June 20, 2005

At Rexs loft, Mimi tells Rex, who is putting on an apron, that there is nothing anyone can do to change what has happened. She says she is going to jail for attempting to murder Jan, unless Jan dies and then it will be for murder. She says they are finished, but Rex says she is wrong. Mimi says there is no hope, she will be old and gray by time she is released, if she ever is. Rex asks if she loves him, and she says yes. He says then they cant give up. He says he knows he didnt pay an enormous amount for it, but they can pawn her engagement ring to get money to help her. She is reluctant to hand over the ring, and Rex says it seems like someone isnt so eager to give up on them either. Rex cooks Mimi a fabulous dinner, and Mimi knows what hes doing. She knows hes trying to show her everything she will miss in prison. She says she is guilty and is going to pay for it, so there is no use in this. Rex says he wont give up, hes going to try harder to convince her, so he puts on their song (I Got You Babe). Mimi remembers when Rex sang the song to her. Rex begs Mimi not to give up on them, not to throw away their future full of happiness and kids. Mimi says she already has. Rex says there are still ways for them to be parents, they can still adopt. He says those kids would be so lucky to wind up with her as a mom. He says she is the most kind, loving and nurturing . . . Mimi tells Rex to stop! She says she wants to be with him, to have kids and to live happily ever after. However she says it wont happen. Mimi says her life is over, she is going to jail where she belongs. She asks Rex to just forget she ever existed. Mimi then runs out of the loft.

Billie is on the internet searching through teen websites such as high schools and year books, and she hopes one will lead her to Georgia. Billie finds a site that may help her. She says this is amazing and she has to show Bo right away. 

Bo and Hope argue about what Hope has done for Shawn. Hope says Belle and Shawn love one another and should be together, but Bo says she and Shawn seem to have forgotten that Belle is married to Phillip. They continue to argue, and Bo says it is wrong for Shawn to interfere and it is wrong for her to encourage and enable him to interfere. Hope asks if he doesnt want their son to be happy? Bo says he wants Shawn to be happy, but not at the expense of someone elses marriage. He says Phillip is lying in a hospital bed injured, and Shawn is about to take his marriage away. Hope says Belle and Phillips marriage was a mistake, and she feels bad for what happened to Phillip. However, Hope says Shawn loves Belle, but Bo says Belle loves Phillip too. Hope says not the same way she loves Shawn. Bo says she doesnt know that, and he says sometimes true love doesnt win out. Hope says Belle is good for Shawn, she keeps him grounded. Bo says Shawn is reckless and angry, and he disrespected Belle by leaving town. Hope says because hes afraid of losing Belle just like she was afraid of losing him to Billie. Bo says she doesnt have to bring up Billie, she has nothing to do with the issue here. Bo reminds Hope that if Shawn goes to Germany then hes violating his parole, and it wont look so good if he goes to trial. Bo says what if he misses his trial all together, will it be worth it? Hope tells Bo if he wanted to stop Shawn then he could have, but he didnt try very hard. Bo says he is a grown man, and the only thing keeping him from going was the money, which she took care of. Hope thinks Bo didnt stop him because he would do the exact same thing to keep from losing the woman he loves. Bo says Shawn has already lost Belle to Phillip. They continue to bicker about whether Belle loves Phillip or not, and what Shawn is going over there to do. Hope thinks Belle needs Shawn, but Bo says she doesnt need distractions right now. Bo says she needs to be focused on Phillip now, three people in a marriage is a disaster. On cue Billie shows up to see Bo and give him news about Georgia. Hope tells Billie that she is the last thing she and Bo need right now. Billie says apparently she came at a bad time, but Hope says its always a bad time with her. Hope tells Billie that they dont trust her. Bo tells Hope easy, lets just see what she came for. Hope says fine, but then get the hell out. Billie says she found a site that allows adoptive children searching for their parents to contact them. Billie says shes signed the waver form, now he needs to sign. He says it is worth a shot. As they are signing the papers, Hope gets a call from Shawn. Hope tells Shawn that she was happy to give him the money and to call her when he gets there. Billie overhears that Hope gave Shawn money to go to Germany. Billie is furious and doesnt want Shawn breaking up Phillips marriage. Hope says that is ironic coming from her, but Billie says Phillip needs Belle now. She cant believe Bo agrees with this, but quickly realizes he doesnt. She realizes Bo thinks she is right this time. Hope tells Billie that she has what she came for so leave. Billie says fine, but she wont let Shawn come between Belle and Phillip. Billie leaves, and Hope is furious. Bo says this could end badly for Shawn. Hope says so you think this is my fault? Bo says he wont take Billies side against hers, but Hope says he already has as his silence said it all. Hope says she wont let Billie do anything to Shawn, and right now they will all have to wait to see what happens between Belle, Shawn and Phillip.

At the hospital, Dr. Bader comes to talk with Marlena and see how shes doing. Marlena says it was hell being locked in Tonys castle, but she had Roman by her side and they made it through their ordeal together. Dr. Bader cant believe she and Roman were never able to work things out, but Marlena says she fell in love with John thinking he was Roman, and it was all complicated. Marlena says she didnt ask her here to talk about her past though. She asks Karen to consult on a patient, and she gives her a file without a name to keep it anonymous. Dr, Bader sees that the patient is a little over two months pregnant. She then says this doesnt look good at all. Karen says given her age it is a high risk pregnancy. Karen says they might be able to help her, but her pregnancy would be one of bed rest and constant medical supervision. Karen says this is just her opinion without having examined the patient. Marlena asks what her chances are of carrying this baby? Karen says based on this file, not so good. Marlena discusses the patient with Karen, how her husband doesnt know about the pregnancy. Karen is confused because happily married women usually tell their husband they are pregnant before they tell a therapist. Marlena says her patient has some concerns. Karen says well her patient needs to make an appointment with an OBGYN as soon as possible. Marlena finally confesses to Karen that she is the one who is pregnant. Marlena asks her to keep this a secret, and Karen says of course. However she doesnt understand why Marlena isnt happier, and she thinks John will be over the moon to have another baby with her. Karen says they think with monitoring, bed rest and proper diet that she can carry this baby to term. She says if not, if she can get the baby to the third trimester then she knows what success theyve had with neo-natal. Karen says Belle has wanted another sibling since she was three. Karen checks some things in her charts, and then realizes the figures dont add up, Marlena hasnt been back long enough to be this pregnant. Karen realizes this isnt why she hasnt told John. Marlena says it isnt Johns baby, it is Romans. Marlena says she never meant for this to happen, and she explains how they comforted one another in that castle. She says they became dependant on one another emotionally, and then it turned physical. Karen says hell understand. Marlena says only if she had told him right away, but she didnt. Marlena says now she is pregnant. Karens says she doesnt have to have this baby, but Marlena says she couldnt do that. Marlena realizes her choices are to fess up or to wait and see if shes able to carry the baby to term. Marlena realizes she needs to take her own advice which she just gave to a patient. Karen tells Marlena that she has to tell John the truth.

At the hospital in Germany, Kate tells Phillip that Belle rushed here to be with him, nothing could keep her away. She also says it is fabulous that he gets to do his recovery and therapy in Salem. Phillip says it will be a long and hard road, and he is afraid it wont be easy and he may fail. Outside Phillips room, Belle talks with her dad and swears she will remain faithful to Phillip. She says all she does is has to look at him and mom to realize how important fidelity and honesty are to a marriage. John says he has something to tell her about his mother and him. Kate then comes out and says Phillip wants to see both of them, so they go in to see him. Phillip is down in the dumps as hes not going to be joining his troop again. John says maybe not, but with medical advances these days he might be able to run in a marathon. Phillip thanks John for pulling strings so he can do his recovery at home and not in DC, this way Belle doesnt have to move. John says he understands what its like to go through a tough recovery, and how important it is to have people who love you close by. Phillip says speaking of which, what does Belle think about her parents renewing their vows? She didnt know, and John says he was just about to tell her. Belle asks when he and mom decided to do this? John says she doesnt know about it yet, he just came up with the idea. She asks if this is because hes feeling guilty about what happened between him and Kate? Phillip asks what happened between them? Kate explains to Phillip that she and John became close when they thought Roman and Marlena were dead. He asks how close they became? John cuts Kate off and says he and Kate have decided to renew their vows and recommit to their spouses, and Kate suggests Phillip and Belle renew their vows with them. Phillip says they dont need to as she never thought he was dead. He also tells them they were lucky to have one another to help each other, which is why he asked Shawn to look after Belle. Kate says thats like asking the fox to go to the henhouse. Phillip says Shawn risked his life to save him, and he did it because he wanted Belle to be happy. Phillip says Shawn is a hero as far as he is concerned. Kate says Shawn isnt the saint he is making him out to be. Phillip says he knows that, Shawn has had problems in the past. Phillip says he never thought hed forgive Shawn for abandoning Belle. However, Phillip says the actions Shawn has taken recently have given him new respect for Shawn, and Shawn has been a good friend to both of them. Belle says yes, and Shawn wants what is best for him just like she does. Phillip wants to talk about the 2nd weddings and when they will take place. Kate says as soon as he is well enough to sit in the front row. Belle asks when they will pop the questions again? John was thinking of making it a surprise, but Belle says mom isnt crazy about those kind of surprises. Later, a nurse comes in and asks everyone to leave as she needs to change Phillips dressings, and he will need to rest afterwards. They say goodbye to Phillip and leave the room. Outside Phillips room, Kate and John tell Belle how proud they are of her. Belle says she loves Phillip, but she also loves Shawn and he understands why he needs to stay away. Belle doesnt want to talk about this anymore, and she is glad her parents are getting remarried. She says it will make everything right and they can forget this year ever happened. John and Kate give each other looks.


June 21, 2005

Sami shows up at Lucas place with breakfast for Will and Lucas. She bought both Lucas and Wills favorite muffins. She tells them to both have a seat and shell bring them to them. They sit down and she sets the plates and passes out the muffins. Will knows what is going on, shes trying to get them to act like a family again and act like nothing happened. Sami says this time things will be perfect. Will says whenever she says that something goes wrong. On cue Roman shows up to ask Sami some official questions about Tony DiMera. Lucas tells Will to go get dressed, so he leaves the room. Roman wants to know everything she knows about Tony, but Sami says she doesnt know anything. He asks if she heard him say anything about Grandma Caroline or Victor? Sami says she didnt. Roman says hell have to find another lead then. Sami wishes she could help him, but she doesnt know where Tony is. Lucas says to find Tony they need to find Stan. Roman says the ISA have no leads on Stan yet. Lucas vows to find him and make him pay. Roman says leave this to the ISA, if anyone can find Stan they can. Sami says she thinks no one will find Stan. Lucas asks why she says that, and Sami says its just a feeling. Roman says he needs facts not feelings, and he asks once again if she knows anything. Sami doesnt, but says if she remembers anything then shell let him know. Roman decides to question Nicole as he recalls Caroline said something on the island about how Nicole might want her husband out of the way. Lucas doesnt find that hard to believe as shes trying to get her claws into Brady as they speak. Later, Sami says she cant help him with Grandma Caroline or Victor, but she does have hope for him and mom. Roman says how many time do they have to go over this, it will never happen as hes with Kate and mom is with John. Sami says but Tony promised me! Roman asks exactly what did Tony promise her? Lucas hears this and wonders what is going on. Sami says she used the wrong word, he told her that him and mom were still alive and were together. Roman and Lucas ask how close she was with Tony and what is really going on between them? Sami says shell tell them the truth. She says Tony wanted her to work for him, he wanted her to come back to Salem and do terrible things. Roman says now that they know the truth they need to formally question her down at the station. Roman says Tony may have slipped and told her something important. Sami says he didnt, and all he said was that her parents were alive and shed never see them again unless she helped him. She says she would never willingly help Tony. Roman asks if she is saying she may have unwillingly helped him? Sami says no, she refused to help him and so he said he was going to kill her. She says that is when she got the keys from the guards and rescued the others, who were going to be killed as well. Sami swears she didnt help Tony, she would never help him in a million years. Roman says she is his daughter and he loves her, but she doesnt have the greatest track record. Sami says she knows but shed never fall into one of Tonys traps. Roman says he hopes not. Lucas thinks they should concentrate on Stan, and Roman says they will find Stan. Roman asks Sami to come down to the station later today and make a formal statement. Roman leaves, and Will returns and says his mom is looking pretty guilty, is she going to mess things up again? Lucas says things will be okay as long as she keeps telling the truth.

At the station, Tek is told Rex wants to see him. Tek asks Rex what he can do for him. Rex says Mimi is innocent and he will prove it. Tek says there is nothing he can do for him, Mimi confessed to attempting to murder Jan after Jan gave a concrete statement. Rex says there has to be more to the story. Later, Tek makes a call to Lexie and leaves her a rather friendly message. Detective Adams listens in and doesnt look pleased. Meanwhile, Rex paces around the station trying to figure out what Mimi is keeping from him.

At her office, Marlena is reading her test results and thinking about making love to Roman. She wonders how shes going to be able to tell John and Roman the truth. There is a knock at the door, its Mimi. Mimi apologizes for just showing up as she really needed to talk to her. Marlena says its okay and for her to sit down. Marlena asks what has happened. Mimi says she didnt take her advice. Mimi says she couldnt tell Rex the truth. Mimi sees a look on Marlenas face and thinks Marlena is keeping a secret from her husband as well. Mimi explains the grand gesture Rex made for her this morning, and she knows he was trying to show her what her life would be like if she didnt go to jail. She says when he told her how happy they could be and what a great mother shed be, she lost it and yelled at him to get over it. Mimi says she walked out on him, and she didnt sleep at all last night. She says today shes being sentenced so its too late. Marlena says its not too late, she can call Roman and Mimi can change her plea. Mimi says no, its too late. Marlena thinks then she needs to tell Rex the truth and get closure. Mimi says no, she wont hurt Rex anymore than she already has. Mimi says she deserves to be punished, she has done every bad thing other than cheating on the man she loves. Marlena continues to urge Mimi to tell the truth, but Mimi refuses. Mimi says shes sorry for wasting Marlenas time. She tells Marlena to tell Belle that when she gets back that shell miss her and shes been the best friend she ever had. Mimi walks out of Marlenas office and is confronted by Rex. Rex says he thought shed come here, and she knows she is keeping a secret from him and he wants to know what it is. Rex begs her to tell him what is wrong so he can help her, but she says she cant tell him and he cant help her. She runs off in tears. Meanwhile, Marlena is overcome with morning sickness and realizes she needs to tell Roman and John the truth.

At the clinic, Chloe dreams about being reunited with Brady. In her dream Brady says Nancy told him where she was, and he cant believe she is alive. Chloe says she never wanted him to see her like this. Brady says he knows about her scars and he doesnt care. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her for who she is, and she is and always will be beautiful to him. They kiss, and Chloe wakes from her dream. Chloe worries that Nancy might tell Brady the truth, and she wonders if she should just tell him the truth.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole sneaks into Bradys room, drops her robe and jumps into Bradys bed. She begins kissing his chest as he sleeps and makes her way up to his lip. He opens his eyes and sees Chloe, and he calls her Chloe. He pulls her into a kiss. He tells Chloe how beautiful she is, then he sees it is Nicole. He asks what shes doing in his room and in his bed. She says she thought he might be lonely but it seems hes busy dreaming about Chloe. She thinks Brady has been lying to her all along. Nicole accuses Brady of believing Chloe is still alive. Brady says he knows she is dead, she convinced him of that, but she has been on his mind a lot lately. Nicole says if she is dead then why cant they make love. Brady says because of her husband. He says if there is the slightest possibility that Victor is alive then they cant make love. He puts on some clothes and tells Nicole that she cant come into his room any more, and he asks her to leave. She does, and to himself Brady thinks he just bought himself some more time to find Chloe, and with any luck Nicole will lead him to her. Meanwhile, Nicole thinks she cant do anything about victor, but she can get rid of Chloe. Nicole calls the clinic and tells Chloe that Brady believes she is dead, so she doesnt have to worry about Brady finding her. Nicole says she is doing the right thing, and she hasnt changed her mind has she? Chloe says she hasnt, and it is better that Brady think shes never coming back. Nicole says good, so pack all her things as shes going to leave Salem for good. Nicole says she has a private jet on standby and it is ready to take her and Nancy to a private clinic in Switzerland. Chloe isnt so sure about this, but Nicole says if she doesnt do this then Brady will track her down. Meanwhile, Brady sees Nicole is on one of the house phone lines and wonders who she is talking to. On the phone Chloe says this is all so sudden, but Nicole says unless she uses the Titan jet to get out of town then Brady will find out she is alive, is that what she wants? Back in his room, Brady picks up the phone and eavesdrops on Nicoles call. 

At the hospital in Germany, Kate and John are having coffee and talking about all the wounded soldiers around them. Kate knows they are lucky that Phillip is alive, but his injury didnt have to happen as land mines should be banned. Kate also knows with modern medicine and therapy that hell make a good recovery. She says she also knows she should be happy that Belle is standing by his side. Later they discuss renewing their vows with their spouses, and John thinks Kate is still feeling guilty about what happened between them. He tells her not to feel guilty, they were grieving and they never would have done anything if they had known the truth. Kate says she knows, but it must be hard for the two of them knowing what they did. Kate says she has this horrible feeling that the two of them (Roman and Marlena) should be here instead of back in Salem together. Kate talks about how John called Marlena at the office and Roman happened to be there. Kate says she knows them being together when he called is probably perfectly innocent, and it is just the stress getting to her. Kate and John both say they trust their spouses. John says once they get home and renew their vows it will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in their lives. Kate says hes right, and she hopes the same goes for Phillip. Kate says shes just so afraid Belles feelings for Shawn will make her turn her back on Phillip. John says Belle wont break her vows just like Marlena would never break theirs.

Belle stays by Phillips side, they are both asleep. Belle is in the chair next to him and dreams about Phillip. Suddenly Shawn shows up and touches Belles shoulder. Belle wakes up and sees him. Belle thinks shes dreaming, but Shawn says hes here and kisses her. She cant believe this and says he has to go. She kicks him out of the room as Phillip is waking up. On the way out Shawn sees photos of her and Phillip all over the room, and he wants to know what they are about. Belle tells Shawn that he shouldnt be here. Shawn says he is here because she needs him, and what is with the photos. She says they are part of his mental recovery as he has to be both mental and physically strong to survive this. Belle says Phillip saw an old DVD of them dancing together and he became very upset. She says Phillips life will never be the same again. Shawn asks what shes saying, does Phillip expect for her to be there for him as a husband and does she plan on being there for him as a wife? Belle says Phillip needs her now. He says he didnt come here to cause trouble, he just wanted to be here for her. She says all she can concentrate on is Phillip now. Shawn says he understands, but what he needs to know is at the end of the day will she still want to be his wife? Shawn asks Belle if she has changed her mind about being with him? Suddenly Kate and John round the corner and see Shawn with his arm around Belle. Kate cant believe Shawn is here. Phillip calls out to Belle, and she runs into be with him. Kate tells Shawn that he shouldnt be here, and John suggests he go back home. Shawn says he cant because Belle needs him. In his room, Phillip tells Belle that he dreamt Shawn was here and wanted her back. He says he cant lose her. Belle says he wont, she is here for him always. Shawn watches them through the window.


June 22, 2005

Jack. Jen, Abby and Chelsea are at home and are packing a picnic basket to go to the races. Abby and Chelsea are looking at a stock car magazine and are oooing over one of the hot drivers. Jack ends up in pain, and Jen touches him and asks if he is okay? He cries out in pain. We dont see what happens, and the next we see of the Devereux family is Jack insisting he meet them at the track as he has an errand to run. Jen asks if hes sure hes okay, and he insists he is. Jack says hell see them later and he leaves. Jen doesnt look like she believes Jack. Jack heads off and calls Lexie for an appointment. Jack says he needs some answers.

The girls show up at the races and everyone sees a hot young race car driver and runs over to see him. Jen wonders what all the girl screams are about. Chelsea and Abby try to get close to Max Brady, and they wonder if he is related to the Bradys they know. Abby doesnt think so because Brady is such a common name. The girls keep chasing Max around, and Jen wonders where Jack is. The girls get Maxs autographs, and they ask what hes doing after the race? He says hes going to catch up with old friends. Chelsea wants to give him her cell phone number, but the other screaming girls end up pushing them away from Max. Later when Jen finally hears Abby and Chelsea talking about Max Brady, she looks over and sees Max. She calls out to him, and he runs up and gives her a hug. Chelsea cant believe Abbys mom knows Max Brady.

At the hospital, Tek shows up to see Lexie and asks if she got his message? She says she did and shes just been really busy. He asks what about now, does she want to grab a cup of coffee? Lexie tells Tek that it isnt coffee he is after, and she is married. He says but not happily. She says things are rough now, but it doesnt mean they wont get better. Tek says Abe is pushing her away. Lexie says hes having a difficult time with his blindness. Tek says Abe cant make love to her, that is his real problem. Abe shows up and asks if he heard his name? Tek says he just dropped by to say hi to Lexie, but Abe thinks he knows something more is going on between them. Tek leaves, and Abe asks if her lover is gone. Lexie says hes not . . . she then says yes, Tek just zipped his pants up and left. They argue, and Abe tells Lexie since shes not getting any at home then is he really supposed to believe shes being faithful? Lexie says shes not having an affair. He says not to play the martyr, it doesnt suit her. She says the same for him. She tells him there are many ways to be intimate, but he wont have it. He thinks she lies in their bed dreaming of being with a real man like Tek. Lexie says arguing will get them no where, and she wants him to have more tests to explore every possibility for treatment. She begs him not to give up on them, or on himself. Abe says he should get off to the lab for more useless tests. Abe leaves with a nurse, and Tek returns and says Abe is really putting her through it. Lexie says she took wedding vows, she wont cheat on her husband. Tek says he doesnt know how much more she can take of this. 

Later, Jack shows up and tells Lexie hes getting worse, hes dizzy and has no sense of balance. Lexie decides to run some more tests. Later Lexie gets the tests back. Jack asks how long he has. Lexie tells him they should speak in private. They head out to the terrace to talk. Lexie says his white blood cell count is dangerously low. He asks what the prognosis is. She says not good. Jack asks if that is doctor speak for hes dying. She gives him a look. Lexie says this is a very rare condition which shes never encountered before. Jack asks for the truth. Lexie advises him to get a second opinion for starters. Jack realizes Lexie cant even say it. He asks how many years does he have left? He asks if they are talking months or weeks? She says three months, but the medical community is always working on new treatments so who knows. She says there is a chance. He says he cant believe this is happening. He says he escapes from Tony only to die. Lexie says shell go with him to tell Jen if he wants. Jack says no, he cant do this to Jen. Jack then runs off. Lexie goes after him and says if Jen only has a few months with him then she needs to know. Jack says its his life and she is to tell no one. Lexie says hes making a mistake, but he thinks God made the mistake. He thinks God is playing a joke on him by letting him get home to his wife and family only to take it away from him. Lexie says she is sorry, and shell get in touch if she has anything new to report. Jack thanks her, and he thanks her for having the guts to tell him the truth. 

Elsewhere, Detective Adams fills Abe in on what hes found out. He says Tek is a player, he has a line of women hes used. He says Tek never stays with one woman for long, and when they get to close he splits. Abe says he wont let that scum get to his wife. Detective Adams tries to sneak out of the hospital, but hes seen by Tek. Tek asks what hes doing here? Adams says hes on assignment, and he doesnt report to him. Adams asks Tek what hes doing here, looking for time with Lexie Carver? Later, Tek finds Lexie in tears and asks Whats wrong beautiful? He comforts her as she cries on his shoulder, and Detective Adams sees this.

At the mansion, Nicole is on the phone with Chloe telling her that she has no other choice but to leave town and let Brady remember her the way she was. Meanwhile, Brady picks up the phone to see who Nicole is talking to, but by time he does she is off the phone. Nicole returns to Bradys room, and he asks who she was just talking to? Nicole says she was just leaving a message for her assistant at Titan, and why does he care? Brady says he was going to make a call himself but saw she was on the line. Brady says he has a busy day at work so he should go. Nicole says her too. Nicole leaves, and Brady calls Nancy for answers.

At the clinic, Chloe tells Nancy that Nicole is offering them the Titan jet to fly to Switzerland. Chloe says they have to leave tonight. Nancy says absolutely not, she wont let that witch blond tramp steal Brady from her. Chloe says this is for the best. Nancy tells her that she is taking a cop out, and she is showing very little respect for Brady as a human being. Nancy says that Chloe deserves to be with the man she loves. Chloes phone rings and sees it is Brady. Nancy answers, and Brady asks Nancy to come to the mansion as they need to speak about Chloe. Nancy says shell be right over. 

Nancy arrives at the mansion, and Brady demands to know if Chloe is still alive. She asks what he means? He tells her about the phone call to Chloe, and he needs to ask her a few questions which may be tough. Nancy says it is okay. He asks Nancy if he saw Chloes body after she died? Nancy says it was a horrible accident and they had to rely on DNA testing. Brady says that can be faked, is she sure those ashes were Chloes? Nancy remembers how she made Chloes ashes out of a dead plant and some chicken bones. Nancy says Chloe is gone and he has to face it. Brady asks if there is a possibility that her death was faked and Chloe is still alive? Nancy remembers Chloe threatening her mother not to tell Brady the truth. Nancy says she wishes she could tell him what he wants to know, but he cant. She also says shed give anything to see him with Chloe, but its out of his hands. Brady says he will still continue looking for her, and Nancy tells him to follow his heart. An eavesdropping Nicole says hell follow his heart back to her, she wont lose him to Chloe. Later Nicole talks with Brady after Nancy leaves. Brady assures Nicole that he believes Chloe is dead and gone. She hugs him and asks if there is anything she can do to make him feel better. To himself he thinks she could lead him to Chloe. Later Nicole heads to the clinic to make sure Chloe and her mother get on the plane, and Brady follows her. 

Nancy returns to the clinic, and Chloe asks how Brady is. Nancy says he still loves her, he thinks she is alive, and hes devastated she wont come to him. Nancy says she told him nothing, but he wont ever stop trying to find her. Chloe says then they have to leave right now. Nancy says no way, they arent leaving Salem. 

At the hospital in Germany, Shawn talks with Belle alone. Shawn says John and Kate werent happy to see him. Belle says they werent expecting him, and Shawn says that was the idea. He says she needs him and would have talked him out of coming. Belle says he has to leave. Phillip has a nightmare and wakes up screaming. Belle says she has to go to him and that Shawn has to leave now. Shawn says hes not going anywhere. Belle says she feels responsible for Phillip and he cant see him here. Shawn says he wont leave, hell wait here. Belle goes in to see Phillip, who says hes having pain in his leg but its not there. The doctor comes in and says he knows the pain seems real to Phillip. He says its called phantom pain and its from the nerve damage. Phillip wants to know when hell walk again. The doctor says it will be many hours of physical therapy before they can fit him with a prosthesis, and even then he will have to learn to walk all over again. Phillip is angry and tells Belle that this isnt what she got into; she doesnt have to stay with him to wait on her disabled husband. Belle says she is with him because she wants to help him recover, she is his wife. He says he will never fully recover, and he will always have a fake leg. She says theyll get used to it. She says he could have died, and shes grateful he didnt. Phillip is taken to X-ray and insists he go without her. She says shell see him soon. After Phillip leaves, Shawn returns and Belle cries on his shoulder. Belle says he has to go, but he wont. He says he is here because he loves her. She says he also drove his motorcycle through a church window because he loves her. He says that was a long time ago and he was a different person then. He asks Belle if she still wants to be with him? She says she has to think about Phillip now, but he says he wont leave her as he loves her too much.

Down in X-ray, Phillip meets another soldier named Gary. He realizes Phillip is new here, and they talk. Gary is also disabled, and he talks about how his girlfriend blew him off. He sees Phillips wedding band and tells him to be prepared, once they see that it isnt like it used to be, they take off. The guy Gary says his girl left him for one of his friends, which only made things worse. Phillip says but his wife loves him and she flew here to be with him. Gary says his girl was on the first flight over too, and she tried to stay with him but she couldnt hack it. Phillip says but they are married, but Gary says nobody thinks they will actually have to honor the in sickness and in health part of their vows. He tells Phillip that he could be wrong and Phillips wife may be able to hack it, but dont be surprised if he finds her crying on some guys shoulder, and that the guy has two legs. Later the doctor talks to Phillip about his emotional state and his marriage. He wants Phillip to be prepared for anything, many marriages dont survive this kind of trauma. Phillip thinks his wife is dedicated to him and he is one of the lucky ones. Phillip heads back to his room and insists he wheel himself in to surprise his wife. He ends up seeing Belle in Shawns arms. 


June 23, 2005

At her office, Jack returns to see Lexie. She's glad he has returned, but he says he's only here so she can sign some insurance papers. She wants him to rethink his position on not telling Jen, but he won't. She asks if he'll at least speak with Marlena? He says he has no time, he needs to join his family at the Salem raceway.

Tek shows up at the Devereaux house finds Patrick there. He tells Patrick that Jack told Lexie, who told him that he was to be off his property. Tek wonders why he's here, is he stealing from them? Patrick says he's here to finish packing, that is all. Tek says he doesn't trust Patrick, and one day he will slip up. Later Jack shows up and he asks why Patrick is here, is he stealing from them now? Patrick says that's the second time he's been accused of that today. He says he came to finish packing, and he thought nobody would be here so it would be less confrontational. Jack says he thought wrong. Patrick says Jen gave him a bit more time to get out until he found a new place. Jack suggests he move into the habitat house since his mother is shacking up with Mickey Horton. Patrick says where he lives is none of Jack's business. Jack tells him to just pack his stuff and get out.

BAck at her office, Lexie thinks about her conversation with Jack. Jack refuses to tell his family about his illness because he thinks then they will live in anticipation of his death. He says they will always be checking on him to make sure he is alive, and that is no way for them to live. She says they may want to know, they may want to do something special for him. HE says no, he's not going to die. Jack vows he is going to live. Lexie becomes upset as she thinks about Jack, and Tek shows up. He comforts her, and they soon kiss. Lexie says she can't, but she gives in to her lust and the two begin ripping one another's clothes off and make love.

At the races, Jen and Max share a reunion and hug. Abby and Chelsea can't believe Jen knows Max. Jen says she's known Max since he was a little tyke and was driver a little big-wheels racing trike around the neighborhood. Jen explains that Caroline and Shawn adopted Max and his brother Frankie. Max says he heard about Caroline and wanted to see Shawn while he was in town. Jen gives him the good news that Caroline might actually be alive. HE says that is great. She asks about Frankie, and Max says he and Frankie still keep in touch. Abby asks who Frankie is, and Jen explains they dated a long time ago before she met her dad. Max offers to take the girls to see his pit stop, and they go with him. Max seems to like Chelsea, who flirts with him. Abby appears to be left out. 

Later, Jack shows up  and meets up with Jen. She asks where he was, and he claims he forgot his favorite Piccadilly relish so he had to go get some. She asks where it is, but he says he forgot it. She fills him in on Max Brady being here, and then asks Jack what had him so preoccupied that he forgot about his favorite relish? Before he can answer Chelsea and Abby return having found Patrick. Jack doesn't looks pleased to see Patrick.

At the clinic, Nancy is trying to convince Chloe not to leave town. She won't hear Nancy's arguments. One of the nurses wishes her luck. She thanks the nurse and asks her not to let anyone know she was here. The nurse says of course, but she thinks some more visitors would do Chloe good and speed up her recovery. Chloe says she's never going to recover. The nurse says she meant her emotional recovery. The nurse wishes Chloe would tell her boyfriend that she's here, but Chloe won't. Nicole soon arrives to see if Chloe is ready to go. Nancy fights with Nicole about what she's doing. Chloe tells her mother to stop it. She says she knows Nicole is using this situation to her advantage, but she doesn't care. She says she wants Brady to move on and trusts he will make the right choice of who to move on with. She says Nicole loves Brady and he loves her, they are good for one another. 

Meanwhile, Brady arrives after following Nicole. He asks a nurse if Nicole is here visiting Clara, but the nurse says no. He thinks she must be shopping next door, but when she won't answer his cell phone he things she is up to no good. The nurse goes to warn Chloe that her boyfriend is here. Chloe makes Nancy and the nurse promise not to tell BRady she is here or was here. Nicole and Chloe then leave.

Later Brady realizes Nicole must be here with Chloe, and he asks the nurse to tell him if Chloe is here. She says she cannot provide him with info on their patients. He speaks to her about his love for Chloe and how he knows she is alive. The nurse suggests he go to room 209, which he does. Brady finds Nancy there hiding in the closet. He demands she tell him where Chloe is as he knows she is alive. 

In Germany, Phillip is furious when he sees Belle with Shawn. He fumes outside his room. Inside his room, Shawn tells Belle that they must tell Phillip the truth, but Belle refuses. Belle sees Phillip has seen them, and he comes into the room. He asks Belle why she didn't tell him that Shawn was here. She says she didn't know, and Shawn says it was a surprise. Shawn tells Phillip how sorry he is, and he keeps making inappropriate references to feet and legs. He says the marine captain spoke of his condition like he had one foot in the grave, and then Shawn says he really stuck his foot in his mouth. Phillip laughs and thanks Shawn for making him laugh for the first time. However, he is puzzled as to why Shawn came here. Shawn says to help, but Phillip doesn't know how he can help when he has Belle, Kate, John and an entire medical facility helping him. He also tells Shawn that his organization of the rescue mission was a stupid and foolish thing to do, even if he did save him. Phillip becomes suspicious of Shawn as before he left town for his tour, he and Shawn were at one another's throats. He says he always felt Shawn was trying to come between him and Belle, and he thinks Shawn still is. He demands to know if Shawn has come here to steal his wife.


June 24, 2005

At the races, Jack is not pleased that the girls found Patrick. Patrick tells Jack that he ran into Abby and Chelsea on his way to his own seat, and they insisted he come sit with then. Patrick says he couldnt tell them no as they would have asked questions. Jack thinks he could have come up with an inventive excuse. Patrick tells the girls that he is going to sit in his own seat, but Max and the girls tell him that that his seat is so far away so he has to stay here with them. Jen talks to Jack about his feelings for Patrick. Jack continues to believe Patrick is not a good guy and is still working for Tony. Jen says they owe their lives to Patrick and their sons life to him as well. Jack says hes heard all this before, but every moment Patrick was there to save her, it made her gracious to him. Jack is convinced he still works for Tony. Jen doesnt believe that and thinks he has changed. Jen says she believes people can change. Jen suggests they just enjoy the day together as a family. She reminds him of all the things Jack has gone through in his life, his illness and Steve giving him a kidney to save his life. Jack says he knows, and he thinks about how many years Steve has been gone. Jen says she didnt mean to make him sad, her point is that it is there turn to be finally happy, and she will never lose hope. Jack says he understands, and Patrick can stay for now. Jen tells Patrick that she and Jack would like him to join them for the race and have a tailgate party with them afterwards. The girls beg him to join them, and he agrees. Patrick thanks Max for the ticket, and he says no problem. However, he says Patrick looks familiar, have they met before? Patrick says they did when he was an upcoming driver. Patrick says he was looking to invest in him, and he was a driver as well. Chelsea and Abby cant believe Patrick raced cars. Patrick says he wasnt a good driver. He says he crashed the car and never got the money to rebuild it. Patrick says its a great feeling, the only thing that comes close is . . . . Max says he knows. Max says he has to get going, and he has all the girls kiss him for good luck, including Jen. Jack jokes that hes going to go out and buy a race car driver suit tomorrow, but Jen says it wouldnt look the same on him. Jack says thats because hes so buff. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Abby talk about how hot Max and Patrick are. The races begin, and Maxs car spins out and apparently crashes. However he doesnt crash, he pulls of some fancy stunt driving and wins the race. Max comes over to see his friends after the race, and Chelsea gives him a kiss on the cheek. They decide to all go have their tailgate party, but then a storm rolls in. Jack suggests they have the party back at their place, and they invite Max and Patrick. Patrick isnt sure, but Jen says he is welcomed to come. Jen asks Jack if that isnt right, and Jack says sure why not. Jack whispers to Patrick one beer and one burger and then he is gone.

The family returns home, and Max says this place is really nice. He says hes on the road so much that he forgets what a home is like. Patrick talks to Max about investing in his team, but Max says he would have to talk to the owners as hes just the driver. Chelsea says he is not just the driver, he is the star. They get ready for the cookout, and Jen forgot the desert. Max offers to go get ice cream, and he asks if Sweet Beas is still open. Jen says it is, so Max says hell go there. Abby and Chelsea want to tag along, but Max has a two-seater and Abby lets Chelsea go. Meanwhile, Jack continues to treat Patrick like dirt and refuses to let Patrick help him with anything. He asks Jen to go into the kitchen with Abby and set things up, it will be okay. Jen leaves, and Patrick says that was smooth. Patrick tells Jack that Jen is uncomfortable with the tension between them. Jack says that is why after he has his beer and burger he leaves, and then he leaves them alone for good. Patrick says or what, hell beat him up? Jack tells him not to push him. Jack says nothing and no one will get between him and his family again. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Max drive around, and she says shes never driven that fast. He says that was nothing compared to the races. Chelsea says for a moment she had a flash to her crash, but only for a moment. Max pulls over at look out point. They flirt with one another. He asks if she has been here before, and she says yes. Chelsea tells him that she doesnt date much because most guys she knows are so immature. She says they arent as hot as him. Max says she is hot too. They end up smooching. 

In Germany, Phillip wants to know why Shawn is here. Belle tells Phillip that Shawn came here to look after her, just like he asked Shawn to. Phillip says that was if he didnt make it back. Belle thinks Shawn should leave and Phillip should rest and watch a movie. Phillip says no, and he wants the truth. Shawn says its time for Phillip to know the truth. He says he is here and has done all of this for Belle. He says Belle was out of her mind with worry when he was held hostage, and Belle says see he did this for her. Phillip says what he did was foolish and careless, why didnt he leave the rescue mission to the pros? Shawn says they tried and failed, and he acted quickly before the rebels could move Phillip again or kill him. Phillip says still before he shipped out Shawn loved Belle and wanted her back. Phillip remembers that they were always fighting. He says hes not a hostage now, so why is Shawn here. He also wants to know why Shawn had his arms around his wife? Belle says he was comforting her, but Shawn says no thats not it. Phillip demands the truth. A nurse comes in to take Phillip to be measured for his prosthesis, but he tells the nurse later. She says she is a captain and this is an order. He says hes sorry, and she wheels him off. Belle tells Shawn he cant do this now, but Shawn says he wont lie, not anymore. Belle demands Phillip not be told, and she tells Shawn if she cant respect her feelings then to leave. Shawn says that will make him more suspicious. Belle says they have to help Phillip now, but he says lying wont help him. Shawn says he wants her back and that is why he is here. He says he has respected her decision to tell Phillip the truth in person, and now that time has come, so if she wont do it then he will. She says they cant tell him now. Shawn says this is tearing her up inside, and if Phillip loved her then he wouldnt want to do this to her. She says she cant think about herself right now, but he says she has to. Shawn says he knows she doesnt want to hurt him, but who does she really want to be with. Belle says you, and they hug. Belle pushes him away as she is still married. They continue to argue about telling Phillip the truth, but Belle say Phillip needs time to heal and they must put their feelings and needs aside right now. Shawn says by lying to him they arent doing him any favors. Belle says after what hes been through it would be too cruel to do this to him now. Shawn says the doctors didnt lie to him about his leg, they didnt tell him it would magically grow back. Belle says that is ridiculous, his leg is gone. Shawn says so is his marriage. Belle says if a child was injured in a car crash, would they tell her that her mother died? She says no. Shawn says Phillip isnt a child though, and he wont be part of this lie anymore. Shawn says they both know he suspects something. Belle asks him not to do this, but he says he has to. 

At the clinic, Brady begs Nancy to tell him where Chloe is. Nancy asks Brady why he is doing this, why is he insisting she is still alive. Brady says if he is wrong then hes sorry, but if Chloe isnt alive when why is she here? He sees a packed bag, looks inside it and finds Chloes things, including a locket and photos. Brady demands Nancy tell him the truth. She claims she is volunteering here, and she brought the clothes to donate and she didnt know the photos and lockets were in there. Brady thinks she is lying, and he asks why she wont tell him the truth. Nancy swears Chloe isnt here. Brady says he loves her and needs her, that his life is nothing without her. He begs Nancy to tell him where she is, but Nancy says she cant. Nancy gets a call from Chloe, and Brady takes the phone and begs Chloe to tell him where she is. Chloe hangs up, and Nancy claims it was Craig. Brady says bull, Craig wouldnt have hung up on him, and he recognizes the phone number calling her from somewhere. Brady calls Nicole up (conversation below), but gets no answers from her. Nancy tells Brady if Chloe was alive then Nicole would be the last person she would reveal herself to. Nancy says she has a plane to catch and she has to go. Brady says that is it, the phone number on the caller ID is from the Titan Jet! 

At the airport, Nicole and Chloe are onboard the jet waiting to take off. Nicole calls the pilot to tell him to take off, but he thought they were waiting for another passenger. Nicole says they will leave Nancy if she doesnt show up. Chloe calls her mom, but Brady takes the phone per above. Nicole panics and fears Nancy might blow their cover, so she demands the pilot take off right now. Nicole then calls Brady, claiming she left her cell phone in the car and just noticed he called. Brady says he knows what is going on and he demands Nicole put Chloe on the phone. Nicole says Chloes dead, but Brady knows she is lying to him. He says he will never forgive her for this. Chloe asks why he keeps letting his dead girlfriend get between them. Brady asks where she is, and she says in her car on her way home. She says theyll talk about this later, but he says no now. She says she cant do this while driving, and she hangs up. Chloe is afraid they wont get away with this, but Nicole says as long as Nancy keeps her mouth shut they will. Later the plane slows down, and Nicole asks the pilot why hes turning around. The pilot says theyve been ordered to turn around, he cant defy this order. Brady looks out the window. On the runway is Brady. Chloe sees him and realizes Brady knows shes on the plane. Brady screams at Chloe as if she can hear him over the engines.

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