February 21, 2005

The show opens with Frances Reid introducing herself to the camera and announcing this is the ten thousandth episode of Days. She says it seems like their very first show was only yesterday. We then see a flashback of the first show, Alice was looking at the photos of their family on the mantel and talking about how Marie was getting married and their last child to leave their house. Frances says so much has happened in almost over forty years. She thanks the loyal and devoted fans who welcome them into their homes, some for a full forty years. 

At Bo and Hopes, Billie looks at Bo and Hopes wedding photo. She remembers being caught in the bathroom with Bo by Hope, and she smirks. Hope and Bo come downstairs and are fighting. Billie says shes going to go call her mom and see if she can stay with her. Bo tells Hope that he understands why she is upset, and he says it was an accident. Hope says with Billie around there are always accidents, but not anymore. Hope says she wants Billie out of their lives and house today! Bo assures Hope that he wont be running off with Billie anymore. She says thats because he invited her into their home! Bo says he tried to tell her, and obviously this is a mistake. Hope says just like the mistake in the bathroom. Bo swears it was an accident. Hope believes that it was an accident on Bos part, but she says she wouldnt put it past Billie to arrange it. She says it may have been an accident, but she doesnt know and she doesnt want that visual in her mind for the rest of her life. Bo assures her that Billie will be gone after her hearing today, shell stay with Kate and shell be on her own. Hope says she hopes so as she cant take him running to Billies rescue anymore. Billie returns and thinks shes interrupting again. Hope says no, she said everything she needs to. Billie says they need to get going, and Hope learns Bo is taking her to the hearing. Bo says he did say after today. Hope thinks this is a joke, and she ask what about Kate taking her? Billie says he cant find Kate, with Lucas wedding be called off she has her hands full. Hope thinks Kate is probably celebrating. Billie says she knows her mom isnt Samis biggest fan, but she was happy for Lucas and Lucas wanted to marry Sami. Billie wonders what happened. Hope says she doesnt know, but women like Sami are disastrous and deserve whatever punishment they get.

Bo and Billie arrive at the courthouse and meet with Mickey. Mickey says he hoped he could get the charges dismissed, but he has bad news. Mickey says the strictest judge in the state has been assigned to the case. Bo says not Judge Shay. Billie asks who he is? Mickey says his parents were the mayor and first lady of Salem for many years, and now that they are gone he has taken up looking over Salem. Bo says Judge Shay goes by the book and doesnt look favorably on cops on the wrong side of the law. Mickey says hes going to try and convince him it was all a mistake, that Billie didnt mean to hit the officer. Billie asks what about Patrick? Mickey says his hearing has been set for later, he rushed her hearing so that she could continue the search for Georgia. Judge Shay takes the bench and says bail will be revoked if she cannot vouch for her resident. Mickey says they are waiting for her mother to call. Bo tries to vouch for Billie by saying she is with the ISA and a former cop, but the judge wont listen to Bo. He says Billie must be taken back into custody immediately if she cannot provide an address and someone that will assure him that shes not a flight risk. Mickey asks for a recess, and its granted. Mickey tells Billie if Kate doesnt show up then shes going back to jail. He says unless she can make other arrangements then . . . Billie turns to Bo and says she wouldnt ask if it werent for Georgia. She says their daughter needs her, please vouch for her. She says she knows Hope wont like it, but it will only be for a day or two. The judge resumes court, and he asks Mickey if he has anything to add? 

Back at Bo and Hopes, Jen shows up and Hope tells her that Billie is gone, she will be living with Kate. Hope hopes shell be out of their house and day to day lives. Jen thinks that is a lot to hope for, but she says she can dream. Alice calls Jen on her cell phone, and she asks Jen if shes heard anything from Lucas yet? Jen says she hasnt, and she doesnt know why the wedding was canceled. However, she says this is Sami and they shouldnt be surprised knowing her track record. Later, Bo returns, and Jen takes off. Hope thanks Jen for her support. Hope asks Bo how it went? Bo says not too well. He says the judge couldnt leave without a fixed addressed. He says they couldnt find Kate anywhere. Hope asks what he is saying, is Billie in jail? Bo says no, so Hope asks where is she? Bo says hes sorry and he had no choice. Bo opens the door and Billie walks in. Hope and Billie smile at one another. 

At the hospital, Mimi finally tells Rex that she was pregnant and had an abortion, and that is why she is sick. Mimi says she is so sorry and begs him to forgive her. Of course it was all a dream in Mimis head. Rex asks Mimi what she has to tell him? Mimi begins to tell Rex the truth, but he stops her and says he has something to say to her too, something that will change their lives. Rex tells Mimi this time hell do it right. Rex gets down on one knee and asks Mimi to marry him. She is stunned, and he gives her the gift he bought for Valentines Day. It is an antique ring with a Valentines Day date and inscription. He says he knows it doesnt have a big diamond, but she says it is perfect the way it is. Rex asks if that means her answer is yes? Mimi says of course it is. She asks if he is sure about this, hes not doing it because she is sick? He says no and that he loves her. She says she has just let him down a lot lately, but she will be a perfect wife and no more lies and secrets. Rex says he trusts her more than anyone, and he doesnt believe what Jan says. Mimi asks what Jan is saying, and Rex says that she is lying about something to him. He says there is nothing Jan can do to change the way he feels about her. He says this is the happiest day of his life. Mimi just hopes he still feels that way when he learns what shes done. Later, Dr. Aubrey returns to see Mimi. Rex says they just got engaged, and they cant wait to set a date and start a family. Dr. Aubrey looks sad, but says that is great news. Mimi realizes the doctor has news and its not good.

At the loft, Shawn asks Belle if shell tell Phillip the truth when he calls back? She says yes, shell tell him everything. Phillip then calls back and says he is glad he got through as he has something important to tell her. She says she has something to tell him too. Phillip says she can save it and tell him in person, hes coming back before she knows it. She says that is impossible as he just got there. Phillip says it is possible. She asks if he is hurt? He says no. She says something is going on. Shawn asks Belle if she told him? Belle says something is going on and she has to find out what. Phillip asks if someone is there? Is it Shawn? Shawn urges Belle to tell Phillip the truth. Phillip asks Belle if Shawn is there? Belle says she is just trying to figure out what is going on, and she asks what has happened. He says hell tell her when she gets home. She says she wants to know now. He says hes going on a special assignment. She asks what kind? He says he cant tell her, but when its over hes going to be given a furlough. Belle realizes hes volunteered for something dangerous. Phillip says being here is a risk, and hes part of the most well trained task force in the world. He says hell be okay, so what did she want to tell him. Before she says anything, Phillip tells her how much he loves her and how nothing will ever come between them. Shawn pushes Belle to tell him and get it over with. Phillip tells Belle hell shut up and let her talk. Belle is about to tell him something, but Phillip is told its time to move out. Phillip says he has to go now, but he loves her and is coming home. Phillip hangs up, and Shawn asks what happened? Belle says she couldnt tell him. Shawn asks where that leaves them? He says are we together or arent we?

Kate cant help but worry about Brandons words that shell be done in by her own scheme. Sami tells Lucas that shes through defending herself, and if he doesnt believe anything shes said, believe that she loves him with her whole heart and all she wants is to marry him. Lucas says he loves her too and he wants to marry her. Sami is thrilled, hugs Lucas, and says she loves him so much. Brandon tells Kate it looks like her plan has crashed and burned, and shes next. Sami thinks Lucas is going to marry her after all, and she says they can go get married right now. Lucas tells her to stop this, they cant get married. He says he does love her and does want to marry her, but he cant because she betrayed him. Sami continues to insist she was set-up by Kate, but Kate says shes tired of hearing this. Brandon says he has no idea what happened or how they ended up in bed. Lucas tells them all to shut up. He says he should be able to look at her and see the truth in her eyes, but he cant because she lies too damn much. Sami asks if she can prove Kate set her up would he still marry her? Lucas asks what the proof is? Sami says the proof is that Kate hates her and has wanted her out of his life since the beginning. Sami says Kate lied when she said she wouldnt interfere, and when hes not around she is mean and manipulative as ever. Lucas cant believe her and says she needs to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for her own actions. Sami says she isnt responsible for this. Lucas asks if she did or didnt drive herself to Brandons hotel room! Sami says she did. Lucas says nobody knew where Brandon was staying, not even Lexie. Sami says her phone psychic knew and obviously she was in cahoots with Kate. Lucas refuses to believe her story about the psychic or the internet horoscope. Sami begs Brandon to tell them that she is innocent and didnt drug him and sneak into his bed. Brandon says he cant say as he doesnt know what happened. He agrees it does sound like a set-up, and Kate had motive, but it does seem impossible that she could pull this off. Sami says she doesnt have it all figured out yet but it does have Kate Roberts written all over it. Kate says Sami is pathetic and she is trying to turn Lucas and Will against her. Kate says she was with John all night and Brady and the nurse can confirm it. Sami says this isnt true, and he cant believe Lucas would believe Kate. Lucas says he doesnt know if she walked into a trap or not, but she is the one who went to see Brandon and she has nobody to blame but herself. Sami tells Lucas not to do this, not to throw away everything they have waited so long for. Sami says they can still have it all, all he has to do is give her another chance. She says he can trust her and believe her. She says one day hell know shes telling him the truth. She says if he still loves her then give her another chance. Lucas says it is too late, and if she didnt sleep with Brandon then things would be different. Lucas grabs their marriage license and tears it up! He says they arent getting married today or ever.

Frances returns to say goodbye. She says poor Sami, what more could possibly happen to her? She tells the audience to stay tuned as they begin their next 10,000 episodes tomorrow. We then see photos of all the couples and people in Salem through the years.


February 22, 2005
Today's Summary by Jennie

             Mimi asks the doctor if she knows something. Mimis infection is not responding to antibiotics so they want to do exploratory surgery. Rex leaves so Mimi can talk to the doctor alone. The doctor tells her that the infection could be from the abortion and Mimi tells her Rex didnt even know she was pregnant but she has to tell him before she could marry him. Mimi says Rex will freak out as he walks in. She lies and says it was that they could have caught it earlier if she came in sooner. Rex asks if her condition is life threatening and the doctor tells them no and leaves. Rex tells Mimi as soon as she is better they are getting married and that he cant wait to have children with her so Mimi imagines the baby telling her she doesnt deserve another chance. Rex tells Mimi to not be scared that he will be with her every step of the way.


            Billie returns with Bo to Bo and Hopes house and Bo tells her the judge threatened to revoke Billies bail if she didnt have someone there to vouch for her, and since they cant find Kate that person had to be Bo which again upsets Hope. Billie says she doesnt want to cause problems for them and Hope says that is a good idea. Bo says Billie cant leave because he told the judge she would be there. Hope and Bo go in the other room and she tells him he put Billie first again after he promised not to. He shouldnt have said Billie could stay with them with out asking her first he says the judge put him on the spot and it was either she stay with them or she would have to go to jail is that what Hope would have preferred? And she says yes. Bo asks Hope if she really wants Billie to go to jail and she says no but she doesnt want her in their house either. They continue to argue over Billie, as she overhears them and leaves. Bo tells Hope if Billie gets in trouble it will be all her fault. Hope tells Bo she isnt going after Billie. Hope tells him Billie will find somewhere to go. Bo says what happened at the bar is Patricks fault but Hope says he had no idea Billie was a recovering alcoholic but she knew and she chose to drink the night away. Bo tells Hope she wont lose him. Hope finally agrees to let her stay. Bo asks if he needs to sleep on the couch tonight. Hope says no he will be sleeping right next to her with a giant bell around his ankle in case he is sleepwalking.


            Jen returns and thanks Patrick for babysitting. He asks how Hope is. She says Billie is not making things easy for Hope and Bo right now Patrick says or for herself and Jen says or for him and asks if he heard anything about his pretrial hearing. Patrick tells her the judge is being hardnosed and they both may get jail time. Jen says she is sorry Billie dragged him into her whole mess, he says hell be fine dont worry about it but Jen says she is a walking time bomb, how many more lives is she going to destroy.  Patrick says what happened at the Cheating Heart was an accident, Billie didnt know the guy was a cop. Jen says that so called accident has Billie staying at Bo and Hopes and Im sure it was an accident when Hope walked in on Bo and Billie naked in the bathroom. Patrick says they wont agree about Billie. Jen says she doesnt know how Billie wraps men around her finger. Bo, Patrick and even Jack. They continue to argue as Jen tells Patrick how she hypnotizes men into falling for her act but Patrick continues to defend her. She says no she just doesnt understand how people keep falling for her damsel in distress routine and if she were Hope she wouldnt trust Billie either, as Billie walks in. Jen tells her so I hear you are staying at Bo and Hopes house again (I dont know how Jen knew this since she was home when Bo and Billie came back) and Billie says she has to because Bo was nice enough to vouch for her until she gets a hold of her mother. Billie asks why she has such a problem with it and she says I heard about the little mix up with you and Bo naked in the bathroom. Billie laughs oh that it was completely innocent. Billie goes to get her stuff from the guest room and Jen says I think she is happy she is disrupting Bo and Hopes lives Patrick says he thinks she is wrong. Jen says I hope I am, but I have a feeling this is going to turn out badly.


Lucas rips up the marriage license, and says there wont be a wedding today or not ever. Sami says you dont mean that but Lucas says after finding you and Brandon in bed together on our wedding day Im sorry but it takes a better man than me to forgive that. Brandon says we still dont know how we wound up in bed together. Sami says they do know and continues to insist that Kate set her up. Lucas says his mom is capable of a lot of things but she wouldnt do that. Will walks in and tells Sami to give it up she really blew it this time. Sami says it isnt over Sami they can work it out. Sami says she wouldnt lie to Will but he says she has many times before. He tells her he has always wanted them to be a family and she ruined it. Brandon asks Kate if she had anything to do with this to tell the truth then Sami begs her to tell the truth. Kate says Sami is right she says Will and Lucas should know the truth and the truth is Sami wants them to believe she set her up, (with the fake tears flowing) and luckily Lucas doesnt believe her. Lucas tells Will they will get through this and asks Sami to leave, Sami want to take Will but he wants to stay with Lucas. Lucas and Will go to spend some time together and Kate says she is sorry they are hurting now, but she is going to make sure Sami Brady never hurts either of them again.


Sami is struggling with the key in the lock to the apartment and Brandon comes up behind her and says let me help you with that. Brandon asks her if she is OK and she says no she has lost Lucas and Will, everything that matters to her. She says Kate won she got exactly what she wanted. She says can you imagine how much planning it took to get us in the room together naked Brandon says maybe too much planning but Sami says not for Kate so he asks how she is going to prove it, but she doesnt know. Brandon asks if there is anything he can do to help and she tells him under the circumstances it would be better if she kept her distance from him. He tells her to take care of herself and she tells him to do the same and he leaves. Sami goes into the apartment alone, and rips up an invitation then her bouquet as she cries. Later Sami is throwing away wedding things and says she is not going to admit defeat to Kate Roberts. She says I know Lucas still loves me and know I just need to find out how Kate pulled this off, and then she and Lucas can get married and Will can have the happy family he has always dreamed of with one notable exception. Kate will lead the life of a lonely miserable old woman who never gets to see her son or grandson again.


            Kate asks Lucas how Will is doing and Lucas replies he is devastated he was so excited that they were going to get married. He says he knows Sami has a history of pulling stunts like this but he cant help but feeling Kate did have something to do with it. Lucas tells Kate if he finds out she had anything to do with this, they are finished. He says he means it if he finds out she was involved she will be dead to him, she will lose a son.


           Jack is still on the freighter but due to a storm they need to detour to South America . The Captain gives Jack a bunch more laundry to do. Jack is determined to get back to Jen and the kids before its too late. Jack daydreams of Jen and Patrick together, and he returns to get Jen back and in his dream she chooses Jack. Jack asks Patrick to leave but he says he is going to fight for Jen. The Captain returns and says the forecast changed and they are going to be docking near Salem .


February,23 2005
Summary by Bobbi
Billie is at the pier remembering the fight she overheard between Bo and  Hope and she recalls hearing Jennifer say she wouldn't trust Billie either if she were Hope. Billie starts to cry and  say Hope doesn't have to worry about her anymore. Sami is also on the pier and  she is talking to herself about how she has to get her family back. Sami and  Billie literally run in to each other and  Billie tells her to stay away from her family. Sami says that this all Kate's fault and that she will pay. Billie tells Sami that making threats against a ISA agent's family isn't too smart, but then again no one ever accused Sami of being smart! Sami tells Billie she is just like her slutty, relationship wreaking mother! Sami starts to explain what happened and  tries to defend herself, but then stops. Billie says her mom wouldn't do those things because Kate know how much Lucas loves Sami. Sami says yeah right like you love Bo? She tells Billie that even though Bo loves Hope, Billie still tried to break them up.

Kate is in her office on the phone assuring someone that their work for the wedding will still be published in the magazine. She hangs up and  says every penny spent was worth it. Kate's assistant walks in and is sorry about the canceled wedding. She needs to know what the caterer should do with all the food? Kate decides to donate it to the homeless shelter. She says she needs to call John and  tell him about the wedding. She phones the penthouse and  talks to Brady (see below) She gives him all the details. Kate then goes out to the lobby and sees a big sign congratulating Lucas and  Sami from the girls in marketing. After her assistant leaves Kate rips it up. Billie walks in and say Oh my God Mom, was Sami right?! Kate tries to change the subject and  tells Billie she should call Lucas and  Will. Kate ushers Billie into her office. Kate explains how Lucas caught Sami and  Brandon in bed and Billie thinks that it's all a little too convenient considering Kate's feelings for Sami. Billie then asks about John. Kate says he is ill but he will be ok. Billie wants to know if Kate has fallen for John? Kate says no they are only good friends. Kate wants to know how the search for Georgia is going? Billie say they had a few leads that haven't worked out. Kate tells her not to give up and  let the Dimera's win. She says if she had known about Rex and  Cassie she would've searched the whole world. Billie say she isn't giving up. Kate says at least she still has Bo to help her, but Billie says she is not so sure of that. Billie tells her all about being arrested at The Cheatin Heart and how Bo helped her stay out of jail with a place to stay. Then she tells Kate about Hope walking in on her and  Bo naked in the bathroom. Kate is delighted and  tells Billie she has to get Bo back. Billie says Bo loves Hope and  that they have 2 boys together. Kate says Billie is the mother of Bo's daughter. Billie says she will not use her child to get Bo back! Kate points out that Bo dropped everything and  chased after her to Europe without telling Hope. Kate says maybe Hope and  Bo's marriage isn't as strong as everyone thinks. Kate wants to know if Billie still thinks about Bo sexually? Billie says God Mom!! Billie asks Kate if she can stay with her, but Kate says she can't. She is staying with John at the penthouse, the suite is being redone at the hotel and she put Roman's house on the market. She tells her to just stay at Bo's! Billie says she is leaving Bo's and  Kate asks her if they were really naked together? Billie then leaves and Kate calls the hotel and tell them she wants her suite redone. Then she call a realtor and puts the house on the market. Kate hangs upand  says her children's lives couldn't be more perfect.

Brady serves John some lunch in bed. John thanks Brady for being there and  sticking by him. Brady starts to talk about John finding love again, but John insists he can't find love. He had two great loves and he can't ask for more. Brady answers the phone and  takes Kate call and then hangs up and explains about Sami's wedding. Brady says this is probably the best thing that could happen to Lucas, so now he doesn't have to spend his life with Sami. Sami walks in and hears Brady and  says how dare you say that!! Sh tells him that he is with that slut Nicole Kiriakis! Brady tells her to leave but she wants to talk to John. She wants John to help her prove that Kate set her up. Sami says please for her mother's sake! John asks what if she denies it? Sami says threaten to fire her or throw her out! Brady can't believe that Sami wants John to fire Kate! Brady says this Sami's fault. John tells her to work it out on her own. Sami says if she were Belle he would help her. He replies that Belle wouldn't get herself in this kind of situation. Sami say she is only his stepdaughter and  while her mom was alive he pretended he cared about her. John says he can't help her now, he feels too sick. She says later will be too late. Sami tells them she is tired of acting like they are her family and that they can both rot in hell. She storms off Brady asks John if Sami might now why he is really sick? John tells him no way. Sami is listening and  says oh yes she does! She flashes back to seeing John shoot up at Belle's wedding. Brady asks John again if he has feelings for Kate? John says he can't think of anyone but Doc. He blames himself for her "death" saying if he hadn't gotten injured he could've saved her! Brady tells not to blame himself but blame Tony!

Belle is holding her wedding dress and  remembers talking to Phillip before he left on the mission. She starts crying. Shawn knocks on the door and wants to know if Belle is ok. She tells him she is sorry for running out like that but she needed time to think. He wants to know if they can be together, she says not until she can explain it to Phillip. Shawn is angry and  wants to be with her. She says that Phillip is counting on her and  he volunteered for this dangerous mission just so he could come home early. Belle starts crying again and she says she doesn't know why she even married Phillip. She wishes she was honest about her feelings before she married him. Shawn holds her and  kisses her, she kisses back, but then she pushes him away and  wants him to leave. He assures her he can control himself he doesn't want to leave. She tells him she doesn't think she can control herself. Belle says she is still Philip's wife and  she is wearing his ring and  until he comes home they can't do anything. Shawn tells her to take off the ring and  Belle says no. Shawn says it seems like she wants him and  she wants to be married to Phillip too. He asks her if she still loves Phillip and she admits that she does. She says she loves Phillip because he is good and  kind and he was there for her. She tells Shawn that she doesn't love Phillip the way she loves him. Belle says Phillip deserves better than to hear the truth in a phone call, letter or an email. Belle says she can't believe the way things have turned out. Shawn tells her he thinks that Jan is the reason all this has happened. He says he is getting flashes of what really happened and when he remembers everything Jan will pay. There is a knock on the door and  it's Sami. She wants Belle to help her with proving Kate set her up. Belle asks how is she supposed to get Kate to confess? Sami says make your dad do it! Shawn says that it all sounds like something Sami would do. She tells him to shut up and  drive his motorcycle through another building! Belle tell Sami not to talk to him that way. Belle says her dad is sick with the flu and  Sami says sarcastically yeah right the flu! Belle wants to know if Sami knows something she doesn't? Sami says no. Belle then tells her that even if he wasn't sick she wouldn't ask him because this is Sami's own fault. Sami tells her of course she wouldn't because she is spoiled and  selfish and she always has been! Sami then leaves. Belle says Sami is right she IS selfish! Shawn tells she isn't and  puts his arms around her. Sami comes back in to get her purse and catches them. Sami leaves again and Belle is worried Sami will tell everyone.

Sami gets on the elevator and says she hates Kate and  John!! She hates Brady and  Belle and  Shawn!! Everyone is going to pay!!


February 24, 2005
Summary by Jennie
Nancy is telling Craig about how Chloe is doing and that she is helping Clara. She tells him Chloe thought about telling Brady she is alive and in Salem, but decided not to. Nancy says she knows how it is to be separated from her true love and she wants to see Chloe and Brady get back together. She decides to pay Brady a visit to tell him that Chloe is alive but Craig tells her not to interfere. It is Chloes decision. Nancy promises, but had her fingers crossed, she says sometimes a mother knows best and if she doesnt do something soon it might be too late.

Brady is in Johns room as he sleeps, he starts clearing his dishes away and the phone rings, it is Nicole calling from the clinic. He tells her he may be there all night because of what happened between Sami and Lucas. He tells her that the wedding was called off because Lucas found Sami and Brandon naked in bed together. Nicole does know who to kill first Sami, or her stupid little brother. 

Nicole asks a nurse if she can visit Clara and finds out she is in with another patient and gets the room number. 

Chloe is helping Clara with her singing and Clara says she wants to go to one of Chloes concerts someday. She says she wont be performing, her voice is still a little shaky, but Clara says she just needs a teacher, someone she trusts, who can help her. Chloe remembers singing with Brady. Clara tells her to call him but Chloe says maybe I will someday depending on how things go. Clara leaves to go back to her room and Nancy comes in to talk to Chloe trying to convince her to call Brady at least to let him know she is alive. She tells Chloe, Nicole is like a runaway train heading straight for his heart and if she doesnt tell him soon it could be too late. Nicole walks into the room, and says oh my God! She sees Nancy and asks what she is doing there. They go out into the hall as Chloe hides behind the door. Nancy lies and says she is volunteering she has moved back to Salem part time. She questions Nicole about her relationship with Brady, when Nicole gets defensive Nancy explains how they thought Brady would some day be their son-in-law. She talks about how when Chloe died they lost more than their daughter; they lost the future they would have had with her. She asks how Brady is and she says he has never been happier. In fact they are sponsoring a patient there and she was told she was visiting a patient in the room she just came out of and she is going to see her but Nancy says, No, you cant. 

Sami is sitting on her couch taking photos out of her album. First to a picture of Kate, she recounts how she must have set her up and no one believes her. She realizes she should have gotten a blood test the night before to see if she had been drugged (Duh!) and she says Kate will pay for what she did, and then throws the picture in the fire. Next she takes out a picture of John; she calls him a bastard and says he could have forced Kate to tell the truth, because he is his wifes daughter. Then she says he must have chosen Kate over Marlena. She throws the photo in the fire then slams the album shut, and says its not just John, her whole freakin family hates her. She throws the whole album into the fire and says you can all rot in hell. Will had walked in and heard this and slammed the door causing Sami to turn around. She tries to go to him to talk but he doesnt want to have anything to do with her, he goes in his room and shuts the door she keeps trying to talk to him but he tells her he hates her and to leave him alone cant you read (he has it written on his bedroom door (I dont know when he had time to do it though since he just got there). She tries to talk to him again but is interrupted by the door bell ringing over and over again, she opens the door and Kate is standing there so she slams the door in her face and tries to latch the door chain, but Kate starts banging on it. Sami opens the door and asks her what the hell she wants. Kate walks in and says she is there on official business, she needs to talk about her future at Basic Black, and it isnt looking too bright. Sami tells Kate that John hired her. Kate tells Sami that John has taken a leave of absence from the company leaving her in charge and fires her. Sami throws some flowers and Will asks her what is wrong with her and says he is out of there. Will tells her this is all her fault. Sami tells him Kate did it, but he doesnt believe her. Will leaves and Sami sits down at her computer to check her bank accounts she only has $150 in her checking and $450 in her savings. Then her computer screen goes black and comes up with REVENGE across the screen, she just thinks it is a virus. Will comes out of his room carrying his stuff. Sami tries to apologize to Will, but he says he is moving out Sami says he really doesnt love her anymore does he, he says he does love her but he cant live with her. Sami opens the door and finds a newspaper, which she says she doesnt get the evening edition she opens it up to start looking for a job and REVENGE is on one page.

Kate goes to Johns house and outside Johns room Brady tells her how glad he is that his dad can depend on her. He says he is going to take the tray of dishes downstairs but Kate says she will do it, so Brady goes to check on John. John tells Brady, he knows he means well but Marlena is the only woman for him. Brady tells asks him if he is going to spend the rest of his life alone and John tells him that is his business. Brady says Kate is special and he should consider it. John asks him like you considered Nicole, not the love of your life, but shell do? He asks Brady what would happen to his relationship with Nicole if he were to tell him Chloe was alive. He says in your heart you still love Chloe and you arent over her yet. John says if by some miracle Chloe walked through the door he would drop Nicole in a heartbeat because he doesnt love her, she is just a substitute for the real thing. Brady says my girlfriend is dead and staying celibate isnt going to bring her back. Kate walks in to give John an update about Basic Black. John says what he is really worried about is Sami. He says he thinks they should try to do something for her (Im guessing firing her, not what he had in mind) Kate tells him he cant expect her to do anything to help her, it is time to learn from her mistakes. Brady says she never does, but she has no problem pointing out other peoples mistakes, he says his guess is she is going to start with John. He asks if they think she knows about his addiction but they all dont think she does.

Billie arrives at Lucass house to see if she can stay with him for a few days, but finds out Will is moving in with him. He also had been in front of that judge before, and he doesnt have a very good opinion of him so he doesnt think he would be able to vouch for her. They talk about what happened with Sami. Billie says Sami always blames Kate but Lucas says sometimes she is right. Billie asks him if he really believes Kate would set her up. He says he doesnt know. Billie says she had her doubts about Kate too but she convinced her that she didnt have anything to do with it she put her feelings for Sami aside for his happiness. 

Hope returns from the spa, and goes upstairs where Bo is bathing Zach. Hope is standing outside the door and he tells Zach that he loves him and Shawn and his mom but there is someone else he loves a whole lot. He then tells him that his mom has always been there for him but because of this other person he hasnt been able to be there for his mom as much as he should be, and if he cant figure out how to have both of these women in his life, he is afraid his mom is the one who is going to lose out, Hope hears this and starts to cry. Bo then says and that person is his sister, Georgia. He tells Zach he wishes his mom would realize that she is the only woman he will ever love as a mommy a wife and a lover. What he had with Georgias mom was over a long time ago and never really compared to the love he shared with his mom. (This whole little conversation is so inappropriate to have with your child) Bo is about to tell Zach about the surprise he planned for Hope but she comes in, and says he wont if he doesnt want to ruin the surprise. He asks her if something is upsetting her but she says no she just gets emotional seeing them together. They talk about the spa and then Hope goes to get Zach in his pajamas. Bo tells her he will be right there, then makes a phone call and says its a go. Bo tells Hope he has a present for her on the bed she opens it to find a beautiful blue gown. She says its perfect, Bo walks up behind her and says youre perfect Mrs. Brady and suggests they have dessert first.


February 25, 2005

In Europe, Bart finds Tony shaking a snow globe. Bart says he knows that look, he thinks it's been far too long since Tony created havoc in the lives of the people in Salem. Tony laughs and says Bart knows him so well. Meanwhile, Marlena and Roman are in bed. Marlena dreams about being in bed and making love to John, but then she remembers being on the island and almost making love to Roman in the jungle. Marlena and Roman, who are asleep, end up kissing one another. Tony walks in and wakes them up, and Roman is furious with him and goes to attack him, but Bart pulls out a tazer gun. Tony says he comes with news about Sami. He informs them that Sami has once again ruined her prospects at happiness, she slept with Brandon Walker the night before her wedding to Lucas, and Lucas found them. Marlena says she needs to be there for her daughter, and she and Roman call Tony a monster for keeping them locked up here. After Tony leaves, Marlena tries to apologize to 

At Sami's place, Sami continues to get odd messages. She opens her door and finds a newspaper, which is odd as she doesn't subscribe to the evening edition. She decides to look through it for a new job, and sees the message "Revenge." She freaks out, and turns on the radio. Over the radio she hears the word "revenge!" in a deep voice. Then her phone rings, and again "revenge!" She hangs up, and when it rings again, she accuses Kate of toying with her. A disguised voice (we can tell it's Tony by his accent) tells Tony how quick she is to jump to conclusions. She asks who this is, and he says a friend. He tells Sami he can help her get revenge on all her enemies, Kate, John, Belle, Shawn, Brady . . . all of them. He tells her that she is not alone, and to open her front door. She does and gasps "Oh My God!"

At the penthouse, John is still shirtless and in bed, but he's not sweating anymore. He is telling Kate and Brady how he's worried about what Sami may do. Kate thinks she is harmless and blowing a lot of hot air, but Brady isn't so sure. Brady says when Sami is angry, she makes life hell for all those around her. Brady ends up excusing himself when he gets a call from Nicole. John and Kate talk about Sami, and John asks her to be honest, did she set Sami up? Kate crosses her fingers and says all she did was hire the private investigator. She says Sami was true to Lucas until the night before her wedding, that is when she betrayed him. She says in a way she did expose Sami. John says Roman and Marlena were always able to come together and help Sami. He says even that bond between them always remained. Kate says how she was Marlena's friend, but she was jealous of the bond between Marlena and Roman. John says he did find it odd for divorced people to continue to have that bond. He also tells Kate how he was jealous of them when he was on the island. He finally informs Kate about how Marlena and Roman almost made love on the island, and how he feels Tony was trying to get them back together. Kate damns Tony for all his sick little games. Later, Brady returns and says he has to go out. John and Kate continue to discuss Roman and MArlena, and John believes they are together in heaven and watching over them. 

At the clinic, Nicole is shocked to see Nancy. She wants to go into the room Nancy came out of, but Nancy prevents her and says she's not allowed unless she signs a guest book. Nicole leaves, and Chloe yells at Nancy. Chloe thinks she has to leave again because she's about to be found out, and it's all Nancy's fault. Nancy tells Chloe that she wants her to see how close Nicole and BRady are getting and realize she might lose him. She says she isn't ready for Brady to see her as she is ugly. Nancy says she is not ugly, but her actions and attitude are. Meanwhile, Nicole calls Brady to tell him about running into Nancy. He wonders why Nancy is there. She claims Nancy said something about charity work and her father being on the board here. Brady says it is possible, but he's coming over to find out what is going on. Nicole goes back to the room Nancy was in and sees her talking to a bandaged Chloe. She gasps "Oh My God!" Brady soon shows up, and Nancy goes out to talk to him as Chloe listens. They ask if that girl in there is Clara's friend. Nancy says yes. They ask to meet her, but Nancy says she doesn't want to meet them or anyone as she's self conscious about her looks. Back in the room Chloe wishes she could tell Brady the truth, but says she can't.

At Lucas' place, Lucas looks at a photo of Sami, himself and Will. HE wants to go to Sami and check on her as she has no one, but Billie won't let him. She says Sami got herself into this mess. They argue for awhile, and Lucas asks her about Bo and what is going on with them. Billie says nothing, why does everyone assume something is going on. Lucas says the do share a child. Billie says Bo has Hope. Still, Lucas says Bo vouched for her in court, and if she doesn't go back and stay with him at the address they gave, she is risking going back to jail. 

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope finish making love yet again. Bo then says he has more surprises, and he tells her to get dressed. They get dressed in fancy party clothes, Hope a nice blue dress and Bo a tux. Downstairs Bo has a romantic dinner planned for them. Bo pours some champagne that Henderson has been saving, Victor put it aside the day they were married. HE then gives her a gift. He has bought them charm necklaces with their initials. Hope takes the one with the B, Bo takes the one with the H. As they eat dinner, the conversation drifts to Billie. Hope remains worried that Billie will come between them and it is all a plan Tony put in motion before dying. Bo wants to switch the subject to Shawn. He says Shawn called earlier and said he had good news. Hope wonders what it is and hopes he has finally wised up about Jan Spears. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Bo wonders who it could be, so he goes to answer. It is Billie, and Hope rolls her eyes. 

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