October 3, 2005

At the hospital, Shawn and Mimi are shocked when Belle and Phillip ask them to be their babys godparents. Mimi becomes upset and ends up running out of the room. Belle says she didnt mean to upset Mimi, and she thought this would cheer her up. Shawn says Mimis been a little upset lately, its hard for her to get over losing the great love of her life. Shawn wants to go check on her, but Phillip says they upset her so hell apologize. Phillip leaves, and Belle and Shawn give each other looks. Belle says she really was hoping they could be friends again. Shawn says Mimi knows deep down that she didnt mean to hurt her. Belle hopes so. Shawn looks at the baby and says she really is beautiful. Belle says she just cant believe she is here, that she and Phillip have a daughter. Belle says its changed her life in so many ways. Shawn knows what she means. Belle says Shawns expression looks just like Phillip did when he saw Claire the first time. Shawn has a fantasy that he and Belle are celebrating the birth of their baby. 

Outside the room, Phillip apologizes to Mimi and thinks this must be bringing up the pain of losing her own baby. Mimi says she cant believe Belle could be so damn insensitive. Phillip tells Mimi that she needs to stop blaming herself. Mimi says she only blames herself for the abortion, but she blames Belle for losing Rex. She says Belle wants to be best friends again, but she doesnt think so. Phillip says he knows Belle hurt her, but she didnt mean Rex to overhear or leave her. Phillip says Belle needs her, she misses Mimi and she is asking her to be their babys godmother. That means if something happens to them then she is the person Belle trusts to look after their daughter. He says that has to mean something to her. Mimi says she knows she should have been there for Belle when she had her baby, but she just cant forgive her. Phillip changes to topic, what is going on with her and Shawn? Mimi says they are just friends. Phillip thinks they will end up as more than just friends. Mimi doesnt, so Phillip says theyll see. Mimi thinks Phillip should get back to Belle. Phillip says before he goes will she be their daughters godmother as a favor to him? Mimi says shell do it for him. Phillip thanks her and gives her a hug.

Back in Belles room, Shawn holds little Claire. Shawn says she is so tiny and perfect. Belle hopes Shawn doesnt mind that they asked him to be the godfather. He says no hes honored. Belle says good because she knows Shawn would be there for Claire if anything happened to her and Phillip. Shawn asks if shes sure this is what Phillip wants given their history? Belle says they know what kind of person he really is regardless of the rough time hes had recently, and they know he will be a great dad one day with his own kids. Shawn agrees to be Claires godfather, for her and for Claire. Belle thanks him. Phillip and Mimi return, and Phillip says Mimi has agreed. Belle says that is great, and Shawn has agreed to be the godfather. Phillip thanks Shawn, and Shawn and Mimi think they should go as Belle must be tired. Belle says they still have to wait for the nurse to come and get the baby so its okay. Shawn says he and Mimi can take her to the nursery, and he suggests Mimi hold the baby. Mimi holds Claire and she says that Claire is the most beautiful baby shes ever seen. They take the baby to the nursery (can they do that?), and Phillip tells Belle it will all work out. Out in the hallway, Mimi looks at the baby and bursts into tears. 

On the boat, Billie is shocked that Chelsea listened to Bo. Bo says sometimes it is easier for a daughter to talk to her father. He says Shawn always opened up to Hope more than him. Hope says that is true. Billie asks where Chelsea is? Bo says she had plans with Abby and she would call her later, so dont worry. Billie says easier said then done. Billie apologizes for interrupting their evening, but Hope says she is glad they straightened everything out. Billie is too, and she thanks Hope for siding with her. Billie says she is late, shes meeting Patrick at a club. She tells Bo not to say anything, she wont interfere in Chelseas life and he shouldnt interfere in hers. Bo says just be careful. Billie leaves, and Bo wonders why none of the women in Salem can see Lockhart is trouble. Hope says Patrick is not a threat, but Bo says once you work for the DiMeras you are theirs for life. Bo thinks if it was anyone but Patrick then Hope would agree with him. Hope says she trusts Patrick, and he has saved all of their lives more than once. She changes the subject, she got something that will put a smile on Bos face. He knows she does, but she says she meant he got his favorite desert and they can find a way to work off the calories. They kiss, and Bo asks what is in the box. She says apple pie. He says they should skip dinner, have desert and exercise later. Hope then remembers she charged the pie because she got zapped out of her cash by the baby sitter (I thought Doug and Julie were watching him?), and she didnt have time to go to the ATM. She asks Bo for some cash, but he says he only has five bucks. He says he gave 250 bucks to Chelsea earlier. Bo says she needed the money for things, new clothes and gas for her car. Hope is suspicious and says if he wanted to teach his daughter responsibility then give her a loan. Bo says hes not going to loan her money, he hasnt given her anything in 18 years. Hope reminds him that he wasnt pleased when she gave Shawn money, he said Shawn needed to earn it. Hope lectures Bo that Chelsea needs boundaries, they cant accept any behavior and over indulge her. Bo agrees, so Hope suggests if shes giving her cash they need to know what shes spending it on. Bo says so what, ask for receipts? Hope says why not. Hope says they have to get her respect otherwise shell walk all over them. Bo says he was glad to be able to help her, but Hope says handing her cash with no restrictions isnt teaching Chelsea anything. Bo thinks Chelsea will use the cash properly, he doesnt think Chelsea lied to him. Hope just doesnt want Chelsea to take advantage of him. Bo says they have an understanding, the more she can learn to count on him the better. Hope says as long as she counts on him for more than just cash, and she will in time. Bo finishes up the apple pie, and then he and Hope get to working off the calories. Bo picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. She calls him a cave man and smacks him on his butt.

Max and Chelsea head to the new dance club in town, The Craze. Chelsea and Max are on the dance floor doing some heavy making out. Some kid is break dancing while everyone cheers him on. Later Chelsea talks with Max about how this place is the hottest place in Salem, and she cant believe she hasnt been here before. Max says something about how they have to wear these lame bracelets so the club knows who can drink or not. Chelsea says she doesnt care if she cant drink, she likes being here. Chelsea begins flashing her cash to Max, claiming it is her allowance. Max asks if Billie knows she is here? Chelsea says no, she doesnt want her to have fun. She says Billie wanted her to stay in for the night and have dinner. Chelsea says Billie cant cook, but she does have the nagging part of being a mother down. Chelsea talks about Billie nagging her about her dress, which is hypocritical since she found out that Billie and Kate both used to be hookers. Max asks who told her that? Chelsea says Sami, and Billie confirmed it. Chelsea says it does give her leverage thought, Billie is no one to give her advice on how to live her life.

Billie meets up with Patrick outside the club. She says shes sorry shes late, she got into it with Chelsea again. She gives him the short version of the story, and how Bo hopefully got through to her. Billie says shes ready for some fun. She says Chelsea is over at Abbys so she knows she wont be getting into any trouble. They head into the club and see Chelsea and Max together dancing. Billie says Chelsea lied to her. Billie wants to talk to her, but Patrick suggests she not do it here. He suggests she talks to her at home. Billie wonders how she got in, the cover charge is insane. Patrick thinks Max helped her there and probably expects something in return. Patrick and Billie just hope shes smart enough to make the right decision. Patrick suggests they forget about Chelsea for a bit and go dance.

Max and Chelsea see Billie and Patrick, and Chelsea cant believe it. Max says if shes running off to Patrick then hes leaving, he wont be a pawn in her little game. Chelsea says no she wants to be with him, she doesnt care that Patrick is with Billie. She goes over to say hello to them. Billie says hi, and Billie says shes not here checking up on her if that is what she thinks. Chelsea doesnt, she tells them to have a good night and she walks off. Billie and Patrick discuss what is going on with her. Billie says she thinks Chelsea was expecting her to jump all over her case. Billie says when she didnt it took Chelsea by surprise. Billie thinks that is how she should play it with her from now on, but Patrick says when it comes to Chelsea nothing is ever that simple. They see Chelsea dirty dancing with Max.

At Chez Rouge, Kate says this cant be true, Austin cant be here with Sami. Austin says he is. Sami says Austin cares about her and he knows what she did to her. Kate cant believe Sami is doing it all over again, she is going to poison yet another son against her. Austin says she hasnt poisoned him, but Kate says give her time because she hates her. Sami says she does hate her, and Sami recounts what Kate did to her. Kate says Sami ruined her own life, she destroys everything she touches. Austin tells them to both stop it. Kate asks Austin how he could be here with her? Austin says she just lost the man she loved. Kate says its happened before, and Sami deserves what shes getting. Sami says Lucas loved her and she was good for him. Kate tells her to stop with the crocodile tears, and she tells Austin that Sami is playing him. She says Sami is still the same hateful person shes always been, no she is worse. Austin tells his mom to lay off Sami, shes done enough to her for one day. Kate says so it begins, hes already defending her. Kate says next shell get Austin into her bed. Austin says hes taking neither side and not getting in the middle of this. Kate asks why he is here with her then? Austin says when he got to the church the wedding was off and Sami was devastated. He says he couldnt leave her. Kate says he could have after everything she has done to him. Austin says Kate isnt blameless, he knows what she has done too. Austin says Lucas is a grown man and can make his own choices. He also tells Kate that all her actions seem to be to inflict the most pain on Sami that she can. Kate reminds Austin that Sami inflicted so much pain on him, that she is the reason he left Salem. Kate begs Austin to leave Sami and come home with her, he knows it is the right thing. Austin says hes not leaving. Kate asks Austin why? Austin says because he promised Sami that hed be here for her, and because he still believes people can change. Kate says not her. Austin says Lucas doesnt agree. Austin says he had a talk with Lucas when he first was falling for Sami, Lucas believed Sami had changed. She thinks Austin should have told him he was crazy. Austin says he told Lucas to keep his eyes open, but not to ignore his heart. Sami and Kate continue to argue, and Kate recounts all of Samis crimes. Sami reminds Kate that she has her own list of terrible things shes not only done to her, but to her own children. Austin says enough, he wont stand here and listen to them tear one another apart. Kate says fine, they should go back to her hotel and order dinner. Austin says no, he is staying with Sami and she needs to learn to let her grown children make their own decisions. Sami suggests to Austin they go as she doesnt want to be here anymore. Austin says she is right, coming her was a mistake. Austin tells his mom that she looks great, he loves her and hell call her tomorrow. Austin leaves with Sami, which doesnt please Kate at all. Kate says shell do anything to protect her sons from Sami, and shell be damned if she lets Sami get her hooks into Austin again.


October 4, 2005
At Jack and Jens, Doug and Julie arrive after Jen called them. They think it is urgent and ask what is wrong. She says its about Jack. They ask what is wrong? Jen says she didnt mean to worry them, she just wanted to throw a huge party for Jack. Julie says a party, they sprung out of bed for this? Jen says she didnt think theyd be asleep at this time of night. They say they werent sleeping. Jen is embarrassed, but they say it is why they always look so happy. They ask what they can do to help. She says she wants to give him a giant party. She says Jack has been so unhappy and down since coming back from being Tonys prisoner. Doug cant blame him, he had to go through the ordeal twice. Julie says the party may make him feel self conscious. Jen thinks maybe a little, but it will perk him up to see how many people support him. Doug agrees and wishes more wives gave the party idea a though. Julie asks how they can help her. They sit down and begin to plan a party, and Julie brings up Frankie and if Jack is jealous about him being around. Jen assures her that she loves Jack and he knows it. Doug tells Jen not to let Julie get to her, she still has romantic notions about every man she kissed. Doug says hed be jealous if it wasnt for the fact that he goes home with her every night. Doug knows he is the one true love in Julies life, just as Jack is the true love of Jens. Doug and Julie smooch, and Jen suggests they not let the fact that she is here stop them. Doug and Julie talk about all their romantic escapades and say they should write a book about it, it would be a sizzler. 

Frankie comes home and finds Jack hard at work on the PC. He sees what Jack is typing and asks him what in the hell he is doing? Frankie sees he was researching unexplained deaths and mysterious disappearances. He says that is the cowards way out. Jack says hes doing this to protect his family from his painful death. He says he is going to slip out quickly and quietly, hes doing this for Jen to keep her from suffering anymore. Frankie calls him a selfish bastard and that hes only thinking of himself. Jack says he is trying to protect his family, but Frankie says what about what they want. Frankie says its like he doesnt know Jen at all. Frankie says Jen would want to be by his side, would want to spend every second with him. Jack knows, and he says that is why people take advantage of her. Frankie says but Jen married him for better and for worse. Frankie says Jen lives up to those vows every day. Frankie says if he disappears then it will destroy her, she wont understand why he left and shell blame herself. Frankie says that is how she is, she is sweet, gentle loving and caring. Jack then realizes Frankie is in love with Jen, hes been waiting for him to just die so he can take his place. Jack takes a swing at Frankie, misses, and they end up fighting on the floor. They stop fighting because Jack gets tired, and Frankie tells Jack to get a grip as this was his idea. Jack says he didnt want Frankie to fall in love with Jen in front of him. Frankie says Jack is the one who has left them alone together, pushed them together, locked them in a closet together. Jack apologizes and says this is complicated, but he knows it is the right thing. He knows Frankie belongs with Jen, but he doesnt want to hear about them or their romantic past together. Jack says when hes gone, Jen will need help raising the kids. He says Jen cant even throw a baseball, so she cant play catch with Jack Jr. Frankie says so Jack wants him to stick around to play ball with his kid. Jack says no, well, just as long as it isnt Patrick Lockhart. Frankie says any guy would love to be with Jen because she is beautiful and sexy. Jack says not in front of him please. He says he cant just pick anyone, it has to be someone special. He says that is Frankie, he loves Jen and deep down she loves him still. Frankie admits his old feelings came back easier than he thought they would, but if Jack changes his mind about this then hell leave town. Jack says no, hell be the one leaving town. Frankie says this is crap, and he tells Jack to go to Jen and give her what she wants. He tells Jack to spend as much time with Jen as he can. Frankie says none of them know how long they have, so Jack should make the best of it. Jack says he is going to have a slow painful death, and eventually he will stop being him. Jack says it will soon just be his body Jen is taking after, and it will be ugly. He says he doesnt want Jen to go through that, this is the only way he can spare her. He asks Frankie if he loves Jen enough to stick with her and protect her. Frankie says hell keep his damn secret. Jack gets back to work on planning his exit. Frankie asks Jack if he is sure he is thinking clearly, and Jack says he is. Frankie says okay, and he wont tell Jen. Jack hugs him and thanks him.

On the roof of the loft, Mimi is unhappy. She remembers asking Shawn to take Claire as it was too hard for her to hold her. She asked Shawn to take her to the nursery. Shawn shows up and asks Mimi how he can help her. She says he cant, no one can. Shawn knows the baby reminded her of the child she and Rex would have had. Mimi says it was her decision, and now shes not even a real woman because she cant have kids of her own. She thinks nobody will want to be with her now. Shawn says that is not true, and many people cant have their own children. He says there are so many children out there who need a home, and she has so much to give to a child and a partner. Mimi says she had both. Mimi says she knows her life isnt over, even though sometimes it feels that way. She says she had so many dreams and now shes afraid to let herself dream again. She says she lost the man she loves, cant have a baby of her own and she only has herself to blame. Mimi wonders why Belle gets everything she wants, a husband, money, a baby, him pining over her. Mimi wonders if it will ever be her turn? Shawn says this is reminding him of that dating show she was on. Mimi says yeah, she lost to Belle and her mom blew her prize money on losing lottery tickets. Shawn says shes making it hard to be optimistic here. Mimi says she did have a few wonderful years with Rex, but she blew it. She says she should have listened to Belle and told Rex the truth, but he kept saying he didnt want kids. Shawn says guys say that, girls want babies because they are the ones who give birth. Mimi says but she never will, shell never be pregnant, shell never give birth, shell never get the chance for people to say Oh she looks just like you. Mimi says she shouldnt even be up here, this rooftop is for lovers only. Shawn says just because people carve initials in the door up here doesnt mean they stay together. He says he thought hed be with Belle, but hes not because he did a lot of dumb things. Mimi says not as dumb as her. Shawn says this isnt a contest. Mimi says it is, and shes won, for once shes won something. She thinks this is Gods way of telling her she doesnt deserve to be happy. Shawn gives her a hug to try and comfort her. Mimi says she is sorry about this, but Shawn tells her not to be. He says she shouldnt be sorry and she shouldnt apologize. He says she is the one who has suffered the most. He says theyve both found out the hard way that life doesnt turn out how they thought it would. Shawn tells Mimi that she is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, most giving woman he knows. Shawn tells her that she worries about polar bears and where they will go when the ice caps melt. He says she loves her mother no matter how nuts she makes her, and she will stay up all night with a friend who needs to talk. Shawn says she is everything a man looks for, and she is worthy of love. Mimi asks if he means that, and Shawn says he does. Shawn then kisses Mimi. 

At the penthouse, John calls Belle about coming to see the baby, and when he tells Marlena of the plans, Alex advises against it. John asks what could be wrong with Marlena going to see the baby, this is their first grandchild together. Alex says John is manipulating Marlena into a place where her memory will be jogged. John says yes, and he thinks Alex doesnt want her to remember. Alex says he doesnt want her to become traumatized and have a set back. Marlena does this weird hair toss thing, says Alex cares for her and only wants to protect her, but she also wants to see the baby. She doesnt think it can be harmful, and she would like to go. Marlena says it might help her remember, and Belle needs her mother now even if she doesnt remember Belle. Marlena begs Alex to let her go. He says fine, but hes going to go with her to monitor her reaction. John says whatever. Marlena goes to get her purse, and John gives Alex a look.

In Belles room at the hospital, Lexie holds Claire as Belle answers the phone. John is calling to check on her and his granddaughter. John asks if he can bring her mom to see the baby. Belle says that would be great. Later, John and Marlena arrive outside the room. LExie is drinking coffee and says they can go in. John tells Marlena to go in, hell meet her in there. Alex shows up, and John says Alex is like his shadow. Lexie hopes seeing Belle and the baby will help her remember. John hopes so too. He heads in to see Belle and Marlena, and Belle introduces them to Claire. They think the name is beautiful. Belle asks Marlena if shed like to hold her? Marlena holds Claire, and she says while she doesnt remember raising her children, she knows like everyone else that there are things to do and not to do with a baby. John jokes yeah, like dont drop the baby. John thinks they need some female time, so he leaves them. Marlena has flashbacks of giving birth to Belle. Marlena says Oh Isabella, you are perfect in everyway. Belle looks at her mom and says she just called the baby Isabelle, that is her name. Marlena says yes it is, and the baby is so beautiful and is just like her mother. Belle says and she is just like her mother. Belle says now that she has her own daughter she realizes how important family is. Belle says some people say this is the best time of ones life, your own children are grown and you can spoil your grandkids rotten. Belle says her mom loves her dad, and shell remember that in time. MArlena asks if shes chosen godparents, and Belle says yes Shawn and Mimi. Marlena asks how Phillip feels about choosing Shawn? Belle says he feels it is a great idea. Marlena tells Belle that she called for Shawn during labor. Belle doesnt recall, she says she was out of her mind with pain. MArlena says now she knows how it feels not to remember something. Marlena says she doesnt want to upset her, she just wonders if she is following her heart. Belle says she loves Phillip, and she doesnt know why she called Shawns name. Belle says they were together for a long time, but she is married to Phillip and is going to make her marriage work. She says they are growing closer every day, and this little one is helping. Marlena cant give her advice, she just says she deserves to be happy. Belle says she is, and hopefully Shawn will move on and find happiness. Later, Marlena gives her daughter some tips on taking care of a baby. Belle talks about her problems, how she doesnt know what shes doing here. Marlena says the most important thing is to just let her know how much she loves her. Marlena thinks Belle is doing fine there.

Meanwhile, Lexie makes a call to get information on all the cases Alex North consulted on. Alex hangs up her phone and suggests she not do that. He once again threatens Lexie not to do anything to come between him and his patient, he is only doing what is best for her. Lexie says the more he treats Marlena the more distant she becomes from her family. Alex warns her if she wants to save her marriage, her reputation and her career then she will not cross him. John shows up and finds them together. He says Alex is like that bad penny that always turns up. Alex has to go, and tells Lexie to give his regards to her husband. John asks what she found, did she dig up any dirt on him? LExie says she hasnt found out anything, its hard to get people to talk about him. She suggests maybe with his connections hed have better luck than she would. Lexie says she has to go give some bad news to a family, and she heads off.

Alex goes to tell Marlena that they should go. On cue Marlena tells Belle okay bye now, but Ill come back and see you later. She quickly leaves the room, leaving Belle puzzled. John sees them making their quick exit, and he doesnt like it. He goes in to see Belle and asks what happened. Belle says they were having a wonderful time until Dr. North told her she had to go. Belle says she thinks mom is remembering things, and she tells him about mom calling Claire Isabella. John thinks maybe she is on the right track. Belle says she was feeling mom was back, until Alex came in. She says then mom snapped and turned into someone else. Belle tells her dad that he has to get mom back. John says he will no matter what he has to do.


October 5, 2005

In his room at the penthouse, Alex gets a call from someone. He says he can talk, and he knows all about it and hes sure John put Lexie up to it. Alex says Lexie can knock herself out digging into his medical career, she wont find anything. Alex says if John thinks hell get him out of Marlenas life then he is mistaken. Downstairs, John is online doing work. Marlena says hes up early. John says hes been up all night. He points to coffee out to her, and John hits the jackpot. John tells Marlena that Dr. North isnt as forthcoming as they thought. Marlena doesnt want to talk about it. John says what he has right here indicates the man is no good. Marlena is upset when she learns John is looking into Alexs background. Marlena says Alex is helping her, but John thinks he has an objective. John says all he wants is to make sure she gets the help she needs. John says she may not remember, but they have a past and a family together. John says she may not remember Belle or him, but he saw the look in her eye when she held Claire. John says it was the same look of love when she held Belle. Marlena says who wouldnt love and cherish a newborn. Marlena says she has to focus on herself right now to heal, she knows it is selfish but it is the only way she can get better. John understands, but he has serious doubts about Alex and his methods. Marlena says there is nothing wrong with his methods. John asks then why isnt she getting better? John thinks he doesnt want her to get better. Marlena says that is a terrible thing to say, Lexie found him and he is an expert in the field. John says that is what they are told. Marlena says whether he believes it or not, she believes in Alex and she thinks she is making progress. John says fine, what has she remembered. Marlena admits she doesnt remember anything. Marlena says she may not have remembered her past, but Alex has made her feel comfortable in the present. She says that counts towards something for her, and she wants him here to keep helping her. John says if Alex North is such a great psychiatrist then why is she the first person he treated in over ten years. Marlena didnt realize it had been that long since he had a patient. John shows her what he found about Alex and she thinks it is nothing. It is the psychiatric association directory, and she says psychiatrists arent required to check in with them yearly or at all. John says Dr. North hasnt been in contact with anyone from the profession for years, yet when Lexie called him he rushed to Salem. MArlena says he was retired, he was doing research. John says he cant find any evidence of him doing research anywhere. Marlena says maybe he is writing a book, and they have discussed this and it isnt his decision whether he is her doctor. John says the more he looks into this mans past the more doubts he has about him. Marlena says she has absolute confidence in him and what hes doing. John says they are busting themselves up trying to get her past back yet they dont know a damn thing about his. Alex shows up and says all they had to do was ask. Marlena apologizes, but John wants answers. John says if he gets answers hell feel better about Alex practicing on his wife. He asks what kind of psychiatric practice does he have, if he has one at all. He says there is no evidence that he has practiced for 10 years. Alex uses Johns laptop to show John what hes been doing. He says hes been doing research and volunteer work, and he pulls up a secure website to show John what hes been doing the past 10 years. He says hes been working for NORAD in Antarctica. He says he was conducting tests on personal there on the effects isolation has on people. He also worked on a case involving deep tissue trauma for four years. John says these are secure websites though and none of those agencies will confirm that information is accurate. Alex says it is, and hell have to trust him. Marlena says she believes in him. Marlena realizes she is late for an appointment and heads off. John decides to take MArlena to her appointment, and tells Alex he still doesnt trust him. John also says he will make Marlena realize that Alex is standing in the way of her progress. John follows Marlena out, and Alex gets to work. Alex says he wont let John sabotage what hes worked for. Alex says hes waited too long for this, it is time he separated Marlena from her husband permanently. He says he has to build a wall around her that no one, not even John can penetrate. He says once he has Marlena under his control, shell be lost to John forever and there is nothing John can do about it. Alex rummages through Marlenas appointment book and sees Marlena is at Glorianas Salon and Day Spa. He says timing is everything.

John takes Marlena to the salon, and asks if shes getting anything but her hair done. She says no why. He says sometimes she gets a facial and massage, he didnt know how long shed be. She says just her hair, so about an hour. He wants to wait for her so they can finish their conversation. Marlena doesnt know what else they have to talk about. John says he knows she thinks this guy walks on water, but he doesnt think so. John says he took vows to love and protect her, and he takes those vows seriously. He says he has to be satisfied that Dr. North has her best interests at heart. Marlena asks what it will take to satisfy him. John doesnt know. Marlena asks if he is jealous of Alex. John says he guesses he is a little, it hurts that she would turn to a stranger instead of her family. Marlena says she feels like shes known him a long time. John says that is why he is suspicious of him. Marlena says shes going to be late, and she heads off. John says hell be right here. 

Kate goes to the Java Caf and orders some coffee. She runs into Roman there. Roman orders a coffee as well. He gives Kate the cold shoulder and basically says hell see her later. Roman sits down and reads his paper. He cant believe what Sami has done and thinks no one can help her now. Kate goes over to talk to him and once again explains why she did what she did. Roman tells her that she was right about Sami and she did the right thing by turning her in. However he blames Kate for pushing Sami into doing what she did. Kate says Sami got into bed with Tony all on her own. Roman says no, she did not know she got into bed with Tony until it was too late, just like she didnt get into bed with Brandon. Roman says Kate is to blame for that. He says she wanted to break Sami and Lucas up, well she did and he hopes she is happy. Kate says they didnt belong together. Roman asks how she knows? He says they have a child together and they had a chance as a family, and that wont happen now. He says they arent the only losers here. He says he lost his wife and hes going to lose his daughter. Kate says and she lost her son and husband. Roman says she did, and he feels sorry for her. He says a big part of him will always love her, and that is why he wishes he could forgive her. She suggests he does, but he cant. Kate thinks they can work through it. Roman says if it were only that easy. He says goodbye and leaves. 

John runs into Roman, and they talk about Dr. North. Roman offers to help him in any way shape or form with Marlena and Dr. North. Roman has to head off though as he has police work to do.

Marlena heads into the salon and day spa. She gets her hair done and then talks to her hair stylist. Gloriana says Marlena seems tense and she has just the thing to melt the stress away. Marlena gets a call, but the person on the other end (Alex) isnt saying anything. Alex says remember the music, and then plays something for Marlena. She goes into a trace and walks out of the salon just as Gloriana is returning with some tea for her. Marlena walks out into the street. John is back in his car waiting for her and doesnt see her leave the salon.

At Samis place, Austin slept on the couch. He wakes up and looks around for Sami. She left him a note saying she went to get his favorites for breakfast. Sami is on her way back home when she runs into her nosey neighbor in the hall. The neighbor rushes off when she sees Sami. Sami drops some groceries and Lucas helps her pick them up. Lucas goes to leave. Sami asks if they can talk about what happened, but Lucas doesnt want to. However, they do have to talk about something eventually, Will. Lucas says Will wants to live with him. He suggests they go into her apartment and talk, but she suggests his place. He says no, Will is finally asleep. He says Will was up all night worrying about her, hes worried what will happen to her and he is angry at her for lying again. Lucas says he doesnt want to make a scene in the hall, so they should just go into her apartment. Austin opens the door in a towel and says he thought he heard voices. Lucas cant believe this, she has his brother naked in bed. Lucas says no wonder she didnt want to go into her place. Austin says he was not in bed with Sami, he slept on the couch because Sami was a mess last night. He says they went out to eat last night at Chez Rouge, which was a mistake so they came back to her place. Lucas cant believe her. He says he was so sick he couldnt eat, yet she went out to eat at the place they were to have their reception. Lucas says he is sick of Samis behavior and he tells Austin she will ruin his life too. Sami tells Lucas not to take his anger out on Austin, he was just trying to do a good thing. Sami says she told Austin everything, and she would never have done what she did if it werent for his mother. Lucas tells Sami that he wont make excuses for his mother, but she should have had faith in their love that they would have gotten back together. She says wait one minute, he didnt believe her and called her a liar. Sami says all she was left with was a desire to get revenge. He says then she got involved with Tony without even questioning who she was working with. Sami says shes not clairvoyant, and he worked for Tony once too. Lucas says but he didnt do what she did. He cant believe either one of them and calls them both fools for getting involved with one another again. 

Lucas meets with Kate at the Java Caf. She is hoping Lucas wanted to forgive her, but he says no. He returns a check/card. She says it was a wedding gift, he doesnt have to return it. He says it was a wedding she sabotaged. Kate says she did him a favor, one day hell see that. Lucas says he loved Sami and he will never forgive her for what she did to him and Will. He says she should have left them alone, the whole town knows she drove Sami to do those crazy things. Kate says she was desperate and she had no idea Sami would align herself with Tony. Kate thinks Lucas should be happy she saved him and Will, and neither of them deserved to be hurt. She just hopes Samis misery is ten times as great. Lucas says well Sami is moving on with Austin. Lucas says his mon has a full time job on her hands, she has to keep both her sons away from Sami. Kate cant believe this is happening. Lucas suggests she leave Sami alone. Kate says she cant do that. Lucas says well she is on her own, he is off the Sami Brady and Kate Roberts roller coaster. Lucas leaves, and Kate looks at the paper with the headline about Sami. She thinks at least soon her children will be safe from the witch.

Back at Samis place, Sami talks with Austin. Austin says she made mistakes, but shes not the only one at fault here. She thanks him for saying that. Austin suggests she eat because it will help. Sami thinks nothing will make her feel better right now. Sami says she loves him and it hurts so much. Austin says it will take time for those wounds to heal. Sami says she has had a lot of chances and she has blown them all. Austin suggests she make a promise, and he says she needs to say I Sami Brady have learned my lesson and I wont lie to the people I love no matter what. He says it will the only way shell find peace. Sami says she will try to pull herself together. Sami thinks hey, it cant get any worse. Roman then shows up to arrest Sami. He says the FBI are arriving in Salem to come collect her. He says she is under arrest for treason. Sami cant believe this. Austin tells her it will be okay. 


October 6, 2005
John is in his silver convertible on the phone with Belle as he waits for Marlena to finish having her hair done. He talks to her about how Marlena has her moments when it seems she is coming back to them, but then North gets his hands on her. He says MArlena thinks Dr. North is helping her. He says hes been doing some research into Dr. North and he hasnt had a patient for over ten years and nobody knows about this research hes supposed to be doing. John says Belle needs to focus on her baby now, and as for her mom at least shes not near Dr. North. John says hell keep her posted on any news, and he says goodbye. John begins to wonder how much longer Marlena will be. John gets a call from Tek, who has someone trailing Dr. North. Dr. North left the penthouse a few minutes ago. Unfortunately North lost the tail. John says find him and keep him away from Marlena. John realizes something is wrong and he heads in to check on Marlena. John heads into the salon to see Glorianne. John asks where Marlena is, and she says Marlena just left, she must have gone out the back door or something. John rushes out after her. 

Marlena is outside in Salem Place, shes been mesmerized by the music Alex was playing over her phone. Alex shows up and says hes glad she could meet him here. The trance she is in is broken. Alex says they have something very important to discuss. Marlena realizes she didnt tell John where she was. She wants to call him, but he says later. He says she is safe here with him, and Marlena says of course, shes always safe with him. Alex says her hair is lovely. Marlena says it was just a trim. He says she looks beautiful, but then again she always looks beautiful. He says John never tells her that does he, that is why she doesnt feel secure in his love. Alex says she is beautiful inside and out, and from now on she doesnt need Glorianne to make her feel that way. Alex says as long as she is with him then she will be loved for who she is, not what she looks like. He says that is how shell know love is true and forever. Alex then tells Marlena there is something very important that he needs her to do. Suddenly Alex says look out and pulls Marlena out of the way of a cyclist who was about to plow her down. Alex yells at the guy for being on the sidewalk and not the street. The cyclist says chill, a cab swerved and it was either the side walk or get hit. Marlena says it is okay, but Alex says it isnt. Alex shoes the guy off, and Marlena says he saved her life, and shes always safe with him. He suggests they go inside, so they head into the Java Caf. Marlena wants to call John again, but he says before she does they need to talk. Alex says hes worried about her recovery. Alex says things have been happening her in Salem that are hindering her recovery. He says unless things change then she may never get her memory back. He pulls out his little necklace to hypnotize her. He tells her she has to do exactly as he tells her to. Later Alex is standing far away from MArlena. Marlena still appears in a trance, and is thinking about whatever Alex said to her. John shows up and asks her what happened, why did she sneak out of the salon. Marlena says she doesnt know, she guesses she came to get a drink. John says Glorianne was making her tea. Marlena says she didnt know that, and she just came here to get a drink. John says so where is her drink. Marlena says it hasnt arrived yet. John asks her if she is okay. Marlena asks if she doesnt seem okay. John says she looks beautiful, Glorianne did a good job. Marlena says she is more than a hairdo. John says he knows. They talk about the baby, and Marlena wants to go see Belle and the baby again. John says the baby has her eyes, and that makes Marlena giggle and laugh. Marlena says Belle and Phillip seem happy yes? John says Belle has a baby and that is a good thing for the whole family. Marlena says she thinks he is right, and Belle has first mom jitters but she has those natural instincts. John says of course she does, she has the perfect role model. John talks about how he wasnt around for Belle in the beginning, they all thought Belle was Romans daughter. Marlena asks if he told her that before? John says it doesnt matter, bottom line is she was always the perfect mother. Marlena says she wants to buy Belle something girly and something for the baby too. She cant believe they are grandparents. John says they are. John says they havent a conversation this normal since before she lost her memory, and it feels good. MArlena says it does. John thinks they are on the verge of a breakthrough here. Marlena hopes so, and asks if she saved anything from when Belle was a baby. He says the storage locker is full of things she saved. Marlena wants to give something she saved to the baby. John says okay and hell help her go through it. Marlena asks John why he calls Belle Izzy? He says it is his little nickname, short for Isabella. MArlena asks why though. He says that Belle was named after his previous wife. John says she died of cancer after having Brady. Marlena says so she is the only mother Brady has ever known. John says yes. Alex shows up with coffee for all, and when John asks why hes here, Alex says John is so suspicious and he needs to get help. John asks what hes doing here. Alex says he was here and saw they were coffeeless, so he brought them coffee. John says he was having a private conversation with Marlena. Alex asks if he should leave? Marlena thinks she is safe with John, and he can go if hed like. John smiles and thinks hes making progress. Alex leaves them, but not before flashing the necklace at Marlena. John tells Marlena that hes proud of her for standing up to him. He thinks they are starting to get somewhere, and her trying to remember is paying off. Marlena says she asked Dr. North to go as she has something to say that she doesnt want to say with others around. Marlena tells John that she thinks they need to get a divorce. 

At the loft, Mimi is having a drink and keeps thinking about Shawn cheering her up and kissing her the night before. Mimi tells herself she has to stop, she and Shawn are only friends and he was just trying to cheer her up. Mimi says she has to start thinking about something else. She thinks she should make pancakes. She then says God does she need one right now. Shawn shows up and says need one of what. Mimi says she needs pancakes, shes starving. She offers to make him some too, and he says that sounds great. Mimi asks what he has planned for today. He says hes going to look for a second job as he needs some more money. Mimi says living off of tips really sucks. Mimi says with her class load she doesnt think she can handle a second job. Shawn asks if they are going to talk about the kiss and how good it felt. Mimi says he thought it felt good? Shawn says he did, and it was what they needed to distract themselves. He says they had had another long and hard day, they had been to yet another wedding. He says there was also the terrorist threat and then Belle and the baby. Shawn says they were there for each other through all of it. Mimi says about the kiss. Shawn says it was like shock treatment for him. Mimi says that doesnt sound like a good thing. He says no it was good, it made him realize Belle is the past and hes moved on. Mimi says thanks to me? Shawn says yes, last night was the first time he hasnt dreamt about Belle. Shawn says he dreamt about the two of them. Mimi says really? Shawn says yeah, and they have been having so much fun together lately. He says he now sees there can be life without Belle. Mimi says well he showed her that there is a possibility for life without Rex, so she thinks they will be okay. Shawn says so about the kiss, it was a mistake and shouldnt have happened. Mimi says but she thought it helped him and he liked it. Shawn says it did and he did, but he meant he didnt think about making her uncomfortable by what he did, he was only thinking of himself. She says she wasnt uncomfortable, and asks why he did it. He says it felt right at the time. She says it felt right to her too. Shawn says he meant all the stuff he said about her being a wonderful person and all, and he doesnt want to mess up their friendship. Mimi says nothing is messed up, and they only kissed each other. She also says it was an innocent kiss. Shawn says good, he wouldnt want to ruin their friendship. Mimi says they are still friends and it is cool, so shes going to start the pancakes. Shawn decides to go change out of his sweats, and he asks if everything is cool. She says yes, and the kiss was nice but didnt mean anything to her. To himself, Shawn says it meant something to him.

Sami is brought into the station by Roman. Shes in handcuffs, and Austin is with her. There are a slew of reporters waiting and demanding answers to their questions. They ask her if she hates America. She says she loves her country. They ask then why did she do this? Why did they betray it? Roman says this is enough and he asks what is going on here. Tek says hes sorry and he tried to warn him before he got in. Roman and Austin rush Sami through the reporters and into the station. Roman warns Sami that shes in a hell of a lot of trouble. She asks if her dad will help her, but he says its out of his hands. Kate shows up, and Roman asks what in the hell she is doing here. He says there is no reason for her to even be here. Sami says nobody wants her here, especially since this is her fault. Sami calls her a bitch and says it is all her fault that she is here. Kate says yeah like she forced her to put on the Stan disguise and betray her family, friends and country. Sami says if she goes to jail then shell do whatever it takes to see that Kate ends up in the cell next to her. Kate asks if Sami is really under arrest. Austin says yes, and like Roman says she has no reason to be here. Kate says true, so maybe Austin could drive her home. Austin says he cant do that, Sami needs him. Kate says what? Austin says she heard him. Mickey shows up, Austin called him to represent Sami. Mickey asks if shes been questioned or volunteered information. The answers are no and no, which Mickey is pleased by. He asks what the charges are. Roman says treason to start with, the DA hasnt added anything else yet. Roman says it could be a long list though. Roman has to question Sami, and Austin and Kate both insist they wait. Kate says after Romans done with Sami she has some more information for him. Sami says really, how about some information on how she drugged both her and Brandon and put them in bed together. Sami asks why no charges are being pressed against Kate, she obviously broke tons of laws. Roman suggests they worry about her case right now. Kate says good idea because between what Roman knows and what she has to tell him, Sami wont be seeing the light of day for a long time. Roman asks what shes talking about. Mickey suggests they let someone else interrogate Sami, and Austin agrees as this could be difficult for Roman. Roman says this is his job and hell do it. Meanwhile, Sami tells Kate that they both know she has nothing more to say to her father. Kate says what about the fact that Stan helped John with his back pain, can we say the words drug dealer. Sami says John doesnt want anyone to know about that does he, and besides she has no proof. Kate says theyll see about that. Sami tells them to get on with the interrogation, and they go into Romans office. Kate tries to talk to Austin, but he asks how she knew he was here. Kate says she didnt, but when she heard Sami was being charged . . . . Austin says what, she rushed here to offer her assistance? Kate says it is a good thing she did as Sami is getting her hooks into him. She doesnt understand what it is about him and Lucas always looking for the good in Sami, there is none to be found. She begs Austin not to let Sami destroy his life again, look at what she did to Lucas and Will. Austin says that is just as much her fault as it is Samis. Kate says Sami is playing him, shes already manipulated him into spending the night with her. Austin says he slept on her couch. Kate says on the same night that Sami and Lucas were supposed to be celebrating their wedding night. Kate says she got over that pretty fast. Austin says she didnt, that is why she needed him. Kate just doesnt get why her two sons rush to Samis side every time she bats her eyes, is the sex that good? Austin tells Kate for the sake of their relationship they wont continue this conversation, and he thinks it would be best if she left. Kate says shes not leaving and they are having this conversation. Austin says fine, he wants to help Sami because shes a human being and in trouble. Kate says if he wants to play humanitarian then help someone in need then. Austin says Sami has had a tough enough life and he wont abandon her. He says Sami has no one else she can count on, she needs a friend. Kate asks if he is out of his mind? She says Sami is a liar who only thinks about herself, and she manipulates everyone around her. Austin says he knows what Sami is, but he also knows what it is like to have no one else to count on. Austin says he wont abandon her. Kate says Sami has her family. Austin says Belle is busy with the wedding, her mother has amnesia and Eric and Carrie didnt bother coming to the wedding. Austin says right now Roman is doing his job and cant be there for her as a father, which is why Sami needs him. Austin says he has to do this, and if she cant deal with it then leave. Kate says shes spent the past year trying to make Lucas see who and Sami is, and shell spend three times the amount of time doing the same for him if need be. Austin says there is nothing she can tell him about Sami that he doesnt already know. Kate says dont be so sure. Kate knows what charges are going to be filed against Sami, and she begins to list them all off. She says Sami committed a lot of crimes over in that war zone with Tony and she needs to go to prison. Austin picks up on something Kate said, and he says that is it. Austin says she did it, she saved Sami. Kate says she did not, but Austin says she just showed him how all the charges against Sami can be dropped. Austin says it is all thanks to her.

In Romans office, Roman asks for Samis permission to record the conversation. She says shes not a criminal, shes his daughter. He says this is a yes or no question. Mickey says it is okay as long as they have a copy as well. Sami says she knows what she did was wrong. Roman says it was illegal and shell be going to prison for a very long time. Sami says she cant go to prison, she has to take care of Will. Roman says Will doesnt live with her anymore and Lucas wants nothing to do with her. Roman says what Sami did was commit treason, its a federal offense. Mickey says Roman is right. Roman says and it could carry the death penalty. Sami says no, not again. Mickey tries to calm her down. Sami says she cant go back there, she wont go back there. She swears she didnt know Tony was setting her up, and she didnt commit treason. Mickey tells her to stop talking, Roman is not here as her father but as the police commander. Roman says its okay, everything is off the record until the tape starts recording. Sami tells her dad to think about Will and mom ad what this will do to them. Roman says perhaps Sami should have thought about that before she did what she did. Sami swears to her father that she will kill herself before she goes back to death row.


October 7, 2005

Jack is once again on the computer typing and telling Frankie he is so thankful he is keeping this secret. Frankie cant believe hes going to do it, that hes going to leave Jen and die alone. Frankie asks if he has any idea how upset and angry Jen will be. Jen walks in and asks what will she be angry and upset about? Jack says he is working on a big research project, a confidential project and she hasnt been asked to help. Jen says they dont keep secrets from one another, but Jack says he has to do this on his own. Jen asks if Frankie knows about this project. Jack says he does, but hes been sworn to secrecy. Jack says in time he will tell Jen all, she will learn everything and why it was kept a secret. Jen says fine, shell go make some coffee for them. Jack wants to get back to work as he is just buzzing with ideas over this project. He says he has a deadline. Jen says fine, she can see shes not wanted at the moment. She tells Frankie the two of them should go have coffee, so they leave. Jack continues with his project, finding a speedy and painless way to die. Jack reads through the archives of the Spectator to find a way to die. He doesnt like electrocution, too shocking. Suffocation is too slow and stuffy. Jack says so many choices and so little time. Jack also looks into what day to disappear and picks Halloween to be humorous. Jo then calls Jack about picking up Jack Jr. Jack says hell be right over to get him.

Jen and Frankie go into the kitchen, and Jen discusses the plans for Jacks party. She notices Frankie is distracted and asks what is wrong. He says he doesnt think this party is such a good idea. She asks why he says that? Frankie doesnt think Jack will like it. Jen says she has invited old college roommates, professors, a boy he grew up with. She says Jack will be thrilled. Frankie says maybe shes right, maybe this will change his mind. Jen asks change his mind about what? Frankie says his project of course. Jen thinks they should go check on Jack right now. Jen and Frankie go out, and Jen asks how the project is going. He says it is going great. She asks if hes ready for his coffee? Jack so no, she wants to ply him with caffeine so he will talk about his project. He says besides he has to go pick up Jack Jr. Jack heads out, and Jen begs Frankie to tell her what is going on. Frankie says shell find out soon enough. Jen says Jack isnt throwing her a party is he? Frankie says no. Jen sees that Jack left his jacket, and when she goes to take it to him, a bottle of pills falls out. She looks at it wondering what it is. Frankie says he had that vertigo thing from the island, maybe that is his medicine. Jen recognizes this drug from her work with her dad, she says this is a very serious drug. Jen looks up the drug on the internet. Frankie says maybe it is just antibiotics. Jen says no, and she learns that Jack is dying and this drug is for fatal illnesses. Outside, Jack realizes he has to make the most of his time with Jen and the kids, but he cant put them through the pain of watching him die. He says come Halloween he is out of here. 

John brings Marlena home to have a talk in private. Marlena thinks it wont solve anything, and she wants to start divorce proceedings. John asks where in the hell this came from all of the sudden, especially today of all days. She asks what today is. He says it is her birthday, and he had plans for her. Alex appears and says John knows the rules, he should have run the plans by him first. John tells Alex to stay the hell out of this. Marlena says dont take his anger out on Alex. John says he doesnt understand this behavior, they were making progress and them wham she asks for a divorce. He asks why. She says it is simple, she doesnt love him. She says she knows that is hard to hear, but being with him makes her uncomfortable and he pressures her non-stop. She says she needs him out, she wants to be alone. John says now he understands, Alex is behind all of this. Alex says he had nothing to do with MArlenas decision. John doesnt believe that, and he tells Alex to leave so he can talk to his wife. Marlena doesnt want him to go. John says fine, perhaps Marlena could excuse them and he will talk to Alex. John tells Alex that hes had it with him. Alex says likewise, and so has his wife. Alex says John has brought this all on himself. John says he knows Alex is responsible for this, hes tried to keep them apart since day one. Alex says for Marlenas own good, and he warned him that this could happen. John tells Alex he knows hes playing a game, and if he doesnt get out of his house then hell throw his ass off the balcony. Alex says he doesnt think that would be as easy as John thinks, but it would upset Marlena. John tells Alex to go and use the front door. Alex says fine, but it wont change Marlenas mind. Alex tells Marlena hes going to give them private time to talk, and he wont be gone long. Alex leaves and Marlena says okay, they are alone. John wants to give her a present, and he hands it to her. She opens it, it is a photo album. Marlena thinks it is his way of getting her to remember. John asks why she acts like it is a bad thing, does she want to get her memory back or not. Marlena says of course she does. John asks her to open it and look at it, then hell leave if it is what she wants. They look through the photo album, and they share laughs over the kids. They also look at photos from their Grease inspired date. They then look at photos from their wedding. We see flashbacks of all these things they are looking at. Marlena becomes a bit upset and says shes seen enough. He asks if anything has come back to her. Marlena says no, but it is clear they had amazing times together. John says a lot more than what is in that book. He says and moments to be made if she gives them a chance. John says theyve been through tougher times than this. John talks to her about how nothing can or will ever change the way they feel about each other, and he still loves her. John says he knows she still loves him. Marlena cries, and as they are about to kiss the phone rings. Marlena says she has to answer it, and Alex is on the other end playing his mysterious music. He tells her to listen to the music and shell know what she has to do. John takes the phone when Marlena just stands there, he doesnt hear the music and Alex hangs up. Marlena claims it was the wrong number. John says hell take her word for it. John would like to continue their conversation, but Marlena says she cant do that. She says these are pointless walks down memory lane, she doesnt remember their past and they dont have a future. Marlena says she wants a divorce now. 

At the station, Kate thinks Austin isnt making sense, how did she help Austin save Sami. Austin says she did, and he thanks her for her help. Austin yells through Romans door and says he needs to talk to Roman and Mickey now, it is important. Roman tells him to come in. Austin enters and Sami is a wreck. She says she may be sent back to death row. Austin says he wont let that happen. Austin says if he is right, there will be no conviction, no plea barging, no trial. Kate asks what is he talking about, Sami worked with Tony and betrayed those boys over there. She says Sami handed them over to the enemy to die. Sami says Austin said he could prove her innocence? He says no, he cant prove her innocence. Austin says the others could testify against her for what she did. However he says she cant be prosecuted for what shes being charged with. Mickey says he read the indictment and by definition this is high treason. Austin says but they have the facts all wrong. Roman asks Austin what his case is. Austin asks Sami how she ended up being this person Stan, and be honest. Sami retells the whole story to them. She says a mysterious benefactor convinced her to be Stan, but she didnt know it was Tony. She says she didnt care who it was, she just thought it was a mysterious stranger that wanted to help her get revenge on them. However she never got to go through with any of her plans fully. She says she was tricked onto a plane and into the war zone and Phillip was already a hostage. She says then she found out it was Tony, and she didnt want to help him, but he was holding mom and dad captive. Kate says and that is when she committed treason and betrayed the others. Austin says it wasnt treason, Lucas, Shawn Rex and Brady werent part of the military and Tony was never declared an enemy of the state. He says turning them over to Tony probably saved them from the war zone. Kate says Tony was going to kill them, but Sami says he hadnt killed anyone else so why would he have killed them? Austin says the point is nothing Sami did was under US jurisdiction, and not only did she not commit treason she saved those boys. Roman realizes that Austin may be right, and Mickey agrees that she may not be prosecutable for any of these crimes. Kate rolls her eyes. Mickey decides to call the US attorneys about this, and Roman goes with him. They leave, and Austin and Kate argue over Sami. Austin tells Kate that Sami is just as much a victim as anyone else, her actions didnt help. Austin believes Sami is responsible for saving his brothers' lives. Sami says she did risk her life saving them, doesnt that mean anything to her? Kate tells Sami to spare her, dont try and make herself out to be a hero. Kate says her lame attempt to rationalize what she did isnt working. Kate says Sami is going down and she hopes she fries. Austin cant believe she wants Sami to be put to death. Kate says it was a figure of speech, and she wants to see Sami pay. Sami says she has paid. Kate asks Austin how he can forgive and forget what she did. Austin says he didnt think it was intentional and he thinks Kate had a hand in it. He says Sami was in a very desperate and vulnerable place because of Kate. Kate says nothing justifies what she did. Sami says Kate finds a way to justify everything she does. Kate says the difference is what she did was to save lives, she was saving Lucas and Will. Roman and Mickey return after speaking with the US attorney and the DA, they agree with Austin. Roman says the charges have been dropped and Sami is free. Sami hugs Austin and thanks him. He says he did what was right and his mother is to thank because she reminded him of all the things she had done. Sami thanks Kate very much for what she has done to help her. Kate hangs her head.

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