May 30, 2005
Typed after I saw the show, so shorter

Inside Jack and Jen's, Jen, Bo and Hope watch a video of Tony being captured and Phillip decking him. Roman calls Bo to inform him that everyone is safe and okay, and they'll be coming home soon. They celebrate, and Bo and Hope kiss. Bo makes a promise to Hope that nothing will come between them again, not even Billie.

Outside Jack and Jen's, we see a replay of Billie catching Jack. She thinks they should tell Jen about this, but Jack says no and insists he's just a little tired and the excitement is getting to him. Jen comes out to give them the news and asks Jack if he's okay? He says he is fine and claims it is Billie who is upset about Phillip, she was just comforting her. Jen gives them the news that everyone is okay and Tony has been caught.

Everyone heads back into Jack and Jen's. Jack says this calls for some champagne and heads to get some. Billie tells Bo that this means they can question Tony about Georgia and finally learn where she is. Billie tells Bo that they will finally be a family. Hope doesn't like this. Meanwhile, Jack's hands are shaking as he tries to open some champagne, and he worries about what is wrong with him. The next time we see him he is unconscious on the floor and blood is coming out of a wound on his head.

At the loft, Belle gets a call from Marlena and learns everyone is okay. After calls from the boys (see below for details), Mimi and Belle discuss what they are going to do. Mimi asks Belle if she's still going to tell Phillip the truth, or has she reconsidered? Belle remains firm in telling Phillip. Mimi says she will have to tell Rex as well. They discuss how this is both the worst day of their lives and the best at the same time. 

At the penthouse, everyone waits for news on the boys. John learns Tony has been captured and everyone is safe. Kate continues to say how odd it is for Sami to be in the middle of a war zone, and she must be up to no good. Both Marlena and Roman worry about why Sami might be there, and Kate can't help but comment she wouldn't be at all surprised if Sami was up to no good. Later Phillip calls to speak with Kate, and she cries when she hears his voice. He asks about Belle, and she says Belle is waiting for him and can't wait for him to come home. Phillip says he can't wait to see her and start their life together. Kate says Belle wants that too. Sami then takes over the phone, calling Phillip a phone hog, and tells Kate to let her speak with her parents. Kate says fine, but she knows Sami was over there helping Tony DiMera. Sami cries as she talks to her parents, and they ask why she is there, what is going on. Sami says they can talk about it later. Meanwhile,  Kate tells John that he knows Sami is up to no good as much as she does. John says when the boys get home then he will get to the bottom of what happened. Later they all discuss Stan, and John says Stan is obviously working for DiMera and the Marines are looking for him. Kate still feels Sami is in on this, but Marlena and Roman defend her. Marlena says Sami would never get involved with Tony after he hurt her and her family so badly. Later, John gets a call and tells Kate that he's afraid he has some bad news. He says Phillip has returned to duty. Kate cries no! 

In the war zone, we see a replay of the marines saving the day, and Phillip decks Tony. The boys tell the marines about Stan, and Tony hints Stan is here and Sami can help them. Lucas asks Sami if she knows Stan? She says no, but she did meet him hear. Brady and the others are suspicious, but Lucas reminds them that she risked her life to save them. Lucas tells Sami in private they will talk later and he wants the truth about Stan. She says she'll tell him everything, she will do whatever it takes to get back into his good graces.

The boys get a hold of some phones and call home. Phillip and Sami call home per the conversations above. Phillip tries to call Belle after Sami is done, but the battery is dead. Meanwhile, Rex calls Mimi. Mimi is glad to hear his voice, but gets chocked up and hands the phone to Belle. Belle tells Rex that Mimi is just very emotional right now. When Shawn hears Rex talking to Belle he insists on talking to her. He wants to tell Phillip the truth now, but she makes him promise not to. SHe says she must do it, and it's not something that she can do over the phone. Shawn eventually says okay.

Meanwhile, Sami goes off to talk to Tony. The marines allow her to see him. Tony is chained to a chair and is furious with her for double-crossing him. He says she will have to pay, but Sami says he's in no position to make threats. He reminds her that he knows who Stan really is and everything Stan has done. She says he has no proof, and he laughs. The bunker comes under attack, and Tony asks Sami to help him escape. He says if she does then he'll protect her secret. She tells him to rot in hell. 

Phillip finds Shawn on the phone with Belle and is not pleased. He wonders why he's talking to Belle. Rex covers and says he called home to talk to Mimi and Belle was there and wanted to know what was going on. Phillip talks to Belle, and she says she's so happy to hear his voice. He says he loves her and is coming home to her. Their conversation gets cut off when the bunker is attacked and the line goes dead.

Phillip asks his commander if he can go back on active duty. The boys and his commander look at him as if he's nuts. Phillip says he signed up for a commitment and wants to fight along side of the men who helped rescue him. Shawn says he won't lert Phillip do this to Belle, not again. Brady calms Shawn down and tells Phillip this is his choice, and he hopes he knows what he's doing. The commander allows Phillip to return and tells him to report to the command center. The rebels are making one final stand, and the boys are sent into the field. We see a shot of Phillip with his troop, and Phillip sees the dune where the rebels are hiding. Phillip thinks he can launch a grenade if he gets close enough, but his men say it's a suicide mission.  Phillip tells his men to cover him.

Lucas discovers Stan's outfit and shows it to the boys. He's sure it is Stan's, and he says there is a long blond hair on it. Sami overhears this and panics. She heads out into the desert crying that nothing is worse than her friends and family finding out the truth about what she's done.


May 31, 2005

At Jens place, Hope tells Jen that she cant begrudge Bo and Billie wanting to find their daughter. Hope says she is getting her son back, and she wants everyone to have a happy ending. Jen says she knows from here on out that everything will be okay. Hope thinks Bo has learned his lesson after this last scare with Shawn, and that he realizes she and the boys are his priority. Hope knows she still has to keep her guard up where Billie is concerned, she doesnt just want her daughter but Bo as well. Jen says but Bo doesnt love her so Billie wont get her claws into him. Hope talks about Billie making love to Bo when he was high on gas fumes, and she says that is how low Billie will sink. Jen says she has nothing to worry about, and Hope says she knows Jen is right. Jen says tonight has restored her faith in all things, she has her husband back, the boys will be back soon, Hope adds and Tony will finally get what he deserves. Jen says once the boys get back they should do a family vacation together; they should go to the Horton Cabin together. Jen thinks they can take turns watching the kids so they can sneak off with their men and have some romance in the woods. Hope thinks it is a great idea. Jen then wonders where Jack is, so she decides to go check on him.

In the dining room we see a replay of Jacks hands shaking and him wondering what is wrong with him. Jack collapses and hits his head. He suffers a gash on his head, which bleeds on the floor. Jack wakes up and calls out to Jen, but he soon passes back out.

Meanwhile, Bo tells Billie that getting the truth out of DiMera wont be easy. Billie says she is convinced that he knows where Georgia is and now that hes been captured they just have to force it out of him. Bo says hell give it a shot, but not to get her hopes up too high. Billie says she knows Georgias fate is in Tonys hands, but she refuses to say that theyll never see their daughter again. Billie goes outside to sulk on a bench. Bo goes out to her and tells her not to give up, they will find their daughter. Bo tells her to have faith. Billie says she has had faith in things before. Billie says she never thought shed lose him. She tells Bo that he has Hope and the boys, but Georgia is all she has. Billie cries that if she loses Georgia then she doesnt know what shell do. Billie says there is nothing to stop Tony from leading them into another wild goose chase. Bo says this is the end of the line for Tony, the ISA will make him talk. Suddenly everyone hears Jen scream and runs to see what has happened.

Jack is sitting up and Jen is attending to his cut head. HE says he is fine and he just tripped and bumped his head. Jen insists he get checked out. Billie ends up telling everyone that Jack is not fine, he passed out on the porch earlier. Jen says they are going to the hospital now. Billie says shell get the car, and Bo and Hope say theyll stay here with the baby.

Hope tells Bo how worried she is about Jack and how Jen was just telling her how happy she was to have her life back. Bo says Jack is probably just still weak from the ordeal he went through. Bo says Jack has had a lot to deal with. Hope is just glad this nightmare is over for all of them. Bo says DiMera is finally in custody. Bo says after all these years it is payback time. Hope asks if he really thinks Tony will cough up the truth? Bo says he will force Tony to tell him where Georgia is so he can bring her home to her mom. Hope hopes that does happen, and she thinks Bo should spend as much time as he can with Georgia. Hope then tells Bo about her and Jens idea for a trip to the Horton Cabin. Bo says he likes that idea. Hope says if Bo finds Georgia in time then she can come with them on the trip. Bo likes the idea too, and Hope says Billie isnt invited though. Bo says that wont be a problem. Hope says Billie has a problem with boundaries, but she can set her straight if she has to. Hope says she knows Billie wants him as well as Georgia, but he is hers. Bo says he loves her and nothing and no one will ever change that. Later, Bo brings Hope some flowers and she says they are beautiful. Unfortunately Bo made the mistake of picking them from Jens garden. Hope says these are the flowers she was growing for the spring flower show, shes been slaving over them since last fall. Hope says its not his fault, but Jen is going to be very unhappy. Bo says theyll replant them. Hope says he cut them. Bo says what are they going to do? Hope says theyll call Gran for help. 

At the hospital, Billie and Jen tell Lexie what has happened to Jack. Jack insists he is just tired and exhausted. Lexie says the cut is superficial, but nevertheless she will clean it up and take some blood for tests. Jack goes with LExie to have the tests done. Jen and Billie talk, and Billie suggests perhaps Jack just has post-traumatic shock response from being held captive. Later Jen and Billie talk to Jack, who is waiting for Lexie to return. She returns and asks to speak with Jack alone, so they leave. Jack asks Lexie what shes up to, what is wrong. Lexie says she just got his test results back and it isnt good.

At the bunker, Shawn decides to call Belle again without Phillip around. Rex says hes not around because hes rejoined the war. Shawn says he just wants to talk to her, he hasnt told Phillip anything. Brady says that news should come from Phillips wife. Shawn storms off, and Brady tells Rex that Belle is making a huge mistake and she is better off with Phillip. Rex asks what hes going to do about it? Brady says Belle can be with whomever she wants to be, and hell only butt in if Shawn decides to tell Phillip what is really going on. Rex says he wont let Shawn do that. Brady says he just hopes his sister doesnt make a big mistake. Rex says maybe when Phillip comes home then Belle will see him and change her mind.

Belle gets a call from Shawn. Belle says she cant talk to him now and to put Phillip on. Shawn says he cant do that. She asks why he wont do it? He says its not that he wont, he cant, Phillip isnt here. Belle tells Shawn good because now she can tell Shawn how mad she is at him. She asks how he could do this? He says he did it to rescue Phillip for her. She says he almost got himself killed in the process. She also says he lied to her again after everything lies have done to them. Shawn says he had no choice, if he told her then she would have told others to stop them. Shawn says if he didnt do this then Phillip might be dead. Belle cries, thanks him for saving Phillip and says she forgives him. They cant wait to see one another, and Belle says she will tell Phillip the truth as soon as he gets home. Shawn says that might take a little while longer, Phillip rejoined his unit and is back in combat. Belle says no! She asks how he could let Phillip do this. Shawn says they tried to talk him out of it but he wouldnt listen. Shawn doesnt know how Phillip could do this to her again. She says he took an oath to his country. She says she took an oath to Phillip, but look what shes doing instead. She thinks she is being unfaithful to Phillip, but Shawn says she has not broke her vows and he understands she wont until their marriage is annulled. Shawn also says he knows she is worried. Belle says of course she is worried. She says Phillip is brave and honorable. Shawn says as soon as this mission is over he will drag Phillip home and then she can tell him the truth. He says that is what she wants isnt it, for them to be together. She says of course, but if something happens to Phillip then they cannot be together.

Lucas goes to try and see Tony as Sami is missing and he thinks Tony may know where she is. Lucas is allowed to go in and see Tony. Lucas asks Tony what hes done with Sami. He says he has no idea where Sami is. Lucas says what about Stan, he could have her and her life could be in terrible danger. Tony laughs uncontrollably. Lucas asks what is so funny? Tony says Stan is not a threat to Sami, well at least not for now. Lucas says he found Stans clothes and he found a long strand of blond hair on them, so at some point she was with him. Tony says he doesnt doubt it, and Stan and Sami spent a lot of time together. Tony tells Lucas not to get jealous though, Stan is working for him. Lucas tells Tony if anything happens to Sami then hell kill him. Later after Lucas leaves, Bart shows up dressed as a marine. He has bolt cutters and gets to work freeing Tony. 

Later, Lucas tells Brady and Rex Sami has run off somewhere and has gotten herself in trouble, and now its up to him to save her. Brady tells Lucas to admit that he still has a thing for Sami. Lucas says she is the mother of his son. Brady wants to know what Sami was doing here, and he decides to make Tony talk. When they go in they find Tony is gone and has fled into the desert. As they look, Lucas sees Sami hiding in the desert. Lucas tells the two of them to find Tony, hes going after Sami. As Tony is sneaking around a marine recaptures him. Bart shows up and relieves him from duty, and the guy leaves. Tony laughs and tells Bart he has earned his raise. 

Sami is out in the desert and bombs are going off around her. She says its either die here or back in Salem. Sami says when everyone finds out what she did then they will burn her at the stake in Salem Place. Sami daydreams about admitting the truth to Lucas so he would convince everyone else to forgive her. However, in her daydream, Lucas refuses to help her after she confesses. Lucas says hell turn her in and give her the lethal injection to her himself this time. Sami cries she is just kidding herself, and she wishes one of those shells would hit her. Sami begins to pray, and she thinks shes not going to get in heaven now. She says she always said she'd turn her life around, but it never seemed to be the right time to do it. She begs God to give her one more chance to change. Lucas eventually shows up to save her. He asks what shes doing out here? She says she thought the bunker was being bombed so she ran out here to hide. Lucas tells her to follow him and do what he says, no arguments. He gives her a kiss for luck, and then they run. Lucas and Sami get back into the bunker, and Sami thanks him for saving her life. Lucas says they owe her for saving them. Sami then says Tony is a monster and would do anything to someone he thinks crossed him. Sami thinks Tony will do something to her for freeing them. She says hell make up a story so everyone hates her. Lucas says hed have to have some rock hard evidence to make people believe him. Sami hopes Tony has no evidence that she was Stan. Rex and Brady show up, and they havent found Tony. Sami is stunned to learn Tony is gone. Brady and Rex go searching for Tony some more, and Sami asks Lucas if his feelings about him have changed? He says hes had a lot of time to think since hes been here, hes seen his life in a whole new light. Lucas says they have to talk when they get back to Salem. Sami is hopeful they could have a future. Lucas says he doesnt want to talk about it now, hes just glad she didnt die. To herself, Sami hopes Tony gets away because her future depends on it. Lucas then says the ISA will want to question her about Stan given Tony claims she spent time with him.

Elsewhere, Tony is now disguised as a marine, and hes caught by Brady. Tony tells Brady if he lets him go then hell make it worth his while. Brady says there is nothing he can give him, but Tony says he can give him Chloe back. Brady says Chloe is dead, but Tony says he can bring her back from the grave. 

Out in the war zone, Phillip risks his life to try and launch a grenade attack on the rebels. He wont allow his mind to be changed by his comrades. He says the sooner this mission is over the sooner he can get home to his wife. HE has his men cover him as he makes his way across the battlefield. A sniper starts shooting at Phillips men, so he tries to take the sniper out. As he tries to take him out, Phillip is shot! Phillips troop radio him and ask if hes okay. Phillip comes too and says hes okay, the bullet hit his flak jacket. He says he broke a rib but he is okay. They tell him to come back in, but he says no way. He says hes going to take out the enemys mortar. Phillip ends up throwing the grenade, and the blast knocks Phillip out. Phillip comes to again, and hes lost and has no idea where he is. He radios his friends and asks for a flare to be sent up. They shoot a flare up, and Phillip finds himself face to face with a landmine sign!


June 1 2005

At the hospital, Lexie tells Jack that the tests show nothing conclusive, which is the bad news. She says they are going to have to draw more blood. Jack says he is fine, but Lexie says he lost consciousness twice in a short period of time. She tells him to let her do this if not for himself then for Jen and the kids. They take some more blood, and Jack doesnt know what they will find as she already checked him out once before when he arrived home. Jack reminds her that he got a clean bill of health from her. Lexie says they need to be careful and its important they find out what is causing his dizzy spells. Lexie says if there is a problem then she wants to get to the bottom of it. 

Jen calls home to Abby about her dad. Jen says her dad is fine, hes just getting checked out. Jen also tells Abby about her and Hopes idea for a family vacation. Jen goes back to Jacks cubicle and hears Lexie talking about the tests. Jen asks LExie if there is a problem with Jack? Jack says nothing is wrong, the tests are inconclusive and Lexie is just being overly cautious. Jen gets a message on her PDA and Abby is getting ready for the camping trip. Jen says Abby is apparently going nuts with the packing. Jen tells Jack about her and Hopes plans for a family vacation. Jen goes to call Abby to make sure she isnt tearing the house apart. Jen leaves, and LExie tells Jack that she wont lie to Jen for him. Jack says as his doctor she has no choice. Jack plans to hold her to doctor patient confidentiality. Lexie says he shouldnt keep this from Jen, and he is in denial that something is wrong. Jack says hes not denying something is wrong. However he asks if she honestly believes these dizzy spells are life threatening. LExie says no, so Jack says then hes going to leave and go home with his wife. Jen returns, and Jen asks if they can go? Lexie says yes. Lexie says Jens husband is . . . . Lexie stops and just says he is impossible. Jen laughs and says she knows that. They leave, and Lexie calls the lab about Jacks tests. Ryan the lab tech says hes working on them now and she should come take a look at them herself. Lexie goes to the lab and looks at Jacks blood work. Ryan says this is highly unusual and it doesnt look good. Lexie looks at his blood under the microscope and says this isnt normal.

Jack and Jen return home and begin preparing for the family camping trip. Jen once again asks Jack if he feels okay? Jack assures her that he is more than okay. Jack starts going through a box of his fishing tackles and lures, and Jack plans on catching tons of fish. Jack says she can clean them and cook them, but Jen says he is the man so he has to clean them. Jack then says with Bo and Hope there to look at the baby they can go into the woods and do some star gazing. Jen says that sounds perfect.

At the bunker, Sami hopes as long as Tony stays gone then nobody will find out what she did, and she says shell stick to her story that she was one of Tonys prisoners too. She says when she gets back to Salem shell focus on getting her life together which includes putting Wills needs first. Lucas shows up and says he couldnt agree more. Sami asks how Will is doing? Lucas says he is doing okay. Lucas says Will was upset with her, he was devastated when the wedding was called off. Lucas says Will wants them to be a family. Sami says that is what she wants too. Lucas says Wills feeling guilty now, Will thinks he was too hard on her and it is his fault she disappeared. Sami feels guilty for putting him through that, but Lucas says Tony took her prisoner and she had no choice. Sami has flashbacks of Tony showing her some video of her mom and dad. Lucas pulls out a laptop and tells Sami its time they let their son know that they are okay. He has a web cam as well, and they make a call to Will on his PC. Will is happy to see them both and together. Will asks his mom what she is doing over there? Sami says she really doesnt know, one minute she was leaving town to think and then next thing she knows shes over here as Tonys prisoner. Will asks if they are getting back together again? Sami says that is a question for his father. Lucas says they dont want to disappoint him again, and this isnt the time to be making those kind of decisions. Sami says his father is right and the important thing is they get home safe. Will says he was just kinda hoping this would bring them closer and remind them how much they mean to one another. 

Shawn calls home to Belle and says hes at the marine base camp right now and Phillip and his buddy Jake havent checked in yet. Belle worries something has happened. Shawn says Phillip isnt a quitter and he hangs tough, which is what she needs to do. Another marine tries to radio Phillip, and Shawn listens in. Belle wants to stay on the phone, but they are cut off. The officer then radios Phillip (see below). Belle calls back, and Shawn tells Belle what theyve learned about Phillips situation. Shawn says it isnt good, Phillip is trapped in a mind field. Belle asks Shawn to let her try and talk to Phillip as she has something to tell him that could save his life. 

Phillip is in the middle of a mine field, and Jake shows up. Phillip tells Jake to stop right there and not to move another but. Suddenly a bomb goes off. Jake is unconscious, and Phillip seems okay. Phillip gets a radio call from an officer back at the base. He tells them that Jake is down and they need help. Phillip is told to fall back, but Phillip says they cant as they are trapped in a middle of a mine field. To make matters worse he is taking enemy fire. He is told not to move until help arrives, but Phillip says he cant leave his friend where is he, out in the open and hurt. Phillip ends up going around taking apart land mines to get to Jake. Suddenly Belle is patched through to Phil. She says she was told he was in trouble. Phillip tells her not to think about that and just think about how much he loves her. Phillip says hes in a tight spot, but shell get him through this as he knows she is home waiting for him. He says he loves her and has to get to his buddy. Suddenly another explosion happens in the field. The bunker Shawn is in also comes under attack! Belle scream as she hears all of this over the phone.

Back at the bunker, Brady holds a gun on Tony, and Tony tells him if he makes it worth his while then hell bring Chloe back from the grave. Brady says Chloe is dead, but Tony says shes alive and will plan a reunion for them. Brady slugs Tony and calls him a sorry son of a bitch for using Chloes memory like that. He says Chloe is dead and there is nothing he can do about it. Tony says he is making a mistake. Brady says Tony is right, he should have killed him. Tony says he has far too much information to be killed, and some of it has to do with Chloe. Tony says he can help Brady if he wants to make a deal. Brady asks how stupid does Tony think he is? Tony says he is not bluffing; Chloe is still very much alive. Brady says then why hasnt he heard from her? Tony says that is an excellent questions, maybe he could ask her himself. Brady says this is just s sick ploy to get him a get out of jail free card. Brady says hed give anything to have Chloe back, but shes dead. Tony says he should have known Brady wouldnt take his word, so hell give him some proof. Tony suggests they call Chloe. Brady says for all he knows he has a computer set up to pretend to be Chloe. Tony says he cant have a computer replicate the voice of such a beautiful soul. Brady asks what hed know about love. Tony says much, he was in love with a beautiful soul once too, but then his father turned her away from him. Brady says hes heard about this, her name was Kristen. Brady says that was years ago so he should get over it. Tony says hell never get over it, but that is beside the point. He asks if Brady wants to speak to Chloe or not. Brady begins thinking about his times with Chloe. 

Nicole drops by the clinic to see Chloe. She says she was checking on Clara and wanted to see how she was doing. Chloe is finishing a scrapbook, and Nicole looks at some of her photos. Nicole says she did an amazing job with her scrap book. Nicole finds a page that is for Brady, but there is no picture. Chloe says it was supposed to be for their reunion, but if her scars are permanent then it wont happen. Chloe tears the page up and says she should forget it. Nicole tells her to stop being pessimistic because Dr. Weiss isnt giving up. Chloe says her scars are worse now than ever and she has a horrible infection now. Nicole says an infection can be treated, but Chloe says even if it does the damage is done. Nicole says still Brady would love her no matter what she looks like. Nicole says if she decides to tell Brady that she is alive then she wont stand in their way. Chloe says shes not saying anything to Brady and neither is she (Nicole). Nicole says there is no need to make rash decisions, and she makes a slip about Brady not being in the country. Chloe asks where Brady is? Nicole tells her about Bradys rescue mission to save Phillip. Nicole tells her the whole story, and Chloe cant believe Brady and the others did this. Chloe suddenly gets a strange vibe that Brady is in trouble. Nicole says she is sure Brady is fine, but Chloe thinks she feels like something is wrong. Nicole says Brady can take care of himself, he proved that on Tonys island from hell. Nicole says John says Brady is safe, so he could be on his way back to Salem as they speak. Chloes phone answers. She says hello, and asks if anyone is there? Brady is on the other end thanks to Tony, and he says Oh my God! Brady asks Chloe if that is her? Chloe panics and tells Nicole it is Brady! Nicole ends up taking the phone and covers. Brady tells Nicole to put Chloe back on the phone. Nicole tells Brady that Chloe is dead. She asks why he thinks Chloe is alive? Brady says because Tony told him so. Nicole says he cant trust Tony. As Brady talks to Nicole, Tony ends up escaping! They get cut off, and Nicole tells Chloe that she doesnt know what Brady believes, but Tony told him that she was alive.


June 2, 2005
At Jack and Jens, Abby is busy packing a box of food for the trip. Chelsea shows up and learns Abby is going away on a camping trip. Abby says it is her family vacation, and its the first one since they thought her dad . . . She says sorry, but Chelsea says dont be. Chelsea says just because her parents died doesnt mean Abby cant talk about hers. Abby asks Chelsea to come on the trip with them, but Chelsea thinks it sounds like a family thing and that she doesnt have enough money to buy a sleeping bag or anything. Billie shows up and asks if she can buy it for her? Billie says shes sorry to interrupt, she just wanted to check on Jack. Abby says her dad says he is just fine and is in the living room with her mom. Billie says shell go see them, but she couldnt help but overhear Chelsea needs stuff for camping. Chelsea says shes not going as the trip is for Abbys family. Abby says she is invited. Billie offers to help her buy any equipment she needs. Chelsea says Billie has done enough for her as is. Billie insists Chelsea take the money as it would be good for her to go camping and fishing and hiking. Chelsea asks Billie what is wrong with her, why does she keep doing this? Billie asks Abby to excuse her and Chelsea for a moment. Abby says shell go get an extra duffle bag from her garage in case Chelsea changes her mind. Billie apologizes to Chelsea for being pushy as she hates when her mom does that with her. Chelsea says Billie isnt her mom, her mom is dead. Billie says she just wants to help. Chelsea says shell find her way through this on her own. Billie says she doesnt have to go through this alone because she has friends. Chelsea says like you? Billie says if shell let her be. Chelsea says because you promised my mom while she was dying. Billie says that is one reason. Chelsea says and to send out good karma towards her missing daughter. Billie says yes, but also because Chelsea reminds her of herself when she was her age. Billie talks to Chelsea about how she had it rough growing up. She tells Chelsea the story of her father and how she thought her mom was dead. Billie says she knows their situations are different, but she felt alone and scared just like Chelsea does now. Billie says if she had someone to talk to and listen then it would have helped. Billie says Chelsea has a great friend in Abby, but if she ever needs anyone else to talk to then she is here. Abby returns with a duffle bag, and Chelsea agrees to go with them. Chelsea thanks Billie and heads off with Abby to pack.

Jack and Jen are also packing, and Jen worries about Jack. Jack insists he is fine, but Jen says Lexie is doing all sorts of extra blood work. Jack claims it is because shes paranoid about malpractice suits. Jen also says he passed out twice in one day, and that isnt normal. Jack says who says hes normal. He says it is nothing that a few days of R&R at the Horton cabin wont fix. Meanwhile, Lexie is wandering about Jack and Jens front yard. She is worried about Jack and says his blood results werent normal. Lexie sees Jen and Jack inside hugging. Lexie says they are so happy to be together again, she just hopes it isnt short lived. Lexie knocks on the door and Jen answers. Lexie says shes sorry to just drop by. Jen says its not a problem and to come in. Jen asks what brings her by? Lexie says she has the results of Jacks second blood test. Jen asks what they found? She says its more like what they didnt find. Lexie says shes ruled out a lot of possibilities, but she still doesnt know what is going on. She says shes afraid they dont have the capabilities here to pinpoint what might be wrong. Lexie says she sent the sample of blood to the mayo clinic for a better analysis. Jack thinks if anything serious has been ruled out then he thinks hell be fine. Jen just hopes so. The baby begins crying so Jen runs up to check on him. Once they are alone, Jack asks Lexie what is really going on. Lexie says the truth is they dont know how serious this could be. Jack wants nothing said to Jen about this. Lexie says Jen is his wife and he shouldnt shut her out. Jack says he isnt shutting her out, hes just not putting her through the ringer over something that could turn out to be a big fat nothing. Lexie hopes that is the case. She also says shell respect their doctor patient confidentiality, but she thinks he is making a mistake. She also wishes hed postpone this trip until they hear from the clinic. He says no, and she thought hed say that. She gives him some pills to take in case he gets dizzy, and she doesnt want him driving. Jack says he always drives, what will he tell Jen? Lexie suggests the truth. Jen ends up calling to Jack to come help her. Jack tells Lexie he has to go, and she says have a wonderful trip. Jack leaves, and Billie runs into Lexie. She says she came by to see how Jack was doing. Billie can see by the look on Lexies face something may be wrong. Lexie says she doesnt know if something is wrong and that scares her. They head outside, and Lexie tells Billie that she cant discuss Jacks condition with her. Billie just hopes it isnt serious as Jack and Jen have already been through hell. Back inside, Jen continues to worry about Jack, but he swears he is fine now and it was just a passing thing. Jen says she couldnt take it if anything happened to him again. Jack says nothing will, and he kisses Jen. 

Sami and Lucas are on a private jet. Sami asks a marine when they can take off? He says as soon as they round up the others. Sami says she cant wait to get out of this God forsaken place. Lucas says it was nice of John to lend them his jet. Sami says he has his moments. Lucas says it will be good to see Will. Sami says Will sounded like he missed her, and Lucas says hes sure that Will has. Lucas says the one thing he regrets is he is leaving without settling the score with Stan. Sami tells Lucas they should forget about that guy and move on, but Lucas says no way. Lucas says if he sees that guys face in Salem hell . . . . Sami says she doesnt think that will happen, she doubts theyll ever see Stan again. Brady shows up and he asks where Shawn and Rex are? The others dont know. Brady says they have to find them and get back to Salem. Lucas asks why what is wrong. Brady says Chloe is alive! Sami and Lucas say that is impossible. Brady explains the story of finding and losing Tony. Lucas is pissed that Tony once again got away. Brady says he tried to chase after Tony, but the marines grabbed him and said they had to evacuate. Sami asks what Tony said about Chloe? Brady says Tony said that hed reunite them. Lucas isnt so sure and thinks it was a trick. Brady says Tony could have staged Chloes death, but Lucas says Tony played him so he could get free. Lucas asks if he offered Brady proof that Chloe was alive? Brady says he dialed a number, handed him the phone and he heard Chloes voice on the other end. Lucas thinks it is a trick, probably a computer generated voice, but Brady says he heard Chloes voice and Nicole was with her too. Lucas asks why Nicole was with Chloe? Brady says he doesnt know, but as soon as Chloe said hello then Nicole took over and claimed it wasnt Chloe. Lucas says that makes sense, if Chloe is alive then Nicole wouldnt want him to find out. Brady says Nicole wouldnt keep something like this from him, but Lucas says she would. He says if Chloe is alive then Nicole is out of the picture and she knows that. Brady thinks Nicole would tell him if Chloe was alive as she would want him to be happy. Sami tells herself not to bet on it, and she remembers helping Nicole as Stan. Sami excuses herself and says she needs a drink. Sami sneaks off and decides to call Nicole and tell her not to hurt Chloe as if she does something stupid then she could be exposed. Meanwhile, Lucas asks Brady what hell do about Nicole if Chloe is alive? Brady says until he finds Chloe he cant think about Nicole. Brady thinks there are a lot of unanswered questions waiting for them back in Salem. He says if Chloe is out there then hell find her, even if it takes the rest of his life.

In the battlefield, Phillip lies bloody and unconscious after the explosion. Meanwhile, Shawn is still in the tent, and he is told Phillips radio is dead and not working. Shawn says they have to go get Phillip. The marine says hes deployed a unit, but Shawn insists on going himself. The marine says hes not going anywhere. Shawn says the reason he came here was to save Phillip, but the marine says hes not going to let Shawn make a bad situation worse. The marine says if Shawn tries to go after Phillip then hell arrest him for interfering in a military operation. The marine says if he screws up out there then he risks not only his life but Phillips as well. The marine then gets word that Phillip has been found. Shawn asks if he is safe and alive? The marine says hes afraid there wasnt much they could do.

At the clinic, Chloe is upset now that Brady knows she is alive. Nicole says shell try and convince him that it wasnt her. Shell say between a bad connection and Tony trying to convince him that she was alive that his imagination got the best of him. Chloe worries that Brady will find her and hell throw away everything to be by her side. Nicole tells herself that the first thing Brady will throw away is her. Later Chloe is asleep after a nurse gives her a sedative. Nicole is in a panic as she says if Brady learns Chloe is alive then hell dump her. Nicole says there must be some way to keep Brady believing that Chloe is dead. Nicole says maybe it is time Chloe was dead, maybe it is time to put Chloe and everyone else out of their misery. Nicole begins smothering Chloe with a pillow and says Die you Diva bitch! Chloe ends up dying thanks to Nicole, but of course it was all in Nicoles head. Chloe wakes up, and she was hoping Brady calling was just a bad dream. Chloe begs Nicole to help her to keep the truth from Brady. Nicole thinks she knows what the perfect solution is. Nicole says the best way if for her to die, but since that isnt an option then they are out of options. Nicole thinks Brady is determined to come home and find her. Nicoles cell rings and she answers it. It is Sami calling, and Sami uses her voice manipulator to talk like Stan. Sami tells Nicole that Brady knows Chloe is alive, and Nicole says she knows. Sami asks if Nicole did what they talked about, because if she did anything to hurt Chloe then they could both go down. Nicole says that business was taken care of. Sami says she cant believe Nicole actually did it. Sami tells Nicole to come up with a story as Brady is on his way home and is hell bent on finding Chloe. Chloe asks Nicole who was on the phone and what has happened? Nicole tells Chloe that its over, Brady is on his way home to reunite with her. 

At the penthouse, John tells Marlena, Roman and Kate that Brady, Lucas and Sami are on the jet. Roman asks what about the others? John says Rex is helping with computer stuff, and Shawn is off somewhere else. John says they will get with the plan soon enough. Kate says Phillip still isnt coming home, and she doesnt know why he had to go back into combat. Roman says because he is a damn good marine who doesnt quit when the going gets tough. Suddenly Belle shows up in tears. She tells Marlena about being on the phone with Shawn and Phillip, and how Phillip is trapped in a mine field and the phone went dead when a huge explosion occurred. John says hes sure they just lost communication and they will be fine. Kate cries that Phillip cant be dead, and she runs out of the room.

Kate and Roman go out to the terrace, and Kate says he cant be dead. Roman says they cant jump to conclusions, and John is trying to get more information from the ISA right now. Kate asks God not to take Phillip from her and to bring him home safely. Roman says Phillip is a good soldier and they have to stay positive. Kate says she knows Phillip is grown up and isnt a little boy anymore. Kate says she was so angry when Phillip joined the marines, and she blamed Chloe for picking Brady over Phillip. Kate says it wasnt anyones fault though, it was something he wanted to do and it has made him the man he is. Roman says he is a man they can all be proud of. Kate just wishes he didnt go overseas. Roman says he knows how hard this has been for her, and he wishes he could have been there for her. She wishes too as maybe things could have been different. Kate says she felt so alone. Roman says shes not alone now and no matter what happens they will get through this together. 

John is on the phone and trying to find more info out, and Belle is blaming herself for all of this. She says if she was honest about her feelings for Shawn then she wouldnt have married Phillip. She says Phillip never would have gone over there and signed up for that special mission, he never would have been captured, and Shawn never would have gone over there to save him. Marlena says and if Tony hadnt made it look like she was the Salem Stalker then she never would have lied to Shawn and they never would have fought, and if Tony hadnt kept her a prisoner then she could have talked her into not marrying Phillip. Marlena says they cant change the past and all they can do now is pray. Belle says she doesnt know if the explosion was where Shawn was or if Phillip stepped on a land mine. Marlena says she cant believe they still have land mines as they are barbaric. Belle says she just prays that they are both all right. John gets off the phone with Shane and says that Shane is trying to find out everything he can about Phillip and Shawn. Belle just cant help but fear when they find Phillip and Shawn that they could both be dead. John makes another call and still has no information. Belle cant stand this, and Marlena tries to keep her calm. Belle says this is her fault, because of Phillip and Shawn may both be dead. Marlena tells Belle not to be ridiculous. Kate and Roman return, and Kate says Belle is to blame and it is good she is taking responsibility for the consequences of her actions. Belle says shed undo this if she could, but Kate says she cant. Kate says the two men she loves are in jeopardy or dead because of her. John tells Kate that is enough. He says Belle didnt force Phillip to enlist or finish out his tour of duty. Marlena says Belle didnt lead Phillip into a minefield either. Roman tells Kate that if Shawn is in jeopardy its probably because he went to look for Phillip. Kate asks how he can say that to her? Roman says this is no time to blame people, but Kate does blame Belle. She says Phillip took that assignment to come home to her, and all the while she was carrying on with Shawn. She says Belle may not have led him into a mine field but she did lead him on. She says Belle pretended to love him and then broke her wedding vows. Belle says she hasnt betrayed Phillip, but Kate says she plans to. She says Belle plans to break Phillips heart the minute he comes home and make him wish he had died. Belle says she never meant to hurt him. Kate says she is sure that will be of great comfort to Phillip. John says enough! Kate says she is sorry, and maybe if Belle had thought Phillip was dead then she could understand her moving on with another man. Kate says but she knew Phillip was alive and she still pledged her love to Shawn and that is unforgivable. Belle says she is sorry, but Kate says it is too late. Kate says if Phillip dies then shell never forgive her. Kate runs out and Roman chases after her. Belle says she did cause all of this and if either of them die it will be her fault. Marlena tells Belle that Kate is angry and scared and she cant let Kate get to her. Belle says Kate is right, if Phillip makes it home then his life will be ruined when she tells him about her and Shawn. Shane calls John back and still has no news for Belle.

Roman finds Kate in the hall. Kate says she wants to be alone, but Roman says no way. He says he wont let her deal with anymore bad situations on her own. Roman says he loves her and he will help her get through this. 


June 3, 2005
Pre-Empted by the French Open 

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