February 7, 2005

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole brings in a tray of popcorn and sodas and asks Brady if hes ready for scary movie night? Brady sits at the desk sulking and staring at the PC. Nicole has rented a bunch of classic horror films, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. Brady is preoccupied with the computer, and he says Father Antonio sent him an email about someone having reconstructive surgery in a clinic outside of town. He asks if she remembers when they made a donation to Father Antonios charity, and she says yes they did it in memory of Chloe and it went to a needy family. Brady says the money went to a family, and the youngest daughter in that family was in a car accident. Nicole remembers the girls name was Clara, and she liked to sing. Brady says she has been badly scared, and they dont know if the money will cover all the expenses. Brady had a tape of Clara singing as her mother gave it to her when they found out about their donation. She gave it to him knowing Brady was the head of Titans music division. He says she is good, but still young. However she has the voice of an angel, just like . . .  Nicole says like Chloe. Brady says he didnt mean to bring Chloe up again, but Nicole says it is okay. Brady gets a call from someone named Alex, and they chit chat. Nicole looks at a photo of Chloe on the desk and damns her. She say no matter what she does, Chloe still comes between her and Brady. She wishes she would stop haunting Brady and stay dead. She says she needs to put chloe to rest forever. She goes to Chloe and suggests they go to the clinic and present Clara with a check, in Chloes memory, for Claras surgery. Brady thinks that is a wonderful idea and says Chloe would be honored. Nicole says shes not doing this for Chloe, shes doing it for him. He says okay, lets go do it. 

At the clinic, Chloe is all bandaged up. Nancy tells her its over and she can finally begin putting her life back together. Chloe calls out Bradys name. Nancy tells her shhhh. She says the doctors dont want her to talk. She says soon shell be able to tell Brady that shes alive. Nancy leaves to call Craig and tell him the news. Nancy heads outside Chloes room and talks with her doctor. The doctor says while Chloes out of surgery, shes not yet out of the woods. Back in her room, Chloe looks at a photo of Brady and says it wont be much longer now. Chloe begins to have flashbacks of her time in Colorado with Brady, and also their first Christmas together when they told one another that they loved each other. Back in the hall, Nancy asks Dr. Weiss what is wrong? He says there could be complications. Nancy asks what has happened to her daughter. He fills her in, and she says so even after all this Chloe could still be scared. Dr. Weiss says she and Chloe were informed of the risks before surgery. Nancy says she doesnt know what this will do to her, she was just starting to feel optimistic. The doctor says there is too much emphasis placed on physical beauty, and even with scar tissue there is no reason she cant resume her life the way it was before the accident. Nancy goes back to Chloes side and just hopes things work out for Chloe the way she hopes. Chloe says she is feeling better, but will be much better when she sees Brady.

At Rexs loft, Mimi stirs in her sleep. She wakes up and is stunned by something. Rex asks what she is doing, is she talking to their baby again? Mimi is stunned when she looks down and sees she is pregnant. Mimi begs crying and says she cant believe this. He says its not like they havent talked about it before, and he just wanted to wait until the time was right to have kids. He says hes going to go jump in the shower. He asks her to join him, but she says shell be in in a minute. Mimi thanks God to be given another chance to have a baby with Rex. She then has visions of her baby boy, and she hears Jans voice telling her she doesnt deserve another chance as she destroyed part of Rex. Mimi begins crying out in her sleep that she wont lose her baby. Rex wakes her up, and Mimi asks where her baby is? Rex says she was dreaming, and tells her what she was saying. Mimi says that is weird. Rex says she has a fever, she is sick. He is worried and says hell be right back. He returns with some medicine for her, but later she sees her baby again. She asks why he's doing this to her, and he runs off. She  runs after him. Mimi ends up grabbing her stomach and passes out! 

At the base, Jan spies on Shawn and Belle as Shawn asks her if she has changed her mind about them? She says no, so he says she has to tell Phillip the marriage was a mistake and is over. Jan says if Belle does it then there will be hell to pay, and shell start by ruining Mimis life. Belle tells Shawn that she cant, she wont break Phillips heart. She says to email him would kill him. Jan says "that a girl Belle, honor those vows no matter what." Shawn and Belle soon begin arguing about telling Phillip the truth. Belle says Phillip is the most unselfish person she has met, he has always put her needs over his. Shawn says Phillip took advantage of her, but she says no. She says she took advantage of Phillip. She says she used Phillip to get over him. She says somewhere along the lines she did fall in love with Phillip. She says its not the kind of love that the two of them have, but she doesnt want to see anything happen to him. She says she doesnt want to see him hurt. She doesnt know what to do. Shawn says she cant go on living a lie, and she still has to tell Phillip. Belle says she needs time to think. She says she needs to be alone, and she runs off. Shawn then comes face to face with Jan. Jan is furious with him for the way he keeps treating him. She says Belle just told him that she wont leave Phillip, and he is pathetic for not accepting that. Shawn says she needs to face that he doesnt want to be with her, and if he is so pathetic then why does she care? Jan says whether he admits it or not, he loves her and not Belle. Shawn says she is delusional. He asks what is going on with her, something is not right. She says he is the one who is delusional, they are engaged but he thinks he loves a married woman. Shawn says he doesnt remember proposing, and eventually hell figure out what happened and how she got so involved in his life. Shawn storms off, and Jan says hell be sorry as no one messes with Jan Spears.

Belle returns home to the loft. She says it is weird to be here without Phillip. She begins having various Phillip related flashbacks intermixed with ones of Shawn. She wonders what she has done, how could she marry Phillip when she still loves Shawn. She wonders what she will do. Later Shawn shows up to apologize to her for pushing her. He asks if she still loves him, and she says of course she does. As they kiss, Jan shows up and looks horrified.

At Lucas place, Lucas finds his old shoe shine kit from military school. He works to shine Wills shoes. Will says he wants to look his best for mom on her big day. Lucas says it is his big day too. Will says hes only the groom though, where as he is the best man. Will still cant believe that this is going to happen. Lucas says he has had his doubts, but when they leave the church they will be Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Roberts and son. Will fears there could still be one obstacle, grandma Kate. Lucas says Kate is cool with him marrying Sami. Will asks what made her change her mind? Lucas says hes not sure. We see flashbacks of Lucas talking to his mom on the phone, and Kate claiming she had changed her mind about Sami after hiring a private investigator to follow her. Kate said Sami was clean, loves home and only wants to marry him. Kate told him that as long as she loved him and made him happy, she was behind the marriage. Lucas tells Will that he thinks Grandma Kate realized he and his mom belong together. Lucas says he knows they havent been the perfect parents, but they will try to do better. Will says he loves them both and he wants them to be a family. Lucas knows, and he promises him that the days of him and his mother hurting one another are long gone. Lucas gets a call from Kate (see below) and later begins to worry about Sami and where she could be. 

At the penthouse, Kate waits for Eugenia to call. She eventually calls Eugenia, who is standing outside the hotel. Kate asks how everything is going, and Eugenia says exactly as planned. We see flashbacks of Kate drugging Samis drink, and Sami falling asleep with Brandon. Kate says they still arent home free, the next step will take a lot of delicate maneuvering. Kate says they have to get Lucas to the hotel to find Sami with Brandon. Eugenia says it is a show. Kate says she hates hurting Lucas, but its better hes unhappy now then spend a lifetime of misery. Kate says she has set the groundwork with the private investigator, now they have to hope he takes the bait. Kate calls Lucas to make sure hes still not angry about the PI thing. He says hes not happy about it, but he knows she did it to protect him. She says it was unnecessary because for the first time in her life Sami was telling the truth. Lucas asks if they have her blessing? She says yes. Kate asks if he has seen Sami. He says no, she wanted to stay in for the night and he and Will are having their own little bachelor party. Kate says shes probably blasting music, having a bubble bath, and enjoying herself. Lucas looks out his window and sees that Samis apartment is dark. Lucas begins to think Sami isnt home. Lucas says maybe she is out with friends, but Kate says she didnt think she had any. Lucas says hell go check on Sami, but Kate says that is bad luck. Lucas says find, hell send Will. Kate says Sami is fine, shes not up to anything, she probably just went to bed early. Lucas says maybe she is right. Kate says she has a phone call she has to take, and she says goodbye. She then talks to Eugenia about how she has been dropping hints to Lucas, and she wont let this plan fail. Later Kate goes to Lucas apartment in tears. She tells him that she is so sorry.

In the hotel room, Brandon and Sami are naked in bed together, and Eugenia has set it up to look like theyve had a night together. Sami and Brandon kiss one another as they sleep. Sami dreams she is in bed with Lucas, and she asks him why hes here as they are getting married tomorrow. Sami continues to dream about being in bed with Lucas, wondering what time it is, and why she is in bed with Lucas. She looks around and wonders if they are already married. She sees the champagne glasses and wonders if she had too much to drink at the reception. In her dream she is in Brandons hotel room, but Brandon is Lucas. She wonders why she feels so weird. She says it doesnt matter, she is finally married to the man she loves. She kisses Lucas, but in reality is kissing Brandon. Brandon tells Sami that he loves her! Sami then wakes up and says what have I done, did she and Brandon have sex? She looks around and sees the scene Eugenia set. She tries to remember what happened. She remembers her dream about Lucas, and she wonders if she got drunk and married Brandon instead. Brandon tells Sami to come back to bed and pulls her back to his side. Eugenia spies on them worries that Lucas may not arrive in time.


February 8, 2005
At the clinic, Nicole and Brady meet with Dr. Weiss. They give the doctor a donation to help Clara with her surgery. The doctor says Clara and her parents will be overjoyed. Nicole asks if this will cover the surgery? The doctor says this will more than cover it, and he will do everything to reconstruct her face to how it used to look. He asks if they have met Clara? They say they havent actually. He shows them a picture of what she looked like, and what she looks like now. They are stunned. The doctor says he has another patient undergoing surgery here as well. He offers to introduce them to her, and they say theyd like to meet her if she is up to it. Nicole and Brady meet Clara, who is bandages. She thanks them both for what they have done. Brady says Nicole is the one she has to thank. Nicole says they listened to the tape her mom made of her singing, and she has a great voice. Brady tells her that hed like to talk to her about her career in music and what she can do to pursue it, but after she graduates from college of course. Clara thanks them both, and she says this is better then Christmas. The doctor says Clara needs to get rest, so she heads back to her room. Brady then talks to the doctor about his other patient he talked about. Dr. Weiss says it is an interesting and similar case, she was extremely beautiful as well and a singer. He describes Chloe, and Brady says he knew someone just like that. When Brady describes Chloe, the doctor says that sounds like his patient. He asks Brady if he wants to meet her? Brady says yes and asks what her name is.

Nancy tells Chloe that she has to keep those positive thoughts, soon shell be with Brady. Chloe knows something is up, and she realizes her mother has talked to the doctor. Chloe demands Nancy tells her what the doctor said. Nancy says all he said was that the surgery was a success, but it will take time for her to heal completely. Chloe thinks there is more, but Nancy says that is it. She tells Chloe to call Brady. Chloe says not until the bandages come off, and she asks what the doctor told her. Nancy says there may be scar tissue that may take a bit longer to heal. Chloe says or it may never go away, so she may never be able to see Brady again. Nancy says if that is her attitude then she never should have had the surgery. Nancy suggests if she is so sure Brady will think of her as a monster then she may not be so sure of Bradys love as she thinks she is. Chloe says she cant let Brady know shes alive until she is the way he remembers her. Nancy asks why that is so important to her? Chloe says it just is. Nancy says what if by then it is too late, what if it costs her his love? Nancy says she doesnt think a little scaring will matter to Brady. She says the minute these bandages come off she wants Chloe to go to Brady, and she says she is positive he will dump Nicole. Chloe says shed like to believe that, but shes not so sure anymore. Chloe says Brady and Nicole have gotten very close lately. Nancy says Nicole is using her death to get to Brady. Nancy says Brady loves her, she is the great love of his life. Brady says she should have seen the hurt in his eyes when she told him that she had died, and when she said she had brought her ashes back to Salem. Nancy promises her that Brady doesnt care what she looks like, she will always be beautiful in his eyes. She says if you truly love a person then all you see is beauty. Nancy thinks Chloe is afraid Brady may love Nicole and wont want to take her back. Clara then comes in to see Chloe and says she has wonderful news. She says two people made a donation to help her pay for her surgery, and she wants to tell them all about these people.

At Jens place, Patrick, Billie, Bo and Hope arrive. They appoligize for disturbing Jen so late, but she is glad they are home. Patrick asks how the baby is? She says he has a cold, but everything is good otherwise. She asks if everything is okay with them, when did they get home? Hope says just now, they came right here to see Zack. Jen sees Billie sulking and says she takes it they didnt find Georgia. Billie says no. Bo and Hope explain that it was all a DiMera trick. Bo decides to call Shawn and tell him that hes home. However, Shawn doesnt answer his phone, and Hope worries. Hope asks Jen if something has happened since they left? Jen says she hasnt heard anything, but thinks if something was wrong they would have heard about it. Hope says she is right. Jen also tells Billie that she hopes she finds Georgia and she is so sorry. Billie says they will find her, and Hope says she hopes so. Billie tells her to stop being so negative! The two of them argue, with Hope saying for all they know this is all Tonys doing to cause problems. Jen asks what Tony did? Bo explains how Tony set them up years in advance, planted a girl for them to believe was Georgia who wasnt, and left a letter for them to tell them to keep looking. Hope says Tony wants them to spend the rest of their lives looking for a girl who could be dead. Billie says Georgia is not dead, she feels Georgia is alive. Hope says she didnt know Georgia was alive until she read it on a disk! Billie damns Hope for saying that. Patrick suggests they calm down, but Bo says he should stay out of it. He still thinks Patrick is on the DiMera payroll and only went to Europe to watch this sick game play out. Jen defends Patrick and says he is not working for the DiMeras. She also tells Billie if this is a DiMera plot then this could be dangerous for her. Billie tells Jen she knows, but she has to try and find her little girl. Jen asks what if a family has adopted Georgia and they love her and she loves them? Billie says Jen is a mom and she has to understand why she has to find her. Jen says she knows, but they need a plan before charging out there. She also says they all need rest, so they should just get some sleep. Hope says shes going to go check on Zack, and Bo goes to call the station. Patrick talks to Billie and says he believes Georgia is alive, and hell do everything he can to help her find Georgia. Billie thanks him. Jen asks Billie if she is staying in Salem, and Billie says yes. Patrick says hell help Billie look for clues. Bo returns and says Patrick will find them because he planted the clues. Patrick has had it with Bo, and he says if he and Hope hadnt come then his and Billies sorry asses would be dead. Billie says that is her fault, Bo told her it was a trap but she wouldnt listen. Bo says Patrick and Hope still never should have come to Europe. Hope returns and asks if he is saying hes sorry they came and saved them? Bo says yes, you never should have come. Hope thinks Bo doesnt want her help finding his daughter, that this is something for him and Billie to do themselves. Bo says no, and Billie says what Bo meant is that she shouldnt have come if she wasnt going to be supportive. Hope says she wasnt being unsupportive, just realistic. The baby starts crying, and Jen goes to tend to him. Hope apologizes if they woke everyone. Jen says Abby is over at Chelseas tonight. Zack comes downstairs, hes woken up too. Hope and Bo hug him and they decide to take him home. Hope goes to get him dressed, and Bo tells Lunkhead nice going. Patrick tells Bo that he started this. Patrick suggests to Billie they go out for something to eat. Bo says she is tired and needs rest. Billie tells him Dont put words in my mouth Mr! She tells Patrick shed love to go out and eat, and they head off. Bo, Hope and Zack then head off. Jen looks at a photo of Jack and remembers how they used to fight like that. She tells him how sorry she is for how much time they have lost together, and she says she misses him so much. 

At the loft, Belle and Shawn kiss. Shawn cant believe she is in his arms and still loves him. He says it seems like it has been so long, too long. They kiss again, and Shawn picks Belle up and begins carrying her off. She asks what hes doing? She says they have to stop. She says she is still married to Phillip. Shawn says it is simple, does she want to be with him or not. Belle says yes, but it isnt that simple. She says she is married to Phillip and she only married him because he told her that she was a horrible person. Shawn apologizes and says he hates the person he became and the way he treated her. He says after the accident he didnt know who he was, and he cant explain why he acted that was. He says the one thing he does know is that he cant be the person he is meant to be without her. Belle says she applauds him for hitting Jan out of his life, but if he wants to be with her to put his life back together then . . . Shawn says he wants to be with her because he loves her. Belle says she knows he doesnt want to hear this, but she couldnt have made it through this last year without Phillip. She says Phillip asked her so many times if she was over him, and she always said yes. She says she never should have married Phillip and wouldnt have if she knew how he felt, but Shawn told her too late. She says she cant break her vows to Phillip while hes away. Belle says it is too late for them until Phillip comes back. Shawn says it is not too late. He says they have to tell Phillip the truth and they have to do it soon because he doesnt know how much longer he can be without her. They kiss again. Belle tells him to stop as this isnt right. He says that is why it is important they tell Phillip the truth soon. He says he doesnt want to hurt Phillip anymore then she does, and he doesnt blame Phillip. Shawn says he knows Phillip was there for her when he wasnt. However he says its not fair to let Phillip live false dreams about coming home to her, and its not fair to make them wait. He says it could be a year before he comes home. She says or it could be never. Belle says Phillip is going into combat, and he told her so many times the thing that would get her through this is her. She says she is supposed to be at home supporting him, sending care packages. Shawn says so its better to go on living a lie? He reminds her what happened last time she did that. Belle says this is different. She talks about Phillips lieutenant and what happened to him. She says she cant let something happen to Phillip like that. Shawn says Phillip has to know the truth, and as soon as Phillip lands theyll tell him the truth. Shawn says maybe the military will give him a leave or furlough to work this out. Belle doubts that they will give him tome off from combat to work out a love triangle. She says this news will devastate Phillip. Shawn says he knows, but it is unavoidable. He says if Phillip loves her then hell want her to be happy, even if that means sacrificing his happiness for hers. Belle asks if that is what Shawn would do if he was in his position? Shawn says he would want her to be with the man that she loves more, so who does she love more, him or Phillip? She says him, so Shawn pushes her to send Phillip and email. They sit down at the computer to type the email.

At Lucas place, Lucas asks what is wrong? Kate, crying fake tears, says it is Sami. Lucas says he has an idea what she is going to say, and he doesnt want to hear it. He thinks shes going to apologize for undermining his relationship with Sami again. Kate says he knows how important it is to see him happy. She says she told him that she was wrong about Sami. Lucas says that is what he doesnt get, she never wanted him to marry Sami so what happened? Kate says he is absolutely right. She says she knows it is important for Will to have a family, and a mother and father who are together. Lucas says that isnt why hes marrying Sami though, hes marrying her because he loves her. He also knows it will be good for Will. Kate says that is what she wanted with Bill Horton, but it wasnt meant to be. Lucas says hes sorry it didnt work out for her, but it will work out for him. He says hes just glad shes accepted they will have a future together. Kate tells herself she hasnt, and some day Lucas will thank her for what shes done. Kate tells Lucas how she has some news for him from the P.I. She says she called the P.I. to thank him and to stop watching Sami, but he said she was going to continue to follow her for the night. Kate says the P.I. found out something, Sami isnt at home. She says this is so painful and terrible, and she says for his own good she has to try and tell him this news.

At the hotel, a hotel employee confronts Eugenia. He says a number of guests have complained about a woman loitering, and he asks if he can help her. Is she lost? Eugenia says she is meeting a friend for a drink, but she thinks he forgot. The man asks what room hes in, so she says this one. She says his name is Brandon Walker. She knocks on the door and says see, no one is in. Eugenia thinks hes in the shower, so shell just wait longer. The man suggests she wait in the lobby, so Eugenia says she will. The man walks Eugenia down to the lobby. 


February 9, 2005

At the clinic, Clara tells Chloe and Nancy that these people have offered to pay for her surgery. She says she forgets the mans name, but he offered to help her with her singing as well. She thinks Chloe would like him because not only is he nice, he is totally cute. She cant remember the womans name either, but her last name is long and foreign sounding. Nancy thanks Clara for coming and giving her the good news, but she should be in bed as it is late. Clara says she is having trouble sleeping, and she wants to work on her singing exercise one more time. Chloe sings a scale for Clara (when did she get her voice back?), and she tells Clara to practice that. 

Brady talks to the doctor about how Clara reminds him of Chloe. He only describes Chloe, he never says her name, and the doctor says it reminds him of his other patient. The doctor offers to introduce Brady to Claras friend, his other patient. Brady asks what her name is, but the doctor says he cant tell him due to doctor patient confidentiality. The doctor says this patient can be shy, but hell see if shell agree to meet with him. He says he thinks theyll find her quiet remarkable. Nicole asks why she is so remarkable? The doctor says while she is negative about her own progress, but she is positive about Claras and the other patients here. He says she also had a remarkable career before her accident. He says hell go ask her if she wants to meet him. He goes into Chloes room, and Brady hears her singing. He says that sounded like Chloe. He wants to go see, but Nicole stops him. She says Chloe is dead, she is gone. Brady knows that, but says part of him just doesnt want to believe it. She says she knows, and she knows a part of him wont be able to let go of her. He says knows that isnt fair to her. She says as long as she gets the rest of him then she can deal with it. They kiss, and Nancy sees them!

Back in Chloes room, the doctor tells Chloe that the people who are helping Clara are interesting in meeting her. Chloe doesnt understand the point in her meeting them? He says the young woman is a widow of a powerful businessman, and hed like her to keep donating to the clinic if possible. He doesnt mean to put pressure on her of course. Nancy walks in and suggests Chloe do it. 

The doctor comes out to the hall and tells Brady and Nicole that the young lady would be delighted to meet them and is coming out to see them as they speak. A nurse comes out and says the patient has changed her mind, its late, shes tired, and she says maybe another time. The doctor apologizes to them, and Brady says its okay. Nicole thinks she knows why she changed her mind. Nicole says she must be self conscious about being seen by strangers. The doctor tells them they are welcomed to return anytime and perhaps they can meet her then. Brady says he will as he is very curious about this patient.

Back in Chloes room, Chloe thanks Clara and she heads off to bed. She then scolds Nancy for what she was trying to do. Clara remembered Bradys name, that is why Chloe didnt go out to see him. Chloe says she would have walked in on him and wouldnt have been prepared. She tells Nancy that this is her life and her decision, and she needs to respect it. Nancy fears if Chloe waits till she is back to the way she was that it might be too late, she might be throwing away her last chance to be with the man she loves.

At Jens place, Jen cries over a photo of Jack and says shed give anything for him to be here with her now. Later Julie drops by to talk to Jen. She says she cant sleep because all this business with Bonnie, Mickey and Maggie has her worried, and Doug is singing in his sleep. She asks Jen why she is up in the middle of the night? Jen says Bo, Billie, Hope and Patrick just got back into town. Julie asks what happened? Jen says they didnt find Georgia, and Julie says maybe it is for the best. Julie sees that Jen looks sad, and she asks what is wrong. Jen says everyone is gone and she is alone and feeling sorry for herself. Julie says theyll have to snap her out of it. She offers to watch Jack Jr. if she needs time alone, but Jen says no. Jen says taking care of him is one of the few joys she has. Julie asks if there is anything she can do? Jen says not unless she knows how to bring her husband back. Later Jen sits alone and listens to the radio. She says she still feels Jacks love for her, and right now she feels it so strongly. 

Onboard the freighter, Jack is still washing clothes. The captain tells Jack that they have a problem, he is in big trouble! He tells Jack hes using too much starch in the laundry. Jack says it is difficult to mix the starch by hand in the wash. He says normally he has a little spray starch bottle he uses when he irons. The captain tells Jack he never told him he could iron. He puts Jack to work, and Jack says hes coming home to Jen. Later, as Jack works, he hears a radio station from Salem on the radio. Jack says hell be home to Jen before she knows it.

At Bo and Hopes place, Bo makes a fire and thought maybe he and Hope could curl up in front of the fire and have a late night snack. She says she was about to make something as she was staved, so shell make soup and sandwiches. Bo says okay, hell just give Billie a call to check on her. Hope tells him on second thought, fix his own damn sandwich! He tells her not to freak out. He says he is just concerned as he doesnt trust Patrick. Hope says Patrick isnt working for the DiMeras anymore. Bo wonders what is it with that guy, he has her and Jen wrapped around his little finger. He says Patrick is trying to come between them, which is working, and that is more proof hes on the DiMera payroll. Bo starts talking about the photo of Patrick and Hope kissing at the inn. Hope looks as if shes about to laugh at this point. She says she has explained that picture to him over and over, and if anyone should be angry it is her. She says she is still furious with him for running off with Billie. Bo says hes glad to hear it, if she wasnt angry then he would have something to worry about. Hope realizes that he is happy because it proves she loves him. He says yup. Hope says and this is supposed to make me feel good? He says eventually. Bo begins lighting candles to set a romantic mood and talks about how she is getting mad, and that means he has to work to make her forgive him. He suggests they start the making up part. He starts necking her, and she squirms and says she wont make it easy for him. Later they kiss by the fire, and Bo tells her that he doesnt ever want to hurt her or disappoint her. He says he loves her more than anything. She says she loves him too. 

Abby and Chelsea have snuck into the Cheatin Heart with fake IDs, and are sipping sodas. Abby doesnt like this, but Chelsea says its not like they are drinking. Patrick and Billie walk in, and Abby freaks out. Chelsea tells her not to panic. Chelsea asks about the woman Patrick is with. Abby gives her the short version of Billies history. Chelsea says all she wants to know is if Billie is interested in Patrick. Later they see Billie dancing with a guy. Chelsea is glad because Billie obviously isnt after her man, and she says whoever that guy is he is really horny. Abby says Patrick isnt interested in her anyways. Chelsea wonders where Patrick has run off to anyways. Abby doesnt care and says they are leaving. She then drags Abby out of the bar with her. 

Patrick and Billie sit down, and Billie says she used to come here a lot in her younger and wilder days. Patrick brings Billie a beer, and she is shocked. He asks if she wanted something else? She says it is fine, and they toast to finding Georgia. Bo gets a call from someone, and he decides to step outside because he cant hear them all that well. Billie is left alone, and some guy named Mace comes over and offers to buy her another beer. Billie says sure, why not. They soon head up onto the dance floor. The guy really starts feeling Billie up on the dance floor. After the dance ends, Billie decides to sit back down and wait for her friend to return. The guy looks around and claims he doesnt see anyone.

Outside, Patrick meets with some guy about some kind of deal. The guy tells Patrick to keep up his end of the deal, and Patrick says he gets it. Patrick eventually returns, and he and Billie sit back down at the table. Patrick tells Billie tonight the two of them are going to have a little fun, it is about time.

At the hotel, Eugenia is now disguised as a maid! She calls Kate to say she almost got busted, but everything is cool. She says the drugs are going to wear off soon, so they have to get Lucas here soon. 

At Lucas place, Kate continues her crocodile tears and tells Lucas that the PI she hired followed Sami when she left her apartment. Lucas says she probably just needed make-up or hairspray. Lucas thinks shes back in the apartment right now. Kate says shes not. Lucas says hell prove it, and he calls over there. Sami doesnt answer, which upsets Lucas. He heads over to check on her and finds she is gone. Lucas comes back and finds his mom on the phone with Eugenia. He wonders who she is talking to, and he thinks it might be Sami. He takes the phone and asks who this is? Eugenia puts on a fake voice and asks who this is, what happened to Mrs. Brady? She tells Lucas to assure Mrs. Brady the flowers will be there as planned. Lucas hands the phone back to his mom and says it was just the florist. Lucas says Sami isnt home, and he thinks she skipped town on him cause she got cold feet. Kate says that isnt what happened, so he asks what did happen? Kate says it is something much worse. He tells her to just say it. Kate says the private detective followed Sami to a hotel, and she went into a mans room. Lucas says no, this guy is wrong. He says Sami doesnt have any other man, this guy is lying. Kate says he saw for herself that Sami isnt home. Kate says maybe he is right, maybe the guy is wrong. She says shell call him right now to tell him how wrong he is about Sami and how wrong it is for him to scare them the night before his wedding to Sami. She calls Eugenia and pretends to read the P.I. the riot act. She says she is very unhappy with him, and Eugenia says this is good, is Lucas buying it? Kate says what do you think! Eugenia says she thinks they need to get over here before Brandon and Sami wake up. Kate sounds shocked as she says she doesnt believe that, and they will need proof. Kate says shell take care of it, and hangs up. Lucas asks what the man said? Kate says the P.I. claims hes not lying, and if they want proof they can go to the hotel. Kate says Sami is there with another man. He asks what hotel? She says the Jetway Inn. Lucas asks who the guy is. Kate says it is Brandon Walker. Lucas says no, it cant be, she is lying! 



February 10, 2005
At the penthouse, John is still rolling around in his bed in pain. He has flashes of Kate telling him that shell be here to get him through the night and tomorrow. A bright light shines on John, and he looks over and sees a vision of Marlena. Marlena tells him that she knows this isnt easy, but he has to be strong. She tells him that he has her to help him, she wont abandon him. She says shell stay with him as long as he needs her. John tells her that he needs her now. John wakes up from his dream and looks for Marlena. He says he cant wake-up without her anymore. John says he cant do this alone, and he gets out of bed. John gets dressed in black sweats and manages to sneak passed his sleeping nurse. He looks in her bag to see if she has any drugs. He knocks it over, and the nurse stirs, but she doesnt wake up. She has nothing, so John sneaks out of the penthouse. 

John heads down to the pier, and talks to a guy there. He asks if he is a cop? The guy says no, but he can fix him up. John asks if it is that obvious? The guy says yeah. John gives him cash and then the guy has him come with him. They head under the pier, and he meets another guy. John tells the guy that he needs some top shelf pain medicine. John has to pay this guy money and the guy gives John the drugs and says see you soon. Suddenly the police show up and say freeze! The one guy runs off, and it turns out the cops is just after two other guys on the docks who just bought drugs from the guy. The cops arrests them and takes them away. John goes to shoot up when Marlena appears to him. Marlena holds him and says she has him. She tells him that he must be strong, he must have faith. She says in the past when they were apart she always came back to him. She says that is what she does, she comes back to him. We see a flashback of their reunion on the pier so many years ago. John tells Marlena that her love has always saved him. She says his love has saved her too. She says she knows what hes going through, and that is why she found him. She knows he was buying illegal drugs. She tells John that he doesnt need them, those drugs will kill him. She says so many people are counting on him, his family and his friends. She says he stands for so many things, for decency and strength. She says she knows what he can do, and he must stop taking these drugs. John says he cant live with this pain anymore, the pain is killing him. Marlena says the drugs will kill him. She says Sami, Belle and Brady need him to be here for them. John breaks down and wonders if this is a dream. He says he doesnt want to wake up knowing he lost her all over again. Marlena begins to vanish, and John cries for her not to go. He says he cant lose her. She says he wont, she is with him and always is. John cries No, no, no as she goes. He then collapses! He wonders if it was real or not. John gets up off the ground, but falls back down. He says he needs doc, she was always his strength. He says there is so much pain. John goes to use the drugs as he cant take the pain anymore. Someone shows up, and John looks at them and asks what the hell they want.

At Belles loft, Belle writes her email to Phillip. Shawn is there, and he helps her. He says Phillip has to know the truth. He offers to help her, but she says nothing. She says she cant send this email. Shawn says he thought they agreed he had to know the truth. Belle says she just cant break up with him. She says she cant stand to have Phillip pay for their mistakes with his life. Shawn says he doesnt mean to sound cold, but soldiers are dying over there and not all of them are getting Dear Johns letters. Belle says she is married to Phillip and took vows. She says if she breaks his heart then he could volunteer for some dangerous mission because he doesnt want to live anymore. She says that Phillip said his loyalty is what would get him through this. She tells him that hes a good person, how would he feel if she sent him this note and he got killed? She says she is wearing his wedding ring and vowed to love him till death due they part, and those vows dont get magically erased because they vowed to love one another. Shawn asks if she is going to stay married to Phil the entire time she is on active duty? Shes going to let him go one believing she loves him? Shawn says Phillip is counting on a future with her, which is a lie. He says hes afraid she may start believing the lie too. He says one lie leads to another and another, it has happened to them. He says the longer she waits, the harder it will be to tell Phillip the truth. He says she could spend the rest of her life married to him. He says lies always come out, and that is when people get hurt. He says like when he lied to protect Jan and she thought he was the father of Jans baby. He says his lie was for a good reason, but in the end it hurt them all. She then remembers all the terrible things that happened from her lying about her moms alibi. She says Phillip doesnt deserve to be hurt from that lie, as his only mistake was loving her. He says they cant go back and change the past, but they can learn from their mistakes and tell him the truth. She says what if telling him makes it worse and they can never be together? Shawn remember how even when they were little and she used to play bride, he wanted to be her groom. He says but hes not, Phillip is and they wont be together. Belle says she loves him and wants that future with him. Shawn says they have been through worse, and he believes things will get better when they tell Phillip the truth. He says once the truth is out, it will give him an opportunity to move on. Belle says she is just afraid if they tell Phillip now that shell lose Shawn. Shawn says she wont lose him. She says she is just thinking this through, what could happen to Phillip. She thinks if Phillip gets this email, he could snap and put himself in harms way on purpose. She says if he died then they would be responsible for killing their friend. She asks how they could live with the guilt knowing their love killed Phillip? She says theyd lose Phillip and each other. Shawn says they cant keep lying to him, he cant stop thinking about how he felt when she lied to him. Belle thinks she should talk to Mimi, so he says hell wait here for her. They kiss before she goes. She thanks Shawn for being so understanding, and then she heads over to see Mimi. She goes into Mimis loft and screams.

At Lucas place, :Lucas tells his mother that he knows what she is doing, its the same old thing. He thinks she should she a shrink about her problem, the one where she doesnt want him to be happy with anyone but her. She says she didnt come here to be insulted, she came to stop him from marrying that slut. Lucas says Sami isnt a slut, and she loves him and cant wait to marry him. He tells his mom that she is living in the past whereas he is living for now. He thinks she is making up lies about Sami sleeping with Brandon. He says only she would hire a PI to follow Sami around. She says because she wanted to prove Sami was faithful. Lucas says even if she is with Brandon, she probably has a good reason. HE says she cant wait to marry him. Kate tells Lucas that hes being foolish because everyone knows Sami cant be trusted. Lucas says that isnt true anymore, and hes not running over there to prove it. Lucas says hes going to trust the woman he loves. Kate says marriage is based on trust and mutual honesty. Lucas says and that is why hers have always worked out? Kate says shes just trying to save him from a life of unhappiness. She says give him one logical reason they are meeting in secret? Lucas says it may not be a secret, and Sami and Brandon were friends long before they were involved. She asks him to admit Sami may be hiding something, but Lucas wont. He says that would be the old Sami. She says so hes marry the new improved Sami, the one who doesnt lie, cheat, steal or commit adultery? Lucas tells Kate that when she unloaded on him about Sami and Brandon sleeping together, he reacted without thinking. He says then he started to think, and hes going to honor and trust Sami this time. He tells his mom that if he finds out she has been lying to him about this, he will cut her out of his life and out of Wills life. Kate says she has done a complete one eighty with his relationship with Sami. She says she has been supportive of his decision to marry Sami and to give Will a family. She says she would never risk his love by lying to him about this, and she just wants him to be happy. Lucas says he is happy. She asks if he is sure about that? She says it would break her heart to see him go through more pain. Lucas says Sami wont do anything to mess this up, and she knows if she does that he is out of here. He thinks maybe Sami went to see Brandon to confront him and ask why he is back in Salem. Kate says Sami should be getting ready for him, not doing God knows what with Brandon. Lucas thinks maybe she went to see Brandon because of the wedding gift he gave her. He talks about how upset she was after breaking it, and how superstitious she was. He says she could be going to him to make him leave town. Kate says maybe Brandon sent the gift because he still loves her, and perhaps she still loves him. She says maybe Sami went over there to be with him. She says the P.I. said they had two drinks in the bar, and then they went upstairs to his room. Kate says from experiences people go to a hotel room to sleep or fool around. Lucas says hell prove it to her, and he calls the room. There is no answer, and he thinks no one is there. Kate still thinks this is troubling, so Lucas calls the front desk and asks if the bar is still open. They say no, so he asks if a couple is in the lobby, but they say no. Lucas thinks they must be at a coffee shop or diner, but Kate says there is nothing around it. Lucas says fine, it is a huge mystery. He says for now he will trust her and ask her about it when she gets here. Kate says what if Sami is stranded somewhere with car trouble? He calls her cell phone, and it is turned off. He thinks if she was in trouble shed call him. Kate says then the only other thing she can think of is that Brandon came her to talk Sami out of marrying him. Kate thinks that is why he is here, and that he wants her to run off with him. Lucas doesnt believe that. She says passion is passion, and sometimes it doesnt make sense. She uses Shawn as an example. She says maybe Brandon is jealous of him and Sami, maybe he lost control of his emotions like Shawn, and maybe he is going to put Samis life in jeopardy. She asks Lucas if he could live with himself letting that happen. Lucas says fine, hell drive over there just in case Sami needs him. He says hell also rub her nose in Samis innocence. Kate says all she wants is for him to be happy, and she tells Lucas not to bring up her name or the P.I. He says she wont even be there, and tomorrow they will be married. Kate says if Sami can make him happy then shell gladly dance at his wedding. Lucas says he will prove to her once and for all that she is wrong about Sami. Lucas leaves, and Kate cheers.

Eugenia is still at the hotel disguised as a maid. She continues to watch over Sami and Brandon and waits for Lucas to show. She hears the phone ringing, and shes afraid it might wake Sami up. 


February 10, 2005

At Bo and Hopes, Bo is on the home with someone. He says she did a great job and Hope doesnt suspect a thing. Hope catches Bo on the phone and thinks he called Billie. He says she misunderstands, that wasnt Billie on the phone. She asks why he was whispering? Why did he hang up so quickly? Bo says if shed give him a moment to explain. Hope says shes listening. Bo says he was planning a surprise, something special to show her how much he appreciates her. Hope says and I spoiled it, Im sorry. Bo says she should be. Bo says she hasnt totally spoiled it though. She says she is sorry, but when he took off with Billie not once but twice . . . They soon end up in a fight about Patrick and her going to Europe. Bo still thinks they shouldnt have come, and he still thinks Patrick is working for the DiMeras. Hope says Patrick is not the problem here, the problem is Billie. Bo says they have been over and over this. Hope says theyll keep going over it until she feels sure that he wont leave them again. Hope says she understands that he wants to find Georgia, and she wants to find Georgia as well. She tells Bo that DiMeras people are playing him and Billie, and she may not be alive. Bo thinks she is, and he says Billie will never come between him and his family. Bo asks if they can get on with his surprise. He blindfolds Hope and takes her upstairs where a romantic scene has been set. She cant believe he did this. He says he had help from Maggie, that is who he was calling. He not only has balloons and candles, but she got her some of her favorite chocolate truffles from The Black Cat in Parris. He then brings out the champagne. He tells Hope that she is the love of his life and there will never be another woman in his life for the rest of his days. They then talk about their first kiss, and soon make love. After they make love, they eat chocolates, and then Bo pulls out a gift from JC Pennys, a gold sailboat charm. He says they dont have the boat anymore, but he remembers how they always got through choppy seas to smooth sailing. Hope thanks Bo. Bo and Hope then cuddle and fall asleep.

At the Cheatin Heart, Billie downs another beer. Patrick thinks she should slow down a little. She asks what is wrong, is he worried shell be a bad influence on him. He says no. She says he should be worried, and pulls him into a kiss. Patrick pulls away and says this isnt a good idea. He says she is jet lagged, she hasnt slept, and the beer has gone to her head. He thinks shes been on an emotional rollercoaster since not finding Georgia and has had too much to drink. Billie says she may never find Georgia and any chance she had with a life with Bo has gone POOF out the window! Patrick says Bo will never leave Hope. Billie says she knows, and she is trying to get over Bo and hes interfering with her therapy. Mace returns and Billie gets him to buy her a drink. Patrick tells him to stay out of this, but Billie tells Patrick to stay out of it. Patrick hopes she knows what she is doing. Billie says she does, she is making nice with someone who wants her. Mace asks if that bozo is her boyfriend? She says no, hes just a friend. Mace suggests to Billie that they go back to his place, but she says she doesnt know. He says hell show her a real good time. He ends up getting way too fresh with Billie, and she says no. He wont back off, so she throws him across the bar and says she said no, and that means no. Soon a huge brawl erupts, and Patrick gets involved. Billie soon ends up decking people, and the fight winds down. An undercover officer ends up arresting Billie for assaulting him. Billie says she didnt know who he was! Patrick tells him that Billie is ISA, but the cop says he doesnt care if she is FBI or CIA. Billie and Patrick say he should have identified himself before he got involved in the fight. Billie claims she was aiming for another guy and accidentally hit him. He warns Patrick to move, but he doesnt. Patrick ends up being arrested too. Billie tells him to call Bo Brady as he wont get away with this. The cop calls Bo, and Bo answers his cell. Bo was asleep at this point. The officer says hes just arrested Billie in a brawl. He says she is down at the Cheatin Heart and is pretty drunk. Bo says Billie has gone through rehab. The cops says well she tied one on tonight. Billie begins yelling Bo! Bo! The cop lets her talk to Bo, and she says she needs his help. He says hell se what he can do. The cop tells Bo that his friend needs to spend a night in the drunk tank, and if he pulls rank on him then hell file a complaint. Bo says hell be over, but he says hes taking her to headquarters. He says hell meet them at the station. Billie is furious and tells Patrick how this guy gives cops a bad name. Patrick thinks Billie shouldnt have bothered Bo. Billie says she cant count on Bo. He says Bo has a wife and two kids, why cant she leave him alone. She says she cant! She says he doesnt understand, as long as he needs Bo hell be there for her. The cops says this is one time her friend wont be able to help him, and he says theyll going to jail. Meanwhile, Bo gives a sleeping Hope a kiss and takes off.

Brady catches his dad on the pier about to shoot up. He asks his dad what hes doing? John says he needed some air, but Brady tells him not to lie to him. He says he sees his drugs, and he cant believe his dad is buying drugs on the street. He asks if hes trying to get himself killed? John says maybe hes better off dead. John thinks Brady is following him, but Brady says he was going for takeout. He says he and Nicole just got back from a clinic. John starts ranting about Nicole, but Brady says this isnt about Nicole. Brady thinks Johns addiction is out of control, and he tells his dad to check into a rehab center. Brady tells him to think about Marlena and what shed say. John says he doesnt want to think about Marlena. He says the pain is unbearable and there is only one way to stop it. Brady stops his dad from shooting up, and he says he knows its been hard for him without Marlena. John says Marlena was here and tried to stop him, but even she couldnt. Brady fights with his dad over the needle, and he tells his dad to listen to himself. He says hes hallucinating because of this crap. John says if he loved him then hed believe him. Brady says he is down on the docks buying drugs from pushers. He says he thought they got through to him before, but he was lying to all of them. John says the drugs are the only thing that gives him relief. Brady says that is not what they do. He says drugs dont give relief, and hell just end up needing more and more drugs to feed his addiction. Brady decides to call Kate and LExie about this. John tells Brady to give him the drugs, and he lunges at Brady. John and Brady end up in a fight, and Brady ends up decking his dad! 

Lucas speeds to the Jetway Inn to check on Sami. He says Sami better not mess this up again. He says there must be a good reason Sami went to see Sami, but he cant say the same about Brandon. He says if Brandon still loves Sami and is pressuring her to get back together he wont get away with it. Lucas guns it, and is pulled over by a cop. The cop says he just ran a background check and asks Lucas to step out of the car. He says Lucas has two DUIs and asks Lucas to walk a straight line. Lucas does, and he asks if he can go now? The cops says as soon as he writes him a speeding ticket. 

At the hotel, Brandon and Sami are still in bed. Eugenia is still spying on them. She talks to Kate on the phone, and she says if Lucas doesnt get here before Sami and Brandon wake up then they would have done all this for nothing. She sees they are starting to wake up, and Eugenia says this cant be happening. Sami finally wakes up and sees shes in bed with Brandon. As they wake up, Lucas shows up and knocks on the door. Eugenia watches and says this is the end for Sami Brady, there will be no wedding and no happily ever after for her.

Belle finds Mimi on the floor of the loft and screams. Rex and Shawn come running, and they decide to take her to the hospital as she wont wake up. They take her to the hospital, and the doctor asks if she has been drinking or taking medication. Rex says no drinking or drugs. He says she took some aspirin earlier as she wasnt feeling well. Rex thinks this is his fault, and he talks about a fight they got into after Jan gave her a baby doll. Rex says he thought Mimi was pregnant, but shes not and couldnt be. Belle worries Jan may have found out about Mimis secret. Shawn asks what she said, what is this about a secret? She says she was just thinking they couldnt keep this from her mom, they should call Bonnie. Belle goes to call her, and Rex worries about Mimi. Shawn says she probably just has a bad case of the flu. Shawn says hes worried about Mimi too as she has been a good friend and the only one who believed in him and Belle. He thinks Mimi can help him and Belle straighten this mess out with Phillip. Rex says Shawn is being insensitive, if they let Phillip know the truth while hes in combat hell have no reason to live. Shawn says once he knows the truth it will be better for him and Belle. Rex says and him, this is all about him really. Belle returns and says no more arguing, Mimi needs them now. 

Meanwhile, the doctor looks after Mimi and looks at her records. The nurse says she saw Lexie recently and tested positive on a pregnancy test. The doctor says either she miscarried or terminated the pregnancy. They guess that she probably had an abortion, and they ask Mimi who she can talk to about her condition? She says Rex, her boyfriend. The nurse says she thinks that is the young man out there. The doctor needs to know if she received follow up care and if she has had complications from the abortion. They give Mimi some antibiotics and then go out to talk to Rex.

Back in the waiting room, Belle cant get a hold of Bonnie. Rex says he needs to know what is going on, if he was married to Mimi like Belle was to Philip then hed know. Shawn says they arent married that long. Rex says they still took vows, and he says Phillip wont give up on her that easily. Later, the doctor comes out to talk to Rex. Rex asks what is wrong with Mimi.

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