October 24, 2005

At Sami's place, Austin agrees to give Sami a job on a trial basis. She thanks him and says he won't be sorry. Austin says they have to set some ground rules down first. He says during office hours he is the boss, what he says goes. He says when office hours end then they are equal and share everything fifty fifty. She agrees and once again says he won't regret this. Austin has a meeting with Mickey about getting the company off the ground, so Sami sees him off.

Outside of Lucas' apartment, Sophie thanks Lucas for letting her stay, and she says he has her number. As they share a kiss goodbye, Sami sees them. Sami tells Lucas he certainly didn't waste time moving on from her. She just hopes Will wasn't around to see that. Lucas says she knows Will is at Arthur's. She says she is just looking out for her son, who should be living with his mother. Lucas says he doesn't want to live with her, and she has only herself to blame for that. Lucas says he's moving on with his life. She says with that cocktail waitress? Lucas says she is a nice person. Sami says she is moving on with her life too, she got a new job. He asks who would hire her after all the horrible things she has done. She says his brother Austin. Lucas can't believe it. She also says he's moving in with her and they are working out of her apartment. Austin says this will blow up in their faces and with their history they will be at one another's throats. Sami says Austin is the only one who didn't turn his back on her after their wedding fiasco, and she says she owes him. As Sami goes to leave, Lucas stops her and asks her what she has on Nicole. Lucas says he heard her threatening her at Alice's. Sami says she has enough. Lucas says leave Nicole alone, she's done enough damage. Sami asks so now he cares about Nicole? Sami says as long as Nicole stays out of her face she doesn't have to worry.

At Mickey's office, Nicole shows up to meet with Mickey about her divorce. Mickey's secretary says Mr. Horton is expecting a VIP from New York and he's given her case to someone else. Nicole can't believe this. Suddenly, Donald Trump walks in. He apologizes for keeping Mr. Horton waiting as he was in an important business call. Nicole realizes he is the Donald. She begins hitting him up, saying how she is the recent ex-husband of Victor Kiriakis the publishing tycoon. Donald says he's heard of him. Nicole says she is available now and so she thought . . . He says he is happily married and if it is a job she's after he has all the apprentices he needs. Donald then goes in to meet with Mickey. Frankie then shows up sporting a crew cut and a little soul patch on his lip. He says he's taking over her case. She doesn't like the idea of some junior lawyer handling her case, but he says he is an accomplished attorney. He also has bad news for her, Victor will only settle for a very minimal cash payout and she will get no alimony. Nicole says this is unacceptable, she got five million from Lucas. Frankie can assure her that she won't get five million out of Victor. Donald comes out of Mickey's office, and he wishes him and the Horton foundation well for their 40th anniversary. Mickey thanks him for the donation. Mickey jokes that perhaps the people of Salem should make a reality show and give his a run for his money. Donald says he thinks their lives would make a great soap opera, unbelievable, but a great soap opera. Nicole once again tries to hit Donald up for a job, but he turns her down. Austin shows up to meet with Mickey, and later he overhears Nicole ranting to Frankie about how this is all unacceptable. She says she kept Titan afloat after Victor was supposedly dead, and she made Titan a lot of money. She says when she was in charge Titan posted it's biggest quarter earnings to date. Austin tells Nicole he'd like to speak to her in private, he has a proposition for her. He begins explaining how he's starting his own company, and once day he hopes to go up against Kate at Basic Black and Lucas and Titan. She thinks that is pretty ambitious of him. Meanwhile, Mickey thanks Frankie for picking up some of his case load. Frankie says he's glad to help out, and he just wishes there was more he could do to help JAck and Jen.

Back at Sami's, Austin returns and tells Sami that he has hired a new Vice President, and this person will be Sami's boss. Sami says great, and that she can work with anyone. Austin says he's glad she said that. Sami asks who it is? Nicole walks in the door and says "Hi Sami!" Lucas then walks by and laughs saying this is just great.

At Jack and Jen's, Hope shows up to surprise Jen with a treat, a day at the Salem Spa. Jack is on the steps and listens in as Jen explains she can't leave Jack, every moment she has with him is precious. Hope thinks Jen needs this, and she thinks Jack would agree. Jack shows up and says he does agree. He tells Jen to go have fun, besides he has some things he needs to do. Jen agrees to go and leaves to get dressed. JAck thanks Hope for doing this. He offers to reimburse her, but she says it is her treat. She wants Jack to know that they will be here for him and his family.

At the Salon, Hope and Jen show up and decide to get the works. Jen says it is so much, but Hope isn't worried. As they are having their girls day, Jen talks to Hope about how she is worried about Jack. She says she thinks Jack is up to something, that he is still keeping something from her. She doesn't know what it is, but she's worried. Later, Jen looks at herself in the mirror and hopes Jack will hold on long enough for them to find a cure.

At Bo and Hope's, Chelsea shows up to see Bo. She hopes she's not interrupting, but he says no. Bo says Jen and Zack are both out. He asks Chelsea what is up. She says it is Abby. She says what is happening to her is so terrible. Bo says he knows. Chelsea doesn't know what she can do for Abby. Bo says there isn't much for her too do, and he's afraid things will keep getting worse for Abby. He is glad Abby has her as a friend though. Chelsea says Hope probably just thinks she's a self centered snot. Bo says that isn't true, and Hope is just worried about her. Chelsea thinks it is cool to have him, he's so understanding about everything. Bo says not everything, not Patrick. Chelsea says Patrick is a good guy, he listens when she has to talk and he lends her money if she needs it. Bo doesn't want her going to Patrick for anything, especially money. Chelsea says she feels bad asking him and Billie for it. Bo asks what happened to the money he gave her. She says some of it went to the Light the Night walk, and then she had to buy bra's and panties, you know, women's thingies. Bo says okay there. He didn't know having a daughter was so expensive. He gives her another $250 dollars but asks her not to spend it all in one place. She says she won't. She also asks if this can be there secret, don't tell Billie. Billie shows up and wonders what the secret is. Bo says nothing important, they were just having a chat. Chelsea heads off, and Billie has a chat with Bo about not spoiling Chelsea. Bo says he's not spoiling her, and he thinks it's okay to give her a gift every now and then. He also says he just had a talk with Chelsea about being more careful with her money. He and Billie soon begin discussing Patrick. Billie can assure Bo that nothing inappropriate happened the other night between Chelsea and Patrick, and she says Patrick is busy throwing himself at her. Bo hopes she knows what she's doing. Billie says she's a grown woman, not an 18 year old girl. Bo says but it is their daughter who will pay if she's careless.

Back at the Salon, Chelsea shows up and begins buying treatments left and right. She recalls Bo telling her not to spend all her money in one place, but she says what the heck you only live once.

Back at Jack and Jen's, Jack is working on the PC and finds what he's been looking for. He then calls Billie over. She rushes over and asks what is up. He says before he tells her she must keep it a secret. Billie says no, she thought his days of secret keeping were over. He begs her for this one last favor, and she says fine. She asks what he needs help with. He says he needs her help to commit suicide.


October 25, 2005

At Samis place, Lucas tells Austin that his business is doomed with Nicole and Sami working for him, he better file for bankruptcy right now. Austin says he knows this makes Lucas uncomfortable, hes working with his ex-wife and ex-fianc. Lucas says Sami is his ex-wife too, and Nicole is his ex-whatever. Austin says they both have a fire in them, and that will make it work. Lucas tells Austin he has spent far too many years being burned by both of these women, so hes going to be down the hall laughing at Austin as he fails miserably. Lucas leaves, and Austin realizes this might not be the best idea hes ever had. Nicole and Sami once again go at each others throats over what they had done to Lucas in the past. Austin doesnt think they can work together. Sami says she worked for John and Kate, if she can work for them she can work with anyone. Nicole says newsflash, Sami will be working for her not with her. Sami asks Austin why Nicole gets to be her boss and not him, and is he going to let Nicole talk to her this way. Nicole says Sami doesnt even have a high school diploma, whereas she has corporate experience. Austin tells Sami what Nicole says is true, Nicole has the experience and Sami doesnt. Sami says Nicole doesnt have a college degree, but Nicole says Sami has no diploma, one of the most basic things in life. Sami says lots of successful people don't have one. Nicole asks like who? Austin breaks them up and tells them that he believes in them both, and because they will have stock in this company it gives them incentive to work hard and get rich together. He says they are going to make a lot of money. Sami and Nicole begin fantasizing about being in the spa together. Nicole fantasizes that she spikes Samis shampoo and turns her hair green. Meanwhile Sami fantasizes about spiking Nicoles mud facial so it hardens on her face. Austin has to take a call from Mickey, so he excuses himself. The girls then begin to fight over Austin. Nicole plans to make a play for Austin, but Sami points out Austin lives with her and will be spending time with her 24/7. Nicole thought she was still in love with Lucas. Sami says she is, but he is moving on and so she has to as well. Sami begins throwing Nicoles stellar relationships in her face, Eric, Lucas, Victor, Collin and Brady. She recounts how she blew every single relationship, and she threatens to reveal what she did to Chloe, which will cause Austin to lose any once of respect her has for her. Austin returns, and Nicole and Sami laugh. He says it looks like they are getting along now, which is good. Sami says she and Nicole had a heart to heart and she realizes she needs to be more humble, Nicole has more experience and she has to respect that. She also says she needs this job, and she can work with anyone he hires as this is her chance to make something with her life and make a lot of money. Austin says hear hear! Nicole also says she can work with Sami as long as they are working towards the common good. Austin says he just worked out the cash operations with Mickey, and he has to be conservative at first so he cant afford to pay them much at first. Sami says no worries, she is sharing the rent with Austin now so that makes things easier for her. Nicole isnt so lucky, she has no place to live as she's about to be kicked out of the Y. She also says she doesn't have enough money for a new apartment. He asks what about her settlement from Victor. She says Victor wants to leave her nothing. Nicole says she needs a place to live. Austin says this will sound totally crazy, but why not move in with him and Sami? Sami spits her drink out when she hears this. Nicole says this is a great idea, they can brainstorm 24/7, she is in. Sami says this is her apartment. Austin says hes sorry, and he thought since they agreed to get along it would work. Sami says but putting up with Nicole 24/7 is a bit of a stretch. Austin wonders if Sami is just putting on an act to please him, but Sami says shes being honest with him. Sami folds and agrees to let Nicole move in. Austin hugs them both and says this is going to a good thing. Sami vows that Nicole will pay fior this , and Nicole says she has 12 more hours a day to get her hooks into Austin.

Lucas meets up with Maggie at the Java Caf and he says she is his favorite woman in the world, the only woman who hasnt ruined a second of his life. She says that will change, the right woman is out there. He says for now hes concentrating on work. She gives him a little gift for his first day on the job, a plaque that says Believe in Yourself. He says he has trouble doing that. She says she knows and she wants him to look at in once a day. She says Victor believes in him. He says he was second choice though, but Maggie tells him not to think about that. Lucas says Victor will be watching him and it will be hard to follow Saint Brady and Nicole, they really made advances at Titan. Maggie tries to pump him up and get him excited. Lucas knows he has to believe in himself and make the most of every chance. She says if he ever has a moment of self doubt to call her. He says yeah, but today would be easier with a glass of scotch in his hand. Maggie cant believe him, but he says he feels that way. However he hasnt done it yet. Maggie makes a confession of her own, she walked past a lot of liquor stores when Bonnie was involved with Mickey. Maggie asks how things with him and Sami are. He says he didnt marry her, so shes out of his life and out of Wills life. She asks if he is truly over Sami, is there not a part that still loves him. Lucas begins ranting about what Sami did as Stan, and how he cant believe he almost was tied to her forever. Maggie says hes in denial, he will always be tied to her through Will. Lucas says Will wants nothing to do with Sami though. Maggie still doesnt believe Lucas is over Sami. Lucas says fine, hes stupid and he still loves her. He asks if that is what she wanted to hear. Maggie wants Lucas to be honest with himself so he can move on with self knowledge. Lucas says and what, fall in love again. Maggie says maybe. Lucas says he might fall in love again, but not with Sami. He says he will go back to drinking before going back to Sami, at least it will be a pleasurable way of killing himself. Later, Lucas get ready to head off to work. He thanks her for meeting him and giving him a jump start. He says today is the first day of his highly successful career.

At the spa, Hope sees Chelsea pay cash for a bunch of treatments. Jen thanks Hope for this treat, and then asks what is wrong. Hope says never thought she'd say this about Bo's daughter, but she really doesnt like Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea just bought one of the most expensive treatments they have here and she paid in cash. Hope wonders where she got the money. Jen says maybe it wasnt Chelsea. Hope says it is hard to miss, and that package was pretty expensive. Jen says maybe she saved her money. Hope says no way, she just hit up Bo for $250 dollars awhile ago, and she doubts Chelsea has much of the money left. Jen says what about Billie, but Hope says no. She says Billie wants to teach Chelsea the value of money, and Bo agrees with them. Jen says what about Caroline and Kate, maybe they gave her money. Hope isnt sure. Jen then thinks about her father working in a new clinic and how the people hes helping have so little and need so much. She wonders if Chelsea knew it would make her think. Hope says she doesnt think Chelsea would honestly give a damn. Hope wishes Chelsea could be more like Abby. Jen says Abby grew up working with her dad in clinics in Africa, she has a different view of the world. Hope says she knows Bo and Billie feel guilty about not being there for Chelsea, but she fears Bo will overindulge her. Hope says she isnt saying she doesnt want Bo to support Chelsea, but she is afraid Chelsea is lying to Bo and hitting him up for cash. Meanwhile, Chelsea continues to splurge on fancy products. She thinks about Bo giving her money and says shell never run out of money and there is plenty more where this came from. Meanwhile, Jen asks Hope if she thinks Bo gave her the money. Hope says no, they feel the same way about this and about teaching Chelsea responsibility. Hope talks about how Chelsea is always playing Bo and Billie against one another. Jen feels bad for her and wishes this would all go away. Hope says from her mouth to God's ears. Back in the salon, Chelsea decides this nail polish is too boring, and she wants to know what color Mischa Barton is wearing. She demands they go bring her a magazine so she can find out. They are at her beck and call, and she gives them a huge tip apparently. Back out in the salon entrance, Jen has to head off, and Hope decides to stay behind and have a talk with Chelsea.

At Jack and Jens, Billie tells Jack that he is insane. Jack says no, hes dying. He says he will die soon, and he wants to go out like he wants to. Billie says he doesnt get to decide that, that is up to a higher power. Jack says a higher power has put his family through the ringer one too many times, so now hes in control. Jack says hell decide when, how and where he dies and he wants Billie to help him. Billie tells him to think about the hearts he is going to break. He says he is sparing them the pain. She says by what, disappearing off the face of the earth. He says yes, he would spare them watching him suffer a slow and agonizing death. Billie says there are many people who would give for time to say goodbye to their loved ones, and its the sudden shock and loss that is most traumatic. Jack says they will all die, its just a matter of time. He says hes just giving it a little push. Billie is disappointed in him and says she never thought hed turn out to be such a coward. He says hes not a coward, but she says he took vows, for better and for worse. Jack says dont talk to him about vows. He says he is doing this to protect Jennifer, to spare her more pain. He says he found the way to die but he needs her help to make sure they dont find out it is a suicide. Billie says if the insurance company finds out then his family will get nothing. Jack says they wont find out with her help. He tells her not to feel sorry for him, this is about protecting Jen, Jack Jr. and Abby. Billie says she is sorry but he is on his own, she wont help him kill himself. Jack says he cant pull this off without her help. Billie tells Jack that Jen will want to be with him as long as possible. Jack says he wont be living, and Jen will just be sitting there and watching him die. Jack also wants Billie to help Jen get over him and get on with her life as soon as possible. Billie asks if he cant just hang in there and wait for a breakthrough. Jack says there will be no breaththrough, hes going to die. Billie says you never know, they could still find a cure. Jack says shes making this so hard. Jack says hes trying to be positive about this. He says that hell go before his kids, he wont have to pay for his daughters wedding, his son will never know the pain of losing his father, and when Jen remarries that will be a good thing. Billie begs Jack not to do this, but Jack says hell do this with or without her. Billie says then it will have to be without, and she wont be a part of something she doesnt believe in. Jack thanks her for her honesty. Billie asks if Jen will be told, but Jack says no. He says she is the one person who could talk him out of this. Billie picks up the phone and says shes going to call the one person who can talk him out of this. Billie tells her not to say one word to Jen about her plan if she values her life. Billie asks if that is a threat? He says hes a desperate man. Jack says she promised not to say anything. Billie says that was before she knew what he was planning, and for his and Jens own good she is breaking her word.


October 26, 2005

Max shows Frankie his new investment, a garage in Salem. Frankie isnt sure about this, it is pretty quiet around here. Frankie asks if he has any customers? Bo shows up on his bike, and Max says hes the first customer. Max wants Bo to tell all his biker buddies to come in here, that should drum up a lot of business. Frankie thinks Max should hire another mechanic to run the place when hes on the circuit. Max says good idea, but who? He says its hard finding someone trustworthy as well as good. Bo says he knows someone, his son Shawn. Max says hell give him a shot. Max looks at Bos bike, which needs work and specialty parts. He asks Bo if he can spring for half the cost of parts up front in cash. Bo remembers giving his money to Chelsea, and Bo says hes a bit broke right now. Max says its okay, he knows Bo is good for it and he knows where he lives. Frankie has to excuse himself t make some calls, and Bo wants to have a talk with Max about his daughter. Max says Frankies given him a lecture so he doesnt need another one. Bo says this isnt a lecture, its a warning. Bo says shes been through a lot lately. Max knows, and he has been through a similar situation too. Max talks about how hard it was being in the foster system. Max says Bo has nothing to worry about, and he is taking things slow with Chelsea. He promises Bo he wont take advantage of Chelsea. Bo says good, because if anyone hurts his daughter then theyll have to deal with him. Later, Frankie returns and says he got him another racing gig. Max says at least it will keep him out of trouble with his sponsors. Frankie says he also overheard what Bo was saying to him. Frankie is worried about Max. Frankie believes he wants to do the right thing by Chelsea, but he has a tendency of going too far and then there is no turning back. Max blows up and tells Frankie that hes in control here and not to worry about him. 

At the loft, Mimi is frustrated and Shawn asks what is wrong. She says everything. She says Rex used to help her manage what little money she had, and now that shes doing it herself things are doing really not well. Mimi says she must have forgotten to record a check or something. Mimi says she doesnt have enough money in her account to pay for her tuition, she is broke. She doesnt know what she will do. Shawn asks what about financial aid. She says she missed the deadline. Shawn asks what about her mom. She says without Mickey, her mom is in debt up to her eyeballs. Shawn offers to help Mimi out. Mimi thanks him for offering to help her, but she knows what he makes at Alices and its not enough money for parking let alone tuition. Shawn says maybe, but he has a trust fund. Mimi thought he didnt have access to it. He says he doesnt, but he could ask Victor for a favor. Mimi says that is the nicest thing anyones ever done for her, but she cant let him do it. She wont let him break into his trust fund for her, that is for him and his future. Mimi says shes just going to take a semester off to get another job and save up to go back. Shawn says she is amazing for wanting to finish without taking help from anyone. Mimi says not true, he has helped her cope every day since Rex left. Shawn says she has helped him too. Mimi says they are lucky to have one another as friends. Shawn says yeah, just friends. They share a kiss, and Mimi says she has to go looking for her job. Later, Bo shows up and tells Shawn that he thinks he got him a job. Bo says the job has flexible hours so he can go back to school Shawn says hes not going back to school. Bo says he needs an education, you cant get a decent job without a degree. Shawn says him and mom dont have degrees. Bo says they want better for him, and his mom will go through the roof when she learns about this. Shawn says he doesnt want to sit behind a desk and college isnt for everyone. Shawn says he's an adult and they have to accept this. Bo begs Shawn to think about this, but Shawn says he has and hes not going back to school. Bo says if this is his decision then hell support him. He also says hell try and smooth this over with his mom. Bo wishes Shawn would become a lawyer and support him in his old age, but he is proud of Shawn for following his guts and being his own man.

Jen says goodbye to Hope and leaves the Salon. Outside she looks at a photo in her locket of her and Jack. Hope runs out after Jen and finds her crying. Jen doesnt know how shes going to live through this. Jen wonders why this keeps happening to them, why is her husband sick. She wishes she could do to stop this. Hope says there is something she can do, they can pray for a miracle. Jen says miracles are possible, but it will also take a lot of hard work. She says there has to be something out there, and Jack isnt the only one with this disease. She refuses to give up as long as Jack has breath in his body. Jen says she has to go, she has something to do. She insists to Hope that shell be fine.

At Jack and Jens, Jack begs Billie not to tell Jen of his plan, but she refuses. She tells Jack she wont let him do this, his family loves him and will want to be with him in the end. Jack says yes, when he dies a slow, painful withering death. Jack doesnt want them to go through that, to have that be their final memory of them together. He says hed rather die first. Billie says there must be another way, but Jack says there isnt. Jack says this is the only way. Jack says if she cant help him then hell disappear and do it himself. Jen shows up and says shes sorry she is late. Jack says shes not late, she was supposed to take her time. Jen asks if something has happened, but Jack says no and hes fine. He says he was just reminiscing with Billie. Jen asks if that is true, and Billie says yeah. Jen doesnt mean to imply they are lying, but she just worries Jack may be keeping something else from her. Jack says no, nothing. Billie says she has to go anyways, shes got a meeting about Countess Wilamenia product consulting, which she needs to do as she has a daughter to support now. Jack sees Billie out and asks her not to tell Jen about this. He says if she ever considered him a friend, just consider this his dying wish. Billie agrees not to tell Jen, but she still hopes Jack will change his mind. Jack says he wont. Jack goes back inside, and Jen tells Jack that shes done some research on his disorder and has found a way to beat it. She has found out vitamins and diet can slow the disease down or stop it all together. She says he can see improvements in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. She wants to show him the research and goes to the PC to pull it up so he can see. She then sees what is on the PC and asks Jack if he has lost his mind. False alarm, it turns out Jack unplugged the PC before Jen could see anything, and Jen asks why he did that? Jack says it is the only way he could get her to stop and listen. Jen says this is important, it could help him. Jack says hell do what she wants as long as she understands this disease is irreversible. Jen wont give up and says they have to keep fighting. Jack says they have to accept the fact that hes going to die. Jen asks Jack to promise her that when the time comes that hell let her be with him. She says that is all she asks. Jack gives her a hug, but doesn't actually promise.

Back in the Salon, Glorianne is working on Chelsea and telling her that she has beautiful skin. Chelsea says shes waited a long time to pamper herself, and now that she can shes going all out. Glorianne looks at her bill and says it looks like she hit the lotto. Chelsea says in a way she did. Later, Chelsea starts crying, and Glorianne asks what is wrong. Chelsea says she and her mom, her adopted mom, used to talk about coming here for a girls day out. She says it never happened because she died, and her life pretty much sucks now. Glorianne thinks her mom is probably watching her right now and is happy that she came here and did this for herself. Chelsea says maybe, and shed probably says she was being way too extravagant. Glorianne says maybe, but when she is here she can pretend she is Cinderella going to the ball. Chelsea says Cinderella had it easy, she only had one wicked step mother. Glorianne tells her to rest here as long as she likes. Hope then comes in and tells Chelsea she was hoping they could have a little chat. Hope begins giving Chelsea a lecture about money, about saving it and putting some of it aside for college and such. Chelsea thinks she knows what this is about, she doesnt want her dad to have to spend any of Hopes money putting her through college, or supporting her in any way. Hope says that isnt what she meant at all, she want to help her go to college if she wants that. She says she just meant if she had a little money aside that she should save it or maybe give it to charity. Chelsea says she just helped Abby with the Light the Night Walk and they brought in a lot of money. Hope says that is great. Chelsea thinks Hope thinks she is a spoiled brat. Hope says no, and she thinks she has a lot to learn about Chelsea. Chelsea thinks the only reason she is talking to her is because she is Bos daughter. Hope wants to make this work, and she invites her for dinner sometime to get to know her brothers. Chelsea says she is just full of advice, she acts like shes her mom and not her step mom. Chelsea gives Hope some advice, just because shes not married to Bo shes not safe. Chelsea says as long as Billie is around, she better watch her back.

Mimi shows up at Gloriannes and asks for a job. Glorianne says shell have to get a few references first and shell get back to her. Billie shows up and vouches for Mimi, she and Glorianne go way back because of Countess Wilamenia. Glorianne says if Billie vouches for her, that is good enough for her. She says Mimi has the job. Later, Glorianne and Billie discuss new products for Countess Wilamenia. Hope runs into Billie on the way out, and Glorianne runs off to deal with a client. Hope thinks Billie is here to get Chelsea. Billie had no idea Chelsea was here, and they discuss the huge bill chelsea has run up. Billie has no idea where Chelsea got the money, and she knows her mother didnt give it to her. Hope says shes getting money from somewhere. Billie doesnt have a good feeling about this. Billie should confront her, but that will lead to a big blow up. Hope says she cant back off because shes afraid. Billie knows Hope is right, she has to handle this and Chelsea before she gets herself into trouble. Hope says she knows its not easy being the bad guy, but sometimes it is the only way. Billie thanks Hope and says she guesses she better go find her wayward daughter and have a talk with her. Billie heads out, and Hope runs into Mimi. She asks Mimi what shes doing here. Mimi explains she is working here to save up money for school. Hope asks how she can work two jobs and find time for school. Mimi says she can't, she's taking a semester off. Hope hopes that Mimi will go back to school as many people who quit dont go back. Mimi says she is going back, she will finish. Glorianne tells Mimi to tell her roommate to go back to school as well. Hope says what! She says what is this about Shawn. She says Shawn better not have quit school. Meanwhile, Chelsea is out shopping, but doesnt have the money for a dress. She does say if the store will take a post-dated check then she knows her dad will cover it.


October 27, 2005

At Bo and Hopes, Hope is leaving a message for Shawn telling him to please call her. Bo walks in and asks what is wrong. Hope explains running into Mimi at the salon, who told them that Shawn isnt going back to school. Hope says Mimi must have misunderstood and she was calling him to find out what is going on. Bo says actually Mimi got it right, Shawn isn't going back to school. Bo explains that Shawn told him as much. Hope hopes he talked him into his senses. Bo says he tried, and hopefully when Shawn sees how hard it is out there hell wise up. Hope says Shawn isnt thinking about the big picture, he (Bo) isnt thinking about the big picture. Hope damns Jan Spears for destroying their sons life and future. Hope says if it werent for Jan, Shawn and Belle would still be in school together. Bo says she doesnt know that for sure. Hope refuses to let Shawn make this decision without her. She says shes going to track him down and shake some sense into that boy. Bo says she cant do that. Bo tells Hope she will only make things worse, she wont get through to him if shes yelling at him. Bo says he tried to talk to him but he said he was a grown man and has been making his own decisions for a long time. Hope says yeah, like driving his bike through the church window or drinking and driving. She says Shawn isnt as mature as he thinks, and if he doesnt go back to school it will haunt him for years to come. Hope says with the way things are, the first people companies let go are those without college degrees. Bo says not everyone needs to go to college, they didnt and they are doing fine. Bo says Shawn was quick to point that out. Bo says Shawn isnt the corporate type. Hope says he was interested in law, he wanted to go to law school. Hope thinks maybe Bo needs to be more interested in their son. Bo says he can't spend time with Shawn if he's always yelling at him. Bo says this is Shawns mistake, it is his life, he is an adult. Bo says they have to give Shawn freedom to find his own way. Bo says they have to hope he can take care of himself. Bo says they did a pretty good job bringing him up, and he thinks Shawn will turn out okay. Hope says she doesnt know, and she says she ran into Chelsea at the spa today and he has his hands full with her. Bo wishes she wasnt so negative where Chelsea was concerned. Hope says she is sorry but shes a handful. Bo says what teenager isnt, shes 18 and has a chip on her shoulder. Hope says shes trying to get along with Chelsea, and she even invited her over for dinner but she wasnt receptive. Bo says she probably still feels like an outsider. Hope says that doesnt excuse her being rude, and she wonders where Chelsea got her all this money to go to Glorianne's. Hope says she saw her bill, it was a small fortune. Bo says maybe Billie or Kate took care of it. Hope says no, she ran into Billie and she didnt give her money and neither did Kate. Bo has a look on his face, and Hope realizes that Bo gave her money. Hope tells Bo that Chelsea is playing him, why can't he see that. Hope asks what would posses him to giver her money. He says it wasnt that much money, and she came to them with nothing. Bo says hell speak to her about her spending, she just needs a little guidance. Bo says she is a good kid at heart, and once she feels comfortable theyll see her true colors. Hope thinks theyve seen them already, shes a Paris Hilton in the making. Bo asks Hope to give her a chance. Hope says she will, if he talks to Shawn again. Bo says he will, but they have to respect whatever he decides. Hope says no they dont, they have to find a way to get him back to school.

At the garage, Chelsea asks Max why hed invest his money in this, there is so many better things he could invest in. Max says he realizes this doesnt do it for her, but for a race car driver this rocks. He says he just needs a mechanic that can take care of the garage when hes out on races and hes set. Chelsea asks about their date tonight. Max says as soon as he finishes this bike he can leave. Chelsea takes off to get a soda, and Shawn shows up. Max cant get the bike to sound right, and Shawn identifies and fixes the problem. Shawn says he hears he needs a mechanic. Max says Bo says hes a pretty good one. Shawn says hes right. Max says he needs someone who isnt just a mechanic, but is a business partner. Shawn says hes a little low on cash to invest. Max says he has the money, he just needs the time and work from Shawn. He needs someone here everyday to keep business going. Shawn can do that. Max asks what about school. Shawn says hes not going back to school. Max thinks that cant have gone over well with his dad. Shawn says it didnt. Chelsea walks in and thinks Hope isnt going to like this, she doesnt know does she. Shawn says no, and Chelsea says she wouldnt want to be him when she finds out. Shawn says she acts like she knows his mom pretty well. She says Hope is pretty easy to read. Chelsea says Hope will go ballistic when she finds out he dropped out. Shawn says probably. They argue about Hope for awhile, and Shawn ends up changing the subject. He asks aside from his mom how has she been. She says okay, shes found some distractions to keep her occupied. Chelsea says she is waiting to go out with Max. Max says he has to finish the bike first, so Shawn offers to do it to show his work to Max. Max agrees to let him take over and he asks SHawn to lock up when he's done. Max and Chelsea plan to head off on their date. Max plans to surprise her by taking her someplace shes never been. She says the Penthouse Grill? He says better. She says Paris? He wont tell her where hes taking her.

Max and Chelsea head off to a salsa dancing class, which happens to be taught by Maxs old girlfriend. Chelsea is a little disappointed and it appears a bit jealous. She says this is a class not a date. He says a date can be more than dim lights and flowers. He says dancing is a great way to be close. He hopes shes not mad at him. Chelsea says shell let him know, it will depend on how the class goes. They soon begin their dancing lessons. Chelsea ends up enjoying herself, and she tells him this is fun after all. They share a kiss after a spectacular dance performance. 

Back at the garage, Shawn gets a call from Mimi. He learns about her new job at the salon, and he tells her about his new job. Shawn then learns his mom knows he dropped out of school. Shawn assures her that hes not mad at her, hes mad at himself. He says he should have told his mom on his own before she found out from someone else.

At the penthouse, Marlena is sitting on her bed. Alex shows Marlena the book of photographs of the two of them. Marlena asks Alex why hes showing these to her, does he want her to remember her past. Alex says he is hoping that yes. She asks why she shouldnt look at the ones John brought, they are part of her past too and she is married to him. Alex says they can look at Johns photos if she wants to afterwards. Alex wonders what is going on, he thought he erased her memories of John. Marlena looks at the photos, and doesnt remember. She asks if this was before Roman? She suggests he tell her some things to jog her memory, but he says shell remember in her own time. As she continues to look at the photos, Alex reaches for his pendant. Alex begins hypnotizing Marlena and clears her mind. He brings her out of hypnosis, and then asks Marlena to do something for him to alter her future with John forever. He tells her to do what he tells her to. She says she can do that. Alex takes the photo book from her and says they can look at this later, they have plenty of time to reminisce about the past. Alex says now they have to focus on the future. Alex pulls out some documents and asks her to sign them. She asks what it is, and he just says something to insure her future happiness. He asks if she trusts him, and she does. She signs the documents, and Alex takes it to fax them. Marlena then looks at the clock John bought her and has more memories of him. 

At Mickey's office, Frankie speaks with Mickey about how work is going. Mickey says John is coming in as Marlena is talking about divorce and John wants to talk strategies. John shows up and tells them both that this divorce wont happen. Frankie meets with John and talks with him about what is going on. They discuss Alex and how John thinks he is a charlatan. John begins telling Frankie the whole story about Alex, and how he feels Alex is using hypnosis on her somehow. He says every time he makes headway with Marlena, Alex sweeps in and snatches her away from him. John says he has tried to get rid of Alex, but Alex has convinced her to get rid of him instead. John is convinced the divorce is Alexs idea. John says hes been kicked out, and hes been staying with Kate Roberts. He says from Kates place he can spy on the penthouse. He explains how he saw North sneaking in through the window of Marlenas room, but when he confronted him he denied it and threatened to get a restraining order. Frankie says there are many ways to go about this, medical malpractice and alienation of affection are possibilities. John is positive that he can get through to Marlena if he can get her alone. Frankie comes up with a plan to get them into counseling and delay the divorce, and he thinks if they show a judge John wants to make this marriage work then a judge could force them into counseling first. Frankie leaves to have a letter typed up stating John's intentions to go into counseling with MArlena. Later, John signs the letter and Frankie has a copy messaged to MArlena Evans. John asks now what. Frankie says they wait. The secretary returns with a fax, its bad news. Alex has beat them to the punch and served them with divorce papers. Later, Mickey learns what has happened and that Frankie and John are on their way to the penthouse. Mickey doesn't like this at all.

At the penthouse, Frankie is trying to cool John down, who is pounding on the door and demands Alex open up. Alex says it appears the hero has arrived to rescue the fair Marlena. Alex opens up, and Frankie introduces himself to Alex as John begins screaming at him. Alex says from this point on Marlena will only deal with him through her attorney. As John attacks Alex for brainwashing his wife, Marlena shows up on the steps and is shocked.


October 28, 2005
Lucas shows up at Titan, and he promises Victor he will do whatever it takes to succeed. He says he doesn't mean to sound so competitive, but Victor says that is how he got where he is today. Victor tells him when he meets the competition not to shake hands, but crush it! Suddenly Marie brings some flowers into Lucas. Victor wonders if they are from Sami. He says no, they are from a girl named Sophie. Lucas and Victor discuss Austins company, and Lucas thinks Sami and Nicole working together is a lethal combination. Victor tells him not to underestimate them. He says Nicole is powerful when she limits her martinis, and Nicole and Sami could come up with some creative ideas together under Austins direction. Victor says they could be Lucas undoing. Victor says Nicole was very good while she was here, and she knows all of Titans inside secrets. Lucas still thinks Austin made a mistake hiring her and Sami, look at where they both are now. He says this new company is a recipe for a disaster. Victor says those women have already shown they are willing to do what it takes to get what they want, and Austin was smart for hiring them. Victor says Nicole has brains and talent, and Sami has drive. Victor says not to underestimate them. Lucas says they better not underestimate him. Lucas decides to do some reconnaissance and see what Austin is up to, he thinks it will be easy since he lives near Sami.

At Samis place, Austin and Sami are discussing setting up their PCs wirelessly. Sami admits to Austin that shes having a hard time working with Nicole, but Austin says it is his company. Sami knows, but he should have talked to her before offering to let Nicole move in to her apartment. He says she was living at the Y, and he thought it was their apartment now. She says well since you put it that way. Austin is sure she will move out eventually once she has money, he doubts she likes living with them. Sami says well not with me. Austin thanks her and says she is a real team player for putting up with this. As they plan where to set up their desks, Nicole shows up pulling her stuff in trash bags. Nicole decides to take the desk Sami wanted to take. Nicole says it makes more sense to be closer to Austin. Nicole says Samis going to be taking calls for her and Austin, so she has just the place for Sami to sit. Sami sees Austin drag in more of Nicole's trash bags, which Nicole says are her wardrobe. Sami says it smells like a dump. Nicole says it has to air out, that is all. Nicole says one of her blouses cost more than Sami's whole wardrobe. She says she'd let Sami borrow one, but she doubts they are the same size. Nicole decides to move Sami over to the kitchen, and as they argue over it, Austin says he has it all worked out. He puts them in their respective corners and tells them to shake hands and promise to work together and try and get along as roommates. Sami just cant believe this, and she says Nicole better pay her rent and utilities on time. Austin suggests they get to work. Sami has an idea, she suggests they have the Spectator do an expose on him and how he is back in Salem and starting his own company. He likes it and thinks it is a good idea. Nicole says even better, why not hold a press conference on TV. Austin says even better, and this is why he hired them, they build off each others ideas. Nicole sends Sami to get some coffee, and Nicole tells Austin they shouldnt let on that Sami/Stan is working for him as it may be seen as a negative. Sami overhears this and realizes she has to get rid of Nicole. Later, Sami ends up stealing something from Nicoles desk and claims it is her proposal. She shows it to Austin. Austin says it is really good, and she should see if Nicole wants to make any changes. Meanwhile, Nicole says they are out of creamer and Sami should make a coffee run. She also says there are kids snacks here, is Will still living here. Sami says no. Nicole asks if Will is even talking to Sami? Sami says she thought they agreed not to discuss personal things during work. Austin says Sami is right, business only. Nicole then asks Austin about her proposal, and he asks what she thinks. She says she thinks it is good, and Austin agrees. Nicole is puzzled when Austin asks if she wants to make any changes. She says no. Later, Nicole puts a message on Samis PC from claiming to be from Will telling her that he never wants to see her again. Sami runs of in tears, and Austin wonders what is wrong. Nicole wonders where Sami is, shes taking a long time with that break. Austin tells her to cut her a break, and he says if this is to work they all have to learn to get along. To herself, Nicole thinks it wont be long till Sami cracks. In the hall, Sami is crying when Lucas shows up. She tells him not to act like he cares, she knows he hates her. Lucas says no he doesnt, and he still loves her.

At Bo and Hopes, Hope is still upset with Bo for giving Chelsea more money. She says neither time he discussed this with her, and she discussed spending money on Jen with him first. Bo says money isnt that tight right now. Hope says that isnt the point. She says Chelsea cant keep hitting him up for cash, and hes sending the wrong signal as a parent. She says if Bo keeps this up then shes going to be out of control. Bo says hes not happy with what Chelsea did and he will straighten it out with her, and he wont give her another penny. Hope thanks him. She also knows he wants to make up for lost time with Chelsea, but he has two other sons. He knows, and Shawn is doing well. He got a plea bargain to avoid jail time and has done his community service. Hope says there is still the issue of college. She doesnt want to see Shawn throw his life away. Bo says Shawn is getting a job as a mechanic. He says he knows they wanted better for him, but it is an honest way to make a living. He says there is no shame in being blue collar, they are. Hope says Chelsea is ashamed of it. She says she is sorry but sometimes she feels like she, Shawn and Zack arent a priority to him. Bo says this isnt a competition, and Chelsea has never had him in her life. Hope says Chelsea needs to learn to be responsible, and she hates to say I told you so but she knew Chelsea wouldnt spend this money wisely. Bo says she may have spent a little of the money spoiling herself, but she did buy some clothes and donated some to charity. Hope says he cant buy back the time they lost. She says he has to put his foot down or he will create a monster, if he hasnt already. Bo cant believe shes calling his daughter a monster. Hope says she didnt mean it that way, and she suggests they change the subject as she doesn't want to fight. Jen then calls and invites Bo and Hope over for some pizza. 

At Jack and Jens, Jack is researching assisted suicide on the net. He kills the PC when Jen shows up with a protein shake and vitamins. Jen is determined to keep him alive and healthy as long as she can. Jack says he just cant do this anymore. Jack apologizes for snapping, but hes had enough shakes and pills to last him a lifetime. She just wants him to be around as long as he can. He agrees to take her pills and shakes, but he wishes he could wash it down with pizza. She says pizza isnt healthy. He says it is a food group, and hed like to enjoy the time he has left. Jen says he has months to live but he doesnt talk like it. She asks Jack if there is something he isnt telling her. She asks if his condition is worse than hes letting on? He says no, but nothing will buy him more time. She says except a miracle or a breakthrough. She makes him take his shake and vitamins, which he does. She says now shell order him a pizza. Jack tells himself that this is killing him and he cant put Jen through this anymore so he has to hurry this along. He gets back to work on his PC researching assisted suicide. He sends some emails, and Jen walks in and says she cant believe this. She didnt find out about Jacks plan, she just found some of her old pizza orders when she had some of the wildest cravings while pregnant. Later, Bo and Hope come over, and Hope begs Jen to tell her that she didnt order the pregnant pizza special. Jen says she didnt, and Jack jokes that would kill him faster than normal. Bo asks how he is feeling, and Jack says okay. Jack goes to get the pizza, and the phone rings. Jen says every time the phone rings she hopes it is good news. Jack worries the call is for him and panics. Jen answers the phone, and Jack rushes to grab it from her. She hears the word suicide and asks Jack what is going on.

At the penthouse, John argues with Alex as Marlena shows up. Marlena tells them to stop this, and she asks John what he is doing. John tells Marlena that Alex is no good, and she never would have asked for a divorce if he hadnt brainwashed her. Alex tells him to get out, and Marlena begs John to leave for her sake. John agrees and leaves, and Frankie goes with him. Out in the hall John tells Frankie that hes ready to break Alexs face over this. Frankie says that would be a mistake. John says Alex has found a way to turn Marlena against him, that is something Stefano could never do. Back in the penthouse, Alex gets back to work trying to erase Marlenas memories of John. Johns clock begins chiming again, which breaks Alexs trance. As Alex tells her John is wrong for her, Marlena asks what if he is wrong about John? Marlena begins remembering her marriage to John. Alex convinces her that John is a danger to her recovery, and then he makes a call to have a restraining order put out on John. As he's on the phone, Marlena heads out into the hall . . . Meanwhile, Frankie asks John if he has proof that Marlena is incompetent then they can get him medical power of attorney. John says he doesnt have the proof. Frankie says there has to be a way to undo this. John is afraid, he never got his memory back. Frankie says there has to be something inside Marlena to remind her of her relationship with him. John and Frankie are about to leave, and John hopes Marlena comes back to him. Marlena shows up as John and Frankie are about to leave, she knows John wants to spend time with her and she wants to spend time with him. Alex shows up and says this would be a mistake. Marlena says they have to resolve this, and she agrees to go out with John right now. They head off, and John asks Frankie to make sure Alex doesnt follow. Alex tells Frankie he cant keep him here against his will. Frankie tells Alex to give up, he cant destroy what John and Marlena have. Alex says theyll just see about that, and he runs off. Frankie takes off after him.

John and Marlena show up at Alices. MArelan tells him that shes feeling a little confused, she doesnt know if shes having memories or not. John says no rush, the fact that she is with him is a major breakthrough. Marlena asks John if he has any magic words to help her make sense of this. John takes her hand and says the magic words are I love you. 

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