November 14, 2005

Mimi shows up at Belles place to see Belle. Phillip has just taken off to the hospital for a prosthesis adjustment. Mimi says she ran into Phillip as he was leaving, and Phillip told her to come keep her and Claire company. Belle wonders if her husband thinks shes so messed up that she cant be alone with her child. Belle is furious, she says she is taking her pills and will get better. She says she will be a good mother. Mimi says she knows that, and Phillip was just hoping they could be close again before she went all crazy on her and blamed Belle for her problems with Rex. Belle calms down and says shes probably right about Phillip not meaning much, and shes sorry for snapping. Belle says she is starting to feel better, but then shell snap and lose it every now and then. Mimi tells Belle that its okay, and she was already on the way over here to see them before running into Phillip. She was missing Claire and wanted to play with her. Belle says she just had a bottle and is napping. Mimi says well maybe later. Belle asks so shes feeling okay around the baby? Mimi says yes, and she is so sorry for the way shes been acting lately. Mimi hopes Belle can forgive her. Belle says there is nothing to forgive and she hopes they can put the past few months behind them and move on. Mimi says she feels that way too, she has to start focusing on what she has in her life. Mimi says they have been friends for too long to let their friendship just fall apart. She says she has a new goddaughter, and she has a date with Shawn tonight. Belles face turns sour when she hears this news. Belle questions her about the date, and Mimi says its not a real date per say. Mimi then asks Belle to be honest with her, if she and Shawn get serious will it be a problem for her. Belle says of course not, she just doesnt want her and Shawn to rush into things. She says both Mimi and Shawn just got out of relationships, and the worst thing she can do is rush into a new relationship. Mimi asks if she is saying this is a rebound relationship. Belle says all shes saying is they shouldnt rush into a relationship with someone else when they may not be over the love they still have for the others. Mimi asks Belle if they are even talking about her and Shawn now, or is Belle saying she shouldnt have married Phillip because she still loves Shawn. Belle says all she is saying is that she should get over Rex fully first, and how dare Mimi accuse her of not loving her husband. Belle says she will love her husband until she dies, she took vows. Belle says she is saying she doesnt want to see Mimi or Shawn get hurt. Belle says Mimi still has feelings for Rex and not long ago Shawn was spending all his time convincing her to leave Phillip. She cries, and Mimi asks if she is okay. Belle says its just the postpartum. Claire cries, and Mimi goes to tend to her. Mimi returns after putting her down. Mimi finds Claires scrap book and thinks they should work on it together. Mimi fawns over Claires photo and asks who she thinks she looks like, one of her grandparents? Belle says her dad Shawn. Belle and Mimi then gasp at what Belle just said.

At the apartment, Nicole and Austin are getting ready to go pitch their campaign to Dr. Schnitzel. Nicole thinks they did a good job, they work well together. She still cant believe he wont fire Sami, but Austin says he wont. Nicole says hes making a mistake, but at least she wont be a part of the presentation to ruin things. As they leave, Sami is listening in. She says she has to find a way to get Nicole to stop badmouthing her. She also says she needs to earn Austins trust back. Sami looks through some notes on the desk but doesnt understand any of the big business terms. Sami then sees Nicoles clothes all over her living room. She finds one of Nicoles sleazier outfits, and she wrips it up. She says Nicole has messed with the wrong woman. She says by the end of the day Lucas and Nicole will be sorry they messed with her. Sami then storms out of her apartment determined to do something.

Sami heads to the park and reads her horoscope in the intruder. It tells her that a boost to her business life is about to come, and a stranger holds a key to her success. A strange woman sits down next to Sami. Shes your classic 80s movie bimbo way overdressed. Sami talks to her and compliments her taste in jewelry. The woman says she can have this too if she finds a man to spoil her rotten. She says working hard to get to the top is a waste of tome, go find the richest boss available and use him. Sami doesnt think she can do that. The woman, Lulu, says her rich fianc gave her all this, and she used to work for him. She tells Sami she used to be a secretary like her. Sami says shes not a secretary, shes a partner. Lulu says sure, and I bet she takes coffee to the other partners doesnt she. When Sami asks again what her name is, she says Lulu Wiener. Sami chokes on her coffee and says her future is about to come true. 

At Titan, Lucas and Eugenia are getting ready for their presentation. Lucas is a ball of nerves. Lucas says this account could sent Titan sales through the roof, and he needs to prove himself to Victor. Eugenia says she knows he can win over Dr. Schnitzel. Lucas says he wants to prove to Victor hes worth hiring. Eugenia says he has her watching his back, whereas Austin has Nicole and Crazy-Bitch Sami. Lucas says hey, keep that thinking to herself. Eugenia tells Lucas that he is smart, professional and handsome, Schnitzel wont be able to resist. There is a knock at the door, Lucas think it is Schnitzel but it is Billie. She has come to stop Lucas from making a mistake. Billie knows he has a meeting with Dr. Schnitzel. She says she is here to help him. Lucas believes that she thinks he cant win without her. Billie says no, but there is a lot at stake here. She says this pitch is for her company, she should be there. Lucas says he knows she left the ISA to be here for Chelsea and for her company, but dont micromanage. Billie says she knows Austin is pitching for the product, and while she doesnt want to take sides between her brothers, she wants her company to succeed. She talks to Lucas about Hans and how he has an eye for the ladies. Billie says if she knows Austin then hell make sure Nicole is in on the presentation working it. Billie says Lucas needs her if it is only for her face. Eugenia asks what she is, chopped liver? Lucas thinks Billie has a point and lets her look over his presentation. There is another knock at the door. It is Dr. Schnitzel. Hes your stereotypical 80s movie nerd. Lucas introduces him to Billie and his assistant Eugenia. He kisses both their hands. Suddenly Nicole and Austin show up to pitch their idea. Austin hopes this wont be a problem, but Hans says no. He says may the best person win. They flip a coin and Austin and Nicole go first. Lucas and Eugenia are forced to wait outside with Billie. Eugenia then encourage Billie to go clean up as did she see Nicole? Lucas thinks it might not be a bad idea. Billie finally says okay and heads off. Eugenia then tells Lucas she didnt want Billie around for this, so she got rid of her. She says they need to cheat to win, and she turns on the speaker phone to listen to Austin and Nicoles presentation. Later, it is Lucas and companies turn. They head in and Nicole and Austin wait outside. Nicole wants to use Eugenia's idea to eavesdrops via the speakerphones. Austin says no, if they win this then they win it fair and square. Nicole doesnt doubt their competition cheated. As Nicole talks about how they are going to take over Titan one day soon, Lucas shows up and hears them talking. He tells them not to celebrate yet, Schnitzel is deciding now. Billie shows up as well, and she lectures Austin on working with two women who want him. She says this isnt a recipe for a good company. She wants him to dump Sami and Nicole and hire new people, or he could come work for her at Countess Willamenia. Austin says he appreciates the offer, and maybe shell come work for her when his company takes over Titan. Dr. Schnitzel shows up and says hes made his decision. He calls them in and says hes gone with the more experienced company Titan. Nicole thinks they should have spied, but Austin says they are the underdog and still have to prove themselves. He says good luck to them and congratulations. Lucas goes to get contracts, but Sami shows up and says sign nothing until she hears her out. Eugenia rushes in and says shes sorry and she tried to stop her. Lucas wants her escorted out. Sami tells Eugenia not to touch her, and she just thought Dr. Schnitzel would like to discuss this with his future wife first. Sami then introduces her new best friend, Lulu Wiener-Schnitzel.

At the penthouse, Marlena speaks with John, Alex, Roman and Kate about resolving this situation. Marlena says shes made up her mind, she knows who shes spending her life with. Alex says they will abide by her decision. John asks for a moment alone with Marlena before she makes her announcement. They go off, and John tries to persuade her not to consider Alex. He says that man has been lying since the beginning, and he has tried to turn her against her friends and family. John says what hes doing is unethical. Alex butts in and says not to listen to him. Alex says Marlena is capable of making her own decision. Marlena says Alex is right, she hasnt made this decision lightly. John wants Marlena to think about two things, one that Alex has told her nothing but lies. Two, what they talked about yesterday. He says even if she never remembers, she will always have his love. Marlena says she may not remember, but she has never doubted his love.

Meanwhile, Kate tells Roman that he must be nervous. Roman says if shes asking that he hopes Marlena chooses him, the answer is yes. He says hes always loved Marlena. Kate says she knew he was always in love with her, so she doesnt know why this is a surprise or that he had a baby with her. Kate says if that baby had lived then she thinks he and Marlena would be together. John thinks that Kate hopes Marlena doesnt choose John so that she can be with him. Roman tells Kate that it is also the possibility that Marlena may make a decision that neither of them want to hear, and they should be prepared for that.

As Marlena tells John she never doubted his love, Roman goes to Marlena and asks if she ever doubted his love? He says hes loved her as long as he can remember. He says she gave him his two children, his greatest presents. He says they found themselves together after years of being apart and their love created another child. He feels their love is still there, does she? Alex says Marlena knows how he feels about her, she has the proof in her hands. Roman wonders what the proof is. Marlena says Alex is right. She says she chooses Alex, he loves her and she knows she loved him. She says she has proof. They all look at a wedding photo of Alex and Marlena (Well Roman and Marlena). Everyone is in shock at this turn of events.


November 15, 2005

At the penthouse, John and Roman think the documents are fake and Marlena as never shared details of her life with Alex with them. Alex says it wouldn't have been in Marlena's best interest to tell them about her first husband. Alex says he is telling the truth, the man she married, her first and only husband in God's eyes is him. JOhn asks to look over the proof, and Alex tells him to go ahead. Alex says all the documents are legit, but John says so Alex claims. Alex says he has only tried to help Marlena whereas John has hindered her progress.  John says he's been trying to help Marlena remember. John says Alex has been trying to keep her from remembering the truth for a long time so he can brainwash her. Roman agrees, and he says Marlena has to see this. Marlena says she has had memories of Alex, and she told him this, but he claimed it was transference of her memories of John or Roman onto him. Alex says he was afraid she couldnt handle the truth at the time. Roman and John dont believe this and say "yeah right.". Alex says she is strong enough now to handle the truth. Those memories were real. He says God works in mysterious ways. Maybe God gave her this amnesia to bring him to her and reunite them. John says he isnt married to Marlena, but Alex says he is. He also says given how Marlena holds her marriage vows to be sacred, she doesnt want him to go. Marlena becomes confused, she says she doesnt know what she wants. Alex tells Marlena this is her decision, tell them who she wants to stay and who she wants to go. Roman thinks this is a lie, if Marlena was married to Alex then she would have told one of them. Marlena says there must be a reason. Kate stops the squabbling and says this is about Marlena not them. She claims they are all fighting over Marlena like she is a trophy. Kate says this isnt about what any of the men wants, its about what Marlena wants. Marlena thanks Kate for sticking up for her and she says Kate is right. She says she might not remember her life, but it is her life. She goes to Alex and says she wants his help in regaining her life and her memory. Marlena asks him to tell her about their past. Alex explains how they met the first day of medical school. He says she sat next to him and he was so nervous, but she was sweet and nice. He says they were assigned to be lab partners, and he claimed it was fate and they must go out to dinner. She says and she accepted? He says no, she rejected him over and over. Alex says she didnt have time for a relationship then as she was invested in her time and studies. Alex says he formed a more inventive approach, he formed a study group. However mysteriously one by one, the rest of the members dropped out. Roman says yeah, mysteriously. Alex says it soon became a study group of two. He says eventually they started studying at one another's apartments. He says she loved the idea as she was always attracted to him, but she was more afraid of being distracted from her studies. Alex explains that is when they started making one another dinner. He says the dinners soon got more intimate, and eventually they spent a romantic night together. He says it is because of Marlena that he became the doctor he is today. He says he never gave up on her, he knew she was as interested in him as he was in her. He says she pushed him to be the best med student he could be, and he wore her down until she fell in love with him. John says thats exactly what hes trying to do right now, wear her down. Marlena says she has heard Johns memories, she wants to hear Alexs. Alex explains how they took a ski trip and discussed marriage. He says they discussed their plans to open a practice together as well. He says the night before they were to be married her took her back to the classroom they first met. He says he told her that he was so honored she would be his wife. He says she said she had loved him from the moment she first saw him and she would love him till she died and beyond. Alex says they decided on a small wedding and made all the plans themselves. He says Dr. Robins even gave her away. He says she carried white irises. MArlena says she loves irises. He says after they were married they found a house on the outskirts of town with a beautiful view and a spare room they were going to turn into a nursery. Marlena asks if they had children? He says they had a baby, but it is gone. She asks what he means. He says shes not well enough to know about that yet. John says enough, this is a lie. There is no baby and he wont explain because he needs time to make something up. Roman agrees and says if she was married before then why didnt she mention it? Marlena says he has evidence, but Roman says they could all be forged on a home PC. John agrees. John wants Alex out, but Alex says this isnt his home anymore. Alex asks Marlena if anything has come back to her. She cries and says she remembers it. John says she cant remember it, hes planted these ideas in her head. Roman tells Alex to get out, for someone who loves Marlena as much as he claims hes not been doing much good. Alex says his only intent was to help her. He goes to leave, but Marlena asks him to wait.

At the loft, Mimi says Shawn is Claire's father? Belle says no, it was a slip probably because they were just talking about Shawn. Mimi says so she just wishes Shawn was the father. Belle says she knows Phillip is the father. Mimi asks if she's sure? Mimi says they need to be honest, did she and Shawn ever sleep together. Belle says of course they didn't. Mimi asks Belle tell her where she stands with Shawn, is she still in love with him. Belle says she and Shawn are good friends. Mimi says she knows, but she was planning on leaving Phillip and going back to Shawn until she learned she was pregnant. Mimi says she cant turn those feelings off. Mimi says they have to be honest with one another like they were in the past. Mimi asks Belle if she is still in love with Shawn? Mimi says she needs to know this for her. Mimi asks if she is trying to keep Shawn available so she can get back with him one day. Belle says no, shes married to Phillip. Mimi says and your not happy about that. Mimi says she thinks that part of the reason for her depression is because she cant be with Shawn. Belle asks how she can say that? She loves Phillip and her child. Mimi says a child she cant even bond with, a child she subconsciously wishes was Shawns. Belle says one undergrad psych class doesnt make her an expert. Mimi says face it, Belle would be happier if her baby was Shawn's, her wedding ring was Shawn's, it was Shawn in the wedding photo with her. Belle looks at her wedding photo, in which Phillip morphs into Shawn. Mimi tells her to admit it, but Belle says she wont. Belle says she thinks Mimi is pushing her to say she wants to be with Shawn. Mimi says she just wants her to be honest. Belle says she loves her husband. Belle begins questioning Mimi about her relationship with Shawn. She asks how far they have gone. Mimi says not far, certainly not all the way, and like she said tonight is their first real date. Belle says since they are being honest, they both know that rebound relationships dont work. Mimi asks how she can say that to her when they both know a rebound relationship is what she has with Phillip. Mimi lectures Belle about how she may always love Shawn and if he keeps messing with his head and sending him subtle signals, he wont be able to move on with his life with anyone. Belle says shes told her she loves Phillip and her baby, what more does she want from her. Mimi says she wants her to be honest, does she still love Shawn and want him back. Mimi says she needs to know so she can decide what to do with her life.

At Titan, Sami brings Lulu in to see Hans. He is surprised to see her and asks what she's doing here, he thought she was shopping. Lulu says she's making sure he's not snookered into choosing the wrong company for his product. Lucas tells Sami she is too late, Dr. Schnitzel has already agreed to go with them. Sami says she doesn't see any signed papers. Nicole thinks they need to stop Sami, but Austin says they've lost, it can't get much worse. Hans wants to listen to Sami. He says his fiance has a much better head for business than him, so he will hear Sami out. He asks why he shouldn't sign with Titan? Sami begins telling everyone how she was reading her horoscope in the park when she ran into Lulu. She says they got to talking and realized they had a lot in common. Lulu says they are both down home country girls put in the big city world. She says Sami told her about Titan and she won't let some unfeeling corporation snap up her Hans' product that he work so hard for. Billie and Lucas ask who told her those untruths about Titan? Lulu says her girl Sami did. Sami claims that Titan has fought hard for Clear Visage, but once they have it that the account will get lost with all their other products. Lucas says that is not true, but Sami says it is. She begins rattling off all of the other products Countess Willemina has but hasnt marketed or done anything with. She says Lucas is new here so he doesn't know, and Billie hasnt been around for years. Sami tells Dr. Schnitzel if he goes with them then he will get their undivided attention. She says their success will be linked with one another, and he deserves the attention they can give them. Lucas says Austins company just started out and Dr. Schnitzel needs a  company that has a reputation, the ability to market his product. He says that is Titan. Dr. Schnitzel says enough, hes made up his mind. He decides to go converse with Lulu about this. Schnitzel leaves to talk with Lulu. Lucas is furious with Sami for stealing his account, he and Schnitzel had a deal. Austin says but they werent able to close the deal, and that is what it is all about in business, the closing. Lucas says Sami used Schnitzels girlfriend to steal the account. Sami says its just a celebrity endorsement. Lucas is positive that Schnitzel will choose them. Sami suggests they find out, and turns on the intercom. They then hear Schnitzel and Lulu going at it! Lucas shuts the speaker off, and he and Austin argue. Billie ends up saying enough, they are brothers. Lucas says half-brothers. Meanwhile, Sami gloats to Nicole that if they get this contract then Austin will make her his partner. Nicole says if she gets it, it will be a one time deal. Nicole says she has no more contacts unless she dips into Stans rolodex. Sami suggests perhaps theyll start a cosmetics division dedicated to helping flesh eating bacteria! Schnitzel returns, shirt unbuttoned, and tells everyone that Austin Reed and Company gets the rights to Clear Visage. They give Dr. Schnitzel the contracts, and he and Lulu leave. Austin and the girls leave and Lucas is furious. Billie says this is just business, but Lucas says no this is war. Meanwhile, Austin tells Sami she saved the day! He asks how he can thank her? She says take her out to celebrate. He says its a date, this is their first account and she did it. He picks her up, spins her around and kisses her. 


November 16, 2005

At the penthouse, Roman is now gone and it is just Kate, John, Marlena and Alex. Marlena is remembering more and more about Alex, including the night he proposed to her. She recounts the proposal and calls Alex the most loving man she knew and how it was the most romantic moment of her life, up until that point. She recalls things even Alex had forgotten about. John is crushed, and Marlena says she's sorry and she knows this must hurt him. Marlena tells John that he has to accept that Alex is a part of her life. Alex and Marlena leave for the terrace, and Alex decides to show Marlena more photos of their life together. Roman gives Kate a call and asks what the word is. Kate says unfortunately the only man Marlena seems to be remembering right now is Alex and John, she doesn't remember him at all. She also says it looks like MArlena is choosing Alex. Later, John talks with Kate. He doesn't believe any of this, he thinks these are false memories Marlena is having. Kate tells John she doesn't think so, she thinks Marlena is being honest and Alex was a part of her past. John refuses to believe that.  He does some research on the PC and finds what he needs to prove Alex is a fraud. Marlena and Alex return at this point and Marlena asks Alex what John is talking about?

At Chez Rouge, Maggie is behind the bar playing bartender as her normal one didn't show for work. Mickey shows up and doesn't like her being back there. He decides to be the bartender. However later he makes a few mistakes and puts far too much vodka in someone's drink. Maggie says she told him that he needed to get glasses.

Lucas sits at a table and stares at a drink. Maggie comes over and tells him to put that drink down! She says he doesn't need it. Lucas says he knows, he wasn't going to drink it, just smell it. HE says this stuff is fire and he's been burned by it too many times. Maggie has a talk with Lucas about his business problems. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back in the game, not to quit. Later Sophie comes to see Lucas after getting his message. She tries to give him a pep talk as well. Lucas talks about his rocky past with Austin and how Austin once got the woman he loved, Carrie. 

Austin and Sami show up at Chez Rouge to celebrate. Austin is proud of her and says she really proved herself to be a true partner. Sami talks to Austin and says once upon a time she used to think that she needed a man to complete her life, as he well knows. She says now she gets it, she knows she is in charge of her future and has to make her own path in life. Austin excuses himself to make some calls, and Sami sees Lucas with Sophie. She says she thought she'd have a future with Lucas but now she knows that won't happen.  Sami then heads to the ladies room.

Nicole shows up at Chez Rouge and sees Sami with Austin. She sulks. She then runs into Roman, who is also there to sulk over losing Marlena. She suggest they have a drink together, and he says why the hell not. He asks what she's drinking, and she says cosmos. He thinks that is a girly drink. She dares him to try one, so he does. The drinks come and he says they are so red. He tries it and admits they are good. They then talk about Roman, who he is and what he wants out of life. Nicole thinks that Roman hasn't had it easy, the only woman who ever treated him right was Marlena and he lost her. Nicole excuses herself to go to the bathroom, and Roman goes to make a call to Kate per above. 

In the bathroom, Nicole and Sami run into one another and squabble. Sami says she's  here with Austin, and she thinks Nicole is all alone. Nicole says actually she's here with a really hot guy. Nicole then heads back to the bar and finds Roman is gone. She thinks he stiffed her with the tab.

Meanwhile, Austin returns to Sami and says he has a surprise, something he wants to show her. He says they have to go though, and he says he'll go pull the car around. As Sami is leaving she stops to gloat to Lucas. She says business is business, and if Lucas can't keep up then get out of the game. She says he can't keep losing, and Victor isn't a fool. Sami walks off and Lucas smiles. Sophie thinks Lucas has a plan.

At Belle's loft, Phillip returns home to find Mimi yelling at Belle and demanding she tell her the truth about Shawn. Phillip asks what is going on here? Belle explains Mimi is concerned she might have feelings for Shawn still. Phillip asks if she does, and she says yes. However she says she will always have feelings for him on some level as he was her first love, but now she is truly in love with her husband and daughter. Phillip says he knew that, and he leaves to check on Claire. Mimi says that was nice, but does she really still love Shawn or not. Mimi says if she does then Belle has to know she will fight for Shawn with everything she has. Phillip returns and says good, but he doesn't think she has to as Shawn is already hers. Mimi says he's not hers per say, but yes they are dating. Phillip thinks they should all make a date to go out one night. Mimi says sure. Belle tells Mimi she does want her to be happy and she hopes things work out for her and Shawn. Mimi heads off, and Phillip is glad Belle has come around. He thinks the four musketeers are back.


November17, 2005

Austin takes a blindfolded Sami into a loft apartment. Nicole is with them. Austin says he is thinking this will be there new office space. He takes the blindfold off and she's stunned. She says this is Brandon's apartment, no way can they work here. Austin asks Nicole if this is true. Nicole says it is, Brandon gave her the keys to sublet and she thought they could use it. Sami says if she's had the keys to this place then why was she living at the Y, why did she beg to live at her place. Nicole says she couldn't afford this place. Sami says Brandon wouldn't have charged her. Nicole says she wasn't going to ask, she has pride unlike some. Sami says they cannot set up shop here. Nicole says why not, she says it is hip and edgy and fits them. She says they can't keep working out Sami's place. Austin says Nicole is right, they have to have an office now that they have an account to work on. Sami talks about keeping start up costs down. Nicole tells Sami that if they build the company up then they'll be out of her apartment all that much sooner, and perhaps even Will will come back to live with her. Austin says he's made up his mind, they are going to take the place. 

At Chez Rouge, Sophie and Lucas continue to dine as Dr. Schnitzel and Lulu show up. Sophie recognizes Lulu from the tabloids and wonders if Dr. Schnitzel knows who he is marrying. Lucas doubts it, he doesn't think Schnitzel reads the tabloids. Lucas comes up with a plan though. HE and Sophie go over to say hi to the doctor and his wife. Dr. Schnitzel says he has made up his mind and Lucas won't change it so he's wasting his time. Lucas says it would be his time he's wasting. Lucas introduces Sophie, and she sits down and begins to question Hans about his education. Lulu grows board as she's heard this story so many times. Lucas suggests they dance, so they do. As they dance, Lucas asks if Hans knows about her ex-husbands, all fifteen of them. She says maybe he does, but Lucas doubts it. He threatens to help Hans find out about all her rich ex-husbands. She says maybe she falls in love easily. Lucas says yeah, and out of love. He says he can have the information delivered to Hans. She says that is blackmail. Lucas says it is. HE wants her to get him the account back, so she agrees to do what she can. Meanwhile, Sophie tells Hans that he's very nice and and while she's sure he and Lulu will be happy, he should consider a pre-nup. Lucas and Sophie return to their table and celebrate. Lucas says Austin won't see this coming.

Jack surprises Jen with a romantic dinner catered by Chez Rouge. She is shocked. She puts on a nice dress and they enjoy dinner and dancing. We are treated to many great flashbacks of their life together. Later they head to the bedroom and make love. Jen then tells Jack not to forgot to take his pills before he goes to bed. Jack says oh he won't. He looks in his drawer and sees several bottles of pills.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John why he has said ALex was a fraud. John has done some digging, there is no report of a divorce between them. MArlena does find this troubling. Alex says he can explain, and it's time she learned the truth. He says there was no divorce because he was declared dead. John looks for a death certificate but can't find one. Alex says he's not looking in the right places. Alex leads them to a government website with information on him. John can't get into half of the files even with his clearance. Alex says he was a government agent and was believed to have died in the war. He says when Marlena was told this news she was devastated, and that is when she experienced her first battle with Amnesia. He says by the time he was rescued and came home, she was gone. HE says he tracked her to Salem but by then she was married to Roman and had kids. Alex says he didn't want to bring up the past as she was happy and it took her so long to move on with her life. HE says he bowed out. Then he says when he got the call from Lexie to come treat her that he couldn't pass up the opportunity. John just can't believe any of this. He tells Marlena she can't believe this. John wants detailed information to verify this. Alex says he will give the info only to Marlena if she wants it. John says he's her husband so he demands it. Marlena says no he's not. Marlena says if all this is true then she was never married to him or to Roman, she's still Alex's wife.


November 18, 2005
Phillip is in the kitchen cooking dinner. He wants Belle to sit down and get ready for this amazing meal he is making her. He lists off everything he is making, all her favorites that they had one night at Chez Rouge. She thinks it is a lot of work, but he says nothing is too much work for her. Suddenly Phillip is hit with a major pain in his leg. She asks what is wrong? He says just phantom pains again. Belle thought they were gone. He says they started acting up after he got the adjustment to his prosthesis. She says that was awhile ago. He says it is no big deal, but she thinks this is a big deal, hes been in pain and she hasnt noticed. He says he didnt tell her so she didnt worry about him. She thinks shes a terrible wife and says he deserves so much more, so much better. He gives her a hug to comfort her. He says he also picked up some sparkling cider for them to enjoy with the meal. They break out glasses and toast. In the cabinet Belle finds an old photo of her and Shawn. She looks at it but then quickly hides it. Phillip toasts to their future and their family. Later, Phillip realizes he made far too much food and they cant save it as the seafood will go bad. He suggests they invite Shawn and Mimi over as they talked about doing a double date. Belle eventually agrees. 

Mimi arrives home with some wine for her and Shawn. She says its getting nasty outside, is he home yet? She calls out but there is no answer. She lights some candles and pours the wine to set the mood. Shawn returns home from the garage. Hes covered in grease, but had a great day. Shawn says hes going to jump in the shower as he is beat. He grabs a beer and walks into the bathroom. Mimi is a bit disappointed, she was looking forward to an evening with Shawn. She then blows the candles out. Shawn yells out from the shower for Mimi to bring him a clean towel. She says sure. She ends up having to go into the bathroom when he wont answer the door. She looks at him as hes soaping up. He says this is the best place to be on a cold night and to come in with him. She doesnt know, but he does. He pulls her into the shower as they kiss. He tells her how beautiful and sexy she is, the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world. Of course its all just a fantasy, and she snaps to. Suddenly Shawn calls out for a towel like in his dream. She hands him the towel and he quickly closes the door. She says there goes her fantasy night and heads into her room. Then there is a knock at the door. Shawn goes to answer it as Mimi doesnt hear it or him yelling to her about it. Shawn opens the door in a towel to find Belle is standing there. Mimi comes out and asks what is going on. Belle says she came to invite them to dinner. Mimi says they already had plans to go out. Shawn says the ice storm is getting pretty bad though, so it might be safer if they just go over to their place. Mimi says okay theyll dine with them them. Shawn says hell go change and theyll be right over. Belle says she is sorry and this was Phillips idea. Mimi asks if Belle is okay with this? Belle says of course. Belle leaves, and Mimi asks God to help her get through this.

Back at the other loft, Phillip and Belle set up dinner, and Shawn and Mimi head over. Shawn promises to make up for not taking her out, they will have their special night together. When Phillip answers the door, he and Belle find Shawn and Mimi making out in the hallway. Phillip gives Belle a little wink. She musters up a smile.

At Jack and Jens, Billie shows up and finds Frankie outside. She asks why hes out here as the ice storm is about to hit. He says hes clearing his head. Billie is worried about Chelsea, who hasnt come home yet. She wanted to see if Abby was home. Frankie says not yet and they must still be out. Billie doesnt want to worry Jack and Jen with this, so she decides to hang out with Frankie. Billie lasts a minute and says shes freezing. Frankie gives her some of his moms special hot coca to warm her bones. She says it is good, and she asks what hes thinking about, Jack and Jen? He nods. Billie says she was the first one who knew about Jack dying, and she knows about Jacks plan for him and Jen. Frankie thinks Jack had no right to tell her. She asks Frankie if hes going to honor Jacks request? Frankie says Jack cant decide for two people to fall in love. Billie says no of course not, but worrying about Jen takes the focus off of himself. Frankie says he does care about Jen a lot. She knows Frankie still loves her. He says when they were together it was the best time of his life. However he says if they ever get back together then it has to be her choice. Billie says he is one of her closest friends aside from Hope, he needs to be there for Jen. Frankie says he will be but he thinks it would be selfish to use Jacks death for his gain. Billie says Jacks already given his permission. Frankie says it isnt Jacks to give, Jen is his wife not his property. Frankie says besides Jen will need time to grieve. Billie says shell need him. Frankie says hell be there, but he wont take advantage of her vulnerability. Frankie just hopes Jack somehow pulls through for their sakes.

Inside, Jack and Jen are in bed. Jen is asleep, and Jack looks at his bottles of pills. Jen wakes up and Jack is making noises. Hes in pain. She asks what she can do. He says dont leave him, just be here. She says shes not going anywhere ever. Jen says shes trying so hard to be strong for Abby and Jack Jr, but what if this is it, what if this is the end? Jack decides to end with a bang, and they make love. Later Jen falls back asleep and Jack grabs the pills. He begins to take them when Jen wakes up and asks what hes doing. He says he was just going to take the medication. She thinks he needs cranberry juice to balance out the acids in the medicine, as one of the health books said that. She says shell be right back. Jack then begins to take all his pills. 

Jen, while getting juice, see Billie and Frankie outside. She invites them in, and Jen learns about Chelsea and Abby not having come home yet. Jack shows up, and everyone is worried about the girls. Billie and Frankie offer to go and look for her, but Jen wants to go. Jack wants to as well, but Billie says he cant drive just having taken medication. Jack says Jen can go with them, but Jen says he cant be alone. Jack says fine, Billie can stay with him. Jen goes to get dressed, and Frankie says he hopes they didnt disturb them. Jack says no and they need to talk. Jack says they need to be here for Jen after hes gone. He says there are things they must know. Billie thinks they have time for this, but Jack says they dont. He wants Billie to take her out to lunch once a week to get Jen out of the house. Billie says fine. He tells Frankie to give Jen flowers, especially blue hydrangeas. He also says she loves Halloween and candy. He says he always buy enough to last a whole year. He says next year . . . Jen returns and says yes that is the right attitude to have, hes thinking about next year. Frankie and Jen take off, and Jack gives her a goodbye kiss and tells her not to forget he loves her. They leave, and Jack says saying goodbye was harder than he thought. Billie says he needs to lie down. He says he didnt get to see goodbye to Abby, she was the one he forgot. He is afraid shell feel guilty for getting home late. Billie says hell see her tomorrow, but Jack says he wont. Billie asks what is going on? Jack says he took all his pills. He doesnt want anyone to know. He says no more pain for anyone. Billie says shes calling 911, but he says no. Jack says tell Jen he loves her, and he collapses. Billie cradles him as she cries for him not to leave her.

At the penthouse, Marlena tells John if she was never divorced then she is still Alexs wife, and her marriage to John and Roman are invalid. John asks Alex why he waited so long to come back to Marlena? Alex says hes been through this, Marlena had amnesia and moved on. He says MArlena had no memory of him and she had moved on with Roman, she had Eric and Sami by time he returned. Alex says the most important thing to him was that she was happy, and he didnt want her to suffer a psychotic breakdown if he pushed his way into her life. John doesnt believe that, if he really loved her then he would have fought and found away to break her amnesia. Alex asks if hes been successful at that? Alex says what happened to Marlena is what drove him to become an expert in amnesia. He says if they move too quickly then they can cause harm to Marlena. John says and if they move too quickly then he cant brainwash her. Alex admits to using hypnosis, music, etc. to try and jog her memory. He says all hes tried to do is to help Marlena remember everything, all of her memories. However he wants her to remember them correctly and in the proper sequence. He wants her to have her whole life back. John asks then why he waited so long to reveal this information. Alex says to make sure that he didnt hurt Marlena. Alex says he realized in order to treat this case of amnesia he had to treat the previous one as well. John says bull and hes doing what hes doing because he was paid to. Alex says so what, he thinks he is working for Stefano? Alex says hes never even met the man. He says he was brought in by John and Lexie, and he was hoping by treating Marlena that he could help her remember their love. He says he hopes somewhere she still has that love for him. Alex tells Marlena that they (Kate and John) may not believe him, but they know the truth. He reminds her when she was having memories she had them of all three men in her life. Marlena admits she did and all her memories felt real. Alex says if she remembers being with all of them, then shes going to have to soon decide which man she wants. John doesnt like that idea. Alex says even if she picks him? Marlena tells John that she wants to talk to Alex alone. John doesnt think that is a good idea, but she says she does. John goes out to the terrace with Kate and admits to Kate that hes losing her for good. 

Meanwhile, Marlena talks to Alex about his reasons for not revealing himself to her. She says she wants to believe him but she cant be sure. She says if he is lying then he wont tell them the truth obviously. Alex knows something that could convince her, and he kisses her. She ends up in tears after their kiss. Alex says he could stand here all night telling her how much he loves her and how he is her wife. She says lies can be told and memories implanted. Alex says emotions cant, and he knows she felt something when they kissed. Marlena says it felt so natural. Alex says their connection is real so please give him the chance to prove he is the only man shes ever loved. 

Back on the terrace, Kate talks with John about trying to accept this. John doesnt think he can accept it. Kate asks what hes going to do? John says hes going to try and reclaim his wife. Kate warns her that he could force Marlena into Alexs arms forever. John and Kate go inside and claim its getting a little cold, sorry to interrupt. John asks if he and Marlena can talk, and Marlena says she would like that. 

Kate asks Alex if he was being truthful. He says yes, about everything. Kate says she feels sorry for him. He asks because of the years he lost with Marlena? She says no because whatever he and Marlena had is long over. Alex says dont be so sure, he has no intention of losing Marlena. He tells her shed be a fool to give up on John.

John says hed like to talk to her rationally about Alex and his claims. Marlena says no, she cant do that now. John says she wanted to talk to him though. She says yes to say she needs time to process this. Marlena says shed like him and Kate to go. She says she doesnt want to hurt him, but she does owe Alex the opportunity to talk about their past. John asks why she owes him anything. She says because he is her husband.

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