September 19, 2005

At Jack and Jen's, Jen, Bo and Hope are sitting in the living room preparing for Sami and Lucas' wedding. They are waiting on Jack, who is upstairs getting ready, as well as Chelsea and Abby. Abby shows up in her robe, and Jen wonders what is taking her so long. Chelsea then struts in wearing a blue mini skirt a gold top that is barely there. Everyone is stunned and asks why she's not ready for the wedding? She says this is what she's wearing to the wedding. Bo says "I don't think so." Abby and Chelsea head into the kitchen, and Hope and Jen can't believe her outfit. In the kitchen, Abby tells Chelsea that she doesn't think they approve of her clothes. Chelsea says too bad, Grandma Kate gave these to her and she likes them. She says they are mature and will make Patrick notice her. She tells Abby if she wants a man, not a geek boy like Josh, then she needs to get with the program too. Abby says she can't afford these clothes, so Chelsea gives her an outfit to borrow and suggests she go try it on. Meanwhile, Jen tells Hope that she thinks Chelsea is a bit of a bad influence on Abby. Later Abby shows up dressed like she's ready to go work at Hooters, Jersey girl hair and all. Jen tells her that she is not stepping foot into a church dressed like that, not to mention  the fact that she'll give her great gran a heart attack and her father will probably kill her. SHe orders Abby to go put on something more appropriate. Hope informs Bo that he's going to have to talk to his daughter about her clothing choices. Bo knows, and something will also have to be done about Kate's spending habits on the girl. He doesn't want his daughter looking like a . . . .Hope says a hooch? Bo heads into the kitchen to have a talk with Chelsea. He doesn't like the outfit she's wearing, he wants her to dress more like a young lady. She shows him a catalogue and says this is all the rage in Paris. He doesn't care about Paris, he cares about here and now. He wants her to dress so men respect her. She talks to him about how she understands that, and she wants him to respect her more than anyone else. She calls him dad and says how these clothes make her feel important, but she is willing to compromise. She suggests she goes upstairs and puts a nice wrap overtop of this. Bo says okay, and they share a hug. She tells him what a great dad he is and how she loves having a dad who understands her. Chelsea heads upstairs, and Hope tells Bo this is going to cause problems. Hope talks about how Chelsea has this little bag of tricks she uses on men. Bo doesn't like hearing Hope talk so negatively about his daughter. Hope says what Chelsea needs is discipline. Upstairs, Chelsea talks to Abby, who is having to change her clothes. Chelsea says it is too bad her parents are cool like her dad is and let her dress the way she wants. Bo and Hope are standing in the door way, and Hope tells Bo "way to go cool dad, this is definitely going to be a problem." 

At Kate's, Billie, who is sporting the black bohemian beret look, is talking with her mom. Kate is upset about the wedding, so Billie offers not to go and they can have a day of shopping and cheeseburger eating. Kate thanks her but says she should go. She says Austin will be there and Lucas will need his only sister (Gosh, guess Jen doesn't count, and Kate has forgotten all about her other daughter Cassie pretty quickly). Billie tells her mom that she could go too if she picked up the phone and apologized to Lucas and Sami. Kate refuses, and goes into a tangent about how Sami is conspiring with Tony DiMera, is dangerous to Lucas and Will, and if she had to do it all over again she would. Kate says she may not be able to prove anything, but she has one last chance at stopping this wedding, Sami's wedding curse. She hopes Sami is struck by lightening. A thunderclap is heard, and Kate says it could happen. Kate tells Billie to go to the wedding. She says Chelsea will be there and it is a chance for her to bond with her and Bo as a family. Billie tells her not to bring up Bo again, and as for Chelsea, these extravagant gifts have to stop. Kate says she just wants to help her fit in, adjust, to mold her into someone. Kate says Chelsea knows what she wants and goes after it, she admires that. Billie thinks it is too much for a young girl, but Kate tells her Chelsea is grown up, she missed the little girl, lollipop and doll stage of her life. Kate once again pushes her to bond with Chelsea and Bo.

At the penthouse, Marlena is in her bed dreaming. She dreams about both John standing in front of her talking to her about remembering their past, and Alex standing in a doctors coat telling her she's pushing and is bringing too much stress upon herself. She wakes up saying that Alex is what she needs, and today will be a very good day. Meanwhile, John is downstairs and is checking his little security system when Alex shows up. John gloats that it all worked out as Alex stayed in his room as he was supposed to. Alex thinks to himself that John forgot to secure Marlena's patio door. He recalls sneaking in and using suggestions on Marlena as she slept. He told her to imagine she was in the ocean, and someone came to rescue her. She said it was John, but he says no it's Alex. Alex tells her that he will always be there when she needs him, and she can't live without Alex. John and Alex get into their usual "what is best for MArlena" argument. John wants Alex gone, and Alex finally agrees to go pack his things. marlena shows up and hears this. She becomes ultra-bitch Marlena with John. She tells him that she needs Alex and won't lose him. He reminds her of all the progress they made last night. She snaps at him and says he's such a hypocrite always telling her that he knows what is best for her, well he doesn't. She says if Alex leaves then so does she. He tells her that she can't go, today is Sami's wedding. Marlena says she doesn't care, she doesn't know Sami. Marlena says she is leaving. As John tries to explain why she can't go, to herself Marlena says over and over "I need Alex." Alex watches them argue as he comes down the steps with his bags. She tells Alex to wait up as she'll go pack and go with him.

Outside the church, Roman and Abe meet up. Abe tells Roman this is his daughter's wedding day so they don't need to talk shop. Roman says it's okay, and he's worried about something Tony said. He remembers when they arrested him that he told him he just destroyed the life of someone he loves. Roman is worried that he was talking about Sami.

In the bride's room, Sami looks at the newspaper and says Stan is history and nothing will stand in her way of marrying Lucas. Caroline walks in and is shocked at Sami. Sami thinks Caroline overheard her talking about being Stan, but she didn't. Caroline says she is upset that Sami is getting ready for her wedding without her. She says she's dreamed of this day for so long. As they get ready, Roman shows up. Roman talks with Sami about how beautiful she is, and how nothing can stop this wedding. He tells her that she and Lucas have the two most important qualities to make this marriage work, trust and honesty. Caroline knows another important quality, forgiveness. She asks Roman if he can forgive Kate then they can have a happy marriage too. Sami flies off the handle saying dad should never forgive that witch. She says if dad wants to be happy then he needs to fight for mom. Roman says they've been over this, but Sami thinks he belongs with mom and when she remembers she'll know that she belongs with him. Sami talks about how this could be a happy day all around, she'll marry Lucas and her mom will get her memory back and remember she belongs with her dad and not JOhn or that quack doctor. 


September 20, 2005

Belle and Phillip are at the loft getting ready. Belle is talking to herself about how she cant believe they have two weddings back to back, how she feels foolish for fainting at Chloes wedding and how she cant believe Sami even asked her to be the matron of honor. Phillip shows up in his dress blues and she is amazed as hes not using his cane. He says this new leg is insane, he can do anything with it. Phillip says something about how he could even pick her up, but she tells him not to push it. He says Heather Mills McCartney was right, he didnt believe it before, but he can do everything he used to do before with the new prostheses. He says he met a guy at the hospital training for the New York Marathon. Phillip talks about how he is one of the lucky ones to have a prosthesis like this, some guys are lucky to get a wooden stump. Phillip wants to sponsor that concert for adopt a mine field that they talked about, and Belle says they will, they will help change things. Phillip tells Belle that after that mine exploded he remembered begging God for one more chance to tell her that he loved her. He says now here he is, he is so blessed to have her and the baby. He wants this baby to come into a better world, a safer world. He tells Belle that he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

At the other loft, Mimi and Shawn are scrambling to get ready as they over slept. Shawn asks how late were they up watching that movie? Mimi remembers the night before they were watching Jurassic Park when they hit the remote and porn came on. They became mesmerized by the porn, and by time they put the movie back on it was over. Mimi said it was on again in thirty minutes so they could watch it again. He gave her a kiss and said she was the best friend he could have. Shawn comes out of the bathroom all dressed, and she tells him he looks hot. He says so does she. Mimi helps him tie his tie. Later they meet up with Belle and Phillip to all go together. Mimi realizes Phillip is walking and it is great. He says yeah and the true test will come when he dances with his wife.

At the loft, Marlena tells John that she needs Dr. North more than anyone else, so if he goes then so does she. She wants John to apologize to Dr. North and tell him that he can stay. John apologizes to Dr. North and tells him that he can stay. Dr. North says that it has been his experience that as hard as amnesia is for the patient, it is harder for the family. John also says if he didnt know any better then hed say Dr. North did something to Marlena while she was sleeping. Dr. North says that is impossible since he was a virtual prisoner in his own room. Marlena asks what hes talking about? Dr. North asks John if John will tell her or should he? John tells her about the security system he set up. She says what if she needed him? John thinks she doesnt need him as half as much as Alex needs her. We see flashbacks of Alex giving her suggestions that hed always be there for her, and hell always protect her and make her feel safe. Marlena tells John that she needs Alex, she will always need him to protect her. She says if he cant accept that then she will move out. John says out of the question. Alex suggests now that they have that settled they get to the church. 

At the church, Lucas and Will arrive, and Lucas is a bit nervous. Will thinks his dad is concerned mom might screw things up somehow.

In the brides room, Sami is telling her dad how he needs to convince mom that he is the man she loves. Roman says not to worry about that today, today is her day. Caroline says there wont be a wedding if Sami doesnt finish getting ready. Roman goes to leave them, but before leaving he offers to try and convince Marlena to walk her down the aisle with him today. Sami thanks him.

Roman leaves, and Lexie shows up. Lexie asks Roman how Sami is doing? He says she is excited and she really has turned her life around, hes so proud of her. He asks how Abe is? She says he is sitting down with others, but hey at least they came together. He asks if things are better between them? Lexie says it is different from day to day with Abe, she never knows how he will be. Lexie asks if Kate is coming? He says no, she wasnt invited, and she better stay home if she knows what is good for her. 

Later, Roman tells Lucas that he got Sami to straighten her life up, something he couldnt do. He thanks him for that and gives Lucas a big hug.

Back in the brides room, Sami wonders where everyone is? Caroline says they were three hours early in getting here to prepare. Caroline says they will be here unless something happens, a flood or an earthquake for example. Sami begins to panic, what if no matter what she does her day is destined to be ruined? Later Will shows up and says the guests are arriving. She asks if his dad is here, and Will says yes. Will calls to Lucas, but Sami wont see him. He shouts through the door that he cant wait to marry her, and calls her a firecracker. Sami thinks everything is going to be perfect, until she drops her mirror and says Seven years bad luck! Sami thinks it is going to be a disaster. Caroline tells her it is a silly superstition and people make their own luck.

Marlena arrives at the church and Roman tells her that she looks beautiful. Roman tries to convince Marlena to walk Sami down the aisle with him, shes been dreaming about this since she was a little girl. He knows Marlena doesnt remember this, but today is a special day and is long overdue. Marlena looks to Alex, and John says she doesnt need his opinion for every decision she makes. She says she doesnt, but she cares about his opinion. She says shed love to walk down the aisle with him and Sami. Roman and Marlena go to see her, and John tells Alex whatever he did to Marlena he is good. Alex says he used his super alien powers to get past his high tech security. John says she remembered last night that she wanted to be with him, yet this morning she is acting like a zombie under Alexs control. Alex thinks John just doesnt like Marlenas choices, and he is trying to help Marlena remember all her memories. Alex thinks John only wants her to remember her feelings for him. John thinks Alex has an agenda. Alex says he just wants what is good for his patient, and he suggests John get a therapist as he is becoming irrational.

Marlena and Roman go to see Sami, who is upset about the mirror still. Roman tells her that Marlena has agreed to walk down the aisle. Sami thinks perhaps her luck is turning around. Sami thanks her mom and gives her a big hug. Marlena is startled. Sami says shes sorry, and she thinks her mom has to remember that she loves dad. Marlena says she doesnt, but she knows they were married and Sami is their daughter. Marlena also knows she lost a baby by Roman. Roman says that baby was conceived by love, she must know that no matter what. Marlena says even though she was married to John and he was married to that woman who claims she is her friend. Sami says Kate is no ones friend. As Sami goes off, Caroline tells her not today.

Belle, Shawn, Phillip and Mimi show up at the church. When Belle tells Shawn he looks good in his tux, Mimi lets Belle have it for leading Shawn on again and suggests she see a shrink as she has serious problems. 

Belle arrives at the brides room and sees their mom is there. She learns Marlena is walking Sami down the aisle. Marlena says it is true, she has the two most beautiful daughters in Salem. Belle asks if she is remembering? Marlena says no, sorry. Belle then gives Sami their mothers pearls to wear. Sami explains to Marlena how these were her mothers and she always said she would let her wear them when she got married. Belle knows how upset Sami was when dad gave them to her, so she thought she should wear them today. Sami thanks Belle and takes back all the nasty things she said about her. Marlena then helps Sami put on the pearls. 

The wedding finally begins, and Roman and Marlena walk Sami down the aisle. They give her away, and then Marlena looks at Roman, John and Alex. She chooses to sit with Alex. Father Jansen then begins the marriage of Samantha Jean and Lucas Desmond in holy matrimony. The father asks if anyone has any reason these two shouldnt be joined, and everyone looks around waiting for someone to say something. People are smiling and almost giggling at one another.

Bart is somewhere waiting for something. He gets a phone call and asks if they got it. He says perfect, the count is counting on them. He says Tony is laid up in prison but he doesnt want to think about what will happen to them if they screw this up. He tells the person to get it over here. A person delivers something in a red bag, and Bart says now all he has to do is get this to the church on time.

Kate is wallowing at home hoping that Sami makes a huge mistake and Lucas sees the light. There is a knock at her door, its Nicole. Kate says shes not in the mood for visitors and she still hates her so she doesnt want to see her. Nicole says she hates her too, but they both hate Sami more than they hate one another. Nicole talks about how Sami wouldnt help her show Chloe the love letters that Brady wrote her, and Victor locked her up with his goon to keep her away from Brady. Nicole for some reason thinks those letter could have changed Chloes mind about marrying Brady. Nicole says she may have lost Brady, but she wants revenge on Sami. Kate lets Nicole in and says this is only a temporary truce, it isnt the beginning of a beautiful friendship. They toast to Samis destruction, and Nicole wonders what is with her sons and Sami. Nicole says at least Austin wised up. Austin then calls, hes on the plane and has been delayed. Kate suggests Austin reconsider going to the wedding. Austin says hes already on the plane, and regardless of how he feels about Sami he should be there for Lucas. Kate says perhaps the flight being delayed is Gods way of telling him not to go. Austin says hell see her there. Nicole thinks about the last time she saw Austin, when they shared a goodbye kiss. Kate tells Nicole not to go there, Austin is off limits. Nicole says now that Austin is coming back . . . Kate asks if she is trying to torture her? Sami with Lucas and her with Austin, God take her now. Nicole says she was just thinking out loud. Kate wishes Nicole had told her what she had on Sami. Nicole says she thought she needed Sami then, but she can tell her the secret now. Kate says it is too late now, but tell her anyways. Nicole says that Sami was Stan! Kate chokes on her drink and asks how? Nicole says Tony DiMera helped her with the disguise. Kate says she has to get to the church and tell Lucas, but Nicole says they have no proof. Kate figures it all out and realizes why Sami has been so panicked lately. Kate thinks the disguise was probably in the car that blew up. Nicole says the bitch got away with it and they cant do anything about it. Kate says there is one thing they can do. She says they can get very very drunk, which they plan on doing. They say cheers, and begin drinking. Kate wonders why Lucas doesnt know what Sami is. Nicole says if she has to explain it then it has been way too long. Nicole thinks about Austin coming back and decides to powder her whatever. Kate tells her not to think about getting her claws into Austin. Kate wonders if things could get any worse. There is a knock at the door, and Kate finds a package waiting for her.

Up in the air, Austin realizes hell miss the wedding, but hell make it to the reception, assuming the wedding actually happens. He says with Sami you never know.


September 21, 2005

Tek pulls Roman out of church, and Bo and Hope follow. They ask what is going on? Tek just got word from the ISA, a known international terrorist is in Salem and has been spotted in the vicinity of the church. They realize with the amount of Bradys Hortons and former police chiefs in that church, it makes the perfect target. 

In the church, Lucas and Samis wedding is going on. Lucas says I do, and Sami is about to say it when Roman bursts in and says this wedding has to stop right now. Everyone is stunned. Sami yells at her father for ruining her wedding and says shell never forgive him for this. Lucas tells Sami to give him a chance to explain. Roman explains to Sami and everyone that a known terrorist has been spotted in Salem and hes heading to the church. He says they dont know why hes here and they cant take any chances. Sami cant believe that is why they are postponing the wedding, they were almost done with the wedding, all that was left to say I do. Sami begs for the wedding to be allowed to go on, but Roman refuses. Roman tells everyone not to panic and to just sit tight. Lexie asks Bo and Hope if they think this is Tonys doing? They say they dont know.

Marlena thinks this is terrible, and John tells her that she should go comfort Sami. He says she may not remember Sami, but Sami remembers her. Sami is going ballistic, she thinks this is proof that the mirror breaking did have an affect on her luck. Will says it isnt grandpas fault he stopped the wedding. Marlena goes to Sami and says they are right, her father had to stop the wedding as someone could have been hurt or killed. Lucas promises Sami that this wedding will continue, and one day theyll look back and tell stories about this day.

John asks Roman if he can help? Roman thanks him, but they dont have many leads other than it is a known terrorist. Roman says they need to get everyone to the rec room as it is a secure location. Elsewhere, a man in black arrives at the church carrying an envelope with Samis name on it. Meanwhile, Roman announces to everyone that they are going down to the rec room, but Sami refuses to let anyone go anywhere until her wedding is over. Father Jansen says he cant continue, he has to defer to the police especially if his congregation is in danger. Sami thinks everyone else in the whole town comes first on her wedding day, she is furious. John begins helping everyone to the rec room, and Shawn says nobody knows where Mimi went. John says theyll look for her on the way. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Sami that she is beautiful looking and his heart stopped when he saw her walking down the aisle. He says he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Bo wonders where Billie and Chelsea are, and Hope says in the rec room she thinks. She says she believes she saw them going that way earlier. Meanwhile, Belle remembers she left something in the brides room and has to go back.

In the Brides room, Mimi walks in crying. She says two weddings in two days is just two much for her. Caroline shows up looking for a hankie for Sami, and she asks Mimi what is wrong? Mimi confides in Caroline that shes afraid she wont meet another man and get married herself, but Caroline says she will. Mimi says it is weird talking to her about this as she is Rexs grandmother. Caroline says and Mimi is her friend, and shes known her longer than Rex. Mimi talks about how Belle has Phillip, Chloe has Brady and even Sami is getting married. Mimi apologizes and says she knows Sami is her granddaughter. Mimi thinks shell never have someone in her life. Caroline says her life is just beginning. She says Rex was her first boyfriend, but he may not be the one she was meant to be with. She suggests Mimi may have several boyfriends before finding Mr. Right. Mimi thought Rex was Mr. Right, and she still loves him. Caroline says she may never stop loving him. Mimi says she and Rex were perfect, and maybe she needs to give him time to come around and see that. Caroline tells her not to put her life on hold, Rex may never decide or come around. Mimi says it isnt fair. Caroline says it isnt, but some day shell meet the man shes meant to marry. Caroline says when that day comes shed like to make a hope chest for her. Mimi says shed do that? She says of course, she thinks of her like another grandchild. Caroline says maybe now that Shawn is free . . . Mimi says they are just friends. Caroline says that is how she and her husband started out, and many great loves started out as friends. They look at Carolines dress, and Mimi cant believe Sami didnt want to wear it. Caroline says Sami wanted to start new, use everything new. Mimi says her track records with weddings arent good. Belle walks in and says its about to get worse. Belle explains what is going on, and Caroline thinks Sami must be beside herself. Tek shows up, and he suggests they stay here until the threat is over and not to let anyone in. Belle says it looks like it will be awhile. Belle sees Caroline has her chest out, and Belle remembers when she and Shawn went through it once. Caroline remembers, Belle was in her dress and Shawn was in his grandpas tux. Belle says it was a long time ago. Mimi looks at the dress and says they dont make lace like this anymore. Caroline suggests Mimi try it on to take their minds off of what is going on. Later, Belle is talking with Caroline when Mimi comes out in Carolines dress. Caroline says it looks like the dress has been made for her all these years.

In the rec room, Chelsea is looking at herself in the mirror and says she looks hot in this dress. Patrick walks in and says she does, shes certainly not a kid anymore. Chelsea says she was hoping hed notice. They kiss, and Billie walks in and asks what the hell is going on here? Of course it is all a fantasy. Billie does come to talk to Chelsea about her flashy dress. Chelsea thinks Billie doesnt want her to look pretty. Billie says shed look pretty in a potato sack. She thinks that dress is more for clubbing, not for a wedding. She thinks she should wear something that honors God, Lucas, Sami, Father Jansen etc . . . Chelsea says she wore this dress for her, she feels good about herself and confident when she wears it. She says she isnt the poor girl anymore, she is a women who can do anything. Chelsea asks if she knows what that is like? Billie says she does. Chelsea says her parents, the Bensons, were great but the money situation was bad. She says she would have to wear things from the thrift stores, her mothers hand me downs, or borrow things from Abby. Chelsea says she likes this dress because it was bought for her, it makes her feel like anything is possible. Billie knows how she feels, she wasnt raised with money. Billie says when she first came to Salem she was in bad shape, but she was determined to make something of herself. She says she wanted a career, money and a man. Chelsea asks if that is when she met Bo? Billie says Hope was thought to be dead, and she was living with Bos niece Carrie. She says Bo became her protector, he saw the good in her when no one else did. Chelsea says you still love him. Billie says she does, but knows he belongs with Hope. She says that is okay as Bo gave her the greatest gift, her. 

Everyone heads to the rec room, and Marlena becomes upset by the number of people there. Alex and Marlena slip out, and Bo finds Billie and Chelsea. He explains what is going on. Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas look for Will and find him with Father Jansen. Lucas continues to assure Sami that nothing will stop this wedding and they will live happily ever after. Sami thinks whatever is going on it isnt about them, it cant be. Elsewhere the mysterious man in black is walking around the church with the envelope with Samis name on it.

Phillip asks Lucas how hes doing? Shawn is with Phillip as they ask about him, and Lucas says hes hanging in but Sami is a wreck. Lucas says he has to go check on her, and he says congratulations on that new leg. Phillip thanks him. Lucas leaves, and Shawn and Phillip then ask Roman about Belle and Mimi. Roman says Tek found them in the brides room with his mom, and they will be okay. Shawn and Phillip dont like them up there all alone, so they sneak off.

Phillip and Shawn head to the brides room, and Belle lets them in. Shawn sees Mimi in the wedding dress and says she looks beautiful. Belle looks back and forth between Shawn and Mimi. Tek shows up and says the church is secure and the wedding is going to continue. Mimi thinks she should change as Sami wont like seeing her in this dress, and Belle thinks she shouldnt leave Shawn and Mimi alone here. However Caroline and Phillip say Sami will need her at the wedding as she is the matron of honor. Belle leaves, but doesnt seem to want to.

Chelsea bumps into Sami, and Chelsea tells her to watch it. Sami says she doesnt remember inviting a street walker to the wedding. Chelsea says this dress costs more than her wedding. Sami calls Chelsea a little bitch. Sami tells Chelsea she is trash, her grandma is a whore as is her mother, so she cant help but be trash. Chelsea says at least shes not the town joke, how many wedding dresses does she own anyways? Sami tells her to get out, and Chelsea says gladly. Chelsea walks off, and Lucas asks what she told Chelsea? Sami says the truth.

Chelsea runs off, and Billie goes after her. Chelsea refuses to stay here, she doesnt care if Lucas is her uncle or Sami is her cousin. Billie asks Patrick for help, and they go after Chelsea. In the church Hope is walking around with a gun checking on things. She is in radio contact with Bo. She thinks everything is all clear, she doesnt see the man in black. Meanwhile, Chelsea runs into Bo, and he asks why she is here? Billie and Patrick show up, and Bo asks what is going on here? Chelsea runs out, and Patrick goes after her. This upsets Bo, but Billie suggests they let him go. Bo asks what is going on here? Billie says Chelsea is having a rough time and Patrick is the only one shell listen to. Patrick goes after Chelsea, but she doesnt want to talk and runs off.

Marlena and Alex are in another room, and they begin to argue about her family. Alex accuses them of being emotionally abusive to her, but she doesnt agree. She says they are frustrated but are emotionally supportive of her. Alex doesnt think so, they are pressuring her. He says Sami doesnt seem to care about her, all she cares about is herself.. Marlena says it is her wedding day, all brides are self absorbed. Alex says has anyone but John checked on her to see how she is doing? He says no. Alex is afraid she will shut down under the pressure, and she will jeopardize the progress they have made. He says her family is overloading her with information, but Marlena thinks perhaps it helps her see her family more objectively. Marlena says with this knowledge shes been able to help her children, such as Belle. She thinks with what she knows she can speak clearly and candidly to everyone. Alex says once again it is all about them and not her. Marlena says her family needs her, but he says they are sucking her into their lives and not letting her have her own life. Alex says this is why he has wanted to have her isolated, the longer she stays with her family the harder it will be for her to reclaim her life. Marlena says John wont let her go back to the cabin. Alex knows, so they are going to start by correcting the damage already done. He holds up a necklace and begins to hypnotize Marlena. Lexie comes across them, bursts in and asks Alex what hes doing to her? She doesnt like this, and this seems wrong. Alex says her background in psychiatry is limited. Lexie knows this technique, it is used for mind control. Alex says yes, but with amnesia it can help open up ones mind. Lexie thinks as Marlenas primary care physician that her husband should approve of this technique first. Alex says she will do no such thing, otherwise hell tell her husband that shes sleeping with Tek! 

The wedding begins again, and John is wondering where Marlena and Alex are. Father Jansen begins again from the vows. The wedding is then interrupted again, this time by the man in black. The man takes his hood off and it is Stan! Stan asks Sami if she missed him? 


September 22, 2005
In the brides room, Shawn is waiting for Mimi to get the dress off and back into her other dress so that they can return to the wedding. She seems to be stuck in the dress, she cant get the zipper down. Shawn tries to help her out of the dress, and Mimi is on a bender abusing herself, blaming herself for ruining everything in her life. She says she and Rex could have had a family, a normal family. Shawn asks what family she knows that is normal? She says theirs would have been, but she ruined it and now she will never have that. Shawn tells her to stop this. Shawn tells her what a good person she is. He ends up saying she is stuck in that dress, so he has an idea. He finds a bottle of champagne and suggests they enjoy it. He says Lucas doesnt drink, and Sami wont toast herself. Shawn cracks open the champagne and they share some glasses. They continue to talk about losing the loves of their lives. Mimi says she knows Rex isnt coming back and she has accepted that. Shawn says that Belle has admitted she still loves him, but she wont leave Phillip. Mimi thinks perhaps Belle has realized she cant have her cake and eat it too. Shawn says part of him wants to be with her still, but he knows that wont happen. Shawn says he knows he has to move on with his life. Mimi says just like she has to move on too. She suggests they move on together. Mimi says as her mom would say they need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and move on. Shawn says good idea, tickles her, and they fall over onto the sofa. The dress makes a ripping sound, and Mimi thinks she tore it. However they only fixed the zipper. Mimi thinks she should get out of it before she destroys it and any hope of getting married. Shawn reminds her they arent supposed to be wallowing in self pity. Mimi says he is right, and they should get back to the wedding. Shawn asks why shes so eager? She says if the most cursed bride in Salem can get married, then there is hope for her.

In one of the other rooms, Alex blackmails Lexie and says if she tells anyone about this then shell tell her husband about her and Tek. Lexie asks how she knows about that? We learn Alex saw them through the very open shades in her office that day. Alex says he was surprised by what he saw, and Abe would be too. He says sadly Abe is more blind than he knows. Lexie says what he is doing to Marlena is wrong, but he says he is helping her with hypnotherapy. Lexie says something more is going on here and she wants to know what it is. Alex says she is in no position to be making demands, unless she thinks her husband would be happy to know what shes up to. Abe walks in and asks what she is up to now? She claims she has just been moonlighting that is all. Alex makes some excuse about how Marlena was upset by the crowd so he was helping her with some therapy. She gets rid of Abe by sending him back to the church, and Alex tells her that was close. Lexie says Alex can threaten her all she likes, but she wont let her hurt Marlena. Marlena says Alex will always protect her, she needs him. Alex says see, there is nothing to be concerned about. Lexie says it seems like shes been brainwashed. Alex says everything he has done is out of concern for his patient. She thinks she is controlling Marlenas mind, and she gives him a warning. Alex suggests Lexie stay out of his business, and hell stay out of hers. Lexie leaves, and Alex returns to hypnotizing Marlena. Alex tells her from this moment on she will not be concerned with her husband or children, what they say or do. He tells her they only want to hurt her, whereas Alex only wants to help her. He asks if she understands, and Marlena says she does. 

In the church, the wedding continues, but as Sami gets to the part where she is to say I do, Stan shows up and interrupts the wedding. He asks Sami if she is surprised to see him? Sami says it cant be! Everyone in the church has flashbacks of Stan. Lucas goes nuts and says that is Stan, that is Dimeras right hand man. Roman asks if he is sure? He says hed know Stan anywhere. Stan says not as well as he knows his own bride, isnt that right Samantha? Sami faints dead away, and Lucas catches her. Lucas asks what in the hell Stan thinks he is doing, and Stan says this is something he had to do (I missed a bit here, sorry). Sami comes too, and she asks her dad to get Stan out of here. Roman says he will, and he plans to arrest Stan. Roman tells Sami and Lucas to go ahead with the wedding and not let this scum ruin his day. Phillip wants to ask Stan something first, how does he live with himself after the way he betrayed them? Stan suggests they ask Sami. Lucas asks what Sami has to do with him? Stan says everything. Sami says Stan is evil and needs to be arrested right now. Stan laughs and says she has the nerve to call him evil? Lucas tells Stan that is it, hes going to jail and getting what he deserves. Stan says the only one getting what they deserve is Sami. Roman asks if he is denying what hes done? Stan says he is not denying anything, he worked for Tony and is every bit the monster he is. He says no punishment would be too great for him. However he says he admits Stan is guilty, but hes not Stan. Stan takes his mouth peace out and Kates voice says she is just borrowing the disguise. Kate takes her mask off, and it is Kate underneath. Roman asks Kate why is she disguised like Stan? Kate asks Sami if Sami should tell them or should she do the honors?

Abe returns to the church, and John tells him that Stan is here. John is looking for Marlena, and Abe says she is with Dr. North and Lexie in the study. He says Dr. North says Marlena was having some kind of anxiety and he was treating her for it. John says he bets. John heads off and runs into Lexie. He asks what is going on with Marlena, what is Dr. North doing with her? Lexie says Marlena was upset and Dr. North was trying to help her with hypnosis. John says he didnt give consent for that! Lexie tells him to stop it, and John says he will. Lexie tells herself good, because she cant. Back in the room, Dr. North brings Marlena out of hypnosis just as John bursts in. John demands to know why Dr. North was hypnotizing his wife right now. Alex says it seems he ran into Dr. Carver. John says he didnt give permission for this. Alex says it is part of her treatment. Marlena says Alex is doing what is best for her, hes trying to protect her. John says from what, or from whom. John thinks it is time for a change. Marlena tells John she doesnt care what he thinks, Alex is wonderful and she wont give him up no matter what he says. She says she needs to freshen up, and this conversation is over. Marlena leaves, and Alex asks if he is satisfied? John says no, and he thinks something is very wrong here.

Patrick talks to Billie about Chelsea, she ran off and is really upset. Billie thinks she should go talk to her, but Patrick says it is her brothers wedding. Billie says Chelsea is her responsibility, shell risk it. Patrick says that is just it, shes made progress so why risk it, let Chelsea be angry with him. She thanks him, and he goes off.

Chelsea arrives at the Java Caf to get a drink, and Josh is floored by her outfit. She thinks at least he has some taste. He asks what the occasion is? She says a wedding, but it ended before it was over. Chelsea gets here drink for here, and Josh says there is a God. Meanwhile, Chelsea is waiting for Patrick to follow her. Max shows up and asks why shes not at the wedding? Chelsea cries to Max how awful it was and shes so glad hes here. Max asks what happens, and Chelsea cries to him how Sami called her a whore at the wedding. Max asks why she would do that? Chelsea says because of what shes wearing. She says Sami is jealous because she cant afford this dress, and Sami has hated her since she got her old job at Basic Black. Max says well that is good news, and they should forget about Sami and celebrate her new job. He says they should go back to his place, hell get dressed up and theyll go out on the town. He says she is dressed up and looks amazing. Chelsea sees someone coming and says thanks, but she cant. He thinks shes waiting for someone else, someone like Patrick. Chelsea says shes not, and they should go out right now. As Patrick walks in, she kisses him. Max stops her and says shes jumping too fast, and perhaps she needs to know what she wants. Chelsea wants to pick up where they left off on the beach. Max says they arent going to sleep together, and them going to bed wont solve her problems. She says so now she has problems? He tells her that shes been going through a lot lately and sex wont solve anything. She thinks hes been talking to Billie, Frankie, Bo or Hope. Max says they talked about this, he thought they would get to know one another first. Chelsea says if he doesnt want to be with her then shell find someone who does. She walks over to Patrick and asks how he knew where she was. He says he was driving by, saw her car and stopped. Chelsea says shes flattered. Patrick says he and her mom were worried. Billie calls, and Patrick says that is her now. Patrick says he found Chelsea, and he lets Chelsea talk to Billie. Billie tells Chelsea not to let Sami get to her. Chelsea says she is over it, so Billie hopes theyll see her at the reception. Chelsea says shell think about it. Patrick thanks Chelsea for the effort. She says now he owes her, she wants to renegotiate their deal. Chelsea says if Patrick takes her on a date then shell be the best daughter Billie could ask for.


September 23, 2005

At Jack and Jen's, Jen finds a blanket for a sick  Jack. Jack insists that he is fine, but she says he isn't. Jack says it is just a bug and she should go to the wedding. Jen says her brother will understand. She asks Frankie to make sure Jack stays down while she gets him some tea. Jen heads to the kitchen and Frankie tells Jack that he should be in the hospital. Jack says no doctor can help him, and he reminds Frankie of his promise. Jen returns with some tea for Jack. Jack is in pain, and Jen asks Frankie to go get a heating pad from the garage. Frankie leaves, and Jen makes a call to Lexie for Jack. Lexie is at the church, and she talks with Jen. Jen says Jack is really sick. Lexie says it is good she stayed home with him, Sami has seemed to self destruct once again. Jen says if the wedding is off could she come over to look at Jack? Lexie says sure. After she gets off the phone, Jack learns Jen called Lexie. He tells Jen that was a big mistake. Lexie shows up to check on Jack, Jen says his fever is a little over 101. Lexie asks how her patient is, and he says annoyed. Lexie sees the tea and says she'd love a cup if she has more. Jen says sure, and that gets her out of the room. She asks Jack how he is doing, and he says he's just tired. She says they knew this would happen and it's only a matter of time. Lexie tells him she won't lie, he's getting worse. She says soon everyone will know, and it will be soon so he should be honest with his family. She says he won't be able to hide this much longer, he has to tell Jen the truth. Lexie gives him another prescription and says it will only help temporarily. She once again asks Jack to tell her the truth, but Jack says he won't do it. He says he will not lay this on Jen. Lexie says he has no choice. Jack says he does have a choice. Lexie asks what he's thinking? Jack says that he's going to disappear. Jack says he won't let Jen and Abby watch him suffer a slow and painful death. She wonders if he's thinking of suicide. He says no, Jen would kill him if he did that. He says he's going to drop out of site. She says he needs medical attention, but Jack says there is nothing to be done for him now. She tries to talk him out of this, but Jack says he has it all worked out. He says once he's gone, Frankie will be there for Jen and just maybe they'll rekindle their old love. Jack says his mind is made up. Lexie gets another call, she has to get back to the church because of Belle. Lexie says she has to go, but think about what she says. Lexie leaves, and Jack says it is just too late. 

In the kitchen Jen is making tea and wonders what is taking Frankie so long. She then remembers putting the heating bag into a box along with an old letter she never mailed him. She says Frankie can't read that letter. Meanwhile, Frankie is in the garage looking for the heating pad. In the box he ends up finding the old letter Jen wrote to him but never mailed. Jen walks in just as Frankie is reading the letter. Frankie asks Jen why she didn't mail this? Jen says she wrote it a long time ago, a few months after he went to Columbia. She says she sat down and poured out her heart. He asks why she didn't mail it. She thought too much time had passed and he found another girlfriend or something. She says by the time he came back to Salem she was with Jack, and then he got involved with Eve. Frankie says but if she had mailed this then things could have been different. He asks if she was really thinking of coming to New York? She says she was, but she got cold feet. He asks if she remembers what she wrote. She says yes, that she wanted a future with him and that she loved him deeply. He asks why she didn't mail it, why did she give up on them. Jen says she didn't give up, and there is more to it. He tells her to tell it to him. Jen explains how she was so alone without him after he left, and as she was taking care of her grandmother that she got perspective on her life. She says she wrote the letter but didn't mail it as things came up. She says he didn't write her either. He says he was miserable too, he missed her. Jen says it is sad that they didn't know, and she thought he had moved on. Frankie says this is killing him, they threw away their futures together. Jen says she is sorry he didn't find anyone special but . . . Frankie knows, she did find someone. Jen says she thought fate brought her and Jack together, that she was meant to spend their lives together and have a family. Frankie says Jack is a great guy. Jen says he is a great guy too, and she wishes she hadn't kept the letter. She takes it from him and wishes he never found it. Frankie says he's glad he did. Frankie says now he knows she did love him. She asks if he doubted it? He says the way you doubted me? He says what happened was just as much his fault, and it just really hurts to realize they could have had a future and a family.

Jen returns to Jack with the heating pad. Jack says Lexie had to run, and that it is just a bug and she gave him some antibiotics. Jen wants him to use the heating pad as she knows his back is hurting him. She also says she'll make him some more tea. Jen leaves to make more tea, and Frankie comes into the kitchen with her.  She asks if he can forget about the letter? He says it is kind of hard. She says they have to try, their feelings for each other have to be in the past. Jen says they can't have a future. Frankie thinks about what Jack asked of him. Meanwhile, Jack tells himself that it is time for him to die. 

At the church the wedding has been disrupted thanks to Kate, and guests are leaving. Sami pulls Will away from Kate. Belle is not looking so good, and Phillip asks if she is okay. Belle says she's just in shock, she can't believe his mom barged in like that and stopped the wedding with those accusations. Phillip has to check on them, and goes to his mom. Meanwhile Shawn sees something is wrong with Belle. Mimi tells him to let Phillip take care of her, he is her husband.

Marlena is panicking so Alex suggests they go outside. John watches them leave and follows. Alex asks MArlena if she is okay? Marlena says it is just awkward, her daughter is supposed to be getting married and that dark haired woman keeps trying to stop the wedding. Alex says it is only natural for her to be upset. Marlena says that is it, she isn't bothered by any of this. She says she shouldn't be here, he is the only one she trusts or feels comfortable with. She asks him to take her away, so Alex says okay. John stops them and says Sami needs her Marlena says she can't do anything for her. John says she always knows what to say to Sami, and he drags her back into the church. Marlena tells John that she doesn't know Sami, and all she wants to do is leave. John says fine, but not with Alex. Marlena says Alex is her psychiatrist, she trusts him and needs him. She says goodbye and walks out with Alex.

Sami is trying to convince her dad and Lucas that Kate would say or do anything to hurt her. Roman says Kate won't hurt her again. Billie asks her mother what she is doing? Kate says she knows what she's doing, she has to stop Sami from marrying Lucas. Billie says what will Austin say when he gets here and sees their family is about to self destruct. Sami tells Kate she won't stop her wedding to Lucas, nobody will believe her lies this time. Kate says she wouldn't have believed it herself if it wasn't for this. She has an envelope and accuses Sami Brady of being Stan. Roman and Lucas don't believe her, they think she has lost it. Kate says it is true, she always knew Sami was involved with Tony. She says now she knows how Sami covered her tracks.  Kate says the disguise she was wearing was delivered to her earlier along with the envelope. Roman asks who sent it? She says she doesn't know, it came in a pizza box. Sami says it is lies. Kate pulls the file out of the envelope and shows everyone photos of Sami being transformed into Stan. Sami says it isn't real, it is all lies. 

Phillip and Belle look at the photos, and Phillip thinks it is possible. He says Stan knew a whole lot about them. He says if Sami is responsible for what happened. He says if he was rescued earlier than he never would have wound up in that mind field (Um, no you volunteered for that mission after you were rescued!). Belle says she can't believe Sami would do this. Phillip says she is capable of anything. Belle says she has to get out of here for awhile and he should go talk to his mother. Belle walks off, and Shawn follows. Mimi wishes he wouldn't, but he goes anyways and she chases after them. Shawn asks Belle if she is okay, and she says just cramps again and it isn't bad. She also asks them not to tell Phillip, he should be with his mom right now. Belle heads into the bride's room to rest. Mimi tells Shawn that Belle doesn't need him right now. Mimi says BElle is Phillip's wife now, they are going to have a baby and he is not a part of this. SHe knows it hurts, and Shawn says it hurts like hell. She reminds him that Belle's cramps are being brought on by stress, and he's not helping that. SHe says let Phillip take care of his wife. In the room, Belle is in pain from the cramps. Mimi tells Shawn that Belle wanted to rest so they should let her rest. He says okay.   

Sami continues to try and tell everyone that the photos are fake, they are manipulated. Kate says she couldn't have doctored all these photos, and besides she has more evidence. Sami won't let this go on, she says she wasn't Stan and they have to believe her. The men all just look at her. She swears she wasn't Stan, so Kate tells Sami to take a bible and swear it up at the altar. Kate says that is what they all want to hear, they want to see her swear before God that she and Stan are not one in the same. Sami says she doesn't have to as nobody believes her story. Will says mom doesn't have to prove anything to him, the photos are fakes. Roman agrees, he's sticking by Sami. Caroline says she believes Sami. Sami thanks them all. Sami asks Lucas what he believes? She begs him not to let his mother ruin their wedding. She asks Lucas to marry her. Lucas says yes, and Roman says he's doing the right thing. He tells them not to believe Kate. Kate says they all think this is just another desperate attempt of  hers, but she anticipated this. Kate says she has more proof, irrefutable evidence.  Kate produces a report which Roman and John look at. Kate says it is an ISA crime lab report, Sami's DNA were found all over the disguise. Sami says it can't be. Kate says yes, and the only way her DNA got on the disguise is if Sami wore the clothes. Kate says it is proof that she is Stan.

Marlena and Alex go to a room somewhere in the church to be alone. Marlena says it is all just getting to her, it is all so upsetting. She says she must have loved John and Roman at one point, and now she has no feelings for them at all. Alex says weddings are emotional so it's no wonder she's feeling this way. Marlena wonders what is going on with her. Alex says he thinks he knows, he thinks she suspects the two men she loves may now be in love with Kate. She says that is what he thinks, they are in love with that dark haired woman? Alex says yes, he thinks they still love her. He talks about how the trauma Tony put her through helped lead to her amnesia, and subconsciously she suspects both men still love Kate. He says for a woman like her that must be difficult for her. She asks what he means? He says she has developed a strong dependency on both men, and she is afraid to remember because she doesn't know where she stands with them. He says she may be afraid that might not return her love. Marlena says that does make sense. Marlena says she's made a decision, she'd like to leave. Alex says he doesn't blame her. He doesn't blame her as it is uncomfortable here, but she says she means she wants to leave Salem. He says that is a big decision, one she shouldn't be making on the spur of a moment. Marlena says this is what she wants, she doesn't want to go back to John's place. She says John and Roman are in love with that woman, and her home became John and Kate's home. She says she shouldn't have to ever go back there. Marlena says she just wants to go someplace far away. Alex suggests they go back to his cabin. She says if he wouldn't mind putting up with her a bit longer, she'd love that. 

Marlena and Alex are on their way out when they walk by Mimi and Shawn. Mimi says Belle isn't feeling well, so could she check on her? Marlena says she will. Marlena heads in to see Belle. Mimi and Shawn return to the wedding, and Alex waits outside the room. Marlena asks Belle what is wrong? Belle makes faces at her mother, faces of pain. Marlena calls LExie and asks her to return as Belle needs her. Marlena goes back out to Alex and says she can't leave until she knows her daughter and baby are fine. Alex says Lexie is here now and she's done all she can. Marlena says she has to stay, and he says he understands. Lexie checks on Belle, and she says the cramps are stronger and closer together. She says she can't be losing this baby. Marlena returns to check on Belle, and Lexie says she thinks Belle is in labor. Belle calls to her mom, and MArlena goes to her side. Belle says she can't have the baby yet, it is too soon.

  Meanwhile, Mimi suggests to Shawn they get out of here, she has an idea where to go.

Austin is on the plane to Salem. He drinks a glass of champagne and says to Lucas and Sami, hopefully nothing stops them this time.

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