June 27, 2005

At Jack and Jens, the party has moved in doors and Maggie and Alice have joined the party, as has Marlena. Jack is glad Marlena could make it and asks if they can talk a bit later. Marlena says of course. Jen ask Marlena if she has news from Germany? Marlena says John says Phillip is being very strong. Marlena says she heard about Maxs return, and she told Bo and Roman their little brother was back. She asks where he is, and Abby says they went to get the ice cream. Jen says theyve been gone so long, and Abby worries what they are doing. Later, Jack tells Jen that hes going to go make sure Patrick is packing up and getting out. Jen says no, shell go talk to him. She asks Jack to just tend the food.

Jen goes to the garage where she finds a shirtless and sweaty Patrick packing up his things. She gives him a beer, and Jen says she never realized he had so much stuff. He says neither did he. He says living here made him want to put down roots for the first time. Jen thanks him for being here and she says he was a tremendous help to her. Patrick says he enjoyed his time here with her and the kids, and he just hopes they can remain friends. Jen thinks they can, but Patrick isnt so sure given Jacks feelings. Jen trips, and Patrick catches her. Jack walks in at this point and is furious. He tells Patrick to get his hands off his wife now! Jen explains what happened, but Jack doesnt buy it. He says Patrick is half naked and should put a shirt on in the presence of a lady. Jen says it is hot out here, but Jack says Patrick is conning her. Patrick grabs his shirt and leaves. Jen tells Jack to relax, but Jack says Patrick rubs him the wrong way, shirt or no shirt. Jen says Patrick was a tremendous help to her while he was gone. Jack says he hates that Patrick was here taking his place. Jen says nobody can ever take his place, and he is here now and that is what is important. Jack thinks about Lexie telling him that he was dying. Jen asks Jack what is wrong, and he says he just needs to kiss his wife. Jen tells Jack how glad she is to have him home, how lucky they are and how they have so much to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Patrick puts on his shirt and calls his mom to find out about Mimis court date. He gets her voicemail so he leaves a message. Abby approaches him to talk to him about how long Chelsea and Max have been gone. Patrick says Chelsea was impressed by him and she probably had him take the long way home so everyone could see them together. 

Abby goes back inside and finds Marlena, Jen and Maggie are talking about both Max and Frankie. Abby asks her mom how serious she and Frankie were? Jen says at the time she was very serious about Frankie. Maggie says Jen was a heart breaker. Abby asks her mom about herself as a teen. Jen says she was a typical teenager and was so in love with Frankie. She says it was all innocent though, just like it is supposed to be in high school. They discuss Max, and they discussed his emotional problems as a child. Marlena says Max didnt speak and only started talking after moving in with Shawn and Caroline. Jen realizes she forgot to take the buns out to Jack so he could toast them. Marlena offers to do it. 

Marlena takes the buns out to Jack, and Jack and Marlena have a talk. Jack tells Marlena this stays between them, hes dying. Marlena cant believe this and says she doesnt know what to say. Marlena says shes so sorry. Marlena says Jen seems fine though. Jack says because he hasnt told her, and he doesnt know how to tell her. Jack explains he has a rare blood disorder, and no one knows what it is or how he got it. Jack says he has few options and little time. Jack says he needs to talk to someone, and hes worried about Jen. He says they thought the bad times were behind them, and now this. Marlena begs Jack to tell Jen the truth, but he says he cant as it will break Jen and Abbys hearts. Jack wants to keep this a secret for as long as he can. Marlena says hes taking a terrible mistake. She asks what if something suddenly happens to him and Jen is not able to prepare? Marlena says Jen is his wife, his partner, so he must tell her the truth. Jack starts talking about how if he could come back as an angel and watch after Jen and Abby then hed be okay with dying. He realizes he sounds ridiculous, but Marlena says he doesnt. Marlena tells Jack the longer he keeps this from his family, the harder it will be to tell them the truth.

Later, Jack serves up food, and Jen insists Patrick not leave till he has some food. Jack tells him here, have a wiener! Jack gives him a hot dog. Patrick says thanks, how about a burger too. Jack says fine. Maggie says if Max doesnt get home soon then there will be no more food. Jen wonders what could be keeping them, and Abby worries about the same thing. Alice remembers when Jen and Frankie was their age that they missed a lot of family picnics because they found better things to do. Later as they are cleaning up, someone approaches Jens door. They ring the doorbell, and Abby answers thinking it is Max and Chelsea finally. It turns out it is Frankie, and Jen gives him a big hug when she sees him. Patrick and Abby watch from the background, and Patrick looks annoyed.

Max and Chelsea are fooling around in the car, and Max reaches for Chelseas boobs! She stops him and says hes getting the wrong idea about her, she thinks they should stop. Max says he wont push himself on her, but he read her all wrong. He says he thought she wanted to have a good time, but he guesses not. They go to get ice cream, and Chelsea thinks shes being a baby as shes with Max and hes every girls fantasy. Max returns with the ice cream, and he asks if they are cool? She says yes. She says she also has something personal to ask him. him. As they are driving home, she asks how many girlfriends he has had. He says truthfully lots. She asks if they were all serious? He says some. She tells him to make a right up here, but Max says that heads to Salems other make-out spot The Petting Zoo. She says she knows. They park, and Max asks why they are here? She says why does he think. He says the ice cream will melt, but she says not that fast. Chelsea says shes not a kid, and she knows what shes doing. They begin some serious making out. 

At court, Mimi is about to be sentenced. Bonnie cant believe this is happening. Mickey tells Bonnie that it is unfortunately a done deal, Mimi has plead guilty and as she has fired him, he cant help here. Mimi didnt want anyone here, and shes thankful that at least Rex isnt here. Suddenly Rex walks in. Bonnie is glad to see him and begs Rex to make Mimi change her mind. Mickey and Bonnie give them time to talk. Rex tells Mimi that he loves her and no matter what her sentence he will wait for her. Judge Fitzpatrick shows up and announces that shes made her decision. She says Mimi has pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Jan, who is likely to spend the rest of her life in a long term facility. Karen says she gets no joy in having to sentence Mimi as two young girls lives have been destroyed by this tragedy. Karen sentences Mimi to prison for 15-20 years. Bonnie yells No my daughter is innocent! Mimi passes out, and Mickey catches her. Karen demands order. Mimi comes too and thinks this was a dream, but realizes it is real. Mickey asks Karen to reconsider her excessive sentence as Mimi has no prior criminal record. Karen says she took that into account, but the fact is Mimi plead guilty to a heinous crime. Mimi is allowed to say some words, and she says she is sorry and she never meant to hurt anyone. Mickey tells Mimi that there are still legal steps they can take, and they arent giving up on her. Bonnie tells Mimi to stay strong, and Mimi apologizes for putting her mom through this. Rex yells to Mimi that he loves her and always will. Mimi is taken away. Later, Mickey tries to comfort Bonnie and says there are still ways they can help Mimi.

Mimi is put in her orange jumper and held at the county jail until she is transferred to Statesville. Mimi wonders what she will do, and she wants to go home. She says she just started her sentence and is already cracking up. Later, Rex shows up to visit Mimi. Mimi wishes Rex hadnt come here as there is nothing he can do for her, he cant even hold her.

At the hospital in Germany, Kate is furious that John is still around. Kate and Belle both tell Shawn to leave, and not to tell Phillip the truth. Shawn says hes not going anywhere, hes telling Phillip the truth. Kate asks John to get Shawn out of here, but John thinks Shawn is right! Kate asks how can he say that? John says they cant keep protecting Phillip, and Phillip can deal with this. Shawn thanks John, but John says hes not on Shawns side. He says he is on Phillips side, and Phillip doesnt need to see them walking on eggshells around him. John says Phillip is a marine, he can handle this. Kate drags John outside to talk. Kate cant believe she is hearing what John is saying. John tells Kate that Phillip will be really hurt if he learns his mother and his wife have been lying to him. Kate doesnt know how they can see things so different. Kate says shes come to rely on John these past few months, and theyve always seen eye to eye. She says she is counting on John now, and she begs him to get Shawn out of that room before Phillip comes back. Back in the room, Belle and Shawn continue to argue about telling Phillip the truth. Shawn is afraid that if he gets on the plane back to Salem without her then hell lose her. Belle says she just cant do this to Phillip right now as she has to think about him first. Shawn says then she is basically saying to hell with what they want. Meanwhile, Kate continues to pressure John to help her. John thinks they need to stay out of this, but Kate thinks he wouldnt feel this way if it was his son. John says he cares about Phillip and he is his son now. Kate begs John to just get Shawn out of the room before Phillip comes back. John finally relents, and they go back into the room. John tells Shawn that they need to go, Belle and Kate dont want him here. John says the timing for this is wrong, so he suggests they go to the airport so Shawn can leave. Before they can leave, Phillip returns. Phillip wants Shawn to stay so he can answer his questions. Phillip asks Shawn if he is here because he is a concerned friend or because he loves Belle. Shawn finally admits he organized the rescue mission for Belle. Shawn says Belle was going through hell, and he wanted her back. Kate becomes upset, but John suggests they let them deal with this on their own. John takes her outside so the kids can talk. Shawn admits that part of his reasons for helping Phillip were selfish. Shawn says he couldnt stand seeing Belle in pain. He also thought if he could bring him home safe then theyd have a chance. Phillip says but they are married. Shawn says they shouldnt be married. Shawn says that he loves Belle, hes never stopped loving her, and he wont apologize for wanting her back.


June 28, 2005

In their car, Max and Chelsea finish doing something. Max says wow, she is a hot and an incredibly sexy woman. Chelsea looks upset, and Max asks if she is upset about what she just did. Chelsea says they didnt really have sex, they just made out. Max says shes a great kisser, and they kiss again. Max tells her that they can go further any time she wants. Chelsea says shes saving herself for the man who she marries. Max says hes not the family type, and he asks Chelsea about the guy she was talking about earlier. Chelsea says he is the one she wants, and Max says hes not really into relationships. Chelsea suggests they get back, and Max says the ice cream is probably melted. Chelsea looks really upset.

At the Devereux house, we see a replay of Frankie showing up and Jen giving him a big hug. Jack looks surprised, as does Abby, and Patrick looks unhappy. Jen tells him that he came at the perfect time as everyone is here. Jen tells Jack that he remembers Frankie doesnt he, and Jack does. Jen says they are married now, and Frankie tells Jack he finally stepped up, and he got a good woman. She introduces him to their daughter who is now the same age they were in high school when they were dating. Frankie then goes in to see everyone else, Marlena, Maggie and Alice. Frankie says he feels like hes home, and Jen says he is. Maggie says his brother is back, and Frankie seems upset to learn Max has been here already. Frankie just hopes Max is behaving himself. Jen says of course he is, but Jack says hes been gone on that errand a long time. Frankie says his brother is easily distracted. Frankie says they all look great considering what theyve gone through. He says he knows they were most presumed dead. Jen says well they arent going anywhere again, and she asks Jack if that isnt right. Jack flashes back to his conversation with Marlena about his dying. Frankie tells Jack that he envies him, he has a great home, wife and family. Frankie says what more could a man want. Jack says to live long enough to enjoy it all. Jack says enough about them, and he asks Frankie what hes been up to, is he married? Frankie says hes not, he hasnt met the right women yet. He does say he met one once though, but it was long ago and not meant to be. Jack says lucky for him. Abby questions Maggie about how odd it is Frankie came here first given his whole family is here. Maggie says Frankie and Jen were very serious, and Abby asks how serious? Maggie says they all thought theyd get married. Meanwhile, Frankie continues to tell Jack and Jen how happy he really is for them. Jack doesnt like talking about him and Jen, and he asks what Frankie is doing. Frankie says hes a lawyer now, and he takes on cases like fraud and identity theft. Jen cant believe that, and she says his brother is a race car driver and teen idol. Frankie says his brother likes life in the fast lane, and he wishes he would slow down. Jack goes to get Frankie some food, and Frankie tells Jen that Jack is a great guy and she is very lucky. Jen says she knows. She then flashes back to the two of them back in high school. We see Jen (with BIG HAIR), Frankie and a young Alice in the Horton kitchen fixing a leaky faucet. Frankies clothes got soaked, so Jen ended up washing them for him. Frankie hung out in a towel and shared moments of sexual tension with Jen. Back in real time, Jen says they have so much to catch up on. She asks Frankie if hes going to be staying in Salem for awhile. Jack returns with Frankies burger, and Jack offers to let Frankie and Max crash in their garage apartment. Frankie thanks him. Abby pulls Jack aside and asks if he isnt jealous of Frankie? He says no, they were kids and it was years ago. Abby says it is just weird to think about mom with someone else, ever. Abby runs off to get more burgers, and Marlena tells Jack that he must tell Jen the truth. Jack says he cant, not now with all these people. Marlena begs him not to wait too long. Jen then introduces Frankie to Patrick, and Frankie thinks his name sounds familiar. Jack suggests it might be because of his work at the courthouse with the criminals. Jen says Jack . . . Patrick gives Jack a look. 

Max and Chelsea return, and Max says they got stuck in traffic and the ice cream melted a bit. Frankie doesnt seem to like Max with Chelsea. Frankie gives his brother a lecture and says if anything sexual happened with that girl he could get in trouble. Max says she is 18, and besides nothing happened. Frankie says they both know he is the love them and leave them type. Max says like he loved and left Jen? Frankie asks what happened between n them, but Max wont say. He asks Frankie why he came here, did he come to check up on him? Max says yes as he knew it was only a matter of time before he got himself into trouble. Frankie doesnt want Max to hurt any of these people, and he says he wont. 

Meanwhile, Maggie talks to Marlena and says Mickey is home with Bonnie, shes upset because Mimi was sentenced to 15-20 years. Marlena cant believe this. Later they discuss their complicated relationships. Marlena brings up what Belle is going through. Maggie says shes rather have to choose between two men who love her than compete for the love of her own husband. MArlena thinks about making love with Roman back in the castle.

Jen and Jack talk in the kitchen, and Jack says he knew Patrick was no good and Frankie will help him nail him. Jen says Patrick is gone, he is out of their house so it is over. She suggests they give the apartment to Max and Frankie for a few days, and Jack approves as theyd be an improvement. Jack and Jen go to see Frankie and Max and ask them to stay. Frankie says there is room at the pub, but Jen asks for just one night so they can catch up.

Later, Marlena and Jack talk again, and Jack thinks there is no way he can tell Jen that hes dying as shes so happy right now. 

Patrick leaves and makes another call to his mom and gets her voicemail again. Hes upset that nobody told him about Mimi being sentencing. He says Mimi wont survive prison.

Abby pulls Chelsea outside and asks what took so long. Chelsea says they stopped by the lake, and they made out. Chelsea says one thing led to another. Chelsea says it was obvious Max wanted to have sex. Abby asks if they did it? Chelsea says no, she didnt go that far. Chelsea says she told him that shes saving herself for Patrick, though she didnt name him. Chelsea whispers what they did, and Abby is stunned. Chelsea says its not like they had sex, and everyone does it. Abby says not her. Chelsea says when she grows up she will. Chelsea asks what this is really about, is she jealous? Abby says she is not jealous, and what Chelsea did was disgusting. She says it was way more than making out and it was wrong.

In jail, Mimi tells Rex that this is the end, they cant be together now. She says they will never have the life they dreamed about, but he can have that life with someone else. Rex says he wants to be with her, he doesnt care how long he has to wait. She tells him that he deserves better and he needs to move on with his life. She says they should say goodbye now. Rex says he will wait for her, he loves her and needs her. Rex says he will do whatever he can to get out of her. Rex vows to find out the truth, he says he will clear her name. He says hell keep digging and digging to find out the answer he needs. Mimi says he cant. Rex asks why not? Mimi tells him to let it go and forget about her. The guard returns and says time is up. Rex says he will be back tomorrow and the day after that. Mimi says no, she doesnt want him to come back. She says find another woman to love. He kisses her through the bars and says she is the only woman he will ever love. He tells her not to forget it. Rex leaves, and Mimi says that is the last time shell ever see Rex again. Later Mimi puts Rex on a refusal list so he cant see her again. 

Rex returns home and begins using his laptop to try and find a way to help Mimi. Patrick soon shows up to find out what happened with Mimi. Rex says Mimi didnt want anyone there, not even him. Rex says Mimi has given up and got 15-20 years and wont appeal. Rex invites him in, and Rex says Mimi is innocent and wont fight. Patrick says they will fight for her then. They decide to work together on this.

At the hospital in Germany, we see a replay of Shawn admitting to Phillip that he loves Belle, he always has, and he wants her back. Phillip says at least hes being honest with him. Shawn tells Belle that Phillip wanted to know and now all the cards are on the table. Belle is furious and asks Shawn how he could do this to Phillip. Phillip tells Belle that it is okay, he is glad he knows how Shawn feels. Phillip basically tells Shawn how it is, that Shawn didnt care if whether he lived or died, he was only after Belle this whole time. Phillip says he understands what Shawn is doing, in fact he agrees with it. Shawn asks if he is saying hes willing to let her go? Phillip says Shawn misunderstood, he just understands the lengths Shawn is going to because his wife is a good person. Shawn says the only reason he didnt tell Phillip the truth was because Belle was worried how he would take it. Phillip says he can take the idea of another man after his wife. Phillip asks Belle how she feels, who does she want to spend her future with? Phillip says he loves her and they both know that hes not the same man she married. She says she loves him and meant her vows when she took them. He says he knows that, but hes not the same man she married. He says her life will never be the same if she stays with him. Phillip says he will love her just as much if not more, he will always love her. He asks her if she can love him as he is now, or would she rather be with Shawn? Phillip says he would never want Belle to stay with him if she didnt want to be with him. Phillip says he waited for Belle, he waited for Shawn to return and kept his love for Belle a secret. Phillip says he only moved on with Belle because he thought Shawn moved on with Jan. Shawn explains what Jan did to him. Phillip says Jan was wrong to do that, but that was not his fault or Belles fault. Phillip says Shawns love wavered off and on, he treated Belle horribly. Phillip says whereas his love for her has not wavered once and never will. Shawn says he has always loved Belle, and Phillip says hes sure he did, especially when he was making love to Jan. Shawn says he was locked in a cage all summer by Jan, and when he finally escaped he had amnesia. Phillip says its hard to feel sorry for him when he knows the truth. Phillip tells Belle the choice is hers. He says if she can forgive Shawn then so be it. He says he will let her go if that is what she wants. He says it will be hard, but it will be a lot harder to be married to someone who loves someone else. Phillip says he wont hold her to her vows if she wants to be with Shawn. Phillip asks Belle what she wants? 


June 29, 2005

At the hospital, Shawn and Phillip continue to fight over Belle and who she should be with. Belle eventually tells them both to stop arguing as she has made her choice. She says this is difficult as once of them has to be hurt. She says she's sorry Shawn, but she's staying with Phillip. Shawn says she can't mean that, but Belle says she does. She says she loves Phillip and she married him. Phillip hopes Shawn accepts this, but Shawn says he'll never accept this. Shawn tells Belle that she is just confused, she is in another country and is worried about Phillip. Belle says yes she is confused, she's confused because of him. She says she told him not to come here but he didn't respect that. She says he pushed her to make this decision, and so she has. Phillip once again offers Belle a chance out if she has changed her mind again, but she says she hasn't. She says Phillip is the man she will spend her life with. Shawn says Belle doesn't love him, not the way he loves her. She tells him to respect her decision and go. Shawn storms out of the room.

After Shawn leaves, Phillip tells Belle how much he loves her and how happy they will be. Belle says she knows they will be. A nurse comes in to change Phillip's dressings, and Belle stays to watch and learn so she can help Phillip when they get back home. Later, Phillip is alone when Heather Mills McCartney comes to see him. She wants to talk, but Phillip says right now he needs therapy and to get better. He thinks Heather doesn't know what he's going through, but she does. She reveals she is an amputee just like him. He says but she looks normal, and she says thank you. She shows him her prosthetic, and says they can make one for him that is very real. She shows him a leg and says it has hair and veins on it so it looks real. She then talks to him about the horrors of land mines and the destruction and senseless accidents and deaths they cause. 

John makes a call home to Marlena to bring her up to date. He tells her how he used all of his connections and pulled some strings, and that thanks to him Phillip will be able to come home to do his rehab. He then talks about how Shawn Brady showed up here to pressure Belle, which is the last thing their daughter needs. John says he thinks that Belle will stay with her husband and Shawn is in for a big surprise.  Later, Shawn comes storming around the corner and runs into John. He tells John to back off unless he wants a fight. John tells Shawn he feels for him, he really does. However, he also tells John that he brought this all on himself. He says when Shawn left last summer it gave Belle a chance to see if she could love someone else. He tells Shawn that Belle made the right choice, she chose a mature man who loves her and won't fly off the handle and explode every time something doesn't go her way. Shawn says but she doesn't love him, not like she loves me. John says this isn't about him, it is about Belle and her choice. He says Belle obviously believes Phillip would make the better husband. Shawn says Belle is making a mistake that she'll regret one day, and she's making it worse for Phillip. John tells Shawn that it's time he accept Belle's decision. Shawn says Phillip played his pity card and it worked. John says Shawn doesn't know Belle at all. John says Belle choosing to stay with her husband because he needs her is something Belle would do. He says sometimes they need to put what is right and the greater good above their own needs. Shawn tells John to go to hell. Shawn walks off and later runs into Belle. He once again tells her that she can't do this. She says she has made her choice, Phillip needs her. Shawn asks for how long, till death do they part?

At Bo and Hope's, Hope and Bo are playing with Zack. Hope wants to call Germany to check on SHawn, but Bo says no. They begin to argue about the kids, and let it go and decide that ultimately it is Belle's choice and they can't do anything about it. Later Bo reveals he has a surprise for Hope. He runs out to do an errand and returns with blue pain on his shirt. She wonders what it has to do with her surprise, but he keeps mum. Later they pack Zack's things up to drop him off at Doug and Julie's yet again so they can go enjoy their surprise. Hope is excited and can't wait to find out what it is.

At the airport, Brady yells at Chloe to get off the plane. On the plane, Chloe tells Nicole that Brady knows she's here, and it's over. The next scene we see is Brady running towards Chloe, who is all in black. Nicole is hiding behind a crate, and Chloe tells Brady to stay back. He says it's okay, he knows the truth now and they can be together. She says they can't she was leaving Salem and him when he stopped the jet. Brady asks where Nicole is. He says he knows she's here, and he yells at her to come out. She comes out of her hiding place and faces Brady. Brady is furious at her for lying to him about Chloe for months. She says she didn't lie to him by choice, Chloe made her do it. He thinks she is a liar. He says she forced Chloe to leave so she could have him. He says to think he thought she changed. He thinks she got Chloe and Nancy to cover for her scheme. Nicole says Nancy hates her, Nancy wouldn't lie for her. Nicole says they would have gotten away if Nancy hadn't told him where they were. Brady says Nancy didn't tell, he figured it out from the caller ID. Nicole asks Chloe if she's going to let her take the fall for this? Chloe tells Brady that Nicole isn't lying, the entire plan was hers. Chloe has her back to Brady as she explains she forced Nicole and her mother to lie to him, and she wanted to leave town never to see him again. Brady still won't believe her, he still thinks Nicole did this. He asks if she even loved his grandfather. Nicole asks what that has to do with this? Brady says everything. He says a woman who would marry a man for his money would do anything to hold onto it. He says she is still the same dangerous, manipulative selfish bitch she has always been. He tells her to pack her stuff up and be out of the mansion before he gets back. He says he never wants to see her again. He warns her if she is there then he will pack up and leave, and then he'll sell the mansion and she'll be homeless. Nicole runs off in tears, but doesn't go very far. Brady goes to Chloe and says she is safe now, she doesn't have to be afraid of Nicole. Chloe tells him that he doesn't get it, she wanted to leave Salem, she didn't want him to know about her. He asks if she is saying she doesn't love him anymore? Nicole watches and thinks once Brady sees Chloe's scars that he won't be able to love her. 


June 30, 2005
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July 1, 2005
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