July 4, 2005

Bo leads Hope down to the docks, and he makes her keep her eyes closed. She tells Bo if hes thinking of sneaking them onto someone else boat again then forget it. Bo says hes not sneaking her onto someone elses boat, they are sneaking onto their boat. He tells her to open her eyes. Hope asks if it, if she is really theirs? Bo says yes, and the third time is the charm. In front of them is The Fancy Face III. We see flashbacks of the first time Bo surprised her with the boat. Hope says she (the boat) is the same except it is missing the white picket fence. He says that is because back then they had to compromise, he wanted a boat and she wanted a house. He says now they can afford both. Hope says she thought they couldnt. Bo says he made an awesome deal with the owner, and he did make a little more money when he was commander. He says the reality is that this is theirs now, it is their sanctuary that they can come to when times get rough. He says he loves her and to never doubt that. She says she doesnt, and she says she loves him too. They have more flashbacks to their first sailing trip, and Bo talks about how quickly Hope learned and became the best first mate he could ask for. They end up going down below, and Hope says everything is like the old Fancy Face. Bo says they had all their stuff put in storage, so he brought it all back out where it belongs. Hope has a flashback to the old bell, and Hope sees it on the new boat and says he remembered everything. Bo says there is nothing about his life with her that he couldnt forget. Bo lights some candles and says he got their favorite take-out as well as some champagne to christen the boat with. However he says the bottle of champagne is too nice to waste. Hope suggests they drink the champagne first and smash the empty bottle over the hull. Bo says good idea. He pops the cork and pours the bubbly. Bo toasts to the two of them: then, now and always. Later they smash the bottle over the boat and share a kiss. They head back onto the boat and dance. Hope says she doesnt want this to end. Bo says it doesnt have to, that is why he bought the boat. Hope asks when they get to take boat out for a cruise. Bo says soon, but he has something else planned for now. They head into the bedroom and make love. 

At the airport, Chloe continues to hide her face from Brady. Brady begs her to tell him why she was so determined to leave Salem. She says she cant tell him, and she intends to leave and go somewhere where he wont find her. Chloe says nothing Brady can say will change her mind. She tells him to pretend like he never saw her. Brady says this is insane and he cant pretend this isnt happening. He says this is a miracle, and her being alive is all hes dreamed about since he was told she died. Brady asks if the car accident was a lie too? Chloe says the accident was true, what was a lie is that she died. Brady doesnt get how she could give up her career, her future and her life by pretending she was dead. Chloe says she didnt have a choice. She says her vocal cords were damaged in the accident and she was told shed never sing again, not the way she used to. Chloe says she lost everything she worked so hard for. Chloe says it was like fate told her she blew it by leaving Salem and him to pursue her dream. Brady says he was the one who told her to go. We see flashbacks of Brady telling Chloe that she had to go, and Brady saying goodbye to her at the airport. Chloe tells Brady that when she learned her career was over that is when she chose to disappear. Brady says it still doesnt make sense. Chloe says if she had to choose again then shed make the same choice. She wishes hed just forget any of this happened. He says that is impossible as she is standing right in front of him. He says he just wants to hold her, and he goes to touch her. She tells Brady no and to stay away from her! Brady tells her that as beautiful as her voice was, its not the only reason he fell in love with her. He says he doesnt care if she cant sing, though he is sorry for her as she knows how much it meant to her. He says theyll get her therapy, shell sing again. Chloe says she can sing, and he already heard her. She tells him about that day at the church when she was singing because something was wrong with the sound system. Brady says he thought that sounded like her, but everyone convinced him it was impossible. Brady doesnt know how she couldnt reveal herself to him, and why did Nancy go along with it. Chloe says she made Nancy did it. Brady remembers how Nancy kept saying strange things, and she would slip and says that Chloe was alive. Brady says she would cover and say she meant that Chloe was live only in their hearts. Brady then asks if she saw what he did and said at the church? She says she saw him propose and put his mother ring in her urn. Brady says then why didnt she reveal herself? Chloe says he was there with Nicole, and Brady thinks this cant be about Chloe being jealous of Nicole. He says so she is wondering how he could still love her while he slept with Nicole. She says she doesnt blame him for moving on with his life. He tells her that he thought Nicole had changed, and that was the biggest mistake of his life. He says he did care about Nicole and she did help him through the roughest time of his life. She says she knows, and she stayed close to him. She says she even snuck into the mansion a few times to spy on him. Brady realizes that Nicole did see her those times, and he convinced her it was impossible. He asks if that is when Nicole started to manipulate her? Chloe says Nicole didnt do anything, her only crime was loving him too and she was terrified of losing him. Brady says but she lied to him over and over him again. Chloe says because she asked Nicole to just like she asked Nancy and Craig to. Brady says if Nicole loved him then she would have told him the truth, and he hopes he never sees her again. Chloe says if he hates Nicole for lying to him then she should hate her even more for forcing Nicole to lie. Brady says there is a difference, she was lying to protect him and Nicole was lying for selfish reasons. Brady still cant figure out why she wanted to hide herself from him. He asks if she has forgotten how much then meant to one another, how much they loved one another? She says she hasnt forgotten. Chloe has many flashbacks to their times together. Chloe realizes she has no choice but to tell Brady everything. She tells Brady that her face was also damaged in the accident, and she faces Brady. Brady says nothing under those bandages could change the way he feels about her. She says she knows that, but she didnt want to burden him. He tells her to take them off and show him her face. Chloe doesnt want to, but he pleads with her to take them off. Chloe finally begins to take off her bandages.

In Germany, Shawn and Belle continue to argue about Belles choice. Shawn thinks Belle may have chosen Phillip, but she couldnt tell Phillip that she loves him (Shawn) more than shell ever love Phillip. He wants her to admit it, but she wont. She says she stood before God and promised to honor him in sickness and health, and Phillip needs her more than he ever has before. Shawn asks for how long, until death do they part? Belle says she is staying with him, and she begs Shawn to leave. She says by staying here that he is not only hurting Phillip, he is hurting her. Shawn says fine he will leave, but he will not accept this. He says he loves her and he knows she still loves him. Shawn says he promises her that hell find a way for them to be together. Shawn finally walks away from Belle.

Meanwhile, Phillip continues talking with Heather. He doesnt know if he wants to burden his wife with this, but she wonders why she thinks he is a burden. She says she lives the same life she did before, and he can to. She says he can even go back to active military duty if he is able to keep up with the training. Phillip says he can deal with the hardship and pain, but he doesnt want other peoples pity. Heather says he can be an inspiration to others. Phillip just doesnt want Belle to stay with him out of pity, or because she feels the need to honor their vows. Phillip says Belle is so special and deserves a husband that is whole. Heather says he thinks they arent whole? He says he doesnt mean her of course. She says few people are whole, and being whole is just a state of mind really. She says one day in the distant future nobody will be able to look at him and see hes an amputee. She tells Phillip he can live a happy and normal life. He thanks her for the pep-talk, and she says he can repay her by helping someone else one day. He says he will, and he just hopes his marriage can survive.

Later, Heather meets with Belle. Belle says her fathers company is a big supporter of her charity. Heather says she knows and she is thankful. They talk, and Belle says she doesnt know what to do for Phillip. Heather says just be there for him. She says be there and massage his leg to help the circulation. She says it will help them bond all over again. Heather tells Belle that Phillip needs him now. She says he feels like he isnt whole and that he is a burden on her. Belle says shed never feel that way. Heather says she knows, and she tells Belle that Phillip will be angry and might take that anger out on her. She tells Belle not to let it get to her. She tells Belle that shes left some inspirational videos for them to watch, some include double amputees running in marathons. Heather promises Belle that they can get their old life back. She tells them that they make a lovely couple and she wishes them luck.

Meanwhile Phillip talks to his doctor. The doctor says his phantom leg pains should end soon, and he can begin therapy soon. The doctor talks to Phillip about how he is concerned that Phillip is doing his recovery back in Salem and not in DC. He asks if his wife can handle this as it could be very stressful. Phillip doesnt know, but he knows his wife is sticking with him no matter what. The doctor leaves Phillip to rest, and Shawn comes to see Phillip. Phillip wants to talk to Shawn about Belles decision, and he wants to make sure there are no hard feelings between them. Phillip extends his hand to Shawn. Shawn says he respects him as a hero, but he cant say there are no hard feelings. He says he has loved Belle since he was a kid, and he has planned on spending his life with her, so he cant say hes thrilled with the way things turned out. He tells Phillip he better never hurt Belle. Phillip says he wont. Phillip tells Shawn that he thinks he is a hero too, and if he had to chose between losing his leg and losing Belle, hed lose his leg without thinking about it. 


July 5, 2005

Bonnie shows up at Rexs place. He asks what shes doing here. She says shes praying for Mimis emancipation. Bonnie knows he is trying to get Mimi off the hook, and she tells him how grateful she is to him. Bonnie says he really is son-in-law material. She tells him to take time off from the bar with pay to keep up what hes doing. She also says she has a plan of her own and if all goes well Mimi will be F-R-E-E. Rex asks what she did? She says she baked a file-cake and Patrick is delivering it as they speak. Rex asks if she is crazy, she will end up with two kids in prison! Bonnie says Patrick doesnt know about the file so he can claim he was not part of it. Rex says so shell end up in Statesville with Mimi. Rex tells Bonnie that you cant file through prison bars. Bonnie says it worked for Edward G Robinson. Rex says this isnt a jailbreak movie, and if Mimi is caught trying to escape it will add more time to her sentence. Bonnie says at least she is trying, which is more than he is doing Mr. Super Brains. Later Bonnie begins to worry about her file cake stunt and decides to head to jail to see what happened. She tells Rex to just work on a way to get Mimi out. Bonnie leaves, and Rex tries to think of this like a puzzle. He then realizes what he needs to do to prove Mimi is innocent.

Patrick shows up at the jail with a 4th of July cake for Mimi. Bonnie baked it and unbeknownst to Patrick has put a file in the cake! When Patrick goes through the metal detector it goes off, and Patrick wonders what his mom did now. The guard searches the cake and finds a file in it. She tells Patrick that this is a serious infraction. He says it is a joke on his moms part, she has a warped sense of humor. She says it would take his sister 300 years to break out of here with this file, but it could be used as a weapon. The guard says she has to write this up and put it in his sisters file. She says Patricks sister is getting off to a very bad start. Patrick begs the guard to look the other way as his sister is in enough trouble as is. The woman eventually agrees not to write it up.

In her cell, Mimi is standing around sulking in her orange jumper. Some of the inmates decide to teach the new inmate the ropes. One of them women, Brenda, tells Mimi that as the new girl she gets to scrub the toilet and tells Mimi to make it shine. Mimi says the judge didnt tell her to scrub toilets, so she can clean it herself. Brenda pulls out a shank and tells Mimi shes the judge now, and if she doesnt follow her orders then shell get the death sentence. Mimi ends up in a brawl with the other woman.

Later, Mimi meets with Patrick and she has a black eye. She explains she was in a brawl and somehow found the strength to win. Patrick says that is good, she can use that to get other prisoners on her side by offering them protection. She asks why bother. He says she needs to stay strong for everyone who loves her, people like him, mom and Rex. He says Rex is going crazy and she has to let him come see her. She says no way, he is too good for her. Patrick says he loves her. She says she lied to him about the abortion and she cant hurt him by letting him find out the truth. Patrick says she didnt lie, she just didnt tell him the whole truth. He also says knowing she is suffering in here is going to hurt Rex more in the long run. Later Bonnie shows up and cant believe Mimis condition. She wants to report this to Mickey, but Patrick says no because she will make things worse for Mimi on the inside. Bonnie asks what about the cake, and Patrick says t was confiscated and he almost landed in jail with Mimi because of her stunt. She says he could have said he didnt know, but Patrick says ignorance isnt an excuse. Mimi asks what is going on, and Patrick tells her about the file cake. He says she baked a nail file in the cake no less. Bonnie says it was all she had. She says at least she is trying, but Patrick says these prison break schemes arent helping. Mimi tells her mom that shes not helping, and she is not breaking out. Mimi says she is here for the next fifteen to twenty years, unless Jan dies and then it will be for life. Bonnie tells Merriam Elizabeth Lockhart not to talk that way. She says they will get her out somehow. Bonnie says she will help Rex and Patrick find a way to convince the judge she is innocent. Mimi says that wont happen, not only do they have Jans testimony on tape, she confessed to attacking Jan. Bonnie begs Mimi to let Rex help her, let him come see her. Mimi says if she does that then Rex wont be able to move on with his life. Bonnie tells Mimi if she keeps pushing Rex away then shell push him into another womans arms. She asks Mimi if she wants Rex to kiss another woman, make love to another woman, marry another woman? She asks Mimi if that is what she wants?

Patrick returns to Rexs place and says Mimi isnt doing well at all and she wont survive in there. Patrick says they have to find a way to get her out. Rex says he thinks he has. Rex fills Patrick in, and Patrick says its 10-1 odds but it could be the break they need. 

In Germany, Kate is so happy that Belle chose her husband over Shawn. She tells John that she and Marlena really did raise her right and to respect wedding vows. Shes so glad Belle and Phillip have this time alone to bond. John asks Kate what the doctor told her? She says he was very upbeat and talked about all the high-tech advances in prosthetics. She thinks about how when Phillip was little she would fret over every scrape her got. John says what is important is Phillip is alive and he will be just fine. Kate says he is and hell have a wonderful life with the woman he loves. Kate says she may be over-protective, but she loves her children so much and would do anything for them. John says she is not over-protective, just a damn good parent. John also needs to give Kate some advice regarding Sami. Kate crushes the styrofoam cup in her hand. Kate doesnt want to hear it, she says Sami has ruined Austins life and Lucas life, and she thinks she is in cahoots with Tony. John says Sami said she wasnt, and like it or not she is Roman and Marlenas child and they will always love her. He tells Kate not to let her anger for Sami ruin her marriage to Roman. He says like it or not shes going to have to stop attacking Sami. He says he knows Sami has made mistakes, and he knows she usually covers them with lies. He says for example her trying to convince people she was responsible for Sami ending up in bed with Brandon. Kate has memories of her scheme to get Sami in bed with Brandon. Kate tells John that she knows Sami is involved with Tony and she is probably scheming to get Lucas back. John says Lucas is grown up and might want her in his life. Kate says shell see Sami dead first! John says every time she attacks Sami, her parents will defend her. He says its like when she attacked Belle when she thought she would chose Shawn, he defended Belle even though he agreed with her on the matter. Kate says it isnt the same scenario at all, Belle is a wonderful daughter in law where as Sami is Satans spawn. John says she just proved his point, she needs to let this go. He says they are one big and messy family and if they dont make this work then both of their marriages will suffer. Kate says Sami is hateful and is bent on destroying both of their marriages. She says all Sami wants is her parents back together. John says that may be true, but it wont happen. He tells Kate to just keep her eye on the prize, her marriage to Roman. Kate agrees to try and lighten up on Sami as her marriage to Roman isnt worth Sami. She tells John shell follow his advice and take the high road. John goes to get them some coffee, and Kate tells herself that she knows Sami is going to try and get back with Lucas and she has to stop her. 

At Samis place, Sami is trying to decorate a flag jello desert for the 4th. Lucas shows up and Sami says he cant come in because shes planning a surprise for him and Will. Lucas says this cant wait and he wont look. He says hes doing research on Stan and needs to know whatever she can tell him about the guy. Sami tells Lucas that Stan is gone and theyll never find him, so forget about him. Sami says they should be grateful they got out of there alive and they should move on with their lives. Lucas says everytime he brings up Stan she changes the subject, what is she hiding. She says shes not hiding anything, she is preoccupied with her flag desert which is ruined. She shows it to him, and in the process ends up dropping it. She says now it really is ruined. He says they well put it in a bowl and call it flag surprise. Lucas says hell eat it. Lucas questions her as to why she was in that war zone with Tony? She says he kidnapped her just like all of them. He asks what about the note she wrote and left before she left town? Sami says she did write that, it was just a coincidence. She asks why everyone suspects her of being involved in these grand schemes. He says because she usually is. Sami says she wasnt involved with Tony, and she was the reason they all got out of there alive. She says all she wants to do is be a family with him and Will, and because of her mother setting her up that wont happen. Lucas asks if she really expects him to believe his mother set her up. Sami blurts out that Tony has proof. Lucas asks how Tony would know? She says because Tony make it his business to know peoples dirty secrets to torture others. He asks what the proof is, but Sami says he didnt show her. Lucas thinks Tony just told her that to make her do his dirty work, that is how Tony operates. Sami says for the last time she did not work for Tony. She says shes smart enough to know when Tony is playing her, and he wasnt lying. She says she just wished she could have got the proof. Sami tells Lucas that she doesnt care if Kate is his mother, she deserves to rot in hell. Lucas says his mother is in hell right now as she almost lost a son in combat. She asks Sami to imagine how shed feel if that was Will. Sami says dont even say that. She says she feels sorry about what happened to Phillip, but she still doesnt feel sorry for his mother. She says all she wants to do is be a family with him and Will. He says there are a lot of things he has to overlook first, like her sleeping with Brandon. She says she didnt do that and Kate set her up. Lucas says that his mother wouldnt do that to her no matter how much she hates her, and she wouldnt hurt him and Will like that. Sami says so he is saying she would, that he is believing his mother over her. He says hes going back to his place to work and he will get nothing done here. He tells her if he wants her to believe her then find proof, then hell turn his back on his mother. Sami tells herself that she will find the proof because Kate is guilty. On his way out, Lucas vows to Sami that hell find Stan and make him pay for what hes done. Later, Sami says Lucas will find nothing as hes chasing the invisible man. She says she has to find a way to nail Kate, and she knows Kate wont confess. She then remembers Eugenia was in on it, and she has to find a way to make her talk.

At the airport, Chloe shows Brady her face, and she asks if he understands why she didnt want him to see her. Brady looks at her and there is some discoloration, but no huge scars. She has healed nicely. He doesnt understand what is wrong, she is beautiful. She says but her face. He says what about it, he sees the woman he loves. He says she is the most beautiful woman hes ever seen, inside and out. Chloe says shes not beautiful, not with these scars. Brady says what scars? She says she is a monster, children will run from her and people will pity him for being with her. Chloe says her face was destroyed and will never be the same. Brady says when he looks at her he sees the same beautiful woman he fell in love with. Brady tells Chloe that her face is perfect. We see what Brady sees, Chloe the way she was. Brady tells her that he loves her and he will never stop loving her. She tells him to just stop it, but he refuses. He says he has missed looking at her, holding her, touching her, loving her and he wont lose her again. She thinks he is insane and asks if he cant see how ugly she is. He says shes not ugly, shes the most beautiful woman hes ever seen. He asks if they can go somewhere and celebrate? She says no, she cant be seen in public with him like this. Brady says hes not leaving her alone, and hes not leaving her. He says hes going to take her someplace special, some where they can be alone. Brady says he knows just the place. She asks where, not the mansion. He says no, a place hes always wanted to share with her. He says it was never the right time, but now it is the perfect place to show her how beautiful their future will be. He says its the place he always knew hed take his one true love to, and now he can. 


July 6, 2005

Shirtless Max is working on his car. Jen tells Frankie that shes so glad he and Max are staying here. Frankie says there is plenty of room at the Bradys, but Jen says there is plenty of room here since Patrick moved out. Frankie says he knows that name from somewhere, and he gets the feeling that Jack doesnt like Patrick. Jen says he doesnt, but he is a good guy. Jen says one day shell inform him all about the island and how Patrick helped them. Jack shows up and tells Frankie to feel free to raid the fridge if they need any food. Jack then tells Jen that he has to take her on surprise. He says Jack Jr. is with her grandmother still, and Abby and Chelsea are being Max groupies. Frankie says hell keep an eye on them. Jen and Jack then take off.

Meanwhile, Abby and Chelsea ogle Shirtless Max as he works on his car. Chelsea asks him what is up, and he says nothing right now. He says hes giving his car a little tune up. She says she could use a tune up herself. Frankie grabs Max and asks to be excused, and he drags Max off. Frankie asks Max what he thinks hes doing? Hes angry with Max and his womanizing ways. He tells Max he doesnt want him to leave a string of broken hearts here in Salem. Max says he just knows how to have a good time, and Frankie is the one who has been going around with a broken heart for years. Frankie asks what hes talking about? Max grabs something from Frankies pocket, a photo of Jen. He says Frankie is pathetic, he carries Jens high school photo around with him. Frankie says she is her friend, but Max says if he wants her then go for her. Frankie says she is married. Max says if something happened to Jack he still wouldnt make a move on Jen. He says Patrick would though, hed get in bed with Jen in a heartbeat. He says Patrick obviously has something Frankie doesnt. 

Elsewhere, Abby tells Chelsea that she is acting like a slut, first with Patrick and now with Max. Chelsea says she knows what shes doing, she is going to use Max to make Patrick jealous. She says besides, Max is a hot guy. Abby argues with Chelsea about how Max uses women, and he used her by taking her parking. Abby asks her what her mom would say about what she did with Max? Abby says shes sorry to bring up her parents, but Chelsea is acting out of control. Chelsea says the accident has taught her life is short and you have to grab what you want when you can. She says so if a hot time with Max comes her way then shes going to go for it. Later Chelsea shows up with some water balloons and throws them at Max. Max ends up turning the hose on her. Later, Chelsea suggests they head up to the lake and have some fun again, so they get in Maxs car and take off. 

Frankie makes a call and says he has to take some time off to keep an eye on his brother. He also asks someone to do some research on a guy named Patrick Lockhart. Frankie says he knows the name and thinks the guy is hiding something. Frankie says to himself that he wont let Patrick hurt Jen or her family, and he wont let Max do the same. He then sees Max take off with Chelsea. 

Jack takes Jen on a romantic picnic to the Salem airstrip to watch the planes fly overhead. They have flashbacks to the last time they came out here. Jen asks Jack if something is wrong with him? Jack says he just wants to cherish every moment with her and that she has made his life so special. She asks if he is jealous about Frankie coming back? He says Francois? Of course not! He says hes glad she knew Frankie, when she was younger. She says he (Jack) is the man who swept her off her feet. Later Jack recites poetry to her, Brahms. She tells him that her favorite poet is actually him, and she has saved all of his cards to her. She says when she thought she had lost him, she was so thankful to have those. Jack says he will always love her. She says she will always love him too. She says she knows eventually they will get old and have to say goodbye to this world and everyone, but she doesnt want to do that for a very long time. She thinks about how long it has been since they have seen Max and Frankie, she thinks about all the things they have lost since then and how many things they have gained. She is glad Frankie and Max are staying with them as they are family, and she senses tension between them and hopes she can help fix it. Jack tells her that she is such a mother hen. Jen says she loves having her family around and being with their children. Jen says the cycle of life just keeps going on and on. Jack says the cycle of life is a wonderful thing, and it will go on without him. She asks what hes saying. She asks why hes talking like this, they have fifty or sixty years if they are lucky. Jen says she read a story saying that people today their age may actually live to be 100 with all the breakthroughs in medicine, as long as they remain healthy. Jack cries, and Jen realizes something is wrong with him. He says nothing is wrong, and he just never wants to lose her. Jen says he wont.

At Alices, Rex and Patrick show up and tell Bonnie that they have an idea how to free Mimi. Bonnie asks what the idea is. Rex wants to check the surveillance camera to see if there is a tape of the night the fight happened. She says she has some good news and some bad news. She says there are tapes, but the police took them all. She says when Jan gave a statement and Mimi confessed, they just didnt bother to watch the tapes. She also says she has more bad news. She says none of the cameras were aimed at where the fight took place. They go outside and scout around, and Rex finds a camera aimed at the fight scene. Unfortunately it turns out Bonnie may have taped over a lot of the surveillance tapes, including the ones from that camera. They end up looking through the tapes Bonnie does have, and Rex finds a tape exonerating Mimi. Bonnie cheers and says they finally have the evidence to save Mimi.

At Samis place, Sami says she has to find a way to get the truth from Eugenia. She says once she proves Kate set her up then Lucas will marry her and Kate can rot in hell with John. Nicole suddenly shows up in tears, and Sami asks what is wrong? Nicole says Brady is with Chloe, her life is over. Sami asks how this happened, and Nicole gives her the short version of the story. Nicole tells Sami that she has to help her keep Brady away from Chloe. Sami says Brady has found Chloe now, so he wont let her go. Nicole says there must be a way, they can put her picture in the tabloids or something. Sami tells Nicole to face the truth, she has lost Brady. Nicole wont lose Brady and threatens to reveal Samis secret if she doesnt help her. Nicole tells Sami there is a hit out on Stan, if the truth comes out then Sami is so dead. Sami tells Nicole if she reveals the truth about her then shell reveal what Nicole did to Chloe. Nicole says they are connected at the hip in this, so she has to help her. Sami says there is nothing she can do, and there is no way shell risk losing Lucas. She tells Nicole that its over. Nicole says she cant stand this and raids Samis cabinets for booze. Sami tells her that wont help her now, but Nicole doesnt care. Sami finally gives her some vodka, which Nicole scoffs at because it is the cheap stuff. Nicole starts downing Samis vodka. Sami tells Nicole she should stop as she has more bad news to give her. Nicole asks what could be worse? Sami says her father believes Victor and her grandmother are still alive, and hes determined to find them and bring them back. Sami says reminds Nicole that Victor knows she tried to kill him, and he will find out everything shes done while hes gone. Nicole asks Sami if shes trying to help her or make things worse? Sami says shes telling her the truth, and she should pack her bags and just get out of Salem. Sami says between Victor and Brady, she is dead meat. Nicole says shes not leaving town. She says they will never find Victor and Caroline, and Sami has to help her get Brady back. Sami says fine, but if Lucas finds them together then he will get suspicious. Sami says he already thinks something is going on between them. Nicole says they have to keep Brady away from Chloe, and she has an idea. She thinks Stan should kill Chloe!

Brady takes Chloe to a cabin for a romantic getaway. Chloe is blindfolded, and she smells lots of flowers. Brady lights a bunch of candles, and Chloe thinks they are out in the country somewhere, but shes not sure where. He takes off her blindfold so she can look around. She asks where they are? He says this is the perfect place for their romantic reunion. Chloe looks around and asks how he did all this? Brady says he had the caretaker do this. He explains that this cottage was his moms, and his dad gave the cottage to him when he got older. Chloe says it is very beautiful. Brady says his mom used to come here and paint, and all these paintings are hers. Chloe says she was very talented and her works are so peaceful. Brady says his mom came here when she was ill because she felt this place was magical and would make her feel better. Chloe realizes that is why he brought her here, and she says this place is beautiful but it wont change her scars. Brady keeps looking at her and sees her how she was. He doesnt understand what she is saying. He tells her how beautiful she is to him. She smiles and says she didnt know about this place. Brady says he was saving it for their honeymoon. Chloe talks about his proposal to her at her memorial service, and she shows him that she is wearing the ring on a necklace. Brady says everything he said was true, his love for her will never die. Later Brady reveals a new wardrobe. He says be bought all of this before she died, he bought it for their honeymoon. Chloe says this is so incredible and she doesnt know what to say. Later the clothes come off and the two really reunite. 


July 7, 2005
At the station, Rex and Patrick show up and talk to Roman. They are not happy about the attack on Mimi. Roman says he has put Mimi in a private cell for the time being. They want Mimi out, and Roman says he has seen the video and agrees that Mimi is innocent. However he says the judges opinion is what counts now, and shes going to want to know why this tape was never examined before. Patrick says because his department dropped the ball. Roman admits it wasnt the best police work, but Jan did make a statement and Mimi did confess. Later, Mickey shows up and says again they can do nothing until the Judge reviews the evidence. He also gives Roman the bad news that Shawn missed his trial and a warrant is out for his arrest. Roman cant believe this, and Patrick begins to think his mom had the right idea about breaking Mimi out as the legal system is taking forever. Roman cant believe Bonnie would think that, but Mickey says Bonnie says a lot of crazy things she doesnt mean. Roman says they will get Mimi out, and at least Marlena is with her now. Rex wants Mimi out now, but Mickey says the judge may not even look at the tape tonight. Roman tells Rex that he has to realize Mimi confessed. Rex says many people confess to crimes they didnt commit under pressure. Roman says Mimi wasnt brow beaten and he knows he loves Mimi. Rex says hed do anything for the woman he loves just like he knows his dad would.

Marlena visits with Mimi and tells her that she looks horrible. Mimi says she gave as good as she got. Mimi is just grateful Roman got her her own cell. However, Mimi says shes going to have to get used to this for the next 15-20 years. Marlena says she can still retract her statement, but Mimi says she cant do that. Mimi once again goes off about how she cant admit to Rex about the abortion and it is better this way. As they talk, Marlena becomes a bit queasy. Mimi asks if she is okay, and Marlena says she is and this usually happens to her this time of day. Mimi realizes that Marlena is pregnant. Mimi congratulates her and thinks John and Belle will be so happy. Mimi says Marlena just got back from Europe and doesnt waste time. She then realizes it is too soon to know she is pregnant. Mimi says that means . . . Marlena says Mimi is correct, the baby is Romans and not Johns. Marlena explains how she came to be pregnant. Mimi asks if she and Roman fell in love again while they were trapped? We dont hear Marlenas answer. Mimi thinks if Marlena is honest with John hell understand. Marlena says maybe at first he would have, but not now, its too late. Marlena asks Mimi to keep this quiet, and Mimi agrees to. Mimi asks Marlena if she is considering having an abortion, but Marlena says no. Mimi understands the pain Marlena is going through. Mimi says she may lose the love of her life for not having her baby, and Marlena may lose her love because she is having her baby. Mimi reminds Marlena she always counseled her to tell Rex the truth, so will Marlena do the same? Marlena admits she will tell John the truth, but she has to find the right moment to do so. Marlena says fortunately John is in Europe so she doesnt have to make that decision to tell him today. Mimi says but she will tell him when he gets back, and Roman too? Roman shows up and asks what Marlena has to tell him? He asks Marlena if she is okay? Marlena says she just has an upset stomach. Roman says hell get her home then. Marlena tells Mimi to call her if she ever wants to talk. 

Meanwhile, Rex tells Patrick that no matter what happens he appreciates his help. He also tells Patrick he knows many people dont trust him, but he has seen him with his family and he is a good guy. Rex tells Patrick that he trusts him. Patrick says thanks but his fondness for petty larceny and scams come from his mom, and at least his moms scams are harmless. Rex still doesnt know why Mimi plead guilty in the first place. Mickey is informed the judge has called. Later Patrick and Mickey show up to visit Mimi. She agrees to see them. They tell her that they have news for her on her case. Rex shows up and she is furious that they tricked her. Mimi wants to be taken back to her cell immediately. They beg her to hear them out, but she says no. She says her life is over, shes about to be shipped out to Statesville. Rex says she doesnt understand, and Patrick tells her to shut up and listen for once. Mimi does, and Rex tells Mimi that she is free. She says huh? 

Roman takes Marlena home, and they discuss how they hope Mimi will get out of jail so she can be with Rex. Roman says no matter how old they get, you always want your kids to be happy. Roman brings up Eric and says Eric is thinking about visiting soon. Marlena says that will be so wonderful, especially for Sami. She says this year has been hard for Sami. Roman says this isnt the first time Sami lost both of them. Roman says Stefano is the reason Samis life is a mess. Marlena says Sami is a grown woman and has to take responsibility for her actions, but if anyone is to blame it is her. She says Sami acted out years ago because she was angry she stayed with John. She wonders if it is too late to help her now. Roman doesnt think so, and her life was back on track until she slept with Brandon. Both Marlena and Roman agree that they dont think Sami actually slept with Brandon. Marlena says she doesnt like Kates attitude towards Sami, and she hopes it doesnt become an issue between him and Kate. Marlena says Kate has to find a way to get along with Sami, and the time will come when she will have it out with Kate over Sami. Marlena says she hasnt brought it up because of what is going on with Phillip. Roman says they all know Kate doesnt like Sami, and on their wedding night Kate did promise to look after Sami if anything happened to him. Marlena says she broke that promise, and MArlena doesnt think Sami would ruin her happiness with Lucas. Marlena says Sami wanted Lucas, not Brandon. Marlena says they all know when Sami sets her mind on getting something she doesnt let up. Roman says well Sami is claiming Kate set it all up to stop the wedding, even after making a grand show of support of the wedding. MArlena says maybe it was just a show, and she thinks Kate might not be telling the truth about this. Roman says Sami also claimed John was working against her too. Marlena says John loves Sami and would never hurt her, he has spent a year in pain and grief. Roman says she doesnt have to make excuses for John, and if he does find out Kate had anything to do with what happened to Sami then his marriage to Kate is over. Marlena suddenly becomes ill and runs off. She returns, and Roman asks if she is okay. She says she is and she is going to make some tea and crackers. Roman gives her a look and says that is what she used when she was . . . Roman asks Marlena if she is pregnant?

In Germany, Phillip is in a wheel chair and John is on the phone with someone telling them that they are heading home to Salem. John says this trip home is perfect timing at is his anniversary. Shawn shows up and asks when they are leaving? Kate says if Shawn thinks he is flying back with them then he is thinking wrong. Kate tells Shawn he got here on his own so he can get back on his own. Shawn says fine, he doesnt want to cause trouble so he is out of here. Phillip says no, he apologizes for his mom but says Shawn can fly back with them. Kate cant believe this, but Phillip says Belle made her choice and Shawn has to accept it. He says he knows Shawn isnt happy about her choice, but he cant do anything about it. John asks Belle if she is okay with Shawn going with them, and she says she is. They all prepare to head off to the plane. Kate gives Shawn a nasty look. 

The gang flies home on the Basic Black jet. Phillip holds Belles hand and thanks her for staying with him. She says he doesnt have to keep thanking her, she is his wife. Meanwhile, Kate thanks John for putting up with her and taking care of Phillip. He says her boy is a true hero and his son-in-law, he would do anything for him. Later John talks about how good it will be to see Marlena. Kate says it will be good to see Roman too. They watch Belle with Phillip, and John tells Kate that he thinks they will make this marriage work. John heads off to talk to the pilot. Later John returns, and he continues to talk with Kate about how love conquers all.

Later, Shawn heads to the bathroom where Belle is. He corners her and tells her this isnt over, hes not giving up on them. Belle tells him not to say that, and she says her husband is right outside as is her father and mother-in-law. Shawn says he cant accept this, but Belle says this is the way it has to be. She says Phillip is her husband and he needs her. She says too much has happened and it is too late. Suddenly Belle becomes ill, and he asks if she is okay. She tells Shawn to just go. Shawn says they arent finished and walks out. Kate is waiting for Shawn and says they are finished and to go. Shawn walks off, and Kate says soon Shawn will be behind bars and out of Belle and Phillips life forever. Meanwhile, John talks with Phillip about getting back home, and John is very excited to see Marlena.

At Samis place, Nicole tells Sami to be Stan again and kill Chloe for her. Sami says no way, she would never kill anyone. She says besides the disguise is back in the desert. Nicole says then she has to do something else. Sami tells Nicole to deal with it, it is over. Nicole says she wont lose the man she loves. Sami says she has to leave now before someone catches them, someone like Lucas. Sami says it wont be easy to convince Lucas they arent up to something if he catches them together. Nicole says she knows, she was married to Lucas and knows him better than Sami. Sami says remember how she just said she couldnt kill anyone? Sami says she lied, if Nicole ruins her chances with Lucas then she will kill her. Meanwhile, Lucas leaves his apartment and approaches Samis door. Sami eventually tells Nicole shell help her come up with something, but right now she has to leave. Lucas eventually walks back to his place thinking this is silly. Nicole finally agrees to leave, but threatens to go tell Lucas who Stan is. Sami yanks her back into her apartment. Lucas then comes back out of his apartment again. In her apartment Sami decides to make Nicole some coffee. Nicole says she doesnt need coffee. Sami reminds Nicole they made a deal to protect one another. Nicole says that is right and its a two way street. Lucas finally returns again and knocks on Samis door. Sami hides Nicole in the closet and then lets Lucas in. Lucas says he wanted to let her know that Will called from camp, he is having a good time and misses her. Lucas thinks they should talk. He then hears someone hiccupping from her closet. Sami says maybe something fell. Lucas goes to investigate and finds Nicole hiding under a coat. She smiles and hiccups at him. Sami throws her out, and Lucas wants answers. Sami says Nicole came here and picked a fight with her over her problems with Brady. Lucas wonders why she was hiding her, shes always hiding something from him. He says this was a waste of time. He tries to leave, but she asks him to wait. She says she has just been upset lately and that is why shes acting odd. Sami and Lucas once again begin arguing about Kates part in setting her up. Sami reminds him Tony had proof, but she wont get that proof as she angered Tony by rescuing him and the others. Sami says she may have lost Tonys proof, but she is going to find other proof somehow. Sami asks Lucas if she finds the proof that Kate set her up, will he take her back. Lucas says if she can prove it then . . . Lucas says he never stopped loving her, he just stopped trusting her. Sami is furious and says Kate is a malicious conniving bitch. Lucas says how he is expected to believe her when he calls his mom a conniving bitch? Sami says she called Kate a malicious conniving bitch! Lucas says she is so full of hate and blames everyone for everything thats gone wrong in her life. She says just Kate, but Lucas says she also blames John, Bo, Hope, Nicole, Brady and even him. He says one day she may decide he is responsible for everything bad in her life. He says he wants to be able to tryst her but he just cant. Lucas leaves and finds Nicole in the hall. He tells her she should do something about her problem. Lucas calls her a cab and offers to take her to AA if she ever decides she has a problem. 


July 8, 2005

At the penthouse, Roman realizes Marlena is pregnant. He asks if it is a surprise or were she and John trying? Marlena says he doesnt understand, she is a few months along. Roman asks if she is saying this isnt Johns baby. Marlena says it is his. Roman asks if she is sure, and Marlena says yes. She says it had to have happened that one time in the castle. Suddenly John walks in with flowers to surprise Marlena. She says they are beautiful, are they for her? He says well they arent for Roman. He asks what is going on? Roman says he just came over to talk about Sami. John says so what has she done now. Marlena says it doesnt matter and they can discuss it later. She says the flowers are lovely. John kisses Marlena and says happy anniversary. Marlena tries to scoot Roman out, but John thinks something is going on here. Roman tells Marlena that they need to tell him. Marlena says Roman is just concerned because Sami is determined to marry Lucas. John says that wont go over well with Kate, but he did convince Kate to cut Sami a break. Roman thanks him but says let him take care of his own family. Roman leaves, and John tells Marlena its time they concentrate on their anniversary. Marlena cries and says shes worried about Belle and how shes going to handle the pressure shes under. John says Belle has made a choice, she chose to honor her vows and stay with Phillip. Marlena says Belle doesnt love lightly, and she doesnt think she will ever get over Shawn. John says Phillip is a better man for her. Marlena says what matters is what is in Belles heart, and she talks about how sometimes people think a love is in the past when it really isnt. She claims she knows patients who have had to deal with that problem. John tells Marlena that Belle is fortunate to have such a concerned mother, and that makes him a lucky man. John pours them some champagne, and he toasts to them. John toasts to Marlena spending the rest of her life with the one man she loves above any other. He drinks up, but she doesnt. He asks what is wrong, he knows something is up. Marlena says she doesnt want to drink, she just wants to be alone with him. They hug one another. 

Chelsea and Max are off parking again at lookout point. Max asks if she wants to fool around or head back? She says they could talk for awhile. He asks what about? She says she doesnt know. He says him neither. He says so does she want to fool around or what. He then remembers she is saving herself for her dream guy. He thinks it is Patrick, and she asks why he thinks that. He says all the women in town think he is dreamy, yet all the men known that he is a loser. Chelsea says he is not and he is a great guy. Max says Jack doesnt think so, he wonders what Patrick was up to with his wife. Chelsea says Patrick is a caring guy, and Max could learn something from him. Max makes some crude remarks about sex and how he doesnt need to learn anything. Chelsea asks if sex is all he thinks about? Max says she thinks about it too, she is way to sexy not to. Max asks her if they are going to fool around or what? She says shes not going all the way, shell only go half way. Max asks if shes done it before, and she says no. He says feel free to use him to practice anytime. Later Patrick comes upon them and thinks the car broke down. He catches Max and Chelsea going at it, and Patrick is furious. He pulls Max out of the car and says that she is in high school! Chelsea smiles as Patrick gets rough with Max. Chelsea thinks Patrick is obviously jealous. Max and Patrick argue, and Patrick tells Chelsea he is driving her home. Max tells her not to go with him, but she says she will go with Patrick if they stop fighting over her. Max says whatever, and he speeds off. Patrick tells Chelsea that she is making a huge mistake with Max. He lectures her, and she says she is 18 now. He says that doesnt give her a license to be stupid. Chelsea says hes over reacting, they hardly did anything. Patrick says he thought she was smarter than this. Chelsea cries fake tears and says shes just been so lonely since her parents died. Patrick says he just doesnt want to see her being taken advantage of. She thanks him for caring and hugs him.

Jack and Jen return home, and Frankie tells them that Max and Chelsea went out for a drive. Jack decides to put the ice cream away, and they share a kiss. Frankie seems upset to watch them so lovey-dovey. Jack leaves, and Jen asks if something is wrong. Frankie says he was just thinking about how lucky Jack is. Frankie tells Jen how great Abby and Jack Jr. are. They think about when they were younger, and where life would have taken them if they stayed together. Jen says she has no regrets about staying in Salem as that is where she met Jack. She says her life couldnt be better, and she wouldnt ask for anything more. She says well maybe just one thing. Frankie as if anything is wrong? Jen says shes known Jack for a long time, and she knows something is wrong but she doesnt know what. Frankie says why doesnt she ask him. Jen says she tried and he wont tell her, and that worries her. Jen feels guilty about talking to Frankie about this. Frankie says they go way back and are friends. Jen says Jack keeps saying crazy things and she gets the feeling that hes in trouble. Frankie says honesty is the best policy, hes learned that the hard way. Jen thinks hes had some relationship issues as well, want to talk about it?

In the kitchen, Jack is hit with another pain. Abby walks in and asks her dad what is wrong? He says he was trying to move the fridge and just strained himself. She thought something was wrong and is just being paranoid. She says he is back now and will never leave them again. Jack says she and her mom would do okay without him. She says no way, even with Patrick here . . . Jack becomes angry and says if anything happens to him again then Patrick is not allowed in this house. Later Max returns, and Abby asks him where Chelsea is? He says her white knight Patrick rescued her, which doesnt please Abby.

Jack goes back out to the living room where Frankie and Jen are talking, and he hears Frankie talking about his past relationships. Frankie says it comes down to his inability to settle down he guesses. Jack says he thinks Frankie would change his tune if Jen was available. Jen tells Jack to not to say such things, she will be taken for the rest of her life. They hug, and then Jack runs off to deal with something. Jen thinks something is up with Jack, so Frankie offers to do some snooping. She thanks him and says if she tries then Jack will catch on. 

Jack goes back into the kitchen and takes some pills. He refuses to let Jen to spend the next few months miserable knowing hes going to die. He wants this time to be a happy one for them.

Belle and Shawn wheel Phillip back to the loft. Phillip says he never thought hed see this place again, and he tells Belle that he loves her. They kiss, and Shawn looks annoyed. Outside the loft, Kate says finally Phillip is back home with his wife. John says he told her that everything would work out, and he says Shawn underestimated his daughter. He says Belle is just like Marlena, nothing is more important to her than honoring her vows. John and Kate head in with Phillips things, and John asks if he should take them upstairs? Phillip says no, he cant get upstairs yet. He says hell be sleeping down here so leave them here. Phillip says hell be walking soon, and dancing and who knows what else. Kate says that is the spirit. Shawn says something to Belle about how she cant hide her feelings from Phillip for long, sleeping in different beds wont last forever. John has to head out, and John is happy about picking up his life with Marlena. Later, Shawn tells Belle that shes only prolonging the inevitable. Kate ends up telling Shawn it is time he leaves, he doesnt belong here. Shawn says they both know if Phillip hadnt been injured then Belle wouldnt be with him. Kate tells Shawn to act like a man and accept that he has lost Belle forever. 

Mimi is released and Rex brings Mimi home to a romantic evening. She wonders how she got so lucky. Mimi still cant believe she is free. Rex says they will spend every night together for the rest of their lives. Mimi goes to ravage him, but he stops her. He says he needs to know the secret Jan was holding over her head. He says he gets the feeling everyone knows but him. Rex says he loves her and he doesnt have to be afraid to tell him anything. Mimis phone rings and it is Belle, who is shocked to hear from her. Belle learns Mimi is out, and she tells them both to come over as Phillip is home and will be glad to see them. Mimi tells Rex the news about Phillip and that Belle wants them to come over. Rex says okay but he says they will finish this conversation later, no more secrets.

Roman shows up and runs into Kate outside the loft. Kate gives him a big hug, and Roman seems distracted. Kate learns Roman was over at Marlenas when John came home, and she asks what is wrong? He says they had to talk about Sami, and they should talk about this later and not ruin Phillips homecoming.

Back at Belles place, Mimi and Rex come to see Phillip. Mimi gives him a big hug, and Mimi tells Belle that shes a lucky girl. Phillip thanks Rex for what he did once again. Kate tells everyone that Phillip and Belle will have a happy and long marriage, and now Mimi and Rex are back together. Kate asks what happened to Mimi, she heard she was arrested. Rex says she was innocent and Jan lied about everything. Shawn says big surprise. Mimi talks to Belle and says so she is with Phillip now. Belle says yes. Mimi says she looks miserable, is she making the right decision? Meanwhile Shawn hopes Mimi can get Belle to admit the truth. Belle tells Mimi that Shawn is crazy, he drove his motorcycle through a church window. She says Phillip risked his life for his country, any woman would be proud to have him as her husband. Mimi says but if she has feelings for Shawn still, how will she deal with them? Later Belle asks Shawn to leave. He asks why, is it hard for her to pretend to love Phillip while hes around? He says this isnt over, she still loves him. Shawn leaves, and she tells him goodbye. Kate smiles when she sees him leave. Meanwhile, Roman feels horrible as Shawn has not only lost the woman he loves, but now he has to arrest him.

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