July 18, 2005

Sami once again heads to Eugenias apartment. She listens at the door and hears Eugenia coming, so she hides. Eugenia heads out with the trash, and Sami gets a call on her cell phone. It is Lucas and he asks where she is. Sami says this isnt a good time. Lucas asks if she got invited to Maggies new restaurant opening. Sami says yes John invited her, but shes not going. She says she is busy working on uncovering the proof that Eugenia and Kate set her up.

At the penthouse, John surprises Marlena with her dress for Maggies wedding. Marlena says she cant wear this dress today. The dress is white, and she says she cant wear white on Maggies day. John says he didnt think about that, but Maggie will just have to understand.

Outside the penthouse, Shawn finds Belle carrying a bouquet. He says hes been looking everywhere for her, they need to talk. Belle cant believe he came to her parents home looking for her knowing how they feel about him. She says she cant be with him. She tells him that she is married to Phillip, and that is it. Belle is upset, and he asks what is wrong. She says her dad is trying to surprise her mom with a wedding, but its all wrong and everything will be a huge disaster. She cries, and he comforts her. She then says she cant do this, but Shawn wants to be here for her. He says he wants to make up for the time he wasnt here for her. She says fine, she asks Shawn to take a bouquet back to her car for her because her mom cant see it and she doesnt know why she brought it with her.

Belle goes in to see her parents, they are kissing and hugging. When John leaves the room, Belle urges her mother to be honest with her dad before they go to the restaurant. Marlena asks why? Belle says trust her, she cant put this off. 

At Basic Black, Lucas asks Kate what is going on, what is happening at the opening of the restaurant that is so important to his mom. Billie is with them, and she wants to know the same thing. Kate explains they are having a surprise double ceremony, her and Roman and John and Marlena. Roman shows up looking for Kate, and a superstitious Kate runs off as she doesnt want him to see her before the wedding. Roman asks if he said something? He asks why she ran into her office? They say they dont know. He says hell go check on her, but they stop him. They say its a work emergency, and they have a tux for Roman that Kate wanted him to wear to the wedding. He asks if he wont be over dressed? They say its a formal restaurant. They also tell Roman that mom will meet him at the restaurant. He says okay and heads out. Lucas calls Sami again and tells her that she has to come to the restaurant opening. Sami says she is stalking Eugenia right now. He says he wont call her anymore, just promise her that shell be there. Sami says she will be. Sami sees Eugenia leaved dressed in nice clothes. She knows where Eugenia is going, and she says she should go home and get dressed as well.

Maggie and Mickey show up at the restaurant, Maggie is blindfolded and Mickey takes her inside. Bo and Hope show up, and Hope think this will be a great day. Hope says Mickey and Maggie are getting married and Shawn is out on bail. Mickey takes Maggie inside and then off Maggies blindfold. She looks at her new restaurant, which is very elegant. He says it is his wedding gift to her, and its called Chez Rouge. Maggie says it is gorgeous, it is perfect. He also says he hired a five star chef from her favorite restaurant in Paris. Maggie says today they are starting the rest of their lives over again. 

Mimi and Bonnie soon show up, and Bonnie thinks Mickey is still going to marry her. She looks around the restaurant and thinks Maggie got quite a divorce settlement, and Mickey spared no expense to get rid of her. Mickey and Maggie see Bonnie, who asks Maggie if she isnt a bit overdressed? Maggie says no, Bonnie is, and she isnt invited. Mickey explains that this is his present to Maggie for their wedding. Mickey says he tried to reach her yesterday, but she wouldnt return his calls. Bonnie says she didnt want the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Maggie says she is the bride. Mickey explains that Maggies death certificate has been rescinded, so their wedding is null and void. He says he and Maggie are renewing their vows today. Bonnie runs off in tears.

Bonnie runs into the kitchen, and Mickey and Maggie show up. Bonnie explains that she thought that this restaurant was Maggies divorce settlement. Maggie says no, Alice is her settlement. Mickey explains he is still legally married to Maggie, and they (Bonnie and Mickey) were never married so there will be no divorce. Bonnie asks where she will live, can she at least have the house on the hill? Maggie says no way as that is her house. Maggie tells her to take her stuff and get out as she is no longer Mrs. Mickey Horton. Alice shows up and says hallelujah! Alice is glad Mickey finally came to his senses. Bonnie asks but what about her? Mickey says he has chosen to be with his one true love, and he was taught that marriage is forever. Bonnie says since they are such decent and generous people, doesnt she deserve a payoff? She says she wont hold a grudge for a six figure payoff. Maggie says Mickey owes her nothing as she was never legally married to Mickey. Mickey says he did give her a restaurant. Bonnie thought Mickey would be a little more fair then that. Maggie says she stole her husband and kept them apart for months, so dont talk about being fair. Maggie tells Bonnie not to bother calling here for reservations, but Bonnie says shed never eat here. Maggie tells her that she took her name off the Horton Foundation, and Mickey says after today her credit cards and bank account will be frozen. Bonnie realizes that means she has 24 hours to spend.

Shawn shows up in a suit, and he sees his parents. They hug, and Shawn explains he is out on bail because of Phillip. Bo says that was a nice thing of Phillip to do, so maybe Shawn can repay Phillip by staying away from his wife. Shawn tells his mom that she understands what he is doing. She says she knows he cant live without Belle, but she doesnt want Phillip to be hurt. Bo tells Shawn that he has to stop making these reckless choices with his life. 

Brady shows up and asks Belle to find Mimi as he has great news. Belle finds Mimi, who was with Rex, and she drags Mimi off. Brady leads them to a room where Chloe is, and they scream and hug her. The girls talk, and Chloe gives them the short story about why she was away and let everyone thing she was dead. Brady then interrupts to bring Phillip and Shawn in to see Chloe. Shawn tells Chloe it is great having her back, and he leaves Phillip and Chloe to catch up. Chloe talks to Phillip, and she says she is so grateful that he is alive. He says he told her that he would come back, he just didnt come back exactly the same. She also apologizes for putting him through what she did, letting him think she had died. She says she couldnt face being ghoul girl again. He says she never was. She says when he asked her to the Last Blast in high school, she felt like it changed her life. She says she thought she was done feeling sorry for herself after that. She hopes Phillip hasnt had the difficult time with his recovery that she has. Phillip thinks they will be okay, she has Brady and he has Belle. Brady says he couldnt have said it better himself. He asks Chloe if shes ready to make her singing debut?

Eugenia sits at the bar, and Kate asks what she is doing here? Eugenia says she got an invitation. Kate thinks her secretary sent it by mistake. Sami finds them together and says this is a surprise. Kate says they were just discussing Eugenias job. They walk off, and Lucas shows up. Sami tells Lucas that those two are up to something and she will prove it. Lucas wonders if Sami might be right. Sami continues to trail them, and Hope sees Kate with Eugenia and thinks they too are up to something. She still thinks Kate is responsible for Shawn being in jail. Bo says Shawn made mistakes and needs to take responsibility for his actions. Hope says he should take responsibility for his actions, and they need to take responsibility as parents. He says he agrees, hed never turn his back on his son. Billie shows up and asks if the same goes for Georgia? 

Belle runs into her dad, who says its almost time. Belle asks if he has talked to mom yet. He says no is there something going on? Belle just looks unhappy.

Lucas congratulates Mickey and Maggie on their upcoming nuptials. Sami tells Lucas they should be getting married. Lucas agrees, but says first Sami must prove she can be trusted. Eugenia gloats to Sami about how shell never marry Lucas. Sami warns Eugenia she will bust her and Kate. Later, Sami continues to point out to Lucas how thick Kate and Eugenia are, what do they have to talk about aside from how much they hate her?

Roman runs into Marlena and says if he didnt know better he would think she was the bride. She says dont be silly. She says John bought this gown for her. They discuss the baby, and Marlena still hasnt told John. She says now isnt the right time or place. Roman says the secret will come out before too long. Sami shows up and asks what secret, what is going on? Marlena says everyone will know soon, and she says Chloe is alive. Sami says oh. She was hoping it was something great like they would be getting back together. Sami says she thinks they are the great loves of one anothers lives, and they should be renewing their vows today. Later, Roman realizes Marlena has been right and they should have told the truth long ago. Marlena decides to tell John the truth right now, but Maggie and Mickeys wedding begins and they have to take their seats.

Kate tells Euegnia that she took a risk coming here, Sami is getting suspicious. Eugenia tells Kate she is broke, she has no money. Kate offers to get Eugenia a job and shell give her money, but she needs to get out of here before Sami figures out what is going on.

The wedding begins, and Chloe sings The Rose. Bonnie watches the wedding with tears in her eyes. Phillip holds Belles hand, and Shawn watches them. Sami cries at the wedding. We also see shots of Roman, Kate, John and Marlena. Marlena looks upset as she has not told John the truth. After Chloe sings, Father Jansen thanks Chloe and welcomes her home as they have all missed her. Mickey and Maggie then get up to renew their vows. Mimi asks her mom why shes torturing herself like this? Bonnie says being Mrs. Mickey Horton meant the world to her, and she really did love the guy. Maggie and Mickey stand before their family and friends and renew their vows. Bonnie watches and says it really was beautiful. Meanwhile, John leans over to Marlena and says they are next! Marlena asks what he means? He says she will love this, just wait. Marlena thinks they need to talk, but he says theyll have time to talk later. John goes to see Belle and asks her to bring the bouquet. Belle is nervous, but goes to get it. John then asks Kate if she is set? Kate says if he is. John says Roman and Marlena will be so surprised. 

Meanwhile, Marlena tells Roman that they cant put it off any longer, they have to tell John and Kate the truth. Roman and Marlena resolve to tell John and Kate the truth right now. Roman leaves to find Kate, and Mimi shows up to talk to Marlena. Mimi says Rex is pushing her to tell him what is going on with her, he wants to know about the baby. Marlena says all she can say is that a relationship cant survive without truth. Mimi says she knows, and telling Rex is going to be horrible. Rex walks up, and Marlena leaves them to talk. Rex says he knows about the baby and she has been lying to him all along?

Marlena goes to John in hopes of telling him the truth, but John says it is time. Marlena says she has something to tell him and things between them might never be the same. 

Outside, Shawn finds Belle returning from her car with the bouquet and says hes been waiting for this all day. He grabs her and kisses her.

After the wedding, Bo tells Hope that he loves her and nothing and no one will come between them. Meanwhile, Billies PDA rings and she sees the DiMera crest on it. The message tells her if she solves the puzzle then shell get her daughter back.

Brady finds Chloe with his mothers engagement ring, and she says she took it out of the urn he put it in. Brady asks Chloe to marry him. She says she cant, but he says marry him.

Meanwhile, Sami sneaks off and breaks into Eugenias apartment! She begins searching through Eugenias things ands finds an interesting letter. Suddenly, Eugenia walks in and catches Sami! 


July 19, 2005

At the restaurant, Brady puts his mothers ring on Chloes finger and says it is a perfect fit, which obviously means it is a sign. He asks her to marry him. She asks how can she marry him when she looks like this. She takes her bandage off and asks if he can spend his life looking at this face? He says yes, and he says if she wants they can make an appointment with Dr. Travis. Brady says Marlena told him that he would come out of retirement to perform this surgery. She considers calling him, but then gasps.

Outside the restaurant, Belle and Shawn are making out when Phillip wheels out and says Guys, I dont believe this. Belle says she can . . . but Phillip cuts her off and says Roman thinks he might be able to find his dad. Phillip saw nothing. Phillip tells Shawn that he must be excited too as this means his Grandma Caroline might come home. Shawn says yeah, but they shouldnt get too hopeful if Tony has them. Still, Phillip is optimistic. Belle says she needs to get back inside and runs in.

Rex tells Mimi he heard what she said to Marlena, he knows about the baby. He thinks she lied to him about not being able to have children and that she is pregnant. He asks how long she was going to keep this a secret. Mimi drags him off to tell him the truth. Mimi swears him to secrecy and says he has it all wrong and Marlena is pregnant, and nobody knows not even John. Rex says hes so sorry he accused her of lying to him. They hug, and he asks for forgiveness. Later, Rex still wants Mimi to tell him the truth about what Jan was holding over her head. Mimi lies and says Jan wanted him to blame her and think it was her fault that she couldnt have a baby. Mimi says in a way it was her fault, she got an infection and didnt go to the doctor in time. Mimi begs Rex not to blame her. Rex says now it all makes sense, he knows what is going on. He says now he understands why Jan gave him that baby doll and kept talking about children all the time. Mimi says Jan is a master manipulator and look how easily she got into Shawns head. Rex says and his bed. Rex asks if she has anymore secrets, and she says no. He thanks her and they hug. She says shell never keep anything from him again.

Bo and Hope are kissing as Billie approaches them and says she got a message about Georgia from Tony Dimera. Bo suggests they talk elsewhere, and he and Billie head outside. Billie shows Bo her PDA and the riddle. There are some numbers and a riddle No charts, no compass, no starmap to guide you. Count to three and your daughter will be beside you. Bo thinks it is a game, but Billie thinks they need to go look into this. Hope shows up and says no way, Bo is going no where with her. Hope doesnt want Bo running off with Billie again and falling into another trap, but she does offer to help them. She looks at the message and thinks it could mean something, but it could be another trap. Hope suggests they give it over to the ISA cryptologists to look over. Bo says that is a good idea. Billie is a bit shocked that Hope is suggesting they look into this clue and thanks her for her understanding. Hope says this is Bos daughter too and she wants him to find her. Bo then suggests they head back inside.

Shawn heads to the bar, and Hope tells him that drinking wont help. Hope reminds him that drinking got him in trouble in the first place by driving his motorcycle through the church window drunk. She says he doesnt need this drink. Shawn says no he needs the whole bottle. He says this hurts. Hope says she knows, but this wont help. Shawn says nothing will help. He says what is worse is that Phillip really isnt the enemy, he is a good guy. Hope suggests Shawn focus on himself now and get his life back on track. Hope says she isnt asking him to stop loving her, and maybe later on down the road things can work out for them. 

Meanwhile, Billie is once again talking to Bo about the clue, but Bo doesnt want them to fall into another trap. Hope shows up and says she meant what she said earlier, she does want to help find their daughter. Hope tells Bo they should get back to the boat as they are sailing off tonight, unless he wants to stay here in town instead. Bo says no, there are no leads yet. Hope promises Billie that if the ISA cracks the code then they will return and help her look for Georgia.

Elsewhere, Marlena tries to tell John that they need to talk, but Brady interrupts and needs to talk to his dad really quick. Brady pulls him away and tells his dad that he has bad news about Chloe. Brady says Chloe strained her voice singing for Mickey and Maggie, so hes going to have to take her back to the cottage. John says that is too bad. Brady says hes sorry about having to miss the ceremony. John says he understands and Brady needs to put Chloe first.

Meanwhile, Chloe drinks something warm and tries to warm up her voice. She ends up calling a number and making an appointment to see the doctor. It is sooner than she thought, and says shell be there. She looks at her scar in the mirror. 

Maggie finds Lucas at the bar and asks if hes not thinking of? Lucas says no, hes not thinking of that. Maggie asks what is wrong, she can see something is the matter by the look on his face. He says he cant find Sami and hes worried she is up to something.

Roman is about to tell Kate the truth, but Lucas interrupts to talk to Kate. Lucas tells Kate that he wants to be here for her, but hes worried about Sami and has to leave. Kate hopes hes not letting her get to him again. He says his eyes are wide open to her, but she is the mother of his son. He takes off, leaving Kate upset.

Roman and Marlena discuss how they couldnt tell John or Kate the truth. Marlena wonders if they should wait a bit to tell them as the party isnt the greatest place. Roman says he thinks they have waited long enough ,they have to tell them now.

Roman approaches Kate and overheard what happened with Lucas, and if he wants to take care of Sami then she has to let him. Kate and Roman argue, and Kate hates that they argue like this. She doesnt want the fact that they have children by other people be a source of friction between them. Roman tells Kate they have to talk, and it is important. Unfortunately John comes and drags Kate off.

John and Kate get up to give a speech about Mickey and Maggies wedding, and then they reveal their surprise to everyone, including Marlena and Roman. Kate and John both ask Roman and Marlena to marry them again. They are stunned, and take it as a yes. Marlena and Roman discuss that this cant be happening to them. Roman tells Marlena they cant go through with this, John and Kate must know the truth. 

Belle gives Marlena a bouquet, and Marlena realizes Belle knew all along. Belle says she was sworn to secrecy, but she begs her mother to tell her father before the ceremony starts. Marlena says she knows she has to. John tells Father Jansen it is time to get this show on the road. Meanwhile, Roman urges Marlena to tell John the truth now before the ceremony starts. He says this secret isnt good for her or the baby. John shows up and asks if they are ready? Roman and Marlena are not given a chance to tell John and Kate the truth before their renewal ceremony begins. As they stand at the alter, Marlena is hit with flashes of Belle and Roman telling her that she has to tell John the truth. The weddings begin, and Father Jansen begins talking about how loving marriages are ones based on honor, respect and truth. Everyone watches the wedding, Rex tells Mimi he cant wait till that is them. Meanwhile, Belle wishes her mom had told her dad the truth as this could be a huge mistake. Kate and Roman begin their re-vows, and share a kiss. Father Jansen then turns to John and Marlena. Before they get anywhere, Marlena passes out. John catches her, and Roman tells John to be careful as she is pregnant!

At Eugenias place, Sami searches for the evidence and finds something. Eugenia walks in and tells Sami that she is busted, she is calling the cops and her next stop is county jail. Sami warns Eugenia not to do that as she might wind up in the cell next to her. Sami tells Eugenia this is a letter from the IRS that she owes two year on back taxes. Eugenia says that is Samis fault, she lost her job and had no work and no way to pay the taxes. Eugenia tells her that she is making good on the taxes, that is why she is working three jobs. Eugenia says so she is going to call her father and have him come and arrest her. Eugenia says all of Salem will be thanking her for sending Sami to jail. Sami warns her not to, and she tells Eugenia she knows what she and Kate did to her, she overheard her on the phone earlier. Eugenia realizes this is the second time Sami has broken in here, but she admits to Sami that they did set her up. Sami tells Eugenia that she is going to confess to Lucas about everything, and not only will Lucas walk away from Kate but so will her dad. Sami says she cant wait to see them both dump that bitch. Lucas walks in and asks what is going here. Sami tells Lucas that Eugenia just admitted to her that she set her up with Kates help. Eugenia lies to Lucas and says Sami was here when she got home. Eugenia says she doesnt know how Sami got in here, but the girl is crazy and needs a shrink. Sami says Eugenia is lying, but Eugenia says Sami is lying. She says Sami tried to bribe her to tell Lucas that she worked with Kate to set her up, and then she was blackmailing her with these IRS letters. Sami says she has less money than Eugenia does! How can she bribe her? Sami says Eugenia is lying. Eugenia asks where the proof is? Lucas believes Eugenia and thinks Sami has dragged poor Eugenia into this. He thinks Sami came here to get Eugenia to tell her what she wants him to hear. He says he loves her, but he cant take this anymore. He says they are finished, this time for good. Lucas runs off, and Eugenia tells Sami that this was way better than watching her get hauled off to jail.

Brady and Chloe return to the cottage, and Chloe talks about how she could tell how everyone was staring at her at the wedding. She says she is ashamed to admit it, but she acted the same way when she saw Phillip. She says she kept trying hard not to look at his leg. Brady says it is hard to see Phillip in that chair. She says at least she has a chance of having her face restored, nothing can help Phillip. Brady says Phillip is a tough guy and will make it. Chloe thinks if Phillip can make it through this then so can she. Brady guarantees to her that. He also says whatever she decides to do, shell have his love and support. He looks at her and sees her without her scars. She says when he looks at her she feels beautiful. He says she is beautiful, she is his beautiful Chloe. Brady and Chloe end up in bed together making love. Afterwards Chloe tells Brady shes going to have the surgery, and she is hopeful about it, but either way she will marry him. 


July 20, 2005

The kids are heading out of Chez Rouge, and Phillip announces to Shawn, Rex and Mimi that hes ready to start a family with Belle. Shawn tells Phillip that he may be ready to have kids, but is Belle ready? Phillip asks why not? Mimi says the same reason she isnt ready. Rex asks why shes not ready, he thought she wanted to adopt? She says she wants to get married first, settle down together, and maybe buy a house. She says once you have kids it is never the two of them anymore, that is over. Shawn says most people at their age want to wait awhile. Phillip says after everything he and Belle have been through, he and Belle are ready. Philip says life is too short, there are no guarantees. He knows Belle cant wait to hold a baby in his arms.

Meanwhile, John helps a dizzy Marlena to a chair. John feels a fool for not realizing all the signs before now. He also realizes Marlena has been trying to tell him all day. John says he is happy about the baby though. When he sees the look on Belles face he realizes Belle knew as well. John says they always say the husband is the last to know. Kate says as long as it isnt the wife. Belle says mom looks pale so maybe dad should take mom home. John thinks that is a good idea. He also says he needs to let Brady know. John goes to get the car. In private, Belle tells her mom that she has to tell dad the truth. Marlena knows but says to tell him here would be too humiliating. Belle says she is sorry she has put Belle in this position of keeping this secret, and she will tell John when she gets home. She says it will be the toughest thing shell ever do. 

Outside, Billie is upset that Bo and Hope are leaving on a vacation when they have a major clue and they are so close to finding Georgia. Bo says they arent close at all, and if they were then neither of them would be going off sailing. Hope says they dont know where to go, the clue maybe a bunch of gobblygook. Billie says what if it is real? Bo says the ISA cryptographers will work on it, and if they decipher it then he will return. Billie says they will have wasted time waiting for him to return. Bo says there is no use sitting around here waiting. Hope thinks the reason that Billie doesnt want Bo to go is because he will be with her. Billie wonders why Bo didnt tell John about the clue. Bo says hes preoccupied. She says John is ISA. Bo says so is she, and she can pass this clue along herself, she is just as capable as John. Hope says Billie hasnt addressed the earlier issue, she still doesnt think Billie wants Bo to go off sailing with her. Billie swears this isnt about her being jealous or wanting to come between her and Bo. Billie says this is about bringing Georgia home to live with her. Hope asks and where that would be? She explains that she and Chelsea are living at Patricks. Bo thinks Billie is insane for living with the enemy. Billie says Patrick is not the enemy, and Chelsea needed a home. Hope says she thinks what Billie is doing is actually very honorable. Billie says now that shes taking care of Chelsea she thinks about Georgia and how much Georgia needs her. Billie knows this clue could be a trick, but if there is the slightest chance it is for real then they cant dismiss it. She tells Hope that she knows shell never be with Bo, but she cant forget the love they shared that created a child. Billie says if Georgia is out there then she will find her. Bo says they will find her together, he promised her and he meant it. Billie says what if the clue turns out to be real while hes away? Hope says then theyll come back and help her. Billie has a feeling this one is real. Hope says Billie has said that every time she gets a clue, and every clue leads to a trap. Hope says last time she basically used the situation to rape her husband. Hope thinks she is also using Georgia to get to Bo now. Bo refuses to get on this merry go round with them again. He tells Billie that what she did in that pit was wrong, and it wont happen again as they wont be falling into anymore DiMera traps. Billie asks if she is giving up on Georgia? He says no, but Hope and his boys are his priorities. He says he has a copy of the message on his PDA and will examine it, and if the ISA cracks it them hell come home. Billie says well Georgia is her priority 24/7. Bo warns Billie that she is not to go running off on her own, and Georgia isnt the only DiMera victim here, his parents are also missing. He then realizes the search for Georgia has been a big waste of time. Billie asks how he can say that? Bo says what hes saying is that they need to find Tony, and when they find Tony he will lead them to Ma, Victor and Georgia. Billie asks how he knows Tony will help them? Bo says hell make Tony talk.

Phillip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Rex return to the loft and are talking about Marlenas baby. Phillip and Rex are talking about how they cant wait to have their own families. Shawn talks to Mimi and tells her that perhaps she should tell Rex the truth. He says he was wrong to tell her to lie, secrets destroy relationship. He says its just like Belle has to tell Phillip the truth. Mimi says its not the same thing at all. Mimi goes to Rex and asks how it feels to have a little brother or sister? Rex says it wont be his brother or sister unless the father was Romans. Belle says that isnt what Mimi meant, she probably was thinking about how her mom was his and Cassies surrogate. Mimi says yeah sure. Phillip cant believe they are all standing around talking about kids. He thinks they all must want kids, even Shawn. Phillip says hes seen Shawn with Zack and hes great.

Meanwhile, Mimi confides in Belle that she knows the truth about her moms kid and so does she. She explains how she figured it out when Marlena visited her in jail. Mimi says Marlena was ill, and she figured out she was pregnant. Mimi says she did the math. Belle says he mother has to tell her father truth and soon, before he figures it out or learns from someone else. Later, Belle calls her mom at home and once again urges her mom to tell her dad the truth about the baby. Shawn approaches Belle after she gets off the phone, and he asks what is wrong? She says she is just worried about her parents. Shawn tells her not to worry, they are back together and have a baby on the way. He wonders if she is worried about Mimi. He confides in Belle that he knows about the abortion, Mimi told him everything. Belle says it was a mistake, and now she is keeping it a secret from Rex. She says she doesnt respect him enough to tell him the truth. Shawn says that is hypocritical of her, she doesnt want Mimi to keep secrets from Rex but shes keeping one from Phillip. Shawn walks off, and Belle is hit with a pain. Mimi walks up and asks what is wrong? She says it is just her ulcer, that is all. She says a little milk will help it. Mimi thinks something else is wrong.

Kate, Roman, John and Marlena return to the penthouse, and John is doting over Marlena. John tells Kate and Roman they didnt have to come back with them. Kate tells Roman that it would have been wonderful if they could have had another baby too, if he wanted another one. Roman says oh yeah, sure. Meanwhile, Marlena explains to John that Roman knew before he did because he guessed it. Roman explains that Marlena wasnt feeling well one day and made herself herbal tea and crackers when she was pregnant with the other kids. He says John wouldnt have known that because with Eric and Sami as he wasnt there, and with Belle Marlena was still his wife at the time and he thought the baby was his. Roman says he didnt know at the time that John was the one who got her pregnant. Kate suggests she and Roman go, but John wants to know why Roman brought up Belles pregnancy? He says he didnt mean anything by it, he was just explaining how he knew Marlena was pregnant. Marlena tells John to sit down, she has to tell him something. Kate thinks they should go, but Marlena says they both neeed to stay. John asks what is going on? Marlena says she has to tell him something about the baby. 

At Samis place, Sami opens the mail and finds a letter from Will. Lucas shows up and has brought some of Samis things to return, and he says he wants her out of her life forever. Sami begs Lucas not to do this, and she asks what about Will? He says theyll just have to share custody. Sami says Will wrote her a letter and she begins reading it. She says Will was dreaming they were a family. Lucas grabs and reads the rest of the letter. Lucas says that Will then says he woke up and realized it was a dream, that Sami would never change and they would never be a family. Lucas says he is a smart kid. Sami says she doesnt care what anyone believes about her except for him. Sami swears Eugenia and Kate were in on this together, but Lucas thinks she was blackmailing Eugenia. He says all she does is lie to and manipulate him. He says he will never be able to trust her again. Sami asks Lucas why he believes everyone over her? He asks why she thinks? Sami knows she has a history of lying, but he was supposed to be different, he was supposed to be the man who loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. She asks for another chance. He says he already gave her another chance and he loved her, he wanted to marry her. He says she repaid him by sleeping with Brandon before their wedding. Sami says she didnt, but he says hes not stupid. He says she hasnt changed, her blackmailing Eugenia proves that she is still the same manipulative Sami that shes always been. Lucas says he wanted a better life for him and for Will. He says he grew up without a father, and Sami says and a hooker for a mom. He says hes not talking about his mom, but she did what she had to in order to give him a better life. He says when it comes to love neither he nor his mom has had good luck. He talks about how the first woman he ever loved was Carrie, but she was in love with Austin. Sami says and they worked together to break them up. Lucas says yes they were partners, and then he made the biggest mistake of his life and slept with her. She says it wasnt a mistake, it gave them Will, so dont tell her it was a mistake. Sami says she doesnt regret it. Lucas says he loves Will and he is the best thing that has happened to him, but he lost so much time with him because she lied to him about him being Wills father. She says she is sorry about that, he will never know how sorry. He also says he cant put Will through anymore hurt because of her. Sami says she understands why he doesnt trust her, and she loves him so much. She also says she is sorry for all the times that she hurt him, and she doesnt know why she always does these horrible things and hurts the people she loves. Sami breaks down into tears, and Lucas comforts her and says hes here and to stop crying. They end up passionately kissing one another. Lucas stops the kissing and says he cant do this. He says while he loves her, he doesnt love the Sami who lies to him. He says frankly he cant tell them apart. Sami swears on her and Wills life that she did not sleep with Brandon and Kate set her up. Lucas says his mother says that she set herself up and is blaming her, and right now all the evidence and proof points to Sami. Sami says if he loves her then he should trust her, but of course she hasnt earned his trust. Lucas says hes sorry but he cant do this anymore, he wont get burned again by her. Lucas then leaves.


July 21, 2005
At the cottage, Chloe is waiting for Brady to return from an errand. She looks at herself in the mirror and says Brady says he doesnt care about her face, but she does and she hopes Dr. Travis can work miracles on her face. Brady shows up in a tux and she says he looks amazing, is there another wedding or Last Blast she doesnt know about? He says her curiosity can only be satisfied by putting on a dress he has for her and coming with him. Chloe explains to Brady that just because she went to a party for some friends doesnt mean shes ready to go to a fancy restaurant. She says after the surgery shell be ready, and she asks him to be patient. Brady says okay, but he asks her to put the dress on he bought for her anyways. She says okay as long as he understands that shes not going anywhere. Chloe leaves to change, and Brady pulls out the snow globe Chloe gave him and says with this he can take her anywhere. Meanwhile, Chloe puts on her dress and wishes she could see herself as Brady does. She then finds jewelry she thinks belonged to Bradys mother she puts it on, and her scars seem to vanish. She is stunned and runs out to see Brady. Brady is setting up a romantic dinner, and he says she is so beautiful. Chloe says her scars are gone and she doesnt understand. He says it is her inner beauty shining through and he wondered how long it would take her to see it. She says she wants to believe this, but hell have to help her understand. He says she is finally seeing herself the way he sees her, she is absolutely beautiful. They have dinner, and Chloe asks how he did this when he planned to take her out? He says the plan was to stay in the whole time. She smiles and says he cant imagine how happy she is right now. Brady thinks he can. She says she feels like Cinderella at the ball. She then realizes she shouldnt have said that, at midnight Cinderella loses everything. Chloe asks if they have to leave, cant they stay here forever. He says they can if she believes. Brady tells her to go stand in the doorway. She asks why, and he asks her to just do it. She heads to the door, and he tells her to look outside. Outside Brady is making it snow. It turns out he rented a snow machine from Green Mountain lodge. She cant believe he did this for her. He says whatever it takes to make her happy. She whispers something, and they head off to the bedroom. Later Chloe wakes up and finds she still has scars. She says it was all a dream. He says it wasnt, and in his eyes shell always be beautiful.

Belle is on the roof of the loft thinking about Phillip. She sees the flowers up there that Phillip gave her before he went overseas. She soon begins thinking about kissing Shawn, and she tells herself that she must stop as it is being disloyal to Phillip. Belle calls her mom (see below), and later Shawn shows up. He overheard her call, and Belle asks him not to say anything about the baby being Romans. Belle says her family seems to be cursed, every time she thinks everything will be okay something happens. Belle says this baby could ruin her mom and dads marriage. Shawn says what happened really wasnt like an affair, its like they were trapped on an island and didnt know they would get off. He says Marlena and Roman were close and friendly for years, even after they were divorced. Belle says and her dad always had issues with that, and shes afraid what might happen. She says Sami always blamed her for breaking up her parents marriage. Shawn says she was a baby, she is not to blame. She is afraid her parents will split up over this new baby. Shawn says it will be okay, and they kiss. Belle backs off and says she cant do this. He says it is what he heart wants. She says she is Phillips wife, and if she didnt understand the importance of vows before well she does now. Shawn says he has been thinking about that and she is right, she should stay with Phillip. She asks when he realized this? He explains how she needs to be there for Phillip, help him recover and get stronger, and help him eventually realize he can go on with his life without her. Shawn calls it a sacrifice she would be making for the two of them, just like the sacrifice he would make waiting for her. He thinks eventually Phillip will get strong enough to live on his own without her. Belle says she doesnt think Phillip will ever be able to live without her, and what about her vows. She thinks the world would be a better place if people honored their vows. He asks what about love? She says she doesnt know. Shawn says he knows she loves him, and he will wait as long as it takes for them to be together. He says he loves her and hell never love anyone else. They share another kiss. Belle worries Phillip may never stop needing her, but Shawn believes he will. He takes her over to the door to show her their initials carved on the door. He says they are still soul mates and they belong together, that will never change. He says plus she is worth waiting for. He just asks her to be faithful to them. She says he wants her to stay married to Phillip but not make love to him. He says he knows it will be difficult. Suddenly Belle says shes going to be sick and runs off. 

At the penthouse, Marlena is about to tell John the truth when the phone rings. It is Belle calling, and she is calling to see how they are doing. John gives the phone to Marlena so she can talk to her. Marlena asks how Phillip is, and Belle says hes asleep. Marlena excuses herself to talk to Belle in private. Belle realizes she hasnt told her dad the truth. Marlena says she was just about to, and she cant bear the thought of hurting him. Belle says dad loves her but she cant wait any longer. Belle tells her mom that she is being too hard on herself, she and Roman were held prison and what happened wasnt their faults. Marlena says but if she had told him earlier then it might have been okay, but now it looks like shes confessing because shes been caught. She tells Belle to learn a lesson from this, always be honest with her husband. Marlena returns, and John asks if Belle is excited about the baby? She says Belle is being supportive. Marlena says she is tired and needs to lie down. She asks John to come up and have some time alone with her. Kate says she and Roman should get going, and John asks them to see themselves out. John and Marlena leave, but Roman refuses to leave. Roman tells Kate that he is not going right now. Kate says John and Marlena are having a baby, they want to be alone. Roman thinks he should make some coffee, but Kate says this isnt their house, they can get coffee elsewhere. Kate realizes Roman knows something she doesnt, and she wants to know what. Roman says he wishes he could spare her this pain. She asks if it is about Marlenas baby? Roman says yes. Roman confesses the truth to Kate, and she is upset. Kate accuses him of making love to Marlena the whole time they were in that castle. Roman says it was only one time, and they thought they would never get out of the castle. Roman says they were chained together and in the same bed, and Tony showed them a live feed of her with John in bed.

Upstairs, Marlena tells John that they need to talk, the truth cant wait one more minute. John realizes something is wrong. MArlena says there is no easy way to say this. She says the baby is Romans and not his. John doesnt understand how this can be. Marlena hates having to tell him this. John thinks Roman took advantage of her in the castle and that is why Roman made that cheap shot comment about Belle. Marlena says no, but John thinks he knows what is going on. He says Roman wanted her to sleep with her on the island as well, he guilted or forced her into this. John asks if Roman knows it is his baby. Marlena says yes. John says he is a smug son of a bitch. John rushes out, and Marlena tries to follow. However, she is hit with a pain and sits on the bed.

Downstairs, Kate is lashing out at Roman. She says she and John didnt know he and Marlena were alive, but they did. John says that is a damn good point, and he decks Roman. Roman and John argue, and Marlena approaches the top of the steps. She ends up passing out and tumbles down the steps. Kate lets out a scream, and John runs to her side. John says call 911 quick! 

Hope and Bo arrive at the docks where they are loading the boat up. Hope thinks now that they are all working together they can find Tony. Jack and Jen show up and Jack says he hates to be a naysayer, but he wouldnt count on it. They head onto the boat to enjoy some wine and takeout, and Bo questions Jack why he said they couldnt find Tony. Jack says nobody can beat Tony at his own game, Tony is the master of hide and seek and he has won. Jack says to go after Tony would be too dangerous. Jen is with Jack on this, she doesnt want them hunting down clue and possibly end up getting killed. Bo has something that might reinsure them, and he shows them a bunch of guns he has in a chest. Jen asks if they think they are Rambo? Hope says it is okay, but Jen says it isnt. She says she doesnt want to lose another member of her family. Bo says he understands, but how would she feel if Tony took Jack from her again? Jen says her husband is not going anywhere, she wont lose him to Tony or anyone else. She says isnt that right, she wont lose him again will she. Jack promises her that Tony wont take him away from her again, and they kiss. Bo and Jack go up top to do some work, and Jen talks to Hope. Hope assures Jen that they will beat Tony, and she and Bo have never had a case they couldnt solve. Later, Hope asks Jen not to freak out, but in the unlikely event something happened to her and Bo, would Jen raise Zack. Jen says yes, but she wants Hope to promise she wont let anything happen to them. Up top, Bo tries to assure Jack that they will find Tony, and he will get Victor, Ma and Cassie back. Jack offers to come with Bo and help him, but Bo thinks Jack needs to be here for Jen. Bo says Jen needs him. Jack says he is right. Jack becomes ill and dizzy, and Bo asks if he is okay? Jack says it is nothing, and he doesnt want Jen to know about this because she would overreact and make her stay in bed for a week. They head back down below, and they hear something up above. Bo goes up top, gun in hand, and finds a man waiting to deliver a package. Bo signs for it and opens it. Its a very nice bottle of champagne. There is also a card that says Bon Voyage and Happy Hunting. There is no name, but they know it is from Tony. Suddenly, the box explodes!


July 22, 2005

At the Lockhart pool, Max and Chelsea are taking a night dip. Max says the best part about swimming at night is that no one can see what is happening in the water. Patrick and Billie are walking and talking about the DiMera riddle. Patrick took a look at it but couldnt help. Billie says its okay and it is hard to concentrate with this heat. Patrick says hes sorry about the no air conditioning, his mom was supposed to save up for it but she blew the cash on something else. Billie says its okay, and a dip in the pool will feel so good. They find Chelsea and Max together, and Patrick becomes upset. Billie tells him not to go hitting Max, that will solve nothing. Billie has a plan though and says follow her. Billie jumps in the pool, and Max swims over to her. Patrick then shows up and joins Chelsea. Max asks Billie what is up? She says nothing, she is just trying to cool off. Max says him to. She thinks he would rather do that with someone else, someone like Chelsea. Max says he and Chelsea were just having some alone time. She says it looks like Chelsea is with Patrick now. Billie says she could go take a cold shower if he needs alone time, but Max says no. Max says they can use this time to get to know one another. Billie asks what a big hot shot like him is doing with a little nobody like Chelsea? He says he likes her, but he wouldnt mind being with an older and more experienced woman, someone like her. She asks if she isnt a little mature for him? He says he doesnt think so. He suggests they go on a date, and she says sure why not. He says there is a dance at Alices, but if she cant make it because it is so last minute then hell take Chelsea. She says shell go with him. Meanwhile, Chelsea talks to Patrick about what she is up to with Max. Chelsea says there is a dance contest at Alices tonight and she wanted Max to enter with her. She says the winner gets a new car. Patrick doesnt like the sound of her taking Max because Max will expect something. Patrick thinks he knows just what Max wants in return for taking her to the dance. Chelsea says its not that big of a deal, and she needs a car for work and college. Patrick offers to loan her money, but she refuses. She says shes going to the dance and there is nothing he can do to change his mind. He says he really wants to help, so she says he could take her instead of Max. Patrick eventually agrees to take Chelsea to the dance. 

At Jack and Jens, Frankie is in the garage unpacking a box and looking for something. He opens a box and finds a photo of Jen. Meanwhile, Abby is staying with Jo and Vern, and Jack talks with Jen. She is upset about the exploding champagne bottle on the boat. Bo threw the bottle away instead of opening it, and that is when it exploded. Jack says Bo was smart and suspicious; they wouldnt have fallen for that trick. Still, Jen says this is dangerous what they are up to. Jack defends what Bo and Hope are doing, and he admits he offered to help them. Jen begs Jack not to go after Tony. Jack says he wont, Bo talked him out of it. Jen says good, but says since when did he ever let anyone tell him no to anything? Jack thinks about Lexie telling him he might have three months to live. Jack just says he needs to be here with his wife and family. Jen says something is going on with him and she demands he tell her what it is. She says he doesnt have his same spunk and hes always tired. He says he is just tired because of everything that has happened to him over the past few months. Jack falls ill, and she asks what is wrong. He says he just thinks hes getting a migraine. Jen runs to get him something, and Jack takes some medicine Lexie gave him. He begs God not to take him now. Jen returns with aspirin and wants him to see Lexie again. Jack assures her that hell be fine. Jack lays down on the couch to rest. Later, Jen hears a sound and thinks someone is in the garage. She grabs a fireplace poker and goes to check on things. 

In the garage, Frankie is looking through his things and has flashbacks to when he and Jen were in high school. Jen ends up running up behind Frankie and clubbing him. He falls down, and he says relax it is me! Jen says she is so sorry and runs to check on him. She asks if he is okay, and she says she is just a little jumpy tonight. She tells him about being on Bo and Hopes boat earlier and how Tony sent them an exploding bottle of champagne. Jen says shes so afraid she might lose Jack, but Frankie holds her and says she wont lose Jack again. Jen asks Frankie what hes doing out here? He says he picked up some stuff he was storing over at the Bradys. He says he wont clutter up her garage, but she says Jack is the king of clutter so dont worry about it. Jen looks in the box and sees an old photo of them together. They look through the boxes and Frankie finds his old mood ring. She thinks she lost hers, so Frankie offers him hers. They remember when they gave these rings to one another, it was at a Bruce Springstine concert. She asks why he kept all this stuff? He says he guesses he wanted to give it to the girl he married. She says but this is their stuff, why give it to some other woman. He says when he boxed this up he thought she would be the girl he married. He says that was a lifetime ago though, way before Eve Donovan (GASP!) and the others. He says still, this box brings back great memories. She then finds something else in the box and cant believe he held onto this. He says if something is worth holding onto then he never lets go. Jen finds a tape that they made of their favorite songs. Jen finds an old tape player and plays the song. Stand by Me comes on. She says this is like a blast from the past.

Meanwhile, Jack dreams about his death and funeral. He dreams about being at his house where the wake is going on. Jack goes inside where Chelsea is telling Billie that Abby is upstairs and wont come down. Meanwhile, Sami tells Roman that she cant believe Jack is gone as he is one of the few people who believed in her. She says at least hes gone and doesnt have to see Patrick getting his hooks into Jen. Patrick is comforting Jen, and Jack yells at Patrick to get his hands off of her. Patrick looks at Jack and asks what hes going to do, hes dead. Roman tells Sami they should go. Jack begs them not to go and let Patrick get his hooks into Jen. Meanwhile, Celeste gets a look and Lexie asks if she is getting a vibe about something. Jack says hes here, and he says Cross over children come into the light. He says hes very worried about Jennifer and Celeste has to help him get through to her. Celeste ends up telling Lexie that its a false alarm, she is sensing nothing. She says Jack is dead and gone. They too leave. Jack says this cant be happening, he has to stop Patrick. Patrick tells Jack it is too late, Jen is his and there is nothing he can do. Jack says Jen is too smart to fall for him. Patrick says Jen will end up with someone, and it wont be Jack. Jack wakes up and begins running around looking for Jen. He goes out to the garage and sees her bonding with Frankie over their old things. 

John and Marlena (on a stretcher) arrive in the ER, and LExie rushes to help Marlena to find what happened. He explains, and she has Marlena brought into a cubicle. Roman and Kate show up, and Roman asks how Marlena is. John tells Kate to get out him of here. Roman says he has every right to be here. John says get him out of here. Kate drags Roman off and says John has a lot to deal with right now. Sami shows up and asks her dad what happened, how did mom fall? Sami thinks Kate did something, maybe she pushed Marlena down the stairs. Roman says Kate had nothing to do with it, this is his fault. Sami asks how this is his fault? He says he got mom pregnant and now she could lose the baby and her life. Sami says this all makes sense, Kate did do something. Sami says Kate was jealous, and if her mom loses the baby then the death will be on her head. Sami says this proves her parents love one another and belong together. Roman tells Sami to stop it, he tells her how the accident really happened and tells her to drop it. Sami storms off, and Roman tells Kate that hes sorry. She says its the same old story, Sami wants someone to blame and she blames her. Roman and Kate still havent had a chance to talk. Kate says there is nothing to talk about, he made love to Marlena and lied to her about it. She says she has no words for him right now and says she needs time. She walks off. Later, Sami apologizes to her father, but he says she owes Kate an apology. Sami says shell do it for him. Roman goes to check on Marlena, and Sami tells Kate that she is sorry for accusing her of trying to kill her mothers baby. She says she was upset. Kate tells Sami to save it, she knows her father asked her to do this. Sami says he did, and she would do anything for her father. She also says shes going to prove to her father what a bitch hes married to. Kate says she needs to work on her apology. Sami says she said she was sorry, now go to hell. Sami then storms off.

Belle shows up and hugs her dad. Phillip and Shawn are also there. Phillip knows Shawn and Belle were on the roof together when Kate called him about the news, and he wants to know why they were on the roof. Shawn says he went up to the roof to cool off and Belle was up there on the phone, and she was upset. Phillip wants to know why. Phillip knows Shawn knows more, but Shawn says ask his wife as this isnt his business.

Meanwhile, John hugs Belle as they wait for news on MArlena. Belle asks what happened, and John tells her the whole truth. John is stunned when Belle admits she knew the truth about the baby. Belle says mom was a wreck and wanted to tell him, but she was afraid of losing him. John says she should have been able to tell him anything. Belle says all that matters now is that mom and the baby are okay. Later, Phillip talks to Belle to see how she is doing. Belle keeps grabbing her stomach, but insists it is just her ulcer. Phillip asks what happened up on the roof with her and Shawn? What got her so upset? Belle remembers Shawn offering to wait for her because he loves her. Belle says Shawn heard her on the phone with her mom, he found out the baby is Romans. Phillip says he doesnt know what to say. She says it isnt what he is thinking. Belle excuses herself to go off and get water. She sits down and wonders what is wrong with her. 

Lexie works on Marlena. Lexie says her pupils are dilated. Lexie talks to Marlena and says she is strong and can get through this. MArlenas blood pressure sky rockets, and Lexie says shes at risk for a heart attack, stroke or seizure if they dont do something. Marlena begins twitching and now her eyes are wide open. Later, John goes in to see Marlena after Lexie stabilizes her. She is conscious now, and she tells John that she is so sorry. John tells her that she hasnt done anything to apologize for, and he wants her to focus on getting well for him, the kids and the baby. Suddenly, Marlena passes out and the monitors beep. Lexie tells John to stand back. Lexie stabilizes Marlena again and says they are just going to have to watch her closely. John takes Marlenas hand and says shell be okay and get through this, theyll get through this together. Roman watches them from the distance. Kate soon shows up to check on Marlena. John says she is stable. Sami walks in and says they shouldnt be here, her father should be by her moms side. John wants Sami out of here, but Sami says shes going no where. Sami says Roman is the one she truly loves. Marlena wakes up and tells them to stop fighting. Marlenas monitors beep again, and Lexie throws them all out. John tells Sami that she should be proud of herself, her mother was stable until she came along. John says if anything happens to her then hell hold Sami responsible. 

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