September 12, 2005

Outside the church, Tek gets a call about something, they have a new lead on Tony's associates. He thinks Roman will be interested in this, and he is determined to nail Tony and his helpers. Nicole listens in and watches Sami go into the church. Nicole says Sami may be happy now, but it won't last. Nicole says she's about to make Tek's day.

The wedding begins, and Brady lifts Chloe's veil. He says now the whole world can see her as he does, beautiful in every way. She looks at the crowd and they all gasp, her scars are gone. The wedding commences, and Craig sings a song. 

Tek goes to inform Roman that he has news, and he'll want to know about this. They leave, and Kate follows. Outside, Tek informs Roman that he has a list of names of everyone who saw Tony, and Kate is on the list. Roman already knows. MEanwhile, Kate finds Nicole in the church sobbing. KAte wants Nicole to help her get Sami's head on a silver platter. Nicole says she can't, she still needs Sami and she has her own plan to get Brady back. She runs off, and Kate realizes the girl is going to stop the wedding. She leaves the church and runs into Roman and Tek. Roman has news for Kate, but she isn't interested. He says she is on the official list of Tony's visitors. SHe could care less, and she thinks soon Tony will confirm what she knows, that Sami is in cahoots with Tony. Roman asks how she got in to see Tony, and she says she used John's connections. Roman can't believe her. 

Meanwhile, John thinks about his and MArlena's wedding. He turns to Marlena and admits he had hoped this would jog her memory. She runs out in tears, and he follows her. As Alex listens in Marlena admits to John that she remembered something. However she thinks what she remembers was a made up memory. She says she remembers marrying him and Roman at the same time. She tells John that she thinks she was trying to force herself to remember or feel something, but she doesn't. She says she doesn't feel anything for him or want to be with him. At this point Alex interrupts to check on them. Marlena insists she is okay and wants to spend time with John, so he leaves. John doesn't like that Alex interrupted, but Marlena says he is just being sensitive and caring .John says he can be those things too if she'd give him a chance. Marlena becomes upset and ends up running off in tears. 

Back inside, Victor finds Nicole sneaking around. He furious with her and drags her into the brides room. She stands up to him and says she's not afraid of him or her goons, and if he wants to have her killed then do it as it is better than living without Brady. Victor locks her in the bride's room and then calls Nico. He tells Nico he has an assignment he'll like, he wants him to take care of Nicole. Victor walks off, and Caroline shows up. She sneaks into the bride's room only to be bashed over the head with a vase. Nicole helps Caroline too and apologizes, she thought she was one of Victor's goons. Caroline came to help her escape and suggests Nicole does so before one of the goons really shows up.

The wedding continues, and Bonnie uses it to try and convince Mimi she needs to marry Shawn, the man of her dreams. Mimi isn't interested, and Bonnie begins having fantasies about marrying the men of Salem. We see her marry Shawn, but she says no Shawn is for Mimi. Next is Brady, who she says is a good kisser but he's too serious. Then comes Craig, who she really likes but can't deal with having to put up with Nancy. Finally is John, who is her cowboy and sweeps her off her feet. Meanwhile, as BRady and CHloe are having flashbacks and saying their vows, Belle passes out! The wedding is halted as Craig checks her out. Bonnie tells Mimi she's doing this to get Shawn's attention. Belle insists she's fine, and the wedding commences.

Chelsea tells Billie this must remind her of Bo, and asks if she wants to still be with him? Billie says Bo is devastatingly happy (um, I think she meant to say deliriously) with Hope and everyone can see that. However she admits being married to Bo and having his child meant a lot to her, it mean everything. Chelsea doesn't understand how they could lose her, and she runs out. Billie and Patrick go after her. Outside Chelsea lays into Billie, calling her pathetic and thinks she is just Billie's ticket to Bo. She thinks this is all about another man for Billie. Chelsea runs off, and Patrick comforts Billie. He says he'll go talk to Chelsea. He does, and she tells him to save it if he's going to ask her to cut Billie a break. He says actually he was going to ask her if she'd go to the reception with him. She smiles.

Victor returns to the bride's room to find Nicole gone and Caroline there. She says she knows what he is planning to do to Nicole and for him not to. She says if she meant anything to him not to do this. She says they share a son, and between them they are related to half of the police force and ISA in Salem. 

Brady and Chloe's wedding finally comes to an end (but by this point everyone has run out of the church!) Brady carries her off to a private room in the back of the church where they celebrate. Nicole spies on them through the keyhole in the door and says it can't be over, this can't be the end! 

Outside, Sami finds her dad with Tek and overhears them discussing the list of visitors Tony had. Tek asks if the name of Tony's attorney sounds familiar?


September 13, 2005

In the church, Nicole spies on Brady and Chloe as they are toasting to one another. She says this cant be the end, it cant be over. Someone comes along, so Nicole runs for it. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Victor that she was the one who let Nicole go, and she begs Victor not to do anything hell regret or Nicole will make him sorry for.

Outside the Sami is worried about her wedding. She checks for news on her cell phone, but there is nothing about Tony escaping. Lucas shows up and finds Sami in a panic. Lucas tells her not to worry about it. He assures her everything with their wedding will be fine, and they kiss.

Roman talks with Abe as they are leaving the church. He says everyone who has visited Tony has checked out, everyone but this female lawyer that visited Tony. He says Tek is now going through the security tapes to find an image of her.

Elsewhere outside, Nico gets a hold of Nicole and tells Nicole hes been sent to take care of her permanently. He pulls out a gun, and she says nothing will scare her away from the man she loves. She says she wont give up without a fight, she has to make Brady see he loves her. Nicole asks Nico if hes ever been in love? Nico says once, and it was along time ago. Nico says he has his orders. Nicole tries to talk Nico out of this. Victor shows up and tells Nicole that she should have left when she had the chance. She sees Brady and Chloe come out of the church kissing. Nicole says her mistake, she was just on her way out. She runs, and Victor orders Nico to go after Nicole. Brady and Chloe see something going on, but dont know what. Nico has grabbed Nicole and has his hand over her mouth. Victor orders Nico to get rid of her.

John and Alex are arguing. Alex is upset with John for undermining his treatment by forcing Marlena to come here. John says this is her home. Alex says a home is someplace one feels safe, and Marlena doesnt feel safe her. John says that is because Alex has manipulated her so she only feels safe at his cabin. They continue to argue about Marlenas past with him and Roman. John says if Alex knew his wife then hed know what happened with Roman was a mistake. Alex says perhaps, but some people say there are no mistakes. He also says there is a chance that Marlena wont remember, and there is a possibility that shell only remember part of her past. John says the part when she loved Roman? Alex says yes, and John will have to accept that. John says Alex knows very little about him. John is positive that Marlena will remember her love for him and only him. Alex thinks John sounds confident, but he also thinks John is afraid. Alex says if John will trust him then he can help MArlena. He asks John if he can put aside his mistrust and do what is best for his wife? 

The reception is beginning at Chez Rough. Patrick and Chelsea are the first to arrive. Patrick thinks this gives them a chance to talk about Billie. Chelsea thinks no is a great time to go get a coke from the bar.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope follow, and Bo doesnt like Patrick hanging around Chelsea. Hope asks Bo to promise him that he wont make a scene with Patrick. Bo says that is up to Lockhart. When they walk in they see Chelsea and Patrick at a table together, and Bo huffs.

Chelsea asks when they can talk about them and not Billie? Patrick says he wants her to cut Billie some slack. She asks why? He says because she is her mother and she is a nice person. Chelsea doesnt understand how Billie let someone take her child from her. Patrick says that was the DiMeras fault. She asks if everything in this town the DiMeras fault. Chelsea ends up trying to strike a deal with Patrick in order for her to cut Billie some slack. Patrick asks what she wants? Before she can say anything, Victor introduces the newlyweds.

Jack and Jen walk in, and Jack says Make way for my beautiful bride. She wonders what is up with him. He says he just loves weddings. Jen excuses herself to freshen up, and Frankie approaches Jack and asks how it is going. Jack says its going okay. Frankie says Jack acts like he got some good news, hes been very attentive and loving with Jen and not pushing the two of them together lately. Jack says nothing has changed. Frankie tells Jack he needs to spend time with his wife now, without him around. Jack says he is spending time with his wife, but hes not abandoning the plan. Frankie says he doesnt like this, Jen needs to know the truth, she has a right to know. Jen walks up and says a needs to know what? She asks what they are talking about? Jack tries to come up with an excuse, and Frankie says they were discussing that he didnt want to butt in on their evening if Jack had something special planned. Jen says she would love for Frankie to join them, and she and Jack have the rest of their lives to spend time together. Frankie agrees to stay because Jen insists. Later, Frankie continues to push Jack to tell Jen the truth. Jack refuses, especially given what they know about Lockhart. He says if he tells her the truth now then everything will blow up. Frankie begs Jack not to do this, to stop this craziness.

Shawn and Mimi arrive at the reception together. Mimi thanks him for the ride and says he doesnt have to feel obligated to hang out with her. He says he doesnt know who else hed want to hang out with. He says he does have to go say hi to his folks though, but hell be back. She tells him to take his time.

Belle talks with Marlena about what is bothering her. She asks if Dad did or something to upset her? Marlena says he just keeps pushing her to remember. Belle says he loves her and he misses her. Marlena says that is the problem, she once loved him but now she doesnt. Marlena changes the subject and says she couldnt help but noticed Belle was looking at Shawn through the whole ceremony. Belle says she loves her husband, but Marlena says that is a different kind of love than she feels for Shawn. She says the love she felt for Roman is different than the love she felt for John. Belle says she knows she isnt supposed to push her, but she still loves her father. Marlena says shes pretty sure she didnt stop loving Roman though, they did share two children. Marlena asks Belle if she ever stopped loving Shawn? Belle says she didnt, and she cant help how she feels. Marlena says she cant imagine how difficult it must be to love one man and be pregnant with another mans child. Belle asks what she will do, and she cries to her mom. Marlena says she isnt one to give advice as she was in the same situation, and look how hers ended. She tells Belle that she needs to make a choice, and she needs to do what is best for the baby. Belle says she is right and thanks her. Marlena doesnt know if she has helped. Belle says just talking to her helps, and she has missed her. Belle hopes she gets better soon as she has always counted on her. Marlena says shes so sorry she hasnt been here for her. Marlena tells Belle not to worry, and that everything will turn out for the best. Belle says she hopes so. Marlena leaves, and Shawn comes out to check on Belle. As Shawn asks if she is okay, Mimi spies on them. Belle says shes never felt worse in her life. He asks if it is the baby? She says no, she was just talking with her mom about the situation she was in before her amnesia, and how she knows all about being pregnant with one mans child and being in love with another man. Shawn asks if shes saying shes still in love with him? Mimis face turns white as she hears this.

Lexie and Abe arrive at the reception, and Roman asks to borrow Abe. Lexie says okay but not to talk police business all day. Tek shows up, and they discuss what Tek has fond out about Tonys mysterious attorney. Sami listens in and worries. Tek says the American Bar Association has no idea who she is, and she knew where all the cameras in the station were and never showed her face to them. Roman thinks this woman, after Stan, is Tonys main accomplice.

At the reception Victor introduces Mr. and Mrs. Brady Black, and they share a dance with one another as everyone watches. Others soon join them, Meanwhile, Chelsea tells Patrick she wants him to dance with her or no deal. Patrick agrees to one dance, and they hit the floor. Bo and Hope dance, and Bo doesnt like Patrick with Chelsea. Patrick and Chelsea finish their dance and sit down. Patrick hopes shell keep her end of the deal. She says she always keeps her promises. Chelsea excuses herself to get a soda, and Bonnie demands to know why Patrick is acting so interested in Chelsea? Bo says hed like to know the answer to that question as well.

Alex shows up at the reception and tells Marlena that he thinks he and John have reached an agreement. She is glad and asks if hed like to dance. He says hed love to, and they dance. John watches them together and is not happy. Alex says she is a good dancer, and she thanks him. He says the pleasure is all his. She says she means thank you for being here for her as she couldnt have done this without him.

Sami and Lucas dance, and Lucas says her mom is dancing with her doctor. She says at least it isnt John. Roman cuts in and has a practice dance with Sami for her wedding. She says good idea, but a better idea would be to dance with Mom. He says he thinks hell leave them alone. Sami asks if something is going on with Tony that will interfere with tomorrow, she saw him talking with Tek and Abe. She asks what is going on. Roman says Tony escape, but hes been caught and is back behind bars. Roman tells her she has nothing to worry about. Sami knows better. 

Jen wants Jack to dance, but he becomes dizzy and hurts his foot. He claims he twisted his ankle, so Jen asks Lexie to look at it. Jack says hes fine and he tells Frankie to dance with Jen. Jen says she knows better than to argue with him, so she agrees to one dance with Frankie as long as Lexie looks at Jack. Jen and Frankie leave, and Jack tells LExie he lied to Jen and he is in major pain. Lexie looks at Jack and says hes having inflammation in his joints, which is why his ankle twisted so easily. Lexie says the pain will probably start coming more and more often, and be worse every time. She says shell write him a prescription, but she wants him to tell Jen the truth. Abby walks up and asks what her dad is keeping from Mom. Lexie leaves them, and Abby wants the truth. Jack says he just twisted his ankle and that is all, he didnt want Jen to know it was hurting more than he let on as shell just worry. Abby isnt so sure, and she says mom has been hanging out with Frankie a lot and he seems to be trying to push them back together. She asks why?

Victor gets a call from Nico, he lost Nicole. Victor tells him to find Nicole and keep her away from his grandson and his wife. Brady and Chloe are enjoying one another and being married. They profess their love and share a toast and a kiss. Nicole is spying on them and is in tears. 


September 14, 2005

At the reception, Shawn asks if she still loves him? Belle says she never stopped loving him and she never will. Mimi listens in and she isnt happy. Mimi leaves, and Shawn says he guesses he always knew it. However Belle says nothing has changed, she has to honor her vows to Phillip. Shawn asks if she can honestly say shell be happier with Phillip than him? She says her feelings for Phillip grow stronger each day, but he says that isnt an answer. Caroline interrupts and says they are going to throw the bouquet and garter. Shawn doesnt care, but Belle says she wants to see it and walks off.

Chloe and Brady cant seem to let go of one another. Chloe says she finally realizes that today would have been just as wonderful even with her scars because she married him and that is all that matters. Mimi shows up and gives Chloe and hug and congratulates her. Mimi says she deserves to live happily ever after. Chloe asks Mimi, who is misty eyed, if she is okay. Mimi says yes she just gets emotional at weddings. Chloe tells Mimi she knows things are hard for her now, but they will get better. Chloe says shell live happily ever after too. Mimi says she hopes so, and she excuses herself to splash water on her face. Later Caroline, with John, asks where they are spending their wedding night? Brady says they are spending it at the cottage and then they will leave on their honeymoon. Caroline tells John that shes so glad he didnt sell the cottage. Caroline asks where their honeymoon is? Brady says Paris first, and then wherever the wind takes them. Brady is hoping for a nice beach. John has flashbacks on his honeymoon with Marlena on the beach. 

Victor talks to Nico on the phone, he wants Nicole hog tied until Brady and Chloe leave on their honeymoon. Nicole demands to talk to Victor, so he asks what she wants. She says something to him about some love letters. Later, Victor talks with John about how difficult this must be for him (John is watching Marlena and Alex). He tells John Marlena will come back to him. John has a bad feeling that Dr. North will do everything he can to prevent that. John has his suspicions about the man and his qualifications. Victor says then fire him. John says he cant, legally MArlena can make her own care decisions. Victor then urges John to do what he can to make her remember, who cares what Alex says about Marlena and her treatment.

Dr. North offers to take Marlena home now that the wedding is over. Marlena says shed like to leave, but John stops them from going. Dr. North asks if he is going to force Marlena to stay? John says no, and Marlena agrees to stay a bit longer. John warns Dr. North that if he learns he has hurt or taken advantage of Marlena, he will kill him. Dr. North says with his mercenary past he could kill him, but he wont because then hed lose Marlena forever. Marlena begs them not to fight. She asks John what he wants? He wants a dance with his wife. Dr. North doesnt like the idea, and John says of course he doesnt. Marlena doesnt see the harm in it, and she agrees. 

Marlena and John dance, and she thinks the song is familiar. He says it is one of her favorites. We see a flashback of John and Marlenas Grease dress-up one Halloween. John tells Marlena he only wants what is best for her. She says she knows that, she can feel that. She says she has felt the genuine affection from so many people here tonight. He says it is because they all love her and just want her to be happy. 

Bonnie asks Patrick why he is so interested in Chelsea? Bo wants to know the same thing. Bonnie tells Bo to leave her son alone or shell call the cops. Bo says he is the cops. Bonnie says and a harassing one at that. Patrick tells his mom it is okay.

Mimi has a talk with her mom. Bonnie is upset that BoZo Brady is angry with Patrick for spending time with Chelsea. Bonnie finally notices Mimi has been crying, and she asks what is wrong. Mimi tells her mom what she overheard Belle telling Shawn. Bonnie says Belle is a spoiled brat trying to hang onto Shawn and Phillip, and she tells Mimi not to let her get away with it.

Chelsea tries to make amends to Billie, she apologizes for the way she treated her. Billie says it is okay and she understands why she was upset and angry. Chelsea thanks her. Chelsea sees Max and heads off to see him. Hope asks Billie how things are going with Chelsea. Billie says she just apologized to her. Hope is suspicious and asks if she was really being sincere? Billie asks why shed say that? Hope says Chelsea knows how to work people, look at her she is throwing herself at Max and earlier she was doing the same with Patrick. Hope worries if Patrick doesnt stay away from Chelsea there is no telling what Bo will do.

Bo and Patrick are outside having the same old argument about Patricks DiMera connections. Bo warns Patrick to stay away from his daughter. Patrick says or what? Bo tells Patrick he has been kept from Chelsea thanks to his boss Tony for 18 years, and now that he has found her hes going to protect her. Patrick says so what is the problem? Bo says he is the problem, stay away from her. Patrick says the only reason he was with her was to get her to be nicer to Billie. Bo tells him to come up with a better lie, and he walks off. 

Bo returns to Hope. He assures Hope that he and Patrick didnt fight, he didnt want to hurt her little boy scout. 

Chelsea dances with Max, and Chelsea asks if he is okay? He says yeah, but because he hasnt been racing hes in a bit of trouble. He says his sponsors seems to be dropping him, which is bad news. Chelsea decides Basic Black should sponsor him, shell get her Grandma Kate to set it up. He thanks her, and she suggests they should resume their date at the beach soon.

Jen and Frankie dance, and Frankie tells Jen he cant do this anymore. He says being with her like this isnt right. Jen asks what he is talking about? Frankie says she should be with her husband, he is monopolizing her time. Jen finally suspects something serious is going on with Jack and she thinks Frankie knows what it is. Frankie just says Jack is a quirky guy, but Jen knows it is something more. Jen says she wants the truth from him about Jack. Jen says if he ever cared about her to tell her what is going on with her husband. Frankie says okay hell tell her.

Abby questions her dad as to why he keeps pushing mom to be with Frankie. Jack says because they belong together. Abby asks how he can say that? He says he just meant they belong together as dancing partners since he cant dance right now. Abby knows something else is going on. Jack says he is not threatened by Frankie and her mom as he knows her mom loves him. Abby says he has to be kidding, and she says she is worried as mom is spending way too much time with Frankie. 

Will tells his dad he better be taking notes, this wedding is going to be hard to beat. Lucas says it isnt a competition. Lucas says tomorrow will be a happy day. Will is worried though, mom doesnt look very happy right now. Meanwhile, Sami talks with her dad about Tonys attempted escape. Lucas walks up and hopes Roman captures that bastard Stan too and puts him on death row with Tony. Sami asks if Tony said anything about Stan, but Roman says no. Roman does think Stan played a part in Tonys escape though. Lucas thinks with Tony still in custody he will soon give Stan up.

Later Chloe and Brady partake in time honored wedding traditions, such as cutting the cake and feeding one another. They also throw the bouquet and garter. All the single ladies get ready, and Sami suggests to Kate that she go give it a shot as maybe shell find some unlucky fellow to marry her. Sami gloats that she will be throwing her bouquet tomorrow and Kate can do nothing to stop her. Kate says shes not married yet. Chloe throws the bouquet, and Bonnie shoves Mimi out so she catches it. Brady throws the garter, and of course Shawn catches it, thanks to more of Bonnies shovings. Chloe wonders if the lucky winners will end up a couple? Shawn and Mimi dance, which Belle doesnt like. 

Later, Roman gets a call from Tek, who has been questioning Tony. Unfortunately Tony hasnt said anything. However Tek and forensics are going through Tonys car, which exploded. There may be some evidence in that car. Roman later tells Sami and Lucas that in the trunk of the car they found computer disk, ledgers, and disguises. Suddenly Sami passes out as Kate watches.

Victor and Caroline wish Brady and Chloe well, and Caroline quotes a passage to Chloe and Brady, a passage someone once sent her in a love letter a long time ago. Brady asks where she got that, and she says Victor . . . uh Victor Hugo. Later Victor talks with Caroline, who is leaving, and he thanks her for remembering. Victor then talks with Brady to warn him about Nicole. Brady says Nicole will never be able to break them up now.

Shawn goes looking for Belles wrap. He asks if Bonnie has seen it? Bonnie has a talk with Shawn. She says Mimi is really upset and she needs his help. Shawn asks what is wrong with Mimi? Bonnie says Rex broke her heart, she needs someone to help her recover and she thinks Shawn is the man.

Mimi finds Belle out on the patio. Belle thought Mimi was Shawn, and Mimi says sorry to disappoint you. Belle says Shawn was looking for her wrap. Mimi tells Belle now she cant even find her own wrap? Mimi tells Belle shes really turning into a slut. Belle tells her not to talk to her like that. Mimi tells Belle she knows what she is doing, shes trying to keep Shawn from being happy and that is cruel and selfish.

Later, Brady has Chloe sing a song for them all. She sings the song to Brady as everyone watches, John and Marlena continue to dance. (The song is, I believe, on the Love Songs Days Soundtrack). Soon Brady begins to sing to Chloe. (Yes, it is them singing). Suddenly Marlena has a memory, she remembers dancing with him and being in his arms. John smiles.

Billie decides Chelsea is having a good time with Max, so shell leave them. Billie and Patrick leave, and Hope asks Bo to now focus on her. He kisses her and suggests they get out of here as well.



September 15, 2005
At the reception, Brady and Chloe are still singing Forever Yours to one another. Afterwards Victor tells Brady how proud he is of him, and not to worry about Nicole as he will take care of her.

Bonnie talks with Shawn. She tells him that Mimi is putting on an act, Rex didnt just break her heart, he broke her self esteem. Bonnie says she is worried about Mimi and what she might do. Bonnie says Mimi needs someone to be there for her right now. Shawn says he will be there for her. Shawn says Mimi is strong, but Bonnie says not that strong. She says the way Rex left her it broke his heart. Shawn says learning what happened was hard for Rex, and once he calms down hell come back to her. Bonnie says there is no chance Rex will come back to Mimi. Bonnie tells Shawn that Mimi has received emails from Rex, hate filled emails and messages. She says Mimi hasnt told anyone, and the things Rex has said to her have her convinced no one will ever love her again. Shawn says that is ridiculous, and anyone would be lucky to have her. Shawn thinks once Mimi meets a new guy shell be fine. Bonnie asks how shes going to meet new people? She says Mimi isnt in highscool and hanging with the in crowd anymore, shes on her own now and in agony. Shawn didnt know it was that bad. Bonnie says she is a good little actress, and shes so worried about Mimi right now. Shawn promises to be there for Mimi, to help her. He says right now he has to get back to finding this wrap of Belles. He finally finds it, Bonnie had hidden it from him!

Outside on the patio, Mimi and Belle argue about Shawn. Mimi tells Belle that she is stringing Shawn along when they both know she will never leave Phillip. Mimi says shes giving him mixed signals. Belle says shes not sending signals to Shawn. Mimi thinks Belle is faking her cramps and her pains to get Shawns attention. She says Lexie couldnt find anything wrong with her, and she told Shawn shed bet Belle would faint at the wedding, which she did.. Belle says she was in pain, serious pain. Mimi says then it was all psychosomatic. Mimi tells Belle that she still loves Shawn and is keeping him on hold. Mimi tells her to admit it, if it wasnt for the baby shed say to hell with Phillip and run back to Shawn. Mimi tells Belle to answer her, she loves Shawn more than Phillip doesnt she? Belle says nothing. Mimi knows she is right, and Belle made sure that Shawn knew it too as she heard her admitting it to him tonight. Mimi says Shawn deserves better than that. Belle realizes Mimi is in love with Shawn, that is what this is about. Belle says Mimi has been in love the whole time, and this thing with Rex was . . . Mimi says she loved Rex. Belle says not the way she loves Shawn! Mimi brings up the whole Jan Spears thing and how Belle must not have loved Shawn enough as she believed Shawn left her to be with Jan, but she (Mimi) knew better. Mimi says when Shawn claimed something was off about Jan, she believed him. She says Belle was too busy falling in love with Phillip, and then she married Phillip. She thinks Belle is staying with Phillip to punish Shawn for leaving her, and shes also making sure Shawn cant move on. Belle asks what she is supposed to do? Mimi says do the decent thing, step aside like she did. Belle says right, like Shawn would have ever been interested in her anyways. Mimi cant believe she would say that, what was she too much of a loser for Shawn? Belle says no, he was in love with her at the time, that is all she meant. Mimi says it is time to let him go. Belle says she isnt holding onto him, and its not her fault Shawn doesnt want to move on. Mimi says he wants to move on but shes not letting him. Mimi thinks Belle is holding onto Shawn because shes afraid of losing Shawn to her and not getting him back. Shawn shows up and hears this. 

Frankie tells Jen he cant tell her what she wants to know, he cant break his word. Jen continues to press him, so Frankie tells her that Jack is just madly in love with her. Frankie says he has never seen a love so selfless, Jacks photo should be in the dictionary under the world love. Jen is puzzled and says that is it? Frankie says she has the real deal and she should enjoy every minute of it. Jen says she knows that, and she knows it hasnt been easy for them over the years. Frankie knows, he says he knows they got divorced. She asks how he knows? Frankie says he kept track of them over the years. She says he did? He says it isnt like he had a private eye tracking them, he kept up through the spectator and her talk show she hosted with Austin and Calliope before that. Frankie says when he learned they were having trouble he was worried about her and thought someone else could be better for her, but then when she got back with Jack he knew it was the right decision. He says now that hes gotten to know Jack he knows there is no more devoted husband. Jen says so she has nothing to worry about? He tells her to just make the most of every moment with Jack and her kids.

Abby asks her dad what is really going on with him. She asks him if he is sick? Jack lies and says when he got home Lexie gave him a workout, and he is fine. He says hell be watching over her, her mom and brother forever and ever. Jack and Abby talk about how beautiful this wedding is, and Jack talks about walking her down the aisle one day. She says that will be awhile off. Jack thinks they should share a dance anyways, think of it as practice for her wedding one day. Jack and Abby dance together. As they dance, Jack imagines hes dancing with Abby at her wedding. Jack tells Abby that he loves her and he never wants her to forget it. Abby tells her dad that she loves him too.

Chelsea and Max are together, and Chelsea thinks Brady and Chloe are the perfect couple. Max thinks they are downer. She asks if he doesnt believe in love? He says yes he does, but it is the monogamous marriage thing that bites. Max says being trapped with one woman forever? Max says you might as well kill him now. Later Frankie has a talk with Max about love and growing up. He asks him if hes always going to be into hook-ups, or if maybe he can see himself wanting something more? Later, Max goes back to Chelsea and talks to her about possibly them being something more. He says he wants to be more with her, and he wants to try and have a real relationship with her. HE says to do that they have to take things slower, to get to know one another first. Chelsea says she thought he wanted to have fun. He says he does, and they will. He says the first sign it is getting too boring then theyll speed things up. Chelsea says okay.

Marlena admits to John that she does remember dancing with him, and this is scary but exhilarating. John has an idea and says she has to come with him now. Alex stops them and asks where they are going? John says that isnt his business, but Alex says it is as she is his patient and she is in a fragile state. Marlena tells Alex that she had a feeling when she was with John, she had felt like she was in his arms before. Alex says that is all? John says it is a start. Alex says it may not be real, and he thinks they shouldnt push Marlena. John says she is on the verge of something here, and he urges Marlena to come with him to the park. Alex advises against it, but Marlena thinks there is no harm in it. They walk off together. Victor then approaches Alex and introduces himself as Johns ex-father in law. Alex knows, he has done extensive research on all MArlenas family and friends. Victor warns Alex if anything comes between John and Marlena then it will make him very unhappy. He says John lost one great love, he wont see him lose another.

Sami comes too after fainting, and she claims it is just hot in here and shes overly excited about her own wedding. Kate confronts Sami, who is with Roman and Lucas, and says her fainting has nothing to do with the heat and everything to do with Tony and the evidence found in his car. Kate asks Sami what she is afraid Tony is going to reveal about her? Lucas and Roman yell at Kate to stop this, and even Will yells at Kate to stop it. Sami says it is okay, Kate is just pathetic and trying to alienate her from them. Roman gets a call from Tek and excuses himself, and Sami tells Lucas to take Will to get a soda while she has a talk with Kate. They leave, and Sami asks Kate if she is happy with making her grandson hate her as much as Roman and Lucas do? Kate tells Sami her time is ticking, they both know who she was pretending to be and when everyone finds out shell spend the rest of her life in prison next to Tony DiMera. Sami says she wasnt pretending to be anyone. Kate knows she dressed up as Tonys attorney. Sami admits Kate is right, but nobody will believe her. Kate says Tony has something on her, that is why she went to see Tony. Sami says even if there was something on her, which there isnt, Kate will never find one shred of proof. Kate says she knew it! Lucas and Will return, and Lucas tells Kate to leave now. Will even turns his back on his grandma Kate. Sami notices her dad is still on the phone with Tek, and Lucas hopes they have found something to bust Stan. Later Roman approaches them, and Lucas asks what the word is? Roman says everything in the trunk was burned to a crisp, there is nothing there. Roman says it was a total bust. Lucas thinks now theyll never find the bastard, and Sami thinks she is n the clear. Kate overhears this and thinks Sami has dodged another bullet. Kate vows to find out what is going on with Sami though and stop her wedding.

Kate finds Alex looking glum, and she thinks it has to do with Marlena leaving with John. Alex says he only wants what is best for Marlena. Kate says that is what they all want, they all want her to get her memory back. Alex says even if she chooses to be with Roman? Kate says that wont happen, but Alex thinks perhaps it will and perhaps it is the root of her amnesia. He tells her it is food for thought, and walks off.

John and Marlena end up taking a romantic carriage ride through the park. John tells Marlena they used to do this once or twice a week, and this was one of her favorite things. He asks if she was comfortable? She says very. Unfortunately she says shes not remembering anything. John says it is okay. John begins telling her stories about the constellations they are seeing. They almost share a kiss, but the carriage ride comes to an end when Alex stops it. He says Marlena has had too much excitement and he is pushing her too hard. John says Marlena is enjoying the ride and shes enjoying it with him. John thinks that is what has Alex bothered. Alex says he could be undoing everything they have worked on in therapy. Marlena says Alex is her doctor and knows what is best, shes sorry. Marlena goes with Alex, but thanks John first. They leave, and John says he has to get MArlena out from his control. John says if he cant, then hell have to kill Alex.

Brady and Chloe thank everyone for coming but they have to go on their honeymoon, so goodnight all. Everyone cheers them off.


September 16, 2005
Brady and Chloe arrive at the cottage, which has been decorated with flowers and candles. She loves it and says it is perfect; hes made their magic cottage even more magical. He says it is as beautiful as her. Chloe says she finally feels whole again and believes they can have a future. They kiss and then make their way to the bed. Later Chloe comes out in a white fancy negligee, and Brady hands her some champagne. He makes a toast to her. He says may her future, may their future be everything they want it to be. They toast to their future. Brady asks if she is excited about the honeymoon? She says of course she is. They are basically touring Europe before returning home to Salem. Chloe becomes a little upset, and Brady asks if he said something to bother her. Chloe talks about how even if she had been scared for life, his love has transformed her. She says he makes her feel so strong. Chloe says before they make love as husband and wife, she has to confess something. Chloe says she hasnt been faithful to him. She says she was unfaithful to their love by lying about her being dead, and she should have been honest from the beginning. She hopes he can forgive her, but he says he cant accept her apology. He says there is nothing to forgive her for. She asks how he can be so understanding? Brady says the worst thing they can do is start their marriage with regrets. He says he vows to love, honor and trust her for the rest of his life. They kiss, and soon make love to one another. Later they lay in bed, and Brady asks if she knows what they are? She asks if this is a trick question? She says shell play along, husband and wife? Lovers? He says he was thinking more like invincible. She says she is so happy to be his wife, happy and lucky. He says he is the lucky one. They kiss again. 

Back at the reception, Shawn walks out with Belles wrap just as Mimi accuses Belle of being afraid of losing Shawn to her. Shawn asks what is going on here? Belle says they were just talking about the wedding. Shawn says they dont seem too happy. Belle says she is exhausted. Belle says shes going to catch a cab home, but Shawn says hell give her a ride. He asks Mimi if she is ready to go, but Mimi says no. She says she needs to hang out with her mom some more. Belle and Shawn take off, and Bonnie asks Mimi what she is doing? Mimi says not now. Bonnie says she better do something or shell lose her chance to be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Bonnie tells her not to let Shawn slip through her fingers when shes so close to reeling him in. Mimi says he isnt a truck, and what makes her think she can get him. Bonnie says she talked to him about how hurt she was. Mimi says she doesnt want Shawn to ask her out because he feels sorry for her. Bonnie asks if she loves him or not? Mimi says she likes him, she likes him a lot. Bonnie says and she doesnt want to lose him to another woman does she? Mimi says no. Bonnie says then go for it. Bonnie tells Mimi she is a knock. She says God didnt give her that chest to walk around in a robe and fuzzy slippers, flaunt her body. Mimi says no, she wont use sex to trap him. Mimi says sorry to disappoint her, but shes not like her mom. Mimi says she is not lowering herself like that. Bonnie says even if it means losing Shawn forever?

Shawn takes Belle home, and she asks him to have a cup of tea with her. He says he isnt really a tea drinker, but hell make her a cup. Suddenly Phillip walks in saying he is home, and he asks what is going on here? Belle says nothing, they just got home from the wedding and Shawn was making her some tea. Lexie then calls, and she is asking to check up on Belle. Belle takes the phone, and Phillip learns she had some cramping. Phillip wishes he had known as he would have come home early. Phillip apologizes for over reacting when he came in, but he didnt expect to find Shawn here. Phillip is sorry he missed the wedding, but Sami and Lucas wedding is tomorrow and he cant believe how much their lives are changing. Shawn decides to head out, and Belle watches him go. Phillip asks Belle if she has something to tell him? Belle says yes. He thinks it has something to do with Shawn. She says yes, hes been a very good friend and that is all. Phillip says okay. Belle says the baby is kicking like crazy, and she says that the baby car hear them now. Belle and Phillip talk to the baby. Phillip says he cant believe this is their child, and this is going to bring them even closer. Phillip cant wait to meet him or her, and hes glad Shawn and Mimi were here for her when he couldnt be. Phillip asks if Mimi and her are getting a long better? Belle says not really. Phillip just hopes Mimi will come around, and that she and Shawn will find happiness together. Belles face turns a bit sour, and Phillip says he knows what is wrong. Phillip thinks she hates fighting with Mimi, and he thinks her little emotional roller coaster wont last much longer. Phillip is positive she is falling for Shawn and soon they will be together. Belle says he might be right. Phillip says it would be cool if they got married and had kids to play with their kids. Phillip says it is what they always dreamed of. Belle says at one time.

Shawn returns home and Mimi is in a towel. She says she is sorry, she used his bathroom because the plumbing in hers is messed up. She thought hed be a little longer with Belle. Shawn says no problem, and he says Phillip is home now. Mimi says good, and shes happy for them. Shawn says he is too. Mimi asks if he means that? Shawn says he does. Mimi begins to remember her mom telling her to flaunt her body in front of Shawn. Mimi says shes going to head to bed, and walks off. Shawn remembers what Bonnie said to him about Mimi, so calls her back. She returns in a robe, and Shawn tells Mimi that he has a proposition for her. She asks what it is? He says Jurassic Park 3 is on TV tonight, and he remembers she enjoyed it. She remembers too, she saw it with him and Belle, but they werent paying attention to the film. Shawn admits they were making out in the back of the theater. Shawn says that is why he would actually like to see the film. She says shed love to watch it, and she should go put clothes on. He tells him not to bother, she is fine the way she is. Shawn makes them some popcorn for the film.

Alex, John and Marlena return to the penthouse. The AC is off, something is wrong with the buildings AC. John suggests Marlena take a shower and go get into something a little lighter. He says when she returns hell have another surprise for her. Marlena leaves, and John argues with Alex some more. John says Marlena will go to Samis wedding tomorrow and she will remember her daughter. Marlena comes down in a robe, and John puts on the song they played at the reception. Alex doesnt like this and says she has had a long day, she should go to bed and not push things. She thinks listening to music is very restful, and she likes it. She says she can almost remember it. John suggests she go to the terrace and enjoy the breeze. She does, and John tells Alex to leave. Alex of course refuses. John says hed love to throw Alex off that balcony, but he wont because Marlena wants him here and he doesnt want to upset her. John goes out to the terrace to join Marlena. He gives her a topaz necklace of hers, and she loves it. She says look at it makes her feel so . . . . John says loved? Marlena says she was going to say cared for and protected. John puts the necklace on her, and he says it is beautiful just like her. Marlena thanks him. John asks Marlena to share a dance with him. They dance, and Marlena likes the song playing. John says they have danced to it before. Marlena has a fuzzy flashback of dancing with John to it, and she asks if it was at a wedding? Dr. North watches as John asks if she remembers whose wedding it was? She says she is so close. John suggests she stop trying so hard and just relax and dance some more. They continue dancing, and then MArlena says she is feeling tired and she needs rest for tomorrow. John says of course. John is happy because they had a breakthrough, and he tells her just not to stop trying to remember. Marlena says she does want to remember this. Marlena just wishes she could remember, she comes so close but then the memory stops. John says she will remember in time, and he loves her. He asks if she believes him. She says she does, and she gives him a little kiss on the cheek. Marlena heads to bed, and John then has another talk with Alex. He warns Alex to stay in his own room tonight, and if he tries to get in MArlenas room then hell know about it because of the security system here. John also warns him not to screw with Marlenas attempts to remember. Alex says John certainly is protective of Marlena. John tells him to remember that. Alex says goodnight and heads to bed. Later John checks in on Marlena and then checks the security system. Unfortunately John didnt anticipate Alex climbing out onto the ledge of the building and breaking into MArlenas room through her patio door, which is what he does.

Sami and Lucas return home, and Sami says Chloe was a beautiful bride. Lucas says she was, and everyone will say the same about her tomorrow. Lucas kisses Sami and wants some alone time, but Sami says no they cant. She doesnt want to jinx things. Lucas tells her that her superstitions make her real sexy. He suggests they live dangerously, and they kiss some more. Sami says they cant do this, so he promises to set the alarm and leave at 11:59 on the dot. He says they have an hour and fifty minutes. She says no, she doesnt want to tempt fate. She says he knows her history with weddings. Lucas says he wont let anything happen to ruin things for them this time. They make love, and then the radio turns on and more information about Tonys escape and recapture is reported. Lucas is upset because Stan has slipped through their finger. Sami doubts Stan will ever return, but Lucas isnt so sure. Sami begs Lucas to let this go, his obsession with Stan is going to ruin their marriage. Lucas says he cant forget what that guy did. She tells him tomorrow is a happy day, dont let his obsession ruin it. Lucas promises not to bring up Stan until after their honeymoon. Sami says this is it, the Sami Brady wedding curse has been lifted. She says nobody will stop this wedding, not Kate not Tony and not Stan. Eventually Sami sees the time and tells him that he has to go. Lucas asks for one more kiss, and then he leaves. Lucas tells Sami Brady that he loves her, and tomorrow hell get to say he loves Sami Roberts. Sami does a little victory dance and thinks Tony has nothing on her and shell marry the man of her dreams.

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