Monday March 21, 2005  
At Bo and Hopes, Bo tells Billie that they will find Georgia. She thanks him for being him, and for caring about her and their little girl. Bo says of course he cares and he holds her. Hope walks in and is not happy at all. Bo says she doesnt understand, but Hope says she thinks she does. Bo says Billie is just upset and he was reassuring her that they would find Georgia. Hope says so Billie needed him more than she and Shawn did. Hope says he should be looking for their son. Hope tells him that Jan got his bike fixed, so Shawn took off on his motorcycle again. Bo says hell make some calls, but Hope says if the police find him hell be put back in jail for driving on a suspended license. Bo says hell make some calls and his people will find him. Bo heads into the kitchen to make the calls, and Billie tells Hope that shes sorry Bo didnt catch up with her earlier. Hope says she doesnt think Billie is. Billie says it has been a long night, and several things happened tonight. Billie says she told Bo to go meet her several times, but he felt that she needed him here more. Billie tells her about the package that arrived, and the locket Bo gave her to cheer her hope. Hope talks about the interesting conversation she had with Kate tonight and it confirmed what she always thought, Billie wants to be a family with Georgia and Bo. Billie says all she wants is to find Georgia. Billie tells Hope that Shawn has been missing for what, an hour or two? Billie says Georgia has been missing her whole life and is probably a captive of the DiMeras. Billie says Shawn has so much family in this town, yet Bo is the only one Georgia can count on for help. Billie asks if she is supposed to deny Georgia that because Hope is afraid she might steal Bo from her. Hope asks Billie if shes going to deny it? Billie says shes sick of walking on eggshells around Hope because of her insecurity. Hope says Billie knows what kind of man Bo is, she knows hed drop everything to help her look for Georgia. Hope says its obvious she is still in love with Bo. Billie says she never denied that, and she also said she had no intention of breaking up her marriage. Billie says that she never asked Bo to help her. Bo returns and says he has people looking for Shawn, and Billie didnt ask him to stay here. He says Billie told him to go. Hope says so it was your decision to stay with Billie instead of help her look for their son? Hope tells Bo to make a choice, what is more important, Billie and Georgia or the boys and her. Bo says that isnt fair, he cant ask her to make that choice. Hope says Billie has asked him to choose for months, and hes chosen her and Georgia every time.

At the loft, Belle dreams about Phillip coming home to her. She hears Phillip call out Belle, Im home. She wakes up and asks Phillip where he is? At the end of her bead is a coffin! She goes to the coffin, which is obviously still a part of her dream as the room is filled with fog. Inside the coffin is a dead Phillip. Phillip looks at her and says I loved you with all my heart and soul. He tells her that he wanted to come back to her, but when she told him that she still loved Shawn then he had nothing left to live for. He asks why she told him that she loved him when it was all a lie. Belle then wakes up in her bed, or so she thinks. Another coffin is at the end of her bed, and this time Shawn is in it. Hope appears and tells Belle look what her denying her love has done to her son. Shawn tells Belle that he is here because of her, she killed their love and she killed him. Belle hears both Shawn and Phillip taunting her, and she eventually wakes up from her nightmare when her phone rings. It is Bo calling, and he asks if she has heard from Shawn. Belle says not since he left on his bike. He asks if she knows where he may be, and she says no. He says if she hears from Shawn to call him. Belle says she will. Belle then looks at her dresser and sees the I Love You heart that Shawn made and put on the snowman for her. She then realizes where Shawn is.

Shawn takes off on his bike and pulls over along the side of the road. Hes in the woods, its foggy, and he has a six pack of beer. He begins to drink and think about Belle. He has flashbacks of her pushing him away, and he says if Phillip doesnt make it back then hell never be with Belle. Belle finds Shawn, and he says he is here to be alone and think. Belle says his dad called and he and his mom are worried about him. Shawn asks if she told them where he was. Belle says no. Shawn asks why she decided to come up here. She says she is concerned about him, and he never used to drink when he came up here. Shawn says things have changed, now he drinks. She says she is worried about him, but he tells her not to be. He asks once again what she came up here to do? She says she came up here because she loves him. He says he loves her too, and its killing him that she is pushing him away. Shawn says he knows shes worried about Phillip, but nothing they do or dont do will bring him home. Belle says hes her husband. Shawn says they are the ones who love each other, and he pulls her into a kiss. She says they cant, but he says this is right. Belle says God help her and asks Shawn to make love to her! They begin to go at it on the ground.

John is on the pier and is in pain. He has the bag of pills that Stan gave him. He begs Marlena to help him get through this, and he wishes shed come back to him like he did years ago. He has a flashback of Marlena returning to him in her pink jumpsuit after escaping the island of St Christobal where Stefano had her in a coma. He then thinks he really sees Marlena show up and says you found me, and he pulls her into a kiss. It turns out it isnt Marlena though, its Kate! John says hes sorry, he thought she was Marlena. Kate says she gathered that. He says his mind is just playing tricks on him. Kate says she is worried about him, what is he doing here. He knows she thinks he is buying drugs. Kate says this is where Brady found him buying drugs last time. Kate says he swore to her that he wouldnt use drugs, and if he is lying then she will turn him over to the police. John cant believe she would do that to him knowing his family needs him. She says shed do it for his family, he needs help. John says he needs to get strong for Belle and for Phillip. Kate tells John about the video that has been released. John says at least she knows hes still alive, and theyll find him and bring him home. Kate asks then what, look at what is waiting for him when he does come home. Kate thinks if Roman and MArlena were here then everything would be different. Kate says she is glad they have each other, and she tells John that they should go home. 

John and Kate return to the penthouse. John decides to work on a plan to find Phillip, and Kate goes to make them coffee. John turns on the TV and sees the tape of Phillip playing. Kate returns, and John assures her that Phillip isnt dead. John says Phillip is useless to his captors if he is dead. He tells her to be strong. Kate tells John they should go to bed as it is late. She says theyll deal with this in the morning.

At the castle, Roman and Marlena are apparently chained together now. Roman tells Marlena not to give up hope because someone is bound to find them. He reminds her that she thought she saw Bo and Billie out there window. Marlena says it could have been a mistake. Roman says since then the guards have been more uptight. Roman thinks they may not be Tonys only prisoners, and if one escaped then hope could be on the way. Roman says they could soon be back with Kate and John. Marlena says it could be too late by then. Marlena says from what theyve seen it looks like John and Kate are falling in love. Roman says they dont know what is going on, they are only seeing what Tony wants them to see. Roman says those videos could be taken out of context. Roman refuses to believe John and Kate would forget them so easily. Marlena thinks hes giving her false hope, but Roman says it is real hope. He thinks when they return home that John and Kate will be overjoyed to see them, and theyll pick up their lives where they left off. Roman realizes its been awhile since Tony or Bart visited, and he thinks something or someone else has Tonys attention. Roman thinks perhaps someone is onto them. Marlena says if that is so then Tony will move them to a new location where they wont be found. Roman thinks that somehow, someway someone would find them. Marlena thinks him being an optimist is funny. She says when they were married if he even got the sniffles he thought it would turn into pneumonia. Roman says it would have if he didnt have her as a doctor. Roman assures Marlena they will get out of this, and hell be by her side. The TV comes back on, and they are shown Kate and John talking at the penthouse. John says he couldnt have gotten through this without her, and she says its late and they should go to bed. Marlena thinks Tony didnt splice that tape, and it is too late, theyve lost them. Marlena asks Roman to hold her, and he does. She cries and says dont let her go.

At Jacks, Jack is on the floor and has been drugged. He is conscious but cant move or speak. Bart talks to Tony on the phone, Tony has gone to get his car but a police car is cruising the area. Bart says hell guard Jack, theyll be just fine. Bart looks outside and sees Jacks wife and Patrick coming up the walk. Jack hopes Jen doesnt open the door, and she doesnt. Bart says that was a close call, and shell never know how close thanks to Lockhart. Bart tells Tony that so far Patrick is doing a damn good job of keeping her outside. 

Outside, Patrick continues to talk to Jen about Jack to keep her from going inside. As Jen approaches the door, she feels Jack is once again very close. Jen talks to Patrick about Jack and all the times they have shared. She begins to have flashbacks, and she remembers when Jack dressed as Santa proposed to her. She also remembers when Jack delivered Abby at the Horton cabin. Jen then remembers when she dressed up as Santa to propose to Jack. Jen tells Patrick that most people thought Jack was a dreamer, but she was her best friend and partner. She says she loved him and she should have told him those things more often. Back inside, Jack hears this and tries to make sounds to get Jens attention. Jen hears a bang come from inside and thinks someone is in her house. Patrick says that could have been anything. Jen says she needs to go in, but Patrick stops her. He says he was going to go eat something, why doesnt she come join him. She says that is sweet but it is late. Jen walks into her house and screams Jack!


March 22, 2005
Shorter than normal, typed after I saw the show. 
Out in the woods, Shawn tells Belle that nothing they do or don't do will bring Phillip back safe. He says they love one another, and they are right together. He kisses her and tells her to try and tell him this isn't right. She says God help her but they can't. He says he wants her, he wants them to make love tonight. They begin rolling around on the ground, and Shawn says they belong together. Belle sees her wedding ring and says no, she belongs to Phillip. She tells Shawn they can't do this, not while Phillip is away. He says Phillip could be held hostage for weeks, months, maybe even years. He asks if she wants to put their love on hold. She says she has to, she took vows. He says and when Phillip comes home what will she say, she doesn't know does she. He asks what if Phillip never comes home, what if he dies over there. She says don't say that, she couldn't live with that thought. Belle tells Shawn that if Phillip died she would never be able to move on with another man let alone him, the guilt would be too much. Shawn says it wouldn't be her fault, but she says she'll never know. She says she'll never know if Phillip volunteered for that mission because he found out about them. Shawn says they didn't betray Phillip. Belle says she was emotionally unfaithful to him. Shawn can't take this and says he's leaving. She says he's been driving, so let her drive him home. He says no, if he gets in that car with her then he won't be able to keep his hands off of her. He says he just needs to feel the wind on his face. Shawn tears off on his bike and Belle watches as he crashes. 

At Bo and Hope's, Bo tells Hope that it's not fair for her to make him chose between his children. Hope says it isn't fair, but he keeps choosing Billie over her, Shawn and Zack. Billie says that is not fair and that Bo kept trying to go be with her but evidence kept arriving. Hope says she's listening. Bo and Billie explain about the phone call as well as the package. Hope sees the drawings and listens to the tape. She says that is cruel and heartless, and she feels for them. However, she still says that Billie's life was in no real danger. She says Bo chose to stay and hold Billie's hand instead of helping her with their son. Bo says that is not true and it's not fair for her to expect him to choose. Hope says if it comes down to trying to help their son or holding Billie's hand, then she expects him to let Billie cry her damn eyes out. Hope says Billie has tons of family in town to support her, but Shawn only has one father. Billie refuses to listen to this anymore and says she is leaving. Hope says good idea, go! Billie storms off, and Bo if furious with Hope. He says now he has to go after Billie to make sure she doesn't drink. Hope tells him that Billie is a grown woman! Bo says so is Shawn, Shawn is a grown man now and doesn't need or want his mommy and daddy helping him. Bo says the last few times he tried to talk to Shawn, Shawn didn't want to listen to him. Hope says that is because Shawn doesn't think he cares about him. Bo says that isn't true, and she says he also hasn't spent more than five minutes with Zack since Billie came back to town. Again, Bo says that isn't true. Bo says he's tired of having this conversation with her. She says they wouldn't keep having it if he wouldn't keep choosing Billie over them. Bo says this isn't about Billie, this is about his life. He says Georgia is his daughter too. Hope wishes they'd just hire a PI to help with the search, but Bo says Billie won't allow it. He says she wants to be there when they find Georgia. Hope says so let her be there. Hope is just afraid something bad has happened to Shawn. Bo says he has his people on it. Hope waves her hands and says "yeah, your people." She tells Bo that he better pray Shawn is okay because if he's not, that's it, they are over.

On the pier, Billie thinks about the tapes of Georgia singing that were sent to her. She then hears a voice call out "Mommy." She thinks she's hearing things, but then the voice says "Mommy why won't you come find me."

At the penthouse, Kate and John return, and John gets to work on the PC trying to locate Phillip. When Kate leaves the room he shoots up. He claims he needs it to find Phillip, and he'll kick the habit tomorrow. Kate returns, and John hasn't had any luck yet. John ends up saying it's so hot in here, so Kate takes his coat. She then finds his drugs and is furious with him. She says she's turning him in, but he grabs the phone from her and smashes it with his cane. He tells Kate he needs the drugs to find Phillip, he needs them to be strong. He says he'll go cold turkey tomorrow. She can't believe he is rationalizing this habit. She says she is going to flush the drugs, and he tells her that would be the worst mistake she ever made. John says if she flushes the drugs then she's signing Phillip's death warrant!

At Jack's place, Bart has Jack propped up against the door. He says they have to get Jack out of here before the wife comes in. HE says Jack is too heavy to carry, so he drags Jack out the back. Meanwhile, Jen tells Patrick it's late and she has to go in to bed. She heads inside and screams "It's Jack, he's alive!" Patrick looks around and sees nothing. She says she feels his presence, he is so close. She says they always had a special connection. Jen runs upstairs to look for Jack, and Patrick looks in the kitchen. Later they meet in the living room, there is no sign of him. Jen sits down and picks up a magazine. She says Jack was here and this is proof. She says the pages of articles have been dog-eared, and Jack always did this. He says many people do that, perhaps it was Abby. Jen says no, these are articles Jack would read, and this is a brand new magazine. Patrick says for arguments sake if Jack was alive and did come home, where is he now? Why didn't he call her? She realizes of course he is right. Patrick says he thinks her mind has been on Jack all night and her mind is playing tricks on her. She says that could be it. Jen wonders why Abby isn't home, so Patrick offers to go out and look for Abby. Patrick leaves, and Jen tells herself that if Jack was here he would have called, he wouldn't have just left.

In the DiMera limo, Bart tells Jack that was a close call. He ties Jack's hands up as Jack is coming out of the drugs. Jack wants to know if Patrick is working for the DiMeras. Bart says Tony has never told him and he honestly doesn't know. Jack then remembers dog-earring the pages in the magazine and thinks if Jen sees it she'll figure out he is alive. Jack works to free his hands from the ropes, which he eventually does right as they arrive at the airport. Jack tries to flee, but Bart pulls a gun on him. Bart tells Jack nice try, but he's getting on that plane and they are all going back to the DiMera castle.


March 23, 2005

At the penthouse, John asks Kate how much she cares about Phillip? Kate says he is her son and she loves him. John says if she trashes the drugs then she is signing Phillips death warrant. John says either she turns him over to the cops, or she gives him the drugs so he can help Phillip. John says if he wants her to help him then give him the damn drugs! She cries, and John says hes just telling her the way it is, who else does she know who works for the ISA and also worked for Stefano. John says the people who took Phillip are trained killers, and he was one once too. John says that makes him the only man who can find Phillip, and he cant do that when hes going through withdrawals. John says he could barely sit at the PC and type. He tells Kate to give him the drugs, let him do this for her, Phillip and Belle. Kate holds onto the drugs, and John tries to get her to loosen her grip. John tells her that some people would argue that they have lost so much in their lives already that their lives arent worth living. John talks about how Marlena and Roman were their worlds. He says all they have left is each other and their kids, so they are wasting time arguing over these damn drugs. Kate says but if her children lose him because of the drugs, what then. He says he knows what he can handle, he wont overdo it. John says hes going to take a shower and get cleaned up, so she should think about it while hes gone. John heads upstairs, and Kate thinks this is her punishment for working for Stefano. She also says this is one problem she cant blame on Sami Brady. Kate wonders what to do, should she give John the drugs to save Phillips life? Kate ends up taking the drugs and leaves. Later John comes downstairs, hes showered and shaved now. He asks Katherine what it will be. He soon realizes shes gone and becomes upset. He screams Damn you woman! and swings his cane around shattering vases. He then collapses in pain. He cries out Kate I need you!

Stan is on the pier hiding behind some crates. We see a flashback of him looking at a bunch of pictures of people in Salem that hes hung up on his mirror. Some of them have already been Xd out. Meanwhile, Billie hears Georgia calling out to her Mommy why wont you come and save me? Billie ends up finding a talking baby doll amongst the crates on the pier, and she wonders who did this to her. She yells Come out you sick bastard! Behind one of the crates is a hiding Stan. Stan is saved from being caught by Patrick, who has shown up. He frightens Billie, and she asks what he is doing here? Patrick says he is looking for Abby, shes out late again and Jen is worried. Patrick then asks why Billie has a doll, is she okay? Billie says she heard a little girls voice and it turned out to be the doll. Patrick looks at it and the sweater says Georgia. He says creepy. She tells him about the voice she heard, and she says shes starting to think everything that has been happening has just been a bunch of tricks to set her up. Patrick tells Billie that she shouldnt be out here late at night, but Billie says she is a cop and can take care of herself. Billie tells Patrick about the phone call she got earlier. Billie says she knows Stefano and Tony are dead, but their organization is still going on and she doesnt understand why they are doing this to her. She asks Patrick if he knows anything about them given he worked for the Dimeras? Patrick says he doesnt. Billie says Bo doesnt trust him, but she does. He offers to help her, so he asks for what she knows about this person. Patrick says it could be someone they know, and if so, they are working undercover for the Dimeras. Billie says then they are taking great pleasure in her suffering. Meanwhile, Stan/Sami continues to remember plotting against Kate, Billie, Georgia, her sister and her druggy boyfriend Shawn. Stan/Sami says if she cant live happily ever after with Lucas, at least she can live for revenge. Stan/Sami tells herself if Billies life is destroyed then she deserves it for being Kates daughter. We see more flashbacks of Sami burning the photos of Kate, John and her other family members. Stan says Kates whole family is going down, every last one of them. We then see flashbacks of Stan on the phone with Tony receiving orders. Stan said whoever this guy is he is a genius and knows how to ruin everyones lives. We see a flashback of Stan getting a delivery at his hotel, a box of things to use against Billie. Stan said whoever was doing this was the evil genius of all time. Back on the pier in real time, Billie wonder if this is really Georgias doll, and if so her hair could be on it. She says she should have it tested. Patrick says hes like to help her, but he doesnt think Bo wants his help. Billie says there is something she has to tell him. Billie says her mom has been doing some underhanded things to try and get her together with Bo, no matter how many times she tells her mom she doesnt want to break up Bo and Hopes marriage. However, Billie says when she fantasizes about finding Georgia, Bo is with her. Patrick says that is just natural as they are looking for her together. Billie says no, its more, she dreams about being a family with Georgia and Bo. She says she is lying to her mom, to Bo, and to Hope. She says for the first time in years shes being honest with herself, she wants to be with Bo now more than ever. The doll keeps talking, this time it says Mommy hates me, why did mommy abandon me! She screams stop and shakes the doll. Stan/Sami is loving this but says she cant let Billie get close to Patrick as she has to wreck Bo and Hopes marriage. Patrick then hears something and wonders what it was. He decides to go investigate. Stan realizes he/she is in trouble and about to be found out.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope tells Bo that if anything happens to Shawn tonight then they are through. Bo says if Shawn wouldnt listen to her then he wouldnt listen to him. Bo tells Hope that he is probably just blowing off steam. He says Georgia and Shawn are both in trouble, but that doesnt mean they have to be. He says there is no reason they wont make it through this, they have made it through far worse. Hope agrees, but now he is choosing Billie over her, hes letting Billie come between them. Bo thinks Hope is the one letting Billie come between them. Hope says no he is by always putting her needs above everyone elses. Hope says she meant what she said, if anything happens to Shawn then she wont forgive him. She also says she couldnt stay married to a man who hurt his family. Bo cant believe shes decided to end this marriage if something happens to Shawn, she is putting the future of their family on something terrible that might happen to Shawn. Bo says God forbid something happened to Shawn, but how much worse would it be if they couldnt support him together. Hope tells Bo they are all responsible for their choices, even him. She asks him what if she told him tonight that she would leave him if he didnt come with her to find Shawn. Bo says he wouldnt have believed her and he doesnt believe her now. Hope says she is at the end of her wits trying to understand his always putting Billies needs first. She says he needs to be there for his boys. Bo asks what if the situations were reversed, what if Shawn or Zack were missing? Hope says the situations are nothing a like, for starters hes not married to Billie. Hope says she also doesnt buy Billies innocent act, and she thinks Billie would like nothing more to destroy their marriage. Hope says now Billie is living under their roof and monopolizing every conversation of theirs. Hope informs Bo what happened with Shawn tonight, and how Kate manipulated her and him tonight by separating them so he could be with Billie. Bo says its not Kate or Billies fault . . . Hope says stop defending them. She thinks she cant count on him anymore. He says that isnt true and goes upstairs. Hope asks where hes going, but he doesnt answer. She picks up the phone and makes a call trying to find Shawn. Bo comes downstairs with a box. He says nobody has heard anything about Shawn yet. Hope wants to go to the hospital. He says there is no use doing that yet, and she is just projecting the worst about Shawn because shes angry with him (Bo). Bo says Shawns life is getting back to normal, hes gotten rid of Jan and hes talking to Belle again. Bo says these are all good things. Bo says he was saving this for Easter, but she needs it now. He hands her the box, a present, that he brought downstairs with him. Hope says another gift wont make everything okay. He asks her to just open it. Hope opens the box and its a photo cube of them and their family. Bo talks about how when they met he was an angry and confused man, but she turned him into a darn good guy and father. He says her love brings out the best in him, and they kiss. Bo says hell always be here for her and the boys. Hope says she knows he means those words, but shes afraid this time their love isnt strong enough to hold them this family together. Hope says they have failed their son, and they could fail Zack if things dont change. She says their sons need to know they can come to him with their problems, that he will be there for them. Bo says if he has failed them in any way like she says he has, then he will change unless it means sacrificing his daughter. Bo says he wont turn his back on Georgia and say its too late to be a father to her. He says he cant ignore Georgia, she could be suffering. Hope says but he is ignoring Shawn. Bo says hes not, he has people looking for Shawn, and when he is found Bo says he will keep this quiet. He says hes thinking about his future. Hope says it may be too late. He says for who, for Shawn or for them? She tells Hope that she warned him what putting their family on hold for Billie and Georgia would do. Suddenly Bo gets a call from an officer. The officer says Shawns bike has been found, its been in a wreck, but Shawn is nowhere to be found.

Out in the woods, Belle watches as Shawn takes off on his bike and crashes. Belle runs after Shawn and finds him unconscious on the ground. Belle decides to call and ambulance, but shes getting no signal on her cell phone. Shawn comes to, and Belle says they need to get him to a hospital. He says no and hes fine. Shawn then passes back out. He comes too again, and he swears hes okay. He can move his legs and has no broken bones. She says he could have a concussion, he needs to be checked out. Shawn tells her no way. She asks what is wrong with him, does he want to die? She says let her take him to the hospital, but he says no because LExie will go to his parents, and his mom is worried as is. He also says hes driving with a suspended license and has been drinking. He says as soon as he got out of the hospital hed be sent to jail, his fate would be sealed. Belle says his parents will still find out about the accident, they always find out. Shawn says they havent found out yet. Belle helps Shawn up and back to her car. As she is driving Shawn home he passes out and stops responding to Belle, who worries. 


March 24, 2005
This is a really short summary. I had a bad migraine and honestly only paid a little attention to what was going on today.
At Abe and Lexies, Abe (who now has a bear) brings tea out to Lexie. She offers to take the tray from him, but he insists on doing this. He says he wants to pamper his wife, whose had a hard day at work, while he still can. He says soon his eyesight will be totally lost to him. Kate soon shows up to talk to Lexie, so Abe leaves them to talk. Lexie asks what is wrong, and Kate fills her in on Johns drug problem and how hes blackmailing her. Lexie thinks Kate should turn John in, he needs help not a fix. Abe walks in and is stunned to learn John is a junky, but he is sympathetic. He tells Lexie and Kate they arent going to turn him in. He says both him and John were hurt badly on that island, and if there was a drug, even an illegal one, that could restore his sight then hed take it.

At the penthouse, John goes berserk when he realizes Kate is gone and starts to tear the place up in search of the drugs. He finally realizes she left with the drugs. Kate later returns and finds the place a mess. He tells her the ISA called and Shane has no clue where Phillip may be. He says Shane asked him to lead the investigation. John says hes her only hope, so what is she going to do.

Bo and Hope arrive at the scene of the crash, and Hope is furious with Bo. She says she meant it, if anything has happened to Shawn then they are over. The officer there says that theyve found some beer bottles, so it seems Shawn was drinking. He also says an eye witness reported Shawn got on his bike and drove it into a tree as if he was trying to commit suicide. Hope is devastated and they wonder where Shawn is. Later another witness informs them Shawn got up from the crash and was helped into a car by a young lady. Hope and Bo think it is Belle, so they decide to go to the loft. Bo thanks the officer, and they agree to keep this quiet so Shawn wont get into any more trouble. 

Belle is driving Shawn home and he is going in and out of consciousness. She wants to take him to the hospital, but he refuses. They arrive at the loft and Belle says if hes not going to go to the hospital then he needs to rest. He says only if she sleeps with him. She says she cant do that, shes married, its not right. He convinces her to at least stay with him until he falls asleep. They kiss and cuddle, and eventually both fall asleep. Bo and Hope arrive at the loft, Hope had a spare key. They find Shawn and Belle asleep and spooning. Hope says they are so perfect and right together. Bo says just like them, and their love will endure like theirs has. Hope says shes no longer sure. She says Billie has invaded their lives, and she doesnt think their love will be the same again.

On the pier, Billie and Patrick hear something, and Patrick goes searching for the source. He thinks it could be the person who left the doll. HE ends up chasing Stan into a back alley. Stan hides in a dumpster, and Patrick gets a call. Hes warned to stop looking for Stan or the people he loves will be hurt. Patrick gives up the search and returns to Billie. They talk, and Billie tells Patrick that Bo will think he was behind all of this. She says Bo doesnt like that she spends time with him. Patrick asks if Bo is jealous of him? Billie says Bo will suspect him, but Patrick isnt worried.

Rex and Mimi are on the pier, and Mimi tells Rex that they need to talk. She says he proposed before they knew she couldnt have kids. She says he deservers a family of his own to love, so she will understand if he wants to back out of marrying her. Rex refuses to back out, and later excuses himself to get them some ice cream. Stan swoops in and tells Mimi its a shame she cant have kids, but then again, that is her fault. Mimi asks who he is? Stan tells Mimi he knows what she did, and she and Rex are doomed. 


March 25, 2005

At Jens place, Jen is waiting up to scold Abby when she comes home. Patrick and Billie return, and Patrick says he didnt find Abby. They do show Jen the baby doll that they did fine. They tell her about the doll and make her talk for Jen. Jen says this is horrible and she asks if she knows who did this? Billie thinks it was Tony Dimera. The doll wont shut up, so Patrick takes it outside to dispose of it. Outside, Patrick calls someone and says its Lockhart and he needs to know what their plans for Billie Reed are. They wont tell him anything and hang up on him. Patrick goes back inside, and Billie is telling Jen if the Dimera Organization is going through this much trouble to make her life hell, what are they doing to everyone else? Jen worries about Abby, and Patrick says Abby has just missed her curfew as usual. Billie also says she didnt mean to worry her and she doesnt think theyd do anything to Abby. Patrick says hell go back out and find her this time. Jen thanks him and tells Billie how great Patrick is. Billie says if she didnt know any better then shed say Jen had feelings for Patrick. Jen says she is not ready to move on, and she may never be able to. Jen tells Billie that tonight she was so positive that Jack was here. Billie says Jack was the love of her life and will always be with her. Jen says just like Bo is the love of her life. Billie says she doesnt want to talk about this, and she says Bo is with Hope, end of story. Jen says they share a child so not end of story. Jen asks Billie if in the end Georgia isnt alive, will she be able to let Bo go? Billie says Georgia isnt dead, and she shows Jen the lock of hair they had tested. Jen says it could be a trick, but Billie says her gut and science tell her that Georgia is alive. She asks Jen if she knew if Jack was alive could she let go of him? Jen says no, but now are they talking about her daughter or Bo?

On the pier, Stan tells Mimi that her marriage to Rex is doomed before it starts. He says she had an abortion and lied to her boyfriend. Stan says she also sinned against God. He says if she doesnt tell Rex then shell lose him forever. Mimi thinks Jan Brady Spears put Stan up to this and decides to make her pay. She goes to call Jan, but Stan stops her. He says Mimi cant marry into the Bradys, they are a good family. HE says Shawn would have a heart attack to know she had an abortion. Mimi says the Bradys have made mistakes, and she says Sami Brady is a walking disaster. Mimi says Sami is a selfish greedy whore! Stan fumes! Stan says this isnt about Sami, its about what she has done. Mimi asks who he is? He says her conscience, and if she wont tell Rex what she did, then he will. Stan leaves, and Rex returns and asks what happened, did that man upset her? Mimi says she doesnt know who he was, but he said horrible things.

Elsewhere on the pier, Rex runs into Abby and wonders why she is out so late. Chelsea shows up, dressed in some fur coat and looking like a hooker, and says Abby is with her. When Rex sees Chelsea he drops his ice cream. Rex asks Abby if her mom knows she is out this late. Chelsea says of course, they are going clubbing. Abby gives money to Rex for the ice cream he dropped when he saw Chelsea. Rex catches a glimpse of her fake ID and asks what she is doing it? Abby claims it isnt hers, she is holding it for someone. Abby and Chelsea walk off, and Abby is nervous about Rex catching her with the fake ID. Chelsea tells her not to worry about it. Eventually Patrick shows up looking for Abby. Chelsea hides as her make-up is a mess and she doesnt want her man seeing her like this. Patrick knows Chelsea is out here with Abby, and he thinks Chelsea put Abby up to this. Abby denies that and says it was her plan to go clubbing, but Patrick doesnt believe her.

Meanwhile, Stan runs into Chelsea and she tells him to stay away or shell scream. Stan remembers being ordered to use Chelsea to get to Patrick. Stan tells Chelsea that he knows what she wants and he can help her get Patrick.

At the castle, Jack is brought back and he vows to escape again and get back to Salem and his real wife. Tony says such a mouth for someone with no more cards to play. Jack says he will escape and the Pheonix wont rise again. Tony tells Jack that he wont be able to make good on that threat as hell be dead. Jack says Tony has threatened to kill him so many times that he might as well be asking him to dance. Jack says hes not afraid anymore, and he tells Tony no matter what he does, he cant take the place of the power of love. Tony says hes such a romantic fool. Jack says it is a shame Tony never really experienced the power of love. Tony says he has, but Jack says he hasnt. Jack says Tony may have loved Renee, Anna and even Kristen, but they never really loved him back. Jack tells Tony that when Tony dies he will die alone. Bart says no he wont, hell be there. Jack says not unless Tony kills him first. Tony tells Bart to take Jack back to his room. Jack says first there is something hed like to do, and he decks Tony. Tony goes down and is out for the count. Bart says Tony wont be happy with him. Jack punches a guard and then runs for it. Bart calls the guards and says Jack has escaped and to sound the alarm. Tony comes to and says find Jack alive now! 

Roman is watching Marlena sleep. She is having a nightmare of returning home to John, who is making love to Kate. Roman comforts her and is convinced that Tony just edited that film to make it look like they are having sex. Marlena says what if it is true, what if they have gotten close? Roman says then theyll deal with it when they get home. He says the best thing right now is to ignore Tonys mind games, and find a way out of here. Roman says he thinks he knows just how to do that. Roman has found a book about castle architecture and it says most castles were built with secret escape routes. She looks at the book and in the back finds an old map in it. Roman says it is a map of the castle. Suddenly an alarm goes off, and Jack knocks on the door. Jack, Roman and Marlena talk through the door, they are thrilled Jack is alive. Jack has a key and unlocks the door. Marlena thinks they are being rescued and are finally going home. Jack opens the door and gives Marlena and Roman big hugs. Roman hopes Jack brought an army with him, but Jack says it is just him. He says hes been a prisoner too. Roman asks how he got out? Jack explains how he escaped once and made it back to Salem, but Tony caught him. He explains the whole story to them. Jack also says Cassie is alive and here, and hes afraid Patrick is still working for the DiMeras and keeping tabs on their loved ones. Roman says he knew it! Before they can escape, Tony returns with his guards and says they arent going anywhere. Tony has Jack taken off, and then takes the map from MArlena. He says its a shame they wont be able to use this. Marlena begs Tony to let them go, but he says after what Jack just pulled they can all stay here and rot! Marlene ends up sobbing into Romans arms. Meanwhile, Jack is thrown back in his room and has a vision of Jen. He says hell do everything he can to come back to her.

At the penthouse, John asks Kate to do the right thing and give him the drugs. Kate cant believe he is making her make this choice. John says he cant focus without the drugs, so he asks what it is going to be? Kate throws the drugs off the balcony and says she will not barter drugs for Phillips life. Kate says Phillip would not want her to give him the drugs. John says without those drugs he cant find Phillip, he cant calm his nerves enough to concentrate. He tells Kate that when Phillip comes home with a nice flag draped over his coffin to blame herself as shes a lousy mother! Kate slaps John and calls him a bastard. John tells her that shes out of control and to get out of his house. Kate says she wants to help him, but she also wants him to help Phillip. John says she didnt help him, and he doesnt need her help anyways. John tells her to get out and throws things around. Kate goes upstairs to get her things, and John falls on the ground due to his pain. He then sees a few pills on the ground that fell out of the bag and crawls over to get then. He takes the pills. Later John gets up and finds Kate about to leave. She says shell send for the rest of her things later. John asks her not to go, but she says she cant stay anymore. He says hell help Phillip, and shes been right about the drugs. He says she was right to throw the drugs away, Marlena would have done the same. He also apologizes for what he said to her. Kate says MArlena would know what to do, but she doesnt. Kate says John needs more help then she can give him. John says she has helped him more than she knows, she helped him get the only comfortable nights sleep hes had. He says he is sorry and he is the one who has been selfish. He says he wants to help her. Kate says she doesnt think she can do this anymore, its not just about him. She says if something happened to him then she wouldnt forgive herself. John says she is the only one he trusts, no one else can help him. He says dont you know how deeply I feel about you? She says she does know. They end up sharing a kiss. Kate begins to take off her clothes, and she and John get down to business. 

Back at the castle, Marlena breaks down and tells Roman that they arent going home. Roman says he wishes he could promise her that they were. Suddenly the TV comes on and they see John and Kates love fest. Marlena says this is no trick, this is her worst nightmare come true. Marlena says that John and Kate have moved on. Marlena tells Roman that she thinks that they can find a way to be happy John and Kate are together, the same as John and Kate would be happy if they are together. Roman and Marlena kiss, and we see both couples doing the horizontal mambo at the same time. 

Tony tells Bart that it took time and a lot of planning, but he finally has everyone where he wants them.

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