December 26, 2005

At the hospital, Belle is thinking about the star shining during the reading of the Christmas story. She believes it is a Christmas miracle, and she thinks a liver donor must have been found and Lexie is setting everything up. Phillip on the other hand wants Belle to prepare herself just incase. Belle won't think that way and she leaves to find Lexie. Mimi tells Phillip the star was shining, but Phillip says it was reflecting light. Shawn says if she believes it was a miracle then maybe it is enough to come true. Belle returns, she couldnt find Lexie and time is running out. He says she cant think that way and she has to try and stay strong. Phillip decides to go try and find Lexie. Mimi goes with him to get some coffee and breakfast, and Shawn stays with Belle and the baby. Shawn brought Belle a present and he wants her to open it. She says not now, but he says trust him. She opens it, it is a little angel on a necklace. He says its like the one on Claire's crib, this way they can both have one. She thanks him, and they put it on her. Shawn tells Belle Claire will be fine, she has to grow up and be as incredible as her mom. Belle cant stand the thought of losing her. Shawn says they have to believe she will be okay. Belle says hes been so good to her. Shawn says he couldnt love her anymore if she was his own, and she could have been if things worked out differently. Mimi and Phillip return with coffee and stuff, and Mimi gives Shawn a message from the nurses station. Shawn got a message from his dad, they send their prayers. He also has to go home for something important, but he doesn't know what. He hates to leave them like this. Belle tells him to go, she wants him to as nothing is more important than family. Mimi goes with Shawn, and they say theyll try and bring her back a miracle. 

Lucas is searching for Carrie, thinks he finds her and kisses her. It turns out he grabbed and kissed Sami. Sami is all smiles, until Lucas says you! Lucas says he thought she was someone else. Sami says who, that slut from LA? Lucas says shes not a slut. Lucas says she is even someone Sami knows. Sami asks why he went to LA, but he says it is none of her business. Sami says well she doesnt care why he went, but that woman was a loser because she was with him. Sami says she on the other hand was with Austin. He says and that makes Austin a loser. Sami says he's not a loser, he owns his own business and is a true romantic taking her to LA. Lucas thought it was a business trip. Sami says that is how it started off, but you cant fight chemistry. Sami says Austin has never been able to get over his feelings for her, she realized that after he kissed her and took her to see the Stones. Lucas sees something outside, Austin with Carrie. Sami joins him and asks if she still thinks so? Sami doesnt know its Carrie, so he decides to enlighten her as to who Austin is with. He tells her to look at who Austin is with. Sami sees it is Carrie and is stunned. 

Out on the terrace, Austin and Carrie look at one another. She tells him Merry Christmas, and he says Merry Christmas to her too. He cant believe it is her. She says its been a long time. He says too long. Austin asks how Mike is, did he come back with her? Carrie says Mike isnt with her. Austin thinks hes really busy with his work in Israel. Austin asks if they have had problems over there with the terrorists, thats all they hear about in the media. Carrie says no they have been lucky. Carrie says she heard he started a business. Austin says he did, and its going good. Austins phone rings. Its business so he has to take it. He quickly deals with the call and then gets back to Carrie. He tells her about his company and how hes in the middle of his first big acquisition. Carrie says shed like to hear about it. Austin doesnt want to bore her with business, but she says shes interested. Austin is about to tell her when Sami runs out and acts all loving towards Carrie. She tells her how great it is to see her, where is Mike and Jeremy. She asks how the wedding was, but then sees she doesnt have a ring on her finger. Sami cant believe they havent gotten married yet. Carrie stuns them all when she says she and Mike arent together anymore. Sami asks what happened, she thought everything was great when they just talked. Sami realizes Carrie lied, she wasnt in Israel at all and that is why the connection was so clear. Carrie says she did lie to her, and she doesnt want to get into this now. Austin asks where shes staying? Carrie explains shes staying with Lucas, the hotels were booked up and her dad sold his house. Austin so shes down the hall from him. Sami says you mean us. Carrie says she already knows hes living with Sami and Nicole. Austin says well he just signed a new lease for a new business space and apartment. She is glad to hear it. He asks how long shes in town for? She doesnt know. Lucas tells Carrie that they need to get going. Austin tells Carrie they should get together while shes here. Carrie says shed like that, and Austin says him too. Lucas tells Austin to remember that a start-up company can be vulnerable, so dont get too distracted. Sami tells Austin they should go too. Austin says yeah, but he wants to check on Phillip and Belle before they leave. Sami is left alone, shes fuming that Carrie is back in Salem. She doesn't think this will be a happy New Year at all.

Bo, Hope and Zack open gifts for Christmas and they tell Zack how much they love him. He goes off to play with his toys. Bo is once again wishing he knew Chelsea at that age, though even if he did she would still hate him. Hope says she doesnt hate him. Bo says she does, she opened her gift and made some sarcastic remarks and then left. Hope says give her time. Chelsea returns and tells Bo that there is something she forgot to say to him before she left. Bo thought she said it all when she left, what did she leave out. She says thank you for the present. Bo says shes welcomed, though she didnt seem so thrilled by it. Chelsea knows, but driving lessons werent at the top of her wish list. She thought he was being mean. He says not at all, they arent cheap and he wanted to help her get her license back. She says she figured that out, and she came to tell him thank you and Merry Christmas. She even calls him dad. They share a hug, and Hope smiles. Bo suggests they let this be the start of a New Year. Chelsea says and new lessons and a new written test, and then saving up for a new car. Bo says he might be able to help her, but Hope says lets deal with the new license first. A man shows up, hes the last of the Christmas gifts. He says hes going to have a family portrait taken. Hope says but what about Shawn? Bo says Shawn has a message to come home for this. Hope kisses Bo and says she loves him. Chelsea walks out of the kitchen with some milk, sees them together and smiles. Shawn and Mimi soon show up, and they get ready for the photo. Hope wants Chelsea in the photo, and Shawn wants Mimi in the photo as well. Mimi says it wouldnt be right, but Hope says it would be lovely. Later, Bo thanks Hope for asking Chelsea to be in the photo. Hope says shes family. They discuss how they were surprised Shawn asked Mimi to be in the photo, but he seems to be over Belle. Bo knows she wanted him with Belle, but Hope says she wants him to be happy. They look at Chelsea spending time with Zack. Bo says at least Chelsea is happy with him for now. They discuss how Chelsea and Shawn have been handfuls, and soon it will be Zacks turn. Bo says no, hell be the exception to the rule. Hope says she'll quote him on that. Zack tells his parents this is the best Christmas ever, and Chelsea smiles.

Shawn and Mimi return to the hospital. Mimi thanks him for including her in the photo, and he says this is the beginning of something special between them. They ask about the baby, but a nurse says there is no news. Mimi tells Shawn as much as Belle and Phillip need them now, well they will need them more if . . . Shawn says that wont happen. Mimi cares for Claire, shes like the little girl shell never have. Shawn says theyll be here for Belle and Phillip and for each other. Shawn says theyll get through this together. 

Roman, Kate and John are headed to the cabin. Roman forces John to pull over before they go in. Roman wants to talk some sense into John, they cant just go busting into this cabin. Kate says Roman is right, they have no proof that shes in danger. John says they have Dr. Banks statement, but Roman says it is hearsay. Roman says they need just cause before bursting in there. John thinks if they wait to long their proof will be a dead Marlena. Kate says Alex has been living with Marlena for weeks, has had plenty of time to hurt her and he  hasnt yet. JOhn says a cat likes to play with the mouse before it kills it. She also reminds him that he has burst in on them several times and look what has happened every time. Roman has taken Johns keys and wont give them back, so John decides to walk to the cabin.

At the cabin, Marlena is sleeping and Alex is making a fire. Marlena wakes up and finds him making the fire up and making hot chocolate over the fire. He says they used to do this and she loved it. He wants everything to be perfect for their first Christmas back together. She says it doesnt have to be perfect, but Alex  wants it to be. He says hes dreamt about this for years and he wants it to go just as he has planned. Later there is a big mishap with the fire, and Alex is upset because his night has become a disaster. Marlena says it can still be wonderful, but he says no he messed it up. He says the fire and the hot chocolate are ruined. Marlena says they can make another fire and start over. Alex gets an axe and says he knows what he has to do. As Marlena tries to get another fire started, he walks to her. John and the others show up, see something horrible and hear Marlena screaming. John and Roman rush in, John grabs Alex and Roman gets to Marlena. They think he was attacking her, but Marlena says he wasnt and to let go of Alex. Marlena says one of the embers set her clothes on fire and he was trying to put the fire out. John says he may not have hurt her this time but it is only a matter of time before he does. Marlena says Alex loves her and would never hurt her! She demands he let go of Alex. John lets Alex go, and Roman says they have evidence that Dr. North could be dangerous. Marlena says this is absurd, and Alex says it is more of his jealous paranoia. Kate says no its not, it appears to be true. John says he has proof that this man is a monster. 

At the Horton house, Jen and Abby hug one another. Jen tells Maggie that even though she knows it isnt possible, she feels like Jack is nearby and could walk in at any moment. Outside, a person goes to open the door. Jack tells himself to just take a deep breath and do it. Back inside, Abby goes to help Alice in the kitchen, and Maggie tells Jen that she knows Jack isnt here. Jen knows, but it is Christmas and part of her believes miracles come true. The doorbell rings, and Jen answers it. It is Frankie, his flight was delayed by a snowstorm. He says he came back because he forgot to give Jen and the kids their gifts. Maggie thinks it was fate. Frankie asks if she is okay? Her face when she opened the door . . . Jen says she is okay. Jen admits she thought it was Jack, and how she was just feeling his presence. She swears that she knows he is gone. Outside, Jack watches the festivities going on inside. Abby returns with Jack Jr. Abby is glad to see Frankie is back, but she knows her mom wanted him to go. Frankie asks how Santa was to them and he suggests they check out the tree. Maggie excuses herself and leaves them. Jack is almost in tears. Jen and the kids open up Frankies gifts. He gives JJ a purple elephant, Abby a bracelet, and Jen a book of Charles Dickens. Outside, Jack says he loves them all, but it has to be this way. He says Merry Christmas Jen, Abby and Jack Jr. He says goodbye and walks off. 


December 27, 2005

At Sami's place, Sami and Austin are having breakfast. Sami makes a remark that upsets Austin. He once again talks about how this is not a love connection they have going on here, it's a business. He then begins talking about Carrie being back in Salem, which is all he's ever wanted. Later Austin leaves to take care of business and Nicole shows up. Nicole tells Sami how she's been working on getting High Style, and once she does, Austin is hers. Sami laughs at her, and Nicole says what? Sami assures Nicole that Austin does not want her, he's hung up on her (Sami). The two begin arguing over who Austin wants. Nicole says Austin nor any other man wants a woman who has spent as much as she has on wedding dresses and never had a wedding. Nicole says the phone isn't ringing off the hook for her. Sami points out that it's not ringing for her either. Sami says this is pointless, neither of them will end up with Austin. Sami tells Nicole that her sister, Austin's ex-wife is back in town. She's back in town and she's single. Sami says Austin has always loved Carrie and he always will. Austin returns and Sami leaves to check on Will. Austin talks to Nicole about the takeover. He just doesn't feel right doing this until they discuss it with the new CEO. Nicole says they've tried, she won't return his calls and the old CEO's names are all over the company papers.

At Lucas' place, Lucas makes Carrie and Will his famous french toast. Later, Carrie and Lucas talk. She plans on sticking around only as long as the holidays last. She says she has to get back to her company. She says it means everything to her, it is her family and life now. She would hate for anything to happen to it, and that's why she appreciates him backing off. Lucas thinks about Sami telling him that Nicole was set to take over High Style for Austin's company. Lucas doesn't say anything to her about Austin's take over attempts.  Later the nosey neighbor shows up with mail for Lucas. She remembers Carrie used to live down the hall. She won't shut up, and Carrie had forgotten all about her. Then Sami shows up to see Will, but Will seems to want nothing to do with her. Sami wants to see if he liked his gifts, and he said well yeah they were on his list. He says he has to go, and brushes Sami off. She asks if she can at least have a kiss for Christmas, so he gives her one when Lucas basically urges him to. Will takes off, and Sami sees Lucas made Carrie his famous french toast, he only makes it for special people. Sami says she better go, she has a busy day working for Austin. Carrie asks if Austin is in, but Sami lies and says he's at meetings.

Back at Sami's, Sami returns home and Austin asks if she saw Carrie? Sami lies and says she's out visiting relatives. To herself Sami says she'll do whatever it takes to protect Austin.

At the penthouse, John is with Marlena and Alex. Kate and Roman have left, and John has stayed all night at the penthouse apparently and he won't leave. Marlena is highly annoyed with him. He explains that he has to protect her from Alex, she's not herself right now and he's controlling her. She says Alex is not controlling her, he loves her and is her husband. John says no he's her husband and he's only looking out for her. Alex tells John he has issues with denial and control. John thinks it is the other way around, and MArlena will see him for the monster he is when his witness shows up. Dr. Banks finally arrives, and John introduces her. Marlena doesn't remember her, but John says Alex knows her, just look at the look on his face. John says according to Dr. Banks, Alex is a wife beating son of a bitch. John says the sooner Marlena presses charges against Alex the quicker they can get him out of their lives.

At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea and Max return from Chelsea's driving lesson, but nobody is home. Chelsea was bored with the lesson, but Max says she needs to pay attention. He says she can't talk on the phone or do her hair while she drives. She thinks driving is supposed to be fun. She also doesn't need a lecture from someone who speeds for a living. He says that is on the race track, not the streets people drive on. He reminds her of what happened to her parents, but she says she doesn't need reminding as she thinks about that every day. She says what happened to her was an accident, she wasn't driving drunk. She says she'll be more careful next time. She then begins going off about how if her parents want to keep her happy then they'll buy her a new car, something she knows Hope doesn't want Bo to buy her. Max says Hope cares about her and just wants to make sure she learns the value of money. Chelsea says that is rich coming from Hope who was born into a wealthy family. Chelsea soon changes the subject, nobody is home so she suggests they take advantage of that. Max and Chelsea then make out on the couch. 

At Jack and Jen's, Hope is talking to Jen, who is missing Jack. She says every morning she wakes up expecting him to be here. She says it's so hard, and she wishes her parents where here to help her. Later Frankie shows up and Hope asks why he's still here. He says his flight was delayed, but there is another one in a few hours. She hopes he's not taking it, but he is. When Jen leaves the room, Hope tries to convince Frankie to stay. He won't, he says Jen wants him to go. She knows he doesn't want to go and that he loves Jen. He says that doesn't matter. She asks what about his promise to Jack? Frankie says Jen's mind is made up and he has to respect that. Frankie goes to pack the rest of his things. Hope then turns on Jen and tries to convince her not to send Frankie away as it would be a huge mistake. Jen says then it's her mistake to make, but this is something she has to do for herself. Later Frankie says his cab is here, and as he heads off we hear him scream. The next thing we see he's walking in on crutches with a full leg cast. Max and Chelsea are there now, Hope and Jen called him about Frankie, who broke his leg. Frankie thinks he'll be fine and he can still catch his plane. Max asks and who will take care of him? Frankie says he will. He asks when he last cleaned his house. Frankie says he has a housekeeper. Max asks what about cooking? Frankie says he has lady friends who will help him out. Max says he has no lady friends, he's just lying now. He says he can't even drive as his right leg is broken. Jen says this settles it, he's staying here with her until he's better. She tells him not to argue with her. Hope calls this a "lucky break."


December 28, 2005

Austin stops by to see his mom at Basic Black. He asks how shes doing, and Kate fills him in on what is going on with John and Claire. Kate asks Austin how hes doing. He says his business is taking off, hes about to make a major acquisition, and hes meeting someone for lunch. Kate hopes it isnt Sami. Austin says no, but its her sister Carrie. Kate smiles but admits it is a shock. She asks how this happened. Austin says she was here to check on Belle and the baby and they ran into one another at the hospital. Kate asks if Mike came back to be here for Jen? Austin says Mike isnt with her. Kate smiles and says they broke up? Austin says apparently so. Kate says she knew it, she knew it wouldnt work as Austin is meant to be with Carrie. She asks Austin what hes going to do about it. Austin says hes not going to do anything but get his business up and running. Kate says she wont push, and she asks how things are going with his business. She says they may be competitors in business, but they are also family and she knows where her first loyalties lie. He shows his mom the portfolio for High Style, and she likes the company and thinks it would be a good buy for him. However, he needs a good woman by his side, a woman like Carrie. Austin says he needs to take care of business first. Kate says fine, and she needs to go see Lucas. Austin cant believe Lucas lets her in the door. Kate says things are turning around with him, and she thinks it is because hes got a girlfriend. Austin says that is good, and he asks his mom not to say anything to anyone about Carrie. He says he doesnt want to jinx it. 

At Samis place, Sami remembers arguing with Austin about Carrie. Shes furious, she knows Austin has feelings for Carrie and wonders if Carrie has feelings for him. Sami picks up an envelope and says this is it. Over and Lucas place, Lucas is on the phone ordering flowers, a huge mix of exotic flowers. He doesnt care what the cost of flying them in is. Lucas gets off the phone and then thinks about being at the concert with Carrie. He also remembers her admitting she wanted to be with Austin. Lucas wishes he could make Carrie see how perfect theyd be for each other. Sami shows up at Lucas place with the envelope. Lucas asks why hes here. She says to see Will, he got a Christmas card and she wanted to give it to him. Lucas says Will isnt here, so what is the real reason shes here? Sami wants to know how Carrie is doing, how shes really doing being without Mike. Lucas says shes doing fine. Lucas says shes a little lonely. Sami says well at least she has him, and now he has a chance at what he always wanted, Carrie. Lucas says shes dying for him to get Carrie out of the picture so she can get to Austin. Sami says Austin is interested in someone else. Lucas admits Carrie is interested in someone else too, and perhaps Sami should butt out of their lives. Lucas knows what Sami is doing, she thinks Carrie is interested in Austin and shes worried. Sami tries to lie, but admits she does want to know who Carrie is interested in. Sami says she knows Mike isnt an option, and she thinks if she was interested in someone else then shed be with him for the holidays. She thinks shes right, so Lucas admits she is interested in Austin. Lucas also thinks Austin must be interested in Carrie, and that makes sense. Sami asks why is everyone interested in Carrie? Sami says they are going to lose the ones they want, but he can help her . . . . Lucas says no way, hes not doing this again. Lucas says he's not her partner in crime anymore. Sami says if Austin and Carrie find out they are intenerated in each other then they have lost. Sami thinks Lucas is too chicken to fight, but he says no. He says hes not going to stand in the way if Carrie is interested in someone else as that would just alienate her. The flowers Lucas ordered show up. He puts them on the table. Sami says they are beautiful, who sent them. Lucas says he bought them to brighten up the place. Sami says those are Carries favorites, hes doing this for her. Sami says if hes too much of a coward to admit it then hell never get her. Lucas says hes not taking her bait, so get out of here. He says goodnight and good luck. Sami leaves as Kate arrives. Kate had brought by a present for Will, and shes glad to have just missed Sami. Kate is so glad Austin and him are no longer interested in Sami. Kate says Lucas has another woman in his life, and Austin has an eye on another woman. Lucas says let him guess, Carrie. Kate says she is just happy both sons are successful and not interested in Sami. Lucas admits he wont be successful in love. Kate asks why, who is this woman? Lucas asks for her to think of the worst possible choice of a woman for him to date other than Sami. Kate doesnt know. Lucas says he was interested in Carrie. Kate makes a face.

At the hospital, Roman and Carrie run into one another and share a big hug. They get a cup of coffee and talk. Carrie says shes sorry she didnt come home sooner, she just couldnt face everyone given how things ended with Mike. Roman says she has nothing to be ashamed of, and it is great to see her. He asks what shes been doing in LA. Carrie tells him about being named the CEO of a little cosmetics company out in LA. Roman asks if there is any chance she could move the company to Salem? She says no, and her main concern is keeping the business afloat. Roman asks if shes saying the company is in trouble. Carrie says it is in trouble, shes having trouble from outside investors but its nothing she cant work out on her own. Roman wishes he could help. Carrie says mom wanted to help too. Roman asks how Anna is, and Carrie says shes in Milan for fashion week. He says she always was exciting. Carrie says so is Kate, and she asks if it is really over between them. Roman says she did some despicable things. Carrie says maybe, but she was driven to do them by Sami. Roman says Sami wasnt innocent, but there is no excuse for what Kate did. Carrie says she just wishes Sami would learn her lesson and change. She says she hates the way things are between them, and its up to Sami to make the first step in repairing their relationship. Carrie says she's done all she can. Carrie says she knows shes not blameless for what happened in her marriage, but she thinks that she would be with Austin if it wasnt for Sami. Carrie admits she is meeting with Austin soon and hoping for a fresh start, but if Sami finds out then all hell will break loose. Austin says Sami really has matured, she loved Lucas and after the Stan ting, well he thinks Samis plotting days are over. Carrie hopes so. She says if Sami wants to fight her for Austin then it will be a fight, and Sami better be prepared to lose. 

Austin calls Sami up to talk business. He wants to know if anyone has found out the name of the new CEO of High Style. Sami says they got something in their, but it has to load up first. Sami looks at the webpage, Carrie is the CEO. Sami lies to Austin and says it was just spam. Austin says he was hoping to talk to the CEO before the takeover, and he guesses this person will think hes a dog. Sami says she guesses so. Sami thinks to herself that she just got lucky, Carrie will hate Austin forever for taking away her company. Austin then heads out to meet up with Carrie. He asks if there has been any news on a donor, but Carrie says no. Austin says this is so awful. He says Belle and Phillip have all these problems while the two of them don't have a care in the world. He asks if shes ready to go, and Carrie says sure. Austin thinks they should get a cup of hot chocolate and take a walk and enjoy the new fallen snow. Carrie says it sounds nice. 

Shawn brings Belle something to drink. Shawn offers to sit with Claire if she wants to go be with Phillip in the chapel. Belle says she cant, shes afraid if she leaves her then she wont be here when she gets back. Shawn talks to her about JT and when he was sick and how they thought they would lose him. Shawn says no parent should have to bury a child. Belle says her mom did, she had a baby named DJ who died of SIDS. She doesnt know how her mom got through that. Belle begins to think that maybe when Claire was first born she knew that she didnt want her. Shawn says thats not true, and the baby will get through this. Shawn says she was sick and Claire was well taken care of. Shawn tells her not to blame herself. Belle still says it is hard not to blame herself. Shawn knows he cant talk her out of what shes feeling, but please know that nobody blames her for Claire being sick. Shawn says it just happened and it is horrible. He says just dont be angry with herself. Belle tells Shawn that he always knows the right thing to say. She tells him that he always knows the right thing to say, and ever since Claire got sick shes felt more connected to him then ever. She wonders why that is. Shawn then remembers he brought something else for Claire. When Belle sees what Shawn brought she asks how he get it. He has Zacks blankie, Zack said he wanted Claire to have something of his to help her get better. Belle says that is so sweet. Belle thinks if only the blankie could help Claire get better. Shawn says there is still time for a miracle if she believes.

At the penthouse, Marlena doesnt believe that Alex is a wife beater, he is her husband and loves her. Dr. Banks tells Marlena that shes concerned about her, she cant believe she fell for Alex North again. North says he doesnt know what this stunt is about . . . John says let her speak. Dr. Banks tells Marlena that they used to be so close, they told one another everything and if she lets Alex back into her life then it could be a mistake that costs her everything. Marlena asks why she should believe Dr. Banks. Dr. Banks asks what she could gain by fabricating this? She says they were friends in medical school together, and when he was presumed dead they lost touch with one another. Marlena asks Alex if she knows her? Alex admits she is a face from medical school, but he wouldnt call her a friend. He also doesnt know what this will prove. John says it will prove he is a dangerous man in need of an anger management program that Alex keeps suggesting he take. John asks MArlena to listen to this woman. Alex and John continue to snipe at one another, and she tells John to stop it. Marlena tells John that all he ever does is launch baseless accusations at Alex. She says shell listen to what Dr. Banks has to say and make up her own mind. Dr. Lois Banks says during medical school she and Alex seemed like the ideal couple, but then when they started their residencies they spent long hours apart. She says when Marlena began to excel in her career, Alex became jealous and possessive. She says Alex wouldn't even let her out of his sight. Alex says interesting perception of what happened. Dr. Banks knew Alex would claim it was a lie, and so she brought along some proof that nobody, not even the ISA has seen. She says she thinks Marlena will see that Alex North is a vicious predator intent on sucking the life out of her. Marlena looks at a photo of herself beaten to a pulp. She gasps. Marlena asks if a police report was filed. Lois says no, she wouldnt turn him in. She says it was the classic battered wife syndrome. Marlena asks how she got away? Lois says by the time she convinced him to leave Alex, he was declared dead. John cant believe Alex did this to her, he deserves to be locked up. Lois agrees. Alex says those photos arent what they seem, he didnt do that to her. Marlena says she believes him. Lois asks how, and John begs Marlena to talk with him. They go on the terrace to talk in private. He says he knows this is a lot to process, but something has happened to her. He tells her to look at this logically, Dr. Banks has nothing to gain from this and Dr. North has lied to them from the moment he got her. John just asks her to consider all the possibilities. Marlena says she cant condemn a man who has been kind, caring and gentle to her. She says she has to see this violence with her own eyes. John cant believe this. Back inside, Alex asks Lois what she thinks shes doing. Lois says what she should have done long ago, expose him as the deviant he really is. Alex says he wont let her destroy what he has with Marlena, not tonight and not ever. Lois trips and falls over, she then screams get away from her! John and Marlena walk in, and John says if he lays another hand on Lois then hell kill him.


December 29, 2005

Lucas tells his mom that it is no secret he loves Carrie, he always has. He says maybe thats why he fell for Sami, because he couldnt have her big sister. Kate tells Lucas that is ridiculous. She says Carrie certainly treated Austin badly, she broke his heart. Lucas says Austin has forgiven her. Lucas says things were going so well between them in LA until Austin showed up and ruined everything. Kate asks if hes fighting Austin for Carrie? Lucas says no, he's too much of a gentleman, but if shes concerned about Austins happiness then hes not the one to worry about. Kate knows it is Sami she has to worry about, and she needs to be stopped permanently. Lucas tells Kate not to talk like that in front of him. Kate says she told Lucas that Sami would break his heart, and she wonders why Sami cant just leave her sons alone and let them live their own lives. Lucas suggests Kate do the same thing. Lucas knows his mom had to fight for what she wanted and she didn't have an easy life. He says she and Kate are very similar, they both have to fight for what they want and for revenge. Lucas says if Carrie and Austin are meant to be together then so be it. Kate thinks hes disappointed that things didn't work out with Carrie. Lucas says hes disappointed in love, every time he puts his heart on the line he gets kicked. Kate asks if she can help, but he says he doesnt want anymore of her help. He says hes alone and hes fine with that. Kates phone rings, its business so she takes it in Lucass bedroom. Eugenia then shows up and tells Lucas that the word on the street is Austins company will take over High Style any minute and wipe Carrie off the map. Lucas says keep it down, his mom is in the bedroom and he doesnt want her to know about this. Eugenia says she understand that, his mom is a . . . . great spy. She thinks Lucas must feel good sticking it to Austin. She knows what hes doing though. Lucas hates that Carries going to get hurt. Eugenia says it is sad for Carrie and Austin, but as soon as Austin takes over Carries company then Lucas can move in and pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Lucas says the thought crossed his mind. Eugenia says he played this one pretty clean. Eugenia says they didnt get High Style, but he still may get Carrie. Kate walks out and cant believe this. Kate didn't hear anything, she  is just upset that Lucas hired Eugenia to work for him. Lucas says Eugenia has the ability to tell the truth, something Kate doesnt possess. He says her mom should be thankful he is even talking to her. Lucas says Eugenia is a very good assistant. Eugenia thanks Lucas and says she actually came over to ask for a raise. Kate says her foolish son will give it to her. Lucas suggests Kate stop it with the insults. Kate says fine, make her the bad guy, but Eugenia is a conniver underneath that white hat of hers, she probably is taping all their conversations. Eugenia tells Kate she needs to get over what they did, they did a bad thing to both Sami and Lucas. Eugenia says she only made those tapes for insurance because she knew Kate would turn on her. Eugenia says fortunately Lucas gave her a good job with benefits, and she hopes she will get that raise. Kate wants Lucas to fire Eugenia. Lucas says no, and he didnt hire Eugenia, Victor did. Lucas tells his mom that he had issues with Eugenia at first, but she has been a great asset to him lately. He says shell help him get everything he deserves. After Kate leaves, Eugenia is impressed that he stood up to Kate and stood up for her. Eugenia says people dont normally stand up for her. Lucas says hes seen another side of her, shes hard working and doesnt give up. Lucas says soon Austin will be hit in the heart when he learns he stole Carries company, shell be heartbroken and he cant fix it.

At Samis place, Sami is plotting to make Austin look bad to Carrie. She says Carrie has no idea Austin is about to take over her company and vice versa. She hates the idea of lying to Austin, but she cant tell him. She says she has to play dumb, pretend like she doesnt know anything. Sami says it will be the end of Austin and Carrie forever. Samis conscious then begins talking to her. She looks in the mirror and talks to herself. Her reflection tells Sami if she doesnt listen to her then she can kiss Austin goodbye. Her reflection says she has a chance, she has a fresh start with Austin. Her reflection warns her not to go down that slippery slope of lies again. Her reflection wonders if Sami is insane, this wont win points with Austin. She warns her to turn over a new leaf before she destroys lives with her lies. Sami asks what about her, doesnt she deserve to hit the jackpot for once? She says its not her fault Carrie screwed up things with Austin. Her reflection says the past is gone and Austin and Carrie still love one another. She tells her taking love that doesnt belong to her is bad karma so tell Austin the truth. Sami refuses and ends up shattering the mirror. Sami cleans up the mirror, and her broken reflection says this is another seven years of bad luck for her. Sami says she isnt superstitious anymore, and she wont lose Austin this time. Sami says all she has to do is keep her mouth shut about Carrie being the CEO of High Style. 

Austin and Carrie are walking in the park. She tells Austin she didnt just come home to check on Belle. She wanted to let her family know about her breakup with Mike. She says it's not something she wanted to do over the phone. Carrie admits that she was worried about seeing Austin too. He says she doesnt have to be. Carrie and Austin talk about the way things ended between them. Carrie says she feels so ashamed of the way she treated him. Austin says it takes two people to break up a marriage. Austin says he wasnt there for her, he was playing hero helping Sami. Carrie says Sami needed his help and she shouldnt have used it as a reason to have an affair. Carrie tells Austin that she made a huge mistake and has never been able to forgive herself. Austin says there is something he hasnt been able to forgive himself for, he wimped out and didnt fight for her. Carrie asks Austin if he ever regrets that their marriage didnt work out. Austin says every day. Carrie says her too. Austin changes the subject and asks how long shes been in the States. She says not long, shes in LA. Austin then says he was just there and was at the Stones concert, and he thought he saw her there. Carrie says she was there. Austin is relieved hes not crazy. Carrie also admits she did see him at the concert. He asked why she didnt come say hi, and then he realizes Sami. Austin assures Carrie that he and Sami are only involved as business partners and that is it. Carrie is glad, but says that is mean. Carrie does want a close relationship with Sami, but she doubts it will ever happen. Carrie also thinks if things go the way she hopes they do, thinks between her and Sami will get a lot worse. Carrie thinks Sami has to have made a play for him, but he says its a reflex for her. They decide to cut the Sami talk. Carrie asks about his new business, she hears hes taking his company to the top. Austin says he cant discuss it, but hes about to make an announcement soon. He asks what shes doing. She says shes heading up a small company, something hes probably never heard of. She says its been her life recently. Austin thinks they should change that. He asks her to spend New Years with him, they can get to know each other again.  She says she'd love to.

Austin and Carrie return to the apartment building. Austin is glad they reconnected and says it must be fate. Sami opens her door and sees Austin with Carrie. Carrie says hello to Sami, and Austin gets a phone call and goes off. Sami gives Carrie a hug, and Carrie says okay. She asks what that was about. Sami says she just thinks it would be nice if they could move on, they are sisters. Sami says she basically worshiped her as a kid. Carrie remembers. Sami says shed like it to be like that again, well she didnt mean it like that. She just thought they could talk, get to know one another again. Carrie says shes glad to hear Sami saying those things. Carrie says for them to be close they need to be upfront from one another. Carrie says shell only be in town for a short visit, and she needs to let Sami know that shes interested in Austin. Sami says she kind of figured that out. Carrie says she knows it will be hard and she wishes it could be different. Carrie knows Sami wants Austin. Carrie explains how she overheard Sami in the LA restaurant. Sami says she doesnt believe this. Carrie says she was the woman with the shoes in the stall, what were the odds theyd be in the same restroom. Sami tells Carrie to go for it, Austin is all hers. Sami says she can bow out gracefully, Austin has always been more interested in Carrie. Sami says being with Austin was a dream and hers dont come true. Sami says they are older and wiser now, and Austin loves Carrie. She says that is probably why things didnt work out with Mike, her heart belongs with Austin. Sami says she knows they were meant to be together. Carrie tells Sami there is a guy for her, someone who will be all hers. Carrie hugs Sami. Carrie also thanks Sami for being honest with her. Sami says well nothing should stand in the way of true love. Meanwhile, Austin talks on the phone with someone. He says he still doesnt know who the CEO of High Style is, but it looks like all systems are a go.

At the penthouse, Alex tries to explain that Lois tripped, but John doesnt believe Alex. Lois says Alex wanted to hurt her. John cuffs Alex. Alex tells John hell feel stupid when he finds out the truth. John says the only thing he feels stupid about is trusting him. Dr. Banks wants to press charges against Alex, so John makes a call to Roman. Roman is pleased and says theyll be waiting for him downtown. Alex tells Marlena not to let him do this, but John says Marlena isnt the one pressing charges. John leaves with Alex and Dr. Banks goes with them. Marlena remains behind at the penthouse. Marlena thinks about what Dr. Banks told her about Alex. Marlena ends up believing Alex would never hurt her, but Dr. Banks did seem terrified of him. She thinks there is a misunderstanding and Alex would never do those things. Marlena thinks if she could remember her past then she could defend Alex. She then remembers the memory she had with the pearls he gave her. Marlena wonders what if Lois is right? 

John brings Alex into the station. Dr. Banks is with them. Alex is hoping Dr. Banks will admit her mistake, but she wont. She tells him that he is getting what he richly deserves. Roman asks what happened, and John explains that Alex attacked Dr. Banks after she revealed the truth about Alex and Malrenas relationship. Roman learns about the beatings Marlena suffered and is shown the photo of her. Roman asks if there were police reports filed, but Lois says no. She says by the time Marlena agreed to file charges they thought Alex was dead. Roman has Dr. Banks go give an official statement, and Roman and John question Alex. Roman wants the truth from him. Alex says if either one of them cares about Marlena then they will listen to him. He says hes no threat to Marlena, Lois on the other hand . . . John cuts him off and says he wont pin his crimes on Lois or anyone else. Alex says John has it all wrong and he didnt say anything at the penthouse because he though John was a party to this whole phony setup. Alex says Lois has a vendetta against him and Marlena. John says this is a load of crap, but Alex says it is the truth. Neither John nor Roman believe him. Alex says they will regret this, if Marlena is left unprotected then she wont live until tomorrow. John ends up making a call to MArlena and asks her not to open the door to anyone. Alex is thrown in the slammer, and he keeps warning them it is Dr. Banks then need to worry about. 

Back at the penthouse, Marlena gets a call from John. She was hoping it was Alex, and she asks how he is doing. John says Alex is fine, they dont torture prisoners at the Salem PD. John says he was concerned about leaving her alone, and he asks Marlena not to open the door to anyone until he gets back there. She asks if something is wrong, but he says no. John says it would just make him feel better. As soon as John hangs up, Lois shows up at Marlenas door. Marlena asks what shes doing back here? Lois says shes so scared and had no where else to go. She asks if she can come in, perhaps spending time with her could jog her memory. Marlena says shes not supposed to let anyone in. Lois says they were best friends. She begs Marlena to let her in, shes really scared. Marlena says she guesses it is okay. Marlena lets her in, and Lois smiles.


December 30, 2005

Austin returns home and Sami surprises him with a decorated apartment. She wants to have a New Years party for their company. Austin says he has plans with Carrie. She says shes sorry, and of course he does. Carrie shows up and asks if she is interrupting business? Sami says no, but she is throwing a party and they both have to stay for it. Carrie asks if she really wants her here? Sami says yes, she wants to start a new relationship with her, and she says this would mean a lot to her. Carrie agrees to stay. Sami says great and she has some last minute things to do. Austin helps her and asks if they have found any info out on High Styles CEO. Sami doubts they will get any information on New Years Eve. Austin just hates not being able to make a courtesy call to the CEO. Sami says he tried, which is more than most people would have done. To herself Sami knows that Carrie will never forgive Austin for this. The doorbell rings, it is Lucas. He heard she was throwing a party and he guesses his invite got lost in the mail. She says it was supposed to be a company party, but what the hell. Lucas says then she wont mind if he brings a date, Eugenia. Sami says whatever and blows a party favor in their faces. Lucas and Eugenia head inside. Eugenia has a bottle of wine to help her get through this nightmare. She says shell drink for the both of them. Lucas talks about how Carrie will be heartbroken when she learns Austin took her company. He thinks Carrie will remember how he is the one who backed off and respected her feelings and then shell realizes he is the man she belongs with. Later Lucas sees how happy Sami is, he thinks something is up. He says the mans she wants has his eyes on someone else, so why is she okay with this. Sami says Carrie has always loved Austin, and hes forgiven her. She says they are like Romeo and Juliet. Lucas says Romeo and Juliet died at the end though. Sami says not her fault. Both Lucas and Sami wonder what the other is up to. Lucas goes and tells Austin that Sami needs him in the kitchen. Austin leaves, and Lucas talks to Carrie. He says to a New Year with wonderful new surprises. She says same to him, and thanks again for not going after her company and for understanding about Austin. Lucas asks how Sami is handling her and Austin together? Carrie says shes fine with it and wished them luck. Lucas says that is great, and here is to 2006. Lucas smiles devilishly. Meanwhile, Austin tells Sami that Nicole is authorizing the takeover papers as they speak, 2006 will begin with them owning High Style. Later Sami breaks the champagne out for the new years toast. Austin tells everyone to grab a glass. Sami gives Lucas some cider. The clock chimes midnight, they all say happy New Year and Austin and Carrie kiss.

Bo and Hope bring Zack over to the neighbors for a sleepover. The neighbor asks if they have a party to go to? Bo and Hope are headed to a hospital to see a friend of theirs baby who is sick. Hope tells Zack that shes going to miss him tonight. She tells him to be a good boy and that theyll see him in the morning. Bo and Hope leave, and Hope tells Bo how she doesnt know what shed do if something happened to one of their kids. Bo tells her nothing ever will happen. 

At the hospital, Phillip tells Belle that Claire is bad, shes really bad. Belle says shell get better, but Lexie says shes afraid its too late for Claire. Lexie says her other organs are beginning to fail, they are running out of time. Belle says she got a sign from God that everything would be okay. Phillip says she is suffering right now and sometimes God has other plans. Belle says no, God wouldnt take her. Belle tells Shawn and Mimi to tell them. Shawn says as long as shes alive there is hope. Belle says that is right, and anyone who doesnt believe it should leave. She says they will get a miracle. John, Kate and Victor are also there. Bo and Hope soon arrive. Shawn brings them up to date on the situation. Hope asks where Mimi is. Shawn says Mimi left for a break, and hes going to go find her. Hope says shell stay here. Bo has to go pick up Chelsea from her driving lesson, but he says hell be right back. Shawn thanks them and leaves to find Mimi. Hope says this is as hard on Shawn as it is Belle, and she cant stop thinking about Chelseas accident and how they thought she died. Bo says their children have been testing them. Hope says not Zack though. Bo says Shawn and Chelsea are both pulling their lives together. Bo heads off to pick up Chelsea. 

Later, Lexie tells Belle and Phillip that Claire is terminal and she will soon reach the point where it will be too late for a transplant. She says its time to consider taking her off the machines that are keeping her alive. 

Caroline arrives and tells Victor how sorry she is about his granddaughter. He thanks her, and as they talk, Kate spies on them. Victor says hes been thinking about all the years he missed out with Bo lately. He says if she had the same opportunity again? Caroline says she would have kept her secret, Bo and her whole family would have been devastated. Kate hopes Victor keeps quiet. 

Chelsea is out waiting for her dad. She cant believe its New Years Eve and shes waiting for her dad to pick her up. She thinks it is lame. Bo picks her up, and she complains how it was getting cold out there. Bo asks how the class is going. She says great, and the teacher says she is his best student. She says shes really learned her lesson, she knows how important it is to be a responsible driver. She says not being able to drive totally sucks. She says the last thing he wants to be doing tonight is carting her around. Bo doesnt mind it. Chelsea says the teacher said she eligible for a temporary license, so if he signs the slip then she can drive again. Bo says no way. Chelsea begs him by saying shell be super careful and super responsible. Bo says no way, but she says she knows she screwed up and she just wants to show him that she can be responsible. She says she wants to make him proud of her, she wants to show him and all of Salem that shes worthy of being a Brady. Bo says dont let him regret this, and she has to be extra careful. He also warns her about tonight, too many people drive drunk on New Years. She thanks him and asks for one more favor, can she borrow his car tonight. Bo says okay, but she has to be careful. She thanks him and says her driving will be perfect. 

Bo returns to the hospital, and Hope fills him in on what is going on. Alice and Grandpa Shawn have now gathered at the hospital. Caroline takes a minute to ask Mimi how things with Shawn are going. Mimi says they have gotten closer, but right now Belles baby is the only thing on his mind. Caroline says shes on all their minds right now. Phillip and Belle come out to talk to everyone. They thank them for being here. Phillip says they just talked with Lexie, she thinks its time to take Claire off of life support. Everyone is stunned and heart broken. Belle however wont do it, she wants to wait for their miracle. Alice suggests they pray, so they form a prayer circle for Claire. John leads the prayer, asking God to watch over Claire and her parents and to grant a miracle if it is his will. He says however if it is his choice to take her . . . Belle says no, dont say that, no negative thoughts. Phillip tells Belle that it is Gods decision now. John continues with the prayer for Claire and everyone says Amen. 

The family gathers around Belle and Phillip. Victor tells Phillip how sorry he is. Phillip thanks him for being here and says family is very important right now. He leaves to be with Belle. Kate swoops in and says he did the right thing. Victor says Caroline agrees, though he didnt tell her the specifics. He agrees to keep the secret for now.

A worried Hope calls to check up on Zack. The neighbor watching Zack says hes been an angel, but hes worried that the cat spent the night outside. Zack then wanders in and the neighbor lets Zack say happy New Year to his mom, and he says he loves her, daddy, Shawn and Chelsea. Hope says goodbye and shell see him in the morning. The neighbor says shes putting him right to bed. Bo asks Hope how he is, and Hope says the best.

Shawn tells Mimi then need to talk. He takes her off in private. He says hes made a decision after watching Belle and Phillip go through this. Shawn says hes put things in perspective, he has to stop putting his own life on hold as you never know what will happen. Shawn gets down on one knee and asks Mimi to marry him.

Belle continues to refuse to take Claire off life support, she needs a miracle. Hope asks God to do what he needs to in order to grant Claire her miracle. Suddenly Claires monitors all begin to beep. They ask Lexie what is happening?

Meanwhile, Zack is up and hears the cat crying outside. He goes out side looking for the cat. At the same time, reckless driving Chelsea is tearing down the street with the stereo blasting. Zack sees the cat in the street and he heads out to get it. We see the car headed for Zack and his face caught in the headlights. Chelsea is looking at something, her phone probably. Suddenly she runs over something, she doesnt know what. She says what the hell was that?

In jail, Alex is demanding to make his one phone call. He says it is a matter of life or death. At the penthouse, Lois tells Marlena that she knows she feels conflicted about this, but she is better off with that monster Alex in jail. Marlena says she doesnt feel the same way she, John and Roman do about Alex. Lois says because Marlena doesnt remember him back then. Marlena says she doesnt, but ever since he has been with her, he has been loving and caring. The doorbell rings, and she goes to answer the door. Lois says but John said not to let anyone in .Marlena says John though she was alone, but shes not. Marlena sees who it is and opens the door to them. Its just flowers, she says John likes to send her flowers and hes been doing it since they were first married. Lois says that is very romantic. Marlena reads the card I will always keep you safe and protected, remember I love you, John. Lois tells Marlena how lucky she is to have so many men in love with her. Marlena says sometimes she thinks it would be better if it was just one. Lois says its never been just one with her, shes always had a gaggle of guys following her around wherever she went. Lois says its like none of the rest of them existed. The phone rings and Marlena answers. It is Alex calling from jail. Alex says he had to call her and make sure she is safe. He then tells her that the things John, Roman and Lois said he did are lies. He says she has to believe he would never hurt her, he loves her and always will. Alex is told to wrap it up, so he tells Marlena that he has to go. He tells her to just remember he loves her and hes sure these charges wont stick. Lois asks if everything is all right? Alex hears Lois and says she cant be there with her, she cant be alone with Lois. The cop at the station tells him that his time is up. They argue over the phone. The cop hangs up the phone, and Marlena tells Lois that Alex just gave her a warning about her, that she was some kind of a threat. Marlena asks why he said that? Lois says she isnt a threat to Marlena, shes a threat to Alex. Marlena refuses to believe Alex could hurt her. Lois says she doesnt know the real Alex, and she says as long as hes in jail then Marlena is safe. Lois says Marlena has gotten so upset, and she offers to warm up her tea. Lois leaves with the tea, and Marlena gets a call from John. He asks if she is okay? Marlena asks how Claire is. John says its not good, Lexie wants to take her off life support but Belle wont allow it. Marlena wants to be there, but John wants her to stay where shes safe. Marlena tells John to tell Belle that shes praying for her and for Claire. She also tells him happy new year. John says it has to be better than last year. Lois returns with the tea, she asks if Alex called her again? MArlena says no it was John, their granddaughter isnt doing well. Lois says shes so sorry, and to drink up as it will calm her down. Marlena drinks her tea. Back in jail, Alex is thrown back in his cell as he screams that Marlenas life is in danger and someone must warn her. Back at the penthouse, Marlena drinks up as Lois watches with an evil smile. Lois asks if John is coming over, but Marlena says no. Lois doesnt feel comfortable leaving Marlena by herself, she offers to stay the night so they can talk in the morning. Marlena says shed like that. Marlena suddenly becomes so tired. Marlena points Lois to the guest room and to make herself at home. Marlena decides to go hit the hay and heads up to her room. Lois begins looking through a desk and finds some scissors, just what she says she needs. As Marlena climbs into bed, Lois ascends the staircase with scissors in hand. 

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