November 7, 2005

At Chez Rouge, Maggie asks Sami what is wrong. Sami says she wanted to talk to Austin. Maggie sees Austin with Nicole and thinks they probably dont want to be disturbed. Sami interrupts anyways, and Austin asks if this is important as he and Nicole are having dinner. Sami asks if they are on a date? He says they are discussing business and catching up. Sami says if this is about business then she should be here. Austin says this is between him and Nicole. She asks if hes asking her to leave, and he says in a way yes. Austin says he and Nicole are working on a campaign strategy and they dont have time to waste. He says hell see her back at the apartment. Sami tells Austin that he shouldnt be alone with Nicole, she has an agenda. Nicole says the same agenda as she has? Austin says enough, they are not dating. Austin says he set up parameters when they started working together. Sami says they didnt include him going out with Nicole. Nicole asks Sami why she cares, she thought Sami wanted Lucas back. Sami says she does, but its not going to happen so she has to move on. Austin says hes not turning this into some imaginary love triangle. Nicole says she has totally lost track of the business they were discussing, and if Sami wont leave then she will as she has lost her appetite. Austin tells Nicole they should go. Austin tells Sami hell see her later at the apartment. Sami says thank God shes allowed to go back to her own apartment. Sami says Nicole wont win this war. Maggie tells Sami that would be a mistake. Maggie says going after Austin would be a mistake. Sami says Austin was the first love of her life, and he deserves better than Nicole. She says she doesnt want to be alone, shes lost Austin and Lucas. Maggie says there are more than two men in the world, and she knows what its like to be in a love triangle. She tells Sami to step back and let the competition self destruct. Sami says she cant take the chance that Nicole will have Austin for dessert.

Austin and Nicole end up in the park, and Nicole wants to know if Sami is the woman he came back to Salem for. Austin cant believe her, she really wont give up. He says thats why he hired her, but he wont answer her question. Sami spies on them as they talk. Austin says his love life is his business, and now is the time for him to focus on his career. Austin wont let the woman he loves know who she is until he gets his business up and running, which means Nicole will have to wait to find out who she is. Nicole asks Austin so this isnt a date? He says its a date, but not a romantic one. Nicole thinks there is hope for her yet. He says they have to get to know one another again. She says they have to get to know one anothers bodies too. She says she just meant she needs to know if he is tired and needs to call it a night. Nicole says if he is interested in her, then they can consider this part of their courtship. She says if he is interested in Sami then shell have to show him how wrong Sami is for him. Nicole tells Austin that she looks forward to when the time is right and he can be open with her about the woman he loves. Sami cant believe this and makes a pssshhh sound. They hear her and wonder what it is. Nicole says it sounded like a bear or a wolf. Austin doesnt think those animals are around here. Nicole smirks and says it is just a bitch in heat. Austin heads off to get something, and Sami argues with Nicole. Sami knows Nicole didnt want her working for Austin as she said it would be bad for business. Sami thinks if Austin knew about the flesh eating bacteria stunt then hed fire her as she'd be bad for business. Sami says Austin forgave her for being Stan, but she doubts he'd forgive Nurse Nicole. Austin is returning, so Nicole pushes Sami into the bushes. Austin asks if she was arguing with someone? She says no, she heard the noise again and was shooing the animal away. Nicole says she doesnt want this evening to end, so she suggests they get a hot fudge Sunday at the Java Caf. She says unfortunately it will be his treat as she has no money. He says that is about to change. They then head off together.

At the loft, Shawn puts Claire down to sleep as Mimi remembers her odd dream about the angel and devil Mimi taunting and giving her advice. Shawn asks Mimi if she remembers what her dream was about. Mimi says she has no clue what she was dreaming about, and she wishes she wasnt such a basket case. Mimi says she cant even take care of her own goddaughter. Mimi says shes been doing some thinking. Mimi tells Shawn that she knows he wanted to date her, but they wont work out and he belongs with someone else. Shawn says she doesnt know that, they havent even started dating. He tells her not to give up before they start. Mimi says she cant give up what she never had, and seeing him with Belles baby made her realize they cant be together. Mimi then runs off in tears.

In the other loft, Belle is making tea as she cant sleep. She continues to fantasize about Shawn. Shawn tells her that she is depressed because she didnt marry the man she loves, and now she cant love the baby she had with her husband. Belle tells fantasy Shawn that she loves her husband and her baby. He says well she should be the happiest woman alive, but shes not because she isnt with him. Fantasy Shawn says she cant go on like this, she cant keep lying to her husband and herself. Shawn says she cant bond with her daughter until shes honest about how she feels. Later Belle sees Mimi leave Shawns loft. 

Belle goes to Shawns loft. Shawn thought it was Mimi coming back, and when he sees Belle at the door he says Oh Belle. She says it sounds like hes disappointed, she always thought hed be happy to see her. He says he is just surprised to see her, and he thought Mimi had changed her mind and come back. She asks what is wrong, is she upset about the baby. Shawn says no, its more than that. Belle questions Shawn as to what happened. He asks why shes so obsessed with this? She tells Shawn to talk to her as a friend. Shawn says Mimi is upset because she cant have a baby of her own, and she thinks nothing can happen with them as it wont work. Belle says because she cant have children and he wants them. Shawn says yes, and now she doesnt want to date. Belle says Mimis self esteem is pretty low now. Shawn says Mimi thinks he should be with a woman he can have a child and a future with, but he tried to tell her that she was wrong. Belle says no, Mimi is right. Belle talks to Shawn about love and how Mimi knows Shawn is someone who invests in love hoping it will work out. Shawn says it doesnt always though, sometimes you lose your investment. Belle cries and thinks Shawn is talking about them, and that he must hate her. Shawn takes her hand and says he doesnt hate her, and he doesnt blame her for what happened. He gives her a hug. He says she did the right thing given the circumstances. Claire cries, and Shawn says hell get her as Belle needs to hold her baby. 

Mimi heads to the church and prays in front of a statue of Mary. Father Jansen shows up to talk with Mimi. Mimi tells him that shes done a terrible thing. He asks if she would like to confess. She says no as she wont be forgiven. He says if she knows what she did was wrong then she can be forgiven. She says she knew it was wrong when she did it. Father Jansen says she is kneeling in front of the Madonna with tears in her eyes. He says there is no sin that will cost her Gods love, so if he can forgive her then she must forgive herself. He asks if she would commit the sin again. She says no, not that she has the choice, but if she did then she wouldnt. Father Jansen tells her to ask for Gods forgiveness, but also forgive herself as that is the most important part of her healing. Mimi returns to praying to the statue. She cries that she cant forgive herself and she can never be with Shawn.

From Kate's place, John spies on Marlena and Alex over at the penthouse. He overhears Marlena telling Alex that she cant divorce John, she took sacred vows in a church and those last forever. Marlena says she may not remember him, but she owes him the benefit of the doubt. Marlena tells Alex that shes going to talk to John. Alex flashes his pendant and says he cant let her do that. He tells Marlena to forget her conversation with Father Jansen, remember what they talked about, today is the first day of the rest of her life. A spying Kate jokes maybe hes waving a watch in front of her face and trying to hypnotize her. They cant see the little pendant of course. John thinks Alex needs to give it up. Marlena looks at the photo of herself and John and talks about how she has flashes of memory when she looks at this photo. Alex says John isnt a psychiatrist, and photos arent going to help her recover. Alex says why not throw a party, John's found the cure for amnesia, photographs! Alex loses his temper and says she went to med school, she knows it isnt that simple. John says it sounds like the good doctor is losing it. Alex continues to flash his pendant and tells her that she has to stay strong. Marlena says she is staying strong, she wants to work it out with John and she wants to call him. Alex says he is with Kate and she cant disturb him. John decides hes going to stop that son of a bitch right now. He says Alex is a charlatan and is hitting on his wife, hell get Alex away from her tonight. John calls Marlena up and she says she was just talking about him. He says he was just talking about her. Marlena is glad he is called and says it is lucky he did. Alex wonders if it was luck. Marlena asks John to come over and talk. John says hell be right there. John asks Kate to come with him to help in case Alex is up to something. He wants Kate to keep an eye on Alex. Kate and John head to the penthouse. They arrive and Alex is upset, he says it is too late for John to be here and Marlena needs rest. Marlena says she wants to talk with John, but she is surprised to see Kate. Alex asks why, Kate loves John and shes not about to let John go. John says he asked Kate to come as a friend. Kate says she cares about MArlena too. John asks Marlena why she called him, is she getting her memory back. She says no, but she does have a lot of feelings she wants to discuss. John asks Kate to keep Alex entertained while he talks with Marlena on the terrace. Kate asks Alex how he likes the good town of Salem. Alex tells Kate to cut to the chase, he knows why she is here. Alex thinks Kate still loves John and wants him back. Out on the terrace, Marlnea tells John that she had a nice talk with Father Jansen. John says hes glad to hear that. He wants to be honest, he put Father Jansen up to coming to talk to her. Marlena says she is grateful that he did that. John says now that shes changed her mind about the divorce, hed like a second chance. She asks how he knew that she changed her mind? Alex springs in and says because hes been spying on them, hes obviously bugged the penthouse. He says hes been right about John all along, John has been manipulating and deceiving her! John says this is a private conversation, and the only reason he has put up with Alex was for Marlena. John says soon that will be over. He threatens Alex with having his jaw wired shut, so Alex leaves. John tells Marlena that he is concerned about her, and that is why he called Tim to come over. John says when she called him, he was hopeful Tim changed her mind about the divorce. John says he always thought Alex put the idea in her head. Marlena says he did, but he did it to protect her. John says from the man who loves her more than anyone else. Marlena says Alex loves her too. She says Alex just wants her to decide, and he doesnt confuse her. John says he doesnt want to confuse her either, he just wants her to see the truth. John asks Marlena if she actually believes Alex loves her. She says he acts like Alex needs psychiatric help. John thinks he might. He says everyone but her can see what that man has done to her, and he hates that he brought him into her life. John says he wants his wife back, they share a love so powerful that nothing can keep them apart. He says they have overcome every obstacle in the world, they only have one more to overcome. John thinks he can help her remember, and everything will come back to her. Marlena asks where they go from here? John says that is easy, just have faith in him and their love. Marlena realizes how much John loves her. John says he does, and they will be together forever. He hugs her, and she cries.

Meanwhile, Alex and Kate argue about Kates relationship with John. She explains how she was only with John when they thought Roman and Marlena were dead. She says when they came back, John returned to Marlena and her to Roman. Alex says things didnt work out for Kate. He asks why she asked John to move in with her? She says because he was upset Marlena kicked him out and she wanted to be there for him as a friend. However Kate says anything between her and John are over as he has Marlena back. Alex says not yet he doesnt. Kate says Marlena is Johns wife, she will remember and they will be together. Kate tells Alex to be an adult and accept it like she has and get the hell out of Marlenas life. Kate says John is an honest man and doesnt play games, and that is why John will win. He says somewhere deep down in Marlenas mind she knows John is an honest man that she can trust. Alex thanks Kate and says now he knows what he has to do. Kate wonders what he is planning. He says hes not planning anything, but she shouldnt count herself out of the game either. He says John might not end up with Marlena and then she can have him for herself. He says once again, thank you. Kate asks what she said.


November 8, 2005

At Shawns loft, Shawn is holding Claire and brings her out to Belle. He talks to Claire and tells her how she is the sweetest little thing, Belle says Shawn is so good with her, and she should have at least changed her. Shawn says he can handle it and hes had plenty of practice with his brother. He talks about how she has the best mommy and daddy in the world, and if he ever has a baby daughter he hopes she is just like Claire. Shawn tells Claire he hopes she takes after Belle. Belle says she hopes she doesnt. Shawn puts her back down, and Belle hates to wake her up and take her back to her place. Shawn suggests she leave Belle here amd take advantage of this opportunity to get some rest. Belle says he doesn't know how much she wants Shawn to watch her, she shouldnt take her back. Belle says shes ruining Claires life just like she ruined his. He says that isnt true. She says shes a terrible mother, a terrible friend and an awful wife. He comforts her and says she is not a terrible person and this is just the depression talking. She thinks everyone is using the depression to excuse how awful she is. He tells her how sweet, sensitive and caring she is. Belle says he is just saying that because he still loves her and cant see her faults. He says he does love her, but first and foremost she is his friend. Shawn discusses how both Belle and Phillip have gone through a lot and had a baby they werent expecting. He says society puts a lot of pressure on mothers to love their baby at first sight, but he doesnt know how that is possible. He says babys just sleep, cry, eat and make terrible messes. He says they dont smile much, they take and take and dont have the ability to give back. However Shawn says that changes and Claire will learn to love her. Shawn says she will learn to love being a mom too. Belle thanks him and hope he is right. Belle says she just wants him to find happiness as well. Shawn says really? She says he sounds surprised. Shawn says he is, before she was so against him and Mimi being together, and then she acted relieved when he said Mimi didnt want to be with him. Belle says she is relieved and she still is. She says she does want him to be happy, but she fears if he ends up with Mimi then hell lose her forever. Belle says she cant live without him. Shawn says shell never lose him, and he doesnt see how he and Mimi being together will come between them. Belle says it was Phillip who made her see it. She says Mimi hates her and blames her for losing Rex. Belle says if he gets together with Mimi then she  wont want to hang out with her and Phillip. She also says Mimi cant even deal with Claire because she cant have kids of her own. Shawn says it will be okay, and just give it time. Belle says she would hate for him to have to choose between her and Mimi, and she would hate for Claire to lose her godparents. Shawn says that will never happen, and she has to realize there will be another woman if it isnt Mimi. Shawn says he wants to get married and start a family with the woman he loves. She says she just thought that woman would be her. Shawn says it cant be, not anymore. Belle says she wants Shawn to be happy, but she cant stand the thought of seeing him spend the rest of his life with anyone but her. Belle cant believe she is saying this. He says shes just being honest. He tells her she has a lot of people who love her, including him. She doesnt want him to feel sorry for her. He says he doesnt, and shes going to have a wonderful life. Belle says so will he. She says she meant what she said earlier, but she realizes she has to let it go. If she cant be with him then she has to let him go. Shawn says Mimi has made her decision too, and he has to accept it. He says just like he has to accept that they will never be together. 

At the church, Mimi cries as she prays. She says she doesnt think she can forgive herself. She thinks there is no forgiveness for her now or ever. A voice tells her that isnt true. Mimi looks around for where the voice is coming from. She thinks shes going crazy. The voice says it is all right, and tells her to be still. Mimi looks up at the statue of Mary, which is glowing. Mary, who is holding a baby Jesus, comes to life and tells Mimi not to be frightened. She asks Mimi to come sit next to her. Mary tells Mimi that they need to talk. Mimi wonders if this is really happening. Mary says she could pinch her, but Mimi says no she believes her. Mary says good, and she has to start believing in herself. Mimi says she cant, shes done too many unforgivable things. She tells Mary she had an abortion, she lied about it, and now she cant have any children. She says why would any man have anything to do with her. Mary says no man would as long as she is wallowing in self pity. She tells Mimi to forget what she cant have and think about what she can have. Mimi has a vision of her future with Shawn. They are sitting on the couch talking. Mimi says she is glad she stopped punishing herself and allowed herself to have a future with him. Shawn says they were having a tough time there for awhile, but they found their way. Mimi talks about how wonderful their family is and how real it is. Shawn says it is because they have so much love to give. Mimi tells Shawn that she knows they said theyd stop at four. Shawn says hed be happy to adopt ten, but theyll have to move out of the loft. Mimi says they are all so blessed to have one another. She never thought shed hear someone say your daughter takes after you. Shawn says she does. Mimi says the other day she said she wanted ten kids when she grew up. Shawn says that is a lot of grandkids. Shawn and Mimi talk about their kids, they have a baby, twins and an older daughter. Shawn tells Mimi how much he loves her and that he loves every day they are together. Back in the real world, Mimi asks Mary if she can have that future? Mary says she wouldnt have shown her if she didnt, but Mimi is the only one who can make sure it happens. Mimi just wishes she could change what she did. Mary says there are no do-overs, she has to learn and move on. Mimi says she has always tried to be a good person, she just made that one horrible mistake. Mary says she knows, and God forgives her. She says if God didnt forgive sin then heaven would be an empty place. Mary tells Mimi now she just has to forgive herself. Mimi says shes learned that before she asks for forgiveness, she has to be sorry. She says to be truly sorry she has to get to her lowest point. She says she feels that now, and she knows if she wont accept Gods forgiveness that shes deciding her decision is more important than his. She also knows she has to love herself before others will love her and shes able to do anything useful with her life. Mary tells her she is correct, and to go out there and do it. Mimi then wakes up. She wonders if it was a dream? She tells the statue of Mary thank you for helping her realize she can forgive herself and find happiness with Shawn after all.

At the penthouse, Marlena talks with John on the terrace about how she is thankful that Father Jansen came to see her and speak to her about their vows. John recites what Tim said about their vows "What God has joined together let no man tear asunder." Marlena asks how he knows that is what Father Jansen said? He said they were the last part of their wedding ceremony, before he pronounced them man and wife. Marlena tells John that she knows he loves her, and she has very deep feelings for him too. However she doesnt know what happened to them, she doesnt know why she ended up pregnant by her ex-husband. John says its very complicated, and he gives her the brief version of what happened. He says the DiMeras are gone though, Tony is in jail and Stefano is dead. Marlena remembers Stefano, she remembers he was called the Phoenix. She only remembers the name, not a face or what hes done. She worries that Stefano could be alive. John looks inside at Alex. Marlena asks if he thinks Alex could be working for the DiMeras? John says he did a background check and its not like he came from nowhere. John says he's not working for the DiMeras. Marlena says while she is drawn to John, she wants to feel comfortable with Alex. He says even though Alex puts these negative thoughts in her head, and even though Alex wants to keep her away from him. Marlena says she cant believe that Alex is manipulating her. John says he is. Marlena says problems were happening between them before Alex, she kept her pregnancy a secret from him. Marelna asks if she is a dishonest person? John says no, she is the most honest person he knows. She says then was it because he wouldnt understand or was she in love with Roman? John says it was a difficult situation, he and Kate had just become engaged. He says maybe she thought he wouldnt understand, and maybe she was right. Still, Marlena says it doesnt explain her behavior. John says she was probably feeling guilty, and break that news cant be easy. Marlena says maybe she was a little afraid that he loved Kate more than he loved her. Marlena says he and Kate lived together, and they got engaged. Marlena says maybe she was afraid John wanted Kate more than her. John says Marlena always knew she was his life. John says he was with Kate when he thought she was dead. Marlena says she and Roman werent gone that long, and she cant believe people get engaged just because they got together. Marlena asks John if he was in love with Kate? John says he was in love with Kate. Marlena asks if he is in love with her now? John goes to speak, but Marlena tells him not to hurry his answer. She asks him to think about it and see what is in his heart. Marlena says then she wants him to tell her if hes still in love with Kate. At this point Kate looks out at them.

Inside, Kate asks Alex what she said? Alex says she said Marlena loves Johns honesty, so he has to take a risk and show Marlena proof that they belong together. Alex says he just has to hope he can find it in time. Alex says if he can find it then he has her to thank. She says she gave him no idea, but Alex says she reminded him to be honest. Kate wonders what he is up to. Alex begins using the PC to find something. She wonders what is up with him. She thinks hes fallen in love with Marlena. Alex says Marlena is a uniquely special woman, far more than hes ever known. He says while Marlena may be the love of Johns life, if he cant have her then John is available for her. Kate says she doesnt want John. She thinks Alex came to town for  one reason, to treat Marlena. Kate then asks Alex if he is working for the DiMeras? He says he doesnt work for the DiMeras, his life is an open book and John has had him checked out. Alex then tells Kate if he finds what hes looking for most of his questions will be answered. Kate thinks this is another game. Alex says he doesnt play games, he is being honest. He says he wishes Kate would do the same. Kate asks what she should be honest about? He says her feelings for John. He says its obvious she still loves him. Kate says he really does think he knows everything. He says hes a psychiatrist, it is his job to read people. He says for example the way she pretends to be relaxed when shes folding her arms, the way she looks at John occasionally. He says the body doesnt lie, she wants to be with John. Kate says hes been reading her body all along, which means he is a lousy psychiatrist just as they all have thought. Alex says hopefully shell about to find out otherwise. Kate says no, John and Marlena love one another and nothing can come between them. Alex says she did once without regret. Alex suggest she give it up and be his ally. He says if he gets what he wants, he can be with Marlena and she can be with John. Kate thinks about making love to John. Alex says like he said, the body doesnt lie. He thinks she just relived a very nice memory. He asks her if she will be his ally? Kate says she wont plot to help him break up John and Marlena. Kate says when she and John were together they thought their loved ones were dead, and they were together because they were all they had. Kate says she helped John through a difficult time in his life. Alex says he still finds it impossible to believe they stopped loving one another. Kate says she never said it was easy to break it off. Alex says Johns heart need not be broken for long, if he gets the information he is waiting for then Marlena wont be with John even if she gets her memory back. He says then John can be with her and they can all live happily ever after. Kate wont be a party to his schemes. He says fine, he doesnt need her anyways. He says though John will be a free man soon. Alex then gets exactly what he needs and says MArlena is his.


November 9, 2005

At Shawns loft, Shawn and Belle continue their talk. Shawn says hell have to accept he and Mimi arent meant to be just like he has to accept that they will never be together. Claire begins to cry, so Belle thinks she should go tend to her and take her home. Shawn says relax. He says he and Mimi can watch her tonight so she should go home and get rest. Belle thanks him and returns to her loft. Mimi then returns home and hears the baby crying. Shawn is busy fixing pipes and yells to Claire that he'll be right there. Mimi sneaks in and holds Claire. Shawn is shocked to see her comforting the child. Shawn asks if she is okay? She says she is fine, and no she didn't hit her head when she fainted earlier. Shawn asks what happened? Mimi says when she left here she went to Saint Luke's. She said she talked with Father Jansen and she confessed to him. She says she got absolution. She says God forgave her but she couldnt forgive herself, and she realized she had to forgive herself and move on with her life. Mimi says now that she knows shes not doomed forever she can hold and comfort Claire, and it feels really good. Shawn can't believe how different she is, and he asks what changed her mind. She says she cant explain it, she was in the church and she found a clarity. She says she knows now with Gods help she can move on with her life. Shawn thinks they should have gone to church earlier. Mimi says she also owes a lot to Shawn, hes been here for her every step of the way telling her not to be so hard on herself. She says he also has shown her that there can be someone after Rex. Shawn asks me? She nods and smiles at Shawn. Mimi says if it is all right with him, shed like to try things again. Shawn says it is. Shawn says he should probably go finish fixing the leaky pipe in her room. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and heads off. Mimi continues to comfort Claire. She looks over and sees a vision of Mary holding her child. They smile at each other.

Phillip wakes up at the loft and looks around, no Belle to be found. Belle eventually returns home, and Phillip says he was worried about her. She says why. He says it is his job to worry about her and Claire. Belle says she was over at Shawns. She says she all she could think was how glad she was Claire was over there so she didnt have to be bothered by her. She says what kind of mother thinks that way? He says one going through a hard time. She says she doesnt even know if she loves her daughter. Phillip says of course she does. Belle then tells him about Mimi having a tough time with Claire and running off. Phillip feels bad and they shouldnt have saddled Shawn and Mimi with this so early in their relationship. Belle says according to Shawn they dont have a relationship anymore. When Belle explains Mimi ran off because she doesn't think she's right for Shawn, Phillip says that is ridiculous. He wonders why Mimi cant put Rex and the abortion in the past instead of giving up before even giving Shawn a try. Belle says it is so obvious that Mimi and Shawn dont belong together. Phillip tells her that she is dead wrong. He wonders if she even wants them to be happy. She says yes, but she doesnt think they will be happy together. He says who else could they be happier with? She says nothing, and he says exactly. He says as their friends they should give them a nudge. Belle says its not a good idea, she knows Mimi and shell never get over the abortion or losing Rex. Phillip says he knows in time Mimi will come to terms with her abortion just as in time shell come to terms with her depression. Belle asks why hes so fixated on this? He says because they are their friends and he wants them to be happy. He says its like she doesnt want Shawn to end up with anyone.

Outside Jack and Jens, Frankie has a fire going and is warming himself in front of it. Jen shows up to sit with Frankie. Shes sipping hot chocolate. Jen says she remembers when there was a time when a cup of Grans hot chocolate could fix anything. Jen says Lexie is upstairs with Jack now, and shes going to try and talk him into the alternative remedies in those books they bought. Frankie says that is good. Jen is just worried, she thinks Jack isnt into these remedies and is only trying to please her. Frankie tells Jen she needs to worry about herself right now as well. Frankie says she needs to be mindful of her own health. Jen says she has the rest of her life to take care of herself, Jack needs her now. Jen says she wont give up until Jack gets better, and he will get better. She knows he probably thinks shes crazy. Frankie says no, and that having hope is a good thing. He just doesnt want her to get her hopes up that Jack will be cured. Jen knows that, and she cries that she really will lose her husband this time. Frankie holds her and says hes afraid so. Jen talks about how shes having such a hard time accepting that Jack is dying. Frankie says that is normal, but Jen says this is Salem and nothing is normal. She says she feels like the other shoe will drop and that this will turn out to be a trick and Jack was misdiagnosed. Frankie says he doesnt think so, but Jen says the third time is the charm. She talks about how she feels like shes falling, only this time Jack wont be there to save her. Frankie promises her that when Jack is gone hell be here for her. Jen says Jack will be so grateful that hell be here to stay and help them. Jen says Jack is normally so jealous when other men are around her, like Patrick for instance. She says but it is almost like Jack hand picked Frankie to be here for them after he goes. Frankie says he did. Jen asks what hes saying, that Jack picked him to take his place. Frankie says he meant Jack asked him to look after her when he was gone. Jen says hes thought of everything. Frankie says Jack just wants her and the kids to have someone to rely on. Frankie never thought in a million years hed be here with her, and everything comes around full circle. Jen tells Frankie what a great friend he is, and she is so grateful he is going to be sticking around. Frankie says there is nothing he wouldnt do for her. 

Jack is reading his death with compassion book when there is a knock at the door. He hides it and then tells the person to come in. Jack is shocked to see it is Lexie. Lexie says shes here to check on him, Jen asked her to come over. She asks how hes doing, and he says aside from some numbness in the arm hes okay. Lexie checks him over, he cant feel anything in his left arm. Jack asks how long will this last? Lexie says she wish she had better news, but his condition has worsened. Jack says this isnt new news to him. Lexie says shes afraid hell be getting serious pains soon. Jack says if he cant feel anything then he shouldnt feel the pain. She says unfortunately it doesnt work that way. She says shell get him a prescription for pain pills. Jack says no more pills. Jack talks to Lexie about her plan to end his life, and he shows her the book he bought. Lexie says she cant believe hes still considering suicide. Jack says hes not considering it, hes deciding on it. He says hell die knowing he wasnt a burden to any of his family. Lexie says she cannot and will not let him do this! Jack reminds her that she cant tell Jen because of doctor patient confidentiality. Lexie says she knows, but she will try and talk him out of this. Jack says give it her best shot. He says nothing can stop him from dying. He says he wont stand around and watch his family suffer, that will kill him faster than any disease. Lexie says she understands. Jack says good, because as his doctor he needs a favor, and she wont like it. He asks her in the end not to conduct an autopsy. She says that isnt her choice, and he needs to talk to Jen about that and everything else. Jack says if Jen demands an autopsy then Jack asks that she not tell Jen how he really died. He says to consider it an extension of the doctor-patient confidentiality clause. Lexie suggests they just hope it doesnt come to that. Lexie says shell call in his prescription, but he says he wont take it. She wants him to promise him that he wont do anything stupid. He says she knows him, and Lexie says that is what worries her. Lexie says she expects to see him soon, and she leaves. Later, Jack looks outside and sees Jen and Frankie together. Suddenly, Jack is hit with pains and keels over! He says it seems his time is finally running out. 

At the penthouse, Alex makes a call and asks for some information to be faxed to him. Alex then tells Kate once Marlena is his, John is hers for the taking. She says that wont happen. He says if she works with him then theyll get everything they want. Kate says hes foolish if he thinks hell come between Marlena and John.  On the terrace, Kate listens as John tells Marlena that a part of him will always love Kate. Marlena then asks how can he pledge his love to her if he still loves Kate? John says as much as he might love Kate, his heart will always belong to Marlena. He says it is like the situation between her and Roman. He says while she loves Roman, she is destined to be with him. John says he wants her to be his wife forever. John talks to her about how she has to have faith and believe they will share their life together, believe in his love for her. Marlena says shed like to believe that, shes just not sure she does. John asks what is stopping her from believing in him. She says she just has so many questions about her past, and when she tries to find answers it is all a haze. She believes he loves her, but she doesnt know about him moving on with Kate when he thought she was dead. John says she was never gone from his heart. She says if she just had proof that he still loved her when he loved Kate. She says without that she doesnt know if she can believe him over Alex. Alex walks out and is glad to hear that, and he says he has the proof that John has been lying to her. He has proof that not only did John have her legally declared dead with in months of her going missing, but he had Marlenas life insurance signed over to Kate. Alex asks John if he denies this. John says he doesnt. Marlena says Alex was right. John says no, and he can explain it. He says he had her declared dead because she was lost at sea and he watched her being swept away after he strapped him to the raft. John explains what happened and says he was helpless. He says others were presumed dead too, Jack, Caroline, Victor and Roman.. Alex thinks it is just all convenient. John says the coast guard had all their bloody clothes, it looked like they were all dead. John says DNA tests on the clothes confirmed it was their blood. Alex asks about the life insurance? He says the reason Kates name is on that check is because she runs his company. He says his company set up a trust fund for Malrenas insurance to be divided between her children. Alex says it doesnt matter, as soon as he came home from the hospital Kate moved into his house with him. Kate says there was a reason for that too. Marlena says she sure there was, but she just doesnt understand why Johns still here. John says he vowed to love her until she dies. She says well he was faithful to his vows, he loved her until he thought she was dead. Marlena says he owes her nothing, so who does he want to spend his life with, Kate or her?


November10, 2005
Austin and Billie run into one another outside Samis place. They hug and talk about how great one another looks. Billie says she was looking for him when she heard he was back. Billie says she just ran into Maggie and got some bad news, that hes going into business with Nicole and Sami. Austin says hes not going into business with them, but they are working for him. Billie says she thought he was smarter than that! Austin says he knows what hes doing, but Billie isnt so sure. She says she gives him credit for going into business for himself, but hiring those two idiots? She says if they were nominated for the Nobel peace prize they would fight each other to the death over it. She says everything they stand for undermine what he stands for. Austin tells her to just trust him to handle them. She says good luck to you. Austin says he needs to throw his briefcase and easel in the car, and hell be right back.

Inside the apartment, Sami and Nicole argue over Austin. Nicole says she and Austin need to discuss a business plan and Sami doesn't need to be there. Sami is going on and on about Nicole putting the moves on Austin, she heard them and they weren't discussing business. Nicole tells Sami that this is getting old, if she was a TV then shed put the mute button. Sami wont give it up because she knows Nicole is after Austin. They argue about a news conference they are holding, and Nicole doesnt want Stan there as it will be bad for busieness. Sami says if Stan cant be there then maybe Nurse Nicole shouldnt be. Sami she has a lot of good ideas for this business, and if Nicole wont listen then shell tell Austin. She says dont worry, she wont tell Austin about Nurse Nicole as he might go to the police and have her arrested. Sami says so, is Nicole ready to hear her ideas now? Nicole says she doesnt want to hear her lame ideas, and if she wants to tell Austin about Nurse Nicole then shell tell him Stan gave her the idea. They continue to argue about Austin and how he is here in Salem to settle down with the woman he loves. Sami tells Nicole that he didnt come back town for Nicole. Nicole says so she thinks Austin came back for her, is she insane? She says of course she is insane, but maybe she has amnesia like her mom. She reminds Sami of what happened the last time she tried to make Austin marry her. We se a flashback of Sami screaming after Austin dumped her at the altar. Nicole says she was so proud of Austin for walking away from her and she was screaming come baaaaaack! Sami says well Austin still came back to Salem. Nicole says for his brother's wedding. Sami says well he stayed to help her, and he moved in with her. Billie walks in and tells Sami that shes delusional if she thinks Austin is still in love with her. Sami says Austin isnt here. Billie knows, she just ran into him in the hall and gave him hell for hiring them both. Sami says she is giving up a lot to help Austin. Billie says it is more like Austin is helping Sami because he feels sorry for her, for both of them. She tells them if either one of them tries to bring their pathetic personal baggage into Austin's life then theyll answer to her. Austin returns and asks if everything is okay. Billie says yes, and so they head to the roof to catch up. Sami tells Nicole that she hates us and if she has her say Austin wont be with either of them. Nicole says Billie doesnt have say in who Austin does and doesnt love, and in Samis case Austin doesnt love her. Nicole heads into her room, and Sami heads to the roof to see if perhaps Austin is telling Billie who the woman he loves is. Nicole apparently had the same idea, and they argue with one another as they climb the fire escape to the roof. Nicoles fear of heights kicks in, and Sami zooms past her. Nicole says she cant let that bitch beat her and races after her. As they fight, they end up hitting a lever and cause the ladder to fall with them! 

Up on the roof, Austin wants Billie to be straight, what was she telling them in the apartment. Billie tells Austin that he has to know those girls want to jump his bones. Austin says if either one becomes a problem then hell handle them. Billie asks so why he came back to Salem. Austin says to start a family believe it or not. Billie asks if he has a girl in his life? Austin says sort of. Billie asks who she is. Austin and Billie suddenly hear the ladder fall, but Billie thinks it is just an old tomcat that lives around here. She wants Austin to give her a name, but he refuses. He says right now he's focused on business, later he'll focus on his personal life. She just hopes it is not Sami or Nicole, and she hopes whoever it is that hell be happy.

Sami and Nicole return to the apartment still fighting over what happened. Sami says Nicole almost killed them! Nicole says they are fine, and she wasn't the one screaming as they were falling. Sami says Austin probably told Billie who his mystery woman is and because of Nicole they dont know who it is. Nicole and Sami tell one another that Austin wont choose the other. Sami tells Nicole that Austin is using her to help him with his company. She says eventually Austin will dump her after shes helped him get to the top. Nicole storms off, and Sami says shes going to convince Austin she has changed and is perfect for him both in business and on a personal level.

At Belles loft, Belle refuses to argue with Phillip about Shawn anymore. She says shes going to bed and heads upstairs where she cries. Over at Shawn and Mimis, Mimi is rocking and humming to Claire. Shawn watches her and smiles. Mimi tells him not to watch her. Shawn says he likes watching her. Mimi doesn't think she even has the notes to the song right. Shawn doesn't think Claire cares. Mimi says she might not, but Mimi cares that Shawn knows. Mimi says shes shy around him so go away. Shawn says okay and heads off. Shawn finishes repairing the leaky pipe and then cleans himself up. He returns to Mimi and says after she puts Claire down he thinks they should open a bottle of wine and celebrate them. She says okay, its a date. Mimi leaves to put her down, and Phillip shows up. Shawn says Claire is asleep, and Phillip says hes glad she sleeps for someone. Phillip says he came over here to check on Mimi as Belle said she was upset. Phillip says he never should have asked them to watch Claire. Shawn says no it was a good thing, it made Mimi face what happened and now she can move on with her life. Shawn says not only is Mimi getting over it, the two of them are doing great. Shawn asks Phillip how Belle is doing? Phillip says her moods are better, but something else is bothering her, something other than the PPD. Shawn says what Belle really needs now is to bond with her baby and love her, that will help more than anything. Phillip just hopes it happens. Mimi shows up and says someone is hungry. Phillip watches as Mimi feeds the baby.

Back in Belles room, Belle continues to think about Shawn. She apparently has a fantasy about Shawn telling her that how if there was a chance for them to get back together that he wouldnt take it. Shawn tells Belle how he thinks he was always meant to be with Mimi, and Mimi has a very special glow these days in case she hasn't noticed. Belle asks Shawn what he is saying. Shawn tells Belle that he and Mimi are expecting a baby. Mimi then walks in and asks Belle if she heard the news. Belle wakes up from her dream and says if that happens then shell lose Shawn forever. Belle heads downstairs and looks for Phillip. She thinks maybe he took the trash out or something. Belle finds a book and looks through it. Its old photos of her and Shawn together. She begins to cry. 

Belle heads over to Shawns place, and Phillip tells Belle to look at Shawn and Mimi. They are on the couch fawning over Claire. He says this is why they picked them to be Claires Godparents. Belle asks Mimi if shes okay around the baby? Mimi says yes, and she needs to talk with Belle. Phillip tells Mimi to go talk, he and Shawn will finish feeding Claire. They leave, and Phillip hopes they can work things out so they can all get along. Phillip wonders if perhaps Mimi will forgive Belle too. Shawn isnt sure, she forgave herself but he doesnt know if she can forgive Belle. Phillip says Belle has been through a lot, and every person she counted on except for him isnt there for her now. He says she and Shawn aren't together, Marlena has amnesia, and Mimi turned on Belle. He knows it would mean the world to Belle if she and Mimi were friends again, and if anyone can help her though this is it Mimi.

Mimi and Belle go into the hallway to talk. Mimi tells Belle shell get over this soon and be happy again. Belle doesnt want to talk about her. Belle asks Mimi what happened tonight that was so amazing? Mimi tells Belle that she has to apologize to her. Belle is stunned. Mimi says tonight she had an epiphany. She explains about her argument with Shawn earlier and how she didn't think they had a future. Belle says she knows, she talked to Shawn after Mimi left. Belle asks where she went. Mimi says she went to Saint Lukes to pray, and she had a talk with Father Jansen. She says she learned she had to forgive herself, and she had to forgive Belle. Mimi says she cant blame Belle for losing Rex, it wasnt her fault. Mimi says it was her own secrets and lies that drove him away. She says she needs to accept that and to move on with her life, and she cant unless she has Belles forgiveness for all the nasty things she said to her. Phillip and Shawn show up, and Phillip tells Belle to forgive her. Belle says of course she forgives her. They hug, and Mimi says she loves her and wants them to be best friends forever. Phillip gives Belle a hug and says its time for them to get on with their lives, all of them. Belle watches as Mimi kisses Shawn and she cries.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John for an answer, does he want to spend his life with her even though she could never remember, or would he rather he spend it with Kate? John says he wants to be with her of course. Kate says it was the loss John felt that brought him to her. John says he blamed himself for what happened to her. Kate says John was paralyzed, and when he got home he was bedridden and had no one. John explains how he experienced injuries on the island that paralyzed him, and that he became dependant on pain medication. John says Kate moved in to help him kick the habit, and without her he wouldnt have recovered. Alex claps and says that is very touching, but why doesnt he admit he would have been better off if Marlena had stayed dead. An angry John decks Alex! Kate and Marlena stop John from attacking him futher, and Marlena says Alex is just defending her. John says hes manipulating her. Alex says the only thing he is doing is presenting the facts, and John is the one poisoning and confusing Marlenas mind. Kate says Alex doesnt know the facts as he wasnt here. Alex says John has been trying to convince Marlena of how great their marriage was. Alex says if it was so great and solid then why is John afraid of losing her? Alex asks John who hes trying to convince here, himself or Marlena. Marlena says Alex is right, its like he doesnt believe their marriage is sthat trong. John says hes lost her so many times over the years, and hes trying to get her to remember to protect her from Alex. John tells her that their love is not only strong, but powerful. He says if their bond was broken then people would take advantage of that. Alex says like Roman. John says no like Alex. However he was concerned that Marlena might remember her past with Roman first and think she was still in love with him. Alex says so that is why he asked John to tip the scales in his favor. John says he is guilty of that yes, and he says it is just like how she is concerned he might love Kate more. John says he was afraid hed lose Marlena to Roman. Alex tells Marlena that John would have left her high and dry just like the rest of her family, they all gave up on her after she was presumed dead. Alex says the only one who can love and cherish her like she deserves to be is him. John says Alex has no right to be with MArlena. Alex says he does and he can prove it. Alex tells Marlena shes about to see proof of how special she is to him. Alex hands Malrena some papers and she reads them. Marlena is stunned and asks them to leave. Kate asks what it says? MArlena says she needs time to process this. John wont let Alex stay here with Marlena, so Kate suggests Alex stay in her extra bedroom. John likes her idea, he wants Alex to stay with them so Alex doesnt sway Marlena. Marlena says she really does need to be alone and she tells them all to leave. They all leave and Marlena looks at the photos on her desk and then at Alexs paper. She wonders if this can be true.


November 11, 2005

Hope shows up at Jack and Jens. Hope asks what is going on, is Jack okay. Jen says hes as well as can be expected. Jen says she asked her to come over as she still wants to throw Jack a party. She says she wants to celebrate his life and show him how much he means to all of them. Hope thinks it is a wonderful idea and says count her in. Jen says she cant give up on Jack, she wont. Jen thinks this party will be just what he needs.

In the kitchen, Jack gets another pain and almost collapses. Frankie runs in and asks if he is okay? Jack says this is the beginning of the end. Jack asks Frankie not to let Jennifer know that its started, he doesnt want her to know hes in pain. Frankie says no more secrets. Jack says he cant stand to watch her in pain and he knows Frankie doesnt want to see that either. Jack says this is the last thing hell ask of him. Frankie says okay. Frankie then helps Jack get to the living room.

Jack and Frankie find Hope with Jen in the living room. Jen makes Jack drink his green drink, which Hope finds revolting. Jen then says shes planning a party. He says a going away party? Jen says that isnt funny, and she just wants a little get together to have fun. Jen thinks this is too much for Jen with her also planning all his pills and drinks. Hope says shell do the party planning, and Frankie says hell help. Hope and Frankie tell Jack and Jen to spend time together and enjoy themselves. Jack agrees and suggests he and Jen go someplace special. 

Jack takes Jen to the airport to watch the planes fly over them. Jen remembers the last time they were here. She says she thought nothing bad would happen to them ever again. We see a flashback of them there before. Jack says he has another surprise for her. He pulls up a video scrapbook he made on the PC. He says its of their best and happiest memories. They watch a presentation of Jack and Jen, the magic through the years. We see flashbacks of when Jen revealed to Jack that she was pregnant with Abby. Later Jack and Jen enjoy taking digital photos of one another. Suddenly, Jack is hit with more pains. Jen worries and asks Jack what is wrong. He says he just has a leg cramp. Jen runs off to get him his next shake, and Jack realizes it wont be long now and he has to end this soon. Jack ends up drinking Jens shake to please Jen. 

Back at Jack and Jens, Hope tells Frankie she knows hes still in love with Jen, and this has to be awkward for him waiting around to be with Jen. Frankie says hes a good guy and he would never try and break Jen and Jack up. Hope knows that, and she says when Jen loses Jack shell need someone. Hope tells Frankie that Jen never stopped loving him. Frankie is stunned, but Hope says she just meant a part of Jen always loved him. She knows he never stopped loving Jen too. Hope says when Jen loses Jack, she thinks maybe they could be good for one another. She says it will take time for anything romantic to happen, but she hopes Frankie will stay around Salem. Frankie says Jack already asked him to. Frankie admits the truth to Hope about Jacks plan for him to marry Jen. Hope cant believe this, and she says she always knew how much Jack loved her. She says this is the most selfless thing shes ever heard. Frankie says that is Jack, and no one will take his place in Jens heart. Hope says Jen will need Frankie more than ever. Hope says as much as Jen loves Jack, Frankie was her first true love. Hope thinks that love is still in her heart. She tells Frankie to keep his promise to Jack, it may be Jens only chance at being happy when Jack's gone.

Eugenia shows up at Lucas apartment with bagels. Lucas is shocked to learn Victor hired her as his new executive assistant. He cant believe Victor hired the woman who plotted with his mom against him and Sami. She says he should be thanking her for that, she got Stan out of his life. Lucas says Victor may have hired her, but hes firing her. She says if he does shell hit him with a lawsuit. She says you cant fire someone just because you dont like them. Eugenia says Victor must have a reason for bringing her on board, and he doesnt want to go against Victor does he. Lucas says no he doesn't. However Lucas says if he suspects anything going on behind his back then shes out. She says he wont and he wont regret this. They then shake.

At Sami's place, Austin informs Nicole and Sami that there is a new account on the horizon, a cosmetic company that has developed a product like Botox called Clear Visage. Austin says they need to land this account as it will put them on the map. Nicole says as good as this is, wont every company as well as Titan be after this? Austin says no, the inventor Dr. Schnitzel hasnt revealed it to anyone. Austin knows about it from an inside source and he says this means they can scoop everyone. Austin says he needs Nicoles help coming up with a pitch. Sami wants to help too. Nicole thinks by the end of the day Austin will see which one of them is the true asset to Austin, and it wont be Sami. Nicole works with Austin, she thinks they should go with the sex sells approach. Austin says but Schnitzel is a geek and is impressed by facts and figures. She says fine, he should work on the numbers and she'll work on toning down the sex. Sami says yeah right. Sami wants to help, but Nicole just tells her to make coffee and order lunch for them. Austin learns Schnitzel is in Salem, so they need to step up an appointment to meet him. Austin ends up telling Sami that he and Nicole needs to work on this and she should take the day off as she's worked hard enough as is. Sami knows when shes being blown off, and she leaves. 

Sami heads over to see Lucas and finds him with Eugenia! Sami spies on them and wonders what in the hell Eugenia is doing with Lucas, could this day get any worse. Sami continues to spy on them as they discuss Clear Visage. Eugenia warns Lucas that the walls have ears. Lucas opens the door and asks Sami what shes doing. Sami asks what hes doing, how could he hire her. Lucas says Victor hired her, not him. He asks why shes not with Nicole and Austin. She says because she needed a break. Lucas thinks she and Nicole are at one anothers throats already. Sami says no and that she has more brains in her little finger than Nicole does in her whole body, and shell prove herself to him and everyone. She has a daydream that she gets Austin the Clear Visage account, and not only does he make her his new CEO, he proposes to her. Lucas then shows up and says Sami will work with him at Titan and they belong together. Sami smiles as they fight over which one will marry her. Back in the real world, Lucas tells Sami that she is a gopher and that is all. Sami then blunders and says she is not and that Austin has a meeting with Schnitzel and they will win that account. Lucas thanks her for letting them know Schnitzel is in Salem. Eugenia laughs and says she is her own worst enemy, and Austins when he finds out what she did. Lucas thanks her for letting her know about Schnitzel and that Austin is after the same account. Nicole walks in and says Sami is pathetic and she cant wait for Austin to find out. Austin shows up asking what has happened. Nicole tells Austin that Sami told Lucas everything about Schnitzel. Austin is furious, Sami leaked valuable information to the competition. Nicole says Sami has to be fired now, they cant take a chance this will happen again. Austin says he should fire Sami, but he will give her one more chance. He tells her to learn whatever it is she needs to learn. He says he told her to take the day off and he meant it. He says he and Nicole have work to do. Austin and Nicole then leave. Eugenia says poor Sami, she loses again. Later, Lucas gets a meeting with Schnitzel and says hell get the jump on Austin and Nicole.

Meanwhile, Sami tries to find a way to prove herself to Austin and Lucas, and to make Nicole look like yesterdays trash. Back in the apartment, Nicole is trying to convince Austin that he has to fire Sami. Austin says he wont fire Sami. He says they can still get this account. Austin then learns Schnitzel already has an appointment with Titan. Austin says they cant let Lucas get to him first. Nicole says she has an idea to beat Lucas at his own game.

At Kates place, Alex, John and Kate sit around having breakfast. Alex says this is so cozy, who would have thought theyd be living together. John says this is only a very temporary arrangement. Alex says he was content at Marlena's, which is where he should be. John says Marlena needs time to work things out and she doesnt need him brainwashing her. Alex says he is confident Marlena will make the right decision. Roman shows up to deliver the divorce papers to Kate, he needs her signature. She invites him in, and he asks what in the hell is going on here? John explains to Roman they are doing what they can to keep Alex away from Marlena. John talks with Roman about how Alex gave Marlena papers that he claims will make Marlena want to spend her life with him. Roman says that is crazy. Kate tells John if he doesnt mind, he and Roman have things to discuss. Roman says they dont, he just wants her to sign the papers. She says she will, but not before she has her say. She says its become clear to her that he thinks hell have a future with MArlena, but hell have to take a number. Roman doesnt deny that he has feelings for Marlena, but there is no way Alex will be with MArlena and he wont let Alex be with her. Kate asks what power Marlena has over them? She says Marlena treats them of dirt and they all come running back to her. She says shes sick of it and John deserves better. Roman says so she does have feelings for John, and he is betting she is hoping John comes back to her if Marlena doesn't choose John. 

Meanwhile, John and Alex continue to argue. Alex claims the love he and Marlena shared is more powerful than anything she shared with anyone else. John laughs at him and says in the end hell be the one with Marlena.

At Marlenas penthouse, Marlena says this doesnt seem possible, but it is true. She says now she knows what she has to do. She says it wont be easy, but she has to do this right away. Marlena calls John and asks to see him, Alex and Roman. She says he should even bring Kate. Marlena says they are all connected and they have to get to the bottom of this once and for all. 

Everyone arrives at Marlenas place, and she thanks them for coming. Roman asks what this is about. She says its about the questions that have gone unanswered, and the uncertainty she put them through. They think she has made a decision. She says while she hasnt recovered her memory, shes had flashes of their life together. She says shes had wonderful and perfect memories. John asks what she remembers. She says she remembers some very special moments, a Christmas night and making love to John. John says she is remembering, and he knew she would just as he knew shed come back to him. Marlena says shes not done yet. Marlena says her decision isnt what he or anyone else is expecting. Marlena says she remembers her love for John, but she also remembers being with Roman and that their child was conceived in love. Marlena doesnt know how she could have betrayed John, and if she loved Roman and John then how she could have been in love with Alex. Roman and John says she never was, but Marlena isnt so sure about that. Marlena says the question is which man does she belong with. She says she cant keep them all in limbo, so its time to resolve this once and for all. She says she knows now who she is meant to be with.

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