November 21, 2005

Frankie and Jen get stuck in the ice storm. The road is blocked and they have to sit and wait out the storm. Unfortunately their cells dont work so they cant call home. They listen to the radio, and one of their old songs come on. They begin thinking back to when they first heard the song. They begin remembering their old art teacher from high school. Jen recalls how she was widowed right after she was married. Jen says she remembers how much her teacher loved her husband, and thats why she was always so sad. Frankie asks when she saw her last. Jen says probably ten years ago. Jen says she was retired and sad. Jen said that she thought she had made a huge mistake not moving on after her husband died. Jen wonders if that will happen to her? Jen cant believe shes talking about her husband like this. Frankie says he ran into their old teacher in New York, she was with their old gym teacher. He says they had gotten married. Jen is stunned. Frankie says they were high school sweet hearts, they went to the prom together. Jen remembers going to the prom with Frankie. Frankie says it took them thirty years, and the coach never stopped loving her. Jen cant believe he waited all that time for her. Frankie says the moral is sometimes good things can happen after a tragedy. Jen says she is happy for them. Jen says she doesnt know anything like that could happen for her though. Jen says after loving Jack the way she has and for so long, she doesnt think shell find love like that again. Frankie says Jack will always hold a place in her heart. However he says once their teacher realized she didnt have to replace her husband, she was free to move on. He also says the coach told him never to give up. Jen says why he would tell him that? Frankie says he doesnt remember the circumstances, it was years ago. A plow truck comes along, so they decide to drive behind it to get themselves home. 

At Jack and Jen's, Billie is performing CPR on Jack to try and save his life. She begins to cry and seems to give up. Billie says hes dead. Jack then has a white light experience as he leaves his body. We see him dressed in white robes and surrounded by purple and white swirling light. He says he did it, he killed himself, hes dead. He then wonders if hes going to heaven or hell. Everything turns red and lightening strikes around him. Jack says this is the wrong color, and he shouldnt be surprised that hes not going to heaven. Jack hears Billie calling him, and he comes to. Jack wonders if she is an angel. Billie says no, and that he scared the hell out of her. Jack says she ended up in hell and it was horrible. Billie says she thinks God is mad at him. She says he tried to commit suicide but it didnt work, and now shell make him regret what he did. She gave him the stuff that youd give a baby to empty their stomach, and it worked on Jack. Billie tells Jack hes lucky Jen had the stuff in stock for JAck Jr. otherwise hed be at the hospital having his stomach pumped. She says suicide is wrong and if he does this then hell go to hell. Jack says God already sentenced him to death anyways. Billie asks if he wants to take that chance? Billie tells him to think about all the moments he still has with Abby, how Jack Jr. will soon begin talking. Jack is in major pain, and he tells Billie this is what its going to be like from now on. He says he doesnt want Jen and the kids to remember him this way. He says she has ruined it all. Jack tells her not to tell Jen what happened here tonight as it would ruin everything. She says but its okay for Jen to walk in and find him dead? He says that will happen anyways. Billie agrees not to tell Jen, but only for Jen's sake. She says Jen would never forgive him if she learned he killed himself, and she doesnt want her going through that pain. Jack feels the same way. Hes then hit by another pain just as Jen and Frankie return. Jen asks what is happening. Jack claims he just stubbed his toe. Frankie looks like he doesn't believe that. Billie quickly grabs a pill bottle on the floor and hides it, but Frankie sees it. He asks her what happened. Billie says she got to him just in time. Frankie says he knew hed try something stupid like this. Billie says hes really in horrible pain. Jen and Jack sit on the couch, and he says hes so glad to see her. She says shes glad to see him too, but he acts like he was never going to see her again,

Sophie and Lucas return to Lucas place. She sees Will is gone. She says she was getting suspicious about him, this is the second time Will has been at a sleepover when he brought her back here. He says he asks her over when he knows Will wont be here. Sophie says now its time to warm him up after being out in that cold. She says they were awesome tonight. Lucas says she really came through for him tonight. Sophie says they make a great team. Lucas cant wait until Austin and the others find out that he got the account back. Sophie says winning is such a turn on. Lucas agrees and they begin to go at it on the couch. The clothes come off and Sophie climbs on board Lucas as she so eloquently puts it.

At Samis place, Austin is so excited about winning Clear Visage. He says it all because of Sami, picks her up and swings her around. Austin says this gives them the money to get over to the new place. Sami wants to telecommute, but Nicole says she is the receptionist, she cant email coffee. Sami says shes more than the receptionist. Austin says he knows she hates that it is Brandons loft, but they need to overlook it. Sami just warns them not to overextend themselves too soon, they havent signed the contract yet. Austin says it is a done deal. Nicole and Austin then plan to work on getting the loans for the new place. Sami heads out into the hall and finds Will coughing up a storm. She asks what is wrong? She can see he is sick and why isnt he in bed. He says he was supposed to be at Arthur's for the night but he didnt feel good. She says hes burning up. She suggest they get him into bed and get him something to settle his stomach. They walk into Lucas place, and Sami screams at what she sees on the couch. Sami yanks Will out of the apartment, and Lucas races into the hall. Austin hears the scream and wonders what is going on. Sami thinks Lucas may have scared Will for life, but Lucas says she already did that. Will says hes cool with it all. Austin and Will get a little reunion, and Will prepares to go to bed. Sami first, eyes closed, yells into Sophie that her son is about to come in so cover herself! Will walks into the apartment and says Wow Sophie your hot! Sami is furious, but Will says hes just kidding shes not even here. Austin returns to his apartment, and Sami tells Lucas given Will is sick, Sophie should go.

Meanwhile, Nicole finds a small company ripe for the takeover, and she thinks they need to go for it. She wants to beat Lucas and Titan. Austin says Titan is a big corporation, and losing today was just bruised on their ego. Austin says it will be awhile before they can really compete with Titan. Nicole says yes but one day they will be bigger than Titan. She says they need to get the loans to take over this company and get their new office space. He says its a risk. She says its worth it to go for the gold ring. Austin says she means the brass ring, unless shes talking about a wedding band. Later, Austin and Nicole are distracted by Samis scream and what happened with Will and Sophie. Nicole gets a chuckle out of the whole situation, but Austin says he forgot how much he missed Will. Nicole says that is why she doesnt understand him, how could he stand to work with Sami after what she did to him regarding Will. She says Sami cant be the woman he came back to Salem for. He says she really doesnt give up. Nicole says he cant blame her for being curious. He says she is driven and likes to get what she wants. Nicole says that is why she wants to know who the woman is. Austin says okay. He says hell tell her about the woman. Shes not impatient, shes not pushy, and he wont tell her who she is until he gets his company off the ground. Nicole says fine. They continue talking about business, and he says she is a great sport. Nicole says yeah, and shes hoping shes the one he came back for. Austin says whatever it takes to push her. Nicole then realizes that Sami isnt back yet. Nicole thinks it would be great if Lucas forgave Sami and they got back together. Austin says lets hope that doesnt happen, because Sami could tell Lucas their plans. Nicole says shes already done that, and they are better off without Sami. Nicole says if it is just the two of them then the future is theirs. Later they secure all the loans then need for the takeover and the new office space.

Lucas and Sami continue to take care of Lucas. Sophie decides to head out. Lucas is worried about her driving the storm. She says shell take the train home and theyll take a rain check on tonight. Sophie heads out, and Lucas thanks her for understanding. Sami takes Will's temperature. Will has a fever of 102. Sami says they need to get him cough syrup and chicken soup. Will wants her to stop babying him, but she says she will when hes in bed. They get all the usual for him, chicken soup, crackers and ginger ale. Sami goes to work and then picks up some papers. Lucas says she shouldnt be touching that. Sami is stunned by what she sees. He takes them from her, and she says they look like legal documents. He says they are none of her business, and he doesnt want her or anyone to know until the time is right.

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John and Kate to please leave. John just finds this all too convenient, and he wont let Alex get away with taking advantage of Marlena. John thinks this story about Alex being married to her and not coming back for her is all too suspect. Alex says it is no more far fetched then what has happened in his life with Marlena or Romans life with her. Alex says the reason he returned now is because her children is grown up and he saw an opportunity to get back what they lost. 

Meanwhile Kate tells Marlena that she has to make a choice, she cant keep these two hanging on like this. Marlena says she knows, she has to make a choice and soon. Marlena asks Kate if she believes Alex. Kate says she does. Marlena does too, but she has to be sure. Marlena says if she talks to him more then she'll know. Kate says if she chooses Alex then John will be hurt. Marlena says she knows John has feelings for her, but John has feelings for Kate too. Marlena says if she ends up with her first love then maybe John can find happiness with Kate again.

Later, John says he and Kate cant leave because of the ice storm. Alex says John can come up with as many excuses as he wants, but he has to accept that he is Marlenas husband. John doesnt think so, and he thinks he should take his music and charms and shove them right down Alexs throats. Alex says there is no need for violence here. Alex says he has been honest with them all, and he thinks Marlena will be faithful to her vows and her first love, that is him. John tells Marlena to rethink this before she makes the biggest mistake of her life. Marlena says this is the only way to regain her past. John hopes shell remember more about the love and life they shared. She says she does remember that. However she says she doesnt recall the deep love and bond she felt with him. He asks if she remembers the bond and love she had with Alex? Marlena says she does. 

Meanwhile, Kate tells Alex he better not be playing mind games with Marlena. Alex says he loves and belongs with Marlena. He tells Kate to look at the upside. He says she shouldnt miss out on the opportunity to be with the man she loves.


November 22, 2005

At Belle and Phillips place, Shawn and Mimi are caught kissing in the hall when Phillip opens the door. Shawn is embarrassed, but Phillip tells him not to be. They come in, and Belle tells herself that she has to let him go. She tells herself that she is married and Shawn has every right to move on with Mimi. Phillip gives them some wine, and hes glad they made it over for dinner. Belle goes to check on dinner, and Phillip decides to help her out. He tells them to make themselves at home. Shawn asks Mimi if shes okay being here for their first date and all. Mimi is fine with it, and she made up with Belle earlier today. She says she wants them to be friends again, it means everything to her. Shawn says him too. Meanwhile, Phillip asks Belle to tell him what is wrong. She says she just wished he would have asked her if she wanted to have them over for dinner before decided that they should invite them, that is all. Phillip says look at them (they are in one another's arms), they wont be here for very long. Phillip then finds a photo in the garbage and asks how it got there. She says it must have fallen in by accident. She looks at the photo, which is of her and Shawn. Then it morphs into a photo of her, the baby and Phillip! When she looks at it again, it's a photo of her and Shawn again. Later they all finish dinner, and Mimi and Shawn decide to head home. Mimi thanks them and says next time it will be at their place. Shawn and Mimi leave, and Phillip tells Belle that he told her that the two of them couldnt wait to get back home. Belle smiles, but when Phillip walks off she frowns. Mimi and Shawn return to their place, and then begin to go at it. Shawn carries Mimi into his bedroom where they make out on the bed.

At Samis place, Nicole and Austin get the loans secured. Sami returns with groceries. Austin cant believe that is where she went out in this storm. She says Will is sick and she wanted to make him soup. Austin says he was worried about her, but Nicole says she wasnt. Nicole suggests Sami make the soup at Lucas place. Sami says this is her apartment so if she wants to make soup then she will. Austin thinks if she does it over there she can be closer to Will. Sami says fine, she can see when shes not wanted. She storms over to Lucas place, and she drops her groceries out in the hall. Lucas asks if she needs some help? Sami says shes fine. Lucas asks what all this is for, and she says for soup for Will. Lucas says how unselfish of her, which is a quality rare of her to display. They soon begin to argue about the Clear Visage account. Sami says hes just upset that he lost the account, and now that they have the account Austin has loans to secure more companies and an office space. Lucas says that is gutsy of Austin, he doesnt have Schnitzels signature yet and he's already putting himself out there. Lucas says if something happens then Austin could end up in big trouble with his creditors. Later Sami takes Will some soup, and she turns off Trilogy of Terror which he was watching. Sami says she hates the movie, but now she knows how Karen Black felt being chased by a monster all the time. Sami complains about Nicole living with her. Lucas continues to talk to Sami about Austin and business. Sami tells him not to worry about Austin, soon their company will be five times bigger than Titan. Lucas says shes falling for Austin again isn't she. Sami says she is not falling in love with Austin, they work together and that is it. Lucas says yeah right, and the fact that she is falling for him so quickly after they broke up tells him that she didnt love him that much after all. She reminds him that she walked in on Sophie and him about to have sex, and she tells Lucas that he is the one who gave up on them, not her. Lucas says Austin isnt as smart as she thinks he is. Lucas heads off to his room and tells her to let herself out when she's done. Sami needs the recipe for the soup, but she forgot it. She decides to get it off her email, and she sees Sophies email about getting Schnitzel and Lulu to give Titan the company back. Lucas returns, and Sami asks Lucas how he could do this to them. Sami says Austin wont let him get away with this, but Lucas says he already has. She says theyll just see, and she storms out.

Back at Samis place, Nicole calls Sami a bitch, which Austin doesnt approve of. He says this company will fail if they cant get along. Nicole says getting the Clear Visage account is just dumb luck on Scami's part and wont happen again. Austin says Sami has heart and that counts for a lot in this business. He tells Nicole that he knows a lot of people dont like Nicole, but he knows there is a side of her that other people don't see. He appeals to that side of her to give this and Sami a chance. Nicole says if it was just anyone but Sami. Austin says there is a side of Sami that other people dont see as well, and that is what he loves about her and what Lucas loves about her. Nicole doesnt see what Lucas sees in Sami and vice versa, but she hopes it works out for them. Austin asks if she means that. She says they all deserve to be with the person they love, even Sami. She begins talking about ending up with the man she hopes to. She asks Austin about his dreams for the future. Austin wants kids, lots of them. Nicole cries and says that is what she thought. She begins to cry. Austin asks what is wrong? Nicole says when he said he wanted kids it reminded her that she cant have any. Austin says of course she can, just because things didnt work out with Victor and Brady doesnt mean she cant have kids. Nicole says no she cant have kids. She says a lot happened after he left town. She explains how a hit man tried to kill Victor, and she got in the way and was hit. She said she was hurt pretty bad and now she cant have kids. Austin says there are still choices like foster kids and adoption. Nicole knows, but she says raising a family is tough and shed need a partner, someone like him. Austin says shell meet the man of her dreams one day. Suddenly Sami storms in and tells Austin that Lucas and Sophie stole the Clear Visage account back. Lucas shows up and says all is fair in love and war. Austin is stunned, he says they are ruined. 

At Kates place, John is pacing in his PJs. She sees she wasnt the only one who couldnt sleep. She offers him a drink.  JOhn says sure, though he doubts it will help. John just cant believe Marlena is buying this story of Alex's. Kate says even Roman thinks the documents are authentic. John says shes been brainwashed by him, and he thinks Alex is going to make his way into her bed. John looks through his binocular, and Kate tells John hes making a mistake. She says spying is not going to make anything better. John says he cant help it, shes over there with a stranger. Kate says hes not a stranger, he is her husband. John says he doesnt believe that, he thinks everything was forged. Kate tells John she knows he doesnt want to believe this, but Marlena has strong feelings for Alex. John still has his doubts. Kate asks what more evidence does he need? She says she knows how painful it is to lose someone you love. John knows and thinks she is talking about Roman. Kate says no, shes talking about losing him. He is stunned. He says he had no idea as she was so supportive of him getting back with Marlena. He says hell always care a great deal about her too, but what they had is in the past. She says but those feelings never really go away do they. John still is confident that Alex is brainwashing Marlena, and he wants to go over there right now and help Marlena. Suddenly John is hit with a major pain. Kate asks what is wrong. He says he cant move, and not to come near him. Kate again asks what is wrong. He has cramps all over, so Kate offers to massage him. He lays on the sofa and she gets on top of him and begins massaging his chest and shoulder. John says he doesnt know what hed do without her. 

At the Penthouse, Alex asks if there is anything she wants to talk about. Marlena says she wants to talk about him. She wants to know about them, everything. Alex begins talking about seeing her that first day in med school and how he thought the sun rose and set on her. He says it still does, and she is the love of his life. He then talks about the day they got engaged. We see flashbacks of Malrena and Real-Roman/Alex making love. Marlena remembers making love to Alex and how in love they were. She remembers the memories, but no emotional connection between them. Alex says that is normal, and it will all come back in time. He thinks perhaps she is feeling guilty because she doesnt remember her life with John. Marlena says she does feel guilty, shes not having the same emotional memories that she has of him (Alex) of John. Alex doesnt think the life she shared with John can come close to the life they shared together. Marlena does remember feelings for Alex. He says this is a good start, and it calls for a celebration. He wants to give her something, so he leaves. Marlena picks up her photo album of her life with John. She wonders why she cant remember this, they seemed so happy. Alex returns with a box and gives Marlena some pearls. She says they are lovely. He puts them on her. Suddenly she has a horrible memory of being choked and the pearls being ripped off of her neck. Marlena freaks out. Alex asks what is wrong? She tells him to get away from her, dont touch or come near her. Alex says hes not the enemy and he will help her get through this. He tells her to sit down. Marlena does so as she moans and holds onto her throat. Marlena talks about hands putting pearls on her neck and then they began to choke her. Alex asks who did this to her, did she see his face. She says no, she just saw the hands. She says she was so scared. Alex comforts her and says it is over and she is safe now. Alex makes up some psychiatric excuse about how shes still not bridging the gap between her memories and feelings, and this may be why shes feeling this way. She says hes so good and so generous. She says the pearls are very beautiful. She asks if they belonged to someone in his family. Alex says they did. She asks who, and he says they were hers. Marlena is shocked that these are hers. He says they were his wedding gift to her. He asks if she wants to try putting them on again. She says she does, but she insists on doing it herself. Suddenly the window blows open. Alex closes it, and he looks outside at the storm. He then takes a little telescope and looks outside. He says the tower onto of the Titan building is about to collapse. He then looks over at John and Kates, and it looks like they are making love. He cant believe this. She asks what. He says she doesnt want to know. She says well now she does. He hands the telescope to her, and she is shocked as she looks over at Kates apartment. 


November 23, 2005

At Shawn and Mimis loft, Shawn and Mimi are in bed and getting it on. Mimi and Shawn stop to talk. Shawn wants to make sure Mimi wants this. She does and she says she wants to make love to him. Shawn stops to create some mood, so he lights the candles. She says mood is good, and shes glad they stayed in tonight. He says him too, the storm is picking up out there. She says but they are warm and cozy in here. Shawn says hes a little nervous about this. She says join the club. Shawn doesnt want to hurt her, but she says they both had their hearts broken recently. She says she knows Belle only stayed with Phillip because she got pregnant. She thinks hed be with Belle if that didnt happen. Shawn says he doesnt know that for sure. He says he is just afraid of losing their friendship by taking this to the next level. Mimi says she wants to be with him, she wants them to be more than just friends. He says him too, and they keep going at it. The phone rings, and they debate whether to answer. Shawn eventually does, it is Hope. She wanted to make sure he knew tomorrow was Thanksgiving. She called to invite him to Jack and Jens for dinner. He says he can stop by for a bit. Shawn decides to turn the ringer off after the call. Then the computer beeps, its an instant message. She suggests he check who else besides her wants him. The message is from Alice. Mimi says she knows how to IM? He says yeah, and she wants to make sure hes not out in the storm. Alice doesnt want to get off the IM, she keeps asking him things like what to get Zack for Christmas. He eventually breaks free from chatting with his gran, but thinks the mood has been killed. Mimi says they dont have to do this tonight, but he wants to. Shawn then remembers he got her something, flowers. She is thrilled, and he can't believe they are still alive. She then puts a lace thing over the light, she likes the glow it gives off, it creates more mood. They then continue going at one another. Neither one can get the others clothes off, and Mimis shirt tassel gets stuck in Shawns zipper! They get a laugh out of that. She says she wanted to be closer to him, but not like this. Shawn says hell figure it out. He wonders what is with them and zippers. He reminds her that she got the zipper on his grandmas wedding dress stuck. They free themselves, and get back to making out. Suddenly Mimi thinks she smells something burning. One of the candles caused the lace scarf on the light to catch fire, but they put it out. Shawn says this doesnt seem to be there night. She thinks this is a sign they should wait. They decide to see one another in the morning and say goodnight. They go to say goodnight, but cant. They end up back on the bed making out. 

At the other loft, Phillip gives Belle a big kiss. He says this was the greatest night ever, and she is happy about Shawn and Mimi right. She says yes, and she is feeling better. Phillip thinks they have so many reasons to celebrate. He begins taking her clothes off to make her more comfortable. Claire interrupts when she begins crying, and Belle goes to check on her. Something is wrong and Belle calls Phillip over. Claire is burning up. Phillip says they should take her temperature. Belle says it is high, they need to take her to the hospital. Phillip says hell call his mom, which he does. Belle goes to get the diaper bag.

At Jack and Jens, Jack sleeps on the couch and Jen gets ready for Thanksgiving. She tells Jack to go rest. He jokes that this is going to be his last supper. She says it is Thanksgiving and they have so much to be thankful for. She says she isnt giving up on a cure for his illness and he shouldnt either. She tells Jack that Christmas is around the corner and this is a time for miracles. Jack tells Jen he loves her, he always has and always will. Jen begins going over her list of things she has, she doesnt have the cornucopia though and the florist is probably closed. He says dont worry, but she says it is a tradition and she wants it to be perfect. He says it will be perfect. She says she doesnt know why shes making such a big deal of the flowers. She says what is important is that they are all here. Jen decides to go check on the baby. Jack feels bad for Jen, and he wants to make sure everything is perfect for her. He thinks he can help her, and he makes a call. He asks the person on the other end to do him a big favor. When Jen returns she finds Jack is gone. She wonders where he went. She looks outside and sees the car is gone. She wonders why he went out in the storm. She listens to the weather, and they say motorists should not go out in the storm. Jen hopes God gets him home safely. Jen polishes her silverware, and Jen remembers past Thanksgivings and how Jack poked fun at her huge cornucopia. The phone rings and Jen answers. It is Jack calling.

Jack is out driving in the storm. His car is icy and hes slipping and sliding all over the road. He says oh what a night. He says if Jennifer wants flowers then shell get flowers. Jack realizes what he is doing is crazy, but this is their last Thanksgiving and he wants it to be perfect for Jen. Jacks car goes into another skid. He thinks he should go back but hes come this far. He says hell be home soon. Later, Jack calls Jen to let her know hes fine, and he went out to get her the flowers. Jen says that is touching, but she wishes he was here with her. He has the flowers and the vegetables, but not the cornucopia. Jen says she found Grans old one. Jack then finds the radio is playing their song. We see flashbacks to their wedding. Jack says hes on his way home. She tells him to go slow. Jen thinks she should come get him in his condition, but he swears hell be okay enough to get home. He says this will be the best thanksgiving ever. She tells him to be careful, and he says he will. Later, Jacks car goes into another skid, and this time it crashes and goes off of a bridge and into the river!

At Kates place, Kate continues her sexual, er, sensual massage on John. John cant believe his back is going out again. She asks if he wants a muscle relaxed, but he says no as they never worked. He says the only thing that ever helped was her. He tells her to keep doing what shes doing. Kate wants to take things further, but John stops her and says hes sorry. She says he doesnt have to be sorry, she knows he loves Marlena. She tells him not to tense up, shell have to charge extra for an hours massage. He says then bill him as she does have the magic touch. He says he doesnt know what hed do without her. Later Kate gets Phillips call about the baby. Phillip asks her to call Lexie and tell her they are on the way to the hospital. Kate says she will and they'll meet them there.

From the penthouse, Marlena spies on John and Kate and thinks they are making love. She is a bit shocked and says she doesnt believe it. Alex says they are consenting adults. She says she is just a little confused, John was just saying he loved her and wanted her back. She says that was just tonight. Alex says maybe John realizes he was telling the truth about them being married. Marlena says and all of the sudden he turned to Kate and so quickly? Alex says maybe John realizes the two of them belong together. Marlena decides to stop spying as shes no voyeur. Alex says hes sorry she had to see that. Marlena says she doesnt get it that is all, he said he loved her and wanted to be with her. She wonders if he is lying to her, is he toying with her. Alex says he doesnt have the answer, but he is here for her and everything will be all right. Later, Marlena gets a call from Belle about Claire being sick, so Marlena says she will meet her at the hospital. Alex insists he take Marlena to the hospital as the roads are slick and she shouldnt be behind the wheel in this condition. She says hes so good to her. He says its because he loves her.

At the hospital, Belle and Phillip meet Lexie. She has the baby taken to be examined and prepped by a nurse. Lexie tells them that fevers in babies are scary but also common. She says shell go examine her and will find out how to treat her. Phillip tells Belle that she will be fine. Alex, Marlena, John and Kate all show up. They run into one another as they are heading in. Marlena talks with Belle, and Kate asks Phillip how Claire is doing. Phillip has no idea how shes doing. Meanwhile Belle tells her mom that she feels like this is her fault for neglecting the baby. Marlena says that is not true, and John agrees. Marlena wishes she could say something to help her feel better. Marlena says PPD happens to a lot of first time moms and there is nothing she could have done. Phillip says hes been telling her the same thing. LExie comes out and delivers the news, she is very ill. They dont know what is wrong yet, but they are giving her a sponge bath to bring her temperature down. Belle cries that her baby cant die. Later Lexie comes out and says the baby in on antibiotics, the baby has an infection but it doesnt appear to be life threatening. Lexie says they are doing everything they can for Claire right now. Belle says if anything happens to her . . . Phillip says shell be fine, and the doctors are doing everything they can. She says except for her, she's done nothing. Phillip says she heard Lexie, they didnt cause this. He says he loves her and Claire and he wont let anything happen to either of them. 

Kate tells John how she feels for them, she remembers the first time Billie got sick. Kate says there is nothing worse then when your children are in pain. John says Phillip is being a very good husband, and they are good for one another. He says theyll make it through this fine. Kate says hes right, they are there for one another. John says this will make them stronger in the long run. She knows, but what about Claire, shes so little and not so strong. John hugs Kate and says they have to be positive and put their faith in the doctors. He says they wont lose their granddaughter. Marlena and Alex look at John and Kate. Kate wonders why they are just staring. Alex says he knows this is difficult for all of them, so he offers to go see what he can find out. They thank him. Marlena wishes she could do something, but John says shes not a pediatrician. She says she's not an OB but she delivered the baby, and if she could just get her memory back. Kate decides to go get coffee and leave them to talk. John asks MArlena about the pearls, and she says they were a wedding present from Alex. John wishes Marlena could remember when they were married. Marlena flashes to what she thought she saw going on at Kates. John asks what is wrong. Marlena says he claims he always tells the truth, and he said he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. He asks if she doubts it. She says he also said he loved Kate, but he says only as a friend. He says there is nothing romantic going on between him and Kate. He says hes staying there to give her time to decide who she wants to be with, has she made that decision? John says maybe this isnt the best time to talk about them, then maybe it is since Belle needs them. He says it would make Belle feel better to know they were back together. Alex returns and says he didnt find anything out. Meanwhile, Kate cant take waiting anymore. She sees a file on Claire and looks at it. She reads it and says This cant be true!  Meanwhile, Phillip tries to get Belle to drink something, but she wont. She says this is her worst nightmare, how can he be so calm. He says one of them has to be strong, they both cant fall apart. Belle says if something happens to their daughter then their life together is over! Phillip is stunned, and she says shes so sorry and she didnt mean it. She says she doesnt know what shed do without him.  Lexie finally returns and looks at them all. She says she wishes she had better news for them.


November 24, 2005
No Show


November 25, 2005
At Shawn and Mimis, Shawn asks Mimi if she is sure about this. She says she is so sure. They begin going at it. Shawn and Mimi then make love as Lifehouse plays in the background (You and Me and All of the People). Afterwards they cuddle. Mimi thinks this is weird. He asks why? She thinks back to the two of them years ago, she never thought theyd be here and doing what they did. Mimi remembers she had such a crush on him in high school. Shawn says he always knew she was beautiful, and he says he kissed her before he kissed Belle. Mimi says she crushed on him all through high school, even when she was with Kevin and he was with Belle. She just cant believe shes getting her wish. Mimi asks Shawn to be honest, if he could trade places with Phillip right now would he? Shawn says he wouldnt change a thing or who hes with.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope is working on a website for Alice as a Christmas present. Bo comes home, he found Chelsea. She was at Bonnies with Abby and they are waiting the storm out there. Bo asks Hope what is wrong? Hope reminds him that he missed Zacks Thanksgiving play. Bo feels terrible. Hope says being a dad to three kids is a lot to juggle. Bo wishes he could clone himself. Hope says she doesnt want to nag or tell him to neglect Chelsea, but her sons need his attention too. She says sometimes it is like he forgets they exist. Bo says he remembers Shawns birth like it was just yesterday, and the same for Zack. We see flashbacks of the births. Bo just wishes he could be there for Chelsea when she was growing up. Hope says she wishes that too. He asks how the project is going. She says she got the domain all set up, She says they just have to take all the photos to the web designer and have it set up. We see more flashbacks, this time of them sailing off on the Fancy Face. Bo looks through photos and finds some of Shawn and Belle at the Last Blast Dance. They talk about how they always thought they belonged together. Hope says shell always believe in her heart of hearts that Belle married the wrong guy. Bo says him too, but Shawn and Mimi are getting close. Bo says if Mimi makes him happy then he hopes it works out for them. Bo talks about how they cant always protect their kids or theyll never learn from their mistakes. Hope and Bo remember when Doug caught them in bed together. They also flashback to their wedding. Hope says her dad and grandfather both knew he was the only man shed ever love. Bo says no matter what happens or what life throws at them, they always come back together. 

Maggie and Mickey are at home  going through old photos. Maggie hopes Doug and Julie have enough sense to stay home in this storm. Jen gives Maggie a call, shes worried as Jack went out in the storm awhile ago and he hasnt come home and she cant reach him. Maggie says Jack is fine and probably taking shelter somewhere. Later, Mickey and Maggie think about Jack. Mickey says his dad and Jack didnt always get along, but dad knew that Jack loved Jen and that is all that mattered. We see a flashback of Tom Horton lecturing Jack about treating Jen right. Tom thought Jack needed help and told him to go see a psychiatrist. Tom said everyone needs help at some time in their life, dont be ashamed to ask for it. Maggie says Tom wasnt exactly wild about Jack, but Alice loved him. We then see a flashback of Alice urging Jack not to let Jen go and to fight for her. Maggie remembers when Alice told her not to give up the man she loved. Maggie is glad she was patient with Mickey. Mickey says they have weathered their share of storms, and there will be more to come. We then see a Christmas clip of Tom and Alice kissing and Tom saying who needs mistletoe. Later, Maggie pulls out a scrap book that she made. It is a photo album of all of the Horton tree trimming parties. We see flashbacks of Tom and Alice hosting one of the parties and talking about how each time they hang an ornament to think of that particular person for a moment. We see lots of the Hortons, when they were younger, hanging their ornaments on the tree. 

At Jens, Frankie asks if Mickey and Maggie heard anything from Jack. Jen says no, and this is just so frustrating. She says what is the use of having cell phones when you can't get a hold of someone when you need to. She wonders where Jack could be. As time goes by, Jen really begins to worry. Frankie tries to take her mind off worrying. He tries to talk to her about any books shes read lately. Jen says shes a mom she doesnt have time to read. Frankie asks what shes been doing then. Jen shows Frankie the family tree she and Hope have been building for Gran. Frankie finds a photo of the two of them at graduation. He asks if this will end up on the website. She says of course, he was a big part of her life and still is. She says she doesnt know how shed get through any of this without him. Jen says she is so glad they stayed friends. We then see a flashback of when Frankie and Jen, with their big 80s hair, almost made love to one another. Jen thinks about how it wasnt love at first site for her and Jack. We see a flashback of them arguing over a story Jen wanted to do at the paper, but Jack felt Jen wasnt experienced enough for the story and gave it to Vern. She also remembers when she confronted Jack on his feelings for her and they shared a kiss. Jen says no one ever drove her as crazy as Jack, but no one ever made her as happy. She says she thought they would be forever. We then see a flashback to their wedding and the poem they recited to one another. Jen wonders how she will go on without Jack. 

Julie and Doug are out driving in the storm. Doug thinks they should go back home and work on Hopes project for Alice another time. Julie thinks theyll be just fine and theyll make it to Mickey and Maggies soon. They end up at a roadblock. The officer says they are salting the road ahead and they recommend they sit tight until the roads are passable, which could be for a few hours. They decide to make some body heat to keep warm, and they kiss. Doug turns on the radio, and one of their old songs is playing. It takes them back to one of their many weddings at which Doug sang the song to Julie. They soon begin discussing Lucas and Sami, and Julie remembers when Lucas told her about when Lucas and Sami first met. We see a bunch of flashbacks from the past. We see when Sami walked in on Lucas after he had just finished having his way with some girl. This was when they first met. Julie also talks about how they schemed to break up Austin and Carrie, and we see when Sami fainted at Austin and Carries wedding because she was pregnant at the time. Julie says Sami manages to mess up every good things that comes her way, but she still believes Sami and Lucas love one another. We then see when Lucas proposed to Sami. Julie cant help but think Sami and Lucas are a lot like the two of them. Doug says but they are still together and Sami and Lucas should be so lucky. They soon begin talking about Marlena and John, and everything Marlena has been through. We see more big hair 80s flashbacks of John and Marlena from when John thought he was Roman. We also see the reunion on the pier with the infamous pink jumpsuit. Doug says if Marlena remembered who she was then hed give her a talking to about leaving John. Julie says if it were only that easy, and there is another woman who is after John. Doug says yes Dear Kate.

Julie and Doug eventually make it to Mickey and Maggie's. The boys go get hot chocolate, and the girls talk about the forty years of photos they have between them all. Julie wonders if this will depress grandma, but Maggie doesnt think so. She says each precious moment isnt gone, its in their hearts.

At the hospital, Kate checks on John and how his back is doing. He says his back is okay, but his heart needs work. John goes to check on things, and Kate snoops into Claires file. She sees something and says this cant be true. She copies the papers and shoves them in her purse. She says she has to protect her family anyways she can. Meanwhile, Alex tells Marlena she looks pale and he should take her home. She says shes worried about Belle and her little girl. She refuses to leave, and she is sure of who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Belle and Phillip that she wishes she had better news. Belle says shes going to die isnt she.

The show ends with a shot of Jack, his phone and the flowers he bought under water.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope) thanks everyone for being here to relive some of the memories from the first forty years of Days of Our Lives. She tells people to log onto to relive more of these memories.

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