October 17, 2005

On the roof top, Mimi and Shawn are kissing up a storm. Belle sees this and heads back down the ladder, not slipping this time. She heads back up the ladder again to spy on Shawn and Mimi, who are still kissing. She finally heads back down to her loft for good. However, Mimi and Shawn hear something, and Shawn asks if anyone is there. Nobody answers, and Mimi says perhaps it was a ghost from the past. Shawn says what? Mimi says she doesn't mean a real ghost. She says up here they are surrounded by ghosts, relationships carved on the door, some made it some that didn't. Shawn thinks they should forget the past and make new memories. They kiss some more, and she asks if he's ready to take the next step. Shawn suggests they slow down a bit, and he suggests they go back to the loft and watch a movie. Mimi likes the idea. They head back to the loft, and Mimi says while she may have ruined dinner she didn't ruin desert. She has hot chocolate lava cake for them. They eat up, and Mimi gets it on her face.. He jokes she has a chocolate mustache, and then he kisses it off. They end up on top of one another, but Shawn slows things down before they go too far. He says he has a movie and they begin watching it.

At Belle's loft, Phillip is taking care of Claire when Belle returns. He's not really pleased that she went out to get some air without letting him know. She says she's sorry and she doesn't know what is wrong with her. Phillip explains that Lexie thinks she has postpartum depression. Belle thinks it is more than that. She says she's just so happy right now and perhaps she's afraid she'll lose it all. They then hear Shawn and Mimi laughing through the air vents, and Phillip says it sounds like they are having a good time. He's glad, he thinks they are getting closer. Belle throws a little fit, and she says she's not happy about this. Phillip asks why, does she still have feelings for Shawn? Belle just says both Shawn and Mimi are special to her, and she thinks this won't work out for them. Phillip has a good feeling about it. He then gives Belle a surprise, her favorite chocolates. She eats them up and then tells Phillip that she loves him, she wants him, make love to her. Phillip says they are supposed to wait six weeks. She says she knows her body, trust her. She then jumps him and they begin to get it on.  

At Alice's, Roman comes in and sees Lucas at the bar. He thinks this isn't exactly the best job for him. Lucas says save it, he's heard it from everyone tonight. Lucas explains he's just filling in for Shawn and he's soon to be working at Titan. Roman is glad, he thinks Lucas deserves to be happy and move on with his life. Lucas asks Roman why Sami is free, why were the charges dropped. Roman says he has Austin to thank for that. Lucas says Austin is just as much a traitor as Sami is. Lucas thinks Sami getting away again will not teach her a lesson. Later, Roman tells Lucas he is young, he'll find a new woman and move on. Roman isn't so sure about himself though, he's been down this road far too many times. Lucas thinks his mother losing him is a good thing, perhaps it will force her to stop butting into other people's business. Roman says still, he's not sure what is in his future. Bonnie hears them talking and says if they are searching for female companionship to come sit next to her. Roman thinks Bonnie has heard he and Kate are over. Bonnie knows that must be hard for him, that and what is going on with Sami. She offers to try and talk to Sami for him. 

MEanwhile, Nicole is playing pool with Austin, and she distracts him with her "assets" by leaning over the table. Austin says she doesn't play fair. Nicole says just a little advantage, but Austin says there is nothing little about them. Nicole reminds him of their bet, she wins and he comes home with her. Sami hears this, throws a fit and puts an end to their game. Austin wonders what is wrong with them, if they don't stop it he's going back to New York. They claim they can get a long and they are almost like friends. They pretend to play nice to please Austin, but the minute he goes to the bar they are fighting again. Nicole tells Sami what she's doing is pathetic, but Sami won't let Nicole get her hands on Austin. 

Austin talks with Lucas again, and Lucas doesn't like that Austin seems to be falling for Sami again, and he doesn't like that he's hanging out with his ex-wife either. Meanwhile, Bonnie talks with Sami and says she has little green monsters dancing in her eyes. Sami assures her that she is in love with Lucas and isn't trying to make a play for Austin. Bonnie isn't so sure about that. Bonnie makes a comment about Roman, and Sami tells Bonnie she is not to go after her father. Later, Sami eavesdrops as Nicole asks Austin why he's falling into Sami's trap again. Austin says he's not, and Sami is his friend and he cares about her. Sami says she knew she could count on Austin. Sami once again gets some alone time with Nicole to warn her to back off. Nicole says she isn't about to back off, she and Austin are good together and they will end up together. Sami says over her dead body. Meanwhile, Bonnie goes back to Roman and plies him with beer and ribbs, which he loves.

At Chez Rouge, Alex warns John to let go of Marlena or he'll call the cops. Kate distracts Alex so John can have a word with Marlena. Kate tells Alex that he should watch himself, John is a very dangerous man. Alex isn't afraid of John. Kate thinks he should be, and she says they are onto him. They see how he is romancing Marlena, he treats her more like a date than a patient. Meanwhile, John talks with Marlena. He begs her not to do this, not to give up on them. He tries to convince her that Alex is doing bad things to her, but she defends Alex. John says he's seen them together. She asks if he is spying on them? He quickly covers and says no, he meant the kiss at the cabin. Marlena explains that was just transference, and she does remember a little about her medical background to know it exists. John still thinks Alex is up to no good and he is the one behind her asking for a divorce. She says that is preposterous. John asks her to at least do him one favor, tonight lock her bedroom door. She eventually agrees. Kate approaches and says Alex won't call the police if he is allowed to take Marlena home now. Marlena says she'd like to go home, so she and Alex leave.

Kate and John return to the hotel. John spies on Alex and MArlena, who are on the terrace. Alex asks what she's thinking about, and she says John. Alex reaches for his pendant, but before he can use it Marlena says she's tired and is going to bed. She heads to her room and locks her door as John asked her to. John is pleased, and he and Kate eat dinner. Back at the penthouse, Alex grabs his tape recorder and heads for Marlena's room, only to find it locked. He says he'll beat John at his own game, and he once again heads out onto the terrace to sneak into Marlena's room via her window. 


October 18, 2005

Mimi and Shawn have just finished their movie. Shawn says it was a sad movie, and he doesnt like sad movies. Mimi flicks the channels and finds the premier of The Rolling Stones video. Shawn didnt know she was a Stones fan. She says it was her first concert ever, Patrick took her when she was 16. Shawn wanted to go so badly, and Mimi jokes he had to take Belle to see the Backstreet Boys. They then watch the video for Streets of Love. After the video Mimi is in tears because it was so good. Shawn asks why shes crying then? She says the video spoke to her, you make one wrong move and you end up alone for life. Shawn promises her that she wont end up alone. Mimi asks how he knows, does he have a crystal ball? He says no, but he knows she is a good person. Mimi says the kiss of death, that means shes not hot. Shawn says not true, but she says he never bothered to look at her in high school. He says because he looked at no one but Belle, but now they arent in high school. Mimi says but he is still in love with Belle isnt he. Shawn says while he wasnt ready to step aside graciously before, the baby is here now so he has to respect that and he does. Mimi says hes amazing, and she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself. She should start thinking of Rex as her first great love so that someday there can be a second. Shawn is sure there will be. Mimi says hes such a good friend to her. Later, Shawn tucks Mimi in as she falls asleep on the couch. He says who knows, maybe the two of them will end up together some day. Shawn realizes he left the other CDs on the roof, so he heads back up to get them.

At Phillip and Belles, Belle and Phillip are about to make love, but Phillip stops and says he cant. Phillip says they have to wait as he doctor said, but instead hell hold her all night long. Belle thinks he doesnt want her anymore, shes had a baby so he doesnt want her. She thinks he doesnt think shes pretty anymore. Phillip says she is more beautiful now than ever, and she is feeling this way because she is depressed. Belle says that makes it more tragic, he now has a weepy wife and a new baby to take care of on his own because she cant do it, shes useless. He tells her not to do this to herself. He says he loves her and is here for her just like she was here for him. Belle thinks she will never feel better. She says he lost his leg and went on like nothing happen, so why is she having such a hard time dealing with this. Belle wants her old life back. He says she will have it back, but she says no she wont, it wont be the same. Phillip says it wont, it will be better. Belle says she just wants him to love her. Phillip says he will, he always will. She says to make her feel it, hold her tight. The baby cries, so Phillip tends to her. Belle doesnt even want to look at the baby. Belle says she should feed her, but Phillip says hell use the milk she expressed before to feed her. Belle says but she is her mother so she should be the one to take care of her. Phillip says and he is her father, and tomorrow shell have the nanny to help. Belle says she doesnt want a nanny, she should do this herself. Phillip says shes tired right now so she should go rest. He says hell be going back to work soon so shell have a lot of time alone with the baby. Belle heads off to go to bed. Phillip spends some alone time with Claire, and he tells her how much he loves her. He tells her how lucky he and Belle are to have him. He then begins singing rock-a-bye-baby to her. Phillip then realizes what an awful song it really is. Phillip says whenever she falls, hell be right there to catch her. He says her mommy and daddy will always be there for her.

Meanwhile, Belle cant stop thinking about Shawn kissing Mimi. She ends up heading back up to the roof for some more air. Of course Shawn also shows up to get his CDs, and when she sees him she begins to cry. 

At Alices, Bonnie and Roman are eating ribs. Roman doesnt know if it was the ribs that were so good or the fact that it has been so long since he had them. Bonnie suggests it is the company, she cant see Kate or Maggie eating these with him. Roman says the ribs were damn good, and hell come back for more. She offers him a slice of shoofly pie for desert, but he says he has to keep his girlish figure. She jokes about a commercial with a guy worried about his butt looking too big in a pair of jeans. He asks if she is checking him out, and she says that is what divorcees do. She offers him the pie again, and he accepts. Unfortunately their evening is cut short when Kate calls Roman for help. Roman promises hell be back for the pie soon. 

Nicole and Austin continue their pool game. Sami yanks Nicole away and asks what she is trying to do? Nicole says she's trying to win. Sami wont let Nicole take advantage of Austin, but Nicole says there is nothing she can do about it. Sami tells Austin that Nicole is cheating just to get him to go home with her. Nicole is down to the 8 ball, and says if she sinks it then Austin comes home with her tonight. Sami coughs and makes Nicole sink one of Austins balls. Austin says well she lost, so Sami says that means Austin is going home with her. Austin says not necessarily, and he says hell be right back. Austin leaves, and Sami and Nicole continue to fight over Austin. Nicole thinks Sami got over Lucas quickly. Sami says shes no victim, when shes down she bounces right back up. Nicole says yeah, just like one of those inflatable clowns. Sami sees her dad run out, and she questions Lucas why he left. Lucas says he has his own life. Sami tells him not to lecture her. Lucas says he went to the penthouse, something about John and Alex. Sami runs off after them, and Nicole realizes Austin is all hers. Austin returns and Nicole tells him Sami had to go, and that she could really use an anger management class. Austin ends up following after Sami. 

Sophie tells Lucas hes staring at his brother like hes jealous. Lucas says hes just amazed a big exec from New York isnt smarter. Sophie says not all women are like Sami and Nicole. He knows, and he says she is a nice person but hes not ready for anything serious. Sophie says who said anything about getting serious. She tells him he is a good guy, and he has a lot going for him. He thanks her for the little pep talk. Later, Lucas warns Nicole not to cross Sami, when she wants to make someone suffer then she can make their life a living hell.

At Kates place, John hasnt touched his food. HE says hes worried about Marlena being in the penthouse alone with Alex. Kate says she is alone and probably asleep, relax. She says the doors are locked and the lights are out. John says he still doesnt trust the man. Kate says at least Marlena is safe from him for tonight. John apologizes for being so rude. He checks on the penthouse and sees Alex on the terrace outside Marlenas room. Kate says hed be crazy to do that. Kate looks and by time she looks hes already inside. Kate doesnt see anything. John looks again and sees Alex is gone. John wonders if he saw him or the fog. Kate says only a few seconds passed between when the two of them looked at the terrace, she doesnt think Alex could have slipped in that fast. John says if he is in the penthouse then hell kill him! John leaves, and Kate calls Roman for help. 

Over at the penthouse, Alex sneaks in through Marlenas window to get to her. Alex once again begins giving her hypnotic suggestions. He says from this night on, she belongs to him. Alex says John is dangerous, he must ask for a divorce, Alex is the only man she trusts and should be with. Marlena says she hears and understands. He says good, and when he brings her out of hypnosis then she wont remember he was here. She says she will remember, and she thought she wanted her to remember? Marlena doesn't understand. Someone begins to bang in the door, and Marlena asks if someone is here to see her? John is outside banging on the door telling Marlena to let him in. He decides to kick the door in. Kate and Roman show up, and Kate says she was worried about him so she called Roman. John gives Roman the low down, Marlena kicked him out and Dr North is doing bad things to her in there. Roman warns him if he kicks the door down then hell have to arrest him. John cant believe this, he thinks Roman is letting his feelings for him stop him. John says think about Marlena, the two of them share children. He tells Roman if he wants to stop him then use his gun and shoot him. Back in Marlenas room, Marlena comes too but doesnt seem to remember what Alex was just telling her. She says it was something about John, but she's not sure. She then goes to see what is happening downstairs. Back outside of the penthouse, Sami shows up, and John says she shouldnt be here. Roman asks why does she stick his nose in where it doesnt belong. Sami asks why her dad is here, shell tell him, because he loves her mom and always has. John says they need to get North out of there, and Sami agrees. John says what do you know, for once they agree on something. Austin has arrived, which doesnt sit well with Kate that he's still with Sami. Roman agrees they should go in and check on Marlena, so the whole family storms the penthouse. Marlena comes down the steps and asks what is wrong, how did they all get here? Alex then shows up and asks what is going on? John tells North he wont get away with this! Everyone is stunned as John lunges for Alex.


October 19, 2005

On the roof of the lofts, Belle is looking at Shawns CDs when he shows up to get them. Belle wipes away her tears, and he asks what is wrong. She says she doesnt want him to see her like this. He wont leave her this upset, and he asks if something happened with Phillip, is the baby okay? Belle says the baby is fine and Phillip is with her. Shawn asks if Phillip knows shes up here? Belle says no, he thinks she is sleeping. Shawn says hes going to go get him. Belle tells him not to go, she doesnt want Phillip she wants him. Shawn asks why? He says Phillip is her husband and should know where she is. Belle says she just needs to pull herself together. Shawn says perhaps they should call LExie, maybe this is part of her depression. Belle says she doesnt know what is wrong with her, she was trying to sleep but then felt like she needed air. Shawn asks if she wants to talk about it? Belle says she feels strange. She says she feels like it isnt her in her own body. She says she cant explain it, but its like her whole life has been an act, a lie. She says she knows she shouldnt be complaining, she made these decisions and if she is unhappy then it is her fault. He asks if she is really that unhappy. She says not all the time, sometimes she feels very happy. However she says she feels helpless around Claire, its like shes afraid of her. Shawn says when they ran away with JT she knew what to do then and she still does. He says she needs to stop giving herself a hard time for not being perfect. Belle says shes so far from perfect, she has no business being a mother if she cant take care of Claire. Belle says what if she screws her up for life? Shawn says that wont happen, and Claire is lucky to have her as a mom and Phillip as a father. Shawn says this is the depression and shell get through it with treatment. Belle says she has a hard time believing all these thoughts and feelings are because of the baby. Belle says she wishes she could talk to her mom about this. Shawn says he knows she does. Belle says its like she doesnt know who she is anymore. She says she used to be so happy and loved life. She says but now when she looks at the world she brought her daughter into all she sees is crime, poverty and disease. Shawn thinks she should be talking to Phillip about this. Belle says he is still recovering and she doesn't want to bother him. Belle says she wishes things were the way they used to be. She says when they were together things seemed so simple. She says then life was perfect. Shawn says what they had was great, but it is over and she made him see that. He says she has an awesome husband and a beautiful daughter, she has a lot to look forward to. Belle brings up him and Mimi and how close they are getting. Shawn says theyve always been close, but yes they have had a lot of fun lately. Shawn tells her that she needs to get back to bed, but Belle says hes avoiding the subject. She asks if he wants to get married and have kids. Shawn says yes, he wants everything Phillip has. She asks if he is saying that he wants her. Shawn says what he meant was he wants a wife and kids, a family of his own. Shawn says that he has finally accepted that a life with her wasnt meant to be, she has a husband and daughter and that changes things. He says Phillip is her future and what they had was the past. He says they both have to move on. Belle says he is right. Shawn gives Belle a friendly hug. 

At Alices, Sophie and Lucas are cleaning up the place. Lucas tells Sophie he had fun working with her, and she says likewise. She says she hopes his new job is awesome. He says it will be, even if he was second choice. She says not to talk like that, and hell make the most of this opportunity. Lucas says he will prove himself to Victor and everyone else that he can run Titan better than Austin ever could. Sophie tells Lucas that hes going to be great. He thanks her for the vote of confidence. Sophie says she knows hes not ready to get involved, but how about they go out and celebrate his new job. Lucas says hed like that, and she says cool. Sophie quickly changes, and she asks where he wants to go? The Cheatin Heart, Chez Rouge? He says hes a recovering alcoholic. She says right, sorry. He suggests a cup of coffee and hang out on the pier, and she says that sounds perfect. Sophie says this sort of feels like a date, is it? He says he guesses it is. They then leave arm in arm.

Lucas and Sophie are on the pier with their coffee talking about how the Java Caf turns into a teen scene at night. She says it is still the best coffee in town, and Lucas says good food too. He says he and Sami took Will there all the time. Lucas says hes sorry, he needs to stop bringing her up. Sophie says its okay, his breakup just happened and he needs time to heal. She also says she knows what its like. She says once upon a time she was engaged too. She says she was young and naive. He asks what happened. She says he was a great guy, great family, amazing athlete. She says on the day of the wedding she caught him with one of her bridesmaids. Lucas says hes so sorry. She says she realized she was lucky she found out before she got married. Sophie says he apologized and begged her to take her back, and while she was tempted, she didnt take him back. She says she wouldnt give him the chance to betray her again. Sophie asks what happened with him and Sami. He says Sami has trouble telling the truth and he couldnt live his life that way. She asks if he could give her another chance. Lucas says no, he and Sami are really through this time. Later, Lucas brings Sophie home with him. He offers to let her crash at his place for the evening. It turns out Sophies apartment got flooded and has water damage. Sophie says she should be able to get back tomorrow, and she asks Lucas if shes sure its okay. Lucas says yes, his son is elsewhere tonight. Sophie says hes a lifesaver. They head inside and there are boxes everywhere. She asks if he is moving. He says he was going to move in with Sami, she lives down the hall. Sophie says it is a bummer to still live so close to her. Sophie says shes going to make good on her talk to help him forget all about Sami.

At the penthouse, John asks Alex what he was doing climbing in his wifes bedroom window. Alex plays innocent and acts insulted. John says he saw him, but Alex says hes out of his mind. Alex says he doesnt appreciate being made out to be a sexual predicator. He tells Roman that he wants to press charges against John for slander and harassment. Alex says John accuses him of harming Marlena when all he is trying to do is help her. Roman tells them all to calm down. Roman says John wouldnt be here if he didnt think MArlena was in danger. John wants to hear from Marlena, has she felt threatened by Alex? Has Alex come on to her? Marlena doesnt understand why they are all here. Roman asks Marlena the questions again. Marlena assures them that Alex hasnt hurt her. John knows what he saw, and Marlena asks how he saw all this? John says with field glasses. Alex says hes been spying on them? Alex says he wants all of them out of here. John says this is his house and his wife. Alex says she wont be his wife much longer. Sami asks what that means. Marlena tells everyone that she is divorcing John. Sami says shes prayed for this for so long. John says Alex is playing mind games with her, that is why she wants the divorce. Alex says John is in serious denial, he won't accept this divoce and is blaming it on anyone but himself. Alex says John has never considered that he is the one making her life miserable. John says if North wants to bust him for harassment and slander then why not add in assault. John goes to attack North, but Austin and Roman stop him. Roman tells John he is not helping. John asks if they cant see what is going on here? He says Marlena is just standing there like the life has been sucked out of her. John asks if Marlena is acting like the woman Roman married. Roman says she hasnt been herself for months, and John must keep his cool. Sami asks her mom if she will really divorce John? Marlena says she doesnt want to talk about it now. Sami says she is doing the right thing and this will help her. Meanwhile, Roman questions Kate about Dr. North sneaking into MArlena's room, but Kate didnt see it. Roman says without more proof that Marlena is in danger then there is nothing he can do. Sami then tells her dad it is time he gets Alex and John out of moms life, and once she divorces John then he can help her recover. Roman tells Sami to drop it. Sami says they belong together. Roman asks Austin to take Sami home as she isnt helping. Kate says they should call her a cab, but Austin says hes taking her home. Kate leaves and follows them out. John tells North he wants some answers. Alex tells him to back off otherwise hell go to court and get a restraining order against him. John says go for it, hell see him in court with nine lawyers by his side. Alex hopes one is a divorce lawyer as that is what is coming next. John tries to take a swing, but Roman stops him. John wont leave until he gets Alex out of here. Roman says this isnt helping Marlena. Marlena asks them both to please leave, but John says no. He wont leave until Alex is gone. Alex tells John that he needs a psychiatrist, he is behaving like a mad man. Marlena asks John to go, and Alex says this is why hes getting a restraining order. HE says it is his duty to protect Marlena. John says she needs protection from him. Alex says now he realizes why Marlena has been so uncomfortable around John, he was an abusive husband wasnt he. John says he has never abused her in any way shape or form and he knows it. Alex says he thinks Marlena cant remember because of his abusive behavior. John says Alex is trying to reinvent a past that never existed. John asks MArlena to talk to him. He tells her to listen, when he took a vow to love honor and protect her, it wasnt just through the good times, it was through bad times and in sickness and health till death do they part. He wont break their vows, and he says she has to remember him and their love. John says when they first met he didnt know who he was, and she helped him. John says she helped him deal with not remembering, and she made him the person he is today. We see a lot of flashbacks of John and MArlena as he pleads with her to give their love a chance. Marlena says she doesnt know why, but she believes him. She says everything he said is true isnt it. Alex looks very nervous at this point. Alex butts in and says John is trying to force feed Marlena memories. John says stay out of this, but he wont. Alex quickly waves his pendant and makes Marlena go blank. Marlena tells John to stop pushing her, Alex is helping her and hes not. She tells them to both go now. Alex agrees and asks them to leave. Roman suggests they go, but John says not until he talks to Marlena in private. He says he wants to hear it from MArlena. John says it wont take long, and he thinks it will only take about a minute. Marlena wants to do this tomorrow, but he says no now and she is remembering. She refuses and says there is no more to talk about, good night. John says he doesnt get this, one minute she wants to remember and the next she shuts down. Roman and John finally leave, but John says this isnt over. Alex says soon John wont be able to get near Marlena or him. John and Roman leave, and Alex breaks out the pendant again. He says it is time to make her forget all about John Black for good. 

Austin takes Sami home, and Sami is furious. She cant believe her dad kicked her out. Austin says her parents and John can take care of themselves and they dont need her interfering in their lives. She says shes not interfering, and they are talking about her mother here. HE says for someone who hates people interfering in her life, she doesnt give the same consideration to others. Austin tells Sami that something has been bothering him though, Alex seemed nervous. Austin says Alex was acting territorial with her mom. Sami says she thinks the guy is creepy, but if he is the reason her mom wants to divorce John then obviously he is helping her. Sami says her parents belong together and if doctor North will make that happen then he is okay with her. Kate walks in and says then she is a fool. Kate says Dr. North doesnt want Marlena with Roman, he is not trying to help her remember he is trying to erase the memories she has left. Kate says Alex is a phony and if he has his way, Marlena wont remember her or her father. Sami asks what she knows. She thinks whatever hes doing , her mom leaving John is a good thing. She thinks Kate is just upset because her father is over Kate. Kate says she knows Dr. North is up to something, and what hes trying to do is break up MArlena and John. Sami says that is a good thing. Kate says he has an agenda. Kate says Dr. North told her that pretty soon hell be able to pick between Roman and John. Sami says she doesnt get it. Kate says Dr. North wants more than a Doctor-Patient relationship with MArlena. Sami says no. Austin says that is what he was trying to tell her, it was like Dr. North had cast a spell on her. Sami says like brainwashing? Kate says John thinks Dr. North is using hypnosis on her. Sami says she didnt know that. Kate says Alex is living with MArlena and got rid of John so now Marlena has no one to protect her. Sami thinks she needs to warn her dad. Kate says they already know but they have no proof. Sami says she has to do something, and she thinks Kate is thrilled with all of this. Kate says MArlena is her friend, but Sami calls her a liar. Austin tells them to knock it off. Sami says perhaps Austin should know how long Kate waited after her moms supposed death to seduce John. Sami says Stefanos whore went after her best friends husband so quickly. Kate calls Sami a bitch and slaps her. Austin holds Sami back from attacking his mom. He tells his mom she overreacted, but what Sami said was wrong. Sami says she doesnt have time for this, shes not going to lose her mother again. She says shes going to see her son. 

Sami pounds on Lucas door, and Lucas opens it shirtless. She wants to see Will, but he says it wont happen. Lucas says Will doesnt want to see her, and she has burnt too many bridges around here. Sami says she knows Will is here so let her in. Lucas says hes not here. She asks why he didnt say so before? She asks where is he. Lucas says at Arthurs. She asks why hes acting so weird, and then realizes Lucas has a women in there. Lucas says yes, and he goes back inside to Sophie, who seems to be in a state of undress. 

Meanwhile, Kate admits to Austin that it felt good to slap Sami. Austin says she didnt need to do that. Kate wishes Austin would stop defending Sami, he is going to get pulled into her web again. Austin says it wont happen, he is in a different place now. Kate says it looks like hes in Samis apartment, the place she brings his victims before moving in for the kill. Austin says Sami needs her to become the person she can become. Austin doesnt want to hear anymore from her.

Back at Lucas place, Sami turns around and finds Austin standing behind her. She cries in his arms as Kate watches.


October 20, 2005

Bo and Hope show up at Jack and Jens. Jen says Abby ran off and they cant find her. Bo says that doesnt sound like Abby, what happened. Jack says it was something he said, he told her that he was dying. Hope asks if it is his Hodgkins disease. Jack says no, and that he has been diagnosed with a very rare disorder. Jack says the thing about it is that it is terminal, and he could go very soon. Jack says there really is nothing more to tell. Hope takes a crying Jen aside for comfort, and Bo asks Jack how hes doing. Jack says hes scared, but hes more scared for his family. Bo says theyll be here for him and them. Jack says he knows. Bo asks how long hes known? Jack says for awhile. Bo asks if there is anything he can do. Jack says there actually is something. Jack asks Bo to make sure Patrick doesnt take advantage of Jen after he's gone. Meanwhile, Jen explains to Hope that Jacks known for awhile now but didnt want her or Abby to know and worry. Hope says that sounds like Jack. Jen is worried about Abby and where she is, what if shes doing something stupid. Hope says thats not Abby, but Jen says it wasnt like Shawn to drive a motorcycle through the window at Saint Luke's but he did it. Hope says theyll help her find Abby. Hope asks Bo to look for Abby, and Bo says he will. Jack insists he go as well. Jen says no, but Jack says hes not dead yet. He says theyll find Abby and bring her home. Jen says if he is going then she and Hope will go too. Jack says no, someone has to stay here. Jen says Jack isnt up for this, but Jack says he is. He tells Jen he can do this and hell be back soon. Later, Jen wonders why God is punishing her family like this. Hope says she cant answer that, but she will get through this and shell be here to help her. Jen says Abby was so devastated when they told her, she was so angry and hard. Hope says she was in shock, and both her and Abby will get through this. Jen just hopes they find her before she does something crazy.

Billie is worried about Chelsea, who hasnt come home. Patrick tells her shes going to wear a path in the carpet pacing around as she is. Billie is worried about Chelsea, shes not home and isnt answering her cell phone. Patrick says worrying about this wont do anything. Billie says where is she, why isnt she answering the phone and why isnt she calling back. Patrick says shes a teen, its part of the job description. Patrick says relax, shes probably with Abby. Billie thinks that Patrick thinks shes being neurotic. He says shes entitled to be, she started of with a teenager and not a newborn. Billie is just worried about the trouble she could be getting into, and she wishes she knew where Chelsea was. Patrick says this is all a part of becoming independent. Patrick suggests they put on music and hell make some more coffee. Billie finds that he has actual record albums, and she puts on some music. Patrick returns, and they share a dance and a kiss. She thanks him for helping her relax, she really needed this. Patrick tells her how much he likes being with her, and he tells her that shes funny, beautiful and extremely sexy. She says right back at you, and she tells Patrick that she likes that hes always there for her when she needs someone to listen. He says anytime, anyplace. They then share a passionate kiss. Later, Billie gets a call from Jen, who asks if Abby is there with Chelsea. Billie says no, she thought Chelsea was out with Abby. They both agree to keep a look out for the kids. After Billie hangs up, Billie says she could sense something was wrong, she heard it in Jens voice. Billie wants to go look for them, but Patrick tells her to stay and hell go look. Billie leaves another message for Chelsea asking her to call her. Later Bo shows up looking for Abby. Billie says Abby and Chelsea aren't here, and she asks if something is wrong. Bo says Jack is dying and she freaked and took off. Billie says Chelsea is missing too, so Patrick went to look for them. This news isnt what Bo wants to hear, and he storms off.

On the pier, Chelsea brings Abby some coffee, she says Josh made it just for her. Abby says this cant be happening. Chelsea says unfortunately it is happening. Chelsea says compared to what she went through, Abby should consider herself lucky. Abby asks if shes out of her mind? Abby asks if shed be even luckier if her mom and brother were dying too? Chelsea says it came out wrong, she just meant she now has time to spend time with her dad and say goodbye, she didnt get that chance. Chelsea says she would give anything to have had more time with her parents, and if she knew she was going to lose them then shed have made the most of every second they had together. Chelsea says she cant remember the last time she told her parents she loved them, or that they told her they loved her. She says she knows they did, but if she had that last moment to hold onto it would be so much easier for her. She tells Abby to do this for her, spend time with her dad. Abby says but every time she spends time with her dad or has a talk, shell wonder if that was the last time. Chelsea says it wont be easy, but shell have her to help her through this. Chelsea asks Abby if she should take her home, but Abby says shed rather be alone right now. They share a hug and Abby takes off. Patrick shows up and he asks Chelsea why she is here alone, what is wrong. Chelsea cries she just got horrible news. Chelsea says Abbys dad is going to die, and she is upset. She says she told Abby to make the most with the time she has left, that is something she didnt get. Chelsea cries that her parents arent supposed to be dead, she wants them here with her. He says it will be okay, but she says it wont be. Patrick tries to comfort her. Bo then shows up and tells Patrick to get his hands off his daughter.

Meanwhile, Jack finds Abby elsewhere on the pier. She collapses into tears in his arms. Abby asks how long hes known, and Jack says for a few months. He says he didnt want to upset her, he wanted to create some happy and normal memories instead of this. Abby says he always says she can come to him with anything no matter what it is. She says he should have told her about this, he shouldnt have treated her like a baby. Jack says well now she knows, and he says they shouldnt spend the time he has left fighting. Abby says she cant deal with this and runs off.

At the penthouse, Alex has decided to permanently erase any thoughts Marlena has of John. He uses his pendant and music to do his dirty work. He says after tonight she will never remember John, and the only man shell remember having loved is him. He gives her some wine and toasts to her recovery. She toasts with him, though she's obviously in a trance as she does. Later he tells Marlena to listen to the music, let it fill her head and take her to a quiet and tranquil place. He says let it take her to a place where she has no worries and no thoughts other than the ones he give her. She says it is so peaceful. He says she can stay like this forever, which she says she would like. He says hes going to count to ten, and when he gets to ten that she will have no memories of John Black. She says she understands. He says all her memories of John will be deleted, never to be retrieved. She says she understands. He begins to count, but then the clock on the table that John gave her begins to chime. Alex begins to morph into John as he is counting. Marlena seems to be coming out of the trance as Alex nears ten. Marlena remembers that John gave her the clock as a present, and he told her every time it chimed to remember his love for her. She told him that she didn't need a clock to do that. Alex reaches ten, and he gives Marlena her glass of wine back and says to a productive session. They toast and drink up. Marlena continues to look at the clock that John gave her, and she smiles. Alex asks if something is wrong, but she says no. She says shes going to go to bed and heads upstairs. Meanwhile, Alex thinks there is nothing to worry about anymore and it all went like clockwork. Alex heads out to the terrace and says this has been the most successful session. He then toasts to John, who he knows is watching. 

At Kates, John is still spying on Alex and MArlena. John is furious that he came so close to a breakthrough with Marlena, but then she did a 180. He knows North is controlling her mind somehow. Kate says he cant prove it and she doesnt want to leave Alex, so he doesnt have very many options does he. John says he has one, he could kidnap her. Kate cant believe this. She says he could be arrested, he could be charged. John says he knows he can get Marlenas memory back, he just needs time alone with her. Kate doesnt think this is a good idea and says if he does this then he could lose her forever. John says he has no other choice, and if he doesnt do this then hell lose Marlena forever. Later John sees Alex taunting him from the terrace and calls him a son of a bitch. Kate asks if Marlena is with him, but he says no. He thinks if Marlena is asleep and Alex is on the terrace then this is the time for him to go get her. Kate asks what if this doesnt work, what if she presses charges. John says he has no other options, he has to rescue her. Later John sees that Alex is gone, and he says if he is with Marlena then hes going to kill him.

Meanwhile, Marlena heads to her room and continues to remember John giving her the clock. Marlena is now holding the clock. She also remembers kissing John. She then remembers John asking her to lock her bedroom door before going to bed, so she locks her door. Alex shows up and asks Marlena if she is dressed. She says nothing and hides the clock in a drawer. Alex finds her door is locked so he asks Marlena to unlock the door, can she hear him? Marlena says nothing, but eventually lets him in. Alex asks if something is wrong. She says no, so he asks why she locked the door. She says just reflexes she guesses. Alex says he knows shes tired, but he has photos for her to look at. She asks of what. He says the two of them, they were taken a long time ago when they were lovers. Marlena says they were lovers? Alex says yes. Marlena has a quick memory flash of them together, and then she looks at the photo album. Alex says not only were they lovers, but she swore he was the only man shed ever love. Alex says at one time they were very special to each other. She asks when were these taken. He says not so fast, that is enough for one night. She wants to hear more, but he says tomorrow. Marlena says she wishes she remembered, and Alex says she will. He says when she gets those memories back then it will be clear to her who she wants to spend her life with.


October 21, 2005
Jack and Jen are in bed sleeping when Abby comes in to check on her dad. Jen wakes up and sees Abby standing there. Jen gets out of bed to go to Abby. Jack wakes up and sighs, but he doesn't let them know he's awake. Jen asks what shes doing. Abby says she wanted to make sure dad didnt die during the night. Jack hears this. Abby has come in over and over all night to check on her dad. She tells her mom about sitting next to dad and listening and waiting for him to breath. Jen tells Abby that her dad is very sick, but he has months to live still. Jen says he wont go yet. Abby doesnt know who or what to believe. Abby wonders what will happen to their family without him. She says at least she got to know dad, but Jack Jr. will never remember him. Abby says she knows she let her mom down before the first time they lost dad, and she wont treat her that way again. Jack is moved to tears, and ends up waking up. She apologizes for getting upset with him, but he says he should have told her before. She knows why he didnt tell her, and she promises she wont bother him anymore. She says shell let him rest and when he gets up, shell have breakfast for him. Abby leaves, and Jack tells Jen he heard everything. Jen says shes sorry and it must have been so hard. He says it proved that the Horton women are the strongest women around. Jen asks Jack what they will do without him. He says he has it all worked out. Jen asks what he is planning? Jack swears hes not planning anything, he just meant hed always be watching out over her, Jack Jr and Abby. Jen hugs him and then says shes heading downstairs to help Abby with breakfast. Jen leaves, and Jack says hes afraid hell be leaving Jen a little sooner than she thinks. In the kitchen, Abby is making breakfast when Jen shows up to help. Abby says shes good. Jen sees she is making blueberry pancakes, Jacks favorite. Jack shows up and thinks it cant get much better than homemade pancakes. He decides to go check on Jack Jr. Jack leaves, and Abby asks her mom if there is nothing they can do to help dad get better. Jen says they arent giving up yet, and shes working with the Horton Foundation to search for a cure. However Jen tells her that the news isnt good, Lexie consulted many specialists out there, but miracles can happen. Jen tells Abby they cant stop praying for a miracle, they have to keep her dad alive long enough to find a cure. A spying Jack walks in and tells them not to get their hopes up, he really doesnt think a cure will be found in time. 

Billie thanks Chelsea for making coffee and asks why shes up so early. Chelsea says she couldnt sleep, she kept thinking about Abby and her dad. Billie says shes sorry, it must make her think about losing her own parents. Chelsea says its not like she ever forgets, and knowing she and Bo are her biological parents makes it so much worse. She says shes always comparing it to the way it used to be, and Billie doesnt know what its like because she didnt have two parents who loved her. Billie says no she never did, and she never had anyone to ask her questions like those sexy pajamas she is wearing must have been expensive. Chelsea says she got them on sale. Billie asks where she got the money. She says she turned some tricks on the corner. Billie tells her not to say that. They begin arguing over Chelseas clothes, which Billie feel are way too revealing especially with a man in the house. She tells Chelsea to go put on a robe. Chelsea goes to leave and Patrick shows up. He asks how she is, and she asks how he thinks shes doing after last night. Billie asks what happened? Chelsea says Bo picked another ridiculous fight with Patrick. She says they are both driving her insane. Billie wonders why Bo picked a fight with Patrick, and what Chelsea did to upset Bo. Patrick explains the scenario to Billie, he was comforting Chelsea and Bo accused him of putting the moves on Chelsea, again. Chelsea says Bo would have gotten into a fight if Hope hadnt shown up and made him see how stupid he was being. Billie tells her not to talk about her father that way. Billie says he only wants what is best for her, and she is the stupid one for always throwing herself at Patrick. Chelsea leashes out at Billie for always blaming her for everything. Chelsea says Billie thinks she cant do anything right, and its no wonder she never felt a connection to Billie. Chelsea says Billie lost her the day she was born, she never really cared about her. Chelsea says now she acts like she has this maternal instinct thing going when all it is is an excuse to make her life miserable. Patrick excuses them, and Billie says she would never try and make her life miserable on purpose. She says she just wants to do what is best for her. Chelsea says she knows what she wants and Billie is standing in her way to make sure she doesnt get it. Chelsea storms off and calls her Grandma Kate. She flatters Kate by saying she feels odd calling her grandma, shes too young and beautiful. Kate says flattery will get her everywhere. She asks Kate to come over, and Kate says shell be right over. Billie finds her and asks who shes talking to. Chelsea says none of her business. She asks if she cant have her privacy. Billie says she wasnt demanding an explanation, she was just curious. Chelsea says shes going to work with Grandma Kate and shes on her way over. She says she needs an advance on her salary for a work wardrobe. Billie asks what about all the clothes she just got. Chelsea says those are for going out. Chelsea says she needs work clothes. Billie asks why she didnt come to her about this. Chelsea says because she doesnt want to owe her another damn thing. Later, Billie tells Chelsea that what shes wearing is lovely and she can wear that to work. Chelsea says everyone has seen her in these clothes before. Billie says so what, shes worn this outfit a lot and people have seen her in it before. Chelsea says but she doesnt want to look like her mother, and what she is wearing is old, shes worn it like fifty times. Chelsea doesnt mean that to be an insult. Billie says hey at least she called her mother. Chelsea says but they are as different as mother and daughter could be. Chelsea says Billie is a cop and an ISA agent, however she wants to do other things. She says she wants to go to clubs and show off, be well known. Billie says she wanted that too when she was younger, and that often leads to trouble. Chelsea says well everyone else in this family is a whore or an addict, so shes just getting an early start. Billie resents that and says when she confided in Chelsea she never expected her to throw it back in her face. Kate shows up, and Billie has a talk with her mom alone. Billie once again tells her mom no more cash or gifts for Chelsea. Billie says she had to take Chelseas wardrobe from her, and she tells her mom she is spoiling her. Kate says but shes never had a granddaughter before. As Chelsea listens in, Billie tells her mom no more cash and clothes until further notice. Later they begin arguing over how Kate interferes in her kids lives. Billie says she appreciates her mom giving Chelsea a job, but let her raise her. Meanwhile, Patrick catches Chelsea trying to leave, and he asks what is going on. She informs him what Billie has done, and he tells her to stop acting like a spoiled brat. Patrick says she is doing what is best for her. Chelsea says no she isnt, and one way or another she will get what she wants. Chelsea then storms out.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope makes Zack go back in the kitchen and finish his cereal. Bo shows up and says if shes angry with him then dont take it out on Zack. Hope says shes not, and the only person with an anger management problem in this family is him. She says it is the same routine every time he sees Patrick. Bo says because every time he sees Patrick he has his hands on his daughter. Bo says Patrick always says it isnt what he thinks. Hope thinks perhaps it is Chelsea who wants him to think it. Bo says Chelsea was very upset last night and she said its not okay. Hope says people hug each other and tell them its okay, maybe that is what Chelsea was responding too. Bo doesnt think so, and this upsets Hope. We see a flashback of Bo finding Patrick with Chelsea and becoming upset. He was about to pick a fight until Hope stopped it. Hope tells Bo that Patrick didnt do anything wrong, but he did. She says he is a cop, he cant go around assaulting people. She says if he keeps this up then he will push her right into Patricks arms. Hope and Bo continue to talk and Hope tries to make him realize he has to get used to Patrick being around. Hope says shes living with him, hes putting a roof over her head. Bo says he should be doing that. Hope asks if that what this is about, he think Patrick is taking over his role as father. Bo says this is about Patrick taking advantage of his daughter, she was fighting him off when he got there. Hope says she doesnt remember Chelsea screaming that he was attacking her, and she thinks Chelsea was pissed that Bo came along at all because he was interfering. Hope thinks nothing happened, and Chelsea was just upset for Abby. She also tells Bo to be happy her daughter was there for Abby as before last night, she thought Chelsea was a self centered individual. Bo says well she is wrong. Hope doesnt want to argue anymore. She says their problems are nothing compared to Jack and Jens. Hope decides she wants to do something for Jen to help lift her spirits, something special. She says it means stretching the budget, but he says its only money. Hope makes a call to make sure they have blocked four hours for Jennifer and her. As Hope prepares for Jens surprise, Bo gives Hope a surprise. He made her a little model of the Fancy Face III. Bo says it is to remind her of the voyage they are on together for the rest of their lives. They make love, and Hope looks towards the future and talks about maybe they will get to sail around the world again one day. However she says they cant take the future for granted, look at Jack and Jen. Bo thinks about Chelsea and how he lost 18 years with her, how can he make up for that. Hope says they cant change the past, but he can change her future by being there and loving her. 

Sami says good morning to Austin, and he says good morning to her. He has borrowed her laptop, which she doesnt mind. She asks how he slept, and he says good. She says he didnt have to sleep on the couch, he could have taken Wills bed. She asks what hes doing. Hes looking for an apartment. When Sami realizes he is staying in Salem she is thrilled. She also tells him that he can stay here with her if he wants. He says her couch isnt that comfortable. Sami says she has two other bedrooms. Austin says one is filled with junk and the others is Wills. She says she can empty it out. Austin says he doesnt think it is a good idea, what will people think. Sami doesnt care, and she says it would be a help. She says shes lonely and she needs help with rent as she doesnt have a job. Austin isnt sure. Sami asks why he came back to Salem anyways. Austin says hes decided that his future is here. Sami asks what he means? He says hes starting his own company here in Salem. She says that is great. Sami says she needs to move on with her life to, so Austin says if there is anything he can do to help to just let him know. Later, Sami begs Austin for a job, but he doesnt think it will work. Sami says she will be a good assistant. He says he doesnt think its a good idea with their history. Sami says nobody will give her a job just like Lucas. She says her reputation is ruined in this town, and the only way shell find work is if someone gives her a chance. Austin says if her reputation is that bad it could hurt his business. She thinks hes right, but he says he was only kidding. Sami tells him not to kid, he needs to think about his business. He still doesnt think this is a good idea, but Sami does. Sami talks about how far hes gotten with his business. Austin says start up costs are expensive and he was thinking of working out of his home. Sami says great, he can stay here and work. Austin asks what about what Lucas will think and say. Sami says Lucas has made it clear they have no future, so she has to think about her own future and career. Sami continues to work to convince how great this would be for Austin, and how much money he would save. She says later on he can get a really nice office with all the money he has saved. Austin says okay, hell move in and she is hired.

Kate decides to call Lucas and wish him well on his first day of work, even though she knows Lucas doesnt want to hear it. She calls Lucas place and Sophie answers the phone. Kate is shocked to hear Sophie answer, and she asks if Lucas is there. Sophie hands the phone to Lucas, and Kate congratulates him for finally moving on. Lucas says he hasnt moved on, and he asks his mom what kind of person she thinks he is? Kate says well who answered his phone. HE says none of her business, and he yells at her for ruining his life, Wills life and Samis life. Kate says she spared him years of misery. Lucas says she doesnt seem to understand that he wants her out of his life for good, and he hangs up on his mom. Kate damns Sami for costing her Lucas. Kate says she doesnt care how good Austins attentions are either, shes not loosing him to Sami either. Later Sophie showers and walks around in a towel. She thanks him for the sleepover and she owes him. She asks Lucas something. She says she got up last night and heard him talking in his sleep. Sophie tells Lucas she didnt try and listen, but whatever he was saying about Sami it sounded romantic. He says it wasnt like he was moaning and groaning, but perhaps hes not over Sami as he thinks. Lucas says it may take time for him to get over her, but he and Sami will never have a future.

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