May 23, 2005
In court, Bonnie cant believe Mimi has been arrested. Mickey tells her that Tek had no choice but to arrest her after Jans statement. Bonnie says she is innocent, and she asks Mickey to convince Mimi to plead innocent. Bonnie says Mimi looks up to him with him being her step-father. Mimi is brought in sporting an orange jumpsuit, and Bonnie hugs her. Mickey asks the bailiff to remove the handcuffs, which he does. Belle is there and asks how she is doing. Mimi says it has been awful so far, but she refuses to change her mind about pleading guilty. She thinks if she pleads guilty then there will be no trial and Rex wont find out about her being blackmailed over the abortion. Mickey begs Mimi to let him prove her innocence. The hearing beings and Judge Fitzpatrick come in. TEK is questioned about Jans statement and the fake fingernail found at the scene of the crime. Mickey says he intends to show that Jan was not attacked by Mimi and Jans injury was the result of a fall. The judge says that the evidence warrants a trial. Mimi says no she doesnt want a trial. She says she hated Jan and she did it, she is guilty. Everyone begins arguing, and the judge calls order. Mickey apologizes and asks for a moment with his client. He tells Mimi that she is making a mistake, but Mimi says she refuses to put Rex through the pain of finding out she had an abortion. Belle says he will be in pain if she goes to prison, but Mimi thinks not as much pain. Bonnie refuses to allow Mimi to throw her life away. The judge asks how Mimi pleads. Mickey says not guilty, but Mimi says guilty. Mickey says he cant allow this, so Mimi says then he is fired. Chaos erupts again, and the judge says the next person to interrupt this proceeding will be removed. Belle begs Mimi not to do this as she is making a mistake. Mimi says because shes already made a mistake. Mimi continues to plead guilty and also waves her right to a trial. The judge says she is to be held at county jail until her sentencing. Mickey asks for a reasonable bail to be set, but the DA wants bail to be denied given the crime. Belle asks to speak, and she says Mimi is pleading guilty only because she feels remorse for something she did that is not illegal. She guarantees Mimi will not leave town if she is granted bail, and she stakes her familys reputation on it. The DA asks Tek to keep investigating as something is going on here. The Judge says she will set bail at one million dollars. Bonnie says shed have to rob a bank! She quickly says just kidding. The judge says unless bail is met then Mimi will have to wait in county jail. Bonnie tells Mimi this isnt right. Mimi says she has to do this, and if Rex gets back to tell him that it is best he never see her again. Mimi is then led off.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells John it is time for a break as hes been attached to that PC all night. She also says hes been drug free for 48 hours, so how does he feel? He says a little shaky but hes hanging in. John says with her here he knows he can beat this. Marlena says they will do it together. She also says once he gets the boys home safe and sound then he can look for Sami. The doorbell rings and Marlena goes to answer it, it is Billie. Billie says it is so good to see her, and Marlena says shes glad to see her and invites her in. John says hi to Billie, and he thinks she is here for news on her brothers. John says good news as the boys are in Marine custody. He says hes waiting for news on when they will be flown home. She asks if there is news on Phillip, but John says hes afraid not. Billie says at least her mom will have Rex and Lucas. She says shes not here for that though, she needs to ask a favor from Marlena. Billie asks Marlena if she would be willing to talk to Chelsea given her accident. Marlena says of course, and she asks Billie how she got to be a part of this? Billie says it was a fluke, she was the first one there when the accident happened and she promised Chelseas mom that shed look after her. Billie says she will, and Chelsea is a teenager with no one to look after her. Marlena says that isnt true, she seems to have her. However, Marlena warns Billie to be careful. Marlena knows she is searching for her daughter, and she thinks Billie is concerned for Chelsea because of Georgia. Billie says she isnt trying to replace Georgia, and Marlena says good. Marlena also wants Billie to be prepared that Chelsea may not want her in her life. Suddenly, John says he cant believe this. John says he got new info from the ISA and it isnt good news.

At the station, Bo and Roman are on the PC doing work trying to find the boys. Kate shows up, and Hope tells Kate if he is here to try and convince Bo to forgive Billie then she is wasting her time. Hope says they are both furious with Billie. Kate cant believe Hope blames everything wrong with her marriage on Billie. Hope wonders what kind of woman sleeps with someone who was in Bos condition. Hope goes into Romans office and hugs Roman. She says it is so good to see him and she has heard what happened. Hope asks if Tony is really dead? He says there is no way Tony could have survived. Roman says unfortunately Tony wasnt the only one who died. Hope has heard and says she is so sorry. Bo cant believe Hope knew about his parents. She tells Bo that he went off with Billie when she learned, and when he came back he was recovering from the gas. Hope tells Bo that she is sorry. Bo says it is okay, and he says he has good news about the boys. Bo says the marines found them and have them in custody. However, he says there is no news about Phillip. While Kate and Hope look at the reports, Roman asks Bo what happened with him and Billie, what is this about gas? Bo confesses everything to Roman. Roman then confesses that he and Marlena made love at the castle. Bo asks if Kate and John know, and Roman says no. He says he and Marlena arent going to tell them either. Bo says that doesnt sound like Marlena, is he sure she wont talk. Roman hopes not as that will be the end of their marriages. Bo thinks if they confess now then they will understand, but if John and Kate find out from someone else then they will be hurt. Roman thanks him for the advice, but this is best kept quiet. Bo asks if he and Marlena fell in love again, is that is what hes afraid of coming out. Roman doesnt answer. Later, John calls Roman and says hes heard from the ISA, so he better round everyone up and bring them over.

Meanwhile, Kate cant believe her sons lives are in danger because of Shawns selfish behavior. Hope says what they did was foolish, but it was brave and noble. Kate says it is noble for Shawn to come between her son and his wife? Hope calls her a hypocrite because she is encouraging Billie to do whatever she can to break up her and Bo.

Back at the penthouse, everyone else shows up, and Hope hugs Marlena upon seeing her. Hope isnt happy to see Billie though. Kate asks John what news he has? John says the boys escaped Marine custody and are off on their own again. He says hes getting a delayed satellite feed though. John shows them the video he has, it is a thermal video. He says Brady, Shawn and Rex are there, Lucas is in the distance providing cover, but a fifth person is there. John then says seems it seems like they are surrounded by forces and captured, and that mysterious fifth person led them into a trap. John is able to clear up the photo and they see Stans face after he was shot. John recognizes him and says he knows him. They ask who he is? John has druggy flashbacks, but says nothing. Kate says Shawn is responsible for this entire fiasco. Hope says that isnt true, but this shouldnt have happened. She lashes out at Bo for not being there to stop Shawn, and Billie says this isnt Bos fault. Hope says if something happens because Billie and Bo were off together . . . Kate says so now Hope is blaming Billie? Kate thinks this needs to be said, she doesnt think Bo was confused about who he was making love to in that pit. Bo says that is not true. Everyone argues and Roman tells them all to just shut the hell up. Roman suggests they all act like adults and concentrate on what is important, and that is bringing these boys home.

At the bunker, Tony reveals the fourth musketeer to Sami. She is stunned to see Lucas brought in and look towards her. Sami quickly hides and wonders what Lucas is doing here, and that he has seen her. She thinks he will know she set him up. Tony says imagine how awkward it will be for her when all of Salem knows. Tony laughs and finally tells Sami it is a one way mirror, Lucas cant see them. Sami cant believe Tony didnt tell her that Lucas was here. She says she loves Lucas and doesnt want to see him hurt. He says she is a damn fool then. She says she is not a fool, and she has flashbacks of Lucas telling her how much he loves her. Tony says Lucas didnt believe her over his mother, he sided with his mothers lies instead of trusting the woman he supposedly loved. Tony says if he was her then he could not forgive Lucas and would want him to pay dearly. Tony also suggests if Lucas is let go, he will find another woman and Will will have a step-mother. He also says the best way to get revenge on Mimi, Kate, John, Bo and Hope is to take all their children from them. Tony also says without Lucas then she can get Will away from the clutches of Kate. He says then she can go home to the future she deserves, so do they have a deal? Sami says she cant do it. He tells her that she has no choice, how would the people of Salem feel if they knew she was Stan and all the things she did? Tony lists everything she did, and he says she doesnt have a choice. Tony says he could drop information around Salem about what she did. Sami says shes sold her soul to the devil. Tony says but look what she got in return. Tony suggests she leave the fate of those boys to him. Sami says fine, as long as he doesnt hurt them. Tony says understood. Later Sami wonders if she can do this, and she decides to check on Lucas to make sure he is okay. 

In their cell, the boys fill Phillip in on what happened in the desert. Lucas is eventually thrown in with them, and Lucas believes the glass is a two-way mirror because he keeps hearing voices. Rex wonders who is responsible for this whole thing. Brady thinks Stan is in on it, and Lucas hopes he killed him. Brady thinks they must be being held for ransom otherwise they would have been killed. Phillip asks if there were ransom requests for him, but they say no. They realize there are five of them and only a few guards, so they should break the mirror and take them out. They decide to break the glass, but Brady stops them and says they dont really know how many guards are back there. When Shawn says they need to act, Phillip says too bad he doesnt have his motorcycle to crash through the mirror. The boys tell Phillip this was all Shawns idea and he would have come alone if they didnt come with him. Phillip thinks he knows why Shawn did this. Phillip says he owes him an apology and it means a lot that he came here. He tells Shawn that he is still a good friend, and it must mean he has accepted his marriage to Belle. Shawn tells Phillip there is something he should know. Rex buts in and says says he just wanted to tell him how moved Belle was by his video. Phillip says he cant stand to think about what Belles been going through, and all he wants to do is to get home to be with her. Phillip says hes amazed Shawn did this for him given he loved Belle once. Shawn says dont make a big deal about it, but Phillip says it takes a big man to do this. Shawn says it wasnt completely selfless, he wanted to do this for Belle. Meanwhile, Sami looks through a peephole in the door, and Lucas sees her eyes and says Sami?


May 24, 2005

At the clinic, Nancy and Craig look at Chloe, who is asleep. Nancy tells Craig that she was so beautiful, she had the face of an angel and now she could be scarred for life. Chloe wakes up and Craig asks how she feels. She says numb. She says she cant wait to tell Brady that she is alive, when will they take the bandages off? Nancy cries, and Chloe tells her not to cry as shes finally going to be happy. She realizes something happened, and she begs them to tell her what is wrong. Craig explains there was a problem with the operation. He says one of the nurses brought in non-sterilized instruments, and she may have contracted a very rare infection. He says she was exposed to a type of bacteria that is difficult to treat. Chloe asks what if they cant treat it? Craig says they dont know, but there is a probability that her scars could become worse. She asks what her chances are? He says they dont know, and it might not be that bad. Chloe says if she looks like a creature from a horror movie then shed rather Brady think she is dead. She cries her nightmares are coming true, and if she cant be with Brady then she might as well be dead. Chloes machines beep as she appears to have trouble breathing. A nurse comes in and gives her a sedative. Chloe feels the doctors should have been honest with her and let her know the truth about her chances. Chloe says shell never sing again and shell never have the man she loves. She says it is better that Brady think she is dead as the Chloe he knew is dead. Craig and Nancy discuss what to do, and Craig thinks they should call MArlena. Nancy says Marlena has been through such a terrible ordeal, but Craig says they can at least ask as Chloe has always trusted her. Nancy agrees. Chloe hears them mention Marlena, and Craig says they thought shed want to talk to her. Chloe says no, she is Bradys step-mother so they cant call her. Nancy says she needs help and she needs to talk to someone. Craig says she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, she wont tell Brady. Nancy begs Chloe to please talk to Marlena. 

At the penthouse, John is working on the PC again waiting for word from the ISA. Marlena says this must be hard for him, and they talk about how all their friends are having hard times right now. They discuss Kate and her three sons being held captive, and Bo and Hopes son being over there, which is hard for Belle. When John talks about Bo sleeping with Billie, he says Hope must be just crushed. Marlena says there were extenuating circumstances, but John says Bo broke his vows. Marlena looks uneasy, and John asks if he upset her? The doorbell rings, and Nicole is at the door. Nicole says its so good to see Marlena alive. Marlena invites her in, and she asks what has brought her here. Nicole says she wants to know if they have news on Brady. John says the news isnt good, theyve been taken hostage. Belle shows up and hears the news, and she loses it. She talks about losing Phillip and Shawn, and that Will could lose his father. Marlena wishes there was a way to find Sami and bring her home, and John says there may be a way. John says hes asked the ISA to look for her and notify him when shes found. Belle says it was Samis choice to leave town, when shes ready shell come home. Belle talks about how this is the worst day of her life, on top of everything Mimi is in jail. She explains the story about Mimi pleading guilty, and John asks if there is anything he can do. Belle says her bail is a million dollars. John says hell pay it. Meanwhile, Nicole reveals that Brady has promised to marry her when he gets home, but what if he doesnt come back. Nicole says what if after everything shes done to make sure they are together, she ends up alone. John asks what she has done? Nicole says she stood by Brady during his grief when he lost Chloe. John says he understands that pain, but he got on with his life. She says yes because of Kate. She tells John that he got his wife back, but she might not be that lucky. She says when he comes home, no if he comes home then shed appreciate Johns support dad. John cant believe shes using this to her advantage and he says he has to work on finding them, he cant be bothered with her. Nicole tells herself now she has to make sure that Chloe stays dead. Meanwhile, Marlena gives Belle a pep talk to make her feel better. Belle leaves, and later Nicole heads out, but not before telling Marlena she really does love Brady so if they hear anything to let her know. The phone rings, and John answers. It is Nancy, and she asks if she can talk to Marlena. John says sure and gives the phone to Marlena. Nancy asks Marlena how she is, and Marlena asks about her and Craig. Nancy says they are hanging in here, but she tells Marlena that she needs to see her right away as it is an emergency. Nancy says she cant tell her much over the phone unfortunately. Meanwhile, Nicole calls the clinic to check on Chloes surgery results, but shes given no information. Nicole says there must be someway to find out if Chloes face is hideously infected.

Marlena arrives at the clinic and meets Nancy. Nancy tells MArlena that she and the others arent the only ones to come back from the dead, Chloe is alive too. Marlena says she is so happy, but why didnt Chloe tell Brady sooner? Nancy says something tragic has happened. Meanwhile, Craig sits with Chloe. Chloe knew hed be honest with her, and it is better to know the truth about her face. She thinks she will frighten everyone, but Craig says she has a beautiful soul and spirit. He hopes Marlena can help her understand and see that. Nancy and Marlena come in, and Marlena hugs Craig. Marlena then tells Chloe that shell do all she can to help her. Nancy and Craig leave them alone to talk. Chloe tells Marlena that before they get into the shrink stuff, nobody can know she is here or alive, especially not Brady. Marlena promises not to say a word. Marlena has news about Brady, or should she keep this from her. Chloe asks what news, is he okay. Marlena says what she has to say could change her mind about keeping herself secret from Brady.

Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy talk in the hall and hope Chloe will be able to accept what has happened. Craig thinks Marlena is their best shot. Craig has to get back to his hospital, but Nancy is still troubled by the nurse who ran off after the surgery. Craig hopes theyll find out who she was. Craig leaves to book a flight back to New York, Later, Nancy spots Nicole rummaging through the papers at the nurses desk. Nancy says she sees Nicole is looking at Chloes file and she doesnt seem surprised that she is alive, why is that?

Back at the penthouse, John is alone and finds a bottle of pills. He looks at a photo of Marlena and Belle and says his family needs him, this is no time to give into his addiction. He goes outside and ends up throwing the pills off the terrace.

Mimi is in jail, and Patrick shows up after getting Bonnies message. He asks what is going on, who is in jail. Bonnie says Mimi is in jail, and she explains the fight she had with Jan and how Mimi is innocent but insisting on pleading guilty. Bonnie and Patrick go in to see Mimi, and Mimi is not happy that Patrick has been pulled into this. Mimi tells her mother this is her problem. Patrick tells Mimi hes getting her out of here, and Bonnie says A jail break! Patrick says no, but he says he is going to call in some favors. He tells Mimi if she does what he says then shell walk as a free woman. Patrick asks about bail, and Bonnie says Belle asked Daddy Warbucks for the money. Patrick says hes rich so he wont miss it. Mimi asks what hes saying, that she should jump bail? Patrick says he has all the connections to get her out of the country and start a new life elsewhere. Mimi wonders who Patrick is involved with, and she refuses to skip town. She says she is staying behind bars where she belongs. Mimi says she wants this all over with so Rex can move on with his life with someone who deserves him. She says this is her way of protecting Rex. Bonnie says what about protecting herself? Patrick says jail is ugly and scary, and it will change her in ways she never thought possible. Belle shows up and says her dad has posted bail. Belle says now all Mimi has to do is hire Mickey back and fight this. Mimi says she cant accept the money. Bonnie asks who taught her words like that? Mimi says she told Belle before that she will hurt Rex if she fights this. Belle says she has bad news, the boys have been taken hostage. Mimi says Rex doesnt deserve this, and she asks why all this bad stuff is happening. They all encourage her to take the money and fight, but Mimi refuses. Mimi says she is not a good person, she has done terrible things and should get away with them. She thinks if she is behind bars then it will prevent her from every hurting rex again. Belle says this will destroy Rex, he loves her and this is the worst thing she can do. She tells Mimi if she wont fight for them or herself then to fight this for Rex.

At the bunker, Phillip is singing Shawns praises for helping him out the way he is. Shawn says he isnt being completely selfless; he wanted to do it for Belle. He says he wishes they could have pulled it off. Brady says if Stan hadnt double crossed them they would have. Lucas says there was something about Stan, and there are pieces to this puzzle missing. Meanwhile, Sami checks on Lucas, and Lucas sees her eyes through the peep hole and says Sami? She closes the peep hole, and Lucas is positive he saw Samis eyes. He bangs on the door, and the boys stop him. They say it makes no sense that Sami is here. Rex says if she was out there then it means shes working with those mercenaries. Brady suggests maybe Lucas just wants to see her. Brady says deep down maybe she wants to make peace. Lucas says no way, hell never forgive her for sleeping with Brandon. Sami hears this and fumes at Lucas for siding with his mother. Lucas says this is all Stans fault and he could kill that guy if he isnt already dead. Lucas begins to think about Samis eyes in the peep hole and they morph onto Stans. Lucas says he knows who that was! He says he saw Stan looking in on them, and he could still be alive. Lucas says he ran into Stan in Salem, and he was pumping him for info on Will and Sami. Lucas thinks Will and Sami could be in danger right now. Lucas becomes upset, but Brady thinks they are being held for ransom, and his dad will put up the money. Phillip isnt so sure. A spying Sami says they arent going anywhere, and shes sorry Lucas got caught up in this. She says if she cant have Lucas then it is nice to know nobody else can. Meanwhile, Brady decides the first thing hell do when he gets home is marry Nicole. Lucas tells him that shes a witch who cares about no one, but Brady says she has changed. Lucas cant believe Brady would marry her when he had a class act like Chloe. Brady asks the others what they are going to do? Rex says hes going to grab Mimi and tell her how much he misses her. Shawn almost blurts out the truth, but stops when he looks over and sees Phillip. He says he misses everyone. Phillip decides he wants to renew his vows with Belle. He says not to say the vows they already took werent enough, they are sacred and he and Belle will honor them forever. Later, Phillip suggests they come up with a plan to get out of here. Phillip says they cant sit around and wait to be rescued, they need a plan B now. Sami thinks the boys should get comfortable, and shes glad Tony wont hurt them. Two guards show up with guns and Sami overhears them say the orders come straight from Tony, the hostages are to be taken care of tonight. 


May 25, 2005

Celeste is in Lexies home and has a vision of Lexie kissing a shirtless Tek. She yells out Alexandra! and she drops a photo of Lexie and Abe, which shatters. Lexie runs out of the kitchen and asks what happened, what is wrong. Celeste says Abe needs her and she must go to him now. Lexie heads upstairs. Later Lexie comes down in tears and says Abe just keeps pushing her further and further away. Lexie says what if he leaves her? She says she needs air and runs outside. Of course she runs into Tek, and she ends up crying in his arms. Celeste looks outside and sees them together. She says this is not good. She then sees a photo of Abe and Lexie go up in flames. Celeste gets online and uses Jack and Jens tricks to find information on Tek. She looks up public records on Tek which he cant cover up. 

Outside, Tek asks Lexie what is wrong? Lexie says things with Abe are getting worse and worse. She says every time she reaches out to him, he slams a door in her face. She says its like Abe is doing everything he can to drive her away. He suggests she give him space, but she says he needs her in his condition. Tek says he still cares for her, and he backed off out of respect for her. He says if Abe wont love and respect her, well she deserves so much more. Lexie tells Tek its not Abes fault, but he asks what would justify him emotionally abusing her. She says its not Abes fault he cant love her like he used to. Tek asks Lexie if Abe is impotent? Lexie says nothing, and Tek says Abe still shouldnt be taking this out on her. He says she should be with someone who loves her and treats her with respect. She says Abe is a good man and is her husband and babys father. Tek asks how this is good for Theo, he is growing up in a home without love. He tells her to think about Theo and what is best for him, leave Abe and find someone who will give her the happiness she deserves. Lexie cant believe he expects her to divorce Abe because they are going through a rough time. Tek says he cares about her, and shes only hurting herself and Theo by staying with him. Tek walks off, and Lexie goes back inside. Celeste tells Lexie that Tek is trouble and has a history. She tells Lexie what she found out about Tek from internet searches. She says time and again, Tek has had affairs with married women, and as soon as they divorce their husbands he walks away. Lexie says she found this online? Celeste says it was public record, and there were more cases sealed by the courts. She tells Lexie she is vulnerable and not to become Teks next victim. 

At the hospital, Abby shows up to see Chelsea. Abby says she has good news. Chelsea says tell her that it was all a dream. Abby says shes sorry. Abby says the good news is she gets to go home. Chelsea says she feels all alone. Abby says she isnt, she has her. Billie shows up with a teddy bear and says she has her too. Chelsea says flowers and teddy bears wont bring her parents back. Billie says she knows, but she still wants to help. Abby tells her about Billie donating blood to save her life, but Chelsea thinks she should have died. Abby and Billie tell her not to say that. Billie says she has her whole life ahead of her. Chelsea says she is alone. Abby tells her that she can come live with her, but Chelsea says they dont have the room and she doesnt want to be a charity case. Chelsea says Abby just got her dad back, her and her family should be celebrating now and shed be a huge downer. Chelsea says she just wants to go home to her own house. A nurse brings in Chelseas release papers for her to sign. Abby wonders how they will tell her that the house wont be hers for long.

Billie and Abby bring Chelsea home, and Billie tells Chelsea that her parents were having money problems. Chelsea knows, they used to fight about money when she thought she wasnt listening. Billie tells her that her parents hired Mickey to help them, they had to file for bankruptcy because they had nothing left. Chelsea says shes not worried about the money or where shell live, the worst part is losing her parents and being all alone. Abby says it will be okay. Chelsea says sure, shell have her clothes and jewelry, shell be the best dressed homeless person in town. Billie tells Chelsea that she wants her to come stay with her. Chelsea asks why Billie is doing this? Billie says because she knows first hand what its like to be a kid on your own. She says her mom wasnt around growing up, and her dad might as well not have been there at all. Billie says she doesnt have to be alone and scared, let her be there for her. Chelsea asks what is in this for Billie? Billie says she had a daughter who would be about Chelseas age. Billie says she was told her daughter died at birth, but lately she suspects she is alive. Billie says she could be out there alone and scared, just like her. Billie says she just hopes someone out there will reach out to her and take care of her. Billie says maybe she is just trying to throw good karma out there and hope it makes its way back to her little girl. Chelsea says she hopes it does. Billie asks Chelsea if she wants to give it a shot? Chelsea says okay, but only till she figures out what shell do. They then hug. 

At the clinic, Nancy realizes Nicole has known all along that Chloe was alive, and she thinks she has been up to no good. Nicole claims she is here to visit Clara, the patient she and Brady have been sponsoring. Nicole asks what she means Chloe is alive? Nancy admits Chloe is alive and was disfigured in the accident, and she didnt want to tell Brady. She says Chloe has been having many surgeries, but something happened during the last surgery. She says she contracted an infection and her scars may never heal, they may even get worse. Nancy asks Nicole if she wants to see Chloe? Nicole says no, but Nancy thinks it would be a good idea.

In Chloes room, Marlena has news for Chloe that will come as a shock. Marlena says they all thought she was dead, and Brady was crushed. She says Brady had no choice but to move on with his life. Marlena says Brady plans to marry Nicole. She tells Chloe this is a mistake and she is the only one who can stop him from doing this. Suddenly, Nancy shows up and says someone would like to see Chloe. She then brings Nicole in. Chloe asks why Nicole is here? Nicole says she came to see Clara, and Nancy says she let it slip that she was alive. Nancy suggests the two of them talk about things going on with Brady, they should talk in private. Marlena isnt sure about this, but Nancy is. They leave, and Marlena tells Nancy that Chloe is in a very fragile state. Nancy thinks that when Chloe is done talking with Nicole that shell realize she has to tell Brady she is alive. Back in the room, Chloe thinks now that Nicole knows she is alive that Brady will know, so the best thing is to tell Brady herself. Nicole tells Chloe she should tell Brady that she is alive, and shell stand aside. Chloe says just like that? Nicole says she is the great love of his life. Chloe doesnt think hed feel that anyway anymore, but Nicole says that isnt true. Nicole says he will love her and stick by her, and hell want her on his arm no matter what she looks like. Nicole talks about how hell take her to all the important society events, and their pictures will be in the paper. Nicole says Brady would give up everything to be with her, she does know that doesnt she? Later Nancy and Marlena return, and Chloe reveals that she and Nicole have come to an agreement. Chloe says Nicole has agreed not to tell Brady that she is alive. Nicole says it looks like they are all sworn to secrecy. 

Kate is at Lucas place looking for information. Will shows up to pick up something to wear for class picture day tomorrow. Will asks if she is okay, is something wrong? Kate says there is something she has to tell him. Will thinks his dad is in trouble and it is his moms fault. He says she messes up everything. Kate says Sami creates a disaster everywhere she goes, but shes not responsible for this. Kate tells Will that his father, Uncle Rex, Brady and Shawn decided to something very dangerous. She says they went to rescue Phillip. Will says they arent even soldiers. Kate says they just have to pray his dad comes home safely. Will thinks Kate thinks they will all die over there.

At the bunker, the boys decide that they rest before planning an escape. The boys try and sleep, and Lucas dreams about coming home to Will. Sami is there as well, and she says God sent him home so they could have a second chance. Sami says she loves him so much and asks him to just be a family again. Lucas tells her that he forgives her and they can be a family again. Meanwhile, Brady dreams about coming home after his dad put up the ransom for their lives. Brady reunites with Nicole, and he gets down on one knee to propose to her. However, when he gets to the proposal, he asks Chloe to marry him. Nicole turns into Chloe, and they kiss. Brady tells her that she is the one true love of his life and hell never love anyone the way he loves her. Brady ends up waking up from his dream. Lucas asks about his dream, and Brady tells him. Lucas says psych 101, his subconscious is telling him Nicole is no Chloe. Brady says he heard Lucas calling out Samis name in his sleep. Lucas admits in his dream he forgave Sami. Lucas says deep down Sami is the most caring person hes ever met, and he thought theyd make it this time. He says now he may never see her again and shell live the rest of her life not knowing how he feels about her.

Meanwhile, Sami tries to attack Tony for going back on his word. Bart grabs her, and Sami screams that she wont let Tony hurt Lucas. Sami says shell stop him or die trying. Tony says look on the bright side, with Lucas out of the way shell have soul custody of Will. Sami says Will needs his father. Tony says they have no choice, he cant leave evidence around. He says she would be the most hated woman in America if people learned her part in taking Phillip hostage. Sami says that was all on him. Tony says but the people of Salem would be horrified to learn how she exacted revenge on them. Tony also says shell never get her son back unless Lucas is gone. Tony lets Sami call home to Will. Will asks what she wants? She says she is coming home to him very soon. Will says she had her chance and she blew it, he wants nothing to do with her. Sami says he cant mean that, shell always be her mom and hell always love her. Kate takes the phone from Will and tells Sami neither Will nor Lucas want anything to do with her. Sami tells Kate that she deserves to lose Lucas, she deserves everything shes going to get and more! Kate tells Sami that she did this to herself, and now that she has abandoned her son she has her lawyers working on getting soul custody of Will. Kate also says they will get a restraining order against her, and she is going to help Lucas find the perfect woman who will also be the perfect mother for Will. Sami says shell see Kate burn in hell first. She says shell never see Rex, Phillip or Lucas again. Sami hangs up on Kate and tells Tony to do what he wants to them. Tony says even Lucas? She says yes, he poisoned her son against her. Tony says she wont regret this.

Meanwhile, Brady continues to tell Lucas that they are being held for ransom. He says no one would want to hurt them. Tony walks into the cell and tells Brady to think again.


May 26, 2005

At the bunker, Tony and two guard walk into the cell, stunning the boys. Brady says this can't be, his dad killed him. Tony says he's afraid not. The boys demand to know what he is up to, and Tony says he is getting revenge on his enemies. He says he has done what his father never could, he destroyed his enemies for all the crimes they've committed against his family. Phillip says the list of atrocities the DiMeras have committed against all of Salem goes back before he was even born. Lucas says Tony is twisted if he is doing this all to show up his dead father. Rex asks Tony what happened to him, when he took him and Cassie in he was so good and loving. Tony says that was before he knew they were Brady's, and he also saw the error of his ways. He then starts tormenting them about how he knows they must all miss their loved ones at home. He also says he has so many secrets to tell them, dirty little secrets. He says perhaps they should start with Phillip. The boys say enough, and they say there are only three of them (Tony and the guards) and five of them. Tony's men pull out guns, and Tony says he's going to leave and let them calm down.

Sami talks to Bart outside, and Sami says she can't let this happen. Bart says why she got involved with TOny to begin with? She says she wanted revenge on Kate and her enemies, and at the time she was just so angry. She says she sees she was wrong now, and she begs Bart to help her save them. He says he can't, Stefano took him in when nobody else would and he just can't betray his son. Tony comes out and talks to Sami, who refuses to go along with this. He shows her a video of Roman and Marlena back home, and he says he told her he could make her dreams come true. He says right now Marlena has gone back to John, and Roman to Kate. However, he says he can see to it that changes and that Roman and Marlena are together forever, and that she is back with her son. Sami still says no, she can't betray Lucas and the others. Tony says pity, and he orders Sami to be locked up in maximum security. Bart carries a kicking and screaming Sami off, and Tony returns to the boys. They ask what he plans to do with them. He says guess, but don't take too long as time is running out.

At the clinic, Marlena is stunned that Chloe wants Nicole to keep her secret, and she suspects Nicole has manipulated Chloe. Chloe assures Marlena that this is what she wants and Nicole even told her to tell Brady the truth. Marlena says Nicole is using reversed psychology, but Chloe swears this is what she wants. Marlena doesn't think this is a food idea, she thinks Chloe should tell Brady the truth. Marlena talks to Nicole in the hallway about what she's doing. Marlena knows Nicole is up to no good as she would do anything to hold onto Brady. Nicole knows Marlena would do anything to get her out of Brady's life. They argue, and Nicole accuses Marlena of feeling guilty. Nicole asks Marlena when she was locked up with Roman all those months, did she stay true to John or rekindle things with Roman? Marlena says nothing, and Nicole basically threatens her by saying it would be a shame for the truth to come out. Marlena leaves, and Nicole goes back to talk to Chloe. Nicole tells Chloe for what it's worth she thinks she's doing the right thing, she is making a noble sacrifice for BRady. She says they both know Chloe would draw attention to Brady. Chloe makes Nicole promise not to hurt Brady and to be good to him.

At the penthouse, John and Roman are working on the PC again and talking. John brings up Roman being stuck in the castle together, and he thanks Roman for taking care of Marlena. Roman says he should thank John for taking care of Kate. They discuss how close John and Kate got, and John thinks Roman has a problem with it. Roman says actually he doesn't and he's glad Kate had someone to help him through a very difficult time. Roman brings up Sami and asks John if Sami acted as badly as Kate said she did? John says honestly she was worse than whatever Kate told him. Roman says before he died, Kate promised to look after Sami in case anything happened to him. He says he has to believe that Kate did her best with Sami. John says Sami blamed Kate for setting her up with Brandon. Roman doesn't think Kate could do that, but John says he does. John says he's not saying she did it, but he believes Kate would do anything to protect her children. Roman says but Kate footed the bill for the wedding and everything. John says yes, because Lucas loved Sami and wanted her. John says wherever Sami is, it's probably best she does not come back right now because when she's angry she tries to get revenge. Roman says he hates to admit it but that is true. Later the computer beeps, and John and Roman are stunned by what they see. John says this can't be, not again. Marlena walks in, and John tells her that Tony DiMera is alive and he is holding the boys captive!


May 27, 2005
At the penthouse, Roman, Kate, Marlena and John are huddled around the PC. John is working to stop Tony and give him the shock of his life. John is tracking a signal as to were he is. As they talk about their boys lives being in danger, Kate blames Shawn for all of this. Roman and Kate argue about what Shawn is doing, Roman defends Shawn but Kate blames him. Marlena says they should be praying that they all come home alive. John realizes Tony is onto him and is trying to jam the signal. However, John is beating him to the punch. Unfortunately, Tony stops him, and John keeps working to get a lock on the signal. They get another thermal image, and John says it looks like their boys. Marlena sees a sixth person, and John says its a small female, 55 and 115 pounds. Marlena says that sounds like Sami. Roman says she doesnt think. Marlena says of course not, but Kate isnt so sure. Roman calls Bo to inform him of the latest news. Kate says if Sami is mixed up with this then shes up to know good. She says she knows Sami, and shes not over there with the Red Cross. Roman says thats enough, but John says Kate does have a point. Roman thinks they should wait until they have all the facts as it looks like Sami was a prisoner with the rest of them. John continues to work to get a lock on the bunker. Kate is positive theyll learn Sami had a hand in all of this. Marlena says first Shawn, now Sami, why doesnt she reserve judgment until they get home safe? Kate says for that to happen the boys will have to not trust Sami. 

Mimi and Belle are at the loft waiting for news from John. Belle gets a call from her mom about Tony being alive and holding the boys hostage. Belle tells Mimi, and neither one can believe this news. Marlena says her dad is working on the matter and shell call back with news. Belle cant believe this, and she thinks her dad will stop Tony and put and end to the monster once and for all. Belle gets another call from her mom later, Marlena says the hostages are still alive. Marlena says there is something else, they think Sami may be there too. Belle asks how that can be? MArlena says they are looking at a satellite feed, and it appears she is a hostage too. Belle says that doesnt make sense. Marlena says they dont understand it either right now. Later, Mimi and Belle discuss Sami being there, and Mimi wonders if Sami has gotten involved with Tony again. Belle says no way, she cant believe Sami would do that again. Belle calls Marlena back for more news, but there is none yet. Mimi and Belle end up praying for the boys. 

Hope and Bo show up at Jack and Jens. They say they just got an urgent message from John and Roman and their house was the closet one. They say they have news about the boys. Bo says the boys have been found, but the bad news is Tony is alive and holding them hostage. Jack cant believe this. Suddenly Billie shows up. She says shes sorry to barge in, but their door was open and she wonders if there was news. Hope says Billie doesnt belong here as this is all her fault. She says if Billie didnt drag Bo off on another wild goose chase then Shawn would still be here. Bo tells Hope that they both talked to Shawn and he promised both of them that he wouldnt go off to war. He says Shawn is a grown boy and they cant baby-sit him anymore. Bo says Shawn would have gone off no matter what they did. As they argue, Jen tells Billie that maybe she should leave. Jack says no, she is just as worried as the others are. Billie says she is worried and cant lose anyone else in her life. Later, Bo gets a call from Roman, and Roman gives him the latest news including Sami may be there. Roman has John send a link to Jacks computer so they can watch it. Billie and Hope continue to bicker, and Jen asks Jack to get Billie away from Hope. Jack suggests to Billie they go out for some air, and they go outside. Billie knows Jen wanted her out and tells Jack that was really smooth. Billie is worried about Jack, but he says hes fine. Jack wants to know the real reason she is here, he thinks she followed Bo here. Billie thinks now Jack is on her case. She says shes going because Hope doesnt want her around, and she has good reason. Billie thinks about making love to Bo. Jack asks if she wants to talk, but she says no. She goes to leave when Jack becomes dizzy. Billie grabs him and asks what is wrong? Jack says hes fine, but she says hes not. They sit on a bench, and Jack passes out on her shoulder. Meanwhile, Jen suggests to Hope they go have some herb tea to calm their nerves. Jen goes to make the tea, and Bo and Hope talk. Hope continues to blame Bo for what has happened to Shawn. Hope says if something happens to Shawn then she doesnt see how she can forgive him. Jen returns with the tea and asks still nothing huh ? Hope wishes they knew the boys were okay. Bo thinks they are and Tony is just being dramatic.

At the bunker, Tony is on his PC and tells Bart that hes sure by now John is using the ISA satellite to spy on him and try and find him, but hes going to divert the signal so they cant be found. However, hes going to allow John and the others to see their children one last time. Bart asks if hes really going through with this, and Tony says yes. He says the best part is that Sami helped him capture the hostage. Bart sees something and says they have a problem. Tony asks what it is, is he worried about Sami playing hero? Bart says no, hes worried about John picking up a weak signal. Tony says relax, he will prevail. Suddenly, a mayday signal sounds, and Tony realizes something is going on. They see what Sami is up to, and Tony has the guards doubled so Sami and her friends dont get out. When Bart says theyve all escape, Tony grabs a gun and says they must protect the bunker, no one survives, not one living soul. Tony rushes out of the command center.

In the cell, Sami bursts in and the boys ask what she is doing here? Sami says she can explain, but Lucas says he knows why she is here. Lucas thinks Tony took Sami prisoner too, and Sami plays along. The others ask why Tony would capture Sami? She says Tony hates the Bradys, he hates them all. Lucas thinks the reason they didnt hear from her after the wedding was called off is because Tony took her. Brady says bull, whenever Sami is involved there is trouble. Shawn asks how she got in here, and Sami says she knocked a guard out with a chair and took his keys. Shawn and Brady laugh. Sami says she doesnt care what they think, and she says she couldnt let Tony hurt them. She tells Lucas no matter what happened between them he is still Wills father. Shawn suspects Sami of working with Tony the whole time. Suddenly, Sami pulls out a gun! They all back away from her. She says she got it from a guard, and they even roughed her up and gave her some bruises. She gives the gun to Phillip and tells him to get them out of here. They say Sami could double cross them like Stan. They all discuss Stan, and Lucas says he shot Stan in the arm and one day Stan will get his for what he did to them. Phillip suggests they split up. Lucas offers to stay with Sami while Rex and Shawn scout and Phillip and Brady go after Tony. Sami asks Lucas why he defended her, has he thought about giving her another chance if they get out of here alive? Lucas says they dont have time for this, but when they get out of here he has a lot of questions. Lucas says for starters, does she know who this Stan character is. Sami says nothing. Later, Sami and Lucas make their way through the halls, but its so dark that they end up getting split up. Sami ends up running into Bart and they scare one another. Sami begs Bart not to turn her in. He says it is every man for himself now, and the count has gone ballistic. Bart tells Sami that the count is losing it and shes done the right thing by freeing the boys. However, he says Tony is out for everyones blood now. Sami says they need to get out of here, but Bart says the guys will find out that she is Stan the Man and will deal out some serious misery on her. Later, Sami comes across her Stan disguise and realizes she cant let it be found. Sami grabs the cosmetics from the costume and shoves them in her pocket. She then hears Lucas calling her. She goes out and he asks what she was doing in there? She says she was looking for weapons. Lucas wonders how Sami knows so much about this place.

In the hall, the guards capture Rex and Shawn. Shawn jumps one of the guards and knocks his gun out of his hand. They wrestle as the other guard holds a gun on Rex. Shawn gets the gun and holds it on the guard, while the other guard holds a gun on Rex. Its a standoff, and Shawn ends up shooting the guard holding a gun on Rex. Rex grabs the other guards gun, and Phillip and Brady show up. Unfortunately, Tony shows up behind them and holds a gun on Brady, while Rex, Phillip and Shawn hold guns on Tony and his men. Phillip says Tony is outnumbered, but Tony says not outsmarted. He says he cares nothing about his life or his men, not like they care about Bradys life. Lucas and Sami soon show up, and Tony throws Brady to them and more men show up and hold them hostage. Brady says brilliant Sami. Tony and Phillip continue to point guns at one another. Tony tells Phillip to drop his gun, but Phillip says he takes orders only from his superior, and that is not Tony. Suddenly the marines show up and tell them to drop their weapons. Tony is captures by the marines! It turns out the marines planted tracking devices on them when they captured them before, and John helped them track their location using the ISA spy satellite. He tells the boys what they did was reckless, but without them they wouldnt have captured Tony or gotten to Phillip. The boys ask about the traitor, and Tony says they must be talking about Stan. They ask if Stan is here, and Tony says yes.

Back in Salem, John gets the feed back and they see the standoff at the bunker, but then they lose the feed again. Bo, Jen and Hope are watching the same images. Kate says her sons are going to die, and Kate says this is all Samis fault and she hopes she burns in hell for what shes done! Marlena looks at Kate and is pissed! 

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