February 28, 2005 First ten minutes of the show were cut off in my area for snow updates. We had to learn how much snow was coming, then how the folk on the street felt about snow, exactly how hard it was snowing in ten locations across the Philadelphia region, and finally how putting salt on the road helps. Important stuff!

At Samis place, Sami holds an envelope as a man tells her that he will provide the means to help her achieve that which she most desires. Sami says revenge! Sami sits in a chair, has a barbers cape around her, and holds a mirror up to her face. The man tells Sami when he is finished even she wont recognize herself. The man begins showing her wigs and prosthetic ears and noses, as well as glasses and glue on facial hair. He asks if they should begin, and Sami says lets do it. He then applies everything to Sami and turns her into a man. Sami looks at herself, she is now a man, but we hear her voice. She asks why he made her look like a man? The man says because that was his orders. He then gives Sami a body girdle, heightening shoes, and mans clothes. He says put them on and they have just one thing left to do. She puts on all the clothes and says she looks hot! She says even shed check her out if she saw herself walking in Salem Place. He asks what she wants to call herself? She decides to go with the name Stan because its close to Sami and shell remember it, but says people will notice her voice. He gives Sami a voice changer to put in her mouth, and it makes her sound like a man. Sami/Stan says this way hell be able to get back at all his enemies, and revenge will be so sweet. The makeup artist prepares to leave and tells Sami/Stan that he is on his own now, so good luck. Stan asks how he gets in touch if there is a problem? The man says he doesnt. Stan opens up some info he was given and says this is unbelievable. Sami later gets a call from Tony, who is using a voice changer. Tony says he assumes the transformation is complete, congratulations! Tony says this is Samis mysterious benefactor. Tony asks if she read the letter. Stan says yes but . . . Tony says no questions, take revenge on his/her first victim!

At Bo and Hopes, Hope tells Bo that Billie is interrupting and there is nothing wrong with being honest with her. Billie says she had no intention coming back here, but . . . Hope thinks she came to get her bag and runs upstairs to get it for her. Bo asks about her staying with her mom, but Billie says things didnt work out as planned. She says his mom is staying with John, and her place is being redecorated and is off limits. She says she tried to go stay with Lucas, but that was a no go too. She says Will moved in with Lucas, and the apartment is too small for three people. Bo says shell have to stay here then, but Billie says no way! She says Hope doesnt want her here, he saw how fast she ran up stairs to get her bad. She says she only came here to get the bag and then shell hit a hotel. Bo says shell be in defiance of Judge Shays order, shell go to jail. She says she could think of worse things. Bo says no way, shes staying here and its settled. Billie says is interrupting here, she should go. He says this was a spur of the moment thing, not something special like an anniversary . . . Bo then realizes . . . . Billie says she was wondering if hed remember. He says this would have been their anniversary. She says happy anniversary? Meanwhile, Hope goes upstairs and calls Jen to talk about Billie. She says Billie interrupted their dinner, but fortunately she isnt here to stay. Hope is convinced Bo also wants Billie gone as he went to so much trouble to make this evening romantic to let Billie ruin it. Hope goes downstairs and finds them talking about their anniversary, and shes not pleased.

At the castle, Roman argues with Bart over what hes doing. Bart has brought them a nice meal, which he claims he slaved over a hot stove to make, or at least stood next to the cook who slaved. He also says this isnt his idea; he takes orders from the count, and he (Bart) is a very nice guy. Tony shows up and asks what is going on? Bart says they wont eat. Marlena knows this is another trick to try and rekindle their romance, and she says she wont have it. Tony says hes not a magician, he can only provide them with the opportunity of what they once had. He says the rest is up to them. Bart asks the nutty love birds if the mojo is rising, are they falling in love again. Tony tells Bart to get up in her face if he wants to know the truth. He gets right in Marlenas face, and she punches him! Tony laughs and says he got his answer. He thinks they should leave them alone to eat or dont eat, it is their choice. Tony and Bart leave, and Roman decides to see what the dinner under the tablecloth is. Roman says they do have to eat sometime, and he is curious. He pulls the sheet back, and Marlena says I dont believe this! Its the meal they had every Friday when they were newly weds, anchovy and pepperoni pizza, beer, kung pao chicken, mu-shu pork. Marlena knows what Tony is up to, and Roman says because they know his plan it cant possibly work. Roman says he is starving, so he digs in. He then remembers how they came up with this crazy combination of food. Marlena remembers too, she ordered his favorite supper when he was working late one night, pepperoni and anchovy pizza and beer. Roman remembers he felt so guilty about leaving her alone that he got her favorite supper on the way home, the Chinese food and and chardonnay. He tells her to take a bite of the pizza. She asks if he knows what that cheese is doing to his arteries? He says she knows she wants it. She says only if she has some of her mu-shu/ He says okay, and he even likes it when he once hated it. Marlena then has a bite of the pizza, and she says it is great. As they eat, they begin to reminisce about the old days. Marlena goes to open a beer and it spills all over her. He goes to dry her off, but stops and says she perhaps she should do it. The TV comes on again and they see John and Kate in bed in one anothers arms. Marlena damns Tony for trying to put them together. Roaman says hes not doing it alone. He says Tony can set this up, but they are the ones in control .He says John and Kate have moved on. Marlena says they think they are dead. Roman says what they feel is real, and Tony isnt manipulating it. Roman says what is happening between them isnt Tony either, and they have to stop fighting it. He says the love they have has been there for years and always will be.

Tony talks to Bart about his plan, and how knowing that Marlena knows what he is up to gives him great pleasure. He says once the memories of the past are rekindled it will be hard for them to resist temptation. Bart gets what hes doing with Marlena and Roman, by why is he messing with Sami Brady? He says Sami is a loose cannon, when she goes off who knows who shell hit. Tony says Sami Brady is his secret weapon. He talks about how Sami thinks shes getting revenge on her enemies, but actually shell be doing his work. Tony talks about how Sami once visited Stefano in the hospital years ago, and how Stefano saw something in samis eyes. Stefano told Tony that out of all the people in Salem, Sami had the potential to be the most useful. Tony says he never forgot and thats why he cultivated the relationship throughout these years.

At Johns place, John thanks Katherine for being here for him. He tells her that hell be okay and he wont try and sneak out to go score some drugs. Kate thinks this must be so hard, she remembers when Billie went through withdrawal, but he has the back pain to deal with as well. John thinks a hot shower will help, but his back hurts so much he cant move. Kate says she knows something that might help and shell be right back. Kate returns to give John a sponge bath! John says that is not necessary, but she insists. She says being around him brings out the best in her, she feels like a good person when she is near him. She says she shouldnt feel that way. John asks why she says that, dont tell him that this has to do with Lucas and Sami. Kate says she feels bad for what happened to them as she knows Sami made Lucas happy. She says she wouldnt want to be responsible for the hurt they are feeling now. He asks what she is taking about then as he thinks she is a good person. Kate says she is just feeling bad about some of the things she did in the past, some of the people she hurt. She tells John to lay back and clothes his eyes and shell do this quickly and gently. She begins washing him all over, and he tells her to stop. He says he feels so pathetic. She says he isnt pathetic. He says no, he is weak for getting addicted to drugs. She says he is a strong man and now he has to be strong for everyone else. He says by letting you give me a bed bath? She says no by kicking this habit and being here for everyone who loves him. She continues, and afterwards John says he does feel better. She asks if there is anything else she can do? He says yes, but hesitates. She asks what? He says hes been unable to sleep for a long time. She says she can get the pills, but he says no thats not what he meant. He says he hasnt slept peacefully since Marlena. HE says me misses holding someone, and feeling Marlenas arms around him. He says he misses the company. She says she understands, she misses Roman. He asks her to sleep with him and wake up beside him, so she crawls into bed with him. 


March 1, 2005

We see Phillip in a foggy battlefield. They have parachuted in behind enemy lines and are in a war zone. There is enemy fire all around them. Phillips friend Jake notices he is bleeding, and he thinks Phillip should go back to the base. Phillip refuses to return to the base, so his friend bandages him. Jake says the wound is deeper then he thought, hell need stitches, so the mission is over. Phillip says no way, theyve come too far to bail out. Phillip says lives are at stake, and not just theirs. Phillip begins thinking about being with Belle upon his return home. Later, Phillip tells his friend Jake that they have to get in there, rescue the prisoners, and get out. Jake asks how they will do that and not hurt innocents or get caught as this is a densely populated area. They look at a map and Jake says if they go through this square theyll all be sitting ducts. Phillip says that is why he has to go alone.

Stan/Sami looks at a letter Tony has left for her, and he/she is shocked. (For ease, Im going to just refer to Stan/Sami as he) Tony once again calls up Stan to talk to him/her. Tony asks Stan if he has read the letter, and Stan says yes but . . . Tony says no questions, just go do what he has to do. Stan says he isnt going anywhere till he tells him what this is all about and who he is. Tony says that isnt important, just follow the instructions in the letter. Stan says he thought he was bad, but this guy is pure evil. Tony says and you will be too, this is your chance to take out everyone who has wronged you. Stan says there is no way he can do this! Stand says he was tempted by everything Tony offered, and he wasnt thinking at the time, but now that he sees what Tony wants him to do and it is sick! Stan says he cant do this! Tony says Stan/Sami is doing it for herself, this is what is she deserves. He talks about how Sami has been stripped of her happiness, and her enemies should get what they deserve, begining with John Black. Tony tells Stan to look in the makeup kit. Stani does, and there is a bag of pills in there. Tony says Let the payback begin!

At Johns, John and Kate are in bed together. John is holding Kate and still suffering from pains. Kate tells John hell get through this. John thanks Kate for staying with him, and he says he couldnt do this without her. She strikes his face and says shes not going anywhere. They get close to doing something, but stop before doing anything. John says he didnt ask her to stay with him too . . . She says she knows and they got carried away. She says they are practically family given his son is married to her daughter (Blooper!). They talk about Phillip and Belle, and John is worried about Belle and wants to check up on her. Kate says she will later, but he has to rest right now. Later, Kates cell phone rings, and it is Tony, still talking through his voice changers. Tony informs Kate that Belle is cheating on Phillip with Shawn Brady as they speak. Kate asks who this is? He says a friend with a family. Kate doubts that and she says Belle would never cheat on her son. Tony suggests she go see for herself, but go now while she can still stop it. Kate worries that Belle could be tempted by Shawn, so she has to go find out before it is too late. John is now asleep, so she leaves him. Kate leaves, and Sami/Stan sneaks in. John asks who is there, and he says the answer to your prayers. John asks how he got in here? Stan says that doesnt matter, he knows what he needs and how far hell go to get it. Stan offers him pills, but John says he doesnt need them. John asks where Kate is? Stan says Kate bailed on him when he needed her most, so its just them and their little friends. He tells John to take the drus. John tells Stan to get out and attacks him! Sami/Stan thinks he is going to kill him, and he knees John and gets away. Sami/Stan then kicks John, who is on the ground, in the back! Stan says it seems like he is in some pain. He says one little pill will make him feel better. John tells him to just go. Stan leaves the pills and says when he needs more John knows where to get them. Stan swipes a watch and claims this will be his payment for the drugs. Stan leaves John on the floor with the drugs, and John reaches for them.

Stan/Sami returns home and says John deserves what hes getting and then some. Stan takes the voice piece out, and Samis voice says this will be so much fun as John didnt even know it was her. Sami says she will have her revenge! 

At the castle, Tony talks to Bart about his plan. Bart thinks it is a genius because even if Sami is caught, their hands are clean. Tony says the best part is that Samis enemies number half of Salem! Tony says Sami is out for revenge, and hes out for blood, together they are Salems worst nightmare.

At the loft, Belle finds Shawn setting a romantic dinner for her. He says he stopped by Delmores (Italian) and picked up her favorites. Belle says this is wrong, they cant do this. She says she wont be unfaithful to her husband while hes away. Shawn says its only dinner, but Belle says she still thinks it is inappropriate. Belle says Sami already caught them in one anothers arms, but Shawn says that was innocent. She says Sami is already suspicious, and she thinks Sami will be looking to make people pay now that her wedding got called off. Belle says there is no telling what Sami may do. Shawn thinks she is over-reacting, but he says he wont push her into anything shes not comfortable with. He says hell leave the food here and she can eat it. Belle thanks him for understanding. He says he would rather be here with her, but at least he doesnt have to go home to Jan. He has a flash of being with Jan in the cage, and he becomes woozy. She asks if he is okay? He says he had another one of those memory flashes, and he becomes upset that he cant remember what happened to him over the summer. He says he wants to know what she did to make him propose to Jan, even if he ever did. He sees she is still wearing Phillips ring. Belle says they are still married and she will keep his ring on untill she tells him the truth. As Shawn becomes upset over what Jan did to them all, he is hit with a bad headache. Belle worries and insists he sit down before he passes out. She sits him down and insist he eat something. She begins feeding him some of the food, and he says he feels better already. She insists she has more, and ends up spilling the spaghetti all over his shirt and pants. She says she is sorry and tells him to take them off before the stain sets. She tells him to hand his shirt and pants over. He asks if she is serious. She says they are adults, she can handle it. He strips to his boxers, and she gives him one of Phillips robes to wear. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and Belle answers. It is Kate, and she walks in and sees Shawn in a robe. She is stunned and asks what the hell is going on? Belle explains nothing is going on, they were having dinner and sauce got on Shawns clothes. She says she gave him a robe to wear while she washed them. Kate says this is Phillips robe, how would he feel about this? Shawn says Belle didnt do anything wrong here. Kate says no but he has! She tells Shawn that he has been after Belle even before she married Phillip. She reminds Belle of the drug and alcohol induced motorcycle accident that almost killed her and Phillip at their wedding. She wonders if Shawn is on drugs still as only that could make him stoop this low! She tells Shawn that he is supposed to be Phillips best friend! Belle says Shawn doesnt take drugs, but Kate says they were found in his system after the crash. Kate asks how Belle could be interested in someone like Shawn when her husband is a genuine hero. Kate says she just married Phillip and promised to love him and be true. Belle says she is sorry but she has made a mistake. Belle says they have all been wrong about Shawn, someone must have drugged him as they all know Shawn and that he would never do anything like that if he was in his right mind. Belle says they all believe Jan has manipulated all of them so that she could be with Shawn and Belle would marry Phillip. Kate says Jan didnt point a gun at her head and force her to marry Phillip. Belle says she is at fault there. She says she loves Phillip and he has been so good to her, but she is not in love with him. Kate is furious and says she cant believe this. She asks how they can live with themselves? Belle says they arent going to go behind Phillips back, they wont be together until they can talk to Phillip. Kate cant believe Belle would call Phillip and tell him this while he is over there. She says she will break his heart when he needs all his strength and wits to survive. She tells them they are selfish and dont care if Phillip ends up dead because of them.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope walks downstairs just as Bo remembers today was his and Billies anniversary. Hope coughs, says she hopes she isnt interrupting, and then gives Billie her bag. Billie says thanks and shell be going, but Bo says shes not going anywhere. Bo says Billie has no where to go, and they explain why she cant stay with Kate or Lucas. Bo says if Billie goes anywhere else she is violating the court agreement, and his butt is on the line as he vouched for her. He tells Billie not to go anywhere, and he takes Hope into the kitchen to discuss. Hope says she cant believe this, not only is he once again letting Billie come between them, she walked in on them reminiscing about their anniversary. Bo says they werent reminiscing, and it meant nothing to him. Hope thinks it meant something to Billie. Billie listens to them argue, and she hears Bo telling Hope that Billie being here means nothing and they are solid. He says the only anniversary he cares about is theirs. Bo tells Hope that Billie wont be a problem, but Hope says she always is one. Bo says in a few days this will all be over. Hope says so until then they are stuck with her? Bo says she doesnt want to send her to jail does she? Hope says wanna bet? Bo says they cant put her out on the street tonight. Hope says of course not, its their anniversary! Billie barges in and says Hope is making a big mistake and to back off! Billie says that none of this is Bos fault, she asked for his help. Hope says that is exactly right. Hope asks why she cant go back to Jens? Billie says she is going to go back, but Bo says no as she will go to jail, and he wont have her in jail while their daughter is still out there. Bo says he doesnt think his wife wants that, and shell realize that when she calms down. Hope asks Billie to excuse them and let them finish this conversation in private. Billie says shell try and keep her ears from burning, and she leaves. Hope asks Bo if he was thinking of her when he bought this dress, as she hardly wears seafoam green. Bo says that is ridiculous as she knows Billie doesnt mean anything to him. Billie hears this and says Hear that Billie, you mean nothing, get over it Billie! Hope says Billie will always be between them as long as she is in their lives. Bo says he wont push this, and Hope asks if he is leaving this decision up to her? Hope says Billie can stay for a day or two, but they are not going back to their romantic evening together.


March 2, 2005
This has not been proofed!
The show opens at the hospital. Rex is wheeling Mimi around. Mimi is nervous because she has to have surgery to find out what is wrong. Rex says at least it is a laparoscopy, shell have almost no scarring and will heal quickly. Mimi says she doesnt care about the scarring. Bonnie rushes in and asks if her baby is going to die? Mimi says thanks mom that makes me feel a lot better! Bonnie says she is sorry, and Rex and Bonnie try to be supportive. The doctor comes and tells Mimi theyre ready to begin. Rex says everything will be fine and hell se her soon. Mimi is wheeled off, and Bonnie cries this is all her fault. Rex asks how, is this a genetic thing? Bonnie says no, she just hasnt been the greatest mom to Mimi. Bonnie says shes said and done awful things to her, and now Mimi is suffering because of her advice. Bonnie remembers pushing Mimi to get an abortion. Rex asks Bonnie what she told Mimi to do? Meanwhile, Mimi is taken into surgery, and as she is under she begins to think about having twins. In the real world, the doctor says she doesnt like what shes seeing. She say she sees a lot of scaring and inflamed tissue, this is what she was afraid of. Meanwhile, Mimi continues to dream about giving birth to twins, and Bonnie blurts out Hes beautiful, he almost makes up for the baby she got rid of! Bonnie ends up making everything okay, and she says Rex isnt even upset about the other baby as he has his hands full with their new boy and girl. Rex tells Mimi how happy shes made him and he promises her that their lives will be perfect. Back in reality, the doctor says shes not looking forward to giving Mimi the bad news.

Back in the waiting room, Bonnie claims she told Mimi to wait on having kids, that was her advice. Rex tells her not to worry just yet. He says he researched Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and its most common cause is STDs. Rex says that makes no sense as theyve only been with one another. Bonnie says it was probably that damn procedure. Rex asks what procedure? She says she didnt mean procedure, she meant tests. Bonnie says Mimi could have picked up any number of infections from the tests she came her and had. Bonnie says she just prays that her baby will be okay. Bonnie tells Rex she knows how much Mimi loves him, and she heard him propose. Bonnie says she cant believe her Mimi got engaged in a hospital, but she hopes all her dreams can still come true. Rex hugs and comforts Bonnie. Later, Mimi is wheeled out and asks where her twins are? The doctor tells Mimi shes afraid she has bad news.

Jake and Phillip are in a house somewhere, and Phillip has decided to go out on his own as to not risk his men. Jake tells Phillip no way, hes going with him. Phillip says he has to stay here just in case. Jake says in case what, in case you dont make it back? He asks how Belle would feel to find out she lost him. Phillip says he has ISA and recon training, once he infiltrates the base hell be able to download the information they need and find out who and where these mercenaries are coming from. Phillip tells Jake and the others to stay put and keep him covered, with any look hell be in and out before he is discovered. Jake tells Phillip that he better hope so, because if he is caught he is as good as dead. Phillip has his men make some distracting cover fire so he can sneak into the enemies headquarters. Phillip sneaks off and uses his night vision goggles to find what he needs. Suddenly he is shot and goes down! Phillip isnt shot after all, and he crawls to safety. He radios Jake and says hes pinned down and taking enemy fire. Jake wants him to abort, but Phillip says hes going for it. Unfortunately, Phillip is captured as he makes his way to the enemy headquarters. Phillip ends up getting into a fight with them and is knocked out. 

At the loft, Kate is still going off on Belle and Shawn. She tells Shawn he is not worthy to mention his sons name, and he shouldnt be in the same room as his wife. She asks Belle how she could do this to Phillip, she thought she was such a good girl and would make Phillip the perfect wife. Kate says that didnt last too long. She asks how Belle could do this, how could she disappoint her father this way. Kate says not like she could tell her father about this given his condition. Belle asks what is wrong, isnt he over the flu? She asks Kate what shes not telling her. Belle says she has a right to know what is going on. She remembers John said he didnt want Belle to know. Kate says John is still in pain from the injuries he got on the island, and to tell her father how he is cheating with Shawn would kill him. Belle says she isnt cheating, and Shawn says she is telling the truth. Kate says the truth is that Belle is a married woman and Shawn should be out of her life! Shawn leaves to change, and Belle tells Kate that she loves Shawn and wants to be with him. She says marrying Phillip was a mistake, and she will tell Phillip the truth when he comes home. Belle says Phillip is coming home soon, and Kate asks how that is possible? Has something happened? Belle says he called earlier about a special mission hes on and how he gets to come home after the mission. Kate says all Phillip wants is to come home to her, and she is going to break his heart the minute he walks in the door. Kate tells Belle that she is unforgivable, how can she live with herself? Kate tells Belle its not to late to stay faithful to Phillip. Belle says she is married to him and takes her vows seriously, but when he comes home she will ask him for an annulment. Kate tells Belle to think about this very carefully, if she leaves Phillip for Shawn then they both will pay a heavy price! Shawn returns, and Kate tells him that he has no right to be here with her! Kate leaves, and Belle cries. Shawn asks what she expected Kate to say, they knew this wouldnt be easy. Belle wonders if they arent making a mistake. Shawn asks what she is saying, has she changed her mind? He says she cant let Kate guilt her into staying married to Phillip. Belle says she knows, but what will her dad think? Shawn says she cant make choices for her dad, and he wouldnt want her to be miserable. Belle says her dad wont understand why she married Phillip. Shawn says most people wont understand, but they cant keep lying to Phillip. Later, Belle calls the hospital to check on Mimi, but there is no news. Shawn wishes he could stay here with Belle, but she says it just makes her feel so guilty. Shawn tells Belle that Phillip wont want her to stay in a loveless marriage, and they both feel guilty about this. Shawn says if they dont do this then they will all end up miserable. Belle says they cant be together until they can tell Phillip the truth. Shawn says theyll put their relationship on hold for Phillips sake. She thanks him.

At the penthouse, John rolls around on the bed in pain and trying to resist taking the drugs, but the sitar music is calling his name. John reaches into his bag of pills and puts one in his mouth. He soon spits it out and says he cant take anymore of these drugs, and he wonders who that guy was. John begins yelling to Kate to come help him, and he wonders where she is. Later, Kate returns, and John hides the drugs behind his pillow just as she comes in the room. Kate asks what woke him up, she was sleeping so well when she left. He claims he doesnt know. She goes to fluff his pillows and asks what this is? It turns out she just found his cross and rosary. John says he was praying for strength, and he slyly moves the drugs. Kate apologizes for not being here. He asks for a glass of water, so she leaves to get him one. Once she is gone he tries to throw the drugs away, but instead hides them in a box in the nightstand. Kate returns with the water, and John can sense something is wrong. He asks where she went? Kate says she went to check on Belle and see if she had news about Phillip. Kate says Phillip is on some special mission and she is worried about him. She fills John in on the mission and how hell get a furlough when it is completed. John realizes that this mission is very dangerous. 

At Bo and Hopes, Hope tells Bo that Billie can stay for a day or two. Bo says okay, and now they can get back to their romantic evening. She says even if she wasnt furious with him, does he really think Billie would allow them to continue? Billie walks in, interrupting, and Hope smiles at Bo with an I told you so. Billie says it is getting late, and Bo says the guest room is hers. She smiles and says goodnight. Billie leaves, and Hope doesnt know how this will work. Hope wants to continue with their evening, but Hope says knowing this is their anniversary has put her out of the mood of romance. Bo says hell prove to her that she is the only woman he loves, and he kisses her. Billie spies on them and says she would never come between Bo and Hope, but if Hope keeps driving him away, shell be there! 

Billie heads up to the guest room and sees Bo and Hopes wedding photo on the dresser. She wonders what their lives would have been like if they had stayed together. She begins fantasizing about celebrating her anniversary with Bo, and he carries her over the threshold every year. Georgia is alive and with them, but she is spending the night at a friends. Bo surprises her by asking him to marry him again. Billie snaps out of her fantasy and says if only they could have stayed together, but his other wife came back and shell always choose to be with Hope.

Bo tells Hope he wants to make things up to her for the events of late, and they dance to their new song (Kelly Moneymaker). As they dance, Billie hears the music up in her room and is annoyed. She slams her closet door. Back downstairs, Hope tells Bo that this wont work. She says she cant do this with Billie in their house, and they cant send her back to jail. Hope says they are stuck. Hope says dont misunderstand her, she wants him and Billie to find their daughter, but she doesnt like or trust Billie. She wonders if theyll ever have peace in this house. Bo says they will, but she tells him not to make promises he cant keep. She wants Bo to understand why she is upset and that she has every right to be upset. Bo says he understands and he is upset too, this is a complicated situation. Bo says the bottom line is she is his wife, and she and the boys are his future. He convinces Hope to get back to their romantic evening, and he gives her a back massage. Bo ends up picking Hope up and carrying her off to bed to prove his love to her.

Back upstairs, Billie continues to daydream about spending her anniversary with Bo, if they had stayed together. Bo got down on one knee and committed himself to her with all his heart and soul and gave her his eternal love. Billie cried tears of pure joy and told Bo how happy she was. Billie told Bo how she rescued her from an addiction that could have killed her, and he is the only man shell ever love and wants to spend her life with. Billie soon falls asleep and dreams of making love to Bo. Billie wakes up to her dream to see Bo carrying Hope into their room. 

Bo and Hope get into their room, and as they are about to get down to business, Hope flashes to the bathroom scene. She says that she cant do this, not with his ex in the next room. They get into bed, and Bo tries to get her to . . . Hope says she cant ignore his ex is in the same house on what would have been their anniversary. Bo says he wont be able to sleep, so he heads downstairs. Hope, wrapped in a sheet calls out to Bo. Billie walks by in her nightie on the way to the bathroom. She looks at Hope and smiles before going in. 


March 3, 2005
Jan is talking to her Cupie doll about how she has let her down, he has lost Shawn because of her bad advice. Cupie tells Jan that the only way to keep Shawn away from Belle is to make her feel guilty about cheating on her hunky husband. Jan says she is right and they have work to do.

At the loft, Shawn remembers promising Belle they would stay only friends, but he doesnt know how hell be able to stay away from her when they are so close. Meanwhile, Belle heads into her bathroom to take a shower. Suddenly someone walks in and she says how can he be here? Phillips image shows up and asks her how she could go behind his back with Shawn? He says he loves her, she is his life. Belle says she is sorry and she realized she is still in love with Shawn. Phillip places her hand on his chest and says you broke our vows and my heart! Belle looks at her hand, which is covered in blood. She asks what they did to him? He says she did this to him, finding out the truth made him lose his will to survive! He says he might as well be dead. Belle screams out No!

Downstairs, Shawn sits down at his PC and decides to email Phillip pretending to be Belle. He says he knows Belle doesnt want to tell him over the phone, but she cant keep lying to him. He begins typing the email on Belles PC to Phillip. He asks her to call him as soon as he gets this as there is something important they must discuss. He stops and realizes how low he is sinking. Jan then shows up to give Shawn one last chance to change his mind about her. Shawn says he wont change his mind. She asks him to do the right thing by her. He speaking of doing the right thing perhaps she can explain why he was with her all summer? She says she would but his married lover might walk in on them. Shawn says he has had flashes of a cage and handcuffs. She says kinky, and shed just love to tie him up right now. He says hell find out what she did to him. She says she knows what he is doing, he is cheating with his best friends wife! When Belle screams out, Shawn runs upstairs. Jan says run and save the wrong princess. Jan then finds Shawns letter and says he is just as bad as he is, maybe even worse. She decides to send the letter in order to break up Shawn and Belle.

Shawn runs into the bathroom, Belle is now in a robe. He asks what is going on? She says she saw Phillip here, and he had blood all over his clothes and was accusing her of betraying him. Shawn says it was just a dream, and he cant possibly know about them. Shawn also says they havent done anything yet anyways. Belle says he was shot, but Shawn says he has the best training and was ISA. Belle asks what if he is taken hostage? Shawn says hell find a way out of it.

Meanwhile, Jan thinks when Belle sees what Shawn did she will flip out. She says sure Shawn didnt send it, but he wrote it and was going to. When she hears them coming she runs out of the room. Shawn goes to make her warm milk, and Belle sits at her desk and looks at a photo of Phillip. Jan spies on them from outside, and Belle sees the email. Shawn says that isnt what it looks like, he was just frustrated. Belle cant believe him and she asks how he could do this to her, to them?

Phillip wakes up at a base somewhere. His hands are tied behind his back. He sees masked men, and he realizes hes being kept alive for a reason. He thinks they want information, so he tells them he has none to give. They then knock him out. Phillip wakes up later when Belle appears to him. She tells him to activate his distress beacon. He says he cant reach it, his hands are tied behind his back. She says its the only way hell get back to her. He attempts to reach it, but its no good. Belle continues to encourage him to trym and he does his best to reach it. He gets his hand free, but realizes he cant activate the switch without them noticing. He begins to cough and when the come to knock him out, he starts a fight in order to activate his switch. He finally activates it, but another guy comes and shoots Phillip!

At the hospital, Mimi dreams about the doctor giving her the bad news. She wakes up and sees Rex and her mom sleeping next to her. She asks what is going on? They stir awake run to her side. Mimi asks what happened? Bonnie tells her to hush, and Rex gives her some water. Mimi says she had a dream that the doctor gave her bad news. She asks if it was a dream or not? Bonnie says she did say that, and Mimi asks what the news is. Rex says they dont know, she passed out before the doctor could tell them. The doctor returns and sees Mimi is awake. Mimi asks her doctor to spit out the news. The doctor says as a result of her pelvic inflammatory disease, her fallopian tubes are inflamed. Dr. Aubrey says her infection requires aggressive treatment. She says they can treat the infection, but not much can be done about the damage. Bonnie asks what she is saying, Mimi will have to live with this condition the rest of her life? The doctor says she is sorry. Mimi asks if it will stop hurting? The doctor says her pain will continue until the inflammation subsides. Mimi asks then what? The doctor says they have to talk in private. Rex says they are to be married, but the doctor says they arent married yet. Rex leaves, and Mimi cries this is her fault. The doctor says it isnt her fault, its a rare and unfortunate thing, but the truth is the bacteria found its way into her system when she terminated her pregnancy. The doctor says shes sorry she couldnt give her better news. The doctor is paged to an emergency, but says shell be back later. Mimi wishes she had told Rex and wonders why she was so stupid. Bonnie says she was the stupid one, she was supposed to give her good advice. She says she didnt think her and Rex could handle a baby, and she wanted Mimi to avoid the mistakes she made and have options. She says a baby, while cute, put limits on a person. Bonnie begs for her forgiveness, but Mimi says she cant blame anyone but herself. The doctor returns, and Bonnie asks for some bright side news. She asks the doctor how long it will take before Mimi can have children with Rex? The doctor says she was going to get to that. Mimi realizes she wont be able to have kids, and the doctor says she is sorry. Mimi begins to scream, and Rex runs in and asks what is wrong? Mimi tells Rex that she is so sorry. Rex asks what is wrong? Why is she crying? Bonnie and the doctor leave them to talk alone. Rex asks what the doctor said? Mimi says it is her fault, she cant have his children.

Outside the room, Bonnie asks if there is anything that could help Mimi? The doctor says if Mimi did conceive she could never carry the baby to term and there would be serious complications to her own health. Bonnie cant believe this.

At Jens, Chelsea and Abby show up, and Jen goes to make them some popcorn with caramel sauce. Abby remembers Chelsea helping her to forge her report card grades. Chelsea thinks it will work, but Abby isnt so sure. Abby puts the report card on her moms desk and she and Chelsea begin to leave. Patrick shows up from his workout, and Jen opens the report card before Abby can leave. Jen says this cant be right. Abby says she did her best. Jen says obviously, all her grades went up and she jumped a GPA point. Jen says she is so proud of her. Abby and Chelsea head off, and Jen talks to Patrick about how glad she is Abby is doing well in school. Jen then opens a letter from the guidance counselor, who is concerned about Abbys GPA falling a full point. Jen checks the report card and finds out that Abby changed her grades! She yells at Abby to get in here, and then asks Abby to explain how she got all As and Bs? Jen knows the truth, and she says the past have come back to haunt her. Abby asks what she means? Jen says she has failed a class before and tried to hide it, but she never could fool gran. Patrick and Chelsea head into the kitchen to give them some privacy, and Patrick questions her if she had anything with what Abby did? Chelsea says no. Patrick says she gets good grades, cant she help Abby? Chelsea says her folks hire her tutors to help her so she cant really be of help to Abby. Patrick offers to make them some tea, and Chelsea climbs up on a stool to get the tea bags off of a shelf. Chelsea pretends to become woozy as shes reaching for the tea bags, falls, and Patrick catches her. He asks if she is okay, and she says she is.

Meanwhile, Abby says she has no explination other then she is dumb. Jen says she isnst dumb, but trying to change her grades is. Jen says she would have found out sooner or later. Jen says her guidance counilser is worried and says shes not applying herself. Jen asks if she doesnt want to go to college? Abby says no, and Jen says what! Jen says she thought Abby always wanted to go to college. She warns Abby not to shut that door before she opens it. Jen talks about how if she didnt go to Salem University then she never would have met her father. Jen says shell just get her a tutor if she needs to. Abby tells her mom to stop butting into her life, and she wrips up the letter from the guidance counsiler. Jen tells Abby not to talk to her that way! Abby says she is not a child anymore, so she cant talk to her that way. Abby goes into the kicthecn and tells Abby that shes out of here! Jen says she is not leaving, but Abby storms off. Chelsea says shell talk to Abby, and follows her. Jen cant believe this is happening and she says if Jack was here he could get through to her. She says she misses Jack so much.

Outside, Chelsea asks Abby to go back in and apologize to her mom. She says if she doesnt then she will get grounded, they wont be able to hang out, and she wont see Patrick. She tells Abby not to be selfish! Chelsea assures Abby all she has to do is bring her grades up a bit and her mom will be happy and get off her back.

Back inside, Patrick talks to Jen about Abbys lies. Patrick says Abby is a good kid, shes not doing drugs or sleeping around. Jen says she is a good kid, but it is hard to raise a teen and a teenager at the same time. She says she doesnt know anything about boys, she says children need two parents. Jen says Jack was supposed to be here. Patrick says he knows and he is sorry. Patrick says he knows hes not Jack, but hes a guy, he is here, and hell help with Jack Jr. Patrick holds Jen as Abby and Cheslea walk back in. Chelsea wonders how she can want her as she is so old. Abby thinks she isnt the one who has to apologize, and they should go.

On the ship, Jack remembers talking with someone on the ship about getting a passport for himself. The ship begins to slow down, and Jack asks someone what is going on? The person says they are nearing home. Jack celebrates and runs off to get cleaned up. A man in a dark sweat shirt shows up and watches him. The man sneaks around and spies on Jack as he talks about how to get into Salem. Jack thinks worst case scenario, he gets arrested and calls Jen to bail him out. Jack says this will be a brand new start for him and Jen, and not too many people get second chances. He says Tony wont get a second chance, and hell to a world class expose on him and reveal everything! Jack then spots the mystery person hiding, and Jack tells him to come out! The man says hes a friend and can tell him how to get off the freighter alive. Jack says start spilling cause hes all ears. Jack asks why he has a hood on? He says its for protection. The guy can offer him a way off the ship if Jack has some money. Jack doesnt have too much to offer, but he gives him every last cent for a passport. Jack looks at the passport and its of a 60 year old lady. The man runs off, and Jack chases him down. The guy pulls a knife on Jack and lunges at him.


March 4, 2005

At the loft, Belle sees the email Shawn was going to send to Phillip, the email that Jan sent. She is furious with Shawn, but he says he didnt tell Phillip anything or send the email. Belle says it says message sent! Belle says if it wasnt him then who? She says it was probably Jan, and he explains what happened. Belle says still he wrote the email, and that is something for someone who is supposedly so self righteous about telling the truth. Shawn tells Belle to be honest, is there another reason she doesnt want to tell Phillip the truth? Belle says she will tell him when he comes home and she can look him in the eyes. Shawn says this could all be a mistake, why are they bothering putting their relationship on hold when it already seems over. A spying Jan hears this and is pleased. Belle continues to lash out at Shawn , but Shawn says she couldnt tell him the truth before he shipped out, so will she change her mind again. Belle thinks Shawn doesnt trust her, and she also isnt sure she can trust him right now. Shawn says he shouldnt have written the email, but he didnt send it. Belle says she knows, and she knows Jan probably did send it. However, Belle asks why Jan is still in their lives. Shawn says he cant get through to her. Belle says he doesnt seem to want to hurt Jan, yet look what hes doing to Phillip. She says now that this message has been sent, Phillip will call. Shawn says she can tell him when he calls, but Belle doesnt know what shell tell him. The phone rings, and she fears it is Phillip. She answers, and it is Rex. Rex calls to let her know what is going on with Mimi. He asks Belle to come over and hell fill her in when they get here. Belle tells Shawn that Mimi is out of surgery, but Rex has bad news. Shawn says they should get over there. Jan hears this and thinks this will give Belle more time to realize shes making a big mistake about telling Phillip the truth.

At the hospital, Mimi cries to Rex that its all her fault, the doctor told her that she wont be able to conceive, she cant have his children. Rex hugs her, and Bonnie runs in to Mimis side. Mimi cries its all her fault, look what shes done. Bonnie says no, she had an infection and that isnt her fault. The doctor says shell send a nurse in to give her a sedative. Mimi keeps saying its all her fault and shes being punished. She says if she hadnt been so selfish then none of this would be happening. Rex asks Bonnie why she keeps blaming herself? A nurse asks them both to step out for a moment, and they do. Mimi keeps crying that she is sorry. The nurse and doctor attend to Mimi, and Bonnie feels horrible as she knows how much Mimi wanted to have children. Bonnie asks God to help her daughter survive this and get through it and be able to have children. She also says if Mimi has to blame anyone to let her blame her. The doctor comes out to talk to Bonnie. She says Mimi is having a hard time with this, and she needs to rest right now. Later Bonnie goes in to see Mimi. Bonnie tells Mimi that if she cant have a biological child on her own then she can get a surrogate or adopt. Mimi says she should have thought more about adoption when she found out when she was pregnant. She asks her mom how she knows so much about adopting? Bonnie says shes been volunteering at the free clinic, and there are so many kids who need a good home.

Belle and Shawn show up, and Rex tells them that Mimi found out she cant have children because of her pelvic inflammatory disease. Rex says even if Mimi could get pregnant that she would most likely die due to complications. Belle goes in to see Mimi, and she gives her a hug. Bonnie says shell let them talk and heads out. Belle says she knows what happened, but Mimi says that Rex still doesnt know the whole truth. A nurse returns to check on Mimi again, and she says Mimi can go home when shes stable. Meanwhile, Jan shows up and Shawn asks what she is doing here? Jan says she is here because her friend is sick and she wants to lift her spirits. Rex says Mimi hates her, but Jan says shes trying to be the better person. Jan says she is sorry Mimi is sick, but this is her fault. Rex asks what she is talking about? Jan says Mimi could have prevented this from happening. Belle walks out and finds Jan playing games with Rex. Belle drags Mimi off to talk to her alone. Meanwhile, Bonnie goes in and Mimi says shes going to be able to go home soon. Bonnie says that is good, and she tells Mimi not to look back or think about this again. Mimi says she is cursed, how can she not. She says she ruined her babys future, and she ruined Rexs future. Mimi says she cant lose him! Rex walks in and says she wont. Bonnie leaves them to talk, and Rex tells Mimi not to blame herself. She says she wont be able to give him children. He says they can adopt, and it is okay. He asks her to stop blaming herself for this.

Elsewhere, Belle tells Jan she is a despicable person for what she is doing. Jan turns it around and tries to make Belle look like the bad one for shacking up with Shawn while Phillip is away. Jan asks what if Phillip gets injured and needs her to take care of him. Belle says shell still tell him the truth. Jan asks what if he comes home in a flag draped coffin? Belle has a vision of being at Phillips funeral, him waking up in his coffin and asking Belle and Shawn how they could betray him like this. Jan tells Belle what she is doing to Phillip is the worst! Belle says she is not cheating on Phillip. Jan says at least when she was with Shawn she (Belle) was out of the picture. Belle runs off, bumps into Shawn, and tells him to stay away from her!

At Jens, Patrick comforts Jen. Jen says she appreciates that he wants to be here for them, but he has his own life to lead and shouldnt feel responsible. Patrick says she has been an amazing friend to him, and he wants to be able to do the same for her. HE says he knows she has other friends and family to lean on. Jen says yes, but her son will need a strong man to lean on. She says there is Bo, but Patrick says Bo hardly has time for his own family right now. Patrick says Shawn is getting into all kinds of trouble while Bo runs around Europe. Jen says family means everything to Bo. Jen feels fool feeling sorry for herself. She says her mom and brother and dad are in Sudan doing relief work, they are needed more there then she needs them here. She also says she has Lucas, and she feels so bad for what Lucas is going through right now. Jen says they had a second chance just like she and Jack did. She says she has to stop doing this, but Patrick tells her she has every right to feel the way she is. Patrick says hes going to do what he can to help her. She says he has already done so much and she feels like he is her nanny. Patrick says he thinks the male equivalent is manny. He says he is joking, and she has to remember that shes letting him stay here for free. Jen appreciates what hes doing but she says she cant count on him forever. She asks how long he plans on staying in Salem? He asks how long does he want her to? Jen says hes welcomed to stay as long as he wants. He thanks her and says hes decided to stay and rebuild his life here. HE says he is ready for a steady job and to start settling down. Patrick says he hopes theyll always be friends, and he says one day shell meet and fall in love with another man. She asks what makes him so sure? He says because any woman as beautiful, loving and kind as she is cant be single for long unless she wants to. Jen says she cant think about what she wants right now. Patrick says shell meet a well off guy who is intelligent and handsome. Jen talks about Jacks past, and she says she would have loved him if he was from Mars, and sometimes she thinks he was from Mars. She says she loved him with all her heart and will never have that again. Patrick says she never knows. Jen says if hes been in love like that before then hed understand. Patrick says he has been. Jen ask why he let this girl go? Patrick says he never had her, she was unavailable. Jen asks if this girl knew, and Patrick says no because she was with someone else, and he decided if their love was meant to be then it would happen. Patrick says it never did though. Jen goes to look through some mail, and she drops it. They both bend down to pick the mail up, and come close to one another as if they could lean over and kiss. HE hands her the mail and then leaves to go for a run. Jen then sees Patrick left his keys and runs after him, missing a call from Jack.

Jack is running through the woods and makes it to a highway. Hes soaked, and says Lassie had it a lot easier when she came home. Jack looks around and says he is home, he is on US soil. Jack says hes coming home to Jen, Abby and the baby. Jack then sees a phone booth and decides to call Jennifer and let her know what Tony is up to. It turns out he needs a quarter to make a collect call, and he doesnt have a quarter. He looks around and sees no cars, so he decides to walk. He sees a road sign that says Salem is 100 miles away. Jack says thats nothing and hell just walk. As he walks he tries to hitch a ride, and someone finally stops for him. A guy names Smitty picks Jack up and gives him a lift. Jack ends up passing out, but wakes up right as he gets to Salem. Jack sees the hospital and the parkway. Smitty drops Jack off at the park, and Jack thanks him. Jack says hell never forget him as he brought him home.

Abby and Chelsea are walking around the park. Abby says for the first time she saw what Chelsea is talking about. She says it doesnt make sense that her mom would betray her dad. Chelsea says her dad is dead and the only person her mom is betraying is her by going after her Patrick. Chelsea says she wont let that happen. Abby asks Chelsea what makes her think he wants her? Chelsea tells Abby about how Patrick caught her earlier, and she sees the way he looks at her. Abby says she does too and she thinks Chelsea is deluding herself. Chelsea asks to borrow some lip gloss and begins putting it on. Chelsea says they need to find away to keep her mothers hands off of Patrick. Abby says even if her dad is dead, her moms heart still belongs to him. Abby says Patrick is starting to fall for her moms weeping widow routine, and they cant let that happen. Chelsea says Patrick will be her first lover. Abby says she is jailbait, and why Patrick? Chelsea says because she wants a real man, someone who can pull off a nice tight pair of jeans. Chelsea asks how her mom got tight with him anyways. Abby explains what happened between them on the island, and Chelsea fears Jen will use her baby to make Patrick stay with her. Abby thinks she should get home, but Chelsea says no. Chelsea says they need to figure a way to get Patrick in her bed. Abby agrees to try and help her only to keep Patrick away from her mom. They walk off to talk, and Jack walks into the park. He finds some money that Abby dropped earlier while looking for her lip gloss. He then heads over to a phone booth to make a phone call. He ends up leaving Jen a message, and says she must have been wondering where hes been since his last message. HE says he is in Salem, and he will see her in just a minute. Meanwhile, Abby and Chelsea run into Patrick who is on his jog. Abby says she isnt going to apologize to her mom. Patrick asks her to just talk to her mom, and not to get mad at her mom because she got busted changing her grades. Abby begins considering apologizing to her mom. Chelsea says not! She says they have too much to do, tonight is the night she will make it happen. 

Jack finally arrives home and thinks he has beat Tony. He looks in the window and sees Jen on the couch looking at his photo. Jack opens the door and walk in. Jen is holding Jacks photo and saying she loves him and doesnt want to spend life alone, but she cant think of life without him. She looks at the photo and sees Jacks reflection. She says it cant be true. She faints, and Jack catches her.

One of the men holding Phillip hostage shoots and destroys Phillips tracking signal thing. Another asks what they do with Phillip, and the first guy says hell dispose of his body. At the military base, the lieutenant is informed what happened on the mission, and one of the marines says hes getting a faint signal from Phillip. The lieutenant says get a lock on it! Unfortunately they lose the signal and say Kiriakis is gone. The lieutenant decides to pt a team together to go get Kiriakis. The team, headed by Jake, go looking for Phillip but only find his communication device. They also find blood, so they take a sample. Jake calls the base and says Kiriakis is either missing in action, a prisoner of war, or dead.

At the castle, Bart tells Tony that they still cant find Jack Deveruex. Tony says that doesnt matter, right now they have to prepare for the arrival of their newest guest. 
Later Bart says their guest is on his way. Tony says its now time for phase two. Bart says hes on pins and needle to find out who it involves. Tony says once everything falls into place everything will be revealed. 

We see Phillip in a room and a sheet is pulled over his head. Phillip is alive though, and begins coughing. He sees another vision of Belle, who tells him that hell be okay but he needs to stay focused and sharp. Meanwhile, one of the guards informs someone about how deadly Phillip really is. The man he is briefing turns out to be Tony! Tony spies on Phillip and says things are going to get much worse.

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