February 14, 2005

At the hospital, Belle and Shawn argue about telling Phillip the truth. Belle doesnt want to break Phillips heart while hes fighting over seas, and she doesnt want to fight about this now. She says they have to concentrate on Mimi. Meanwhile, the doctors are treating Mimi, she has a fever. The doctors need to know if she received follow-up care from the abortion and if shes had complications all along. The doctor goes out to speak with Rex, and they head off somewhere they can talk privately. Belle worries something is really wrong. Shawn says it will be okay, and he hugs her. Meanwhile, the doctor is about to question Rex about Mimis recent health history when Bonnie shows up. She asks what Rex has done to her baby. The doctor realizes this is Mimis mother. Rex explains what happened to Mimi, and the doctor says she was about to ask Rex about Mimis medical history in order to help her understand what is going on. The doctor thinks she can ask them both now that her mom is here, but Bonnie says no way. Bonnie says until Rex marries Mimi, she is her next of kin. Bonnie tells the doctor whatever she has to ask her to ask her in private.

Shawn continues to comfort Belle. Belle still feels guilty about going behind Phillips back. Shawn says they tried to tell him before he left, but Belle says they didnt. Belle says he is still her husband. Rex shows up and tells them to stop doing that, they have more important things to worry about right now. Belle asks what the doctor said, but Rex says he doesnt know. Rex says Bonnie showed up and pulled rank. Rex asks Belle if she knows something? Belle says she just remembers awhile back Mimi wasnt feeling well. Rex says right, female troubles.

In her bed, Mimi dreams about her ghost child. Mimi wonders what is happening to her, and she hears Jan laughing in her head. She asks for Rex, so the nurse sends him in. Rex asks how she is feeling? Mimi says she is so sorry. Rex says there is nothing for her to be sorry about, its not her fault that shes sick. She says that isnt true. She says something happened that she didnt tell him about, and he needs to know what it is. Rex says Belle talked to him about how she was having female trouble. Mimi says there is more. She says she has to tell him something that shes not proud of. She says she is just so grateful he is still here and loves her. Rex says there is nothing she can say or do to make him stop loving her. He says she is stuck with her for the rest of her life. 

Shawn tells Belle that Mimi would want them to do this. Belle says he never gives up? She is angry with him for trying to manipulate her. She says Phillip would never manipulate her, and she wont tell him their marriage is over in an email.

Meanwhile, Bonnie talks to the doctor. The doctor says Mimi has a pelvic infection. Bonnie says her daughter had an abortion, and she asks if that caused the infection. The doctor looks grim, and Bonnie blames herself. The doctor says this isnt her fault, and that abortions carry a risk just like a routine tonsillectomy does. Bonnie says Mimi didnt want the abortion. Bonnie says she pushed Mimi to do this. Bonnie says she should be the one in that bed in pain. The doctor tells Bonnie to go in and see her daughter; it might help them both feel better. Bonnie asks if they can just give Mimi an antibiotic and make her as good as new? The doctor says she cant say that. She says they dont know what caused the infection, what kind of infection it is, and what damage has been done. She says pelvic infections can have very serious complications. Bonnie says that wont happen, her daughter will be okay! 

Bonnie looks in on Mimi and bursts into tears. Belle talks to Bonnie. She says she knows shes feeling guilty about wanting Mimi to have the abortion. Bonnie is shocked Belle knows. She says Mimi is a strong and independent person, and she made her own choice. Bonnie says Mimi could have complications, so if the abortion caused it then she deserves the blame. Bonnie says Mimi was scared and vulnerable and she pushed Mimi into doing this. She says she also secretly hoped Rex would break up with her over it. Bonnie says shes no mother shes a monster. Belle says they still dont know what caused the infection or what damage is done, so they need to stay positive. Bonnie says she just wants Mimi to be happy and have the life she deserves. Belle says no one can make her happier then Rex, and Bonnie says she may be right. Bonnie then congratulates Belle on her marriage. She says its so romantic, like one of those war movies in the forties where the man goes off to war and the wife keeps the home fires burning. She talks about how much Phillip loves her, and how Phillip once said she was the woman he loved and his best friend. She says love like that doesnt come around often, so enjoy it and never let anyone try and do to her what she did to Mimi and Rex. She tells her to stay true to her heart and never let anyone influence her decisions. Belle tells Bonnie to remember what she said about staying positive, and Bonnie tells her to remember what she said about true love. Belle goes back to Shawn and apologizes for snapping. He says its okay, and he suggests they go light a candle for Mimi. Belle says shed like that. She kisses Shawn and says she loves him. She says she will do the right thing so they can be together. Meanwhile, Bonnie asks God to make Mimi happy and she wont interfere in her life again.

On the pier, John and Brady continue fighting over Johns drugs. We see a replay of Brady knocking his father out. The cops show up and shine a light on Brady. They see John is messed up pretty bad, and they think Brady did it to him. Brady says this man is his father. They ask if he beat up his father? He says its a complicated situation. John gets up, and he says his son is telling the truth. The cops find Johns drugs on the ground and one of them says The family that plays together, cuff them! John says he can explain, and he pulls out his wallet. He tells them to look inside, and they see who he is. The cop says he had no idea, he thought he was a junkie looking for a fix. The cop says this is John Black the millionaire, he works with the Salem PD and the ISA. John claims he was setting up a drug bust, and the cops buy his excuse. They say they are sorry and offer to help him get home safely. Brady wonders what is wrong with his father, scoring drugs and lying to the cops? John tells him not now.

At the hotel, Sami and Brandon wake up in bed together. Outside the room, Lucas shows up and thinks his moms PI was wrong and hell prove it. He bangs on the door. A spying Eugenia calls Kate to fill her in on what is going on. Kate asks Eugenia to give her all the details. Lucas continues banging on the door, and Sami finally realizes what is going on. She asks what Brandon is doing here, what is she doing here? Brandon is still drugged up, and Sami says she has to get out of here. Sami knocks something over, and Lucas hears a bang. He thinks someone is in there and demands Sami open the door. Brandon finally hears the knocking and says hell get it. She tells him no! Sami and Brandon try and remember what happened to them. Brandon says he doesnt remember, but it looks like they had one hell of a night. Sami says dont say that, she is getting married to Lucas the man she loves. She says she has to get out of here. Lucas keeps knocking on the door. Brandon says maybe it is room service. Sami says give her a chance to hide. Lucas begins yelling at Brandon to open up, and Eugenia keeps giving a play by play to Kate. Lucas calls someone on his cell phone. He calls the front desk and asks for Brandons room. The woman says that guest has asked not to be disturbed. Lucas pounds on the door and says hell break it down if they dont open up. Sami realizes it is Lucas outside. Brandon says hell handle this. Sami hides under the covers and Brandon answers the door. Lucas knows Sami is in here and demands to come in. Brandon tells him to get out. Lucas begins searching for Sami, and hes furious. Brandon tells him that its time for him to leave. He then finds Sami under the covers. Eugenia keeps spying, and she wants to see whats under Brandons sheet, as he almost dropped it. Kate tells Eugenia their work is done, she needs to get out of there and not to be seen as that would give Sami ammunition against them. Meanwhile, Sami says this isnt what it looks like. Lucas tells her to forget it! He tells Brandon to enjoy her, shes all his. She says she can explain, but he thinks he knows what is going on. He asks why she is naked? He asks if she went for a drive and maybe her cigarette lighter fell out and burnt her clothes off? What then, did she come here and sleep with Brandon because there were no vacancies? Maybe that darn lighter showed up here and burned his clothes off too? Brandon excuses himself to put clothes on. Sami swears this isnt what it looks like. He asks what kind of fool she thinks he is? He wants to know how she ended up naked in bed with Brandon? She says she doesnt know, but she knows she loves him and wants to marry him. She says all she knows is she read her horoscope, and called her psychic. She says she found out Brandon was back and she had to come see him. She swears she doesnt know how she ended up naked in bed with Brandon. Lucas says hes done trying to figure it out. He says she hasnt changed, she is the same manipulative liar shes always been. He says hes done, goodbye. Sami grabs Lucas and says she wont let him leave her! Sami swears she doesnt know how she ended up in bed with Brandon, she wishes she did but she doesnt. Lucas sees the empty bottle of champagne and says no ownder she doesnt remember. He asks what happened, the aliens beams her here, took her clothes and drank the champagne? He says she was here because she wanted to be. Sami says she did come here to see Brandon. She says she wanted to see Brandon, but not for the reasons he thinks. She says she has no idea how she ended up in bed with him, but she came to the hotel to find Brandon and tell him to leave her alone. Sami has flashbacks of showing up at the hotel and feeling sleepy. Sami says she came her to protect their future, not to have a fling with Brandon. She asks Lucas if he believes her? Lucas believes Brandon came back to Salem to get Sami back. He tells Brandon that he has Sami, she is all his. Sami says he cant go, they are getting married. Lucas says they arent getting married! Lucas says he was going to marry her, he didnt care about the horoscope and psychics, he told her she was the only one who could stop this wedding and that is what she did. Sami scrams no!

At the penthouse, Kate celebrates Samis downfall. Later Brady shows up with John. Brady says he found John on the pier scoring drugs, where was she? Kate says she was here all night. She says she only left him to come down here. Brady asks about the nurse they are paying Brady calls Charlene down and reams her out for falling asleep. He says she is fired and hes going to tell her agency about her neglecting. John says this isnt her fault, so leave her alone. Brady lectures his dad and informs Kate what happened on the pier. Kate tells John if they stick together they can help him through this. Brady thinks John needs help. He says hes calling Judge Fitzpatrick and forcing him to go into rehab. John tells Brady hes not calling Karen, and he wont go into rehab like some common junkie.


February 15, 2005
Hope is on the couch dreaming about Bo recommitting himself to her and the boys. Maggie shows up, waking Hope from her dream. Maggie apologizes for waking Hope up at this hour. Hope says she came down to put the fire out and fell asleep on the couch. She says when she woke up Bo wasnt in bed. She says maybe hes in the shower. Maggie asks how the romantic night went? Hope says it was all so wonderful. She says Bo didnt forget a thing, and the best part was that her husband was with her and not off somewhere with Billie. Hope asks why Maggie is here? Maggie says today is her anniversary with Mickey. She says Bonnie isnt home tonight, shes throwing a red beer party at that travesty of a bar. Maggie wants to do something special for Mickey, but hes gone to the police station for a client. However when he comes back she wants to give him a night he wont forget, and shell need Hopes help. Hope asks how she can help? Hope says Maggie has to know how to seduce her husband. Maggie says that is just it, Mickey wants to keep things platonic till they work things out between them. Hope suggests that is the key, do everything to make sure Mickey doesnt want to keep it platonic. Maggie fears she cant compete with Bonnie in that department. Hope says they both know there is a huge difference between sex and love, and she has time with Uncle Mickey on her side. Maggie says Hope is right, and she asks to borrow a bottle of champagne. Hope asks why she would want champagne given shes an alcoholic, and why would she want to get Mickey drunk? Maggie says no, its not for her. She says she wanted to set a romantic scene, and Mickey loves a good mimosa. Maggie says Bonnie doesnt buy anything that doesnt come in a long beck bottle. Hope says she has the perfect bottle, and she wonders why Bop hasnt come down. Mickey then calls Maggie and says hell be late fore their date as hes still at the station. He explains Billie and Patrick were arrested for a fight at the Cheatin Heart. Maggie says with each other? He says no, with someone else who turned out to be a cop. Mickey says he, Jen and Bo are going to their arraignment. Maggie says did you say Bo? Hope hears this, and Maggie says goodbye to Mickey. Hope asks what that was about? Maggie tells Hope that Bo is at the station, Billie and Patrick were arrested. Hope is furious. Hope says she wont let her get away with this, and she asks Maggie to watch Zack for her.

At the station, Billie continues to talk to the cop that arrested her. She doesnt think cuffing her is necessary as she told him she was ISA. The cop says if she keeps this up hell throw her in a cell. Jennifer and Bo show up, and Billie asks Bo to have this jerk take the cuffs off. Bo says he wont, and she shouldnt be calling her arresting officer a jerk. Billie makes a sour face at him. Bo gets the story from Patrick and Officer Jenkins about the man who was putting his hands on Billie, and how Billie hit Jenkins. Billie says she was aiming for the other guy, he ducked and she hit him by mistake. Bo looks the charges and tells Billie that shes going to have to be arraigned. Bo uncuffs Billie and says hell take responsibility. HE tells Jenkins to go home and have his report on the desk in the morning. Billie apologizes to the detective and says it was an accident. He smiles says she packs one hell of a punch, accident or not. Mickey shows up to bail them out, he learned from Jen they were here. Bo is angry at Patrick for involving Jen in this. Jen says she was worried about Patrick and wont let him spend the night in jail. Bo says he belongs there. Billie says everything that happened tonight was her fault. Bo says damn right, starting with the fact you went drinking with Lockhart. Bo wants to know exactly what happened. Patrick says he left Jens to get something to eat, Billie came a long, and they went to the Cheatin Heart because he thought it was her kind of place. Bo says what does that mean? Billie says it is her kind of place, she always hung out there. Patrick says he meant casual and comfortable. He says he bought Billie a few bears, which infuriates Bo. Jen explains, and Patrick that Billie had a drug problem and doesnt drink because she has an addictive personality. Patrick says he didnt know. Bo thinks he does know as he probably read all their files when he worked for Tony. Bo asks Billie what she was thinking? Billie says she doesnt owe him an explanation, and she doesnt need a big brother lecture. Bo says she wont get it. He says she knows better not to drink. Billie says she was tired and stressed. Bo says she didnt need to drink, and if she was tempted to call him. She says and interrupt your romantic evening with Hope, like she doesnt hate her enough already. Billie tells Bo to go home and be with Hope. Bo asks if she is so concerned about his relationship with Hope then why did she call him? Billie says she panicked, and its no big deal. Bo says she is charged with assaulting a cop, it is a big deal! Patrick says Billie was defending her self. Bo blames Patrick for all of this, but Billie says this wasnt Patricks fault. Patrick says if he knew she had a problem she wouldnt take her to a bar. Billie says stop treating her like a kid. Jen says then stop acting like one. Billie is shocked, but Jen says everyone she cares about who gets involved with her gets in trouble! Bo tells Jen not to make excuses for Patrick and blame Billie for his problems. Mickey tells them all to stop this. He asks where they live as the judge needs to know. As it turns out they are both staying with Jen. Bo says Billie isnt staying there anymore, give the judge his address for Billie. Mickey is positive he can get the charge of the alleged assault dropped, but if not they can face jail time. Billie, who is sobering up, feels so stupid. Bo says hell talk to Jenkins and see if he can convince him it was all a mistake. Billie says if she is convicted she could lose her job. Bo says shell be fine, and he comforts her. As he does, Hope walks in. Jen sees Hope and says poor Hope. Patrick sees the look of anger on her face and says poor Bo! 

At the penthouse, Kate sits by Johns side and takes care of him. He thinks she shouldnt be here taking care of him when Lucas is getting married to Sami today. He says hes sure she went through a lot of trouble for Lucas wedding just like she did for Phillip and Belle. Kate says shed do anything for his happiness, and everything is set up and is out of her hands now. John ends up spilling a drink on Kates nightgown. She says it is okay. She says shell just change, but all her nightgowns are still packed. She decides to borrow something of Marlenas. She ends up borrowing Marlenas Valentines Day pajamas. She apologizes when she learns how special they are, and she says shell take them off. He says no, in a strange way it makes him feel like Doc is with him. Kat sits on Johns bed and says she is here for him because he was there for her during the lowest point in her life, and because Marlena was her dear friend and he was like a brother to Roman. She says shell be here for him as long as she needs him.

At the castle, Marlena is furious with Tony for keeping them locked up. Roman tells her not to show Tony that this is bothering her as it gives him power. She says he is right. Roman knows what is really bothering her is seeing John and Kate looking intimate. She tells him that they both saw them in bed together, and she cant get that picture out of her head. They suddenly hear a sound, and find gas being pumped into the room. Roman thinks they need to find a way to block it. MArlena looks at something and says she doesnt believe it. Roman asks what she saw? She says not what she saw, what she smelled. She says hes pumping the scent of roses in here. Marlena thinks its his way of reminding them its Valentines Day. They remember their first Valentines Day together, and we see a made of flashback. It was when Roman was guarding Marlena and keeping her under lock and key. Marlena surprised Roman by having Romans favorite beers brought over, but she had Abe bring them over. She also says she knows hes on duty and cant drink, but she wont tell anyone. Later the TV comes on, and Marlena and roman watch Kate in bed with Roman. Marlena cries that those are her Valentine pajamas. She says maybe he just got her the same pair. Marlena says she has lost him forever. Roman tells Marlena that they have to believe everything will change when they get back. Marlena says John promised to be her Valentine forever. Roman says he made her the same promise too. Roman says right now, today, she still is. 

At the hotel, Lucas tells Sami once again it is over. Sami says she explained she had no idea how she ended up here. Brandon says him too, he woke up with Sami next to him. Lucas tells Sami there will be no wedding, they arent getting married. He says he cant marry her when he caught her in bed with her ex-husband. She says nothing happened, and Brandon says she is telling the truth. Lucas says dont insult his intelligence. Sami says this is fate, the stars are against her. Lucas says they both sound pathetic. He tells Sami for once to take responsibility for her actions, no one forced her to come here and she cant deny she found him in bed. Sami says she cant deny she was in his bed, but nothing happened. Brandon says he has no idea how Sami even got in here, he didnt let her in. Sami says the maid did, she told the maid she was Brandons wife and forgot her key. Luicas says another Sami lie. Sami says she lied, but she lied for them. She says she had to see Brandon. Brandon ask why she didnt know? She says he wasnt answering the phone, she thought shed come in and wait for him. She says she was afraid after reading the horoscope and had to make sure the prediction didnt come true. She says she came here to tell him to stay away. Lucas sees the maid in the hall and asks her if she let the woman into the room. She says no, and she never would have let her in. Sami says it was a different maid, but the maid says shes the only one on duty. Sami remembers the maid. Lucas wants them to tell the truth, they both came here together. Brandon says he stayed here to avoid Sami, and he only came back because of Abe. Brandon also says hes done everything to keep them together. Lucas says he stole his woman, so he can have her. Brandon says he doesnt want her. Sami says thanks a lot. Lucas says so you want him to want you! Lucas confronts Brandon about Sami, and he admits he still has feelings for her but cant spend his life with her because she broke his heart. Lucas says that makes two of them. Lucas tells Sami he thinks she got the sleep she wanted, with her ex husband. Lucas says the signs were there, he just ignored them. Lucas flashback to all the times he caught Brandon and Sami together, and Sami always had an excuse. Brandon says there is nothing between them just history. Lucas says well Sami needed one more fling before she married good old Lucas. Lucas says he was true to her, he made a commitment to her before marrying her and he was going to be true to her after they said I Do. He says people warned him about her, but he wouldnt listen as he was too in love. He says he learned the hard way. He tells Sami thats it and goodbye. He then walks out. Brandon asks Sami how she knew where he was? Sami says her psychic. Brandon thinks something fishy is going on, and anytime there is a crime the person who has the most to gain committed it. Sami says there was no crime committed. He says destroying your happiness isnt a crime? He asks who has the most to gain? Sami finally realizes Kate is behind all of this.



February 16, 2005

Mickey arrives home, and Maggie has the place decorated with hearts, balloons, and all sorts of things for their anniversary. Mickey asks what this is? Maggie says it was supposed to be their romantic anniversary dinner, but hes been at jail all night so its their romantic anniversary breakfast. Mickey says he feels terrible, not only did he miss their date but he didnt get her anything. Maggie says the only thing she wants from him is for him to make her his wife again. Mickey says he is still legally married to Bonnie until they figure out what to do. Maggie thinks she knows what he should do. As Mickey talks about how this isnt easy for any of them, Maggie begins making a mimosa for Mickey. He asks if shes trying to get him intoxicated? She says perish the thought! They toast to their anniversary. Mickey says hes sorry Billies arrest got in the middle of their celebration. Maggie says shes just concerned about Bo and Hope, he keeps running to rescue Billie. Mickey says it was an unusual circumstance, and Hope will understand. Maggie says yes because nothing could come between them. She says they have the kind of marriage and love that will last forever, but everyone said the same about them. She begins to cry, but says she is sorry for spoiling the mood. She decides to remind Mickey of their love and marriage. She says she has a surprise for him. She has him sit on the couch with his eyes closed, and then she begins to take her robe off. Under her robe is some red show girl type number. He tells her that she looks amazing. She says she has her red shoes on, and she wore this just for her. He says she is more beautiful now then the day he gave them to her. Maggie then shows him a scrapbook she made of their life together. Maggie looks at photos and tells stories about their history together, starting with when they met on her parents farm. Unfortunately, Bonnie shows up and asks what in the hell is going on here? Mickey says they were just looking at old photos, but Bonnie thinks she knows what is going on and tells Maggs to stay away from her husband. Bonnie says she let them have time alone out of the goodness of her heart, but she didnt think Maggie would play dirty. She then tells Maggie how ugly her red shoes are, and she tells her that she isnt in Kansas anymore and neither is Mickey. She says Mickey has moved on to a real woman now. Maggie says they were supposed to have a private night together, but Bonnie says that ended at 6am. Mickey says Bonnie has a point. Bonnie tells Maggie that she would have been home a lot sooner if she hadnt been at the hospital with her sick little girl. Mickey asks what happened? Bonnie tells him about Mimi and how her little girl could be dying. As Bonnie cries to him, Maggie makes faces. Mickey tells Bonnie not to worry, hell make sure Mimi gets the best care. Bonnie thanks him and says that would make her feel so much better. Mickey leaves to make some calls. Maggie tells Bonnie she is sorry about Mimi, but she should be ashamed of herself using her daughter to play on Mickeys sympathy. Bonnie says at least she doesnt have to be half naked to get attention from Mickey! Maggie says please, Bonnie puts the girls in his face every chance she gets! Maggie says perhaps they are all she has to offer. Bonnie says she has plenty to offer! Bonnie tells Maggie all she has is tired old memories and photos of when she was young and pretty. Maggie says when Mickey comes to his senses . . . Bonnie says when he does she and her red shoes will be kicked to the curb! Bonnie tells her that scrap book will all she has to remember him by. Maggie asks Bonnie if she thinks it will be easy to get rid of her then think again. Maggie says shell always be Mickeys one true love, and she knows it. Bonnie tells Maggie that she may know her way about a barnyard, but this isnt her first time at the rodeo. Bonnie says she has Mickeys heart in a hogtie and isnt letting go. Mickey returns and says Mimi is being well taken care of. Bonnie thanks him and says hes the best, what would she do without him. Maggie tells herself that Bonnies about to find out, shes going to get a taste of her own medicine.

At the penthouse, sweaty and unclean John is dreaming about fighting with Brady on the pier. He wonders what has happened to him, his own son . . . He looks at a photo of Marlena and wonders how hell get through this without her.

Downstairs, Brady shows up and asks Kate how hes doing? She says he had a rough night. She says she gave him a little something to sleep. Brady thanks her for watching out for his dad the way she is. She hates to leave him, but Brady says her son is getting married. Brady says hell watch his father for a few hours, and wish Lucas luck as hell need it. Kate says it will all work out for the best. He asks Kate to tell Sami and Lucas that he and his dad wish they could be there, even though Sami doesnt want them to be. Kate says Sami should be grateful he is caring for her step-dad. Brady says "who he thinks should be in rehab." Kate thinks they can take care of him here, and John doesnt want everyone to know he was going into rehab. Brady says his dad could sneak off again and buy drugs. Kate says that wont happen again. Brady decides to go check on his dad, and Kate heads off. Kate meets up with Eugenia in the hall. Eugenia says she needs to know what is going on. She thinks something happened and the wedding is still going on. Kate says the wedding will not happen, she is going to Lucas apartment to wish him luck, and then shell act shocked when Lucas says the wedding is canceled. Eugenia asks what happens if Sami figures out she set her up? 

Back up in Johns room, Brady goes to see his dad. He asks him how he is feeling. John says hes been better. Brady says it hurts him to see him this way. John says you mean it hurts you to see me as a junkie, thats what I am. Brady says he wont push him to go into rehab, but he has done research and feels his dad needs support from friends and family to get through this. Brady says he needs someone here at all times. John says only Marlena can help him and she is gone. Brady says what about Belle, but John refuses to let Belle know about this. Brady says fine. He wants to talk about last night, but John says that was all his fault. Brady says he still had no right to hit him as he is his father. Brady thinks they need to settle this, so he wants John to punch him back. John makes a fist and looks angry, but he says hes not going to hit him. John says the last thing he would want to do is hurt one of his kids. John says Brady did what he did to stop him from shooting up. John says he is the one who should feel bad about what happened. He says he was weak when he should have been strong, he took the cowards way out and set a bad example for his kids. Brady says he was and still is the best father. Brady says when he thinks about the hell he put him and Marlena through. Brady says Marlena didnt deserve to be treated that way, and he says they were the best parents he could have asked for. Brady still pushes his dad to hit him, but John just holds him instead. Later Brady brings him some food, and he tells his dad hell get through this. John says when Doc was alive he thought he could do anything. Brady says Chloe made him feel the same way. John says Brady is young and hell find that love again. Brady thinks his dad will too. John says Marlena was the last great love of his life, there wont be another. Brady doesnt think MArlena would agree, and he thinks John has already found someone new. Brady tries to push his dad to try and move on with Kate. He says the two of them could be the next great love of the other's lives.

Brandon arrives at Lexies place to talk to her. Lexie asks why he is here? She says hes supposed to be laying low till after the wedding. Brandon says things have changed, the wedding is off. Lexie asks what Sami did now? She asks what happened? Brandon says they were set up. Brandon explains how Samis psychic told her where he was. Lexie says even her mom isnt that good. Lexie still thinks Sami is to blame, but Brandon says there is more. Brandon tells Lexie the whole story about what happened. Brandon says neither of them know how they ended up in bed together, nor how an empty bottle of champagne got there. Lexie still thinks Sami set it up and she says Sami will never learn. Lexie says Sami will always be poison to any man who gets involved with her. Lexie says she is glad Sami is getting her comeuppance, but she is afraid Sami will come after Brandon. She wants Brandon to promise to stay away from Sami. Brandon says Sami didnt come to the hotel to seduce him, and Kate must have set them up. Lexie says she wouldnt put it past Kate, but how would Kate know he was back in town? Lexie then asks why he came back to town, why now? Brandon says she emailed him and said Abe needed him here, and it was urgent. Lexie says she didnt send him an email. Brandon thinks he knows who did. Lexie says Sami could have sent the email, but Brandon says it was Kate, which means Sami is an innocent here. Lexie says Sami is far from innocent. Brandon says Kate cant get away with this, she needs to be stopped. Lexie begs him not to get involved and just go back to London. Brandon says he cant let Kate get away with this. Lexie says if Kate was responsible then she doesnt blame her for what she did. Brandon says he at least has to find out the truth, and he heads off. 

At Lucas place, Will is ready to go to the church, but then sees his dad isnt even dressed. Will says this is their big day, hes going to be late. Lucas says they need to talk, but he says there is no time. Lucas tells Will that there wont be a wedding. Will asks if mom messed it up as usual? Lucas says things didnt work out the way he hoped. Will demands to know what she did. Lucas says hell tell him because he deserves to know. Lucas says his mom went to see Brandon. Will asks why she does this, its like shes cursed. Lucas says he doesnt know. Will says theyll never be a real family, not ever. Lucas tells him not to say that, and he hugs him. Later, Kate shows up and pretends to be there to meet him for the wedding. Lucas isnt dressed, and he tells his mom what happened. Kate acts crushed for his sake. Lucas says right now hes worried about Will. Lucas says Will is heartbroken and doesnt know what to do. Kate thinks Will should be used to the disappointment, but Lucas says he isnt. Kate decides to go talk to Will. Lucas decides to call the church and tell the Father the wedding is off. 

Sami is at her place looking at her dress. She says this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She begins fantasizing how it was supposed to be, but in her fantasy when she and Lucas come home married, Kate was waiting for them claimed Sami was cheating on him. Brandon walked out of her bedroom, and Lucas asks how she could do this? Back in the real world, Sami tells herself this is all Kates fault and she is not going to get away with it. Sami says she is getting married and there is nothing Kate can do to stop it. She holds her wedding dress up to her. She says she wont lose Lucas, she has to find a way to convince him that she is innocent. Sami keeps daydreaming about swearing to Lucas that Kate set her up and she is innocent. Sami vows to find a way to make Lucas believe her. She says Kate will be the one crying and she and Lucas will get married as planned. She looks at her something old, Caroline's brooch; her something new, Lucas pearls; her something borrowed, Wills lucky rabbit foot; and something blue, a blue garter. She says she is all ready and she will have the most wonderful wedding in the entire world. Sami wonders how Kate got her in bed with Brandon, but says shell figure it out if it is the last thing she does.


Sami goes to Lucas place in her dress. She says she knows this is bad luck, him seeing her before the wedding. He asks her what she is doing, is she crazy? Sami says she thought maybe if he saw her in her dress then hed change his mind. Kate spies on them from around the corner. Sami asks Lucas if they can still get married, all he has to do is put his tux on. He asks her if she has lost it? Sami says she understands he is still upset, and it was all a mistake. He wont believe her because she has a history of lying. Sami says that is fare, and she knows what shes done in the past, but she says not this time. Sami says shed never cheat on him with anyone. Sami says she loves him and she knows he loves her. She says this was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives, and it could still happen. Lucas says it wont happen, she can cry all she wants but it wont do any good. Lucas says he caught her naked in bed with her ex. Sami says she doesnt know how that happened. Sami starts talking about her horoscope again, but Lucas says he looked at her horoscope and there was nothing about an old fling coming into her life to ruin her happiness. He says it was the opposite. Sami says that isnt true. Lucas shows her on the computer, but Sami says this isnt what it said last night. Sami says someone changed it. Lucas thinks this is another lie. Sami says someone changed it, they are setting her up. Lucas says once again shes blaming everyone but herself. He says it is over and hes not marrying her. Sami says hes making a mistake, she loves him and not Brandon. Lucas tells her to get out. As he opens the door to throw her out, Brandon is standing there. Lucas asks if he is here to see Sami, but Brandon says he came to see him. Lucas says he doesnt want to hear him out and tells them to get out. Brandon says he and Sami were set up, and Sami agrees. Lucas asks who set them up? They both say Kate, and she walks out from the shadows.


February 17, 2005
Belle visits with Mimi in the hospital. Mimi isnt looking good at all, shes all sweaty and pale. Belle asks what happened? Mimi says she tried to tell Rex the truth, but then she started feeling sick. Mimi says it was probably her conscious telling her something. Belle tells Mimi that when she gets better shell tell Rex. Mimi says she might as well kill herself as she is dead anyways. Belle tells her not to say that. Mimi says Jan knows she had an abortion and has been threatening her. Belle asks how Jan found out? Mimi says she found a receipt from the clinic, and shes been threatening her ever since. Belle says she is such a witch, she cant believe Shawn ever got involved with her. Mimi says shes been trying to tell Rex the truth, but every time she starts he forgives her before she gets the words out. Belle tells Mimi that maybe he will forgive her, after all Rex is the one who said he wasnt ready for a family. Mimi says no, Rex has very set morals. She says Rex really wants to be a father and wont understand why she didnt talk it over with him. She says it is her body, but it was their baby. Belle tells Mimi to tell Rex as it is the only way shell feel better. Mimi wishes she had listened to Belle and told him from the start. Belle tells Mimi she should have listened to her and not married Phillip as she was still in love with Shawn. She says now shes living a lie as Phillips wife, and she and Shawn cant be together. Mimi says she is in a horrible spot she is in, she is married to one guy and in love with his friend. Belle says she made a huge mistake, she married a man she didnt love with her whole heart. Mimi tells her it wasnt all her fault, Phillip was being shipped off and she felt pressured. Belles PDA rings, and she says she thought she turned it off. Mimi tells her to see who it is. She looks, and its about Samis wedding being called off. Belle thinks she probably did some stupid thing and is totally miserable. Belle leaves to call Sami, and a nurse comes in to give Mimi her medicine and some ice chips for her fever. The nurse says her fever is still spiking, and her blood pressure hasnt come down yet either. The nurse gives her medicine and then leaves. Mimi then sees her ghost child, and Jans voice says Im back! Mimi screams. Belle runs in and asks Mimi what is wrong. She asks Belle to make the baby go away, its laughing and talking to her! Belle says she doesnt see anything and she must be having a bad dream. Mimi keeps hearing the laughter, and a nurse comes in. Belle says she thinks Mimi is hallucinating, but Mimi says she isnt. Mimi eventually passes out, and the nurse says it could have been the fever or a drug reaction. The nurse says she is obviously under a lot of stress. In her head, Mini continues to hear Jan taunting her about Rex dumping her. Belle sits with Mimi and urges her to tell Rex the truth as it is the only way shell be free. Mimi opens her eyes and sees the baby. She hears Jan say Mimi will never be free from him. Belle tells Mimi they both have to be strong, and they both have to tell the men in their lives the truth.

In some makeshift tent/camp somewhere, Phillip is looking at a photo of Belle and wishing he didnt have to be away from her. Phillips friend Jake tells him that the sandstorm let up and the lieutenant will be here soon. Phillips friend then tells him there may be a way he can see and hold Belle again. The man says there is a mission coming up, and the leader of the mission gets leave after reporting his findings to the pentagon. Jake says it is dangerous, but Phillip is a good soldier and has ISA training. He thinks Phillip is the man for this mission. Phillip agrees to do the mission, and they go to talk to the lieutenant. Phillip tells the lieutenant he wants to volunteer to lead the team into enemy territory. The lieutenant says he knows he has a new bride, and thinks that is the reason hes eager to take on the mission. Phillip says that is part of it, but he also feel qualified. The lateen agrees, but says this is a dangerous mission. He says when he gets back to his wife does he want to be alive or in a body bag? He suggests Phillip take time to think it over. Phillip decides to take the mission, and he asks to call his wife before they leave. The lieutenant thinks that might be a mistake, he might worry her. Phillip says he has to call her and hear her voice. Hes given permission to call home. He asks his friend for a phone, and Jake also thinks this could be a mistake. Phillip says he needs to hear her voice one last time in case he doesnt come home.

At the loft, Rex is doing research on what could be wrong with Mimi. Shawn says shell be okay. Rex says why, because he says so? He says because they love one another and he has to have faith. Shawn decides to get a shower as he has to go to Samis wedding. Rex is going to, but he doesnt understand why as Sami doesnt even like him. Shawn says Sami doesnt like anyone; she asked Belle to be her matron of honor and doesnt like her. Rex asks if shes taking Belle? Shawn says no, its not a good idea to let others know they are back together before they tell Phillip. Rex says that is so kind and considerate of him. Rex is unhappy with Shawn because while Phillip is defending the world against the enemy, back at home his own friend is stealing his wife. Shawn says he tried to tell him, and Belle tried too. Rex thinks they should just stay apart until Phillip comes home. Shawn says he could be gone a year or longer. Rex says yeah, fighting for them! Shawn tells Rex that he used to believe he and Belle belonged together. Rex says that was before he got involved with Jan and broke Belles heart. Shawn says he doesnt know how he got to be with Jan, he doesnt even like her. He says being with Jan was the biggest mistake of his life. Jan walks in and asks Shawn how he could say such a thing? Jan asks Shawn if he knows how what he said makes her feel? Shawn says they are over and cant be together. Rex leaves them to talk in private. Shawn says he doesnt want to hurt her, he was her friend once and tried to protect her. Jan says she doesnt want a friend, she wants a lover; she wants him. She says he said he loved her. Shawn says he doesnt remember saying it, and if he did say it he doesnt mean it now. Jan thinks hes trying to pull some cheesy amnesia crap on her. Shawn says whatever they had was a mistake, he knows who he loves now. Jan tries to change the topic and suggests they drink some bloody maries before they go to the wedding. Shawn says shes not coming to the wedding with him. She says but Im your fiance? Shawn says hes not going to marry her, hes not even attracted to her. Jan says why did he give her an engagement ring then? He says he doesnt remember buying it, and if he was thinking straight he never would have proposed to her. He says he doesnt know how any of this happened, and he never meant to hurt her. He tells her to keep the ring. Jan thinks Belle turned him against her. Shawn says he has to get to this wedding. Rex returns and says they arent going to any wedding, its been called off. Shawn says Sami strikes again. Shawn heads to the bathroom to take a shower, and he locks Jan out. She pounds on the door and says she wont let him lock her out of his life. She says Belle did this! Rex tells Jan to give him some time, but she says no way, shes not giving him time to get back to Belle. Rex asks Jan why Shawn doesnt remember getting involved with her? She says she didnt trick him if that is what she means. They argue, and Rex suggests she and Shawn take a break. He says sometime a break is all a couple needs. Jan ends up telling Rex that he is so righteous about love and truth. She says he is accusing her of lying to Shawn, well he should ask Mimi about lying as she has told a whopper. Meanwhile, the phone rings and Shawn rushes to answer it. He thinks it might be Belle, and he says Belle is that you? On the other end is Phillip!

At her small dinky apartment, Eugenia is reading the paper and talking to her dog (a little Pomeranian). There is a knock at her door, and it is a man with a huge gift basket from Kate. Eugenia thinks its amazing how that woman can be a total bitch to Sami and then be so nice to her. She decides to hold onto the card from Kate as an insurance policy. Psychic Marguerite calls Eugenia to check in, and Eugenia fills her in on how Sami wont be marrying Lucas Roberts ever. Eugenia tells Marguerite the entire story of what she and Kate did. 

At Lucas place, Kate pretends to act shocked to see Brandon and Sami here. She tells Lucas to throw them out! Lucas asks his mom if she set Brandon and Sami up? Kate acts shocked. She says she is responsible for finding them in bed. Lucas asks how she can do this? Sami says shed do anything to stop her from marrying him. Kate says she is responsible, but she didnt set them up. Lucas asks if she had anything to do with Sami and Brandon being together? She says no. She tells them that she hired a PI to follow Sami, and that is how they learned she was at a hotel with Brandon. Sami cant believe Kate had her followed and says How dare you! Kate says no, How dare you! Kate says the PI proved Sami is not only a liar but a slut! Sami goes nuts and attacks Kate, but Lucas holds her back. Sami swears she has not lied to Lucas and always been honest with him. She says she didnt sleep with Brandon. Lucas believes her, he believes she didnt sleep at all. Kate claims she wished this wasnt true, and she hoped the detective would find nothing on her. Sami says she is a liar. Kate tells Sami its never her fault is it? Kate tells Sami to grow up and own her own actions. Kate says the honeymoon is bought and paid for, that is money lost, but at least Lucas future is safe. Kate then tells Sami she never should have followed Brandon to the hotel. Sami says she had to tell Brandon to stay away. Lucas says she didnt have to, if she loved him that would have been enough. They begin arguing once again about the story Sami told them, and Sami has a flashback and realizes Kate was the maid who let her into Brandons room. Kate laughs off the accusation, but Sami thinks she is the maid. Kate says she didnt, and she almost made it to the alter because the PI had nothing up until the night before her wedding. Kate tries to make this all about Samis lies, and she brings up Sami switching Lexies paternity test. Brandon says he doesnt remember anything that happened in the hotel room, and Kate says because she drugged him like she did Austin. Sami says she didnt, but Kate and Lucas say why they should believe her? Sami tells Lucas that he knows she loves him, and as she makes her case to him, Brandon confronts Kate about the message he got supposedly from Lexie. Kate says she can barely type, and she suggests Sami did it as she is the technology pro. Lucas says his mom doesnt know anything about computers. Sami yells at them all to just stop it. Sami says she knows she has done very bad things, and she has hurt a lot of people. She says shed take it all back if she could, but she didnt do this. She tells Brandon that she didnt email him using Lexies PDA, and she didnt seduce Brandon. Kate says she would never purposely hurt her son, so her accusations dont make sense. Kate tells Sami for once to admit her guilt, she went to Brandon because she wanted him. Sami says it isnt true, and she asks Brandon to tell them. Brandon says he honestly doesnt remember, all he remembers is waking up with her. Lucas says he doesnt want to hear anymore about this, he thinks Sami hasnt changed at all and all these things, the hotel, the story about the maid, the story about the horoscope, these are all lies she would tell. Sami tells Lucas hes right, she would do all these things. 


February 18, 2005

At the loft, Rex tells Jan if she wants Shawn, she is going about it the wrong way. He suggests they take a break as even strong couples need them from time to time. She thinks hes talking about him and Mimi, and she tells Rex he doesnt have a clue what he has with Mimi, and what he hasnt got. She tells him that hes so righteous about honesty and truth. Jan says he thinks she lied to Shawn, but he should ask Mimi what she did to him. Meanwhile, Phillip calls, and Shawn answers thinking it is Belle calling him back. Phillip asks why he thought Belle would be calling him? He asks Shawn if Belle is there. Shawn says no, and Phillip says good. Phillip says Belle is his wife and he doesnt want Shawn near her. Shawn tells Phillip maybe there is something he needs to know about Belle. Jan tells Rex that he has to stop Shawn. Rex grabs the phone from Shawn and tells Phillip that he took the phone from Shawn as he didnt think he wanted to talk to him. Phillip says he cant find Belle anywhere. Rex says shes at the hospital with Mimi, and he can have her call him. He says hell call her on her cell phone. HE asks Rex if Belle is good, and if hes keeping Shawn away from her? Rex says she is fine and he is. Phillip has to go, but says hell call Belle on her cell. Rex then argues with Shawn about telling Phillip the truth. Shawn says lies always make things worse and this will come out in the end. Jan tells Rex that Shawn is right and secrets do make things worse, its a shame Mimi doesnt realize that. Rex says hes had it with her hinting that Mimi has some deep dark secret. He says Mimi is the most honest person there is, and Jan is just in denial that she and Shawn are through. Jan says they arent through and Shawn will come around. Jan says this is all a game Belle is playing, she wants to be married to Phillip and have Shawn. Rex becomes fed up and says hes out of here, and he storms out. Jan then tells Shawn that they should spend the day in bed. Shawn asks her if she is nuts? He says they are not a couple, he loves Belle. Shawn says hes tried to break it to her gently but its not working. He says not only are they not a couple, but he doesnt want her living her. He tells her to take her stuff and get out! She says they arent the one who are finished, Rex and Mimi are. Shawn asks if she has done something to them like she did to Belle and him? Jan says she didnt do anything to Belle, and she says Belle will never put out for him and she doesnt want him to be happy. Shawn tells her that shes crazy. Jan says crazy for him, and she says let her prove how fast she can make him forget about Belle Kiriakis. Jan says that is her name now. 

At the hospital, Mimi tells Belle she knows shes trying to make her feel better, but she cant promise her that shell be happy again. Belle thinks Rex will forgive her, but Mimi doesnt. Mimi says if she only hadnt gone through with the abortion then everything would be different. Belle says yeah, shed be a parent and neither she nor Rex were ready. Belle says she cant change what happened, she has to stop doing this to herself. Belle understands the trouble she is having telling Rex the truth. Mimi thinks at least after Belle tells Phillip the truth shell live happily ever after with Shawn. Belle doesnt think so. She says after all thats happened between her and Shawn, shes not sure theyll live happily ever after. She also says the news will break Phillips heart, but he needs to hear it. Belle talks about how she is afraid telling Phillip the truth could cause him to end up getting killed. She has visions of Phillip on the battlefield getting killed. Belle tells Mimi shes been having nightmares about it since learning he was to be deployed. She is afraid what this news will do to him. Belle talks to Mimi about her fears and how this will be a huge blow to his ego. Mimi says Phillip is brave, smart and confident, and he wont let this news affect what he has to do in combat. Mimi says maybe hell use his anger to his advantage and become the terminator. Belle asks how Rex will react? Mimi says hell be furious, but just like she has to tell Phillip before Shawn does, she has to tell Rex before Jan does. Belle starts talking about how she will tell Phillip the truth as this news could hurt or kill him. Rex walks in and says that is a chance shell have to take. Belle says she thought he didnt want her and Shawn together. He says he wants her and Shawn to be happy, he just didnt want it to come at Phillips expense. He says he always thought her marrying Phillip was a mistake, and he was her and Shawns biggest supporter until he started acting like a jerk. Belle says she was confused about her feelings for Phillip, she confused her love for him as a friend with romantic love. Rex tells Belle to tell 
Phillip, hell be calling her on her cell. Mimi says she cant have it on in here, and she tells Belle to go. Rex says hell stay with Mimi. After Belle leaves, Mimi tells Rex that they need to talk. Rex tells her that she doesnt have to say anything now. He says he is worried about her, and he wants her to know she can always tell him anything. She says she knows hed never keep anything from her. Mimi says she is sorry she kept secrets from him, but she wont anymore. Mimi says it is time she tells him everything.

Over at the military camp, Phillip prepares for the mission and daydreams about returning home to Belle. Phillips friend Jake snaps him out of his daydream and says he needs to focus on the here and now! Phillip says he is focused and he has to do this mission to get back to Belle.

Belle returns to Shawns loft, and she says she knows about Phillip calling her. Jan starts making trouble, and Shawn tells Jan to get out before he throws her out! He tells her to leave and not to come back. Jan grabs her purse and leaves. In the hall she says Belle thinks shes won, but I dont think so tinkerbell! Shawn tells Belle about Phillip calling earlier, and Belle says she needs to tell him. Belle says she will tell him the truth as it will be on the phone and she will be able to tell hes okay. Phillip then calls, and Belle answers. Phillip says its great to hear her, and he says he has something to important to tell her. She says she has something to tell him too.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope remembers finding Bo and Billie at the station together, and she remembers when they got home and argued about what happened. Hope accused Billie of manipulating Bo and taking him away from her. Bo said she wasnt manipulating him, and she was being unfair. Hope said she was being more than unfair. Hope said just once shed like to hear Bo say no to Billie and mean them. Bo wanted to talk to her, but she said she didnt want to talk anymore and she through him out of their room and made him sleep on the couch because she was so angry with him. Its the next morning, and Hope is making up the couch. Bo then walks in. Hope doesnt want to talk or fight, they have to get to Sami and Lucas wedding. Bo says the wedding has been canceled, and Hope says Sami must have blown it again. Hope tells Bo how she hates fighting with him and missed him last night. Bo says he missed her to, and what happened to their promise not to go to bed angry. Hope says theyll have to work on it, and she promises never to do it again. They hug, and Hope says they need to work on the situation with Billie. Hope begins ranting on and on about Billie and how this woman has tried over and over to take him away from her. She says she wants to believe Billie has changed, but actions speak louder than words. Hope says she knows Bo has a daughter out there, and shell love her because she is a part of him. Bo says she is a part of Billie to, and Billie will be a part of their lives. Hope says she knows, but that doesnt mean Billie has to be part of their lives. She says this is their home and she needs to feel safe here and know no one can intrude on them. Bo feels the same way, and she thanks him for understanding. Bo says there is something he needs to tell her. Suddenly, Billie walks out of the kitchen in her robe and says she hopes shes not interrupting. Bo says this is what he tried to tell her last night when she stormed off to bed. Hope says she needs a moment to calm down. Hope begins counting to ten, and then asks Bo what she is doing here. Bo says she needed an address for the arraignment, and he didnt want her staying at Jens. He says he didnt want her near Lockhart, and he didnt want the judge to infer because they were living together at the same address that . . . Hope says she doesnt think the judge would give a damn! Billie begins to think this was all a mistake. Hope says you think? Billie says she does. Billie says shes going upstairs to get dressed. Hope tells Bo she cant believe he didnt tell her about this. Hope cant believe Bo let her spend the night in her home. Bo says it is just temporary, and this is their home and he wont let Billie or anyone else disrupt their lives .Bo says hes going to go upstairs and take a shower. Hope begins counting to ten again. Bo heads upstairs to get in the shower and finds a naked Billie already in there. Then Hope opens the door and sees them both naked. Hope once again begins counting, and Billie smirks.

At Lucas apartment, Sami says she knows she has done really bad things, and shed take them all back if she could, but she didnt do this to Lucas. She tells Brandon that she didnt lure him back to Salem and she didnt seduce him. Kate tells Sami for once to just admit her guilt, she went to Brandons bed because she wanted him. Sami says no and asks Brandon to tell them it isnt true. Brandon says he honestly doesnt remember. Lucas says hes had it, and he tells Sami all these lies are things she would tell and do. Sami says Lucas is right, they are things shed do. Lucas says it is classic Sami. Sami says that is her point, Kate set it up so it would look like she did it. Sami says Kate took advantages of her weaknesses and played on her past mistakes. Sami says she paid off the phone psychic and rigged her horoscope online in order to get her to the hotel, and then she let her into Brandons room after she paid her off. Lucas thinks this is ridiculous, but Sami says Kate drugged them and put them in bed naked together to make it look like they slept together. He says then she called him and made him come to the hotel. Lucas says this is impossible, but Sami says this is what happened. Sami says she is innocent, all shes ever wanted was to marry him, and all Kates ever wanted was to destroy her. Lucas and Sami argue some more, and Lucas refuses to believe Sami was set up. Sami says she may have been in bed with Brandon, but they didnt sleep together. Brandon can vouch for that, he says he knows for a fact he didnt sleep with Samantha. Lucas says he wouldnt expect him to admit it, and Kate says he wouldnt remember if she drugged him like Austin. Sami swears she is innocent and Kate set it up. Sami says for once she is telling the truth and nobody believes her. Lucas says so she admits she lied her whole life, and she has cried wolf one too many times. Sami runs off crying, and Kate tells Lucas not to follow her. He says he wont, he just needs time to think. Brandon confronts Kate and says Sami is right and she did this. Kate claims she had nothing to do with any of this, and she could not have orchestrated this without being in half a dozen places at once. Brandon tells Sami that maybe Lucas and Sami were right for one another. He says Sami was trying to clean her act up and turn her life around. Kate says that is impossible. Brandon says from what he heard that is what people said about her, Nicole, and him too. He says everyone makes mistakes, smart people learn from them and move on. He says Sami may be a slow learner, and she is impulsive and says things without thinking. Brandon says Sami knows that about herself. He also knows Lucas wants to make al life with Sami. Kate says she knows what Lucas wants, but Sami cant deliver, not that she wouldnt be there to support them. Brandon says she caught herself in a flub. Brandon says if she did set this up, it will blow up in her face, and shell lose Lucas and Will. Brandon says if that happens Sami will win and shell be done in by her own crazy scheme. Kate tells Brandon that hes giving her way too much credit. Kate says Sami is behind this and is blaming her. Kate tells Lucas shes glad hes not as gullible and forgiving as Brandon. Sami returns and says shes through defending herself. She says she just wants to say one thing. Sami tells him that if he doesnt believe anything shes said, please believe that she loves him with all of her heart and he wants more than anything to marry him, if he still loves her. Lucas says he does love her and he does still want to marry her. Sami jumps into his arms and says she loves him so much. 

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