March 14, 2005 At Rexs place, Rex, Mimi and Jan are watching the tape of Phillip on the internet. Rex calls the people who took Phillip cowards for making this tape and putting in on the news. He wonders what else they are doing to Phillip, what kind of torture they are putting him through. Mimi says Phillip is special forces and will come home, hell get himself out of this as he is strong. Rex says he doesnt think anyone can survive the kind of torture these people put others through. Rex says if he does survive its because hes expecting to come home to his wife, who is in love with another man. Jan says not for long she isnt. Jan says the paparazzi will be all over this story, and Belle will put up a front of staying true to Phillip. Jan says soon Shawn will be all hers again. Mimi wonders if she is delusional, wait, dont answer that question. (the cable went off for a minute here and I missed some stuff). Jan talks about how Belle is going to be wracked with guilty over what happened to Phillip, and the news showing this video a thousand times a day will only help her stay away from Shawn. Rex and Mimi leave to check on Belle.

At Belles place, Belle and Shawn watch the video of Phillip on TV. Belle breaks down after the news indicates they dont know who is holding Phillip hostage or if he is still alive. Shawn tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away and says dont. She says they cant do this, not while her husband is missing. Rex and Mimi show up to console Belle, and they gather they saw the tape on the news. Belle asks Rex to check the computer and see if he can find anything else about Phillip, and he says okay. Rex leaves, and Mimi comforts Belle. Shawn watches from a distance. At the door, Jan spies on Shawn. Belle looks for another station with more news on Phillip. Shawn stops her and says shes going to make herself crazy. Belle says she is crazy, her husband is missing and she was going to tell her husband that she loved another man. Shawn asks Mimi what he should do? Mimi sees Jan watching and tells Shawn to just give Belle some space to think things through. Meanwhile, Jan moves in on Belle and tells her that she hates this is happening to her. She says Phillip is a brave and honorable guy and doesnt deserve this. She tells Belle if he is still is alive then he is holding on for her, and she must feel terrible betraying a man who could be about to die. Later, Belle lashes out at Shawn and says they have basically been unfaithful to Phillip. He says they have done nothing, but she says they have been unfaithful in their hearts The news comes on again and says the search for Phillip has been called off due to a snowstorm in the mountains. They then show the video again. Shawn turns it off, and Belle tells him to leave her alone. Shawn says fine and leaves.

Rex goes back to his place and tries to find out more info online, but his computer crashed. Rex looks at a photo of his mom and wonders how shell deal with losing another child. Rex returns to Belles and says he guesses they heard the search got called off. Mimi asks about Kate. Rex says he hasnt talked to Kate yet, and she may not have seen the video yet. He leaves to try and call her. Mimi talks with Belle, and she cries what if she never gets another chance to make things right with Phillip. Mimi asks if she is saying she wants to give her marriage another shot, is she giving up on Shawn?

Out in the hallway, Shawn ends up punching the brick wall, and Jan asks Shawn to let her help him. He says get away from her, has another flash of the cage, and says it is because of her that he cant be the woman he loves! Shawn tells her to get out of his apartment and his life. Jan says whether he knows it or not he needs her. Shawn says he is right, he needs the truth. He knows everything that has happened, him and Belle being apart and Belle accusing him of things that werent true is because of her lies 

At the hospital, Bo and Hope are about to leave to talk to Shawn when Billie shouts the test results are back. Bo tells Hope that this will only take a minute. The lab tech tells them that the DNA is a match and this hair belongs to their daughter. Billie screams shes alive and jumps into Bos arms. Billie says now they can bring her home! Bo asks if he is certain its a match. The man talks to them about the certainty of the tests, and Kate tells Hope that she doesnt look happy. Hope says the DiMeras are still meddling in their lives, and they dont even know if Georgia is still alive. Hope asks the man if this could have been fabricated. Billie wishes Hope could be happy for them. Hope says she is happy, but she is cautious happy. She says she wants to make sure theyre not being led on another wild goose chase. Billie just thinks Hope isnt happy for them. Hope reminds them that Billie was unconscious at that compound for a long time, and that they could have taken the hair from her. The DNA lab tech says that hair wasnt from Miss Reed. Hope says the DiMeras also gave them the Gemini Twins, human cloning and genetic experimentation, remember that? The lab tech says that sounds a little too much like sci-fi. Hope says he doesnt know the DiMeras. Billie says if this was Zack or Shawn missing then shed move heaven and earth to find them. Hope says she would, and as a mother she understands what Billie is feeling. However she says they have to ask all the questions before running off after Georgia. Bo asks the tech if there is any way to determine if the person this hair came from is alive. He says this person is still alive (I think they dated the hair, I missed this), and Billie is thrilled. Hope says she is happy for them as they have asked all the right questions. Meanwhile, Kate calls John to check-up on him, but he doesnt answer. She thinks hes asleep. She then talks about how she will never let Shawn move in on Belle while Phillip is missing. Billie and Bo have to sign some forms, and Hope asks Bo if hes coming with her to talk to Shawn. Bo says he has to be here for Billie. Hope cant believe he is discounting their son for a daughter he hasnt met. He says hes not and hell meet up with her at Shawns loft. Bo goes to be with Billie, and Kate tells Hope that she hopes she can keep her son away from her daughter in law. Hope lashes out at Kate and says she is sorry for what happened, but nothing she says to Shawn will bring Phillip home. Kate reminds Hope of what Shawn has done, destroying the church on the wedding day. Kate tells Hope to keep her son away from Belle as she is a married woman. Hope says her son was brought up to know adultery is wrong, too bad Kate cant say the same about her children! Hope walks off, and Kate rolls her eyes. Hope gets in the elevator and heads out as Bo and Billie discuss the next steps to finding Georgia.

At Jacks place, Jack looks out front and sees Jen flipping her hair. Hes confused as there are two Jens? Jen then walks into the living room from the kitchen. Jack looks back outside and the other Jen is nowhere to be seen. Jack thinks hes just overly tired. Jen tells Jack that he looks like he just saw a ghost. Jack says he has, hers! She asks what he means, and he says its just sleep deprivation. He says he just saw someone who looked like her outside. Jen looks out and sees no one. Jack says she just vanished, and Jen says she has a weird feeling. Jen says Tony knows he is escaped, and Tony could be after them. Jen says they have to get out of here! Meanwhile, the other Jen comes into the kitchen and makes a call saying she just got here and will get what she came for before anyone knows she is here. Back in the other room, Jack talks to the other Jen. He talks about how the DiMeras could have sent a clone after him, but Jen doesnt think so. Jack says hes been dreaming of her and seeing her everywhere. He thinks his eyes are just playing tricks on him, and they are not leaving and running again. He says they will stay here and not let the DiMeras run them away. He says after he speaks with the cops then they will go to bed. Jen says she is just scared, and if Tony was going to send someone, theyd be here by now. In the kitchen the other Jen grabs a knife and says shell definitely need this. Back in the living room, Jack tells Jen that shes right and Tony would want to stop him before he told anyone the truth. Jack says the ISA and police are on their way, and if Tony comes here then hell be ready for him. Jen asks what he thinks Tony will try to do to them? Jack says Tony made it clear that he would not let anyone escape his castle or him. Jen says shes going to call Bo because she wont let Tony take him from her again. Jack says no its okay, and hes just being paranoid. He says there is only one her and Tony cant find anyone to mimic her. He says for example, there is that thing she does with her hair that he loves, and he asks her to do it. In the kitchen the REAL Jen says she doesnt need a knife, Maggie wanted a pie server. Jen calls Maggie and says she doesnt know where her pie server is, but she does have a spatula. Meanwhile, Jack keeps asking the fake Jen to do the hair thing for him. She says sure, but first she will go make him some tea. She goes into the kitchen right as the real Jen leaves! The fake Jen cant believe Tony didnt fill her in on this stupid hair thing, and she thinks if Jack saw the real Jen then Tonys plan is in jeopardy. Jack remembers the real Jen out front tossing her hair, and wonders how Jen could be acting like she doesnt know what hes talking about. Jack begins to remember how fake Jen refused to let him see Abby or the baby, and how she insisted Alice call the ISA and police instead of him. Jack tells himself that something very strange is going on. Outside, Jen calls Maggie to say she is on her way back. She asks if Chelsea and Abby got there, and Maggie says no. Jen decides to head in and leave a note for her in case she comes back home. Meanwhile, fake Jen calls someone and reams them out for failing to give her enough info, and she tells them to take action. In the living room, Jack realizes the Jen hes been with could be a fake Jen and he runs out the front door. Fake Jen hides when real Jen returns to the kitchen, still talking to Maggie on the phone. Maggie needs something else, so Jen begins looking for it. Fake Jen spies on real Jen and sees her toss her hair. Fake Jen realizes that is it! Outside, Jack is hiding. Real Jen looks out the window and thinks she sees Jack. Jack then sees Maggie Hortons car, and begins calling out for Jen. Jack then hears Jen call out from inside the house. Jen runs outside and pretends like she hasnt yet seen him. She says she saw him from the window, and she saw someone who looked like her run out of the house. Fake Jen flips her hair, and Jack thinks this is the real Jen. Jen says she must be dreaming, and they kiss.


March 15, 2005
At Belles place, Mimi tells Belle that she has to stop beating herself up over this, Phillip will be okay. Belle says they dont know that, he may never come home and she may not get a chance to make things right. Mimi asks if she is saying she wants to try and make her marriage work, that she is giving up on Shawn? Belle says yes, she has no choice, she and Shawn are through. Belle says that if Phillip dies over there then she is responsible, she might have well have killed him herself. She says she has to think about Phillips feelings and happiness. Mimi asks what about Shawn and his happiness? Belle says she cant think about that, Phillip has to be her priority now.

In the hallway, Shawn demands Jan tell him what she did to him last summer. Jan tells Shawn he is forgetting what happened, he left town on his own because Belle lied to him. She says then they hooked up and he proposed to her. She asks how she could force him to do that. Shawn says he doesnt remember everything, but he does remember a cage. She says so they liked it a little kinky. Shawn says he knows something more is going on. He says hes going to take a walk and when he comes back he wants her gone. Jan says she has a better idea, twirls some keys, and says why not take a spin on his repaired bike. Hope shows up, grabs the keys, and says neither one of them is going anywhere. Hope asks Jan what is wrong with her, why is she pushing him to get on a motorcycle after hes had two accidents and a suspended license. She thinks Jan is desperate to hold onto her son and will do anything to do so, and she wont let that happen, she wont let Jan get away with this. Hope ends up telling Jan to get out before she throws her out! Jan says since she asked so nicely, and she walks off. Hope cant believe he was going to marry that woman, and she says she wants to know what is going on with Belle. Shawn says that makes two of them. Hope says Kate has told her what has been happening with him and Belle. Shawn says nothing has happened, Belle has been faithful to Phillip and that wont change. Later, Jan returns and a fight ensues between her and Hope. Shawn cant handle this, grabs the keys from his mom and tears off. Belle and Mimi come out and ask what is going on? Hope says Jan got Shawns bike fixed and hes about to take off on it. Mimi asks Belle to go stop him, but she says she cant. She runs back into her apartment and looks at her wedding ring.

At the hospital, Bo and Billie finish up signing the necessary papers. Bo says right now he has to get over to Shawns. Billie says Shawn is a good kid and everything will be okay with him. She also says the problems she caused for him and Hope will be okay because they love one another and are family. She says she hopes he knows how lucky he is to have that as she would give anything to have a family. Bo asks what shes talking about, she and Georgia are a part of their family. Bo says he wants Georgia to know the Bradys, he wants her to know the family she missed out on. Billie apologizes to Bo for coming down on Hope about Georgia. Billie says she knows Hope cares, she just doesnt understand what shes going through. Bo says thats not true, Hopes been hurt by the DiMeras and lost a child. Billie says that is right, JT. Billie then knocks over some papers in a folder about Georgia, and Billie sees something shes never seen before. Bo says they can use these to find Georgia! Billie doesnt know how she missed this before. Bo holds up the death/birth? certificate and says their babys footprints, they can use them to find Georgia. Bo then sees they are smeared and cant be used, they were probably smeared by the person who took the footprints. Billie thinks the DiMeras did this. She says all she wants is to find her little girl. Bo says they will, and he holds her.

Brady and Nicole go to the penthouse to check on John. They find his room a mess, and Nicole wonders what happened here. Nicole then sees a note. She reads it and tells Brady that he wont like this. Brady reads the note and says damnit! The note says John went out for air, and Nicole says he could have come up with something a little more original. Nicole wonders where Kate is, but Brady says she cant watch him 24/7. Brady and Nicole soon hit the streets to find John. Nicole says she knows a way they may be able to find John, but he wont like it. She says they need to split up. Brady doesnt like it, but Nicole says it is the only way they stand a chance at finding him. Brady agrees, so he gives her a kiss and says be careful. They then split up, and Nicole smiles as she watches Brady walk away.

John is stumbling along the pier, and he remembers Stan showing up at his place and giving him some pills. John also remembers stealing drugs from the hospital and shooting up. Stan shows up on the pier and tells John that they meet again. John asks what he wants? Stan/Sami begins remembering seeing John stealing drugs and shooting up at the hospital. He says he is a friend and wants to help him. John says by pushing drugs on him? Stan says hes in pain and he has what can help him. Stan says he can see the pain in his eyes, poor John the fallen hero is now just a common junkie. He says John cant even make it through a day without a fix now. John says he knows him from somewhere doesnt he? Stan tells John he knows him, they have a relationship. John says they dont, but Stan says they do now. We see flashbacks of Sami learning John was a junkie, and Sami being transformed into Stan. Stan ends up telling John whether he wants to admit it or not, hes the best thing thats happened to him in a long time. Stan tells John that he knows what its like to feel pain, a lot of pain, and he has just what John needs. We then see a flashback of Sami looking at a photo of Kate and saying she will pay for setting her up to be found in bed with Brandon. Sami finally says why didnt she think about going and having a blood test or something. She throws the photo in the fire. She then looks at a photo of John and thinks he should have forced that slut to tell the truth, after all she is his wifes daughter. Sami says how quickly he forgot his precious MArlena and started shacking up with Kate. She says her whole family hates her, and she throws all their photos in the fire and tells them to rot in hell. Back in real time, Stan shows John another bag of pills, and Brady walks up and asks what is going on here? 

At the castle, Marlena wakes up and stumbles around the room. She looks in the mirror and sees herself as an old woman. She screams and goes over to wake Roman, and hes bones! Roman wakes Marlena from her nightmare. MArlena tells him about her dream, and he says it was only a dream and they are still together. Marlena says no that is the worst part, he was dead in her dream. Marlena worries it might be a prophecy. Roman says no, they will escape or someone will find them. Marlena says no one is coming, and if they escaped a minion would be sent to find them. Marlena says she hates to say it but it is the truth. Marlena says Tony is pushing them together, he is reminding them of what they shared and showing them how Kate and John are getting closer. Roman thinks this is about her feeling guilty about growing closer to him. He says they have grown closer, but that doesnt mean they wont stop trying to get out of here. Roman says they will get home to their loved ones. Marlena says if they dont, what then? Roman convinces Marlena to lie down and get more rest. He says he is here and wont let anything happen to them. MArlena thanks God he is here. He says he is, and together they can fight anything. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and tells her to sleep tight. Roman thinks to himself MArlena may be right, they may never get out of here. He just wishes someone knew where they were.

Outside Jacks house, fake Jen flips her hair, and Jack thinks it is the real Jen and not the imposter. Fake Jen asks Jack what is going on, he is not dead and there was a woman inside who looked like her. They go back inside, and Jack goes to call the police. Fake Jen then holds a gun and tells him to hang up the phone. Jack says you, youre the imposter. Fake Jen wonders what tipped him off. He asks who she is and what she wants. Fake Jen says she is here to take care of business, and his wife almost got in the way. Jack screams for Jen, and outside real Jen hears him but thinks she is hearing things. Fake Jen tells him to shut up or shell shoot, and if he tries to run he is making a mistake. Back outside, real Jen swears she heard Jack calling her name, but she thinks she is losing it. Back inside, Fake Jen says he better pray Jen didnt hear him because the last thing either of them wants is for Jen to come back in. Jack says she is right and wonders why she is here, she must work for Tony. Fake Jen says she works for a lot of people. He asks how they did it, she looks just like Jen. Fake Jen says Count Dimera knows everything. Fake Jen rips off her mask and takes out a mouthpiece. She says that is much better. Jack feels like hes on Alias, but Fake Jen, aka Madison, says except she works for the bad guys. Madison the bad guys want him to go back to the chamber of horrors. Jack says no way, shell have to kill him first. She says that can be arranged, but Jack says shed never kill him, all the blood would be a dead give away, no pun intended. Jack then sees Jen outside, and Jen realizes she didnt leave a light on. Jack hopes Jen goes away, and Madison says this is about to get interesting. Jen prepares to go inside, but then remembers she may have left the light on for Abby. Jen leaves and Jack says that was close. Madison tells Jack now he knows what he has to do. Jack says he does. He knocks Madison out, takes her gun, and runs outside. He calls out to Jen, who is in her car. Jen hears him again and swears she heard Jack call her name again. Back inside, Madison begins to wake up, and unfortunately Jack comes back in and tries to call Jen on her cell. Madison gets up behind Jack, who is trying to call Jen. Jen finally answers her phone, but the connection is bad. Unfortunately, Madison knocks Jack out before he says anything. Madison tells Jen sorry, wrong number. Madison looks at Jack and says mission accomplished!


March 16, 2005
On the pier, Stan continues to pester John and tells him that he can see he's in a lot of pain, and he cares about John and can end his pain. He gives John another bag of drugs. BRady then walks up and asks what is going on here? John says nothing, and Brady asks who this guy is. Stan claims he worked with John in the ISA and just got back from Europe. He says he was just giving John his condolences. Stan walks off, and Brady asks his dad if that is true. John says it is. Brady asks his dad if he is down here trying to score more drugs, but John says no. John says he came to take a walk like he said. He explains to Brady that Kate is upset and is not home. He tells him about Phillip being MIA and Belle dropping the bomb that she still loves Shawn. Brady can't believe this. He suggests to his dad that they go find Nicole, who is also out here, and head home. John says no he'll be fine, and he assures Brady he's okay. Brady leaves to find Nicole, and John thinks he sees Marlena on the street. He tries to run after her, but collapses. John is miserable and ends up popping some of Stan's pills.

Meanwhile Nancy and Chloe are walking on the pier somewhere. They just attended a concert at Saint Lukes in which Clara sang. Nancy doesn't like this area and feels it is unsafe. She decides to call them a cab. She heads off to a payphone, and Nicole shows up. Nicole can't see a thing in the fog and ends up lost. She sees Chloe, whose face is bandaged and hid by a black hood. She asks Chloe if she knows where they are? Chloe says no. Nicole thinks her voice sounds familiar. Before she can see who it is, Nancy returns. Nancy asks what she is doing? Nicole says she was just asking for directions, and asks Nancy what she's doing here. Nancy explains Clara was singing tonight at Saint Lukes and she brought Clara's friend from the clinic. Nancy says Clara's friend is still self conscious about her looks and not ready to meet anyone. Nicole says she understands, and then claims she wants to do more to help out the clinic in Chloe's honor. Nancy tells Nicole that she may have Brady fooled, but she can't fool her. THe only thing she is helping herself to is Brady. Nancy says Nicole hasn't changed one bit. Nicole tells Nancy that people said she was a bitch when she first came to Salem and guess what, she still is! Chloe yells "Stop it!" and runs off. Nancy says "do you see what you've done now, you've upset my daughter!" Nicole asks "your daughter?" Nancy explains she was flustered and upset and what she meant was that girl is like a daughter to her. Brady shows up and asks if some thing is wrong? Nancy says yes, but it's nothing. Nancy says she can't talk and runs off. Nicole explains that Nancy picked a fight with her, but that isn't what matters. She says Nancy brought Clara's friend to a concert to hear her sing, and there is something about that girl . . . .

Meanwhile Stan, sees Chloe crying in an alley. He asks if she is okay. CHloe turns around and says she's fine thank you, and she walks off. Stan/Sami remembers when Nancy came back to Salem and she got off a plane with a woman dressed all in black. Stan smiles and says he can't believe it, Chloe Lane is alive!

At Jack's house, Jack calls Jen on her cell phone, but Madison ends up clobbering him and tying him up. Meanwhile, Jen is driving to Maggie's house and feels like Jack needs her. She says that is silly, Jack doesn't need her, he's not even alive. BAck at Jack's, Jack comes to and finds Madison all over him. She says he's so sexy and she enjoyed their night together, perhaps Tony will give her conjugal visits to the castle. Jack realizes Madison tied him up with a trick rope from Abby's old magic kit. He gets out, chokes Madison until she passes out, then ties her up with some real rope. Jack tries to call the cops, but is put on hold. He says this is ridiculous, he'll just go down to the station. Madison then tells him to freeze! She says for someone who spent so much time on a ship he ties a lousy knot! She holds the gun on him and swears if he takes a step she'll kill him.

Chelsea and Abby are working on a poster for Alice's 75th anniversary. Chelsea doesn't understand why Abby's family is celebrating this when her great grandfather is dead. Abby says it is romantic, and Chelsea says it's stupid. Abby tells her not to talk about her great grandparents that way, they had a special kind of love. Chelsea thinks that means they had really hot sex, which is what she's going to have with PAtrick. 

Outside the Horton house, Bonnie is smoking as she's upset about everything that's going on with Maggie and Mickey. Patrick shows up, and Bonnie asks what happened to him? He explains what happened at the Cheatin Heart, and Bonnie says he was slipped a roofie. She says she doesn't want to use her husband's name when referring to what happened to him. She asks if he has any idea who did this to him? He says no, and then Chelsea and Abby show up. Chelsea smiles at Patrick. 

In the Horton kitchen, Maggie talks to Julie about the situation with Mickey. Maggie is fed up and can't deal with being made a fool of anymore. Maggie says she has some pride. Julie can't believe Maggie is actually considering giving up. Maggie asks Julie not to mention it as she doesn't want to spoil the day, she doesn't want Alice to find out that she's considering leaving Mickey. Alice walks in and says too late! Alice talks to Maggie, and she tells her that her relationship with Mickey has been tested before. She says there was Neil Curtis and Don Craig. Maggie says Neil artificially inseminated her, and she only got involved with Don when Stefano made her think Mickey was dead. She says she never married any of them though. Alice convinces Maggie to stick it out a little while longer. A spying Bonnie overhears this and refuses to lose Mickey.

In the Horton living room, Doug talks to Mickey and tries to make him come to his senses. Mickey says he loves Maggie and always has, but Bonnie was there for him when he thought Maggie was gone, and now he loves her too. Mickey talks about the past and Don Craig and Neil Curtis as well. Doug says Maggie never married them, but Mickey says he married Bonnie. LAter, Maggie comes out and asks Mickey if they can talk. HE says later, but she says there is never time for them to talk. She says every time they try, Bonnie bursts in with an emergency. Suddenly, Bonnie swoops in and puts the song "Always" on and asks Mickey to dance. Mickey says this was his parents son. Bonnie says they aren't stealing it, they're just going to borrow it. As Bonnie gives Maggie a look, Maggie fights back and asks Patrick to dance! Julie says way to go Maggs! Doug and Julie then join them.

Meanwhile, Jen arrives at the party and is still missing Jack. Alice talks to her and says Jack will always be with her, and if she's feeling him near her then that probably means he is. Alice says Jack may be closer than she realizes it.


March 17, 2005
Stan is back at his place admiring himself in the mirror. He has a flashback of himself as Sami being transformed into Stan. Tony calls Sami/Stan up and tells her that he congratulates her on how wisely shes been spending her money, and on choosing such a well hidden hotel. Tony tells Stan/Sami that John wont be able to resist the drugs, and he hears she has seen Chloe. Stan/Sami says she will use Chloe to get back at Brady and Nicole. Tony tells her to get her priorities straight before getting her revenge. Sami/Stan knows who shes going after next, and Tony says he knows just how she can do it too. After the call, Stan/Sami wonders how this person knows so much about her, but shes having way too much fun to worry about it. Stan/Sami says if Tony wasnt dead then shed swear hes behind it.

At the hospital Billie is in tears over the fact that Georgias footprints are all smeared. She wonders who could do this to them and where Georgia is now. Bo says with the DiMeras involved Georgia could be anywhere. Billie says she will find her daughter tonight. Bo says no, she needs rest. He says in the morning he will take the hair sample to be tested. He says the lab will tell them everything they can about it. Bo says right now he has to get to Shawns place. Kate returns and asks to speak with Bo for a moment. Bo says hes on his way out, but she insists. As Billie cries to herself, Kate tells Bo how Billie has been pouring her heart and soul into this search for Georgia, how can he leave her now when she needs him the most. Bo says Shawn needs him right now. Kate says perhaps Shawn needs to make some mistakes and learn from them. She says Shawn has so much family that has coddled him his whole life, but Georgia has no one, shes been raised by strangers. Bo asks why she cant take her home, but she says shes made a commitment to John. She convinces Bo to take Billie home. 

Back at Bo and Hopes, Bo and Billie arrive home. Billie looks at the lock of hair in the bag and says they will find her, and when they do they will be a family: you, me and your dad! Billie then says Woah Billie, one day at a time. As Bo is about to leave to deal with Shawn, Stan calls Billie and tells her that he has a message from Georgia for her mommy! Bo listens in with Billie as Stan says her daughter misses her, and she thinks that her mom and dad abandoned her, that her mom ditched her so she could sell her body for drugs! Bo asks who this is! Stan says give the phone back to Billie or he hangs up! He gives the phone back to Billie, and Stan tells her that she has caused Georgias suffering because she wouldnt stop thinking about her need to have Bo in her bed. Billie asks who this is and why he is doing this to her? Stan/Sami remembers blaming Bo for her mothers death and that hed pay for it (Bo ordering the guards to shoot Marlena). Stan tells Billie shell never find her daughter and will go on missing her till the day she dies! Stan then hangs up on Billie and tells him/herself this is fun! Back at Bo and Hopes, Billie says that the man said their daughter is suffering and she asks Bo why this is happening to them? He holds her in his arms. Bo tells Billie that hell stay here with her in case that bastard calls back.

Lucas is at Maggies place talking with Jen and Alice. Jen asks how hes doing. He says hes glad to be here, and Alice says he is family and should be here. Lucas says hes been thinking about all the wonderful years she and Tom spent together, and he doesnt think hell ever have that or any anniversary to celebrate. Jen tells Lucas not to give up on love. She says she almost gave up on Jack, but they had a second and third chance. She says now they wont have a chance to celebrate another anniversary again. Lucas eventually leaves, and Alice hopes every one of their family members in heaven are watching over Phillip. Jen says if Jack was here hed go bring Phillip home and then hed write a Pulitzer prize winning story about it. Alice says it sounds like the others are having fun and she should go join them. Jen isnt in the mood, and she talks about how when she was home she swore she heard Jacks voice for some reason. She says for a moment she thought he was alive, and all she wants right now is for him to walk through the door. Suddenly Jack walks through the door! Of course its in Jens head, and she says she knows Jack isnt coming back. She says she knows shell never forget the love they shared, and Alice says no she wont. 

Lucas returns home and sees the news about Phillip on the TV. Kate drops by to check on him and let him know about Georgia. They talk, and Kate brings up Sami. Lucas says he doesnt know where she is or when shes coming back. He says he doesnt want to talk about Sami, he wants to talk about Phillip. Kate says she doesnt know where he is and neither do the marines. Lucas realizes Kate doesnt know, and he tells her to sit down. She asks what is wrong, does he know where Phillip is? Lucas tells his mom about the broadcast playing on TV, and Kate watches the video. Kate cant believe this is happening, and she wonders if Belle has seen this. Lucas says he doesnt know. Kate says she has to go be with her, she needs her right now. Lucas tells Kate to call him if she needs him. Later Lucas makes a call and learns that Will left a friends house without calling him first, and he isnt home yet. Lucas is worried as Will left almost an hour ago.

On the pier, Will runs into Stan/Sami. They look at one another, and Stan almost starts to cry. Will asks if he is okay? 

Hope drops by to see Belle and comfort her over what has happened. She thinks Shawn should be here, and she damns Jan for getting his motorcycle fixed. Belle says Jan has some kind of hold over Shawn. Hope says Shawn doesnt love Jan, he loves her. She wonders where Bo is, Shawn needs him and he should be here as well. Hope talks to Belle about what she is feeling, and she knows she still loves Shawn. Hope says she is worried about her right now as she has no one to support her. Belle says she married Phillip for better or worse, and this is as worse as it can get. Hope says she knows Phillip was here for her when Shawn wasnt. Belle cries about how Phillip held her together last summer and fell in love with her. Hope says she knows, but did Belle fall in love with him? She tells Belle to never take true love for granted when she finds it. Belle says she knows what Hope is trying to say, but she has to let Shawn go, it has to be over. Hope says she cant let her make that mistake. Belle blames herself for all of this, she says she betrayed Phillips love with another man. Hope says this is not her fault, and she didnt break her vows. Belle says there are other ways to break vows, she married him when she didnt love him. Belle says hes been unfaithful in her heart. She says she has given her heart to another man. Hope tells Belle that she is only lying to herself if she thinks she can deny the true love in her heart for Shawn. Belle lashes out and says love has only caused her pain and she hates love. Hope tells Belle about the problems she and Bo are having with Billie, but she knows nothing can come between them as they have a special kind of love. Hope says that love is like the kind Belle has with Shawn, and if Belle gives up that love then she will regret it for the rest of her life. She asks Belle if Phillip would want to be married to someone who doesnt love him. She tells Belle never to let go of a truly great love. Belle asks what about Phillip? Hope says if she stays with Phillip then three people will be miserable, and Phillip will eventually see the truth. Hope says she knows Belle is trying to do the right thing, but you cant create love out of guilt. Belle says maybe she can eventually fall in love with Phillip. Hope talks about how much Jen loves Jack and Alice loves Tom, and how theyd do anything to have one more day with them. Hope says if she thought she would lose Bo then nothing would keep her from being with him. Belle says she has given her something to think about, but right now shes exhausted. Hope tells her to go lay down and to listen to her heart. Belle leaves, and Kate walks in the apartment and has heard what Hope said to her. She asks Hope how she could tell her to betray her husband with Shawn! Kate says if Belle follows Hopes advice then shell be a selfish tramp just like Hope is!

At Jacks place, Madison holds a gun on Jack. Jack tries to reason with Madison to let him go, but she says no way! Jack tells her that she knows what he went through to get back here, what did he do to deserve this. Madison says life is not fair, if he is just finding that out then hes a bigger sucker than she thought. Jack says fine, good day. He begins to walk towards the door. Madison says has warned him, one more move and hes dead! Jack says if she shoots him then the whole neighborhood will show up and call the police. He says she has to be smarter than that. She says she doesnt have to be smart, shes a woman holding a gun. Still, Jack says she might miss, and he will escape and tell everyone the truth. Jack says hes leaving, and opens the front door. Standing there is Tony! He asks Jack why hes leaving so soon, didnt have a lovely evening with his wife? Jack runs, and finds Bart standing outside with a gun. Jack says there are way too many guns in this country, hell have to call his congress woman. Bart says this gun has silencer. Jack says he knows, but Bart doesnt have the guts to kill him. Tony says true, but he also has a gun. With three guns on Jack, Tony tells Jack to get back inside. They head back in, and Tony taunts him about having a good time tonight without his wife. Jack says he thought he was with his wife. Bart tells Jack to admit it, Tony is brilliant. Bart wonders how Tony always knows what Jack is planning before he does it. Tony says he knew Jack would come back to Salem to see Jen, and so he had Madison masquerade as Jen. Bart says lucky duck, Madison is hot. Tony says he likes his women authentic. Tony says he also knew Jennifer and Patrick would be at Alices party. Jack asks if that means Lockhart is still working for him? Tony says all he needs to know is that he wont let anyone interfere with his plan. Jack asks what plan he has this time? Tony says hed love to oblige him, but this is not the time or place. Jack grabs Tonys gun, and warns the others if they shoot him then hell involuntary shoot Tony! Its a standoff! Meanwhile, Jen returns and is right outside!


March 18, 2005

Kate shows up at Belles place and picks a fight with Hope over the talk she was having with Belle. Kate asks Hope how she could push Belle to be with Shawn when she is still married to her son. Kate says she just found out that her son is a hostage and she doesnt know if hes even alive. Hope says she is sorry. Kate tells her to save it, she doesnt need or want her fake sympathy. Hope tells Kate she is not pushing Belle to be unfaithful, this is about love not sex. Hope says she just told Belle to follow her heart. Kate says so her son means nothing now? Kate talks about how Phillip was there for Belle all summer and never made a move while there was a chance Shawn could come back. Kate says when Shawn did come back he was with Jan, so Phillip told Belle how he felt about her. She says Belle accepted Phillips love. Hope says that may be true, but the other truth is that Belle never stopped loving Shawn. Hope says there is nothing anyone can do to change that. Kate says she doesnt buy into this one true love thing, it may be true for Hope and Bo, or so Hope thinks, but she says it isnt true for Marlena, Roman, herself and countless others. Hope asks if she is implying its not true for Shawn and Belle. Kate says Shawn moved on with his life. Kate talks about how she thinks Shawn only came back because he couldnt stand to see Belle be with anyone but him. She says that Shawn should be in jail right now for everything hes done. Hope says she and Bo need to have a talk with Shawn, if Kate and Billie would ever give them a chance. Hope says bottom line, Shawn and Belle love one another and need to be together. Kate says shell tell her what true love is, Belle is married to Phillip and he truly loves her! Hope says Belle doesnt truly love Phillip, does she want Phillip to be with someone who doesnt love him? She asks Kate if she learned nothing from trying to push Billie and Bo together. Hope tells her that she has to let her kids live their own life. Kate starts hypothesizing about how if Shawn and Belle get together, and they are caught on film, Phillips captors could use that photo to torture him. Kate tells Hope that if Phillip is alive then the only thing keeping him alive is believing that Belle loves him. Hope says Phillip isnt the only one hurting; Belle is hurting now and has no one to support her. Hope says it is obvious that Belle and Shawn will eventually end up together. Kate asks Hope how she can destroy her sons (Phillip) life so Belle can be with her drunk of a son (Shawn). Hope says she wont excuse what Shawn did, but . . . Kate says but nothing, Hope has hurt her family enough already. Kate says she already is trying to stop Bo and Billie from finding their daughter. Hope says she has done no such thing, but Kate says shes too busy trying convince Bo that Georgia may not be alive. Hope says she is sick of being accused of wanting Georgia dead. She says she just wanted Billie to stop running off without proof as the last two times she did Billie almost got herself and Bo killed. Hope then realizes Kate is once again up to her old tricks trying to get Bo and Billie together. She tells Kate wonderful job at the hospital claiming she had to go check on John, yet she is here. Kate claims she did check on John and he wasnt home. Kate tells Hope if the situation was reversed Hope would not be acting this way. Kate tells Hope not to turn this around on her, as far as she is concerned Hope and her druggy son can go straight to hell! Kate then storms out of Belles loft.

At the Brady house, Billie is upset over the phone call. Bo says hell stay with her in case the person calls back. He also says this is just one of Dimeras sick games, there is no reason to believe Georgia is not okay. Billie asks if he can trace the call? Bo checks the caller ID but it says unknown. Bo calls the person a heartless bastard for doing this to them. He says they have to stay strong, the DiMeras are playing with them. Billie says but they know now that Georgia is alive, so they have to find her. Bo says they will, but they have to be careful, they have to learn from their mistakes. Bo asks if shell be okay if he heads off now to deal with Shawn, and she says she will. As Bo heads out he finds and envelope on the doorstep and it has a kids writing on the front that says Mommy. Billie thinks it is from Georgia, but Bo says not necessarily. She says then it is about Georgia. Bo gets some gloves from the kitchen so they can open the envelope without disturbing evidence. Inside is an audio cassette and some drawings. The drawings are all made by a child. They are all of a little girl and her mom and dad are Xd out in black crayon. Bo says they want them to think she is angry. Billie wants to listen to the tape. Bo says this is supposed to upset then, and she says she understands. Bo plays the tape, and on it is a little girl singing various songs. She sings One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes four, my mother Billie is a dirty whore! Five potato, six potato, seven potato eight, Billie wants me back but its years too late. She also sings Miss Billie had a baby, she thought that she was dead. She wants to get her back, but thats not all thats in her head. Miss Billie plans to use her baby to get Bo into bed! Bo stops the tape, and Billie cries this is just cruel. Later, Billie looks at the lock of hair and says this could be the only part of Georgia she ever has. Bo takes it and days hell put it someplace safe. Bo has to go check on Shawn now, and she says its okay. She says she knows the kind of man he is, and thats why shes glad he is Georgias father. Bo sees Billie looking at the liquor cabinet. Bo offers to move the booze someplace else, but she says she can get a drink anywhere if she is tempted, and she wont fall off the wagon. Bo leaves, and Billie looks at the liquor cabinet. Billie then looks at the drawings again and listens to the tape. A hand touches her shoulder, and Billie asks what they are doing here. Bo has returned and gives Billie a locket with Georgias hair in it. He tells her theyll find her and Dimeras tricks wont work. Billie thanks him for carrying about her and their little girl, and they hug. As they hug Hope walks in the door.

On the pier, Stan/Sami runs into Will. Stan looks at him and remembers when Will came home from camp. Will asks a teary Stan if he is okay? Stan says he is fine and asks what hes doing out this late at night. Will says he is walking home and hes a first degree black belt, so dont get any ideas. Stan says no your not, but Will says he is and he can shove his nose up into his brains. Stan says hes not going to mess with him. He thinks Will should get home as his mom might be worried. Will says who cares what his mom thinks, she doesnt care about him. Will says his mom ruined his family and then ran off without saying goodbye. Will says he lives with his dad now, and his dad is 68 and carries a gun! Lucas shows up and says not quite. Lucas asks Stan who he is and what hes doing with his son. Stan says he is doing nothing, and Lucas asks Will if that is true. Will says that he just bumped into this guy, nothing happened. Stan says he was just worried about him being out so late. Will says hes okay, and Stan introduces himself. Stan keeps having flashbacks of them as a family, this time when they were preparing for Wills school camping trip. Stan and Lucas shake, and Lucas tells Stan that he must work out, what a grip he has! Lucas asks Will why he didnt call him? Will says its hard to go home without mom, even though hes pissed at what she did. Lucas says they should get home. Lucas tells Will to get in the car, so Will leaves. Stan calls out to Lucas and and asks Mr. Roberts if they can talk for a minute. Lucas says sure. Lucas looks at Stan closely and says he knows him. Stan says they dont know one another, and he just has one of those familiar faces. Stan says he just wanted to tell him that he has a great son. Stan says Will reminds him of his son. Lucas asks how old he is, and Stan says about Wills age. Lucas suggests they get together sometime, but Stan says he lost his son. Stan says hes living with his mom now. Stan says he heard Will talking about his mother earlier and he knows Will is angry with her, but he knows his mother has to love him. Lucas asks why hes so interested in him and his son? Stan says like he said, Will just reminds him of his son. Lucas says Will is the most important thing in the world to him now, but he can be a handful as he takes after his mom. Lucas says she is a very complicated person. Lucas and Stan start talking about Sami. Lucas says she is stubborn, vindictive and impulsive, but deep down she has a great heart. Lucas says he thinks she is just afraid and feels like she has to protect herself from life. Lucas says shes had a bad life, but a lot of it she brought on herself. Lucas says they used to be best friends, then they hated one another, and finally he realized she was the one for him. Stan says it sounds like he still loves her, does he? Lucas says it doesnt matter how he feels, it was over before it started. Lucas says there is another man, her ex-husband. He says he found her in bed with this guy before their wedding, and she tried to blame everyone else. Lucas says hes glad he found out before the wedding, and he says its over between them. Lucas says she left town and he doesnt know where she is or care. Stan says so there is no hope, and Lucas says no. Will, who is in the car, honks the horn. Lucas says he needs to go, and he tells Stan he hopes things work out with his wife and son. Stan tells Lucas if his girl comes back to try and work things out. Lucas thinks it is pointless and walks off. Stan cries and remembers the good times with Lucas. Kate then runs into Stan and asks if he is okay. Stan says he is. Kate asks if she knows him? Stan yells no! Kate says sorry for trying to help. Kate walks off, and Stan vows to make Kate pay.

At Jacks place, Jack grabs Tonys gun and holds it on Tony. He tells the others if they shoot him then hell involuntarily shoot Tony. Jack wants to know why him and Jennifer, and if Patrick is still working for Tony. Tony wont answer and just talks circles. Jack assures Tony that he will shoot him, hell do whatever it takes to get his family back. Tony tells him to do it then, but it wont get him what he wants. Tony says in fact it will accomplish just the opposite. Tony says if Jack shoots him then Madison will shoot him. Tony says theyll also clean up the bodies, and while he might be gone, his loyal employees will continue executing his plans. Bart asks Tony how that will work, will the bank send them a check each month? Tony ignores Bart and says Jacks family will be raised by Patrick Lockhart, who will eventually end up in Jens bed. Jack says that is the best he can do? Madison says they are right outside! Jack turns around and yells Jen no! Bart grabs Jacks gun and forces him to the ground. Tony wonders where the car is. He hopes Madison came prepared, and she pulls out a hypodermic needle. Jack attempts to run for it, but they subdue him and inject him with a drug.

Outside, Patrick stops Jen from going inside and tells her not to go in. Jen says its late and shes tired, but he tells her not to go inside. He mentions something about the spring flowers blooming. Jen says Jack planted this when they first moved in, and we see a flashback of Jack planting a perennial out front of the house. Jen talks about how Jack believed their love kept this bush alive. Jen also tells Patrick she thinks if Jack got to know him that hed see what a wonderful man he is. Patrick tells Jen that he has a confession to make. Patrick says hes a little jealous of Jack. Jen asks how? HE says he had her love. Patrick says even if their marriage wasnt as long as she wanted it to be, they had a great love. Jen says she misses him, and shes going to go inside now. Jen then approaches her front door.

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