July 11, 2005

At Lucas place, Lucas is shirtless and drinking some coffee. Kate shows up with a box and asks if he is ready. Lucas says no, she is early. Kate says no, he is late. Lucas thinks the box is a birthday present for, but she says it isnt for him. She says it is for Will, some things for camp. Lucas says shes going to spoil the kid. Kate asks Lucas why he isnt ready to visit Phillip? Sami walks out of the bathroom in a robe, and both she and Kate scream What the hell are you doing here? Lucas tells Sami that his mom came over to drop off a care package for Will. Kate says its not like he owes Sami and explanation as to why shes here. Kate asks what is going on here, why are they half dressed? Kate begs Lucas to tell her that nothing happened between them. She asks if Sami drugged Lucas like she drugged Austin? Sami asks Kate if that is where she came up with the idea to drug her and Brandon and then trick Lucas into walking in on them? Kate demands to know what is going on here? Sami says or what, shell send Lucas to bed without supper? Sami says hes a grown adult. Lucas explains to Kate that Samis shower isnt working so she came over here. Kate doubts her shower is broken, so Sami suggests she come see. Kate says its irrelevant now. Kate tells Sami to get out, but Sami says that is for Lucas to decide. Lucas says it might be best if she goes. She says okay, but she has to talk to him about something. They head into the hall, and then Kate gets a call from Eugenia. Kate asks why shes calling her? Eugenia it is time for her to pay for the help she gave her in breaking up Sami and Lucas. Kate asks if this is a threat? Eugenia says of course not, she just needs a job. Eugenia says she is tired of juggling three minimum wage gigs to pay her bills. She says she had to give her dog away because she wasnt home enough to walk him, and she loved that dog. Kate says there is no way she can give her a job at Basic Black. Eugenia says if she is going back on her word then all bets are off. 

Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas go back to Samis place to talk. Sami wants to talk about something that he said yesterday. He says when she was plotting with Nicole? Sami says they werent plotting, and Nicole came to just pick a fight with her because she lost brady. Sami says she wants an answer to her question, if she can prove Kate set her up will he give them another chance? Lucas says she cant prove it. She says Tony says there was evidence. Lucas asks if shes going to believe Tony? She says over Kate, yep! Lucas says his mother was at the penthouse all night and has a witness, she cant be in two places at once, so how did she do it? Sami says she had help. Lucas asks who would help her? Sami says Eugenia Willens of course. Lucas says so what is she saying, there was a conspiracy against her? Sami says of course, and they were hanging around a lot together back then. Lucas says if what Sami is saying is true, why would his mom recruit Eugenia? Sami says because it is what she would have done, and Kate got her by thinking just like she does, did. Sami says shes not like that anymore. She says if she can prove it then will he give them another chance. Lucas says if she can prove it then yes. However he doesnt think she can prove it. Lucas says he has to mail some stuff to Will later, so if she wants to put anything in the package then stop by. Lucas leaves, and Sami tries to figure out how to prove Kate is guilty.

Meanwhile, Eugenia continues to tell Kate that she needs a job. Kate says she knows she promised her a job, but the time isnt right. She says if she showed up at Basic Black then Sami and Lucas would be suspicious. Kate says she will help her, she will find her a job somewhere. Eugenia says she better and quick. Eugenia says she is eating catfood while Kate eats catfood. Kate warns Eugenia not to threaten her. Eugenia says she isnt threatening her, and what she could threatened her with? Eugenia, as she pulls out a tape, says its not like she has any proof, so it would be her word against Kates. As Kate tells Eugenia that she will take care of her and appreciates her help, Lucas returns. Lucas wonders who his mother is talking to. Kate hangs up and claims she was just talking to Joelle at work. Kate says shes covering for her at work so she can take care of Phillip. Kate once again wants to know what Sami was doing here, was she once again talking about how she set Sami up? Did she then try and seduce him into believing it and getting back together? Lucas asks Kate if she swears it isnt true? Kate asks how she could have done it? Lucas says Sami believes she did, and Sami is determined to find proof. Lucas says if she does find proof then he will never forgive her. She asks who he believes? He says he believes her as he doesnt think shed ever be that stupid as she knows shed lose him and her grandson forever. Lucas goes to get dressed, and Kate tells herself to relax as Sami cant prove anything. We see a shot of Eugenia who holds the tape and says if Kate doesnt come through for her then shell destroy her. We then see Sami saying Eugenia is the key and she wont rest until she gets the proof she needs.

Over at Eugenias, Eugenia puts her tape away and is unaware Sami is on her fire escape spying. When Eugenia leaves, Sami breaks into her place. Sami begins searching Eugenias place for the proof she needs.

Rex and Mimi are in bed making love. Mimi says shes so happy to back home in her bed. She says this is almost like a dream. Rex says she is free and they will be together for the rest of their lives. Later Rex begins getting dressed and Mimi watches him. He jokes by the way she is watching him he should be taking his clothes off. She says sounds good to her! Mimi asks him where he is going? He says he has a surprise for her that he has to go get. She says she should be the one getting surprises for him after what hes done. Rex says it wasnt exactly selfless. Mimi says she never would have lasted in prison. Rex asks why she plead guilty to something she didnt do? Mimi says she felt guilty, and Jan wouldnt have fallen if they werent arguing. Rex wants to know what they were arguing about. Mimi doesnt want to talk about it. Rex says fine, theyll talk about it later. Rex says he does want the truth. Mimi says okay. Rex runs off, and Mimi fears Rex will wish he left her in jail when he finds out the truth. 

Shawn hears Rex and Mimi going at it, and he imagines it is him making love to Belle. Shawn says he has to stop this or it will drive him crazy. Rex shows up and tells Shawn hes headed to the store to get things to make Mimis favorite breakfast. Shawn tells Rex what he did for Mimi was really great. Rex says he couldnt live without her, he had to do something. He says now shes home and everything is perfect. Shawn says hes happy for them. Rex says Shawn could have fooled him. Shawn says things just arent perfect for him. Rex says Belle made her choice and he has to accept it and move on. Shawn says the only reason Belle is with him is because she feels sorry. Rex doubts that and he tells Shawn that he has to accept that Belle is with Phillip. Shawn says he doesnt have to accept it, and nobody will make him change his mind. Rex eventually says hes having a great day and doesnt want it ruined by arguing, so hes leaving to pick up what he needs. Shawn says Rex just told him he couldnt accept not being with Mimi and did what it took to be with her. Shawn says he will do whatever it takes to be with Belle. Shawn says they will be together, as soon as Phillip is recovered and can handle the truth. Rex just walks out on Shawn. Shawn looks at a photo of him and Belle and says they will be together. 

Mimi comes out of her room and she tries to have a talk with Shawn. She overheard him and Rex and says there is a difference between what Rex did and what hes doing. Mimi says she was in jail, she wasnt married to another man. Shawn says not her too, he thought she was his friend. As they argue, Shawns phone rings and he refuses to answer. He says he knows who it is and doesnt want to deal with them right now. Mimi answers and talks to Shawns dad. Bo asks if Shawn is around, and Mimi says she just woke up and hasnt seen him yet. She says shell tell him that he called though. Later, Mimi asks Shawn why he doesnt want to talk to his dad? Shawn says his dad is treating him like he is fifteen, he keeps lecturing him to stay away from Belle and respect her marriage. Mimi asks what about his mom? He says she is cool, she understands what love is and believes he and Belle belong together. He says he just doesnt know how much longer he can do this. He says the only thing keeping him sane is knowing that Belle is more Phillips nurse than his wife. Later, Mimi goes through mail and finds a letter for Shawn from the courthouse. He says hell deal with it later. She says it looks important. Shawn says it probably has to do with the trial and its no big deal. He thinks Mickey has taken care of whatever it is. Rex returns with groceries and tells Mimi hes going to make her favorite breakfast. Mimi asks Shawn if he wants to join them, but he says no as he has to get out of here. Rex tells Mimi he hates seeing Shawn like this, but Belle and Phillip belong together. Later Mimi and Rex eat and Shawn heads out. Mimi thanks Rex for the wonderful breakfast. Rex says they still have desert, but he says he wasnt thinking about food. She says they do have the loft to themselves, but he says he wasnt thinking of that either. Rex says the only way for them to fully get on with their life is for Mimi to tell him her secret. He says he wants to know what Jan had on her, and he wants to know right now. 

Over at Belles place, Phillip is all cleanly shaven. Hes at the sink washing up, and he gets frustrated. Belle shows up and asks what he is doing. Phillip says hes meeting with the doctor later to be fitted for a prosthesis, but he wanted to clean himself up first. Belle says he should have asked her for help. Phillip thinks hes a poor excuse for a husband as he cant even wash himself. He wonders what else he cant do. She says its only his first day back. He says that is his point, its only day one. Phillip feels like Belle will soon get sick and tired of being married to him. Belle says when she looks at him she only sees her brave and strong husband. She says once he gets his prosthesis then his life will get back to normal for him. He says he knows but right now . . .She says right now he cant do everything he once was able to, but that wont be forever. She says they are a team, and she says for now let her help him. She says that is what husbands and wives do, and besides that was part of the deal when her dad arranged for him to come home here. She tells Phillip to go over to the sofa, and she prepares to give him a sponge bath. Phillip says she hasnt seen his leg yet, can she handle it? She says she didnt marry his leg. She uncovers his leg and cleans it for him. Phillip thanks her but thinks they should hire a nurse in the future. She asks if she hurt him? He grimaces, but says its not her its just the phantom pains again. He also says his leg is pretty nasty looking, and this isnt what she signed up for. Belle says she signed up for better or for worse, and they will get through this. She says if he wants to hire a nurse tomorrow then he can, but for today she is taking care of him. She continues to give him a sponge bath. The sponge bath turns sensual with Phillip moaning and groaning. He eventually pulls Belle into a kiss and thanks her for taking care of him, for loving him, and for not giving up on them. They continue to kiss, and Belle hops up in his lap! Phillip says he wants her right now. She asks if hes sure they should be doing this, and he is. There is a knock at the door, and Belle goes to get it. Its Kate and Lucas. Kate asks if this is a bad time, and Belle says no (Phillip says yes). Lucas is a little shocked and uneasy around Phillip. Phillip tells him to just relax. Lucas thinks hell be up and around on the prosthetic in no time. Phillip says he knows but he doesnt want to set unrealistic goals just yet. Lucas tries to help him put his shirt on, but Phillip says he can do this, he still has his arms. Phillip tells Lucas how supportive Belle has been and how dedicated. He says he doesnt know what hed do without her. Lucas says hopefully hell never have to find out. Meanwhile, Belle gets Kate some coffee and explains how she had to help Phillip wash himself. Kate tells Belle how much Phillip needs her, and that she needs to be there for him. Belle says she intends to be. Kate tells Belle that she is a good wife, but there is one thing she needs to do for Phillip. Kate says Phillip needs her emotionally and physically. Belle tells Kate that she is not comfortable having this conversation with her. Kate tells Belle that Phillip needs to know she loves him the same way she did before he went off and got injured. Kate tells Belle that she needs to make love to Phillip. As she says this, Shawn walks in and hears it.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope discuss taking the Fancy Face III out for a sail. Bo wants both their sons to come with them, and they begin discussing Shawn, who they havent seen since he got back. They wonder what happened over in Germany. Bo just hopes Shawn didnt come between with Belle and her husband as that would have been a mistake. Hope asks why he keeps saying it would be a mistake for Shawn to be with Belle? They continue to argue, and Bo says Shawn missed his court date and is now in contempt of court. Hope says its not like hes a criminal and is a threat to society. Bo says the judge might not see it that way, Shawn was drunk and high when he crashed his bike at the church and he did cause a fire. Bo says the judge might think he is a danger to himself and society. He says all the judge knows is Shawn dropped out of school and has no job. They continue to argue about Shawn wanting Belle back. Bo says if Shawn keeps screwing up then it wont matter if Belle leaves Phillip as hell be in jail for the next ten to fifteen years. Bo decides to call Shawn, but he doesnt answer. Mimi answers, and they have a conversation per above. Bo thinks Shawn is avoiding him, and he wants to go find Shawn. Hope tells Bo that he might not be in the mood to talk, especially if things didnt go well in Germany. Hope says Shawn knows how he feels about this. Bo gets a call, and Hope asks if it is Shawn. Its Roman calling, and Roman has bad news for Bo. Roman gives Bo a new assignment; he has to arrest Shawn for skipping his trial.


July 12, 2005

At the penthouse, Marlena and John are having breakfast on the terrace, but Marlena is having trouble eating. She doesnt eat her eggs and says she just wants some toast. He puts a bunch of jam on a piece of toast for her, and she ends up rushing off to be ill. Later, Marlena tries to tell John the truth, but he wont stop talking and thinks she must have picked up a bug in Europe. The phone then interrupts them, and it is Brady calling to give him the news about Chloe. John asks where he is? Brady says at moms cottage, and he and Marlena have to come see them. John says theyll be right there. John tells MArlena that Chloe is alive and Brady wants them to come see them. Marlena is glad Chloe finally let Brady see her. John realizes Marlena knew Chloe was alive and she kept the secret. Marlena explains everything, and John says he still cant believe she was able to keep something so important from Brady. However he understands her Hippocratic oath is as sacred to her as her vows. She asks where they are, and John says Isabellas cottage. Marlena says she had no idea he kept it. He asks if it is a problem, and she says no. He says he held onto it for Brady, its his now. Marlena thinks maybe he kept it because he wasnt ready to let go of Isabella. John says he wasnt, and IzzyB was a great love of his life and he shares a child with her. He says just like Roman is a great love of her life and she shares two children with him. John says if he didnt tell her about the cottage then hes sorry. She understands and forgives him, and hopes he can do the same. She once again tries to tell John the truth, but this time the doorbell rings. John answers it and it is Roman. John gives Roman the news that Chloe is alive. Roman says that is great and what happened? John says they are on the way over to be filled in. Roman says he wishes he had good news for them, but he still hasnt found out anything about Ma or Victor. He asks Marlena how she is doing, and she says okay. John says shes not, shes sick with something. John excuses himself to get her something for her stomach. Roman realizes she hasnt told John yet. Marlena says no. She says she keeps waiting for the right moment and the words, but neither are very forthcoming. Marlena says she will tell him though. Marlena says the stress of keeping this secret wont be good for the baby. She asks if he told Kate, and Roman says no. He says he wont until she talks to John. Roman tells her that she doesnt have to do this alone, he can be here for her, they can tell him right now. Marlena says she cant do it now, hes too excited about Chloe and Brady. She says she will tell him though, and soon. Roman says hell be here if she needs him, and she just hopes John and Kate will be able to understand. She says it was only the one time, they have to understand. Roman says they also will have to understand this child will be a bond for life between them. John returns and says they dont have anything, so theyll stop at the drug store on the way to see Brady and Chloe. Roman heads off and says hell be in touch.

At the cottage, Chloe and Brady are having breakfast. Chloe tells Brady to stop staring at her. Brady says he cant help it, shes just so beautiful. He keeps seeing her without the scars when he looks at her. Chloe says being here with him has been wonderful, but they cant stay here forever. He says no they cant, which is why hes taking her out of here today to face the world. She says she cant. He asks what is wrong, did he say something to upset her? She says no, she just doesnt want this time to end. Brady says neither does he, but there are a lot of people in Salem who will be happy to learn she is alive. Brady says they can start slow, and he asks if he can tell his dad and Marlena so that they can come see her. Chloe says she guesses that would be okay. He calls them, and later Chloe tells Brady that Marlena knows she is alive. Chloe says it was just a few days before he found her, and that Nancy called Marlena to counsel her. She says that  Marlena urged her to tell him that she was a live and hed love her no matter what she looks like. Brady doesnt understand and asks why shes so fixated on the way she looks. He continues to see her without the scars. He is also glad Marlena is coming because he thinks Marlena can help her overcome this psychological trauma from the accident. Brady then remembers how Marlena kept trying to urge him to keep looking for her, even though she didnt tell him the truth. Chloe tells Brady that night at Alices when he was talking to Nancy and confronting Nicole, well she was there. She says she even heard his prayer. Brady asks why she didnt reveal herself then and there. Chloe says she didnt know how shed react to the way she looked. Brady says this doesnt make any since, obviously her surgeries were successful. Chloe says no they werent. Brady says whatever she sees in the mirror, he doesnt. He says she is still the same beautiful woman he fell in love with. Chloe doesnt understand why he doesnt see it, she is not the same person and never will be. Brady says he understands now and cant believe he was so blind. Chloe thinks Brady finally sees her as she is, but he doesnt. Brady just thinks she has been deeply affected by the trauma of the accident and facing death a second time. He says now she is here and whole. He says he will make sure something like that never happens to her again. MArlena and John show up, and John gives Chloe a big hug. Brady talks about how beautiful she is, and MArlena and John look a bit puzzled. John says hes very happy that they found one another. Brady suggests Marlena and Chloe talk. They give them some time alone, and Chloe says Brady cant see her scars. Marlena thinks hes looking past them, but she says no Brady cant see them. Chloe  asks how that is possible? MArlena says Brady loves her so unconditionally that hes seeing her inner beauty, and that is true love. Marlena tells Chloe that Brady loves her so deeply and he is blinded to her imperfections. Chloe says that is the same love MArlena and John share, so that is where Brady must have learned it. John then asks to speak to Chloe for a moment, and Marlena says okay. John asks Chloe for a favor. He asks if she can do something for her in Salem tomorrow.  Chloe says she is not leaving this cottage. John says he wouldnt ask if it wasnt important. He tells her that she cant hide forever, and no one will care about her scars. Chloe thinks Brady will eventually, but he cant see them right now. John says because they dont matter to him and they never will. John asks Chloe to hear him out, hes planning a surprise wedding for Marlena as well as Roman and Kate. John wants Chloe to sing at the ceremony. Chloe says she doesnt know, but John says it would mean so much to Marlena. Chloe isnt sure, so John says he wont understand. John says he wants Brady to be there and hed like her to be there as well. Meanwhile, Brady asks Marlena to talk to Chloe because she seems traumatized by the accident. He says she keeps saying she is ugly and a monster, but with MArlenas help she can come to terms what is bothering her. Marlena says and he cant see what is bothering her? Brady thinks maybe it is about her lying to him about being dead. Marlena says she has spoken to Chloe, and she has a firm grip on reality, but shell talk to her again. She also says shell need to talk to him too as part of her therapy. Brady says whatever is needed to help Chloe.

At Bo and Hopes, Roman tells Bo that Shawn missed his hearing and he needs him to arrest Shawn. Roman says hes tied up with investigating Ma and Victor. Bo thinks it is more trouble for Roman to call him then to arrest Shawn himself. Roman admits that he was going to do it, but then he thought maybe Bo would be the one who would want to do it. Bo says he will, but Hope says she wont let him arrest their son. Bo says it is his job, he doesnt have a choice. Bo tells Roman if this has to be done then he wants to do it. Roman says he is sorry. Hope asks if they can talk to the judge first and get her to reconsider? Roman hears Hopes question and says no. He says the warrant has been issued. Roman says unless he can convince Shawn to the station on his own then hell have to bring him in. Roman says hes sorry. After Bo gets off the phone, Bo and Hope quarrel. Hope thinks Bo blames her for this for giving Shawn the money.

At the loft, as Kate is telling Belle that she has to make love to Phillip, Shawn rushes up and tells Kate to leave her alone and this is none of her business. Kate says this is her business, but its none of his business and he should leave. Belle says this is her apartment and Kate has no right to tell him to leave. Kate says he has no right to be here. Phillip says he has every right to be here and he wants Shawn to stay. Lucas tells his mother that she kicked Sami out of his apartment earlier, what is wrong with her? Kate asks what he is accusing her of? He says nothing, but he knows she is very protective of her children. However, Lucas says if he wants to spend time with Sami or Phillip wants Shawn to be a part of his and Belles lives then it is none of her business. Kate says she doesnt want to see her children hurt. Lucas says they are adults now. Kate gets a call and its Roman. Kate answers angrily, and he asks if she is okay? Kate says she is fine. Roman says he has some things to take care of and then he will be over to meet her. Kate learns from Roman that Shawn is about to be arrested and to tell Shawn to stay put until his mom and dad arrive. Kate then changes her tune and tells Lucas and Phillip that she wont interfere in their lives, and if they want Shawn to stay then he can stay. To herself Kate says soon his parents will arrest him and get him out of their lives for good. Bo and Hope soon show up, and Shawn asks why they are here? Hope says she is so sorry. Bo says hes here as a police officer, he has a warrant for his arrest. Belle is stunned, and Kate looks pleased. Shawn says they have to be kidding. Bo says hes not, and needs to take these charges seriously. Hope asks if he got anything from the courts, and Shawn says he did but he didn't look at it. Bo says he missed his trial and he jumped bail as far as the judge is concerned. Belle blames herself, but Kate says this is Shawns fault for being so irresponsible. Phillip says his mom is friends with the judge, cant she call and have the judge give Shawn a break. Kate doesnt think so as the judge must have had her reasons for deciding this way. Hope is suspicious, and Bo says Judge Fitzpatrick usually isnt so unforgiving. Belle and Phillip both say theyll speak to the judge, but Shawn says he got himself into this so hell get himself out of it. Bo tells Shawn not to get cocky, this is very serious. He tells Shawn that him missing the hearing has made a bad situation worse. Shawn says he doesnt need to hear an I told you so. Bo lectures him and asks Shawn when hes going to stop acting on impulse and think things through first. Shawn asks his dad when he is going to do the same? Hope thinks it is obvious what happened here, Kate got Karen to move Shawns court date up to make sure Shawn would be sent to jail. Kate says that is so ridiculous and she would never do that. She also says the judge would never compromise her integrity in such a way. Kate does admit if she was able to influence the judge then she would have told her to do exactly what she has done. There is another knock at the door, this time it is Roman. Hope tells Roman that she thinks his wife is doing everything she can to destroy her sons life. Belle begs Bo not to do this, but Bo says he has no choice. Shawn says it will look very good on his fathers resume. Bo tells Shawn to knock it off. Roman tells Shawn that he asked Bo to do this because he thought it would be better for both of them. Bo tells Shawn to come with him and hell read him his rights on the way. Hope hugs Shawn and says theyll get him out as soon as they can. Bo and Shawn leave, and Kate tells Belle that shes sorry but this is a reality check for Shawn. Kate says maybe this is what Shawn needs to turn his life around. Lucas looks unhappy. As Roman tells Hope that she is wrong about Kate, Hope says she isnt and that woman will do anything to get Shawn away from Belle. Roman says he knows Kate and she isnt that devious. He asks Hope to calm down and focus on helping Shawn. Roman tells Phillip and Belle how sorry he is, but the fact is that Shawn was irresponsible and Shawn brought this on himself. Lucas talks to Hope and asks if she thinks his mom is behind this. Hope says yes, Kate would do anything to protect her children. Hope says getting Shawn out of the way will insure Phillips relationship with Belle. Lucas says maybe thats why shes trying to get Sami away from him. Hope believes it. Lucas says some people are suspicious of his mom and suspect she set Sami and Brandon up. He says she couldnt have done it alone. Hope says what if she had some help? Kate tells Lucas that there is an old saying, two people can keep a secret as long as one is dead. She says his mom is wealthy and can pay anyone to do anything. Hope reminds him that she paid Nicole 5 million to marry him to get Sami out of the way. Hope says when it comes to Kate, she will do anything to make sure her children are happy and safe. Lucas gives his mom a shocked look, and she just looks all innocent and surprised.

Sami is searching Eugenias place for proof when Eugenia comes back. Sami is forced to hide under the bed. Eugenia collapses on the bed and says her feet are killing her. She wonders where her slippers are, and realizes they are under the bed. Sami finds the slippers, and she basically hands them to Eugenia when she bends down. Eugenia sits back on the bed, and Sami lets out a yelp. Eugenia wonders what that was. She chalks it up to the old mattress. Eugenia decides to check on her baby, and she calls up to check on her dog Dino. Psychic Marguerite is watching over Dino, and she says he is fine. Eugenia asks about her dog, if hes being good, has he had a flea bath. The psychic assures her that hes okay. Eugenia says she misses her dog but she was never home long enough to take care of him. The psychic says they know whose fault that is, and Eugenia says that damn Sami Brady. Eugenia says at least the bitch lost her boyfriend, son and her future; she and Kate made sure of that. Sami cheers to herself when she hears this. Eugenia talks about how Kate owes her big time for helping her set up Sami and Brandon. Eugenia says if Kate doesnt come through then shell use the evidence she has on Kate to cost Kate everything. The psychic asks what the evidence is. Eugenia says never mind what it is, it is safe and hidden where nobody will find it. Eugenia thinks Kate will give her just what she wants as she hates Sami too much. The psychic says she has to go as her dog is chewing on her tarot cards. Eugenia says she is sorry and will be there to see Dino as soon as she can. Eugenia heads off to shower, and Sami comes out from under the bed and says she was right and there is evidence somewhere in this room. She says she cant look now, but she will be back. Sami heads out. 


July 13, 2005

At the Mickey and Maggies place, Alice is on the sofa as Maggie runs around cleaning up Bonnies trash and trashy tabloid magazines. Maggie becomes upset, and Alice says she needs to calm down as shes only going to raise her blood pressure. Maggie says the worst part is that this money grubbing bottle blond not only took over her house and her restaurant, but she took Mickeys heart. 

Meanwhile, Mickey shows up in the kitchen with some roses and says this day has been far too long in coming, but boy will she be surprised. He leaves, and then Bonnie comes in smoking and upset. She says she has been patient enough and that bottle red-head is going down. Bonnie pulls out a negligee that she plans on surprising Mickey in. She says Mickey will forget about Maggie when he sees her in this. Mimi shows up to see her mom, and she smells cigarette smoke. Mimi asks if she is smoking again? Bonnie says she only had one, shes been frustrated. Mimi asks her mom for help as Rex wants to know the truth about her secret. Bonnie suggests she tell him, he truly loves her so maybe hell understand. Mimi says shes just so scared, he may hate her and never want to see her again. Bonnie says there are no guarantees in life. She says that could happen, or Rex could understand and forgive her. Bonnie then notices a folder on the counter and decides to see what is inside. She reads a paper and says Mickey is buying Maggie a new restaurant. Bonnie thinks this is great, hes going to settle and ditch Maggie. Bonnie just wishes there was a way she could be sure. She decides to call Mickeys assistant to see if she has heard anything. Bonnie picks up the phone and Father Jansen happens to call at the same moment. He is calling about confirming that she and Mickey still want to renew their vows. She says yes they do. Bonnie is convinced that Mickey has chosen her. Bonnie says tonight she will be back in the master bedroom and queen of the castle.

Meanwhile, Mickey runs into Maggie, both of them have made a decision about their future. Maggie tells Mickey that her decision is that she is leaving him. Mickey asks her to wait and hear him out. She says she has waited long enough, and she doesnt understand how he could throw away what they had for Bonnie is beyond her. Mickey says hes trying to tell her that hes not throwing anything away. He gives her the flowers and says he wants to be with her and only her. Mickey gets down on one knee and proposes to Maggie. He says he wants her to re-marry him. She asks when he decided? Mickey says a long time ago really. He says he knows now that she is the only woman he could ever really love. He talks about how when he thought he lost her that Bonnie helped him move on. Then when he remarried her, he found out Maggie was still alive, and then he had two wives. He says Bonnie helped him through a hard time, and he didnt want to hurt either of them. He says he now realizes it would have hurt Bonnie a lot less if he had been honest and broken it off with her the moment Maggie returned. Mickey says now before she answers, he has another surprise. He bought her a new restaurant to take the place of Tuscany. Alice shows up and tells Mickey not to push this and give Maggie time to decide. Maggie says she wishes she needed time, but she doesnt. She says yes! They turn around and see Bonnie. Mickey thinks she heard everything. Bonnie says she does, and she spoke with Father Jansen and she saw the paperwork on the new restaurant. She thinks they need time alone and shell be at Alices. Bonnie leaves, and Maggie thinks Bonnie took that too well. Maggie thinks Bonnie thinks Mickey chose her. Alice says she hopes not! Meanwhile, Bonnie does think Mickey has chosen her, and she heads off to plan her wedding.

Chelsea and Abby are watching some shirtless boys playing basketball at the park. Chelsea talks about how hot they all are. Abby cant believe this is all Chelsea thinks about. Abby wants to know what Chelsea and Max were doing when Patrick came along. Chelsea says something to get Patrick very angry. Abby reminds her that Patrick only thinks of her as a kid. Chelsea says she is 18, shes an adult. She also says Abby knows exactly what she and Max were doing. Max shows up, and Abby exclaims Oh my God you were doing it? Chelsea says they didnt do it, they just you know. Abby asks if she listens to her, how could she do that again? Abby asks why she is doing this, she hardly knows the guy. Chelsea says he is gorgeous and famous. Abby says he is using her. Chelsea says maybe she is using him, Patrick was so jealous. Abby says this is stupid and Patrick thinks of her as a kid. Chelsea says she is going to use Max to get to Patrick, and shes going to start right now. Chelsea flirts with Max and then convinces him to go for another recreational outing with her. They take off together.

Patrick meets up with Billie to talk about the uncomfortable position he caught Chelsea and Max in the other day. Billie is not thrilled by this news, and she says Max has a reputation and Chelsea is barely 18. Patrick says aside from being slightly embarrassed, Chelsea didnt seem like she was being taken advantage of. Billie thinks she needs to intervene before Chelsea makes the same mistakes she did as a kid. Billie says she was going to ask Chelsea to move in with her because Mickey called her and said the bank is foreclosing on her house and she has to be out tomorrow. Billie says the only problem is she has no place to stay and Lucas place got crowded since he got back. Patrick has the perfect solution, they can stay with him. She isnt sure as that is a generous offer, but he insists. She thanks him and calls him a life saver. She hugs him, and Chelsea and Max show up to witness it. They see them, and Billie takes Chelsea off for a talk. Billie tells Chelsea that she knows she is 18, but she is very young and should take time to get to know Max. Chelsea says thanks but she doesnt need a lecture. Billie says okay, but one other thing. Billie says she knows Chelsea has to be out of her house by tomorrow. Chelsea says she knows too, she got the letter from the bank. Billie says she can stay with her if she likes. Chelsea asks if she wont be in the way? Billie says Patrick doesnt think so, hes offered to let them stay with him at his moms old house. Chelsea is thrilled and agrees. Meanwhile, Patrick has words with Max. Patrick tells Max to stay away from Chelsea. Max treats suggests they play a b-ball game and the winner gets to have their way with Chelsea. Patrick and Max play their game, and Max wins. Patrick warns Max that he meant what he said before, and if hes smart then hell listen.

Later, Chelsea tells Abby how she and Billie are moving in with Patrick, isnt that so great. Billie says Patrick also offered to help to move their stuff, but if she has something else to do . . . Chelsea fantasizes about getting it on with a shirtless and sweaty Patrick. Chelsea says this afternoon would be great, and Max will have to take a rain check on their date. Chelsea, Billie and Abby meet up with Patrick and Max. Max wants to go on his date with Chelsea, but Chelsea says she cant today as she and Billie are moving in with Patrick. Patrick is thrilled to learn they have both accepted his offer. The boys and Billie end up running off, and Chelsea gloats to Abby that Patrick asked her to move in with him. Abby says he also asked Billie, who she used to consider the enemy. Chelsea says he only asked Billie because he had to, and now that they are sleeping under the same roof it wont be long before they are in the same bed.

Mimi and Belle are at the park, and they are talking about Shawn being in jail and how things are with Mimi and Rex. Mimi says he wants answers about what Jan was holding over her head. Belle tells Mimi to tell Rex, hell understand and hell still love her. Belle tells Mimi to trust her, trust him. Belle then sees her mom and says she should go talk to her. Mimi and Belle hug and say goodbye. 

Roman meets up with Marlena in the park as shes rubbing her tummy. He asks if she is okay? She says yes, she just needed some air. Marlena says she still hasnt told John about the baby. Roman says there is only so long that she can hide the fact that she is pregnant. Belle walks up and says Your Pregnant? She says this is incredible news and she is so happy. Belle asks how far along she is? Roman excuses himself so they can talk. Belle talks about how she cant believe shes going to have a baby brother or sister, and how dad must be excited. Marlena says dad doesnt know. Belle asks why she hasnt told him? Marlena says shes been waiting for the right moment. Belle asks but why tell Roman first? Marlena doesnt know how to tell Belle this. Marlena tells Belle that the baby isnt her fathers. She explains what happened in the castle with Roman. Belle says dont tell her this! Marlena says she is sorry, but the baby is Romans. Belle asks her mom How could you? Marlena explains how she and Roman were vulnerable and dependant on one another, and Tony was so manipulative. She says it was one night, so many terrible things happened that day, and she was scared. She says they turned to one another that night. Marlena says when she was freed she wanted to tell John the truth, but she had to wait till he was stronger and recovered from the drug addiction. She says when that day came, she realized she was pregnant. Belle says this isnt her fault and she will help her. Belle says she is only human, and she and Roman went through hell together. Marlena cries that she thought Belle would hate her. Belle says she could never hate her. Marlena just hopes John and Kate are this understanding. Marlena asks Belle not to talk about this to anyone, she doesnt want anyone else to know before she talks to her dad. Belle gets a call from Basic Black, so she excuses herself. Its John calling about his surprise wedding plans for her mom. John says the wedding is tomorrow and he needs her help, but she needs to keep this a secret. Belle says this isnt a lot of time to plan. John says he knows, but he cant wait any longer. He says her mom needs something good, she needs to know she is the one for him and nothing will change that.

At Basic Black, John meets with Kate to discuss their surprise upcoming double wedding. Kate says it really is a good idea and it is what they all need. Kate says this will be a big shock for Roman and Marlena. John says speaking of shocks, Chloe Lane is alive. John fills Kate in on what has happened to Chloe, and Kate wonders if they can get Chloe to . . . John says hes already asked her to sing, but shes reluctant because of her face. Kate says she shouldnt feel that way, and John says he told her that. He thinks he has talked her into it. John wants this to be a day that Roman and Marlena will never forget. Kate says it will, and nothing can go wrong. Kate begins thinking about how only weeks ago they were engaged. She says its a good thing they didnt get married. John tells Kate what she did for him, what she means to him, hell never forget the time they shared. Kate cries, and she says she wont either. She tells John that he opened up her heart. John kisses Kates hand and says she is as beautiful inside as she is out. Roman shows up and says he couldnt agree more. John says he can explain, but Roman says no need. Kate says they were just talking about how happy they are to have them back. John excuses himself and says theyll talk later about the project. John leaves, and Roman asks Kate how shes doing. She says she is better now that he is here. They kiss, and Kate ends up locking her office door. Roman asks what she is doing? She asks what he thinks. They begin to go at it hot and heavy. 


July 14, 2005

In jail, Shawn is pacing in his cell. He can't believe he is in here while Belle is out there married to Phillip. Mimi shows up and asks why not, perhaps she has made the right decision. He says she can't believe that. Shawn says she always used to be on his side, what changed?  Mimi says that things change and perhaps Belle made the right choice for her, and perhaps he should respect her feelings. She says whatever happens she is still his friend. He asks how she got in here. Mimi  says the guard let her in because she said she was his girlfriend. Mimi remembers a time when that was all she dreamed about, being his girlfriend. They reminisce about the time they kissed in Paris. Shawn remembers it well, and they smile and laugh. Mimi says she wanted to be kissed by a sexy man in Paris and he made that dream come true. He says well she is a very beautiful woman. He says he's just glad that she got out of jail and can have her future with Rex. Mimi says that remains to be seen still. He asks why she doubts they will have a future, Rex loves her. She tells him that he might not love her after he learns her secret, and he wants to know what it is. She tells Shawn that she was pregnant with Rex's baby and had an abortion, and he doesn't know. She says Jan found out and was blackmailing her. Shawn says it all makes since now, why Jan kept talking about kids and why she gave Rex the baby doll. Shawn says what happened to Jan was cosmic justice. Mimi is just worried about what will happen to her when Rex finds out. Shawn asks why he has to know? Shawn suggests she not tell him, it was in the past and their is nothing she can do about it now. She doesn't know, but Shawn thinks she should just not tell Rex. Shawn says she will have her future with Rex, and he will have a future with Belle. Mimi says that is up to Rex and Belle. 

At Patrick's, Abby and Chelsea are carrying boxes up to Chelsea's new room. Chelsea is in a bad mood as she has done all the heavy lifting while Mr. Budging Biceps is no where to be found. Abby says Patrick went to have keys made for her and Billie. Abby tells her to stop complaining, she got her dream, she has moved in with Patrick. Chelsea says not quite, she and Billie have moved in with him. Abby asks how she likes her room? Chelsea says it's not exactly an MTV crib, and Conner Lockhart's posters have to go. She says the one good thing is that she's sharing a bathroom with Patrick! Chelsea explains how Billie has the master bedroom, Bonnie's old room and her own bath. She says Patrick is taking Mimi's old room, so they share a bathroom. Chelsea tells Abby about her plan to slip in the shower when Patrick is in there. Abby says Patrick will kick her out of the shower and then out of the house. Chelsea doubts that. Abby tells Chelsea to stop being so stupid. Chelsea tells Abby that if she thinks everything she does is stupid then why does she hang out with her? Chelsea heads into the bathroom, and Abby apologizes. Abby walks in on Chelsea as Chelsea isn't saying anything. Chelsea is sniffing Patrick's towels and enjoying his cologne.

Meanwhile, Billie and Patrick show up, and Billie is beginning to think that this might be a bad idea. She tells Patrick that she needs to be thinking about Chelsea right now. Patrick says Chelsea is 18, and she probably won't be here for long as she'll be going to college. He also says if they stay here there is no mortgage, no lease to sign, no long term commitment. He says they can stay here until they get their feet on the ground and make other plans. Billie tells Patrick he is right and she will stay. They finish moving in the boxes, and Billie says she had no idea she had this much stuff. Patrick thinks most of it is Chelsea's. Billie says she really needs to convince Chelsea to be on good behavior around Max, but she doesn't want to push her away as then Chelsea may do something rash. Patrick jokes that he and Billie were never the kind of kids to go off and do something rash.

Later, Patrick and Billie head upstairs to check on Chelsea. He smells his cologne on Chelsea, and she says she accidentally knocked it over. He says that is okay. He says he's going to show Billie her room and then take a shower. They leave, and Chelsea says Patrick was giving her signals, he totally leaned into her to smell her. Abby tells her to dream on. They hear the shower in the bathroom turn on, and Chelsea says this is her chance. She begins to strip!

At the cabin, Chloe is still worried about her scars and how Brady will react when he can finally see them. Brady shows up with a surprise, flowers, and he over hears Chloe talking about how he will react to her scars. He says he will love her just the same. She says but he can't even see them, why she doesn't know. Brady says because he sees her inner beauty, the woman he loves. She says other people won't react that way, she sees how they look at her. Chloe talks about the wedding tomorrow, and she becomes upset and says she can't do it and never should have agreed to sing at his father's wedding. She runs off, and Brady makes a call to Marlena. Later, Brady goes to talk to Chloe about what is bothering her. She tells him that having these scars has brought up the pain of when she was younger and everyone called her ghoul girl. Brady says she was beautiful back then and kids were just jealous of her. She says she was sad and lonely those days, and she is back in that place now. She says she guesses she is just as scarred inside as she is out.  He suggests they go to another plastic surgeon about her face. Chloe says Dr. Weiss was the best, and after she contracted an infection even he didn't know if there was anything he could do for her. He ask her if she knows of a Dr. Travis? She says he trained Dr. Weiss, and he's the best in the world. Brady says he's also friends with Marlena, and she asked him to take her as a patient. He says if she agrees to see him then it must be because she wants to, not because she is doing it for him. She agrees, and they end up in bed making love with one another. Later a sound is heard, and she asks what that is? He says another surprise. He got her a horse drawn carriage to drive them around. He says it's just like the one they rode in back in Colorado. We see flashbacks, and Chloe is thrilled.

At the hospital, Belle and Phillip show up to meet with a doctor about getting Phillip measured for a prosthesis. Phillip tells Belle that he knows it will be awhile before he can wear it, but to just be able to stand again will be great. Belle is off in la-la land thinking about her talk with MArlena yesterday about the baby. Phillip asks if she is okay? She says yes. She tells him she just has a lot on her mind. She talks about her father's surprise wedding for her mother, which he moved up to tomorrow. Suddenly Belle is hit with a pain. The nurse checks on her and decides to get Lexie. Lexie comes in and suggests she give Belle a physical while Phillip meets with the specialist. Belle and Lexie leave, and the specialist comes in to meet with Phillip. Phillip is excited about the prosthesis, and he says he met Heather Mills McCartney over in Germany. He says she said his life would be back to normal once he got the prosthesis. The doctor says this is true, he'll be able to walk, jump, run, play sports. The doctor says Phillip's limits will be set by himself really. Phillip says that sounds great and all, but how can he really know what it's like? The doctor reveals to Phillip he too is an amputee. Phillip is stunned and says he walks so normal, he doesn't even limp. Phillip is even more excited. He talks to the doctor about how he wants to get better for him and his wife. He says when he was in combat he thought he was going to lose her, but now that he's home he will never let her go.

Meanwhile, Belle changes into a gown and talks to Lexie. She says she has been tired a lot, she hasn't had much of an appetite, and she doesn't know when her last period was. Belle says she lost track when Phillip shipped out, and she thought it was stress. Lexie says they'll have some blood work done and see what it says. Belle says "you don't think I'm pregnant do you?" Lexie says she doesn't want to make any decisions until her tests come back. Belle begins to talk about how that never crossed her mind, how she's been so worried about things lately. Phillip wheels himself in and says that is his fault. He blames himself for Belle's worrying herself sick and her current condition. Lexie leaves them, and the two talk about Phillip being shipped off and how hard it was on them. Belle hugs Phillip


July 15, 2005
At the Lockhart house, Chelsea, sporting only a towel, heads into the bathroom to seduce Patrick. She drops her towel and then goes to jump in the shower. She pulls back the curtain and it is Billie. Billie screams and covers herself with a towel. Billie says shes sorry and she didnt know Chelsea wanted to take a shower. Chelsea says she didnt know Billie was in here. Billie thinks Chelsea was going to jump in the shower with a man twice her age. Chelsea says no, she thought she was alone. Billie says uh huh. Chelsea asks where Patrick is, they are supposed to be sharing a bathroom. Billie says that Patrick is taking his mothers room so he could have his own bathroom. Billie says it makes more sense for them to share, right sweetie? Chelsea tells Billie not to call her that. Billie says shes right, it doesnt really fit. Billie tells Chelsea to cheer up, this is better as they can share things like hair products as well as have girl talk. Billie says besides who wants Patrick to come into the bathroom and see their clothes everywhere. Chelsea says right, and she excuses herself. Abby asks what happened, she doesnt look very satisfied. Chelsea says that witch switched rooms with Patrick, and she did it on purpose. Chelsea says Billie wants Patrick for herself, and she wont let that happen. Chelsea says Billie better watch herself otherwise shell be the one who gets hurt. 

Patrick shows up to visit Jen. Jen calls him a stranger and comments on how they hardly ever see him anymore. He says that is the way her husband likes it. She says shes sorry about that. He says he is just here to pick up Billys chest of things as she and Chelsea are moving in with him. Jen asks about his brother, and he says Conner is at camp. Jack shows up and is not happy to see Patrick in his house and with his wife. Jen says Patrick is their friend. He says Patrick has no friends, except DiMera. Jack tells Patrick to get out. Jen says Patrick only came by to get some things, and she says Billie and Chelsea have moved in with Patrick. Jen thinks they should celebrate and have a party because of the occasion.

Shirtless Max and Frankie are outside Jack and Jens, and they see Patrick inside. Max tells Frankie he sees the way he looks at Jennifer, and he is losing out to Patrick. Frankie says Jack and Jen are happily married and nothing will come between them. Max says he cant win the fight if he wont even try to compete. Max begins joke boxing with Frankie and taunts him. Frankie ends up decking him. Frankie says he asked for it. Max says he was just joking!

At the Lockhart place, Bonnie is on the phone with someone and is talking about a new pool she bought. She says when she is satisfied that she got exactly what she wants then shell pay for the pool. She says she is Mrs. Mickey Horton, one of the countrys best trial lawyers, so dont threaten her. Jen, Jack, Frankie and Max show up. They all have bags of groceries of food. Jen introduces Bonnie to Max and Frankie. Bonnie is a huge racing fan and is happy to meet Max as well as see his bod. Chelsea and Abby show up in bikinis and Max offers them a cold one. Billie steps in and says no under age drinking. She offers them sodas. Chelsea says Billie wouldnt want them to do anything she did when she was their age. Jen says Patrick and Billie are just trying to be good role models for Chelsea. Abby says like Chelsea thinks of Patrick as the fatherly type. Patrick shows up with a cooler, and Chelsea says it is so hot out and he should take off his shirt. Patrick says good idea, and off it goes. Max talks to Abby and says it is so obvious Chelsea has it bad for Lockhart, but she is dreaming. Meanwhile, Jen talks to Frankie about what is going on with Jack. Frankie says he is on it, but Jen says Jack is good at keeping secrets. Jen jokes that Jack could have been Deep Throat. Jen says she hates going behind Jacks back, but she knows the situations he can get himself into. Frankie says its okay, hell be careful and Jack will never know.

Elsewhere, Jack takes Billie aside and asks if she is out of her mind moving in with Lockhart. Billie says Patrick is her friend and she likes him. Jack wonders what is wrong with all these women, just because he has a six pack they think he has no faults. Billie says it is nice to have a man around and it is good for Chelsea, she has no place else to go. Jack says as long as Patricks not around his family and trying to take his place. Billie says Patrick is cute but hes no Jack. Jack says anyone is better for Jen then Patrick, even Frankie. Billie asks Jack if he is dizzy in the morning, does he see spots? She tells him that hes a lunatic, hes acting like hes not going to be around to take care of his family. She asks if something is wrong with him?

Meanwhile, Max talks to Chelsea about Patrick being her dream guy. She of course denies it. He says Patrick doesnt even know she is alive. Chelsea tells Max that he doesnt know everything. Max says she didnt mind getting busy with him in his car until Patrick showed up. Chelsea says its not like they had sex, everyone knows that. Max says whatever. Max walks off, and Abby tells her to face it, she wont be with Patrick. Chelsea says wanna bet. She wonders where Patrick is and takes off to find him.

Patrick is inside getting more beers. Frankie shows up to make small talk, but it is obvious Patrick doesnt like him. Frankie says its driving him crazy where he knows Patrick from somewhere. Patrick says maybe Frankie has him confused with someone else. Frankie says no it is Patrick, he just cant remember where he knows him. Frankie says he will though, he loves solving mysteries. Max and the girls show up, and Frankie leaves. Chelsea says she is going to show Max her new room. Patrick says not a good idea. Abby says shell be a chaperone. Patrick tells the girls to go to Chelseas room while he has a little talk with Max. They leave, and Max asks Patrick what his problem is. Patrick says what happened between him and Chelsea will never happen again, he used her and that is wrong. Max says whatever he does or doesnt do with Chelsea is none of Patricks business.

Bonnie, who is now wasted, tells Jen that she better get ready to start calling her Bon Bon as starting tomorrow she and Mickey are going to make their wedding vows permanent. Bonnie says she feels for Maggie, but her divorce settlement and new restaurant will cheer her up. Bonnie walks off, and Jen tells Jack that she almost feels sorry for that woman. Jack says her trying to be nice is noble, but this party is a mistake, the Hortons and the Lockharts just dont mix. Jack says they also need to keep Lockhart away from their children. Patrick shows up and says hes had enough insults out of Jack, they should have it out right here and right now. Patrick tells Jack that hes been asking for this ever since he came back. Jen keeps them from coming to blows, and Jack becomes weak and sick. Jen tells him to sit down, and she wants to know what is wrong with him.

Meanwhile, Billie tells Patrick that Jack will get over this once Patrick is involved with someone else. She asks where Chelsea is, and Patrick says Chelsea and Abby went up to her room. Billie wonders where Max is. Patrick and Billie head up to Chelseas room, where Max is helping Chelsea put up a poster of himself. He also signs it. He also signs her stomach. They end up on the bed together, and Abby says so her room is looking great. Chelsea says now it is, but its on the small side. Chelsea says you know what they say, three is a crowd. Sex fiend Max says not necessarily. Abby tells Max he should go. She opens the door and Patrick and Billie walk in. Billie says the party is at the pool, no private partying allowed. Max leaves with Billie, and Patrick tells the girls to come down with him. Chelsea damns Billie and thinks she has to get Billie out of this house and out of her life. 

Mimi shows up at the pool party (after visiting Belle and Phil at the hospital below), and she talks with her drunk mom. Bonnie is still convinced that Mickey is going to marry her tomorrow. Bonnie talks about how she is a big fan of decorating shows and she has big plans for her and Mickeys house. Suddenly, Bonnie trips and falls. Mimi rushes to help her mom.

Elsewhere, Frankie calls a friend and once again asks for dirt on Lockhart. He then goes to check on Jack. Jen ran off to get him water. Frankie asks Jack if he is okay? He says nothing that getting rid of Patrick wouldnt fix. Frankie says hes on it. 

At the hospital, Phillip tells Belle he wants to do the next step (the fitting for the prosthesis) alone. He thinks a little mystery about this would do them good. Phillip wheels off, and Mimi shows up. Mimi tells Belle that she just came from jail and Shawn needs to see her. Belle says hell have to learn to live without her. Mimi says she knows, but now is not the time, maybe later when he gets out. She says Shawn is in jail because he went to see her in Germany. Mimi thinks a visit would really cheer him up. Mimi says she knows Belle is with Phillip and it is a good thing, but Shawn really needs her now. Belle says there is nothing she can do. Mimi thinks that is harsh, up until she chose Phillip, Shawn thought shed choose him. Mimi says Belle has Phillip, who does Shawn have? Belle says shes sorry and she is just stressed out, Lexie thinks she may have an ulcer. Mimi says maybe it is her body telling her she made the wrong choice. Belle tells her not to say that, she is married to Phillip. Mimi says and marriages break up all the time, it happens. Mimi says she doesnt know how Belle can turn her back on Shawn when he needs her the most. 

Later, Mimi runs into Phillip, and he asks her for help. Phillip says Shawn shouldnt be in jail, it isnt right. He says he wouldnt be here if it wasnt for Shawn. Mimi says Mickey is trying to get him out on bail, but the judge is being tough. Mimi says she should know, she had judge Fitzpatrick as her judge. Phillip realizes this judge is friends with his mom, and he thinks he can talk to her and go to bat for Shawn. Phillip gives the judge a call (see below for the details). Phillip gets Shawn out, and Mimi says she is proud of him and hugs her. 

Lucas shows up at jail to visit Shawn. Lucas says hes sorry he ended up in here, it is wrong. Lucas says Shawn went out of his way to make sure they rescued Phillip. Shawn suggests Lucas asks his mom why he is in here. Lucas says what is he saying? Later Belle shows up to visit Shawn. Shawn thinks she is here because she wants to be with him. He grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. The guard breaks them up and asks where they think they are, a motel? He tells Belle no contact with the prisoners. Belle says they cant do this, she is married to Phillip. Shawn says but her heart belongs to him and that kiss proved it. He asks why she is doing this, she cannot deny their love. Phillip soon shows up and finds Belle with Shawn. Belle says she can explain, but Phillip says no need. He says Shawn is their friend, why wouldnt she be here. Phillip tells Shawn that he has news for him. Phillip tells Shawn he is free, hes going to be released on bail. Phillip says he took care of it, he pays his debts. Phillip says this was the least he could do. Belle thanks Phillip and kisses him. Shawn also thanks him and they shake hands.

Sami is on the fire escape spying on Eugenia, who is in her apartment. Eugenia hears a sound and wonders what it is. She grabs a bat and goes to investigate. Sami is hiding on the fire escape as Eugenia looks out the window. She opens the window and doesnt see anything. She thinks she must be hearing things. Sami is hanging to the fire escape above to avoid being seen. After Eugenia goes back into her apartment she locks the window. Sami realizes she wont be able to get in there now.

At Basic Black, Kate meets with Karen and gives her a huge sum of cash for Karens re-election campaign. Karen hopes this isnt a payoff. She says of course not, she just agrees with her actions and thinks the country needs more judges like her. She says kids have to learn to obey the law just like the rest of them. She says with Shawn in jail now her son will have the chance to find a little happiness with his wife. Kate says it would be ideal if Shawn was behind bars for the rest of his life. Karen says shes afraid she cant guarantee that. Kate lets out a disgusted gasp. Karen says she cant guarantee which way shell decide. Kate says she understands, and then writes Karen another check to make sure justice is served. The judge then gets a call from Phillip who is calling for a favor. She asks what favor? He asks her to consider releasing Shawn. Karen tells Kate that her son is calling and wants Shawn let out on bail. Kate says she cant do that! Phillip tells the judge it would really mean a lot to him. The judge says shes already made her decision. Phillip says she can change her mind, and he never would be here if Shawn hadnt rescued him. Phillip also offers to make some appearances for her during her campaign, if she would help out his friend Shawn. He also threatens to pull the Kiriakis money and support from her campaign. Karen says he makes a good point. Phillip asks if he can count on her to grant Shawn bail? Karen asks him to hold on for a moment. Karen tells Kate that she cant really say no to Phillip, hes using the war vet card and the Kiriakis fortune. She tells Kate that shes been out maneuvered. She also tells Kate shes disappointed in her, she failed to mention Shawn went overseas to save Phillip. Kate says she doesnt want Shawn interfering in her sons marriage. Karen says Phillip has more faith in his wife then she does. Kate says because Phillip doesnt know how the world works. Karen says she does, and she agrees to Phillips request. She says she will release Shawn today. Phillip thanks her and offers to be there for her when she needs him to.

Later, Lucas shows up at Basic Black to meet with his mom. Joelle, the secretary, tells Lucas that his mom is in a meeting and cant be disturbed. Lucas says hell wait. Sami shows up, and Lucas wonders why she is here as she doesnt work here anymore. She says she came to clean out her desk. She pulls Lucas aside to talk to him. She says she is really here to find the evidence that Kate and Eugenia set her up. Lucas says his mom wouldnt stoop that low. Sami says she already has proof, she overheard Eugenia on the phone with someone about how she teamed up with Kate. Lucas says thats not proof, that is just her word which doesnt mean much. Sami tells him to just wait. Sami tells Joelle that the take-out truck she likes just showed up and she could watch the phones for her. Joelle isnt sure, but eventually agrees. Joelle runs off, and Sami begins snooping. Sami finds a ton of phone calls from Eugenia to Kate, and she tells Lucas the only reason they would be talking so much is because they were working together to destroy her. Joelle soon returns and Sami tells her it was quiet and no calls. Lucas tells Sami there has to be an innocent explanation for the calls, but Sami says there isnt. Kate shows up and asks what Sami is doing here. She wants Joelle to call security. Sami says relax she just came to get her stuff. Lucas tells his mom that he has a few questions to ask her. Kate asks what? Lucas asks Kate why she has so many messages from Eugenia? He says there are a lot of them and the go back for months. Kate grabs the phone log and looks at them. She says has been trying to help Eugenia out, the poor girl cant get a job thanks to Sami. Sami says give her a break, why would she want to help Eugenia of all people? Joelle then tells Kate that Eugenia is on line one for her. Kate looks caught, and then the judge walks out of her office. Lucas says Shawn was right, she did get the judge to put him behind bars! Lucas says he has trusted her the whole time and she went behind his back to keep Shawn in jail. Kate says she is far less influential then he thinks. Lucas asks then why the judge was here? Kate says they are friends, and judges are people too. Kate says shell go to her office now and talk to Eugenia. Sami suggests she take it here on speaker phone so they can all hear about Eugenias job search. Kate says that isnt the way she does business. Kate leaves, and Sami tells Lucas that Kate is not innocent. Sami says his mother is railroading Shawn and her and who knows who else. Sami says if his mom would bribe a judge then she is the kind of woman who would set her up. Lucas just doesnt think his mom could ruin his life and Wills. He says she couldnt do that sort of thing. Sami says you bet your ass she could. Meanwhile, Eugenia tells Kate she wont be brushed off. She needs a job and either Kate gets her a job or supports her. Kate says shell give her money but Sami cant know about it. Later, Kate returns to find Sami still with Lucas. Kate claims the reason she asked the judge here is to release Shawn on bail. Sami says give her a break. Sami walks off, and Kate tells Lucas tomorrow is an important day for her. She says it is the opening of Maggies restaurant and he is invited, but she doesnt want him to bring Sami. Kate then tells Sami to get her things and get out. Kate leaves, and Lucas still refuses to believe Kate would ruin his and Wills life. Sami says she gets it. Sami tells herself that she will find that evidence against Kate if it kills her. Meanwhile Kate says shell make sure Sami wont get her hooks into Lucas again.

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