October 31, 2005

At Jack and Jens, Jen answers the phone and the connection is poor. Jack panics as the call could be for him. Jen asks the person on the phone if they said something about suicide? Jen asks Jack why someone is calling him about suicide? Jack takes the phone and says its not suicide, its sushi side. She says he hates sushi. He says no, he has learned to like it on Tony's island and he wanted to surprise her with some. She says sushi and pizza? He says bad combo, and he cancels it. Jen realizes Jack is up to something and hes not telling her what. Later the pizza is gone, and Jen is glad to see he has his appetite still. As Jen and Hope clean up, Bo asks Jack if hes in pain. Jack says not right now. Bo says once again, if there is anything he can do, he is here for him. Jack says just watch over Jen, Abby and Jack Jr. Bo says hell do that and Patrick wont get near them. Jack says hell be doing his part from the other side too. Jen and Hope return and Jen asks what they are talking about. Jack says he was just saying he loves her so much. Jen says she loves him too, and they hug. Jack says the night is young so they should go dancing. He says they should all go out. Jack wants to give Jen a night to remember for the rest of her life. Bo thinks it is a good idea. Jen says okay, theyll drop Jack Jr. off with Mickey and Maggie. Bo cleans up as Hope and Jen get Jack Jr. ready. Jack thinks this will be their last big night together so he wants to make it one to remember. 

Phillip and Belle show up at Alices. Kate is watching Claire, and Phillip thinks Belle is upset about leaving her. Belle says its not that. Phillip asks if it is the postpartum depression, or is she nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi here tonight? Belle gets angry and says she doesnt have a problem with them being together. Belle says even if she did, which she doesnt, she has to get used to it. She says just like she has to get used to being a mother and having depression. Belle suggests they go inside now.

Inside Alices, Shawn and Mimi are dressed as Tarzan and Jane, and they are feeling really underdressed. Mimi says her mom says theyll make lots of tips dressed this way. Mimi says they really do need tips. Shawn hopes money wont be tight for long, he has a good feeling about this mechanic job. He says hes finally realized that becoming a lawyer was his moms dream, not his. Mimi still thinks he can go back to school while he works at the garage. Shawn says now she sounds like his mom. Mimi talks about how it is funny, his mom is upset he wont go back to school and her mom could care less if she does go back. Shawn knows how important her education is to her and once again offers to help pay for it. She says no way, he should use his trust fund for his education. Shawn says school isnt right for him, and he has to do what is right for him. Belle overhears Shawn say hes dropping out of college, and shes not happy about it. She says he has to finish college, what about law school. Shawn says some dreams arent meant to be, and she shouldnt give him a hard time as she dropped out to. Belle says she took a leave of absence because of the baby, she will go back to school. Shawn says she is doing what is right for her just like hes doing what is right for him. He says hes taking her advice and getting on with his life. Belle says getting on with his life is one thing, throwing it away is another. Shawn says hes not having this conversation with her. Belle storms off to talk to her parents, and Mimi asks Phillip if everything is okay. He says it is the depression, her moods are all over the place. Mimi is sure things will get better for him and Belle.

Later, Hope shows up and decides to give Shawn a lecture about dropping out of college. She says if he wants to be a mechanic then fine, but he can still go to college. Shawn says college isnt for everyone. Hope asks Mimi if she agrees with this. She says not really. Hope continues to lecture Shawn, but he says he has a customer and walks away. Hope asks Mimi to talk some sense into Shawn. Mimi says she has told him how she feels, but she has to respect his decision as this is his life. Hope says even if he wants to throw himself off a bridge? Bo also has a talk with Shawn, he supports his decision. Shawn wonders how to tell this to mom. Bo says carefully.

Meanwhile, Jack makes a call to the suicide help line, he says hes still interested in assisted suicide. Later Jack surprises Jen dressed in a superhero costume. Jen asks where she got this costume. He says a superhero cant reveal his sources. He asks her to dance. 

Roman shows up at Alices, and Bonnie scolds him for not being in costume. He says hes dressed as a police commander. She has a costume for him, a sheriffs hat and a badge. She says the trick with the badge is to put it someplace it will draw attention to, but the pin is sharp so you have to be careful. Bonnie is eyeing his crotch as shes saying this. Roman notices Marlena and John and really isnt listening to Bonnie, who sticks him with a pin. Alex shows up, and hes not wearing a costume either. She gives him a black cowboy hat and says he can be the town villain. 

Marlena is spending time with John, and Alex shows up and says hes worked far too hard for John to get Marlena back now. He pulls out his pendant and says it looks like he still has work to do. John sees Alex has shown up, and he is upset. John then gets a phone call, which he takes. It is Frankie calling to warn him about Alex. John says he already knows, and he can handle it from here. Meanwhile, Roman has a little talk with Alex about leaving John and Marlena alone. The only thing that matters to Roman is that Marlena is happy. Meanwhile, John talks to Marlena about how he feels Alex planted the idea of a divorce in her mind. Marlena has fuzzy memories of Alex trying to wipe out her memories of John. John asks what is wrong. She says nothing, she is fine. John asks Marlena to listen to him carefully, their love and their bond is stronger than Alexs hold over her. He says if she believes in that then it will empower her to find a solution. Marlena looks over and sees Belle, and John talks about how shes grown into such a beautiful woman. As John talks about Belle, Marlena remembers Belles birth. Belle approaches them and says it is good to see them together. Marlena asks what is wrong? She says shes feeling a little down lately. She apologizes for bothering them, but John says nothing is more important to them than her. Marlena says she will get through this, and they head to the bathroom to freshen her up. In the bathroom, Belle cries and tells her mom how much shes missed her. Marlena knows and she says shes sorry she hasn't been here for her. She says this amnesia is just so difficult for all of them. Belle feels like shes a total failure as a human being right now. Marlena wonders if she is really suffering from postpartum depression, or if this is more about losing Shawn. Belle says she cant keep crying over Shawn, she has to move on with her life. Marlena says she may not remember a lot, but she knows she is her daughter and she loves her. MArlena wants to be a part of her life and of Claire's. Marlena tells her if she feels like she is alone, remember she is anything but alone. 

Later, Bonnie gives Roman a shoulder massage. She talks to him about Marlena getting her memory back, and she wonders if he is wondering which man shell remember loving. Roman says she will remember John, nothing will come between those two. Bonnie thinks Roman could use a nice cold beer. As she is walking backwards and swooning at Roman, she bumps into Alex, who drops his pendant. Bonnie finds it and decides to keep it. She puts it right between her boobs to draw attention to her best assets. 

Roman talks with John and asks if everything is okay. John says yeah, he thinks things are happening and Marlena is starting to remember. Roman is good, that is all he wants. Roman wants what Marlena decides to be her choice, not what North manipulates her into. Later, as Alex is looking for his pendant, John asks if he lost something. Alex says his keys. John says take his. Alex says no, Marlena may need him. John says shes with her husband of her own free will. John says before this night is over he thinks she will change her mind about the divorce and a lot of things. Alex says theyll see about that.

Bonnie flirts with Roman as she has the pendant snug between her boobs. Roman isnt into a relationship right now, but Bonnie says shes talking about having fun, getting serious is the furthest thing from her mind.

Elsewhere, Hope has a talk with Belle about Shawn dropping out of school. They both discuss this mistake and how Mimi may not be the best influence on Shawn. Bonnie overhears and says her Mimi is the best thing that could have happened to Shawn! Shawn shows up and asks what they are arguing about. Bonnie says Hope doesnt think Mimi is good for him, and she basically said she was a low rent loser. Hope says she said no such thing. Bonnie says she'll tell Hope a little something about higher education. Bonnie begins spouting off all her degrees in hair, manicures and driving 18 wheelers. Hope says it sounds like shes taken every course matchbooks have to offer. Mimi becomes upset and runs out. Shawn follows, and Belle tells Phillip to take her home right now.

Outside, Shawn tries to calm Mimi down. He says he doesnt care what their parents say, it wont change how he feels about her. He gives her a kiss, which Belle and Phillip walk in on. Phillip tells Belle he told her they were getting closer. Back inside, Bo asks Hope what went on with her and Bonnie? Hope says a little misunderstanding, and they should just focus on them for the rest of the evening. Bo likes that idea, and he kisses Hope.

John has a talk with Marlena about remembering her past. He tries to help her remember by getting her relaxed. He talks about when he proposed to her, and he puts her wedding ring on her finger. Marlena remembers this, and she says she sees it in her head. She says she remembers. Meanwhile, Alex asks the DJ to play a special request. He plays the hypnotic music that he uses on Marlena. Jack suggests the DJ lose this music, which he does. 

Meanwhile, John snaps Marlena out of her little trance that she fell into when she heard the music. He asks what happened. She says she doesnt know, she got distracted. Marlena says she remembers being engaged. John says that is a good start. He talks to her about dancing, and he suggests they share another dance as it may help her remember. Alex watches and realizes he has to find the charm. Bonnie walks by, and Alex sees it is stuck in between her boobs. Roman ends up lassoing Bonnie, which causes her charm to fall out. Alex scoops it up and hopes hes not to late. John and MArlena are still dancing, and Marlena says she remembers 

Jack and Jen take to the dance floor, and Jack takes a fall while they are dancing. Jen ends up screaming for help as Jack passes out.


November 1, 2005

At Belle and Phillips, Belle is upstairs staring out the window. Phillip is downstairs with the baby, who is crying. Phillip thinks Belle is asleep as she doesnt answer him when he calls. Mimi and Shawn return home, and they hear the baby crying. Mimi wonders if he is colicky. They decide to check on Phillip and the baby. Phillip answers the door, and Shawn asks if everything is okay. Phillip says thank God they are here. They come in, and Phillip says he needs to check on Belle. He asks them to take the baby, and he hands her to Mimi. Phillip leaves, and Mimi passes the baby onto Shawn. Shawn takes Claire and comforts her. Shawn gets the baby to stop crying. Shawn and Mimi begin talking about their siblings, and how they used to listen to music to get to sleep. Mimi turns on the TV and of course the Rolling Stones are playing. Shawn asks if shes okay with this, they can change the channel. She says she wont lose it again, besides this is an awesome video. We then get to see clips of the video, surprise surprise. 

Upstairs, Phillip is shocked to find Belle is awake. Belle knows the baby has been crying, she says she should have come down and taken care of her. Phillip thinks something is really wrong with Belle. She says she isnt right and may never be again. Phillip says things will get better, but she says he cant know that. Phillip says all he knows is what everyone told him when he lost his leg. He says he hated hearing things would get better, but they were right. He just wishes he knew how to help her. Belle doesnt know since she has never felt this way in her life. Belle says nothing helps her relax and she cant focus on anything. She says shes numb inside. Phillip asks if shes taking the medication that Lexie prescribed. Belle says she hasnt. Phillip says the medicine will help her, and she has to take it regularly. Phillip makes her take one of the pills. Phillip says now that the baby is not crying she can get some sleep. Belle thinks Phillip left the baby alone, but he says he didnt. He says Shawn and Mimi are with her. He asks if she wants to go down and say hi, but she says no. Phillip says they understand what shes going through, but she doesnt want to see them like this. Phillip says every time he mentions Shawn and Mimi she becomes upset, and he knows why. HE says it is because shes afraid of losing Shawn. She asks why he keeps bringing this up, shes not jealous of Mimi and Shawn. Phillip says he knows she is over Shawn, but Mimi and her still are fighting and he thinks it isnt right that she and Mimi arent friends. He thinks that as Mimi and Shawn get closer, theyll drift away and meet other people. He thinks that is what shes afraid of. He swears hes not threatened by Shawn, he knows he has her heart. He says he loves her, and hes going to go check on the baby. He says hell be back soon. 

Back downstairs, Mimi and Shawn have gotten Claire to sleep. Mimi asks Shawn if hes okay? He says yeah. She says music is a powerful thing, just when you think youve worked through everything it brings you right back. Shawn says but they have to go forward, not back. Phillip shows up and thanks them for helping. Phillip talks to them about how hard this postpartum thing is. Mimi says he looks a wreck too. He says hes been the one tending to the baby all night, and shes been really fussy lately. Phillip says hes been trying to let Belle get as much sleep as she can, he hopes it will help her get back to normal. Phillip talks about how hes become obsessed with finding out what is bothering Claire when she cries. He says he wants to be a hands on father, he didnt really have one even though he knows Victor loved him. Phillip also says he needs to get his life back on track too. Shawn offers to take Claire for the night so he can focus on Belle. Phillip thanks them and gives them her formula and baby bag. Mimi and Shawn head out, and Phillip thanks them for doing this. Mimi says nothing during all of this, she seems a bit stunned by what is happening. 

Mimi and Shawn get to their place, and Shawn realizes he didnt ask Mimi if she was okay with this. He says hes so sorry, but she says shes okay with this. Back in Belles bed, Belle wonders what is wrong with her. She says this should be the happiest time of her life. She says her husband loves her, she has a new baby. She wonders why she is so unhappy. Phillip is spying on her as she cries.

At Alices, Alex regains his pendant as Marlena and John are dancing. Marlena says she is remembering, shes remembering dancing with the man she loves. John thinks it is all coming back to her. Meanwhile, Jack and Jen are dancing, and when Jack picks Jen up to spin her, he falls over and passes out. John and Marlena run to Jack. Jack swears hes okay and gets back up. He says he just slipped or tripped. Jen wants him to go to the hospital, but he says all he needs is a glass of water. As John is distracted with Jack, Alex swoops in to get Marlena. She is upset as she is a doctor and should be able to help. Alex tells her to calm down. He pulls out his pendant and asks Marlena to take a deep breath and do everything he says. He tells Marlena that he wants her to tell John that she doesnt want to see John anymore this evening or ever again. She says that isnt true, why does he want her to say that. He says he only wants what is best for her, and she doesnt want to be with John. Alex says John isnt good for her. Marlena says she was having a lovely time with John. Alex tells her to remember when he first came to treat her, she was so upset with her family and loved ones. HE says they were all so selfish, they werent thinking about her. He says he is the only one who puts her first, hes the only one who truly cares about her. Marlena asks if he really does? Alex says she knows it because he loves her.

Meanwhile, Frankie has shown up and offers to take Jack and Jen home. Jack agrees, and they get ready to head off. Jen asks John to call Lexie for her and have her meet them at her house. John says hes so sorry about Jack. Jen thanks him. She knows not many people understand what shes going through, but he does because of Isabella and now Marlena. They all then leave.

John returns to Marlena and overhears Alex tell Marlena that he loves her. John can't believe what he's hearing. Alex refuses to hide it anymore, and he says he and Marlena are in love. John asks Marlena if this is true? Marlena says she has turned her life and future over to Alex. John calls him a bastard for manipulating his wife all along. John says Alex is the one who has made her ask for this divorce. Marlena says yes that is true, and Alex says but not for the reasons he thinks. Alex says Marlena asked for a divorce because she loves him (Alex). John says he has been in love with her all along hasn't he. John asks Alex how he did it, how did he get a woman who has loved him for twenty years to turn on him. Alex says nature just took its course, and he wont allow John to invade their privacy. Alex says they are in love and Marlena wants to end her marriage to him. John says bull, Marlena remembered her love for him tonight. He says she was about to tell him that she loved him. John wants Marlena to tell Alex what is in her heart. Marlena, in a trance, tells John that she cant tell Alex that she loves John. Marlena asks Alex to take her home. John says Alex has brainwashed her, fight this. Alex says hes not doing anything other than loving her more than John ever has. Alex says all John has done is put Marlena through pain and stress, and he is a danger to her. Alex says John and Roman's fight is what caused Marlena to lose her memory in the first place. John becomes furious. Marlena begs John not to get angry, but John says how does she expect him to react. Marlena says she cant do this, she is having Alex to take her home. John says he has done something to her, cant she see that. Alex says they are going, but John grabs Alex. Alex tells John to get his hands off him. John wont let Marlena leave with him, so Alex threatens to have John arrested. John turns away, and Alex and Marlena leave. However, they stop, and Alex says one last thing. Alex says the only thing he did to Marlena was to remind her of the love they shared, which must be considerably stronger for the love she had for him.

Jen, Jack, Frankie and Lexie arrive at Jack and Jens. Jack insists he is fine, but Lexie insists she examine him and perhaps adjust his medication. Jen is going to go make some tea, and Jack says she reminds him more of her grandmother every day. Jack insists that was a compliment, she makes a mean cup of tea and a great donut. Jen and Frankie go into the kitchen. Frankie knows Jen is trying to be strong, but he says she needs to let it out. Jen says she shouldnt have let Jack take her out, but Frankie says he just wanted to feel close to her. Jen cries that she feels like this is the beginning of the end. She feels bad for leaning on Frankie, but he says he has a perfectly good shoulder here. Frankie tries to comfort her, he tells her that shes been through so much this year, and now she has to say goodbye to Jack all over again. He knows that has to be tough. She says shes so worried about her children, Abby is going to lose her funny daddy again and no one can make that up to her. 

Meanwhile, Lexie tells Jack he is getting weaker, and it will only get worse. Jack asks how bad will it get before it gets over? She says nothing. Jack says hell go change, and that will give her time to collect her thoughts. However Jack wants her to give it to him straight. Jack returns in his regular clothes. Jack says for the longest time he didnt know what he was up against, but now he does. LExie tells Jack that he will lose most of his muscle control and motor functions, and no medications can help that. HE says fun for the whole family. Lexie says they love him and want to take care of him. He says no, he wont put them through that. LExie says she can arrange for a private nurse. Jack says Jen wont allow that, she will insist on taking care of him. Lexie says in the end hell need 24 hour care. Jack says no, he wont be here to be taken care of. Jack says hes going to commit suicide with the help of her and her medications. Lexie says she cant do that, shes taken an oath. She wont give him that medication. Jack says she has to. Jen and Frankie show up, and Jen says she wont let him do this. She didnt hear everything though, she just doesnt want him to take a habit forming drug. Jack says its not like he has a lot of time to get hooked. She tells him to stop saying things like that. Jack says he and LExie were in the middle of a conversation, so Jen and Frankie go back into the kitchen. Jack says it kills him to see her living in a dream world, like hes going to get better and they will live happily ever after. Lexie says that is a normal healthy response, not like killing himself which is illegal and immoral. Jack says he has to do this, he will just be gone and they will grieve. However they wont have his death haunting them for the rest of their lives. Lexie says the ritual of saying goodbye is necessary, it will help Jen move on. Jack says he knows suicide is illegal, but some laws just dont make sense. Lexie wont help Jack, she says her ethics wont allow it. Jack says fine, but she cant tell anyone what they just talked about as the same ethics won't allow it. 

Lexie goes has a talk with Jen. She says Jacks disease will progress more rapidly now. She says hes going to be weaker and will be in more pain. She asks Jen if shell be okay. Jen says she has to be, her husband needs her right now. Meanwhile, Jack sees how Frankie is looking at Jen and realizes how much Frankie still loves her. Jack tells Frankie to be careful what he wishes for. He says he cant believe how much this hurts him. He says maybe he can die of a broken heart and save everyone the trouble. Frankie says hes sorry. Jack says dont be, he will be here for Jen and his family when hes gone. Jack hugs Frankie and thanks him for that.


November 2, 2005

At her place, Sami recalls Lucas confessing to her that he still loved her. Sami looks at a photo of her, Lucas and Will. She thinks they still have a chance at being a family. Nicole tells Sami to stop daydreaming and get to work. Nicole needs Sami to input some names into the PC. Sami says shell do it in the morning, but Nicole says now. Sami says shes on a break, so if she wants it done then do it herself. As they argue, Austin, in a towel, comes out and asks what is going on? Nicole and Sami explain their little argument, and Austin says no more. He says he was afraid this wouldnt work out, so if they cant get along then they are both fired. Austin gets dressed and then tells them to explain what happened. Sami goes first, saying she was sitting at her desk and she got distracted by a photo of Lucas and Will. Nicole says Sami was staring into space is what she was doing. Austin asks Nicole for a minute alone with Sami, so Nicole eventually leaves. Austin talks with Sami about how she has to move on with her life. Sami says she has been trying, shes been trying so hard that she forgot Lucas is having a hard time moving on too. Sami says Lucas told her that he still loves her. Austin is a little surprised by this. He says after what she did, he'd have a hard time loving her again. Sami says shes not making this up, he told her that he still loves her. She says shes sorry she was touchy with Nicole, but she has a lot on her mind. Austin says regardless of that, she and Nicole have to get along. Sami promises that he wont have anymore problems from her. Austin says he better not or he will fire them both. They gets back to work, and Sami asks Austin for a favor. Can he talk to Lucas for her? Austin says no, he wont get in the middle of this. He says if they have a chance to be together then it will because they made it happen without his help. Sami says hes right. Sami says shes going to take the garbage out, and she will stop by Lucas quickly. She promises shell do the work when she returns no matter how late it is. Austin says fine, so Sami leaves. Nicole returns, and Nicole asks if Sami will do her work? Austin says she promised she would when she got back. Austin then tells Nicole to try working a little harder to be nicer to Sami, she is letting them live in her place and use it as an office. Nicole says shell try. Nicole says if she didnt know any better, shed say Sami still loved Lucas. Austin says it isnt easy giving up on someone you love. Nicole thinks Austin is talking about himself, and she wonders who he still loves. Austin asks why he should confide his inner most feelings to her? She says she thought they trusted one another, and they are a team. Austin says it isnt that simple. Nicole says so he does have feelings for someone. She remembers how when they worked together at Titan they talked about everything, and he told her not to go for Victor. Austin says not that she listened. Nicole says he still cared, and now it is time for her to return the favor. She asks who this woman is. Austin doesnt think this is a good idea. Nicole thinks the reason he wont tell her is because the woman is her. Austin says hes not telling her who the woman is, even if it is her. He says its late and hes hungry, so he suggests they go out for some food. Nicole says shell drop it for now, and shed love to get something to eat. Austin leaves to change, and Nicole says she would be so happy if Austin came back to Salem for her, but if he came back for Sami then shell make sure that reunion never happens.

Will returns home from a party and goes straight into his room and slams the door. Lucas asks Will what happened? Will tells Lucas that he doesnt want to talk about it right now. Lucas asks him to tell him what happened. Will says the person who won costume of the year was dressed as Stan. Will shows him a box with a Stan costume in it. Will says this is the second Halloween that people dressed up as mom, and mom is like the new Lizzie Borden. Lucas says she isnt an axe murderer. Will says she's just as bad. Will says it took two years for him to live down the fight mom started at the one party, and while she didnt turn out to be the Salem Stalker, she did turn out to be a terrorist. Lucas tells Will that his mom cares about him and never meant to hurt him. Will asks his dad is for real? Is he defending mom? Its like he still loves her. Lucas says he does still love his mom, he never stopped. Will cant believe his dad. Lucas says a part of him will always love her, and she gave him his son. Will says if he still cares about mom, why doesnt he work things out. Lucas says its not that simple. Will knows, he just doesnt want him to give up on mom if he still loves her. Sami walks in and says she doesnt want him to give up either. She begs Lucas to give them another chance. Lucas asks why shes here? Sami says she missed them both and wanted to check on them. She begs Lucas for another chance. Lucas wont have this discussion again. He asks Will to leave them, so he does. Lucas then tells Sami while he still loves her, he will never get back together with her. Lucas says shes full of hatred and has no room of love in her. Sami says that isn't true, but Lucas says it is. He says he can't spend his life with someone who is always out to get revenge. He says she has hurt enough people, including her son. Lucas tells Sami what happened to Will at the Halloween party because of her. He shows her the costume Will brought home and how it haunted him tonight. As Sami and Lucas argue about her schemes, Will listens in. Sami tells Lucas that she loves him and she loves their son, and she isnt some horrible monster. She says he knows he believes that otherwise he wouldnt have fallen in love with her. Lucas knows why he fell in love with her, but his problem is he cant fall out of love with her. Lucas says they both made mistakes, but he is ready to move on. Sami says he doesnt mean that, but he says he does. Sami says they just need to calm down, and she says she wants to talk to her son. Lucas says no, he wants her out. Sami yells at Lucas that she wont give up on him and she wont give up on Will because that would be a mistake. She knows he loves her and much as she loves him. Lucas says he does love her but . . . . Sami suddenly pulls Lucas into a kiss as Will watches.

At her place, Belle is in tears and wondering what is wrong with her. She says she should be happy, she has a husband who loves her and a beautiful new baby. She wonders why she feels so horrible. In the shadows, Phillip watches Belle. He comes out and she asks him what is wrong with her, why isnt she getting better. Phillip says she just needs to keep taking her medicine, and it will take time to kick in. Belle says shes so tired. He suggests she try and sleep, but she says she doesnt want to sleep. He says she is exhausted. Belle says shes also afraid that shell always feel like this. Phillip doesnt know what shes going through. He asks her to talk to him about it. Belle doesnt know how to explain it, but she feels so helpless about everything. She says she heard Claire crying tonight and she knew she should have been there for her, but she just wanted her to stop. Phillip says she is okay now. Belle asks if he got Claire to sleep? He says Mimi and Shawn have her for the night so he can take care of her. Belle says what? She says he cant let them take their baby. Phillip asks what is wrong? Belle says she is afraid Claire will think they abandoned her, she is a little baby and doesn't understand. Phillip says they arent abandoning her. Belle is just worried about her. Phillip says shell be okay, but tonight she needs his help more. Belle says she will keep taking her medicine and shell get better for their daughter. He suggests various things they could do, like watch a movie. She says she doesnt want to watch a movie. He says okay, how about he just sit with her. She tells him that she really just needs him to leave her alone. Phillip wont leave her alone like this. He says he knows she feels she needs to be alone, but Lexie said the one thing she needed was to be around friends and family. He wont let her go through this alone. Belle says shes just so tired. Phillip says it is probably a symptom of the depression, but the meds will start to help. He asks her to let him pamper her. He offers to run a nice bubble bath to relax her. She says okay, so he goes to start the bath. Phillip runs the bath water, while Belle smells Claires baby blanket. She begins hearing a baby crying in her head, so she grabs the pills and begins dumping them all into her hand. Phillip runs out and tells her to stop! Belle says she just thought one more pill might help, but he says no. He says she has to follow the prescription, and bad things will happen if she takes more than shes supposed to. He says the medicine will work in time, for now just take care of herself. He then helps Belle into the bathroom to take her bath. Phillip helps Belle undress and then get into the bath. He then tells her stay in as long as she wants. He leaves, and Shawn shows up as the Rolling Stones play. She asks what hes doing here, Phillip is right outside. Shawn says Phillip didnt see him come in. Belle talks to Shawn and says she wishes Shawn would admit that he wouldnt be with Mimi if he could be with her. Shawn says she is with Phillip now and she says she loves him. Belle says she does love Phillip, but as much as she loves him, Phillip isnt Shawn. She says every time she looks at Claire she wishes Shawn was her father and they were a family. Belle asks how she will ever make things right again. Belle cries about Claire and wonders if she ruined her life, their life by having this baby. She wonders what kind of mother regrets having her baby. Shawn suddenly morphs into Phillip, and Belle wonders if she is a monster. Phillip kisses Belle on her forehead. 

At Shawn and Mimis, Shawn is setting up the crib while Mimi holds Claire. Mimi offers to do the crib, but Shawn says Claire has settled down in Mimis arms so hell put the crib together. Mimi says no, and she asks Shawn to take Claire now. He asks if she is okay with this? Mimi says she is. Shawn takes Claire, and Mimi gets to work on the crib. Shawn once again apologizes for volunteering them for babysitting without asking her. She says she is fine with it. He just says he knows it is difficult for her to be around babies right now. Mimi says they dont have to talk about it. Mimi gets the crib set up, and Shawn puts her to bed. Shawn decides to take a shower, but Mimi says he cant leave her alone with Claire. He says hell take his shower later then. Mimi says she doesnt know what is wrong with her. She says the other day she was comfortable with Claire, but tonight it is a whole other story. Mimi that the more time she spent with Claire the easier she thought it would be. She says she loves babies so much, and that makes her decision all the more worse. Mimi begins talking about the abortion, and now being with Claire in the apartment she and Rex shared, she can barely stand it. Shawn says it will take time to get over her pain, but Mimi wonders how much. She says she feels horrible that she cant even be around a little innocent baby. Mimi begins guilt tripping herself about the abortion. Shawn tells her to stop beating herself up. He says one day shell have her own family, shell adopt. Mimi says hes right, and she needs to start focusing on her future. She thanks Shawn for making things not seem so bad. He says things will get better, and Mimi says for the first time in a long time shes beginning to think so. Mimi tells him she can handle Claire and he can take his shower. Shawn says okay, and hell be quick. Mimi begins to clean up the apartment, and Claire opens her eyes and looks at Mimi. She looks like a little demon doll! Claire begins crying, and Mimi yells for Shawn to come help. Mimi cant seem to make herself hold Claire or get her to settle down. Shawn runs out half dressed and takes over. Mimi suddenly passes out! 


November 3, 2005
At Lucas place, Sami and Lucas kiss, and Sami knows he still loves her, she could tell by the kiss. Lucas says she surprised him with that kiss, she caught him off guard. Sami tells him not to deny what is in his heart. He says he does love her, but they cant be together. He says she was Stan, she was something so horrible that they made a Halloween costume out of her. He says he cant forgive her for almost killing him and the others. She says Austin understands and forgives her so why cant he. He says Austin is crazy for hiring her and Nicole. He also reminds her that he lied to him about being Stan, he wanted her to tell him before the wedding if there was anything she was keeping from him about the desert, but she lied and said no. Sami says she sorry, it was a mistake and she wishes she could take it back. She says he cant throw away their future and lives because of this. Lucas says hes sorry but there is nothing she can say to change things, its over. Will shows up and asks if he doesnt get a say? Sami wants to hear what Will has to say. Will says if they still love each other, and they obviously still do, then they have to try and work things out. Will says he knows what mom did was wrong, and Sami says shes sorry about that. Will says shes always sorry, and she just needs to trust in dads love for her and stop doing crazy things. Sami says Will is right, and she promises to be a good wife and mother, no more schemes and revenge. Lucas says until his mom or someone else does something to tick her off. He says he doesnt think she can help herself. Sami swears she doesnt care about revenge anymore, she only cares about this family. She says shell do whatever it takes to get his trust back. Will thinks Sami means it, but Lucas wont take the chance of going through it all again. Lucas says it is done and over, that is final. There is a knock at the door, its Sophie. Lucas says shes a little early. Sophie says she couldnt wait another minute to get her hands on him, and she pulls him into a kiss as Sami and Will watch. Sophie sees they arent alone, and Lucas says she didnt know theyd be here. She says she was going to celebrate Lucas new job with him tonight. Lucas says they should be going, and he tells Will that they will talk tomorrow. Sophie says goodbye to Will and Sami, and she and Lucas leave. Cue the Rolling Stones! Sami thanks Will for what he said before, and maybe they could hang out for awhile? Will says he has homework. She says maybe another time. Will doesnt think so and says he and dad have a lot in common this year. Sami ends up running out in tears.

Sami sits in a park crying. She says there has to be something she can do to get Lucas back. A woman shows up and tells Sami to stop kidding herself, if she thinks her man is coming back then she is sadly mistaken. Sami asks if she knows her, but the woman says no. She says but if Samis man is as big of a jerk as hers is, hell never come back. Sami says her man is not a jerk. The woman, Janet, says her fiance dumped her because she had a few little secrets and he said he couldn't trust her. Janet says she finally had to give up on him. Sami asks how she could give up on love? Janet says love is a two way street, while she was sitting at home missing him, he had hooked up with another babe. Janet says she bets Samis man is already out with a young hot one right now, so dont let him make a fool out of her. Janet tells Sami to pick herself up and move on too. Janet moves on to bug some man for a light, and Sami wonders if she has to accept it is over and move on. Sami says if Lucas can then so can she. 

Austin and Nicole go to Chez Rouge, and Nicole remembers dancing with Austin here before. She remembers Austin said he came back to Salem because he left his heart here. She wonders what he meant by that. Austin and Nicole are enjoying dinner, and Nicole is realizing there is life after Brady. She says for the first time she is feeling happy, and she likes having some alone time with her boss. She says this food beats Samis mac-n-cheese in a box, plus they can write this off as a business meeting. He says thats why he hired her. He says he thinks they should discuss why he asked her to dinner. He says he wants to talk about the future. He says he wants her to know what a great job shes doing, and he thinks this will be a long and mutually beneficial association. Nicole is a little disappointed as Austin talks about business only. He talks about how if they are a hit then the sky is the limit. Nicole says they will be a hit, when they worked together at Titan they kicked ass. Austin says that is why he asked her to work for him. Austin then suggests they take things a bit further. She asks what he means? Austin leans in and kisses Nicole. Of course it was all in Nicoles head, Austin is still talking business. They soon end up talking about love and loosing the one they love. Nicole talks about losing Brady and how she has to move on, and Austin understands. He says that is why he couldnt come back to Salem sooner, he had to be sure. Nicole, to herself, wishes Austin would stop playing games and tell her who the woman he loves is. Nicole tries to get him to give her some hints, but he wont budge. She says he used to tell her everything. He says hes older and wiser now and has learned to keep his mouth shut until the time is right. He suggests they have some fun and asks Nicole to dance.

Lucas and Sophie show up at Chez Rouge. Lucas says this is a pricy place, but Sophie is insisting on treating. She thought theyd just have some sparkling cider here, a toast, and then go for burgers. Lucas says that sounds good. She asks if he is okay, did she interrupt something at his place? Sophie says it seemed tense when she arrived. Lucas says hes okay, its just Sami was pulling out all the stops to get them back together. However he says there is no way in hell hes going back, he and Sami are over. Sophie says shes glad to hear that. Sophie then goes to get them some drinks. She brings the drinks, and then they decide to go to Buddys Burger Barn for burgers. Lucas then sees Austin and Nicole out without Sami, and he finds that odd. Sophie asks why that is strange. He says the three of them are involved, and its a long story. Lucas and Sophie then head off. Outside of Chez Rouge, Sophie pulls Lucas into a kiss because they are all alone. They walks off, and Sami sees them together. She decides she needs a drink, so she heads inside. She then sees Austin and Nicole dining together. Sami says she wont let Nicole get away with this!

At Bo and Hopes, Hope is balancing their budget, they are way over because of Bos generous gifts to Chelsea. She wants Bo to tell her that he wont make a habit out of this. He says he cant do that. Hope asks what hes saying? Bo says hes going to talk to Chelsea about her spending, but he cant promise not to help her out when she needs it. He says hes her father, and if it puts them over budget then theyll have to deal with it. He says he has new responsibilities now. Hope says shes not telling him not to provide for Chelsea, but perhaps Billie can help out. Bo says this is his child, not something extravagant. Hope says if Chelsea would cut back on her extravagant purchases it could also help. Hope tells Bo that he has blinders on when it comes to this girl. Bo says "this girl" is his flesh and blood, and if giving her money makes her feel like she has someone to depend on then hes going to do it. Hope doesnt think Bo wants to spoil his daughter that way, and Billie agrees they shouldnt spoil her. Bo says hes just saying if Chelsea needs his help financially then hell help her, but they will agree what she is to spend the money on first. Hope says thats all shes saying. Bo says if the argument is over? She says it wasnt an argument, it was a discussion. Bo suggests they just kiss and make up. Hope goes to answer some email, and Bo watches the game. Hope gets an email from an old boarding school friend of hers. Her friend has a son about to start law school, and this makes Hope think about Shawn throwing his life and future away to work at Maxs garage. Bo says there is nothing wrong with being a mechanic, he can make good money. Hope says its not about the money, and there is nothing wrong with being a mechanic, but she wants what is best for him. Bo says maybe this is the best for him, and some people search their whole lives for what makes them happy. Hope says when Shawn graduated high school he promised to finish college. She says she wont let Shawn break it, even if she has to drag him to college every day until he finishes. They soon begin to argue over this issue. Bo says hell talk to Shawn with her about this, but if he doesnt budge then he wont force Shawn to do something he doesnt want to. He says he wont do it with Shawn and he wont do it with Chelsea. Hope says he wont have any luck with Chelsea. Hope says Shawn respects Bo, Chelsea doesnt. Zack shows up and asks why they are fighting. They say they arent, and Bo takes Zack back up to bed. Hope worries about what is happening to her and Bo. Upstairs, Bo puts Zack to bed, and Zack asks Bo to make up a story for him. Bo begins telling him a story about the Prince and Princess of Salem and their child the Tiny Man Prince. He basically tells him a quick story about him and Hope, and how much they love one another even if they fight and wake the prince up. 

At Jack and Jens, Jack gets a call in the middle of the night. He says it isnt a good time, and hell call them back in a few minutes. Jack sneaks off. Jack goes outside and makes a call back to the assisted suicide people. They give him instructions, and he writes down some streets where to meet these people. He says hes one his way. Meanwhile, Jen realizes Jack has snuck out. She goes outside looking for him. As she tries to call him, Frankie shows up and grabs Jen, causing her to scream. Frankie thought she was someone breaking in, and he asks why shes not in bed. Jen says she was, but Jack snuck off. Frankie says it will be okay. Jen says she doesnt know what shed do without him. Jen tells Frankie that shes worried about Jack. Frankie finds a piece of paper on the ground and thinks it is a clue to where Jack went. They follow the paper trail and end up in a dark part of town at night. Jen thanks Frankie for being here for her and coming with her. Frankie says hed do anything for her. Jen says he has no idea how much she appreciates that, and she thanks God he is here.

Jack goes off to some alley to meet the people who called him. Hes creeped out and wants to come back another time, like when it's light out. Suddenly an older man comes out of the shadows and invites Jack in. He says death awaits! Jack goes inside the mans place, which is a book store. Jack thinks it is like Harry Potter. The man says this book store carries only very specialized books. Jack is confused, but the man knows about Jack and that hes come here to die. Jack says he thinks there is a mistake, he didnt come here to literally to die. The man knows why he came here, for information on underground locations for assisted suicide. Jack asks if he has the book with the information. The man says hell go get the book with the information for him. The man stops and tells Jack there are other options, but Jack says this is the only one that will work for him. Jack is handed some books on assisted suicide. He says this is the answers hes been looking for. Suddenly Jen and Frankie walk in and ask what hes doing here. Jack drops the books, and Jen picks them up. Jen cant believe Jack is doing this.


November 4, 2005
At the bookstore, Jen asks Jack if he seriously buying this book. Jack cant believe she followed him, and that he can explain. Jen is glad hes taking her advice. The book Jen picked up is not about suicide but is one on healing, and she thinks Jack has come on board with her plan to try and buy him more time. Jen asks why Jack didnt tell her what he was doing. Jack says he had an epiphany about it and thought he could get out, get the book and surprise her with it. Jen is pleased and decides to look for more of the books she found out about online. Jen takes off to get more books, and Frankie tells Jack that hes not buying this. Jack claims he is just trying to humor Jen and her plan, though he doesnt think the diet and vitamin regime will change anything. Jack says if he follows what Jen wants, it will make her happy and think that they have done everything they could. He says when he dies then Jen wont have regrets or feel guilty. Jen returns and says she knows if they follow the plan in these books hell be able to hold out for a cure. Jen also says if they can buy him six months, that is six more months to spend together. Jack doesnt want her to set herself up, but Jen says if she can get one more hour with him then it will be worth it. She says whatever Jack wants to do, they will do. If he wants to dance theyll dance, if he wants to eat pizza and sushi then shell order it for him. She says she wont lose him yet. Jack says hes not ready to lose her either. Jen wants to talk to the salesclerk about some more books, and she says shell be right back. Frankie tells Jack he is such a good actor that he doesnt know when hes telling the truth or playing them. Frankie is still convinced something else is going on. Jack remembers talking to the clerk about his plan to kill himself. Jack tells Frankie its nothing to worry about, hes just doing this for Jen. He then tells Frankie if he wont be there for Jen when hes gone like they agreed then Jack says he'll come back and haunt Frankie. Frankie knows there is no way Jack  snuck out in the middle of the night to buy nutrition books. Jen returns, and Jack asks Jen what is wrong. Jen says she knows exactly what is going on. Jen says she spoke to the salesclerk and knows about the book the clerk was holding for him. Jack says he can explain. She says he doesnt have to. The book is on how to help a family grieve a loss. She loves him for thinking about them, but she says they need to think about him right now. Jen tells Jack that they have to have faith. Jack says he will do whatever she wants, but he also needs to be aware of reality. Jen asks Frankie to excuse them, so he leaves. Jen tells Jack that the reality is that if they have faith in God and their love, and if they fight this disease with all the alternative medicines there are, then miracles can happen. Jen then tells Jack to go buy the books and shell get the car with Frankie. Jen says they will beat this. Jen leaves, and Jack says this just isnt in the cards. Meanwhile, Frankie tries to prepare Jen for the worst, but Jen says Jack wont give up, hell never give up on his family. Back inside, Jack speaks with the clerk's son. The clerk's son doesnt agree with his fathers viewpoint on the death with dignity, and he tries to change Jacks mind. He doesnt think Jack believes in it either as he wouldnt be sneaking around here lying to his wife. Jack says there is no cure for what he has and hes trying to spare his family. He tells the guy to mind his business and ring up the books. The clerk's son says he had a friend who committed suicide because he thought it was the only way, but he was wrong. Jack says hes just doing what is best for his family and theyll never find out he committed suicide. 

At the loft, Shawn puts Claire down and checks on Mimi, who has fainted. Mimi eventually comes too, and she asks what happened. He says she fainted when the baby started crying. Mimi gets up, and Shawn thinks she should see the doctor. Mimi says shes fine and she just needs to sit for a bit. Shawn is feeling guilty, he feels bringing Claire here is just too hard for her because of the abortion. Mimi says she thinks this is her punishment, but Shawn says this isnt her fault and she could get an infection from any medical procedure or even the showers at the gym. Shawn says it isnt her fault, but Mimi says that isnt what it feels like. Mimi says she froze when Claire needed her because all she could think about was the baby she didnt have. Mimi thinks shes a monster for not being able to help her Goddaughter. Mimi says Shawn must think shes a horrible person and that hes lost all respect for her. Shawn begs Mimi to forgive herself, she had a safe and legal procedure, and what happened wasnt her fault. Mimi says its just not that, she freaked when Claire started crying. She wonders what kind of woman she is. He says a stressed out woman. Shawn wants Mimi to give herself a break. He tries to help her relax by helping her to fall asleep. He gives her a kiss and says shes still the same funny and loving person hes crazy about, even when she is freaking out like this. Shawn says hes happy to be dating her right now. Mimi tries to sleep on the couch, and Shawn tells her to forget about this and think about the future. Shawn tends to Claire as Mimi naps. Mimi ends up having a dream in which a little angel and devil Mimi sit above her and talk. The devil Mimi thinks Mimi doesnt belong with Shawn as she cant give him a baby, but the angel Mimi says they can adopt and Mimi will be a wonderful mother. The devil Mimi says she doesn't deserve to be happy, but the angel Mimi says she does and Shawn knows this. Mimi wakes up from her dream and calls out to Shawn. Shawn says she was saying his name in her sleep, what was she dreaming about? Mimi says nothing really, so Shawn goes to take care of Claire. Mimi, to herself, thinks she has no future with a great guy like Shawn.

At Kate's place, John talks with Kate about how he is convinced that North has somehow convinced Marlena to divorce him. He says Marlena was remembering, she was making progress until Alex flipped a switched and made her leave with him. Kate thinks perhaps if shes remembering then Alex is losing his control over her. John says he hopes so too, and hes called the one person who can talk Marlena out of this decision. There is a knock at the door, and John thanks the person from coming over. John has asked Father Jansen for help and has filled him in on the situation. Father Jansen says MArlena believes the marriage vow is sacred, he cant believe shed want a divorce. John says Alex cant stop Father Jansen from seeing Marlena, and John thinks hes the only one who can get through to her. Father Jansen says hell give it a try. Father Jansen tells them to pray for Marlena and for her soul. He then leaves. John is very tense, so Kate gives him a back massage. John is concerned about how close she is getting to him. She tells him to relax, this isnt foreplay. She says it is just a friendly massage. Kate tells John he was right to call Father Jansen, and Marlena loves him and wont divorce him. John knows shes starting to remember, and if she focuses on what she remembers then shell remember more. John knows if he can get her alone it will only be a matter of time before she remembers the love they shared.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells Alex that she began remembering being with John tonight, she was having memories. Alex says her mind was playing tricks. Marlena says it didnt feel like a trick. Alex says it took a lot of strength to file for divorce, and John is far too aware of her fragile mental state. Alex says John is using that to manipulate her into remembering things, and hes planting those memories in her mind. Alex says John works for the ISA, he probably knows many ways to control a person's mind. Alex flashes his pendant and tells Marlena that she needs to follow through with this divorce. Marlena says she knows that is what he keeps saying to her. Alex asks if she is changing her mind? He says she has the opportunity to return to the man who has loved her longer and more than anyone else. Alex tries to convince Marlena to forget her memories of John and think about their past together. Alex says they loved one another and promised to spend their lives together. Marlena asks what happened? He says life happened, but now they have a second chance. Alex says if she wants to be happy then divorce John and renew her love with him. Marlena gets up and looks at a photo of herself and John. She says they just look so happy. Alex puts on his music, but she tells him to turn it off as she has a headache. She says she cant think about this now, she needs to get ready for bed. Alex offers to make her some nice tea, so she says fine. She leaves, and Alex wonders what keeps breaking his control over Marlena. Alex says he wont lose Marlena. He pulls out a bottle of pills to use on Marlena. Marlena returns in her nightgown. As shes about to drink the drugged tea that Alex has made for her, Johns clock chimes and makes her remember John. Marlena suddenly says she is remembering more. She then spills her drugged tea, and she cleans it up and takes the cup into the kitchen. Alex tells himself that he has to stop those memories from coming back. The doorbell rings, and Alex fears it is John. Its Father Jansen, who says hes here to see Marlena. Alex says shes not available right now, and he realizes that John sent Father Jansen. Father Jansen says hes her priest and speaking to him may bring her comfort. Alex says he may just cause more harm than good, and besides Marlena is probably asleep. Marlena comes out and says she didnt know they had company. Alex says Father Jansen was just leaving, but Marlena insists on talking to Father Jansen tonight and in private. Alex says very well.

At Kates place, John spies on the penthouse and sees Father Jansen is inside. He just hopes that Father Jansen gets to her. John also called the ISA for help, and they show up. Kate wonders what John is planning. John invites the agent in. The agent has brought equipment that John requested. He tells John this is more power than he needs. John says yeah and it will blow him away. The agent leaves, and Kate is stunned when she sees what John has. She asks what the thing is. He says it is a superpower telescope and listening device. John says hes already planted the bug in the penthouse earlier when he and Frankie went over there. John uses his giant telescope to watch and listen in on what is going on.

Back at the Penthouse, Father Jansen tells Marlena that she may not remember her vows, but that doesnt mean they didnt happen. He says the church doesnt believe in divorce, they believe marriage is forever. Johns clock rings, and Marlena says she knows John loves her. Father Jansen says deep down she remembers the love she shares with John, God has seen to that. Father Jansen talks about how when she took her vows, God filled them both with his grace. Father Jansen says if she asks for Gods help then he will help her, and he reminds her of the vows she took that what God joined no man could tear apart. He asks Marlena to just think about what shes said. She says she will. Father Jansen leaves, and Marlena looks at the photo of herself and John. Alex returns and sees Marlena is crying. He asks what Father Jansen said to upset her. John spies on them and wishes Marlena to just tell the guy to go to hell. Marlena tells Alex that shes going to stay faithful to John and honor her vows. Alex says what! Marlena tells Alex to have the lawyer rescind the divorce papers. John breaths a sigh of relief and thinks hes finally got Marlena back.

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