January 24, 2005
I'm back! Please excuse any errors, jet lagged and beat! 


Sami shows up at the church to talk to Father Jansen about the upcoming wedding. Sami is excited and wants to go over all the details. She pulls a ton of stuff out of her big bag, and Father Jansen says she came prepared. Sami says its not every day a girl gets married. She says its been awhile for her, and she just wants to make sure the church will be ready. Father Jansen says the new stained glass window has been ordered, and the fire and water damage is being worked on. Sami says she wants no reminders of Belles nightmare wedding. Father Jansen says what happened was unfortunate. She says it was a disaster. Father Jansen asks if John will be walking her down the aisle? Sami says no way, he is a jerk and she has enough dirt on John to destroy him forever. Sami basically tells Father Jansen all the dirt she has on everyone around town. She tells him that John is shacking up with Kate Roberts, a woman she hates. Sami says she has promised Lucas to try and get along with Kate, but she doesnt know if shell be able to. Sami says her list of enemies is growing, and she soon begins talking about what she knows about Mimi. Sami says Mimi has a dirty little secret, and Jan is so scheming that she makes her look like Mother Theresa. She soon moves on to Belle and Phillip. She says Belle still loves Shawn and her marriage to Phillip is a joke. Bubbles with everyones faces appear over Sami and she says shes going to burst all their bubbles. She then pops them all with a needle. Father Jansen is worried about Sami and what she is planning. Sami says she is going to be a good girl, she promised Lucas she would be. But she says she has been dying to tell the secrets she knows. She thinks she can confess them to Father Jansen and he has to keep quiet. He says yes, so she begins telling Father Jansen everything, starting with Mimis abortion. Sami says Mimis boyfriend, her half-brother Rex doesnt know about the abortion. Next Sami moves onto Jan, and says Jan has been drugging Shawn and that is why he crashed through the window. She also says John Black was drugged up at the wedding because he is a junkie. Sami also says she saw him stealing drugs at the hospital, and once again Lucas told her not to say anything. She then says Lexie Carver the ass put John in charge of the investigation into the drug thefts. Sami says she knows she shouldnt be badmouthing people, but what is she supposed to do with so many idiots in her life! Sami says she has agreed to make peace with everyone for Lucas sake, but Lucas doesnt see how against her everyone is. Sami talks about how Kate is against her, and how Belle stole her wedding day from her. Sami says Belle doesnt even love her husband, and it will take Belle all of thirty seconds to break her vows once Phillip ships out. Sami tells Father Jansen about Shawn and Belles meeting on the roof. Sami says that was their special place, and when Phillip ships out, Belle and Shawn will hook up again. Father Jansen thinks that she is involved in far too many peoples lives. Sami says she knows, but if something happens to her happy life with Lucas, then she will make everyone she has dirt on pay! Father Jansen doesnt like this, and he says being a good person shouldnt be contingent on mood swings. Sami says she knows she has made mistakes, and the worst of them always happen before she got married. She says she isnt having second thoughts, and Lucas is the love her life. She says however a part of her will always want to hurt someone when they hurt her. She says Lucas wants her to turn the other cheek. Father Jansen says Lucas is a good influence on her. Sami says she just hopes she can get it right this time. Father Jansen talks about how life is full of bumps, and you cant let them make you get out of hand. Sami says her life is full of bumps, and if she and Lucas hit one, well Salem better watch out. Father Jansen says marriage can bring her such joy, playing with peoples lives cant. She says he is right and she should concentrate on marrying the man of her dreams. Father Jansen asks if there is anything else she is concerned about? Sami says yes, Brandon. She says the legal annulment hasnt come through yet. She says it will be done in time though. Father Jansen asks why she brought him up then? Sami says hes not coming back to Salem, so nothing can stop her, Lucas and Will from being happy. 

At the penthouse, John rolls around the bed in a cold sweat as he suffers from withdrawal. Kate comes to check on John and sees how bad of a time hes having. John says it is getting bad. Kate wants to call Lexie, but John says no. Kate says he might be able to give him something to help. John says no, and he can kick this himself. Kate brings him food, but he says its making her sick. She says he needs to at least drink some water. John tries to drink the water but cant even hold the glass still. He tells her to take it all away. She leaves, disobeys John, and calls Lexie. Lexie arrives, and she learns from Kate that John used an ISA connection to get pain killers in order to walk Belle down the aisle. Lexie says she should have noticed the signs. Kate says he has stopped using the stuff, and he is going through withdrawals. She also says he wont be happy to see her. They go into see John, and John is not pleased Lexie is here. Lexie says she is here to help him, but John tells her to go away. Lexie then realizes John is the thief from the hospital. Lexie says shes going to have to call the police. Kate says she cant do that, John has enough to deal with. John says he only did what he did to walk Belle down the aisle. Lexie says it still doesnt make it right, how could he do this! She feels betrayed by John. Kate tells Lexie not to place the blame right now, help him. LExie says he is hypertensive and could have a heart attack or stroke. She gives Kate some pills to lower his blood pressure and help him sleep. She gives the pill to John, and Lexie thanks Kate. Lexie says not to thank her, once the hospital finds out what John did he will be in trouble. 

Downstairs, Lexie says John took advantage of her and the hospital. Kate says that is what addiction does to people, and she cant wait until John is back to his old self. Lexie tells Kate that he is such a good friend to John. Lexie asks Kate if she stayed in Johns room last night? She says yes, but only to watch over him. Lexie says she wasnt implying. Kate says they are family now with their kids marrying. Kate then starts talking about Shawn and how she hopes he goes to jail for a long time. They talk about his parents, and Lexie tells Kate that Hope and Patrick went to Europe to find Bo and Billie. Kate becomes upset, and LExie realizes Kate was hoping this trip would bring Bo and Billie closer. Lexie gets a frantic call from her mom, and she has to run off. She tells Kate that Abe fell and is hurt. Lexie says his vision is getting worse. She tells Kate that shell call and check on John later. Lexie leaves, and Kate thinks Brandon should be here for Abe. She then sees Lexie left her PDA, and she decides to use it to email Brandon and bring him home! She sends him an email saying Abes condition has taken a turn for the worse, and he needs to come home. 

Back in Johns room, John continues to roll around in pain, and he thinks about making love to MArlena in the shower. He wishes Doc was here because he needs her. John starts itching himself all over, and he says I love you, I need you so bad! His thoughts go from Marlena to Kate! He remembers the rooftop incident with Kate. 

At Rexs loft, Rex is popping asprin as he has a headache. He is upset with Mimi and says they have to talk. He says something has been bothering him all night. HE thinks Mimi has issues with honesty and trust. Mimi wonders if Jan said anything, but he says no. He says this has to do with her meddling into Belle and Phillips marriage. Mimi says she still thinks Shawn and Belle belong together. Rex says Phillip and Belle are married in the eyes of God, if she cant accept that marriage is forever then how will they ever have a future together? Mimi says she loves him and she knows he is disappointed in her. Rex says that is why hes asking her one last time if she is keeping anything from him. She says no and hugs him.

Jan looks at Shawn as he sleeps and wonders why he didnt want to make love last night. She thinks it is what he needs, so she gets in bed and begins to seduce him. He looks at Jan and sees Belle! He says I love you Belle and begins kissing her. Jan seems upset, but doesnt stop him. When Shawn realizes he is with Belle he stops himself. Jan tells him that he called her Belle, and she gets out of bed. Shawn says he wanted to be alone, why is she here? She says she was worried about him and thinks he needs some sexual healing. Shawn says he needs time alone, and he runs into the bathroom. Jan vows not to lose him. She says she just needs to get Belle out of his head, and she knows just who to have do her dirty work. 

At Belle and Phillips place, Phillip wakes up and tells Belle he loves her. Belle wakes up and sees Shawn next to her. She looks puzzled until she realizes it is Phillip. Phillip asks what is wrong? Belle claims shes worried about him leaving. He says he doesnt want to leave her either, especially with the way Shawn is acting. Belle says she can handle Shawn. Phillip says hed never leave her if he didnt have to, but he took an oath when he joined the marines. She says he is such a good person, he is so brave. Phillip says he loves her so much, and that love will get him through this. He says he will come back to her and then theyll start talking about having kids. Belle then kisses Phillip, but cant stop thinking about kissing Shawn. Belle tells Phillip they have a lot to do today. He says they do and hell go take a shower. Belle tells herself that she has to get Shawn out of her head. After Belle gets out of the shower he finds a note from Belle saying she ran out to get something for him. Phillip looks at a photo of him and Belle and says nothing will come between them. He then makes a call and asks to see someone right away. 

Back at Rexs loft, Mimi finds Jan doing her hair. She talks about how Shawn loves her hair. She doesnt know where Shawn ran off to, and she asks Mimi. Mimi says she doesnt know where he is. Rex shows up and he also doesnt know where Shawn is, but he tells Mimi he has to go out and says it is personal. Jan tells Mimi that it looks like Rex is keeping secrets too. Jan taunts Mimi about telling Rex about the abortion. Mimi doesnt think shell ever tell anyone because shed tell everyone about what she did to Shawn. Jan says she has no proof., but Mimi says she would if Shawn got his memory back. Mimi tells Jan what she did was demented! Jan says she did what she had to do, and she better hope Shawn and Belle stay away from one another. Jan says dont worry, she wont spill the beans. Mimi says of course not, shes having too much fun blackmailing her. Jan says even if Mimi tried, she couldnt break Phillip and Belle up now that they are married.

Out on the street, Shawn and Belle bump into one another. Belle walks away from Shawn and goes into a pawn shop. She asks for a medal to help protect her husband, hes going into service today. The woman goes to get something she has, and Shawn shows up and tries to talk to her. He wants her to be honest with herself and admit she loves him and regretted married him. Shawn says he saw the look on her face when Phillip broke the news about being shipped off. Shawn says that is why she is staying with Phillip, even though she knows they belong together. Shawn asks her to say she made a mistake, she cant love Phillip the way she loves him. The woman at the store returns with a medal she gave to her grandson when he went to war. Belle says it is beautiful. Belle begins to have visions of Phillip in the field fighting and getting killed. She buys the medal from the lady. She then runs off. Shawn runs after her, and Belle tells Shawn that Phillip is her husband and she will be faithful. Shawn says it is not over between them and never will be. He knows she loves him because he can feel it when she looks at him, and he says she can feel it to. Shawn then kisses Belle! 

Back at Phillip and Belles, Phillip talks with Rex about family. Phillip knows they didnt grow up together, but Rex says that doesnt matter to him. Phillip talks about how the two things that can destroy a relationship is secrets and lies. Phillips asks Rex to watch over Belle while hes gone, and to keep Shawn away from her. Rex says he can count on him.


January 25, 2005
At the penthouse, Eugenia is walking around. She says poor Mr. Black has come down with flu after everything else he has been through. She remembers Kate calling her to come over to help her try and come up with a way to stop Sami and Lucas wedding. Eugenia thought with what happened to the church, their wedding would be delayed at least a year. Kate said the church and congregation have donated a lot of money to fix the church as soon as possible. Kate told Eugenia about how shes been acting like the perfect mother in law helping prepare centerpieces for the wedding, but in the meantime she has sent an email to Brandon and he will think it is from Lexie and will come back to Salem.

Lucas and Sami exit the penthouse elevator. Lucas thinks they shouldnt be here disturbing John while hes sick, his mom told them he had the flu. Sami says she wants her mothers pearls, she thinks that they will help break her wedding curse. She says Grandpa Evans gave them to her grandma on her wedding day, and her grandma gave them to her mom. Sami says her mom always promised to give them to her on her wedding day. Sami wants the pearls before John the junkie sells them to pay for his drug addiction. Lucas tells her not to get into this again, but Sami knows he is a junkie. She tells Lucas about telling Father Jansen, which upsets Lucas. Lucas says Johns reputation is at stake. Sami says it isnt much of a reputation, and besides Father Jansen cant tell anyone about her confession. Lucas lectures Sami about invoking God's wrath on people as if God was going to unleash punishment on mortals then he would have fried them long ago. Lucas also tells Sami when they go in there she will be the sweet step-daughter John has always wanted. Sami says shell be nice, even if John is a junkie. She says as long as she gets her moms pearls everything will be okay. She thinks it will be like having a part of her parents with her, and she thinks it will make sure their wedding goes off without a hitch.

In Johns bedroom, Kate continues to help John get through his pain. John thinks about being intimate with Marlena, and he grabs Kate and begins kissing her! She pulls away and tells him what he was doing. He says his eyes are playing tricks on him, and hes sorry. She tells him to just forget about it. She talks about doing some research and how its not just the physical addiction he needs to kick, but the emotional one too. She talks about going to a counselor, but John says hes not there yet. John thanks her for being here and says she is all he needs right now. Kate tries to get him to drink something, and tells him to stay under the covers. She leaves to get him some warm tea. Once she leaves John turns mean and says he doesnt need tea, he needs those drugs!

Back downstairs, as Kate and Eugenia plot, there is a knock at the door. Kate sees it is Sami and Lucas, so she tells Eugenia to hide. She then lets them in. Sami asks where John is, and Kate says upstairs. Sami goes to see him, but Kate says shes not going up there! Kate grabs Sami, and Sami tells her to let her go. Sami refuses to be told what to do by the woman shacking up with John in her mothers house. Kate says she is here to help John, and Sami says yeah with his little problem. Kate says he has the flu! Sami says sure. Sami says if John really does have the flu then she needs to go wash up as this place is probably crawling with germs. She says Lucas will explain while they are hear, and she walks off. Lucas explains to Kate that Sami needs her mother's pearls and if she doesnt get them shes calling it off. Kate asks if that means shes going to dump him? Lucas says no, he means they will elope instead of having the big wedding.. Kate screams No! Sami is in the bathroom freshening up and hears Kate scream. She thinks Kate must have been informed about the plan. Sami then sneaks upstairs to get the pearls. Meanwhile, Kate claims she has done a lot of work for this wedding. Lucas says he appreciates what she has done, but Sami has had a lot of bad luck when it comes to her weddings. Kate tells Lucas not to let Sami talk him into eloping. Kate says Sami wants the big wedding, she doesnt want to elope, this is just jitters. Kate says when Sami comes out of the bathroom shell talk to Sami and convince her eloping is the wrong idea. Lucas doesnt think it will work as Sami still thinks she and Eugenia are plotting against her. Kate says she has done so much for this wedding, she has put her life on hold for this wedding and has done a lot of work. Lucas begins to realize something is going on, and he wants his mom to tell him what she is up to.

Upstairs, John searches for MArlenas medical bag to get her drugs. He finds it and hugs it. John begins going through the bag, which is empty. He throws it across the room, and it hits the door right as Sami walks in. Sami tells John it is good to see he is awake. He says he has the flu so she should leave. She says she had her flu shot. John asks what she wants? She says she wants her mothers pearls to wear them at her wedding. John asks what pearls?

In Europe, Hope and Patrick are walking around to European town. Hope is convinced Bo is in trouble as the Basic Black Jet was still in the terminal, and the pilot hadn't heard from them. They see the DiMera castle in the background, and Hope thinks this whole thing is a DiMera game. Hope wants to go search for Bo, but Patrick wont let her. He says they need to get a plan together, this whole thing could be a trap. Hope realizes Patrick has been here before. He says yes, a long time ago. He says this town has DiMera cameras everywhere, and every man, woman and child here is linked to the Dimeras somehow. He says if they spark any suspicion, they will be reported. He says they need to get a room at the inn and then try and figure things out. They head to the Inn and there are weddings going on at the Inn. Patrick says this is good, it will help with their cover. Hope realizes Bo and Billie must have been here, and she approaches the desk. Patrick spots a camera and ends up kissing Hope to keep her away from the camera. He points it out to her and suggests they keep their backs to it. They go to the front desk and a man helps them, the same man who played Georgias mother last week. Hope and Patrick claim they are a couple, and the man says they are in luck another American couple took a room earlier and checked out. He also talks about how in love they were and how they couldnt seem to keep their hands off one another. Patrick tries to calm Hope down. He convinces her they were putting up a cover, and that she is tired and needs to rest. He also says if the two of them are smart theyll pretend to be an engaged couple on their romantic getaway. They look at a tourist map and talk about what theyd like to do while they are here. Hope looks through the registry and says she cant believe it. The man from the desk returns and asks what she is doing with the registry? Patrick says it is his fault, he was looking at t he map and she moved the book to give him more room. Hope puts it back down, and they sign in. They are given a room and head off. Patrick asks Hope if he recognized any names or handwriting? She did, Billie registered in her own name, and she knows what room they were in. They head up to Bo and Billies room. It is a mess and Hope thinks Tonys people have got to them. Patrick says no, it just looks like they just were in a hurry to leave. Hope wonders how Billie could be so stupid to register under her own name. He wonders how Bo could have let her do that. She thinks Billie checked in while he was calling her. Hope knows Bo is in danger as she can feel it. She just hopes when they find them it isnt too late.

At the house where they thought Georgia was, we see Bo and Billie tied to a chair. A girl begs Billie to wake up, and she asks if the men hurt her. The girl is Georgia, the one from the photo/painting on the wall. Billie thinks it is Georgia, and she asks for Georgia to help them. Billie tells Georgia who they are, and she tries to wake a sleeping Bo. When she asks Bo to wake up, Georgia disappears. It turns out Billie was the one dreaming. Bo has freed himself and Billie, and Billie wants to get to Georgia. Bo is concerned about Hope and fears she has come looking for him and doesnt know the danger shes walking into. Bo plans their escape, but Billie tells Bo that she wont leave, not without their daughter. Bo says this was a set-up, but Billie says she was here in this house and she knows Georgia is coming back. Billie says they have to wait for her. Bo says he wants to find her just as much as she does, but if they stay here they will get caught. Billie thinks Bo doesnt care about his daughter at all, all he cares about is getting out of here and finding hope. Bo says he does care about Georgia, but he cares about his wife too. Billie thinks he cares about Hope more. Bo says if he didnt care about Georgia then he wouldnt have come here. He also says Hope could be over here and be in just as much danger. He says neither of them will do Hope or Georgia any good if they are caught and tied up again. Billie says she is sorry, and he is right. They agree to work as a team to get out of here, and Bo says he has a plan. Billie begins screaming for help, and outside a guard comes running. Bo, who is now outside, runs up behind him and knocks the guy out. Billie pulls a gun on the guy and demands he take them to their daughter. The guard pulls a gun on Bo and orders Billie to choose between her lover and her daughter. Billie asks where her daughter is? The guard says her daughter is right upstairs, so choose. Billie looks up and sees a girl brushing her hair in the window.


January 26, 2005

Belle returns to the loft and Phillip asks what his present is, she was gone a long time so it must be pretty special. Belle remembers leaving the shop and Shawn telling her they loved one another and him pulling her into a kiss. They talk about Phillip leaving for war, and when Phillip kisses her, she thinks it is Shawn. She soon sees it is Phillip. Phillip thinks his talk of leaving is upsetting her, but its really Shawn that has her upset. She wants to give him Phillip his gift now. She gives him the medal, which is for protection. She says her grandma gave one like this to her grandpa when he went off to WW2, and he never took it off. Phillip says hell never take this one off either. They kiss and hug, and Belle still thinks about Shawn. Phillip wants Belle to write him and tell him everything, even what she has for breakfast. He says as long as he knows shes living a safe, ordinary life then he will make it through this. Belle asks how long he will be gone? Phillip says they arent saying, its all up in the air. Later they end up toasting to their future together and drink some champagne. He then wants to eat their wedding cake, but she says they are supposed to save it for their first anniversary. Phillip says he may not be back by then. Belle is shocked he could be gone that long. Phillip says there are no certainties. Belle thinks Phillip thinks he will die, but Phillip says he wont die. He says he will be back, he just doesnt know when. Phillip tells Belle right now all he wants to do is hold her, finish their cake, and take her to bed one last time before he leaves. He then says to their long and loving life together. Phillip head upstairs to pack, and Belle continues to think about Shawn. Belle ends up making a call to Mimi, and she asks Mimi to come see her right away. 

Shawn is drinking something out of an 8-ball glass. He too is thinking about kissing Belle. Belle pulled away and said she couldnt do this as she was married. Mimi comes in and she asks Shawn if he is okay. Shawn says he is good. Mimi says shes just glad hes not Jan. Shawn asks where Jan is? Mimi says who knows, she said she was going out to do something special for him. Mimi says Rex is off doing his teaching assistant thing. Mimi talk to Shawn about Belle. Shawn says he just saw Belle, and he kissed her. Shawn says Belle also  kissed him back. Mimi asks what this means? Shawn says shes still married to Phillip. Mimi says if it went that far then something has changed. Shawn has more flashbacks about telling Shawn that he doesnt understand why she is with Phillip and why he is with Jan. She says its too late for those questions. Shawn says it isnt in the past, and she is the only one who can help him understand. Belle says she cant and runs off. Shawn asks Mimi to help him get Belle alone so he can talk to her. Mimi says she already helped him once, and it ended in disaster. Mimi says besides Belle says she doesnt want to talk to him again. Mimi says she cant help him anymore, no matter who Belle loves she married Phillip. Mimi says they have to respect that. Shawn says Belle is just as confused as he is, and they have to figure out what really happened. Shawn says they have to find out before Phillip leaves, because Belle will stay true to him. Mimi says Belle stayed true to him the whole summer. Shawn says he knows, and he doesnt know how he ended up with Jan, but he doesnt trust her. Mimi says its about time! Shawn asks Mimi to help him, but she says she cant. Mimi wont help him because she wont risk her relationship with Rex. Mimi says she never wants him that mad at her again. Shawn says he understands, and hell figure this out on his own. Mimi doesnt want him to be unhappy. Shawn says he doesnt want anyone to be unhappy, including Phillip. He says he just needs answers otherwise his feelings of what might have been will continue to haunt him. Mimi gets Belles call, and she says she has to go out for awhile. She tells Shawn she wishes she could help, but she cant. Shawn says its okay.  Mimi goes to see Belle, who asks Mimi to help her see Shawn again. Mimi says it is true, she does still love Shawn, so why wont she admit it?

At the penthouse, Kate thinks Sami is being petty for canceling her big wedding over her mothers pearls. Kate talks about how Sami is such a schemer and plotter. Lucas says they used to scheme and plot too. Kate says they are reformed, but Lucas says Sami is too. Lucas says Sami is suspicious of her and Eugenia always hanging out, she thinks they are up to something. Eugenia shows up behind Lucas and signals to Kate. Kate signals to Eugenia to get out, and she goes on the patio. Lucas thinks something is going on, but Kate says nothing is. Kate claims she hasn't seen Eugenia in weeks. Kate decides to go find where Sami has run off to as she's not still in the bathroom. Eugenia hides on the balcony and even climbs onto the ledge to keep from being caught. Meanwhile Kate thinks Sami went upstairs to see John and she asks him to go get her. Lucas asks why she is in such a hurry to get her out of there? Kate says John is sick. Lucas knows she isnt worried about Sami getting sick, and how long can it take to get pearls. Kate says she is just trying to be compassionate, and how fun can their honeymoon be if she is sick.

Sami goes to see John and asks for her mothers pearls. John asks what pearls? Sami says dont play games with her, the pearls that belong to Grandma Evans. John says he gave them to Belle. Sami says he cant do that, they were supposed to be hers! Sami says the pearls werent worn by Belle at the wedding, so he is lying. John says she didnt want to wear them on her wedding day, she was saving them for her honeymoon. Sami says that is stupid, they were meant to be worn with a wedding dress. John also says Marlena wanted her first daughter married to have them. Sami says no, she wanted her first born daughter to have them! John says he cant ask for them back. Lucas and Kate show up and ask what is going on. Sami says this bastard gave her pearls to Belle, and she thinks it is Kates fault. Sami says John and Kate are out to destroy her, mom promised those pearls to her, and John could fix it if he wanted to. Kate says to take the pearls back now is totally unreasonable, Belle's husband is about to go to war. Kate says if her mother wanted her to have those pearls then she would have given to them at her first, second or third wedding. John tells Sami to go buy new pearls and send the bill to him. Sami says she won't be bribed. Kate says John has the flu and doesnt need this stress. Sami says poor John, poor Belle, everyone is being selfish and no one cares about her! Sami doesnt know why she came here as John hates her and he has always hated her. She says her parents are dead and they are shacking up together, she is glad they arent here to see this. She says then says John took the one thing she had left of her mom and gave it away. John says he offered to try and make up for her mistake, but Sami says go to hell! Sami rushes out of the room and almost catches Eugenia sneaking out. Eugenia runs back out to the balcony. Lucas tries to calm Sami down, and he reminds her that he was supposed to try and be nice to their families. Sami says she tried until John gave her pearls away. Sami also says John is a drug addict, he doesnt have the flu as he didnt cough once. Sami says she wanted to give those pearls to their daughter. Lucas says they dont have one, but Sami says they could have one. Sami begins ranting about how Kate is in on this with Eugenia, but Lucas says she isnt. Lucas says his mom told her that she hasnt seen Eugenia for awhile. Sami says if he believes that then he is a fool. She says shes going outside for air, and she heads to the terrace.

Back in Johns room, John feels guilty and should have known the pearls should have gone to Sami. He says he was just in so much pain, and he thought it would make Belle feel closer to her mom. Kate tells him not to think about it anymore. Kate says shes asked Lexie to send a little something over to help him. John says he thought he was supposed to be kicking this habit? John says that is the goal. Back downstairs, Sami stops heading towards the terrace when the Fax machine goes off. She turns around and reads the fax from Lexie and says this is proof John is a drug addict! 

In Europe at the inn, Hope tells Patrick that she can sense Bo is in danger. She says they need to search their room and find a clue as to where they might be. They find a pad with an address imprint on it, so they head there.

Outside Georgia's house, the DiMera agent, who holds a gun on Bo, tells Billie to choose between saving her daughter or her lover. Billie says she cant choose. Bo says go get their daughter. Billie says hell kill him if she does that. Bo says if this pansy was going to kill him then hed have done it by now. Bo tells Billie to go now before they lose their daughter forever. Billie says she cant, so Bo knocks the guard out and tells Billie to go. Billie rushes off, and another guard shows up and points a gun at Bo. 

Billie sneaks up to the room in the house where she believes she saw Georgia. She sees a girl sitting in a chair, and she calls out Georgia, is that you? Billie begins talking to Georgia about how she must be scared and wondering who she is, but she is her mother. She says she is her birth mother, and her father is here too. Billie says they love her very much, and she prays her father is okay right now. She says she has prayed that shed find her, and they are here to save her and take her someplace where she is safe and happy. Billie asks Georgia to say something. She wonders if Georgia doesnt understand her? Georgia sits in her chair and says nothing. When she goes to see who is in the chair it is a big doll. Another henchman ends up grabbing Billie. 

Back outside the house, we see Bo on the ground with blood coming from his head. Hope and Patrick show up, and Hope sees blood on the ground. They split up, and Patrick is caught by the guard. In the bushes Hope aims her gun and hopes Patrick gets out of the way. When the guard realizes it is Lockhart he drops his gun. Patrick and him talk about old times. Patrick says those days are over, and then he decks the guy!

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie find themselves back at square one, they are tied up to the chair and have nothing. Billie says not quite. Billie picked a knife up from the kitchen earlier, and she begins cutting the ropes. Billie frees them and they decide to leave this time. Billie wonders what if they never find Georgia? Bo says they will, and he tells her she is a good mother. Billie thinks that you have to raise a child to be a parent. Bo says she is risking her life for Georgia, what more can a parent do. Hope and Patrick walk in just as Bo is comforting Billie. Hope says theyll talk about this later, and they need to get out of here. Billie says they thought Georgia was here, but it was a trick. Hope says she told them that. Patrick suggests they save the fighting till they get home. Hope says Patrick is right, they need to get out of here. However, Hope still delivers Bo a hearty slap for going back on his promise to her not to leave. As they argue, Billie hears something upstairs. Upstairs we see a girl in a rocking chair reading. 


January 27, 2005
Shawn is working out at home when Jan walks in with groceries. She sneaks up behind him with a beer, but he says he has other things on his mind. She says like Belle? Shawn says he has to talk to her today, alone. Jan says Belle and Phillip are married and that wont change. She says Belle would never be unfaithful to her brave husband. Shawn says that is why he has to talk to her before Phillip leaves, because she would stay faithful to him. Jan says Belle is married and he needs to move on with his life. Jan reminds him that they are engaged, and yet he is obsessing over Belle. Shawn says he knows how Belle really feels. He says he ran into her on the side walk and told her that he was confused about why they broke up, and then he kissed her. He says Belle kissed him back. Jan says of course she did, what woman couldnt resist him. Jan asks what she said after he kissed her? Shawn has flashes back to Belle telling him that he couldnt keep doing this to her. Shawn told her that he has so many unanswered questions, but she said shed have to get the answer from someone else because she is married. Jan thinks Belle rejected him, but Shawn says no. Shawn says what Belle is saying and what Belle is feeling are two different things. Shawn storms off, infuriating Jan.

At Belles loft, Mimi cant believe Belle is admitting she loves Shawn. Belle says she just needs to talk to him. Mimi asks what if she finds the answers she is seeking? Mimi asks if there is a chance they can get back together? Belle tells Mimi to be quiet, Phillip is upstairs and could hear them. She says she does love Phillip, but she has things to straighten out with Shawn. Mimi says Shawn told her that he kissed her. Belle says when he kissed her all her feelings came back. Belle says she doesnt even understand what happened to break them up, its like someone manipulated them against one another. Mimi knows the truth, and we see flashbacks of her finding the cage and videos at Jan's place, but she cant tell Belle. Belle ends up asking Mimi to help her meet with Shawn to talk. Mimi says she cant because she promised Rex that she wouldnt help them anymore. Belle says she doesnt want to come between her and Rex. Mimi wishes she could try and help. Belle says whatever happens it has to happen today. She says Phillip deserves to know the truth about how she feels before he leaves. Phillip comes downstairs and asks what is going on here? Belle says they were just talking girls stuff. He says he heard his name. Belle says she was just telling Mimi how much she would miss him. Mimi decides now is the time to make herself scarce. She leaves, and Phillip and Belle dance together. As they dance, Phillip tells Belle that the thought of coming home to her is all that is going to get him through this. Belle looks at him and sees Shawn, and she freaks out. He asks what is wrong? Belle says she just doesnt want him to go. Phillip says he would give anything if he didnt have to go. Phillip asks Belle when hes gone he wants her to promise that she wont go near Shawn. Phillip says Shawn is acting like he is out of his mind, and he thinks it would be best if she stayed away from him. Belle says he lives across the hall, what is she to do? Phillip says Rex will look after her and help her. He also knows that Shawn can get to her and make her feel sorry for him, and she needs to remind herself that he is not the person she used to love. He knows a part of her misses him, and he misses that Shawn too. Phillip says Shawn was his best friend, but that person doesnt exist anymore. He begs her to keep her distance from Shawn. He says he loves her so much and cant imagine his life without her. He asks her if she can promise him? Before she answers the phone rings. 

Mimi returns to her loft, and Shawn asks Mimi to help him as he is desperate. Mimi says so is Belle, she wants to talk to him. Jan bursts in, throws Shawn out, and tells Mimi that she better not help Shawn and Belle talk things out. Mimi says she has to stand up for true love. Jan tells her to go ahead and try her! Later, Mimi tells Shawn she will help him, first he has to find a way to ditch Jan. Shawn thanks her and says he owes her. Mimi leaves, and Jan returns in a sexy dominatrix outfit. She asks if he wants to play with whips and chains? Meanwhile, in the hall Mimi calls Belle up at tells her that she's going to help her meet Shawn, so just say where.

At the penthouse, Kate thought she heard the fax machine, but it must have been a wrong number. Eugenia says the fax stopped her from finding her on the terrace. They discuss luring Brandon back to town after he gets Lexies email. Eugenia asks what if Brandon realizes the email is a fake? Kate says even if he does, Lexie cant deny the contents are real. Kate just wishes they could know when and if he comes home. Eugenia says maybe there is a way. Eugenia hacks into the airlines database to see if Brandon has booked a seat home. Kate says shell keep doing this and she wants Eugenia to go on assignment. They both know what Sami does when shes upset, she picks up the phone and makes a call. Later, Kate hears a beep on the computer and she sees that Brandon is coming home.

Sami and Lucas return to her place, and Sami says she knows now that John is addicted to drugs and the fax from Lexie proves it. Lucas says he is getting help and he wants her to forget about the fax. Sami says if she does then Kate wins. Sami says she knows Kate and Eugenia are plotting against her to stop her wedding. Lucas tells her that nothing will stop their wedding day, everything will be perfect. Sami still thinks things are going wrong, and she knew if she had those pearls everything would be okay. Lucas says the only thing that could stop her from marrying him is her. He says he has to go pick up her wedding dress, but before he leaves he wants to make sure she is okay. She says she will be okay. He tells her to just keep telling herself that everything will be perfect. Lucas leaves and Sami comes up with an idea of who to ask about her wedding to make sure it is perfect. Sami calls up Miss Wendy the psychic, and she tells her that she is still concerned that something will ruin her wedding. She asks if she should elope. Eugenia is with the psychic and tells her no. Miss Wendy says she should proceed with the wedding as planned, and there will be no problems with the wedding unless her ex-husband shows up. Sami wonders why she wound bring up Brandon? The psychic says if that man comes back she sees trouble big time! Sami thinks he is in London and wont be coming back. Mrs. Wendy says that is the only problem she sees, so have a happy wedding. Sami says she will, and this wedding will be perfect. 

In London, Brandon gets the message sent by Kate, but he thinks it is from Lexie. He calls home and Celeste answers. Brandon asks Celeste if his father is okay? Celeste says the news isnt good. Celeste tells him that Abe's vision is failing and he fell down the steps. She says Lexie took him to the hospital. Brandon thinks he should come home, but Celeste says she thinks that would be a mistake. Celeste says the cards say if she comes back now it will end in disaster. Celeste feels Brandon should stay away from Salem and Samantha. Brandon says hell think it over, besides hes busy and may not be able to get away for a few days. Celeste thinks he should wait at least a week before coming back. Brandon says hell think about her warning, and he says goodbye. Celeste looks at her cards and says this is not good at all. She says if Brandon comes back now then he could regret it for the rest of his life. Back in London, Brandon sees his schedule is more packed then he thought. He says he either has to leave today or wait. Brandon ends up saying to hell with it, he needs to get home today. 

At the house in Europe, Bo says Lockhart should be back with the car any second. Billie hears a noise upstairs and she thinks it is Georgia. Billie tells them that they can leave, but shes not leaving without her daughter. Upstairs we see a girl reading a book. Billie goes upstairs, and Bo wants to go with her. Hope tells him no, he could still have a fever and Billie can take care of herself. Billie heads upstairs and begins looking around for Georgia. Georgia asks who she is, what does she want? Back downstairs, Bo tries to kiss up to Hope and apologizes to her. She says its not going to work this time, they have a lot to talk about. He says they need to get out of here as this isnt the safest place. He tells her to go check on Lockhart, and Hope says while you go check on Billie. Bo says he just wants to make sure she is safe. Back upstairs, Georgia tries to run, but Billie stops her and says she wont hurt her. She asks her what her name is, and the girl says Georgia. Georgia asks where her parents are, and who is she? Billie says she is her birth mother. Georgia asks if she is her real mother? Billie says yes. Georgia asks if she is sure? Billie says she gave birth to her fifteen years ago. Bo shows up, and Billie introduces her father to Georgia. Hope then shows up and sees them all comforting one another as a family.


January 28, 2005
This has not been proofed! Errors probably abound! 

Sami continues to think everything will be fine with her wedding. She begins marching around her apartment with flowers and humming the wedding march. Suddenly Lucas and Will show up and give her a surprise wedding shower. Lucas knows its not traditional for the groom and his son do give the shower. Sami says they are too much, and she says none of her friends had time to plan a shower. Will says what friends? Lucas says William! Sami says Will is right, and she says they are all the friends she needs. Will gives his mom her favorite movie, Bridget Joness Diary. She says she likes it because Bridget makes the right choice, just like she did. Lucas gives her some sexy lingerie. They laugh, and then Sami starts thinking about the pearls she wont have. She tries to convince herself she doesnt need pearls, shes already the luckiest woman in the world. Lucas thinks it might be time for Samis next surprise. Lucas has bought her her own set of pearls. Sami says it is so extravagant. Lucas puts the pearls on her, and she checks them out in the mirror. She says they are gorgeous, and she thanks them. She knows she was being silly about the pearls, but she just thought it would be a lovely tradition to pass them on to their daughter or to Wills future wife. Lucas says they can use these for their own tradition. Sami says she loves them and she loves Lucas. She says they have both made her so happy. She thinks no one can ruin their happiness. Sami says she will walk down the aisle with these beautiful pearls, and Father Jansen will pronounce them man and wife. Sami says this will be a Salem wedding with a happy ending.

At Shawn and Rexs place, Jan comes out dressed like a dominatrix and asks Shawn if she wants to play with their whips and chains? This causes Shawn to remember fragments of his summer in the cage, but not enough to figure things out. Shawn rebuffs Jan and talks with Mimi. Mimi says Belle will meet him later. Shawn says he has to get through to her, and he has a backpack of stuff which he says is his last chance.

Belle and Phillip are holding one another at their place, and Belle gets a call from Mimi. Mimi tells her that Shawn will meet her whenever and wherever. Belle says shell be in touch. Phillip asks her what that was about? He says it was just Mimi, and she asks Phillip what his plans are. He says he wants to spend as much time with her as possible, but he does have to go see his mom. He takes off for awhile, and Belle uses his absence to meet with Shawn. She walks upstairs and finds Shawn there, and she slaps him! He asks what that was for? She says for making her lie to her husband. He asks if she agreed to see him to tell him off? She says she is married and this has to end. Shawn says before she closes the door on him he has something to show her. He has brought his laptop, and he found a digital scrapbook he was working on a long time ago. He wants her to look at it as it might make her realize who shes meant to be with. He begs her to look at it, and she does. Its a slide show of photos of the two of them. He also put some of their love letters into it. Shawn doesnt understand why he was out of it the entire summer, where all the anger in him came from. Shawn says he thinks it had to do with her, without her he was lost. He says he needs her help to be a better person again. He says he needs to know she loves her, that she wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her. Belle finally admits to Shawn that she loves him too, and they kiss. Downstairs Phillip returns and calls out Im home! He shouts out to Belle and asks where she is. 

Back at Rex and Shawns, Jan realizes Mimi has sent up a meeting for Shawn and Belle. She calls Mimi a bitch and begins smacking her with her purse. Mimi ends up locking Jan in the closet. Jan says she will tell Rex what she did, and Mimi says fine tell her. Mimi says she cant live with the guilt anymore. Jan says she is suffocating in here. Mimi says now she knows what Shawn felt like. Jan says all she gave Shawn was the best sex ever. Mimi says she is a lunatic and soon will go to jail. Jan says Mimi has no proof, but she has proof that Mimi had an abortion. She says when Rex finds out he will throw her in the dumpster. Mimi tells Jan that Shawn and Belle will get back together, so she better get used to being alone.

At the penthouse, Eugenia returns and tells Kate its taken care of. Kate says that twit Sami will think everything will be okay thanks to Miss Wendy, little does she know Brandon is on his way home. Phillip shows up to see his mom, and Eugenia hides. Kate asks Phillip what is wrong? Phillip says hes being shipped out tonight. Kate says no! Phillip says he came to say goodbye. She hugs him and cries. She wonders how shell let him go. Phillip says they knew this was coming, and this is his job. Kate is worried about him, but he says nothing will happen to him because he has too much to live for, including starting a family with Belle. Phillip asks his mom to look after Belle and to keep Shawn away from her. They say goodbye to one another and that they love the other. Phillip leaves, and Eugenia comforts Kate when she sees how upset she is. She says Belle and Phillip have a bright future, but in the meantime she has another son to focus on. She says Brandon is coming back to Salem, so breaking up Lucas and Sami is a done deal. She also talks about how shes worried about Billie, and how if she finds her daughter she and Bo might get back together. Eugenia says Bo is married, but Kate says at the moment. Eugenia asks Kate if she has thought who Lucas should be with if not Sami. Kate says dont say if, Sami will not be in Lucas life ever.

Brandon boards a plane home to Salem, and he talks to a blonde lady next to him about how hes going to visit his father, who has health problems. Brandon soon falls asleep and he dreams about making love to Sami. When he wakes up the woman next to him asks about Sami. Brandon asks how she knows about her? The woman says he talks in his sleep. She asks about Sami, but he says that chapter of his life is over. Brandon talks to the woman, Heather, and they exchange business cards as they are in similar business fields. When Brandon opens his wallet a photo of Sami falls out. Heather thinks Brandon still has a thing for Sami. Heather thinks Brandon wont be needing her card after all, he is still hung up on Sami and that means she shouldnt get involved. Later the pilot says they are beginning their descent into Salem. As they debark, the woman asks if he plans to see Sami? He says no. She thinks perhaps he should as he and Sami may have unfinished business. 

In Europe, Bo and Billie believe they have found Georgia. Hope cautions them that this could be a DiMera trap, this girl could even be working for the Dimeras. Billie refuses to believe that. Suddenly Georgias adoptive parents return home. Bo greets them and explains how they came her and were greeted by DiMera goons pretending to be them. Bo asks where they were today? They say they went to look for work, they received a call in response to their advertisement. Bo realizes they were set up. Billie tells her parents that they are Georgias birth parents. Billie shows them her birth certificate. Bo asks what they knew about Georgia when they adopted her? They say only her name and that she was adopted in America. Georgia says her adoptive parents are her parents. Billie says they are her birth parents, and she says she knew she was her daughter from the moment she saw her. Bo asks Hope if she thinks Georgia looks like them? Hope says she doesnt, and she doesnt think this girl is their daughter. Billie asks Hope if she cant be happy they found her daughter? Hope says if this girl is their daughter she will be happy, but they need to start thinking like cops. Bo says theyll have a DNA test done when they get back to the states. Georgias mother says they arent going anywhere with her daughter. Her father says legally Georgia is their daughter, they arent taken her anywhere. Billie says she did not give consent, Georgia was taken, so it was not legal. Georgia cries to her adoptive mother that she does not want to go with them. Her mother says she doesnt have to go. Bo tries to calm Billie down, as she is upset. Hope watches it all play out.

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