July 25, 2005

Jen and Frankie continue to listen to their old tape in the garage as Jack approaches. He says Frankie, of course. Jack walks in, and Jen says they were talking a trip down memory lane. Frankie hopes Jack doesnt think he was out of line. Jack says no and they were great friends and he hopes theyll always be close. Frankie asks Jack if he is sure he and Max can stay here. Jack says he is a good guy, unlike Patrick. Frankie says he just doesnt want to over stay his welcome the way that Patrick obviously did. Jack says it isnt a problem, and while it is a small apartment, Max will be on the circuit so he wont be here much. Jack says he can stay as long as he needs. Jack thinks they should take the party inside and hell mix up some of his hot hot hot jalapeno dip. Jack congas out of the garage, and Jen and Frankie wonder what is up with Jack. Frankie says its not financial or legal trouble, and there are no other women. Outside, Jack realizes Frankie will be perfect for Jen. He has a dream of the future in which Jen is missing Jack and hugging his photo. Frankie is there to comfort her and help her get over Jack. Frankie tells Jen she has to go on for her kids, and Patrick wont be coming around anymore. Frankie says he told Patrick to stay away because that is how Jack would have wanted it. Jen says she misses Jack so much, and Frankie tells her that hell take care of her until she and Jack meet again in heaven. Jacks weird daydream ends and he says this is the only way. Later they all end up in the living room of the house, and Jack wants to play truth or dare, but the dare part will be to eat his hot hot hot jalapeno dip. Jen says it is hot so Frankie should consider himself warned. Frankie goes first, and Jack asks him what he looks for in the perfect woman. Frankie says she would have to be intelligent, kind, beautiful, have a great sense of humor, be a good mother and wife, and be able to put up with him. Jack says so he is looking for the someone like Jennifer. Jen says Jack! Frankie tries to change the course of the game and tries the dip as a dare. He shovels a bunch into his mouth and runs for some water (which would make it worse actually). Frankie goes next and asks Jack where he sees himself in five years. Jack says that is easy, heaven. Jen says what? He says he means here with her of course, which is like heaven. Jen says that is it, she is exercising her prerogative as hostess and they are playing a new game. Jen says this will be a game she always wins. They play scrabble instead. Jen says she likes this game much better than truth or dare, or truth or death as she thinks of it. Jack says the only reason she likes playing this game is because she likes to dazzle people with her word skills. They argue, and Frankie asks if they always have this much fun when they play games? Jack says this much and more, just hang around. We see another one of Jacks visions, this time Jen and Frankie are playing scrabble and Jacks photo is there with them. Jen says Frankie is so sweet to always include Jack in their games. They discuss that one night they played together. Frankie says he knows Jack was the love of her life. She says he was, and she doesnt know if she can love another man like that again. She tells Frankie that she loves him though, and he is so great with Jack Jr. and with Abby. He says he loves her kids and is just trying to be a good step-father. He says Jack is a tough act to follow. Jack, dressed as an angel, shows up and watches over them and smiles. Jen thinks Jack is in heaven watching over them. Jacks dream ends, and he adds up the score. Jen and Frankie tie. Jack congratulates both of them and says this was fun. He says to really celebrate they should go out. He tells them to stay right here and hell be right back. Jack returns dressed up as a cowboy, and Jen and Frankie stare at him. He throws some clothes to them and says throw on their duds, hop on a horse and they should go paint this cow town red. Jen says he just had a migraine, but Jack says that was hours ago and hes good as new. He says there is a dance contest at Alices for a new car and Trick Pony is performing. Jen says he wants them to enter a dance contest? Jack does a little cheer and dances with Jen.

At the hospital, Shawn tells Belle that she needs to sit down and relax, and he offers to get her something. An insulted Phillip says he can take care of his wife. Meanwhile, Sami is a wreck and says mom cant lose the baby. Roman tells her not to get worked up, but Sami says this is her sibling. Kate tells Sami to give it a rest, Roman is upset too. Sami thinks Kate and John would love it if her mom lost the baby. Roman says that is enough, and he suggests Sami go to the chapel and say a prayer. Lexie comes out and tells everyone that shes sorry but they couldnt save the baby. John asks what about MArlena? LExie gives them a look. Sami asks what is it, is her mother going to die? Lexie says her condition is critical, she has bleeding from the miscarriage and head trauma from the fall. Sami tells Lexie to do something more, but Lexie says they can only wait for her to wake up and assess her situation then. John wants to see her, but Lexie asks for a few more minutes. Belle hugs John and says she has to be okay. Sami cries to Roman about how this shouldnt have happened, they could have been a family again. Kate talks to Phillip. Phillip tells Kate he should be with Roman, but Kate says she doesnt think Roman needs her right now. She decides to go to the cafeteria. Phillip tells Belle how sorry he if for her and if there is anything he can do? She says she just has to stay strong for her mom and dad right now. Phillip is worried about his mom and goes off to check on her. Belle goes back to John and tells him that everything will be okay, and that mom is strong. Belle becomes ill, and John asks if she is okay? Belle says it is nothing and shell be okay. She decides to go call Brady to give him the news. Lexie comes back out, and Roman and John both want to see Marlena. Lexie suggests John go first. John goes in, and Sami is furious and says the last person mom will want to see is John. She thinks her dad should be with her mom. Roman tells Sami to stop it, there is enough blame to go around for everyone. John goes in and tells Marlena that they all need her so much, all her children need her. Marlena wakes up and calls out Johns name. She asks about the baby, and he tells her that the baby didnt make it. He says she miscarried the baby, and Marlena begins to cry. Belle arrives to comfort her mom who is mourning the loss of the baby. Roman hears her crying and it eats him up. Meanwhile, Marlena seems to go into shock, she just sits there in a catatonic state. Lexie shows up and questions Marlena, but she doesnt respond. John asks what is going on? Lexie asks John and Belle to wait outside. 

In the cafeteria, Rex brings Mimi a drink. Rex cant believe the news that hell have a brother or sister, if Marlena and the baby are okay. Mimi apologizes for not telling him about the baby, but Marlena asked her not to. Rex says it is okay. He says he just hopes she doesnt lose the baby. Mimi begins to think about her abortion. Rex knows something else is bothering her and he thinks he knows what. Rex thinks shes still keeping something from him, and it has to do with whatever she and Jan were fighting about. Mimi gives him the same lie about Jan trying to break them up by claiming it was her fault she couldnt have kids, but Rex isnt buying it. He thinks there is something bigger going on. Rex asks Mimi if there is a secret that she doesnt want him to know. Phillip and Kate show up just in time, and Mimi learns Marlena miscarried and Belle is a wreck. Mimi runs off to check on Belle. 

Phillip asks his mom how shes really doing. She says she knows Roman is hurt and she wishes she could help him. Phillip says shes been through a lot. She says Roman and MArlenas keeping this a secret was a shock, and she wonders if they were ever going to tell her and John. She says this whole situation is difficult, and she knows John is hurting too. Phillip says he knows Roman and Marlena are hurting as well. Kate says it is going to be hard for them to get their lives back on track, and she knows this sounds terrible, but things would have been worse if Marlena hadnt lost the baby. Sami walks up and says so the truth is out, she didnt want her mom to have the baby. Phillip tells Sami that now is not the time. Sami tells Phillip not to protect her. Sami says she has known how Kate felt all along and now her dad will know how evil she really is. Sami tells her that she really is a sick bitch. Phillip tells Sami to watch her mouth, but Sami tells Phillip that he doesnt know half of what Kate has done. She says Kate poisoned her relationship with Lucas with all her lies and schemes and now it is payback time. Kate says here we go with the threats again. Sami says she doesnt have to sink to Kates level and use someone else to do her dirty work, all she has to do is open peoples eyes to who she really is. Roman shows up and yells at Sami and says he told her to stay away from Kate. Phillip leaves to check on Belle, and Roman tells Sami that she and Kate should not be together. Kate says she agrees completely and tells Sami to leave. Sami says no way, not until she tells her dad what Kate just said. Roman asks what shes talking about? Sami says he should know what kind of woman he is married to. She says Kate just told Phillip that she was glad mom lost the baby. Sami tells her dad that Kate has no conscience, she is evil, divorce her and tell her that he never wants to see her again. Roman tells Sami not to tell him what to do. Sami says he cant really stay with her after this. Roman says he knows Sami doesnt like it, but her mother is married to John and he is married to Kate. Roman says he and Kate have to talk, and Kate suggests Sami listen to her dad and leave. Sami says given the way Kate screwed with her life, she wont butt out of Kates. Sami says Kate was glad mom lost the baby. Roman asks Kate if that is how she really feels? Rex shows up and then says Marlena just went into cardiac arrest, she is alive though. Roman and Sami run off with Rex leaving Kate alone. 

Back near Marlenas cubicle, Rex, Shawn and Mimi are there. Belle comes out and Shawn asks if everything is okay? Belle cries no. Lexie calls out Code Blue we are losing her! Belle then passes out, and Shawn catches her. Phillip wheels up at this point. Lexie insists Belle be examined, and she takes her to a cubicle. Lexie then tells John that Belle seems to be okay, she was only out a few seconds. Lexie says theyve run more blood work and are waiting on the labs. She then tells John that Marlena went into cardiac arrest. Lexie says it was a close call, she was unconscious but her heart rate and blood pressure have stabilized. She says they still have to wait until she regains consciousness, and shes called in some specialists. Phillip asks Lexie if Belles condition is more serious than an ulcer? Lexie says she is stable and that is what matters. Phillip goes in to see Belle, and Lexie puts a rush on her tests. Shawn asks Phil if he can come with him, and Phil says yeah. They go in to see Belle, and she asks how her mom is. Shawn says she is doing better. Phillip is worried about her and feels responsible. He says he should be taking care of her right now, but instead shes taking care of him. Shawn says he hasnt made things better either. Phillip asks what that means? Shawn says hes just been worried about her and has been bugging her. Phillip asks about what? Belle says Shawn has just been telling her to take better care of herself. Belle asks for Mimi, so Shawn goes to get her. Phillip tells Belle to relax, and he leaves. Mimi comes in to see Belle, and Belle asks about her mom. Mimi tells her what she knows. As they talk about the baby, they begin talking about Mimis abortion. Belle urges Mimi to tell Rex the truth, and she uses her mom as an example. Belle says the longer she waits to tell him the worse it gets. Mimi says she is just so scared of losing him. Belle says if she keeps living this lie then she will lose him. They are unaware Rex is around the corner and listening to everything. Belle says Rex deserves to know that she was pregnant with his baby. Mimi tells Belle to hush up as Rex will hear. Rex walks in, and Mimi says Belle is sick and doesnt know what shes saying. Belle tells Mimi to stop it. Belle says thank God he finally knows the truth. Rex walks off, and Mimi asks Belle how she could do this to her? Mimi says she thought she was her friend. Belle says she is and she cant keep watching her destroy her life and his. Mimi damns Belle and runs after Rex. Shawn comes in and asks where Mimi went? Belle explains what happened, and she fears Mimi hates her. Shawn says Mimi doesnt hate Belle, and shell get over it. Shawn says her mom will be okay, theyll figure out what is wrong with her, and then Phillip will be walking again. Shawn says then shell be able to tell Phillip the truth about them. Belle begins crying, and he tells her not to cry. She says she dreams about being with him all the time, and she thinks it is awful. He says it isnt. She says she wants her future to be with him, and she hugs him. She says she has made such a mess of her life. Shawn comforts her and says she did the right thing in regards to Mimi and Rex. Belle says lies destroy so many lives, just look at her mom and dad for proof. Shawn says he loves her, and for her to promise not to let anything else come between them. She says she promises. She says shes made a decision, shes going to stay with Phillip until hes well enough to know the truth. She thinks once Phillip knows the truth he wont stand in their way, hell give her an annulment. They kiss and hug. Meanwhile, the nurses discuss Belles test results. She says Belle doesnt have an ulcer, shes pregnant. The nurse thinks that at least there is some good news for that family considering her mother lost her baby. 

Mimi follows Rex and begs him to talk to her. He says so now she wants to talk. He says he thought she couldnt get pregnant, so when did this miracle occur? She says she didnt want him to find out like this. He says she never wanted him to find out at all. Mimi admits to Rex that she was pregnant and shes sorry she didnt tell him. She says she tried to talk to him, but he kept saying he wanted kids someday. Rex realizes Mimi had an abortion. Mimi says she did. 

Phillip is with Kate, and he tries to urge her not to give up on Roman. She excuses herself for a moment and walks off. She goes to where Marlena and the others are.

John goes to be with Marlena. She is still in her catatonic state. He begs MArlena to hang in there. He says if she comes back then hell find a way to make this all work out. Later Sami and Roman show up, Marlena is now asleep. Roman asks how she is doing, and John says the same. Sami tells Marlena that she loves her so much and to wake up. Marlena then wakes up. Sami is thrilled and tells her mom this is so great. Sami asks her to say something, but she wont speak. Lexie arrives, and Marlena looks around. Lexie asks Marlena how she is feeling. Marlena asks what they are doing here and who are they. 


July 26, 2005

At Alices Bar, Billie is dancing with Max, and shes working to keep his hands off her more private areas. Meanwhile, Patrick is dancing with Chelsea. Maggie storms in and is furious. She confronts Bonnie about her spending habits. Maggie says Mickeys credit card company called today and Bonnie is busted. Maggie holds up a statement. Bonnie says she didnt steal squat, Mickey said her credit wasnt being cut off until tomorrow so the card was legally still hers. She says she bought a few things. Maggie says it seems she bought half the internet, several department stores and a car. Bonnie begins crying and says her heart was broken when Mickey dumped her, doesnt she deserve something for her pain and suffering. Maggie says she deserves something all right. Bonnie says listen red, but Maggie tells her not to call her that. Bonnie says fine, listen gray with a henna rinse, she doesnt have time to talk about these purchase right now as she has a contest to judge. Bonnie says people have come from all over to win the sports car shes giving away. Maggie says yeah, the car she charged to Mickeys credit card! Bonnie kisses her hand and then smacks her butt as she walks off. Bonnie takes the stage and starts the contest. She also introduces Trick Pony to provide the music. 

Jack, Jen and Frankie show up. Jen cant believe Jack got them to wear these outfits. Jack says it is a two step contest so they have to have the right duds. Jack then sees Chelsea with Patrick and hes not pleased. He also sees Billie with Max. He wonders what is going on here. Frankie says he doesnt know what is going on. Jack says it looks like Max and Billie are on a date. Abby shows up and says they are. Jack asks what she is doing here in a bar? Abby says Chelsea wanted to enter the contest to win the car. Jack says why cant Chelsea understand that Patrick is too old for her. Abby says she wasnt supposed to be with Patrick, Max was supposed to be her date. Frankie realizes Billie and Patrick probably decided that wasnt a good idea. Abby says yes, so Billie brought Max and Patrick brought Chelsea. Frankie says they are doing the right thing, Max is nothing but trouble, especially when it comes to impressionable young women.

Max dances with Billie and says she is making it kind of hard. She says excuse me? He says to concentrate on dancing. Billie laughs and asks if that line works for him? He says usually, but he is always up for new challenges. Meanwhile, Chelsea gives them dirty looks at tells Patrick that Billie is coming onto Max like Mrs. Robinson. Patrick says she is just keeping him preoccupied to protect her from him. Chelsea says she doesnt need protecting, but Patrick begs to differ. Patrick says he doesnt like seeing grown men take advantage of innocent young girls. Chelsea says she isnt a girl, she is 18. She also says he knows she isnt innocent, he caught her and Max in his car. Patrick hopes she doesnt do that again. Chelsea asks if he is just worried about her or if he is jealous? 

Trick Pony begins playing, and the contest begins. Max doesnt need the car, but wants to win it for Billie. She says why, so Ill owe you something? Meanwhile, Jack insists he and Jen dance in the contest. Frankie dances with Abby, and Chelsea with Patrick. Trick Pony plays the song Poor Me as everyone dances. Jack ends up pulling something and runs off. Jen chases after him to see what is wrong. Billie sees Jack and Jen leave, so she goes after them, pulling Max with her. Abby and Frankie go over to Jack, and Frankie asks if he should call a doctor. Jack says no, he just has a stitch in his side. He says hell have to drop out, but he wants Jen to keep dancing with Frankie. Jen says she doesnt need a sports car, but Jack insists. Billie says shell sit with Jack so Jen can dance. Jen says if Jack insists on this, and he says he does. Jen tells Billie if he is not better in a few minutes then . . . Billie says shell come get her. Jen and Frankie go out to dance, as do Max and Abby. Abby tells Max if they win then Chelsea gets the car. Jack wants Billie to go watch Max and Abby, but she wont. On the dance floor, Jen and Frankie talk, and Frankie says Jack isnt sick is he? Jen says no, Lexie just gave him a complete physical.

Meanwhile, Billie gives Jack something to drink, and she knows something is wrong with him. She says he is pale and not breathing well. She thinks Jack needs to get checked out. Jack says hes been there and done that. Jack opens up to Billie and tells her that hes dying and he doesnt have much time left. Jack says hes dying and hes making piece with it. Billie says that isnt good enough, he needs to get another opinion. Jack says Lexie consulted with multiple specialists. Jack says they all concurred that he was a dead man walking. Billie thinks Jen and Abby must be devastated. He says they dont know, and he wont tell them and let their time left with him become a death watch. Billie thinks they deserve to know, but Jack says he cant tell them that they are going to lose him again when they just got him back. Jack swears Billie to secrecy, but Billie says Jen will never forgive her if she learns she knew and didnt tell her. Jack says they have always been there for one another and he needs her now. Billie agrees not to tell Jen, and she asks what his plan is. Jack says hes engineered it for Frankie to replace him. Billie calls him nuts and says he cant orchestrate a romance. Jack says that is the beautiful part, he doesnt need to work at it. He says part of them still love one another. Billie thinks this is insane, but Jack says he wants what is best for his family. Jack says Frankie never married because he could never replace Jen. Billie realizes hes doing this to keep Patrick away from Jen. Jack says he cant stand for Patrick to be around Jen or the kids, this is something he has to do to protect his family.

Trick Pony begins performing a cover of Its a Heartache for the next part of the contest. Bonnie begins to eliminate couples. Jen and Frankie are eliminated, as are Abby and Max. They all come over to see Jack and Billie, and Jack insists to Jen that he is fine. Billie just smiles. Jen asks Billie if Jack is telling the truth? Jack insists he is fine and to prove it he suggests he and Billie go out and dance (after the contest has ended). 

Meanwhile, Patrick and Chelsea perform some fancy dance moves with Patrick flipping Chelsea all over the place. Bonnie takes to the stage to thank Trick Pony for playing and to choose the winner. Patrick and Chelsea win, and Bonnie decides that the car goes to Chelsea. Bonnie says so there are no hard feelings a round of drinks for everyone on the house.

Chelsea runs over to the others and says she won the car. Abby says she heard, and Billie congratulates her. Max offers to show Chelsea how to handle her car. However, Patrick shows up and offers to check out the car with Chelsea. Patrick tells Max to leave Chelsea alone, and Chelsea wonders what shed ever do without Patrick.

Later, Frankie slow dances with Jen as Jack dances with Billie. Jack tells Billie that Jen and Frankie make a great looking couple.

Outside, Patrick offers to teach Chelsea how to drive a stick. She thanks him and pulls him into a kiss.

Meanwhile, Maggie confronts Bonnie and says she is going to pay for everything she bought, including that car. Bonnie says the hell she is, and if Maggie doesnt drop it then shell sue Mickey for breach of contract, fraud, alienation of affection and anything else she can think of. Maggie says this isnt over. 

At the hospital, Rex is on the roof. Hes a mess after Mimis lies. Mimi comes up to see him. Mimi asks to explain, but he says there is nothing to explain. He says she was pregnant, she didnt tell him, and she had an abortion. He says Jan knew and that is what they were fighting about. Rex says if she was honest with him then maybe Jan wouldnt be in a coma and their baby would be alive. Mimi says every time she tried to tell him, he would go off on how they werent ready for children and what a mistake it would be for them to have children before they were ready. Rex says he was speaking hypothetically, that would have changed when he found she was pregnant. She asks how she was supposed to know that. She says she didnt want him to feel trapped into raising a child and staying with her. He says she didnt think hed stay with the woman he loved, he mother of my child? Mimi says they loved their life the way it was and she didnt want to ruin everything. Rex says well she has. Rex talks about growing up with the DiMeras and how the truth was always kept from him and he hated it. Rex says he thought when they got together those times were over, that she would never keep something from him. He says he guesses he was wrong, and he doesnt know how hell ever be able to trust her again. Rex says he doesnt know how she could live with him, sleep with him and tell him she loved him when she was lying to his face. He says she had to know the truth would come out eventually. She says she did and everyone kept telling her that. Rex asks who else knew besides Jan and Belle? Mimi says her mom, Patrick, and Tek. She says that is why she pleaded guilty, so it wouldnt come out. Rex asks anyone else? She says Marlena knew, and she told Shawn. Rex asks how could she tell all these people and not him? She says it didnt matter what they thought, only what he thought. She says she thought he would hate her. He says he doesnt hate her, but it hurts that she kept it from him. Rex says this is why she cant have children isnt it. Mimi says yes, and it was a freak thing according to the doctor. Rex says all he wanted to do was marry her, have a family and grow old. He says he got over not being able to have kids with her because they could adopt. Mimi says they can still have that life, but he says not after she betrayed everything their relationship was based on. Rex says she was going to spend twenty years in jail rather then tell him the truth, what does that say. She says if she had told him, would he have forgiven her. He doesnt know, but hed like to think so. However he says she didnt tell him and never was going to. Mimi says she is sorry and that every choice she has made has been a mistake. She says she doesnt know what else to say. Rex says there is nothing else to say. He says he told her so many times that lies kill a relationship. Mimi says she only lied because she loved him. Rex says he cant do this anymore. She says she understand and theyll talk more once the shock has worn off. He says they wont, its over. He says hes leaving Salem and taking the job in Chicago. He kisses Mimi on the cheek and says he really did love her. Rex walks off, and Mimi screams after him Rex no! 

Lucas arrives at the hospital because Phillip called him. Lucas asks what is going on. Phillip says he needs Lucas help with their mom. Lucas thought something happened to Marlena. Phillip explains everything that has gone on.

In Marlenas room, Marlena doesnt know who anyone is and she asks why they are staring at her. Marlena asks Lexie, calling her doctor, who these people are. Lexie says they love her and care about her. John says the last thing they want to do is upset her. When John calls her Malrena, Marlena asks who that is. Sami says that is her and says she has to know her own name. Sami says she is her mother Marlena Evans Brady, and this is her dad Roman Brady. Sami says he is the man that . . . John tells Sami to stop it. John says her name is Marlena Evans Black and she is his wife. Marlena asks the doctor to make these people leave, they are not helping her. Sami says they have to get through to her, and John thinks he knows a way.

Meanwhile, Shawn is overjoyed that Belle is going to tell Phillip the truth, that he is the one she loves and wants to be with. Another nurse shows up and gives Belle the news that she is pregnant. The nurse tells Belle that she and Phillip are going to have a baby. Belle and Shawn are stunned, and Shawn says theyll figure out how to handle this and says they will still be together. Phillip wheels up and says one of the nurses said she had important news. Belle says she does. Belle asks how her mom is doing, and he fills her in that she is okay but has amnesia. Phillip says John hopes seeing her will bring her memory back. John shows up and Belle says she just heard about mom, is it true? John says it is.

Sami sees Lucas is at the hospital and she runs to him for comfort. She says she is so glad hes here. He says it will be all right, but Sami says it wont as her mom doesnt remember anyone, not even herself. Everyone heads back in to See Marlena, but Kate tells Shawn not to come as this is family only. Belle goes in to see Marlena, but she doesnt know Belle. Marlena doesnt know any of them and asks them to leave. John calls her doc and to stay calm. She is confused as to who hes talking to. He says she is a doctor too, she is a psychiatrist. John says they are trying to help her. She asks them to tell her who they are, who she is, and how this happened. John explains who he is and who Belle is. Sami introduces herself and talks about Eric, and she introduces Roman. Marlena says she thought she was married to John. Sami says she is, but Roman is the mans she loves. John tells Sami not to confuse her mother. Marlena doesnt understand, and she asks them all to go. Sami tries to hug her, but Marlena freaks out. Everyone leaves, everyone except for Roman. Roman just stands there and stares at her. John talks to Lexie and asks what brought this on. Lexie says it could be physical or it could be psychological. Lexie suggests they let Marlena rest and let her body try and heal itself. Lexie says hopefully this is just temporary. John says and if it isnt then how long will it last? Lexie says it could go on indefinitely. Roman is now listening in. Lexie suggests they not go there, and that the good news is Marlena is okay. She says shell have Marlena moved to a private room, and she leaves to take care of that. Roman and John look at one another, and Roman says not now. John says not now but soon. 

Sami confronts Kate and tells her that this is all her fault, if it werent for her and John then her mom would still have that baby and her parents would be getting back together. Kate tells Sami she is like a broken record and as usual she has everything wrong. Sami says she did everything she could to come between them, just like she set her up to ruin her chance with Lucas. Lucas shows up and tells Sami that is enough. Kate tells Sami she really is out of her mind and someone should lock her up and throw away the key. Lucas tells his mom that is enough and hell handle this. He tells his mom to go be with Roman. Sami says yeah while she still can. Kate leaves, and Lucas tells Sami hes sick and tired of her blaming her mom for everything that goes wrong in her life and everyone elses. He says she needs to take responsibility for her actions, as do her parents. Kate gives Sami a smug look and walks off. Sami vows to wipe that smirk off Kates face, and then she says shell destroy her. 

Kate finds Roman and John talking about why Marlena fell. John thinks it was because Marlena heard them fighting, and Roman says that happened because of his ridiculous jealousy. John says Roman slept with his wife. Roman says now John knows how it feels. MArlena is wheeled off, and John asks if he can go with her? Lexie says not yet. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Belle how much he loves her and couldnt bare it if something happened to her. They kiss, and Shawn watches. Belle goes off with Phillip leaving Shawn alone. Kate sees something is going on between Shawn and Belle and she needs to stop it once and for all. 


July 27, 2005

At Sami's place, Sami is pacing around talking to herself. She is finally wising up and decides to carry a voice recorder in case she needs to capture someone admitting something on tape. She says she has to make Kate pay for what she's done, she has to get revenge. Lucas walks in and says he can't believe it. He tells Sami that she is the same old Sami, always plotting and scheming. He can't believe Sami still blames his mother for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Lucas says his mom is having a really hard time right now, she just found out her husband betrayed her. Sami says well her mom lost her child and has amnesia. Sami says Kate is an evil witch, she admitted that she wanted her mother to lose the baby. Sami says Kate wanted this to happen and is glad it did just like she is glad her scheme to break them up worked. Lucas tells Sami that he told her that if she wanted him to believe that then she would have to come up with proof. Sami says she'll get the proof and when she does he will be begging her to take him back, and he better hope she does. Lucas gets a call from a headhunter who has been looking for jobs for him. He excuses himself to talk to the headhunter. Sami realizes Lucas isn't going to believe a word she says without proof. Later Lucas says he has to go follow up on a job. He asks if she is going to be okay. Sami says she is, she knows what she has to do now to get the proof she needs. After Lucas leaves Sami says she knows how to nail Kate and Eugenia and she knows just the person to help her do it.

At the hospital, John is in with Marlena, who is unconscious. He's talking to her and telling her that everything will be okay. Roman walks up and John tells him to leave as he's not welcomed. Roman says that baby was his so like it or not he has every right to be here. John thinks Roman wants to confuse Marlena while she has amnesia, make her think that she still loves him. Roman says he'd never do that, and he throws John's amnesia in his face and talk about all the horrible things he did for Stefano that he doesn't recall. John suggests they take this outside, and Roman says yes lets. As they argue outside Marlena's room, Kate watches. John decks Roman, and Roman punches him back. Kate is forced to stop them from fighting. John accuses Roman of seducing his wife back in the castle, but Roman says that isn't how it happened. John thinks it is, he thinks Roman guilted her just like he did on the island with his whole "I'm dying make love to me" routine. John says Roman wanted Marlena and he got her. Roman says the truth is he did want to make love to Marlena, and when she asked him to he said yes, that is what he's guilty of. John doesn't believe Roman, but Roman says it is the truth. Roman explains how it was nobody's fault what happened. He says they were under a lot of pressure, they were locked in the castle together and didn't think they'd ever get out. He says Tony was playing mind games with them, he was trying to push them together. John says that just proves it, if Marlena knew what Tony's goal was then she never would have fallen for his tricks. Roman says both he and Marlena tried to be strong, but it was pretty hard when Tony started showing them live video feeds of him and Kate together. Roman says it was pretty obvious by the looks of them that nobody was coming to rescue them, they had lost hope of escaping at that point. John says so now this is his and Kate's fault? Roman says it was no one's fault. Roman says however that once again he was faced with John making love to his wife. Roman says they turned to one another and it happened. John says he'd like to say he understands, but he can't. John says the fact is he and Kate thought they were dead, but Roman and Marlena weren't dead and they also knew he and Kate were alive and thought they were dead. John says what they did was wrong and Roman should have been taking care of Marlena. Roman says he did, and if it wasn't for him and Jack then Marlena and Cassie never would have made it out of the castle alive. John says he's going back to Marlena, which he does. Kate then faces off with Roman and asks when he was making love to Marlena did he even think about her once? Roman says she was always on his mind. Kate doesn't believe that. She also accuses Roman of wishing he and Marlena were still back in that castle as that way he could have his precious Marlena all alone to himself forever. MEanwhile, John sits with Marlena and tells her that he knows this wasn't her fault and he still loves her. He says they will work this out and he will make Roman pay for what he's done.

At Mimi's place, Mimi returns home yelling out to Rex. She finds he's packed up all his things and he's left his set of keys. Mimi breaks down and calls Rex. She leaves him a message saying she knows he's angry and she knows what she did was wrong. She says she only did what she did because she loves him and was afraid of losing him. SHe begs him to call her so they can talk. There is a knock at the door and Mimi hopes it is Rex. It is only Bonnie. Bonnie asks what is up with Rex, he left his resignation at Alice's. Mimi says he's gone, he left her. Bonnie asks if she told him about the abortion? Mimi says no her horrible friend Belle did. Bonnie doesn't think Belle meant to hurt Mimi, but Mimi does. Mimi calls Belle horrible names and says she ruined her life. Bonnie talks to Mimi about not losing hope. Bonnie says when she lost her Mickey she didn't give up on life, as hard as it was she kept going. Mimi says she knows that, and she knows her mom did love Mickey. Bonnie says no man has ever treated her the way Mickey did. However, she says Mickey wasn't her first love, Mimi's father was. Bonnie says what she is saying is that Mimi will find love again, perhaps right here in her very home. Mimi tells her mom not to start with the Shawn thing again. Bonnie says he is the perfect man. Mimi says Shawn loves Belle and she (Mimi) doesn't love Shawn. She tells her mom that the only thing she likes about Shawn are his trust funds. Bonnie says it is just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one, and perhaps Shawn is the right Brady for her. Mimi ends up telling her mom to go. As Bonnie is leaving, Shawn turns up. Mimi tells Shawn that Rex is gone, but Shawn doesn't believe that. Mimi says it is true, he left and it is all thanks to his girlfriend Belle. Mimi says Belle has ruined two more lives. When Shawn tells her about Belle and Phillip coming home, Mimi thinks maybe Phillip knows how to get in touch with Rex. Shawn suggests she not go over there right now as they just got in. He suggests that Mimi wait for Rex to call, which he's sure he will.

At Belle and Phillip's, Shawn helps Belle and Phillip home with some groceries (this happens before the above). Phillip leaves to go call Austin about their mom, and Shawn talks to Belle about what they do next. He thinks they have a lot to work out, but Belle says everything has changed now. She says she is pregnant and she has to tell Phillip. She asks Shawn to leave because she needs to do this in private. Shawn leaves, and Belle sits down with Phillip. She tells him that she has news, she is pregnant. Phillip is of course thrilled, but he sees Belle isn't. She says having this baby is a mistake. He asks why she thinks that? She says she isn't ready and what if she's a horrible mother? He says she won't be. She says but they talked about this and they agreed to wait until she was done with school and he was out of the service. Phillip says sometimes things don't go as they planned them. Phillip is happy and thinks this is wonderful and they are ready for it. He asks Belle what is really bothering her and causing her to have doubts. As Belle is about to say "I'm still in . . . " Shawn and Mimi burst in. Mimi is a mess and wants to know if they've heard from Rex. Phillip says no why. Mimi says he left her, he packed up and left. Phillip can't believe this as all Rex ever talks about is how much he loves her and wants to marry her. He asks what happened? Mimi says Belle happened, Belle couldn't keep her big mouth shut. Belle says that's not true, but Mimi says it is. Mimi tells little Mrs. Perfect Belle that she screamed her secret at the top of her lungs to everyone so everyone at the hospital could hear it. Belle says that isn't true and this isn't her fault. Mimi tells Belle that this time this is Belle's fault. Belle tells Mimi if she had been honest with Rex from the beginning then none of this would have happened. Mimi says that is something coming from her, and Mimi slaps Belle hard.  Mimi says she hates Belle and will never forgive her for this.



July 28, 2005

At the hospital, Kate and Roman are still arguing about Marlena and who Roman wants to be with. Roman assures Kate that all he wanted to do while he was trapped in that castle was get home to her. Kate isn't so sure, and she recalls when he came home the first the he said after they got to the penthouse was who was going to stay there. She thinks he would have loved it if she chose to stay with John that way he could have his precious Marlena all to himself. HE says that is not true. He says he was upset at the time, she had just told him that she sold his house. Kate goes off on Roman for how he berated her for not waiting a year to move on with her life when he had committed adultery with Marlena. Kate says she and John were just two lost souls reaching out to one another, but they had no idea their spouses were alive. Roman says he just explained to John that it was a moment of weakness and need. She says she's not sure they belong together anymore. He asks if she is giving up on them? Kate says no, but she's having her doubts. He asks how he can prove his love to her. SHe says leave the hospital and come home with her. Roman says he can't do that, if Marlena wakes up and remembers she might need him. Kate says his place is at her side, she is his wife. Roman says she needs to understand, he has to be here. Kate says he's making a huge mistake.

At Belle's loft, we see a replay of Mimi going nuts on Belle, blaming her for everything, accusing her of deliberately setting out to hurt her, and then slapping Belle. Phillip demands Mimi tell him what is going on here, why is she blaming Belle? Mimi says she might as well tell Phillip before Belle does. Mimi tells Phillip that she was pregnant and had an abortion, and Belle told Rex and that is why he left her. Belle says she never meant for Rex to hear her. Mimi says she did, and maybe if she had been the one to tell Rex they could have worked this out. Belle says but Mimi was never going to tell Rex, and their relationship was doomed because it was based on a lie. Mimi tells Belle she is one to talk. Phillip calls for a time out and demands to talk to Mimi alone. Shawn takes Belle out in the hall, and they have a talk. Belle can't believe Mimi is blaming her as this is happening to Mimi because she wasn't honest with Rex. Shawn says sort of like how you haven't been honest with Phillip. Belle says the situations are nothing alike. He asks her if she plans to tell Phillip the truth? Belle says she will, but she needs to do this in her own way and time. She says it's not just the three of them anymore, they have this baby to think about and her mother. Belle says she'll do this in her own way and time, but she really doesn't need pressure from him. Back in the apartment, Phillip talks to Mimi. Mimi explains the whole story about the abortion and Jan finding out and blackmailing her. As they are talking, Rex calls Phillip. Phillip talks to him briefly, but when he learns Mimi is there he quickly hangs up. Mimi realizes she has lost Rex forever and she's not going to be getting him back. Belle and Shawn walk in, and when Belle learns about Rex calling and not wanting to talk with Mimi, Belle says she is sorry. Mimi says she bets Belle is, and she thanks Phillip for being a true friend. Mimi and Shawn are about to leave when Belle becomes ill. Phillip asks if it is the baby? Mimi is stunned to learn Belle is pregnant and says isn't this an odd turn of events. Belle drags Mimi off to the side to tell Mimi not to go getting ideas, the baby is Phillip's. Mimi says she wasn't questioning that, though it is an interesting thing to ponder. She tells Belle she is a hypocrite, she hasn't told Phillip that she was going to get an annulment and go live with Shawn, and she probably still is and will take the baby with her. She wonders how Phillip would react to hearing that. Belle says you wouldn't, and Mimi says watch me! Mimi goes over to Phillip, and Shawn asks Mimi what she thinks she's doing. Mimi says she's about to show her good friend Belle that payback is a bitch!

Patrick gives Chelsea lessons in driving her new car, but she's terrible and runs into a bunch of boxes in the alley. Patrick thinks they should continue the lessons tomorrow. He drives home, and she says "Let me put my hand on yours to get a feel for how you handle your stick." They head back to Patrick's place, and Chelsea decides to sit in her new car for awhile and savor it. Patrick leaves her, and she begins daydreaming about making love to Patrick in her car.

At Patrick's, Billie and Max come back, and Max wants to get a party on inside with Billie. Billie says no, let's stay outside and get to know one another. SHe says she'll get them some lemonades, but he wants a beer. Billie says she doesn't drink, and tonight neither is he. As Billie is leaving, Max takes off all his clothes and gets in the pool. He suggests she forget the lemonade and come in with him. She gives him a look and tells him no, they are supposed to be getting to know one another. He gets out of the pool and makes a comment to her that it's okay if she stares, he takes care of his body for beautiful women like her. She says he is pretty sure of himself. He says in his business he has to be sure of himself. Billie gives him a towel and they talk. He asks why she is in Salem, he thought she was a hot shot ISA agent. She says she's not  a hot shot, but she is an agent. She explains she's staying around to try and find her daughter with Bo. She says right now Bo and Hope are off looking for Tony, who may be able to lead them to her daughter as well as Caroline and Victor. Max says Caroline doesn't deserve what has happened to her, she was good to him when no one else was and he only had Frankie to count on. Billie wants to know what is going on between him and Chelsea, and Max says they are using one another. Billie is stunned, but Max says don't be. He says Chelsea is using him so he is accepting it and using her back. Billie asks what she's using him for. Max says she's using him to get to another guy. Billie asks who? Patrick walks up, and he becomes angry that MAx is here. Billie gets it. Max leaves, and Billie tells Patrick that they have a talk. Billie tells Patrick that basically he's been pretty dense, Chelsea has a major crush on him and has been playing him. He says no way. Billie says he doesn't have feelings for her  does he? Patrick says he only has feelings for one woman right now. Billie says "Oh not Jen!" He says now she is the dense one, grabs her and then pulls her into a hot kiss.

Meanwhile, Max hopes in Chelsea's car as she is still daydreaming about Patrick. She yells "Oh I knew you'd come back, make love to me!" When she's sees it is Max she pushes him away. Max knows she was dreaming about her precious Patrick. Chelsea storms off and then sees Billie and Patrick making out. She's not pleased.

On the boat, Bo and Hope are making love and enjoying their cruise. Bo is just sorry they have to work during it, and he says the next port they are docking at could be dangerous and rough. Hope says they will manage, and they will find Tony and get the answers they need. Bo says yes they will. Meanwhile, up on deck the boat's wheel and compass begin turning. Later Bo wakes up and Hope is gone. He finds her up on deck, and she says they are in trouble. She tells him the boat has veered off course and she can't get it back on. Bo and Hope work together to get back on course, and then they lock the wheel. They go back below to make love. Back on deck, an alert light goes off that says a vessel is approaching them. On another boat we see a man. He makes a call to someone and says it seems Bo and Hope have locked the wheel on their boat and now it is back on course. He says he will follow them and keep a safe distance. He also says he'll cloak his boat so theirs can't detect it. The warning light on the Fancy Face III goes off. As the man spies on them, Hope wakes up and has the terrible feeling that someone is watching them. 


July 29, 2005

Brady and Chloe are in bed. Brady watches Chloe sleep and wakes her up by kissing her. She smiles, and he calls her beautiful. She says she was just having the most amazing dream, but it wasnt a dream at all. They kiss some more, and then Chloe sees her face in the mirror. She is bothered by her scars. He says she has her meeting today with the doctor, and she says she knows. He says before she knows it she will be as perfect to herself as she is to him. He says for the rest of her life too, he promises. They kiss some more and make love. Later Brady says as much as hed like to stay here with her all day, he does have a job and she needs to get ready for her appointment with the doctor. He says he loves her and cant wait to marry her. He then goes to start the shower and wants her to join him. Meanwhile, Chloe thinks to herself that if her scars dont heal then she cant marry Brady. She says no matter how much he loves her, she cant do that to him.

At the mansion, Nicole is boozing it up once again. She says she cant believe she considered putting a hit out of Chloe as Brady would suspect her first. She says she just cant believe he wants to kiss Chloe with that face, and the thought of them making love makes her want to hurl. She thinks she needs some help and asks the cosmo shes drinking to give her inspiration. Sami walks in and wonders how old Henderson is as it took him a half hour to answer the door. Nicole screams at Henderson to get Sami out of here, but Sami says save it as it will take him a half an hour to get here. Sami says she needs to get Lucas back and to do so she needs to hang Kate to the nearest tree, is she up for that? Nicole doesnt know why Sami wants to be with Lucas, she was married to him once too. Sami tells Nicole that she knows Eugenia helped Kate frame her, Eugenia admitted to it and she also has evidence. However Sami says she doesnt have that evidence and needs to get it. Nicole says shell help Sami as long as Sami helps her get Brady back, which means getting rid of Chloe. Sami asks how she is supposed to do that? Nicole yells at Sami that she needs Brady back now! Brady walks in, and Sami hides. He says that will never happen, and he says she starts early, drinking and talking to herself. Brady says she lied to him about Chloe and he cant forgive that. Nicole asks how she can be with Chloe when hes had her. Nicole says Chloes face is ugly and scarred. He says Chloe is and always will be beautiful in his eyes. Nicole says maybe if she cut her face then hed pay attention to her. Brady tells her that he wants her out of this house, but she says she lives her. Brady says Bo is out looking for Tony, Victor and Caroline, and when his grandfather comes home then she is going to be in big trouble. Brady also informs her that the Titan board has moved to have her fired, and when Victor returns shell be out of this house. He says fear not though, there are men out there who dont know what shes like that might be willing to take her in. He says he cant believe he ever loved her as she is such an evil bitch, though he should have been able to see it growing up with Sami as a sister. Sami makes a face as she is listening in. Brady also says he suspects she was the nurse who brought the un-sanitized instruments into Chloes last surgery, and hes hired a PI to find that nurse. He says if it turns out to be her then shell wish she was never born. Nicole asks how she is supposed to pull of being a nurse? Nicole says she couldnt pose as a nurse without getting caught, but Brady thinks shed do anything to get what she wants. He says if he finds out she is responsible then she will pay for it. Brady leaves, and Sami comes out. She wonders what Nicole sees in that guy. Nicole warns Sami that she is in just as much trouble as she is, she could reveal she was Stan. Sami says nobody would believe her, but Nicole says Kate would and that means Lucas would. They find they are at an impasse and realize they have to work together. Sami doesnt know how she gets caught up working with people she hates. Sami wants to do her job first, they need to find that proof that Eugenia has. Nicole pours another drink, and Sami says she needs her to think not drink. Nicole says she does her best thinking this way, and she just came up with a hell of an idea. Nicole tells Sami her plan (we dont hear it), and Sami thinks it is perfect. Nicole then wants Sami to come up with a plan to get Brady back. Sami says there is no plan, Brady hates Nicole and will love Chloe until the day he dies. Sami says Nicole has to get out of town, especially before Victor comes back. Nicole says no, shes getting Brady back and for Sami to get with the plan Stan! Sami says fine, shell come up with something.

Chloe meets with Dr. Travis and he wants to do some tests to see how severe her skin condition is. He says if her scars can be removed, hes the one who can do it. They end up talking about her scars, and Chloe says she has her doubts as after every surgery she has had she ends up looking worse. She knows he cant promise her anything, but she feels like her whole future is in his hands. Later he comes back and finds her reading a bridal magazine. He begins talking about his daughter and the dress she wore. The doctor has the test results and says it is complicated, but they have shot. He says if Chloe is up for it then he is, and hell give it everything he has. He talks about how he heard she was a singer, and his daughter was a dancer. He asks if she has made a decision, does she need more time or should they schedule the procedure? 

Later, Brady and Chloe return to the cottage and Brady asks what happened with Chloes appointment? She says she test results arent as good as they thought, but he wants to do the surgery. She thinks she reminds him of his daughter or something. Chloe hasnt made a decision about the surgery and is taking time to think it over. She has made a decision about something else. She takes his hand and asks Brady no matter what happens with or without the, will he marry her? He kisses her. 

At Kate and Romans place, Roman is one the phone with the hospital to find out how Marlena is. Kate catches him and is furious. She says he is addicted to Marlena, hell he wouldnt even sleep in their bed last night. Roman says MArlena has amnesia and needs him right now. Kate says John is her wife, Marlena needs him. Kate says Marlena doesnt need Roman, but Roman obviously needs her. Roman says if she keeps making an issue of this then their marriage isnt going to last long at all. Kate tells him that he is a piece of work, maybe he is the one who wants out because this relationship is a bit crowded right now. Roman tells Kate that he made a mistake not telling her the truth, and he regrets that. However he asks her to have compassion and understanding, he and Marlena were under extreme duress. Roman says they needed comfort and turned to one another. Roman says and to be honest, he and Doc have a history. He says that is why it happened. Kate asks if that is supposed to make her feel better? She wants the truth, is he still in love with Marlena. Roman tells Katie that he loves her, but she says dont call her that now. Roman says the reason he didnt tell her the truth when he got home is not because he didnt love her, but because he was jealous that she was with John and he didnt know maybe if she wanted to stay with John. Roman says maybe Doc was concerned John loved Kate more than her, and maybe that is why she didnt tell him the truth. Roman turns it around and asks if she still has feelings for John? Kate says how dare he accuse her, and she says she and John were two lost souls. She says she and John werent cheating on him and Marlena. She says then they came back and she found out he was alive. He asks if she was disappointed? He says she was about to marry one of the richest men in the country and now she is back to being a cops wife, bummer. Kate says hes not turning this around on her as the question is and always has been can he get over his love for Marlena. He asks if she will ever be able to forgive him, and she says she doesnt know, she needs time. Roman says time wont heal, only love will. He says he loves her very much, but he gets the feeling that shell never believe him. Kate says Marlena lost their baby, and they may all lose their marriages. She says John and Marlenas, and yours and mine. 

At Mimi and Shawns place, Mimi is crying and Shawn talks with her. He says he couldnt sleep earlier, he is living his worst possible nightmare with Belle across the hall pregnant with Phillips baby. Mimi says this is all Belles fault, in one day she ruined all their lives. Shawn defends Belle, but Mimi tells him to stop. She says he always thinks Belle is perfect, but she isnt and doesnt think about anyone but herself. Mimi tells Shawn that he loves Belle and doesnt see things clearly, but she is a woman and she does. Mimi says she thinks maybe Belle got pregnant on purpose so she didnt have to leave Phillip. She says that way she can have her prince Kiriakis and keep Shawn on the side as her lover. Shawn says that isnt true, and this baby wont keep him and Belle from getting back together. Mimi says shes sorry but that baby put a lock on things. Shawn tells her to stop this, she is driving him crazy. Shawn says hes going over to the other loft and putting a stop to all of this once and for all. Mimi tells him no, Belle is counting on that and he will just look like a loser. She tells him not to go over there. Shawn says Belle loves him, but Mimi says she cant compete with Phillips baby. Shawn asks what hes supposed to do then? Mimi tells to wake up, he has lost Belle. She tells Shawn that Belle is doing all of this to make him pay for hurting her, that is why she married Phillip and probably got pregnant. Shawn doesnt believe that, and he thinks Belle will tell Phillip the truth once hes recovered. Mimi says shed pay a million bucks to see that, but she doesnt have a million bucks but it doesnt matter as it wont happen. Mimi says maybe that was the plan before she found out she was pregnant, but not know. Mimi says she knows first hand that a baby changes everything. Mimi says Belle has to be perfect, and a perfect wife doesnt leave her husband when shes pregnant. Shawn says he and Belle will be together, and he runs out of the loft.

At Belle and Phillips, Phillip orders food to be delivered from Chez Rouge for his and Belles breakfast. He ordered all Belles favorites, and he surprises Belle with the breakfast. He says he plans on spoiling her rotten while shes pregnant. He says this is really like their honeymoon, and he is just so happy. He tries to feed her, but she says no and she cant do this. It turns out that she is just having morning sickness, and rushes off. She returns, and Phillip says hes so sorry and hed be sick for her if he could. Phillip eats, and Phillip wants to talk about the fight she and Mimi had. He says she is not to blame and Mimi should have told Rex the truth. Phillip says there was something she said though that stuck in his mind. He says Mimi said payback is a bitch, he found that very odd. Phillip asks Belle what she meant? Belle remembers her private fight with Mimi yesterday and Mimi threatening to tell Phillip that she was planning to annul her marriage to Phillip to be with Shawn. Belle tells Phillip she doesnt know what Mimi meant and that she is just upset. Belle says she is afraid of losing Mimi as a friend. Phillip thinks if she gives Mimi time then shell realize Belle is the best friend she had. Belle says she just cant think about not being friends with Mimi, shes always been her closest girlfriend. Phillip understands, and he tries to distract her from thinking about Mimi. He says they are having a baby, but not just any baby, the best baby. He has a surprise for her, and gives her a baby book. She says this is sweet and she looks at it. She cries, and Phillip knows what is going on here. He says he thinks shes upset that they are having a baby when her mom just lost hers. Phillip says her parents will get over that, they will work out their problems, and soon all of them will be crazy over their baby. 

The show ends with a shot of Belle crying, Shawn banging his fists against the wall, and Mimi saying Belle made her suffer so she will make Belle suffer.

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