January 3, 2005

At the clinic, Chloe spies on Brady as he talks to the doctor about his dead girlfriend. When Brady tells the doctor his girlfriends name, the doctor says she has a patient by that name. Brady opens his wallet to show the doctor a photo of his Chloe. Chloe sees what he is doing and panics. Nicole soon shows up and interrupts. She says she called Brady and said they might miss the wedding but can get to the reception. Brady says he needs to be there for the wedding to support his sister because she doesnt have a mother anymore. Nicole tells him not to argue and to rest. Brady says he cant miss his own sisters wedding. Nicole says he cant even stand up. Brady says they always argued about who would get married first, and Belle always thought it would be him and Chloe. Nicole asks him to just rest and get better. She says she loves him and doesnt ever want to be without him. Brady asks Nicole to call a car service so they can go to the wedding. She says okay and tells him to rest. Nicole leaves. Chloe says Brady couldnt says he loves Nicole, he must still love her even though he thinks she is dead. Brady dreams about marrying Chloe, and he calls out Chloes name. Chloe goes to him She touches his head, and he begins to stir. Brady continues to dream about marrying Chloe, and Chloe leans over and kisses Brady. Brady opens his eyes and says Chloe?

At the church, the wedding has not yet started. Jen and Hope are lighting candles, and Eugenia (I think) runs off when she gets a call. Abe and Celeste take their seats. Doug and Julie arrive, and Julie cannot understand why Belle is marrying Phillip. Doug says she is just worried about Shawn. Julie says she is, their grandsons heart is going to be broken. Eugenia grabs Kate and says some girl named Jan called and said some guy name Shawn is going to stop the wedding. Kate thinks it is a crank call and Kate says shell handle it. Kate goes and finds a guard and tells him not to let anyone else in. The guard asks what about latecomers? Kate says that is their problem! 

Outside, Lucas and Sami show up for the wedding and are told the doors are closed till after the ceremony. Lucas says they are the brother and sister of the bride and groom. The guard says sorry, they arent allowed in. Sami thinks is his mothers doing and she must be afraid she was going to do something to stop the wedding. Lucas asks if she is right? Later Phillips marine buddies show up, and Lucas asks the guard if hes going to keep the marines out? The guard says hes a former marine, so hell let them in. 

At the head of the aisle, Mimi asks Belle if she is sure? Belle says shes not changing her mind. Mimi puts Belles veil on, and Mimi starts. John and Belle prepare to walk, and John is in a lot of pain. As the walk, Belle stops and says she cant do this. Phillip and Kate look worried, and Hope wonders what the hold up is. John asks Belle if she is okay. She fiddles with the locket around her neck, and says she just got a little nervous. She says she cant keep Phillip waiting, and they continue. Suddenly, John stumbles and falls. Kate announces there will be a short delay, but not to leave. Lexie attends to John, who insists he is okay. Kate asks John to use the wheelchair, but John says no. John insists on walking Belle down the isle. Lexie says that is not okay. 

Lucas, Sami and the marines finally show up, and Kate warns Sami not to even think of interrupting the wedding! Lucas apologizes to Phillip for being late. Meanwhile, Sami delights that Belles perfect wedding isnt perfect after all. 

Hope wonders if John is well enough to walk Belle down the isle. Julie tells Hope that she knows how stubborn men can be! Hope says yes, and fortunately Bo isnt going anywhere tonight. Later, Hope wonders if Shawn knows about the wedding. Alice says he does, he saw her invitation. Doug wonders why the bozo doesnt wise up. Julie tells him not to call her grandson a bozo, but Doug asks what else do you call someone who lets the woman he loves marry another man? Julie says Doug Williams! Doug says he got it right eventually. Julie says she thinks she is going to cry. She says Belle is marrying the wrong guy and everyone here knows it. 

Meanwhile, Celeste is having more images. Abe suggests she keep it to herself as a wedding is supposed to be happy. Celeste says not this one, many hearts will be broken. Celeste continues to see roses splattered with blood and hears people screaming.

Lexie asks John if hes taken any pain medicine lately as his eyes look glassy. John remembers shooting up, but he says just aspirin. Lexie says make sure that is all he is taking because it could be easy to become addicted. Lexie realizes John is determined to walk down Belle the aisle. She begs him not to do anything to risk his health. Lexie goes back to her seat, and Sami spies on John when he thinks hes alone. John ends up shooting up again, which Sami sees. Sami says John Black is a junkie! 

Sami goes back to Lucas and gloats about how Belles wedding is going to be a disaster. Sami says Belle broke her promise to her, so she has to pay, Karmas a bitch. 

Meanwhile, Mimi hears something which she thinks could be Shawn. Kate overhears Mimi say this. She ends up locking the door and says there is no way Shawn will get in here.

Shawn is speeding towards the church on his bike cursing about how he has to get to the church before she marries him. Shawn arrives at the church, but the guard wont let him in. Shawn vows to find a way in and stop Belle from making the biggest mistake of her life. Shawn pounds on the door and screams Dont do it! Dont marry him! 

Back in the church, the wedding begins again. Belle and John walk through the marines swords, and they swat her on the butt. (As many of you wrote in, this comes after the wedding, not before!) John gives Belle away, and tells her to be happy. Belle says she is happy. Father Jansen begins the vows, and asks if anyone here knows any reason why these two shouldnt be married? The camera pans around the room, but no one says anything. Lucas holds Sami down, and John tells Kate that she wouldnt dare. Phillip and Belle begin reciting their vows. Phillip talks about how since the day they first met in kindergarden they became friends. He says he soon fell in love with her, and she taught him so much that he went on to use in the marines. He says he offers her love, honor and trust. He says they were always hers to begin with. Belle tells Phillip that shes always been so proud to call him her friend, and she will be proud to call him husband. She thanks him for waiting for her and giving her time to realize he is the man she needs. She says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Belle looks at Phillip and sees Shawn say I love you to Belle. Phillip asks Belle if she is okay? He asks what is it? She says she is just happy to be marrying the right man. Belle and Phillip then light the candles and continue with the ceremony. The father asks if Phillip takes Belle to be his wife . . . . 

Back outside, Shawn says there is no way he can let this wedding happen. Shawn gets on his bike, puts on his helmet, and takes off saying its the only way. Back inside, as the vows continues, everyone hears a motorcycle roaring. Kate says Oh no he wouldnt! Shawn comes bursting through the stain glass window as everyone screams!

On the Basic Black Jet, Billie is on the phone telling the pilot to take off now. Bo grabs the phone and says they arent going anywhere. Billie asks what he is doing? Bo says she lied to him. Billie says so what, she is going to go find her daughter and he is in no condition to go with him. Bo says he wont let her risk her life. Billie says it is her life and he doesnt get to decide how she lives it. She says she is going, but Bo says like hell you are. Billie says Georgia is her little girl. Bo says she is his little girl too, and Georgia and her are his responsibility. Billie says excuse me? She tells Bo that he doesnt get to take care of her anymore, they got that straightened out years ago. Bo says everyone he cares about this year has been taken from him, so he wont lose her too. Billie says she understand that she is his daughter to, but Georgia is the only child she has. She says if there is a small chance she is alive then she has to take it. She says sixteen years is far too long to be without your own child. Bo sits down and picks up personal recorder. He listens to a message Billie left for Georgia in case she dies searching for her. Billie apologizes for not being there for her, but leaves her the name of her wonderful father. She also lets Georgia know that she was conceived out of love, even though it didnt work out between her and her father. Billie says shell always be watching over her and that she loves her. Billie, who had left to compose herself, returns and tells Bo to get off the plane because they have to take off now. Bo tells Billie to tell the pilot to take off then. She hugs him, thanks him, and says go home to Hope. Bo says hes not going home, hes going with her. Billie says Hope will be upset. Bo says shell understand eventually, and they have to take off while they can. 

At the castle in Europe, Tony shows up in a tux and tells Marlena that Belle and Phillip are getting married today. Tony plays a video for Marlena and Roman to watch. Marlena says she wishes she could be there for Belle. Marlena gets all teary when she sees John is walking. She wonders if Belle looks happy or not, and she wonders if Belle is marrying the man she really loves. MArlena sees Belle is wearing her grandmothers locket, and she cries even more. When she sees John fall, she lashes out at Tony and tells him that she hates him! Marlena wishes she was there to help John. Tony says he doesnt need her, he has Kate. He suggests she ask Roman ask Kate knows so many ways to comfort a man. Roman calls Tony a son of a bitch. They see Kate comforting John, and Roman says its only because they arent here. Tony wonders how long it will be before Kate and John have a wedding of their own. Tony pours them some champagne and asks if they want to make a toast? They roll their eyes, so Tony toasts to Belle and Phillip, a long and happy life. He also says he must not forget John and Kate! The wedding continues, and Marlena says she doesnt see joy in Belles eyes. She says if only she was there to help her make the right decision. Roman comforts Marlena as she cries. Tony makes another snide remark, and Roman almost attacks Tony. A guard holds Roman back, and Tony says so much for the power of undying love. He says John and Kate appear to have recovered from losing the loves of their lives in record time. Marlena continues to watch the wedding and says this isnt right, and nothing will ever be right again.


January 4, 2005
At the clinic, Nicole makes a call and gets a car to come pick them up to take them to the wedding. She tells herself shes glad Brady is finally getting over Chloe, now no one can get in the way of their happiness. In his cubical, Brady looks up and sees Chloe in the distance. He just sees her silhouette, and he says your really here! Brady says youve come back to me! Chloe remembers talking to Nancy about revealing herself to Brady. Chloe told Nancy her face is just getting worse and she should have died in the accident. Brady tells Chloe that he knew she couldnt have died, and he asks Chloe to come closer so he can touch her beautiful face. Chloe ends up backing away and tells Brady that she cant. Meanwhile, the doctor asks Nicole if she can speak with her for a moment. She tells Nicole that Brady needs to rest after his accident. Nicole goes back to Brady, who is calling out to Chloe. Nicole doesnt hear him. She gives him a kiss on the forehead. He says Nicole is that you? She says who did you think I was? He says Chloe, she was just here. Nicole says no one is here, and pulls the curtain back. Brady says there she is! Chloe turns around, and her face is healed. Nicole says you! Chloe morphs into the doctor, and Nicole says it is just his doctor. Brady says he could have sworn he saw Chloe. The doctor says it is normal for him to suffer sight impairment, and if he has anymore symptoms to call his personal physician in the morning. Nicole leaves to see if the car she called for is here. She is devastated that Brady is still thinking about Chloe, and she says she has to get Chloe out of his mind. Meanwhile, Brady thinks it was all his concussion that made him think Chloe was here. Chloe runs back to her room and hopes Brady will forgive her for not telling him the truth. 

On the plane, Billie and Bo argue about Bo going with Billie. Bo says he wont let her go alone. She says she was going to go with Patrick. Bo says as far as he is concerned the jury is still out on Patrick. Bo says hed never forgive himself if something bad happened to her. Billie realizes Bo listened to her message and that is what this is all about. He says he did, and she left quite a message. Bo says he can see how much shes sacrificing, and he realizes he isnt supporting her enough. Billie says she doesnt understand, she thought he didnt believe the message she got on her PDA was real. Bo says he doesnt know who sent the message to her. Billie asks then why is he here? He says if she is walking into a trap then shell need all the help she can get. He says if it isnt a trap, then theyll find their daughter and bring her home. Billie asks what about Hope, how does Hope feel about this. Bo says hell find out, and he calls Hope but her voicemail is full. Billie cant believe he is here without telling Hope. Billie thinks Bo is afraid to let her do this on her own because he thinks she cant handle it. Bo says he doesnt think she can handle it. Billie wonders if he keeps Hope on this tight of a leash or does he let her do things on her own? She says he does because he trusts her. Bo says she cannot do this on her own. Billie says they need to trust one another. She says he may think hes superman, but he even needs help sometimes. We see a flashback of Billie and Bo cooking pasta a long time ago, and Billie had to help Bo with the cooking. Billie says back then cooking was her area of expertise and defending the public was his. She says now she is ISA, and technically she is his superior now. Bo says yeah right. Bo and Billie argue, and Bo thinks she is arrogant because she thinks she is better trained for this mission than he is. Billie says speaking of arrogant, and they romance about the time they were in Monte Carlo and Billie came to Bos rescue. Bo was upset because he thought he could handle the situation. They continue to argue about Billie, and Bo reminds her of the major flub she made with Larry Welch. Billie thought he had forgiven her as the ISA proved she was innocent. Bo says if it was up to him they would have thrown the book at her. Billie is shocked and says it was a mistake and she had no idea what Larry was up to. Bo says maybe if she had paid for her mistakes then she wouldnt be jumping into another mistake now. Billie says shes had it with him, shes going to have the pilot land the plane. Bo tells her to stop this, but she says shes heard enough. She says she knows how he feels about her. Bo says damn it Billie, Im only doing this because I love you. Billie looks shocked. 

At the castle, Jack has escaped his room is looking for Cassie. He plans to leave once he finds her. He ends up tripping and falling into a secret passage. Jack says Cassie was right after all, this place is full of tunnels and passages like the Dimera mansion in Salem. Jack has a set of keys and says he just needs to keep from alerting the DiMera guards. Jack eventually hears Marlena crying, and he realizes Tony is holding other people hostage. Later, Jack hears the guards announce Devereux has escaped! Jack eventually makes it to the outside, and he says he is finally free, Jack Devereux has left the building!

Elsewhere, Marlena continues to watch the footage and is stunned when Shawn bursts through the window and into the church on his motorcycle. Roman tells Marlena to take it easy. Marlena sees Belle on the floor covered in blood and cries It cant be my little girl! Roman tries to tell her that Belle will be fine. The feed goes dead when an explosion occurs. Marlena worries about John and Belle, and Roman says hes sure everyone got out in time. Marlena screams at Tony to get them out of here! Roman tries to assure her that it will be okay, but she says it wont. She says she cant take this anymore and they have to get out of here.

At the church, Shawn bursts throw the stained glass window. The next we see Belle is covered with broken glass and is on the ground and the chandelier falls on Phillip! Shawn is hurt as well as hes pinned under his bike. The marines get the bike off of Shawn. Kate rushes to Phillip, and John is with Belle. Lexie goes to Belle and tells John to be careful because Belle may have an artery cut. John is holding Belle and begs her not to leave. Belle tells her dad that she loves him. Belle passes out, and John cries No! Sami and Mimi watch, and Sami feels horrible and begs Belle not to die, not to leave them. Belle stirs, and John tells her to hang in because help is on the way. 

Meanwhile, Phillip asks his mom what happened? Kate says there was an accident but it will be okay. Phillip asks where Belle is? Kate says she is here. He wants to see her, but they keep him from her. Kate says he has to stay put, he could have broken bones. Rex says everything will be okay, and Lexie is doing everything she can for Belle. Phillip says he loves her so much and she has to be okay. Kate says she will be, and she sends Rex to check on her. Phillip says Shawn did this and he is a dead man.

Elsewhere, Hope asks Shawn to be still as he could be bleeding internally. The paramedics soon show up to take care of everyone. Meanwhile, Jen smells gas, and she sees Shawns bike is leaking, and there are candles everywhere. Jen tells Rex, and Rex yells at everyone to get out! Outside Hope is trying to call Bo, but hes not answering. The church explodes, and Hope runs back inside. She looks around and everything is in flames. She cries Oh my God! Jen finds Hope and lets her know everything is okay, everyone got out.

At the hospital, Mimi and Rex show up, and Sami is on the phone with Lucas in tears. Sami thinks it is her fault that Shawn crashed the wedding. John hears this and tells Sami that she has some explaining to do! Sami tells Lucas she has to go, and she tells John all she did was pray for something to ruin Belles day. She says she doesnt need a lecture from him as she is being punished enough as is.

Belle is in a room and Phillip and John are outside waiting for news. It seems Phillip is okay. Lexie asks John how he is doing, how is the pain? John says he is fine, he is just worried about Belle. He asks how Belle will be. Lexie says it is too soon to tell, and he should hang in there. Lexie leaves and John is in pain. He says the meds from the ISA arent cutting it and hell need to get his hands on something stronger to make it through the night. When a nurse runs off to give some lady named Rebecca Danziger her medicine, John takes the opportunity to swipe some drugs from her cart. Sami sees him steal the drugs, and then she remembers him shooting up at the wedding. She also remembers Lexie questioning him about his glassy looking eyes. Sami says John is a junkie, a liar, and a thief! The nurse returns and sees someone has broken into her cart. Sami goes into the room John ran into and finds him in there shooting up. Meanwhile, the nurse returns with the police to investigate. Sami returns, and they question her if she saw anyone suspicious around the cart. She says yes there was someone. 

Lexie talks to Hope and tells her that Shawn is obviously under the influence of something. Phillip hears this and is furious. Hope apologizes, but Kate says this cant happen again and something has to be done. Hope calls Bo again and gets a message saying hes out of the service area. Hope wonders where Bo is and why he isnt picking up the phone.

Shawn is in his room and in a lot of pain. He comes to, and looks over and says Belle? Meanwhile, Belle is in another room and Lexie is tending to her. Lexie says Belle is lucky that they stopped the bleeding, and if the glass hit a major artery she wouldnt be with them. Belle wakes up and tells LExie that she needs to see Shawn. Later, Phillip tries to go see Belle, but Lexie says she is only allowed to have one visitor at a time. He asks who is in there now? She says Shawn, she asked to see him. In Belles room, Belle asks Shawn why he did this to her? Shawn says hes sorry, hes so sorry! Shawn says he doesnt know why he did it, he wasnt thinking. He says all he knows is he had to do whatever he could to stop her from marrying Phillip. Shawn asks if he stopped her, if she and Phillip are married?


January 5, 2005

At the hospital, Hope talks to Lexie and doesn't understand how Shawn could have done this. Lexie says they are running blood tests to see what was in his system. Hope says Shawn could be facing serious trouble and she doesn't even know where Bo is. Hope says he's not answering at home and the cell phone is saying he's out of the area. LExie suggests that the cell phone is malfunctioning and Bo is probably just asleep. She suggests Hope go home and she'll call if there is any news about Shawn.

Shawn is in with Belle, and he says he had to stop the wedding and asks if she is married. She doesn't answer, she just asks how could he do this to her. She says he could have killed her, Phillip and anyone else in the church. She asks what has happened to him, why is he so angry all the time. Shawn says he doesn't know. He says all he knows is why he left town, because he was angry. He says his memory is foggy since the accident and he doesn't have all the pieces. He says he doesn't know why he stayed away for so long. He asks Belle again if she and Phillip are married. before she answers Lexie and a plastic surgeon come in to look at Belle's scars, and Shawn is asked to leave.

Elsewhere, the cop questions Sami as to what she saw in regards to the drug theft. Sami looks at John and says she knows what happened. Before she can speak, Lucas shows up and says he has to talk to Sami about his sister. He pulls her away and tells her not to do this. HE says he saw the way she was looking at John, don't blame John when she has no proof. Lucas thinks Sami is planning to make up her accusation and saw nothing. Sami asks what she wants him to do, just say nothing and take the blame? He says yes. He tells her that she is burning too many bridges. He says he and Will can't be the only people in her life she loves. He asks what will happen if he died, who would she lean on? He says she'd be all alone. Sami says she doesn't need John for anything. He says John was good enough for her to ask to pay for her wedding and help with her annulment. Sami says and he did neither of those things for her! Lucas warns her not to do this.

Out in the hallway, Mimi and Rex are talking about Shawn. Mimi thinks what Shawn did was romantic in a way, and she is still routing for him and Belle. Rex thinks what Shawn did was stupid and dangerous. Meanwhile Phillip is angry that Belle is talking to Shawn and not him. He vows to make Shawn pay. Later they all overhear Lexie get the report back that indicates Shawn not only had 2 times the legal blood alchol limit, but drugs in his system. Phillip is furious and says if Shawn doesn't pay via the law then he'll kill him. Rex asks Mimi if this changes her mind about Shawn? Mimi says she is not happy Shawn is taking drugs, but she is still on his side. Jan soon shows up and asks where Shawn is. Mimi says he's in with Belle right now. SHe asks why he is with Belle? Mimi says they are talking. When Jan learns what Shawn did she worries. She tells herself she didn't think the drug she gave Shawn would make him act this way. A spying Sami overhears this.

Shawn comes out of Belle's room, and Phillip almost gets into a fight with him, but John and Kate stop him and tell him not now. John is in pain, and LExie is worried about him. John says he is fine and he is not going home or sitting in some damn wheel chair. He says he's staying here until he knows how Belle is. Meanwhile, another doctor talks with LExie about the drug that was stolen from the pain medication cart. The doctor says he's worried because this drug is dangerous and has side effects such as making someone tense, stressed out, and even violent. Lexie worries because someone stole drugs the other day as well. The other doctor says they need to find who is doing this and stop them. 

Later, Belle once again asks to see Shawn, which angers Phillip. Everyone hears Shawn scream, and they run into the room. Phillip asks what happened? Belle says she just told Shawn that they are married. Jan says "Yes!" Meanwhile, John asks Sami what in the hell she is doing here? He says she got her wish, her sister's wedding was ruined. Sami says please, if her wishes were that powerful then he'd be dead and her mother would be alive. John tells Sami that he's had it with her. He says she truly is one vindictive selfish little bitch. Sami is stunned, and just then the officer returns and asks Sami if she can tell him who she saw tampering with the pain medication cart. 

At Hope's place, Julie and Maggie arrive with Zack, Maggie was watching him. Hope thanks them, and then breaks the news that Bo is gone and she doesn't know where. Maggie takes Zack upstairs, and Julie begins lecturing Hope. Julie thinks Bo left with Billie. Hope says he didn't. She says she knows and trusts her husband, and he wouldn't have gone off with Billie again, not without hard proof. Julie tells her to wake up. Hope tells Julie not to do this, not to make her doubt her husband. Julie says a space ship has come down and taken all the eligible good men in this world, so they have to fight to keep the ones they have. Julie says Billie doesn't have a man, and she is at that age when men can get the milk from her without having to buy the cow. She says Billie will go after Bo! Hope says she trusts her husband and she doesn't think Billie has designs on Bo.

On the plane, Billie is stunned when Bo says he loves her. She says it's okay, she knows he didn't mean it. Bo says he did mean it, he loves her. She wonders how Hope will react to this. Bo asks if she will tell Hope? Billie says no. Bo says Hope is smart, she probably has figured out how he feels about her. He also tells Billie she knows how he feels about her, he loves her but as a friend only. SHe knows, she says Hope has his heart fully and completely. She remembers a time when he thought Hope was gone and his heart belonged to her. We see a flashback of them on the boat talking about having kids one day. Bo said he wanted more children with her and nothing bonds two people like a child. Bo ends up saying something to Billie about how finding Georgia will make their lives difficult. She thinks what he means is he wishes Georgia didn't exist. He says that's not the case. However, he does say Hope and his boys are his life and will be his priority. Billie says she knows, and finding Georgia will fill a void in her life. Bo asks if she can be happy without a man, as once she said she never could be. Billie says all the available men are taken, so she'll have to be fine being alone. She says Georgia is all she needs.


January 6, 2005

Today's summary by Gina (a few remarks by Dustin, who somewhat saw today's show)

On the plane, Bo and Billie tell one another that they'd never forgive themselves if something happened to the other. Bo says that is the reason he is there. Although he isn't angry with Billie for her stubbornness, he says that if it ever came down to making a choice, Shawn, Zach, and Hope would always come first. Billie says, "I wouldn't have it any other way." As Bo tries to call Hope, Billie tells him that Hope will be furious and frantic. The line is busy, so Hope must be home, and she knows Bo is missing.

At home, Hope is on the phone with the police, asking that they call her if Bo shows up at the station. Jennifer shows up and offers to help Hope find Bo. Julie called her and said that Hope needed company. Jennifer asks if Hope has tracked down Billie, and Hope replies that Bo promised not to leave and that she is sure he didn't go to look for Georgia. Jennifer notes that Jack often made similar promises but would then run off after a hot lead on a story without telling her. If Hope can't find Bo anywhere else, he must be with Billie.

In Europe, dressed in a guard's uniform, Jack shivers outside a lodge and debates about his next move. Jack realizes he's in a bind as he has no papers, money, or passport. 

At the hospital, Lexi and Kate encourage John to go home and rest. John gets angry when they treat him "like a cripple." He then asks Sami why she is still there. Her sister's wedding was ruined just as she wished. Sami says that if her wishes were that powerful then John would be dead, and her mother would be alive. He says he's bent over backwards for her but she is really is a heartless, cruel, selfish, vindictive little bitch. The cop interrupts them, asking Sami if she saw anyone steal the drugs. Sami doesn't answer yet, as they hear Shawn screaming "no" from Belle's room. Belle has just told him that she and Phillip are married. Phillip rushes in, telling Shawn to leave his wife alone, and Shawn decks Philip. They fight, and Lucas and Rex eventually get a hold of Shawn, while Abe restrains Phillip. Lexi tells them to get Shawn out before someone else gets hurt. He pleads with Belle to tell him it's not true. Mimi tells Shawn that she is his friend and wouldn't lie; he didn't stop the wedding. Belle says, "It's true." John tells Shawn to "get the hell away from my daughter." Shawn says he just needs to talk to Belle, but Rex and Lucas drag him out. Back in her room, Phillip tells Belle that he won't let Shawn upset her again. She says she's not upset; Shawn needs help and she needs to talk to him. Phillip says, "No, I FORBID it."

Back on the plane, Billie tells Bo that he should have left Hope a note. He says he couldn't have. When he got to the plane, Billie left him no choice but to leave right away. Billie says that while she appreciates the backup, she did NOT ask him to go with her and in fact tried to make sure he wouldn't. Bo says, "Hope's gonna kill me."

At the Brady house, Hope tells Jen that while Bo may be capable of chasing a hot lead just like Jack, there is no hot lead, just the set of latitude and longitude and the message on her PDA.

In Europe, Jack finally decides that he must go in the lodge, as he will either freeze to death outside or get arrested for loitering. He heads inside, and it is bustling with people. Jack swipes some coins from a table that were left for a waitress's tip, thinking that he won't be able to afford to stay. The waitress approaches him and says, "How did you get out of the DiMera castle?" Jack thinks he's been caught!

At the hospital, Sami finally answers the cop and tells him that she didn't see anyone take the drugs. Lucas is proud of her.

Outside Belle's room, Mimi and Shawn talk alone about Belle. Rex dragged Jan away for some coffee despite her objections. Shawn tells Mimi that crashing through the window was his only option, as the church was guarded and the doors were locked. He says he wasn't really thinking at all, not even about anyone getting hurt. The reality of Belle and Phillip's marriage was setting in, and he needed to do something about it. Mimi says, "You still love her." Shawn replies, "It's not that simple." She was his life, everything, the only one that understands him, and the only person he can talk to now. Mimi tells him that he and Belle belong together. Kate has been eavesdropping the entire time and vows to keep Shawn and Belle apart. She is also considering interfering in Rex and Mimi's relationship because of the position Mimi is talking.

In Belle's room, Belle is surprised by Phillip's choice of words, as this isn't the middle ages. She needs to talk to Shawn about his actions. Phillip says he acted that way because he was drunk and on drugs.

Back at the lodge, the waitress tells Jack that everyone can recognize the DiMera uniform but that the men who work there rarely get time off. In his best accent, Jack orders coffee. He "borrows" a coat and hat from the coat stand and thinks about the two cops sitting in the lodge who are probably on DiMera's payroll. Since they don't know what he looks like, he wonders if he can get the cops to take him to the American consulate. Bart enters with a picture of Jack, asking if anyone has seen him.

At the Brady house, Jenn tries to comfort Hope. Hope worries about Shawn's desperation and knows he needs his father. Although his actions were irresponsible and dangerous, Hope and Jenn agree that what he did was somewhat romantic and similar to what Bo did to rescue Hope from her wedding to Larry. We see some flashbacks of Bo riding off with Hope.  She also says that both have the same "impulsive gene." Jenn think this is why Julie is right; Bo left on impulse.

On the plane, Billie tells Bo that she knows firsthand how Hope is feeling and reminisces about a time when Bo came home three hours after his shift ended. She feared he'd been shot at a bank robbery and wanted him to simply call to say he was okay. While Bo is loving and generous, he has a bad habit of making the women who love him "nervous wrecks."

In private at the hospital, Lexi asks John to speak to her about the stolen drugs. Lexi does not want any negative media attention for the hospital and requests that John look into the thefts privately, without the police. John asks Abe if it is okay, technically he's not part of the Salem PD. Abe says he's still on leave, but he is okay with this, especially if John can catch the thief without spending taxpayers money.. Sami eavesdrops.

Mimi and Shawn continue to talk, and Kate continues to listen. Mimi finally convinces Shawn that it isn't over yet and that he must make Belle listen. As he walks away, Jan threatens that if she loses Shawn, Mimi will lose Rex.

Belle is in disbelief about Shawn drinking and taking drugs. Phillip tells her that his actions were not sentimental but a result of being "strung out." Shawn is messing with her because he knows Belle tries to see the best in everyone. Phillip says, "He may have ruined our wedding, but he can't ruin the love that we have." Shawn is crazy and sick, and Phillip won't let him hurt Belle again. He will make him pay.

Meanwhile, Kate calls the police and says she has new information about Shawn BRady's actions. She tells them about Shawn's drug test results.

Back at the Brady house, Hope tells Jenn she is wrong about Bo leaving on impulse. Perhaps they took the information to the ISA. Hope calls the hospital. Hope notes that the big difference between Bo and Shawn's actions is that Bo succeeded in stopping the wedding; Shawn didn't, and his future may be ruined. 

On the plane, Bo and Billie continue to reminisce about "making up" after that argument. They smirk about the "hard work" it took Bo to get Billie to forgive him.

Still at the lodge, Bart asks the police if they have seen the escaped prisoner, who is armed and dangerous. The Count wants him back dead or alive. Bart approaches Jack, dressed in the bulky coat and big hat and says, "I had a feeling I'd find you here."

At the hospital, John agrees to investigate the thefts privately. Sami has been eavesdropping and is disgusted by Lexi's "enabling" John. John leaves to get some air. He is angry and frustrated by his pain and injects himself with the drugs. Sami sees this and says John always said knowledge is power. She says she will use what she knows to her advantage.

At the lodge, Jack realizes that Bart was speaking to the waitress, Helga. He gets a call from Tony and says that the cops have the photo and that their man at the American consulate will call if Jack arrives. So much for Jack's plan! He can't trust anyone but Jennifer and calls her from a payphone. On her machine, he leaves a message saying he is alive and will come back to her, Abigail and Jack Jr.

Lexi calls Hope and tells her that Shawn's blood was positive for alcohol and drugs. Hope says she'll be right there. Kate pulls Mimi aside and requests that she not interfere with Belle and Phillip's relationship. Mimi tells Kate that she respects her and Phillip, but she honestly believes Shawn and Belle belong together as they have true love. Mimi says even Kate has to believe in true love. Kate says she does, but Shawn blew it and now Phillip and Belle have found true love.

 Meanwhile, Shawn is trying to see Belle, but Jan tells him not to go in. Kate then tells Shawn that he'll never talk to Belle again. Kate pulls Rex aside and tells him to be careful around Shawn. "We can't ever let him get around Belle again, no matter what Mimi says." Kate tells him that everyone needs to respect Belle and Phillip's marriage, and as his half-brother, Rex should stick by Phillip and his family. Rex says he agrees, and he'll have a talk with Mimi and make sure she doesn't interfere anymore. 

In her room, Belle talks to Phillip about Shawn not being himself, particularly since he's been with Jan. She knows something is terribly wrong and needs to talk to him. Belle says she and Shawn have been friends since they were kids and she will always care about him.

Outside the room, as Jan is telling Shawn they need to leave, the police arrive to arrest him. He says are you kidding me, do you know who my family is? They say yeah, and they feels sorry for them. They tell him they can do this the hard way or the easy way. Shawn gives, so they cuff him and read him his rights. 


January 7, 2005
Patrick is working out at Jens house, and Chelsea stares at his bod. Chelsea sys his body is so hot. Abby says it should be, he does this every night. Chelsea asks what happens after the show? Abby says he takes a shower and goes to bed. Chelsea decides to get acquainted with her future lover, and Abby sighs. Later, Chelsea takes Jack Jrs baby monitor/cam and puts it in Patricks shower for a show. Abby says she wont let her do this! Abby says this is a violation of his privacy, but Chelsea doesnt care. Abby and Chelsea fight over Patrick, and Chelsea makes the point that Jen and Patrick are going to hook up big time. Abby says her mother wouldnt do that to her dad, but Chelsea says her dad is dead and her mom will be needing comfort. Chelsea says Abby can help her seduce Patrick or let Patrick and her mom get it on! Abby goes to distract Patrick by saying her computer is dead. Meanwhile, Chelsea has hookerized herself with make-up and clothes. Patrick returns to the room and gets to work fixing Abbys computer. He says he dated a girl who had a similar PC that always gave her trouble. Abby asks about the girl, and Patrick says she was attractive and nice. Abby questions him about his type to try and discourage Chelsea. Patrick finally fixes the computer, and then asks Chelsea what happened to her hair? Her hair is all over the place because she took her sweater off to try and look more sexy. Chelsea says there is a lot of static electricity in the air. Patrick heads to take a shower in the hall bathroom as he re-caulked his shower and it isnt dry yet. Patrick takes off, and Abby tells Chelsea that her plan to seduce him failed. She also tells Chelsea she put the camera in the wrong shower. Chelsea says who needs a camera when they can go down the hall and watch him. However, the bathroom is too steamy, so they cant see him. Abby tells Chelsea to give up as shell never get Patrick into bed. Chelsea says shell do more then get him into bed, shell make him fall in love with her!

At Hopes, Hope is running around looking for her purse to get back to the hospital to see Shawn. Mickey calls Hope from the station, Shawn has been arrested. Hope cant believe this, and Jen tells her to just go. Hope hugs Jen and rushes off. 

Jen calls to check in with Patrick. Patrick says the baby is asleep, and Chelsea and Abby are staying out of trouble. Patrick says she has a message, would he like him to play it for her? Jen says shell check it when she gets home. Jen asks Patrick to stay with the kids a little longer till she gets home. Patrick doesnt mind, and they discuss how they think Chelsea is a good influence on Abby. Jen says Abby really needs Jack as he was the only one who could get through to her. Jen heads over to see Alice, and she fills her in on the Hope/Bo/Shawn drama. Jen soon starts talking about Jack and how she misses him so much. Alice tells Jen that her family is here for her. Jen says she also has Patrick, hes been wonderful through all of this. Alice asks if Patrick and her are . . . . Jen says he is just a friend, and he lives in the apartment over the garage. Jen talks about how Abby and Jack Jr. adore Patrick, and Chelsea is taken with him. Alice asks Jen if she is taken with him? Jen says no, like she said he's only a friend! Alice says friendships grow into love. Jen says no, she is not close to be ready for that yet. Jen says Jack was the love of her life and always will be. Later Jen returns home, throws the mail down on the table, and fails to see Jacks message on the answering machine. 

At the station, Kate meets with Judge Fitzpatrick. The judge is upset because she was with Commissioner Gordon at a very important fundraiser, Kate called her away. Kate tells the judge about all the drama that went on at her sons wedding thanks to Shawn. Suddenly a man calls Kate and says her daughter and Bo are in Europe once again. Kate is surprised to hear they are in Europe. The man is the pilot of the Basic Black Jet, and Kate tells him to stay in Europe and keep the plane on stand by for her daughter. Kate returns to the judge, who is going over the police report. Judge Fitzpatrick cant believe Shawn would do all this as he was always such a good kid. Kate says hes not anymore, hes violent and a problem and she wants to know what the judge is going to do about it. Kate says shes worried what else Shawn will do to her son and his new wife. She thinks Shawn will just get a slap on the wrist because of who his parents are. She asks the judge not to give Shawn special treatment. Karen Fitzpatrick says if Shawn has committed a crime then he will pay. Hope walks in and says she wouldnt have it any other way. Kate says she is just concerned, and Hope says she understands. Hope says she and her husband will take care of Shawn. Hope asks Kate if she knows where Billie is? Kate lies and says she doesnt. The judge has to go, and Kate knows she has that big fundraiser to get to which is important with her re-election coming up. The judge wonders if Kate is threatening her? Kate says of course not, she was just saying every action she takes will be closely watched. Karen says shes well aware and tells Kate goodnight.

Hope goes in to see Shawn, who is being questioned by Mickey. Shawn swears he didnt mean to hurt Belle or anyone. Hope says it doesnt matter what they believe, what he has done can put him away for years. Hope asks how this happened? Shawn has flashbacks of the past few days leading up to him crashing the wedding. Later, Mickey talks to Karen Fitzpatrick about what Shawn is facing. Karen says it depends what the DA goes for, but he could get 6 to 7 years easily. Meanwhile, Kate calls the DA to try and talk to him about Shawn! Hope continues to talk to Shawn about what he is doing. She says hes drinking so much and doing drugs. Shawn says he is not doing drugs, the lab reports must be wrong. Shawn says he needs to talk to Belle, but Hope says he cant talk to her. Hope says if she helped him it would be obstruction of justice. Shawn asks to talk to dad because hell help him. Hope says Bo isnt here, and Shawn wants to know where he is. Hope says she doesnt know. Shawn thinks hes off with Billie again looking for that kid. A cop comes in and says they need to start booking Shawn. Shawn says okay let's do this. Shawn is told that he has to be kept in lock-up till his bail hearing. Kate watches Shawn be taken off and says one down, two to go. She says now she has to deal with Sami and Hope, and then all her children will be happy. Elsewhere, Bo finally gets through to Hope. Hope asks where he is? Is he okay? Bo says hes fine, hes been trying to reach her too. She asks where he is? He tells her not to get upset. She asks where he is, and he says in Europe with Billie. Hope tells him Damn you Bo! 

At the inn in Europe, Billie and Bo show up and try and check in. Billie asks for two rooms, but the woman says they only have one room with a standard bed. The woman asks if it is a problem, and Billie says no. The woman says she didn't think so as she recognizes two people in love when she sees them. Billie and Bo claim they are in love, but they arent married yet. They say they are old fashion and old world. They talk about wanting to move here and ask if there are many families or children? The woman says yes and she gives them brochures about the village. Bo asks about the castle they saw, and she tells them to stay away from there or they will regret it! 

Bo and Billie get to their room, and Bo tries to call Hope again but he cant get through and all the answering machines seem to be full. As Bo takes off his jacket, Billie sees that he is bleeding. Billie re-bandages Bos wound and tells him it probably reopened due to the high altitude. Billie decides to go down to the bar and work on the case. She says in the morning they can start searching. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up too high. Bo says they dont know if she was adopted by someone here. Bo also tells her not to leave the inn without him. She says she will just be downstairs and tells him to rest like a good little boy. She kisses his forehead and leaves him. Once Billie leaves, Bo tries to call Hope again. This time he finally gets through.

Jack is wandering around the town and is trying to find someone who isnt on the Dimera payroll to help him. He also needs more money. He decides to head back into the Inn and hopes Bart doesnt come back. Jack drops his money, and when he bends down to pick it up, someone says Hold it right there? The man, a Dimera guard, says he looks familiar and asks Jack if they have met somewhere before? Jack fakes ill and begins coughing, and the guard runs off out of fear Jack has the plague or something. Jack heads back into the inn and decides to hide before he is spotted. He asks for a room, and the woman tells Jack that she has one room left. She says a man and woman just asked for two rooms, but she lied and said there was only one room because she thought they belonged together. Jack asks for the room, but the woman says it is not yet ready and will be in a few minutes. Jack waits in the bar for his room. He eats some strudel while he waits. He then heads off the to the bathroom, runs into Billie, but neither of them realize its the other! Jack continues calling Jen again, but he decides not to incase the phone is tapped. Meanwhile, Billie sees someone in the mirror and is shocked. She says "Is that who I think it is?"

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