January 17, 2005
Today's summary by Bobbi 

Jennifer hears a noise downstairs & goes to investigate. She finds Patrick in the living room, he wants to clear the air from their argument earlier about Bo, Billie & Hope. Meanwhile we see Chelsea on the stairs eavesdropping. Patrick apologizes for upsetting Jen & Hope, but continues to defend Billie, saying that Billie didn't hold a gun to Bo's head & that Bo wanted to go with her. Jennifer tells him that he does not know Billie like her & Hope do. Hope is at the pier and senses Bo is in danger, she says damn you Billie for dragging Bo off to Europe again. Hope then shows up at Jennifer's house & says Bo is not coming back to her. She says the connection between her & Bo tells her something is wrong. Hope then says he got into contact with the Basic Black pilot & he told her Bo never showed up to leave & neither did Billie. Hope asks Jen if her dad & Julie could drop Zack off in the morning & if Jennifer could take care of Zack while she is gone. Jennifer asks where is Hope going and Hope tells her Europe to find Bo. Jennifer tries to talk Hope out going but Hope is determined to find Bo. Patrick says he is going with Hope for backup. Hope at first says no, then she thanks him & Patrick goes off to pack. Jennifer hugs both Hope & Patrick as they are ready to leave & tells them to be careful. Hope promises to keep in touch. Jennifer then sees Chelsea on the stairs & wants to know what she is doing. Chelsea says she has insomnia and was hungry. Jen told her to help herself to anything in the kitchen. Chelsea then tell Jen she heard a little bit of a heavy conversation downstairs. Jennifer says yeah, it was heavy. Chelsea asks Jennifer if Mrs. Brady has a thing for Patrick? Jennifer laughs & says no way, that Hope & Bo are meant to be together & when anyone tries to come between them they just get closer. Chelsea is relieved not to have anymore competition for Patrick.

Bo & Billie are still tied to the chair together. Billie yells at the guard where is Georgia?! She has a right to know about her daughter! The guard tells Billie that they have no rights here. Bo says to the guards Hey girlie men what are you going to do with us? The guard says what do you think? The guards then leave the room. Bo tells Billie that Georgia is not there. But Billie is sure she is or was. Bo tells her that the Dimera's would've Georgia move as soon as they knocked on the door. He says they have to get loose before those cross dressing goons come back or they will be killed! They struggle against the ropes & Bo is worried about Hope going ballistic because he isn't on his way back to Salem. Billie says the situation they are in is a little more important than Hope being angry. Bo says that Hope being mad is worse than this! He is worried that Hope will come looking for him. Billie asks isn't that a good thing? Bo says it could complicate things. He tells Billie that the next time he says that they're leaving they are going to LEAVE! Billie says she hope there is a next time.

Mimi is in the hall worrying that Rex & Jan will figure out that Shawn is gone & that Phillip will wake up & find Belle gone too. Sami shows up & wants to see Belle. Mimi stops her. Sami wants to apologize to Belle for her behavior and for being such a brat. She is sorry for making such a big deal about Belle marrying Philliip before Sami can marry Lucas. Mimi mutters like that will ever happen. Sami then says that after what Belle's psycho ex did Belle is lucky to be ok. Mimi says not to talk about Shawn that way! He did what he did because he still loves Belle. Sami says he has a weird way of showing it, practically killing Belle. Mimi says Shawn wasn't trying to kill anyone. Sami says yeah right he was doing his Evil Knevil impression! Sami wants to talk to Belle to apologize and Mimi tries to make Sami leave before she wakes Phillip up. Phillip opens the door and wants to know why Sami is there. Sami tells him she wants to talk to Belle. He says she isn't here do you know where she is? Mimi says maybe she needed some air. Sami says if Belle needed air why wouldn't she use her own balcony. Then Sami says Belle isn't on the roof is she? Sami asks isn't that Shawn & Belle's special place? Phillip wants to know if that is where Belle is. He says he'll put a stop to this & heads to the roof. Mimi lashes out on Sami and yells what is wrong with you? Sami wants to know if Mimi knew that Shawn& Belle were on the roof together, & if Mimi was trying to sabotage her best friend's marriage.

Shawn wants Belle to level with him about her feeling for him. She says she is married to Phillip now. Shawn says just tell him if he had gotten to the church sooner would she have still married Phillip? Belle says well he didn't & now her husband is downstairs and she should be with him not Shawn. He asks her again if he could've stopped her wedding if he had gotten there sooner. Belle tells him to move on & let her do the same. She says the questions he is asking are not fair. Shawn tells her to answer them & he will leave her alone. Belle says then, nothing would've changed she still would've married Phillip, Shawn doesn't believe her. He takes her hand & says he know she wouldn't have gone through with it. He reminds her of their love and all the promises they made to each other. Then Shawn kisses her! She pulls away saying stop Shawn I'm married to Phillip! He grabs her & kisses her again. The door flies open and there is Phillip.

Marlena is fretting about the fate of the people at the church, wondering if their loved ones are hurt. She can't believe that Belle married Phillip & not Shawn. Roman tells her that obviously Belle loves Phillip & not Shawn anymore. Marlena says Belle & Shawn belong together just like Bo & Hope & her & John. Marlena blames herself for the breakup between Belle & Shawn since Belle lied to Shawn to protect her. Roman says that's was Dimera's doing it wasn't her fault. She says she knows, Tony is trying to keep all of the couples of Salem apart. Roman tells her to stop feeling guilty and to stop all the gloomy thoughts. The TV flicks on to show Kate & John discuss the events at the wedding. Marlena is relieved to hear Belle is ok. John tells Kate that he wished Doc had been there to see their daughter get married. He still can't believe she is gone. John then hugs Kate & tells her at least they have each other. Marlena & Roman are worried that John & Kate are moving on together. Roman says that they need to forget about what they lost & concentrate on what they have, each other. She says she knows and they kiss. Marlena starts to cry.

Kate goes into John's room to find her keys& sees his drugs on the nightstand. John insists he is not an addict & Kate tells him she resents him treating her like she's an idiot. She says it's bad enough that John lied to Brady and to her but now he is lying to himself. John continues to deny that he has a problem. Kate doesn't believe him. He tries to give her the same story about the drugs being prescribed for him so he could walk Belle down the aisle. Kate says STOP, just stop it, she does not believe him. He tells her to leave right now, she refuses saying she cares too much about him to let him do this to himself. John tells Kate to get out of his wife's bedroom, that Marlena would never have accused him of lying. Kate says Marlena wouldn't have wanted to see John do this to himself either. Kate says if you aren't addicted than lets throw the drugs out. John says fine if that will make her believe him. She tosses the drugs & syringe in the trash can. She tells John that she understands the pain he is in & she wants to help him. John hugs her & tells her he wants to go to bed. Kate goes to leave & stops to take the drugs out of the trash can. John tells her to leave them & she says no, they wouldn't want the maid to see it. He tells her he needs them to sleep through the night. John tries to take the drugs from Kate and they struggle briefly. Then he yanks them out of Kate's hands and she stumbles ,screams & then falls motionless on the floor.


January 18, 2005
Summary by John, corrections and additions inputted by Dustin (sorry for any errors)

Sami and Mimi get into a fight, both accusing the other of scheming and interfering in Belle's life. Rex and Jan find them arguing and Sami informs them that Belle and Shawn are on the roof and probably got caught by a very angry Phillip. Rex is furious with Mimi for interfering, and he races up to the roof. Jan grabs Mimi and tells her that she'll pay for this. Sami sees this and thinks something is going on between Mimi and Jan. Sami asks what is going on between her and psycho Jan. Mimi tells Sami to stay out of it.

Phillip finds Shawn and Belle kissing on the roof and a fight follows. Belle scream at them to stop, which they do only because she yells at them to. Phillip wants Shawn sent back to jail, but Belle tells him no. Later, Belle learns that her own sister ratted her out to Phillip. 

Rex takes Shawn down to the loft, and Rex tells Shawn that he has to accept Belle and Phillip are married now. Shawn tells Rex that Belle will soon realize she married the wrong man. Belle and Phillip both walk in as Shawn says this. 

Back on the roof, Jan tells Mimi that she will inform Rex about the abortion because of what she has done. Sami, still hanging around, hears this and is stunned. She can't believe Mimi had an abortion.

A replay of John fighting over the drugs with Kate and knocking her out. John takes the drugs back from Kate, and Kate comes to and talks to John about Curtis and Billie's drugs problems and what it did to their lives and the lives of those they loved. John breaks down and admits he has a problem and needs help. Kate holds John and says she is here for him.

Nicole and Brady head back to the mansion. Nicole is still convinced John is an addict, but Brady is not. Brady believes the story his dad told them. She argues with Brady until she realizes it is pointless. Nicole thinks Brady doesn't believe her and that she is a just some monster. She says no matter how much she tries to love him, it will never be enough because he will never love her as much as he loved Chloe

At the hospital, Chloe is nervous about her upcoming surgery. Nancy wants her to talk to Brady and tell him that she is alive. Chloe refuses, but later decides she has to go see Brady. Nancy finds a note from Chloe in her room saying she went to see Brady.

At the mansion,  Chloe breaks in as she knows she won't be caught because it is Henderson's night off. She then spies on Nicole and Brady as they talk/argue. Brady gets a call from Kate about John, and he talks to her about how his dad is doing. It turns out John is an addict, Nicole was right. Chloe ends up hiding in a closet to avoid being seen, but Nicole opens the closet and sees Chloe inside. She calls out Chloe's name.


January 19, 2005
On the roof, Mimi and Jan continue to argue. Jan threatens to tell Rex about the abortion, and Mimi slaps her. Sami is spying from around the corner and enjoying the show as she eats a candy bar. Mimi tells Jan she doesnt care if she tells Rex, because shell tell Shawn how he kept him a prisoner all summer. Jan reminds Mimi she has no proof. Mimi suggests it would be to both of their benefits to keep what they know to themselves. Samis cell phone rings, and as she is trying to shut it up, she falls over the side of the building! Mimi and Jan run to see who was spying on them, but they see no one. Sami is clinging for her very life! Jan is sure it was just an echo from the street and tells Mimi she is paranoid.

In Rexs and Shawns loft, Rex says Belle and Phillip are married and Shawn has to learn to respect that. Shawn says Belle has made the biggest mistake of her life and very soon she will realize that. Phillip and Belle pass by the open door at this point and hear this. Later, Shawn and Rex continue to argue. Shawn says there are many things about this summer that dont add up, and he thinks with Belles help he can figure out what happened. Rex says he knows what happened, Belle married Phillip because he went off and got engaged to Jan. Rex tells Shawn when Jan saw him with Belle she was crushed. Shawn says he didnt mean to hurt Jan. Shawn tells Rex that he has to get an answer to his question, if he arrived in time to stop the wedding what would Belle have done. Jan returns later and informs Rex what Mimi did, helping Shawn and Belle meet. Rex is furious and tells her that he doesnt know her anymore, he wants a relationship based on trust but she keeps lying to him. Jan brings up how they are planning to have kids. Rex tells Jan they arent talking about kids at all, and they are having a fight here so does she mind? Mimi swears she loves Rex and will never lie to him again. She then gives him a big hug. Later as Mimi is about to leave Sami shows up. Mimi asks what she is still doing here. Sami warns Mimi that she should be nicer to her, a lot nicer if she knows what is good for her.

In Belle and Phillips loft, Belle and Phillip argue. Phillip still wants to call the cops on Shawn, but Belle wont let him. He doesnt understand why she is defending him after everything he did to her. He reminds her how Shawn wasnt there for her when she needed him. Belle says something has happened and Shawn isnt the same Shawn . . . Phillip says the same Shawn you loved. Phillip begins to wonder if Belle still loves Shawn. Shawn shows up and says he knows he doesnt have a right to know the answer, but hed like to. Jan and Rex follow, and Phillip gets a phone call of some kind. Phillip then tells Belle to give Shawn an answer.

At Mickeys, Bonnie is lounging around drinking beer. Maggie arrives and they begin arguing about Mickey. Maggie wants her husband back, but Bonnie isnt willing to give him up. Bonnie says perhaps she really loves Mickey. Maggie doubts that, but she knows what Bonnie loves more than anything. She offers Bonnie a check to leave Mickey, but Bonnie says no. Bonnie also says shes going to show this check to Mickey to let him know what kind of woman Maggie is. Maggie tries to get the check back, so Bonnie sicks Max on her.

At the mansion,  Brady talks to Kate on the phone and she informs Brady that Nicole was right, John is an addict. Brady goes to apologize to Nicole, who has just opened the closet and seen Chloe. She faints, and Brady catches her and carries her off. Chloe spies on them as Nicole comes to and says she just saw Chloe, shes in the closet wearing a hood of some sorts. He thinks that is impossible, and he looks in the closet. He finds an old hooded sweatshirt of his that he let Chloe wear. He thinks this is what Nicole saw. Nicole says no, and she remembers something was wrong with Chloes face, very wrong. Chloe considers showing herself to Brady, but Brady ends up talking about Chloe and how beautiful and perfect she was. Chloe realizes she cant show herself to Brady this way and runs off. Meanwhile Nicole listens as Brady describes how hell never find a woman as beautiful as Chloe. She runs off in tears, and he goes after her to apologize. He tells Nicole that she knows how he feels about her, he has made that clear. He picks her up and takes her to bed. Meanwhile, Chloe returns to the hospital and writes Brady a letter about how she cant reveal herself to him until she is once again beautiful and perfect.



January 20, 2005
No Show today, inauguration


January 21, 2005
Summary by Jenn!

Roman and Marlena talk about how they only get a glimpse of their family and then it is turned off. Roman says not to get upset it could be taken out of context. They talk about how John and Kate are getting close, the same as they are. Flash back to Roman and Marlena kissing.

Roman tells Marlena that if they cant get home then they are all they have. Marlena says they know John and Kate are aliveJohn and Kate think they are dead so it makes sense they would turn to each other for comfort.

John is in bed suffering withdrawals. Flashback of Kate comforting John and her taking the drugs away. He yells out and Kate comes running in. They hug and John says he is not gonna make it. Kate tells John he is strong and he cant give up. John begs her for help. He wants her to take the drugs out of the garbage. She says ok and leaves the room. John is scratching himself all over when Kate comes back in with sleeping pills. She refuses to give him anymore pain medication. He takes 2 of the sleeping pills at Kates insistence. He is cold so Kate climbs into bed and cuddles him.

As soon as Kate gets into bed with John, Roman and Marlenas tv comes on so they can see John and Kate in bed together. Roman notices there is no sound. Marlena says she cant watch it. Roman curses Dimera for torturing them. Marlena says John has given up on her and their love. She says Kate has given up on Roman too.

John jokes that if anyone were to see them they would get the wrong idea. John relaxes and tries to go to sleep he tells Kate she did a good job. Kate says she will be there for him. The sound comes on for Roman and Marlena. John thanks Kate for giving him what he only thought he could get from Marlena. Kate tells him to go to sleep and they will talk tomorrow. (I believe there is no more sound/video for Roman and Marlena) Later John says  I love you, Doc. Promise youll never leave. Kate says that can never happen. That Marlena and Roman are never coming back.

Marlena says that at least she knows John is alive and that Belle and Brady are ok (umm, no mention of Sami and Eric) She vents about how Tony has taken everything from them especially John and Kate. Marlena tells Roman how while on the raft she told John that it would be ok for him to move on with Kate if anything happened to her. John basically told her the same thing about her and Roman. Roman and Marlena admit they have always had feelings for each other. Roman leads Marlena to the bed and tells her she is stuck with him. She tells him she wouldnt have it any other way. They kiss.

Eugenia calls Kate. She congrats her on Philip and Belles wedding. She asks about Billie. She and Kate continue plotting to break up Sami and Lucas

Shawn asks Belle if she still loves him. Flashback of Belle and Shawn kissing on the roof. Jan asks about the phone call Phillip just got. Phillip is shipping out and this is probably his and Belles last night together for a while. Belle imagines Phillip on the front lines. Belle ends up telling Shawn off because he made some sort of flippant remark about Philip being shipped out. Philip asks Jan and Shawn to leave so he can continue his wedding night.

Sami threatens Mimi telling her that she has lots on her. Rex and Lucas walk in wanting to know what is going on. Mimi says Sami is only here to cause trouble. Mimi calls Sami a liar. Sami says she wonders how Rex would feel if he knew what Mimi has been up to. Rex demands to know what Sami knows (Mimi doesnt know that Sami knows of the abortion). Mimi goads Sami, Sami says Mimi will regret it. Lucas takes Sami outside and accuses her of making stuff up. He brings up how she was going to accuse John of stealing and being addicted to drugs. Rex comes out and demands to know what she was gonna say. Sami backs down and Mimi calls her a lying Bitch. Sami warns Mimi she will regret getting on her wrong side. Sami and Lucas leave. Rex says he wouldnt have believed any of Samis lies anyway. They go into Philip and Belles apartment. Belle says she is in love with Philip. She talks about how he stood by her and Shawn didnt. How Shawn turned his back on their love and hooked up with Jan.  She says she called him from the church because she needed closure. Belle and Philip kiss and he kicks everyone out. Mimi heads towards Shawn but Rex stops her.

Belle is crying while Philip is saying how happy he is she said the things she did to everyone. He asks her if Shawn really upset her that bad but she says it is him. She says she cant bear the thought of losing him. They decide to make the most of their last night together and they get into bed kissing.

Shawn blames her words on her being upset about Philip leaving. Rex says further proving her love for Philip. He turns to Jan and tells her to do something with him. Shawn begs Mimi for help. Mimi says she cant. Jan reminds him that he is engaged to her. She suggests they go to bed but he says he needs some air. Shawn is drinking a beer and Jan says to herself that she will wait for him to come back to her.  Rex tells Mimi to promise never to lie to him again.

Sami tells Lucas about Mimis abortion and that Rex doesnt know about it. She wants to go back and tell Rex. She says he could consider it a reward for her good behavior. Lucas wants them to mind their own business. She picks up the phone to call Rex but Lucas takes the phone from her. He advises her to take the high road and not to seek vengeance. She agrees no revenge unless someone threatens her happiness with Lucas.

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