September 5, 2005

Bo fills Hope in on what went down between him, Billie and Chelsea. He tells her that Chelsea said terrible things to Billie. Hope says most of them were probably true. Bo says if ever there was a time to be supportive of Billie it is now. Hope says she is sorry but she cant forget that Billie took advantage of him in that pit. Hope asks how she can be expected to trust Billie? Bo says this is about trusting him not Billie. Hope says he is so blinded to Billies tricks to try and get him back that she cant see what shes doing. Hope says Billie is not above using her daughter to get him closer to her. Bo says Billie doesnt have to use tricks to get closer to him, they have a daughter and that will bring them closer whether they like it or not. Hope warns him about Chelsea as well, but Bo thinks Chelsea needs to be given a break. Hope says Chelsea is out to get whatever she wants and he cant see that. Hope says Jen agrees with her where Chelsea is concerned. She says its easier for her to be objective because Chelsea isnt her daughter. Bo says no she is his and Billies, and Hope cant get over that. Hope says shes not thrilled they share a child, but she is her step-daughter. Hope says all she is saying is Chelsea has problems and is manipulative. She says she knows Bo has guilt over not being there for her, but he keeps looking away and not seeing her faults. Bo says everything will work out and everything will be fine. He says they are a family now, Shawn and Zack have a new sister and they have a new child to share their lives with.

Brady and Chloe arrive at Alices. Chloe says this isnt right, Belle went to so much trouble. Brady says yes, but she went to trouble for Sami and Lucas too. Brady insists she go in and allow them to celebrate her. Chloe walks into the shower, and Belle gives her a big hug. Belle says she is married and soon Chloe will be too. Belle says when they were in high school they never thought it would end like this. Chloe says she knows.

Shawn is bartending, and Mimi is waitressing. Bonnie thanks them both for working tonight as she knows they were invited to both of these parties. Mimi says she can use the money so its no big deal. Bonnie tells Shawn if he wants to drop in on the bachelor party shell cover for him. He thanks her. Mimi sees Shawn looking at Belle and says Shawn! Mimi takes Belle and the others drinks, but Belle says she cant drink, Mimi says oh yeah, pregnant, I forgot. Meanwhile, Bonnie talks to Shawn about how sad it is Belle and Mimi are on the outs, and it is a shame the way Belle strung him along. She says she is so glad he and Mimi found one another. Shawn says they are just friends. She says sure, maybe thats how they will start out. Bonnie says they are like a great wine or champagne, they will get better and better with every year. Bonnie walks off, and Mimi returns to the bar. Shawn smiles at her and she says what. He says nothing. She then heads off again with more drink orders.

Sami is whining to Caroline that she shouldnt have to share her party with Chloe. Caroline says it is a miracle Chloe is alive. Sami says they thought she, mom, Jack and dad were dead; Chloe let people think she was dead. Sami says that isnt a miracle. Caroline asks Sami why she is in such a bad mood? Sami says at this point she thinks it will be a miracle if she and Lucas get to the part of I do in the ceremony. Caroline toasts to Sami and Lucas celebrating their silver anniversary. Sami tells her grandma not to jinx it. Sami doesnt want to think about how many times she has been to the alter. Caroline says it will work this time because she and Lucas have love, honesty and most important of all trust. 

Abby talks with Chelsea, and Abby asks Chelsea if she has accepted Bo and Billie as her parents. Chelsea says hell no, she has a lousy mother and an even worse grandmother, how thrilled should she be about that. Chelsea talks about how Billie and Kate are witches. Abby says well she must have the same witchy genes.

Kate and Billie are there and apparently overhear Chelsea bitching about Billie. Kate tells Billie that she needs to stay strong as Chelsea will come around. Kate says Billie did. Billie says she just waited so long to find her and she thought the wait was over. Kate says think of this as an opportunity, and she basically tells Billie to use this to get Bo and in the end if Chelsea doesnt want her, by the end Bo will. Billie tells her mother once again she and Bo dont have a future together, how many times does she have to tell her. Kate says okay shell stop. Kate says but she needs to stop pushing Chelsea. She says if she pushes then Chelsea will push her away.

Sami and Kate end up getting into a tiff. Kate tells Sami nobody is here for her, and the only one who cares about her here is Caroline. Sami goes to attack Kate, but Caroline stops her. Kate then heads to the bar and orders a drink. She tells Shawn hes using his college education wisely, and tells Shawn that Belle is married to her son and dont forget it. Kate walks off, and Bonnie tells Shawn no matter how you dress it up, trash is trash. Bonnie tells Shawn to leave, go have a good time at the boys party. Shawn leaves, and Bonnie makes a call to find out where he is. Mimi asks what she is up to now?

Kate goes to see Chelsea, and Chelsea asks Granny Kate what she wants. Kate thinks they should get off to a new start. Kate admits she was rude when they met at the coffee shop. Kate says people always hit her up for work, but if she had known she was Billies daughter then things would have gone differently. Billie walks up, and Chelsea asks Billie how she loses her own kid? Billie says it is a long story and shell tell her later. Chelsea thinks shes being blown off. Billie says it is personal and shell explain in private. Billie says the gist is that she and Bo were told Chelsea was stillborn, and it has to do with a bad family named the DiMeras who are out to destroy everyone in Salem. Billie says to be honest they dont know all the answers, but they do know that they are her parents. Chelsea asks what shes supposed to call her, mom? Chelsea says she had a mom and that is what she called her. Billie says how about Billie, and Chelsea says that would be okay. Chelsea says she doesnt mean to make this hard, but she needs more time. Billie says fine, theyll talk later. Chelsea leaves, and Kate comforts Billie.

Abby asks Chelsea why shes being nice for them all of the sudden. Chelsea says she does need time to think this out, but she also has a plan up her sleeve. Chelsea says she wants things she cant get without money, and having Billies DNA may be the best thing that happened to her. 

Two strippers show up at Alices, and one is Bart dressed as the lone ranger. Bart likes what he sees in Bonnie and says her swagger makes him hot. Bonnie tells him to stick around as he hasnt seen anything yet. Bonnie then introduces the strippers, who take to the stage and strip to the tune of Im Too Sexy. All the girls scream and dollars are shoved in their pants. The real stripper works the crowd, and Bart in his boxers works Bonnie! Mimi scolds her mom for making a spectacle of herself, but Bonnie says you only have one life. Bart ends up going over to see Sami, but she says shes not into it. He says first she disses him as a clown and now she wont tip him when hes in his skivvies? Bart reveals himself to Sami and says he has a message for her from the count. She says she cant talk to him here, but he gives her no choice and drags her off. Kate watches and thinks it is just like Sami to run off and sew her wild oats before marrying her son.

Chloe talks to Belle about her scars. She worries that they havent healed, she saw the way the doctor looked at her face when he changed the bandages. She doesnt think they are getting better. Belle says she will be a beautiful bride no matter what, and Brady will lover her always no matter what.

Hope shows up, and walks up to Billie and Kate. Hope tells Billie that Bo filled her in and she is sure everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Hope walks off, and Billie thinks that was rather bitchy. Kate says she is just scared that Billie will end up with Bo like she is supposed to. Billie says once again her life is about Georgia, er Chelsea and that is it.

Chelsea says and there is her new step mom. Abby likes Hope, but Chelsea doesnt. Chelsea thinks that Hope better enjoy her marriage while it lasts as it will soon be over.

Outside of Alices, Bart and Sami are talking. Sami wants the costume back as her DNA is all over it. Bart says if the Count escapes theyll arrange that. However, he says if the escape doesnt work out, shell end up in a grave.

In another section of Alices, Brady and Lucas bachelor party is going on. Phillip wishes Brady all the best. Brady thanks him, and Phillip discuses how there was a time he hated the idea of being without Chloe, and now he couldnt be happier for her. Brady says he better be as hes married to his sister now. Brady and Phillip talk about Phillips leg, and Phillip is waiting for a more advanced model. Brady asks when theyll play some one on one? Phillip says ASAP, as long as Brady can handle getting his ass kicked by a one-legger.

Meanwhile Victor talks with Lucas about his marriage and just hopes he knows what hes doing marrying Sami. Later, Victor tells Phillip how proud he is of him, and how his family will want for nothing. He says when his child is born there will be dancing in the streets. Shawn hears this and walks off. Bo shows up and tells his dad that he has another new grand child, he and Billie found their daughter. Victor says hes happy for him. Later Philip gets a call from the hospital, its good news. He says his new prosthesis is in and he has to go get fitted for it.

Meanwhile, Roman tells John that this Dr. North guy is suspicious, and he cant believe John has no problem with him and Marlena being up there and not hearing from them. John says he went with Lexies recommendation, and he does have a problem with it. John eventually admits he probably made the wrong call, but what is eating Roman up is it wasnt his call to make. John tells Roman he got Marlena in this mess by taking advantage of Marlena and getting her pregnant. John says he knows Roman blames himself as he should. Later, John ends up making a call to someone who has been investigating Dr. North, and the news he gets isnt good. John says that is just what he thought. 

At the cabin, Dr. North tells Marlena he has a special treatment that he has been waiting for the right time to try on her. She asks if it is experimental? He says no, but it requires her giving her trust to him completely. He asks if she trusts him? She says of course she does. She says before coming away here it was just torture for her. She says everyone else grates on her, they push her to remember, but he gives her the freedom of not remembering. Dr. North says her husband keeps calling. Marlena says she knows, he wants her to attend a wedding or something, some of her children are getting married. She says she doesnt want to, and she guesses she should feel guilty. He says she shouldnt, she cant help what shes living through right now. She says there he goes again, hes making her feel normal. Marlena says she would just disappoint people if she went to the wedding, and she cant handle everyone staring at her. Dr. North says that is why he hasnt called John back, and he thought shed have second thoughts about attending. Marlena asks what hed like her to do? He says he wants her to do something shes never experienced before in life. He says it is one of lifes great pleasures. The oven timer goes off, and he goes to get whatever it is. He ends up giving her hot stone massage therapy. She loves it, and Dr. North says hed like to do some hypnotherapy on her later. She asks if it is dangerous? He says if it is used by someone who is devious and unscrupulous then yes. She says that would be someone the opposite of him. He says all he wants to do is help her. Later they prepare for the hypnotherapy, and he wants to her drink some herbal tea first to calm her nerves. As he prepares the tea he dumps something into it. We dont know if it is just tea or not, but the bad guy music is playing. He hypnotizes her and takes her back to a time when she was happiest, a time nobody in her life but her knows about. She says she remembers. He asks her to remember the man she loved, the man she swore to always love, does she remember him? She remembers being with a young Alex (real Roman flashbacks). Marlena says it is her. He says yes, she remembered. They kiss, and as they do John walks in on them. 


September 6, 2005

Phillip and Belle return to the loft. Phillip feels bad that they had to leave the party early, and he hopes they understand. Belle says of course they will understand. Belle says hes been waiting for news on this new prosthesis for awhile now. Phillip says this new prosthesis is supposed to be amazing, it will be like having his leg back. Phillip is insisting on going on his own, but he says they still have some time before he goes. They then kiss. Later they are on the couch, and they have just made love. They then look over a list of names Belle has come up with for the baby. Belle says she pulled the most popular names off the social security website, and then used their family bibles to narrow the list down. She says so far they have Conner, Tyler and Luke for boys and Claire, Margaret and Hillary for girls. Belle says now they all have to do is come up with a middle name. Phillip decides to go jump in the shower, and he says hell be right back. Belle then realizes she left the door open, what if someone saw them making love. She goes to close it and sees Shawn and Mimi have just come home. They are in the hallway being cute together, and Shawn is offering to help fix her car. Mimi thinks that is sweet and kisses him on the cheek. She also knows her mom bullied him into this job, but shes glad hes there as its nice to see a friendly face. Mimi also knows it was hard for him to see Belle tonight. Shawn says Belle made her decision so he has to move on with his life. Phillip comes down the steps, sees Belle by the door, and asks what she is doing? She says she left the door open and someone could have seen them. Phillip isnt embarrassed though and kisses her. Back out in the hall, Mimi remembers the Dark Shadows marathon is about to start. Shawn forgot his keys, and Mimi scolds him. It turns out Mimi forgot hers as well, and Shawn laughs at her. They wonder what theyll do. They go over to Phillip and Belles and say they locked themselves out and need their spare key. Belle says shell go get it. Phillip asks how the jobs are going, and they say good. They get their key and wish Phillip good luck with his leg. Shawn and Mimi leave, and Phillip is positive something is going on with them. Phillip is then buzzed (well the apartment it), his car is here so he has to go. He says hes heading off and hell see her soon. It appears hes missing Brady and Chloes wedding because of the fitting, but he will be back for Lucas and Samis wedding. He tells Belle to just rest and take care of herself. As soon as Phillip leaves, Belle is hit by pains. Shawn happened to be in the hallway and hears her crying out. He runs to Belle and asks what is wrong? She says it is the baby!

At the bachelor party, Bo and Roman discuss the plan to capture Tony. Bo hopes they be able to capture the rest of DiMeras crew, and Roman says especially Stan. Meanwhile, Lucas and Brady celebrate together and discuss how they both learned about Nicole the hard way. Lucas says but now Brady has Chloe. Victor joins them and says nothing will ever come between Brady and Chloe again. Victor takes the moment to toast both Brady and Lucas. He says these fine young men, along with Shawn and Rex Brady, risked their lives to rescue his son Phillip. He then tells Lucas that it is a shame that he and Sami didnt admit their love sooner, and he knows love can change people. He hopes that is true of Sami and he wishes them all the best. Victor says he does hope it works out this time. Lucas says it will as Sami has changed. 

At the shower, Abby tells Chelsea that she needs to try and be more social with her new family. Chelsea and Abby argue about her new family. Abby tells Chelsea she needs to get used to them as Billie isnt going anywhere. Chelsea says Abby is wrong. Chelsea says Billie is the only thing standing between her and Patrick. She says however Billie wont be around for much longer. Abby urges her to forget about Patrick, she has Max. Chelsea says Max is a boy and Patrick is a man, a real man. She says she just has t find a way to use her rich family to her advantage. Abby asks what she is planning? Chelsea says shes going to play the lottery and win.

Chloe is opening all her presents, and Billie wonders where Sami is. Kate says the last time she saw her she was running off with one of the strippers. Billie asks her mom to just be happy for Lucas, but Kate says Sami is ruining his life. Billie says fine, be happy for her. Kate says she is happy for her. Chelsea approaches them and asks if they are having fun? They say they are. Chelsea then sucks up to Kate, saying she doesnt think she likes her cousin Sami that much, and she tells Kate how stylish she is and shed love to have her sense of style. Kate thanks her and tells Chelsea she has good style herself. Kate decides she and Chelsea get to know one another better, and its time for a chat alone. Chelsea says shed like that, so they go off together. 

Outside, Sami tells Bart that she has done what she was asked and to leave her alone. Bart says he needs to make sure shes not pulling a fast one. Sami insists shes not. Bart says she better not be, otherwise hell out her as Stan, Tonys cross-dressing accomplice. He also says her future with Lucas will be bye-bye! Sami says she risked a lot to get that information of her dads computer, she could have landed in such trouble if she was caught. Bart says not as much trouble as shell be in if the information is bogus. Sami says she is tired of his threats. She says she gave Bart what he wanted so its time she gets what she wants. He says after Tony escapes. She tells him to get out of here, she cant be seen with him. He says they think hes a stripper. Sami says please, with that body? Bonnie walks out and tells Sami everyone has been looking for her, and what she is doing? Sami says she was asking the Lone Ranger to give them another performance as everyone enjoyed his first so much. Sami heads back in, and Bonnie thinks Sami is her competition. Bart tells her not a chance, and Bonnie plants a big kiss on Bart.

Chelsea talks with Kate and warns her how she is her idol. Chelsea says she used to cut her photo out of W magazine all the time. Sami walks up and says since they are cousins she should warn Chelsea that Kate is a bitch. Chelsea says she likes her, and Kate says likewise. Kate says in fact she was just about to offer Chelsea Samis old job at Basic Black. Sami wishes Chelsea luck as shell need it.

Lucas runs into Sami, and she jumps. He wonders why shes so jumpy? Chloe asks them if theyve seen Brady since the bachelor party seems to be over. Lucas says hes around here somewhere. She heads off, and Lucas dances with Sami. He tells Sami that she has made him the luckiest man in the world, shes making all his dreams come true. Sami says she loves him so much, and they kiss.

Kate is leaving Alices and runs into Roman. Roman asks what is wrong, is she not having a good time? He thinks she is upset at seeing Lucas and Sami together and happy. She says no, it isnt true. Roman says it is, and what is sad is they could have been happy, they could have had everything. She tells him to just stop. Roman says breaking her promise to him ruined everything, and he doesnt know how he could have married a woman like her. Victor shows up and asks if there is a problem? Roman says not anymore, and she is all his. Roman walks off, and Victor comforts Kate. Kate asks Victor for help nailing Sami. He says he cant find anything so far, is she sure shes not imagining it? Kate isnt, she knows Sami is involved with Tony somehow. Kate says she has to bring Sami down.

Roman returns to the bar, and later gets a phone call and runs off. Sami asks why hes leaving in such a hurry? He just says police business. Sami thinks Tony has escaped, and she just hopes he isnt caught again.

Chelsea talks to Abby about how Grandma Kate isnt just the lotto, shes the tri-state mega ball. Shes going to make Grandma Kate pay in cash for Bo and Billie abandoning her. Abby says they didnt abandon her, and she needs to think before she does something she regrets. Chelsea tells Abby to stop being so naive, even her problems have problems. Chelsea says she heard Max and Frankie talking, Frankie still loves Jen and would love to get Jack out of the way. Abby says her parents love each other and no one will come between them. Chelsea says that is what Bo and Hope think to, but they will be toast soon. Chelsea goes up to Bo and tells him goodnight. Bo says goodnight to her too and he hopes to see her soon. She also apologizes to him for how horrible shes been. She then gives Bo a hug. Billie watches and is in tears, while Hope is suspicious.

Brady is left alone after the party ends. Hes trying to call someone when the lights go out and music comes on. Chloe walks in, and they share a dance under a disco ball. Later they return to the cabin, but Brady doesnt plan on staying as it is bad luck for him to see her before the wedding. She asks him not to go as she needs him here. He tells her not to be afraid, she wont be alone. Brady says he called her mom to come spend the night. He says hell miss her too, but once they are married theyll be together forever. She says okay, go to your dads and shell see him tomorrow. Brady says goodnight and heads off. Chloe looks around the cabin and then looks at her face in the mirror. She asks God for a miracle and please let tomorrow be perfect so she and Brady can have their dream wedding. 

At the cabin, we see a replay of Marlena remembering Alex and sharing a kiss with him just as John walks in. John asks what in the hell is going on here. Dr. North says he can explain. John says how can he explain using his wifes amnesia to get her into bed? Marlena tells John to stop it. She says if John hurts Alex then hell lose her forever! He says she doesnt mean that, but Marlena does. She says if he wont come to terms with Alex in her life then she can never see him again. She tells John that he shouldnt be here. She runs upstairs, and John asks Alex what is going on here. Alex says he walked in on a session, and Marlena wasnt actually kissing him. He says Marlena thought she was kissing the man she loves. Alex claims Marlena had a memory and projected the man onto him. John says you expect me to believe that Marlena thought Alex was him (John). Alex suggests they not get ahead of themselves, there is no way of knowing that man she remembered was John. John thought Alex assured him that hed remember him. Alex says its not his job to convince her that she loves him. Upstairs, Marlena wonders why she kissed Alex, what was she thinking. Alex appears and says she couldnt help herself, she wants him as much as he wants her. It is all a fantasy of course. Marlena heads downstairs and asks John and Alex if they have worked this out? John says Marlena needs to know something, hes done some research and discovered that Dr. North is a fraud. Marlena doesnt believe him, but says why dont they ask Dr. Estrada. She doesnt know a Dr. Estrada. John says she does, she is a close friend of Marlenas from med school. John says that she warned him that Dr. Norths tactics are highly dangerous and risky, and most patients remember in a familiar environment. Alex scolds John for filling Marlenas mind with doubts as he might reverse the progress theyre making. John doesnt see any progress being made, he is taking Marlena home as this experiment is over. Marlena doesnt want to go back, but he says her children are getting married. John says he is her husband and only wants what is best for her. He asks Marlena to trust him and come home. She says no, she wont go back with him.  


September 7, 2005

Lucas and Sami return home, and Sami and Lucas get a little bit frisky. Sami says she did promise him a strip tease. Lucas says it is perfect timing as Will is at his friend Arthurs tonight. They head into Samis apartment and Sami starts taking off her clothes. Suddenly Will and his friend walk in! Sami is of course horrified and holds her dress up. Lucas tells them to be gentlemen and turn around. Wills friend thinks Samis mom looks like Hillary Duff. Sami runs off to the bedroom, and Lucas says he thought Will was spending the night at his friends? Will says they had to come pick up a few things, and they will go now. Will and his friend then leave. In the bedroom Sami says she cant believe she was stripping in front of Will and his friend, and its not as if she doesnt have enough to be humiliated about. She turns around and sees Bart on the fire escape looking in! She screams, and Lucas bursts in, as does Will and his friend. Sami says it was just a mouse, and Bart is now hiding outside on the fire escape. Will and Arthur leave, and Lucas giggles and says that boy will never be the same. Sami says Will and his friend must be mortified, but Lucas says they didnt get a good look at her. Lucas thinks now that the boys are gone they can pick up where they left off. As he gets frisky, Sami sees Bart is still on the fire escape watching. She pushes Lucas away and says Dont! Lucas asks what is wrong with her, she was just all hot and bothered a moment ago and now shes pushing him away. Sami says shes just upset about the Will and Arthur fiasco, and they could walk back in at any moment. She says shell never forget the look on the kids face. Sami tells Lucas to make sure Will and Arthur are gone, and shell slip into something more comfortable. Lucas leaves, and Sami goes outside and deals with Bart. She asks what is his problem? Bart says they arent finished yet. Sami says they are, and she wants back the Stan costume in exchange for the codes. Bart says her part isnt done yet, Sami isnt off the hook until Tony has escaped. Sami asks what is taking him so long? Bart says all in good time, but if Tony as so much gets a scratch then it is on her head. Sami says that isnt the deal she agreed to, she got them the information. She says betrayed her father. Bart says she betrays everyone, and that is why they are making sure she hasnt betrayed them. Sami says if something goes wrong with the escape it isnt her fault. He says she better hope nothing goes wrong or her wedding could turn into her funeral. Meanwhile Lucas returns and finds the door locked. He hears Sami telling someone to get out of here. Lucas asks if someone is in there with her? Back on the fire escape, Sami says Lucas cant find him here so he has to go. He wont go until he knows the info is good. She says it is, she got it off her dads computer. Bart eventually leaves, and Sami returns to her apartment and lets Lucas in. Sami is now sporting a black negligee. He says he didnt know what she was doing. He says he just thought that . . . it sounded like someone was in here. Sami says no, just her. She says and all she wants is him. She then kisses him.

At the cabin, John tells Marlena that Sami will be so disappointed if she doesnt come home for the wedding, and the time will come that she remembers and will be devastated she wasnt there. Marlena says shell see the photographs. John says and shell cry because she isnt in any of them. John begins to think that Marlena doesnt want to remember, and he doesnt think Dr. North is helping her at all. Dr. North says they are making progress. John doesnt see any progress, and thinks his wife would be better off in Salem. Dr. North disagrees, and he says it is ultimately up to Marlena. John says hes not asking her to come back for him, but for herself and her children. Marlena says she wants to go back and be there for her children, but she cant, it is too early. She says she cant take the pressure of everyone wanting her to remember. Marlena wants Alexs opinion. John says this isnt up to him, but Marlena says she trusts Alex and wants his opinion. Alex asks what her instincts tell her? Marlena says her instincts tell her to be there for her children. She says she doesnt know them or remember them, but she is their mother. Alex thinks she has made her decision. Marlena asks what is best for her? He thinks she should go back to Salem, but only if he is there to treat her. John says over his cold dead body! Marlena says just because she has no memory doesnt mean he is in charge of her. John says hes sorry, and as long as she is his wife that it is his duty to care for her. Marlena thinks then he would want her to have the best care possible, and undermining her trust in Alex isnt helping. John says he is afraid of this man and what hes doing. Marlena says she thinks Johns intentions are well, but she trusts Alex and doesnt care what he or anyone else thinks. She says she is not going anywhere without Alex. Marlena breaks down in tears, and John says he knows she is confused. She says shes not, she has no memory but she does have clarity. She says she knows where she is and what she needs. John says and you think you need Dr. North? Marlena wants to tell John something and she wants him to listen. He says hes listening. Marlena says the only reason she would go back is for her children. She says she doesnt know them or remember them, but she is their mother and it is her desire to be there for them. John says hes glad. Marlena says that is it though. She says if she is going back to Salem then she needs Alexs support and guidance. John says fine if that is the only way. She says it is. He says then he has no choice but to accept it. Marlena says good because Alex is here to stay. 

At Belles place, Mimi shows up and finds Shawn with Belle. Mimi asks if it is the baby? Shawn says yes and he asks Mimi to try and catch Phil. Shawn goes to call Dr. Bader, but shes on vacation and Lexie is covering for her. Shawn calls Lexie, and Lexie says shell be right over. Shawn tells Belle that Lexie is on her way now. Belle tells Shawn she is scared, what if she loses this baby? Mimi returns and says Phillip is gone and he seems to have turned his cell phone off. Lexie shows up, and Mimi comments that was quick Lexie examines Belle. Belle begs Lexie to tell her that she wont lose the baby. Lexie doesnt know what is causing this and she needs to give her a more thorough exam. She does say the babys heartbeat is strong so she wont lose the baby. Shawn and Mimi leave, and they discuss the baby in the hall. Shawn says Belle is lucky they were here, if this was something more serious who know what could have happened. Meanwhile, Lexie questions Belle as to what she was doing when the cramps came on, and how regular the cramps are. Belle tries to answer her questions, saying she was having an evening at home with Phillip. Lexie asks if Belle has been sexually active? Belle says yes, and asks if that is a problem. She asks if it caused premature labor? LExie says she is not in labor, and there doesnt seem to be a physical explanation for the cramps. She says perhaps Belle knows what is causing them. Belle hasnt a clue what Lexie is talking about. Lexie thinks it is stress, and she asks if anything has happened to bring her blood pressure up? Belle thinks about a fight she had with Shawn about Mimi, and Belle says there are a few things. Lexie tells Belle she needs to take care of herself, relax and take it easy. Lexie thinks it is all stress. However she wants Belle to see Dr. Bader as soon as she comes back. Belle says she will, and Lexie leaves. Back outside, Shawn worries about Belle and the baby. Mimi doubts Belle is losing the baby, if she was then Lexie would be wanting to get her to the hospital. Shawn just wishes he knew what was wrong. To herself Mimi thinks she knows what is wrong. Lexie comes out and tells Mimi and Shawn that Belle and the baby will be fine. LExie says she thinks the problem is stress related. She says Belle needs to take it easy and not let things upset her. Shawn decides to walk Lexie to her car, and Mimi goes in to check on Belle. Belle thanks Mimi for being here for her as she was so worried. Mimi says shes sure she was, but not about the baby. Mimi says she was worried she was losing Shawn. Mimi thinks Belle was using the baby to reel Shawn back in, and it has to stop now. Belle says that is low, and she thinks Mimi is trying to cost her this baby by giving her stress. Mimi says nothing is wrong with her baby and it drives her mad that Shawn is moving on without her. Belle wants Mimi to admit she wants to be more than friends with Shawn. Mimi says that is her business, and what matters is Shawn is her friend and she doesnt want to see him hurt. She tells Belle that she has hurt Shawn enough and to leave him alone. Shawn returns, and Belle gets rid of him by asking him to go get pillows from her bed. Mimi warns Belle, she married Phillip even though she didnt love him. She says now she is pregnant, and shes stuck with it, so good luck. However Mimi tells Belle not to drag Shawn back into her life now that hes moving on. She says she doesnt know what the future holds for her or Shawn, but Mimi wants Belle to stay out of both of their lives.

Outside the other cabin, Chloe finds Brady sleeping outside. She asks why he came back? He says he was worried about her being alone tonight, so he came back. He asks why Nancy isnt here? She says good question. Chloe says that isnt the real reason he came back. Chloe thinks Brady was afraid shed leave, that she would change her mind and take off. Brady asks if she was going to? Chloe says the truth is she was. She says she knows it would be cowardly. Brady tells her to trust in him and their love. He says he loves her. She says she loves him too. Chloe says just doesnt know if hes marrying her out of pity. Brady says hes marrying her because he loves her, and he asks if she sees pity in his eyes? She says no, and he says because there is none. He says he only has love and desire for her. They then share a kiss. Chloe doesnt know what she did to deserve him, he is the kindest and most caring man in the world. Bradys phone rings and he has to take it. He walks off, and Nancy shows up. Nancy tells Chloe she is right, Brady is a special man. Nancy asks why Brady is still here? Chloe says he didnt want to leave her alone. Nancy apologizes for being late, she and Craig had a terrible time getting Joy to sleep. Chloe says shes glad Nancy is here now. Nancy says tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Chloe says because of Brady? Nancy says he is a special man, and anyone can get married, it takes no talent and any fool can cut a wedding cake. Nancy says but to be a special partner in life, that takes something extra. Nancy thinks Brady has proved himself. Chloe says she has no doubts about Brady, she has doubts about herself. She doesnt know what kind of partner shell be. Chloe is afraid shell let Brady down. Later Brady shows up in a blindfold. They laugh at him, but he says he should see the bride and it is almost midnight. However Nancy and Chloe say its only the day of that he cant see her, and he cant see her in the wedding gown. They all laugh, and Brady is glad that Nancy is here. Nancy says shes been talking to Chloe, and Chloe says she convinced her that shes not going anywhere.


September 8, 2005
Lucas shows up at the police station to see Roman. Lucas wants to officially ask for Samis hand in marriage. Roman tells Lucas that he cant give him that. Lucas asks if he is joking? Roman says no, he wants Lucas word that he wont break Samis heart again. Roman says he knows what Kate did to stop the last wedding, but Lucas didnt believe Sami and humiliated her in front of the entire town. Lucas says he knows, and he was wrong. He says Sami has changed and he can trust her now. Roman says if Lucas is serious then he has his permission and blessing, and hed love to walk her down the isle. Lucas thanks Roman, and Roman thanks Lucas for asking. Roman welcomes him to the family. Will walks in and thinks this means the wedding is still a go. Roman asks what they fed him at that camp as hes gotten so big? Roman wants a hug, and Will gives him one. Will is excited about hearing mom and dad say I do. Hes guessing Grandma Kate isnt happy though, and shes not invited to the wedding.

Sami shows up at the station to use her dads computer. Detective Adams let her go in and use it. Kate is following her and decides to find out what the little bitch is up to. Sami heads into her dads office to get the codes he needs. Sami finds what she needs just as Kate walks in. She asks Sami what shes up to now. Sami says shes just working on her wedding plans, and hits something on the PC. Kate asks why shes here? Sami says her dad gave her permission to be here, and what is she doing here, spying on her? Sami says her dad and Lucas wont be happy to hear about this. Sami knows her dad wants a divorce, and Sami says once her mom gets cured they will get back together. Sami says everyone but her will be happy. Kate tells Sami not to get her hopes up, she had a talk with Tony DiMera and he told her all about her little disguise. Sami tells Kate she knows nothing, if she did then shed blow her out of the water. Kate says so there is something to know. Sami says no and that Tony is playing games with her, and nobody will believe her with Tony as her source anyways. Kate says she saw the panic in her eyes, she knows something is up. Sami says nobody will believe her, everyone is happy about the wedding including Austin. Sami says Austin is coming home for the wedding, and he knows what Kate did. Kate says Sami didnt deserve to be with Austin and she doesnt deserve to be with Lucas. Kate says she will stop this wedding. Sami yells at Kate that she knew she was up to something, and she cant wait to tell Lucas what shes trying to stop the wedding. Lucas and the others walk in and Lucas says she doesnt have to tell him anything, he can see for himself. Lucas tells Kate to leave Sami alone, he is tired of her lies and isnt going to believe them. Roman tells Kate that Sami had his permission to use the computer, but what is she doing here. Sami says stalking her, but Kate says no. Kate says she thought they could discuss their divorce. Will says Your getting divorced? Roman says their marriage is over and her fixation on destroying Sami confirms it. As they argue, Sami quickly looks at the computer and gets the codes she needs. Will shows up and asks her mom what all this stuff about Tony on the PC is? Kate says gotcha! Sami says she was leaving a message for her dad to make sure Tony and his goons dont get near her wedding. Roman assures Sami she has nothing to worry about. Kate thinks Sami has a lot to worry about, Tony is a time bomb waiting to incriminate her. Lucas tells Sami not to let this get to her, and Will asks Kate why hes doing this? Kate says she knows he loves his mother, but she has done terrible things to hurt people. Sami tells Kate not to talk to her son like that. Lucas says enough, and he suggests they go to lunch. They head off, and Kate continues to insists to Roman that Tony and Sami . . . Roman stops her and asks what is wrong with her, hasnt she done enough damage? Roman says she had no right to come here, and they have nothing more to say. He says further communication should be through their lawyers, and he wants this divorce finalized ASAP. She says fine, and she leaves. Roman gets onto his computer and sees something he doesnt like. Detective Adams returns and says the corrections facility needs the info on Tonys transfer. He says he can get them from the PC, but Roman says no. Roman says he trusts detective Adams, so hes letting him on this. He says the information on the PC is bogus in case someone decides to hack into his PC. He says it wont do Tony any good, but hopefully it will help them catch his helpers. Roman says the real information is safely hidden away, and he wont let anything cost them losing Tony now. Roman says if the DiMeras hack in it wont do them any good, and whoever stole the information then they will be arrested.

Sami, Will and Lucas head back to Alices for lunch. Sami sees Bart dressed as a clown outside giving balloons to some kids. Sami claims she forgot her cellphone, and she tells them to go in and get a table. They leave, and she goes to see Bart. Bart gives her a balloon thing and asks if she has something for him. She gives him what she got off her dads computer. Sami however is upset, Kate seems to know something and says Tony may have told her what is going on. Bart, calling himself Cowboy Barto, assures her that he hasnt and if this escape works then Tony will make sure Kate never finds anything on Sami. He asks if the information is good? Sami says the information is good and this is it, no more favors. Cowboy Bart says if the info is good then she can breath easy. Bart leaves, and Lucas returns. He asks what took her so long? She says she was just picking up a balloon thing for Will. 

Bo calls Hope from Jens place. He leaves a message on her phone saying he didnt call last night because it was late and he didnt want to wake up Zack. He says so far they havent found Chelsea. He also says his cell phone battery is dead, so dont bother calling him back. Bo and Billie talk to Jen and Jack about what is going on, and Billie thinks Chelsea and Max could be anywhere doing god knows what. Frankie shows up and knows how to track down Max and Chelsea. Frankie tells them for what its worth hes talked to Max about Chelsea and taking it slow with her, he just hopes he listened to him this time. Frankie heads off to do some searching. Jen asks Bo if Hope knows he was out all night with Billie? Bo says they werent on a date, they were looking for their daughter. Jen says she knows, but he should still keep Hope informed. Meanwhile Billie talks to Jack about how poorly Chelsea reacted to the news. Jack says he was in shock when he learned about his true parents, but in time he came to accept it and them. He says Chelsea will too. Billie says she shouldnt be dumping this on him given what hes going through. Frankie returns and has people working on it. Frankie is Maxs manager and has power of attorney, so if Max has used his credit cards it will show up. Billie says so things will be fine. Bo says as long as Max hasnt touched his daughter they will be. Frankie gets a call and tracks them to the Hideaway motel. Bo says that place rents rooms by the hour. Bo and Billie head off to look for Chelsea. Before leaving Bo tells Hope to tell Hope he wont be long. Jen says famous last words.

Patrick is swimming in the pool. He gets out and Hope shows up. She hopes shes not disturbing him. He says not at all, but it is early. Hope says Bo didnt come out last night, and she wanted to know if he knows anything. Patrick says no, and he thinks they must still be out searching for Chelsea. Patrick says if Max touches her then hell kill him. Hope says not unless Bo gets to him first. They talk about Chelsea, and Patrick basically says she is a good girl she is just messed up. Hope says hes really one of the good guys. Patrick says tell her husband that, he thinks hes after Billie, Chelsea and her. Hope is worried, and Patrick suggests she go for a swim and relax. She says she doesnt have a bathing suit. He says go borrow one of Billies. She says hes kidding right. Patrick says no and he insists. Hope heads inside and later returns. He asks why she doesnt have a suit? Hope says who needs a suit, and begins to take her cloths off. Of course this is just a fantasy in Patricks head. Hope really does return with a swimsuit. Later Jen and Jack show up to let them know Bo and Billie found Max and Chelsea at the Hideaway Hotel. She urges Hope to go to them, but Hope says no. She says it would just complicate things. Jen thinks she is making a huge mistake. Hope says no, Chelsea is their daughter and they need to deal with this on their own. She says she trusts and loves Bo enough to handle this. Jen asks if she isnt jealous? Hope says shed be inhuman if she wasnt, Chelsea is their daughter and she has to deal with this. Jen says she is being very mature, shes handling this well. Hope says she thinks she could say the same about Jack, hes doing well having Frankie back and living with them. Jen says Frankie and his brother are living in the garage. Still, Hope says Frankie was her first love. Jen says she has been reminded of a lot of nice memories, but that was a long time ago. She says shed never be unfaithful to Jack. Hope asks why Frankie didnt leave town? Jen says because Caroline returned home. Hope says she sees the way Frankie looks at her, she thinks Caroline was just an excuse to stand and be around her. Jen says what she and Frankie had was over years ago and they are just close friends. She says she loves Jack, what they have is forever. Hope says it is just when it comes to exes a spark in one can rekindle a flame in the other. Jen thinks they are talking about Bo and Billie now, and Hope is worried. Hope says she has no doubt Bo loves her, but she knows Bo and Billie will be spending time with Chelsea. Hope admits shes worried about where it will all lead. Hope says the wild card in all of this is Chelsea, and she fears what Chelsea will do to their family.

Meanwhile, Patrick tells Frankie that his brother better not have hurt Chelsea. He says for Gods sake, she just found out shes his niece. Frankie says there is no blood between them. Jack says Max is just a dumb kid, he doesnt have ill intentions like Patrick does. Patrick tells them to defend Max and blame him, but he didnt take Chelsea to the hotel. Patrick walks off, and Jack tells Frankie he wanted to bring him here to see how Patrick works. Jack says Patrick is moving in on his family as they speak. Patrick returns and asks what they are talking about? They say nothing, and Jack leaves to check on his kid. Frankie then confronts Patrick as to who he is and what hes hiding. Patrick says he can ask the same thing of Frankie, hes involved with something else and hell find what it is. Frankie gets a call and answers Frank Brady. Frankie gets the goods on Patrick and calls him a lying bastard. Jack, who is back, says it sounds like Frankie has Patricks number.

At the hotel, Chelsea stirs in her sleep. Max wakes her up and brings Chelsea her favorite from the vending machine, sugarberries. He also found some wild strawberries in the field behind the hotel. Chelsea says he has flowers too, how romantic. She tells about the awful dream she had that Bo and Billie were her parents. Max says it wasnt a dream, they are her biological parents. He says she freaked out so he brought her here. Chelsea says she cant stay here, she asks Max to run away with her to someplace Billie and Bo will never find her. Max says he cant help her run away, she needs to stay and deal with this. Chelsea says they arent her parents, her parents were killed. She says you only get one set of parents, hers were the best and Bo and Billie are the worst. Max suggests she shower and theyll figure out what they do next. Chelsea says she already knows. She jumps Max and says this will make Bo and Billie crazy. Max stops her before she goes too far, and he says he thought she wanted to get out of here. He suggests she go take a shower. She says good idea, shell go get it hot and steamy and he can join her. There is a knock at the door, and Bo and Billie burst in. Max is putting on his pants, and Bo tells Max hes a little predator. Bo puts him in a headlock and thinks he took advantage of Cheslea. Max says he didnt take advantage of Chelsea, he wanted two rooms but Chelsea wanted him close by, and they didnt have a room with two beds. He says he slept on the floor. He says Chelsea isnt taking the news well, she doesnt want to accept that the Bensons werent her real parents. Max says to top it all off she finds out the woman she hates the most in the entire world is her real mother. Max says hes sorry to upset Billie, he likes her, but there is no easy way to say this. Max says Chelsea wants nothing to do with her. Billie wont accept it. Bo asks Max to leave and let them talk to Chelsea alone. Max says okay, and he wishes them luck as theyll need it. Chelsea comes out and is shocked to see Bo and Billie. She asks what they are doing here. They says they are here to take her home. She says no, she doesnt want to talk to them or see them ever again. She then shuts herself in the bathroom. Bo tells Billie that went well. 


September 9, 2005
At Samis place, Lucas is at the PC and Sami is banging on Wills door to get him up. Will comes out, and Will says he thought they were getting married tomorrow. Sami says they are, but Brady and Chloes wedding is today. Lucas finishes what he was doing, he chose a photo for the wedding announcement. The photo is of Stan! Sami says that is the photo he wants to send? He says of course not, it was an error and he just kept that photo in case they caught the lousy traitor. Lucas pulls up the correct picture of Sami he wants to use, and she likes it. She then remembers she has good news, her mom is home and is coming to the wedding. Lucas says they will have the perfect wedding and future, as well as the perfect honeymoon. He wont tell her what their honeymoon is though as it is a surprise. Sami says as long as it isnt near the desert. Lucas tells her to forget the desert, they arent going near anything that reminds them of Tony or Stan. Later Will suggests the see who has RSVPd to see if anyone is coming to the wedding. Will takes over the computer and sees a lot of people are coming. He hopes someone gives them an ice cream maker. Sami just hopes Lucas mom doesnt try and come. Lucas hopes not either, but says there is nothing she can do even if she did show up. The phone rings and Sami answers. It is Bart calling to talk to Stan The Man. Sami gets rid of Lucas and Will by telling them to go get dressed. Sami then scolds Bart for calling here as Lucas or Will could have answered. Bart says Tony is escaping during the wedding today, and Sami will get everything she wants once Tony is a free man. Sami says great and nothing can go wrong now. Later the boys return and they are all dressed up. Sami is also dressed up, and she says tells Lucas that she wishes they were getting married today. 

At the station, Roman has photographs of Tony, Stan and Bart. Abe comes in and Roman says take a look at this not realizing what hes said. Abe tells him that hell charge him a dollar every time he uses the words look, watch or see. They laugh, and Roman fills Abe in on the trap hes set for Tony. Roman says they will nail Bart as well as Stan. Meanwhile, Bart shows up at the station dressed as a UPS man. He has a package for Roman, and Tek signs for it. Bart then leaves. There is a bug in the package, and Bart listens as Tek delivers it to Roman. As Abe and Tek squabble, Roman realizes the package is bugged and tells them to hush. They put on a show for Bart, claiming everything is on schedule for Tonys transfer and to proceed as scheduled. Bart hears that and heads off. Tek leaves to track the source of the bugged package, and Abe wishes he wasnt blind so he could help. Roman says hell be back at work soon. Roman leaves, and Tek returns and tells Abe that the delivery man got away. Abe says surprise surprise. Tek then gets a report, they have a lead on Stan! Tek says one of the other inmates heard Tony on the phone talking about how Stan was his passport to freedom. Abe says it is just hearsay from another convict, but Tek says they discussed the transfer plans and Tony and the other convict wouldnt know about the transfer. Tek says this proves Stan is playing a part in Tonys attempted escape. 

At the loft, Belle is dreaming about making love to Shawn. Belle wakes up and wonders why she cant forget her feelings for Shawn? Shawn is on the couch dreaming about being with Belle. Belle wakes him up and says he didnt have to sleep here. He says he was worried about the baby. Mimi shows up as Shawn has a phone call. Belle says they just woke up, and Mimi asks exactly what is going on here? Shawn says he slept on the couch and that is all. He says he was worried about Belle and the baby. Mimi asks if she had more cramps? Belle says no shes fine. Shawn leaves to grab the phone call, and Mimi asks Belle if shes really not doing this just to get Shawns attention? Belle says she didnt ask Shawn to stay. Mimi says she didnt ask him to leave either. Mimi thinks Phillip would be thrilled to know Shawn has moved back in on his wife. Belle says that isnt happening, and this is Chloe and Bradys wedding day so they shouldnt be fighting. Shawn returns and says Belle is right, and Mimi says yes Belle is always right. As Belle talks to Lexie, who just called, Shawn asks Mimi to give Belle a break as shes worried about the baby. Mimi suggests if she is that worried she not go to the wedding. Shawn says this is her brothers wedding. Mimi says they wouldnt want Belle to overdue it would they? She says it would be awful if she got more of those awful cramps, and think about how Chloe would feel. Mimi says leave it to Belle to ruin her good friends big day. Belle has just gotten off the phone and hears what Mimi is saying. Later, Shawn makes Belle a big breakfast, but she says she cant eat it all. Belle offers some to Mimi, but she says no thanks. Shawn asks if she is sure she is up for this wedding? Belle says yes, she has to be there, she is the matron of honor. Shawn heads off to take his shower, and Mimi asks Belle to promise she wont make a scene to get Shawns attention and ruin Chloes wedding. Belle says stop it, and she is a married woman. Mimi says a married pregnant woman who is still in love with Shawn. Belle says shes not fighting with Mimi about this today, shes going to go get dressed. Belle then takes off. Mimi says she just cant get over her feelings for Shawn. 

John is with Kate outside the penthouse. John asks Kate for her help. He asks her to help him find out what is going on between MArlena and Alex. In the penthouse, Brady comes down the steps in only a towel. He finds Marlena has breakfast all prepared. He welcomes her home and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She doesnt seem to like it. Marlena says so this is a big day for him. He says he and Chloe are getting married, and hes glad she is here and that she and dad are back together. She says no they arent back together. Alex comes down in his robe, and he says MArlena looks bright and cheery this morning. She says she is glad he spent the night last night. Brady looks shocked. He asks what in the hell is going on here? Suddenly John and Kate walk in, and Brady asks his dad why Alex is here and in a robe? John says it isnt what Brady thinks. He says Marlena slept in the master bedroom, Alex in the guest bedroom, and him in the den. Brady cant believe this. Kate asks if hes talked to Marlena about Chloe and the wedding. Brady says no, without her memory he didnt think it would mean all that much to her. Marlena, who is listening, says she is sorry. John says it doesnt matter, now that she is home they will just be reminding her of good things. John says he has some bagel, salmon and cream cheese, all her favorites. Marlena thinks it is odd about what she does and doesnt remember about liking food. She says the lobster and asparagus Alex made she remembered. Marlena says she had made some muffins and coffee, and she and Alex will have that. John asks since when she bakes? Marlena says it is a new found talent she has discovered. She goes to get Alex his coffee the way he likes it, and he jokes she has a good memory. Marlena laughs, and Kate asks John what hes doing here. John explains it to Kate and Brady, and hes hoping these weddings will jog her memory. Brady does too, and he goes to get ready. Kate tells John that Dr. North and Marlena seem to have a more than normal doctor-patient relationship. John tells her about the kiss he walked in on, and how Alex explained it as usual psycho babble. Kate thinks the whole thing is strange. John says that is why he wants her help. Later Roman shows up to check on MArlena. John says her condition hasnt changed, and it is kind of a busy day. Roman asks what Kate is doing here? John says shes concerned about Marlena. Kate says she is here as a friend, and it is Bradys wedding. Roman wishes Marlena could get her memory back before Samis wedding tomorrow. John doubts Roman can help unless he has a degree in psychiatry they dont know about. Kate doesnt think Romans presence is helping, and Roman says he could say the same to her. Roman asks Kate if she told John the news? Kate suggests they not go into it. Roman thinks both John and Marlena should know, and he reveals that he and Kate are getting divorced. John says hes sorry to hear that, and Marlena says it was inevitable. MArlena wonders what kind of marriage they could have had, and perhaps she and John should get divorced too. John is stunned, and Alex tells Marlena not to be hasty as now is not the time to be talking about life altering decisions. Roman hopes Marlena will feel more like herself tomorrow at Samis wedding as it will be a special day for them. John says like today is special too. Marlena says she knows, and shell go get changed. Roman has to get to work, and he asks John if they can talk for a minute. Roman basically tells John I told you so about Dr. North. John admits bringing North in was a mistake. Roman warns John if he cant bring Marlena back then he will. Roman leaves, and Alex tells Kate that it is obvious she is torn between John and Roman. Kate asks if she is a patient of his? He says no. She asks then what he is talking about? Alex says he knows about her past with John, and he senses that she is having difficulties getting over John. He wonders now that Roman is leaving her if she is torn between which men she wants to be with. Kate says that is none of his business. Alex says not true, Kates feelings about these men can have an impact on MArlena and her recovery. Kate says well her marriage to Roman is over. Alex asks if that means shes thinking about being with John? Kate says John is married to Marlena and he loves her. She says no one will come between them. Alex says Marlena may decide not to be with John. Kate asks if that is what he is hoping for? Alex says his only interest is the welfare of his patient. She thinks something else is going on. Alex says he needs to take the breakfast tray into the kitchen, and he leaves.

Meanwhile, John tells Brady hes going to have to drop out of being the best man, he has to be next to Marlena for the wedding. Brady understands, and he says he knows who hell ask. Brady makes a call to Belle and tells her about the problem with the best man thing. He was going to ask Shawn, and Belle thinks it is a good idea. Brady wants to make sure that shell be fine with it, and she says yes. He says hell call Shawn, but she says hes right here and hands the phone over to Shawn so Brady can ask.

Kate talks with John about Alex. She thinks he is up to something, at the very least he wants to control Marlena and he is good. She wonders how close they got, and John says he wonders that too. John asks Kate to help him keep an eye on Alex at the wedding. She says shell do whatever she can to help him. They hug, and Alex watches them. Later Alex, dressed in a tux, apologizes to Kate in case he offended her. He just wants her to be prepared, Marlena may choose to be with neither John or Roman. He says then Kate will have her pick. Kate asks again if that is what he wants. Alex says he has no stake in this, but Kate does. Alex says Kate just has to decide what and who she wants. Marlena comes downstairs, and John tells her that she looks beautiful. Alex says she does, and he offers to drive her. John wants to, but Marlena wants to go with Alex. Marlena and Alex leave as Kate watches with John. Alex suggests to John that he take Kate. John says Alex is good and he is taking advantage of Marlena. Brady shows up and asks if everything is okay? John says yes, and he asks if Brady is ready to get married. Brady says hes nervous and hopes Chloe doesnt get cold feet.

At the cabin, Chloe is once again worried about her scars. She says she knows shes not supposed to take the bandages off, but she has to know what she looks like. She takes them off, and Nancy walks in and screams. Her scar is big and purple. Nancy tells Chloe that she is so sorry. Chloe says she cant marry Brady looking like a monster. Of course this is all a dream. Nancy wakes Chloe up and says it sounds like shes having a nightmare. Chloe tells her mom about her dream. She gets out of bed and wonders how she can marry Brady if shes repulsed by the way she looks. Nancy says it is just the jitters and Brady thinks shes beautiful. Nancy says shes been so obsessed with her face that she hasnt noticed what Brady has done. Nancy tells her to look around. Chloe looks around and there are flowers everywhere. Nancy also has a gift from Brady, a diamond bracelet. There is an inscription Chloe, Marry Me Forever, Brady. Chloe puts it on, and Nancy says she has her something new. The phone rings, and it is Brady. Chloe thanks him for the flowers and the bracelet. Brady says he missed her, and he asks if shes ready for a dream wedding. Chloe says she cant. Brady asks if she is calling off the wedding? Chloe says she just meant she cant wait to marry him. Brady is relieved and says he cant wait to marry her either. Chloe says she has to get dressed, she cant be late to her own wedding. Brady says next time he sees her shell be walking down the aisle. Chloe gets off the phone, and Nancy thought for a minute she was going to say something shed regret. Chloe says she couldnt do it; Brady would have been so disappointed. Chloe looks at her face in the mirror and says she wont go through with this if she looks like a monster for the rest of her life. Later Shawn, Mimi and Belle arrive. Nancy asks them to try and convince Chloe to relax and not worry about her face. Chloe comes out of her bedroom and they all say hi to her. They ask if she is okay? She says no, her face is burning and it has never done this before. Nancy says Dr. Travis is coming over to examine her. Chloe says she knows shes not supposed to take off the bandage but it is driving her crazy. Nancy suggests Chloe show them what Brady gave her. She does, and they say now she needs something borrowed, blue and old. Mimi has the blue, and Nancy has the old. Nancy gives her a locket she bought for Chloe when she was born. Nancy puts the locket on Chloe. Mimi gives Chloe her something blue, which is from her mom. Mimi gives her a fortune cookie tag from Bradys bachelor party. Its apparently dirty, and Mimi says her mom thought it was an original choice. Mimi says but here is the serious one. Mimi has sapphire earrings for Chloe that her mom picked out to match her eyes. Chloe says her mom shouldnt have. Mimi says dont worry, she probably stole them from Maggie Horton. Belle has the something borrowed, Belles gold cross. She says her dad gave bother her and Brady these when they were born. Belle tells Chloe its a miracle that shes gotten to this day and she wishes them many more miracles. Later Belle gets a call from Brady about asking Shawn to be the best man. Shawn is given the phone, and he accepts. Shawn asks Belle if she is okay with this, and she says yes. Shawn heads off to get ready, and Nancy asks Chloe if shes ready to get into her dress. Chloe says no, she doesnt know if she can go through with the wedding.

Back at the station, Roman thinks they are going to lure Stan into their trap. Abe isnt so sure, this convict that leaked the information could be working for DiMera. He also tells Roman to reread what the man said. Roman does, and Abe says Tony doesnt talk like that and he wouldnt be so careless dropping information around when others could hear. Abe says Stan will be the toughest one to nail. Tek disagree and thinks Stan will slip up as do all criminals. Abe says hes been fighting the DiMeras since Tek was in elementary school, and dont underestimate Tony. Abe thinks they have to assume Tony knows hes being set up. Roman says Abe is right, and their number one priority is to get Tony transferred. He just hopes before the day is out that they will know who Stan is.

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