January 31, 2005

At Samis place, Sami thanks Lucas for the pearls he gave her, and for the shower. Lucas thinks they wont replace the ones John gave to Belle, but Sami says these pearls are priceless to her. She no longer wants to elope and thinks they will have a beautiful wedding. She hugs Lucas and knows, because of the psychic, that the only thing that will screw her wedding up is Brandons return. She thinks that wont happen. Later a man delivers a bunch of wedding presents for Sami and Lucas. Sami is eager to open them and hopes there is a cappuccino maker among the gifts. Sami tears through the gifts, and one of them is a crystal birdbath with two love birds. Lucas reads the card, which gives the legend of the love birds, saying if they break hearts will break to. Sami thinks it must from her Grandma Evans, but Lucas says its from Brandon. Sami drops the love birds, and they shatter. Sami tries to glue the love birds back together, and Lucas thinks this is the work of that stupid psychic hotline she keeps calling. HE tells her shes being superstitious. He tries to tell her that nothing has changed, and he thinks its like she wants their wedding to end in disaster. She says she doesnt, but he says she is always creating problems where they dont exist. He says take his mom for example. Sami says Kate does hate her. Lucas says if her mom and Eugenia are plotting against them, she is the only one that will allow them to succeed. He says she holds their future in her hands. Sami asks if he really doesnt think they are jinxed? He says he loves her, does she love him. She says yes, more than anything and anyone. He says then that is all they need. He says he knows she wanted her moms pearls, but he doesnt think John gave them to Belle to hurt her. Sami says it doesnt matter, she has her own pearls now. Lucas says he wants her to trust in their love, and she says she will. She says the broken love birds dont matter, and she could call the store and say they were broken when they arrive. Lucas says that is the Sami he knows and loves.

At the Carver house, Celeste talks on the phone with Lexie, who is at the hospital with Abe. Brandon shows up and Celeste asks what he is doing here, she thought she convinced him to stay in London. Brandon says he wants to be here for his family. Celeste thinks that is noble, but he needs to leave and get far away from Sami. Brandon assures Celeste that his return has nothing to do with Sami, he is here for Lexie and his father. Celeste says Lexie is still at the hospital.. Brandon says hes tired and is going to take a nap as the woman next to him on the plane wouldnt stop talking. Celeste thinks the woman was interested in him, and she asks if he got her number. Brandon says no, and he asks why everything comes back to Sami with her? Celeste says as she told him coming home as he did, he is tempting fate! Brandon finds Lucas and Samis wedding announcement and says here it is in black and white, this wedding will happen. Celeste says there is a way to find out if hes not afraid. Celeste puts the newspaper in a circle of crystals and candles for a special ceremony. Celeste says this will tell them the fate of her wedding and future of her marriage. Celeste asks Brandon for his hand. They hold hands over the picture, and then they close their eyes and concentrate. Brandon opens one of his eyes and looks at Celeste. Celeste asks for a sign of Samanthas wedding. A breeze blows, lightning comes out of the crystals, and the newspaper bursts into flames. Brandon asks how she did that?

At Belle and Phillips loft, Shawn tells Belle that he loves her. Belle says she loves him to, and they kiss. Shawn says hes been lost for so long, the last few months have been a total blank. However, he says he knows what he wants now, and he is so sorry for those things he said to her. He says he is sorry he wasnt here to help her through her moms death, and hes sorry he got involved with Jan. Shawn tells Belle that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and he has always loved her. Suddenly, Phillip calls up to Belle. Downstairs Phillip has returned. Shawn says they have to tell Phillip. Belle says shell do it on her own and convince Shawn to leave. Shawn doesnt want to at first, but eventually does. He tells Belle to call him, and he heads out the window. Meanwhile, Rex shows up to see Phillip. He has some bad news for Phillip. Belle goes downstairs to see Phillip, and Rex tells Belle that Phillip just got terrible news and will need her. Rex leaves, and Belle asks Phillip what is going on. He says his first lietenent Paul was in a bad car accident, and he may not make it. Belle remembers having dinner with Paul and his wife Maria. She thinks Maria must be devastated. Phillip says she should be, its her fault. Phillip says Maria left Paul, she wrote him a dear John letter and says he was leaving him and their marriage was over. Belle says that is awful. Phillip says soldiers get these letters all the time, when they are overseas a letter is the only way a girlfriend can get in touch. Phillip says he knows a few men who have gotten letters or voicemails like that. He thinks it is heartless. Belle asks if he knows why Maria left him? Phillip says yes, she left him for an old boyfriend she fell back in love with. Phillip says that he cant believe Maria did this to him, and he hopes he didnt purposely drive off the road because his wife left him. Belle asks if he thinks he tried to kill himself? Phillip says no, Paul is stronger than that, but there are guys who go off the deep-end when they get those dear John letters. Phillip says they drink, do drugs, or they just stop giving a damn. Phillip says last year this guy in combat learned his wife left him, and he purposely tried to get himself killed in combat. Phillip says he thanks God he has her and she would never do anything like that to him. Phillip says this is a bad omen for his troop, it will bring down the morale. However, he says he has his medal from her to protect him, and he has her at home loving him and waiting for him. Phillip asks if she is okay? She says yes, is he. He says there is nothing else he can do, and he remembers she had something important to tell him. 

At Rex and Shawns loft, Mimi locks Jan in the closet. Jan yells at mimi that she will pay for this, she is going to tell Rex everything! She says when Sexy Rexy hears what she did hell drop kick her faster then she dumped her kid. Shawn and Rex return, and they let Jan out. Jan tells Rex that Mimi the meddling witch set up a meeting between Belle and Shawn again. Shawn says he asked her to, and he and Belle have worked things out. Jan is stunned. Shawn tells Jan that Belle loves him and he loves her. Rex cant believe this, but Mimi says true love won out. Jan says maybe for them, but not for her! She tells Mimi when she gets back she is doomed! Jan then takes off. Rex is furious with Mimi as Phillip is going to be devastated and he says it is her fault. Jan soon returns with a present. She says she over reacted before and has decided to be a gracious looser. Shawn thinks it is best she just leave, but she says no. She says not until she gives Mimi her gift. Mimi says she doesnt want it. Jan says its for Rex too, so he can open it. Rex opens it, and inside is a baby doll. Jan says she saw it earlier and couldnt help but think of Mimi. Rex thinks it is cute, and Jan talks about how she and Mimi used to play with dolls when they were younger and dream about having a family of their own. Jan says she knows the doll is a lame substitute for a real baby. Rex says he knows what is going on. Jan says it took him long enough brainiac!

In Europe, Georgias parents refuse to let Bo and Billie take Georgia as she is their legally adopted daughter. Billie says she didnt give her consent so it isnt a legal adoption. Georgia becomes upset and doesnt want to go with Bo and Billie. Billie becomes upset and tries to calm Georgia down. Georgia says even if Billie did give birth to her, she isnt her mother so she is not going with them. Bo, Billie and Hope talk. Bo thinks they need to get her to the States for a DNA test. Hope says they dont even know if this is Georgia or if Georgia is alive. Billie is positive this girl is Georgia, and she thinks Hope only cares about getting Bo out of here. Georgias father tells them that they dont know who they are, for all they know they could be working for the DiMeras. He says the only proof they have is the birth certificate, which could be forged. Billie says it isnt. She shows it to them, and when the mother sees the date Georgia was born, she says she has proof that Georgia is not their daughter. The woman brings a box of papers into the room and shows them a copy of Georgias birth certificates, the dates dont match. Bo thinks the DiMeras could have altered it. Her father doubts that, and the mother doubts Georgia is their daughter. Billie thinks she is, and she wants to take Georgia to the US to prove it. Her mother forbids it, and Hope thinks she knows a way they can get the proof they need. Billie asks how? Hope says it is simple. She asks Georgia her blood type? Georgia doesnt, but her mom says it is AB-. Bo and Billie are O+ and O-. Billie thinks they could be lying, but Hope doesnt think so. Bo still isnt completely convinced. Hope tells Bo that he is putting these people through hell. She reminds him how it felt when Glen and Barb showed up at their door to get JT claiming to be his parents. Billie wont leave without conclusive proof, and Georgias mom says she just remembered something., She says she was told to open this letter if anyone came claiming to be her parents and trying to take them away from them. Bo reads the letter, which is from Tony. It says He wishes he knew a way to laugh aloud in print. He says wrong girl, sorry, keep looking. He tells them theyll have no better luck next time, whereas hell keep getting a laugh at them. Hope says it is time to go, but Billie wont. She still thinks Georgia could be her daughter, and the DiMEras may want them to walk away from her. Georgia says she wont go, but she will give them the proof they need. Georgia cuts off a lock of her hair to give to them to run DNA tests on. Patrick is outside honking his horn, so Hope says they should go. Billie thanks Georgia and says she is a beautiful girl. They hug, and Georgia says shell pray that they find their daughter. Bo apologizes, and he leaves his card to see they get help if anyone makes trouble for them. Bo tells Billie that they will find their daughter, and hell be with her every step of the way. Hope hears this and is not pleased. 


February 1, 2005
At the loft, Phillip asks Belle what she wanted to tell him? Before she can say anything, Phillip gets a call he must take. Belle wonders how she can tell Phillip the truth. She thinks this is all her fault, and she has to tell Phillip the truth because if she waits it will only hurt more in the end. She says it's not fair to any of them to be living a lie. Phillip gets off the phone and says his deployment has been moved up, and he has to leave now. Phillip gives her some documents to keep in a safe place, and she sees they are his will and his death benefits. Belle says no! Phillip says he knows she doesnt want to think about it, but they have to be prepared. He also says he has the best reason to come home, her. He tells her that she is everything to him, she is his entire life and future and nothing will keep them apart. Phillip gets ready to head off, and Belle says at least let her drive him. He says he doesnt want her driving upset, and they wont let her see him off anyways. Phillip says he wants to remember her right here, as this is where he'll be coming home to her. Phillip says he will come home and he loves her. Belle says she has something for him upstairs so just wait. She heads upstairs and finds a present in the drawer. She wishes she could spare Phillip the hurt, but she cant live a lie. She says she knows what she has to do, she has to tell him. Belle heads downstairs, and Phillip is gone. She finds a note from him saying he couldnt bring himself to say goodbye. He says he loves her and will be counting the days until hes back in her arms. He signs it love always, your husband, Phillip. Belle says shes too late, hes gone. 

At Rex and Shawns, Rex looks at the baby doll and he tells Mimi that he cant believe she didnt tell him. He says theyre having a baby, hes going to be a father? He picks her up and says she has made him the happiest man on earth. Mimi tells Rex that shes not pregnant. Rex asks then what the baby doll is all about? Jan says Mimi can tell him. Jan tells Mimi to tell her boyfriend what he should have told him a long time ago. She asks Mimi whats wrong, cat got your tongue? Shawn asks Jan what she is doing now?  He says they need to talk, and he drags her off. Rex ignores the doll and wants to talk to Mimi about what happened between Shawn and Belle. Mimi decides to finally tell Rex the truth, and they head into the bedroom. Meanwhile Shawn asks Jan what this baby doll is all about? Jan tells him not to yell at her, she is the one who should be angry at him for dumping her for his slut of an ex-girlfriend. Jan says there is still someone who loves her. She cradles the baby doll and talks to it as if it was alive. Shawn says your talking to a doll. Jan says but she is beautiful, and then she begins thinking about the baby they lost. Shawn says that wasnt his baby. Jan says she fell in love with him then, and then he abandoned her. Jan says she wont let him do that again. Shawn tells Jan that he doesnt want to hurt her, but she needs help. Jan says he needs help, he wants to be with Belle after she lied to him. Shawn says Jan is the one who lied to him. She asks what he is talking about? Shawn says what do you think? He says she lied to him about Belle pushing her down that steps and losing the baby. She says oh that. He also wonders what else she has lied about. He begins talking about his missing weeks from the summer, and how shes never explained what happen to him. She says she is devastated that he doesnt remember how they fell in love, it hurts her. Shawn says that isnt an answer. Shawn says he doesnt even know why he slept with her. Jan says hello, because she is a real woman! She says he wasnt getting any, so is it a mystery? She reminds him how he told everyone in the hospital he loved her. Shawn says he is confused, and he doesnt know how this happened. Shawn says all he knows is he realizes he loves Belle. Jan begs him not to do this to her. She begs him to tell her that he loves her! She says he is all they have (as she hugs the baby doll), and she says please dont make us hate you. Shawn says he has to go. Jan says he cant go over there, Phillip will kill him and she doesnt want him to die. Shawn tells her to accept that it is over between them. Shawn leaves, and Jan says I dont want you to have to die. Jan tells the baby doll that shell get daddy back, and if she cant, shell make sure no one else can have him.

Shawn goes to see Belle, and he learns he left and she didnt get a chance to tell him. She says he got a call, he left a note, and he was gone. Shawn thinks they need to go to the airport to tell him. Shawn says it is their only chance. Shawn takes off, and Belle runs after him.

Rex and Mimi talk in the other room, and Rex talks about how he cant wait to be a dad, but he also thinks their relationship has changed. He says he cant trust her, she went behind his back and interfered with Shawn and Belles lives. Rex doesnt understand why she cant come to him and talk, instead she keeps secrets. Rex doesnt know how they can have a marriage if they cant be honest. He wants to know how they will get past this, how will he know shes not lying to him again. Mimi decides to tell him everything, but Rex realizes how late it is and that he has to get a shower and head to Alices. Mimi says the shower is broken, so can he listen. Rex says he will hear her out when he gets home, but promise him that he can trust her. She says he can. Rex also wants her to stay out of the Belle saga. Rex says Phillip is special forces, so God knows what hell do to Shawn. Mimi says Phillip and Belle never should have married, what Belle and Shawn have . . Rex says he was their biggest supporter for a long time, but they blew it. Rex says there has been too many lies, and if that is what love is all about then maybe they are better off without it. Later, Mimi paces outside of the bathroom. Rex is in the tub, and Mimi decides to tell him the truth. Mimi says she has to tell him this and it cant wait. She says shes tried to tell him for so long, but she keeps losing her nerve. Mimi tells him that she hasnt been completely truthful with him lately, and it is so much worse. Mimi says she has kept something from him that she had no right to. She says when he hears what it is, he may never forgive her. Mimi says she was pregnant, and she didnt know what to do. Mimi says she tried to tell him, but he kept saying he wasnt ready for kids. Mimi says she didnt want to ruin his life, so she made a decision which she has regretted since. Mimi says she is so sorry. Mimi tells him that she had an abortion. Mimi looks over at Rex in the tub, and hes not moving. Mimi says she knows she betrayed him, but she cant bare to hear him say he doesnt want to see her again. She asks him not to say a word, and shell just go and not come back. Rex says nothing, so Mimi leaves. 

In Europe, Patrick is driving Bo, Billie and Hope. Hope explains to Patrick that it was a trick, the girl wasnt Georgia. Hope thinks they should get home because the DiMeras know they are here. Billie says every clue has lead them here, and she says her gut instinct, her motherly instinct, says Georgia is in this part of Europe. Hope says so far her guy has been wrong every step of the way. Billie says and ever step of the way she has been a doubter. Billie asks Bo to please tell his wife if she cant be supportive to stay out of it. Billie says it has nothing to do with her anyways. Hope says this is her step-daughter, if they find her shell be a big part of her life as well. Bo tells them enough, and he asks Billie not to take her frustration out on Hope. Hope says if it werent for her and Patrick then Bo and Billie might both be dead, and Georgia an orphan. She says Billie better wise up if she ever wants to find her daughter. Later, the gang is outside of the Inn. Hope thinks Billie is laying the ground work with Bo in case she doesnt find Georgia, that way shell be able to at least have him. They head back into the European inn. Billie charges off to get coffee, and Bo tells Hope she is being hard on Billie. Hope says he keeps rushing off to her rescue every chance he can. Bo says this isnt about Billie, its about him finding his daughter. Hope says look at what is happening to them. She reminds him about what happened the last time Billie came back into their lives. Hope says Billie has a history of getting in over her head and not thinking the consequences. She reminds him how they felt when JT was taken, how can he do that to another innocent family out there. Bo asks if she is saying he should walk away and give up looking for his daughter? Hope says no, they have to find her and make sure she is safe. Bo thinks Hope is saying she doesnt want Georgia to be a part of their lives. Bo reminds her how they felt when they found out Abe and Lexie had their son. He asks if she would have walked away from zack? Hope says she is surprised he remembers that he has a son, two in fact. Bo says that isnt fair. Hope says he hasnt been there for their sons. She says Shawn left a message for him, did he call him back? Hope says she is worried about Shawn. Bo says he is too. Hope says then do something. She says they dont know if Georgia is alive, but they do know their son is. She says they should be there for him, and if something happens and they arent there, she will never forgive herself or him. Bo says Shawn will be okay. Bo sees Patrick with Billie, and it upsets him. Bo claims it is only because he doesnt trust him. Hope says Billie told her to stay out of this, so maybe she should. Bo just wants her to cut Billie some slack. Hope doesnt want to argue and suggests they leave. Hope and Bo get up, and Hope realizes Patrick has the key. Bo asks why he has a key to her room? Hope says they checked in together the same way he and Billie did. Hope says they should get him some asprin for his head. As they head off, Bo sees a photo on the wall of Patrick kissing Hope. Bo says this isn't going to help his head at all.

Meanwhile, Billie tells Patrick that she fears each day that goes by Georgia slips further and further away. She talks about her own past and how her mother thought she and her brother were dead. Billie says if her mom knew the truth and found her sooner, her whole life would have been different. Billie says when her mom did find them, she blamed her mom for everything that happened to her. Billie fears Georgia might do the same. Billie says she thought that girl was Georgia and she was wrong, what kind of mother is she? Billie says now it could be too late and Georgia could be lost to them forever. Patrick tells her to stop blaming herself for this. Billie says she just wants Georgia to be with her, she just wants a little happiness for herself. She says God knows it hasnt happened to her in the past, so maybe its not in the cards. Patrick says she will find her daughter, and when she does, shell be a fantastic mother. Patrick says he believes in her, she just has to believe in herself.

At the castle, Tony and Bart play a card game with a special deck of cards. Tony spreads the cards out and tells Bart to pick a card. Bart picks a card and it is Hope as the queen of hearts. Bart asks what will happen to her. He says what will happen to them all, their future lies in their hands. Tony then shuffles the cards again. Bart apologizes once again for how things went down at the LeMarks (Georgias parents) with Bo and Billie getting away. Tony says it all went down as he had hoped. Tony then deals Bart a pair of Jacks, Jack Devereuxs. Tony says hes not pleased Jack escaped, but they will find him. Tony says he still has the others, and no matter where the castaways back in Salem go, he still holds all the cards, he controls their destiny. They play a game of poker, and Bart asks what they are playing for? Tony says whatever Bart wants. Bart tells him how generous he is, far more generous than his old man. Bo says hell have to think about this. Bart realizes if this was Stefanos deck, Marlena would be the Queen of Hearts. Tony asks what his point is? Bart says hes just trying to figure him out. He says Hope is the Queen of Hearts, Bo is the King of Hearts, and Billie is the Ace of Spades. Bart wants to know the master plan, and what is in it for Tony. Tony asks him what he thinks? Tony thinks he must have some theories. Bart and Tony begin smoking cigars, and Bart thinks Billies interfering with Bo and Hope is just a added bonus to his master plan. Tony says wrong, that is his plan. Bart says he cant break up Bope, they are indestructible like Teflon. Bart says he cant win, their house always does. Bart bets everything because he thinks he cant lose. Tony says he is not Stefano, where his father failed, he will succeed. He says when he is finished Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again. Tony ends up beating Bart, and Bart doesnt understand how he could lose as he rules at this game. He asks if Tony has a card up his sleeve? Tony does, and he says this is the wild card that hasnt come into play. He shows Bart the card, which he says is Georgia Brady. Tony says not only is Georgia real, but she is the key to the whole game.


February 2, 2005

At Rex and Shawns, Mimi is packing her bag and is in tears. She has flashbacks to yesterday telling Rex, who was in the tub, that she had an abortion. Mimi had told him not to say a word as she couldnt bear to hear him tell her that he didnt want to see her again. Mimi thinks since Rex said nothing he wants her to go. Rex comes out of the bathroom and Mimi tells him that she really is sorry, isnt there something she can do to prove it. Rex says there is no going back, whats done is done. Mimi says she is sorry, and shell just pack her things and go. Rex says they have stuff to work out, but he doesnt want her to leave. Mimi asks if he heard what she told him while he was in the bath? He didnt, he fell asleep while listening to his ipod! Rex says he may be mad at her, but he doesnt want to break up with her. He asks why she thinks hed want her to leave? Mimi says she did a bad bad thing. Rex asks what is it, what is the secret? Mimi says Jan wanted him to think the worst of her. Mimi says Jan knows something about her, something she should have told him a long time ago. She says shes tried to tell him so many times. Rex says shes not making any sense. Rex asks if this has something to do with the doll. Before Mimi tells him he gets a phone call from work, he doesnt have to go in to work after all. Mimi sees Rex has the baby doll, and he wonders why it freaks her out? He asks what she did and what does the doll have to do with it. Rex thinks he knows what is going on, Jan is jealous of what they have and is trying to destroy them. Rex thinks Jan knows he doesnt want kids now, and she was trying to make him think she (Mimi) wanted them now. Rex says he does want kids, but not now. He tells Mimi that nothing will come between them. 

Jan steps out of the loft elevator. She has flashbacks of Shawn dumping her the day before. She sees Belle race out into the hall, and Jan asks if Shawn and Phillip are in there? Belle says no. She says Phillip left for the base and Shawn took off after him. Belle says she has to go after them. Jan realizes Phillip doesnt know the truth yet. Jan tells Belle that shes not going anywhere, she wont let her tell Phillip the truth. Jan lashes out at Belle for flip flopping between the men. Belle tells Jan she has to tell Phillip the truth, she cant let them all live a lie. Jan says Phillip will end up with a broken heart, and she accuses Belle of planning to break his heart so he gets killed in combat. She says then Belle and Shawn can live off of his benefits! Jan storms out, and thinks shes getting to Belle. She thinks if she can convince Belle not to tell Phillip then she still has a chance with Shawn.

At the base, Phillip reports for duty, he has a new haircut. Phillip meets up with a friend Jake, and he talks to him about his wedding and how he cant wait to get home to his wife. They then talk about their lieutenant, who probably isnt going to make it. Phillip says hes thankful his wife will never do something like that, shell be faithful to him. Meanwhile, Shawn arrives and begins looking for Phillip. He asks to see him, and says he is family. The woman helping Shawn says he hasnt signed in with her, but he could be here. She says she could have him paged. Shawn says that would be great. Before she can page him, she is called away. Shawn asks her to page Phillip before she goes, so she does.

Elsewhere, Phillip continues talking to his buddy Jake. Jake says hes never getting married. Phillip says he will and he just needs to be honest with his wife. He says he and Belle have no secrets, they have a solid foundation. 

Meanwhile, both Belle and Jan show up to try and find Phillip and Shawn. They hear the page, as does Phillip. Phillip thinks it is Belle come to see him. Meanwhile, Jan decides to cause a diversion and somehow shuts all the lights by pulling a fuse out of the fuse box. Phillip is told he has to stay in a restricted area because of the blackout, so he cant go to Phillip. Meanwhile, Shawn finds Phillip and yells to him. 

At the penthouse, a nurse shows up to take care of John. Kate hired her because she has things to do before the wedding. Kate and Eugenia plot to stop the wedding by using Brandon somehow. Kate says they need to be smart about how they do this, they need to do something definitive that will stop Sami from walking down the aisle. Kate then pulls a gun out of her purse! Eugenia is stunned, but Kate says this is romans gun and shes been carrying it since the whole Salem Stalker thing. Kate says she was looking for something else. She pulls out a website address, Kate says Sami looks at that website every day. Kate has already written a new horoscope for Sami, and she wants Eugenia to hack into the site and plant it. Eugenia says no way. Kate asks what does she mean no? Eugenia wont hack into a computer and post fraudulent information. She says the last time she did that she was fired. Kate says yes because of Sami. Eugenia says still, people go to jail for this. Kate says only if she gets caught, and she wont. Kate says no one will find out. Eugenia says Sami could! Kate pushes Eugenia to do this as they are so close to getting Sami back. Eugenia eventually agrees to do it, and she goes to work. Kate then calls Lucas to check up on him. Eugenia gets into the server, and Kate gives Eugenia the horoscope to give Sami. 

At Samis place, Sami talks on the phone with Eric. He is stuck in Malta for a fashion shoot so he cant come home for the wedding. Sami assures Eric that the wedding will happen this time, and she is marrying the man she is meant to be with. Sami says she isnt even jittery. She says now all they have to do is find him a woman. Eric decides to get off the phone fast. She says okay and asks him to figure out the time difference and have a toast at the right moment. They say goodbye, and Sami passes on Erics message to Lucas that hes a lucky guy. Lucas says Eric is the lucky one to be shooting super models. Sami asks if he talked to the landlord about giving up the apartment? Lucas says no, hell talk to him after they are married. Sami thinks he is not giving it up because hes afraid they wont get married. Lucas says no, he doesnt want to move in before they are married and jinx the wedding Gods. She says okay, and Lucas promises they will get married tomorrow and no one will stop them. She says not even your mom? Lucas then gets a call from his mom, who is just checking on them. Meanwhile, Sami gets online to check her horoscope. When Lucas finds out what she is doing he says she is more superstitious then he thought. Sami says horoscopes are science. Sami reads her horoscope which says a man from her past will destroy her happiness. Sami think it means Brandon. Lucas asks what it said, and she says it was stupid and said happiness was like a bluebird. He wants to see, but she says no as it is bad luck. Lucas says fine and heads to his apartment to get some things. Meanwhile, Sami wonders what the stars are trying to tell her. She decides to find tomorrows horoscope and see what it says. She goes to read it, but Lucas returns and shuts her computer. He wants her to stop reading it and just trust in their love. He makes her promise not to look at it and trust in their love. Lucas leaves, he only returned to get his cufflinks. Meanwhile, Kate and Eugenia hide outside and spy on Sami. Sami is calling Brandons office and finds out he has left for Salem. When Sami screams, Kate and Eugenia celebrate their victory. 

In Europe, Patrick tells Billie that she will find her daughter and shell be a fantastic mother. Patrick then hugs her. Patrick assures her theyll get her daughter back, but to do so she may have to give up Bo. Billie asks why he would suggest that? Patrick says he has worked for the DiMeras, and he knows how they work. Billie says that is why they need Bo. Patrick says if Bos on the case, then so is Hope. He says if something happens to them, she will be responsible for Shawn and Zack losing their parents. He suggests they bring Bo back in when they have more proof. Billie says no, they need Bo and Hope can go home to the kids. Patrick says that wont happen. Billie says if Hope is threatened by her then that is not her fault. She wonders why Patrick keeps defending Hope? Billie sees the photo on the wall of Patrick and Hope kissing, and Billie thinks Patrick has a thing for Miss Brady! Billie then walks off.

Bo spots a photo on the wall of Patrick and Hope kissing. Bo is peeved and wants to know what it was about. Hope says there was a surveillance camera. Bo says no, he was trying to get his hooks into his wife. Then Bo sees Patrick holding Billie, and Bo says now hes trying to get his hooks into Billie. Hope says he isnt, but even if he was after Billie, why does he care? He says Patrick is taking advantage of her while shes vulnerable, and he could be working for the DiMeras. Hope says he is so quick to accuse Patrick of taking advantage of Billie, but he cant see Billie is taking advantage of him. They argue and Hope eventually decides she needs distance from him. Hope gets up to leave, but he says she isnt walking away from him! She says watch her! She says he walked away from his family when they needed him. Bo says Georgia is his family too and she doesnt want him to look for her. Hope says she doesnt want him to forget about Georgia, but she wants him to wait until they have proof Georgia is alive and they know where to look for her. Hope says otherwise they are playing Tonys game. Bo says so what, they give up and go home? Hope says when they get home they will hire a PI to do most of the legwork. Bo says he will not let his daughters future be in the hands of someone who doesnt care about her. Hope says Georgia could be anywhere, and it could take years. Hope asks if hes willing to give up everything, her, their marriage, his sons, to look for a child that may not exist. Bo says hes not giving up on his family. She says he could have fooled her. Bo says hes going to pack and leaves. Hope damns Tony and hopes he is burning in hell. She realizes now he is trying to destroy all of their lives. Patrick shows up and says correct! He says DiMeras plans are to destroy many other couples in Salem. Hope says he is succeeding, and she talks about all the marriages Tony has destroyed so far. Hope says he hasnt succeeded with her and Bo, not yet at least. Hope says Billie is manipulating Bo, she is using this search to get her hooks into Bo. Patrick says that is not true, Billie has said to him that she knows she cant break them up. Hope doesnt believe that and thinks Billie will do anything to get her hooks into her husband. Patrick says she is wrong and he can prove it. She asks how? He says he personally cant, but Billie can. He suggests they go see her. 

Up in Billies room, Billie talks about the DiMeras tricking her. Bo shows up and says they will find her. Billie says they have to start all over, they have nothing. Bo says they have their love for her. Billie says what if its not enough? Billie says what if she never finds her daughter, never gets to hold her, to love her? Billie damns Tony for doing this to then. Bo says they will find her, he wont stop looking till they do. Billie says no. Billie says Patrick advised she let him go home to Hope. She says this is a risky search, and Hope and his family need him. She tells him to go home to Hope, when she has something concrete shell send for him. As Billie tells him this, Hope and Patrick show up outside the room. Hope hears Billie telling Bo that she cant let him risk his life searching for a daughter they may not find. Hope thinks it is just another manipulation tactic. They go in and see Billie resting her head on Bos shoulder. 


February 3, 2005
At the base, Phillip is ordered to stay in a restricted area until the cause of the blackout is determined. Meanwhile, we see Jan having a flashback of pulling a fuse and causing the blackout. Elsewhere, Shawn spots Phillip and yells to him. Phillip looks out and thinks he sees Belle out there, he doesnt hear Shawn. Shawn tries to get to Phillip, but he isnt allowed to go beyond a certain point. Jan ends up grabbing a marine and kisses him. Meanwhile, Belle runs into another marine, and he asks if she is looking for someone. She says yes, Shawn, who she says is in recon. He says she is lucky, recon isnt shipping out. Belle asks if the marines shipping out going to be in danger? He says war is always dangerous. Meanwhile, Jan tells the marine that she kissed that the guy in the leather jacket (Shawn) came here to steal the wife of a fellow marine, Phillip Kiriakis. She asks the marine to stop him. In the restricted area, Phillip continues to feel that Belle is here to see him, and he talks to his friend about his emotional wife and how they met. He gives him a brief overview of their history, including how she used to love his best friend. Jake asks if he still loves her? Phillip says it doesnt matter, she is over him and they are together now. Meanwhile, a bunch of marines grab Shawn and drag him off and begin beating him up! Jan watches and says she is sorry, but this is for their future. Meanwhile, Phillips ride (the plane) arrives, and Phillip borrows a cell phone from an officer to call Belle to find out if she is here. Belle answers and is at the base. Phillip says they are about to leave. She says she has to tell him something, but he says he knows she loves him. She says this is hard, and there is something she has to tell him before he leaves. Phillip thinks she just wants to tell him that she loves him. Meanwhile, Jan thanks the marines by giving them big kisses. Jan then decides to scram before Shawn sees her. She thinks Shawn will need him now more then ever. Elsewhere, Phillip is still telling Belle how much he loves her and knowing she is waiting for him is the only thing that will get him home in one piece. Belle cries she loves him too. Shawn, bruised and bleeding, shows up, grabs the phone, and tells Phillip that is not true, she loves him! 

At Samis place, Sami calls Brandons office in London and learns he is in Salem. She screams, which Kate and Eugenia hear. They are in the hall spying. Kate tells Eugenia that she knows what is next. Eugenia says she is all set. They hear Sami coming, so Eugenia hides. Sami opens her front door and asks Kate what she is doing here? Sami asks if she is soliciting, taking a trip down slutty lane? Kate says Lucas wouldnt approve of her talking about his mother like that. Sami says Lucas doesnt know shes trying to stop the wedding. They end up arguing about the wedding and whether Kate is trying to ruin it. Sami tells Kate that she will marry Lucas tomorrow, and Lucas will figure out what shes been up to and he wont want anything to do with her ever again. Kate says everyone will live happily ever after except her. Kate says that is the spirit! Kate claims she is here to see if she needs her to do anything for the wedding. Sami says she could go to hell. Kate says Sami must be so nervous, and then starts talking about all the times Sami has been married. Sami says the only wedding that matters is hers to Lucas, and there is nothing she or Eugenia can do to stop it. Kate says her future is written in the stars. Sami says she needs to go, but Kate wonders where she is rushing off to? Sami says she has things to do, bridal things. Sami heads off, and Kate says if she didnt know any better shed say she was going to meet her lover. Sami says Brandon is not her lover. Kate says she didnt mention Brandon. Sami tells Kate that she knows Kate is praying she will do something to ruin the wedding, but that wont happen. Sami says nothing will stop this wedding. Kate tells herself Sami is so wrong that it isnt funny. Kate and Eugenia talk about Brandon and how to get Sami and Brandon together. They thinks she has gone to see Brandon. Eugenia says they cant let Sami see Brandon yet, it will ruin everything. Kate says if she knows Lexie, Lexie wont let Sami see Brandon. Eugenia pulls out a laptop and begins tracking Brandon. They see where he is by his credit card activity, and they say now they have to get Sami there.

At the Carver house, Lexie tells Brandon there is nothing that can be done for Abe now. Lexie and Celeste try to convince Brandon to go back to London. Brandon thinks Celeste must have told LExie about her latest prediction. Celeste says Brandon saw the omen himself. Lexie asks what omen? We see a flashback of Celestes little sance, and the newspaper clip of Sami and Lucas wedding announcement bursting into flames. Lexie tells Brandon that he has to leave Salem tonight. Brandon says nothing will scar him away, he is staying put. Brandon says he isnt going to get tangled up with Sami again. Lexie says they cant be too careful. Brandon says Sami is getting married tomorrow, so he doesnt think anything will happen. Lexie says with him in Salem there is a chance something could happen to stop the wedding. She begs him to leave, but he wont. Lexie says fine, and she makes Brandon promise to stay far away from Sami. Celeste says he must stay away from her. Later, Brandon is gone and Lexie and Celeste talk about Abes condition, which is getting worse. Lexie asks Celeste if she sees any chance Abes site will improve? Celeste consults the cards but sees no healing. Sami shows up and pounds on the door. Lexie answers it, and Sami asks to see Brandon. Lexie says that wont happen. Celeste tells Sami that Brandon isnt here, but Sami says they are lying. Lexie tells Sami that her husband is ill, he is upstairs sleeping as is her son. Celeste asks Sami how she knew Brandon was back? Sami says she read it in her horoscope, and then she called Brandons office and learned he was in Salem. Celeste says the stars know all. Sami says she hopes not, otherwise she is doomed. Sami asks where Brandon is, but Lexie says she doesnt know. Sami thinks Lexie is lying. Lexie says even if she did know where he was, she wouldnt tell Sami. Lexie says Sami shouldnt be out chasing Brandon when shes supposed to be getting married tomorrow. Sami says she needs to find him so she can marry Lucas. LExie suggests she let fate take care of things. Sami says she is number one on the fates hit list! Celeste says if that is true then nothing she does tonight will change anything. Sami says she cant stand around waiting for something horrible to happen. Lexie says she wont let Brandon get caught up in her world again, and she throws Sami out. Sami thinks shell find Brandon with help from the stars. Sami looks up at the stars for help, and then ends up calling Miss Wendy for help. Miss Wendy knows Sami is worried about her wedding because her ex has come back to town. Miss Wendy says she sees a hotel somewhere, the Jetway Inn outside the Salem Airport. Back inside the carver house, Celeste reads the cards and says she does see a disaster surrounding the wedding, and it is possible that Sami does want Brandon to leave town so she can safely marry Lucas. Lexie says it wouldnt matter if Franco came back from the dead, if Sami loves Lucas then shell marry him tomorrow and nothing can stop that. Lexie also says Sami is wasting her time trying to find Brandon, he promised her that hed stay at a remote hotel. Celeste keeps reading her cards and says Samantha and Brandon are on a collision coarse, and there is no way to stop this. 

Kate arrives at a hotel bar near the airport where Brandon is. Meanwhile Eugenia goes back to the psychic and waits for Sami to call. Eugenia pays the psychic off to tell Sami what they want. Back at the hotel, Brandon is paged over the intercom, which he finds odd as no one knows he is here. Brandon heads to use the house phone. While he's gone, Kate goes to the bar where Brandon was sitting, orders a drink, and drugs Brandons beer! On the phone is Eugenia pretending to be talking to Bradley Walker about how she is all alone and waiting for him. Brandon says she has the wrong guy, hangs up, and heads back to his drink. Later Brandon decides to turn in for the night as he's suddenly tired (the drugs). Eugenia soon shows up, and when Brandon leaves Kate swipes his bill. Eugenia wonders why she took it? Meanwhile Sami shows up and asks the bartender about a guy who staying here that shes looking for. The bartender says they dont allow ladies of the evening here! She says excuse me! When the bartender wont tell her anything, she orders a cosmo. Sami wonders how she will find out Brandons room number. Eugenia learns what Kate is planning and tells her that she is good. Sami is paged and is told she has a phone call. Sami says no one knows she is here? The bartender says that is the second time this has happened tonight, and he directs her to the house phone. As Eugenia talks to Sami, in a fake voice, Kate drugs Samis drink at the bar. Eugenia pretends she wanted Samantha Bradley, and Sami hangs up on her after calling her a moron. Sami returns to the bar and sees Kate also left Brandons bill behind, with his room number. Sami heads off, and Kate and Eugenia follow. 

In Brandons room, Brandon takes off his shirt and then calls LExie. Lexie says Sami came to the house looking for him. Brandon asked what she wanted? Lexie says she wants him, and shes desperate! Brandon says it wont happen, and he wants to let LExie know where she is in case she needs to get in touch. LExie says no, she doesnt want to know just in case. She says she could accidentally tell someone, and Sami could find out. Lexie talks about how evil Sami is, and how she has resorted to drugging men in the past. She thinks Sami might drug him. Brandon doubts it, but LExie doesnt. LExie tells him to lock the door and let no one in. He says he will. Brandon then heads to sleep.

Outside the room, Kate picked a lock to the maids closet. She puts on a maids uniform and gets a cart. She also sports a blonde wig. Kate rants to Eugenia that she has to stop Sami from marrying Lucas. Later, Sami shows up at Brandons room. She sees Kate outside and claims she left her key in the room and asks Kate to let her in. Kate, in a lame high pitched voice, says no friggen way lady! Sami says her husband is in there asleep, and he sleeps like the dead and wont hear her. Kate asks what her husbands name is? Sami says Brandon Walker. Kate asks for ID, but Sami says they just got married. Kate says your spending your honeymoon at the Jetway Inn, thats a first. Sami claims they are flying out tomorrow. Kate says shes not buying it. Sami says there is some way she can convince her to let her in. Kate says there is, cold hard cash in her hand. Kate makes her hand over every bit of cash she has on her. Kate lets Sami in, and Kate thinks shes done it. She then tells Eugenia when the time is right she knows what she has to do. Sami heads inside and is yawning. She sees Brandon in bed and says she has to talk to him. However, she cant stop yawning.


February 4, 2005

At Rexs place, Rex asks Mimi why she hasnt come to bed? He asks what is bothering her? She says she loves him so much and doesnt want to lose him. He says she wont. The baby doll morphs into Jan. Jan tells her that she will lose Sexy Rexy whether Mimi does or doesnt tell him the truth. Jan says if Mimi doesnt, she will. Jan says its a lose lose situation. Mimi yells no! They talk about what Mimi did in regards to helping Belle and Shawn. Rex says she only lied because he put her in a situation where she felt she had to. Rex says he knows she doesnt make it a habit of lying to him, and this was a one time thing. The Jan doll tells Mimi but it wasnt just a one time thing was it? Rex tells Mimi how important his family is to him, and the only family he has is his mom and Phillip, which is why he has to stand by them. He says he shouldnt have let that come between them as she is the most important person in his life. He says one day they will have a family of their own. Mimi says no, she doesnt deserve to be the mother of his children. Rex thinks this has to do with Bonnie, and Rex says she is nothing like Bonnie. He says one day she will make a wonderful mother. He says imagine it, the two of them creating a brand new life for the first time. Rex says he grew up without a family. He says he and Cassie didn't even know what a mom was, but now that he has one he has learned so much. Rex says Kate would do anything for any of her children, and that is what he wants his children to have. He thinks Mimi is the kind of woman who would do anything to save the life of her child. He says shell be a terrific mother, and their children will take after her and be perfect. He asks Mimi if she is okay, she looks pale, is she sick? Mimi says her head just hurts, and she hopes shes not getting the flu. Rex says its probably tension headaches from what happened with Shawn and Belle. He then remembers she had something to tell him earlier and asks what if she wants to talk. Mimi chickens out and says she was just apologizing for helping Belle and Shawn, and how she didnt know what shed do without him. She says her life would be worthless without him, and shed do anything to keep him with her. Rex says hes not going anywhere, and he understands why she helped Shawn and Belle work things out. Rex says he realizes eventually Belle and Phillip would have ended, and he put her in a horrible position and that is why she lied to him. He says he knows shed never lie to him about something that really matters. Mimi sees the Jan doll dancing and Jan doll says Wanna bet! Mimi decides to get rid of the doll as she says it creeps her out. The Jan doll keeps talking to Mimi and tells her that if she doesnt make sure Belle and Shawn stay apart, then her relationship with Rex will be as dead as her baby.

At the base, Jan spies on Belle and Shawn. Shawn tries to tell Phillip the truth, but the phone is breaking up. Shawn tells Phillip if he can hear him, Belle loves him and their marriage is over. The connection is lost, and Shawn asks a man if Phillip has taken off. The man says the last of the transports is gone, and they cant reach them by cell anymore. Belle says it is too late, and Jan tells herself Yes! Belle asks what happened to Shawns face? He says it doesnt matter, all that matters is telling Phillip the truth. Shawn says he will tell Phillip the truth no matter what it takes. Belle says there is no way to tell him, and maybe this is a sign they should wait until he comes home safely. Shawn says that could take who knows how long. Shawn knows she doesnt want to tell him in a letter. He says he has an idea, and he heads off. Jan comes out of the shadows and tells Belle she cannot do this. Belle wonders what Jan is doing here. Jan says Phillip is her husband and she swore to be faithful to him. She says Belle took vows before God, and if she doesnt stay true to them then God will punish her. She says Belle is Phillips reason for living, so if he dies then his blood will be on her hands! Jan says maybe that is what Belle wants, maybe she wants him dead so she can take up with Shawn, who is her fianc by the way. Belle thinks Jan is just desperate to hold onto Shawn and that is why she is saying these things. Belle says Phillip needs to know the truth, he deserves to know it. Jan says he deserved to know the truth before she said I do. Jan tells Belle that she is being selfish, and if she tells Phillip then he will die out there. She says she and Shawn will never live happily ever after if their getting together cost Phillip his life. Jan says if shes not afraid what the news will do to Phillip, why didnt she tell him before he left? Belle says she tried, but he got bad news and she couldnt tell him. They argue, and Jan asks if she was in love with Shawn the whole time then why did she marry Phillip? Belle says it was complicated, she knows that. Belle says she and Shawn had a lot of issues. Jan says like the fact that Shawn was engaged to her? Belle says and he doesnt remember how that happened, he is confused about a lot of things. Jan says everyone knows Shawn had amnesia, but no one forced her to say I do. Jan says if she breaks Phillips heart then shell be responsible for his death! Jan then takes off. Meanwhile, Shawn asks one of the marines about getting in touch with Phillip. Shawn says it is a matter of life and death, but the marine cant help him. Shawn goes back to Belle and says he has bad news. He says there is no way to radio Phillip on the plane. Belle says so its over. Shawn says no. HE says she can email Phillip. HE asks her if shell do it? Belle remembers Phillip telling her about how he knows lots of guys who have gotten Dear John emails, and how he thinks it is heartless. Shawn tells Belle he knows this is hard, but it is crueler to drag it on. HE asks if she has her PDA because Phillip will only believe it if it comes from her. Jan is around the corner spying on them, and she says Belle cant do this. Belle pulls out her PDA, and Shawn pressures her to send the email. Jan says if Belle does this then there will be hell to pay. She says shell destroy everyones lives, starting with Measles/Mimi.

At the hotel, Kate the maid tells Eugenia that she has to get to the penthouse, check on John, and solidify her alibi. She tells Eugenia she knows what to do. We see flashbacks of Kate drugging Brandon and Samis drinks yesterday.  In the hotel room, Sami tells Brandon that she knows his dad is sick, but he cant stay in Salem. She says he cant be here tomorrow otherwise her horoscope will come true and shell have another wedding day disaster. She asks him to get the hell away from her. She doesnt realize Brandon, who is on the bed, is out cold. She tells him to say something, but then says no dont. She says if he moves or says something then this all becomes real, and it cant be real. She says it's more like a nightmare. She tells Brandon if he ever cared about her, or ever if he didnt, get his stuff and get out of Salem. She says Abe isnt dying and he can come back in a few days. She apologizes for being selfish, but she says she is marrying Lucas tomorrow and they will finally be a real family. She says but her horoscope said a man from her past will destroy her happiness. She says she wont let the stars, him, Kate or Eugenia screw this up for her. She says Kate will do anything to mess up her marriage. Sami becomes woozy, and she pours herself a glass of water. She begins babbling about Mimis secret and how Lucas has told her not to tell anyone. She realizes she just told Brandon, and she says that is the affect he has on her. She asks him not to tell anyone what she just told him. Meanwhile, Eugenia waits outside the room for the drug to kick in and put Sami to sleep. Back inside, Sami is acting drunk now and keep talking about Mimis secret, and Jans secret. She says Jan drugged her cousin Shawn. She talks about how Shawn crashed Belles wedding, which turned into a nightmare. Sami says she deserved it though, she never should have married Phillip as she is still in love with Shawn. She says that is a sin, and god will punish her. Sami then starts babbling about John being hooked on drugs. Sami wonders what is wrong with her, as shes getting more woozy. She says they say stress can make you tired, and she has been stressed lately, but she is really tired. She tells Brandon to say something. She goes over and sees he has been asleep the whole time. She says shes never had that happen to her before. She tries to wake him up, but he wont wake up. She begins to think something is wrong with him. She then wonders what is wrong with her, and she passes out on top of Brandon. Eugenia then sneaks in and sets it up to look like theyve been drinking lots and lots of champagne. She then takes off their clothes, and particularly enjoys undressing Brandon. She says he is so dayam hot that she can barely resist him, which is why Sami had to have him one last time before her wedding. 

At the penthouse, John continues to have withdrawal pains. He dreams about being on the raft in the ocean with Marlena, and her being swept away. John opens his eyes and says I knew youd come back to me Doc. He tells her that he needs her, he needs her so much. It is just the nurse, and she asks him to lay down. John suffers a spasm, knocks the lamp over, and says Help me Doc! Later, Kate shows up and asks the nurse how John is doing. She says he is having a rough night. The nurse offers to stay through the night and tomorrow if need be. Kate makes a call to Lucas and claims Johns flu is getting worse, so he wont make the wedding tomorrow. Kate says she will be there though. Kate says she has a little confession to make, she hired a PI to follow Sami. Kate says it was a terrible thing to do, but there is something he needs to hear. Kate says they didnt find anything, except the fact that Sami loves him and wants him to be happy. Kate says if Sami makes him happy then she is behind this wedding. After the phone call, Kate heads upstairs to see John. She says hell get through this, and Lexie and the nurse wont tell anyone about this. She says everyone thinks he has the flu, so this is their secret. John grabs Kates hands and tells her not to leave him again. Kate says she wont. He thinks she is Doc, and she says it is Kate. John sees it is Kate, and he tells her that he needs something for the pain. Kate says she cant do that. He says just this once, he just needs a little something or he wont make it. She says he has to make it, he has kids. She tells him to block out the pain and focus on the kids. John says hell do anything for his children. Kate says so will I. Kate tells John how she knows he misses Marlena, but she would want him to be there for the children. Kate says Belle needs him, so he has to beat this. Kate says Phillip left for the war, and they hope he will be back soon. Kate talks about how Phillip told her he hoped to make them grandparents soon. Kate talks about her other children, and John says hes sorry he cant be there for Sami and Lucas wedding. Kate says it is okay, and she will do anything to make sure Lucas gets the future he deserves. To herself she says a future without Sami! Kate leaves John, and John continues to roll around in bed and thinks about Marlena. John says he loved Doc, hell always love her. Meanwhile, Kate calls Eugenia, and Eugenia says it is all set up and Sami wont know what hit her. 

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