June 13, 2005

John is on the roof at the loft with one of his ISA contacts and asks for an update on Phillip. He learns that there is no change. John says that he, Kate and Belle are coming to Germany on a military transport, and while hes there he wants to see what he can find out about DiMera. John says he will find him and God have mercy on his soul when he does. John says the Dimeras have hurt them for the last time.

At the loft, Kate lashes out when she finds Belle in Shawns arms. She says its bad enough that she married her son under false pretenses and lied when she claimed to love him. Belle says she didnt lie. Kate asks how she can disrespect him like this when he is lying in a military hospital fighting for his life. Shawn tells Kate if she wants to take this out on someone then take it out on him. Kate says she is not surprised by him in the least, but she thought John and Marlena raised her better than that. She says she never thought Belle would turn out worse than her sister Sami. Belle says she cant help how she feels, hasnt Kate ever been in love with one man and still had feelings for another. Marlena walks in and says of course she has. Marlena says Kate still loved Roman when she accepted Johns proposal, but Kate says she thought Roman was dead as John thought she was dead, so it is a different situation. Marlena says Belle did nothing wrong, but Kate says the minute Phillip shipped out she was in the arms of her ex. Belle says she didnt do anything and promised to wait till Phillip returned home, but Kate says it was still emotional betrayal. Kate says she is in the arms of the man who put her husband in the hospital. Belle says Shawn tried to save Phillip, he did everything he could and risked his own life. Shawn says Phillip insisted on going back into combat and when he was in that mine field he wanted to go after him. They argue, and John shows up to break things up. He asks Shawn what in the hell he is doing here? John asks what is going on here? Marlena says she is glad he is here. John says he thought she was going home, but Marlena says she wanted to see Belle one last time. Marlena says when she walked in Kate was berating Belle. Kate says because when she walked in she found Belle in Shawns arms. Marlena says Belle would never hurt Phillip, but Kate thinks Belle is only going to Germany out of guilt. Kate and Marlena argue over what has happened, and Kate says directly or indirectly Belle is responsible for what happened to Phillip. Kate runs off, and John goes to talk to her. Marlena asks Shawn if she can talk to Belle alone. He says sure and goes to get her other suitcase. Marlena talks to Belle about what is going on. She knows Belle and Shawn are back together, but she has to think about Phillip right now. Marlena says Phillip has lost so much and she doesnt think he could live with a broken heart. Belle asks if she is saying she shouldnt tell Phillip about wanting to be with Shawn ever?

On the roof, John tries to comfort Kate. He says he knows shes having a hard time, and Belle is having a hard time herself. Kate says she knows that, but she once again lost it when she saw her in Shawns arms. John says they both know that love can be complicated. Kate says but this isnt a level playing field. She says Phillip isnt here to fight for Belle, and he could prove to her that they belong together if he had the chance. Kate says Shawn has been here and has been manipulating Belle. Kate says it will be hard enough for Phillip to deal with losing his leg, but now he might lose the love of his life. Kate tells John that he knows Phillip is better for Belle. John says they are adults and have to live their own lives. John heads back to check on the others and get their bags. Kate decides to make a call. She says John is wrong, sometimes parents have to get involved to keep their children from being hurt. She refuses to let Shawn take away the one thing Phillip has to live for. She calls Karen Fitzpatrick and basically tries to bribe her, which the judge wont be a party to. Kate says all she is saying is that if things dont go well with her re-election then she can offer her a job at Basic Black as head of legal affairs. Karen asks what about Joe Burns, shed fire him after all the years hes worked there? Kate says in a heartbeat. Karen asks what the catch is. Kate wants Shawn trial set. Kate says shes not asking her to do anything illegal, just to see justice served in a timely fashion. The judge says there are procedures to follow. Kate says Shawn is dangerous and needs to be put away before anyone else gets hurt, innocent people get hurt. Karen says Kate makes it sound like life or death. Kate says it is. Kate tells the Judge the story, we dont hear her do so, so we dont know what she has said. The judge feels awful and says shell find a place on her calendar for a trial for Shawn ASAP. Kate cheers and thinks by the time Phillip gets home, Shawn will head to prison, and Phillip and Belle can live happily ever after. 

John joins Marlena in the loft as she talks to Belle. Marlena says shes not telling her never to tell Phillip the truth, just to proceed carefully. She says hes been through so much as is that shes not sure he could survive learning that his wife loves someone else. Belle says she wouldnt tell him that now. Belle says a part of her still loves Phillip and she doesnt want to see him hurt. Shawn returns with her suitcase. Marlena talks with John in private about Kate. John says seeing Shawn with Belle isnt helping things, but he thinks Kate will be better once she sees Phillip. Marlena wishes Kate would be more understanding of Belle and what she is going through. John tells Marlena that she always looks in the good in everyone, but she wasnt here to see how out of control Shawn has been. He says Shawn almost killed half a dozen other people at Belles wedding. Marlena says she knows as Tony would show her and Roman what was going on back in Salem via a TV. John becomes uneasy as he thought she only was told what was happening. MArlena says Tony did whatever he could to torture them. She says it was obvious to her that Belle was making a mistake marrying Phillip and she was helpless to intercede. She asks if he really wants her to spend a life in a loveless marriage. John says but part of her loves Phillip. Marlena says not the way she loves Shawn. She says Belle is in a horrible position, much like the position she was in when Stefano took Roman away from her. Marlena says years later she thought he was Roman, and she fell in love with him. She says then Roman came back and she still love him. MArlena says if she hadnt been tricked . . . John asks if she is saying Roman is her Shawn and hes her Phillip, that Roman is who she wants to be with? 

Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn talk, and Shawn thinks he should go with her to Germany. Belle says no, but he says he can be there for her. She says she will have her dad, and him being there would antagonize Kate even more. Shawn says there is nothing Kate can do to hurt him, but she says not to be so sure. She makes Shawn promise her that hell be careful. Shawn says let her try her worst, he can take care of himself.

At Rexs loft, Rex asks Mimi what is wrong, why is she saying she cant marry him. Mimi tries to change the subject to Phillip and how he doesnt deserve this. Rex says he doesnt and he is a hero. He says Phillip will be fine though, they will all make sure that he is. He says hell go open a bottle of wine so they can try and relax. She says he must be so exhausted. Rex says thinking of her got him through the whole ordeal, and he really needs to be with her tonight. Mimi thinks Phillip is a hero and so is Rex, but she is a coward who cant tell Rex the truth. Rex brings them some glasses of wine and toasts to the two of them. Rex says nothing will keep them apart and theyll spend every night in one anothers arms. Rex says now that everything is going well he wants to focus on the future. She screams stop it! Rex asks Mimi what is wrong with her? She says she cant sit her drinking wine and planning their future and try and forget about what happened. Rex thinks shes talking about Phillip, and he says he blames himself too as he thinks there was something else he could have done. Mimi says it wasnt his fault, and she says she loves him and just wishes their love was strong enough to make all the wrong things right. Rex asks Mimi to talk to him, is their relationship in trouble? He asks if he has done something to upset her? She says no never, he is wonderful and she loves him so much. She says he has made her happier than she ever thought. Rex says well shes acting just like she was before he left. He says their love is strong and can survive anything. Mimi says that is what Belle and Shawn thought. Rex says Belle and Shawn had some serious trust issues. He says even Belle and Shawn found their way back to each other at Phillips expense, but if they had been honest then Phillip wouldnt be about to have his heart broken. Rex says they arent them though, they have no secrets. Mimi says she is so sorry and she runs out of the loft. Mimi heads up to the roof and calls her mother. She says she cant lie to him any more, she has to tell Rex the truth. Mimi says she has to tell him everything. Mimi says she wont be talked out of it, she has to do it and she has to do it tonight. Rex shows up and he asks why she ran out on him? Mimi says she is sorry but she needed air. Rex says something is eating her up and she needs to tell him what it is. Mimi says its about their relationship, their getting married. She says a lot of things are going on. He says yes there are, and having a big wedding now is not a good idea. He says they can just go to the justice of the peace, and later they can have the big wedding. Mimi says no, she cant marry him because she is going to jail. 

Out on the terrace at Alices, Brady talks to himself while Chloe spies on him. He thinks miracles like Chloe coming back to him dont happen. Chloe thinks maybe it is time to show Brady that those miracles do happen. Brady then sees someone stir in the bushes and says Its you! It turns out to be Judge Fitzpatrick. She says she wanted to welcome home the heroes, even if what they did was against the law. They talk about Phillip and what happened to him. Brady hadnt heard about Phillip, and Judge Fitzpatrick tells Brady about Phillips amputation. Chloe gasps from the bushes, and Brady asks if someone is there? Later the judge leaves, and Brady heads off to find out about Phillip. Chloe misses her chance to reveal herself and thinks maybe it is for the best. Chloe decides to just wait till the time is right to reveal herself to Brady, but she touches her face and says maybe it never will be the right time.

Inside Alices, Nicole tries to figure out what is going on with Sami and Stan and their connection. She remembers her conversations with Stan, and how he talks like Sami, thinks like Sami and manipulates like Sami. She wonders if Sami and Stan are the same person. Later Nicole wonders where Brady is and what is going on outside. Nicole thinks either way shes history no matter what happens. She thinks if only she knew Sami was Stan then she might be able to use that. She tries to think if there was a clue, and she remembers slapping him and his mustache falling off. She also remembers how much Stan knew about her. She says if Sami is Stan then she has to find a way to prove it.

Lucas and Sami are sitting together, and Sami says Nicole keeps staring at her and is freaking her out. Lucas says he cant deal with her paranoia right now, he has to focus on Phillip. Sami says she understands that, but something really is wrong with Nicole. Lucas says of course something is wrong with her, shes about to lose her man to his not-so-dead girlfriend. Sami still cant stand Nicole staring at her as she is up to something because Nicole hates her. Lucas says just about everyone in Salem hates her. Sami asks Lucas if he hates her? Before Lucas answers Nicole walks over and says if he doesnt now he will when he hears what she did this time. Lucas asks Nicole to leave them alone right now. Nicole sees Chloe leaving, and realizes she didnt reveal herself to Brady. Nicole then tells Lucas and Sami she just wants to congratulate them on a job well done, but how did Sami end up in that war zone? Lucas says Sami was taken hostage like the rest of them. Nicole thinks to herself that she doesnt think Sami was Tonys hostage, she thinks she was his goon. She finally realizes that Sami was Stan. Sami asks what shes staring at, didnt anyone teach her that it isnt polite. Nicole says its not polite to do a lot of things. Sami asks Nicole what her problem is? Nicole says she doesnt have one, not anymore. Sami says really, shes drinking alone while her soon to be ex-boyfriend is off chasing the love of his life. Nicole and Sami almost get into a fist fight, but Lucas breaks them up and drags Nicole off. He asks Nicole what is the matter with her? Nicole suggests he ask Sami what is wrong with her. Lucas says give Sami a break, she has been minding her own business. Nicole says since when? Lucas says he knows Nicole is going through a lot right now and he is sorry about that, but Nicole says not as sorry as he is for giving Sami another chance. Lucas says they are talking about her losing Brady. Lucas says he feels bad for her because he knows she loves Brady in her own little way. Nicole says she does love him, and unlike half of the people in this town Chloe really is dead. Lucas says if Chloe is alive then let them be happy. Nicole thinks Lucas would like to see her alone and miserable, and she hopes Lucas and Sami do get back together because they deserve one another. Nicole rushes off, and Lucas gets an important call and excuses himself. Sami is left wondering what is going on. Nicole drinks it up and says if Chloe does come back it wont be impossible to hang onto Brady, not with some help. Nicole walks up behind Sami and says Stan in a manly voice. Sami turns around and says what? Nicole says Oh! and smiles at Sami. Nicole says she knew it, she is Stan. Nicole says she cant wait to tell everyone Samis dirty little secret.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Brady discuss Phillip and what is happening, and they talk about Chloe. Brady isnt so sure about Chloes situation anymore. He thinks it was just wishful thinking. Lucas says someone else who has been doing wishful thinking is Nicole.

Chloe returns to the clinic where she cries to Craig that she couldnt tell Brady the truth. She explains that Brady found out she was live thanks to Tony. She tells him the whole story. She says Marlena and Nancy both think she should tell Brady the truth, but Craig asks what she wants to do? Craig says whatever she decides he will support her. He asks what its going to be? Chloe says a part of her wants to tell him, and a part wants to run away and never set foot in Salem again. Chloe cries that shes confused and doesnt know what she should do.


June 14, 2005

Chelsea helps Abby frost a cake for Jack's birthday. Abby thanks her and says she knows this must be hard for her. Chelsea says she used to help her parents decorate cakes for one another too. Jen shows up and says Jack is about to come in. Bo and Hope show up, and Hope ask what happened to Smith Island. Jen says Jack Jr got the sniffles so they had to come back home, and that is why they also werent at Alices. Jen asks how the party was? Bo and Hope give her the news about Phillip, who didnt make it home and has had his leg amputated. They say Belle, Kate and John are flying out to Germany tonight. Billie walks in and says thank God as what Phillip needs most now is to be with the people who love him, especially his wife. Abby thinks they arent going to have a party now, but the adults all insist on having a party. Unfortunately Jack storms into the kitchen and knocks the cake over and it splatters all over the floor. Jack realizes that was his birthday cake, and it was his favorite kind to. Jack says hes so sorry. Jen says they can make another cake. Jack claims hell just eat the cake off the floor so it doesn't go to waste. As they are cleaning up, Bo gets a call and excuses himself. Hope tells Billie that she is sorry about her brother. Billie says thanks, and she is glad that Belle is with him now. Hope thinks it is the worst thing in the world for him. Meanwhile, Jack watches Jen, Abby and Chelsea make him a new cake. Chelsea feels a bit left out watching them be a family. Chelsea ends up slipping off. They finish the cake, and then they realizes Chelsea is gone. Abby says she thinks Chelsea is having a hard time with this.

Hope and Billie go into the other room, and Billie and Hope start fighting about Belle, Shawn and Phillip. Hope thinks that by Belle going to Germany it will give Phillip false expectations. Billie says maybe it wont, and Phillip loves her too. Billie says she thinks that the odds are in his favor, after all he is a war hero. Bo returns and asks what is going on here? Billie says she finds it ironic that Hope is always accusing her of trying to break up their marriage when Hope is pushing Shawn to do the same thing to Phillip and Belle. Billie eventually backs off and heads outside when she sees Chelsea is out there. Later Abby, Jen, Bo, Hope and even Jack sing happy birthday to Jack. Jack says he doesnt have to make a wish for himself, so he wishes for Phillip to come home soon. Jack then cuts the cake, and they tell Abby how wonderful the cake is. Later, Jack clutches his side while no one is looking. 

Chelsea heads outside to smoke, but Billie catches her. Billie asks if she really wants to do that? Billie tells her she could stand here all day long and tell her how bad smoking is for her, but she probably knows that. Billie says it is an expensive habit, and it makes your hair and clothes smoke. She says she smoked at her age until she met a boy who said he would never kiss a girl who smoked. Chelsea asks what is with her, she isnt her mom and just because her mom told her something before she died doesnt give her reason to tell her what to do and to run her life. Billie says she knows, she just doesnt want her to make the same mistakes she did. Chelsea says fine, but right now she just wants to be alone. Billie leaves her alone, and Chelsea tries to light up but cant get the match to light. She ends up in tears.

Bonnie and Max the dog show up at the loft looking for Mimi. She grabs one of the wine glasses sitting around and starts drinking. There are a bunch of ambulances outside, and Bonnie begins thinking that Mimi must have gotten so upset that she threw herself from the fire escape. Bonnie says this is all her fault and she feels so guilty. Patrick shows up and says she should.

On the roof, Rex reacts to Mimi's news that she's going to jail. Rex tells Mimi that she has to be kidding, is he on a hidden camera show? Mimi says she is serious, shes going to jail. He asks what she could have possibly done to go to jail for? Mimi says shes done something really bad. Rex asks what she did that was so bad, did she have a fender bender? He thinks it will be okay, but she says it wont. He asks what she was charged with? Mimi says attempted murder. Rex is stunned. He still thinks this is about a car accident and is confused. Mimi says no, and as shes about to tell him she sees Max. Bonnie and Patrick arent far behind. Bonnie learns Rex doesnt know the whole story yet, so she drags Mimi off to try and convince her not to tell Rex the truth. Mimi says shes going to tell him the truth, and she tells Rex that all the secrets and lies end here. Rex asks who she is charged with trying to kill? Mimi says Jan Spears. She explains the fight and that it was an accident. Rex says theyll fight this thing, but she says its too late as shes already confessed. He asks why she plead guilty? Mimi says because she had no choice, it is all her fault. Rex asks why would Mickey let her do this? Bonnie says Mimi wouldnt listen to him or anyone. Rex says there are always other choices, but she says not for her. Mimi walks off, and Rex chases after her. He asks why she wont fight for them. Mimi says there is no us, shes sorry but they are through.

At the other loft, Marlena tells John that if she hadnt been tricked by Stefano then she would be married to Roman. John asks if she is saying she still wants to be with Roman. Marlena says no, what shes saying is the DiMeras have a way of wreaking havoc on peoples lives. John still wonders if she would have preferred she stay with Roman and they had never had Belle? Marlena is shocked and says of course not. She tells John that she loves him and she loves their family, how could he ask her such a thing. He says hes sorry and of course he doesnt doubt that. He asks her to forgive him, but she says there is nothing to forgive and they are just under so much pressure.

Elsewhere, Kate thinks by time Belle and Phillip come back, Shawn will be in prison and Belle and Phillip will have true happiness. She says her problem is with Shawn and not Belle. Roman shows up and asks if she regrets how she treated Belle? Kate says yes, so he asks what shes going to do about it?

Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that she is still Phillips wife and she needs to be there to support him as it is the only way hell get better. Roman and Kate return, and Kate says Belle is right. Belle says she doesnt want to argue with her, and Kate says neither does she. Kate apologizes for flying off the handle, and all she wants is for her son to be better. Belle says that is all she wants too. They hug one another. John tells Kate and Belle that its time to go. Roman and Kate say their I love yous and Ill miss yous. Belle hugs her mom, and she asks Belle to give Phillip her love. Shawn tells Belle to take care and to give Phillip his best. Marlena then tells John to be careful. Marlena cant believe she is saying goodbye to him when she just got him back. Shawn and Belle head outside the loft, and Belle thinks Roman has calmed Kate down. Shawn says he still doesnt trust her. He tells Belle to watch out for Kate, but Belle says it will be okay. Shawn says hell miss her, and they hug. All the adults show up and see them in each others arms. 

Kate, John and Belle board the plane. John comforts Kate, who wants revenge on Tony. John tells her not to worry as they will find Tony and John will let her kill him with her bare hands. Belle excuses herself to make a call, and John thanks Kate for making a truce with Belle. Kate just wishes shed give Phillip a chance because she thinks they could work things out. John agrees and wants to see them stay together. Kate thinks to herself that they will if her plan works. Meanwhile, Belle calls Shawn to say she loves him and is still committed to working things out with him. The plane takes off, and Belle falls fast asleep. Kate asks John how hes doing with the pain? John says he has it under control now. She says she is glad, and hasnt had a chance to ask him. John says the pain is the least of his worries right now. She asks if everything okay with him and Marlena? John tells Kate about his conversation with Marlena, and John asks Kate if she thinks Roman and Marlena have grown closer? Has he said anything? Kate says he hasnt said anything, but she wouldnt be surprised if they had. She asks why hes asking? John says Marlena said if the DiMeras hadnt altered their lives then shed still be with Roman. Kate says it is true. John says just the fact that she brought it up, it was as if she longed for what they had together. Kate says perhaps hes just reading too much into it. Kate says they went through a traumatic ordeal together, and maybe they did become close again. John then informs Kate that Tony showed them a television feed of everything going on in Salem. Kate says hes not saying that they could have watched us making love? John says he doesnt know, he didnt find any cameras at the penthouse, but they could have been easily removed. Kate says no, if they had seen it then they would have said something. John says perhaps he is making a big deal out of nothing. Meanwhile, Belle dreams about better times with Shawn. Her  dreams soon turn to the times when Shawn was nasty to her after his motorcycle accident. She then dreams about being with Phillip. Next she dreams about reconnecting with Shawn, and Phillip going off to war and being injured. She calls out Phillips name in her sleep, and John and Kate look over at her. They realize she is dreaming, and John feels for her as she has some tough decisions ahead of her. John goes to ask the pilot when they should arrive. Kate also knows how difficult this is for Belle and she just hopes Belle realizes how important Phillip is to her. Meanwhile, Belle dreams about kissing Shawn, who then morphs into Phillip. 

Back at the loft, Marlena decides to stick around Belles place and tidy up a bit. She says she feels closer to Belle here. Roman says take your time, hell check in with the station. Shawn says he should be going to. Marlena asks Shawn to stay and talk to her. Marlena tells Shawn that she understands what hes going through, and she knows that hes suffering too. Shawn says he never meant for anything of this to happen. He says Kate thinks he is this terrible person, but he does feel horrible for what happened to Phillip. Marlena says it is worse because they were best friends. Shawn says their whole life until they both fell in love with Belle. Shawn says hes so afraid that he will lose Belle to Phillip. Later, Shawn talks to Belle on the phone, and Roman returns. Marlena ends up becoming woozy, and Roman asks if she is okay? She says shes just a little light headed. He tells her to sit down and hell get her some water. Roman brings her some water and asks if she feels better. She says yeah and it must just be exhaustion. Roman says she needs to rest, but Marlena is so worried about Belle. She says Belle is going through what she went through with him and John. Roman gets a message from the station and has to go. He asks her if she is sure shes not dizzy anymore, and she says she isnt. Roman has to head out and tells her to call if she needs anything at all. Roman leaves, and Marlena begins to feel queasy.  


June 15 2005

At Alices, Lucas and Brady are discussing the phone call from Chloe. Brady thinks he must have been wrong, after all if Chloe was alive then she would have told him herself. Lucas says Nicole cant be trusted at all, and he thinks Brady is making a mistake getting involved with her. Brady says hes making a mistake by letting Sami get involved in his life again. Lucas continues to try and convince Brady that Nicole is lying to him, and if he believes Nicoles lies then hell be making the biggest mistake of his life. Brady decides to keep searching for the truth, but he doesnt think Nicole would keep a secret from him. Lucas says Nicole is no stranger to secrets. Still, Brady thinks he brings out the best in Nicole. Lucas says Nicole likes living the high life and Brady is loaded. He says Nicole has everything to lose if the truth comes out about Chloe. They then begin talking about Sami, and Lucas thinks she was not working with Tony as she wouldnt go that far. Brady says going to far is what Sami does. Brady still thinks Sami was working with Tony the entire time. He warns Lucas not to close his eyes around Sami. Brady says she never gave them a good enough explanation about why she was in the war zone. Lucas says that Sami is the mother of his son. Brady says and she didnt tell him the truth about Will for two years. He says that bitch is not gone, and remember Marlena and Roman didnt raise Sami. He says the apple doesnt fall far from the tree (um is he insulting John?). Lucas says well Nicoles father was a drug addict and he made sure Nicole ended up the same way. Lucas warns Brady not to trust Nicole, and Brady warns Lucas not to trust Sami. Later, Brady and Lucas realize Sami and Nicole are talking to each other out on the terrace. Lucas says they hate each other, and Brady says this cant be good. 

Nicole confronts Sami and says she knew she was Stan and she cant wait to tell everyone her dirty little secret. Sami suggests they go outside to talk. They head to the terrace, and Sami claims she is edgy and Nicole just startled her. Sami says she is not Stan, Stan was a man for Gods sake. Nicole says dont deny it, she talked to Tony. Nicole says shes been outed and she wonders what mommy and daddy would say. Sami damns Tony. She says its not like she had a choice, but Nicole says she went along with it. Nicole says she doesnt understand how she could team up with Tony. Sami says she did it for revenge against a couple people, for example Kate. Nicole says she has it in for Kate as well, but she wouldnt get in bed with Tony. Sami says she didnt know it was Tony at first, and later she double-crossed him when she realized he was going to hurt the guys. She says now Tony is holding what she did as Stan over her head. Nicole tells Sami that she screwed up all right. Sami says if she is screwed then so is Nicole. Sami reminds Nicole that shes been lying to Brady about Chloe, and she botched Chloes surgery. Sami says if the truth came out then Nicole would go to jail. Nicole tells Sami she has far more to lose, she will do hard time. Sami says if she goes down then she will take Nicole with her. Sami tells Nicole if she breathes a word to Lucas about Stan then shell find herself in the cell next to her. Nicole agrees they are at a crossroads, and she says she cant let Brady find out the truth about Nicole. Nicole tells Sami that she started this mess, and because of her Chloe is a monster for life. Sami says she didnt want this much revenge on Brady. Nicole says this is what she wanted, for Brady to end up with her. She also says if Lucas ends up with Sami then it serves him right. Sami says Lucas wont find out the truth, and she wont ever be tricked by Tony again. Nicole says they are in the same boat, they both want to keep their men and will have to work together. Sami says she wouldnt trust her to pour a cup of coffee and not poison it. Nicole says the same goes for her, but they have no choice. Lucas and Brady walk out and ask what is going on, or is it a secret?

At her office, Marlena has a lab tech do some tests for her. She is woozy and uncomfortable, and she doesnt know what is wrong with her. Mimi shows up to talk to Marlena. Marlena asks what is wrong, tell her what is going on. Mimi says she just ruined Rexs whole life. Marlena thinks she is too sweet to ruin Rexs life. Mimi says she just broke up with him. Marlena asks Mimi to start at the beginning, so she does. Mimi starts with the abortion, about how she was scared and didn't know what to do, and how the abortion caused complications so she cant have any children. Marlena says she is so sorry, but she thinks Rex will understand and forgive her. Mimi says it is too late, she is going to jail. Mimi then explains the whole Jan Spears saga, and how she has plead guilty to keep Rex from knowing about the abortion. Marlena says she has to fight, but Mimi says it doesnt matter and shes about to be sentenced. Marlena says Rex must be devastated. She says that is why she has come here to see her. She asks Marlena to help Rex move on with his like, take care of him while Kate is away with Phillip. Mimi says shes afraid to be around him as she might tell him the truth. Marlena thinks Mimi should tell him the truth, but Mimi says she has heard that sometimes if the truth would hurt someone it is best you not tell them. She says she loves Rex and shes trying not to hurt Rex. Marlena remembers making love to Roman. Mimi asks Marlena if sometimes it isnt best that you keep a secret from the one you love? Mimi then says what is she saying, Marlena is so honest and would never keep a secret. Marlena tells Mimi that she thinks she needs to tell Rex the truth as it is the only choice she has. Mimi thinks the truth would kill him. Marlena says secrets have a way of coming out. Marlena gets ill again, and Mimi asks if she is okay? Marlena says she has a little bug, shes just feeling nauseous. Mimi says she remembers when she was pregnant that she always felt sick. Mimi thanks Marlena and asks what she owes her? Marlena says nothing, she came here as a friend. Marlena says Mimi helped her too, and she hopes she tells Rex the truth. Mimi thanks her and heads off. Marlena then thinks she must take her own advice and tell John the truth now that hes over his drug addiction. She says she has to tell him the truth. The lab tech returns with Marlenas test results. The lab tech says her patient isnt sick, shes pregnant. Marlena cant believe it.

At the loft, Rex continues to think about Mimi telling him that shes going to jail and it is over between them. He wonders how this can be happening. Suddenly loud music begins blaring from the room. Upstairs Shawn is losing control. Rex asks him what is his problem? Shawn asks what he thinks is his problem, Phillip is laying in a hospital as an amputee. Rex says there is nothing they could have done, and Phillip will get through this. Shawn says but what about Belle, he feels like hes going to lose her for good. He says he cant lose her, and he asks Rex if he was going to lose Mimi would he fight for her or let her go? Rex says it he has lost Mimi, and he explains about the charges against Mimi and how she plead guilty to them. Shawn thinks he knows why she did it. Shawn thinks Mimi plead guilty because Jan must be blackmailing her. Shawn tells Rex not to give up on his dream with Mimi, hold onto that dream. He says he is holding onto his dream of being with Belle, but hes afraid hes going to lose her. Rex says if Belle does the right thing, and knowing her she will, then he may lose her anyways. Shawn wont give up and he thinks Rex shouldnt either. Rex says hed do anything to get Mimi out of this nightmare. Shawn says fight, that is what hes going to do. Shawn says he has to be there for Belle, but Rex says he wont let him do that. Rex says the only thing that matters is Phillips recovery. Shawn says he wont get in the way of that, but he also wont lose his chance to be with Belle. He tells Rex to stop wasting his time and go be with Mimi as that is his place. Rex says good luck and he hopes it works out for the best. Shawn packs his bag and heads out. Rex then begins thinking of how he can get Mimi out of this mess.

At the military hospital, Kate, John and Belle look in on Phillip, who is recovering. They go in to see him. Phillip is weak, but sees his mom. Kate says someone else is here, and then he sees Belle. Phillip says he missed her so much. Belle says she missed him to. She tells him that he has to get better really soon so they can go home. He says hes going to carry her across the threshold, they can finally have their honeymoon. Belle realizes Phillip doesnt know. Phillip eventually passes out, and John says hes probably worn out from the surgery and the drugs. Later the doctor comes to talk to them about the surgery. He says Phillip is very lucky to be alive, and he is heavily sedated so he doesnt know about his leg. The doctor says when Phillip wakes up then he will tell him what happened to his leg. Belle says he cant do that. Belle says she wants to be the one to tell him. Kate says shell be there with her, but the doctor thinks Phillip should only have one visitor at a time. Kate tells Belle if she is up to it then she should be the one to do it. Belle nods. Belle goes in to see Phillip, and Kate doesnt know how she has the strength to do it. John says this tragedy has forced her to grow up in a hurry, and shell be okay as she is her mothers daughter.

Belle goes in to see Phillip, and she says there is something important she must tell him. Belle informs him about his leg, and he is devastated. He wants to see it, but she says no. She says he is alive and they need to be grateful. She tells him there are still ways the doctors can help him. He asks if they can sew his leg back on, but she says no. Phillip says then his life is over. He asks how they can do this to him, and how could she let them do this to him. Phillip says his leg isnt gone, he can still feel it. Belle says she is sorry and she doesnt know what else to do. Phillip says she is here, and she says of course she is. She says they took vows, in sickness and in health. Phillip says all he wanted to see when he woke up was her face. He says she kept him alive when he was a prisoner, and he loves her so much and always will. Belle says she loves him too. Phillip says he has to ask her something and he doesnt know how to say it. He asks her if she can be with a man who has lost his leg? Phillip says hes not the man she married. She says he married him. Phillip begs her to tell him that she wont leave him. She says she isnt going anywhere, she promises. 

Meanwhile, Kate cries for her son. She says he was always the star athlete and everyone admired him. She fears Phillip will lose his heart. John tells her to stop this. He says Phillip will survive, and he has Belle. Kate says she cant leave Phillip now, she is the only who can give Phillip hope for the future as Phillip sees himself through her eyes. Kate says Phillip needs Belle now. John says he knows his daughter, Belle will be there for her all the way. He says shell give Phillip all the love and support that he needs. 


June 16, 2005
Recap by Jennie
Belle is in Phillips room and tells him she is so sorry that this happened to him but it could have been worse. She tells him that she is just glad that he is alive and that he will recover. She tells him he just needs to focus on the future and he asks what kind of future he is going to have with his leg blown off. He apologizes and says that is just very difficult to accept and it is going to take some time. She tells him he doesnt need to be sorry, he is a hero, he saved a mans life and she is so proud of him. He thanks her for being there and tells her he doesnt want to be a burden, she stops him and says he could never be a burden to her, he is her husband and she is his wife and they will get through this together. Phillip tells her knowing that she was at home waiting for him was the only thing that got him through everything. A colonel comes in and asks if he can talk to Phillip he tells him that the word hero gets thrown around a lot these but he is a real hero, he gives him some papers that explain his options and that they will discuss it when he is further along in his recovery. Belle says she has a surprise for him and brings in a portable DVD player with a DVD that Rex made filled with pictures of him and belle and his friends and family. He is enjoying it until he sees pictures of him and Belle dancing which upsets him and he throws the DVD player across the room and breaks it. Belle asks him what is wrong with him and he says do you think it is easy seeing the man I used to be. Belle says that losing his leg does not diminish who he is and she is sure he going to get past this. The doctors come in and give him a sedative and take Belle into the hall and ask her what happened when she explains the doctor tells her his reaction was normal and she shouldnt feel bad. She wants to know what she can do for him and the doctor says there is but it is going to take a huge commitment on her part. She says she will do anything to help Phillip recover from this. He says that what Phillip needs right now is to know that she will be there for him. He tells her how it can be a strain on a marriage and it will take a lot of work for him to get through this and he asks Belle if she can handle it. She says absolutely.

John is comforting Kate in the cafeteria. He tells her that it looks bleak but Phillip is alive, she says but when she thinks what could have happened. John says but it didnt and now he is getting the best medical care and Kate says and he is with the woman he loves. They talk more and eventually the subject gets around to their relationships between their spouses they agree that it has been awkward. John says he has picked up on some weird vibes and questions if something happened between Roman and Marlena, they seem like they have a very deep bond. Kate blames the closeness on the time they spent together leaning on each other. They decide to drop it. They talk about when they all get back to Salem everything will get back on track. John says he has an idea and goes to make a call.

The colonel tells Kate how wonderful Phillip is and tells her he is going to need a lot of support from her and his wife. 

John comes back and tells Kate he want to renew his vows to Marlena. 

Nicole and Sami are talking and Sami questions Nicole wanting them to work together saying you need to trust the people you work with and she wouldnt trust her to pour her a cup of coffee without poisoning it, Nicole agrees so Sami says forget it then. Nicole says if they want to get their men then they need to keep each others secrets and watch each others backs. They agree and are about to shake on it when Lucas and Brady walk in and ask what is going on. They lie and say that Sami was asking Nicole for a job at Titan. Nicole says there is no way she would hire her then they start hurling insults at each other. Sami mispronounces Kiriakis, the same way Stan did which prompts Brady to question her. She says she must have picked it up from Stan while she was being held hostage by Tony. She turns and asks Nicole for a job but Nicole turns her down then Lucas says he wants to talk to her in private and they leave. Brady says he needs to find Chloe but she tells him that she has already told him she is not alive. Brady remembers his conversation with Lucas and tells Nicole she is right. He said the probably just heard what he wanted to hear. They hug and Brady thinks that Lucas was right Nicole would do anything to keep him from Chloe.

Lucas tells Sami to cut the crap and tell him what she is really up to. She asks him why he always thinks she is up to something and he asks if that is a serious question. She says you think you know me so well. Lucas says well I was almost married to you and I was married to Nicole so he knows them both pretty well and together they spell disaster. She says maybe they were comparing notes on what a good lover he is. He says you were not asking for a job that much I am sure of. She says I am desperate maybe you have forgotten how long it has been since I have had a paycheck not just because of Kate but because se was being held by Tony. Lucas then starts to question her about how she got over there. She says she doesnt have an explanation and Lucas says when they find Stan they will get the answers. Sami says you mean if you find him and Lucas says he will find him, and when he finds he is going to get him to tell the truth and then he is a dead man.

Marlena is going over her test results which say she is pregnant, she hopes it cant be true and asks the lab to rerun the tests. She worries about how she is going to John and Roman. Then Roman walks in and asks what is wrong. She says it was some test results she wasnt expecting. Roman says the ISA had a lead on Victor and Caroline and now he believes that Tony got to them and is holding them prisoner again. He gets a phone call and goes to write something down and uses the back of the test results and he asks her if that is what had her so upset. She says yes but talks about it as if they are for a patient. They remember what they went through when he thought Belle was his daughter and then found out she wasnt. They decide to not talk about it anymore and he asks her if she remembers anyone saying anything that might lead them to where they are holding Victor and Caroline. She says she doesnt remember anything. Roman says he is also going to talk to Lexie to see if she knows of any secret real estate holdings. Marlena suggests that he also talks to Patrick. Marlena says she was about to have some tea and asks Roman to join her just then the phone rings; she excuses herself to answer it. It is John she asks how things are going with Phillip and he says he is calling and apologizes for how he left things. He says she has never given him a reason to think she is still interested in Roman: just as he yells out in the background (over some tea making mishap) prompting John to ask if Roman is with her. She explains why he is there and he says he will let her go then. Marlena fills Roman in on what is going on with Phillip Roman says he got a text message from the station while she was on the phone and he has to go. After Roman leaves Marlena sits back at her desk and looks at the test results again and wonders what she is going to do if it is true. The lab calls back and confirms the test results. Marlena says Oh my gosh, Im pregnant with Romans child.


June 17, 2005

Summary by Jennie

John and Kate talk again in the cafeteria. They talk about the future for Phillip, John says with prosthetics Phillip can have a full life. Kate says she believes Belle will remain faithful. They talk about Belle honoring her vows and that they are sacred. Then John says they are sacred and that is why he needs to renew his vows and reaffirm his love for Marlena. Kate asks if it is because he feels guilty that he broke his vows with her. He says they have nothing to feel guilty about what happened between them happened when they thought Roman and Marlena were dead. He talks about how he stole Romans life before Kate says that the DiMeras stole his life. John tells her that when Roman came back he slept with Romans wife.

Belle is sleeping in the car and calling out for Shawn while Phillip is lying awake in his bed. Phillip wakes her up and asks her why she was calling to Shawn in her sleep. She said she must have been thinking about him. She tells him that he was there when she heard about Phillip and that he was very supportive and very concerned about both of them. Phillip asks her if she is sure that it isnt because Shawn is a whole man and he isnt now. She tells him he cant think like that he isnt less of a man because of the injury and she is there with him, not with Shawn and that is where she is going to stay. Phillip apologizes again. Belle tells him not to worry about it, he needs to share how he is feeling with her and he needs to be completely honest with her so she can help him through this. He tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. John and Kate come in and John offers to buy Belle a cup of coffee to give Phillip and Kate some time to talk. Kate tells Phillip when they get back to Salem she and Roman and John and Marlena are going to renew their wedding vows. They have so much lost time to make up for. Phillip says they have Tony DiMera to thank for that. He wants him caught and punished for everything he did not just to them but to everyone else too. Kate says he will be, and then thinks so will Shawn once he goes to trial, and then he will never come between Phillip and Belle again. Phillip and Kate talk about how much Belle loves him and how they are sure they will be together forever. They talk again about the vow renewal and Phillip asks about the details Kate says they are going to have a double ceremony (did I miss the part when they talked this over with Roman and Marlena?) but it wont be until after Phillip is well enough to be there. Phillip says that isnt a good idea because he thinks his recovery is going to take a really long time. Kate agrees that it will not be quick or easy, but he will have her and Belle and the rest of the family and friends and everyone will be helping him through it. He says it could be months before he is even allowed to go home. Kate tells him John has pulled some strings and he is going to be able to do his recovery in Salem. 

John tells Belle how proud he is of Belle for honoring her commitment; she says shes his wife in sickness and in health. She tells John how the doctor said how important it was that she was there for him for his recovery. John asks her what about Shawn where does that leave the two of them? She says she is going to be with Phillip as long as he needs her. She says she looks at him and Marlena and sees what a marriage should be and she wants to be to Phillip what they are to each other, someone he can count on and trust, right now her place is with Phillip and Shawn is just going to have to understand that.

Mimi is standing outside the door thinking about telling Rex the truth. She imagines the reaction Rex would have when she tells him and because it is bad she chickens out, again. Inside Shawn is telling Rex that his credit card was denied when he tried to fly to Germany and asks Rex for a loan but he says no. He tells him he doesnt think he should interfere with Belle and Phillip. Rex says Belle needs to be there for Phillip and Shawn says he needs to be there for Belle. Rex tells him that John is there for her and that Marlena will be there as soon as she can and that he isnt doing it for Belle he is doing it for himself. Shawn says fine he will find some other way to get the money for the ticket. Before Shawn leaves he tells Rex good luck finding out what is going on with Mimi. Rex says he cant figure it out except that Jan kept telling him that Mimi had this big secret but they both agree that she is a good person and she is honest and couldnt have any secrets to keep. Shawn goes to leave and finds Mimi standing there he tells her that Rex has been looking for her. Mimi tells him she knows and Shawn says he hopes she has some answers. Mimi walks in and Rex says he needs to tell her something. She says she has something to tell him too. Rex tells her he already knows what she is going to say, it is the same thing that she already said, that they are over and that she is guilty of trying to murder Jan and she deserves to go to jail. He says what she wont tell him is why they were fighting and he isnt going to ask anymore. She says you really dont want to know and he says of course he wants to know but that answer wont change anything, what will change is if she decides to withdraw he confession and fight the charges. She says she cant do that but Rex says he knows how she can. Mimi says she isnt hiding anything that they fought because Jan is a horrible person and now she is in an irreversible coma and she does deserve to go to jail. Rex tells her that she doesnt deserve to go to jail but he knows she is lying about not hiding something. She says there are some things that she was keeping from him she says how nasty Jan was and that she lied so much even Jan didnt know what the truth was anymore. Rex says none of that is a secret that she is just saying that to avoid telling him what really happened but it doesnt matter because by the time he is through she will change her mind about confessing to a crime she didnt commit. 

Bo brings in the mail and there is a letter for Shawn for Salem Superior Court. They debate whether or not to open but eventually agree to open it since there is a good chance Shawn will ignore it. The letter says that his trial date for crashing his bike into the church has been moved up. They decide to call Shawn and Mickey to try to figure out what they are going to do. Before they can call Shawn arrives and asks to borrow money because he needs to go to Germany to be with Belle. Bo tells him like hell you do. Shawn says he cant believe they wont help him. Bo tells him he needs to leave Phillip and Belle alone. Shawn says between Phillips injury and Kate and Johns pressure he could lose her forever. Bo tells him they are married and he has no right to come between them. He says he does because he loves her. Bo tells him he isnt going over there, end of story and says this is another reason you arent going and hands him the letter. He looks at it and says he isnt worried; its not a big deal. Hope says the charges are very serious but Shawn says not as serious as the situation with Belle. Bo tells him if he leaves the country then he will be violating his bail and if he doesnt get back in time a warrant will be issued for his arrest. He says he could be back before anyone notices he is gone and even if he isnt Mickey could ask for a delay. Bo tells him that he is sick and tired of his cavalier attitude. He tells him he isnt going anywhere and that he is going to set up a meeting with Mickey, maybe he can talk some sense into him. Bo leaves to make the call and Shawn asks Hope to help, saying he needs to be with Belle. Hope asks what he wants from her and he says money to get over to Germany. He plays the true love card, saying he belongs with Belle like she belongs with Bo. Hope tells him that Bo would go ballistic on both of them. Shawn says where was he when I really needed him? He was on the other side of the planet with Billie. Hope says he was doing what he thought he had to do. She tells him that Bo loves him and that they both want what is best for him. He asks her to help him again. He says this will turn his life around if he can be with Belle or at least know that one day he can be with her. She says if she does it he needs to make her a promise, he will not interfere in whatever is going on with Phillip and that he will be back in time for the trial, or sooner if Mickey needs him to be. He agrees and Hope gives him her debt card and password and tells him to go before his dad tries to stop him. Shawn leaves and Bo yells after him to come back, when he doesnt he turns to Hope and asks her if she gave him money, she doesnt answer but gives a well yeah look. He asks her why she did it.. 

Brady comes over to Lucas house and he tells him about telling Nicole that he believes Chloe is dead. Lucas thinks Nicole manipulated Brady into believing her. Brady tells him he doesnt trust Nicole anymore and that he thinks she might let her guard down and slip up if she thinks he believes Chloe is dead, or that he will make her nervous and she will run back to Chloe and lead him to her. They realize that more people must be involved in keeping the fact that Chloe is alive. Brady cant figure out why Craig and Nancy would lie to him and why Chloe hasnt let him know she is alive. Then they start talking about Sami and her involvement with Tony. Lucas says that the key is Stan he could tell them what she was doing there and it would prove to him and everyone else that she was a victim. They agree that Stan has a lot of questions to answer. They also agree that he is going to pay for what he did. 

Sami comes over to Nicoles house and tells her she shouldnt have been so nasty to her the night before. That she could have told Brady about what she did to Chloe and Nicole says that she wouldnt have been a good idea because then she would have told Lucas about Sami being Stan. Nicole says she had to make it look good, and she comments on her cover about the job. They hurl more insults at each other, and Nicole tells Sami that Brady doesnt think Chloe is alive anymore, so it wouldnt matter if she says anything because he wouldnt believe her. Sami says she still needs help and Nicole asks her why she should help her if she doesnt need Samis help anymore. Sami says she thinks Nicole is on slippery slope with Brady and wouldnt it be better to have an ally if she needed it. She says since they know each others secrets wouldnt it be better to be friends than enemies. Nicole agrees and they are about to shake on it when they hear someone come in. Sami hides behind a curtain as Brady walks in. Brady tells her again that he believes her but all he needs to do is talk to Nancy and all his doubts will be erased. Nicole says what, you cant talk to Nancy. He asks why he should call Nancy and Nicole says he would only upset her she has been through enough. Brady says she is probably right but he already called Nancy and told her he needs to meet with her in person about Chloe. She says well you need to call her back, and he says he will but he is going to do it from the office. Brady goes outside and says either Nicole will panic and lead me to Chloe or Nancy will break down and tell me the truth but either way he and Chloe will be together again. Sami steps out from behind the curtain and tells Nicole that it looks like she does need her help after all. Nicole says is he talks to Nancy she will tell him that Chloe is alive and he will know that Nicole lied. Sami says there is only one thing she can do get rid of Chloe permanently. 

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