May 2, 2005
At the hospital, Hope tells Patrick that shes so happy Jack is home and Jen has her family back. Hope says they deserve it. Patrick just hopes Jack gets over him hitting on his wife, as Patrick doesnt want Jack hitting him again. Hope says sorry about that and to give Jack time to realize hes wrong about Patrick. Patrick says Jen never stopped loving Jack and both she and Abby never stopped believing he would come back. Hope says faith is a wonderful thing, and she just wishes she had more of it. Patrick says she cant blame Bo and Billie for looking for their daughter, especially after they got that sweater with blood on it. Hope says she understands the need to find their daughter, but why couldnt Bo have told her where he was going. Hope says what if they walked into another trap? Hope tries to check up on Bo with the station, but nobody knows where he is. Hope damns Billie and says that woman takes Bo for granted. She says what would Billie do if Bo wasnt there, oh wait, that is one thing Billie never has to worry about because Bo is always there. Hope wonders if this will always how it will be, will Bo always choose Billie and Georgia over her and their sons. Patrick says her and her sons arent in danger tonight. Hope says there is more to this. She says Bo still holds a place in his heart for Billie. She says their entire relationship was based on Bo saving Billie. Hope says she knows that Bo loves her, but she also knows that Bo loves being Billies knight in shining armor. Patrick says he thinks this is just about finding Georgia. Hope says ever since they found out that Georgia is alive that everything has changed. Patrick says if Bo didnt care about Georgia then he wouldnt be the man she loves. Patrick says he admires Bos determination to find Georgia. Hope says so does she, but Bo is caught in between her and Billie. Hope says and he keeps choosing Billie. Hope says it hurts, and it scares her. She asks what if he never comes home this time? Patrick asks Hope truthfully does she wish Georgia never came into the picture. When she heard about the sweater did she hope Georgia was dead? We never hear Hopes answer. Next we see Hope she is once again trying to call Bos cell. It isnt working, so Hope decides to call the only person who might know where he went.

At the house, Bo and Billie find themselves trapped in the pit. The trap doors close, and Bo is out cold from his fall. Billie tells Bo to wake up as she needs him. Bo isnt breathing, so she begins CPR. Billie saves Bo, and she gives him a big kiss when he comes to. Bo asks what happened, and she explains. Billie says they have to get out. Bo checks his phone but there is no signal. Bo tells Billie not to panic, and he feels they will be here for awhile. Bo thinks Billie should climb on his shoulders and see if she can reach the trap door. She asks if he is okay to do this, but he says they dont have many options. Billie is unable to reach the trap door by standing on Bos shoulders. Bos vision blurs, and he suggests she come down. She tells him to sit down as he looks like hes about to pass out. He says okay, hell sit down. Billie tells Bo how sorry she is for doing it again, for leading them right into another DiMera trick. Bo says its his fault too, he broke the cardinal rule, never go down a blind alley without backup. Billie says shes just so afraid for Georgia that she falls for every trick they play on them. Bo says he doesnt think Georgia is in half of the danger that they are in. Billie says they may never get out of here alive, which may be for the best since Hope will go ballistic when she hears about this. Bo says when he gets out of here he will find out who is messing with them. Billie just hopes they arent hurting Georgia. Bo says he thinks they are the ones being hurt. Suddenly a hissing sound can be heard and Bo worries that it is snakes again, but Billie says its gas. They look up and see a gas pipe leaking gas into the pit. 

Over in the war zone, Shawn, Rex and Lucas are all geared up and guarding their little fort. They are waiting for Brady to return from reconnaissance. Brady eventually returns and says he has a lead but time is running out. Brady says they have to find Phillip tonight or he will die. They all look at the map, and Brady says the command center was destroyed , and the rebels are taking up in another bunker, but they wont run with hostages weighing them down. Shawn asks how they get in, and Brady says he found someone who might be able to help them. Shawn asks who the guy is and how does he know where Phillip is. A guy named Dan shows up, and he introduces himself as Dan Matthews. The guy was a civilian contractor whos friends were taken hostage and hes been tracking them. He has a map to where the rebels are holding the hostages. Shawn suggests they get a move on it, but Brady says they need a plan of action first. Brady says busting in will be suicide. Shawn says Brady was the one who said they were going to kill Phillip, so if they dont hurry he could be dead by time they get there. Brady comes up with a plan to create a diversion while others sneak inside. Brady tells Dan to go to the airstrip and if they dont make it back by a certain hour to have the pilot take him to the marine base. Brady says if they get out then hell radio the base for help. Dan offers to go with them, but Brady says they need him to return to the plane just in case. The boys then prepare to raid the bunker. Rex and Lucas go off to be the decoys while Brady and Shawn head into rescue Phillip.

At the bunker, Stan and Phillip are tied back to back. Phillip asks Stan if he isnt military or ISA? Stan thinks to himself how does he tells Phillip who he is and how he ended up here. Stan thinks about his phone calls, and he says this cant be happening, he cant die. Phillip says they have to work together, and he asks Stan what hes doing here. Stan/Sami prays to her mom and dad in heaven for help, then he realizes help may be on the way. Stan tells Phillip that Brady Black may be headed here to help. Phillip asks who he is, how does he know Brady. Stan says everyone knows Brady, and he probably got Rex and Shawn involved in a rescue mission as well. Phillip asks Stan how he knows these people. Stan says lets just say hes someone who made a deal with the devil and got in way over her head. Phillip says her head? Phillip asks Stan if he is a woman? Stan panics and realizes he cant let Phillip know who he is. Phillip asks what is going on here? Stan tells Phillip that he doesnt want to know. Phillip says he figured it out, he knows what hes doing here and who he is. Phillip thinks hes undercover and is talking in code. Phillip says his head is so out of it that he cant understand him, hes hungry and thirsty. Stan says they are starving him to death. Phillip says they are doing a bang up job. Phillip asks Stan what the escape plan is. Stan says he doesnt have one, hes not who Phillip thinks he is. Stan/Sami tells herself that she only cares about saving her own butt and if Kate loses her son then it serves her right. Phillip says he knows how to get out of here, and as he tries to tell Stan, he passes out. Later the rebels return and prepare to kill both Stan and Phillip. They unlock Stan first and take him to be executed. Phillip says leave him alone. The other rebel says Phillip should learn to keep his mouth shut, and knocks Phillip out with the rifle butt. The rebel then aims the gun at Stan, who begs not to be shot. 

At the airport, Roman and Marlena are stunned to learn that John and Kate are engaged. John says they believed they were dead. Kate says they didnt know they were being held by Tony. John tells Marlena that after he lost her that he didnt want to go on living. Kate says they were both devastated and their grief brought them together. Roman says they obviously got real close while he and Doc were gone, so do they want to stay together now that they are back? Kate says they are back and that changes everything. John says they have to understand how much they were grieving. He also says he was so busted up after the island that he wouldnt have made it without Kate. Marlena tells Kate that she is grateful to her for helping John. Kate says she would have done the same for Roman if the situation was reversed. Marlena says it is natural they turned to each other, after all they thought they were dead. Marlena says she told John to move on with his life if anything happened to her. John says but she is alive. Kate tells Roman to please understand, John only just proposed to her tonight. Roman says he and Marlena have always had perfect timing. Kate says this is just hard for her to believe. Roman tells Kate that he believes everything will work out. Kate says he must be exhausted. John suggests they go home. Kate tells John not to forget his cane as hes been on his feet a long time. Marlena tells John the last time she saw him he was on the raft and couldnt use his legs. She tells him that hes made an amazing recovery, and it must have been so painful. Kate says he was in terrible pain. John says he handled it, and he thinks about Stan giving him drugs. John tells Marlena lets go home. Kate and Roman follow them. 

Everyone heads back to the penthouse, and Marlena tells John how wonderful it is to be home. Marlena wants to see Johns medical records, but John says theyll have time for that later. Marlena begins to cry, and John asks what is wrong is she sad. Marlena says they are happy tears. She says she has dreamed about being home with him so many times. She says this doesnt seem real, but he says it is real and he kisses her. Roman tells Kate that they didnt get to spend their wedding night together, and now they have their children and a second chance to bond as a family. Meanwhile, Marlena tells John that she wants to see her children. John says theyll have a welcome home party right after the two of them have a welcome home celebration. Suddenly Johns back spasms, and Kate breaks away from Roman to rush to Johns aid. She helps him to the couch, and Kate asks Roman to go upstairs and get a special pillow on the bed for John. Roman says okay and heads upstairs, not looking happy. He goes into Johns bedroom and finds Kates suitcases on the floor, her perfume and makeup on the dresser and her nightgown on Johns bed. Roman says dont tell him that hes lost another woman to John. Roman begins to think about being with Kate and spending an evening with her. Roman gave her the negligee that he has just found on Johns bed. Kate offered to model it for him, but he told her to save it for their honeymoon. Kate told him how much she loved him and couldnt wait to marry him. Roman says it looks like John got to see her in the nightgown first. Meanwhile, Marlena tries to give John a massage, but Kate knows how to do it properly and takes over. Marlena watches as Kate is able to help John when she cant. Later Roman brings down the pillow, and both he and Marlena watch Kate help John. Marlena tells Roman that his wife has the magic touch and has made herself at home. Marlena is concerned about John, who she knows is in a lot of pain. John asks Kate for a drink, and Marlena tells John that she can get her husband a glass of water. Marlena takes John the water and asks if hed like an aspirin, but he says no. Roman suggests to Kate that she pack up and they get out of here. Roman says he really wants to get home. Kate says she hates to tell him this but she sold his house. Roman cant believe this and says it didnt take her long to move on with her life and move in with John. Roman asks Kate since she makes all the decisions who will stay here tonight, her or Marlena?


May 3, 2005

At the hospital, Hope tells Patrick that she's going to call the one person who may know where Bo went. He asks who? She says she hopes Bo told Shawn what he was planning. She calls up Shawn's loft and Belle answers. Belle answers asking if is Shawn and if he's okay. Hope says it is her, and she asks what has happened? Belle says she hates to be the one to tell this to Hope, but Shawn has run off to save Phillip. She explains how Shawn, Rex, Lucas and Brady have been planning this for some time, and that they are using her father's stolen plans. Belle says her father has promised to so everything he can to stop them, but in his condition she doesn't think he's going to be able to do much. Belle says she's so worried, she could lose Shawn, Phillip and Brady, all the men that she cares about. Later, Hope is furious. She says she told Bo if he ran off with Billie again when his son needed him that it was over. She says she meant it, she and Bo are through. Patrick says she said those words in anger, but Hope swears she meant them. Hope tells Patrick that she can't sit around here any longer, she has to go find Bo. Hope takes off, and Patrick runs after her. 

At Belle's loft, after Belle talks to Hope, Belle and Mimi search through computers and papers to try and get some clue as to where the boys went. Mimi says she used to love Rex for being a genius, now she wishes he was an idiot. Mimi says she has tried every password she can think of and none work. Belle cries and wishes her mother was here as she needs her now more than ever.

In the pit, Bo tells Billie to breath through her shirt to try and slow down their intake of the gas. They both take their over-shirts off and breath through them. Bo decides to try and plug up the pipe leaking the gas. He takes off his wife beater and climbs up to the pipe. He tries to plug it up, but the force of the gas shoots his shirt back out and makes him fall to the ground. Billie asks Bo if he is okay. He looks at her and sees Hope. He says "I'm fine FancyFace, nothing to worry about." Bo tells Billie, who he thinks is Hope, that he loves her and he pulls her into a kiss. Billie realizes that Bo thinks she's Hope. She says she can't do this, it is wrong. She looks up at the gas and thinks this is the end of them, so why shouldn't they be able to comfort one another. Billie tells Bo how proud she is to be his wife and to make love to her.

At the bunker, the rebels force Stan to stand against the wall to execute him. They fire a shot, which misses. The rebel says that was just a warning shot, the next one won't miss if Stan doesn't tell them who he is. Sami says to herself to think up a lie. Stan/Sami says he was sent here to warn them that an elite force has been sent to rescue Phillip. Sami's voice says yeah, Brady and the F-Troop. The rebels laugh and say there won't be anyone to rescue as they'll both be dead. An explosion occurs and the rebels go to check on it. Later they say it was on the other side of town, no where near them. They plan to execute Stan, and Sami's voice says she can't believe Phillip is going to sleep through his own execution. Phillip has passed out and dreams that Belle comes to him with a glass of water. She tells him that she's here to say goodbye. Belle tells Phillip that he's been brave long enough and to just let go of life. Belle vanishes, and Phillip comes to. He says he loves Belle to much to give up and that he has to get out of here. Meanwhile, Stan asks for a blindfold if they are going to kill him, and claims it's in the Geneva Convention or something. One rebel goes to put the blindfold on and notices Stan's side burns are falling off. He takes Stan's disguise off piece by peace until we see Sami's face.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Rex create a diversion (the explosion) while Shawn and Brady storm the bunker. Lucas and Rex meet up with them inside. It turns out they have the wrong bunker, but they do find two hostages, Dan's co-workers. They set them free and split up to search the rest of the bunker. They later meet up outside, and Shawn ended up being spotted and shot by a guard. Shawn says it just grazed his shoulder and he is fine. Brady says he's not fine and he should go back to the plane. Shawn refuses and says they are wasting time and Phillip could be dead by time they get to him.

At the penthouse, Roman is furious that Kate sold his house and moved on so quickly. Roman asks Kate so who will stay here in the penthouse tonight, her or Marlena? Kate says nothing. Roman  says most people mourn at least a year, if not longer. Marlena says people are usually advised to wait a year after a death before making huge decisions. Kate says she knows, but she was in such terrible grief. She says maybe it was the way Roman died, it was so violent. She says the house reminded her too much of Roman so she sold it. She tells Roman she is sorry and they must understand that she and John thought they were dead. She says they were in such grief and they turned to one another for comfort. Kate says if they had known the two of them were alive then they never would have . . . that would be unforgivable. Both Roman and Marlena think about watching John and Kate together on TV and then making love to one another. Roman says they have something to tell them, cards on the table Doc? John asks Roman what he has to say? Roman chickens out and only says that he saw Kate's nightgown on John's bed, the bed he shared with Marlena as husband and wife, which they still all. John swears to Marlena all he wants is to work through this impossible situation and move on. MArlena thanks him for saying that, and they kiss and hug. Kate asks Roman if they can consider this a second chance. She says she loves him and wants to be with him. Roman says he can't . . . Marlena tells Roman not to make any hasty decisions. Roman says no, he wants to say this here and in front of them all. Roman tells Kate that he can't believe she still loves him and wants to be with him. He tells her that he loves her, he never stopped loving her and he will love, honor and cherish her for the rest of their lives. As the two couples make up, MArlena says this is good and they have to try and move forward. Kate returns John's ring to him and says she gives this back and everything it meant, but she doesn't reject the comfort they gave one another. She says their friendship will be different from now on. John says back at you to Kate. Meanwhile, Roman tells Marlena that he almost told them the truth, but realized he couldn't. He tells MArlena that Kate and John can never know they made love. Marlena says she hates secrets, but she feels he is right. John says that it is a good thing they are all such good friends and can move on from this.


May 4, 2005

On a cruise ship, Bart walks in dressed in dress white naval uniform. He sees someone watching Bo and Billie having sex on TV. He says if he's into porn he knows a great interactive website . . . Bart then realizes it is Bo and Billie on the TV. It turns out the watcher is none other than Tony DiMera, risen from the ashes again. Bart once again apologizes for allowing the others to escape, but at least he caught Victor and Caroline. Tony says that must have been some challenge. He says while Roman and Marlena may be home, he's sure they are anything but happy given the situation they are all in. He also says he still has two aces up his sleeve, Sami Brady and Phillip Kiriakis.

In a cell on the ship are Caroline and Victor. Victor damns Tony for once again holding them hostage. Caroline is just glad the others got home. She says she is old and she has lived her life, but they are all young. Victor tells her not to talk that way. He says he loves her and they still have one another. Caroline tells Victor that she just can't. She says she is married, she took vows in the church. She says she broke those vows once and it nearly killed Shawn. She says she won't do that to him again.

At the bunker, we see a replay of the guards taking off Sami's disguise. They once again ask her to explain herself. She swears she is on their side and that they work for the same person. She is unable to name who their boss is as he is just a voice on the phone to her. They claim she is a spy and prepare to execute her. Suddenly the phone rings and Sami says "Is it the governor?" It is Tony, and he tells the rebels not to execute Sami. He says she is not a spy, and while he admires their resourcefulness and thinking, she is more use to them alive. The rebel says of course Count DiMera. Sami hears this and grabs the phone. She damns Tony for doing this to her, and he says now now. He says he wants her to continue her game, but she says there is no way in hell she's doing anything for the man who killed her parents. He says what if he can deliver them to her alive. She says they are dead, but he says the dead have been known to rise. He asks her what she says? She asks what she has to do? He says Brady and the others are on their way, as she knows, and she wants Stan to greet them.

On the way to Ogden, Hope is ranting to Patrick about Bo rushing off with Billie. She says Bo used to hate that Victor was his biological father, and he always said he was nothing like Victor, but he's more like Victor than he knows. She says rushing off with Billie is something Victor would do, after all Victor had an affair with Caroline. Patrick says Bo and Billie didn't rush off to have sex, and if genes determined your behavior then with his parents he would have been doomed a long time ago.

In the pit, Bo and Billie continue to go at it, with Bo constantly calling Billie Hope. Billie says if this is the end and they are going to die then she needs to be with Bo. Bo passes out, and Billie thinks he is dead. HE isn't. He comes to and tells "Hope" that he loves her and nobody can compare to her or replace her place in his heart. Billie thinks she too has a little place in Bo's heart, and deep down he loves her to. Meanwhile, Patrick and Hope arrive at the house and begin searching it after finding Bo's car out front. Hope ends up hearing Bo calling out her name, but she can't find him. Patrick finds the switch to the trap door and flips it. Patrick and Billie look into the pit and see Bo and Billie making love!

At the penthouse, John and Kate catch Roman and Marlena up on what has happened to the kids. They first explain how Sami is missing, she left town after Lucas caught her in bed with BRandon. Marlena can't believe this and immediately suspects Kate. John says Kate did everything she could to help Sami, and Roman thanks her for honoring her promise to him. They call Eric to talk to him, and he too is worried as he hasn't heard from Sami. Roman asks Kate if she knows where Sami went, but Kate says she doesn't. John and Kate then fill them in on Phillip's being held hostage. Roman says they have to do something, they have to rescue him. John says someone has beat them to the punch, and he explains what Shawn, Rex, Brady and Lucas have been up to. ROman can't believe  this and says they have no training. John says he knows, and they were at the airport trying to stop them from leaving, that is why they found them there. Roman vows to get Rex home and find Sami and bring her home wherever she is. He says when Sami gets upset she can do some stupid things. Kate tells herself if something happens to Sami then she deserves is. MEanwhile, John tells Marlena how much he loves her and knows she'd never be unfaithful to him. Marlena becomes emotional.


May 5, 2005

At the penthouse, John says they will find Sami, but right now their first priority must be to find the boys. John tells Roman what he knows about the boys location, and Marlena feels she needs to go to Belle and tell her that she is here for her. John says okay lets go. Marlena asks where she has gone, why wasnt she with him at the airport? John says she was there, but she left. We see flashbacks of Kate and Belles fight. Marlena asks why? Kate says Mimi and Belle left the airport because they were angry with her. Kate says she knew what Shawn was doing and didnt warn them in time. Marlena is stunned, and Roman asks Kate why she didnt tell John? Kate says she did but by then it was too late. John says there is nothing they can do about it now, now they have to try and find them. Marlena says they are incredibly brave and incredibly stupid. Marlena says now Belle has more than Phillip to worry about. John says he will have the ISA find them and bring them home. Kate says what if they dont find them, now she might not only lose one son but all three. Roman says they will find them and bring them home, and they wont stop until they do. Roman eventually suggests to Kate that they leave so Marlena and John can be alone. Kate says shell go pack her things, and Roman says hell go help her. John says perhaps he should help Kate given how hard seeing Kates things up in his room were for Roman. John and Kate leave to pack up Kates things. Marlena tells Roman that things are going to get worse for them as they are living a lie. Marlena says they have to tell John and Kate the truth tonight. Roman says theyve been over this and telling them the truth would be a mistake, it will do more harm then good. He says it is bad enough that they know what happened with John and Kate, look what it is doing to them. He says they are reading hidden meaning into everything they say. He asks what she thought when John offered to help Kate to pack. Marlena says she did wonder why he wanted to obviously be alone with her, what did he wants to say to Kate that he didnt want her to hear. Roman says there you go. Marlena still thinks they should tell them the truth. Roman says John and Kate dont need to know what happened back at that castle, it is over and behind them. He says telling them the truth will only hurt them. Roman says only Tony knows what happened, and he is dead, so their secret wont come out. Roman says the only thing John and Kate need to know is how much they love them and want to get on with their lives. 

John and Kate go upstairs to pack, and they talk about how surreal this is. John says they are left in a complicated position. He says he wanted to help her pack so that they could talk, so he could tell her what she means to him. Kate says they shared something unique and wonderful, and now they have to go back to what they had before. John asks if she thinks it will be that simple? He says they fell in love. She says she knows, and she knows it is real. She says they found something they never expected to, and they found it out of grief and loneliness. John says that may be how it started, but it became something else. John says he wouldnt have been able to survive without her, she saved his life. He says hell never really be able to thank her for everything she has done for him. Kate says and he made her feel needed and loved, things she hadnt felt for a long time. Kate says everyone thinks she is cold hearted and uncaring, and Sami, Hope and Belle all hate her. Kate says they all think she is a monster. John says they are wrong, and she is an incredible loving woman. He says he has never met a more selfless and decent woman in his life. He says that is one of the reasons he fell in love with her. He says he loves her and knows a part of him always will. Kate cries and says she loves him and a part of her always will. Kate says if it wasnt for Roman then shed be very jealous of Marlena. John says he was thinking that the other way around. John says hell never forget the time they shared. He says goodbye and gives her a kiss. Kate wonders how this can be one of the happiest days of her life and the saddest days of her life.

John and Kate go downstairs. Kate says she has what she needs and shell send someone in a few days to pick up the rest of her things. John asks Marlena if she is okay? She says she is just so glad to be home. John says is that it, is there something else, is something wrong? Marlena looks at Roman, and then tells John that she has to tell him something. Roman shakes his head.

Belle and Mimi go to St. Lukes to light candles and pray for the boys. Mimi knows she doesnt deserve to ask for anything, but she vows to do right if God just let the boys be all right. Belle prays for Shawn and Brady, and she asks for her mother up in heaven to be blessed and help the boys get home safely. Mimi wonders if God heard their prayers, and Belle says he has. Suddenly the altar lights up. Mimi asks what they do now? Belle says there is nothing they can do other then go home and sleep. Mimi is unsure shell be able to rest. Mimi says she thought Rex finding out what she had done could be the worst thing to happen, but she was wrong. She says she is so scared something could happen and theyll never see any of them again. Mimi apologizes for worrying Belle as she knows she is scared too. Belle says they will keep praying until they come home.

Out in the war zone, Rex and Shawn are waiting in the desert as Brady does more reconnaissance. Shawn wants to go get Phillip, but Rex tells him that if he doesnt stop acting foolishly then hes going to get them all killed. Lucas shows up and tells them to stop fighting. He also tells Shawn that Rex is right, the next time he rushes off hell probably be shot dead. He also says the rebels now know they are here and they wont be taken prisoner, theyll be executed. Lucas says they are supposed to be a team so they need to stick together and stop jumping down each others throats. Shawn eventually apologizes for arguing with Rex, and he admits when he was fired on he had never been so scared in his life. Shawn says what Phillip is doing is beyond brave and he needs a chance to make things up to Phillip. Lucas says its not just the Marines, it is all the armed forces and their families. Rex says it is a major sacrifice they make for their freedom. Shawn says now Phillip is counting on them, as are a lot of other people. Later a transport heads towards the boys, and they are forced to hide. 

In the bunker, Tony asks Sami, via the phone, what her answer is to his offer? Sami says she will do it. Tony says excellent, with her help his plan will go off without a hitch. He says he couldnt have done this without her. Sami says in that case she has some demands of her own. She says she knows he isnt in a position to refuse her. Tony asks Sami to excuse him, and he converses with Bart about how he blew it by letting Sami know how indispensable she is. Tony tells Bart that he has a plan, but first he wants to know what she wants. Tony asks Sami what her demands are. Sami says a guarantee that she and Phillip wont be harmed. Tony says Phillip is just a pawn in his game, and he is expendable. Sami says if Phillips safety isnt guaranteed then Tony will have to accomplish his sick goal without her. Tony once again asks to think it over. Bart tells him not to trust Sami as she is up to something. Tony says of course she is. Tony tells Sami that she never thought she was fond of Phillip. Sami says Phillip has never hurt her, and he is married to Belle. She says the bottom line is Phillip is a hero and should be treated like one. Tony says that is awfully noble and patriotic for a woman who hates this mans mother. Sami says she hates Kate, but Phillip is innocent and should be kept out of this. Bart suggests to Tony that they drop the bomb so to speak. Tony says good idea, and he tells Sami that Kate was the one who set her up. Sami says she knows but she has no way to prove it. Tony says he does. Sami says if she could get that proof then. . . . Tony says she will get the proof if she does exactly as he tells her. He says if she follows his orders then shell have the proof she needs to destroy Kate Roberts forever. Sami asks what she has to do? He says destroy Phillip and his band of rescuers. Sami asks why Phillip has to be hurt? He says what better way to hurt Kate than take her sons away like Kate took Lucas and Will from her? Sami says he is right, and she will make Kate pay. Sami says she is sorry as Phillip is the one person who doesnt deserve this. Sami remembers how when she was Stan that Phillip wanted to help her. Sami tells Tony that she wont help him unless he helps Phillip. Tony says fine then their deal is off. Tony hangs up, and he tells Bart that bringing Sami here was a big mistake. Tony decides to undo that mistake and makes another call. Meanwhile, back at the base the rebels return and Sami thinks Tony has seen things her way and that they are here to help Phillip. They point their guns at Sami and say not exactly. 

In Ogden, Hope and Patrick find the trap door in the house, open it and see Bo and Billie making love in the pit. Hope screams How could you do this! Hope storms off, and Patrick asks Billie if she and Bo are okay. Billie tells him to get them out. He says he will, he just needs to get some help. Billie tells Bo to wake up and get dressed. Patrick goes after Hope and asks her not to leave. Hope says why not? Patrick says something is wrong, they are in trouble and they have to get them out. Hope says they were just having sex like there was no tomorrow. Hope says they can rot in hell for all she cares. Patrick says she cant mean that, but Hope does. She says as far as she is concerned, Billie can have Bo as she is out of here. Patrick says Bo is in trouble and there must be an explanation. He says if she walks out of the door then she will regret it. Meanwhile, back in the pit Billie says she could have sworn she just heard Patrick and Hopes voices. Bo asks what she is talking about, she is right here with him. Bo continues to see Hope when he looks at Billie. Billie calls up to Patrick, and he comes running. Hope follows, and Billie says Bo is unconscious and she doesnt feel good herself. Billie then passes out as well. Patrick ends up smelling gas, and Hope says they have to get them out of there. Patrick just hopes they arent too late. Hope says please dont let Bo die.


May 6, 2005
At the church, Belle and Mimi continue to pray. They run into a woman, and Belle notices her ribbon on her jacket. Belle asks if she has someone in the war, and the woman says her husband. Mimi says her boyfriend is over there, and Belle says her boyfriend too. Mimi ads her husband as well! The woman says excuse me? They do some quick repairing, and they talk with the woman whose husband comes from a military family. The woman introduces herself as Eileen. She says her husband lost his father in the war, and his mother raised him and his brother and sisters on her own. She is afraid the same will happen to her husband. She tells them how part of her wishes she could be with him, she was in the military too and that is how they met. She talks about how she has a baby now, and her husband hasnt even been able to see his little girl yet. Belle tells her how she is making a noble sacrifice and everyone in the military needs their support and prayers. Belle says that is why they are here. Later the girls continue to pray, and Belle doesnt know what to pray for anymore as if Shawn does come home with Phillip, how will she tell Phillip the truth? Mimi has a horrible thought, what if only one comes back? She says if Shawn doesnt make it, would Belle stay with Phillip? Or if Phillip doesnt make it out would she be unable to commit to Shawn? Belle says she cant think about that now, she has to hope they will get home safe. Mimi says what if Shawn rescues Phillip and tells him the truth, who knows what Phillip might do. Belle asks Mimi why she is doing this to her now? Mimi says when she gets freaked out she thinks about the worst case scenarios. She says that she would do anything to make sure that they all come home alive. Belle says so would she. Belle and Mimi continue to pray. The other woman heads out, and Mimi tells Belle they need to keep trying to hold it together.

At the bunker, Sami is sure she is about to be executed by the rebels when Tony arrives in a red beret and army fatigues. He tells Sami she is too beautiful and important to his plans to be killed. She says in that case . . . and she goes to slap him! He grabs her hand before she does and says she did that once, never again. Sami cant believe he forced her to come here, but he says he did no such thing. He says she came here of her own free will just like she went to see Brandon the night of her wedding. He says she is here to help him as the price for having her revenge. Sami says she has done a lot of horrible things and will pay for them for a long time, but she wont hurt Phillip. Sami says this time she will do the right thing, she wont let Tony hurt Phillip. She tells Tony to give Phillip food and water or she wont help him. She says he can go to hell with his demented his father for all she cares. Tony tells the rebels to give Phillip food and water and not to harm him. Sami thanks him, and he says she is welcome. He says shall they get down to business? He tells her if she follows his orders then shell get everything she wants, she has his word. Sami says he was the Salem Stalker and made everyone think half of Salem was dead, so his word isnt good enough, she wants proof. Tony says he has proof in the palm of his hand. He shows her a video on his palm pilot of Roman and MArlena eating dinner at the castle in Europe. She asks how she knows this isnt old? He says it isnt from Salem, and it isnt from island, but it is recent. Tony promises her that her parents are alive and together, and the sooner she does this job the sooner shell be reunited with them. He gives her a gun and she asks what shell need that for? He says they are in the middle of a war zone. Tony says his men will provide her for all the equipment shell need in the field. She says the field? He says yes, she has work to do. Later Tony makes a call to someone and says Sami is carrying out their plans, payback is a bitch and so is Sami.

In the desert, the boys hide from the transport headed towards them, but then face another deadly foe, a scorpion. The scorpion crawls on Shawn, and Lucas flicks it off and squashes. Rex says they didnt need to kill it, and he gives them the statistics on how many scorpions there are and how many are poisonous. Lucas thinks about how Will would have loved to see that scorpion, and Sami would have been screaming her lungs out. They continue to wait for Brady to come back, and they hope he comes back with Phillip. They discuss how war is nothing like they see on TV, you never know when a bullet is coming for you with your name on it. They continue talking about their women back home, and Rex tells Lucas that he should try and forgive Sami as life is too short. Rex finds it hard to believe Sami would sleep with her ex the night before her wedding. Lucas says Rex cant honestly believe Samis story that mom set her up. Rex says no, but he thinks there is more then meets the eye. He says Lucas has to be worried about her, but Lucas says she can take care of herself. He says wherever she is she is probably making a list of people to get revenge on. Rex thinks Lucas is still in love with Sami and needs to work on a way to work things out with her. Rex says if something came between him and Mimi he would try and work things out because there is nothing important than being with the woman you love. Shawn agrees, but Lucas refuses to talk about this anymore. Lucas says hes leaving to check out things. Rex says he needs to use soldier lingo, he needs to check the parameter to make sure it is secure. Suddenly there is another explosion in the distance. Rex says if they ever get out of here then he will write to the marine core and apologize for ever thinking they could do their job. Suddenly a person is spotted headed towards the camp. The boys capture the person headed toward them, and Rex asks what he is doing here?

At the penthouse, Roman continues to tell Marlena that John and Kate dont need to know what happened at the castle, to tell them would only hurt them. He says the only one who knows their secret is Tony, and he is dead. Roman says all Kate and John need to know is how much they love them and cant wait to get on with their lives. John and Kate return, and Kate says shell send for the rest of her things in a few days. John asks Marlena if she is okay? Marlena says she has to tell John before . . . . They are interrupted when the doorbell rings, and it is Shawn with Will to see if the news is true. Shawn cant believe his son and daughter-in-law are alive. Roman reminds Shawn that Marlena is married to John and him to Kate. Shawn says of course, he was just so excited to see them. He says it is so unbelievable to know they are alive. Kate asks where Cassie is? Shawn says she was so exhausted and fell asleep. Kate is glad to know she is safe and alive, and she plans on seeing Cassie first thing in the morning. Roman asks if Jack and Cassie told him about Tony? Shawn says yes, and praise the lord the DiMeras are all dead. Roman asks if Jack and Cassie told him anything else, but Shawn says he doesnt know what else there is to tell. Roman asks Shawn to come with him while they talk. Roman tells his dad about their suspicions about Victor and Caroline. Shawn cries that it is like getting her back and losing her all over again. Shawn says she deserved so much more, and Roman says he should have done better. Shawn tells him not to blame himself. He says they spent months morning her and she was alive all this time. He says he didnt get to say goodbye, but the good news is the others did survive. Shawn says they just have to count their blessings, and he knows Caroline is watching over them from heaven.

Meanwhile, Marlena tells Will that he is so big now and there is so much she wants to ask him. Will thinks the first thing she wants to know is how mom screwed up so badly. Marlena asks if Sami has tried to contact him? He says no and he doesnt care. Kate says Will was so devastated that he said he didnt want to live with Sami anymore. Kate begins talking about Sami sleeping with Brandon. Marlena says Kate! Will says its okay as he knows everything that happened, and Marlena asks how he feels about it. Will says he is mad at his mom for messing up their future, but he still loves her and he is worried about her being gone so long. Marlena says she is sure Sami will be back soon. Will thinks part of the reason Sami left is because of the bad things he said to her. Kate says she deserved it, she broke his heart. Marlena says he knows Will misses his mother and still loves her. Will says he does, and he knows his dad still misses her too. Kate says both he and Lucas are better off without Sami. Marlena finds it hard to believe that Sami did what she did and not have an explanation. She thinks perhaps Sami is innocent. Shawn ends up saying he should probably get Will home and there will be more time for visiting in the morning. Roman says he and Kate will head out with them, so they should wait for them out by the elevator. Marlena says her goodbyes 

At the house in Ogden, Billie and Bo have both passed out now. Hope cant stop thinking about them making love. She says they have to get them out. Patrick sees a rope down in the pit, so he jumps down to get them. Patrick say they are both alive but unconscious, and that the gas is pretty strong. He begins having trouble breathing. Hope tells him to take short breaths. He throws the makeshift rope up to Hope and tells her to tie it onto something, and then to open up the doors and windows. Patrick plugs the gas up with his shirt, and then he tries to rescue Bo and Billie. Bo tells Patrick to take care of Hope first. Hope pulls the sheet rope as Patrick climbs up with Billie. They get both Billie out of the pit, and Billie comes to. She asks what happened, and Hope says do the words wild goose chase? mean anything to her? Billie says oh right, it was another trap. As Hope yells at Billie, Patrick tells Hope he cant get a pulse on Bo! Patrick tells Bo if he doesnt start breathing hell have to give him mouth to mouth. Bo tells Patrick to get away from him. Patrick says he thought that would work. Patrick says the have to get him out, and he ties the rope around Bo and tells the girls to pull. Later, Bo asks Hope how she got out of that pit? Billie tells Bo she was in the pit. Hope realizes Bo was hallucinating and Billie knew the whole time. She calls Billie a bitch for doing nothing to stop Bo, and she decks her!  

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