March 7, 2005 Kate and John are still in bed, and Kate is tossing and turning and saying Dont hurt him! John has a spasm and wakes Kate from her nightmare. He says hes sorry and he didnt mean to wake her. Kate says the pain is getting worse isnt it. He says if he could just get to sleep. She says she cant give him anymore of the pain medicine. John remembers hiding the drugs in the nightstand, and John says hes going to go try and take a hot shower. John hobbles into the bathroom, slips, and we hear a crash. Kate runs in after him. John ended up falling through the shower door. Fortunately for John he isnt dead or cut up. Kate helps him back to bed, and she goes to call Lexie. While John is alone he swipes one of Stans pills, but doesnt have a chance to take it. Lexie shows up to check on John, and he says Kate shouldnt have called her. Lexie says she is concerned about him. John says then give him something to take the edge off! Lexie thinks they should re-admit him to the hospital, but he says no and hes fine. Lexie knows this isnt easy and she needs him to be honest about everything otherwise she cant help him. John says she knows everything there is to know. Lexie says fine. She says shell examine him and then they can decide from there. After an exam Lexie says he just has a few scrapes, and she wishes there was more she could do. She says shell check in with him tomorrow. Lexie and Kate head out of the bedroom, and Kate tells Lexie not even the sleeping pills are working anymore. Lexie asks Kate how she is doing as she seems stressed. Lexie says she cant be upset over Sami and Lucas not getting married. Kate says she doesnt want to get into that now. Kate says shes worried about Phillip, he is on some special mission and it is dangerous. She also tells Lexie that he might not make it back, and even if he does what is waiting for him could destroy him. Kate informs Lexie about Shawn and Belle. Lexie says she always thought Belle and Shawn belonged together, but for her to have married Phillip and then to realize it? Lexie says if they are in love then there is nothing anyone can do, shell have to be there for Phillip. Kate says she will be there for him, and she thanks Lexie for coming by. Lexie leaves, and Kate tells herself that Belle and Shawn will never be together, Shawn will pay dearly for nearly killing everyone at the wedding. She says that little bastard will go away for a long long time. Meanwhile, back in his room, John says if Marlena was here he could get through this, but without her, God help him.

Rex and Mimi return home, and Rex offers to make her soup. Mimi says shes not hungry, and shes not an invalid. Rex says she did have an operation, but Mimi says it was more of a test. Mimi says she is so sorry she cant have his children. Rex says theyll get through this and it isnt her fault. Jan walks in and says are you sure about that? Rex tells Jan to back off, this isnt the time. He tells her to shut her mouth or hell shut it for her! Jan says she cant believe hed hit a girl. Rex says normally he wouldnt, but in her case hed make an exception. He says PID is nothing to be ashamed of. Jan asks if they have seen Belle or Shawn, and Mimi says no. Mimi asks what business of hers? Jan holds up her rock and says Shawn is still her fianc. Rex asks her if she is insane, he told her that they were through and to move out. Rex asks why she is here? Jan says Shawn is just confused. Mimi says Shawn isnt the one confused. Jan says she is not confused about her relationship with Shawn. Rex says they dont have one! Jan says the do, right Meems? Mimi asks Rex to do her a favor, and he says throw Jan off the fire escape? She says no, can he go get her prescription. Rex says okay, but he doesnt feel comfortable leaving her here with Jan. Mimi says she can handle Jan and shell be okay. Rex prepares to head out, and Jan says shell take good care of Mimi. Jan tells Mimi that Rex is such a cool guy, so protective of his loved ones. Jan says she wonders how he will feel when he learns how she protected Rex Jr. Jan tells Mimi she has a feeling that goodbye kiss was their last. Jan tells Mimi how sorry she is she cant have kids, that shes going to be barren. Jan says it call could have been avoided if she didnt have that procedure. Jan produces the slip from the abortion clinic and says she does have copies, just incase. Jan says it is ironic, getting rid of the baby she didnt want could cost her from having babies down the road that she does want. She says its just so terrible for Rex that he wont be able to have the family that he wants because the woman he loves is a lying . . . .Mimi tells Jan to shut up before she kills her! Jan makes Mimi an offer to keep quiet if Mimi helps her get Shawn back. Mimi says get a clue, Shawn and Belle love one another and Shawn will never get back with her, not that he ever was with her. Mimi says Shawn will remember being locked in the cage. Jan says Shawn wont remember, hes used to getting regular sex and Belle wont give him that, and Belle wont dump Phillip for Shawn because of her guilty conscience. Mimi asks Jan why she wont leave her alone, she is being punished enough as is. Jan says nothing will be enough for her until she has Shawn back. Jan says if Mimi wont help her then shell tell Rex everything as soon as he gets home. Rex walks in and asks what shes going to tell him, more of her stupid lies? He says he thought he told her to lay of Mimi as she is sick. Jan says she is sicker than he knows, and hell understand once he learns that Mimis been lying to him for months, and she has the proof. Rex tells her to just spit it out! 

Shawn chases Belle through the park and asks what Jan said to her to make her so upset? Belle flashes back to Jan guilt tripping her about Phillip. Belle cries to Shawn how did this happen, how did we end up in this mess? Shawn says it will be okay, but she says it wont be. She says Phillip is at war and they are planning a future behind his back. She says Rex and Mimi just got engaged and they get the news they cant have children. She says then there is her dad. She says no one they know is happy. Shawn says they deserve their shot at happiness and they will be happy starting tonight. 

Shawn and Belle return to the loft, and Shawn gives her some tea. He wants to talk about what she said in the park. Belle says there are so many bad things happening, so how can they think about themselves. Shawn says yes bad things will keep happening, which is why they shouldnt have to wait to be together. Belle says they cant be together until Phillip knows the truth. Shawn says life is too short, and they cant let Phillip go on believing they will live happily ever after when he gets home, that is not fair to him. Shawn suggests to Belle she write Phillip the email. Belle isnt sure. She thinks Phillip will come home soon so she can just tell him then. Shawn says he will come home excited to be coming home to her, and then she will drop the bomb on him. Belle says she never thought about it that way. Shawn says he has learned that every moment is precious and they have already wasted enough time as is. He says if she wants to wait then he will abide by her wishes. Belle says hes right, and Phillip shouldnt be counting down the minutes to coming home to something that doesnt exist. She says shell write the email now. Belle doesnt know where to start, so Shawn says write what youd say to him if he was standing in the room. Belle imagines Phillip is there and she is telling him the truth. She begins typing the email to Phillip about how he is so special and means so much to her, and that is why she has to be honest with him. She says their marriage was a mistake and she is still in love with Shawn. She tells Phillip that he deserves better, he deserves a girl who loves him as much as he loves her. She says she has to end this marriage before she hurts him anymore than she already has. As shes about to send the email, the phone rings. She answers, and it is the military. They inform her that Phillip is MIA! Belle cries out No! (Dont they normally send officers to the house to give this news?)

At the Castle (?) Tony watches from outside of a room as two masked men torture and interrogate Phillip. They ask who he is, where are his troops, and what was he sent to do? Phillip starts saying Phillip Kiriakis, Private First Class, 244734 . . . . Meanwhile, Bart tells Tony that they still cant find Jack anywhere. Tony just smiles. They continue to watch the men smack Phillip around, and all he does is repeat his name and rank. Bart tells Tony that hes still very worried about Jack. Bart talks about how all these schemes Tony has going at once are so amazing, and he recaps all of Tonys current plots. Tony says he is actually just getting warmed up. The men come out to see Tony and say they have got nothing from him, so Tony tells them to remind him about his wife and mommy back at home. They return to torturing Phillip. Bart tells Tony he knows this is part of his plan, but if Jack makes it home and blabs then the Phoenix II will never rise again. Bart tells Tony that hes not thinking things through, the consequences with Jack on the loose, and even this thing with John Black being a drug addict. He says Nicole, Kate and Brady know Johns a drug addict, they wont let him get hooked on more pills. Tony says John is resourceful and wont allow himself to be caught again. Meanwhile, the men tells Phillip they see he has on a wedding ring, so they will give Phillip a chance to say a few last words to his wife and other loved ones. Bart asks Tony what is with the tape? Tony says it is to insure Belle will be wracked with guilt for the rest of her life. Tony then rants and raves about how he will not let Jack expose him and allow all his enemies win again, and he wont let Jack blow everything. Bart asks what if they are too late? Phillip sends a message home to his mom about how amazing she is and how he appreciates everything shes done for him. He tells her that he wants her to be happy, so dont let this destroy her. He says if he dies it will be in the service of his country. He says he believes in northing more except the love of his wife. He then tells Belle that he doesnt know how to begin to say goodbye to him or tell her how happy she has made him. Phillip says Belle has brought so much joy into his life, and he thanks God for the memories they do have. He says they got him through some tough times while hes been here without her. He says hell take those memories with him to his grave. Phillip says he has to go now, and for her to take care of herself and to know that hell never leave her, and hell always be in her heart and watching over her and protecting her for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Bart asks Tony how he can be so confident Jack wont blow the whistle? Tony says trust him, he wont let Jack destroy his plans. He says now they should listen to Phillips last words to Belle.

At Jens, Jen is looking at the photo of Jack and says she loves him and she doesnt want to spend the rest of her life alone. She says but she cant even think of life without him. She looks in the photo and sees Jacks reflection. She passes out, and Jack catches her. Jack says it is him, wake up, he is here. Jen says this isnt possible. Jack says it is, he came home to her. She asks how? He says he left a phone message. She runs to check it and listens to the message. As Jack kisses her, Jens finger hits the erase button on the message! (Hmmmmmm). Jen cant believe this; she cant believe he is alive. Jack says he is here and will never leave her again. They share lots of kisses. Jack then says he wants to see the kids, but Jen says they arent here. Jen says Abby is spending the night at her friends, and Doug and Julie have the baby for the night (Hmmmmm). Jen says she is sorry, but he says for a little while they have the house to themselves. Jack says they do, and they hug. Jack then sees a photo of Patrick on the mantel with Jen and the kids. Jack is furious, and Jen says Patrick has been living here with them and hes been wonderful. Jack thinks he was too late, and how could she . . . . Jen says no no, they arent living together, Patrick is in the apartment over the garage. She says hes just been helping, and she cant believe he even thought . . . Jack says hes sorry; hes just been alone in the dark for so long. Jack says hes been having nightmares about her and Patrick being together. Jack says Patrick had taken over his family and his life in his dreams. Jen says he is the only man she will ever love, and they kiss. Jack then realizes he has to call John, Bo and Abe and let them know what has happened. Jen grabs the phone and says no! (Hmmmmm). She says John is very sick right now because of the island, Abe is going blind, and Bo has found out that his daughter with Billie is alive. Jack says this is all Tonys doing. Jen says Tony is dead, but Jack says Tony is alive and has been holding him prisoner. Jen says of course, who else would do this. Jack says he has more information that will shock her. Jack explains the whole story to Jen, and he cant believe she didnt get his first message. He thinks all the others are alive as well and being held at the castle. Jack says they need to call the ISA, and Jen says she knows just who to call. Jen begins making a call . . . to Alice! Jack asks Jen why she called Alice to contact the ISA? Jen says that Alice and Agent Specter are like this (holding up her hand and showing two fingers together.) She says Alice and Agent Specter go way back, and who better than Alice to convince people of the truth. Jack says him, he needs to be doing something! Jen says he is doing something, hes reuniting with his wife tonight. Jen says tonight shell show him how much shes missed him and loved him. Jack then kisses Jen. 


March 8, 2005
Due to another snowstorm there were lots of interruptions today for news. I may have missed some details!
At Jens, Jen finishes her phone call with Alice and tells Jack its all set, Alice will call the ISA and inform them of everything. Jen tells Jack that its better this way as if he calls the ISA then hell be interrogated all night, and then everyone will want to come see him, and their night will be ruined. Jack says the thought of being with her and the kids is what drove him to escape. She asks how he did escape? He says suffice it to say, he never wants to smell or do laundry again. She says he never has to then, and they kiss. Later, Jack cant bear not to see the kids, so he says they should pick up Abby and the baby. Jen says no, he cant see them tonight! Jack asks why not? She says it is late, they are probably asleep, and morning will be here before he knows it. Jen talks about how happy she is to have his arms around her, and how they have lost so much time as is. She says that is why she wants it to just be the two of them tonight. Jack says he understands, and they start rolling around on the floor and making out. Later Jen thinks about all the people who could soon be coming home, and how things will get sticky for Brady, Nicole and Victor. Jack says hes just glad she was faithful to him, and he asks if Patrick ever put the moves on her? Jen says no, Patrick has only been their friend. Jack says he is back now and they dont need Patrick anymore. Jen says they cant just throw him out, hes been here for them. Jack says he was there for Tony too. Jen says Patrick turned his back on Tony, but Jack says theyll see when they arrest Tony. Jen tells Jack that Doug and Julie will pick up Abby and bring her and the baby home. She says right now it is just the two of them. Jen says also Alice is going to call Bo and Hope and arrange a big celebration, so they wont have time to be together just the two of them the next few days. Jack suggests they go upstairs to be together, but Jen has a better idea and decides to get his coat. Jack doesnt understand, but she says she wants to take him someplace special for a night they wont forget. 

At the loft, Rex returns and finds Jan threatening to tell Rex everything when he returns. Rex tells Jan to lay off Mimi, she is sick. Jan says she is sicker than he knows, and hell feel that way when he finds out what Mimis been lying about for months. Rex tells her to spit it out then because nothing she can say will change how he feels about Mimi. Jan says guess again. They then hear Belle scream from her loft.

At Belles loft, Belle screams after getting the news about Phillip. Shawn asks what is wrong? She tells Shawn that Phillip is missing, and it is all her fault. Shawn says it isnt her fault, but Belle says it is. She says she was unfaithful in her heart, and somehow Phillip felt this and that is why he felt he had to come home, that is why he volunteered for this mission. The others come to check on Belle and they learn the news. Belle ends up pushing Shawn away and says dont touch her, Phillip is her husband. She says Phillip signed up for this to protect them all, she cant lose him. She cries and says this cant be happening. Mimi tells her not to think the worst, and Rex and Shawn try to convince her that Phillip will get through this. Rex says God wouldnt take his sister and his brother, that wouldnt be right. Belle then asks Shawn if he sent that email, tell her he didnt send it. Belle rushes to the computer to check to make sure he didnt send the email telling Phillip they were together. Rex sees Jan is here and she wonders why she is here, she is so sick. Belle continues to worry about Phillip, shes worried that they may never find him. Shawn says that wont happen. Shawn goes to get her some tissues, and Jan tells Belle that this must be so awful for her. Jan wonders what if Phillip found out what was going on between her and Shawn after all, and that he was so preoccupied thinking about her betrayal that he made a mistake that cost him his life. Jan says if Phillip is dead then it is probably her fault! Mimi runs to Belles defense, and Rex decides to check the news reports on the web. Shawn says that is a good idea and hell go with him. Belle realizes shes going to have to tell Kate. When Shawn and Rex are gone, Jan blackmails both Belle and Mimi about their lies. Jan says they must be best friends because they both lie to their loved ones. Belle says she cant do anything to them, but Jan thinks Belle and Mimi wont be best friends when Belle learns all of Mimis secrets. Mimi tells Jan to just shut up! 

Shawn and Rex are back at their place looking on the internet for news. Rex also lectures Shawn about how what he did with Belle is still wrong, but Shawn says he and Belle didnt do anything and were going to wait to be together until Belle told Phillip. Rex says he might be waiting a long time, or forever. Rex says Belle wont be with him while Phillip is missing, and if he is dead . . . Rex tells Shawn that he might lose Belle forever over this, all because he couldnt wait to be with her. Shawn says he cant lose Belle and this isnt his fault, he has to believe that. Rex says what he believes doesnt matter, it is what matters is what Belle believes. Rex says Belle is guilt tripping herself about this right now. Belle comes in and asks if they found anything, but Shawn says no. Belle tells Shawn they cant be together right now and she is Mrs. Phillip Kiriaikis. She says there is something she must now do. Meanwhile, back at Belles, Jan tells Mimi that once Belle learns what Mimi has done to help her keep Shawn and Belle apart, Mimi will lose all her friends and nobody will be there to console her once she loses Rex!

At Johns penthouse, Kate tells John that Lexie cant give him anymore medicine as it might get him addicted again. John says he will kick this addiction and these wounds will hell as his kids need him right now. Kate understands and says shed do anything for her kids. Kate says she is so worried about Phillip, and she just wants all her children to be happy. She says she wants Lucas to get over Sami, she wants Phillip to get home safe, and she wants Billie to find Georgia and be with the man that she loves, even if it means someone else gets hurt. Kate tries to figure out some way to help John, and she goes to get him a heating pad. Kate leaves, and John remembers Stan bringing him pills. John ends up grabbing the pills, but before he can take any, Kate returns. She thinks John will beat this as there are no other drugs in the house to tempt him. Kate gives John a back massage, and John continues to feel guilt over what happened on the island. Kate says it wasnt his fault, and he did everything he could. John thanks her and says Marlena would be glad she was seeing him through this as a friend. Kate says they are friends, and that is what is important no matter what Billie and Brady think they should become. John says they are still young and dont understand. Kate says she doesnt understand herself. John says when he found Doc on the island he thought everything would be okay. Kate says it should have been, but at least he had that. Kate says she would have given anything to hold Roman one more time and kiss him goodbye. Kate says they said their vows and then he died, or at least she thought he did. Kate says she has lost so much and it isnt fair. John says it isnt fair, and its time they move on. Kate asks if he means together? John says no, neither of them are ready to move on romantically, he just meant move on with their lives. Later, Shawn and Belle show up and Kate hopes they are here to tell her that their little fling is over Belle says she got a phone call, Phillip is missing in action.

At Bo and Hopes, Bo and Hope hug in their bedroom. Bo apologizes to her for the evening turning out the way it did. She says she doesnt blame him, she blames Billie. Bo says Billie had no where to go and shes been through hell, this isnt her fault. As they argue about Billie and Bo helping her find Georgia, Billie listens outside the door. Hope tells Bo that she doesnt think Georgia exists; she thinks its all a Dimera plot. Billie bursts in and says that is a lie! She says Hope may have taken Bo from her but she wont let her take her daughter. Billie says she wont let Hope convince Bo that Georgia isnt alive. Hope tells Billie How dare you! She tells Billie that she has no right to interrupt a private conversation with her husband. Billie says she has every right as she is trying to convince Bo that Georgia is dead because she wants her to be dead. Billie says Hope is doing this because of her paranoid delusions that she and Bo will get back together. Hope says that is not true, and she is just saying there is no proof that Georgia is alive. Hope asks what makes her think Georgia is alive. Billie says the DiMeras made Bo think she (Hope) was dead and that MArlena was a serial killer. Billie says they all know what the Dimeras anything is possible. Hope says that is right, which is why the DiMeras could simply be manipulating them all, and Tony and Stefano are laughing at them from the grave. Hope says they knew one of them would find the files about Georgia, and it would cause them to look for Georgia and put a strain on her marriage to Bo. Hope says that is what they want. Billie tells Hope she is more paranoid than she thought, this isnt about her it is about Georgia. Billie storms off, and Hope is furious. She is angry that Bos always taking Billies side, and she says this is what the DiMeras want, they want to break them up. Bo says she is playing into their plan, and Georgia is his daughter to. Bo says the most important thing now is to find out the truth. Hope says other things that are important too, like their sons and their marriage. Bo says he doesnt have to choose between his children, and she is the only choice when it comes to the women in his life. Hope says he has to show her that, and Bo says he tried to tonight. She says he let Billie ruin tonight. Bo says no she did that, and he has had it. Bo ends up walking out because he doesnt want to argue with her anymore. Bo runs into Billie downstairs, and she is crying. Bo says Hope was only trying to be objective. Billie says shes alive, she has to be. Billie then gets a call and a man says hes calling about her daughter. She asks who he is, and he says someone who feels terrible about what shes gone through. Hope shows up when she hears Billie demanding to know who the man on the phone is. The man says to look outside their front door. Bo and Billie rush to the door, and there is a package. They bring it in, and Bo carefully opens the package. Its a small wooden box with a lock of hair in a plastic bag. Its labeled Georgia Reed Brady, DOB 5/22/(blocked by Bos thumb!). Billie says its her DNA! Bo says theyll take it to the lab and have it compared to theirs and then theyll get an answer. 


March 9, 2005
Jack and Jen are now at the Horton cabin. Jack prepares a romantic scene for him and Jen. He lights some candles and pours some champagne. He also sees a photo of him, Jen and Abby on the fireplace. Jen comes out in a negligee. Jack says he thought he might never get home to her, but someone up there heard his prayers and brought him home. Jack then sees a photo of his son. Jen says she knows he is anxious to see the kids, but she thought this was the perfect night for them to be alone with the kids away. Jack says it is the perfect night, and he has waited so long for it. He tells Jen that he loves her and she is his one true love. They kiss, and Jack just hopes the others are as lucky to get back to Salem. Jen says Gran called the ISA and probably has them on their way to the castle. Jen says she doesnt want to talk about Tony anymore, and she pours them some more champagne. Jen looks suspicious . . . .Jack and Jen talk about the kids. Jack fears Jack Jr wont recognize him, but Jen says he will. Jack also asks about Abby having such a hard time. Jen says her grades have been slipping, and shes moody and snippy, but its all because shes angry because she lost him. Jack thinks Chelsea may be the bad influence, but Jen says she isnt, she is a good influence on Abby. Jen says her parents are good people, she met them at a PTA meeting. Jack says hes so looking forward to those, and soccer games and all sorts of normal things. Jen says she wishes she had listened to Abby. Jen says Abby refused to believe he was dead and hed come back to them again. Jen wonders why she couldnt have had faith like that. Jack says he was afraid hed get back to late and shed have moved on. Jen says he is the only man shell ever love and she couldnt even think about moving on. Jack says they will never be separated again. Jen tells Jack to make love to her, and they get down to business. After they make love they snuggle by the fire, and Jen wishes everyone could be as happy as they are right now. Jen says she wants John and Marlena and Kate and Roman to be reunited, and she does want Billie to find her daughter. However she is afraid how this will affect Bo and Hopes marriage. Jen begins to tell Jack about Billies troubles lately, with her and Patrick's arrest after a night of drinking, and Jack thinks it is more proof that Lockhart is no damn good. Later Jack continues to hold Jen in his arms, and he talks about how tomorrow hell be with his family, and Tony will be in custody and the hostages released. They then toast to tomorrow, a new beginning, and happily ever after.

Chelsea and Abby are at Chelseas place, and Chelseas mom yells up to them that its bed time. Chelsea says they are still studying, but will be headed to bed soon. Abby thinks they should get to bed, but Chelsea says no way. Chelsea says she has a date with Salems number one hottie Patrick Lockhart. Abby thinks she should give up on Patrick, but Abby refuses. Chelsea has been studying Cosmo to find out how to get the man she wants. Abby says step one is to make herself up to look older, she has to conceal plenty but just enough to make him want more. Chelsea then calls the Cheatin Heart to find out if Patrick is there, and she learns he is. Abby then begins to pack a bag on lingerie just in case. Abby tells her to dream on, and what if their moms find out? Abby says her mom is clueless, and she wont let Abbys mom get her hands on Patrick before she does. As they talk, Chelseas mom yells up Lights Out! Chelsea turns the lights out and then sneaks out with Abby! 

Patrick goes to the Cheatin Heart. The bartender is glad he is alone tonight and not with a wild woman. Patrick says he has no desire to get arrested again, and he needs a way to get some fast cash. The bartender says a loan shark in the back is trying to start a big game. Patrick says that is the last thing he needs, but thanks for the tip. Patrick goes into the back to see about playing in the game. The head of the game decides to have Patrick frisked first. Patrick says hes clean and theyll have to trust him. The head of the game insists Patrick be frisked, and he is clean. They begin playing, and Patrick begins cleaning up. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Abby show up at the Cheatin Heart, and Abby tells Chelsea that she looks a little slutty. Chelsea says no she looks hot, and she looks older. Abby says she does look about twenty-five. Chelsea also stole Jens perfume in hopes of driving Patrick wild, even though it's not her personal favorite. Abby refuses to go into the bar, she stays outside while Chelsea goes inside. Meanwhile, the guys decide to raise the stakes in the game because Patrick is winning. Patrick begins to suspect one of the guys of cheating. He learns the cards the guy is using are marked, so they switch to another deck. Some of the guys at the table see Chelsea on the phone and think she is hot. Patrick doesnt pay attention, so she pulls out her secret weapon, a vial of something. Abby watches and wonder what she is up to now. Chelsea goes outside and shows Abby her secret weapon, some herbal mood enhancer she found in her moms cabinet. Abby says it makes her mom mellow, and soon Patrick will be one mellow fellow. Chelsea then goes back inside. The guy running the game wants to double the stakes again, but Patrick isnt so siure. He asks for a minute and goes to the bar to order another drink. When he leaves the glass to use the restroom, Chelsea runs over and slips some drugs in. Patrick returns to the games and ends up loosing all his money thanks to the drugs. The game ends, and Patrick stumbles out into the bar. Chelsea goes over to Patrick, and he thinks she is Jen! Chelsea asks him to dance, and he says sure. Abby watches and cant believe she is doing this! Chelsea and Patrick dance to "Georgia Peach" (Hmmm, a clue?)

Billie and Bo are at the hospital waiting for the DNA tests. Hope shows up after dropping Zack off at her dads. Billie thinks Hope is here praying for their DNA not to match, she doesnt want their daughter to be found alive. Hope says she is just trying to be realistic here. Billie still lashes out at Hope for not wanting her daughter to be found. Hope says she's just trying to say they have no proof. Lexie comes out and asks Bo and Billie to go be tested. They leave, and Lexie talks to Hope about the possibility that hair could be from Georgia, so Hope should prepare herself. Hope says she knows, but she also believes this is another classic DiMera plot. She apologizes, but Lexie says it is okay. Lexie says she wanted to believe for so long that Tony and Stefano werent bad people. Lexie talks about how she feels so bad for her part in keeping Zack from Hope, and how she cant believe shes forgiven her. She says she hasnt forgiven her father for taking Abe from her. LExie is glad to have him back, and says Billie deserves to have her daughter back too. Hope says of course she does, just as long as it isnt her husband she gets back too. Lexie says perhaps Billie has changed, perhaps all she wants is to find her daughter. Meanwhile, Billie and Bo have buckle-swabs done, and Bo tells Billie that even if it is a match, they dont know if their daughter is alive still. Bo says they dont know how old that hair sample is. Billie thinks Hope has gotten to him, and he is worried about how finding Georgia will affect his marriage to Hope. Bo says they will be okay, but Billie says Hope doesnt think so and shes starting to think Hope is right! Later, Bo and Billie walk back out to the waiting room and hear Lexie asking Hope if she cant give Billie the benefit of the doubt. Bo says hed like to hear the answer to that. Hope says shed love to be wrong about Billie, but her heart says she has an agenda. Billie says she doesn't have an agenda. Lexie excuses herself to check on the results. Billie thanks her, and hopes this is a match. Hope excuses herself to get some air, and she goes outside. She tells God she does want Georgia to be alive and for them to find her, but she doesnt want to lose Bo when that day comes.

At the penthouse, John tries to stay strong and resist temptation, so he puts the drugs down. He then hears Kate scream, and he yells "what is wrong?" Downstairs, Kate yells at Belle that this is not true. Belle says it is, Phillip's commander called and explained everything. Shawn says that Phillip is strong and he will get out of this. Kate says this is their fault for seeing each other behind Phillips back, they are to blame for this. Shawn says it isnt their fault, but Kate says it never is his fault is it. Kate says Belle is such a disappointment as well, and she tells Shawn that she will make him pay. She says when his trial comes up that she will testify against him as to how he broke up her sons marriage, and she will make sure that he is NEVER with Belle. Belle tells Kate not to blame Shawn, but Kate says she cant believe Belle had the nerve to bring him here! John comes downstairs and asks what is going on? Kate says Belle should answer that. Belle says Phillip is missing in action. John says theyll find Phillip, and hell call Shane and have the ISA on it. John says Phillip will come home to Belle and theyll never be separated again. Kate says it is time for Belle to tell John the whole truth. John asks what this is about? Belle says he will be disappointed, but he says never. She says he will be, she has tried to live up to his high standards. She says she never should have married Phillip, she should have listened to him and everyone else. Belle says she knows now that she is still in love with Shawn. John asks how this happened, he asked her over and over again if she was over Shawn. Belle says she was confused, and Shawn says they both were mixed up. Belle says she hasnt been unfaithful, but she cant deny what is in her heart. John says he wish she could have come to grips with this before she walked down the isle. Belle says she knows, and if anything happens to Phillip . . .  Kate says like Belle cares! John says Belle didnt do this on purpose and she is obviously torn up over it. Belle tells her dad not to defend her, and runs out of the loft. Shawn follows her, and he says it will be okay. Belle says it wont be, and she cant be with him now. Belle says Kate is right, they cant be together.


March 10, 2005
I missed a bit of dialogue today, the background music was overpowering the speech for some reason.
At the penthouse, Kate and John are back in bed. John is feeling sorry for what Belle has done, and he feels like a failure as he should have seen this. Kate says sometimes their children have to make mistakes on their own. John cant believe he is sitting her whining about being a lousy father when shes worried about her own son. Kate says he has to be okay, and she knows she has to be strong. Kate says right now she feels weak and afraid. John comforts her. He says he has to be strong for her and Belle, he has to get passed this pain. Kate says the best way to do that is to stay in bed and rest. Kate leaves to call Lucas and Billie about this, and John reaches over to get Stans pills. John flashes back to when Stan showed up and gave him the pills. Kate returns as hes about to pop a pill and asks what hes doing? He hides the pill in the palm of his hand and grasps a glass of water he has. She says he is not supposed to be out of bed. He says he was just getting himself a glass of water. She says shell do that for him. She wants to take care of him as it makes feel somewhat useful, as there is nothing she can do for Phillip. John asks how Lucas took the news, and Kate says not good as all hes gotten is bad news lately. Lucas isn't sure how to tell Phillip. John says kids should always be told the truth. Kate says soon this will be all over the news, and its going to be a strain on everyone. Kate says she has to tell Billie still. She wonders why life is so hard for them. John tells her that hell be here for her, and hell make sure Phillip is brought home safely. Kate tells John how proud she is of him, but she doesnt want him to do anything that might send him to a place hell never get out of. John promises not to do anything foolish. Kate leaves, and John struggles with his decision as to take the pills or not. Kate calls Billie and makes plans to meet her at the hospital. She returns and tells John that she has to go out and asks if hell be okay. He says he will .,Kate leaves again, and John decides he cant live like this anymore. He says he has to get himself strong to help Belle and Phillip. 

At the hospital, Billie, Bo and Hope are still waiting for news on the DNA test. Billie says maybe it is because she wants it so much, but she knows the DNA will match and they will find her. Hope says she hopes they arent disappointed. Bo leaves to get some coffee, and when he returns he finds Billie left. He asks Hope why she let her leave? Hope says shes not her keeper, and she heard Billie claim she was going to the Cheatin Heart for a break. Bo says great, he knows she is anxious to get rid of her . . . Hope tells him to stop right there, she wont let him make her out to be the evil wife. Bo says hes trying to protect her from getting hurt. Hope says they all get hurt, its a part of life. Bo says he has to go get her and bring her back.

At the Cheatin Heart, Abby watches with disbelief as Patrick dirty dances with Chelsea. Abby has flashbacks to yesterdays show and Chelsea setting Patrick up. Abby hopes Chelsea knows what shes doing. Chelsea continues to get it on with Patrick, who thinks hes dancing with Jen. Chelsea ends up pulling Patrick into a kiss! Chelsea gives Patrick her number and tells him to call her sometime. Later, Patrick realizes hes been drugged, and he confronts the guy running the poker game about drugging him. The guy says he didnt drug him and the fact is he lost and now he owes him money. Patrick says he's good for it, and the guy says he better be. The guy leaves, and Patrick wonders how he gets himself into these things. Meanwhile, Chelsea heads outside and she raves to Abby about Patrick's kiss. Abby says she drugged his drink to get him to kiss her, and she had to dress the way shes dressed and wear her moms perfume. Abby doubt's Patrick will remember her in the morning. Chelsea says shell make sure Patrick doesnt forget her, and she goes back in to see him. He says Oh, its you. Chelsea claims her name is Angelica. She convinces him to dance again, and Billie walks in and sees Patrick dancing with her and wonders why hes dancing with a tramp. Billie sits at the bar and tells the bartender that she is sober and didnt come to make trouble. She says she is here for a favor, she wants him to talk to the cop and ask him to drop the charges. The bartender asks why he should? Billie says it will help her out, and if this goes to trial his place will get bad publicity. He says good point and hell talk to the guy as he's a regular. He then gives Billie a soda on the house. Patrick sees Billie and goes to her, and Chelsea goes back outside and tells Abby that shes going to make Billie pay for messing wit her man. She decides to drug Billie as well, but Abby tells her not to do this. Hope and Bo show up, and Abby tells Chelsea those are her cousins and they are cops. Abby says shes going home, but Chelsea says she cant because shes supposed to be spending the night at her place. Chelsea says shes staying here. Bo and Hope go inside, Patrick has told Billie that hes been drugged. Bo confronts them and is furious with Billie for coming here and tells Patrick to stay away from Billie. Bo realizes something is wrong with Patrick, and thinks he's drunk and says hes a looser. Patrick explains he was drugged, probably by some guys he was playing cards with. Bo asks where his glass is, hell test it. Patrick says it got cleared away long ago. Hope believes him, and Bo asks why shes defending him. She says he always defends Billie. Hope and Bo argue (its hard for me to hear what theyre saying as the music is so loud). Hope then talks to Patrick about how he has to be careful and watch his back. Meanwhile, the lab tech at the hospital call Billie about the test results. Billie lets Bo know, and Kate calls Billie. Kate says she has news, and Billie says she has news for her. She tells her mom to meet her at the hospital, and she explains about the lock of hair and results. Kate says this could be just the thing to get her together with Bo and be a family with Georgia. Billie says Mom! Kate says shell meet her at the hospital. Before leaving Billie urges Patrick to be careful.

At Rexs place, Jan continues to blackmail Mimi into helping her make sure Shawn and Belle are never together. Jan tells Mimi she doesnt feel sorry for her at all as she brought this all on herself. Mimi says she is already suffering as is, but Jan says she'll suffer more if she doesn't get Shawn back. Mimi tells Jan that Shawn doesnt love her and never has. Jan says she doesnt know how it is between them, but Mimi says she thinks she knows how it is. Mimi flashes back to the cage she found at Jans place. Jan tells Mimi to go over to Belles place and tell her not to be with Shawn, not to see Shawn, to stay true to her husband. Jan says its the only way shell save her own butt and relationship with Rex.

Belle and Shawn return to Belles loft, and Belle is blaming herself for everything. She tells Shawn he has to leave as they cant be together. Shawn says hes not leaving her, not now, not ever. Shawn says he loves her, but she says stop saying that. He says it is true, and he says she cant spend the rest of her life waiting for Phillip to come back. Belle says she has to because she married him. She says people wouldnt understand even if they only were friends and just talked, people would think she was cheating on Phillip. She tells Shawn to leave and not to come back. Later Mimi comes over to comfort Belle. She tells Belle she has to stay positive as the marines will do everything they can to find Phillip. Mimi says Rex is monitoring the search on the net and if he finds anything hell tell them. Belle says she told Shawn that she didnt want to see him anymore. Mimi says she is proud of her, and that is good. Belle says Shawn didnt want to leave, and Mimi says Shawn wants what he wants when he wants is. Belle says Shawn loves her. Mimi says she knows, but Phillip loves her to and probably always has, even when he was with Chloe. Belle asks Mimi as her best friend what she should do, should she kick Shawn out of her life? Belle says she loves him so much, but it doesnt feel right to be with him even as a friend while Phillip is missing. Mimi tells her to follow her instincts and do what is right, sometimes you cant follow her heart. Belle thanks her for being honest. Mimi says what if Phillip is gone for years and years? She says he'll be gone, but Shawn will be here. Belle says she's thought about that. Mimi says what if years down the line he is rescued and want to come home and pick up where they left up. Mimi says hed be a hero, and the headlines would say Hero reunited with loving wife who waited for him. She says the whole country would be expecting her to be with him, would she really want to break his heart to be with Shawn? Mimi asks how she will feel with the media in her face? Belle says she cant think about that, but Mimi says she has to. Mimi says if she gets involved with Shawn then the press will find out. Belle says she hates this, but she now realizes she has to stay away from Shawn and concentrate on Phillip. Mimi says this means she may not have a future with Shawn. Belle says her mom always said life doesnt give you what you want, and the true test of character is making do with what your given. She says she may risk her future with Shawn, but she has to do right by Phillip. 

Shawn returns to his place and asks Jan why she is here. She says she made him coffee, but he says he doesn't want that, he wants her to get out. He says they are not engaged anymore, why doesnt she get that. Jan says because she loves him and only him. She realizes Belle threw him out and calls her stupid. Jan says shed never do that as she wants to be with him. He says he doesnt want to be with her. Jan says he only thinks he doesnt, and she believes he will remember all the love he feels for her. Shawn gets hit with a headache and remembers Jan locking him up and Jan yelling at him for trying to get her keys and escape. She said he had been bad and would need to be punished. Shawn tells Jan that he knows what she did to him! He says he remembers the cage and her ;locking him up. Jan just keeps going on about how Belle doesnt love him, what they had was a high-school romance so he needs to let it go. She says she hates to hurt his feelings, but his folks are blue collar and Belle's are high class. She says he and Belle arent a match, Phillip is more in her league. Shawn says Belle doesn't care, she's not like that. Jan says if Belle loved him then shed be with him now. Jan says Belle isn't, that she cant even tell Phillip their marriage is over because shes not sure it is. Jan asks Shawn if he can honestly say Belle loves him more than she does? Shawn tells her to just shut up, but Jan wont. She says she loves him too much and she doesnt think Belle loves him enough. Jan says maybe Belle will prove her wrong, but she doesnt think so.


March 11, 2005

At the Horton Cabin, Jack and Jen continue their reunion. They tell one another how much they love the other and never want to be separated again. Jack leaves to get them some more champagne, and Jen gets a call. She asks if everything is ready, and they says they are on their way. Jack returns with the champagne and Jen says there is no time, they have to go. Jack asks what the rush is, who was that on the phone? He thinks it was Alice and she is planning a party. Jen says it was Gran, but it wasnt about a party. She says the ISA and the police want to talk to him tonight instead of tomorrow. Jack says that is fine and theyll think of this as an intermission. Jack says after he tells his story theyll keep pick up where they left off. Jen says if the others are alive in that castle then they can be freed and brought home. Jack says it would make a lot of people happy. Jen says he is an amazing man and she is so happy to have him back. Jen tells Jack to hurry up and finish getting dressed, and she says under her breath that she has one more surprise in store for him. 

Jen and Jack return home, and its empty. Jack was expecting a party, but she says the party is tomorrow. Jack is a little disappointed that there is no surprise waiting for him. Jack hopes Patrick isnt coming to this party. Jen says his lights are out so he isnt home obviously. Jack says he doesnt trust Patrick and he doesnt want him around .Jen asks Jack to give Patrick a chance for her. He says on one condition, he takes care of her and everything else in the house. She says that is great because the toilet is running and the kitchen sink is leaking. He says maybe hell just call the plumber. Jack tells Jen that they will work things out with Abby to. Jen says everything will be fine now that hes home. They hug, and Jen checks her watch. Jack wonders where the ISA and the police are as he wants Tony to pay. Jen and Jack soon start talking about Georgia, and how finding her might affect Bo and Hopes marriage. Jack says Bo and Hopes marriage is built to last just like theirs, so they will survive this. Jen says shell go get them some coffee as this will be a long night. Jen leaves, and Jack hears a car pull up outside. He runs to the door, looks outside, and sees Jen outside! Jack wonders how Jen got out front? The other Jen comes back in with some coffee, and Jack looks outside and the other Jen is gone.

Bo, Billie and Hope return to the hospital to find out the test results. Billie feels the tests are going to be a match, and they will be one step closer to finding their daughter. Hope says it might not happen, and Billie says she knows. Billie tells Hope that they all know she doesnt want Georgia to be found alive so stop with the negativity! Kate shows up, and Billie goes to talk to her. Kate asks what the results are. Billie says they dont know yet. Kate says she hopes it is a match because they could use some good news. Kate gives Billie the bad news that Phillip is missing in action. Billie says the military will find him, and shell call the ISA. Kate says John already did, and she wants Billie to concentrate on finding Georgia. She says she wants all her family to come home. Kate says when they find Georgia it will be a good day for everyone. Billie says everyone but Hope. Kate thinks it is time that Hope was taken out of the picture. Billie says Bo loves Hope, but Kate says she and Bo belong together, and when they get Georgia back that she will need both of her parents to help her through the hell the DiMeras have put her through. Bo and Hope argue, and Hope just wants Bo to be prepared if the test says it isnt Georgias. Bo says he knows, but right now he could use some support. A nurse comes out and tells him that she has some bad news. Bo calls Billie over, and the nurse says the bad news is that they cant get a hold of the lab tech and he is the one who has the results. Billie and Bo run off to find him, and Kate stops Hope because she says they need to talk. Kate tells Hope to get Shawn under control. She tells Hope that Shawn has been pursuing Belle and pressuring her to break her marriage vows. Hope doesnt think Shawn would do that, but Kate says shes not lying, not at a time like this. Kate says Phillip is missing in action, and Shawn is still pressing Belle. Kate says Belle cant handle this, so she tells Hope to keep Shawn away from Belle! Meanwhile, Billie and Bo cant find the guy, and Bo says its like hes MIA. Billie makes a face, and he asks what is it. Billie tells Bo about Phillip being MIA. Bo says hes sorry and he offers to do anything he can to help as Phillip is his brother to. Bo hugs Billie, and Kate and Hope walk in on this. Kate smiles like a Cheshire cat. Bo tells Billie to have faith, theyll bring both Phillip and their daughter home. Hope approaches and asks Bo if he knows about Phillip, and he says yes. Bo tells Kate if there is anything he can do. Kate thanks him and asks if they got the results yet? Bo says no. Hope then tells Bo that Shawn is in trouble and needs them. Bo says they will go take care of him after the results come in. Hope cant believe Bo is putting a child that might not exist in front of Shawn? Hope says the results of the test wont change whether he is here or not, so they need to go. Bo agrees to go with Hope, but then the lab tech shows up. Billie stops Bo from leaving, and they wait to hear the results.

At Rexs loft, Jan continues to tell Shawn that Belle doesnt love her. Shawn says whatever happens with him and Belle, he doesnt want her. Shawn begins to head to see Belle, and Jan tries to stop him. He says he doesnt love her and never has. Mimi is leaving Belles loft when Shawn shows up. Shawn says he has to see her, but Mimi says this isnt a good idea as she wants to be alone and just stepped into the shower. Shawn says he doesnt care and goes in to see her. Mimi says she tried, and Jan says she better have convinced Belle to dump Shawn. Jan asks if she convinced Belle to dump him or does she have to tell Sexy Rexy the truth? Mimi cant believe Jan is using Phillip being MIA to keep Belle and Shawn apart. Jan says a woman in love will do anything to keep her man, and Mimi should know that all to well. Jan says her goal isnt to break up her and Rex, its to break up Belle and Shawn. Mimi says she did what Jan asked, but says it was wrong and that she should go tell Belle the truth. She tells Jan to go to hell. Rex comes out and asks what is going on? Jan asks if Mimi will tell him, or should she? Rex thinks Jan is harassing Mimi and playing her stupid games. He tells her to get her stuff and get out of here. Mimi says Rex is right, just leave. Rexs PC beeps so he runs to check the message. Jan warns Mimi to play nice or shell tell Rex everything. Meanwhile, Rex managed to hack into a military website and find out about Phillip. Rex learns that they discovered his tracking device but not Phillip, and they are preparing some official announcement to be made. He learns about the tape being shown on TV, and they watch an internet feed.

Shawn walks in on a naked Belle in her room. She asks him what hes doing. He says sorry. She puts a towel on, and he tells her how much he loves her and wants to be with her. He says he doesnt want her to go through this alone, but Belle says she has to honor her vows. She says if he loves her to respect that and leave. Shawn says hes sorry but he cant. She says she doesnt have the strength for this, and almost passes out. Shawn says she is exhausted and he helps her into bed. Belle ends up in tears, and Shawn lays down next to her and says he has her and will never let her go. She faces him, and they begin to kiss. She then wakes up, she was asleep. She says she cant do this, it is wrong. She tells him to go home, but he says someone has to take care of her. She says he has to go, they are being unfair to Phillip. He says what about them? She says she has to stay focused on Phillip right now. Shawn asks if this has changed the way she feels about him? They head downstairs, and Belle refuses to discuss her feelings for him while Phillip is missing. Shawn says Phillip could never come back, and she tells him not to say that! She remembers the months when he was missing and how she had no idea where he was. She says now she is worried about Phillip and its like shes living the same nightmare again. Shawn says she doesnt have to go through this alone. Belle says when he was gone she became to dependant on Phillip, and thats how she ended up married to him. She says she needs space and time, and she needs to feel like shes not cheating on her husband. She tells Shawn to just gone home. She says she wont make any decisions about their future until Phillip comes home. Belle then turns on her TV and is stunned by what she sees. It is the tape of Phillip, which is being broadcast on the TV news. After the tape ends, the news says they dont know if the hostage is alive or not, or who is holding him. Belle breaks down, and Shawn says it will be okay. Belle says she has to be strong for Phillip, and she tells him the reporters will come soon so he has to leave right now.

We see Phillip struggling to break his bands. Before he escapes some men show up and tell PFC Kiriakis that its time for him to say goodbye. Meanwhile, Bart is on the phone with Tony and asks if he is sure this is what they want to do to their guest? He says hes not questioning his judgment and hed never do that. Bart says tough luck kid. Back in the other room the men point their guns at Phillip! They tell him to say his prayers and shoot the gun. Nothing happens, and they laugh at him. They say before theyre through he would have wished there was a bullet. Phillip continues to weaken the ropes tying him up. Meanwhile. Bart is still talking to Tony and says he understands, but this will destroy his family back in Salem. Bart says he knows, the enemies of the Dimeras deserve to be punished. Back in the other room, the men pull out a chain and tell Phillip that its time to play some games. It turns out they are just chaining him up as they knew hed try to break his ropes, which he has been trying to do. They tell him its rude to try and walk out on them, and knock him out. Bart keeps talking to Tony on the phone about Jack being on the loose. He says does trust him but hes just worried. Meanwhile, Phillip wakes up, and the men taunt him and tell him that once his wife sees the tape he made shell think hes dead and move on with another man. Later they pull out a gun with a bayonet and tell him now it is time to say goodbye.

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