May 16, 2005
The last few minutes of Days the local NBC station froze up.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Tek that she just left Abe and he is still upset that he wont name his suspect. Tek says hes no longer obligated to report to Abe. Tek says this is an ongoing investigation and Abe isnt on the force any longer. Lexie asks if there is another reason hes doing this, is he angry because Abe accused them having an affair. Tek says that is not the reason, but Abe is right and hed like to continue what they had going on. Lexie says he has to stop saying these things. Tek says hes sorry and he shouldnt have gone there. He says he knows there is no chance of them getting together. Lexie says no there isnt, all they can be is friends. She says Abe is just under such stress right now. Tek says he knows and that is why he needs to stay away from this case. Tek says the less he has to deal with the better for him and for her. Tek says he still cares about her though, and that wont change. Lexie says she and Abe will be fine, and if hell excuse her, Abe should be done with his tests. Lexie leaves, and Tek runs into a nurse he went out on a date with. She says she had a great time and hopes they can get together again soon. He says she can bet on it. Lexie watches this exchange from a distance and doesnt seem to thrilled. 

Belle and Mimi discuss Mimis situation. Belle says Mickey will find a way to prove this was all an accident. Mimi thinks there is no hope for her, and once it all comes out she will lose Rex forever. Mimi says Tek might as well throw her in jail as her life will be over.

At the clinic, Nicole looks at Chloes file and tries to come up with a way to sabotage her surgery. She is unsure she can do this, what if she chokes in the OR. On the computer monitor Nicole has a vision of herself calling herself a coward. In her vision the evil Nicole is dressed up like Daryl Hannahs character from the Kill Bill movies. Her evil conscience tells Nicole not to woosy out, but Nicole isnt sure she can do this to Chloe. Her evil self asks when she grew a conscience? Nicole says since she found true love. Her evil self tells her to get a grip, if she doesnt slice and dice the diva then she will come marching home to Brady as beautiful as ever. Nicole wonders why no one can stay dead in this town. Her evil self says its not like she has to kill Chloe, she just has to give her an extreme make-over. Nicole still doesnt know if shell get away with this as she doesnt know what is expected of an OR nurse. Dr. Weiss shows up and tells Nicole that he needs a favor. He says his last OR nurse had to leave suddenly and she couldnt sterilize the equipment. He asks Nicole to do this as it needs to be ready for Chloes surgery in the morning. He tells her to be very careful as the last patient had the flesh eating bacterial disease, and if that came in contact with Chloe then the results would be disastrous. Nicole says dont worry, and she tells herself that she knows exactly what to do with those contaminated instruments. Nicole says all she has to do is forget to sterilize the equipment, she doesnt have to do anything as the Dr. and the flesh eating virus will do the rest. As Nicole goes to package up the instruments she gets a call from Brady. (See Below for details). After her call, Nicole tells her evil self that she doesnt have to bother with Chloe at all, even if Chloe does come back it wont matter as Brady loves her now. Her evil self asks if she is willing to take that chance? Nicole wishes Brady would call her back, and her evil self keeps telling her that Brady will never be completely over Chloe and if she wants to hang onto Brady then she better go on with this plan. Nicole says shes tired of her opinions and reboots the PC. Brady calls Nicole back and he tells Nicole that he loves her and wants to spend his life with him. She asks what about Chloe? He says she was the first love of his life and always will be, but shes dead and gone and he has to move on with his life. He says he has to live his life in the present, and that is with her. He says he has to go and he loves her. Nicole then sees her evil self again, this time shes strutting down the hall and not on a computer monitor. Her evil self torments her some more and continues to push her to do what she has to do. Nicole says she cant lose Brady and she knows what she has to do. She says she has to make sure Chloe never shows her face to Brady again, even if that means she doesnt have a face. 

Billie shows up to see her mom. Her arm is in a cast, and Kate asks what happened to her arm? Billie says oh she fell and broke it, shes such a klutz. She says she needs the key to Lucas apartment. She says she wanted to stay at Samis place, but since Lucas isnt home she has decided to stay there. Billie says speaking of not being home, why isnt she with John at the penthouse, did they have a fight? Billie sees two wine glasses and thinks shes interrupting something. Kate says no John isnt here. Billie asks then who is? Kate says Roman is here and he is alive. Billie asks how much wine she has had? Kate says Tony was keeping Roman and the others in a castle in Europe. She says they escaped and came back. Billie says Tony was supposed to be dead. Kate says he is dead now, but somehow he didnt die before and held them all hostage. Billie says that is fantastic news. Billie then begins to tell her mom about what happened tonight. She tells her mom all about Cassie and Abbys accident, and how she had to give Chelsea a blood transfusion. Billie says Chelsea is a good kid and she promised her mom shed take care of her. Billie says she just cant help think of Georgia and if anything happened to her then shed want someone to do the same for her. However, Billie doesnt even know if Georgia is alive. Billie says shes starting to think Hope has been right and that her little girl is dead. Kate asks how she can say that, they have evidence that Georgia is alive. Billie says she wants to believe Georgia is alive. She tells her mom about the bloody sweater they got earlier, and the clue to a house. Billie tells her mom about going to the house with Bo, which turned out to be a trap. She explains what happened in the pit, and how Hope and Patrick found them together. Billie says now Hope wont let her near Bo or her family again. Billie says Bo wont risk losing Hope, and he will hate her for what she did. Kate says no, but Billie says yes. Billie says she made a horrible mistake and she will have to pay the price. Billie says a life without Bo and possibly her daughter. Kate says Georgia is alive and she and Bo will find her, and there is nothing Hope can say about it. Billie says Hope will never let Bo out of her site after catching her and Bo making love. She says even if it wasnt Bos fault, Hope will never trust him with her again. Kate says Bo and Hope just seem to make each other miserable all the time. She says they are unhappy and Billie is unhappy, all she wants is to see Billie with the man she loves. Billie says that may never happen. Kate says not with that attitude it wont. Billie asks her mom if she is with the man she loves? Kate says she is with her husband. Billie says and what about John and her feelings for him. Kate says Johns place is with Marlena and hers is with Roman. Billie says she thought ones place had more to do with love than obligation. Kate says this is just different, she and John thought Roman and Marlena were dead. She says they helped each other through their grief. Billie asks if that is all it was? Kate says no, and John proposed before they found out their spouses were alive. She says now the whole thing is off. Billie says so her feelings for John are supposed to stop? Billie realizes her mom is in love with both of them. Kate says nothing. Later Billie decides to head out. Kate tells Billie just to think about this, deep down maybe Bo did want to be with her. Billie says she needs to go and to tell Roman welcome back. Billie leaves, and Kate looks at a photo of herself and John, which she ends up turning face down. 

At the boys camp, Brady suggests they all sleep because tomorrow night they are going to rescue Phillip. Stan asks them if they are really up for this, they are heading into enemy territory. He says tonight could be their last night. Brady says they will accomplish what they came here to do. Shawn has his doubts whether they can trust Stan, but Brady and Rex feel they have to take their chance. Brady says they also have Lucas as back-up to take him out if he tries anything. Lucas, from a distance, keeps his gun on Stan. Lucas continues to think there is something about that guy. Stan asks the guys if there is a problem or do they still not trust him. Shawn says they dont, and hell be sorry if he tries anything. Stan says maybe they should call this off then, but Rex says no way. Rex says they should all just rest like Brady said. Brady asks Shawn what that was about? He says this guy is their last chance. Shawn says hes just been thinking about Belle and what will happen if they fail. Brady says if they keep their heads on then they wont fail. Shawn says this is dangerous and they dont know what they are walking into. Shawn says he just wishes he could talk to Belle one last time. Brady thinks he can arrange that. Brady has a bunch of satellite phones, which he swiped from his dad, and they all decide to call home to their loved ones. When Stan learns they have phones, Rex decides to give him. Stan says he has a son who might not want to hear from him. Rex suggests he call someone else to check in on his son. Stan says there may be someone he can call. Stan takes a phone and heads off. Shawn tells Rex that he thinks he made a mistake. Meanwhile, Brady goes to see Lucas and gives him a phone. Lucas says while hed like to call Will, but hed just ask too many questions. Brady says what about Sami. Lucas says what about her. He says he has no idea where she is, and if he did know then he wouldnt want to talk to her. 

Brady calls Nicole and asks her what she is up to. She was just about to wrap up the contaminated instruments for Chloes surgery. Nicole says nothing, just waiting for the man she loves to come home. She asks if he is okay, and he says everything is just peachy. He says they got a break and should find Phillip soon. She tells him to be careful. He says hell be home before she knows it to put that ring on her finger. Brady says he loves her so much and she has turned her life around. He says he knew there was goodness inside of her, and she opened up her heart and made him fall in love with her. Their call is cut off due to static and interference. 

Stan, talking as Sami, considers calling Lucas to ask him about Will, but thinks hed hang up on her. She does know who she can call though, and she calls Kate. Sami asks about Will, and Kate says he is doing just fine. Kate says Will is still angry at her and is better off without her. Kate tells Sami to give it up, she has to live with what she did. Kate tells her not to call her again and hangs up on her. Sami says Kate is going down and she is the one who will lose Lucas forever. 

Shawn ends up calling Belle, and she asks if he is okay. He says he is, but Belle says no hes not. She says they are all in really big trouble and what they are doing is crazy. Shawn says they will find Phillip and bring him home. He says he doesnt want to argue with her, he just wanted to hear her voice and say he loves her. She says she loves him too. Rex interrupts as he couldnt get a hold of Mimi and he wants to know if Belle knows where she is. Shawn asks and Belle says Mimi is here. Belle puts Mimi on, but not before Shawn tells Belle not to worry. Belle asks him to try and call her again to let her know what is going on. Rex then talks to Mimi. Rex asks how everything is, is she okay? Mimi says she needs him so much. Rex asks what is wrong? Before Mimi can tell him anything she is taken off to talk to Tek. Tek just once again warns Mimi not to go anywhere. The nurse then tells Mimi that she cant use that cell phone so hang up. Mimi tells Rex that she has to go, and to be careful and she loves him. Rex says he loves her too and hell be home soon as they have a future to plan together. They say goodbye, and Mimi says the only future she has is in Statesville prison. 


May 17, 2005

Celeste is dreaming, she is walking around a garden in a blonde wig and feels a sense of foreboding. A thunderstorm suddenly rolls in, and she approaches Lexies front door and says Oh God. Celeste heads inside the house, it is dark and she cant find anyone. She wonders where her daughter is, where her family is. Tek shows up and says the Carver family doesnt exist anymore. Celeste wakes up from her nightmare and takes a drink of water. She says it was only a dream, but she has to check on Lexie regardless. 

In the Carver bedroom, Lexie wakes up and finds Abe sitting in a chair and not in bed. She asks if something is wrong, if this is about last night then it is okay. Abe says it isnt okay, hes always been able to satisfy her before. She says he does satisfy her and there are many ways to do so. Abe says but there is only one way to make a baby, and she deserves more than a man who cant make love to her. Lexie says she thought for the longest time that he was dead, but he came back to her and she feels blessed to have him back. Abe tells Lexie that he thinks they should get a divorce. Lexie asks how he can suggest such a thing, they have another chance to be together as husband and wife. He says but they cant be, and that is unacceptable for him. Abe says he is not the same man he was when he said their vows, but she says shes not the same woman either. She says they have both changed, but he is still the only man she wants to be with. Abe says he releases her from their vows as he can not be a full partner to her. She asks if the words for better or worse mean anything to him? She thinks they got off lightly, and things will get better as he adjusts. Abe says he is impotent and men with this condition tend to get worse and not better. He says he cant deal with the nightly ritual of disappointing her. Abe then heads off to the bathroom, and Lexie bursts into tears.

Later in the morning, Tek shows up and Lexie answers the door. She lets him in, and she asks what brings him by? He says he wants to try and clear the air with Abe. He says he also wants to let him know what is going on with the Spears investigation. Lexie says Detective Adams beat him to the punch, he is upstairs with Abe right now. Meanwhile, Celeste is outside walking and the sky darkens. Celeste realize this is just like her dream, is it becoming a reality? The sun comes back out and she says no, and she rings the doorbell. Tek answers, and Celeste faints upon seeing him. Tek catches her and brings her inside. She wakes up to find Tek staring at her. Lexie brings her some water, and Lexie is worried about her moms health. Celeste says she is fine and had a vision. Lexie asks what kind, and Celeste says shes not sure. Tek goes up to see Abe and give them some space. Lexie asks her mom why she is acting so strangely. Celeste says never mind her, how are she and Abe. Lexie says just great aside from the fact that Abe has asked for a divorce, but hes just being irrationally over nothing. Celeste says she thinks he has many problems to adjust to. Lexie says he is having trouble adjusting and living his life. Celeste says she means living his life with her. Celeste says she sensed a dark foreboding surrounding this house, something is off balance. Lexie says she is trying not to get depressed here, her marriage is in trouble and Abe doesnt want to work at it. Lexie says she doesnt know what to do. Lexie walks off in tears, and Celeste thinks everything will be fine if she stays away from Tek.

Tek goes in to see Abe and finds Detective Adams with Abe. Adams says he was asked by the Commissioner to come update Abe on the Spears attack. Abe says he did it as a courtesy, and he wont forget the disrespect Tek showed him. Tek says he was thinking about his health and Lexie said he didnt need additional stress. Abe says what he needs is something to take his mind off of his health. Tek doesnt know why Abe is so upset as he has something many people dont, time. He says he can spend that with his son and his wife. Adams leaves, and Abe tells Tek he need not stay. Tek says he doesnt want Abe to be angry with him, he owes his career to him. Abe says that is why his betrayal is so much worse. Tek says he will go, but he wont give up on him and he hopes Abe doesnt give up on himself. Tek leaves, but says hell be in touch. Abe thinks hes been in touch with his wife. Celeste walks in and says Abe is right, so be a man and do something about it. He says she certainly doesnt mind her own business. She says not when her daughters life is involved. She tells Abe that he is being selfish, he has a wife and a child and they could have more children. She says Lexie loves him and shed love to have more babies. Abe doubts how long the love Lexie has for him will last under the circumstances. She asks what these circumstances are, but he says none of her business. She says she wont push, but he cant give up on his marriage. He says his body gave up on him, and not just his eyes. He finally tells Celeste that he is impotent. Celeste says she is sorry, but he says not as sorry as he is. He says he wants to be a husband and a father, but he cant even play catch with his son. Celeste says he was never a man to feel sorry for himself and she is disappointed. He says he cant make love to his wife, how does she think that makes him feel. She says there are worse things he could suffer from, he could lose his wife or his son. She says he was always Alexandras protector, he was always there for her. He says he cant be that man anymore. She tells him to get a new definition of being a man, and suggests someone who is there for his family. She says if he doesnt fight for Lexie then he will lose her to a man who isnt worthy of her. Abe says he knows that, and he asks Celeste to leave him to be alone. 

Meanwhile, Tek tells LExie that he tried to talk to Abe, but Abe wasnt interested in what he had to say. He asks Lexie how shes doing. She says she is doing fine. Tek once again tells Lexie that he feels deeply for her still, but he doesnt want her to feel uncomfortable every time she sees him. She says he was a good friend when she needed one. He says if she ever needs a friend again then he is here for her. Celeste stands on the steps and sees them together talking.

At the clinic, Chloe is sleeping in her bed and once again dreaming about being reunited with Brady. Chloe and Nancy bring Brady into a room where Chloe sits in bandages. He doesnt recognize her, and asks what the surprise is. Nancy tells him to watch as someone returns to the land of the living, someone he thought was dead. The doctor cuts the bandages off, and Chloes face is revealed to him. She is healed, and Brady rushes to her side. He says he never stopped loving her. Suddenly, Chloes face melts off as she screams. Chloe wakes up and Craig and Nancy are with her. She tells them that she cant have the surgery, she wont. Craig asks Nancy to go find the doctor, and he stays and talks to Chloe. Chloe says he came all this way for nothing. He says hes her dad and will be here no matter what. He asks what is going on? She tells him about her awful dream. He says it was just jitters and he asks her to talk to the doctor when he gets here. She says she is glad he is here as she wouldnt have gotten through this without him.

Meanwhile, Nicole remembers being asked to sterilize the equipment by the doctor for Chloes surgery. As she heads off with the instruments, another nurse asks where she is going with that? Nicole says that the doctor asked her to sterilize them. The other nurse says that is her job, and she will sterilize them again to make sure they were done correctly. Nicole says she cant! The nurse asks why? Nicole says Dr. Weiss was pretty ticked at her for leaving early last night, so she covered and said she asked her to sterilize them. Nicole says she did it twice to make sure. The nurse thanks Nicole as she is only a few years from retirement and wouldnt want anything to ruin that. The nurse says shell put these in the OR, and she thanks Nicole again for covering for her. Suddenly Nancy shows up screaming for a nurse to find doctor Weiss. Nicole puts on her mask as she thinks Nancy is coming after her, but she talks to another nurse. Nicole is told that everything is ready in the OR and Nicole should go get the patient and scrub in. Nicole says shes on her way. 

Dr. Weiss talks with Chloe, and she feels much better about the surgery. Chloe tells him that shell see him in the OR. Craig walks out with Dr. Weiss, and Nancy asks her if she really feels better about the operation? She says yes. Nancy thinks they should tell Brady that she is alive before the surgery so he can be waiting for her afterwards, but Chloe says no. She says she was a burden to Brady before when she had leukemia. Nancy says there is no burden when love is involved. Chloe says she knows what she is doing, and shell be happy once she has recovered and is together with Brady. A spying Nicole says over your dead body! Nicole, with her scrub mask on, goes to pick Chloe up in the wheel chair. Nancy asks the nurse to take good care of their daughter. Nicole says shell be there to make sure she gets the care she deserves. Nicole then wheels her off.

At the boys camp, Stan remembers bargaining with Tony that nothing would happen to the boys after they were captured. Stan tells Rex and Shawn that they are all in this together. Later, Rex secures and hides their equipment just in case the enemy finds their camp, they wont find any trace of them.

Meanwhile, Lucas has his gun aimed on Stan but says he cant shoot him with what he knows. Lucas knows Stan is a father and he cant shoot another father. Brady tells Lucas that if it comes down to his life or theirs, is he going to choose some guy he hardly knows? Lucas says no, and he has their backs. Brady says everything will be fine. 

Brady meets up with Rex and Shawn and says Lucas will follow behind them, but they realize Stan is gone! When the boys find Stan he is talking to Tony, and Brady asks who Stan is talking to? Stan says no one, and he turns it around and says hes sick and tired of being treated like a bad guy. Brady suggests they all just move out. As they move, Lucas keeps a safe distance behind them. 

At the bunker, Bart gives Tony the bad news that the US Marines are closing in on them. Tony says he was not planning on going to war with America. Bart says even the DiMera organization is no match for the good old US of A. Tony says they need to speed up things and have Stan lead the boys into his trap now. Tony smokes and drinks coffee and tells Bart to let Fidel know his coffee and cigars are excellent. Stan/Sami checks in with Tony and says the boys bought the dog tag and the map, but he must honor his promise that the boys wont be harmed. Tony says they wont, and she needs to get the boys across the desert in one piece. Sami says Tony needs to do something for her before she takes one step. Sami wants to know her son is okay, and Tony says hell see what he can do. He puts Bart on it and to find out the 411 on Will. Sami thanks him, and Tony tells her to keep her end up. Later Bart says update from Salem, Will Roberts is in school. Bart then asks Tony what hell tell Sami when she learns she led Lucas into his trap. Tony says that will be his little surprise. Bart says something about Tonys bad side, but then again he doesnt really have a goodside. Tony says Bart is giving him a headache. Bart gets a call and fears Tonys headache will get worse, they have a big problem. He says Stan is leading the boys right towards a group of soldiers, who are probably the enemy.

Back in the battlefield, the boys fall under attack. Brady says they need to get out of here before its too late. Suddenly they are ordered to drop their weapons as they arent going anywhere.


May 18, 2005

At Hopes, Belle shows up to talk with Hope. She says she heard from Shawn and they are all still over in the war zone. Belle says she thinks he was calling to say goodbye just in case. Belle thinks this is all her fault, hes only doing this because she said they couldnt be together until Phillip came home. Belle says she should have realized what Shawn was planning and stopped it. Hope says he lied to them all. Belle says now Shawn has pulled the others into this, and Kate is blaming her for that too. Hope says they just have to hope that God watches over them and keeps them state. Hope says Bo went to the station to find out what he can, and she hopes he doesnt get distracted and focuses on his family. Belle says Bo loves his family, and he loves her. Belle heads off to find Mimi, and Hope decides to head to the station. Hope doesnt think Bos love will be enough this time, and she tells herself if something happens to Shawn because he chose to be with Billie then she doesnt know what kind of life they can have together.

Bo is doing work at the station when Billie walks in. Billie remembers making love with Bo in the pit. Billie asks Bo if they can talk. He says what about, about how she tried to ruin his marriage? Bo lectures her on what she did and accuses her of taking advantage of him. She says she didnt set out to take advantage of him, and that she thought they were going to die. He says and this excuses her behavior? She says he is the great one love of her life, she thought it was the end for them and she needed him. Bo says he didnt know what he was doing, but she did. Billie says she did, but she couldnt stop. She says she wasnt doing it to come between him and Hope, she wasnt thinking about Hope finding them. She says she just wanted to be with him one last time because she didnt want to die the way she has lived her life, alone. Bo asks if she broke her arm in the pit. Billie says no she tripped at the hospital. Bo asks why she was there, and she explains what has happened with Chelsea. Billie says she promised Chelseas mom shed look after her, and she can at least help her given she wont have a daughter to help. Bo asks what about Georgia. Billie says they have to face the facts, they are no closer to finding Georgia then when they started. She says either Georgia is dead or this is a game to break up him and Hope. Billie says she has decided to let it go. She says as much as she hates to say it, Hope was right and this was a hoax. She says they have to give up and move on with their lives. Bo says hes not going to let her give up on their daughter. Bo says he is not giving up on Georgia and he wont let her give up either. He says they have to find her and bring her home. Bo says she needs them now more then ever. Billie says Bo is right, and Bo says no more of this stuff about giving up. Bo says they will find her, and he hugs Billie. Hope walks in, and she is not pleased. Bo says he can explain, but Hope says she can guess what is going on. Hope guesses Billie had a breakdown when he said he had to focus on Shawn, and as usual he caved when she cried, and he comforter her and told her that he would help her. Bo says actually Billie was the one who wanted to give up, but he convinced her that they couldnt give up on Georgia just like they couldnt give up on Shawn. Billie tells Hope that she understands what she is going through as her brothers are there too, so if she can help. Hope says they dont need her help. Billie says okay and she leaves. Bo tells Hope he knows that wasnt easy, but Hope says she should be used to it. Hope says it is obvious he cares more about Billie than his wife or his son. Bo says his number one priority is to find Shawn, and he is doing everything to find him. Hope says if Shawn dies because he was too preoccupied with Billie then she will blame him. Bo says Shawn will be okay, he will come home safe. Hope says he better otherwise nothing will be the same between them again. 

At the hospital, Mimi continues to worry about her future. Mickey tells her that hell do everything he can to help her. Mickey tells Mimi that shes just going to have to hang in there. Mickey says hell see her later, and he leaves. She says later shell be in jail. She says even if Mickey does get her off, Rex will find out what she did to her baby and will hate her. Belle meets up with Mimi later, and they discuss how worried they are about the boys. Mimi says the people holding Phillip are evil, so if the boys manage to not get killed, they could still get captured. Mimi says they still may never see them again. Belle says they need to try and not to think the worst. She says Shawn and Rex and the others are resourceful, they wont get caught and will bring Phillip home. Mimi just has an awful feeling that they will all die. Belle tells her not to talk that way, they will come home. Mimi says yeah and Jan will wake up and tell the truth, its not going to happen, not the way her life is going. Mimi apologizes and says she wishes she could be more positive, but she just cant. Mimi says her whole life is in a giant downward spiral, and if her recent luck is any indication that she feels something really bad is going to happen. Mimi thinks she knows how to try and break the cycle though, shes going to turn herself in and plead guilty to attempted murder.

Abby is getting ready to go home. Jack and Jen are with Abby. Abby asks about Chelsea, who will tell her about her parents and who will take care of her? She says they cant leave her here alone. Abby then goes in to see Chelsea. Abby says shes going to be going home, but she wanted to come see her first. Chelsea asks where her parents are, why havent they been to see her? Meanwhile, Jen tells Jack that she feels so bad for Chelsea, she doesnt deserve this. She says she is just so glad Abby is okay and Jack is back. Abby comes out and tells her mom that Chelsea still doesnt know about her parents. Jen says she knows. Abby says and where will she go live? Jack asks if she has any other relatives, but Abby doesnt know. Jen says Abby and Chelsea only became friends this last year. Jack says hell look into her background and find what he can about her parents. Abby talks to Jen and says unlike them, there will be no miracle happening for Chelsea. Jack returns and says he found out someone who knows about Chelseas parents. Jen asks who, and Jack says Mickey! Mickey walks up and explains how the Bensons came to him for help recently. He says it was only the three of them, and the Bensons had fallen on hard times. He says they had both lost their jobs, and came to him to file for chapter 11. He says they had already gone through their savings and were about to lose the mortgage on their house. He says that little girl didnt just lose her parents, she lost everything. Abby asks how she will live? Mickey says hell have the Horton foundation set up a tribute fund and will pay for the hospital bills and the funerals. Mickey says she wont just need money though, shell need friends. Abby says she will be there for her. Mickey says he knows she will. Jen thanks Mickey for everything hes done. Jack hugs his two girls and says there is nothing like family. Billie shows up and begins to daydream about Bo hugging her and Georgia. Billie goes up to Jack and gives him a hug and says it is good to see him. Jack says he is home and the DiMeras dont always win. Billie says he is right and miracles can happen. Jack thanks Billie for everything she did for Abby after the accident. They talk about Roman being back, and Billie says she didnt tell Bo because Roman needs to talk to him first and break the news about Victor and Caroline. Jack says it will be hard for him knowing both his parents are gone. They think about Chelsea, and Billie offers to tell Chelsea the truth. Billie says she promised Chelseas mother that shed take care of her if anything happened. 

Billie heads in and sits by Chelseas bed. She calls to Chelsea, and Chelsea wakes up. Chelsea asks where her mom and dad are, are they okay? She asks why nobody will tell her anything? Billie says she is sorry but they were too badly injured. Chelsea cries that they cant be dead. Billie says she is sorry, and she comforts Chelsea.

At the bunker, Bart is afraid that Stan the man is going down and will take them with him. Tony says not to panic, nobody will believe a word Sami has to say. He says he can actually turn this situation around and still use Sami to accomplish all his goals. Bart thinks when Sami blabs the US Marines are going to come for them. Tony is listening in on Sami and says they cant let Sami expose them, so he calls his men in to help. He orders the men to infiltrate the US Marines! Tony sends his men out to rescue Sami. Bart continues to talk to Tony about Sami and what if she fails. Tony says then shell only have herself to blame.

In the desert, Marines capture the boys, and the boys say they are Americans too. They show the marines their passports, and the marines ask if they got bored playing paintball and decided to come join the war? Stan says he is a journalist, and the commanding marine knows they are the Salem Squad coming to rescue Phillip. He says the ISA notified them of what they were up to. He says he is sending them home to their mommies, and if they want to fight a war then he should enlist. Sami fears she might be exposed, and Brady tells the marines they need to know the truth about this reporter. Brady says this reporter was held prisoner with Phillip and can lead them to him. The marine commander says hell have questions for Stan. Stan/Sami realizes she has to get out of here and fast. Lucas keeps his distance and realizes this isnt good. The boys continue to beg to be allowed to do try and rescue Phillip, but the commander says no way. They say they can do this, they have already rescued two civilians. The commander questions Stan as to Phillips exact location, but Stan doesnt know the exact location. He also says he doesnt know who was holding him prisoner. The marines end up telling the boys that it is their job to save Phillip. The boys still want to help. The marine commander says he understands how they feel, but he still has regulations to follow. Two men show up and tell the commander they were sent to assist. Tony tells Sami through her earpiece to do as they say and shell be okay. She realizes these two men are working for Tony. The two men take Stan/Sami off per the commanders orders, and later the commander learns the reporter has got away. The commander tells his men to find him! He then orders the three boys to be held in a tent and not to let them get away. Lucas hasnt been caught and formulates a plan. Meanwhile, the boys are all handcuffed and warned there is a guard outside the tent who is ordered to stop them if they try and leave. Suddenly, a knife cuts through the tent and comes dangerously close to Shawns face. It turns out that it is Lucas, and he rescues the boys. They still have Stans map and plan on using it to get to Phillip.

Back at the bunker, Stan is brought back to Tony. He is furious and tells Tony that he only saved him to cover his own butt. He says if the marines found out the truth they would have come for him with their bunker buster bombs. Tony says well they arent looking for him, but they are now looking for him (Stan). He says the boys of Salem screwed up, so their deal is off. He says that means she doesnt get to see her parents and shell never get revenge on her enemies. Stan says he doesnt care about revenge anymore. He says being here he realizes this isnt all about him. Stan says peoples lives are at stake here, and they should forget about this. Bart comes out and tells that they are in luck, someone helped the three musketeers escaped and they are on the way to help Phillip. Tony says excellent, and now Sami can have her revenge after all.


May 19, 2005

At her place, Celeste is having visions about everyone in Salem (on today's show at least). First she has a vision of Jack with his family, and they go up in flames. She feels that they aren't safe yet. She then has visions about Nancy and says a mother's prayers will go unanswered. Next she moves to Belle and Mimi and says a friend must intervene before a huge mistake is made. Finally she thinks about Lexie, Tek and Abe's little triangle.

Jack and Jen bring Abby home to a surprise 17th birthday party. Alice, Mickey and Maggie are there to surprise her. Jack is so happy to see Alice and even happier to see her donuts and cake. He says just the thought of her donuts got him through all those months. Abby says she thought it was them, and he says it was the thought of them eating donuts together. Maggie tells Mickey it is nice to see someone get their happily ever after. She asks if they will ever have that. He says she knows how he feels about her, and that they shouldn't talk about Bonnie today. Meanwhile, Alice gives Abby two tickets to Gwen Stefani, and this makes her think about Chelsea. She feels so bad for Chelsea, and Mickey and Alice say they will do what they can to help her financially. Abby says she'll need more than just money, she is all alone now. Jen says she's not, Chelsea has them and she has Billie. Jen says Billie promised to look after Chelsea and she thinks that is a promise that Billie will keep. Later Jack is asked about his parents, and Jack says Vern took Joe on a cruise. They suggests Jen and Jack do that, but Jack says no more boats for him. They decide to go to the Horton cabin and get things right this time. Maggie says she'd love a second honeymoon, but Mickey wouldn't probably insist on bringing Bonnie. He says it would hardly be fair to leave her home, and Maggie says "Oh Mickey!" Later Celeste shows up and begins speaking ominously about family and how children must be cherished. Everyone is puzzled, and Celeste asks Jack and Jen as reporters how they would investigate someone aside from internet searches. Jen begins to worry and asks who she wants to investigate, who are her premonitions about? Maggie worries too because Celeste predicted her death at the hands of the serial killer, and Alice says Celeste can't be having premonitions like that again. Suddenly the room goes dark and a floating skull appears. The skull whispers something to Celeste. The skull then disappears, the room lightens, and everyone waits for Celeste to tell them what she has seen.

At the hospital, Belle tries to convince Mimi that she cannot plead guilty to trying to kill Jan. Mimi says it is what she must do to spare Rex pain. Belle says doesn't she think seeing her in jail will be painful? Mimi says he'll have to get over it. Belle says he won't get over it, he will wait for her and try to visit her. Mimi says then she won't see him. SHe says Rex is the son of a cop, and the papers will not show her mercy if she goes to trial. She says the headlines will kill Rex, and she can't do that to him. She says this is why she has to plead guilty. Belle continues to try and talk her out of this, but Mimi won't hear it. She also makes Belle promise not to tell Rex what she is planning. Belle wonders how they got themselves to this point. Mimi says they are here because they lied. She says she lied about the baby, and Belle lied to herself and married Phillip.

At the clinic, Nancy is praying for Chloe to have a successful surgery. Craig tries to make her see that everything will be fine and that Dr. Weiss is the best plastic surgeon in the field. She just can't stop worrying. She thinks Brady should be here with her and they should be celebrating his birthday. She also worries even if Chloe does come out of the surgery okay what will Nicole do to her chances at being with Brady. Craig says there is nothing that Nicole can do to hurt Chloe. Meanwhile, Nicole scrubs up and then looks at one of the scalpels when Dr. Weiss comes in. She pockets the scalpel, and he tells her is she doesn't scrub up properly then she's not coming into his OR. He also wants to make sure the instruments were properly sanitized. Later they are all in the OR, and when the Dr. asks for the scalpel, Nicole gives him the one she pocketed. Nicole begins to get grossed out by all the blood, and the Dr. says if she can't take this then they'll replace her. She insists she is fine, but eventually sneaks out. The Dr. then realizes the instruments haven't been cleaned at all. He stops the operations, orders some antibiotics for Chloe, and hopes they aren't too late. Meanwhile, Nancy sees Nicole out in the hall and yells at her and demands to know if something is wrong with Chloe. Nicole slips away and dashes out of the clinic. The Dr. comes out and Nancy asks if something is wrong? He says he is very sorry.

In the war zone, Stan is wandering around and realizes Tony's men are following him. Meanwhile, Rex and Shawn are dodging bullets and bombs, but find the time to have a meaningful conversation. Rex says the minute he gets home he is marrying Mimi and taking her to the mountains for their honeymoon as he never wants to see sand again. Shawn talks about how all he wants to do is to be with Belle, but first Phillip must be told the truth. Rex tells Shawn that it is Belle's place to tell Phillip the truth and Shawn must promise not to tell Phillip anything. Meanwhile, Brady and Lucas also have a talk. Brady thinks he shouldn't be celebrating his birthday like this, he was supposed to be in Vienna with Chloe. Lucas can't believe Brady moved on with Nicole, but Brady says she has changed. They talk about Sami again, but Lucas doesn't want to discuss her. Brady eventually rejoins the boys after they have come upon Stan. Stan claims he escaped when a bomb went off and the marines hit the dirt. Shawn tells Stan he had a knife and cut their way out of the tent. Stan suggests they go find Phillip as planned, but Brady pops up and says no way. Brady pulls a gun on Stan and says they can't trust him, he's a traitor. Stan says he is a traitor, and he calls in Tony's men. The three boys are taken hostage, and Rex tells Stan he will be sorry for this. From a distance Lucas says he will make Stan sorry, and he shoots Stan! Stan goes down after being hit.


May 20, 2005
At Jack and Jens, Maggie asks Celeste what is wrong. She says she is fine and was just feeling a slight chill. Maggie knows she had another vision and something bad is going to happen. Celeste says no, but Maggie doesnt believe her. Maggie says she wont let her do this again, not to this family. Maggie says no more bad predictions. Maggie says it is time for them to be happy. Meanwhile, Jack and Jen look at a scrap book that Abby found and gave to them. Jack remembers this book well and says he thought about everything in it while he was held hostage. Maggie tells Celeste that is the way they used to be before the Salem Stalker, the island and Tonys castle. Maggie says the nightmare is over and they deserve to be happy. Celeste says of course they do, and she didnt mean to upset anyone. Celeste says she should go, but then shes hit with another vision of the floating skull. She doubles over and cries out dear God no. They help Celeste to the couch, and they ask what happened? She says shell be fine and it is nothing. They offer to call LExie for her, but Celeste insists she will be fine. Jen says she could go upstairs and lay down for awhile. Celeste says she will just finish her water and be on her way. Jack and Jen head to the kitchen, and Maggie thanks Celeste for not mentioning her vision. Meanwhile, Jack and Jen discuss that Celeste is keeping something from them. Jack thinks she is having visions. Jen doesnt want to know what her vibes are saying as she doesnt want anything to spoil their happiness. Meanwhile, Maggie leaves to get Celeste more water, and Celeste keeps seeing the strange skull. Celeste realizes it is worse than she thought. Elsewhere, Jack wants to go upstairs with Jen, but she says they still have guests. Jack says they should kick the party up a notch with champagne. They go out to the other room, and Maggie says Celeste is going to go lie down for a bit after all. Maggie says shell take Celeste upstairs. Maggie and Celeste leave, and Jen hopes shell be okay. Jack says shell be fine. Later a song comes on and Jen and Jack remember it was a song that Jen tried to teach Jack to dance to way back when she was an intern at the Spectator. They dance and kiss, and Celeste comes downstairs. She says she just wishes their future was only filled with happiness. 

At the clinic, we see a replay of Nicole running off and Dr. Weiss coming out to speak with Nancy and Craig. Nancy asks the doctor what has happened? He says he is very sorry. Dr. Weiss says there was a problem and it was all his fault. Nancy says Chloe didnt . . . He says she didnt die, she is in recovery. However he says one of his nurses didnt properly sterilize the instruments. Dr. Weiss says he will get to the bottom of this. Nancy asks what this means. Craig says it means Chloe could get an infection. Dr. Weiss says it is more serious, the last patient those instruments used on had the flesh eating virus. Craig is furious and threatens to sue him and this whole facility for negligence. Meanwhile, Nicole is in the locker room and changes out of her scrubs and prepares to run, but the other nurse catches her and demands she explains her actions during surgery. Nicole turns around, and the nurse says she thought she was someone else. Nicole says no problem. Nicole goes to leave, but the nurse says she is forgetting to put her dirty scrubs in the biohazard bin. Nicole does it and rushes out. The other nurse sees Nicoles nametag on the floor and realizes that was the nurse she was looking for afterall. Meanwhile, Nancy tells Craig this (his arguing with Dr. Weiss) wont help Chloe. Craig apologizes to Dr. Weiss. Dr. Weiss says he understands and he is the one who is sorry. He says he takes responsibility for what happened, he will find out what went wrong, and he will try to reverse the damage. Another nurse tells the doctor that hes needed in recovery. Dr. Weiss has to go check on Chloe and he says hell report to them shortly. Nancy doesnt understand how this is happening. Craig says hes going to find that nurse and find out what happened. Craig is pointed in the direction of Nurse Baxter and begins chasing down Nicole. Nancy overhears the other nurse who found Nicole telling another nurse about Nurse Baxter and how Craig just went chasing after her. Nancy asks where they went, and she then goes looking them. Craig continues to tale Nicole through the hospital to a hallway with two doors: one is the emergency exit and the other a closet. He says he didnt hear an alarm sound so he checks the storage closet. However, he doesnt see her and thinks she got away. A janitor asks Craig if she can help him. He says he thought someone was in the closet hiding, a nurse who caused problems. The janitor goes in and is paid by Nicole to keep quiet. The janitor says she doesnt see anyone. Nancy soon shows up, and Craig and Nancy head back the way they came. Craig realizes she has to be back there as it is a dead end. The emergency door signal sounds, and Nicole escapes. Nicole says she is sorry she had to do this to Chloe but it was the only way.

At the station, Detective Adams reports to Commander Brady and says that thing they discussed earlier is done. Roman says good and hell just sit back and wait. Adams tells Roman they are glad to have him back, and Roman thanks him. Adams leaves, and Bo then shows up and asks Adams why he called him back? Adams says the new boss wants to talk to him. Bo is puzzled and goes into his office to find Roman there. They hug, and Roman fills him in on the castle and being Tonys prisoner. Bo says he and Billie broke into that castle, if they had known they were there. Roman asks why they broke in, and Bo gives him the short version of the long story about Georgia being alive. Bo is just glad he is home, but Roman says there is something else he has to tell him. He says Tony isnt the only one who died, hes pretty sure Ma and Victor were in the castle too. Bo thought he smelled Mas perfume in that castle. Bo says if only . . . Roman tells him not to do that. Roman says there is no use beating themselves up over this. Bo damns Tony to hell. Bo asks if they are positive Tony is dead. Roman says he didnt see his body, but there is no way he could have survived. 

Meanwhile, Abe shows up and Adams helps him into the office. Tek asks Abe why he is here? Abe says to see that justice is served. Abe says he doesnt like how Tek is handling the case, and he asks Detective Adams if he was in charge would he have made an arrest by now? Adams says it is hard to say. Abe demands to know why Tek hasnt arrested the woman named as Jans attacker. Tek asks Adams for a moment alone with Abe, and he asks Abe why hes really so interested in this case. Abe says he doesnt like the way things were handled while he was away, and he wants to make sure everything gets back to being done by the book. Roman comes out to see Abe and they hug. Roman promises Abe that they will continue to get the bag guys just like always. Tek welcomes Roman back, and he says he cant believe about DiMera being alive. Tek asks if Roman is coming back? Bo says he sure is. Roman says hes back as Commander until Abe comes back. Roman wants to know why Tek has delayed making an arrest, why is he dragging his feet. Tek says the investigation isnt over. Roman says it is and make the arrest today. Tek says yes sir and leaves. Roman talks with Abe and says he agrees with him, it is obvious that Tek needs reigning in. Abe says Roman doesnt know the half of it.

At the hospital, Mimi continues to tell Belle that she is getting what she deserves. Belle tells her that this is crazy, she cant plead guilty. Belle says shed go to jail for nothing, she is innocent. Mimi says no one will believe that. Belle says shes never been a quitter before, but Mimi says she doesnt know what else to do. Mimi says her mind is made up. Mickey shows up and hopes he can change her mind. Mimi says shes made up her mind. Mickey says she is making a mistake. He says she is making a mistake and he can help her, especially if she is as innocent as she says. Mimi says she isnt innocent, shes done so many wrong things. Belle asks Mickey to excuse them for a moment. Belle tells Mimi to get a hold of herself. Belle says her whole life is on the line here, and theyve all made mistakes. Mimi says she didnt let Jan blackmail her or get rid of a baby. Belle says no she just married a man she didnt love and God willing he makes it home, she has to break his heart. Belle says they dont mean to hurt others, and that is how they are different from Jan. Belle says if Mimi lets Jan get away with this then she will go on hurting others. Belle begs Mimi to continue fighting for everyone who loves her. Mimi says okay, just dont cry anymore. Belle takes Mimi to talk to Mickey and asks what Mimi has to do to beat this. Mickey tells Mimi if she is arrested and they go to trial then they will put up a good fight. He says he wont have any trouble of proving she is a woman of moral character and incapable of hurting anyone. Mimi says there goes her defense. Mickey says its not like she has a criminal record. Mimi says she does, and she recounts the story of Mickey still thinks he can help her no matter what shes done in the past. Mimi still thinks it is pointless as if she goes to trial then the jurors and whole town will judge what she has done. We see more flashbacks of Mimi fighting with Jan. Mimi says when the truth comes out her life as she knows it will be over and Rex will hate her. She says nothing else matters without Rex, so they might as well lock her up and throw away the key. Suddenly, Tek shows up and asks Belle asks what is going on. Tek says hes sorry to do this but he must. Tek then arrests Mimi for the attempted murder of Jan.

In the desert we see a replay of Lucas shooting Stan. Stan goes down, and Tonys men rush the boys out and leave Stan behind. One man returns to check on him. At the bunker, Tony is informed (via radio) that the blond guy has been shot. Tony tells his men to clean him up and bring him in, but dont be surprised that hes a she. He also tells his men to bring the others to the bunker and lock them up with Kiriakis. Later the boys, covered with black hoods, are led in to Phillips cell. They are unmasked, and Phillip cant believe this. Phillip asks what they are doing here, and they say they came to rescue him. He learns it was all Shawns idea to rescue him. Phillip gives them all hugs. He says he doesnt know what to say. He says they are crazy and he cant believe they made it this far, but now they are prisoners just like him. They explain they had a good plan but they ran into one of his ex-cell mates who tricked them. Phillip remembers that guy and says there was something off about him. Phillip says he should be pissed at them, but hes blown away and doesnt know how to thank them. HE also tells Shawn he cant be mad at him anymore, and he asks how Belle is. Shawn says she is fine but she is real worried about him. Phillip says he misses her so much and thinking about her has got him through this whole ordeal. Brady says Belle is upset that they are all here, and the sooner they get out the better. Phillip says all he knows is they are way underground and it will be impossible for anyone to find them here. Rex says they have someone out there helping him. Brady says Lucas is here, and they hope he has told the ISA and the marines everything about their location. Back in the desert, Lucas is caught by Tonys men. Lucas is led to the bunker by gunpoint. 

Meanwhile, Sami lays on a cot elsewhere in the bunker. Her arm has been bandaged and we see that she was shot in the arm. Tony says hello, and she thinks shes died and gone straight to hell. He says she should be so lucky. She asks what happened, and he says she was shot, but it was only a flesh wound. She says it hurts like hell. Tony tells her that revenge isnt always easy. Sami says she doesnt care what it costs as long as all her enemies burn in hell. She also says she wants to see the head of the person who shot her on a platter. She says shes adding him to her list of enemies. Tony thinks he can help her. He says soon the forth musketeer will be here. She asks who else is here. He says have a look for herself. She turns around and sees Lucas being led in. 

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