October 10, 2005

Shawn is at the Brady Pub daydreaming about his kiss with Mimi. Caroline knows that look, Shawn is thinking about a girl. Bo shows up and learns Shawn is thinking about a girl. Caroline thinks Shawn is finally getting over Belle, which Bo says is a good thing. They ask who the girl is. Shawn says no offense but hes not up to talking about his love life, or lack of one. Caroline thinks at least not with his grandma. She says she has an appointment and takes off. Bo talks to Shawn about this girl and asks if it is Mimi? Shawn asks why he says that. Bo says he lives with her and they have always been close. Bo asks if he will pursue this. Shawn isnt sure. They have a discussion about the possibility of something more being there, so Bo hands him a rose and tells him to go see Mimi. Shawn heads takes Bos advice and heads off. Later, Bo calls Hope up and tells her that he thinks Shawn is ready to move on with his life.

At Gloriannes salon, Mimi comes in for a haircut. Glorianne says the last time she saw her she was getting ready for a big night, and she asks to see the ring. Glorianne realizes she just stuck her foot in her mouth. Mimi gives her the quick recap that things ended with her former beau Rex, not getting into the abortion issue. Glorianne thinks this story sounds far too familiar, and she says men are so stupid. She tells Mimi things happen for a reason though, is she seeing anyone else? Mimi thinks about her kiss with Shawn. Glorianne realizes there is someone else. Mimi says no, but Glorianne thinks there is and Mimi is just dying to talk to someone. She says she wont tell anyone. Mimi says it is Shawn Brady. Bonnie is in the salon, in the booth next to Mimi actually, and this just makes her day. Glorianne says he is a hunk and she wants to know all about him. Mimi says he was her first crush and kiss. However she says they were just friends, and it wasnt a real kiss. Glorianne says being friends is the best thing, and she did remember the kiss all these years so it must have been special. Mimi explains how after she kissed him, Shawn started dating her best friend. Glorianne asks what happened with the best friend. Mimi says she married another guy and had a baby. Glorianne says then Shawn is a free agent, so what is the problem. Bonnie reveals herself and says that is what shes been telling her. Bonnie says it is time for Mimi to rope and brand her initials on Shawn Bradys butt, and she has the thing to help her do it. Bonnie runs out and returns with a rope. Mimi and Glorianne are a bit shocked. Glorianne takes Bonnie to get waxed, and Caroline shows up. Caroline overhears what Bonnie was saying about Shawns butt, and Mimi apologizes to her about all that. Mimi says nothing is going on between her and Shawn. Caroline had the impression there might be something going on. Mimi says well they sort of kissed. Caroline offers to listen, and Mimi says it would be nice to talk to someone sane for a change. However it is bizarre saying these things to Shawns grandma. Mimi says the kiss was great, and she wonders if there is something more to it. Caroline says if she wants to find out then there is only one thing to do.

Shawn returns home and finds Mimi making macaroni and cheese, Caroline gave Mimi her famous recipe. Shawn loves this, and asks if his grandma told her . . . . Mimi says she knows, he likes it toasted and crispy on top. Shawn gives her a rose, and she thanks him but he didnt even know she was cooking. He says it is just because. She says it is beautiful, and he says so is she even with all the flour on her face. He wipes it off and gives her a little kiss on the cheek. 

Kate is fuming that Sami isnt going to jail after all, and she wonders how Austin could help get Sami off the hook. She says there is one thing Sami did as Stan that could put her in jail for a few years. Kate begins searching for John, but cant seem to find him.

At the penthouse, we see a replay of Alex playing his mysterious music over the phone to Marlena. He also has a bottle of pills in case the music doesnt do the trick. Meanwhile, Marlena has asked John for a divorce, and John cant believe this. John says they were just looking at that photo album and enjoying all the memories. Marlena says she doesnt have any memory of those times or their love. John is certain he was getting through to her and then she got that phone call. John begins to think it was Alex doing something to her. He asks MArlena what kind of thoughts is he putting into her head. She says hes doing nothing to him, John is the one trying to force her to remember. She tells John she has no feelings for him anymore, she wants a divorce and she wants him to move out. John is furious and says no he knows shes not thinking clearly. Marlena says that is because she doesnt have any space, and as soon as he is gone then she can put her life together. Kate calls, and John tells her not a good time and hangs up. Alex shows up, and John is furious. Marlena becomes upset when John gets angry. John says Alex is doing this to her all because he cant stand that hes questioning his treatment and ethics. Alex says hes only tried to help Marlena, and the tension between them is all Johns fault. Alex says Marlena is so fragile that she cant deal with interferences from her friends and family. John says they are the only ones who will pull her out of this. John begs Marlena not to do this, but she says her mind is made up. John says he wont let Marlena to throw their life away because she doesnt remember, and what will happen when she snaps up and realizes the mistake shes made. Marlena is now in tears begging him to go. John damns Alex and says hell send for his things. John leaves, and Alex comforts Marlena. As John is heading out he runs into Kate in the hallway. Kate asks what happened. He just starts crying in her arms.

John and Kate go for a walk, and John apologizes for hanging up on her. He asks what is new in her life. She says this isnt a good time, but John says all he has is time. Kate thinks maybe it will help get his mind of his problems. She says she needs Johns help to nail Sami once and for all. John and Kate head to the pub, and Kate tells John the whole story about Austin freeing Sami. Kate thinks Sami can still go down for drug dealing charges, but John refuses. He says the charges wont stick as she wasnt a big time dealer, heck she didnt even charge him for the drugs. John also says this will just make things worse between him and Marlena. Kate says Marlena doesnt know what shes giving up. John talks about when he first came to Salem he had no memory, and it was MArlena who helped him. John worries that he may have lost Marlena for good.

Back at the penthouse, Marlena begins to wonder if she did the right thing by asking John to leave. She said it was like the idea suddenly came to her. Alex tells her she did the right thing, and John has set her recovery so far back. Alex says she has to get better and the only way is to keep her in a controlled environment. Marlena is glad he is here. He says he has to b here for her, he is her doctor and her friend. Alex makes her some tea, and she feels woozy after drinking it. Alex then puts on some soothing music, the music he uses to put her into a trance. As Marlena goes into a dazed state, Alex says now it is time for his work to really begin.

Jack returns home with Jack Jr. He has a little chat with him out back before they go inside. Jack talks to his son about how hes not going to be here to watch him grow up. Jack says he had two dads growing up, and Jack Jr. can do a lot better than him. Jack says he loves him more than words can say. Jack says hell soon learn that his grandfather was a famous politician around these parts, but he was more famous for the not so nice things he did. Jack says anyone who tells him that Harper was his real grandfather, well its not true. Jack says though his real grandfather wasnt a stand-up citizen either, and he hasnt been one either. He says but Jennifer helped him turn himself around, and then his two children came along and changed him for the better. Jack says so he wont remember him, just like he doesnt remember his real father. Jack says hell still leave him something important, a father figure, someone he can look up to. Jack says hes talking about Frankie Brady. Jack knows this is crazy, and thinking about it just kills him a little bit faster. He speaks about how special Jen is, how Frankie would be crazy not to want Jen in his life and he thinks Jen will feel the same way too.

Inside, Jen is on the computer and finds out Jack is dying. Frankie says she should talk to Jack about this, but Jen says he doesnt want her to know. She says she knew he was hiding something from her, but she didnt know it was this big. Jen cries that this cant be happening, how will she live without her husband. Frankie holds Jen as she cries. Jen decides to call Lexie and tell her to come over. Frankie thinks she should talk to Jack first, but Jen says no as hell try and convince her that everything is fine. Jen calls up Lexie and asks if she can come over, it is Jack. Lexie says shell be right there. Lexie shows up, and Jen confronts Lexie with the pill bottle. She asks Lexie to tell her that Jack isnt dying. Lexie cant answer Jens questions because she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Jen begs her to think of their friendship here. Lexie wishes she could help her but she cant. Jen says fine, she looked this drug up, it is for terminal patients. Jen asks if there is any hope or is she jumping to a conclusion. Lexie says she cant help her. Jen says she can help her. Lexie suggests she take this up with Jack. Jack walks in, and he asks what is wrong. Jen shows him the pills and says she knows. She demands he tell her what these are for as Lexie isnt talking. He says well Lexie proscribed antibiotics. She knows they arent antibiotics, she looked them up on the internet. She knows they are for terminal patients. She pulls Jack outside to talk in private. She wants Jack to tell her that he is not dying. Jack tells Jen that he loves her so much, and she and the kids have given him so much. He says he couldnt ask for anything more, except for a chance to grow old with them. Jen begins to cry when she realizes that wont happen. Frankie watches Jack and Jen through the door window. Lexie talks with Frankie about what is going on. LExie wishes she could have told Jen the truth. Frankie says hes glad it is over, now there are no more secrets between them. Back outside, Jen says she feels like shes lost him twice in these past two years. Jack says well the third time is the charm. He apologizes, and he says he doesnt know how to deal with this and he doesnt want them to either. Jack says he doesnt have much time. Jen asks why he didnt tell her. Jack says he was in denial at first, and maybe he could beat this. Jen says they are in this together, why did he feel he had to go through this alone. Jack didnt want to watch her go through the loss, worry and grief. Jen says they will fight this, shell call her dad and Mike and theyll beat this. Jack says he loves her for saying that, but they wont cheat death this time. Jen collapses into tears as Lexie and Frankie watch from inside.


October 11, 2005

Outside Jack and Jens, Jen wants to call Mike or her dad about Jack, she says there has to be a way to save him. Jack says this is why he didn't want to tell her about him dying, he knew she'd react this way. She says she thought she lost him twice already, miracles do happen. Jack says not this time. He says he wanted to believe he'd be spared at first, but then when Lexie told him about the fourth and fifth doctors she had consulted with, he realized it was over. Jack says the end is coming for him, and it's coming a lot sooner than he had hoped for. He says he's not afraid of dying, he's faced death before in the past with his other illnesses. He says he just thought he'd have more time with her and the kids. Jen still refuses to believe this, and she says he shouldn't believe it either. Jen says it's not true, he's not going to die.

Inside Jack and Jen's, Lexie and Frankie talk about Jack and Jen. Lexie is shocked to learn that Frankie knew Jack was dying and didn't tell Jen. Frankie explains Jack swore him to secrecy, and then he tells her about Jack's nutty plan for him to marry Jen. Lexie realizes that Frankie is still in love with Jennifer. Frankie admits he is. However he says he hasn't told her, he's too afraid to put his heart out there and get it broken. Frankie also admits the reason he moved back to town was to see Jen, she is his best friend in the world. Frankie doesn't know what's going to happen with JAck and Jen know that the truth is out, but he's glad it is. He says down the road if there is a chance for him and Jen, he is glad it won't start out on a lie. 

At the penthouse, Marlena drinks her tea, which we see flashbacks of Alex drugging, and she listens to the hypnotic music. It doesn't seem to be working well though as Marlena keeps thinking about John, whether she did the right thing. Alex says she did. Alex tells her that he thinks she's been trying to get away from John for months now and this was her subconscious way of letting her know that. He says she slept with her ex-husband and John moved on with Kate pretty quickly after he thought she was dead, how strong could their love have been? Marlena says but John and everyone else tells her how much in love they were, and John wants her to remember so badly because then she'll remember that love. Alex and MArlena head out to the balcony, and she says it's so beautiful (the view I guess). Alex says yes, you are. Marlena asks if he just told her she was beautiful. Alex says he did because she is. They continue talking about her past, and Marlena asks if she'll ever remember. Alex says maybe, maybe not. Alex says either way he thinks she's going to be just  fine. 

Kate brings John back to her hotel room and asks him to stay. He says no, he'll get a room down the hall. She insists he stay with her. John says what will people say? Kate says from experience people will always say and think the worst. John doesn't know if this is a good idea, but Kate says she has an extra room he can have. They soon begin talking about their past, and Kate brings up her failed marriage to Roman. John blames himself for that. He thinks if Marlena and Roman hadn't seen them making love then they never would have made love either. Kate doesn't want to go there again, and John then looks out the window and realizes she can see the penthouse from here. Kate says yes ever since they tore down the building between them. Kate knows she has binoculars around here somewhere. She finds a pair and gives them to John. He uses them to spy on Marlena and Alex on the terrace. John is upset, and Kate says she thinks Alex is helping himself to Marlena, which is what he's always wanted. She says with John gone he probably thinks there is no one to stop him. Kate promises John that they will work together to find out what Alex is up to.

At Shawn and Mimi's, Mimi is finishing the macaroni and cheese by broiling it to make the top nice and crispy. Unfortunately her mother calls her and distracts her. Bonnie wants to know if Mimi needs to borrow her rope and cow iron. Mimi says no she doesn't. As they talk, Mimi forgets about the food, which soon begins to burn and sets off the fire alarm. 

Over and Belle and Phillip's, they have brought Claire home. Phillip is filming Belle bringing her in and putting her in the basinet. Philip says he hopes this one is okay, he didn't have time to consult with her. He also says he got a lot of newborn diapers, which he hopes aren't too big given she's a preemie. He also talks about how he didn't buy too many clothes as everyone says she'll grow out of them in a week. Belle just bursts into tears, and he asks what is wrong. She just claims she's so happy. Phillip decides to order them Chinese dinner. Belle says no broccoli, it's bad for the baby, and nothing too spicy. Belle begins to worry about what she can have and what she can't have. Phillip says he will be here to take care of her, and he wants to help with the midnight feedings after she begins pumping. Belle says he's still recovering and needs his rest. Phillip says so does she. Later Phillip returns with the food, and Belle says it doesn't smell right. Phillip says that is something coming from next-door, he thinks they are cooking or trying to cook. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Phillip heads over to see what is happening.

Back at Mimi and Shawn's, Phillip arrives as Mimi and Shawn have discovered Mimi burnt the Mac'n'Cheese. Phillip insists they come over to his place as he has enough Chinese food to feed the whole building. They are reluctant, but agree. They head over, and Mimi holds Claire. Mimi is glad she came over, and Belle looks upset at seeing how happy Mimi is holding Claire, and how happy Shawn looks. Phillip ends up making a toast to good friends, love, and healthy children. Belle once again looks like she's going to cry.


October 12, 2005

Abby is heading up a Light The Night Walk fundraiser at Alices. Max is working as the local celebrity to try and get people to sign up for the walk and donate money. Hes signing autographs. He tells Abby shes doing a great thing here, she is a freshman in college (WHAT!) and already doing volunteer work. Abby says this is very important to her, she almost died from aplastic anemia as a child. Chelsea shows up with some boys in tow that she calls her friends. Chelsea brought the rugby team from Salem U over to all sign up for the walk. Abby says that is awesome, and she heads over to sign them up. Max tells Chelsea that what she did was really great. Chelsea says Abby is her best friend, shed do anything for her. Max decides to give her an autographed photo, but Chelsea would rather have a kiss. She plants one on him, and some girl says How much did she have to pay for that. This gives Max and Chelsea a business idea. She says just remember, whoever he kisses she is the most special one. He says yes she is, and once they are done here hell go buy her one of Joshs special coffee drinks. Max then opens up the kissing booth, as does Chelsea with the boys shes brought in. Later, Chelsea begins missing her parents. She says they were the only ones who understood her, they were the best. Max knows what she means, he says he was lucky to be adopted by the Bradys. Chelsea asks about his real parents. Max says as far as hes concerned the Bradys are his parents. He doesnt really remember his mom, and his dad used to beat him a lot. Max says he was so traumatized that he couldnt speak as a kid, and he met Frankie at the foster home. He says when his dad came looking for him, he and Frankie ran away. Max says when his dad saw him with the Bradys he left, disappeared. He says it was the one decent thing he did for him. Chelsea wishes Billie would disappear. Max tells her that she is hardly an orphan and she is very lucky to have two parents who still love her. Max says things will work out for her like they worked out for him. Josh comes by and offers to help Abby out with her work. He says shes going to break records for the signup sheets, and he thinks she deserves a kiss as a reward. Later Abby and Chelsea share a dance. As the night ends, they all count the money and then head over to the Java Caf for Karaoke Night. Abby thinks her parents will be so happy to hear about all the money she raised tonight.

Nicole shows up to order a martini and finds Lucas is the bartender. She asks what hes doing here, isnt he an alcoholic, isnt this against the rules or something? Lucas makes her a Martini and thinks perhaps he should cut her off just like Victor has. Nicole says she has the most annoying ex-husbands ever, and she tells Lucas to save the lecture. She asks again why hes here. Lucas says hes covering for Shawn Brady, and he needs the money. He also knows, unlike some, that alcohol isnt good for him. Nicole says its good for her. Lucas asks her when shell wise up, stop drinking and turn her life around. Nicole says that almost sounded sincere. Lucas asks why shes here. She says its called drinking alone. Lucas thinks Nicole is on her prowl and looking for her next victim. He thinks shes after him, but hes been there and done that. Nicole takes her drink and leaves saying Lucas has a very high opinion of himself.

Kate and Victor meet at Alices. Kate thanks Victor for meeting her, she has a situation that needs to be taken care of and only he can help her. Victor asks what she needs help with? Kate says shes worried about John Black. They order some drinks, and Nicole tells them that the bartender makes a mean martini, check him out. Victor asks why shes still in Salem? Nicole says she doesnt have enough money to leave, and has no where to go even if she did leave. Victor says if she is hinting for more money, forget it. Nicole says relax, she just saw some kindred spirits and came over to say hello. Kate says she and Victor were talking about their granddaughter. Nicole says thats right, Belle and Phillip had a baby. She congratulates them and says she must be going, she has a dinner date. Nicole leaves, and Kate hopes it isnt with Austin. She gets back to John and Alex North. Kate gives him the quick recap on what Alex is doing to John and MArlena, how Marlena kicked John out and how John is staying with her. Kate assures Victor that John moving in with her isnt what he thinks, John is focused on Marlena. However he is special to her, and she wants him to be happy. Victor asks what she wants from him. Kate was hoping Victor could dig up information on Alex. Victor says John is just as capable of digging up info, he is ISA. Kate knows that, but she thinks Victor isnt personally involved and might be able to pick up on something that John missed. Victor says hell see what he can do. Victor then sees who is behind the bar and asks how long Lucas has worked at Alices. Kate damns Sami and says she wont let her drive Lucas back to the bottle. Kate goes over to the bar and asks Lucas what hes doing here, hes an alcoholic. Lucas says he knows, and Bonnie doesnt have a problem with it. Kate does, and she doesnt think this is a healthy environment for him. He thinks it is unhealthy because she is here. She offers to give him a job at Basic Black, but he says no way. He also says hes gone on tons of interviews, but nobody wants anything to do with him when they learn he worked for Tony. Back at the table, Victor is on the phone talking to someone about finding someone to replace Brady at Titan.

Later, the new waitress shows Lucas the autograph photo of Max she got for five bucks. She thinks she should sell it on Ebay. Lucas suggests she wait until he starts racing again. She asks if Max is related to Shawn Brady, and Lucas says sorta, Max is adopted. The waitress asks where Shawn is tonight? Lucas says he thinks Mimi was up to something, trying to cook him something that she probably burned. The waitress says she takes after Bonnie, she is a nasty cook too. However she says Bonnie is a pretty good boss. The waitress tells Lucas how when Bonnie found out she applied at Chez Rouge, she hired her on the spot, after spitting out her gum. She wonders what that is about. Lucas says its a long story. The waitress asks Lucas what he does when he isnt bartending. Lucas says not much, he made some bad mistakes with a prier boss and is paying for it as he cant really get work right now. The waitress suggests they talk about it over dinner. Lucas says hell think about it. She also suggests he networks while hes here, earlier he was talking with Kate Roberts. Lucas says that was his mom. The waitress says she runs Basic Black, so why is he looking for a job?

At Samis place, Austin and Sami are packing up the wedding gifts to return to the stores. She wants to keep the toaster oven though as she needs one. Austin lectures her about how that would be wrong, these are wedding gifts and she didnt have one. Sami says she had a wedding, she just didnt say I do. She thinks she should get something out of all her failed weddings. Austin once again says it would be wrong. Sami says she needs this, but Austin thinks it will just remind her of what happened between her and Lucas. He also says toaster ovens are pretty cheap anyways. Sami says she knows, and guess who gave it to her, the millionaire John Black. She says he wont miss the money. Austin tells her that she needs to realize the world doesnt owe her anything. He says she needs to let the hurt go and try to change her ways. He asks if she is ready to do the hard work that it takes to change, or is this just lip service. Sami says her lips havent been serviced in awhile. Austin asks her if shes ready to prove to the world that shes ready to join the human race. Sami asks what that means, is she a Martian now? He says no, and hes sorry for the poor choice of words. Sami says shes trying to be good, and Austin says he wants her to be the woman he knows she can be. He tells her to return the toaster oven and move on with her life. Sami says she tried that and Kate ruined everything. Austin says yes and she worked for Tony. Austin says this vicious cycle has to end, and only she can end it. She tells Sami to stay away from his mom, they are even. Sami says no, Kate hurt her so much and she deserves to pay for it. Austin says then they have nothing else to say, and hes going to go pack his bags. Sami tells him that he cant leave. Sami says she cant forgive Kate, she is the one person she cant forgive. He asks what about John? She says him too. Austin tells her that she needs to stop blaming everyone else for her misery and grow up and take responsibility for her actions. She says she wants to be happy, but she needs a guardian angle like him to help her be a good person. He says he will help her. Austin suggests they go out for food and they decide to head to Alices. Austin leaves to get his wallet. Nicole shows up at this point, and Sami asks what she wants? Nicole says Austin! Nicole insists she go with Austin out to dinner, but Sami refuses. Austin says they can all go, but Sami and Nicole refuse to dine with one another. Nicole and Sami have a shouting match, calling one another Stan and Slut. As they argue, Austin ditches them both. They then fight each other to get out of the apartment and to Austin first.

At Jack and Jens, Lexie and Frankie continue to talk about Jack and Jen. LExie says this is just heartbreaking, especially after everything theyve been through. Lexie asks Frankie to promise her no matter what happens between him and Jen that hell help her deal with Jacks death.

Outside, Jen thinks Jack wont die, it wont happen. Jack says if there was any hope then hed cling to it, but Lexie already said . . . Jen says Lexie pronounced him dead once, and she believes in miracles. Jen says he came back to her twice, she wont let him go. Jen says she wont let him die. Jack wishes she had the power to reverse everything with a big dose of positive thinking, but it wont happen. Jen says argues with him about this. She says the Jack that she knows, loves and married doesnt give up. She says it isnt who he is. Jack tells Jen that he lost the will to fight when he found out this illness is not only not curable but irreversible. He says no one with it has ever gone into remission. Jen says hell be the first. Jack suggests they go in and discuss this with Lexie. Jen says the only thing shell discuss with Lexie is his recovery

Jack and Jen go back inside. Jen wants to talk to Lexie alone, so Jack and Frankie leave. LExie tells Jen how sorry she is she couldnt tell her. Jen doesnt blame her, she just wishes Jack could have told her when he first found out. Jen thinks he could have used the energy he was keeping this a secret to fight it. Lexie says Jack wont get better, hes only going to get worse.

Back outside, Jack is upset because Jen was never supposed to know. Frankie says Jen deserved to know what was going on. Jack says this changes nothing, Frankie is all he has left now. He asks Frankie if hell still be there for Jen after hes gone. Later, Jen rushes past them and out into the woods. Lexie comes out and says shes sorry, she didnt mean to upset Jen. Jen is off in the woods crying and asking God why he is doing this to her family again. She asks why the test, is she failing? She says she never gives up hoping for a miracle and believing he can help them. She asks God if she is crazy, all she ever wanted was to have a family and to be with Jack. She says now God is taking him away from her and their children, and God cant do that. Jack shows up to comfort Jen. 


October 13, 2005
At the loft, Phillip is worried about Belle. Lexie examining Belle up in her room. Mimi and Shawn are downstairs with Phillip. Phillip thinks something is really wrong with Belle. Mimi says she just had a new baby, it is probably a really emotional time for her. Upstairs, Lexie tells Belle there is nothing physically wrong with her. Belle says shes so tired though. Lexie says babys are exhausting, and once upon a time they kept new moms in the hospital for a week to rest and recuperate. Lexie tells Belle she needs to rest and get her sleep, and to call her if she doesnt feel any better soon. Lexie asks Belle, who is zoning out, if she heard what she said to her? Later, Lexie goes to talk to Phillip about Belle. She says shes not a psychiatrist, but she thinks this isnt just about the baby. She says Belle has had a rough year, a rush wedding, him being shipped off to war, him returning without his leg. Phillip thinks this is his fault, he leaned on her too much. Lexie says this isnt his fault or Belles. Lexie says this was an unplanned pregnancy, and the labor was difficult and both she and the baby could have died. Lexie tells Phillip that she thinks Belle has postpartum depression. Phillip asks if she would hurt the baby? Lexie says no she doesnt think so. She says that only happens with a very small percentage of women, and it is too early to tell with Belle if shes developed that psychosis. Phillip asks what he can do. She says be there for her, and hiring a nurse to help was a good thing too. Phillip asks about drugs, but Lexie doesnt want to go down that road yet. Mimi and Shawn say they will be here to help too. Lexie says the most important thing is for someone to always be here with Belle.

Back in her room, Belle is dreaming about giving birth to Claire, and being worried about things regarding the baby. Belle wakes up and wonders what is happening to her, to her life. Later Belle is rocking the baby, who is crying. Belle cries as she doesnt know what the baby wants. She begins screaming, and Lexie and Phillip run in. Phillip takes the baby, and Belle cries to Lexie about what kind of mother she is. She says shes so embarrassed. Lexie suggests Mimi and Shawn head out, and Lexie tends to Belle. Belle says shes just so tired. Lexie says shes been through a lot so shell give her something to help her sleep. Lexie gives her an injection as Belle cries shes a bad mother. Later, Lexie tries to assure Phillip that Belle will be fine in time, and this happens to a lot of new mothers. Back in Belles room, Belle is sweating up a storm. She wakes up and says she cant breathe in here. She heads up to the roof for some air. 

Mimi and Shawn return to their place, and Mimi tells Shawn she thinks the reason Belle broke down is because she saw Shawn holding her hand. She thinks Belle finally realized she lost Shawn forever. Mimi says if she hadnt burned the food, then they wouldnt have gone over there and this wouldnt have happened. Shawn says this wasnt her fault, and dinner was a nice gesture. Mimi says it was supposed to be more than a nice gesture. Mimi says this morning when she said the kiss didnt mean anything to her, she wasnt telling the truth. Mimi says youd think shed learn by now. Mimi says she likes him, and she was hoping that Shawn liked her too. She says she thought if she could make him a nice, sorta romantic dinner, they could see if there was anything between them. Mimi says but she blew it. Shawn says she didnt, and he only agreed that the kiss meant nothing so things wouldnt be awkward between them. He says the kiss meant something to him too, and he wanted to do something special. He says that is why he brought the rose. Mimi laughs and says its like they are in high school all over again. Shawn says it is. He suggests they go up to the roof and continue their date. 

Up on the roof, Shawn and Mimi are dancing to The Rolling Stones Streets of Love. Mimi thanks him for suggesting this, and he thanks her for agreeing to come up here. They share a kiss, which Belle sees as she climbs up the ladder. Shes so startled by it that she slips and falls! 

At Alices, Kate overhears Victor on the phone and says she knows the perfect candidate for Bradys job at Basic Black. Victor knows shes talking about Lucas. He says he likes Lucas, but he doesnt think Lucas head is in the right place right now to be VP of a major company. Kate says Lucas is capable, Victor was like a father to him and he looked up to him, studied him and idolized him. Kate asks for just an interview, not a job. Victor says hell give him an interview, but hes running a business here, not a charity. Kate also asks Victor to talk to Austin about getting suckered in by Sami and Nicole. Victor says hell give Austin some words about the benefit of his experience, and hell give Lucas a chance. Kate says and the other matter? Victor says she asks for a lot of favors in one day! He says hell see what he can dig up on Alex.

Austin shows up and asks Lucas what hes doing behind the bar with his history. Lucas says he has a kid to support, and hes managed to stay sober through a lot worse. Austin says not for long if hes pouring drinks, its too tempting. Lucas says hes heard this from mom and Nicole, he doesnt need it from him. Austin says hes going to hear it from him. Lucas tells Austin he doesnt know what its really like. Austin says why, because Im not an alcoholic? He says his father was, and his sister is an addict. He says knows all about this stuff and Lucas is in denial if he thinks he can handle this. They argue, and Lucas accuses Austin of betraying him by going back to Sami. Austin says he didnt go back to Sami. Lucas says he just gave her a big shoulder to cry on then. Austin says Sami has had a tough time, and she needs someone there for her. Lucas says what about what Sami did to him and Will? He thinks Austin should be loyal to him, Sami deserves to be unhappy, alone, a social outcast. Lucas asks if he has forgotten what Sami did to him? Austin says he knows everything Sami has done, but look at what shes been through over the past year. Austin says Lucas believed mom over Sami and that hurt her. Austin says Sami deserves a chance to redeem herself. Lucas tells Austin he doesnt want a lecture from him about putting his sobriety at risk. He says hes been sober for years, but Austins been back 24 hours and has already been suckered by Sami.

Kate once again tries to talk to Lucas, but he doesnt want to talk to her. He says if shes here to offer him another job at Basic Black then forget it. Kate says Brady is moving with Chloe because of her career, so there is an opening at Titan. She says Victor has offered to consider him. Lucas thinks she put him up to it, but Kate says Victor does what Victor wants to do.

Meanwhile, Austin and Victor play a game of pool, and Victor has a talk with Austin about the women hes involving himself with. Austin thinks his mother begged him to talk to him about Sami as she thought hed have better luck talking to him since Victor is a man of the world. Austin says he makes his own decisions, and thats how he got where he is. Victor says well he promised his mom hed try, and he has. Victor wants to talk about his career, he made a splash in New York. He offers Austin a job at Titan, he needs a new senior VP to replace Brady and thinks Austin is that man. Austin thanks him, but says hes looking to start a new business of his own. Victor says be careful, moving from JV to Varsity can be rough. He says just because they are family, he wont cut him slack. Austin suggests he offer the job to Lucas, and Victor says its been suggested to him before.

Victor goes over to Lucas and then offers him the job. Victor says hes looking for a replacement for Brady, and his name keeps coming up. He says Lucas did good work years ago and created one of their most successful campaigns to date. He says he wants Lucas to come to work as Senior VP. Lucas says no interview? Victor says he has to fill the position so why waste time. Lucas says hed be honored and he thanks Victor. Lucas is really happy, until Sophie the new waitress tells him that Austin just turned down the job and its a good thing he did. 

At Kates hotel, John is spying on Marlena and Alex. Abe shows up, escorted by Detective Adams. Abe asks why he is here at Kates? John says MArlena kicked him out and wants a divorce. Abe says she still has amnesia doesnt she. John says yes, and her doctor wants to keep it that way. John says he has an agenda, and he wont let North win. He asks Abe for his help, and Abe says hes got it. John says he wont let Alex manipulate Marlena into throwing her life away, he has to get rid of Alex North. John spies on them dancing on the terrace, and he wonders how he does it. John knows Marlena is being manipulated, she loves him even if she doesnt know it. Abe asks if he is sure? He says he thought Lexie loved him too, but he thinks shes been involved with another man. John says Lexie loves him, and shed never voluntarily leave him. Abe says Lexie has done this before, but this time he pushed Lexie away, he took his anger over his blindness out on her. Abe just hopes they can still work things out. He says hes going to sit her down and try and convince Lexie that he loves her. John says at least Lexie will talk to him, Marlena doesnt want to be in the same room with him. John is convinced Alex doesnt want Marlena to remember, he wants to control her and make her forget everyone who loves her. Abe asks if he cant have Marlena declared incompetent? John says he thought about that but doesnt think it will work in court, he has no proof to support his claims and hell just look like a bitter husband. Abe says they dealt with people more crafty than North, and even the craftiest of villains make mistakes. Abe says its up to John to be there when he makes his. Abe tells John to hang in there, and John says that goes for Abe to. Abe and Adams then head off just as Kate is returning. Kate asks if they are still over there, and John says yes. John looks in on them and is furious to see Alex with his hands all over Marlena. He wants to go over there and deal with Alex, but Kate says she wont let him do that. 


October 14, 2005

At Jack and Jens, Frankie leaves to give Jack and Jen time alone. Jack made Jen some tea to make her feel better, but she says nothing will make her feel better unless she wakes up and finds out this is a horrible dream. She asks why he didnt tell her sooner? Jack knows it was wrong, but he couldnt stand putting her and Abby through a long death watch. Jen wonders how they will tell Abby. Jack says Abby has to know, and Jen says of course. She is just glad Jack Jr. isnt old enough to understand all this. Jack says hell know, Jack says hell make a video for Jack Jr to watch when hes older. They then discuss how to tell Abby the truth. 

Outside Jack and Jens, Chelsea rains down on Abbys parade of happiness and warns her not to count on anything ever. Chelsea talks about her life coming crashing down when her parents dies. Abby says Chelsea can count on Bo and Billie, and she can count on her parents. She says things will only get better for all of them. Abby and Chelsea go inside, and they tell Jack and Jen all about their successful night. Jack tells Abby how proud of her they are. Abby wants them to sign up for the walk, but Jack says theyll see. Abby wonders what is going on, what does he mean they'll see. Jen asks Chelsea to give them time alone with Abby, so she leaves. Abby wonders if she is in trouble. Jen says no, she didnt do anything wrong. They all sit down, and Jack says there is no easy way to do this. Jack says hes been diagnosed with a serious illness and there is no cure. Abby thinks hell be okay, hell just take medicine. Jack says no, hes terminal, hes going to die. Abby asks if there isnt anything anyone can do? Jack says no, there is nothing anyone can do. Abby says they cant lose dad again. She thinks there must be something they can do. Jen knows it isnt fair. Abby asks how long they knew. Jen says she just found out, and Jack has known for awhile and didnt want to tell her. Abby realizes he has known for a long time, since Brady and Chloes wedding. Abby says that is why he wanted to dance with her there. She says he promised to always be here for them. Jack says he will be as a guardian angel. She says hes a liar and runs off. 

Abby runs outside, and Chelsea asks what is wrong? Abby says she wants to get out of here and she never wants to come back. Chelsea asks what is wrong. Abby says her dad is dying. Chelsea tells Abby how sorry she is, now she feels horrible about what she said. Abby says she was right, they cant count on anything. Abby says God is playing a sick joke on her family, but this time hes taking her dad away for good. Abby says this time he really is going to die. Chelsea says maybe if she believes again hell be fine, but Abby says shes used up all the miracles. Abby says her dad is dying and she cant stop it. Abby wants to leave, to get in Chelsea car and go somewhere.

Back inside, Jen thinks they should go after Abby, but Jack says no. He says Abby is strong, shell get through this, they all will, together. Jen says she doesnt know how they will get through this. She says she needs him, their children need him. Jen says one day he wont be here and she doesnt know how she can handle it again. Jack says everything will be okay, it will be different this time. He promises her that she'll get through it.

Sami and Nicole race to Alices to get to Austin. Sami tell Nicole to get out of here, she and Austin have plans that dont include Nicole. Nicole asks why he took off without her then? Sami says because she was throwing herself at him. Nicole says Austin invited them both to dinner, but then Sami through a hissy fit. Sami tells Nicole she is pathetic. Nicole says Sami is pathetic for going after Austin days after she was to marry Lucas. She says Lucas and Austin want nothing to do with Samis sorry ass ever again. Sami says Austin is just a friend and she and Lucas will get back together in time. Nicole says hell never take her back after what she did as Stan. Nicole says shed be on death row if she didnt get off on a technicality. Sami says she was innocent Austin got her off because he believes in her. Nicole says Austin deserves better than her. Sami says she and Austin are just friends and she loves Lucas. Nicole thinks Sami is making a play for Austin. Sami says she isnt and she will end up with Lucas, however she wont let Austin end up with a slut like Nicole. Nicole thinks Sami is keeping her options open for both men, and she doesnt deserve either one of them. Sami says Austin is waiting for her, so Nicole should go home as no one wants her here. Nicole says theyll see, pushes Sami into the bushes and then runs into Alices. 

Inside Alices, Lucas confronts Austin about what hes up to, and he says Austin wont get away with it. Lucas knows Austin turned down Victors job offer and he was second choice. Austin asks why hes so pissed off? Lucas says hes sick of Austins hand me downs, his rejects and handoffs. Lucas says for once hed like something first. Austin says if Victor didnt believe in him then he wouldnt offer it to him. Lucas says he will run that company better than Austin ever could. Austin wonders where this is coming from, and then he realizes this is about Sami. Lucas says Sami is trouble and he should stay away from her. Austin says he has no intention of repeating his mistakes with her, hes just helping her. Lucas says just stay away. Nicole shows up and says she agrees, Sami is trouble. Austin and Nicole head off to get a drink, and Lucas cant believe Austin is hanging out with Sami and Nicole now. 

Nicole tells Austin that she missed him and gives him a peck. She suggests they get a table and celebrate his homecoming. Sami then comes in and damns Nicole. Sami refuses to let Nicole get away with this, and then she sees Lucas behind the bar. She goes to Lucas and asks what hes doing here. He says he could ask her the same thing, shouldnt she be in jail? Sami says the charges were dropped thanks to Austin. Lucas cant believe Austin did this. Sami thinks he isnt angry with Austin, hes angry with her. Lucas says he is angry at Austin for turning his back on his own brother and not minding his own business. Sami doesnt want to fight, and she asks what hes doing here. He says it is a job, he needs the money. New waitress Sophie says soon hes going to be working for Victor soon. Sami learns hes taking Bradys old job, and she says she is so proud of him and hell do great. Lucas says hell turn his life around, and it took leaving her for that to happen. Lucas walks away, and Sami looks over to Nicole and Austin. 

Meanwhile, Nicole begs Austin not to make the same mistake with Sami again. Austin says his feelings toward Sami have changed. Nicole asks how they have changed? Austin says when he left her in Vegas he was hurt and angry, but hes gotten over it and gotten some perspective. He says he realizes now most of Samis mistakes are done out of fear of losing those she loves. Austin says Sami needs help. Nicole says she will never change, and if he is smart then hell stay far away from Sami. Later they decide to play a game of pool, and Nicole says if she wins she wants him to come home with her and not Sami. They begin playing the game, and Austin says about the bet that they should just see how the evening goes no matter who wins. As they play, Sami watches them. Sami watches Nicole flirt with Austin and fumes. Lucas tells her that it looks like she has some competition. Austin thinks maybe his brother isnt as dumb as he looks, though it is Nicole he's with.

Outside the penthouse, John decides to go and stop Alex. Kate tells him no, it will only have a negative affect on Marlena. John says as of tonight Alex is out of here. John bursts in, and they find nobody is home. John thinks Alex has taken off with Marlena. Later the doorman shows up, he says Dr. Evans left word he wasnt to be here unescorted. John says his wife is very ill and they need to know where Dr. North took her. The doorman says he took her to Chez Rouge. John decides they are going to crash that dinner.

Alex and Marlena are at Chez Rouge. Marlena is distant, and Alex asks if everything is okay? He says she has barely touched her dinner. Marlena says she just doesnt have an appetite right now. Alex asks what is troubling her? Marlena thinks she made a mistake asking John for a divorce. Alex tells Marlena that she said it is what she wanted. Marlena says she knows, but she thinks shes making a mistake and she doesnt know why. She says it is just a feeling. Alex says but she felt strongly John was interfering with her recovery, doesnt she want to get better. Marlena does, but she thinks she acted hastily. She says John loves her dearly, and hes so desperate for her to remember their life and love. Marlena says the photo album shows how happy and in love they were, so she thinks she should take time to make sure. Alex says but she claimed she was sure. Marlena says well now shes not sure again, and in her condition she doesnt think she should make any decisions like this. She says it doesnt make sense why she asked John for the divorce. Alex says she explained her reasons, she was clear and definite. Marlena says she knows, but sometimes she thinks she gets confused. She says she does know John cares about her, and she thinks she should wait until she gets her memory back before making a decision like this. Alex thinks she should trust her first instinct. He says it is coming from somewhere deep inside of her, the real her. Alex says they will find that person. Alex thinks that person inside of her may very well hold the truth. Alex knows this is confusing and he orders her a cup of tea as she heads off to the bathroom. Alex says Marlena isnt making this easy and its time to get her back with the program. He pulls out some pills and says this will do the trick. When her tea comes, Alex drugs it to make her forget all about John Black. Marlena turns from the womens room, and Alex tells her to keep her distance from John in order for this treatment to succeed. He says her husband only upsets and confuses her. She says it doesnt seem right to turn her back on him completely, it must really hurt him. Alex says shes not drinking her tea, but she decides she doesnt want tea. She asks for something cold instead.

Outside, Kate and John arrive. John says hes going to do what it takes to get Marlena away from Alex. Kate says if he bursts in there and makes a scene then Alex will take advantage of it. John asks what she suggests. Kate says she does have an idea. Kate and John head in together, and Alex uses this and points out to MArlena that her ex-husband hasnt wasted time moving on without her. Alex says John seems to be doing just fine, and he suggests they dance. She doesnt know, but Alex insists. They dance and get way too close. John comments to Kate that it is like they are on a date. Kate says it does appear that way. John cant stand this and says they should dance too. They get up and dance, and Marlena doesnt seem to like this. Kate suggests to John that he ask Marlena to dance. John says shes just full of ideas. They head over to Marlena and Alex, and John asks Marlena if she is okay. Marlena says she is fine. John asks if he could cut in. Marlena smiles. Alex says it seems like John has a dance partner. Kate says she asked John to dance with Marlena. John says so what does she say, one last dance? Marlena says Alex wont mind, but Alex does mind. He says MArlena is tired and they were just about to sit down. Marlena says sorry, she is tired. John and Kate discuss how its like Alex owns Marlena. John says if North thinks hes going to take Marlena from him then he will kill him. Alex suggests to Marlena that they leave, hes going to take her home. When John sees them leaving he makes a scene. He says MArlena will leave with him over his cold dead body.

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