January 10, 2005

Phillip brings Belle home, carries her over the threshold of the loft, and they find a surprise party waiting for them. Brady, Nicole, John, Kate, Rex and Mimi have thrown them a party. Belle talks with Brady, who cant believe what Shawn did. When Belle tells Brady not to talk about Shawn the way he is, Brady cant believe Belle is defending him. Kate tells them all that this is party time and they should be enjoying themselves. Kate tells Belle that she didnt invite Sami because she didnt want Sami to make a scene. Belle says she understands. Rex makes the toast and says he and his brother agree on one thing finally, he has chosen the most amazing woman to be his wife. Phillip tells Belle that she loves him, and as they toast, she dreams he is Shawn. Phillip tells her how perfect she is and how hes going to spend the rest of his life making her happy. Meanwhile, Brady is off in la-la land, and Nicole asks what is he thinking about? Brady says he is thinking about how sometimes life doesnt turn out as you planned. He says his dad lost MArlena, he lost Chloe, and Belle lost Shawn and married Phillip. Nicole thinks Belle and Phillip were meant to be together, and she says it gives her hope that they were meant to be together. She kisses him, and he thinks about Chloe. Brady rushes off to get something to eat, and Nicole says she is tired of competing with a dead woman, and that it has to stop. Meanwhile, John heads outside to shoot up some more pain killers. He is caught doing so by Nicole. John asks if she is leaving, and she says she just needed some air. John says him too, it is a bit warm in there. John goes back in, and Nicole looks worried. John and Kate watch Belle and Phillip cut their cake, and Kate is overjoyed at seeing them happy. Rex says it is time for the first dance, so he puts on some music. John wants to dance with Belle, and she asks if he is sure he can do this. He says nothing will keep him from dancing with his daughter on her wedding day. They dance, as do Kate and Phillip. Belle tells her dad that having him walk her down the aisle meant everything to her. John says she reminds him so much of her mother, and shed be so proud of her right now. He tells Belle he loves her so much. She says she loves him too. Phillip thanks his mom for putting this party together, and she says she was happy she could do this. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Brady there is something she has to tell him about his father. Nicole says she thinks his father is hooked on drugs. Brady says no way, but Nicole says she knows the signs. She says he is always sweating, his hands shake, and his eyes are glassy. Brady says he is in pain, but Nicole says shes speaking from experience. She says his dad is in pain and that is how he got hooked. She says the only way he can be standing right now is to dope himself up. Brady says Lexie took him off of everything, so Nicole says he got the drugs from somewhere else. Kate apparently hears Nicole telling this to Brady. Meanwhile, Rex asks Mimi why she looks so upset? Mimi says because Belle belongs with Shawn. Rex tells her that she needs to stop this. He says Phillip and Belle are married and she has to respect that. He tells her to accept the fact that Belle and Shawn do not belong together. Elsewhere, Kate confronts Nicole about her outrageous accusation about John. Nicole and Kate argue, and Kate wonders how low Nicole can sink. Nicole says not as low as her, she jumped at the chance to play house with John. Nicole thinks Kate just wants John for his money and company, and maybe she wants him strung out because its the only way hell sleep with her. Kate says if this wasnt her sons wedding day then shed wipe the floor with her. Meanwhile, Brady spies on his dad and sees the needle in his dads jacket pocket. Brady goes to Kate and tells her and Nicole that it is right, he saw a needle in his dads pocket. He says his dad must have gotten addicted at the hospital. Brady thinks they should keep a close eye on him, and not tell Belle. He thinks they should just take his father home. Brady goes to Phillip and Belle and says they are all going to take off now. John wishes them only happiness, and tells Phillip to take care of his Izzy. They leave, and Rex and Mimi continue to argue about Shawn and Belle. Mimi refuses to desert Shawn when he needs his friends the most. Rex and Mimi finally leave so that Phillip and Belle can enjoy their wedding night together. 

Brady, Nicole and Kate take John home. John is crabby. When Brady offers to get his dads wheelchair, John tells Brady to leave him alone, he practically carried him home. John walks off, and Brady looks in his dads jacket and finds the bottle of pain medication. Nicole says that is strong stuff, how often does he use it? Brady wonders where he got it from. Kate remembers Lexie was talking about drug thefts at the hospital. Brady thinks he and Kate owe Nicole an apology. Kate thinks they need to do something about John. Brady says they need to get him professional help. Brady says they need to get him into rehab, so he decides to call Abe and Lexie about getting him the help he needs.

At the station, Hope talks to Bo on the phone about leaving her and their children to run off with Billie. Hope tells Bo that he has no idea what they are going through. Bo asks what has happened, but Hope says what is the point of telling him as Billie and Georgia are all that matter. Bo says he told Billie that she and his boys always come first, but Hope says actions speak louder than words, and every chance she gets he runs off with Billie. Hope has to go and hangs up on Bo. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Shawn the charges he is facing, starting with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Shawn says he is not on drugs and he doesnt care what the lab tests said. Mickey goes to get Hope and talk to her. She has just finished speaking to Bo. Mickey asks what Bo said? Hope says she didnt tell him, hes too busy with Billie in Europe. Outside the office, Shawn hears Hope tell this to Mickey. Shawn walks in and says same old story, dad cares more about his bastard daughter and Billie then he does about them. Mickey tells Shawn to concentrate on his own problems now, and he asks if hes ready to face the judge? Shawn is, so they leave. Later Shawn is freed on bail, but the charges against him are going to be taken seriously. Mickey also says hes worried about their chances if this goes to trial. Mickey thinks they should go for a plea bargain. Shawn says no way as he is not guilty, he didnt mean to hurt anyone. He says he just was trying to stop Belle from making the biggest mistake of her life. Hope gets another call from Bo, and she takes the call. Bo apologizes to her for leaving. He says he thought he could talk Billie out of leaving, but he couldnt. He says he tried to get through to her but he couldnt. Bo says he couldnt let her do this on her own. Hope says Patrick was going to go with her. Bo says he doesnt trust Patrick. Hope says she doesnt trust him, Shawn needed him and he left them. Hope tells Bo that something terrible happened tonight. She explains everything, and Bo cant believe this. Hope says maybe if he had a father this wouldnt have happened. Bo says hell be on the next plane home. Hope says what about Billie? Bo says she knows that Hope and the boys are his first priority. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Shawn he is free to go, but he better start cleaning up his act and stay away from Belle and Phillip. Shawn says he will. Shawn heads to the loft and begins pounding on the door. A shirtless Phillip answers, and asks why Shawn isnt in jail. Shawn says he has to talk to Belle.

In Europe, Billie sees someones reflection in a mirror behind the bar and cant believe it is them. She turns around and sees Bart and a Dimera soldier. Bart questions the inn owner about seeing Jack. He shows her a photo, and she says he looks familiar. Jack tries to sneak up to his room, but knocks a lamp over. Bart and his men take off after him, and Billie wonders where she has heard that voice before. Later, Billie questions the inn keeper about the man she was talking to, but she says she doesnt know what Billie is talking about. Billie heads upstairs and then hears Bo arguing with Hope. Billie goes in to see Bo and knows he was just fighting with Hope because of her. Bo says it is okay, and theyll work it out. Billie says if only she had someone who loved her that way, and she says she did have that once with him. We see more flashbacks of them in bed together. Bo tells Billie they should get back to work trying to find Georgia. Billie says she has something, she may have found a breakthrough. She says she found some information in a local phone directory. Bo wants to go with her, but she says he has a fever. She looks at the wound, and asks if he told Hope they were sharing a room. He says that is too much information to share, shes angry enough as is. Bo says hell sleep on the chair, but she says no he needs to rest. She says shell go downstairs and keep doing research. She also tells Bo to call Hope and work things out because hell feel better if he does. Bo makes a second call to Hope and learns what has happened with Shawn.

Elsewhere, Jack is running from everyone in the inn. On one side of the hall is the inn owner, on the other Bart and the DiMera guards. Suddenly, the inn keeper says Ive been looking for you all over! She was speaking to Bart and tells him the man is not here, but even if she escaped the inn, hell never make it through the mountains. Jack hears this and says she obviously never saw the end of the Sound of Music. Jack then sneaks out the window. Later we see Jack has snuck onto a ship. He is caught by some guy, and Jack claims he was just suspecting the cargo. When the man asks for ID, and Jack cant produce any, the man asks Jack if he thinks hes the first guy to try something like this? Jack was wearing a fake mustache, which has begun to fall off. Jack begs the man to let him ride board on his ship because he needs to get to the US. The man says he needs papers to get into the US. Jack says he is a US citizen and will be able to prove it. The man says okay as they are all running from something. Jack says not him, hes running to something, his wife and kids. However, the man says there is a problem. He says something about the payroll and how he cant be on it. Jack says hell work for his ride, and hell eat scraps. The man says okay, he can do the laundry. He says the last guy who had this job jumped ship. Jack thanks him, and then sees the laundry. Jack makes a face and says whatever it takes to get home to Jennifer.

Back at the inn, Bart tells the inn owner if she sees anything suspicious to keep in contact. Bart leaves, and Billie comes back downstairs and uses the inns computer to do some more work. She begins looking up phone numbers of people in town who may have adopted Georgia. She then asks the woman if she knows this couple, and she says she does and they have a teenage daughter. Billie asks how old she might be, and the woman says about fifteen. Billie thinks this could be Georgia. She decides to check this out without telling Bo. Meanwhile, the Inn keeper makes a call and says a woman is asking questions about her, an American woman, so she knows what to do. 


January 11, 2005
Abby and Chelsea are in Abbys room, and Chelsea is still planning to sneak a peak at Patrick when he gets out of the shower. Abby says Patrick is their house guest and their friend, they need to respect his privacy. Chelsea says Patrick is her future lover and she wants a preview of what shes going to get. Abby says she is gross. Chelsea says its not like hes her father. Abby says she knows who her father is, and she knows her father is still alive even though everyone else thinks he is dead. They argue about this, and Chelsea continues talking about Patrick and how Jen maybe her competition. Abby tells Chelsea that her mother only loves her father. Chelsea says Patrick is still hot, and she thinks Abby dreams about him as well. Chelsea tells Abby to admit that she likes the way Patrick fills out his jeans. Abby says she doesnt, and she doesnt want to talk about this anymore. Chelsea says she is sick of talking too and she wants to get to doing, as in doing Patrick before her mom does. Abby says she is wrong about her mom.

Jen is walking around with a cup of coffee. Shirtless and wet Patrick has just got out of the shower. He apologizes and explains why he was in their shower, he just finished caulking his. She says it is no problem, and she thanks him for watching the girls. Patrick decides to head to his place and reminds Jen about her message on her machine. Later, Jen ends up tripping and falling. Patrick, who hasnt left, runs to her aid, but she says she is fine. She laughs and thinks about how Jack used to fake fall all the time and she never knew if he was faking or not. Jen says she misses him so much. Patrick apologizes to her for reminding her about Jack, but Jen says he is always on her mind and she wants it that way. Patrick understands and respects that. Jen ended up hurting her back in the fall, so Patrick offers to give her a massage. She says no, but he says its a massage or he takes her to the doctor. She relents, and Patrick gives her a massage. Abby and Chelsea walk in on this, and Chelsea tells Abby that she told her. They watch as Patrick gives Jen a massage, and Chelsea says she told her that her mom liked Patrick. Abby says this cant be, her dad is alive and is coming home. Chelsea says that is not realistic. Abby says it is to her, and if her dad comes home this will ruin her family! Chelsea says she is so jealous of Jen, and how can he touch her, she is so old. Abby says her mom is not old. Chelsea says she is pretty, but she has a teenage daughter. Chelsea says Patrick should be with someone closer to his own age. Abby says like you? Abby interrupts them and Jen explains what is going on. Chelsea says she was invited to stay over, and Jen says that is okay. Chelsea thanks her and asks if she can use the phone and call her mom and ask permission. Jen says sure. She asks Chelsea to play the message on the machine for her as she hasnt heard it. Chelsea says no problem. Of course she accidentally erases it, and Jen tells her not to worry as shes done it too. Abby says now they wont know who called. Jen says if it was important then theyll call back.

Jack is on the ship doing the gross laundry. HE yells dont you people ever shower! He remembers calling home and leaving a message for Jen. Jack says hed give anything to see Jens face when she picks up his message. Jack begins daydreaming about returning home to Jen. Jen is shocked when Jack shows up. She says this cant be true, so he touches her face. Jen realizes he is alive and he is here. Jack asks if she didnt get his message? Jen says she didnt believe it was true. Jen cries please dont do this to me, this is a dream and shell wake up and hell be dead. Jack suggested if they woke up together then he would still be here. Jen says that doesnt work cause this is her dream, and she asks why he always talks so crazy. She then realizes Jack is alive, and she kisses him. Jen then introduces the baby to him. Jack promises hes never going to go anywhere again. Jack thinks Jen has to have gotten his message by now and knows he is alive and on his way home.

At Rex and Shawns place, Rex and Mimi lay on the couch. Mimi cant believe this all really happened, she cant believe Belle is Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis. Rex says Shawn is a danger to society and should be locked up for what he did. Mimi says no! Rex says they need to hope Shawn gets the help he needs and stays away from Belle. Rex says some jail time may even help straighten out Shawns life. Mimi says without Belle, Shawn doesnt have a life.

At Belles loft, Belle is in her room and continues to think about Shawn crashing her wedding. She thinks he could have killed himself, and she wonders why he risked his life. Belle daydreams about Shawn coming to her and telling her that he had to stop the wedding. Belle thinks she knows why he did it, and as much as she wants to hear him say it, she is also afraid. She continues to dream about Shawn telling her that he had to stop her because they have to figure things out, they have to talk before it is too late. In the real world Belle says it is too late and Phillip is her husband now, so whatever he had to say wont make a difference now.

Meanwhile, Shawn pounds on the door and demands to talk to Belle. Phillip answers and cant believe hes not in jail. Shawn asks to see Belle, and Phillip tells him no way. Shawn screams for Belle. Phillip pushes him out of the loft and in the hallway says he wont see Belle now or ever! Shawn says he cant keep him from Belle, but Phillip says he can. Phillip throws him across the hallway, and Rex comes out and asks what is going on? Phillip tells Shawn to stay away from his wife, and he goes back into the loft. Shawn tries to get into the loft and he bangs on the door. Rex and Mimi tell Shawn not to do this. Phillip, inside, ignores Shawns screams and turns music up to drown him out. He grabs champagne and glasses and goes upstairs. Belle asks if Shawn is here, is he calling her name? Phillip claims it was nothing. He then gives her some negligees and talks about how he cant wait to see her in them. She says shell go change. He tells her that he loves her. Phillip sets the mood with candles, and Belle arrives wearing a white negligee. 

Rex and Mimi take Shawn back to their place and Mimi gives him some ice for his jaw where Phillip hit him. Shawn explains he got out on bail, and lists some of the charges he is facing. Rex says he could be looking at jail time. Shawn says really? They try and convince him not to bother Belle now because it could add to his charges. Rex says he doesnt need a harassment charge.

At the penthouse, Brady thinks his dad is addicted to drugs. Nicole says painkillers, but Brady says its still an addiction. Nicole asks what he wants to do. Brady thinks there is nothing he can do as he doesnt know who can help him. Brady wants to call Abe and Lexie for help, but Nicole says bad idea. Kate thinks Nicole doesnt want John to get any help, that she likes him strung out. Nicole says that is not it. She says John isnt a hardcore drug addict or a criminal. Kate says she knows that and thinks that John is just using a small amount of medicine to get by. Kate says he was a hero during the wedding. Nicole says as much as she hates to agree with Kate, they should not bring in the doctors or the cops, they should keep this in the family. Brady says like an intervention? Kate says yes, and she tells Brady that John is a good man and a smart man, and he probably wants to stop. Kate thinks he will stop with their help. Brady says thank you and he thinks his father is just waiting for them to say something to him. Nicole tells them that if they believe that then they need more help then John! Nicole knows about addicts, and if they confront John that he will lie, he will say they arent showing him respect, and he will guilt them. Brady doesnt think so, and Kate says John would not lie. Brady thinks his dad will admit he has a problem. Nicole says okay to the two experts and good luck. Kate tells Nicole to leave if she wont help. She says and miss the show, no way. Brady then asks his dad to come downstairs.

Up in his room, John is shaking badly. He looks at a photo of Marlena, and then looks at himself in the mirror and what hes become. John thinks Marlena would be so disappointed in him, but he says he did it for their little girl, for their baby. He says he had to walk her down the aisle. John holds Marlenas picture and talks about how much pain he is in. He says it is so horrible, and he cant face the others feeling this way. He says this is what he has to do, and he shoots up. 

John goes downstairs when Brady calls him. Brady tells his dad they all care about him, but John says two out of three at least. Kate asks John to sit down, and she tells him how they know he is a good man who always puts his family first at the cost of himself. He asks if they are here to praise Caesar or bury him? He tells them to spit it out. Brady says fine, what he is doing is dangerous and they want him to stop. John says what is he talking about? Brady says they know he is doing drugs. John says they are the ones on drugs as that is the craziest thing he has heard. Brady says they know, but John says they dont know anything. He says he is in pain they cant imagine, so who gave them the idea he was on drugs. Brady says Nicole, and John says big shock. He says she hates him and he is disappointed that Brady took the word of some tramp over his father. John says Nicole is trying to play him against his father. He says Nicole knows he doesnt approve of this relationship. John asks why he is buying this junk? Brady tells him not to act this way, but John says they are both buying into the lies of this bitch. Brady and Kate tell him that they know something is wrong and they want to help him. John says if they believe this whore over him then he wants them all to get out. He yells GET OUT OF HERE!


January 12, 2005

Patrick continues to give Jen a massage. Jens doorbell rings, and Jen says she should get that. Patrick says he should go put clothes on so they dont give anyone the wrong idea. He leaves, and Jen answers the door. It is Hope, who has come to talk to Jen about Bo. Hope says Bo is in Europe with Billie. Jen says she is sorry and hugs Hope. Hope says Bo has promised to come home after learning about Shawn, but she thinks it is too late. She says Shawn is out on bail, but the damage is done. Hope wonders why Billie and her daughter keep coming first. Jen says she has to know Bo didnt want to leave her. Hope asks if she does, he keeps saying it. Hope says he told her that he tried to stop Billie from leaving. Jen says it sounds to her like Billie is getting exactly what she wanted. Jen says Bo wouldnt have gone if he didnt have a choice. Hope says he had a choice, and Patrick was going to go. Jen says Bo doesnt trust Patrick, so taking him was like waving a red flag in his face. Hope says Billie knew what she was doing. Patrick shows up, and decides to leave them to talk. Hope asks Patrick if he knew Billie went to Europe without him. He says he didnt, and he thought she was going to wait. Hope says she didnt, and she took her husband with him. Patrick says he understands why she is upset, but she shouldnt blame Billie. Patrick tells Hope that Billie didnt want Bo to go, Bo went because he wanted to. He suggest Hope be mad at Bo. Jen cant believe Patrick. Patrick says Billie swore to him that this trip was about getting her daughter back, not getting Bo back. Patrick tells Hope that she knows Bo, no one can make Bo do something he doesnt want to do. Patrick says Bo is with Billie because he wants to be. Patrick apologizes for upsetting them, but Hope says he is just being honest. Hope says Bo broke one promise to her, hes now promised to come home, and she hopes he doesnt break that one.

In Europe, Bo catches Billie sneaking off. He says she told him she wasnt going anywhere. Billie explains what she found, but Bo thinks it could be a trap. As they discuss it the Innkeeper watches them from the window. The Innkeeper makes a call to Bart and says the American woman has left and is headed to their friends house. Bart says good, shes about to get the surprise of her life. Bart says Billies life will never be the same. Meanwhile, Billie insists on going to check out this family. She he is welcome to come with her, if not, see ya later. Bo tells her to wait as there is something she needs to know. Bo has to go home and he wants her to come with her. She says shes not going with him. Bo says their family needs them. Billie says no his family needs him, Phillip is fine so there is no reason for her to go. Billie says shes going to look for Georgia. Bo wont leave her here, but Billie says she wont go with him. Bo says she is so stubborn, and shell get on that plane if he has to put her on it. Bo drags her back into the inn where they argue about this some more. Billie tells Bo he has no control over what she does. As they argue the Innkeeper calls Bart and tells him that the man wants to leave but the girl wont leave. Bart says it is divide and conquer time, first theyll take out Billie and then Bo. Meanwhile, Billie makes a call to the pilot and tells Bo he can take off anytime he wants to. Bo says he has serious doubts about her lead, and he is scared she has no doubts. Billie says she knows there is a risk, but she has to take this risk. Billie says Georgia is her family, this is what she must do. She says he has to take care of his family, it is what he has to do. Bo realizes he has to stay with Billie and says Sorry Fancyface, I have to do this. Bo tells Billie hes going to take an hour to go look with her. They head off, and Bart calls his boss and says they are heading to the house right now. Bart says he knows what to do.

At the loft, Phillip sets the mood for his wedding night with candles. Belle comes out in her negligee, and Phillip says he wishes there was a better word for beautiful. He wonders how she got so lucky. She sees his knuckles are bruised, but he says it is nothing. He says he loves her and they kiss. Phillip then toasts to the rest of their lives as husband and wife. They then head over to the bed to make love. 

Over at Rexs loft, Shawn can hear the music Phillip is playing. He says he has to talk to Belle. Rex says no, he wont let him ruin his brothers wedding night. Mimi asks Shawn what is going on with him? Shawn says Belle left him a message that she had to talk to him before the ceremony, he feels that she had something important to say. Shawn asks if she knows what it was? Mimi says she does. Mimi says she told Belle to call him. Shawn asks why? Mimi says she wanted them to be honest with one another about how they felt before walking down the aisle? As Shawn asks Mimi if she wanted to call of the wedding, if she is still in love with him, Jan spies on them. Jan bursts in and asks Shawn what happened to his face? He says he got into a fight with Phillip. Jan asks if he is trying to get sent to jail again? Shawn says everything is fine. Jan asks Mimi to excuse her and her fianc, so Mimi leaves. Jan tells Shawn that they will fight these charges, and hell need a good lawyer. Shawn says he doesnt care about himself right now, he has to talk to Belle. Meanwhile, Mimi talks to Rex about Shawn. She says he still loves Belle. Rex says he could have killed her tonight. Mimi says he wasnt thinking straight. Rex says Shawn was thinking straight, he will do whatever it takes to break Phillip and Belle up. Mimi thinks perhaps the marriage was a mistake, some arent meant to be. Rex says Phillip and Belle dont think it was a mistake. Rex wonders who side she is on? She says all of her friends sides. Rex says then help him to convince Shawn to let this go. Rex goes to talk to Shawn alone, so Mimi ends up threatening Mimi once again with the fact that she knows she had an abortion. Jan tells Mimi to just keep her big mouth shut and let her and Shawn be happy. Meanwhile, Rex tells Shawn to leave Belle and Phillip alone because they are married and happy. Suddenly the sounds of Belle and Phillip making love come through the ventilation system! 

Back Belle and Phillips, Belle and Phillip finish making love. Belle says that was incredible, and he is so good to her. Phillip says he just wishes he could give her a real honeymoon. She says theyll have one as soon as he comes home. He says he doesnt want to leave, he wants to stay here forever. Suddenly Shawn begins banging on their door. Phillip tells Belle that this is their night, and all he wants to do is love her. They then begin to go at it again. Afterward Belle says she is so glad they got married. Phillip asks if she is having second thoughts? She says no, but she did have some pre-wedding jitters. She asks if he had them? He says he was nervous, but he never doubts she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. Belle says she thinks everything worked out the way it was meant to. 

Shawn continues banging on the door and asks Belle to answer. Rex tells him to leave them alone. Mimi tells Jan to look at Shawn, she has ruined his life. Mimi says Shawn has lost his mind and she is probably the last thing on it. When Jan says maybe there is a pill for it, Mimi realizes Jan drugged Shawn and that is why he went crazy. Mimi says she probably drugged him the whole summer to. She says nothing she has done worked, she cant keep Shawn and Belle apart. Jan says she already has, Belle married Phillip and soon she will marry Shawn. Mimi says it is wrong! Jan says no, what she did aborting Rexs baby was wrong, so Mimi better keep her mouth shut. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Rex that Belle called him and he believes she didnt want to get married. Rex says she got married and no one forced Belle to take the vows. Rex suggests Shawn respect their marriage and let it go. Shawn goes to Mimi and asks her to help him. They all go back to Rexs place, and Mimi says she cant help Shawn because they are married and she has to respect that. Shawn asks her to just give him the keys to the loft then. Mimi says no. Shawn says if she doesnt help him then hell bust down the door and get arrested again. He tells Mimi to get Belle on the roof in fifteen minutes or he breaks into the loft. Mimi says okay, shell help him, but they cant let Jan or Rex know. Shawn says hell head out the fire escape. Shawn fakes a headache and says hes going to sleep. He then goes to his room. Mimi then slips out of the apartment.

Back at Belles, Belle and Phillip are asleep. Belle hears a noise, so she goes to investigate, leaving Phillip sleeping. She heads downstairs and finds Mimi waiting for her. Mimi says shes sorry to interrupt but they have to talk. Mimi asks if she is okay? Belle says she is wonderful, and she has no more doubts, she married the right man. Belle asks Mimi to forget what happened in the bridal room, shes glad Shawn didnt call. Mimi says Shawn wont let it go, he wants to see her. Mimi says Shawn is waiting for her on the roof. Belle says she cant go up there, Phillip would go nuts. She says besides she doesnt want to see him. Mimi says if she doesnt go up there, he will come here and have another fight with Phillip. Belle says what? Mimi explains what happened earlier between Phillip and Shawn. Belle says she doesnt believe this. Mimi asks Belle to just go see him for a few minutes. Belle says she cant. Mimi asks why, because shes afraid of how shell feel when she sees him? 

Mimi returns to her loft, and now shirtless Rex asks where she went? Mimi says she went to take out the trash. Jan decides to check on Shawn as shes worried about them. Mimi says hes tired so let him sleep. She tries to stop Jan from seeing Shawn, and Rex asks what is going on?

On the rooftop, Belle and Shawn meet. Belle asks Shawn what he wants? 

At the penthouse, John opens his door and tells them all to get out. Brady says they arent going anywhere, he needs help. He says hes going upstairs, and Nicole says why to shoot up again. John tells Nicole if she thinks shes going to become a member of this family then she has another thing coming. John says hell never let Brady marry a woman like her! Brady tells him to stop this, and Kate says they just want to help him. John says he doesnt need help, he is fine. Brady says hes not. He says they know hes using drugs and he has proof. Brady tells him about seeing the syringe fall out of his pocket. John says he is his father and he doesnt have to explain anything to him. Nicole says Brady is only trying to help him. John doesnt believe that. He says he was a DiMera operative, he was trained to handle pain. Brady asks what this was doing in his coat, and confronts him with the vial. John says hes sure learning a lot about them. He says his own son is spying on him, and Kate is in on it with him. Brady says this is not about them, it is about him needing help. John says he doesnt need anything, and he tells Nicole to get out of his house. Brady says Nicole isnt the one lying here, and if he wants there help he has to be honest. John claims the syringe and vial are a part of an investigation hes doing at the hospital. He says someone is stealing drugs and he was asked to investigate. He says they can even call Lexie. Nicole tells Brady and Kate that John is lying! Kate is willing to give John the benefit of the doubt. John says all Nicole ever does is lie, and she could be using drugs right now and is trying to turn this around on him. John tells Brady that this girl is no good. Brady says he wants to believe him, but his father would never treat anyone even his enemies the way he has treated them. Brady says if he is doing an investigation why is he handling the evidence without gloves? Brady says he is a drug addict and until he admits to it they cant help him. John tells them that he doesnt need any help, not from Brady and not from anyone. John says he knows what he is, and he is not an addict. Brady says his dad still hasnt answered his question, what is the real reason he has the vial and syringe. John says he has explained why he had them, and they can call Lexie if they want. Brady says they arent trying to hurt him. John asks if he thinks this is helping? John says even if he needed help he wouldnt get it from him. John says he doesnt trust him, his brain isnt working right because he trusts Nicole. John still thinks Nicole tried to kill Collin and Victor, and he will always take the word of this slut over his father. Kate asks John what he would say if they asked him to submit to a drug test? John tells Kate to go to hell! John tells Kate that she is also nothing but trash. John says she accused Nicole of sleeping the way to the top, but she did the same thing and is a whore as well. Brady thinks his dad owes Kate and Nicole an apology. John says he owes them nothing, and if they arent going to leave his house then he will. John tells them all to just go to hell, and he limps off. Nicole says that went well, anyone need a drink? Kate asks Brady what they do now? Nicole tells Kate that she can tell John got under her skin. Meanwhile, Brady wonders what it will take to get through to his dad. Elsewhere, John hobbles back to his room to shoot up again. He looks at the medicine and sets it aside. He tries to deal with the pain on his own. John cant do it and eventually goes for the drugs. 


January 13, 2005
Today's summary by Jennie

Jen tells Hope not to worry Bo is on his way home. Hope says unless she manipulates him into staying longer. Patrick defends Billie by asking if Hope really thinks Billie would use her daughter to manipulate Bo. Hope tells him he doesnt know anything about Billie. Hope recounts how Billie pretended to still be pregnant after she thought Georgia was still born and tried to blame Hope for her death. Hope says if anything happens to Bo she will kill Billie. Patrick tells her she would be wrong to blame Billie. Hope asks Patrick why he is defending Billie he says someone has to. Patrick says on the island Hope gave him a picture of Billie but when he met her she was totally different from what she described, saying Billie laid her life on the line for others including her. Patrick apologizes saying he is not trying to upset her or offend her but he doesnt think Bo is the main person on Billies mind now. Hope says she doesnt think Billie is sitting around plotting to get her ex-husband back in the back of her mind Billie thinks getting Georgia back will bring her closer to getting Bo back and that she has tried every trick in the book to get Bo back. Hope says Billie says she has changed but she hasnt. Patrick asks her if she trusts Bo because if she does then Billies feelings shouldnt matter. Hope tells Patrick that she and Bo offered to hire a private investigator but she had to have Bo. Hope says she doesnt understand Bo was too sick to go to his brothers wedding but not to sick to rescue Billie. Jen says the point is she did it while they were all at the wedding, she lied to them and when people lie it is usually because they are up to something. Patrick says maybe she lied because they were standing between her and her daughter, then he tells Hope that she keeps blaming Billie but Bo needs to take some of the responsibility. She didnt force him to go at gunpoint he chose to go. Hope says Bo wouldnt go unless he thought Billie was in danger and Patrick says that is what he meant. Hope has a flashback of herself talking to Bo about when she came home thinking she was Gina - she said he didnt believe it was her because he was so in love with Billie that he didnt want to accept she was Hope Bo tried to reassure her but she said he loved Billie too. Hope agrees that Bo went because he wanted to. Patrick apologizes for upsetting Hope she says he didnt upset her he just made her look at things differently, and leaves. Jen asks Patrick how he could take Billies side and Jen says maybe he has fallen under the spell of Billie Reed. Hope goes to the docks and remembers more saying if she had never came back he would be with Billie but Bo says that she is the love of his life and they will always be together. Jen asks Patrick how he could take Billies side he says he didnt want to get involved but they dragged him into it. He says he has gotten to know Billie and he doesnt think she is after Bo, but that it is Bo who is drawn to her. Jen tells Patrick maybe he is falling under Billies spell but he says he hasnt fallen under the spell of any woman and he doesnt intend to.

Jan tries to go to see Shawn but Mimi tries to stop her by telling her that Shawn wants to be left alone, but Jan doesnt want to listen to her she tells her if she goes in there he will break up with her. Mimi tells her she doesnt know Shawn very well that he is in no place to see anyone. Rex and Jan think they should check on him since he had been drinking and they are concerned he would try to sneak out the fire escape and go over to Belle and Phillips apartment but Mimi says he wouldnt do that. Rex tells her he already tried to do that. Mimi blames Jan for his drinking before he crashed the wedding. Jan says it is Mimis fault Belle called Shawn but she says she doesnt know every little thing Belle does, but she probably has a good reason. Rex leaves to change and Jan slaps Mimi, telling she overheard her admit to Shawn that is was her that convinced Belle to call Shawn. Jan tells Mimi to give up on Belle and Shawn ever being together as a couple and Mimi says no. So Jan tells her she should concentrate on keeping Rex once he finds out about the abortion Rex walks in and asks what is this about an abortion? Jan says it is a girl they know that had an abortion without telling the father. She says how the father is a really understanding guy but the girl is a selfish bitch who acts before she thinks and is always meddling in other peoples business. Mimi is really upset and Rex tries to comfort her by saying it isnt there problem and nothing like that would happen to them. Rex asked if the father ever found out and when Jan says not yet Rex said it was wrong of her to make the decision without talking to the father first, it was a decision that two adults should make together. 

Shawn and Belle meet on the roof Shawn thanks Belle for coming and asks her if she is OK she says she is fine but she shouldnt have come up there. Shawn says he wants to talk about us. Belle tells him there is nothing left to talk about because there is no more us, she is married to Phillip. Shawn asked her why she came up there and she said to tell him he ruined the happiest day of her life and that now she loves Phillip he is her husband. Shawn says their wedding was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She says I love Phillip now, Shawn says no, you cant but Belle says she does, he is her husband Shawn says it wasnt supposed to be like this but Belle says that things change. People change she hardly recognizes him anymore. She says she would not have thought in a million years he would have done what he did tonight. Not only could he have killed himself or he could have killed her. He says he is sorry, if he could take it back he would. She tells him if he came there to apologize then she accepts it. But she doesnt forgive him she cant forgive him for the things he said. Shawn tells her that she didnt answer his question, about why she called him. Shawn tells her he crashed through the window because he wanted to see her he said he just wanted to talk to her about why they broke up and there was no other way to get in, all the doors were locked and there were guards at the doors. Belle said they broke up because he abandoned her. Shawn tells Belle he still loves her that and that he isnt the same guy and he wants to change but he needs her help. Belle tells him he needs to stop because she is married to Phillip. Shawn asks her if she still loves him.

Brady looking at the drug vial recalls the evening before as John trashes Kate calling her a whore then kicking everyone out telling them to all go to hell. Brady apologizes for Johns remarks. They realize that wasnt John it was the drugs. Kate still wants to go through Lexie to get help for John but Nicole says that would take time and it would become public. She says they need to continue the intervention and since they cant think of how to get him to come back downstairs they decide to go upstairs to confront him. Meanwhile John is upstairs saying how much pain he is in looking at the vial saying he just needs enough to get through the night. Kate, Brady and Nicole stand outside his door as Brady tries to get him to let him in but John just yells at them to go away. Brady tries again to get him to open the door by telling him how he has always been there for him and now he wants to be there for him, but he wont so Brady crashes through the door and they catch John with the needle in his leg. Brady tells John he cant deny it now and Johns says it was a pain killer prescribed to him but not by Lexie. Brady asks for the name of the doctor but he wont tell Brady. Nicole says because he stole the drugs. John continues to deny stealing the drugs and still claims Lexie has him doing an investigation. Brady tells John they need to tell Lexie that the ISA doctor gave him the drugs because she is his primary doctor (though John hadnt told him it was an ISA doctor yet) Brady asks him why he started taking them. John says he did it because of Belle she had been through so much and he wanted to be there for her to walk her down the aisle and since Kate put together the last minute wedding he didnt have the time to recover to be able to. Lexie wouldnt give him the pain meds so he called an ISA doctor friend to give him the pain meds and that is the only reason he took them. John says the pain meds were just for today so Nicole says the wedding is over so why is he sticking his leg with a needle. He said the day isnt over and that he overdid it that is why is took the drugs. He says that he has never felt pain like this but after that night he done with the pain. Nicole asks until when tomorrow, when you shoot up again and he tells her to shut up. He says again how he is done after this. Brady asks him if he is sure. John says just because he went behind Lexies back and got a buddy at the ISA to prescribe the drugs doesnt make him a drug addict so Brady says so you didnt steal those drugs from the hospital? He thanks them for caring enough to have the intervention He apologizes for the way he has been acting. He apologizes for lashing out. Brady says it was just the drugs talking but he has to stop taking them or he really will get addicted. He apologizes to Kate for what he said and they hug as Nicole says I cant believe this.


January 14, 2005
Summary by Jenn!
John apologizes to Brady, Kate and Nicole for lashing out at them. But he is still denying he has a drug addiction. He says he was only using what was prescribed to him by an ISA doctor to make it through the wedding. It appears as if Brady and Kate believe John but Nicole is adamant they all stay and make sure he does not do anymore. While Brady and Kate want to leave Johns, Nicole will not allow it. She explains that were she is the only one completely impartial she is not as easily manipulated. Brady calls the ISA doctor and confirms that Johns meds were prescribed to him. Brady and Nicole leave although Nicole is sure they are making a mistake. John and Kate have a touching moment and she leaves as well. As soon as she is gone John goes to his stash. Later we see Nicole and Brady argue about going back to check on John. She says Brady needs to catch John red-handed. Kate goes back to Johns as she forgot her keys. She sees the vials and needle. She realizes that Nicole was right.

Belle and Shawn are on the roof. Shawn is trying to see if Belle still loves him. Back to the same old discussion of you left me- why did you get with Jan/ Why did you get with Phillip? Belle finally answers that with Phillip was man enough to be there for her and Shawn was not. Belle brings up her hurt feelings when Shawn returned the purity ring through Jan. Shawn says he doesnt remember doing this but it totally does not sound like something he would do. He says he wishes he could remember because it does not make any sense and he wants some sort of explanation. Shawn points out the S&B carved on the door and asks why they are not together. Belle leaves to go back to bed with Phillip but she hears Shawn calling to her and she is crying. Shawn yells out that he needs Belle and that she is the only one who can help him fill in the blanks of his memory. She goes back out onto the roof and agrees to help him.

Bo and Billie go to the house of Georgias adoptive parents. They present themselves as ISA agents and make up a bogus story of Homeland Security. Where the child was born in USA they need to check on her dual citizenship. Once inside the house Billie sees a picture and yells out Is that our girl? which leads to some quick explaining basically leaving it as a figure of speech. At first I thought the parents were gay or at least the mother was extremely masculine but we later see it was a man in disguise. Bo and Billie learn that the parents believe Georgias mother was a prostitute. This upsets Billie and she admits she and Bo are the birth parents. Billie demands to see her child. The parents pull a gun on them and tie them up.

First off Hope gets mad at Julie for ripping the head off the head of Zachs jack-in-the-box. Julie said it reminded her of Bonnie and she will replace it. Hope admits that even though Bo chose her to be with, he still loves Billie. They talk some of how Billie must have manipulated the situation cause he is trying to get Bo back but Hope is sure that all Billie wants is to find her daughter. Julie points out that Billie is ISA and should be able to take care of herself. Hope agrees but says she thinks Bo may be feeling guilty for abandoning Billie when Hope came back from the dead. Hope makes a little comparison to Mickey/Maggie/Bonnie saying she understands what they are going through. Hope questions whether or not Bo made the right decision choosing her. Hope is expecting Bo to be home within hours as he should already be on the plane. She says that if he comes home that would prove he loves her and has chosen her over Billie..

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