learned about Alex, that he was abusive and controlling of Marlena. Roman says they have to find her. JOhn begins tracking Alex via his easy pass and soon realizes he's headed to his cabin in the woods.

At Jack and Jen's,  Abby asks her mom why Frankie is gone. Jen says she sent him away. Abby says but Daddy wanted him here. Jen tells Abby that they need to learn to stand on their own feet. Later, Bo, Hope and Zack (dressed as Santa) show up to bring their presents over. They are hoping to cheer Jen and Abby up. Bo and Hope invite them to go to the tree trimming party. Bo says Chelsea is going to meet them there, she's out with Max. Abby wants to go, but Jen decides they aren't going to the party this year. Hope has a little talk with Jen and makes her realize she can't miss the party, so she agrees to go. Abby is glad and decided to go get Jack Jr. Hope tells Bo that she'll meet him there, she's going to the hospital to check on Shawn and the baby.

At the hospital, Mimi and Shawn return and see Lexie going to give Belle and Phillip news. It's not good. Claire's kidney is failing, she needs a transplant and she won't survive without one. They ask how long she has, but Lexie can't answer that. Kate shows up and talks with Phillip while Claire goes to the chapel to pray. Meanwhile, Shawn learns the baby needs a transplant, so he decides to call in some favors with a friend and try and get a drive started to raise awareness for blood and organ donation. Bonnie, who is at the hospital volunteering, things that is a great idea and Shawn is a good man. Shawn says he just cares about her so much. Hope shows up and learns about the baby from Shawn. She heads to the chapel to see Belle. Belle is in the chapel praying. She wonders why God is doing this to her family. Hope comes in to comfort her. Hope says she's so sorry. Belle thanks her for her concern. Hope mentions how this child could have easily been Shawn's. Belle just wants a sign from God that Claire will be okay. The candles flicker, and she wonders if that is the sign. Hope says perhaps, or perhaps it was a breeze from the door, she didn't close it all the way. Hope says she's sorry. Hope heads off, and Shawn begins reading the Christmas story to kids at the hospital. As Belle listens, Bonnie takes wand from a little girl dressed as an angel. The wand has a star on it, and she points out that this is the Christmas Star like in the story. The star glows, and Belle feels that is her sign from God. 

Austin and Sami arrive at the hospital, they are  looking for Belle as they just heard about Claire. They end up separating. Meanwhile, Carrie and Lucas arrive. Lucas has to put in an appearance at the Christmas party. Carrie says it's okay they came by, she always loved the party. She says it does remind her of Mike. Lucas heads off, and Carrie looks around the place. Meanwhile, Lucas and Sami run into one another. Lucas asks if she had fun in LA. Sami says she did, she asks about his little LA slut and who she is. Lucas says he'll find out soon enough, she's here in Salem. They split up, and Lucas goes looking for Carrie. LAter he sees someone he thinks is Carrie, grabs her and kisses her. It turns out to be Sami. Carrie is out on the terrace when Austin comes out. Austin says it's so good to be home. Carrie says it is, and she tells Austin Merry Christmas.

At Alice's, the family gathers to hang the ornaments. They are waiting on Shawn, Hope and Chelsea. Hope eventually shows up, but Shawn hasn't and neither had Chelsea. Bo swears that Chelsea promised to be on time. Abby murmurs if she isn't getting carried away with Max. They suggest Jen and Abby hang the ornaments of those who aren't here tonight. They hang the ornaments off all their loved ones that aren't in Salem or are gone from the world. Then Bo and Hope hang their family's ornaments, including one for Chelsea. Jen and Abby hang their family's ornaments. Abby wishes her dad was here. Jen says he is in spirit. Outside JAck watches them from the window! Then we see someone walk up to the door and hesitate to open it.

At the end of the show Alice puts the baby Jesus figure in her nativity. She wishes all of us watching to keep the wonders of this day in our hearts and all the days of our lives.

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