June 6, 2005

On the plane, Brady is anxious to take off and get back to Salem to see Chloe. We see flashbacks of Brady talking with Tony about Chloe being alive, and the phone call he made to Chloe. Brady says he knows Chloe is alive, and he wonders why Nicole lied to him. Meanwhile, Sami worries that Brady might find out she had Nicole botch Chloes surgery. Lucas asks Sami what is going on, he knows her and he knows something is wrong. She says shes not up to anything. Later Shawn finally shows up, and Rex is also on the plane by now. Shawn explains what has happened to Phillip, but how he wasnt able to find out any more. A marine then shows up and the boys ask for news about Phillip. They ask if he is dead, and the marine says no. They ask how he is, but the marine says they can only release that information to his next of kin, which is his wife. He does have a note dictated for them by Pvt Kiriakis. Shawn reads the note to everyone, in which Phillip thanks Shawn for organizing this expedition, and says all of them would be great marines. He asks Shawn to be there for his wife when she gets the news about him as the news wont be easy for her. He asks Shawn to tell Belle that he loves her and cant wait to be with her, and that nothing will come between them again. Later, the plane prepares to take off, and Brady vows to find out the truth about Chloe and what Nicole has to do with it all. Elsewhere, Sami continues to worry that the truth will be exposed about what she and Nicole did. Lucas thinks he knows what she is afraid of. He thinks she is afraid to go home as shes going to have to explain how she ended up here. Sami says she doesnt know how she ended up here, just like she doesnt know how she ended up in bed with Brandon. Sami says she guarantees that Kate set her up though. Lucas says he will get to the bottom of that, he will find out the truth. Sami is positive Kate drugged them, even though she did make the mistake of going to Brandons hotel room that night. Lucas says hell find out the truth. Sami just hopes he doesnt find out the whole truth, that she was Stan and led them into this ambush.

Meanwhile, Rex asks Shawn if hes changed his mind about telling Phillip the truth? Is he worried Belle might change her mind? Rex asks Shawn how he and Belle will break Phillips heart after everything hes been through. Shawn says he just has to focus on Phillip coming home and being okay. Rex says he could be seriously injured, and he could die. Rex says he could die having asked Shawn to look after his wife, so how could he even think about spending the rest of his life with her? 

Later, Rex says his wedding to Mimi is coming up and asks Lucas to be his best man at his wedding. Lucas says of course, and congratulations. Sami says yeah, she just hopes he can trust his bride to be. Rex says he loves Mimi and he trusts her, they have no secrets. Sami has flashbacks about confronting Mimi as Stan, and telling her that she would never marry Rex. Lucas continues to talk to Sami about how Tony got his hands on her, and what he threatened to do to her. Sami remembers Tony threatening her for betraying him and how she would have to pay. Sami says Tony is a monster and she doesnt want to talk about him anymore. Lucas understands and says the son of a bitch has to be caught and punished. Sami says he wont be caught, and he is probably dead. She says it is best they forget about Tony, but Lucas says he doesnt think the authorities will forget or stop searching until hes caught. Sami suggests they talk about something else, she has a lot to celebrate including she hopes a future with him. Lucas says theyll see about that.

Brady continues to think about Chloe, and he says he will get home to her. He says forget Nicole, Chloe is the one he wants to be with. Later the pilot says the plane is about to land in Salem.

Roman and Kate are talking outside of Alices. Kate is worried about Phillip, but Roman says they dont know for sure if Phillip was injured. Roman says he brought her here to relax as fighting with Belle was doing her no good. Kate says the entire time Phillip has been over there, Belle was emotionally unfaithful to Phillip. She rants and raves about Belle and what she did, which she thinks was wrong. Roman cant help but think about his situation with Marlena, and about lying to Kate and John about what really went on with him and Marlena at the castle. Roman tells Kate that he needs to tell her something. He reminds her that this was once the elegant restaurant they were married at. She says yes, and it was where he was supposedly killed. Kate says she never thought shed recover, but Roman says she did and she and John even got engaged. Roman says earlier today he heard John talking to her on the phone and telling her how much he still cares for her. Roman asks Kate if she still has feelings for John? Kate says shell be honest with him if he is honest about his feelings for Marlena. Roman says Marlena without a doubt was one of the two great loves of his life, and theyd still be together if Stefano hadnt interfered. Kate says when they were at the castle it must have brought back a lot of feelings. Roman says it did, very powerful feelings. He says he and Doc supported one another, just like Kate and John did. Kate says but John and her thought they were dead, so it was a different situation. Roman asks what she is getting at? Kate says she wants to know just how close they got. The phone rings, and Kate says saved by the bell. Roman answers his phone, and he tells Kate that the hostages are on their way back to Salem. Kate asks Phillip too? Roman says he thinks everyone is coming home. Roman then thinks they should have a party to celebrate the kids homecoming. Roman decides to have a party at Alices to celebrate everyone coming home, including Sami. Roman also thanks Kate for looking after Sami just as she promised him she would, and hes just sorry that Sami found a way to get back into trouble. Roman says he knows it wasnt easy for her to support Sami after she hurt her son. Roman also says hell have some question for Sami as to how she ended up in a war zone with Tony. Roman ends up calling around and invites guests to the big party.

At the penthouse, Marlena makes Belle some herbal tea to calm her nerves. John continues to work on the PC to try and find out what is going on. The doorbell rings, and Belle gets it as she is expecting Mimi. Mimi says she got here as fast as she could, what has happened? Belle explains about the explosion she heard on the phone and how Phillip and Shawn both might be dead. Mimi says everyone will be fine, and to think positive. Marlena then says she has news, the Basic Black jet is taking off with all the former hostages. Belle thinks this means both Phillip and Shawn. Mimi says if something happened to Phillip then she would know as she is his husband. Belle thinks she should get home as the marines might want to reach her. The phone rings, and Belle worries that she spoke too soon. Marlena answers and it is Chloe. Chloe asks Marlena if she could come see her as she needs her advice as it is an emergency. Marlena says shell be right there. Marlena tells Belle she has to go see a patient, and she asks Mimi to stay with Belle. Marlena tells Belle that everything will be fine. Belle is so relieved and just hopes Phillip isnt injured, but if he was then he wouldnt be coming home. Mimi says but once Phillip is home he wont be fine as Belle will have to tell him the truth. Belle says she cant think about that now. Mimi understands and says Rex will be heartbroken to know they dont have a future together. Mimi then gets a call on her cell phone and it is Mickey. Mimi tells Belle that her sentencing date has been moved up to the day she and Rex were to be married. Belle then gets a call from Roman about his idea to have a party at Alices. Belle says shell spread the word and theyll be there soon to help set up. Belle then tries to convince Mimi to plead innocent. Mimi refuses to put Rex through the pain of knowing the whole truth, and she asks Belle to help Rex move on with his life and find someone else. Mimi says she will refuse to allow Rex to visit her in jail. Belle says Rex will never get over her. Mimi says the same could be same about Phillip. Mimi asks Belle if she thinks after surviving being held hostage and a war zone that Phillip will get over her? 

At the loft, a Marine Chaplain leaves a message for Belle and asks her to call him as soon as she can as he needs to talk with her about her husband. Later he calls again and leaves a message that hes on his way to Salem to see her.

Belle and Mimi arrive at Alices and ask to help. Kate says she can start helping by caring more about her husband then she does Shawn. Belle says she does care about Phillip, and she suggests they all be civil and not spoil this night. Kate thinks to herself as soon as Phillip comes home, Belle is going to break his heart. 

Nicole is with Chloe at the clinic. Chloe says her face looks worse than ever, she has seen it when they change the bandages. Chloe says she cant let Brady see her. Nicole says she doesnt have a choice, Brady recognized her voice on the phone. Chloe realizes she knows what she has to do. Chloe calls Marlena and asks her to come talk to her. Nicole doesnt think that was a smart idea, but Chloe says Marlena wants the best for her. Nicole says it doesnt matter as Brady will hate her for keeping this from him. Chloe says she didnt find out that she was alive untill after Brady left, and she made everyone promise not to tell him. Nicole says Brady will want to be with her no matter what she looks like. Chloe says she cant think about that now. She says knowing Brady he will be angry this happened and will want to track down the nurse who did this to her. Nicole realizes Chloe is right and Brady will kill her if he finds out what she did. Later, Marlena arrives and Chloe explains getting the call from Brady. Marlena thinks she should tell Brady the truth. Nicole asks Marlena if they can talk outside, and she drags Marlena outside. Marlena asks Nicole why she is still here? Nicole says she is here to make sure Chloe makes the right decision. Marlena says Nicoles idea of making things right is to keep a secret from the man she loves. Nicole says she can say the same about Marlena. Nicole bets Marlena and Roman got down and dirty at the castle and she hasnt bothered to tell John. Later, Marlena gives Chloe the news that a homecoming party has been planned for the boys at Alices, and she thinks Chloe should attend. Nicole says that should be Chloes decision. Marlena says as soon as Brady gets home he will want to see Chloe, and he wont let Nicole lie to him about her. Marlena says it is over. Nicole says Marlena is right, and she runs off in tears. Marlena asks Chloe if she is ready? She says Brady is coming home to her tonight. Chloe decides to get dressed and go to see Brady as soon as possible. 

Nicole arrives at Alices and tries to find a way to keep the truth from Brady. Brady shows up and says he knows Chloe is alive, so where is she. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas walk into Alices, and Sami runs into her fathers arms. Sami tells her dad how glad she is that he is okay. Elsewhere, Lucas hugs his mom, and Kate asks where Rex and Phillip are? Lucas realizes she hasnt heard the news about Phillip.

Outside, Mimi is reunited with Rex, and they hug. Rex says hes back, he loves her and he cant wait to marry her. Belle is reunited with Shawn, who hands her a rose. She says she is so glad he is okay, and they hug. She asks where Phillip is? Shawn says she didnt get the news yet? Shawn says Phillip has been seriously injured. She asks how bad, and Shawn says they dont know yet. Shawn says Phillip wrote him a letter and that he wanted him to tell her that Phillip would do whatever it took to get home to her and hed never let anything come between them again. Belle asks if Phillip is still alive and if he will live. Shawn says he doesnt know. Belle cries that Phillip cant die, she cant lose him now. Meanwhile, we see the chaplain driving in his car to Alices to see Belle. The chaplains driver says tonight will be a hard night.


June 7, 2005

Outside Alices, Mimi and Belle are reunited with Rex and Shawn. Rex hugs Mimi and says he cant wait to marry her. They then head inside. Belle is reunited with Shawn, who has to give Belle the news that Phillip was injured and didnt return with them. Shawn tells her about Phillips note to her and what it says. Bo and Hope then show up and hug Shawn. He thinks they are probably really angry with him. Bo says theyll be angry later. Meanwhile, Belle runs to her father and says Phillip didnt come back and hes hurt. John knows and says he just found out. Belle asks what she will do if she loses him? John asks Shawn if he knows anything else? Shawn doesnt know any more, but says Phillip promised Belle that hed be okay so he will. Shawn ends up giving the letter Phillip dictated to Belle as it belongs more to her. Hope and Bo feel awful for Belle. Bo says his first instinct is to call Victor. Hope says they have had a lot of miracles, and they discuss that if Tony survived the fire then perhaps Victor and Caroline did too.

Inside Alices, Marlena brings Chloe and stashes her in an office in the backroom. She says she will be with Brady again soon.

Lucas is reunited with his mom, and she is so happy he is safe. He realizes his mom hasnt heard about Phillip yet. He gives her the news, talks about the rescue, and says how Sami was the real hero. Meanwhile, Sami hugs her father and is so happy to see him. She asks where mom is, and Sami turns around and sees her mother. She hugs her mom and thinks her whole life will be different now that they are both back. Roman has questions about why Sami was over there, but then says oh they will get to that later. Marlena asks about Shawn and Phillip as Belle heard an explosion while talking to them. Sami gives them the news that Phillip is hurt. Roman decides to head to check on Kate, and he leaves them. Sami doesnt understand why her parents arent together after everything. Marlena says Roman is Kates husband, just as John is hers. John shows up and says welcome home to Sami, and she musters up a thanks. Marlena asks where Brady is, and John says he hasnt seen him. Marlena is worried about both Brady and Belle and she runs off to find them after making sure Sami understands. Sami is left in tears. Lucas comes to comfort her, and she is upset because all this is some homecoming. She says everyone is talking about is Phillip getting hurt. He asks how she can say that, she has to care about Phillip as she risked everything to rescue him and the rest of them. Sami says she does care about them and of course she wants him to be okay, but she is upset about her parents not being together. Lucas says they are married to different people and there is nothing she can do about that. She says wanna bet. Sami wonders where Will is. Lucas says he should be here by now. Will shows up, and he gives his mom and dad a hug. Will ends up asking his dad if they can be a family again, can his dad trust his mom again. Lucas says hed like to trust her, but he still has serious issues. However, he says for now hell give her the benefit of the doubt. Sami asks if they have a chance?

Roman comforts Kate, and from a distance John and Marlena watch. John feels for her. Roman suggests to Kate that they go see their son Rex. Rex is with Mimi, and she cant bring herself to tell Rex the truth. Rex thinks he should talk to his mom and hes worried about how she is handling this. Kate approaches Rex and they hug. He apologizes for not bringing Phillip back, but she says he did his best. She also says she has some surprises for him. She says his father is alive and is here. Roman shows up, and he hugs Rex. Roman says they have another surprise, Cassie. Rex and Cassie share a big hug. Mimi watches and says Rex is so happy so she cant break his heart now. 

Bo and Hope continue talking about finding DiMera and finding out whether Ma and Victor are alive. Grandpa Shawn shows up and hears Bo talking about this. Shawn asks if she could still be alive? Bo says not to get his hopes up, but it could be true. Shawn says then they have to find him. Meanwhile, Kate tells Roman it seems his father knows what might be going on, so she suggests he goes over and be with his family. Shawn toasts to Caroline and Victor still being alive and coming home to them soon.

Marlena is worried about Belle and how much more she can take. John says Shawn is with Belle right now. Back outside, Shawn listens as Belle says Phillip loves her so much so how can she leave him now. Belle checks her machine for messages, and she tells Shawn that it is worse than she thought. We then see a shot of the Chaplain and his driver headed towards the party to see Belle. Belle tells Shawn that the Marine Chaplain is coming to see her, and she fears it means Phillip is dead. Mimi shows up and says that isnt what it means. Mimi tells her that she has to stay positive until she talks to the Chaplain. Belle says she is right. Belle asks Mimi how things went with Rex? She says she couldnt tell him just yet. Belle says if she tells Rex the truth then there is a chance they could be together and happy. Mimi says that wont ever happen now.

Brady asks Nicole where Chloe is, and she says Chloe is dead and her ashes are in an urn. Brady calls her a liar and demands to know where Chloe is. Nicole says if Chloe was alive then why wouldnt she tell him? He says he knows Chloe is alive and he knows when she is hiding something from him. John shows up and he hugs Brady. Brady tells his dad the news that Chloe is alive. John is shocked. Nicole says Brady just thinks she is alive. Brady says he is talking with his dad, a moment please. She says fine, she could use a drink anyways. Nicole leaves, and Brady tells his dad the story. John believes him, but Brady doesnt understand why Nicole lied to him. John says because she has the most to lose and not to trust Nicole, she hasnt changed and never will. Still, Brady asks why Chloe wouldnt let him know she was alive. He says he will find out though, tonight.

Later, Sami hugs her grandpa Shawn, and they talk about bringing Grandma Caroline home. Grandpa Shawn takes Will home so Sami and Lucas can have time alone. Sami hopes one day soon the three of them will be a family. Lucas says that depends on one condition. Sami says shell do anything. He says she has to be honest with him about everything, including what is going on with her and Tony.

Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope he has a surprise. He says Julie and Doug are watching Zack tonight so they can have time together. Bo says he has a special place he wants to take her, if shes up to it. 

Mimi walks around talking about how she has to tell Rex the truth. Rex shows up and says he knows what shes been keeping from him.

Marlena goes to the office and tells Chloe that Brady is here and he is eager to see her. Chloe says she needs a bit more time and not to tell him that she is here just yet. Marlena says he was talking to Nicole and demanding answers. Chloe doesnt think Nicole will tell him anything. She says Brady will still come looking for her, and to see her tonight would make him the happiest man on earth. Chloe is afraid Brady will stay with her out of pity. Marlena says he will stay with her because he loves her. Chloe says she has a lot to think about, and that she still needs a little more time to get her courage up. Chloe wonders if Brady will be able to love the new Chloe the way she is.

Meanwhile, Nicole is drinking and hears Shawn toasting to Victor and Caroline coming home. She says can things get any worse? She asks why cant these people stay dead! Brady shows up to demand more answers from Nicole. He says her lies stop now. He asks where Chloe is? Nicole says this was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. Nicole says he was supposed to propose to her, they were to be married and have a future together. Nicole says she should have known she couldnt compete with Chloe, even dead. Nicole runs off. Meanwhile, Marlena and John think Brady is seeing Nicole for who she is. John hopes Brady can find someone he can trust, someone like her. Marlena has flashes of her betrayal with Roman. 

Later, Brady checks on Belle, and he talks with his dad some more. Brady is convinced Nicole knows Chloe is alive, but shes not talking. Brady says hes going to call Nancy, which is what he should have done from the start. Brady heads to the back office to call Nancy, not realizing Chloe is there. Chloe has begun to chicken out and realizes she cant let Brady see her. Chloe says Brady doesnt deserve to be stuck with someone who looks like her the rest of his life. Brady walks in and says Oh My God!

Meanwhile, Nicole faces off with Marlena again about lying to Brady. Nicole says shes not ready to give Brady up, but Marlena says she doesnt have a choice. Marlena says Chloe is here, and Nicole should have told him the truth when she had the chance.

Outside, Kate finds Belle with Shawn and once again yells at them for betraying Phillip, who could be on his death bed. John tells Kate that is enough. Just then the chaplain shows up to give Belle news about Phillip.

Phillip is being flown to a military hospital in Germany, and the paramedics are afraid it might already be too late for him. One of them says it will be a miracle if he makes it to Germany, much less makes it home. Phillip fantasizes about returning home to Belle, who has been patiently waiting for him. She says Shawn is here and has been taking care of her like he asked him to. Phillip thanks Shawn, and Phillip and Belle kiss. However, suddenly Phillip becomes woozy in his fantasy dream and becomes unstable on his feet. Phillip begins to flatline, and the paramedics try and revive him. Phillip makes it into the OR, but the doctors fear it is too late. 

Caroline and Shawn are being held on yet another deserted island somewhere. Bart brings them all the best food to celebrate, and he brings them some breath fresheners for that after dinner moment. Cue the Listerine Strips product placement. Caroline asks what they are celebrating? Bart says Tony is alive and is coming back. Caroline says she has lost her appetite, and what is the point of this? Bart says the point is the Count has big plans for the both of them, they arent throwing in the towel yet. Later Victor and Caroline discuss how they have to get home to help their family members realizes the truths about Nicole. Victor says since they are the last two hostages it wont be so easy to escape. Victor tells her that he will get her out of here or die trying. Bart listens in and says they arent going anywhere because the boss has plans for them. 


June 8 2005

Bo surprises Hope with a romantic campfire and late night picnic at the beach. Bo tells her that now that Shawn is back and their family is together he wanted to send her a message. She says that you love me? He says that is true, but there is more. Hope says life is going to be a picnic from now on? Bo says close. He says that their future will be as full of happiness as a day at the beach. Hope says she loves him and who knew hed turn out to be such a romantic. Bo tells Hope that hes sorry he hasnt been around to support her and the boys more. She says she doesnt want to stand in the way of him finding Georgia. She says she just hopes he is aware that Billie will do anything she can to take advantage of his kindness. Bo says he knows shes upset about what happened between him and Billie. Hope says a part of her wonders if he did know it was Billie and not her that he was making love to. Bo says no way that would have happened. Hope says maybe deep down part of him wanted to make love to Billie. Bo says he doesnt know what has happened, its all blocked out to him. He says he knows that hed never make love to another woman consciously. He tells Hope that she is the only woman he loves. He knows there is no way he can make up for what he did. Bo says he wants to prove to her that she is the only woman in his life and he doesnt know how to do that. She tells him to make love to her, which he does. They then joke about how their behavior on this public beach is illegal, and they say they'll just claim they are on an undercover sting. Later Bo pledges to Hope that if she ever questions who comes first in his life then hell be glad to prove it to her. She tells him not to make promises he cant keep. Bo thinks she needs more convincing, and they make love again.

On the new island. Bart is playing cards with the Salem face deck and wonders which queen to pair Bo with, Hope or Billie? Tony says the right move is the one to cause these lovers the most pain. Bart welcomes Tony back to their island hide away where nobody will find them. He offers him a Mai Tai, but Tony says he needs to stay sober and plan his next move. Bart asks who gets slammed this time? Tony reveals a card with Samis face on it. Later. Tony looks at the cards of Bo, Billie and Hope. He also has a card for Georgia, but her face is not shown. He says he is going to wait to play this card until the right moment. Tony is still on edge that the others may hope Victor and Caroline are alive, and that they are all mounting a search for them now. Tony says when they come for him they will get more than they bargained for. He says for starters he will begin with Sami Brady. Tony says he holds her terrible fate in his hands. 

At Alices, Lucas tells Sami the only way theyll have a future is if she comes clean about her involvement with Tony Dimera. She says since he risked his life to save hers then shell tell him the truth. Sami says Tony is a monster who hurt her family and she would never do anything to help Tony. She says Lucas is the one with the DiMera organization on his resume. Lucas says he knows how Tony works, he manipulates people into doing his dirty work and it is almost impossible to resist him. Sami remembers Tony showing her the video of Roman and Marlena together to get her to do what he wanted. Sami swears to Lucas that she wasnt working with Tony and she just hopes he is out of their lives forever.

Mimi continues to moan over telling Rex her secret. Rex finds her and says he knows what she  has been keeping from him. Mimi says she is sorry and she just couldnt break his heart. Rex says what? Rex says why would telling him that his dad and sister were still alive break his heart? He asks if she is keeping something else? Mimi says no, she just didnt want to take away the surprise by telling him, he thought it might be heartbreaking to his family not to see the look on his face when he found out. He says the only thing that would break his heart is to not be able to marry her, and that he cant wait for their wedding day. Mimi pictures herself in jail in her wedding dress, and she says their wedding day will be a day neither one of them forgets. Rex asks about Mimis mom, and Mimi says shes at the fan festival in Nashville but shes coming back right away after finding out about him. Rex continues to tell Mimi how wonderful she is and how he cant wait to marry him. Mimi begins to feel guilty and finally tells Rex to stop it. She says shes not perfect at all and she cant marry him. Mimi thern runs off.

Marlena argues with Nicole about how the game is over, Brady knows the truth about Chloe. Marlena asks where Nicoles compassion for Chloe is? Nicole says she has as much as compassion for Chloe as the rest of this town has for her. Nicole says Marlena has always been drop dead gorgeous, so what would she do if she ended up looking like Chloe? Nicole says she knows shed want to hide from Brady. Marlena says secrets have a way of coming out, and Brady will hate her for lying to him. Nicole says she wants Brady anyways she can get him. Marlena says Brady is a very principled person. Nicole tells Marlena not to go there, they both know she has a secret. Nicole says Chloe may need to keep lying to Brady just like Marlena has to keep lying to her husband.

In the office, Chloe realizes she cant show herself to Brady after all, she wont let him sacrifice his happiness to be with her. Brady then walks into the office and says Oh My God! Chloe is gone, she's hiding outside, but Brady smells her perfume. He asks if she is here? He wonders if it is his imagination. Chloe is hiding outside and she listens as Brady talks about how much he has missed her and needs to hold her. Brady talks about her eyes, her smile and her perfectly beautiful face. Brady says hell see that face again because Nancy will tell him the truth. He ends up deciding that calling Nancy is a waste of time, he has to go find Chloe. Nicole then shows up and Brady asks Nicole if shes ready to tell him the truth? Nicole continues to lie to Brady, and he lashes out at her. He says he should have listened to his father about her instead of putting his faith in a cold hearted liar like her. Brady walks out, and Chloe shows up and decides to tell Brady that she is alive after all. Nicole and Chloe talk out on the terrace, and Chloe thinks revealing herself to Brady is the right decision. Nicole thinks it is a hasty decision. Chloe says the time for secrets is now over, and she asks Nicole to go tell Brady that she is out here waiting for him.

Brady walks out of the office and runs into Marlena. They hug, and Brady asks Marlena to help him find out where Chloe is because he knows she is alive. He says something isnt making sense to him though, why hasnt Chloe told him that she is alive. He wonders if she is in love with someone else. Is she hiding from him? Marlena sees Chloe is outside and she suggests to Brady that he go outside and clear her head as he may find the answers hes waiting for. 

Elsewhere outside, the Marine Chaplain arrives to speak with Belle about her husband. Belle cries Phillip cant be dead! The chaplain says as far as they know he is still alive. However, Phillip did step on a landmine while saving another soldier. He says Phillip has sustained serious injuries and has been taking to a military hospital in Germany. He says all they can do now is wait. The chaplain offers his card to Belle if she needs to talk to him for any reason, and then he and his driver salute Belle in honor of Phillip. They leave, and Shawn tells Belle that Phillip will get through this. Kate says they just have to pray that Phillip gets through this. 

Roman and Kate go back inside, and Kate interrupts Lucas and Sami to talk to Lucas about Phillip. Sami talks with her dad and asks if he could get his truest desire wouldnt he want to be with mom? She thinks they must have gotten closer when they were held prisoner together. Roman tells Sami that he loves Kate, and she is his wife. He says he is married to Kate and her mom is married to John. Sami says she knows, but if he could change things, she knows hed rather be with her.

Kate gives Lucas the news, and Lucas says he will pull through. Kate then asks Lucas why he is still here talking to Sami? She begs Lucas not to trust Sami again. Lucas goes back to Sami and once again tells her that they have no future unless she stops lying to him. Once she is alone, Sami gets a call and says Oh my God it is you! She asks Tony why he is calling and what does he want? Tony asks Sami if anybody knows yet that she is Stan, and how they would feel if they did know she was Stan. Sami begs Tony not to tell anyone, but he says hes going to tell everyone including Lucas. Sami says he cant because hes just about to take her back. Tony says what a shame, put Lucas on so he can tell him the truth. Meanwhile, John and Roman discuss finding Tony, and John thinks Sami can help them find Tony.

John confronts Shawn about what he did stealing classified ISA information. He tells Shawn that was illegal. Shawn asks John what he wants? John tells Shawn to stay away from his daughter. He says Belle has enough to deal with right now and she doesnt need him complicating things. Later Shawn says aloud he wishes he could do something for Belle. Belle tells him there is, he can pray with her. As they talk, Kate confronts them and tells Shawn that she thinks Belle is still in love with Phillip. Kate says when Phillip comes home Belle will realize that she wants to be with her husband rather than a loser like him. Belle then gets a call from the doctor and cant believe the news.

In the OR, Phillip is being operated on and continues to dream about the explosions in the field and talking to Belle on the phone. The surgeons say its worse than they thought and it isnt looking good. They say it looks like they were too late. Phillip continues to dream about making love to Belle. In his dream Phillip ends up drying in Belles arms. The doctors discuss Phillip and say this man didnt deserve this as he was a hero. The surgeon says hes not looking forward to giving the family the news.


June 9, 2005
Bo and Hope are sitting by the campfire on the beach. Hope says she knows they have a lot to deal with still, but shes so glad they still have this one night for just the two of them. He asks what she is thinking. She says how things always get back to normal and will keep getting better. Hope sees Bo is worried and she asks what is bothering him. Bo says he cant be as optimistic as her, and he thinks it will be a while before things get better. They discuss Billie and the search for Georgia, and also Shawn and Belle. Bo says worrying about their children never stops. Hope says never, no matter how old they get. Hope says she is just glad Shawn is back and it is too early to worry about what is next. Bo says as reckless as it was for Shawn to go over there, he turned out to be a hero and he is proud of him. Bo does however know the real reason Shawn went over there was to be with Belle, his motives were self-serving. Hope asks how he can talk about their son like that, he is a hero. Shawn says hes questioning his motives, not his bravery. Bo thinks Shawn is only worried about Belle. Hope says Belle is out of her mind and he wants to be there to comfort her. Hope says right now she just prays that Phillip will be okay. She thinks everyone is praying for that, including Shawn. Hope hates seeing Bo talk this way about Shawn. Bo says when Phillip gets home it isnt going to be pretty. Hope says but Belle loves Shawn, he is the one she wants to be with. Bo says but if she was Belle would she walk away from the man who went through months of hell to get back to you, a man who loves you more than life itself. Hope says she feels terrible for Phillip, but the reality is Belle loves Shawn and they deserve to be happy. Bo says hes just saying that Shawn needs to be prepared that he may have to live the rest of his life without Belle.

Nicole and Chloe are on the patio at Alices. Chloe thinks the amount of stars out tonight means she is making a right decision. Nicole says check her horoscope again as she thinks she is making a hasty decision. Chloe says she cant keep lying to Brady, the time for secrets is over. She asks Nicole to go tell Brady that shes out here waiting for him. Nicole then sees Marlena inside with Brady. She asks Chloe if this is really what she wants to do, there is no turning back after this. Chloe says yes, she is ready for Brady to see her. Chloe says Brady knows she is alive, so there is no point in her continuing to hide. Nicole asks if she wants this or does she feel she has no choice? Chloe says both. She says she realizes that she should have told Brady the truth from the beginning, and if she could just be in his arms for one moment then it will be worth it. Nicole asks what about the rest of her life. Chloe says if she is his wife then it will be wonderful, and if not then shell deal with it. Nicole says of course Brady will marry her, and she once again tries to scare her by saying her face will be in all the papers next to Bradys. Chloe says she only cares about what Brady thinks, not what others think. Nicole says she just doesnt want her to rush into this. Nicole says she could convince Brady that she is dead so she has more time to see if her scars can be fixed. Chloe says and if Nicole cant? Nicole says well you have nothing to lose. Nicole says she needs to make a choice, but make it now as Brady is about to come out here.

Inside Alices, Brady tells Marlena that he doesnt understand why Chloe is hiding from him. Marlena says she cant answer that. She suggests he go out to the terrace and clear his head, she thinks hell find some answers there. Brady asks if she knows something she isnt telling him? Marlena tells him to listen to his heart, it belongs to Chloe and Nicole needs to know that. Brady says Nicole knows that, and hes always been honest with her about his feelings for Chloe. Marlena says Nicole thinks he is going to propose to her. Brady says that is his fault, but if Chloe is alive then everything is different. Marlena says and Nicole knows that. Brady knows Marlena also thinks Nicole is lying to him, and he says maybe she is. Brady decides to go out and get some air, and then hell find Nicole and get the truth from her. He goes outside and says You! Chloe is hiding in the bushes and thinks Nicole is right, she should see how Brady reacts before letting him know she is alive. Brady tells Nicole that he needs answers from her. Nicole says they have had this conversation before and she has nothing more to say. Brady knows Chloe is alive, he thinks Nicole knows where she is and why she hasnt come to him, and he thinks Nicole has known for some time. Nicole says he is right, everything he has said is true. He asks where she is? Nicole says she is alive and is in his heart. He says of come on! She tells him that he is so consumed with Chloes memory that he convinced himself that she is alive. Nicole asks him if he has any idea what hes put her through with this obsession of his? Nicole says she cant take it anymore, and she guesses there is no hope for them if he doesnt trust her. Brady says when it comes to Chloe he doesnt trust her, he thinks shed do anything to keep him from her. Nicole continues to try and play Brady and convince him that hes hallucinating. Chloe watches from the bushes and says Nicole is good. Nicole claims there is a logical explanation why he heard Chloes voice on the phone. Brady says lets hear it. Nicole says he probably did hear Chloes voice. He says probably, what the hell you were with her. She tells him to think about who placed the call, Tony played him like a fiddle and it was just another DiMera trick.

Roman and John discuss how to go about finding Tony, and John thinks they dont have to look much further than Sami. Roman asks whys Sami would know where Tony is? John thinks Sami has been with Tony in that war zone all along, and they still dont have a reason why she was there. Roman asks John if he is saying Sami is working with Tony? John says Sami has not changed, and her behavior has been out of control since he and Marlena have been gone. Roman says give her a break, she thought everyone she loved was dead. John says he knows, and she blamed everyone including him and Kate for their deaths. He says then her wedding to Lucas blew up and of course that wasnt her fault. John says then she somehow ended up in a war zone with Tony. Roman says it doesnt make sense though, why would Sami work with Tony. John says perhaps they both were out for revenge. Roman asks who shed want revenge on? John says anyone she thinks would wronged her. They argue, and Marlena and Lucas show up and ask what is going on with them? They say they can hear them fighting clear across the bar. Roman says John thinks Sami is working with Tony. Marlena says its not possible. Lucas says Rex, Shawn, Brady thought the same thing too at the bunker. Roman is stunned. Lucas says they were wrong though, Sami rescued them and none of them would have made it home without her. Lucas says the real villain was Stan. 

Tony calls Sami up and tells her that he plans on telling everyone that she was Stan. Sami begs Tony not to tell anyone, but he says he will tell everyone starting with Lucas. Tony asks Sami to put Lucas on so he can talk to him. Sami refuses. Tony says then hell just call Lucas directly. Sami begs Tony not to do that and she asks what he wants. Tony says he kept up his end of their bargain but she didnt. Sami says well he got away so all that ends well. Tony says nothing has ended and their relationship is far from over. Sami says they had a deal that he wouldnt hurt the boys, but he lied. She says she never wanted to be a part of something so evil. He tells her what she did as Stan was evil, and people are suffering and will continue to suffer because of what she did. Tony wonders how Will and her family will react to a list of her crimes which he will be happy to provide. Sami says nothing, and Tony asks if the cat has her tongue? Tony also has proof, her disguise with her DNA on it as well as photos and films. Sami thinks hes bluffing. Tony says hes not, but if he was is she willing to take the risk? Tony starts reviewing everything Sami did as Stan with flashbacks. Sami thinks if Tony was going to turn her in then he would have done so already. She asks him again what he wants from her. Tony says she broke their deal, but Sami says he broke their deal first. She says they should call it even and forget about it. Sami says she made a mistake and she has learned from it. Tony says she will learn from it and he will make sure she does.

Elsewhere outside of Alices, Kate argues with Shawn and tells him that Belle will eventually realize she wants to be with Phillip rather than a loser like him. Belle gets a call from the doctor in Germany. However, before the doctor could tell her anything he was called back into the ICU. Belle cries that Phillip could be dying. Shawn holds her, and Kate says get his hands off her because she is still Phillips wife! Shawn says she is also scared. Belle says the doctors didnt say anything, and Shawn says Germany has some of the best doctors so there is no reason to give up hope. Kate tells Shawn to give up the act, he doesnt care if Phillip lives or dies. Kate says all Shawn cares about is Belle breaking Phillips heart so he can steal his wife. Shawn says he is sick of Kate saying he doesnt care as he risked his life saving Phillip. He tells Kate the only thing she cares about is her son, so why would she want him to be in a loveless marriage. Belle says she does love Phillip and he could be dying. Kate and Shawn continue to argue, and Belle tells them both to stop because this is about Phillip and whether he survives. 

Belle heads into Alices, and Marlena asks what is wrong? Belle fills her in, and Marlena comforts her. Marlena tries to tell her to stay positive. Kate and Shawn show up, and Kate continues to hate seeing Shawn with Phillip. Meanwhile, John calls Shane to find out what is going on with Phillip. Kate goes to John and thanks him. She cries that she doesnt know what shed do without him. He holds her, which Roman and Marlena are upset to see. John passes on the news that Phillip is out of surgery, but he doesnt know any more. Later Lucas tells Shawn to back off of Belle. Shawn says Belle needs him, but he says she has her parents and hes upsetting his mom. He says his mom and him fighting again is the last thing that Belle needs. Roman gets Kate a drink, and John talks with Belle. John tells Belle that Phillip loves her and wants to come home to her. Marlena says her dad is right. Belle says shell do anything to help Phillip recover, shell stay with him no matter how long it takes. Shawn hears this and doesnt seem too happy. Belle then gets another call from the doctors and learns horrifying news. She cries It cant be true!


June 10, 2005
On the terrace at Alices, Chloe spies on Brady talking with Nicole. She says she loves Brady, but she doesnt want to be a burden to him. She says if Nicole cant convince Brady that she is dead then she will have to tell Brady the truth. Nicole tries to convince Brady that Tony is playing him like a fiddle and this is all a DiMera trick, Chloe is dead. She says Tony was trying to distract him so he could escape, which he did. Brady says it isnt another DiMera trick, it is impossible. She says it is possible but he just doesnt want to admit it because he doesnt want it to be true. Nicole tries to convince him that Tony dialed her number and Tony somehow put a tape of Chloes voice on for him to hear. She says when she answered she heard total silence for awhile until his voice came on asking about Chloe. Nicole says she was completely confused. She says Tony set this whole thing up and used her. Brady says but Tony had no way of knowing hed be there in the war zone or in that bunker to set this all up. Nicole says Tony is a mastermind and probably has voice samples of everyone in Salem on hand. Brady says that is the most ridiculous thing he has heard. She says it is no more insane then him thinking Chloe is alive and everyone is conspiring to keep her away from him, including Chloe herself. He says hes not saying there is a conspiracy, but Nicole says that he is making it sound that way, and hes making her out to be the ringleader. She says if Chloe was alive and with her when he called, why would Chloe give the phone to her and let her tell him that she was dead. Nicole says if Chloe was being held captive then she would have screamed for help. Nicole says if Chloe jumped out of the bushes right now hed dump her for Chloe wouldnt he. He says it sounds awful when she says it like that, but she always knew Chloe was the love of his life. Nicole says and she was just the whore he spent his time with until he could be reunited with the diva. Brady says that is not true. Nicole continues to yell at Brady and say if Chloe is alive then why isnt she hear with him now. A spying Chloe thinks maybe she should be. Brady thinks there has to be a reason Chloe hasnt come to him. Nicole says well maybe she has Chloe locked up, but then again how could she answer the phone if she was in prison somewhere? Nicole says Tony used Chloe to try and break them up. She says Tony is making her look guilty and Brady look paranoid. She says the DiMeras have hurt everyone in this town. Nicole says if Brady honestly thinks that she somehow is hiding this secret about Chloe, then how did she get Nancy, a woman who hates her, to go along with this whole scheme? Nicole says Chloe isnt coming back to him, and hes going to drive them both crazy with this idea she is. Nicole says if he persists with this fantasy then they wont have a future together. Nicole says she truly loves him and knows she could make him happy, but if this isnt what he wants then she hopes him and Chloes ghost live happily ever after. Nicole runs off, and Chloe wonders if she has the courage to tell Brady the truth. From inside, Nicole looks out at Brady and hopes she hit a home run instead of striking out. She knows leaving Chloe out there with Brady was a risk, but she didnt have a choice. Nicole then gets a call from Tony DiMera. She cant believe he is calling her when the entire free world is looking for him. Tony says no time for flattery now. Tony says he knows what she did. Nicole says she doesnt know what hes talking about. Tony says he knows she botched Chloes surgery. Nicole says she didnt do that and Chloe is dead. Tony says cut the crap, she is guilty and how would Brady feel if he knew the truth about what she did. She says she cant prove she did anything, but he says his friends Stan can. He says Stan works for him. Nicole asks where the bastard is. Tony says look closely, he is there at the party. Nicole says she hasnt seen him once tonight. Tony says hes not in his disguise. She asks who he is, and Tony says figure that one out on her own. Meanwhile, Brady begins to realize what Nicole said does make sense, and if Chloe was alive shed be with him right now. He says that would be a miracle and those miracles dont happen. Chloe thinks its time to show Brady that miracles do happen.

Lucas talks to Rex, who is upset about Mimi. Rex says Mimi ran off and shes so upset. Lucas wonders if she heard about Phillip. Rex asks what happened? Lucas says its bad, its really bad. He tells Rex about Phillips leg being amputated. Rex says they never should have let Phillip serve out his tour. Lucas says if this is anyones fault it is that Stan character. Lucas wonders where Sami is and if shes heard the news about Phillip yet. Meanwhile, Sami is still on the phone with Tony begging him not to tell anyone the truth. Tony torments her and says perhaps he wont go after her, perhaps hell go after the ones she loves: her mother, father and Lucas. Sami begs him not to do this, but Tony says this is her fault and this time she will go down and has nobody to blame but herself. Sami asks what hes going to do to her. He says all she needs to know is one day when she least expects it her world will come to a crashing end. Suddenly Lucas walks in on Sami and asks why shes hiding in the back and who she is talking to? Tony suggests Sami just tell Lucas. Sami hangs up on Tony. She tells Lucas that she was just saying goodnight to Will and wanted privacy. She says shes just glad they are all home and safe. Lucas says that isnt true, he just got bad news about Phillip. He tells Sami what happened, and he blames Stan and says if he ever sees him again hell kill him. Meanwhile, Nicole watches Lucas and Sami together and figures out that Sami is Stan.

Kate continues to yell at Shawn to stay away from Belle as she is married to Phillip. Roman calms Kate down, and Kate says Phillip doesnt deserve any of this. She asks why this happened to them. Later, Marlena and John talk about what has happened to Phillip and how this is such a shock. Shawn asks them why they arent with Belle? John says she wanted to be alone, and Marlena says they had to respect her wishes and so does Shawn. John says in other words if he goes after Belle then hell stop him. Later John makes some calls, he plans on flying Belle there but his plane needs work and might not be ready for a few days. John says he will get Belle there one way or another. Marlena ends up taking Kate off to stop her from fighting with Shawn, and Roman has a talk with Shawn about how he has no choice but to stay out of Belles life right now and let her deal with this her own way. Shawn says Phillip wanted him to look after Belle, but Roman says only as a friend and didnt know what was going on. He tells Shawn to back off. Shawn says he cant, and Belle is blaming herself for what happened. Roman says it isnt anyones fault. Shawn says he knows that, but she wont hear it. Roman thinks Shawn is worried that Belle is going to stay with Phillip. Shawn admits it is a possibility. Roman says right now all Belle knows is that she has to be there for Phillip. Shawn says he wont give up on Belle the way Roman gave up on Marlena. Shawn says he knows hell regret that the same way Roman probably regrets giving up Marlena. Roman says he is with Kate and Marlena is with John now, he has to respect that just like Shawn has to respect Belles decision. Roman says he loves Shawn very much and is here for him, but right now his wife also needs him. Roman tells Shawn to hang in there.

John tells Marlena, Kate and Roman that he has arranged a military transport to take Belle over to Germany, but there are only three seats available. Roman says Kate should have one, and Kate thinks Marlena should go for Belle. Marlena says no John should go. She says with his contacts he can cut through red tape quicker. She says shell be there as soon as she can. Roman says and hell be there just as soon as he gets through investigating where Tony might be and if Ma and Victor are alive. Kate decides to go home and pack. She tells Roman shed rather do this alone because she needs time like Belle. Roman tells Kate to tell Phillip how proud they all are of him. Later, Roman asks John to take care of Kate because this will be hell for her. John says he will, and he asks Roman to take care of Marlena.

Belle arrives home at the loft and finds Mimi in tears. Mimi says she had to get away from Rex. She asks Belle what is wrong? Belle says its Phillip. She says he is alive, but they had to amputate his leg. She says the damage was too great, the leg couldnt be saved. Mimi asks why Belle isnt with Shawn or her parents right now? She says she wanted to be alone, and she asks Mimi to help her pack. Belle says she has to go be with Phillip. Belle goes on a guilt trip about how this is all her fault, Phillip was trying to get home to her where she was going to break his heart. She says she cant do that now. Mimi asks what this means for him and Shawn? 

Shawn and Rex head back to their apartment. Rex is worried about Mimi, and Shawn decides to go see Belle. Rex says this is a bad idea, but knows he cant stop him. Shawn knows on the loft door, and Belle says he shouldnt be here. He says he is and he isnt letting her go. Later, John calls Belle and gives her the news about the plane ride tonight. She asks him to do her a favor and sit between her and Kate. John thinks she doesnt have to worry about Kate. He says get her things together and hell be over to pick her up soon. Belle ends up telling Shawn that he should go, and he says he will after he holds her one last time. She collapses into his arms, and Kate shows up and is pissed to see them together.

Meanwhile, Mimi comes over to the other loft to see Rex. He wants answers as to what is going on with her, why did she say she couldnt marry him.

On the beach, Bo and Hope are still talking about the Belle, Shawn and Phillip saga. Hope thinks Belle loves Shawn and they deserve to be happy. Bo says he just thinks Shawn should be prepared to spend the rest of his life without Belle. Bo says that Belle is married to Phillip and it would be wrong of Shawn to break them up. The end up arguing about Shawn and Belles relationship, Shawn walking away after Belles lie, and Belle turning to Phillip. Bo thinks Belle must have cared for Phillip to marry him. Hope says she thought Shawn deserted her, and Bo says he did. Hope says Jan kidnapped him and held him hostage, but Bo says only after Shawn left town. Hope says bottom line, Belle and Shawn love one another and never stopped. Bo says a lot of people love one another but circumstances keep them apart. He says Roman and Marlena and Ma and Victor for example. Hope says and him and Billie. Bo asks why did she have to say that. Bo says Victor was the love of Mas life, and Victor was good enough to step aside so that Ma could respect her marriage. Hope says and he thinks Shawn should do the same with Belle and Phillip? She asks if he doesnt want to see their son happy and fight for the woman he loves? He says no matter who gets hurt? Hope says so what happens when Phillip finally realizes Belle doesnt love him and is in love with Shawn? Bo says he will be devastated. Hope says if it wasnt for Jan then Belle and Shawn would be together. Bo says they cant change what happened, and Hope is encouraging Shawn to break up their marriage. Bo points out she is rationalizing her actions while trying to vilify Billie trying to break up their marriage. Hope says it is not the same situation, Belle is not in love with her husband but he (Bo) is in love with his wife. Bo eventually thinks they should let this go and not argue about it anymore. Hope says it is ultimately Belles choice, and Bo says yes and they need to stay out of it. Bo says what is important is they are together and always be together. They kiss, say I love you, and snuggle by the fire. 

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