March 28, 2005 
On the pier, Chelsea is uneasy about Stans presence. Stan tells Chelsea to relax, he wont hurt her. Chelsea asks how he knows who she is? Samis voice says Because Im really Sami Brady you moron! Stan says he knows a lot about her, and he knows she wants Patrick Lockhart. Stan says he can tell her how to get Patrick, if shes interested. Chelsea asks what hed know about getting a guy like Patrick? Stan asks if she wants him or not, and Chelsea says she wants Patrick. Chelsea says so give her the 411 on getting Patrick. Stan says she cant be too impulsive here and rush into things. Stan asks if Patrick knows she wants him, but Chelsea says no. Stan suggests she not let Patrick know she is into him just yet, wait until the time is right. Stan says there is competition in involved for Patrick. Stan says Jen, Hope and Billie are her competition. Stan wonders out loud which is her biggest rival though? Stan says Hope is still married to that jerk Bo Diddly, and Jen is still grieving for her dead husband. Stan says that leaves Billie Reed, so she should focus on Billie. Chelsea says why would he want anything to do with her? Chelsea says Billie has a daughter her age, she is so old. Stan says maybe Patrick just likes kids. Chelsea says well she doesnt have a kid. Stan says she is young though, beautiful and determined. Chelsea asks what she should do? Stan says keep Billie away from Patrick. Chelsea asks how? Stan says thats why she has him as hes a master at keeping couples apart, once she gets Billie away from Patrick then she makes her move and lures Patrick into her bed. Chelsea says so how does she get Patrick into bed? Stan says he knew a girl who drugged a guy to do it. Chelsea says she already tried that, and describes what happened. Stan says wow, she has nerve and Sami would be proud of her. Chelsea asks who? Stan says Sami Brady, she should be a role model for her. Chelsea says isnt she the girl who got caught in bed with her ex? Stan says that was not Samis fault, she was set up and will make all her enemies pay. Chelsea asks if Sami is his best friend or something? Stan says pretty much his only friend. Chelsea says dont have a cow. Chelsea says if she needs more help later on how does she get in touch with him? He says not to worry, just remember step one, get rid of the competition: Billie Reed. 

Also on the pier Patrick is talking to Abby, he says hes taking her home. Abby says she was only going to a club for teens, and there is no point in going on her own anyways. Patrick says she is out very late and her mom is worried, so why hasnt she called? Abby says she just wanted a little independence. Patrick says tonight she was irresponsible. Abby tells Patrick that hes just like everyone else, why cant people stop treating her like a baby? Patrick says he is concerned with her mother right now, she has her hands full with her brother and Jen cant be worried about her too. Abby tells Patrick not to lecture her, he is not her father. Patrick says hes not, but speaking of her father, he wouldnt want her acting this way. Patrick says Abbys mom means a lot to him, she has been good to him and he wants to be a good friend to her. Abby asks and just how good of a friend do you want to be? Patrick says Jen is a good friend that is all. Patrick wonders what is up with Abby, they used to be good buddies when he first moved in. He asks what changed; did he do something to her? Abby says no and she still likes him. Abby talks about how when her dad didnt come home from the island it was the worst thing to happen to her. She says having Patrick around helped, she felt safe and protected even if he does have a shady past. Abby says while she, Billie, her mom and Hope believe in him; John, Abe and Bo dont. Abby then finds it odd that only the male half in Salem dont believe in him. Patrick says that is the difference between men and women, women are more likely to give the benefit of doubt. Patrick says Tony was blackmailing him, and that is why he was working for him. Abby asks what he was blackmailing him about? Patrick says he doesnt want to get into that. Patrick suggests Abby lighten up on her mom. Patrick says Jen is a wonderful and caring person. Abby once again thinks Patrick is interested in her mom. He says even if he was, would that be a horrible thing? She says yes because her dad is coming back to them. Patrick says that isnt possible as hes gone. Abby says she cant believe her father is dead, she saw his body before but he wasnt dead then. Patrick says she knows how much she loved her dad, but hes gone. Abby says her father is alive, so Patrick cant get involved with her mom. Patrick says he doesnt want to hurt her because she and her brother have come to mean a lot to him. Abby says if that is true, if he wants them to be friends then stay away from her mom. Abby wants him to promise to stay away from her. Patrick swears he will. Patrick says now that is settled they better get her home. They then head off.

At Jens, Jen asks Billie when she says shes not giving up is she talking about Georgia or Bo? Billie says for the last time she is not trying to take Bo from Hope, she knows Bo belongs with Hope. Billie says when they got back from the island she was set to leave town when Bo stopped her with the news about Georgia. Jen says yes, and then they started searching for Georgia and Bo gave all his attention to her instead of Hope and his sons. Jen says Shawn is in trouble and needs Bo now. Billie says shes sorry about Shawn, but she needs Bos help too. Jen says other people can help her look for Georgia, but Billie says Bo is her father. Jen says that is just it, she has gotten so used to having Bo around, and the idea of being a family with Bo and Georgia has probably become a cozy little idea to her. She says of course that idea has occurred to her, but she knows she cant have it because Bo belongs with Hope. Billie thinks Hope has Jen convinced that she is after Bo. Billie says she is leaving; she has other things to deal with. Jen stops her and says she is not taking any sides here, they all want Georgia to be found. Jen tells Billie to stay. Billie says she doesnt want to cause friction for her and her family. Jen says shes not, and Patrick cares for her and would want her to stay. Jen also says if Jack was here then hed insist she stay. Billie says okay, shell stay. Billie sees a photo album lying out, and Billie and Jen reminisce about one of Romans 4th of July barbeques that she and Jack torched. Billie realizes Jen has been looking at this tonight. She says she looks at it every night, Jack is all that she thinks about. Jen says tonight she thought Jack was here. Jen thinks she is a mess. Billie says no. She tells Jen that Jack was a terrific guy and they all miss him. Jen says Jack had a soft spot for Billie, and back then Jen was very jealous of Billie. Billie asks why? Jen says Jack didnt have many friends, and sometimes she felt it was easier for Jack to talk to Billie about things then it was to talk to her. Billie asks what is wrong with that? Billie says Jack was a good friend to her and vice versa, so what is wrong with Jack talking to her when he felt he couldnt lean on his wife? Billie apologizes and says she didnt mean for it to come out like that. Jen says she knows, but because of that she can sympathize with Hope right now. Jen talks about how Bo being Bo is trying to make everyone happy, but that isnt possible and someone is going to get the short end of the stick. Billie says so she should get the short end? Jen says no, but she does understand how Hope is feeling. Jen asks Billie to try and understand this from Hopes perspective. Billie says Hope thinks she will do anything, including using Georgia to take her husband away. Jen asks Billie to look her in the eyes and tell her shes not. Billie says for the umpteenth time, all she wants is to find Georgia. Billie tells Jen that she has no idea how she aches to hold Georgia. Billie says she has missed Georgias whole life, all she wants to do is talk to her, joke with her, do normal teenage stuff. Billie says she knows Jen is angry with Abby right now, but she even envies that. Billie says she has never pretended she doesnt love Bo, she probably always will. Billie says her only goal is to find Georgia and shell take all the help she can get. Billie says shes sorry if that makes Hope suspicious. Jen understands and admits she wouldnt refuse Bos help if her child was missing. Billie thanks her. Billie says shes not a mean person and she doesnt go out of her way to hurt people, and that includes Hope. Jen asks so if she finds Georgia and brings her home, what happens to her and Bo then? Billie says she doesnt know, shes not a psychic. Billie says what happens is up to Bo. Jen says they both know that Bo will choose Hope. Billie says she is probably right. Jen says that doesnt mean she needs to be alone, there are a lot of wonderful men out there. Billie says most guys want a casual relationship and taking on a teenage daughter would take a special kind of guy. Jen thinks there are a lot of men like that out there. Billie says all of them are taken though. Jen says what about Patrick? Billie thinks Jen is a good friend of Hopes, she is so desperate to get her away from Bo that shes hooking her up with the guy she cares for. Jen says Patrick is only her friend and the only man shell ever care about is Jack. Billie doesnt believe her. Jen says she isnt interested in Patrick and doesnt like being accused of lying. Billie brings up the river in Egypt denial. Jen says she does care for Patrick, but she is not over Jack. Billie says she cant cut herself off from the rest of the world, and Jack wouldnt want her to be alone. Jen says while she is lonely, she is not ready to move on. Jen says besides, she has two children, who would want to take that on? Billie says Patrick. Jen says she thinks that is why Patrick would be perfect for Billie. Billie says right now the only thing on her mind is finding her daughter. Patrick and Abby finally return home, and Jen says she was so worried about her. Abby says no lectures, Patrick gave her one that pretty much covers everything. Jen hugs Abby and says shes just glad she is home and safe. Jen then hugs Patrick and thanks him for finding her. Jen drags Abby off to talk, and Patrick talks to Billie. Patrick wants to help Billie, and she says she could use a friend. They hug and Patrick says everything will be fine. Abby smiles at them hugging, but Jen looks unhappy. Outside Chelsea watches and says Billie is making her move on her man, so she has to do something fast. Chelsea says Billie is number one on the hit list.

Back at the pier, Stan talks to someone on the phone and says Chelsea is primed to go after Billie as he wanted, but why . . . Stan gets hung up on. Stan wonders why they want Chelsea and Billie against one another?

Belle and Shawn are in bed together and dreaming of coming home together. Phillip has come home, Belle told him the truth, and he accepted it. Belle says Phillip knew shed be miserable without Shawn and he didnt want to stand in their way. Shawn says he is a standup guy, and if he was in Phillips position he would also let her go if it would make her happy. Shawn says now they can be together forever like theyve always planned. Belle and Shawn are finally together and hop into bed together and make love. (This is all a dream remember)

Bo and Hope are waiting at Shawns place. Hope says she always thought true love lasted a lifetime and that they would grow old together. Bo says they will. Hope asks what about Belle and Shawn? Bo says nothing has changed. Hope warned Bo what would happen if Shawn got hurt tonight, that it would be over between them. Bo thinks she didnt mean it, she was just angry. Hope says she meant it, every word. Bo says shes giving up on them? Hope says she doesnt want to, but shes tried over and over to get through to him and she doesnt know what else to do. She says Shawn thinks Bo cares more about Billie and Georgia then he does about them. Hope says she has tried to convince him its not true, but the truth is Bo hasnt been there for his son. Bo swears to get his life back on track as well as Shawns because nothing is more important to him then his family. 

Bo and Hope go into Shawns room where Belle and Shawn are asleep. They wake them up and say they need to talk about what happened tonight. Bo asks Shawn if he has some kind of death wish? Shawn says he is fine, but Hope says he could have internal injuries or a concussion. Belle says she said the same thing. Bo suggests they go to the hospital, but Shawn says no way. Bo says fine, then come outside with him so they can have a talk. Shawn says and if he doesnt what then? Bo tells Shawn not to push him! Shawn grabs his jacket and he and Bo go outside. They head to the roof and Shawn asks what it is going to be this time? Bo says he is his father and he loves him, so dont talk to him in that tone. Shawn says he has forgotten how to talk to him since hes been gone so long. Bo says hes here now and he can be his friend or his enemy, what will it be?

Meanwhile, Belle assures Hope that nothing happened between her and Shawn. Hope says she knows, and shes just relieved her son is alive. Hope says when she saw the motorcycle she was so worried. Hope thinks that if Belle wasnt there then Shawn would be dead. Belle says no, its because of her that Hope almost lost Shawn. 


March 29, 2005

Chelsea is outside Jens place spying on Patrick and Billie, who are inside hugging Shes furious and vows to put an end to this. Meanwhile, Abby sees her moms jealousy at Patrick and Billie hugging, and she wonders what will happen when her dad comes home. Billie decides to take a walk before heading to Bo and Hopes. Jen doesnt like the idea of Billie being out there alone, so Patrick decides to go with her. Patrick says hell see Jen and Abby in the morning, and he reminds Abby about their deal. She says they both made a deal. Patrick and Billie head off, and Chelsea follows them. Meanwhile, Jen decides to lecture Abby about breaking her curfew. Jen says it is late and it is dangerous for her to be wandering the docks alone. Abby says she is not a little kid and she can take care of herself. She says she wasnt alone either; she was with Chelsea until her moms bloodhound Patrick found them. Abby says it was so embarrassing to be found by Patrick, and she wishes her mom would treat her like an adult. Jen says then act like one. Abby decides to go to bed, but Jen says not before she apologizes. Abby says that will be a long time in coming. Jen begins to cry, and Abby realizes something is wrong. Abby wants to know what is going on, but Jen says just go to bed. Abby says her mom is doing it again; shes treating her like a kid and shutting her out. Abby says if something is wrong she needs to know. Jen says Abby is right, so she tells Abby that tonight she thought her dad came home and was here in the house. Abby thinks her dad is back, but Jen says hes not. Jen tells her about the overwhelming sensation that Jack was here. Abby says her mom and dad shared that special connection, so Abby says he could have been here. Jen says she and Patrick looked for him but all they found was the magazine. Jen asks Abby if she marked the pages in the magazine, and Abby says no, only daddy does that. Abby says that proves he was here. Jen says Patrick convinced her that he couldnt be alive. Abby says that is because Patrick doesnt want him to be because Patrick is interested in her. Abby asks her mom if she is interested in Patrick? Jen says she is not over her father yet. Abby thinks that a but is coming here. Jen says no, and talks about how her only concern now is her and Jack Jr. Abby thinks her mom is lying and she wants Patricks body. She says its a good thing dad isnt dead because hed be spinning in his grace right now. Abby then runs upstairs. 

Stan is still bumming around the pier, and he flashbacks to talking with Chelsea about Billie Reed. Samis voice says she hopes Chelsea takes her advice, that girl is a natural born schemer. Sami says Chelsea reminds her of herself at her age, and if she follows her advice then Billie will never be happy. He decides to make sure Kate never gets to see Billie with Bo, shell break two hearts for the price of one. Stan hides when Billie and Patrick show up to talk. Patrick tells Billie about finding Abby down here earlier. Billie is shocked, and she says what he did earlier meant a lot to Jen. Billie says Jen cares about him. Patrick says he cares about Jen too, shes had a hard time since losing Jack again. Patrick says between Jack Jr and Abby acting out, that is a lot to handle without a husband. Billie asks Patrick if he ever sees himself in that position. Chelsea shows up and begins spying on them, and Stan spies on Chelsea spying on them. Meanwhile, Billie questions Patrick about his feelings for Jen. Patrick remembers his promise to Abby and says he and Jen wont ever happen, besides who would want to be with a guy like him. Billie says he is one of the good guys, she knows this. Patrick says thats not true. Patrick says hes done some things that hes not proud of. Billie says her too, thats why they call it the past. Patrick says he worked for the DiMeras. Billie says again, that is the past. Billie says she doesnt judge people by who they were, but who they are now. Billie says if he is interested in Jen then he should go for it. Patrick says he doesnt deserve a woman like her. Chelsea says wrong, Jen doesnt deserve him. Billie tells Patrick she has done some terrible and evil things as well. Billie tells Patrick that she lied to Bo about her daughter. Stan joins Chelsea and they spy on them together. Patrick asks Billie what she meant that she lied to Bo? Billie tells him the story about lying about her miscarriage and blaming Hope for causing her miscarriage to get Bo back. Stan tells Chelsea imagine what Billie would do to get Patrick. Patrick says like she said, it was in the past. Billie says she is not that person anymore, just like he isnt the same person he was when he worked for the DiMeras. Billie says if it werent for him, theyd still be prisoners on that island. Billie tells Patrick that he is honest, honorable and caring. Billie says shed trust him with her life. Patrick says he is not who she thinks he is, he is no good for her or for Jennifer. Billie says hold up here, when did this become about her. Billie asks Patrick if he is interested in her? She says if he isnt then he shouldnt be as she has way too much baggage. Patrick says there are a lot of incredible women in Salem, Jen, Hope and yes her. Chelsea wonders why she isnt on the list. Billie says this has been interesting but she needs to get back to Bos. They head off, and Stan tells Chelsea that she is after her man. Chelsea says she is a conniving bitch. Stan says Billie is just like her selfish witch of a mother Kate. 

At Shawns place, Hope tells Belle how relieved she is that Shawn is okay. She tells Belle if it werent for her then Shawn would be dead. Belle says no, its her fault Shawn had the accident. Belle says if she hadnt gone up there to look for Shawn then he never would have got in the accident. Belle talks to Hope about the fight they had, which made Shawn take off on his bike. Belle blames herself. Hope says the witnesses said he deliberately drove his bike into the tree, does she think Shawn was trying to kill himself? Belle says no way, and she asks Hope if she is really worried about that? Hope says lately she thinks Shawn is capable of anything. Belle and Hope continue their talk, and Belle likes how Hope is not treating her like a kid. Hope says shes not, shes a woman. Belle says if there is anything Hope wants to talk about then she is here. Hope says maybe a fresh perspective could help her. Belle tells Hope she gets the feeling that Hope has lost faith in true love and that she thinks Billie can come between her and Bo. Hope says her instinct is to lie to her and try and protect the little girl she watched grow up, but shes a young woman now. Hope says she is petrified that shes going to lose Bo. Belle talks with Hope about what happened back then when she returned to Salem and Bo was with Billie. They recap what happened, and Belle says Bo did what she told her and Shawn to do now, he followed his heart. Hope wonders how Belle remembered that as she was so little. Belle says kids see a lot and adults dont give them much credit. Hope says shes right, she remembers what happened between her mom, dad and Julie when she was little. Hope says this goes beyond Billie though, she said some horrible things to Bo tonight which she meant at the time. Belle says what she and Bo have is out of a fairy tale, so Hope cant give that up. Belle says that she and Shawn carved their initials up on the roof so some of Bo and Hopes magic would rub off on them. Belle says if she and Bo can break up, what hope does that leave for her and Shawn? Belle tells Hope if she gives up then what kind of message is Hope sending to her, to Shawn, to Zack. Hope says she has tried to be forgiving but there is only so much she can take. Belle says right now Bo is upstairs trying to work things out, and tonight theyll leave together. Hope says yes, but eventually Billie will call and be in trouble, and Bo will answer it. Belle says that is because that is the man Bo is. She says would she love Bo if he wasnt the kind of guy who didnt take care of his own kid? She says a lot of men wouldnt step up and take care of an ex-wifes kid they never saw. Hope says Belle is right, but she needs to know at the end of the day Bo will come home to her. Belle says she has learned love is an act of faith like believing in God, but when it comes to love, faith has to work both ways. Belle returns to talking about her and Shawn, and she says she cant be with Shawn until she tells Phillip the truth. She says if Shawn wont respect her needs then what kind of future do they have? Hope says she feels the same about Bo. Belle says its not just up to them, its up to fate and whether its on their side.

On the roof, Bo tells Shawn that he can be his friend or his enemy. Shawn says he doesnt want to fight with him as its a waste of time. Bo says he doesnt think so. Bo says he loves him and wants to help him. Bo says if Shawn doesnt at least listen to what he has to say then hes making a big mistake. Shawn says he knows what hes going to say, he needs to clean up his act and stop drinking. Bo says tonights accident was strike three, he has no more chances. Bo says that bike wont be repaired again, and if Shawn so much as drives anything then hell arrest Shawn himself. Shawn tells his dad he has no say in this, but Bo says he is his parent. Shawn says hes not a little kid anymore. Bo says a parent will do anything to protect their kid, and hell learn that some day if he ever gets to become one. Shawn tells his dad to save the parent of the year routine as his dad is only here to suck up to mom. He tells his dad hes been going through hell for months and Bo hasnt been here because hes been running around with Billie looking for their bastard kid and doing God knows what else. Bo says his mom said he was angry. Shawn says he passed angry months ago, and so did mom. Shawn says Bo hasnt been around for him or for mom. Bo says hes right, but hes trying to change that. They begin to argue about their lack of communication lately. Bo tells Shawn that hes not the only one having trouble communication, Shawn never told Belle how he felt about Belle marrying Phillip. Bo says instead Shawn just road his bike through the church window because he was drunk and high. Shawn says he doesnt do drugs, but Bo says the blood tests didnt lie. Shawn says he may have been drunk, but he has no idea how the drugs got into him. Bo says but he does know how the alcohol got into him then and he knows how it got into him tonight too. Bo asks Shawn if he was trying to kill himself tonight when he ran into the tree or was he too drunk to know what he was doing? Shawn calls his father a hypocrite and says hes done things ten times as worse, so take his fatherly concern and shove them. Bo says yes he has gotten drunk, he has driven drunk, yes hes made big mistakes. Bo says he usually made those mistakes when he was being stubborn and pigheaded and didnt think he needed anyone else. Bo tells Shawn that he may think he had good reasons, but good reasons arent good excuses. Bo tells Shawn that he thought they were more than just father and son, that they were friends. Shawn says yeah and friends dont let friends drive drunk. Shawn tells him to tell that to Billie. Bo says fine, they dont have to be friends, but he is his father. He tells Shawn he needs to drop this angry young man act. Shawn tells Bo he is only up here to score points with his mom, and if he was the last person on earth he still wouldnt take advice from his father. Bo tells Shawn hes only proving with his bursts of anger that hes lost control of his life. Bo tells Shawn he cant screw his life up just because he screwed his love life up. Bo says if Belle chose to be with him right now, what would he have to offer her? Shawn says he has plenty to offer Belle! He goes to walk away, and Bo says if he walks away now it will be the biggest mistake hes ever made.


March 30, 2005

Tony and Bart are outside of Phillips cell. Tonys phone rings, and its Stan/Sami calling. Tony asks Sami how it is going. Stan/Sami says another assignment down, that little slut Chelsea is hell bent on destroying Billie. Tony says she has done well. Tony says hell be in touch, but Stan has a question. He asks who he should terrorize next? Tony tells Stan that hell be in contact soon with new orders, and until then Stan should lay low. Tony then hangs up on Stan. Later, Bart watches on a handheld camera as Roman and Marlena go at it, and he says it is hotter than the Spice Channel. A guard tells Tony that Phillip is ready, so Tony says proceed. 

Phillip is woken up and told to clean up and look presentable for his funeral. Later, Phillip is electrocuted with a stun gun. Tony and Bart watch, and Bart thinks by the time they are through Phillip will be willing to cooperate. Tony says by the time they are through, Phillip will be dead! The guards yell out to Tony (hes outside the room) if they should keep continuing with the torture? Bart tells Tony if he continues then he will kill Phillip. Tony says that is his plan! Bart says he cant really off this guy, hes not only messing with a Kiriakis but with the US Marines. Tony says he has nothing against Phillip or the Marines. Tony remembers some words of wisdom Stefano gave him about the game of chess. Tony says that Phillip is the most important pawn in this game of chess. Tony says Phillip is the key to destroying all the great loves of Salem.

On the pier, Stan finishes his call with Tony. We see yet more flashbacks of Sami being transformed into Stan. Stan says hes all dressed up and has no place to go. Then he says what Tony doesnt know wont hurt him. 

Mimi and Rex are in bed. Mimi is dreaming about Stan blackmailing her. She also remembers the scene on the pier when she was telling Rex that she couldn't marry him. Rex wondered what that creep said to her as they will be married and that was all there is to it. Mimi wakes up and wonders who that man was and how did he know about her abortion. Mimi tells a sleeping Rex that she is scared and she doesnt want to lose him. Rex wakes up and looks at Mimi. He asks what is she talking about, why is she afraid shes going to lose him. Mimi says she was dreaming about that horrible man again. Rex says he was just a sleazy salesman who got pissed off when she told him to get lost. Rex says she never told him what this guy said that freaked her out. Mimi says its not important. Rex says fine hell let it go, but she has to let it go too. He says whatever he said wasnt important, there is nothing he can do to hurt her. Rex tells her to try and go to sleep, by morning shell have forgotten all about that guy. Mimi tells herself that she hopes so. Out on the fire escape Stan spies on them through the window. Stan says if Mimi played her cards right then she would have been her sister-in-law, but now shell never be a Brady. We see flashbacks of Sami and Mimi fighting. Stan knows hes supposed to wait for his next orders, but Sami Brady doesnt wait to be told what to do. Stan says he knows what he has to do, someone needs his mommy. Back inside Mimi wakes up when she hears a baby crying. Mimi then sees Stan at the window taunting her with a baby doll.

Belle and Hope are still having girl talk. Hope says she and Bo will work things out. She also says Shawn needs his dad now, someone who can get through to him, and she hopes his dad can do that. They discuss Shawn leaving town and getting involved with Jan. Hope tells Belle that nobody blames her for moving on, and she says she almost did once before. Hope tells Belle the story of how Bo got involved with a woman named Diane Parker, so she turned to Larry Welch. Belle knows Bo stopped that wedding just like Shawn tried to stop hers, but Shawn was too late. Belle wonders how she could have been so stupid and married Phillip. Hope says she was trying to move on, and Hope says she thinks that a part of Belle really does love Phillip. She says she does love Phillip, but its not like the love she has for Shawn. She says the love she and Phillip share isnt the kind you build a marriage on, she knows that now. Belle says she just wants Phillip to come home safe, and until that happens nothing else matters. Belle talks about how she doesnt want to hurt Phillip, and Kate has told her she is heartless and evil. Hope says no, evil is what the DiMeras are. They talk about how the DiMeras broke up Marlena and Roman. Belle says even though her parents seem to be destined to be together, it seems so unfair what happened to ROman and Marlena. Hope says it was, and the same thing happened to her, Bo and Billie. Hope is feeling sorry for what she said to Bo tonight. Belle says the bottom line is she and Bo love one another and Billie or no dead DiMera will come between them. Hope says she thinks Belle and Shawn love one another just as much, and in the end Belle will find the strength to do what she needs to and make things right.

Up on the roof, Bo warns Shawn that if he keeps pushing Belle then hes going to push her away. Shawn says he feels sorry for Phillip, but their marriage is over. Bo tells Shawn that Belle is handling this the best way she knows how and he should be supporting her, not giving her a hard time. Bo also says shes handling this the right way. Shawn says this is killing her and it hurts him to watch her in pain. Bo tells Shawn to be there for her as a friend only, dont make the same mistake he has and take her love for granted. Shawn says he has done nothing but hurt Belle since coming back, and even before that he hurt her by leaving when she needed him the most. Bo says theyve both made mistakes and gotten hurt. Shawn says the woman he loves married his best friend. Bo says and he got engaged to Jan Spears somehow. Bo wonders what that was about, short of her holding him prisoner. Shawn remembers the cage and thinks Jan may have done that. Shawn says that would have been the only way she could have kept him from Belle. Shawn tells his dad that he gets weird flashes, and Jan is crazy. Shawn says when he has confronted her she claimed it was part of their kinky sex life. Shawn says he is not into bondage. Bo says okay, whatever. Shawn says her lies make him suspect she is hiding something. Bo asks if he remembers anything? Shawn says no, he doesnt remember anything about their time together thanks to his first accident. Shawn says he does know there is no way he would have left Belle for Jan. Shawn says if he finds out that Jan did something to keep him prisoner then she will pay. Bo says as long as he doesnt go crazy. He asks Shawn to come to him if he finds anything out, give his old man another shot at being there for him. Shawn says only if he forgives him for what he said earlier. Bo says they both have things to work on. They then share a hug. Shawn thanks his dad, and he says he knows hes been pushing Belle, but only because he loves her. Bo says she knows that, but he needs to be patient. Bo says things will probably get worse before they get better. Shawn thinks he should check on Belle, and Hope shows up and says that sounds like a good idea. Shawn leaves, and Hope says she take it that things went well. Hope ends up giving Bo a big kiss. She says she doesnt want to lose him. He says he meant what he said before, she and their boys are his priority. He says he will be here for them. Hope says she was here tonight and it looked like he made a difference. Hope just hopes the two of them (Belle and Shawn) can make it through this. Bo says if two people love each other enough they can make it through anything. She asks if he is talking about Belle and Shawn or the two of them? Bo says uh-huh and kisses her. Meanwhile, Shawn goes to Belle and says hes sorry for the pain hes caused her and everyone. He says no more demands or pressure, hell be here for her however she needs him. She gives him a big hug.

At the castle we see Roman and Marlena are about to make love, but Marlena stops and says she cant do this to John. Marlena says this doesnt feel right to her. Roman says they were married a long time, but Marlena says she feels like shes being unfaithful to John. Roman asks Marlena to talk to him about what is really going on. She says she just felt something, she doesnt know. Roman says something that surprised her? He says he felt it to, it felt like they were never apart. Marlena says that is it, its like when they were together before. Marlena says they were in love, passionate and couldnt get enough of one another. Roman tells Marlena that he never stopped loving her, and she says he said that on the island. She thought he was delusional from the fever, but Roman says he meant it. Marlena says what about Kate? He says he loves Kate very much, but it isnt the same kind of love he had with her. Roman says that she was the love of his life. Marlena says dont say that. Roman says it is true, and theyd be together if Stefano hadnt replaced him with John. Roman says DiMera cheated them out of a life together. Marlena says she knows, and now Dimera's son for reasons inexplicable to her has thrown them together. Roman says it isnt out of the goodness of his heart. Marlena tells Roman that she wouldnt have made it if he wasnt here with her. Roman says but he is here with her, and there may be a reason for that. Roman says a reason that has nothing to do with Tony DiMera. Marlena then asks Roman to make love to her. She says she needs to feel safe and loved, the way he made her feel in the past. Roman asks if she is sure, and she says she is. As they make love, Bart watches them through a hidden camera. They make love and then cuddle. Roman asks her if she is okay, and she says she is okay. She says for the first time in a long while she feels safe and at peace. She says he has a nice affect on her. Roman says back at you lady. Marlena says this was like another time and place, and for a moment they escaped these walls. Marlena tells Roman that this doesnt mean she doesnt love John. Roman says he knows she loves John. He says he still loves Kate too. Marlena says they may have fallen in love with one another. Roman says they wont torture themselves like that and see what happens when they get back home. Roman says until then they have each other. Later Marlena wonders what Tonys next move is. She thinks it is only time before he finishes what hes begun.

At the penthouse, John and Kate have made love, which they say was amazing. John says hes sorry for the way he acted earlier. She says she is sorry too, and she cares too much about him to see him become an addict. John tells her that hes through with it, hes through with all of it. John says all that matters now is finding Phillip and bringing him home. They snuggle, and John asks Kate to talk to him. Kate says it is silly but shes feeling a little guilty. She says it is crazy, but maybe they shouldnt have done this. John says because of Roman and Marlena? She says yes, they trusted them and love them. John says and they loved them, but they are gone now and all they have is each other. John says he knows theyd want them to be happy. John also says Marlena would be grateful to Kate for seeing him through this. John says he knows hes been putting her through hell lately. Kate says he doesnt have to thank her or apologize. She also says he thinks he is right, that Marlena and Roman would want them to be there for one another and go on. John says thats a fact and lets get started. John and Kate then make love again. John wonders what drug Kate has given him because suddenly he is in no pain. Kate says they do seem to have a certain connection. John says she also has a way with words. Kate says she still cant believe this is happening. John asks if she has any regrets, and she says no. She asks him? He says only over the way he treated her. Kate says that was the drugs talking, and she knows they will beat this. John says for the first time he believes that could be true. Kate also says she thinks hell find her son and bring him home. John says except hes been going about it all wrong. John gets an idea that might bring Phillip home before she knows it. He says Phillip could be home by the end of the week.


March 31, 2005

The first five minutes were interrupted for news.
At Lucas place, Lucas and Will are hanging out and eating ice cream. It is obviously late at night as they are in their pajamas. Will is very angry over what his mom has done. He says she went and screwed things up by having sex with Brandon and now his parents arent ever going to marry and be a family. Lucas tells him not to talk bad about his mother, but Will cant help that she ruined everything. Lucas says perhaps it wasnt meant to be. Will says hes glad to be living with him, but hes worried about mom. He says why did she leave and why hasnt she called. Lucas says hes worried too. Will thinks Sami wanted to leave them. Lucas says no way, she loves Will and always will. Will says he knows, but hes just afraid shell do something crazy. Lucas says wherever she is and whatever shes doing, he hopes she isnt causing any trouble. Will says hes been checking MSN a lot lately for any news like woman goes nuts in bridal shop. Will asks if it is possible she was set up by Grandma Kate? Lucas says no. Will wonders why shes not here trying to get revenge? He says maybe its a good thing she isnt here after all given the crazy way she acted last week.

On the fire escape outside of Rex and Mimis, Stan is forced to hang over the edge when Rex checks to see if someone is out there. There is a thunderstorm going on, and Stan ends up loosing his grip and falling. Hes okay, but says Mimi will really pay for this now. Meanwhile, Mimi is positive someone was out there watching them. Rex says no one was out there and maybe it was just her imagination. He suggests it was a tree branch blowing or the wind she heard. He also says it could have been a cat. Rexs PC begins to beep, and he says it is a program he created to hack into the department of defenses website to find out what is going on. He reads what is going on and learns the Marines and the ISA have set up a rescue mission. Rex decides to go tell Belle so he heads out. Mimi then looks outside to see what is happening. Stan is on the ground and has gotten himself out of the dumpster that he fell in. Stan says Mimi will pay for those horrible things she said about him. Stans phone rings and he answers it. Tony tells Stan that he has been busy, and he was told to keep out of sight until he received more instructions. Tony says Stan went out on his own and will now suffer the consequences, which could be fatal. Stan says he was just spying on Rex and Mimi, nobody saw him. Tony says if he wants to destroy his enemies then he must be perfect, no evidence must be left behind. Stan says hes done everything he asked, and he asks who this is and why he cares about his enemies? Tony has hung up on him by now. Stan then notices the baby doll is missing a boot. Back up at her place, Mimi thinks about that creepy guy and imagines him bursting in on her and Rex and telling Rex the truth about the abortion. Stan says Mimi doesnt deserve to be a Brady, she is a heartless baby killer. Rex yells at Mimi to get out, and that he never wants to see her again. Mimi refuses to let that happen or let that guy ruin his future with Rex. Mimi ends up finding the baby booty on the fire escape, and then she sees Stan below. She says she wont let him get away.

At Shawns place, Bo and Hope watch as Belle and Shawn work things out. Belle says as much as she loves Shawn, she is still Phillips wife. She says if anything happens to Phillip then how could she go on living her life as if nothing happened. She says shes already been emotionally unfaithful. Belle says it is her fault that Phillip took this assignment. Hope tells Belle that what has happened to Phillip isnt her fault, and Phillip would want her to be happy. Belle says she knows, and she wants him to be rescued. She says and if he is rescued what does he have to come home to, a wife who will break his heart? She says what if he doesnt come home at all? Shawn says he will come home and everything will be fine. Rex comes out and fills everyone in on what is going with the ISA and the Marines. Mimi then comes out and tells Rex she has to go out, its her mom and its an emergency. She runs off, and Rex continues to explain to the others what is going on. Rex says John Black is the head of the mission. Belle cant believe her dad is doing this given how much pain hes in. Belle thinks she should call her dad and find out what is going on, but Hope says no. She says Rex only found out what he did by hacking into the defense department, so he could get in trouble. The others decide to turn on the TV to watch for news on what is going on. 

Mimi is chasing Stan on the pier. Stan realizes he cant get back to his hotel, but there is a place he can go. He goes back to his old apartment. Mimi realizes the building shes in and decides to ask Lucas for help. She knocks on his door and she tells him about this freaky blond guy who has been spying on her. She says she followed him here and asks Lucas if he has seen anyone suspicious? Lucas says he hasnt, so she asks if hell help her find this guy. He agrees, and they decide to check Samis place in case the guy broke in. Lucas says he still has his key, so he opens the door. Inside Stan is panicking.

At the compound/bunker, Phillip continues to be beaten as Tony watches. Bart shows up with a satellite dish and jokes that if they could get some professionals to install it then theyd be all set. Bart says maybe later they can watch some cable. Bart then asks Tony why they have to do this hostage video live? Tony says because John Black has challenged him, and he always plays to win. Tony says he has the element of surprise on his side as everyone in Salem thinks he is dead. Tony says the ISA thinks Phillip is a war prisoner and his captives will be playing by the rules of war. Tony says he plays by his own rules. Bart tells Tony that hes the man. Meanwhile, the captors work to set the video camera up, and Phillip asks what they are going to do first, shoot the video or shoot him? Bart gets the satellite dish set up and everything is ready to go. Bart says poor Phillip, he wasnt on Tonys list of enemies, now look at him. Tony says Phillip was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He says Phillip will be sent to a far far better place, so hes heard. The captors force Phillip to stand up, and one of them says its time to say goodbye. Phillip says he will speak, but he will say what he wants and will not read from a script. A watching Tony thinks this should be interesting. 

At the penthouse, John has all sorts of equipment set up. He tells Kate as soon as the kidnappers transmit another video then hell track the transmission source. John says Special Forces are standing by on alert to bring Phillip home. Kate hopes it isnt too late, and what if the message they get is telling them that Phillip is already dead? John says he knows shes worried, but hes had a lot of history with hostage situations. She says she knows, but they just dont know what they are dealing with. John says that is why they have to do this rescue tonight. John tells Kate that this technology is almost beyond comprehension, and Phillip is in good hands. She says she knows, and she doesnt know what shed do without him. He says he is right here and isnt going anywhere. Kate says so much has happened this past year, now they are together even though they are still grieving. John says they talked about this and its time to turn the page. John says Roman and Marlena would want them to be happy and not spend their lives alone. Kate says he is right and she has no regrets. He tells her to seal that statement, and they share a kiss. John tells her that shes responsible for all of this, she helped him focus and get rid of his pain. John says he wants Phillip to come home and be able to work things out with Belle. She asks if he is strong enough to do this, he just stopped taking the pain killers. John remembers taking a few remnant pills, and he says hes good to go. As John goes to work, Kate sees something and exclaims Oh my God! She says a red light on his phone is flashing. John says its his private line, it is probably Shane calling. John talks to Shane briefly and says he is good to go. John tells Kate that Shane has learned Phillips captors are about to send out another video. They talk about Phillip and Belle, and John says hes hoping Belle will change her mind about Phillip as he thinks they could have a good life together. Kate says so does she. One of his machine beeps, and John says the satellite feed is up and running now. 

Phillips message begins airing on TV, and everyone around Salem watches it. Shawn holds Belle as she watches Phillip. Phillip says if this is going to be his last message then he has something important to say to his wife. Phillip tells Belle how much he misses her, how much he misses his whole family. Phillip says they claim this is his last goodbye, but he doesnt believe them and she shouldnt either. He says hes coming home to her, and to remember no one else could ever love her as much as him. He also says if he doesnt come home then stay strong and believe in their love as hell be loving her forever, just from a better place. He says Semper Fi sweetheart. The feed goes off, and Belle bursts into tears. 


April 1, 2005

The show was interrupted at the beginning due to news.

Stan is hiding out at Samis place and thinks hes safe from being found. Outside, Mimi tells Lucas that Stan must have come in here. Lucas asks if she is sure she doesnt know who this guy is. Mimi says she doesnt, but hes harassing her and it has to stop. Lucas says they checked everywhere and hes not here. Mimi says they didnt check Samis place. Lucas says shes out of town. He gets his spare key to Samis place and they head inside. Stan hears them coming and panics. Stan hides in a closet and is almost caught by Lucas. Lucas opens the closet and sees Samis wedding dress, which upsets him. We see flashbacks of Sami blaming Kate for setting her and Brandon up, but Brandon saying he honestly didnt know what happened. Kate then swore she had nothing to do with any of this and gave a list of alibis. Lucas told her to just give it up as she had only herself to blame for this mess. Lucas cant believe he and Sami almost made it, they almost got it right. In the closet, Stan things about the good times with Lucas, and he recalls dancing with Lucas (as Sami of course). Stan also remembers Lucas proposal, and baking in the kitchen with Lucas. Lucas looks around and says this could have been his home, the Roberts family home. He says that wont happen, and his dream has been blown out of the water. Lucas tells Mimi to learn from Samis mistakes, he knows Rex wants to marry her and have kids. Stan thinks, in Samis voice, that Mimi doesnt deserve to have kids or be married to her half-brother. Lucas tells Mimi that she looks so white, is she okay? She says it has just been a weird night. She then remembers what was going on with Phillip as she was leaving her place, and gives Lucas the latest info on Phillip. They end up getting into a discussion about Sami, and Mimi thinks Lucas still cares about Sami. She asks Lucas if he did the right thing by not marrying her? Lucas says he doesnt want to talk about it. Mimi says being honest is important, if Sami was here what would he say to her? Would he forgive her? Lucas says Sami cant help who she is, and he was the dumb one to fall for her and think she could change. Lucas says he was wrong. Mimi says she thinks he is better off without Sami. Mimi says look at the way Sami treated her sisters and all the men shes supposedly loved. Mimi then says Phillip, a good person, is stuck in a horrible situation. She says meanwhile Sami just runs out on her kid and skips town. Mimi says if Sami hadnt skipped town then shed honestly think Sami was behind a lot of the suffering going on around here. Mimi then says she knows why everything is going bad for everyone lately, it is because of Sami! Lucas asks how it could be Samis fault when shes not here. Mimi says she left behind plenty of bad karma. Lucas says only for him and Will, not for others. Mimi cant help but notice how he is defending her. Lucas says he isnt, he and Sami are over and there is no chance for them. Mimi says that is too bad for Sami because he is a pretty great guy. Mimi says she needs to get going but thanks him for his help. He says no problem and hes just sorry they didnt find that guy. They leave and Stan comes out of the closet. He says Mimi is a moron, and he loves bringing bad karma to all of them. Samis voice says every one of her enemies is going to be heartbroken. 

At the park some party is about to take place. Abby and Chelsea are spying on Patrick and Billie. Chelsea says Billie is so old, and shes stupid. Chelsea says who loses their own kid? Chelsea says Patrick was so hot for her when she was pretending to be Angelica. Abby says he was hot for who he thought she was. Abby says by the company he keeps she thinks Patrick likes older women. Chelsea says she can look older if needbe, and Patrick is hers and she wont let anyone else have him. Abby says she is totally hallucinating this relationship. Chelsea says she is in love. Meanwhile, Billie swears to Patrick that she will never make a move on Bo Brady. Patrick thinks shes protesting a little too much. Billie says give her a break, they had a child together and they loved one another. Billie says that doesnt mean she wants to ruin what he has with Hope and his sons. She says she wants to find Georgia and be a family too, is that so wrong? Patrick says no, but a guy cant have two wives, not in this country at least. Billie says she knows she cant have Bo, but she does want Bo to be there for Georgia and not be afraid his wife will get all bent out of shape. Billie then tells Patrick if hes not convinced shes not going to make a move on Bo, then take her out on a date. Chelsea fumes and vows to stop this. Abby doesnt see how shes going to stop them from dating. Chelsea tells Abby that she obviously doesnt know her very well. Chelsea says shell find a way to get rid of Billie. Meanwhile, Patrick cant believe she asked him out, and Billie says it is the 21st century. A band begins to play, and Billie suggests they dance. Patrick and Billie begin to swing dance with one another. Abby tells Chelsea to face it, shes too late and Patrick and Billie are getting closer. Meanwhile, Billie begins to fantasize she is dancing with Bo. Patrick asks what she is thinking about. She pulls away, and he says hes sorry if he got too personal. HE says he just wanted to get to know her better. They soon begin to dance again, and Patrick moves in for a kiss. Chelsea cant believe this. Abby says Patrick obviously wants a woman, and as long as that woman isnt her mom then she is happy. Chelsea thinks Abby is a traitor. Before they kiss feedback is sent into the microphone. Billie thanks him for the dance and says she should get back to Bos. Meanwhile, Chelsea has a plan to get rid of Billie and make Patrick hers. Billie wonders if the Spring into Spring dance will be as fun as tonight. He says it will be if he has a partner like her. They end up making a date for the dance. 

At the penthouse, John works on tracing the video feed as Kate asks if he knows where Phillip is? John says he was tracking Phillips location when they lost the signal. John says someone figured out what they were doing. John tells Kate to give him a second, and that this would be an excellent time to pray. John manages to trace the signal, and the rescue mission is on. Kate is overjoyed, but John tells her that this isnt a slam dunk, it is a dangerous mission. He says there is no guarantee here, and they just have to hope for the best. John says Phillip could be killed, so if she wants them to abort the mission then tell him. Kate feels conflicted but says Phillip would want the mission to go forward. John says he thinks she is right. They continue to watch the video feed. John radios the men for their information, and they say they are approaching the bunker. After they land, John says Stage two, Perfect Storm. Kate and John watch the feed of the rescue, which involves a lot of shooting and night vision. A soldier is killed, but its one of the enemy. It turns out that Phillip is no where to be found. Eventually John learns this was all a setup. Kate cries, and John comforts her.

At Shawn and Rexs, Rex is hacking into the ISA computer to find out what is going on. He comments how scary it is that he was able to get into their computers so easily. Bo and Hope worry as this could tear Shawn and Belle apart for good. Meanwhile, Belle is in tears because Phillip told her how he would always love her and be faithful to her, but she has betrayed him. Shawn says their love isnt the kind of love till death do you part. Belle says that is what she promised him, and she says if Phillip dies then she doesnt know how they can ever be together. Shawn says they will get through this, their love is too strong. He tells her to have faith in their love, trust in their love, and trust in Phillips strength to get through this. Rex then yells out that John is da man! Rex says John traced Phillips location and the rescue mission is on. They tap into a military surveillance camera and watch the rescue mission. They watch a green night vision raid on the bunker, which turns out to be a trap. Belle cant believe this. Rex says hes sorry, Phillip is still a hostage and they have no idea where he is. Shawn refuses to sit by and do nothing. Bo asks him what hes going to do? He says hell go find Phillip and rescue him.

At the bunker, Tony laughs over John, who is probably pulling out his perfectly quaffed hair for not being able to track the satellite feed. Tony asks Bart if he has taken care of the satellite feed, and Bart says its dead. Tony laughs so is Phillip. Bart asks if he is really dead? Tony says sadly, young Kiriakis is gone. Later, Bart thinks it sounds too quiet. Bart thinks they are planning a sneak attack. Tony watches his monitors and Bart says Blackhawks are coming in and they are all going to die. Bart puts on combat gear and runs around. He says they are going to be shocked and awed. Bart asks Tony if he isnt just a bit scared? Tony watches the battle on his TV, and Bart drops to his knees and begs God to let him live through this. He tells Tony that they have to go, and he begins crying for his mommy. Tony turns the TV off, and all the gunfire stops. It turns out the choppers and men are in a completely different bunker. Bart asks Tony how he did it, and what is the next move? Tony says he knows his enemies, and he knows one of them will decide to come and rescue Phillip. Tony says the next trap is set. Meanwhile, Phillip finds himself in a new bunker which looks just like his old one. 

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