May 9, 2005
Mimi shows up at the hospital and we see another flashback of Mimi and Jans fight, which caused Jans accident. We also see flashbacks of Jan confessing all to Tek. Mimi goes in to see Jan and says she has to wake up. Suddenly Jans monitors all begin to beep, it sounds like shes coding. Mimi screams help for a nurse, but it turns out the alarm was only indicating she needs her IV switched. The nurse tells her that Jan is actually doing better now and they are hoping shell recover soon. Mimi is glad Jan didnt die. Tek walks in and tells Mimi not to get too comfortable. Mimi asks what hes doing here. Tek says checking on Jan to see if there is a change. Mimi says that is why she is here, and shes hoping Jan wakes up and clears her name. Tek says she didnt seem confident Jan would do that. Mimi says that is because Jan has never told the truth in her life. Mimi admits her future isnt hot, as if Jan dies she gets arrested, and if Jan lives and lies then she gets arrested on a lesser charge. Tek says he feels bad for her. Mimi says then why does he keep questioning and accusing her? Tek says because it is his job, and he only knows her side of the story. He says when blackmail is involved even nice people like her are driven to do horrible things. Jan begins to come to, and Mimi asks if she can hear her. Jan calls Mimi a murderer! Jan tells Mimi to get away from her as she tried to kill her. Mimi says she didnt and it was an accident. Jan says she attacked her, she wanted her dead and has wanted her dead for a long time. Mimi accuses her of lying or not remembering what really happened. Jan says her memory is fine and she tried to bash her head in. The nurse returns and tells Tek and Mimi to leave so she can examine the patient. Tek tells Mimi one of them is lying, and Mimi tells Tek she told him this would happen. Mimi asks for a moment, and she calls her mom for help. Meanwhile, Tek makes a call and says if what Jan is saying is true hell be making an arrest for attempted murder tonight. Later Tek suggests to Mimi she get a good lawyer. Tek asks a nurse if he can question Jan. The nurse says make it brief, Jan is sick and may not make it. The nurse says she needs to go get the doctor. Tek warns Mimi once again that she should contact that lawyer now.

At the boys camp, Rex and Shawn have their guns aimed at Stan and ask who he is and what hes doing here. Stan says they are Americans? He says hes glad he found them. He claims he was being held hostage and got away. Rex and Shawn think he is a spy, and they ask why hes here in a war zone. Stan says he is a journalist. Brady shows up and asks what is going on. Rex and Shawn fill him in, and Sami fears Brady may recognize her from the pier. Brady looks at Stan and wonders if he knows him? Rex and Brady talk, and Brady thinks hes met this guy before. Brady asks Stan for credentials, and Stan hands them over. Samis voice says hopefully Brady wont remember him as it was dark that night. Brady reads the credentials of one E. Stanley Grant. Shawn thinks it could be fake, but Rex says it isnt. Stan says he was held hostage with some marine, a private, and he had a strange last name. He says it sounded like the city Karakas, Phillip Karakas was his name. The boys say his name is Kiriakis. They ask where Stan saw him, and how he ended up in the same cell with Phillip. Stan tells them some phony story about being assigned to some patrol for a story and being captured by the rebels and being put in the cell, and the marine was already there. They asked if Stan talked to him, and Stan says he was pretty out of it and hadnt been given food or drink in a long time. They ask how he escaped, and he claims he bribed one of the guards. He says they let him go, expecting he wouldnt make it far. He also says Phillip was still there when he left, but he may have been executed by now as the guards regularly threatened them. Brady says well then they have to go get him, and Stan will lead them to the bunker. Stan says he is not going back there. Stan claims he doesnt even know if he could find the place again. The boys discuss this in private, and Samis voice says they arent buying her story and she has to come up with something good. The boys arent believing Stan. Brady tells Rex to go find Lucas and watch this guy from a distance. He says Lucas has good instincts, and he doesnt want Stan to know there are four of them. Rex leaves, and Brady and Shawn continue to question Stan. They doubt his story and thinks he is lying. Brady says a journalist is observant and should be able to retrace his trail to the bunker. Stan says he wasnt leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, he left as fast as he could. Brady asks what kind of American would leave a Marine behind? Stan says he is selfish and a coward, and he has a son to think about. Shawn says spies have sons too. Rex returns and says he knows Stan is a fraud and can prove it.

At Ogden, Hope calls Billie a bitch and decks her. She tells Billie this is a new low even for her, how could she make love to her husband knowing he thought Bilie was her. Billie says she hit her head too and the gas . . . Hope says save it as she knew what she was doing. As they argue, Bo is out cold. Hope tells Billie that she swore she wouldnt go after her husband, and shes a damn liar. She says this time she not only took advantage of her but Bo as well. Hope says Bo will never forgive her for this. Billie says she didnt take advantage of Bo. Hope says typical Billie, why cant she for once take responsibility. Hope talks about Billies past games, but Billie says that was ancient history. She says she didnt ask Bo to come with her, and they fell into this trap and thought they were going to die. Hope says and that is when she pounced on her defenseless husband. Billie says that isnt what happened, but Hope says she and Patrick saw it all, and Bo was so out of it that he was calling her Hope. Hope tells Billie shes always been after Bo, and she has exploited her missing daughter to get Bo back. Hope wonders how she got Bo to make love to her, did she say Oh Bo I need you. Hope says that is right, Billie had to pretend to be her to make love to Bo, which is sick. Hope says what she did to Bo proves what shes known all along, she is a whore. Billie goes to slap Hope, but Hope grabs her hand and suggests she never try that again or she will be dead. Patrick says they need to get out of here as this whole things smells of a DiMera scheme. Hope says of course it is, and why does Billie keep playing into their hands. Hope says Billie didnt have to have sex with Bo, and Billie admits she didnt have to. Billie admits it was a mistake. Hope says it was more than a mistake. Bo coughs and comes to. Hope asks how he is feeling. He says like someone dropped a block on his head, and his lungs are burning. Bo asks why they are arguing? Hope tells Billie if she wants to tell Bo, or should she? Bo asks what they are talking about, where is he? Billie tells him about the trap, and he begins to remember. Hope wants Bo to go to the hospital to be checked out, but he wants to know what happened. She says first he needs to be checked out. Patrick helps Bo to the car so Hope can talk to Billie. Hope says up until now she has been more than supportive of Bo helping her find Georgia. Billie scoffs at that remark. Hope says she hopes Georgia is alive, but from now on she looks for her daughter on her own. Hope says if she needs help then hire a PI, but stay away from Bo. Hope also tells Billie to prepare herself for the fact that Georgia may not be alive, and until her daughter shows up alive to stay away from Bo. Billie says and if I dont? Hope says this isnt a fight you want, when it comes to my family I will win. Hope goes outside where Bo is standing. Bo refused to wait in the car. Patrick decides to head off, and Bo tells Hope not to be angry because he tried to find her and she didnt have her cell phone on her. Hope says theyll talk this later and she should go. Patrick goes back to Billie to ask how she is. She says shes been better. Billie says shes never seen Hope so angry. Patrick asks what she expects? Patrick says eventually Hope will realize that she was overcome by the gas. Billie doesnt think so. Patrick says he knows she never would have . . . He sees the look on Billies face and realizes Hope was right. Billie admits she knew what she was doing even though Bo didnt. Billie says she could have stopped but she didnt. Billie says she needed him. 

On the terrace, John asks Marlena what she wanted to talk to him about earlier? Marlena has flashes of being with Roman, but she says it can wait until Roman and Kate are here. John says they are probably outside with Will and Shawn. Marlena talks about how big Will has gotten. John says kids grow up fast. The doorbell rings, and John goes to answer it. It is Belle, and she thinks she should have called first. She says she was at church praying for the boys, and she hoped he had heard something. John tries to tell Belle about MArlena, but she keeps talking. Belle hopes she isnt interrupting something between him and Kate, and how she doesnt even feel like she has a place here. John says this is and always will be her home. She cries how she misses mom, and Marlena walks in and says she missed her too. Belle cant believe it, and they share an emotional hug and tears. Belle asks how this is possible, and Marlena gives her the short story about Tony and the castle. She says four of them escaped, but Victor and Grandma Caroline may not have gotten out. Belle says she is sorry, but she is grateful that her mother is here. Marlena looks at Belle and says she is so grown up. Belle says she doesnt feel grown up, and she doesnt know how much dad has told her. Marlena says while she just got here, Tony tortured them by filling them in what happened in Salem. John leaves them to talk, and Belle talks about how much her life is a mess. Marlena knows she loves Shawn and married Phillip. Belle says she convinced herself that she loved Phillip, and she never meant to hurt anyone, but shes hurt them both. Belle says Dad and Mimi tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldnt listen. MArlena tells Belle that everybody makes mistakes, but the important thing is that they learn from those mistakes and they dont repeat them. Marlena says they also have to make things right, and she is doing that. They discuss her love for the boys. Belle says while she loves Phillip, it isnt the same love she has for Shawn. Marlena says that is because Shawn is her soulmate. Belle says she thought Shawn didnt love her anymore, so she had to move on. Belle asks Marlena if she is doing the right thing waiting to tell Phillip. Marlena says she must wait till they come home to tell them the truth. Belle says she just doesnt want to hurt them. Marlena says someone will be hurt no matter what she does. Marlena says she sees Belle is still wearing her ring, so she thinks she might not be so sure what she wants yet. Belle says she is not unsure. She says she loves Shawn, but shes married to Phillip. She says she must stay faithful to him. Marlena says she is so proud of her. Belle asks how she can be proud of her when she married the wrong man? Belle says Phillip is in a war and being held hostage, he must be alone and scared. Belle tells her mom about the video Phillip made, which made her feel more guilty as her love is the only thing keeping him going. She says now Shawn is over there, and this is all her fault. Marlena says this war and Phillip being captured is not her fault. Belle says she just wants to be with Shawn, but she cant be because it will be like committing adultery. Belle says that is why she has to wait to tell Phillip. John returns and says he is proud of her, she is her mothers daughter. John says once she makes a promise she sticks to it. John says while he doesnt think marrying Phillip was a mistake, regardless of what he thinks about Shawn, she needs to level with Phillip first. John thinks Marlena agrees, and Belle says of course she agrees. Marlena says she has made mistakes too, but Belle says she was manipulated by Stefano when she fell in love with dad. She knows her mom would never cheat on her dad now, and she wont cheat on Phillip. 


May 10, 2005

At the penthouse, Belle tells her mother how she could never betray her wedding vows to Phillip because of the example Marlena set for her. Belle says her mom always told her how sacred marriage was. Kate and Roman walk back in at this point, and Kate unleashes her anger out at Belle. Kate says Belle claims marriage is sacred but she can't wait for Phillip to return to divorce him. Belle fires back and tells Kate that the boys wouldn't be over there if it weren't for her. She says Kate didn't care when it was just Shawn going, but she didn't  approve of him taking Rex and Lucas. Kate says the only reason her boyfriend went over there was so he could bring Phillip home so that she could break his heart. Kate says Shawn is selfish as is she. Kate says if the boys die then their blood is on Shawn's hands as well as hers. John breaks up their fight, and Roman takes Kate out to the terrace to try and calm her down. Meanwhile Marlena comforts Belle, and John asks Belle to please try and make things work with Kate for him. Meanwhile, Roman comes back in to try and make a call to the pentagon about finding the boys, and Belle heads out to the terrace to talk to Kate. Roman sees John is on the phone with the ISA, so he talks with Marlena. Roman lets Marlena know that he's taking care of the hidden cameras in the penthouse, John and Kate will never know they saw them together. Marlena cries to Roman about the secrets they are keeping. She says Belle just told her the reason she was remaining celibate with Shawn was because of the lessons she taught her about marriage. Roman says she knows what his feelings are about this. Marlena says secrets always come out, they know this better than anyone. She thinks it is best if they tell John and Kate the truth now. Roman says if that is her decision then he will support her. Meanwhile, on the terrace Belle attempts to make peace with Kate, but Kate just keeps lashing out at Belle. She tells Belle that she married Phillip when she never loved him. She says she has lied to and used Phillip. Belle tells Kate she slept with her father while she was still married to Roman. Kate says the difference is she thought Roman was dead. Belle eventually storms back into the penthouse, and Kate follows continuing to yell at her. She says Belle has a husband she knows is in danger yet she is running off and making plans with Shawn, and that is unforgivable. Kate's words hit Marlena and Roman hard. Belle refuses to stay here any longer and tells her dad that she's sorry she ruined his and mom's reunion. Belle runs out into the hall, and Marlena follows. Marlena tells Belle that she wants her to know it is never all right for her to let anyone talk to her the way Kate did. However she must also realize that Kate is a mother worried about her children. Roman comes out and tells Belle she forgot her backpack. Belle takes off, and Marlena head back inside. Marlena and Roman find John and Kate out the terrace looking intimate. Kate is crying about how John must hate her for what she said to his daughter. John is holding her and says he doesn't. Kate says just put yourself in Phillip's shoes, what would you do if you knew there was another man looking at your wife with lust in his eyes. The camera pans over to Marlena and Roman, whose gazes are fixed on John and Kate.

At the house in Ogden, Patrick continues to talk to Billie about what she has done. Billie admits it was a mistake, but she'd do it all over again. Patrick is confused about her thinking here and says it's hard to try and defend what she did. Billie says at the time she was scared and she thought she was going to die. She says she never thought Hope would catch them and they'd have to explain what happened as she thought they would be dead. She knows Bo loves Hope more than anything, but she says a part of him loves her to. Patrick says yes, but he loves Hope more. PAtrick says she has hurt Bo and Hope, and he doesn't think Hope will forgive her. Billie says she doesn't care what Hope thinks. Billie says she's tired of playing nice, if Bo wants to make love to her thinking she is Hope then that is okay with her, as long as it is her body Bo's making love to. Patrick can't believe this and says how can she have so little self respect for herself. Billie goes on and on about how the reason Hope is angry is because she can't say Bo belongs to her and her exclusively, and she too shares a child with Bo and Hope can never get rid of that bond. Billie thinks Hope doesn't want her to find Georgia and will do whatever it takes to stop her. Patrick and Billie head out of the house, and Billie doesn't know where she goes from here as she has very few leads. Suddenly Billie's phone rings, and she says she'll be right there. Billie tells Patrick that the hospital called and she is the only match for a girl who needs a transfusion. Billie says they have found Georgia, and her daughter needs her.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo remains out on the couch, his head has a huge gash. Hope is worried about what happened in the pit and if Bo really could have thought he was with her and not Billie. She does research on the internet and finds out that hallucinations can be a side affect from prolonged exposure to gas. Bo begins to stir and calls out Billie's name, which worries Hope. However he was just concerned about where they were, where Billie was, how they all got out of the pit. Hope finally breaks the news to Bo that she was never in the pit, he made love to Billie. Bo says that is not true, but Hope says it is. She say the gas made him hallucinate, so he says maybe they hallucinated about making love. Hope says no, they saw them together. She was worst of all Billie knew what she was doing. Bo doesn't believe that, and Hope yells that Billie admitted it. She says Billie used him and she abused their marriage. Bo is stunned. Hope says furthermore while he was off on another wild goose chase their son went over to save Phillip and now he could die. Bo says no, he talked to Shawn and Shawn promised he wouldn't go. Hope says Shawn lied to them all, but then again why wouldn't he with Bo as a father. She says Shawn went off to play hero just like his father always does. Hope says their son could die because he wasn't here to stop him, because he had to run off with Billie once again. Bo says it wasn't like that, but Hope doesn't want to hear it. She reminds Bo what she said would happen if he did this again and Shawn suffered because of it. Bo asks if she is going to leave him? He becomes woozy, and she tells him to sit while she gets his tea. Hope heads into the kitchen and damns Billie for doing this. She says if it is war that Billie wants then it is war she'll get, and Billie won't win.

At the boys camp, Rex returns and accuses Stan of lying. Stan claims he is not lying. Brady talks with Rex and asks what he found out. Rex says nothing, but Lucas is watching and gave him a good plan. He says then should claim they know Stan is lying to see if he cracks. Brady says that is a good plan. As Lucas keeps a gun on Stan from a distance, the boys interrogate Stan. Stand swears he is telling the truth. Stan begins telling them what he knows about Phillip and everything he said. Stand basically tells the boys stories to try and get them angry with Phillip. He says Phillip talked about his new bride, who he loves very much, and her jerk of an ex who tried to ruin their wedding. He says Phillip claimed if he ever saw this guy again he'd kill him. Shawn gets fired up, and Rex holds him back. Next Stan talks about Phillip's brother Rex and his girlfriend. He says Phillip said Rex's girl was keeping a huge secret from him, something that would destroy them. Rex gets fired up and says that is a lie! Brady holds Rex back. Next Stan turns his attention to Brady and talks about how they used to love the same woman, but she died. He says Phillip claims since the woman died that Brady has made one bad choice after another, including sleeping with his grandfather's widow. Brady says this is enough, Phillip would never tell anyone such personal information. Brady gets rough with Stan and demands to know who he is. Meanwhile, Lucas keeps Stan in his gun sight and thinks Stan looks familiar. He then says "Is that who I think it is?" 


May 11, 2005

At the hospital, Tek argues with Bonnie and Mimi about Jan. Tek has Jans statement on tape, and Mimi says Jan lied. Bonnie says she is going to kill Jan, and yells at Jan to tell the truth or she will strangle her with those machine cords. Jan just lay in her bed sleeping. Mimi tells her mom that she isnt helping, and Tek tells them if they threaten Jan again then he will arrest them both. Tek leaves, and Bonnie yells at Jan to wake up, which she does. Bonnie tells Jan to take back that statement, her daughter didnt try and kill her and she knows it. Mimi begs Jan to tell the truth. Bonnie says if she doesnt tell the truth then shell leave this place in a pine box. Jan says shell never recant her statement, Mimi is toast! Mimi goes nuts and tries to attack Jan, but Bonnie holds her back. Bonnie drags Jan out, and Tek returns and asks Mimi if there is anything she wants to add to her statement. Jans machines begin to beep, and Mimi thinks she is dead. The nurse says she is just asleep. Tek asks Mimi if hes going to confess yet, but Mimi says she isnt lying. Tek says the other witness verifies Jans story, and Mimi should cop a plea otherwise she will go to jail for a long time. Mimi fears she is going to jail, and if Jan dies it will be death row. Bonnie says no way, mama is taking out the big guns. 

Abe comes into the hospital and sits in an exam room. A nurse is buttoning up his shirt, and he says getting dressed was the one thing he could do on his own still, but not with this bandage on his hand. The nurse offers to call his wife, but he says no. Abe rather Lexie not know he was here. Lexie shows up anyways and says she wishes she would have found out he was in the ER from himself and not an intern. It turns out Abe burned his hand (again) while trying to cook. She wishes he would stop trying to cook and says it is dangerous, he could hurt himself or Theo. Abe says he would never put Theo in danger. Lexie says she knows he wouldnt intentionally, but he also didnt intend to burn himself. Abe says he cant call her every time he needs a cup of tea. She says they have to do something while hes still adjusting to not being able to see. He says he heard about the car crash over the police radio, he couldnt ask her to leave Abbys side to help him. Lexie then sees Jen kissing someone in the distance, and it is Jack. Abe says Jack is dead, but Jack says his death was greatly exaggerated. They are all happy to know Jack is alive, and Jen says now she knows how Lexie felt when she first saw Abe. Abe remembers when he first saw Lexie and Theo he memorized their faces so he wouldnt forget them. Jack knows what he means, but Jen says he doesnt understand. They fill Jack in on Abes blindness. Jack says there must be a treatment, but Lexie says it is permanent. Jack tells Abe that hes so sorry. Abe thanks him, and he is just glad all the others are alive and well. Abe says hell recommend Roman for his job as Bo hates being commander. Abe also hopes Tony rots in hell, and are they sure he is dead? Jack says he is sure that Tony is dead, he shot Tony and Tony fell threw three floors. Jack says the castle blew up, nobody could have survived it. Lexie cant believe they survived all those months in the castle, and Jen says that is why she wants Lexie to give Jack a complete physical. Jack says hes fine, but Lexie agrees with Jen. 

Jack and Jen go to an exam room for Jacks physical, and Jack admits to Jen that he broke his marriage vows. She is confused, and he tells her the story about the fake Jen who met him upon his first return. She says he told her this already. Jack says she looked like her, and he was so exhausted. He tells her that the woman whisked him off to the Horton cabin, and he went as she was so convincing. He says he just wanted to be back with her, and he slept with her. Jen is hurt and asks Jack if he couldnt tell she was wearing a mask, or what about her body as it had to have been different. Jack says theyve done this before with Gina and Hope, and with Roman and John. Jen just cant believe Jack made love to her. Jack says he did, and he is sorry. Jack just hopes Jen will forgive him. Jen says it isnt a question of forgiveness, and she knows he was a victim. However she says no one wants to hear this news no matter what the circumstances. Jen just doesnt understand how he could have been fooled, and how it could have been the same. Jack says it wasnt the same, and it had just been so very long. He says he dreamed of being with her, and he just didnt question it. Jack says he let it happen. Jack says he wont lie and say it didnt happen. Jack knows he has hurt her, and he is sorry. Jack asks her not to let this come between them, as if she does, Tony wins. Jack says it is too late. Jen says Tony has already stolen so much from them that they cant get back. However, she knows it wasnt Jacks fault, and the only one to blame is Tony. Jen tells Jack that she loves him and she forgives him. 

Meanwhile, Lexie talks to Abe about his complications, which hasnt ruined their marriage. He says they dont have a marriage anymore, hes impotent. Tek shows up and and Lexie asks why he is here. Tek says he got Jans statement, and Abe asks if he has arrested the attacker? Tek says not yet, the person Jan has accused is saying Jan is lying. Abe says of course the person would say Jan was lying. Abe says Tek is wasting the tax payers money and to arrest this person. Lexie says she is sure Tek is just trying to be thorough. Abe is upset that Lexie is defending Tek and asks if something is going on between them? Lexie says of course not. Abe is led off to sign some papers, and Lexie apologizes to Tek for what happened. She says it is just the blindness, Abe is just angry right now. She says the blindness is taking its toll on him. Tek says it seems like it is taking its toll on her too. Tek offers her support, but she says she is fine. Tek says she doesnt look fine. Lexie says she has to get on with her rounds, but thanks for the talk.

Later Lexie finds Abe sitting in a chair and realizes he was waiting for her to drive him home. He is furious with her and refuses to let her drive him home at this point. He says hell get home on his own. He says dont wake him when he gets home, not that there would be much a point. Abe runs into a wall as hes leaving, but insists he is fine. Abe leaves, and Lexie ends up crying on Teks shoulder. 

At the clinic, Nicole is studying medical books to find a way to thwart Chloes surgery. Nicole begins practicing with a scalpel on an orange, when a woman shoes up with scars all over her face. Nicole assumes she is here for surgery, but the woman says she had it and it didnt work. Nicole realizes she cant do this to Brady.

Meanwhile, Chloe dreams that the surgery was a success and she is reunited with Brady. Chloe apologizes to Brady for not telling him the truth earlier, and she asks if she waited to long to tell him, is he in love with Nicole? Brady says he cant lie to her, he does live Nicole. 

Nicole ends up sneaking into Chloes room and hears Chloe talking in her sleep about being with Brady. Chloe dreams about Brady just being grateful she was alive. In Chloes dream she now has bandages on, and she will only be with Brady if her face is healed as she wont be a burden. They take the bandages off and she is healed. As they are enjoying their reunion, Nicole walks in and asks what about them? Brady says Chloe is the great love of his life, and now that she is back they cant be together. Nicole realizes she has no choice but to sabotage Chloes surgery.

At the boys camp, Brady demands to know who Stan is. Samis voice says she is his wicked step-sister and shes here to get revenge on them all. Stan continues to say he is a reporter who bought his freedom. Brady is sure he has seen Stan before and he is trouble. From a distance, Lucas still watches over the camp and realizes he knows who Stan is. Brady decides to frisk Stan when a gun falls out of Stans uniform. Brady asks where he got a gun, and Stan says he bought it. They dont believe him. Stan continues to give the same story over and over, and he says he can help them find Phillip. Meanwhile, Lucas is positive he knows who Stan is, and he remembers talking to Stan on the pier about their sons. Lucas calls Brady over to him, and Lucas knows the guy from Salem and says he thinks he can find out who he really is. Brady tells Lucas not to confront this guy yet, this guy only thinks there are three of them. Brady thinks they can use what Lucas knows to their advantage. Brady returns to the camp when suddenly an explosion rocks them. During the explosion Stan runs off, and they split up and search for him. More rockets, bombs and gunshots go off, and Stan ends up slipping away. The boys continue to try and track him down. Lucas (I think) grabs Stan and 


May 12, 2005

At the hospital, Lexie comes to give Jack his physical, and he tells Lexie that she's going to have to test him for STDs. Later, Lexie tells Jack that he's all clear. Jack then goes to Jen and tells her that Lexie gave him a clean bill of health, and he has a surprise for her. Jack leads Jen to a room in the hospital he's decorated so they can have a romantic evening and be close to Abby. She asks how he did this, and he says being married to a Horton has it's perks. Jen says but this is a hospital. Jack says he knows, and they jump on the bed.

Abe's ride never showed up, and he catches Lexie talking to Tek. Abe once again yells at Tek for sitting around and wasting tax payers money. Abe says from what he's heard there is a real push to have Jan's attacker arrested, and if Tek doesn't do it then someone else will. Tek leaves, and Abe questions Lexie as to why she's with him talking about their situation. Lexie says she was just explaining to Tek how hard things are for him right now. He asks if she told Tek that he was impotent? Lexie says of course not, she'd never betray his confidence like that. He says he's sorry, but just remember she is still a married woman, even if they don't have much of a marriage left. As Lexie is about to take Abe home, she is paged with an emergency. Abe tells her not to bother, he's confident this time he'll get home on his own.

Belle arrives at the hospital and Mimi informs Belle what is going on with Jan, and how Jan has lied to Tek. Jan wakes up and tells Mimi and Belle that Mimi will rot in jail for what she did to her. Bonnie tells Mimi that she won't let Jan get away with this, she's bringing out the big guns. Bonnie calls Mickey in to defend Mimi.

Mickey arrives and learns from Bonnie what is going on. Bonnie is positive that Mickey can save they day, but Mickey tells her that this isn't like Matlock or Perry Mason. He says this is going to be hard to prove, but he's sure if he can get Jan on the stand he can tear her story to pieces. Mimi tells Mickey not to be so sure, Jan has lied her whole life and lying comes second nature to her.

Meanwhile, Belle argues with Jan in her room about what she's doing to Mimi. Jan lashes back at Belle about what she's done to poor Phillip. SHe says Phillip loves her and is fighting for their freedom and his own life, and all she wants is to break his heart. She says now Shawn is involved, and if either of them die then it will be Belle's fault. Jan promises Belle that if anything happens to Shawn then she'll spend the rest of her life making Belle pay. Suddenly Jan goes into cardiac arrest. Lexie runs in to tend to Jan.

Maggie shows up at the hospital and talks to Jen. Jen asks if Jack Jr is okay, and Maggie says yes. Maggie says Doug and Julie have him so she and Mickey could have a night alone, but then Bonnie called with a so called emergency. Maggie learns the emergency has to do with Mimi, and Bonnie and Maggie begin arguing over Mickey. Bonnie says Mickey is hers now and he will always come running to help her as she has gotten under his skin.

Mimi worries Jan is going to die, and Mickey says that would be bad as if he's unable to question Jan on the stand them things look bad for Mimi. Tek returns and announces that he's simply waiting for an arrest warrant, and then he's going to take Mimi downtown. Lexie comes out of Jan's room and says she has bad news.

Billie and Patrick arrive at the hospital, and Billie is sure she has been called in because they have found Georgia. Billie says the hospital said they needed her to donate blood for a teenage girl who had the exact same rare blood type she did. It turns out the girl is Chelsea, which surprises Billie. Billie is told without her blood Chelsea will die, so she says of course she'll donate. Chelsea keeps calling out for her mom, and Billie says she is right here. Billie tells Patrick that she may not be able to be there for Georgia right now, but she can be here for Chelsea. Billie says no girl this young deserves to go through life without a family.

At the bunker, Tony and Bart worry when Stan Da Man has yet to radio them. Bart fears when Sami learns that Lucas, the man she loves is out there, that she may decide to switch sides. Tony doesn't think so as Lucas is Kate's son, and hurting Kate is Sami's number one priority. He says hurting Lucas would hurt Kate.

In the war zone, Stan is hiding in a fox hole when he's caught by Shawn. Shawn continues to question Stan as to who he really is. He says he is who he says he is, and he can help Shawn get what he wants. Stan says he's the only one who can   lead them to Phillip, and no Phillip means no Belle. Shawn asks who he is and how he knows so much about them? Tony radios Sami and tells her to use her secret weapon. Stan pulls out Phillip's dog tags to prove he knows where Phillip is, and Shawn believes him. A spying Tony says the game is back on.


May 13, 2005
At the hospital, Mickey asks Tek what his next move is. Tek says it is all pretty cut and dry, he has Jans statement on tape. Mickey says he needs to be able to confront Jan about her story in court, but he cant if she dies. Tek says if she dies then Mimi will be arrested for murder. Lexie comes out of Jans room and says she has bad news. Tek asks if Jan is dead? Lexie says no, and Mickey asks if he can speak with her. Lexie says that is the bad news, Jan may never speak to anyone again. Abe is in the background listening to all of this. LExie says Jan has lapsed into a coma, and her latest MRI shows a clot reducing blood flow to the brain. Lexie says the clot is inoperable, and they are trying to treat it with drugs. Lexie says it is possible the drugs will dissolve the clot, but it is also possible that Jan will never regain consciousness; there is just no way to say. Mimi thinks this nightmare may never end. Mickey tells Mimi not to give up, if the victim makes an accusation that they cant be cross examined about then that leaves a window for them. He says he has Maggie researching this right now. Bonnie cant believe he has Maggie working on this, but Mickey says she is one of the best researchers he has ever known or worked with. Lexie then sees Abe in the distance, and Tek goes to talk to Abe. Abe asks to speak with Tek. He says he has heard what is going on, and he wants to know why Tek hasnt made an arrest. Tek says hes still evaluating the evidence. Abe says wrong answer. Abe chews Tek out for not making an arrest. Abe says he recommended Tek for detective and he sees now it was a mistake. Lexie asks Abe why he is talking to Tek like that, he is just trying to be thorough. Abe wonders why she is defending him, and he wonders how close they got while he was on the island and what have they been doing behind his back since he got home. Lexie asks Tek to excuse them, and then she asks Abe how could he? She says Tek is his friend, how could he say such things. Lexie says and what about her, his wife? She says Tek did help her out when he was gone and he should be thanking him for what he did for her. Abe says he is here now and he is his husband, even though he cant make love to her. He demands to know what is going on. She says nothing is going on, why cant he believe that. Abe says because he knows her and he knows she has needs, needs he cant fill. Abe asks if Tek isnt satisfying her needs then who is, another doctor on staff? Lexie says she wont put up with this nonsense. She says she is not having an affair, he is the only man she loves and wants to be with. Lexie says if he cant accept that she is telling the truth then they have a problem. Lexie says she wont put up with this unfounded jealousy and suspicion. Meanwhile, Mickey asks Tek if hes going to book his client? Tek says not tonight, he needs to go back over the evidence again. Mickey says that is fair and he thanks Tek. Belle also thanks Tek and she says she knows Mimi is innocent. Tek goes back to Abe and LExie, and he tells Abe that he has not made moves on his wife, and hed also appreciate Abe not interfering in his case. Abe tells Tek to wrap this thing up or else, he still has pull with the commisioner. They continue to argue, and Tek assures Abe that hell make an arrest very soon. Abe is then taken off by a nurse to see a doctor. Lexie tells Tek she is sorry, and Tek says its okay. Tek says Abe wasnt wrong though, they were more than just friends before Abe came back. Meanwhile, Mickey tells Mimi that shes safe for tonight. He says hell go see how Maggie is doing, and Bonnie insists on going with Mickey to help. Bonnie tells Mimi not to worry, everything will be fine. Mimi tells Belle that she is pretty much done for, if Jan dies shell be charged with murder. Mimi says this is her punishment for lying to Rex about the baby. Mimi says she wont only lose Rex, shell lose her freedom. Mimi says she may even lose more.

Roman carries Kate over the threshold into an apartment somewhere (Lucas?). Roman says this is the official beginning to their long overdue honeymoon. Kate says before they go further there is something she must do. Roman asks Kate what is wrong? Kate says nothing is wrong and everything is perfect. She says she just needs him to do something. She asks Roman to put his ring back on her finger. She says she took it of when . . . he says when John proposed. He says he understands and isnt upset. He says he wont propose to her again, instead hell rededicate himself to their love and future. Roman says he promises to love, cherish and honor her for all the rest of his days. He then slips the ring on her finger, She tells Roman to make love to her, and they get down to business. As they make love, Kate fantasizes about being with John. Roman senses something is wrong and pulls back from Kate. He asks what is wrong? She looks over at a photo of her and John on the nightstand. She pushes some Kleenex in front of the photo and apologizes to Roman for ruining this. Roman says she hasnt and this is his fault, he is rushing things. He says she just found out they were all alive, and it is one hell of a shock. Kate says it was a wonderful shock, and shes just having a hard time processing it all. Kate says its hard to believe that he has come back to her. Roman says it is real. Kate keeps looking over at the photos (there are ones of Lucas and Will as well), and Roman knows what is bothering her. Kate asks Roman not to be upset, but there is something tearing her apart. Roman knows that and he says hes not upset as he understands. She says he does? He says of course, shes worried about her boys. Roman says hes worried about them too. Kate says yeah, it is bad that Rex and Lucas are now over there with Phillip. Roman says they just have to hope they make it back home, and he and John will do everything to make sure that happens. Roman says in the meantime he is here for her, any way she needs him to be. Kate says she does love him and she does need him. She asks him to make love to her.

At the penthouse, Marlena looks at Kates nightgown on the dresser. She remembers watching Kate and John in bed together. John comes out of the bathroom just having showered. He sees Marlena holding Kates gown. John says hes sorry and he thought they had packed everything. Marlena says it is pretty. John says he knows how painful this is for her. Marlena says she understands. John says they were just both so miserable, and he doesnt think anyone else could have put up with them. Marlena says she doesnt blame him or Kate for what happened. John thanks her and says he loves her so much. He says if he thought for a second that she was still alive. MArlena says she knows. John says he is glad she had Roman, and he knows they may have been tempted to turn to one another for comfort. However, he says he knows since they knew he and Kate were alive that they wouldnt betray their vows. Marlena tells John that she needs to tell him something about their time in the castle John says yeah yeah later, right now he wants to hold her and not let her go. They kiss, and Marlena says she doesnt want there to be secrets between them. John thinks she is talking about him, and he says he didnt want to talk about this tonight. He says there is no easy way to say this, he is a drug addict. She asks how this happened? He says the injuries he got on the island caused him incredible pain, and nothing Lexie gave him helped the pain. HE says then he had to walk Belle down the aisle. John says the drugs took over, and he isnt proud but hes a classic junkie. John says Kate and Brady stood up to him and stood by him, and if it wasnt for them then he wouldnt have made it. She asks where he got the drugs? He says he stole them from the hospital and bought them on the docks. Marlena cant believe this and asks him if he is clean, or is he still addicted? John says hes off of the hard stuff, but hes still taking the pills. Marlena tells John that he will beat this and she will do everything to help him. She says first they need to get him into rehab. John says no he wont do that. He says he is weaning himself off the pills and it is just a matter of time before he kicks it. He also says now that she is here he knows he can do it. John says even when he thought she was dead, she helped him. John says he would think about how disappointed she would have been in him for being so weak. He says he would also have visions of her and she gave him the strength to fight off the drugs. John knows now that he has her back he can beat this. Marlena says she will help him, and they will do this together. John says hes going to need her so much. She says she needs him so much too, more than ever. They then kiss and fall to the bed. Later Marlena looks at John as he sleeps. She realizes she cant tell him given everything else hes dealing with right now. She says she has to tell him soon though as she cant risk him finding out another way. She fears if he finds out another way then he may never forgive her. 

At the bunker, Tony and Bart are listening to the boys discussing what to do next. Bart keeps talking about Stan leading the boys into Tonys trap. Tony says that is right and to be quiet as he wants to listen to how Sami gets herself out of the mess shes in. Tony is proud of Samis performance, and Bart tells Tony he is the man when it comes on preying on peoples twisted desires to achieve his goals. Tony however remembers agreeing to Samis condition that none of the captives would be hurt. Bart asks Tony if he meant it, he wont hurt them? Tony says hurt isnt a word hed use, but he does have plans for them that Sami isnt aware of.

At the camp, Rex and Brady discuss whether to bring Lucas in on this yet. Brady says no, Lucas is their back-up and their cover if this guy double crosses them. Meanwhile, Shawn continues to talk to Stan and tells him to prove he met Phillip. Stan pulls out Phillips dog tags and hands them to Shawn. Stan says he told them he could help them find Phillip, maybe now they will believe him. Shawn believes him, but Brady and Rex show up and Brady says they cant trust him. Stan says he is not working for the enemy! Shawn says he might be okay, and he shows Brady the dog tags. Stan says they were on the table where he was held, so he grabbed them as he escaped. Stan thought they would come in handy. Brady says how do they know Phillip isnt already dead, and why didnt he show them these before now? Stan says when he left their buddy was alive, and his guess is right now the others are pretty angry that he got away and are taking their frustrations out on Phillip. Shawn says they need to go rescue Phillip now. Stan says the sooner they do the sooner they can get back to those they love. Brady still doesnt believe Phillip would have told him all this confidential stuff about them. The three boys discuss what to do. Shawn says they have no other choice, and Brady agrees. Brady says they have one more question, why is he suddenly willing to help them now when earlier he refused? Stan claims he felt guilty about leaving Phillip behind and he is ashamed of what he did. He says they came all this way to save him, and Kiriakis is a good guy who tried to help him when they were in the cell. Stan says the least he can do is try and return the favor and help him. Rex and Shawn believe him, and Stand asks what about Brady? Brady says they could use his help and to draw a map. Stan says he can do better than that, and he has a plan to pull this off. The show ends with Tonys face appearing next to Stans and he says Gotcha!

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